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One Shot Requests (Currently Open)

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As the title says... this is a work for one shot requests!!!!

My rules (these can change at any moment):

I only write Male x Male

I only write Character x Character

I only write Mature & Explicit works

I have the right to refuse any request for any reason


**Your requests (suggested):


Character 1*:

Character 1 Looks (hair, clothes, etc.):

Character 2*:

Character 2 Looks (hair, clothes, etc.):

Additional Characters*:


Mature or Explicit:


*Feel free to put together characters from different fandoms and make it more than two characters*

**Don't feel the need to give me all the detail in your request. You can simply give the characters and leave me to come up with a plot**



Here is a very long and specific list of fandoms, characters, and celebs that I will write for. Feel free to message me and ask about a character or fandom not on this list. 

The names in BOLD are my favorite's as of right now and can change at any moment.


  • 10 Things I Hate About You
    • Joey Donner
  • 13 Reasons Why
    • Clay Jensen
    • Tony Padilla
    • Justin Foley
    • Bryce Walker
    • Alex Standall
    • Montgomery De La Cruz
    • Ryan Shaver
    • Zach Dempsey
    • ScottReed
  • 5 Seconds of Summer
  • 90210
    • Liam Court
    • Ethan Ward
    • Teddy Montgomery
    • Ryan Matthews
    • Campbell Price
    • Ty Collins
    • Austin Tallridge
  • 9-1-1
    • Evan “Buck” Buckley
    • Eddie Diaz
  • Accepted
    • Hoyt Ambrose
    • Mike Welsh
    • Mike Chambers
    • Mike McNaughton
    • Dwayne
  • Adam LaVorgna
    • Robbie Palmer (7thHeaven)
    • Eddie Taffett (I’ll Be Home for Christmas)
  • American Horror Story
    • Evan Peters
    • Finn Wittrock
    • Dylan McDermott
    • Cheyenne Jackson
    • Wes Bentley
    • Matt Bomer
    • Billy Eichner
    • Colton Haynes
    • Cody Fern (Michael Langdon)
    • Kyle Allen (Timothy Campbell)
  • American Housewife
    • Oliver Otto
    • Cooper Bradford
    • Trip Windsor
  • American Psycho
    • Patrick Bateman
    • Craig McDermott
    • David Van Patten
    • Paul Allen
  • Andi Mack
    • Jonah Beck
    • Bowie Quinn
  • Arrow
    • Oliver Queen
    • Tommy Merlyn
    • Roy Harper
    • Malcolm Merlyn
    • Adrian Chase
  • Austin & Ally
    • Austin Moon
    • Dez
  • Awkward
    • Matty McKibben
    • Jake Rosati
    • Collin Jennings
    • Austin Welch
  • Baby Daddy
    • Ben Wheeler
    • Danny Wheeler
    • Brad/Tad
    • Gene (1x10)
  • Babylon 5
    • Morden
  • Beverly Hills, 90210
    • Brandon Walsh
    • Dylan McKay
    • Steve Sanders
    • David Silver
    • Matt Durning
  • Big Brother
    • Will Kirby (2/All Stars)
    • James Rhine (6/All Stars)
    • Jessie Godderz (10)
    • Dominic Briones (13)
    • Jeff Schroeder (11/13)
    • Shane Meaney (14)
    • Drew Daniel (5)
    • Brendon Villegas (12/13)
    • Clay Honeycutt (17)
    • Cody Calafiore (16)
    • Zach Rance (16)
    • Braden Bacha (11)
    • Nick Starcevic (8)
    • Caleb Reynolds (16)
    • Brett Robinson (20)
    • Faysal Shafaat (20)
    • Cody Nickson (19)
    • Mark Jansen (19)
    • Matt Clines (19)
    • Paulie Calafiore (18)
    • Corey Brooks (18)
    • David Girton (15)
    • Jeremy McGuire (15)
    • Tyler Crispen (20)
    • Winston Hines (20)
    • Brett Robinson (20)
    • Faysal Shafaat (20)
  • Big Time Rush
    • Kendall Knight
    • James Diamond
    • Logan Mitchell
    • Dak Zevon
    • Jett Stetson
  • Billionaire Boys Club (2018)
    • Joe Hunt
    • Dean Karny
    • Scott Biltmore
    • Kyle Biltmore
    • Charlie Bottoms
  • Blake Shelton
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel
    • Spike
    • Angel/Angelus
    • Riley Finn
    • Caleb
    • J. Brooks (7x6)
    • O’Donnel (7x6)
    • Blayne Moll (1x4)
    • Richard Anderson (2x5)
    • Peter Nicols (7x4)
  • Castle
    • Richard Castle
  • Charmed
    • Leo Wyatt
    • Rowan (4x18)
    • Cole Turner
    • Chris Halliwell
    • Andy Trudeau
    • Dan Gordon
    • Henry Mitchell
    • Jason Dean
    • Jack Sheridan
    • Dex Lawson
  • Charmed (2018)
    • Harry Greenwood
    • Parker
    • Hunter
  • Chrisley Knows Best
    • Chase Chrisley
  • Clueless
    • Christian
    • Elton
  • Community
    • Jeff Winger
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    • Josh Chan
    • Nathan Plimpton III
    • White Josh
    • Daniel Shin
    • Trent Maddock
  • David Muir
  • Dazed and Confused
    • O’Bannion
    • Wooderson
  • DC Movies & Shows
    • (see Smallville)
    • Mon-El (Supergirl)
    • (see Arrow)
    • (see The Flash)
    • Bruce Wayne (Gotham)
    • Charles Van Dahl (Gotham)
    • James Gordon (Gotham)
    • (see Legends of Tomorrow)
    • Dick Grayson/Robin (Titans)
    • Jason Todd/Robin (Titans)
    • Hank Hall/Hawk (Titans)
    • Dean Cain (Superman)
    • Major Lilywhite (iZombie)
    • Blaine DeBeers (iZombie)
    • Chase Graves (iZombie)
    • Drake Holloway (iZombie)
    • Lowell Tracey (iZombie)
    • Henry Cavill (Superman)
    • Brandon Routh (Superman)
    • Christopher Reeve (Superman)
    • Chris O’Donnell (Robin)
    • Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern)
    • Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag)
    • Scott Eastwood (“GQ” Edwards)
    • Patrick Wilson (King Orm)
  • Dead of Summer
    • Alex Powell
  • Dear White People
    • Kurt Fletcher
    • Thane Lockwood
    • Addison
  • Degrassi
    • Eli Goldsworthy
    • T. Yorke
    • Campbell Saunders
    • Zig Novak
    • Declan Coyne
    • Jake martin
    • Drew Torres
    • Peter Stone
  • Derek Hough
  • Descendants Movies
    • Carlos
    • Ben
    • Harry Hook
    • Chad Charming
  • Die Another Day
    • Gustav Graves
  • Drake & Josh
    • Drake Parker
  • Dude, Where’s My Car
    • Jesse Montgomery III
    • Chester Greenburg
    • Tommy
  • Dynasty
    • Steve Carrington
    • Blake Carrington
    • Liam Ridley
  • Elite
    • Guzmán
  • Fantastic Beasts
    • Newt Scamander
    • Theseus Scamander
  • Fired Up
    • Rick
    • Shawn Colfax
  • Firefly
    • Malcolm Reynolds
  • Fred Movies/Show
    • Kevin
  • Frenemies
    • Jake
    • Lance Lancaster
  • Friends
    • Ross Geller
    • Parker
  • Full House
    • Jesse Katsopolis
    • Steve Hale
  • B.F.
    • ‘Topher
    • Hamilton
  • Game of Thrones
    • Joffrey Baratheon
    • Jaime Lannister
    • Robb Stark
    • Theon Greyjoy
    • Ramsay Bolton
    • Gendry
    • Jojen Reed
    • Tommen Baratheon
  • Game Shakers
    • Hudson Gimble
  • Geek Charming
    • Asher
    • Josh Rosen
  • Gigli
    • Larry Gigli
  • Gilmore Girls
    • Logan Huntzberger
    • Jess Mariano
    • Dean Forester
    • Max Medina
    • Tristin Dugray
  • Girl Meets World
    • Lucas Friar
    • Farkle Minkus
    • Josh Matthews
    • Charlie Gardner
    • Thor (3x1, 3x2)
  • Glee
    • Finn Hudson
    • Blain Anderson
    • Will Schuester
    • Ryder Lynn
    • Sam Evans
    • Sebastian Smythe
    • Brody Weston
    • Jesse St. James
    • Hunter Clarington
  • Good Luck Charlie
    • Gabe Duncan
    • Spencer Walsh
    • Beau Landry
  • Gossip Girl
    • Chuck Bass
    • Nate Archibald
    • Carter Baizen
    • Louis Grimaldi
    • Damien Daalgard
    • Jack Bass
    • Trip Van Der Bilt
    • William Van Der Woodson
  • Grease Movies
    • Danny Zuko
    • Kenickie
    • Nogerelli
    • Goose
  • Grey’s Anatomy
    • Derek Shepherd
    • Mark Sloan
    • Nathan Riggs
    • Andrew DeLuca
    • Atticus Lincoln
    • Nico Kim
  • Hairspray
    • Corny Collins
    • Link Larkin
  • Hallmark Stars
    • George Stults
    • Daniel Lissing
    • Mark Deklin
    • Steve Lund
    • Andrew Walker
    • Brandon Routh
    • Eric Winter
    • Peter Porte
    • Trevor Donovan
    • Dean Cain
    • Greg Vaughan
    • Paul Greene
    • Ryan McPartlin
    • Daniel Lissing
    • Kavan Smith
    • Wes Brown
    • Jesse Metcalfe
    • Andrew Francis
  • Halt and Catch Fire
    • Joe MacMillan
  • Hannah Montana
    • Oliver Oken
    • Jesse
    • Jake Ryan
  • Harold & Kumar
    • Colton
  • Harry Potter
    • Cormac McLaggen
    • Draco Malfoy
  • Hart of Dixie
    • Wade Kinsella
    • George Tucker
    • Jonah Breeland
    • Carter Covington
    • Chet (4x6)
  • Henry Cavill
    • Superman
    • Solo (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.)
    • August Walker (Mission: Impossible)
    • Mike (Hellraiser: Hellworld)
  • HGTV Stars
    • Tarek El Moussa
    • David Bromstad
    • Chip Gaines
    • John Colaneri
    • Drew Scott
    • Jonathan Scott
    • Scott McGillivray
  • House of Anubis
    • Jerome Clarke
    • Fabian Rutter
    • Eddie Sweet
  • How I Met Your Mother
    • Barney Stinson
  • How to Get Away with Murder
    • Connor Walsh
    • Asher Millstone
    • Frank Delfino
  • Insatiable
    • Brick Armstrong
  • iCarly
    • Freddie Benson
  • I Didn’t Do It
    • Logan Watson
    • Garrett Spenger
  • Jason Kennedy
  • Jessie
    • Luke Ross
    • Tony Chiccolini
    • Brooks Wentworth
    • Brody Hinton (1x13)
  • Justin Bieber
  • Justin Timberlake
    • The Social Network
    • Bad Teacher
  • Kingsman Movies
    • Eggsy
    • Charlie
  • Lab Rats
    • Chase Davenport
    • Adam Davenport
  • Lab Rats: Elite Force
    • Chase Davenport
    • Kaz
    • Oliver
  • Legacies
    • Connor
  • Legends of Tomorrow
    • Rip Hunter
    • Ray Palmer
    • Nate Heywood
    • Ray Terrill
    • Commander Steel
  • Lemonade Mouth
    • Wen
    • Scott
    • Ray
  • Letterkenny
    • Jonesy
  • Leverage
    • Quinn (1x12 & 4x18)
    • Travis Zilgram (4x11)
    • Damien Moreau
  • MacGyver
    • Angus MacGyver
  • Madam Secretary
    • Henry McCord
    • Blake Moran
    • Jason McCord
  • Mad Men
    • Don Draper
    • Roger Sterling
  • Manifest
    • Ben Stone
    • Jared Vasquez
  • Marvel Movies & Shows
    • Tom Holland (Spiderman)
    • Chris Evans (Captain America)
    • Chris Pratt (StarLord)
    • Chris Hemsworth (Thor)
    • Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye)
    • Guy Pearce (Aldrich Killian)
    • Grant Ward (AoS)
    • Lincoln Campbell (AoS)
    • Deke Shaw (AoS)
    • Ward Meachum (Iron Fist)
    • Chase Stein (Runaways)
    • Foggy Nelson (Daredevil)
    • Ray Nadeem (Daredevil)
    • Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter
  • Merlin
    • Arthur Pendragon
  • Midnight, Texas
    • Manfred Bernardo
    • Bobo Winthrop
    • Joe Strong
  • Mighty Med
    • Kaz
    • Oliver
  • Modern Family
    • Rainer Shine
  • Mostly Ghostly: Night in Doom House
    • Max Doyle
    • Aaron Marmichael
    • Colin Doyle
  • Mr. Robot
    • Tyrell Wellick
  • My Babysitter’s a Vampire
    • Benny Weir
  • Nathan Fillion
    • Rainer Shine
    • Jacques Snicket
    • Gary West
    • Richard Castle
    • Adam Mayfair
    • Malcolm Reynolds
    • Caleb (Buffy)
  • Odd Mom Out
    • Lex Von Weber
  • Once Upon A Time
    • Captain Hook
    • Henry Mills (Young & Older)
    • David Nolan/Prince Charming
    • Robin Hood
    • Peter Pan
  • One Day at a Time
    • Josh
  • One Direction
    • Niall Horan
    • Harry Styles
    • Zayn Malik
    • LouisTomlinson
    • Liam Payne
  • One Tree Hill
    • Lucas Scott
    • Nathan Scott
    • Julian Baker
    • Clay Evans
    • Chris Keller
    • Felix Taggaro
    • Tim Smith
  • Orange is the New Black
    • Pornstache
    • John Bennett
  • Patrick Wilson
    • King Orm (Aquaman)
    • Ed Warren (Conjuring Universe)
    • Joshua (Girls)
    • Josh Lambert (Insidious Movies)
  • Pauly D
  • Pitch Perfect Movies
    • Chicago (3)
    • Bumper (1 & 2)
    • Howie (1)
  • Pretty Little Liars
    • Ezra Fitz
    • Caleb Rivers
    • Toby Cavanaugh
    • Noel Kahn
    • Jason DiLaurentis
    • Mike Montgomery
    • Wren Kingston
    • Ian Thomas
    • Wesley Fitzgerald
    • Darren WIlden
    • Alex Santiago
    • Eric Kahn
  • Princess Protection Program
    • Ed
    • Donny
    • Bull
  • Quantico
    • Clay Haas
  • Queer Eye
    • Antoni Porowski
  • Radio Rebel
    • Gabe
  • Riverdale
    • Archie Andrews
    • Kevin Keller
    • Jughead Jones
    • Reggie Mantle
    • Hiram Lodge
    • Nick St. Clair
    • Arthur Adams
    • Elio
  • Rob Lowe
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Saved by The Bell
    • Zack Morris
  • Scandal
    • President Fitzgerald Grant
    • Jake Ballard
    • Charlie
  • Scott Disick
  • Scott Eastwood
  • Scream Queens
    • Boone Clemmens
    • Chad Radwell
    • Brad Radwell
    • Thad Radwell
    • Cassidy Cascade
    • Pete Martinez
    • Brock Holt
  • Scream TV Series
    • Kieran Wilcox
    • Will Belmont
    • Jake Fitzgerald
    • Seth Branson
  • Secret Life of the American Teenager
    • Ricky Underwood
    • Jack Pappas
    • Griffin
  • Shadowhunters
    • Alex Lightwood
    • Jace Wayland
    • Sebastian Verlac
    • Hodge Starkweather
  • Shake It Up
    • Gary Wilde
    • Gunther Hessenheffer
  • Shawn Mendes
  • Sonny With a Chance
    • Chad Dylan Cooper
  • StarStruck
    • Christopher Wilde
  • Station 19
    • Travis Montgomery
    • Jack Gibson
    • Ryan Tanner
  • Status Update
    • Oliver
    • Kyle Moore
    • Derek Lowe
  • Stranger Things
    • Steve Harrington
  • Supernatural
    • Dean Winchester
    • Sam Winchester
    • Jack Kline
  • Superstore
    • Jonah
    • Marcus
    • Adam
  • Teen Beach Movies
    • Brady
    • Tanner
    • Butchy
  • Teen Wolf
    • Stiles Stilinski
    • Derek hale
    • Jackson Whittemore
    • Isaac Lahey
    • Ethan
    • Aiden
    • Theo Raeken
    • Jordan Parrish
    • Garrett Douglas
    • Rafael McCall
    • Brett Talbot
    • Nolan Holloway
  • That ‘70s Show
    • Michael Kelso
    • Randy Pearson
  • The 100
    • Cage Wallace
    • Bellamy Blake
    • Jasper Jordan
    • John Murphy
    • Monty Green
  • The After Party
    • Jeff
  • The Carrie Diaries
    • Sebastian Kydd
    • Walt Reynolds
    • Adam Weaver
  • The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
    • Harvey Kinkle
    • Luke Chalfant
    • Billy Marlin
    • Tommy Kinkle
    • Nicholas Scratch
  • The Devil Wears Prada
    • Christian Thompson
  • The Evermoor Chronicles
    • Cameron Marsh
    • Otto
    • Seb Crossley
  • The Flash
    • Barry Allen
    • Jay Garrick
    • Eddie Thawne
    • Ronnie Raymond
    • Ralph Dibny
  • The Fosters
    • Jesus Foster
    • Wyatt
    • Connor Stevens
    • Nick Stratos
    • Noah
    • Jamie Hunter
    • Carter Hunter
  • The Good Wife
    • Will Gardner
    • Cary Agos
    • Zach Florrick
    • Wilk Hobson
  • The Kids Are Alright
    • Joey Cleary
  • The Lying Game
    • Ethan Whitehorse
    • Jordan Lyle
    • Justin Miller
    • Derek Rogers
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
    • Joel Maisel
    • Archie Cleary
    • Josh (Lifeguard Season 2)
  • The Mentalist
    • Patrick Jane
    • Wayne Rigsby
  • The OC
    • Ryan Atwood
    • Seth Cohen
    • Luke Ward
    • Kevin Volchok
    • Zach Stevens
  • The Originals
    • Klaus Mikaelson
    • Elijah Mikaelson
    • Kol Mikaelson
    • Kaleb Westphall
    • Jackson Kenner
    • Josh
    • Lucien Castle
  • The Other Woman
    • Mark King
  • The Resident
    • Conrad Hawkins
    • Bradley Jenkins
    • Devon Pravesh
    • Jude Silva
  • The Royals
    • Jasper
    • Liam
    • Robert
  • The Thundermans
    • Max Thunderman
  • The Ugly Truth
    • Colin
  • The Vampire Diaries
    • Damon Salvatore
    • Stefan Salvatore
    • Klaus Mikaelson
    • Jeremy Gilbert
    • Tyler Lockwood
    • Matt Honeycutt
    • Kai Parker
  • This Is Us
    • Jack Pearson
    • Kevin Pearson (Adult)
    • Kevin Pearson (17 Years Old)
    • Kevin Pearson (10 Years Old)
  • Ugly Betty
    • Daniel Meade
    • Henry Grubstick
    • Nick Pepper
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    • Richard Wayne Gary Wayne
    • Duke Snyder
    • Russ Snyder
  • UnReal
    • Adam Cromwell
    • Jeremy
    • Alexi Petrov
    • August Walker
    • Graham
    • Jasper Hunt
    • Tommy Castelli
    • Roger Lockwood
    • Jack
    • Warren Johnson
  • Van Wilder Movies
    • Richard Bagg
    • Van Wilder
    • Gordon
    • Dirk Arnold
  • Vanderpump Rules
    • Jax Taylor
    • Tom Sandoval
    • Tom Schwartz
    • James Kennedy
  • Veronica Mars
    • Dick Casablancas
    • Logan Echolls
    • Piz
    • Don Lamb
  • Victorious
    • Beck Oliver
    • Ryder (2x1)
  • Wayne’s World
    • Benjamin Oliver
  • Westworld
    • Ashley Stubbs
    • Teddy Flood
    • Logan Delos
  • Wet Hot American Summer
    • Blake
  • White Chicks
    • Heath
    • Russ
  • White Collar
    • Neal Caffrey
  • Witches of East End
    • Dash Gardiner
  • Wizards of Waverly Place
    • Justin Russo
    • Max Russo
    • Mason Greyback
  • Wynonna Earp
    • Charlie
    • Robin
  • YOU
    • Joe Goldberg
    • Ron
    • Nicky
    • Benjamin “Benji” J Ashby III
  • Younger
    • Charles Brooks
    • Thad Steadman
    • Max
    • Josh
  • Youtubers
    • Kostas Garcia
    • Patrick Minor
    • Kian Lawley
    • Casper Lee
    • Joe Sugg
    • Marcus Butler
    • Matpat
  • Zeke and Luther
    • Zeke
    • Luther
  • Zoey 101
    • Logan Reese
    • Dustin Brooks
    • James Garrett

Chapter Text

Hey everyone!!! This is a list of prompts I have come up with that you are welcome to use when make your requests!!! ENJOY!!!


