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Xena: A Knight in Shining Armour

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Gabrielle woke up early one morning before everyone. She looked out her window to see her the sun hasn't rose yet. She smiled as she ran out of her palace to jump on one of her horses. She rode down to the lake to watch the sunrise. She took her journal out of the saddle. Gabrielle sat down on the soft grass. She deeply inhale as she caught the breeze underneath her, and the sound of the waterfall. She began to write down her thoughts.

Moments later to Gabrielle's peaceful morning, she heard a twig snap. She quickly stood up to watch her surroundings, "Who's there?" She called out.

"You know, if someone is near you. You probably shouldn't tell them you know. It's called the element of surprise." The dark haired woman, with deep soothing voice, explained as she approached Gabrielle.

"Okay, then what do you want?" She questioned the brunette.

She gave the blonde with the shorter hair a crooked smile. "I am looking to go fishing. You know breakfast and all."

Gabrielle chuckled, for thinking the worse, "Oh really you don't have a rod or a net."

"That's because I don't need one." She explained as she undressed into her slip.

Gabrielle watched the woman enter the shallow water. She was curious to watch someone catch a fish without a net. She knelt back down to grab her quill. She wrote down her thoughts about this beautiful, unique woman. She watched the brunette throw a fish on the ground. Gabrielle's heart raced as she knew she wanted to learn how to do that. She needed to know this person who just walked into her life.

"Can you tell me why I don't know who are?" She asked the woman.

She threw another fish on the ground, "Well Princess," She began to rise out of the water, "How many villagers do you know in your kingdom?" She questioned as she sat down next to her.

Gabrielle's jaw dropped with the forward but serious question, "I… I mean…" She was trying to think about the question."I try to know as many as possible, but I know I would remember meeting you before. So why?" Her green eyes finally met the blue eyes.

The brunette chuckled, "You're right. I actually have just arrived."

"Oh?" Her brow raised as they heard the morning bell rang. Gabrielle looked towards the sound and back to the blue eyes.

"You better get back home before everyone knows you are missing princess." She smirked.

"You're right." She stood up and put her journal away. She jumped on to her horse. "Welcome to the kingdom."


"I hope to see you again."

"You can count on it." She informed as she watched the blonde ride off on the chestnut horse.

Gabrielle managed to make it back to breakfast before anyone needed to look for her. She sat down at the table with her sister Lila, and her parents Herodotus and Hecuba were at the table.

Hecuba greeted, "Gabrielle you couldn't be properly dressed before coming down for breakfast?"

Gabrielle realized that she was only wearing her night outfit to the table. Which means she talked to the mystery woman in her night attire. "Sorry, I will change as soon as I am done."

"Actually the royal dresser has prepared your clothes today," Herodotus told his eldest daughter.

"Okay?" She questioned.

"We are making an alliance..." Gabrielle's heart sank as tuned her father's words out. One of the things she feared, well she knew she was destined to do. "Gabby?" Herodotus could see Gabrielle wasn't listening to him. He slammed his hands on the table, "Gabrielle!" She jumped at the noise to look at her father, "Are you prepared to meet your future husband?"

She scoffed at the sound of the word husband. She wanted to argue with her father but knowing it wouldn't do her any good, "Yes of course."

"Good, he will be arriving during midday; so you'll be prepared. Stay out of your books today." He commanded his daughter.

"Yes father," She needed to get away from everyone to process the sudden change in life. "Excuse me."

Gabby returned to her bedchamber. She was pacing back and forth to clear her head. She was born a princess and an arranged marriage is apart of her birthright. "I don't get why he didn't tell me? He could have told me oh I don't know a week ago. But what if I don't like him. I suppose he might be not that bad." She needed to talk herself into the situation. "I mean his kingdom is doing really well so he can't be that bad. Well at least his father is, but he has that reputation." She exhaled deeply, "Okay I can do this."

She smiled as she looked out the window to see the sun beaming down on the lake. She began to think about the mystery woman again. The piercing blue eyes that only spoke in few words. "How am I supposed to see her again if I don't know her name? But she obviously knows who I am even though she is new to town."