  1. “I hate you so much right now”
  2. “Just shut up and kiss me”
  3. “Stay with me”
  4. “I think someone is jealous”
  5. “What are you going to do about it”
  6. “Make me”
  7. Wanna bet?”
  8. “You are so drunk right now”
  9. “You’re such a tease”
  10. “Please don’t go”
  11. “I’ll always be here for you”
  12. “That was a mistake”
  13. “You cheated on me?”
  14. “I miss you”
  15. “I love you”
  16. “Would you please put a shirt on, it’s distracting”
  17. “I am so not jealous”
  18. “Thanks for saving my ass”
  19. “Not until you go out with me”
  20. “You never even noticed me before”
  21. “You lied to me”
  22. “You’re beautiful”
  23. “Hey sexy”
  24. “Come over at midnight”
  25. “Wear your finest suit”
  26. “Oh shit!”
  27. “How could you do that?”
  28. “I didn’t do it”
  29. “I could help with that”
  30. “What’s the plan”
  31. “I would if I could”
  32. “And what are you offering?”
  33. “I think I may love you”
  34. “My parents are gone for the weekend”
  35. “Are you angry with me?”
  36. “This is scary”
  37. “I could use a hot shower”
  38. “Up for some fun?”
  39. “I left my window open”
  40. “I’ve never felt so alone”
  41. “I hope you never regret me”
  42. “You infuriating little gutter snake!”
  43. “Oh… Damn!”
  44. “Fuck you!”
  45. “Touch my hair one more time… I dare you!”
  46. “Is that a whip?”
  47. “Chocolate or whipped cream?”
  48. “Why did you come here?”
  49. “Damn… it’s hot in here.”
  50. “You think you’re better than me?”
  51. “What are your deepest desires?”
  52. “You get three wishes.”
  53. “So? What’s the next step?”
  54. “Meet me in the bathroom.”
  55. “God that suit fits you well!”
  56. “I’ll give you whatever your heart desires.”
  57. “How about cash?”
  58. “I’m not… gay!”
  59. “Who do you think you are?”
  60. “You’re my type.”
  61. “You’re so not my type.”
  62. “I don’t care who you are, I just want your body.”
  63. “Oops! I’m so sorry!”
  64. “Come to my office. We need to talk.”
  65. “Are you… alive?”
  66. “Which looks best on me?”
  67. “I’m gonna be late for school!”
  68. “This test is stressing me out.”
  69. “It’s finally happening.”
  70. “I think he/she saw us.”
  71. “My parents are gone for the weekend.”
  72. “I just started working here.”
  73. “Sounds like you need me.”
  74. “I’m a billionaire… I could give you anything and everything.”
  75. “I’m ready, are you?”
  76. “Hide in the closet!”
  77. “What’s your favorite part of me?”
  78. “I believe in you. Do you believe in me?”

Chapter Text

It’s a few days after Logan first meets Jess and almost fought with him. Rory was upset with him and he didn’t know how to make it better, except to apologize to Jess. While Logan doesn’t like to apologize nor does he like Jess, he knows he needs to do something to get back in Rory’s good graces.

Logan finds Jess’ number online and calls him. Jess doesn’t answer, but Logan leaves him a message asking to meet up and talk. It is now later that night and Logan has yet to hear from Jess so decides to hang out at his place. Then there’s a knock on his door.

Logan answers the door and there is Jess standing there smirking. He is wearing a t-shirt and a button down over and jeans. His hair is spiked up high and disheveled looking.

“You!” That’s all Jess says as he barges into Logan’s room.

“Are you drunk?” Logan can easily tell as Jess stumbles through his room and onto his couch.

“I’m not dwunk!” Logan goes to the couch and tries helping Jess to his feet. “No!” Jess pulls Logan and he falls on top of him.

The two stop moving and become silent as their bodies touch one another’s. In sync the two of them lean their heads forward ever so slightly. Their lips touch and for almost ten seconds everything is frozen.

With one quick motion Logan pulls his sweater off and throws it to the ground. Jess begins smiling as his hands slide up Logan’s body, feeling every muscle.

“Your hair is so bright.” Jess mumbles as Logan moves closer.

They go back to kissing. Jess slides his fingers through Logan’s hair as Logan begins unbuttoning Jess’ shirt.

“Your hair’s not bad either.” Logan says as helps Jess take both his shirts off.

As the two sit their shirtless they wonder what may happen next. More kissing? Hand job? Blow job? Or sex?

“What now?” Jess blurts out his thoughts.

“I have a condom.” Logan reaches to the table and pulls one out from the draw.

“Your condom, your penis.” Jess says before grabbing Logan’s pants, unbuttoning them, and pulling them down along with his boxers.

Logan’s penis pops out in front of Jess’ face. Jess just stares at the large thick penis for nearly a minute before his animal instincts come into play. Jess, with one pull, nearly rips his pants off before grabbing Logan by the waist and flipping the two of them around. With Jess on top, Logan’s penis sticks straight up. Logan rips the condom open and slides it quickly onto his penis.

“Are you sure?” Logan asks.

“No.” Jess gets on his knees and goes on top of Logan’s penis.

With one quick drop, Logan’s penis enters Jess.

“OH GOD!!” Jess shouts. Logan is scared and begins trying to pull Jess off him. “NO! Don’t stop.” Jess begins moving up and back down. “It’s not too bad.” Jess slowly moves up and down for nearly ten minutes as the two of the run the hands over each other’s bodies and just stare.

“My roommates will be home in half an hour, if you want me to finish we have to go quicker.” Logan is getting impatient and really wants to do this.

“Okay…sure.” Jess puts one hand on the arm of the couch and the other on the back of the couch behind Logan’s shoulder.

Jess quickly begins moving up and down with lightning speed. A minute in and he’s beginning to sweat hard. Jess is sweating so hard that his hair is beginning to fall down in front of his face. As he gets quicker Logan grabs Jess’ waist and helps move him faster.

“Oh god yes!!!” Logan begins moaning.

“You almost there?” Jess’ hair is almost completely covering his eyes now.

“So close!” Logan let’s go of Jess’ waist and grabs hold of the couch cushions. And with one last push and the squeezing of the cushions, Logan begins to cum. Jess begins to slow down slightly. “Fuck!” Logan whispers as the last bit of cum leaves him.

Jess stops and gets off Logan. As Logan takes the condom off Jess takes a seat next to him, running a hand through his hair to push it back. They sit on the couch just catching their breathes and looking forward for nearly ten minutes before Jess stands up and begins putting his clothes back on.

“Hey. You can’t drive home this drunk, let me give you my driver.” Logan stands up with him.

“Who said I was drunk?” Jess smirks and Logan stands frozen in place.

Jess then gives Logan a kiss on the lips before walking to the door.

“Let’s do this again someday.” Jess opens the door and leaves.

Chapter Text

Since Bryce was just a baby he has been told how great he is at everything and been taught by everyone around him that because he is so amazing he can do whatever he wants to whomever he wants.
Alex, on the other hand, has never really been complimented on anything. His father has always been very critical with him, making him go into his shell. Whenever that happens, Alex heads to a park a few blocks from his house that is secluded in the middle of trees.
One night Alex’ father tears into him about bleaching his hair. He smacks him around on the head a few times and shouts in his face before sending him to his room. Alex sneaks out his window and heads straight to his usual park and into the little castle, taking a seat on the top of the slide.
At the same time Bryce is at his own party where he sits bored with a bunch of drunk people. He decides to take a walk down the street when he see’s someone familiar walking into the park. Bryce follows the person and enters the park to see Alex Standall sitting on top fo the slide.
“What are you doing here loser?” Bryce walks to the bottom of the slide.
“Wow, how original.” Alex just looks down at Bryce in his lettermen’s jacket. “Just like that jacket.”
“Oh don’t you think your clever.”
“No, but compared to you I feel like a genius.”
“What did you just say?”
“Wow, I guess I gave you too much credit.”
“Say that to my face faggot.” Bryce kicks the slide.
“I’m the faggot? You’re the one that wants me to come to your face.”
Bryce reaches up the slide, grabbing Alex’ leg and pulling him down the slide. Alex kicks Bryce in the chest but Bryce only holds onto Alex tighter. Bryce pulls Alex off the slide then pushes him onto his knees.
“Stop it!” Alex can’t seem to shout and only moans the response.
“You want a faggot? I’ll show you a faggot.”
Bryce turns Alex around, pushing his face onto the bottom of the slide. While Bryce holds Alex down with his knee and one hand, he pulls Alex’s jeans until the button pops off and the pants slide down. Bryce pulls down Alex’s boxers to see his pale white ass.
“Look, your butt matches your hair.” Bryce just laughs as he unbuttons his pants and lets them drop to the ground.
“Now this is a fagot! Faggot!” Bryce’s penis is growing quite quickly and just as it reaches it’s peak, he shoves it into Alex.
Alex begins screaming but it’s muffled by the slide. Bryce pulls one of Alex’ shoes off and then a sock, shoving it into Alex’s mouth. Bryce begins quickly moving in and out of Alex’s ass as both his hands push Alex down. Within seconds Alex seems to give up, making Bryce happier. Bryce lets go of Alex and grabs the sides of the slide.
“God your tighter than half the girls at school.” Bryce laughs at his own joke as he runs a hand through his hair.
As Bryce begins sweating Alex loses more and more hope, going to a quiet place in his mind, waiting for this to be over. It’s only a minute before Bryce bites his lip and prepares to cum. A couple more thrusts and Bryce begins to cum.
“Oh….Yeah…” Bryce moans and begins slowing down.
Once finished he shakes the excess cum onto Alex’ butt before pulling his pants back up.
“Now you’ve had the best you could ever have. Your boyfriends goona be jealous.” Bryce slaps Alex on the ass before running a hand through his one last time and turning around to walk back to his house.
Alex stays there for almost an hour before getting up and heading home. He goes home and continues his life always thinking about what just happened but never mentioning it to anyone even on his death bed.

Chapter Text

When Finn learned about Jesse lying to Rachel and throwing eggs at her, he was furious. He didn’t know why but he felt the need to confront Jesse about it. Finn went into his closet and changed into a white button down, though he didn’t know why he did it subconsciously he wanted to look good in front of Jesse whenever he could.
Finn went straight to Carmel High School, hoping Jesse would be there this late after school. Finn was lucky. As he walked into the auditorium, Finn saw Jesse wearing tight fitting blue leather jacket and his hair was perfectly filled with product. These thoughts went through Finn’s mind, but he kept fighting to push them down.
“Hey lug.” Jesse says not even looking over at Finn as he looks at a sheet of music.
“Stop it!”
“Stop what?”
“Stop it with the names and hurting Rachel.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Finn moves closer to Jesse.
“Stop it!”
“Stop what?” Finn is now standing an inch from him.
“Stop lying.”
“Am I the one that’s lying?” Jesse moves forward and begins kissing Finn. Finn pushes him back.
“Stop it…” Finn gets quiet as he begins realizing how great and natural that kiss felt compared to the girls he’s kissed before.
Finn moves back forward and grabs Jesse by the head, pulling him forward and beginning to kiss him. Finn begins running his fingers through Jesse’s hair as Jesse’s hands run down to Finn’s butt. Jesse begins sticking his tongue down Finn’s throat, at first it feels weird but quickly he learns to like it. Jesse and Finn begin to slowly move onto the ground as they kiss, Finn on the bottom. They stop kissing for a second and just begin smiling at each other. Jesse grabs Finn’s shirt and rips it open.
“Oh. That was my nice shirt.”
“No it wasn’t” Jesse slides his hands down Finn’s abs until they reach his pants.
He unbuttons Finn’s pants and pulls them down along with his underpants. Finn’s penis pops out like a Jack in the Box. Jesse slides down farther until his mouth is directly above Finn’s penis.
“Oh boy!” Finn says just before Jesse slides Finn’s penis into his mouth.
Jesse’s tongue begins circling and massaging Finn’s penis for a few minutes before he begins moving his head up and down. Finn looks down at Jesse’s head, admiring his luscious hair. Finn has never done anything close to this before so only 30 seconds in and he feels himself about to cum. He looks around for something to grab hold of. His hands move forward and grab Jesse hair just as he begins to cum.
“Fuck!” Finn moans and begins pulling Jesse’s hair.
Jesse starts swallowing with enthusiasm but quickly chokes up and takes his mouth off Finn’s penis, cum flying into the air and onto his face and Finn’s legs.
“Oops.” Jesse licks the cum off his face before moving down to Finn’s legs. “My bad. I guess I’ll have to clean you up.”
Jesse begins licking the cum off Finn’s legs and Finn lays there still, unaware of what to do next. Jesse finishes Finn’s legs and then licks the excess cum off Finn’s penis. Immediately after Jesse is done Finn stands up and pulls his pants up.
“We should do that again soon.” Jesse gets up, running a hand through his hair and smirking.
“Um…” Finn turns around and quickly walks off the stage, speed walking out of the auditorium.

PROLOGUE: A month after this event Finn had not heard from Jesse and realized he wanted more. Finn and Jesse continued their secret rendezvous until they graduated high school and never saw each other again.

Chapter Text

It’s now the day after regionals and Finn is ecstatic about winning, but he can’t stop thinking about Sebastian and what he did at regionals. He stayed up all night long trying to remind himself of all the evil things Sebastian did throughout the year, but all his mind could go back to was images of what’s behind the uniform, his perfect face, and his always perfect hair. After hours of lying in bed trying to get Sebastian out of his mind he finally just made up his mind to go see Sebastian. He thinks that if he sees him in person he will remember why he hates him. He knows Sebastian likes to make fun of how he looks so he puts extra product in his hair, puts on a fresh white collared shirt, clean jeans with no rips, and his lettermen’s jacket.
After texting Blaine asking for Sebastian’s number, telling him it’s to thank him about regionals, he texts Sebastian. He responds quickly.
Sebastian: Who’s this?
Finn: Finn Hudson, can we meet up? I need to talk to you.
Sebastian: I’m with the warblers. Come in an hour.
An hour later is exactly when Finn arrives at Dalton Academy. He walks in and it is completely empty. No noise roams the halls at all on Saturday. When Finn opens the double doors to the Warbler’s practice room he sees Sebastian sitting at his desk just starring at him.
“Hey Sebastian.” Finn feels awkward.
“What do you want?” Finn can’t stop starring at Sebastian’s hair, forgetting to respond. “Hey mammoth… too many hits to the head?” Finn snaps out of it slightly.
“What?” Sebastian’s light bulb flashes.
“Oh I see what’s going on. You have a little crush on me, but I’m sure you’ve never thought you could like guys before so now you’re trying to think bad thoughts.” Finn stands there with his mouth open in shock. “So I am right.” Sebastian stands up. “Get over here and pull your pants down.”
“Oh! No!” Finn snaps out of his daydreaming and takes a step back.
“What? You take my penis once and if you don’t end up liking it then you know the truth, it’s that easy.”
Finn can’t fight that rationale in his mind and walks over to Sebastian behind the desk. Sebastian looks up at Finn and runs one hand through his hair as the other goes down and unbuttons Finn’s pants. As Sebastian slowly pulls down Finn’s zipper, Finn’s hands roam up to Sebastian’s hair, close enough to feel stray hairs.
“Just touch it.” At that moment Finn’s hand go in and begin sliding into Sebastian’s hair, feeling the soft and crunchiness. “Now bend over.”
Finn almost listens like a trained dog and bends his stomach over the desk. Sebastian pulls down Finn’s pants and boxers, showing Finn’s pale white butt.
“This is why I tan.” Sebastian jokes as he pulls his pants down.
Finn looks back to see Sebastian’s large penis half hard and his entire body the same shade. Sebastian then flips his tie over his shoulder and grabs a condom from his desk drawer. He rips it off with his mouth and slides in on his penis. Finn then turns back around and closes his eyes.
“I’m goona go slow.” Sebastian says before jamming his entire penis in Finn’s hole with one quick and hard thrust.
“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Finn begins shouting. “Stop it!” Sebastian doesn’t listen and begins moving in and out.
Finn stops complaining just seconds later as he starts to like it. Sebastian grabs Finn’s butt cheeks and begins pushing in and out faster and harder. He continues this for minutes before he slows down just slightly and leans onto Finn’s back. Sebastian reaches one of his hands to the back of Finn’s head. His fingers run through Finn’s hair for a second before he grabs hold of it tight. Finn bites his lip as Sebastian pulls his head and chest up off the desk.
With one hand grabbing Finn’s hair, the other grabs hold of the desk as Sebastian begins pounding Finn quicker and harder than before. By the time Finn begins sweating a minute later, Sebastian is sweating bullets in his jacket. Beads of sweet are falling onto Finn’s back and Sebastian’s hair is getting shiny and pieces are starting to fall.
“Almost there.” Sebastian announces minutes later. He grips Finn’s hair and the desk tin times harder, Finn now grabbing the edge of the desk. “There!” Sebastian shouts as he begins to cum.
Sebastian begins slowing down as he comes and let’s go of Finn’s head, Finn plopping onto the desk. After a minute of just standing in that position Sebastian pats Finn on the butt a few times before taking his penis out. Finn gets up slowly as he’s in pain. They both get dressed. Sebastian takes a mirror out of his desk as he wipes sweat off his forehead and fixes some hairs.
“So when do you wanna do this again?” Sebastian says to Finn.
“What? Who said I liked it?”
“Your friend down there.” Sebastian looks down to Finn’s penis that is trying to break through his jeans. “I’m free Wednesday night. I’ll text you the details.”
“Um... okay.” Finn just walks out of the room and heads home.

Chapter Text

            Finn and Colin have always been the most loyal of friends to Logan as any friends could be, actually far more. Whatever Logan demands, the two boys will do. But there are a few things Logan has never commanded from them… until now.

            Logan and Rory are fighting, which means Logan isn’t getting any action and is extremely horny. Finn and Colin have spent the past two days trying to cheer Logan up, but nothing had worked. Now they are sitting in Logan’s apartment trying to come up with ideas.

            “Come on buddy, isn’t’ there anything we could do to cheer you up?” Finn says as the two sit on each side of Logan.

            “I just want Rory.”

            “What does Rory do that we can’t?” This is when it hits Logan’s mind what would cheer him up, but he knew he couldn’t outright ask for it.

            “Well she always knew how to please me.”

            “Oh…” Colin and Finn say in unison. The two look at each other and speak without speaking. “Let’s do it.” They both say.

            “Do what?” Logan asks.

            “We’ll pleasure you.” Finn says before moving closer to Logan.

            ‘No… I can’t let you do that, none of us are gay.”

            “So, we do what we need to do to help a friend.” Colin moves closer to Logan.


            “Who does what?” Finn questions.

            Finn and Colin play a quick game of rock, paper, scissors… ending with Colin winning.

            “I choose. Finn, you make out with him while I start sucking, then We’ll switch halfway through and you take the juice.”

            Finn doesn’t say anything before grabbing Logan’s head, turning it towards him, and begins kissing him. Once the two of them begin kissing, Colin goes onto his knees and pulls Logan’s pants down to his knees. Logan’s penis is larger than either Finn or Colin had imagined. Colin takes a deep breath in before moving forward and taking Logan’s penis straight in.

            As Colin begins sucking hard, Finn starts pushing his tongue into Logan’s mouth as his hands begin running through Logan’s hair. Logan begins sticking his tongue into Finn’s mouth while his hands run through Colin’s hair, helping move him up and down. Five continuous minutes of this and Logan pre cums.

            “Switch!” Colin shouts as he gets taste of the cum.

            Colin moves up onto the couch and begins kissing Logan as Finn moves down and grabs the penis with his mouth, suction cupping it. Finn is like a machine with Logan’s penis, moving up and down at speeds Colin and Logan have never seen before. It’s only a minute in when Logan feels himself ready to come and gets a tight grip on Finn’s hair. Logan quickly begins to come with so much power that it’s too much for Finn to take and the cum begins dripping down Logan’s shaft.

            Colin notices and stops kissing Logan to go down and help. Colin begins licking the side of Logan’s penis while Finn takes the top, chugging as much as he can. When Logan is done, Finn and Colin lick around his entire penis just to make sure they get everything before taking their seats on the couch.

            “You good now buddy?” Colin asks.

            “Better than ever before.” Logan responds.

            “Great.” Finn turns to look at Logan. “Now how does you cum taster like candy and your hair feel softer than it looks?”


            The three sit on the couch talking for an hour before they go out and get some dinner, moving on but not forgetting what just happened.

Chapter Text

            There’s one thing no one knows about Teddy Montgomery… he’s gay. He barely even knows he’s gay. So when he moves back to California and begins going to school with a bunch of hot guys, things get hard… very hard. It especially gets hard when Teddy is hanging with his new best friend Liam. Teddy spends all the time thinking about Liam’s rock hard body and perfect swept hair. Though Teddy never thought something would happen between the two of them… he never saw this coming.

            Teddy, Liam, And Dixon were surfing as they always did when bad weather started coming in and they stopped.

            “Sorry guys, I should probably head home.” Dixon says before leaving almost immediately.

            “Damn. I was having fun.” Liam is upset. “You still wanna hang?” teddy knows he shouldn’t be alone with Liam, but can’t help himself.

            “Sure. We can go to my place. My parents are always gone.”

            “I’ll follow your car.”

            As the two leave the beach it begins to rain. When they arrive at Teddy’s, they park in the driveway, but when Liam leaves his car, Teddy doesn’t leave his. Teddy sits in his car thinking about being alone with Liam and is paralyzed in fear that his secret may come out. Liam enters the passenger side of Teddy’s car.

            “What’s up dude?”

            “Um…” he can’t seem to speak.

            “Is it cuz you have a crush on me?”

            “What! No!” Teddy snaps out of his state and his heart begins racing.

            “It’s fine, I won’t tell anyone.”


            “How do I know? Girls stare at me all the time; I recognize the face. You have it all the time.”

            “I’m sorry.” Teddy’s heart slows down slightly.

            “Don’t be.”

            Teddy, with a rush of adrenaline, moves over the car and begins kissing Liam. Liam flies back into the window.

            “Wow dude! I’m not gay.” Liam shouts.

            “Really?” Teddy reaches to Liam’s swim suit and grabs Liam’s hard penis with his hand.

            Liam moves back forward onto Teddy’s lips. The two grab each other’s heads as they begin kissing. Liam is surprised at the crunchiness of Teddy’s hair while Teddy is surprised at how soft Liam’s hair is. They stop kissing for a second and look at the back seat.

            The two quickly leave their seat and open the trunk. They push down both the seats and both hop in, closing the door behind them. The two begin undressing between kisses. Teddy keeps hitting the car as he’s so tall and Liam goes quick and lays down under Teddy. Teddy finishes and get’s on top of Liam. They both look at every inch of each other’s bodies before Teddy moves down and they begin kissing again. The two of them stop kissing and look at each other.

            “What now?” Liam asks.

            “I guess I can go in you.” Liam just smiles and Teddy slide back.

            Teddy grabs his penis with one hand and guides it into Liam’s hole. Liam bites his lip and grips the car hard until Teddy is fully in and he begins relaxing. As big as Teddy is, as he moves in and out of Liam the car is shaking with him. Liam runs his hands down Teddy’s abs to distract himself from the pain and to focus on just the pleasure.

            “I’m close!” Teddy shouts.


            “it’s been a whi…” Teddy stops speaking and bites his lips as cum shoots out of his penis.

            Teddy begins slowing down and Liam smiles like he’s never smiled before, his face almost hurting. Once done, Teddy takes his penis out of Liam and lays down next to him.

            “My turn.” Liam says before rolling on top of Teddy and begins kissing him again.

PROLOGUE: Liam and Teddy continue this almost once or twice a week until Teddy comes out and Liam decides not to. The two remain friends but never touch each other the same way again.

Chapter Text

            Ricky Underwood and Jack Pappas have never been very close. They have both had many girlfriends and sex many times. After Ricky got Amy pregnant, he kept freaking out about having sex with girls, afraid he may impregnate another one. Jack, on the other hand, has done nearly nothing with a girl before. He has, however, had oral sex before. But afterwards he didn’t feel as satisfied as he thought he would. Both never thought about what would happen next…

            It was late after school and Jack just finished football practice. Jack waited for everyone else on the team to shower and leave, always being shy about his body. After showering, Jack spikes his hair up and puts on his clothes.

            Meanwhile, Ricky was practicing in the music room, forgetting time was passing. He kept playing, having fun and forgetting his troubles for once.

            As Jack begins walking out of the school he hears music playing in the distance. He decides to follow the music until he reaches the music room, looking through the window to see Ricky sitting playing music. Ricky looks up only to see Jack watching him. Jack quickly begins to walk away. Ricky leaves the room, following Jack. He catches up to him in the hall.

            “Hey Jack.” Jack stops walking and turns around.


            “Um… actually I don’t know why I followed you.” The two both laugh.

            “Sorry for watching you, I just heard the music.”

            “It’s good.” The two stand there just looking at each other in awkward silence.

            Jack then pushes Ricky against the lockers. Ricky is surprised but doesn’t fight back as Jack walks up and puts his on his chest, keeping him against the locker. Jack leans forward and kisses Ricky. Ricky puts his hands on Jacks chest, ready to push back, but doesn’t. Ricky feels Jacks hard chest, squeezing the muscles. Ricky slides his tongue into Jack’s mouth, Jack shocked at first but then liking it.

            “Classroom?” Jack stops kissing and says as he looks over to the door next to them.

            Ricky just smiles. Jack let’s go of Ricky and walks over to the classroom. Ricky follows behind, closing the door behind him.

            “Pants off.” Jack says and Ricky just listens.

            Once they both have their pants off Ricky is surprised at the large size of Jack’s penis, and Jack is surprised by the small size of Ricky’s. Jack grabs Ricky by the waist and turns him around. He pushes Ricky against the wall. Jack takes his letterman’s off and throw it along with his shirt on a desk. At the same time, Ricky takes his shirt off. Jack moves up behind Ricky and their bodies clash. Jack wraps his arms around Ricky, feeling his abs, sliding up to the pecs.

            “Wait.” Ricky says and reaches over to his pants, pulling a condom out.

            Jack slides the condom on his penis and, with help from his hand, slides it into Ricky’s butt. Ricky begins clenching the wall, his nails digging into it. Jack slides it all the way until his chest is on Ricky’s back. He grabs Ricky’s hands, their fingers interlocking. Ricky squeezes Jack’s hands to deal with the pain. Jack begins to move back and forth like he had seen on porn before. As Jack begins to go faster, Ricky begins to enjoy it more and more. Jack leans his head down slightly to Ricky’s hair, feeling the soft spiked hair against the cheeks. As Jack moves quicker, he gets consistently sweatier, rubbing and sliding on Ricky’s just as sweaty back.

            “Oh my god Ricky!” Jack moans over and over. “You’re so hot!” He moans just as he begins to cum.

            “Oh fuck!” Ricky moans as he feels the warmth and as Jack begins speeding up as he cums.

            As Jack finishes, he slows down, rubbing his body against Ricky’s. They let go of each other’s hands, Ricky’s hands going behind him and into Jack’s hair. As Jack slides out of Ricky, Ricky turns around. Ricky slides his hands down Jack’s rock hard abs as Jack runs a hand through his hair. The two kiss once more before putting their clothes on. Once changed, Jack grabs Ricky and pulls him in close.

            “I love you.” Jack blurts out, instantly regretting it.

            “Um…” Ricky slips out of Jack’s arms and heads for the door. He walks out and leaves without a word.

PROLOGUE: Jack and Ricky don’t speak for weeks, being extra awkward when they see each other. After a night of being with Amy, however, Ricky realizes he liked Jack more and texted him to meet up. Since then the two have secretly held a relationship along with their real ones, no one ever finding out and the love never dying.

Chapter Text

            Matty and Jake have been best friends since before they could even walk. The two of them always wanted and did different thing. They were opposites, except when it came to one thing… sex. Matty and Jake were two of the horniest boys ever. They both loved to masturbate in middle school, but the quickly learned that because they hang out together all the time that they can’t do it as often. That’s when they started masturbating in front of each other. When they entered high school, before they became popular, the two of them wanted something different other than masturbating. So they each gave each other hand jobs. This lasted for nearly a year before sophomore year, the year everything changed. Both Matty and Jake got popular and every girl in school wanted them. Within the first week of school they both had a girlfriend. They’ve each been dating these girls for about a month each. Now that takes us to the present, in which Matty and Jake are hanging out at Matty’s house, playing videogames…

            “So, dude.” Jake pauses the game. “Have you and your girl gone to third base yet?”

            “We almost did.” Matty runs a hand through his messy hair.

            “My girl won’t even go to second base.”

            “Yeah…well good.”

            “Why good dude?”

            “Because…” Matty pauses, questioning whether to say this or not. “I’m kinda nervous. What if I do something wrong.”

            “Same!” Jake nearly shouts.

            “I know right! I wish we could practice it like sports and be amazing for when it actually happens.”

            The two sit there is silence after that. Jake leans close to Matty and begins whispering.

            “We could. With each other.” Matty launches backwards.

            “Wow! Dude! I’m not gay!”

            ‘What about the stuff we did not too long ago with each other?”

            “That was nothing.”

            “This will be nothing too. Just like a scrimmage. We’ll take turns being the girl and practice until we are amazing enough for our girls.”

            “You promise you won’t tell?” Matty gets closer.

            “I promi…” Before Jake could finish speaking, Matty begins unbuttoning his jeans and pulls them down.

            Matty is shocked by how Jake’s penis has grown in such a short time. Jake follows after him. Once the two completely undress, Matty grabs an entire box of condoms out of his backpack.

            “Why do you have those?” Jake asks.

            “I’m always prepared for when third base comes around.” Matty rips one open. “You first.”

            Matty gets on top of his bed in a doggie position. Jake comes up from behind, standing directly next to the bed. Jake has been waiting for this for years so he quickly, in one thrust on his hips, shoves his penis into Jake.

            “Mother fucker!” Matty shouts. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

            Matty begins to get more silent as Jake begins moving back and forth, the pain still there, but the pleasure overcoming it.

            “Is this good?” Jake asks.

            “Yeah… faster.” Matty moans out.

            Jake notices Matty is already getting very sweaty. Jake grabs hold of Matty’s waist and begin thrusting ten times faster. Jake is using all the excess energy he has in him to keep the pace. Jake is now sweating bullets, his spiked blonde hair starting to fall over his forehead.

            “Oh god!” Jake shouts as he feels himself get close.

            “Already dude?” Matty shouts before biting his lip, feeling the warmth inside him.

            “Fuck!” Jake shouts as he begins to cum.

            Jake doesn’t slow down as he cums. He continues his speed until the last drop is out of him. Jake takes his penis out of Matty and they both flop on their backs on the bed.

            “That was intense.” Jake whispers while taking a deep breath in.

            “Yeah… and it was only three minutes. We need to practice on that.”


            Matty then flips over, getting on top of Jake. He runs a hand through his hair while the other hand sits on Jake’s chest.

            “My turn!” They both smile.

Chapter Text

            Oliver and Tommy have always had an odd friendship. It was mostly because Tommy idolized Oliver. He would do anything Oliver said, plus more. He goes with him everywhere, dresses the way he does, and even spikes his hair the way Oliver does. Nearly every night the two of them go out and party, but earlier today Oliver got in a fight with his girlfriend.

            “Hey dude you ready yet?” Tommy shouts before walking into Oliver’s bedroom to see Oliver sitting on his bed watching a baseball game. “Dude you’re not even dressed.”

            “First, I am dressed.” He points to the expensive suit. “Second, I don’t wanna go out.”

            “What? Why?”

            “Felicity and I are fighting, which means no sex tonight. Which means I don’t want to see people partying and about to have sex if I can’t.”

            “Well… that actually makes sense.” Tommy jumps onto the bed after closing and locking Oliver’s door. “How about I help you with that?”

            “How could you help me?”

            Tommy then puts his hand directly on Oliver’s crotch. Oliver jumps off the bed.

            “What the fuck dude? Your gay?”

            “No…. well…partly…I guess I like girls….and then I like you.”

            “What the fuck!”

            “It’s okay. We don’t have to tell anyone. You don’t even have to do anything gay. I’ll be the girl in this scenario.”

            “Really? You would do that for me?”

            “Of course. Whenever you want me to.”

            Oliver then unbuttons his pants and flings them off his body. Tommy quickly gets off the bed and begins undressing. Once Oliver is done he jumps on his bed, his penis hardening and sticking up in the air. Once Tommy is done he grabs a condom from his wallet and opens it up. Tommy gets on the bed. Oliver’s penis starts to soften as Tommy touches it, sliding the condom on. Tommy then grabs Oliver’s penis, squeezing it before beginning to move it up and down. Oliver’s penis begins to harden quite quickly.

            “Are you ready?” Tommy asks as he sits up on top of Oliver’s penis.

            Oliver just nods as Tommy slides Oliver’s penis up his butt slowly.

            “Doesn’t that hurt?” Oliver asks.

            “No, I’ve been practicing for this day for years.”

            That would normally weird Oliver out, but the sensation his penis is going through distracted him. Tommy grabs the railing on top of the bed and begins moving up and down, letting gravity push him down each time. Within a minute Tommy is sweating bullets. Sweat begins dripping off Tommy and onto Oliver, who doesn’t seem to notice. The entire time Oliver stares at Tommy’s face and hair, imagining Tommy was himself and how amazing it would be if he could have sex with himself. Without realizing it, Oliver grabs Tommy’s waist, helping him move faster.

            Tommy let’s go of the poles ten minutes in and leans on Oliver. He runs a hand through his hair before grabbing hold of Oliver’s abs and going faster than before. Tommy can barely breath but he knows he can’t stop now.

            “Fuck, it’s coming.” Oliver says as his hands slide up onto Tommy’s body and grips him tightly. “It’s here!” Oliver almost shouts as he begins to cum.

            Tommy begins slowing down, but Oliver keeps Tommy moving with sheer strength. Oliver keeps Tommy moving until he is completely done. Tommy sits with Oliver’s penis in him for minutes before moving off, Oliver not seeming to care. They both lay on the bed, breathing heavily.

            “Thanks bud.” Oliver says before turning the TV back on to the game.

Chapter Text

Since there are a few people i want to write, but haven't been requested, I thought i would let everyone decide which one i should do. Choose from one of these please...

  1. Stefan Salvatore [TVD]
  2. Boone Clemens [Scream Queens]
  3. Angel [Buffy]
  4. Chuck Bass [Gossip Girl]
  5. Chase Chrisley {Chrisley Knows Best]
  6. Stiles Stilinski [Teen Wolf]
  7. James Diamond [Big Time Rush]
  8. Jett Stetson [Big Time Rush]
  9. Jerome Clarke [House of Anubis]
  10. Zack Morris [Saved by the Bell]
  11. Chad Dylan Cooper [Sonny with a Chance]

Now please comment with the one, or more, that you want me to write about. Please also include someone you want them to be paired with. If you don't add someone I will choose.


Chapter Text

            When Chad was replaced as Mackenzie by Grady’s brother Grant, Chad was furious and sad all at once. He spent days depressed and alone. But then it came to him, the perfect plan. He would seduce Grant, get naked photos of him, then send it to the media. He knew if nudes came out, he would instantly be fired.

            So, Chad woke up the next morning, worked on his hair for an hour. He put on his Mackenzie Falls shirt and tie and put on a nice leather jacket. He threw on his caches and headed to the studio. Luckily his card still worked and Chad went in. He made sure to be seen by the least number of people he could. He eventually made his way to his old dressing room. He walked in to see Grant has already redesigned the place with pictures of himself everywhere.

            Grant was wearing a pink polo shirt with the collar popped and his lettermen’s jacket. He was busy looking in the mirror at himself that he didn’t notice Chad had walked in. Chad locked the door behind him and walked up to Grant. Grant noticed when Chad was only a few feet away.

            “What are you doing here Pooper?”

            “It’s Chad Dylan Cooper!” Chad shouted, but reminded himself to chill. “Nevermind. I’m here to congratulate you. You are truly the… best… Mackenzie there could be.” He finished in pain.

            “Well… yes I am!” He shouted and stood up, walking up to Chad. “Is that all?”


            “Oh I see… little Chad likes big Grant.”

            “What? No!” Chad played along, making Grant feel in charge.

            “I say we test that.” Grant takes a step forward and kisses Chad.

            Chad is ready to push him away but remembers the plan. He kisses Grant back. Chad then pushes Grant onto the recliner.

            “Take it all off!” Chad demands from Grant, Grant smiles and laughs as he take sit all off.

            Chad is ready to grab his phone and take the picture, but when he see’s Grant’s abs and his large penis, something in him flips. Chad takes his jacket off, lightly placing it on a table. He then rips his shirt and tire off, throwing it to the ground. He unbuttons his pants and takes them off before jumping on top of Grant. The two begin kissing again.

            Grant digs his fingers into Chad’s hair, something he had thought about for a long time. Chad was surprised when Grant touched his hair and he didn’t push him away… he actually like it. That’s when Grant got heated. He slid off the chair and turned Chad around. He then got on his knees and grab Chad’s penis with his hand. Grant looked up, smiling at Chad. Chad then put his fingers into Grant thick and crunchy hair. From there Grant shoved Chad’s penis into his mouth.

            Grant was so natural at this Chad realized he must do this with his frat brothers. Chad took one hand from Grant’s hair, reaching for Grant’s phone of the table. He turned the camera on and began taking photos from all angles. He held down Grant’s head with his other hand to make sure he didn’t come up.

            Minutes later Chad sent every photo to every gossip magazine. He then sent the photos to himself, deleted them, then deleted the message and email. He then put the phone down as he felt himself about to cum.

            Chad burst like he never had when he masturbated. Grant begins chugging it all down without a problem. After chugging and licking any excess cum, Grant gets up and gets in the chair with Chad.

            “That was fantastic. You taste like cinnamon rolls.”

            “Thanks.” Chad looks at himself in the mirror, playing with his hair and smiling at himself.

            “We should do this again sometime.”


            “I could even get you a small role on the show so we can do it more often.”

            “No. Chad Dylan Cooper doesn’t do small roles. Plus, I have something else in my sights.”

            Chad gets up and gets dressed. He goes to the door and looks back at Grant.

            “You know, maybe I’ll invite you back for a small role.” He walks out.


PROLOGUE: The next day the photos are released and the studio is begging for Chad to come back, giving him a 10% pay increase. Chad does invite Grant back for a guest arc on his show, also having some sex in between takes.

Chapter Text

            Chuck Bass is one of the coolest guys there ever was. He acted tough always, but what no one knows is that he is protective of his friends more than anyone else could. Whenever his friends are hurt, he makes sure to take revenge. He takes revenge to a new level. I will now tell you the story of the first time Chuck took revenge for one of his friends.