"Excuse me your highness, am I interrupting?" Ephiny, Gabrielle's hand maid, questioned.

Gabrielle turned to Ephiny and the royal dresser, "No, I was just talking to myself." She laughed at herself, knowing that's how she sorted out all of her problems.

"Of course you were." Ephiny smiled, as she began to tie up the corset.

The royal dresser began to dress Gabrielle. She was thinking about the woman, telling her how many people does she actually know in the kingdom. "Ephiny?" Gabrielle questioned, "Do you think, I know the villagers?"

"Of course you do."

"Are you just saying that? Like do you think I know every person who would walk into this palace?" Gabby beginning to talk about her knowledge about her kingdom.

"There are a lot of people in the kingdom, you certainly try, but if you don't it's okay," Ephiny brushed the princess's shoulder, "Where is all of this coming from?"

"If I am to marry, which means I should be ready to be a grand leader, and if I don't really know my people, then I shouldn't have their trust. Right?" She questioned.

"Gabrielle you have a kind and generous spirit. Any kingdom would be lucky to have you as queen." She comforted the princess.

Gabrielle took a deep breath, as she could feel the dress becoming tighter. Ephiny helped with her jewelry, and handed Gabby her tiara. Gabby turned to her floor mirror. She tried to admire the beautiful gown that her parent had made for her. She placed her tiara on her head. She stood up straight to enjoy herself. "You're right," She turned back to Ephiny. "I could be great and I have an amazing idea."

The family assembled around the throne room. Gabrielle stood tall as her parent as straight in their thrones. "Prince Ares of Greece," The herald announced.

Gabby watch the tall, dark, and handsome man into her throne room. She quickly raised her brow as she bit her bottom lip. "Welcome Ares," Gabby greeted, "I hope you enjoy your stay here." She composed herself with enough poise that she could come up with.

Ares scanned Gabrielle up and down to check out his wife's appearance, "She will do." He rolled his eyes with the deep voice that perfectly matched his body.

The short thought Gabrielle had, that she would be fine marrying this attractive man. She wanted to strangle his poor manners. She looked to her parents, and back towards Ares. "I am happy I have your approval. I have an idea about our engagement." She smiled.

Ares refused to look at Gabby as he waved his hand to cut her off, "No actually, your ideas can wait. I brought my father's second in command to help shape your army." Gabrielle's jaw could have dropped to the floor. She has never been cut off. "Xena!" He shouted out. Gabrielle watched as the new person to take over her army came into the room. The mystery woman walked into the room. Gabrielle's face lit up as she watched Xena walking closer to them in her armour. She was happy that everything made sense to her. "She is the best warrior anyone has seen. She will improve your army greatly."

"Our country is grateful to have you two here," Herodotus stated.

Gabrielle was thankful for the spoken words from her father, to help her to compose herself. "Welcome, Xena." She smiled looking at the familiar stranger. "Now, I want a ball that the entire kingdom can come to celebrate, well more like hear the announce our engagement and unity of our two kingdoms."

Ares chuckled, "And why would we do that?"

"Because" Gabrielle walked towards Ares to have his attention. "They are my people and soon to be yours wouldn't you like to know them?" The blonde smirked watching the warrior, as she gained eye contact with her betrothed.

"That sounds like a lovely idea," Hecuba stood up, "We will begin to make word. And Ares when will your father be arriving?" She asked Ares.

Ares realized that his future wife won't be as tamable as his conquests. "He will be here later this week." He stepped closer to Gabrielle continuing their stare stubborn stare down. "And he will be thrilled to arrive."

"Fantastic, we'll have one of our Krista escort you to your chambers." Hecuba sighed a smile.

Gabrielle turned towards her parents, "Actually I'll take them."

"Gabrielle." Herodotus uttered.

"No, it's okay. I can handle the grand tour." She began to walk out of the room "Are you two coming?" She questioned the visitors.