            It was after graduating high school that Blair left to try and make things work with Marcus Beaton. Marcus was the picture of a perfect guy. Of course, Chuck never liked him, but everyone else did. So, when he stopped giving Blair the attention she deserves and treated her poorly, ending in the end of their relationship, Chuck knew he had to teach Marcus a lesson or two.

            Chuck travelled all the way to London and found Marcus’ house. Chuck had no real plan for what was about to happen, but it was too late to turn around. Chuck, however, made sure he wore a very fine suit and his hair was slicked toe the side and extra shiny.

            He knocked on the door and standing in the doorway was Marcus. He wore a button down with a blazer and caches. His brown hair was spiked up.

            “We need to talk.” Chuck said before pushing Marcus to the side and walking into his house.

            “What do you want Chuck?” He follows Chuck into the living room where he takes a seat.

            “You messed with my friend.”


            “Obviously.” Marcus takes the seat across from Chuck.

            “Our relationship was never going to work because of you.”

            “What?” Marcus stands up and walks over to sit next to Chuck.

            “You love Blair. Blair loves you.”

            “Shut up. You’re so stupid.” Chuck begins getting hot. Marcus slides closer. “This will show you.”

            Chuck begins kissing Marcus, pushing his back onto the couch. Marcus doesn’t seem to reject it, so Chuck continues. Chuck begins unbuttoning Marcus’ shirt, opening to his ripped abs. He slides his hands up and down Marcus’ abs. Marcus slides his hands down Chuck’s body, unbuttoning his pants. Chuck stops kissing Marcus and sits up, sliding his pants and boxers off. Marcus takes his shirt and blazer, throwing them on the floor. Chuck moves back down, his penis rubbing Marcus’ through his pants. They begin kissing again, their tongues wrapping around each other. Marcus digs his fingers through the side of Chuck’s hair, feeling the crunchy texture that is getting him extra hard.

            “Suck it.” Chuck says when he moves back.

            Chuck then slides up the couch until his penis is above Marcus’ mouth. Marcus grabs Chuck’s penis with his hand and begins feeling every inch of it. Chuck moves down slightly until Marcus lets go of his penis and his lips are just slightly touching the head.

            “Take it in!” Chuck almost shouts as he goes all the way down.

            Chuck’s penis goes deep into Marcus’ mouth, sliding against the back of his throat. Marcus’ teeth slide across Chuck’s shaft as his tongue slides around the head. A Chuck begins to move his penis up and down, Marcus suctions to the penis. Chuck grips the couch as Marcus grabs Chucks ass. Marcus shoves two of his fingers into Chuck’s ass. Chuck bites his lip as Marcus’ fingers go deep into him. Chuck begins moving quicker by the second.

            “It’s coming!” Chuck shouts as he instantly begins to cum.

            Marcus swallows the cum like he hasn’t had a drink in years. As he chugs it all down, Marcus shoves his fingers as deep as he can get them into Chuck’s ass. After Chuck is done, Marcus licks around the shaft and head until they are completely clean of cum. Chuck slides back down, his suit sliding up on Marcus’ bare body, and his bare penis on Marcus’s pants, which now have a wet spot. Chuck kisses Marcus before sitting up on him.

            “Now call Blair and apologize then never speak to her again… or I’ll show everyone these pictures.” Chuck waves his phone in Marcus’ face showing him images of a penis in his mouth. “Bye.” Chuck slides his pants on, looks into the mirror and combs his hair before heading out.


Chapter Text

            It was Chicago 1922 and Stefan has just met Klaus for the first time. Stefan just made a man drink his wife’s blood and Klaus had never been so impressed and turned on. He loved the confidence he saw in Stefan that reminded him of himself. Stefan’s long brogan hair swept back made Klaus envious. When Rebekah left to talk to people, Klaus asked Stefan to go outside with him. They walked out and into the alley together. When they stepped outside Klaus stood and stared at Stefan in awe.

            “What is it Klaus?” Stefan looked around to make sure no one was walking by.

            Klaus then moves in and begins kissing Stefan, digging his hands straight into his hair. Stefan pushes Klaus back.

            “What are you going? I’m not into guy! I’m with your sister!” Klaus then grabs Stefan and pulls him right to his face.

            “You will be my best friend Stefan. You will do anything I want you to do. You will make me happier than anyone else can.” He compels Stefan.

            “Why are we just standing here?” Stefan asks before kissing Klaus.

            Klaus pushes Stefan against the wall, crushing a few bricks. Klaus digs both his hands into Stefan’s hair, gripping it tight he pushes Stefan down onto his knees. Stefan, with his teeth, pulls down Klaus’ zipper and pulls down his pants. Stefan feels Klaus’ bulge through his underwear before pulling them down. Stefan shoves Klaus’ penis in his mouth immediately, his tongue wrapping around the shaft.

            “Faster!” Klaus shouts and Stefan begins going faster back and forth. “Faster!” Klaus shouts even louder before Stefan begins going vamp speed.

            It takes only about 30 seconds before Klaus begins to cum. The cum shoots out of him like a hose. Stefan chugs down all of it without any problem. Once done, Klaus pulls Stefan up with his hair, his hair slightly sticking.

            “Take them down.” Klaus tells Stefan and he slides his pants and underwear off without question. “Now you will feel nothing but the pleasure times ten.” He flips Stefan around and pushes him onto the wall.

            Klaus shoves his penis into Stefan with pure force. He grabs both of Stefan’s hands and hold them against the wall. Klaus begins pushing back and forth, going in and out of him with vamp speed.

            “Oh god yes!” Stefan shouts.

            Klaus stops and turns Stefan’s head around, looking him straight in the eyes.

            “Forget all that I told you before. No screaming. Feel the pain. Feel scared.”

            Suddenly Stefan realizes what is happening and tries to break free of Klaus’ grip. Klaus begins going in and out of him with extreme vamp speed again.

            “What the fuck! Stop it!” Stefan tries shouting but they only come out as normal volume. “Please!”

            Klaus only gets hornier and goes quicker. Klaus lets go of Stefan’s hands, putting one hand on the back of his neck to hold him down. He then grabs the back of Stefan’s hair with his other hand. He pushes Stefan’s head into the wall until the brick begins to crumble and blood drips down the wall. Klaus takes his penis out and pushes into Stefan with one last thrust, breaking a lot of the wall as he begins to cum. Klaus slows down to normal speed as he finishes in Stefan. Stefan tries running away, but Klaus pulls him by his hair.

            He looks deep in Stefan’s eyes. “Stay still.” He pulls his and Stefan’s pants up. “Now forget everything that happened the second we stepped out here.”

            “So what did you want to talk about?” Stefan asks.

            “Nothing, let’s go in.” Klaus smiles before walking back in.

Chapter Text

            It had been a year since Chuck got revenge for Blair and was thirsty for more. But he had to wait until the perfect time. Recently Damien came back to town to visit, and before leaving punched his best friend, Nate Archibald. This angered Chuck like he never had been before. He rushed after Damien. Arriving at the private jet he was leaving from just before take-off. He made his way onto the plane and told everyone but Damien to leave.

            “What are you doing here Chuck?” Damien was wearing a fine tux and his long brown hair was slicked back like always.

            “I’m here to teach you why it’s impolite to punch someone, especially my best friend.” Chuck stands right next to his.

            “Oh really? What are you going to do, give me a stern talking to?” Damien looks up at Chuck and smirks.

            Chuck reaches down to Damien and digs his fingers into his hair. He grips Damien’s hair and pulls him to his feet.

            “Ouch! Let go!” Chuck continues pulling Damien’s hair, dragging him to the back of the plane where the bed is.

            Chuck tosses Damien onto the bed, letting go of his hair. Chuck runs a hand through his hair before he begins taking off his tie.

            “What are you doing?” Damien starts getting up off the bed, but Chuck pushes him back down.

            “You punched my best friend. You will pay for that.” Chuck takes his coat off and slides onto the bed, crawling on his knees towards Damien.

            “Then just punch me.”

            “Fine.” Chuck picks up Damien and pulls him towards him, swinging his hand at his face.

            The punch sends Damien back at the wall. Chuck then whips his belt off with one quick movement. He moves over to Damien and grabs him by the hair again. He bends Damien half over the bed and begins smacking him with the whip.

            “You like that?” Chuck shouts as he continues whipping his butt with the belt. “You like that?” He shouts even louder.

            “Yes!” Damien didn’t mean to say it and Chuck didn’t think he would.

            As Chuck freezes in shock, Damien gets his hair out of Chuck’s grip and turns around. He grabs Chuck’s shirt and pulls him down onto the bed. He begins kissing Chuck.

            “And you do too.” Damien says between kisses.

            Chuck pops back into reality and begins digging his hands through Damien’s hair. Damien flips Chuck over onto the bed, getting on his knees over Chuck. Damien takes his belt off as Chuck begins unbuttoning his shirt. Damien leans down and runs both his hands into Chuck’s shiny hair, crunching it in his fingers. Chuck slides his shirt off and Damien begins taking Chuck’s pants off, throwing them behind him.

            “Condom?” Damien asks.

            “No.” Chuck, with pure rage and hormones, picks Damien up by his waist and drops his ass onto his penis.

            “Fuck!” Damien screams in agony.

            “I told you not to mess with my friends!” Chuck shouts as he picks Damien back up and sliding his penis back in, Damien screaming all over again.

            Damien continues screaming for the first couple minutes until he either too tired of doing so or just liking it too much. Damien begins moving up and down on his own, placing his hands on the bed to push up. As they continue, Damien begins sweating hard. His hair begins falling in his face as he speeds up. He continues to pull his hair back with a hand as he continues.

            “Stop it. Let it fall.” Chuck demands and Damien listens.

            Chuck grabs Damien’s shirt and rips it open, his abs glistening in front of his eyes. He pulls on Damien’s shirt, pulling Damien’s face down to him. Damien is ready for a kiss, but Chuck instead digs his fingers through the front of his hair until his hands reach the back. He slides his hands forward, pulling all of Damien’s long hair that he is so proud of completely in front of his face. Damien, unable to see any longer moves back up and begins going up and down faster.

            “I’m close!” Chuck shouts the second he begins to cum.

            Damien begins to slow down as Chuck finishes then pulls himself off and falls on the bed next to him. Chuck turns to his side to look at the sweaty and disheveled Damien. Chuck grabs Damien’s hair and begins pushing it back to the way it was.

            “I love your hair.” Chuck whispers to Damien as he continues breathing heavy.

            “Thanks, me too.”

            Chuck then reaches over to the counter next to the bed where is phone was sitting. He goes onto his videos and starts playing a video that Damien instantly hears as them having sex.

            “What is that?” Damien freaks out and sits up.

            “That’s you, having sex with a man, who will look like a chubby man in his sixties by the time my people are done editing it.”

            “What!” Damien tries to grab his phone from him.

            “No.” Chuck stands up and dress himself with one hand with surprising ease. “If you ever come back and hurt any of my friends again… this will be sent out to the entire world.” He moves forward to Damien, digging a hand into his hair. “Bye.” He gives him a kiss on the forehead before walking out and off the plane.


PROLOGUE: Damien left after that, never planning on coming back again, yet he did. He came back and hurt his friends again. And Chuck already has plans for him… TO BE CONTINUED…


Chapter Text

            Finn has been watching Rory for the past two days at school. He watched him trick every single parson into thinking he was a leprechaun, granting three wishes to everyone. Sitting in his room last night, Finn thought about how he can prove Rory to be a fake. It took a few hours, but Finn eventually came up with the perfect plan.

            It’s after school and Finn asked Rory earlier in the day to meet him in the choir room after everyone left. And he did. As Rory walks into the choir room, Finn stands there cocky, ready to prove everyone else wrong in seconds. The second Rory walks up to him, he fires away.

            “I want my three wishes.”

            “Sure. Your first?”

            “I want infinite wishes.”

            “Granted. Your next wish?”

            “I want you to fuck me.” Finn awaits Rory to back down.

            “Granted.” Rory steps forward, unbuttoning his pants. “Take them off.”

            “Never mind.” Finn freaks out.

            “Never mind what?”

            “I don’t want…” Finn freezes as Rory’s pants and boxers drop to the floor, his incredibly large penis popping out hard. “Never mind.” He didn’t mean to say it, but Finn couldn’t help it.

            Rory walks closer to Finn, Finn backing up. Finn backs up until he trips backwards on the step. As he falls, Rory grabs Finn’s pants and pulls them straight off. He then slides his hand up Finn’s leg until he grabs hold of Finn’s growing penis beneath his boxers. He rips the boxers off with one strong pull. Finn is surprised with Rory’s strength, especially as he opens his legs. Rory’s hard penis dangles outside of Finn’s hole.

            “You ready?” Yet again, Finn is frozen and says nothing.

            Rory slides forward with a thrust of his hips. Finn grips the chairs on each side of him, biting his lip hard. Rory goes back and forth slowly until Finn begins to get more comfortable. Finn tries to look away from Rory, but that big smile and goofy spiked hair just keeps Finn looking and hard.

            “I wish for you to go faster!” Finn wants this done, because he is both afraid and is loving it.

            Rory instantly pulls Finn’s legs over his shoulders and begins thrusting with speed Finn never even saw on the football field. As Finn stares at Rory all he can think about is how he is being fucked before he has even lost his virginity. But his mind continues to end in one spot… the fact that he is enjoying this more than anything he has ever done in his life before.

            Finn digs both his hands into his hair and holds tightly to his hair and head as the pain and pleasure continues. Rory is sweating bullets and breathing like he’s hyperventilating, but he never once slows down.

            “Almost… there…” Rory gasps between breaths.

            It comes like a firework on Christmas, both a surprise and a delight. The warm cum enters Finn like a hose. Finn feels every bit of it slither through him, feeling a sensation he has yet to experience. Rory continues his speed until he is completely empty. He slides out of Finn and slides his pants back up. He smiles and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

            “Anymore wishes today?” He smiles like nothing just happened.

            “Um… no.” Finn is completely and utterly confused.

            “See you in class tomorrow.” Rory waves as he leaves the room.

            Finn pulls his pants up and lays on the floor, running his hands through his hair, contemplating what just happened for almost an hour before moving again.


Chapter Text

            The day Lily’s secret came out, Chuck’s father and their business was devastated. Chuck knew only one person was at fault for this… Damien Dalgaard. Chuck knew Damien had to of gone to Russell Thorpe and told him Lily’s secret to get the money Lily took from him. Chuck called everyone he knew until he figured out that Damien was staying at the Ritz. Chuck went straight there.

            When he arrives at the hotel he demands Damien’s room number. A couple hundred dollars later and Chuck heads up to the penthouse suite. He knocks on the door and Damien answers, his hair completely slicked back and extra shiny. He is wearing a suit as expensive as Chuck’s and smirking.

            “I thought I would see you soon.”

            “I guess you’re smarter than I give you credit for.”

            “Thanks, but this time you are not going to trick me.”

            “I didn’t think I was going to.”

            “Then what was your plan? Were you goona beat me up?”

            “Not exactly.”

            Chuck pushes Damien back, stepping into the suite and locking the door behind him. Damien begins fumbling backwards until he hits the back of the couch. Chuck charges towards Damien in full rage.

            “This time not only did you mess with my friends, but with my family.”

            Chuck gets right up in Damien’s face, their eyes directly in front of each other. Chuck runs a hand through the side of Damien’s hair. Chuck then grips the side of Damien’s hair and, with his other hand, punches Damien in the cheek. Damien flips over the back of the couch. Chuck walks around the couch, grabbing Damien by his tie. Damien begins coughing as he gets to his feet.

            “Please, Chuck. I’ll do whatever you want.”

            “You’re going to do whatever I want no matter what.” Chuck punches the other side of Damien’s face, sending him onto the couch.

            Chuck picks Damien up against and begins kissing him. He slides his tongue down Damien’s throat before letting him drop back down to the couch. With his knee, Chuck leans down onto Damien’s stomach. Damien begins breathing heavily and is in pain.

            “Tell me your sorry!” Chuck shouts as he leans tighter on Damien’s chest.

            “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!”

            “Stop being such a little bitch!” Chuck gets off Damien and pulls him to his feet by his jacket.

            Chuck grabs Damien by the throat and pushes him back until he hits the wall. He gets close, their noses touching each other’s. Chuck sticks his tongue out, his tongue sliding across Damien’s lips. Damien keeps his mouth shut, closing his eyes and trying to move his head. Damien continues trying to move, but Chuck knees him in the stomach each time he tries.

            “What’s your favorite part of your appearance?” Chuck asks, knowing Damien has always loved the way he looks and always lets everyone know. Damien doesn’t answer. “Answer me!”

            “My hair!” Damien lets out a muffled shout. “Please. Let go.”

            “Okay.” Chuck lets go of Damien’s throat and pulls him to the couch, pushing him back on.

            Damien lands on the couch and begins breathing heavy, crouching in the corner. Chuck walks behind the couch and grabs Damien by the shoulders. Damien tries wiggling away, but Chuck holds him down firmly. He kneels, his head over Damien’s shoulder, and punches Damien in the side twice before letting go of him. Damien coughs up blood and Chuck digs his fingers into the back of his hair. Chuck slides his fingers from back to front, bring all of Damien’s hair in front of his face. Chuck makes sure all of Damien’s hair is in front of his face and then grabs a chunk of it, pulling hard.

            “What would happen if you no longer looked as good as you do now? Huh?” Chuck reaches into his pocket and takes out a pair of scissors, which he had brought just for this.

            Chuck parts Damien’s hair from his face, waving the scissors around.

            “Please. Don’t. I’m begging you.” Chuck grabs a chunk of Damien’s hair right in the front and aligns the scissors a centimeter above his scalp. Chuck closes his hand, the scissors chopping off a chunk of his hair. “No!” Damien jumps off the couch, turning to face Chuck. “You mother fucker!”

            Chuck throws the scissors the floor and places the hair in his coat pocket. Damien is furious and runs around the couch, charging at Chuck. Chuck slides to the right, Damien completely missing and always hitting the wall. Chuck turns to Damien and grabs the collar of his jacket, pulling him towards him. He brings Damien in close, wrapping his arms around him.

            “Is someone angry?” Chuck whispers into Damien’s ear.

            Chuck punches Damien over and over in the side until he spits out blood and begins breathing heavier than if he were running fifty miles. He punches Damien a few more times, until he is no longer strong enough to fight Chuck back. Chuck then reaches around Damien and whips off his belt. He unbuttons Damien’s pants and pulls them down, throwing them to the side. Chuck then begins taking his off as he walks back around the couch. Chuck gets in front of Damien and grabs him by his hair, flipping him around. Damien grabs the back of the couch and Chuck bends him over.

            Chuck slides his pants and boxers off, his extremely large penis waiving hard in the air. He aligns his penis and with as much power Chuck could muster up, he thrusts forward, his penis going deep into Damien until there is no more room to go.

            “Fuck! Please stop!” Damien shouts, only making Chuck feel stronger.

            Chuck takes his penis completely out and with yet another thrust, with so much power he is leaving fingerprint bruise on Damien’s waist, jams his penis into Damien. Damien screams and Chuck instantly grabs his boxers off the ground, shoving them in Damien’s mouth. While still in Damien, Chuck leans forward and grabs his hair, pulling it back along with his head. While holding Damien’s hair with one hand and the other grabbing Damien’s waist, Chuck begins thrusting back and forth with as much speed and strength Chuck has ever used in his life. Chuck is sweating bullet along with Damien, both breathing frantically. Chuck bites his lips as he feels himself close to finishing.

            Chuck twists Damien’s hair around his fingers, gripping it with his life. He begins moving back and forth at a speed he’s never done anything in before. He thrusts in Damien so hard than the tip of his penis is beginning to hurt from hitting the end of Damien’s hole. But Chuck doesn’t slow down or go softer, he only goes faster and stronger. Short after he does so, Chuck begins to cum.

            “Oh my god!” Chuck shouts as the warm liquid leaves him. “Fuck yeah!” Chuck shouts out over and over as he experience’s the best orgasm he has ever had in his entire life.

            As Chuck was spurting out cum, all he could think about or see was Damien. He thought about his amazing hair, his amazing face, his amazing body, and the amazing feeling he got from every inch of him.

            Damien just stood still as Chuck shot out cum, gripping the back of the couch in utter happiness it was all over. Once Chuck took his penis out of him, Damien plummeted onto the couch, covering himself with a pillow.

            Chuck begins wiping sweat off himself with a towel as Damien sits still on the couch, afraid. Damien prayed tat this would be the end. He told himself he would leave and never come back to this city ever again…no matter what.

            “Fifteen-minute break… then we do this again.” Chuck says as he wipes his penis off with a towel.

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

            Christopher spent days being embarrassed and upset with himself after yelling and scaring Rory’s new boyfriend Logan. He felt so sorry that he knew he had to go in person to apologize to him. He arrived at Logan’s apartment twenty minutes ago, but has yet to get the courage to knock on the door. Christopher hates admitting he was wrong. He lifts his arm up, prepared to knock when the door just opens itself. There, in the doorway, is Logan standing and wearing a tight black sweater.

            “Hey Logan.” Logan is shocked.


            “You can call me Christopher.”

            “Hey Christopher, come on in.” They walk over to the dining table and take a seat without talking.

            “I just want to say that I’m sorry.” Logan doesn’t know what to say. “I got a bit drunk and when I saw you with Rory I just got fatherly… and jealous.” Christopher didn’t mean to say that final part, quickly regretting it and trying to figure out a way to backtrack.

            “Jealous?” Logan runs a hand through his hair, smiling without even meaning to.

            “Um… I meant…” Christopher tries so hard to think of something cover it up. “Never mind.”

            Christopher reaches over the table and grabs hold of Logan’s sweater.

            “Um… Christopher… what…” Before he can finish, Christopher pulls him across the entire table with strength he didn’t know he had.

            He pulls him forward and begins kissing him. Logan quickly begins kissing back, also not being able to forget the fact that it’s Rory’s father.

            “No!” Logan pushes Christopher away and stands up, walking to the door. “We can’t do this, it’s wrong.”

            Christopher walks over to the door. Logan grabs the door handle, and Christopher places his hand on top of his.

            “Exactly.” Christopher says before moving his hand up and locking the door.

            “Take me!” Logan shouts.

            Christopher leans forward, kissing Logan again. He digs his fingers through Logan’s hair, surprised by the crunchiness of it. As they kiss, they sidestep over to the couch.

            “No, the bed.” Christopher says out of the side of his mouth, Logan beginning to change their direction.

            They finally make it into the bedroom and Christopher pushes Logan onto the bed. Logan rushes to take his sweater off. Christopher flings his shoes off before taking Logan’s off. They both take their pants off. Christopher stands in front of the bed with his penis sticking straight out, Logan lying there with his just as hard.

            “This is wrong.” Logan says, starring at Christopher’s body intensely.

            “So… wrong.” Christopher crawls onto the bed, moving slowly towards Logan.

            Christopher crawls on top of Logan, their body on top of each other. Christopher drops down, letting their warm bodies slide across each other’s, their penis’ sword fighting. They kiss with so much tongue that they are both getting almost too tired to continue.

            “Put it in me.” Logan says after pushing Christopher off him.

            Christopher sits up on his knees and grabs Logan by his waist. He flips Logan onto his stomach and grips his butt cheeks. Christopher separated the two butt cheeks and slides his penis, in, instantly surprised at how easy it is to get in.

            “Have you done this before?” Christopher asks as he gets his penis all the way in.

            “My buddies and I used to.”

            “Fun…” Christopher begins thrusting his hips slowly.  

            “Faster!” Logan shouts and he grips on the bed sheets. “Ram me like a bulldozer!”

            Christopher speeds up his thrusting fast enough that he begins feeling cramps. Christopher doesn’t slow down as the cramps begin to hurt and he begins to sweat bullets. Christopher bites his lip to get over the pain and stares at Logan’s butt, back, and hair to remember why it’s all worth it. Christopher reaches forward and grabs the back of Logan’s hair.

            “Oh yes!” Logan shouts.

              He pulls Logan’s head back, his mouth opening in awe. Christopher, in pure bliss, doesn’t realize how close he is and begins to cum immediately.

            “Holy crap!” Christopher shouts as he pulls Logan’s hair harder and begins to slow down.

            Christopher finishes and lays on top of Logan, his penis still in him. He kisses Logan’s neck, beginning to suck on it. He begins to nibble on Logan’s neck while both his hands run through Logan’s hair.

            “How is your hair so amazing?” Christopher whispers into his ear.

            Logan simply turns his head around and smirks. Christopher takes his penis out of Logan and Logan turns around. He grabs Christopher’s head and pulls it forward, kissing him. The two get out of the bed and begin getting dressed.

            “Remember…” Christopher begins. “Be nice to Rory… and don’t do that with her.” He finishes getting dressed and the two of them say goodbye cordially before Christopher walks out.

Chapter Text

            Finn is popular football player who is dating the most popular girl in school. He is always having a great time and either hanging with friends or playing football. He is an average student at best and never thought about being with a guy even for a second before.

            Will is a teacher in an unhappy marriage, not having sex in over six months. His is a genuinely nice guy who has always had to work extremely hard to get what he has gotten. He, unlike Finn, has had multiple moments in his life where he thought about men in a different way and even had a few times where he almost did something with a man.

            We all know about the time Will Schuester blackmailed a student Finn Hudson, to join the glee club. Finn would learn to love glee club and the tow would eventually be like father and son. But what we don’t all know is what else Will blackmailed Finn for… sex.

            “You will also bend over now.” Will walks around his office, closing the blinds and locking his door.

            “What Mr. Schue?” Finn is absolutely confused.

            “I want you to pull down your pants, bend over my desk, and let me stick my penis deep into you and give you my sweet juice.”

            “Oh…” Finn is in shock. “But I’m not gay. I can’t do that.”

            “Then I will turn you into the principal and police and you will no longer play football again.” Finn begins to contemplate.

            “Just this once?”

            “No, until I’m satisfied.”

            “Fine.” Finn stands up and unbuttons his pants, pulling him down with his boxers.

            Will admires Finn’s pale white ass, turning him around by his shoulders to look at his surprisingly small penis. Will quickly take his pants off then looks at the mirror on his door. He runs a hand through his hair before turning around to Finn. He pushes Finn down onto the desk.

            “Please go slow.” Finn begs.

            “I can’t, we both have class in ten.”

            Will’s hard penis aligns with Finn’s hole. Finn grabs hold of the desk and bites down on a pencil. Will thrust forward, his penis smashing through all of Finn’s hole. Finn bites the pencil with intense pain and holds the desk so hard he would be able to pull the wood apart if he wanted to.

            “Oh my god!” Will says as his penis feels the pressure and warmth of Finn’s tight hole.

            Will goes from slow to super speed in less than ten seconds as he begins to thrust over and over. Finn closes his eyes and focuses only on the pain in his hands and teeth. Will is in completely bliss, forgetting everything around him except for Finn’s body, especially his ass.

            Five minutes later and Will feels himself ready to cum.

            “Almost done.” Will tells Finn.

            Will thrusts harder and faster until he begins to cum.

            “Holy mother of god! Fuck this is great!” Will holds back from shouting.

            Will runs a hand under the back of Finn’s shirt, feeling the muscles. He slows down and stops once all the cum leaves him. He runs his other hand through his hair and takes his penis out of Finn. Finn quickly stands up, turns around, and pulls his pants back up.

            “Can I go now?” Finn is ready to go around Will and run out.

            “Wait.” Will moves his hand up and through Finn’s spiked hair.

            Will runs his hand through to the back and moves forward, kissing Finn. Finn stands there not kissing back, until he suddenly starts feeling comfortable with it. Will’s lips feel like velvet to Finn and his penis starts to get hard.

            “Oh my god!” Finn pushes Will back. “I think I like this.”

            The two of them smile and kiss once more before they leave his office and head to their classes.


PROLOGUE: Will and Finn would continue this every once and a while for a few months before it becomes a weekly thing and the two of them start getting feelings for each. They wait until Finn graduates two try dating. Eventually they realize that neither of them are willing to come out as gay and decide to end things, remaining friends.


Chapter Text

            Fred has spent years trying to get his girlfriend, Daphne, to go past first base. He has asked how he can make her feel comfortable about it, but she always dodges any kind of talk including sex. Things have been very dry for Fred and he will do anything to finally have sex with someone… anyone.

            The opportunity Fred has been looking for finally comes today, when he and Shaggy are alone in the van. The gang wants food and Shaggy volunteered to drive there and get it, but Fred offered to pay. Now the two of them are driving to the restaurant.

            “Hey Shag, have you ever had sex before?”

            “Um... dude that’s a weird question.”

            “Yeah, I’m…”

            “No, never.” Shaggy interrupts.

            “You know… instead of waiting forever to lose our virginity’s… we could just help each other.” Fred runs a hand through his luscious blonder hair and shows his winning smile to Shaggy

            Shaggy immediately pulls off to the side of the road and drives to makes sure the van is hidden. He parks it and locks the doors. Shaggy then crawls into the backseat and begins putting the seats down. Fred quickly joins him in the back, untying his ascot and taking off his sweater. Shaggy pulls off his shirts and throws his shoes to the front seat. Fred follows him and throws his in the front. A few minutes and a bumps against the car later, the two are completely undressed and sitting on the ground. They look at each other.

            “Damn! Fred! Your penis is huge. And those muscles!” Shaggy is in awe of Fred’s looks.

            “Thanks, you’re not too bad yourself… I guess.” Shaggy smiles.

            “I guess you can go first.”

            “Thanks man.” Shaggy turns around to face the wall, Fred sliding closer to his back.

            “Just do it quickly!” Shaggy says and closes his eyes.

            Fred listens and immediately shoves his penis into Shaggy. Shaggy can feel every part of Fred’s large penis slide into him, the tip touching the back. Fred’s entire penis doesn’t completely fit inside Shaggy’s butt, but he continues anyway. Fred grabs the ceiling of the car and begins thrusting back and forth.

            “Oh my god! This feels so great!” Fred begins to shout.

            “But it hurts so much!” Shaggy shouts back.

            “Really? Should I stop?” Fred begins slowing down.

            “No!” Shaggy turns his head and shouts. “It also feels great.”

            Five minutes later…

“I’m almost there!” Fred shouts.

“Can’t wait.” Shaggy puts his hands behind him and rubs his hands up and down Fred’s ripped abs.

“Holy shit!” Fred shouts as he cums like a rocket.

Fred continues to cum for almost a minute at full force.

“It’s like a water gun.” Shaggy says. “Up the ass.”

Fred let’s go of the ceiling and slows down until he is completely done. He takes his penis out of Shaggy, Shaggy turning around to face Fred.

“That was spectacular!” Shaggy says.

“Oh yeah!” Fred says, panting against the side of the car. “Now I could get use to that.”

“Yeah… I think I liked it more than I thought I would.” Shaggy whispers. “I think I want to touch your penis with my hands.

“Really? Sure, what are else friends for?” Shaggy slides over to Fred and grabs his still hard penis sticking out.

“Do you think you can do it again?” Shaggy asks as he leans down and puts Fred’s penis into his mouth.

“Holy shit!” Fred exclames.

Chapter Text

            Chandler just got a new roommate, Joey Tribbiani, and every night for the past two weeks since he moved in he as brought a girl home with him, having sex at least once with each one. Chandler is completely jealous of the action Joey gets, himself always unable to get any.

            “Hey Joey.” Chandler yells for him after he hears the front door open and close.

            “Hey man.” Joey walks over to Chandler’s room, noticing Chandler looks slightly depressed. “Are you okay?”

            “Not really, my date ended in nothing yet again.”

            “Really? How long has it been since you’ve… you know?”

            “A year.”

            “What?” Joey is so surprised he needs to take a seat on Chandler’s bed. “But your hot.”

            “What? You think I’m hot?”

            “Not my level, but better than most.”


            “It’s no big deal. If I were a girl I would help you out right now.”

            “Really? Well… technically you still could help.”

            “Really? How? I’ll do anything to help my new roomie.”

            “Well you know… a man’s part must go in a hole. Females have a hole and males also do.”

            “Oh yeah… wait what!” Joey gets to his feet.

            “Oh sorry man, didn’t mean to…” Chandler gets scared.

            “Actually… I think it’s fine.”

            “Really?” Chandler’s penis rises to his surprise.

            Joey begins taking his clothes off. Within seconds he is completely nude, his soft penis long and pointing at Chandler.

            “Oh wow! That was quick.” Chandler begins undressing. “Can you turn around please, it’s starring at me.” After undressing Chandler walks up to Joey at the wall. “Wall or bed?” Chandler asks Joey.

            “Wall, that way we don’t touch things we don’t have to.”

            Chandler grabs a condom and slides it on his penis. He puts his hands on the wall, his body touching Joey’s back. His penis slides across Joey’s butt.

            “That’s so… weird.” Joey holds back smiling. “Let’s do this, get it over with.”

            Chandler listens to Joey and just shoves his penis into Joey’s ass.

            “What the fuck!” Joey screams and hits the wall with his fist.

            “Should I stop?”

            “No, just finish.” Joey doesn’t know why, but he wants this to continue no matter how much it hurts.

            Chandler just begins going back and forth, trying to remind himself of Yasmine, his favorite Baywatch chick. But Chandler’s mind just kept going to Joey, whose long tussled hair made him think about other things. Without thinking Chandler put one of his hands into Joey’s hair, feeling just how soft he had always imagined it being. Joey doesn’t seem to mind, so he continues.

            He goes back and forth and in only two minutes he is ready to cum. Once he begins to cum, Joey holds back groaning.

            “Holy mother of….” Chandler begins as he cums into Joey. “So…amazing!” Chandler finishes and moves out of Joey.

            “Well… that was fun.” Joey says as he pulls his pants up. “If you need help ever again…just let me know.” Joey runs a hand through his hair before walking out of the room.


PROLOGUE: Joey and Chandler did this another four times before Chandler meets Janice. Since then they have never spoken about it, just hugged as often as they could to remember each other’s touch.

Chapter Text

            Tony was gay. Clay was not. Tony has always had a huge crush on Clay. Clay has not. But Tony has made friends with Clay, and he has waited and planned for this exact day to come.

            Yesterday after school, Tony was giving Clay a ride home when Tony asked if Clay wanted to come over and stay the night the next night, Clay quickly accepted the offer.

            “We can just go to my place from school.”

            “Sounds great. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” Clay got out of the car and went into his house.

            Clay’s parents said it was fine with them and Tony made sure his parents really were going out of town like they said they were. It’s now the next day and they just arrived at Tony’s house.

            “So do you wanna sleep on my bed and I’ll take the floor?” Tony asks, placing his backpack on the floor.

            “Oh no, we can share the bed.” Clay says following Tony.


            “So what do you wanna do?” Clay was curious as to what Tony does all the time.

            “IDK, whatever.” Tony walked to the mirror in his room and started combing his hair.

            “I always wondered what your hair felt like, it looks too perfect to touch.”

            “Oh… thanks. Do you wanna touch it?” Clay doesn’t waste time responding.


            Tony walks over to Clay and Clay sticks his hands out awkwardly. Clay hesitates, feeling the night will stay awkward if he touches his hair. But then he looks at how amazing it is and can’t resist. Clay touches the top of Tony’s hair, feeling the hard-outside shell.

            “Come on, dig them in… deep.” Tony looks deep into Clay’s eyes.

            Clay breaks through the outer shell of Tony’s hair and enters the soft interior. Clay can feel his penis begin to harden as his fingers dig in. Clay takes his hands out and tries forcing his penis to soften with his mind. At the same time, Tony’s penis is rock solid and he is using his leather jacket to cover it up. Tony gives up hiding his boner and takes his hands out of his pockets. He reaches forward and begins kissing Clay. Clay stands there frozen for an entire minute before he realizes how hard his penis is and begins kissing back.

            Tony wraps his arms around Clay, running his hands down his back. Meanwhile, Clay digs his fingers through the back of Tony’s hair. Tony begins moving forward, moving Clay until his back hits the wall. Tony stops kissing Clay and moves down to his knees, his hands sliding down Clay’s chest and abs.

            “I can’t believe this is happening.” Clay says, taking a deep breath in and putting his hands to the wall.

            “Believe it.” Tony unbuckles Clay’s belt and pulls down Clay’s jeans.

            Tony grabs Clay’s bulge through his boxers, massaging it. Tony then pulls his boxers down, letting them fall. Tony stares at Clay’s penis, which is starring him down. Tony has done this before, but never with a friend, especially Clay, the boy of his dreams for years. Tony takes Clay’s penis in his mouth, Tony shocked by the clean taste of the outside of his shaft and head.

            Clay is extremely surprised by how much he loves Tony’s mouth around his penis. He reaches down and grabs Tony’s hair. As Tony begins to move his penis in and out of his mouth, Clay bites his bottom lip and stares down at Tony’s hair.

            Tony is wrapping his tongue all around Clay’s shaft while also moving back and forth with extreme speed that is making him sweat and his back hurt. Tony begins sucking on the tip of Clay’s penis each time he shoves it into his mouth.

            “This is fantastic.” Clay moans out between deep breaths. “I’m close.”

            Tony doesn’t stop, but goes faster. He looks up at Clay, thinking about every dirty thing he wants to do to him tonight. Right as he thinks about that Clay begins to cum.

            “Fuck.” Clay takes a deep breath and looks up, gripping Tony’s hair tight. “I want my penis in your hair.” Clay blurts it out, instantly wishing to go back in time.

            Tony doesn’t seem to take this is as anything weird or surprising. He takes Clay’ penis out of his mouth, swallowing the little he got. He then leans down, cum shooting everywhere, and shoves Clay’s penis into his hair. Tony moves his head back and forth, letting Clay’s penis finish slowly.

            Clay finishes and pulls his pants up while Tony gets up and looks at the mirror. He pats his hair then runs a comb through it until Clay is done. He turns around and smiles at Clay, Clay smiling even more.

            “I can’t believe that happened.” Clay says.

            “You said that already.” Tony moves closer and runs a hand through the side of Clay’s hair.

            “What’s next?” Clay takes a step forward.

            “It’s up to you.” Tony takes another step closer, the two of their bodies touching.

            “Take it all, but the leather jacket, off and get on the bed.” Clay surprises himself as he begins undressing.

Chapter Text

I randomly thought of this just now so here is the contest, it's extremely simple...

The first three people to comment on this can request any type of one shot they wish. This includes Character/Reader, multiple people, rape/non-con, and anyone from any TV show, movie, anime, manga, youtube channel, random celebs. It can be multi-fandom/crossover if you wish. It's up to you! 

Along with that, you can ask for any kind of rating and story that you want. Tell me as much detail as you wish.

Finally, the last part of this contest will be for the three winners. After the winners are chosen and their individual pieces are written, I will choose one of them to become a multiple chapter story that will go on for at least 3 chapters... possibly much more. 

I thought I would do this to either go out of my comfort zone or just to to go more in depth with characters i already know and love.

I hope you guys like this. Let me know if you have any other ideas for competitions/contests you want me to do. 


Chapter Text

            It’s the beginning of their fifth year and James just asked Lily, for what felt like the hundredth time, to go out and she rejected him. He just got back to his room where Sirius was playing cards by himself.

            “I’m never going to stop trying with that girl!” James barges into the room and onto his bed next to Sirius’.

            “She rejected you again?”

            “Yeah.” Sirius stops playing cards and faces James.

            “Well it’s her loss. You’re better than she deserves. I keep telling you to just give up.”

            “But I can’t. She makes me feel things I’ve never felt with someone else before.”

            “Like what? Something I can’t help with?” Sirius leans forward, placing his hand directly on James’ crotch area.

            “What are you talking about?” James says but doesn’t seem to be able to move away from Sirius.

            “This.” Sirius unbuttons James’ pants as he gets down to his knees.

            “But…” James begins to try and deny what Sirius is doing, but stops himself as Sirius pulls his underwear down and his rock-hard penis pops out and into Sirius’ hand.

            Sirius leans forward while looking up at James and thinking about the dreams he’s had about this for years. Sirius shoves James’ penis into his mouth and James is instantly in shock by the way it feels.

            “Holy…” James begins as Sirius continues.

            James leans back, putting both his hands behind his head, digging his fingers into his own hair and smiling. James closes his eyes and imagines Lily as Sirius continues. Meanwhile, Sirius sucks on James’ penis like it were the most delicious lollipop in the world. Sirius hands grip onto James’ thighs, while his mind imagines lying in bed completely naked with James, his hands digging into the hair that he has always wanted to touch. James begins to cum quite quickly. Sirius, never having done this before, manages to get most of the cum before it spills out the corners of his mouth and down the sides of James’ penis. James takes his head up, the cum spurting slightly around his penis before stopping.

            “Come on, finish.” James says to Sirius.

            Sirius goes back down and licks every part of James’ penis and the area surrounding it until every bit of cum is gone.

            “Good boy.” James says as Sirius sits back on the bed.

            “Thanks. Um…” Sirius begins to blush. “Do you think you could do that for me?”

            “I’m not gay Sirius.” James laughs.

            “Neither am I!” Sirius shouts.

            “Yes you are. And I’ve always known that you are in love with me.” Sirius is trying to find the words to speak. “It’s okay. Until I get Lily you can do whatever Lily will do to when we get together. Deal?” Sirius sits shocked at what James is saying.


Chapter Text

            Justin was in a very bad place when he was kicked out of his house. He tried getting to stay at his friend’s houses but none of them answered. That’s when he turned to Alex, who has recently been hanging out with him and his friends. He has always thought Alex was nice and genuine and that he would want to be friends with him if they weren’t in two different high school social scenes. Alex answered his door to see a disheveled Justin, dirty, hair flat, and a bag. Justin saw Alex and his first thought was that he was embarrassed and he wished Alex didn’t have to see him looking this rough.

            Alex invites Justin in and his dad says he can stay in his room for a few nights. So after getting some food for Justin, the two head up to Alex’ bedroom. Alex was so nervous about Justin seeing his room. He was even more nervous about them sleeping just feet from each other. Alex knows he must think about anything other than Justin when he goes to sleep just to make sure he doesn’t get a boner. The two put together an air mattress and make sure Justin has everything he needs, not speaking a single word.

            “So Justin… what’s going on?”

            “Nothing.” Justin avoids the question, getting on the air mattress.

            “Really? You sure look like something’s going on… other than the tapes of course.”

            “Well yeah the tapes are bothering me, but it’s just…” Alex takes a seat on his bed, waiting for Justin to finish. “What do you mean by look?”

            “Well you just look different.”

            “Different how?” Justin is happy the subject is slightly changing.

            “Well… to be honest… your hair used to be so much higher up and styled… and you look like you haven’t been happy in forever.”

            “Really? My hair looks bad?” Justin gets up and looks at the mirror, running a hand through his hair. “I guess I’ve just been too preoccupied to work on it. And there’s only one thing that makes me happy and it’s kinda gone.”

            “Well you know… I could help with both of those, just tell me what that one thing is.”

            “Oh really you don’t have to. I’m fine.” Justin turns around to see Alex stand up and walk towards him.

“Come on. I consider us friends whether you do or not and I’m here to help if you need it.”


“Come on.”

“Fine! Sex! Having sex with Jessica is the only thing that ever made me happy.”

“Um…” Alex is speechless.  “Well… was it sex with Jessica or just sex? Cuz you can have sex with any girl you want at school.”

“It wasn’t about just sex; it was about the connection. Being close to them physically and mentally.” Justin runs a hand through his hair.

“Well… I may not be Jessica, but I think we’ve become close recently and if you want to try it with me then I guess that would be fine.” Both Alex and Justin are surprised at this.

“Oh dude! I’m not gay!”

“I know! Neither am I. I’m bi. But you could just pretend I’m Jessica if you want.” Justin scans Alex up and down for a good minute.

“Okay.” Justin didn’t try to say it, it just blurted out.

Alex is just as shocked by Justin’s response. He walks over to his door and locks it, switching the stereo on lightly. Alex grabs a bottle of something from his desk and hands it to Justin.

“How about you fix your hair first.” Justin takes the bottle from Alex and turns to the mirror.

As Justin fix’s his hair, Alex begins undressing directly behind him. Alex is so nervous but he is doing this like ripping a bandage off. A couple minutes later and Justin looks into the mirror at his hair, as glorious as it used to be before the tapes appeared. Then his eyes turn to the bear naked Alex behind him.

“Oh shit dude! I didn’t want to…” But then Justin’s eyes begin to really look at Alex and his entire body, not so freaked out anymore. “Never mind.”

“Your turn.” Alex smiles, finally realizing this is actually about to happen.

Justin begins slowly taking his clothes off, just trying to think about how he does this every day in gym and this is normal. When Justin is completely nude, the two just stand there starring. Alex’ penis is almost completely hard and Justin’s is completely soft.

“Do you need help getting it hard?” Alex asks and slowly takes a step forward.

“Um… sure.”

Alex walks up to Justin until his hard penis is an inch from touching Justin. His hand reaches down and grab’s Justin’s penis. The second his hand touches Justin’s penis, it begins to harden. Within a minute of Alex’ hand just touching his penis, Justin is surprised by how turned on and hard he is.

“Condom or no condom?” Alex asks, unsure if it’s too weird.”

“I guess no condom, but do you have some lube?” Justin can feel himself getting more and more pumped for this by the second.

“Yeah.” Alex reaches under his bed and takes a bottle of lube out.

Alex squirts it into Justin’s hand and Justin spreads it over his penis.

“Now do you want me bent over or on my back.” Alex is making sure to go slow and ask Justin everything to make sure not to spook him.

“Bent over.” Alex does exactly that right away.

“Okay, I guess it’s time.” Justin walks up to Alex on the bed.

Like ripping a band aid off, Justin steps forward, sliding his penis into Alex. Alex grips the sheets on his bed as Justin makes his way all the way into him. Justin begins going in and out slowly, trying to be kind to Alex.

“Thanks for this again. For the hair and this, it makes me feel more… confident and like myself.”

“No problem… but you can go faster now.” The two laugh and Justin instantly goes faster.

Justin begins going faster and faster by the moment, the bed shaking and beads of sweat building up on Justin’s entire body. Alex is really starting to feel both the pleasure and the pain more and more by the second.

“How much longer?” Alex asks.

“Oh sorry. It won’t be much longer; it’s been a few weeks since the last time.” Justin murmurs out while breathing heavily.

Justin grips Alex’s butt with one hand while the other runs a hand through his own hair. Justin can feel himself getting close and gets even faster. At one point completely forgets what is going on and looks at Alex’ face. Something about looking at Alex and thinking about just how nice he is makes Justin move faster. Right then Justin bursts.

“Oh lord!” Justin hold back from shouting at the surprise of his own cum shooting out.

Alex is relieved as Justin slows down and he can enjoy the feeling of the warm cum rushing through his body. Justin quickly finishes and takes his penis out of Alex.

“Well that was fun.” Justin says awkwardly as they get dressed. “We should… do that again sometime.”

“Really?” Alex is surprised by this.

“Well yeah… maybe we could even swap roles.” Justin is surprised that he said that himself.

“Really?” Alex is even more surprised.

“That’s what friends are for… right?”

The two sit in their beds and talk for almost three hours before falling asleep. That night they both had similar dreams including each other and a whole lot of sex.

Chapter Text

            When Finn’s father had to get prostate surgery, Puck tried being sympathetic as much as he could, but he had no idea what the prostate was. He went home that day and spent nearly 15 minutes researching what the prostate is. Puck didn’t really understand what he was reading and seeing, so, in his bedroom, he took his pants off and shoved a finger up his butt hole. Puck didn’t understand what makes this part of the body sexual. He put two fingers in this time, felt something slightly nice, but then it went away as his arm cramped. That’s when he knew he needed someone to help him try this out.

            He could go to any girl in school and get them to help, but he knew it would be embarrassing to ask them and it would be risky as it could spread to the whole school. That’s when Finn entered his mind. He realized the best chance of getting help was from his best friend Finn. He drove straight over and knocked on the door.

            “Hey dude. What you doing here?” Finn answers the door wearing the silly jean jacket Puck always loved to hate.

            “I have an experiment for us to do.” Finn let’s Puck in.

            “Oh! Another watermelon to burst?” Finn got excited as he followed Puck up to his bedroom.

            “No. It’s better.”

            They walk into Finn’s room and Puck locks the door. Puck instantly throws his jacket off and begins undressing, letting his bare butt loose.

            “What the fuck dude!” Finn is so confused, covering his eyes with his hand.

            “Just undress dude… you’ll see.” Finn does not want to do this at all, but he trusts his best friend completely and begins undressing.

            Finn faces the wall as he takes his clothes off. He stands there facing the wall for minutes, not wanting to turn around. But before Finn can get the courage to turn around, Puck walks up to him and shoves two fingers into Finn’s hole.

            “Mother fucker!” Finn shouts before instantly lowering his voice as Puck’s fingers press onto his prostate. “Holy crap!” Finn whispers in a shouting tone. “What is that?”

            “A prostate. Me next.” Puck takes his fingers out, wiping on Finn’s bed sheets.

            “Um…” Finn is hesitant as he turns around and Puck sticks his butt up at him.

            “Just do it!” Finn just shoves three fingers into Puck’s butt, going in deep and pressing his prostate hard. “Holy shit!” Puck feels his entire body shake in ecstasy.

            Finn takes his fingers out, wiping them too before Puck turns around.

            “That’s almost better than sex.” Puck is ecstatic and Finn is trying hard to hold back how happy he was about it too.

            “Maybe we can do it at the same time?” Finn says softly.


            Standing up, the two walk directly up to each other so their hard penis’ are touching. They both bend over slightly and reach their fingers to each other’s holes. At once they both shove three fingers in and at the same time the two boys’ mouths open and they each release a large sigh. Puck looks up to Finn, who’s eyes are closed and mouth is to the floor. Puck, with his other hand, reaches up and digs his fingers through the front of Finn’s hair. He grips the crunchy spiked hair and pulls his head up, their eyes staring into each other’s. Puck and Finn both take their fingers out of each other and once and begin kissing. Puck begins running both his hands through Finn’s hair as Finn guides their bodies over to the bed. Finn pushes Puck onto the bed, the kiss ending only for a moment as Finn gets onto the bed and they continue.

            “Do it! Do it! Do it!” Puck shouts, Finn instantly understanding what he meant.

            Finn grabs both of Puck’s legs, spreading them open so that he can see Puck’s hole right in front of him. Finn aligns his penis to Puck’s hole and just shoves it in until he hits the wall.

            “Fuck!” Puck shouts.

            “Oh shit! You want me to stop?” Finn begins to freak out and slide his penis out slowly.

            “No! It’s amazing!” Finn just smiles as he grabs hold of Puck’s waist and just begins to floor it.

            It’s only five or so minutes before Finn is almost ready to cum. Finn notices that Puck is just starring at him and biting his lip, a slight smile appearing. Finn can see the pure bliss in Puck’s face, this only making him happier about everything going on. He can’t tell if he likes this because he is making his best friend happy or if it’s because it feels so good to him. Finn moves on from that thought as he begins to cum. Puck closes his eyes as the cum slithers through his body. Finn thrusts into Puck with quick and hard thrusts as he finishes.

            Finn takes his penis out of Puck, backing up from the bed. Puck sits up on the bed, slightly in pain.

            “Hey dude.” Puck smiles at Finn as he grabs his penis.

            “Yeah?” Finn walks forward.

            “Before it’s your turn, do you think I can do something I’ve always wanted to do?”


            Puck grabs Finn by the arm and pulls him onto the bed. He grabs Finn’s head and pulls it down, his hair sticking out in front of Puck’s mouth. Puck then opens his mouth and bites down on Finn’s spike. He chews on it like a dog with a toy, his tongue tasting the gel and feeling the crunch. Puck then grabs Finn by the shoulders and flips him onto the bed, releasing his hair.

            “Your turn!” Puck shouts.

Chapter Text

            Puck was furious. For the past three weeks, he and Finn were not only bumping uglies a couple times a week, but they were talking like they never had before. He had seen the way that Kurt slapped Finn’s ass earlier that day. He saw the guilty look on Finn’s face as he looked over to him in the stands. Puck knew Finn was doing something with Kurt. But Puck restrained himself from yelling and punching Finn. He went straight home and locked himself in his room. Finn was texting and calling for hours, asking what was wrong. Puck didn’t reply. So that’s when Finn went to Puck’s house.

            “What do you want?” Puck asks as he answers the door to Finn.

            “What’s wrong?” Puck just walks into his house and upstairs, Finn following him.

            “You’re cheating on me!” Puck shouts as he walks into his room.

            “What? You know Quinn and I do absolutely nothing, it’s just a façade.”

            “Not Quinn, Kurt!” Puck faces Finn.

            “What!” Finn is absolutely shocked by this. “Me and Kurt? No way in hell!”

            “I saw the way he slapped your butt! You never do that with me!” Puck takes a seat on his bed, crossing his arms.

            “That was all Kurt, I hated that!” Finn kneels to Puck. “What can I do to make you know I’m telling the truth?”

            “Blow me.” Puck smiles as he unbuckles his pants.

            “Really? I thought we were goona wait for that?”

            “Nope. Do it now.” Puck pulls down his pants and boxers, his rock-hard penis popping into the air in front of Finn’s face.

            Finn places his fingers on Puck’s penis, running them up and down. Puck gets sick of waiting and digs his hands into Finn’s hair. Puck is surprised by the extra amount of crunch in Finn’s hair before he pulls his head forward so that his penis is in Finn’s mouth. Finn instantly begins to cough as the tip of the penis hits the back of his throat. Puck keeps his hands in Finn’s hair, but gives Finn back control. Finn moves back slightly until he stops coughing. Finn quickly realizes he likes the taste and feel of Puck’s penis and begins wrapping his tongue around his shaft. Puck is so surprised by how great Finn is doing, better than any girl had ever done.

            “I wanna taste your hair with my cum.” Puck smiles as he pulls Finn’s head up to look eye to eye.

            Finn is confused, but Puck just pulls Finn off his penis. Puck stands up and pulls Finn’s head up slightly. Puck then shoves his penis through the front of Finn’s hair.

            “This is weird dude.” Finn doesn’t know whether he likes this or not.

            “Trust me.” Puck says before he begins thrusting his hips.

            To quicken this, Puck presses his hand down on his penis. Within only seconds Puck begins to cum. It shoots out slowly and steadily into Finn’s hair. The cum begins to spread around the top of Finn’s hair, seeping down his forehead and neck.

            “Wow that feels great!” Finn is loving the warm feeling and the taste of Puck’s cum as it slides down to his mouth.

            “Told you.” Puck takes his penis out and gets to his knees.

            Puck sticks his mouth all over Finn’s hair, licking and biting all over it.

            “God you and I taste great together!” Puck gets off his knees and pulls Finn up to his feet.

            “Yeah we should definitely do that again.”

            “Do you think we’re done?” Puck says before pushing Finn onto the bed.

            The two of them quickly and completely undress before Puck spreads apart Finn’s legs and shoves his penis into Finn’s hole. With Finn’s legs on his shoulders, Puck begins thrusting back and forth. Finn grabs hold of the bed behind him and grips tight as Puck begins to thrust harder and deeper into Finn. Puck and Finn are both completely surprised as Puck begins to quickly cum even harder than he had just a minute ago. Both of them bite their lips and close their eyes as Puck finishes inside Finn. They both open their eyes to look at each other, scanning each of their ripped bodies covered in sweat. Puck pulls himself out of Finn, breathing heavier than he had with a girl before. He flops down on the bed next to Finn. They both turn to face each other.

            “Wanna slap my butt?” Finn asks.

            Puck just smiles and reaches behind Finn, slapping him on the butt.

Chapter Text

Hey everyone! I love writing this piece of work, but feel that there are two categories that are underrepresented in the FanFiction world that I just love. So I've decided that I will soon open to pieces that will be open for requests within the next two weeks.

I wasn't originally going to tell you what the categories are, but why not. So the two categories coming soon will be Underage and Sugardaddy!!!!

I love these and love everyone who has requested and/or liked any of my pieces. Please begin thinking of requests and be ready to submit. They will both follow the rules of this and my other pieces of work... so male x male only. 

Thanks, have a great day, and enjoy all my work. 

Chapter Text

            “That was awesome!” Puck shouts as he high fives Finn.

            “Totally.” Finn looks around the locker room to see if anyone else is still there, and there is no one.

            “I kinda hate to say this, but we should really thank Kurt for his help tonight. Without him we may have lost the big game,”

            “Well… Kurt has been waiting for everyone to leave to shower. He’s probably just waiting outside if you wanna get him.”

            Finn and Puck just look at each other, questioning whether this is what they want to do or not. After a minute the two just nod and smile at each other before Puck walks out of the locker room. Finn looks into a mirror and begins playing around with his hair, making sure it is perfect, but he doesn’t really know why he is doing it. Puck then walks in with Kurt, who is looking surprisingly hot with his jersey on and all sweaty.

            “Um.. What’s going on?” Kurt is confused as Puck locks the door to the locker room.

            “We just wanted to…” Puck feels weird about this as he walks next to Finn and in front of Kurt. “Thank you. For your help tonight.”

            “Oh… it was no problem.” Kurt moves some hair out of his hair.

            “Yeah… we know, but…” Finn takes a step forward. “But we want to thank you in a certain way.”

            “Oh…. how?” Finn takes another step forward, grabbing Kurt’s shoulders and pushing him down to the bench next to him.

            Finn walks behind Kurt as Puck walks up and gets on his knees.

            “Guys…” Kurt has absolutely no idea as to what to say next as Puck touches the waist of his pants and begins to pull them down.

            “It’s okay, just let this happen and then we can all leave.” Puck says as he pulls his pants all the way down along with his boxers.

            Puck doesn’t even hesitate once he sees Kurt’s average penis pop out. Finn just stands there watching, not knowing what he should be doing, feeling his own penis harden. Kurt begins to lean back before the back of his head bumps into Finn’s crotch, being able to feel the hard lump underneath his jeans. Kurt looks back and smiles. Feeling a weird confidence that he has never felt before, Kurt grabs the zipper and pulls down Finn’s pants. While leaning back, Kurt grabs Finn’s hard penis with his hand and begins to move it back and forth. AS he moves it with his hand, Kurt moves up and licks his shaft.

            Kurt begins to cum in less than a minute, Puck quickly surprised but easily catches up and swallows everything. When Kurt and Puck are both done, Kurt still continues to work with Finn’s penis, not wanting to leave him hanging. Puck gets to his feet and walks up to Finn, who is now biting his lip and looking up to the ceiling. Puck grabs Finn’s head and just begins kissing him, sticking his tongue down Finn’s throat. Kurt looks up and sees this, turned on more than he has ever been before. Just as Puck sticks his hands into Finn’s hair, Finn shoots out cum. The cum shoots out all over Kurt’s body and on the floor. Finn bites down on Puck’s bottom lip as it shoots out.

            Once he finishes, Kurt gets to his feet and he and Finn pull their pants up.

            “That was really fun you guys!” Kurt can’t stop smiling. “Well Is should take a shower now… but we should do this again.” Kurt skips his way to the shower.

            “Never again, right?” Puck whispers over to Finn.

            “One time deal.” Finn says before kissing Puck on the lips. “Let’s go celebrate alone.”

Chapter Text

            Theo Raeken knows that in five weeks he is going back to Beacon Hills and that he could be going in and never leaving again, so he has decided to travel the world a little beforehand. His first stop… London.

            Arriving in London, Theo is lost like never before. He keeps turning around and trying to walk to his hotel. As he walks, he turns 180 degrees and bumps into someone, dropping his duffel to the ground.

            “Hey!” The man Theo hits shouts and looks up to see a perfectly symmetrical face, chiseled.

            Theo can tell that the guy is probably around his age, and his accent lets him know he’s American. He’s wearing jeans that shape his ass and a leather shirt he’s never seen before that shows off his rock-hard body. Then he notices his hair, which is a shorter version of his own hair; brown shiny and spiked.

            “Sorry.” Theo can barely manage to speak.

            “You’re good…” The man grabs Theo’s duffel and hands it to him. “I’m Jackson.”

            “I’m Theo.”

            “You lost?”


            “Let me help.” Jackson grabs Theo’s phone. “This hotel is right around the corner, let me take you there.” Theo just smiles and nods.

            They walk to the hotel discussing almost everything about themselves. Jackson explains he is a student here and has recently become a model. Theo tells Jackson that he’s spending some time abroad before going to school, which is technically not a lie. They stop at the outside of the hotel.

            “You wanna come in? It’s the least I can do for the help.”


            They walk up to Theo’s room, walking in a taking a seat on the couch’s across from each other.

            “So…” Theo takes off his jacket.

            Jackson then jumps over the table and onto Theo, his eyes turning blue and sharp teeth pointing in Theo’s face. Theo’s eyes turn gold.

            “That’s what I thought!” Jackson says before beginning to kiss Theo.

            Jackson sits on Theo’s lap as they continue kissing. Jackson licks Theo’s sharp teeth before they pull back in. He then digs his hands into Theo’s hair as he begins to rub his body against Theo’s. Theo grips Jackson’s butt and tries flipping to the top, but Jackson just pushes Theo back down.

            Jackson quickly stands up and begins taking his shirt off. Theo follows his action, also taking his pants off. Jackson begins walking over to the bed, ripping his pants off and throwing them to the wall. Theo follows Jackson to the front of the bed, the two beginning to kiss again. Jackson then pushes Theo onto the bed, starring at Theo’s rock hard penis popping up while he rubs his own rock-hard abs. Jackson licks his lips before jumping on top of Theo.

            Theo quickly grabs hold of the spike of Jackson’s hair and pulls him up close. Theo pulls Jackson’s head up a little past his head until his mouth is at Jackson’s neck. Theo begins sucking on Jackson’s neck. Jackson licks the front of Theo’s hair before pushing on his chest and sitting up on the bed. Jackson scoots back on the bed and shoves his penis into Theo.

            “Fuck!” Theo shouts before biting his lip.

            Jackson begins pushing in and out of Theo with more strength and speed per thrust. Jackson grabs hold of Theo’s waist tightly to keep up straight.

            “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh Yeah!” Jackson begins to shout over and over with each thrust.

            Jackson’s eyes glow brighter before he growls so loud Theo’s eyes glow back and Theo can feel himself whimper inside like a scared puppy.

            Ten more minutes of thrusting and shouting continues until Jackson begins to burst. He slows down as it begins, leaning forward so their bodies rub against each other. Jackson reaches forward and grabs hold of Theo’s hair, gripping tight and pulling Theo’s head forward. With one final thrust Jackson bites down on Theo’s lips so hard that it begins to bleed.

            “Holy crap!” The two of them shout at once as Jackson takes his penis out of Theo and lays down next to him.

            “Almost perfect.” Jackson says between deep breaths.

            “Almost?” Theo turns to his side to face Jackson.

            “Five more minutes and I can help make you perfect.” Jackson kisses Theo on the lip before running one hand in Theo’s hair and the other over his own body.

Chapter Text

            Stiles has been loving his life in DC. He has gained a few close friends already and loves the classes he gets to take. And in the recent three weeks at school Stiles has also realized one big thing about himself, thanks to a boy in his English class… he likes guys along with girls. Learning about this thing about himself, Stiles as become a new man. It was simply to come out to his new friends, but has yet to tell any of his old friends of his father. A few days ago, Stiles decided to download Grindr. Stiles wants to do something with a guy, but nothing very serious. For days Stiles was getting all kinds of messages from guys, but not from anyone that particularly caught his eyes. That is until today when he saw a 28 year old guy with slicked back black hair, a face for days, and a nice suit that looks really expensive. His name is Will and he is a physician. Stiles swipes right on him and there isn’t a match yet. #0 minutes later Stiles checks his phone to see a message from Will.

            WILL: At the Ritz Carlton on 22nd. Room 8029. Come whenever.

 Stiles sends a smiley face and thumbs up emoji before going to the bathroom. Stiles takes a quick shower, spikes his hair up with a lot of gel and then looks through his closet. Stiles settles on jeans, a grey V-neck, and a black leather jacket. He calls his Uber and checks himself in the mirror until the car arrives. In the car, Stiles just continues looking at Will’s Grindr page. He reads every little thing and scans every part of his image.

Stiles is so excited that when he arrives he jumps out of the car and almost begins speed walking to the elevator. He quickly gets in, goes up, and walks to the room. Stiles checks himself out on the phone, pushing some pieces of hair up before starring at the door. It hits him like a car when his hand goes into the air. He begins rethinking everything about the day, but before he can think about changing his mind, he reaches forward and knocks on the door. Within seconds the door opens and there is Will standing there looking ten times more handsome then his picture, and taller.

“Hey Stiles, come in.” Stiles walks into a suite that he’s only ever seen in movies.

“Hey.” Stiles’ nerves begin to calm down as his begins to get massively hard.

“So have you done this before?”


“Ever been with a guy?” They both just stand there not moving.


“Perfect.” Stiles relaxes completely as he hears Will say that. “I’m here for a week for a conference, that should be plenty of time to teach you about sex with a man. All types.”

“Oh… wow.” Stiles is surprised and doesn’t know what to say.

“Of course we’ll start easy.” Will begins to take of his coat. “Now I have a couple hours til I have to be somewhere so… wanna begin?” Will begins unbuttoning his shirt.


“I love your hair by the way.” Will says as he shows off his hairless rock hard abs.

“Thanks, I love yours too.” Stiles begins taking his jacket off.

“No.” Stile stops moving. “Let me do it for you.”

Will walks up to Stiles and helps him take his jacket off. Stiles begins breathing slowly as Will’s fingers slide across his stomach and help pull his shirt off. Will then impressively whips Stiles’ belt off with one pull. He slowly unhooks Stiles pants while looking up at him, starring eye to eye. Will is surprised by how muscular Stiles’ calves are as he pulls his pants off.

“Has anyone ever done this for you before?” Will pulls down Stiles’ boxers and grabs his penis with his hand.

“Nope…” His word trails off as Wills lips touch the tip of his penis.

Though Will has never done this for a man before, he knows exactly how he likes it to be done to him. He wraps his tongue around the shaft just like he likes. He sucks hard as he moves back and forth, just like he likes it. And he plays with Stiles’ balls, just like he likes it.

Stiles is so hard and horny that he can barely stand. He looks around to grab something, but there is nothing. Before his knees go in and he falls, he digs his fingers into Will’s hair. Will’s hair is ten times crunchier than Stiles’ hair, which surprises him. He loves the feeling of it, digging in deeper and grabbing hold of it. Stiles can already feel himself ready to cum, so he tries holding back. He tries thinking about anything else, but everything brings him back to Will. His crunchy hair. His perfect face. His amazing suit. His rock-hard body. His… Stiles begins to shoot out cum like a hose.

Will is somewhat surprised but begins chugging it down like it is a glass of water and he’s in the desert. He chugs down every bit of it while his tongue slides across the shaft. Stiles is pulling Will’s hair so hard he is close to pulling it out, but that only turns Will on more. When Stiles finally finishes, Will licks all of his penis before pulling off, Stiles letting go of his hair. Will begins running his hands through his hair as he gets to his feet.

“Oh wow!” Will feels like shouting but holds back. “That was amazing! It tastes like apple pie!” Stiles just bites his lip and wipes sweat off his forehead.


“Now how much time do you need before lesson number two?”

Stiles smiles before moving forward, digging his hands through the back of Will’s hair and begins kissing him. He moves his head back, stopping the kiss momentarily.


Chapter Text

            After successfully blackmailing Miles to let him stay at his party, Drew really needed to go to the bathroom. He rushes upstairs once he sees the first-floor bathroom lines. He goes to the first bedroom on his left. There is where Drew notices it is Miles’ room. He rushes into the bathroom quickly and lets it all out quickly. But when he finishes and walks out of the bathroom, Miles is standing in the middle of the room.

            “What are you doing?” Miles is furious.

            “Going to the bathroom obviously.”

            “In my room? Are you like stalking me now?” Drew just laughs. “Now get out of here before I call the police for trespassing.” Miles touches his hair and smiles.

            “What? And let them see the underage drinking?” Miles is getting angry.


            “Well what?” Drew steps up to Miles, their noses almost touching.

            “Well…this!” Miles grabs Drew’s head, pulling it up as he begins to kiss him.

            Drew tries pulling away, but Miles just holds him tighter. Quickly Drew stops fighting it and Miles lets go of his head, taking a step back.

            “What the fuck was that?” Drew can process any part of what just happened.

            “Please don’t…” Miles is stopped as Drew takes a step closer and begins kissing him.

            They both take a step back at the same time and begin undressing. Miles is in awe of Drew’s body, mouth beginning to water. Drew is also quite surprised by Miles’ toned body. Once they both drop their pants, one is happier than the other.

            “I guess I’m the winner!” Drew says before jumping onto the bed.

            Miles goes onto the bed after grabbing an unopened box of condoms from his desk.

            “New to this?” Drew laughs as he rubs his hard penis.

            “Yes, but I’ve had a dildo for years.” Drew stops smiling once Miles slides the condom onto his penis then slides right on it.

            Drew is pleasantly surprised at Miles’ skill as he grabs the railing on top of the bed and begins pulling himself off and on his penis. Miles’ pale body is drenched in sweat within minutes of continuing this. The front of his hair is sweaty and falling in front of his face, flapping up and down with his body. While Miles continues at his top speed, Drew holds back from finishing off too quick. But he can’t. Cum shoots out of Drew’s penis and splashes into Miles. Miles slows down as he feels the warmth in his butt. Miles plops down next to Drew on the bed once Drew is done. Miles is breathing heavily as he turns to Drew.

            “I guess it’s been a while for you too.” Miles laughs. “Your turn.”

            “Who said I was done?” Drew quickly gets onto his knees.

            Drew grabs Miles’ legs and flips him over to his knees. Drew puts Miles into a doggy position and thrusts his penis into Miles so hard Miles can feel his entire body shake in fear. Drew begins thrusting in and out of Miles, each time getting harder and faster. Miles is on the verge of crying, but also can’t stop smiling. It’s like he’s never felt in his life before, and he never wants it to stop. Drew is going faster than Miles ever believed someone could go, levels beyond what he was just doing. Miles felt as if his entire body was vibrating.

            Minutes later and Drew is sweating like crazy. Puddle of sweat are seeping into the bed sheets, and sweat is dropping onto Miles’ butt and back like a rainfall. Drew’s spiked hair is now soaking wet and dripping over his forehead and off his nose and chin. Drew runs a hand through his hair to push it back as he continues to non-stop thrusting into Miles. Drew doesn’t take his eyes off the back of Miles’ head, staying in rhythm the entire time, not thinking about anything other than his penis going in and out.

            With ten minutes passing Miles has begun to cry, but happy tears. Drew now looks like he just took a shower and has yet to slow down and decrease in strength. A couple minutes past that and Drew finally begins to cum. The cum shoots out of Drew with such intensity that the condom shatters and Miles can feel every bit of the warm cum swarm through his body.

            “Oh yeah!” Drew quietly shouts, knowing he can’t be too loud. “Oh yeah!” He says again before biting down on his lip as he finishes. Drew takes his penis out and stands in front of the bed.

            Miles falls to the bed and turns around, tears and sweat mixing together. Drew looks at the bed, the sheets looking like water was poured over them and puddles collecting on the floor. Drew grabs a towel from the bathroom, patting himself down. Miles sits up on the bed, still silent and in awe.

            “That was…” Miles doesn’t know a word the correctly finishes that thought.

            “Amazing?” Drew says before going back into the bathroom and turning the shower on.

            “My turn?” Miles says as Drew pops his head out of the bathroom.

            “Not yet.” Drew waves him over.

            Drew wipes his eyes before running into the bathroom.

Chapter Text

            “I’ll be back in 30.” Luke says before walking out the door.

            Jess knew right then and there that this was the one chance he gets a week for what he wants to do. He turns on the TV and flips through the channels… nothing. He looks for magazine or books with anything… nothing. That’s when he sees the mirror on the counter and grabs it. He takes a seat on his bed and places the mirror in front of him. Jess looks at himself in the mirror, playing with ahis hair for a second before he unzips his pants and pulls them off. He winks at himself as he grabs his own penis and begins jerking off. Jess knows that Luke rarely ever leaves and give him this chance so he must do it now and do it quickly, the quicker he can do it the more times he can do it.

            Suddenly the door to the apartment opens and in walks Kirk. Jess grabs a pillow and covers himself.

            “Dude!” Jess shouts at Kirk.

            “It appears that some of the locks I installed over the past years are starting to melt and I’ve come to replace them.” That’s when Kirk looks up to see what’s happening. “Oh dear…”

            “Leave!” Kirk begins walking out, but turns back around.

            “If I may ask one question…”

            “You can’t!” Jess runs his hands through his hair.

            “Can’t you get like any girl you want and do the ‘you know what’ with them? Why would you need to do it with yourself?” Jess is surprised by the question and decides to answer.

            “This Podunk town talks a lot and no girl will even go past first base with me. It’s been months since I’ve gotten any action thanks to this town.”

            “Well… I could help!” Kirk just smiles. “For a price of course.”

            “I’m not gay…” Jess is slightly confused by Kirk.

            “I know, but my butt is as good as any girls.”

            “I don’t have any money.” Jess is trying to find any reason to deny this.

            “Just pay me in extra bacon every morning.”

            “Fine, get over here.” Jess turns back and Kirk comes over.

            Kirk takes his pants off, Jess trying everything in his power to not see anything. He bends over just as Jess instructs him. Jess then positions the mirror so he can see only himself and no Kirk. Jess then slowly slides his penis into Kirk, his hole super tight. Kirk doesn’t seem bothered by any of it to Jess’ surprise. Jess begins thrusting faster and harder immediately after noticing that.

            “Oh boy!” Kirk says in a high-pitched voice.

            “Shut it! No talking!” Jess looks back to the mirror, watching himself thrust back and forth.

            Kirk’s ass is tighter than any girl Jess has been with before, making this oddly more satisfying than anyone else. Jess slaps Kirk’s butt as he continues, Kirk just smiling and happy to be helping someone. As Jess speeds up his hair begins to bounce around, the front falling in front of his face. Jess tries blowing it away, but it doesn’t work. He then runs a hand through his hair before he pumps up the speed even more.

            “Time?” Jess shouts between heavy breaths.

            Ten minutes have passed with the blink of an eye, Jess knowing Luke could literally be back in a second. Jess quickly begins to feel himself close, grips Kirk’s waist tightly, looks into the mirror at himself, and thrusts with double the speed and power. Jess immediately burst into Kirk.

            “Oh mama!” Kirk shouts, feeling relieved and satisfied all at once.

            “Damn!” Jess says as he finishes and takes his penis out.

            “Was that satisfactory?” Kirk stands up and pulls his pants back on.

            “It was… but now I want more.”

            “I could always make sure Luke has to leave in a little then come back?” Kirk is praying he accepts this offer.

            “I guess that could work… if you’re okay with this getting a little weirder.”

            “I am as long as I get my bacon.” Jess just smiles, thinking of the things he’s going to finally be able to do.

            “You’ve got a deal then.” They shake hands and Luke walks in.

            “What’s going on?” Luke carries in bags of groceries.

            “Just being a friendly neighborhood fixer upper.” Kirk smiles and looks back at Jess before walking out.

Chapter Text

            It was a week after the party where Alex lost his v-card to Justin, the problem is that Justin Has no idea it happened. He was so drunk that he completely forgot everything about that night. So when Justin texts Alex to come over and hangout at his place after school, Alex accepts the invitation without a second thought. Alex arrives at Justin’s house, the place empty.

            “Hey buddy!” Justin is smiling and happy. “Here’s your drink.” Justin passes Alex a bottle of tequila. “Come on, don’t be a sissy, chug!”

            Alex can feel his body burn along with his throat as the tequila goes down. Though Alex hates it, he will do anything to be popular. They go to Justin’s room and begin playing video games, Alex taking a swig each time Justin won a game. Within half an hour Alex has finished the large bottle and is very clumsy.

            As Alex tries getting to his feet he falls over onto Justin’s lap. From their Justin just begins kissing Alex. Alex pushes away slightly, But Justin grabs hold of Alex’ body tightly.

            “Justin….” Alex moans.

            “Oh god I’ve been waiting for this…” Justin says before pushing Alex onto the bed and taking off his pants. “I’ll suck you if I can go in you, deal?”

            “Huh?” Alex doesn’t understand any of what is being said.

            “I’ll take that as a yes.”

            Justin rips off Alex’ pants with pure strength and hormones. He gets on top of Alex on the bed, leaning in and kissing him on the neck. Justin bites down on Alex’ neck, digging deep. As Justin bites, he slowly shoves his penis into Alex.

            “Owe…” Alex begins but trails off.

            “Yeah you love it!” Justin sits up and begins to thrust faster and harder.

            As Justin begins to get faster he takes off his jacket and throws it to the ground. Alex is beginning to feel in more and more pain as Justin continues, ready to scream a run, but is too dazed and confused to do so. Justin digs his hands up Alex’s shirt, feeling the thin boys flat body. He pulls off Alex’ shirt before grabbing his neck. Justin squeezes Alex’ neck hard, slowing down the thrusting and enjoy every good feeling.

            “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Justin begins to shout as he climaxes.

            Justin lays against Alex’ body, slowing down and releasing Alex’ neck.

            “God that was good! Next!” Justin quickly takes his penis out of Alex, moving down the bed and to Alex’ penis.

            It takes almost ten minutes, but after some fingering Alex’ penis is rock solid. Just is nervous at first, but then reaches over to his desk, grabbing a drink, and chugging it down. Justin goes back to Alex’ penis and shoves it right in.

            “Grab my hair.” Just says before continuing to Alex. “Grab it!” Justin shouts and Alex barely understands, digging his hands into Justin’s hair.

            Alex has been alone and at such a dry spell that within two minutes he begins to burst. Justin is shocked by the sheer amount and steps back, cum shooting all over Justin’s face and hair.

            “Oh my god…” Justin stands up after Alex is done and looks at the mirror, running a hand through his hair as he licks the cum off his lips. “Like a Tootsie Pop.” Justin grabs a tissue and wipes the remaining cum off his face before walking back to the bed to notice Alex is now completely unconscious.

            Justin puts Alex’ clothes back on and wraps him in a blanket, snuggling behind him. Justin runs a hand through Alex’s hair as he slowly falls asleep.

Chapter Text

            Drew and Eli are both new to Degrassi and both are completely out of their leagues. Though they are parts of two completely different social circles, the two are unaware of how close they will get.

            Eli had seen Drew taped to the pole, and all he could think about was how hot Drew was and the dirty things he wants to do to him… but never does anything because he knows Drew is completely straight.

            Drew had seen Eli all around school and all he thought was that he wanted to run his hands through his hair and do things he never thought about doing with a guy once before… but never does anything because he knows Eli is completely straight.

            On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, Drew has decided to stay at school late to lift weights and Eli has stayed to work on a project in the computer lab. But when Eli hears a loud clanking sound and sees no one is around… he follows the noise. He follows it all the way to the weight class room. He sees Drew alone, lifting weights with no shirt on. Eli’s mouth waters looking at the sweat dripping down Drew’s ripped body.

            “Hey.” Drew says to Eli as he accidentally walks into the room. “Eli, right?” Drew tries to pretend he hasn’t cyber stalked Eli for weeks now.

            “Yeah, and Drew, right?” Drew nods as he stands up and walks over to Eli.

            “So…” Eli sees Drew’s perfect spiked hair and the smile that makes him hard just thinking about.

            Eli takes the boldest step he would ever take and kisses Drew. Eli expects to be pushed away, but Drew kisses back. Drew pushes Eli against the door, locking it.

            “I can’t believe your gay!” Drew says between kisses. Eli pushes him off.

            “I can’t believe you are too.” Eli smiles.

            “I’m not… but I could be for you.” They begin kissing again.

            At the same time Drew and Eli do something they’ve been thinking about since the first moment they laid eyes on each other… dig their hands into each other’s hair and run them from front to back. Both become rock solid as they do so. Luke lets go of Elis hair and runs his hands down his body until he grabs hold of Eli’s hard penis through his pants.

            “Have you ever done this before?” Drew asks Eli as he unzips his pants.

            “No… you?” Eli helps takes Drew’s off.

            “No, but I hear it hurts.”

            “Same. Who goes first?” Eli begins unbuttoning his shirt while Drew pulls down Eli’s pants.

            “Well I have a game on Friday and I can’t be sore…” Drew hints to Eli.

            “Okay… I guess I’m first.”

            Drew walks over to a bench and lays down on it, his large penis popping straight up. Eli walks up with his penis just as large and hard. Eli takes a deep breath in as he walks on top of Drew. As he releases the breath Eli rips off the bandage. As Eli drops down, Drew’s penis ripping into him, he feels more pain than he ever has before… followed by a sensation he has only ever dreamed about. Everything begins to feel better as the sensation strengthens and Drew’s smooth hands grab hold of his body.

            Eli begins moving up and down faster each time, the pleasure following the same pattern. Drew is absolutely amazed by how it feels. He had always dreamed about sex before and thought it wouldn’t be too different from masturbating… and boy was he ever wrong. He felt as if his penis had its own personal hole for it that massaged it from every single angle at once. Drew is so immersed in this amazing sensation that he doesn’t realize he’s just about o cum already. Drew tries holding it back, thinking of anything other than this moment. He fails and he quickly shoots out cum.

            Eli is ecstatic to feel Drew cum into him, not just because the pain would soon be over, but because feeling the cum shoot through his body is the best he’s felt in his entire life. Once Drew is completely done Eli gets off his penis. The second he gets off, Drew pulls Eli’s arm so he gets on top of him. Drew runs his hand through the back of Eli’s hair and pulls his head towards him. Both open their mouths, Drew shoving his tongue down Eli’s throat while his other hand grips his butt. Drew lets go and they both get to their feet.

            ‘That was fantastic!” Eli blurts out.

            “It was amazing! The best thing ever!” The both of them can’t stop smiling.

            “Wait til you feel it stream in you… and when will that be exactly?” Eli didn’t want ot ruin the mood but had to ask.

            “Friday if we win, and Saturday if we don’t.” Eli smiles and they kiss once more.

            “I should get back to my project.” Eli walks to the door.

            “Yeah…” Drew is speechless as he stares at Eli’s butt as he walks out the room, running a hand through his hair.

Chapter Text

            It’s his birthday and he is wearing an expensive grey and black suit and his hair is perfectly shaggy. Chad Dylan Cooper knows that tonight is his night for something he has wanted to try for years… sex. But not just any sex… sex with a guy. But not just any guy… his stunt double Chris. Chad and Chris have flirted since the day they first met and since then have only kissed and made out. Chris promised that on Chad’s birthday months ago that they would finally seal the deal. It’s supposed to happen after the party, but then Chad is pushed into his birthday cake by a cutout of himself. Chris is the only one to run up to Chad and help him. Grabbing a handful of napkins, Chris helps walk Chad out of the room. They walk to the closest bathroom. Chris locks the door behind them.

            “Oh my god! That was so god damn embarrassing! This shit doesn’t happen to Chad Dylan Cooper!”

            “Calm down.” Chris wipes the cake and frosting off Chad’s face.

            “I am calm!” Chad shouts before Chris leans forward and kisses him on the lips.

            “Would this night get better if we did a certain something?” Chris says between kisses, his hands running down to Chad’s pants.

            “Um… I think that may help.” As Chris unzips his pants, Chad tries getting as much junk out of his hair.

            Chad stops as he feels Chris’ hand touch his crotch through his boxers. Chris finishes taking off Chad’s pants before he pulls down his boxers. Chad is completely nervous as Chris sees his penis for the first time, but everything seems to cool down once Chris smiles like he’s never seen him do before. Chris begins taking his pants and boxers off, Chad looking at himself in the mirror and playing with his hair.

            “So do you have any ideas of how you want to do this?” Chad looks to see Chris’ large penis.

            “I have one idea…” Chad pushes Chris against the counter. “Turn.”

            Chris turns around and leans over the counter. Chad is ecstatic as he sees Chris from the back, which happens to look just like himself. Chad turns to look at himself in the mirror and down at Chris’s toned back and hair he is salivating over. Chad aligns his penis to Chris’ hole and stands there for a second looking at himself in the mirror, wondering how he can be so hot. He winks at himself then thrusts forward with extreme strength.

            “Fuck” Chris shouts before Chad begins thrusting back and forth. “Oh fuck! No! I’m done!” Chad doesn’t stop, but only goes faster. “Chad! Please!”

            “Come on Chris! It won’t take longer than two minutes!” Chris looks at the mirror to see Chad’s amazing smile.


            Chad begins to thrust faster and harder. He can feel himself already getting close and is so excited to fully ley himself go. Chad looks straight at the mirror, at himself. He is amazed by how hot he is even with icing covering half his hair and staining the top of his suit. He looks at how his hair just perfectly swishes to the left and the edges just slightly begin to turn. Chad leans forward to grab hold of the back of Chris’ hair, digging his fingers deep and feeling the softness. He pulls Chris’ hair tight as he begins to cum. Chad feels a feeling he never has and never thought he could feel. He felt every bit of his energy and cum leave him at once and shoot into Chris.

            “Holy shit!” Chad says as he finishes.

            “Can you get out? It really hurts.”

            “Oh…yeah.” Chad takes his penis out, which is covered in Chris’ shit. “Oh! Disgusting!” Chad grabs a paper towel and begins cleaning his penis off as Chris stands up slowly.

            “That was…” Chris begins.

            “Amazing? Miraculous? Mind-blowing?”

            “Sure, but I’ll love it more when we switch.”

            “Yeah…. Well I was thinking if it’s that painful maybe you should get used to it first before I try, just to make sure it does get better.” The two get dressed in silence.

            “So…” Chris walks forward, ready to kiss Chad.

            Chad turns to the mirror and winks at himself as he runs a hand through his hair.

            “Let’s do this again tomorrow… noon… my dressing room.” Chad turns and leaves Chris hard and anxious.

Chapter Text

            Logan was having a lot of fun hanging with Luke at the club. They were laughing as they played basketball before they went into the locker room to clean up. Logan made sure they got their own private room to shower and change. Logan is already done with his shower and has changed into his red sweater and is currently working on his hair as Luke finishes up in the shower. When Luke walks out, Logan is surprised by how muscular Luke is.

            “What’s with all that gunk you put in your hair?” Luke says as he sees Logan running his fingers through his hair.

            “It’s just to style it, you wanna feel it? It’s different from what people expect.”

            “Oh… no thanks.”

            “Come on, just do it.”

            “No, I’m good.”

            “You know you want to.”


            Luke walks up to Logan and just puts a hand straight into Logan’s hair. Luke is immediately surprised by the crunchy feeling his hair has even though it looks fluffy. Luke steps close to feel more, but Logan takes it as something else and steps forward as well, their lips meeting. Their lips touch for only a second before Luke pushes away.

            “What the hell was that?”


            “Well it sure seemed like something.” Right then is when Luke realizes how hard he is getting and how amazing that tiny kiss actually was. “Turn around and pull your pants down.” Luke drops his towel.

            “Wow! Dude!” Logan is confused but Luke just grabs him and flips him around, pushing his stomach against the lockers.

            That’s when Logan just realizes what is about to happen, but something deep in him doesn’t want to fight this, so he lets Luke pull down his pants. Luke doesn’t wait a single second before shoving his penis into Logan’s ass.

            “Fucker!” Logan shouts in agony and surprise by how much that hurts. “How does that hurt so… fuck!” Logan shouts again as Luke begin thrusting in and out.

            After a couple more thrusts from Luke, Logan begins liking the feeling more and more. While both of Logan’s hands gripped the lockers, one of Luke’s hands grabbed Logan’s hair while the other reaches around to grab Logan’s penis. Luke begins massaging Logan’s penis as if it were his own. While Luke continues thrusting and giving the hand job, Logan stands their feeling the most pain and pleasure he has ever had in his life all at once.

Both Luke and Logan bite their lips at the same time minutes later when they both begin to cum at the exact same time. While Logan feels the cum enter him, he feels his cum shoot out onto the locker. Immediately after Luke is done he realizes what just happened and takes his penis out of Logan, cleaning it off with his towel before walking to his locker. Logan almost falls to the ground in pain after Luke let’s go of him.

“Get dressed and clean up, we should go soon.” Luke says as he gets dressed. “We will never speak of this ever again.” Logan begins wiping down the locker and fixing his hair before the two leave.

Though they never talked about that moment ever again, it was sure not the last time it happened, not even the last time it happened that day…

Chapter Text

            “Hey man…” Liam turned over in the bed they are sharing.

            “Yeah?” Dixon turns around as well.

            “Thanks so much for letting crash here.”

            “It’s no big deal.”

            “But it is, you’re a very good friend.” Liam moves forward just slightly. “And I want to thank you for it.”

            “No you don’t need to.”

            “But I do.”

            “How?” Dixon is interested.

            Liam leans forward and begins kissing Dixon. Dixon lays there completely frozen as Liam kisses him over and over. When Liam stops kissing him, Dixon just stares deep into Liam’s soulful eyes. Liam then looks away and goes under the blanket for a second. Dixon looks under the blanket to see Liam pulling off his pants, seeing his large penis rock-hard. When Liam gets back up Dixon moves in and begins kissing Liam. Liam begins kissing back, their tongues clashing like swords. Dixon begins running his hands into Liam’s perfectly disheveled hair before Liam stops kissing. Liam then turns around, his back facing him. Liam just turns his head around and smiles at Dixon.

            “My thanks to you.”

            Dixon takes a second before understanding what is happening and before he pulls down his pants. When Dixon’s penis slowly begins sliding into Liam, Liam is in major pain and grabs hold of the side of the bed, but can’t help but smile for how great it feels. At this point Dixon is spooning Liam, slowly moving his penis and out of him. Dixon has one arm wrapped around Liam, feeling his abs, while his other hand is running through the top of his hair.

            “Do you think we could speed this up?” Liam turns his head to ask Dixon as the pain is getting intense.

            “Sure.” Dixon takes his penis out of Liam.

            Liam turns to his stomach and gets to his knees, almost a push-up position. Dixon gets onto his knees and moves behind Liam. Aligning his penis to the hole first, Dixon shoves his penis back into Liam. Liam bites his lip and grips the sheets. Grabbing Liam’s waist with one hand, his other hand slides up Liam’s back until he reaches his head. He digs his fingers into Liam’s hair, feeling some sweat dripping, and grips it tight. He pulls Liam’s head back so it looks like he’s howling like a wolf. As Dixon begins to speed up, he lets go of Liam’s hair and grab his waist full on, adding more strength to each thrust inward.

            “I’m almost there.” Dixon says a few minutes later. “I’m there!” He corrects himself. “Oh holy lord!” Dixon says as he begins to shoot out cum.

            Liam is happy as Dixon slows down and is surprised by how great the feeling of the warm cum in him actually feels. Liam falls straight to the bed as Dixon takes his penis out. Dixon then falls onto the bed right next to him, the two facing each other.

            “That was…” Dixon takes a deep breath in. “The best thank you gift I have ever received.” Liam just smiles.

            “Who said that was all?” Liam runs a hand through his hair before sliding down under the sheets.

Chapter Text

Hey everyone! Sorry for not submitting many pieces recently but I am currently going through a move, but by Monday or Tuesday I will be fully moved in and be catching up on all of the requests. Thanks for enjoying my writing and feel free to continue requesting, but know it will take a little longer than usual until I finish moving and catch up on the other requests. Thanks for understanding. 

Chapter Text

            “Hey Jess! Open the door!” Taylor shouts as he knocks on the door over and over. “I know you’re there!” Jess finally stops ignoring him and opens the door.

            “What? What could I have possibly done now?”

            “Nothing…” Taylor walks in without permission and Jess closes the door. “I was talking to Kirk yesterday and….well… he told me about what you did with him…”

            “What? I didn’t do anything with him.”

            “It’s okay I won’t tell anyone and I made sure he wouldn’t either, but I was sort of wondering if you could do that with me too?”

            “I knew you were gay!” Jess laughs.

            “I’m… I don’t know. I just want to try it once and see if I do like it.”

            “Well no I can’t do that, it was a one-time thing.”

            “He told me you did it over a dozen times.”

            “Fine… but tell anyone and.” Taylor interrupts.

            “I won’t and I’ll even give you some slack.” Jess begins unbuttoning his pants.

            “And you’ll give me free hair products from your store.”

            “Sure, but we don’t have anything you’ll like.”

            “Not yet, but you will order them tomorrow.’ Taylor takes his pants off until they are matching.

            They both look at each other’s penis’ before Jess just turns around and points to the bed, where Taylor goes to. Jess looks at the mirror and messes with his hair for a minute before grabbing the mirror and walking over to Taylor on his knees waiting. Jess places the mirror to only see himself and grabs a condom from his wallet. HE slides it on then slides a hand through his hair before shoving his penis into Taylor. Taylor just begins to smile and Jess is completely surprised by the lack of screaming or at least cringing.

            “You’ve done this before?” Jess slaps Taylor’s ass.

            “Never.” Taylor just laughs and Jess is surprised.

            Jess begins going quicker until he goes so fast he begins to sweat and breathe heavily. As Jess begins to fight for air he looks at the mirror as his hair begins falling over his forehead. He lets go of Taylor’s waist and runs both his hands through his hair, starring at himself and getting close to finishing as he hands push his hair back to place. Jess puts one hand back on Taylor’s waist while the others stays in his hair as he begins to pump harder.

            Ten minutes in and Jess is losing steam quickly, but can feel himself close to the end. Jess takes a deep breath in and puts his other hand in his hair, looking at the mirror, before he puts all his energy towards speed and power. Within seconds Jess feels himself cum and let’s go of his hair to grab Taylor’s waist. He slows down as the cum shoots out.

            “Was that worth it?” Jess asks Taylor between breathes as he takes his penis out of Taylor and falls onto the bed.

            “It was not bad; I would definitely like to do it again.” Taylor begins putting his pants on. “But maybe work on your stamina a bit more.”

            Jess says nothing as he puts his pants on, moves the mirror back, and begins fixing his hair. Taylor walks to the door, opening it and turns to Jess.

            “That was great… come to my place tomorrow and I’ll make it worth your wild.” Taylor walks out and Jess holds back a smile while playing with his hair.

Chapter Text

            Luke is furious! The school just called about Jess, telling him that Jess is not at school for the third time this week. He goes up to the apartment, telling Caesar to take charge of the kitchen. He slams into the apartment, searching for Jess. He is nowhere. He sits on Jess’ bed and just stares at the floor in anger. He continues starring there for hours until the door opens and Jess walks in.

            “How was school?” Luke stands up.

            “As fun as always.” Jess smirks and jumps onto his bed.

            “That’s not what the school told me.” Luke is angry and walks up to the bed, starring down at Jess.

            “Oh… well…” Jess tries thinking about a good excuse.

            “No! You have done this for too long.”

            “Oh chill man.”

            “I will not chill!” Luke grabs Jess by the shirt, pulling him to his feet.

            “Dude!” Jess yells.

            “Shut up!” Luke furiously grabs a pair of Jess’ socks off the night stand and shoves them into Jess’ mouth. “You need to learn to listen to your elders and follow the rules.” He pushes Jess onto the bed and begins to think about how to punish him.

            Luke walks around the apartment before looking out the window and then sees Lorelai walking through the street. He turns to Jess and his mind goes straight to the last time he had sex. It was over a year ago and then it popped in his head, the perfect punishment for Jess.  He walks over to the bed where Jess is sitting and very angry, trying to think of what to yell at Luke. Luke grabs the socks he threw to the floor and walks up behind, shoving the socks back into his mouth. He pushes Jess onto the bed, his chest pressed down and arms flapping to the side. With one hand pushing Jess to the bed, Luke whips off Jess’ belt. He reaches underneath Jess feeling his crotch area before finding the button and zipper, opening his pants up. He pulls the down along with his boxers to see Jess’ pale white ass. Before pulling down his own pants, Luke leans on Jess so his mouth is next to Jess’ ear.

            “I don’t want to do this… but you need to learn your lessons finally.” Luke whispers into Jess ear. “And what is with this shiny hair of yours?” Luke sticks his hand into his hair. “Wow, that is surprisingly amazing.” Luke steps up and whips his belt off.

            He pulls his pants and boxers down before pushing Luke down with both hands and aligning his penis with Jess’ hole. Luke looks at Jess debating his next move, if he should say anything, or if he should just stop. Luke shakes that out of his mind and thrusts his penis into Jess. Jess bites down hard on the socks and grips the sides of the bed, every part of him in pain. Luke is in bliss at the feeling of Jess’ tight ass. He begins slowly moving in and out of Jess, feeling every bit of pleasure surrounding his penis. His favorite part is the feel of his tips touching the back of Jess’ hole.

            A few minutes of slowly going in and out, Luke is feeling very hot and bothered. He leans forward and runs his fingers through the back of Jess’ hair, gripping it tightly. Luke takes a deep breath before he speeds up. He digs his shoes to the ground as he speeds up, adding more power with each thrust.

            Jess is closing his eyes and trying to think of anything other than this moment. Dead animals of all kinds cross his mind before he realizes he will never stop thinking of this for the rest of his life… and how much he likes it. Jess is shocked by the pleasure that comes rushing through the pain as Luke begins to cum into him. Every bit of warmth calms the pain shocking his system.

            When he begins to cum, Luke can feel wave of warmth rush through and out of his body, the sweat dripping down his body. He pulls on Jess’ hair with extreme force, pulling his head into the air. He begins slowing down as he finishes, making sure he is completely done before taking his penis out. He takes a step back, pulling his pants up both happy and petrified by what just happened.

            “Shit!” Luke shouts.

            “That was…” Jess says after taking the socks out of his mouth and turning around.

            “Yeah…” Jess stands up and pulls his pants up.

            “Tell anyone and I’ll make sure you end up in a military boot camp for life!” Luke turns to the door.

            “I wouldn’t tell anyone if you didn’t just threaten me.”

            “Well…” Luke opens the door and barges out of the apartment, Jess smirking.

Chapter Text

            “Oh god yes!” Drew shouts as he continues thrusting his penis in and out of Eli.

            Eli grabs the sides of the desk tighter as Drew grabs the back of his butt and squeezes tight. Though this is the fifth time Eli has taken in Drew’s penis, it hurt just as much as it did the first time. But Eli has learned to appreciate the feeling of Drew’s penis tenfold.

            “Fuck you are as hot as ever!” Drew shouts as he slides his hands up and down Eli’s back.

            “Fuck!” Drew and Eli are confused, stop what they are doing and look to the classroom door to see the first-year Jake standing in the doorway with his mouth wide open.

            Jake closes the door and begins walking away as Drew gets out of Eli and the two get their pants on. Eli is the first to run out of the room and follow Jake.

            “Jake! Wait man!” Eli is running and catching up to Jake who is walking.

            “What?” Jake turns around, trying to act tough.

            “Please Jake, please don’t tell anyone.”

            “Well it’s not my business anyway.” Drew eventually catches up, breathing heavily.

            “Please Jake! Don’t tell anyone! I’ll do anything!” Drew finally slows his breath.

            “He says he won’t” Eli steps next to Drew.

            “Oh good!” Drew lets out a sigh of relief.

            “Actually…” Jake smiles, thinking of a perfect idea and taking a step closer to the two of them. “I have one way you can guarantee my silence.”

            “Sure, whatever.” Drew runs a hand through his hair.

            “Drew… you suck my penis and Eli… you shove your penis in Drew.” Drew stands there mouth open and shocked.

            Eli is fine with this because he has only have taken Drew’s penis and never the other way. Drew is scared and has been to take a penis, scared about the pain that will accompany it as it happens and afterwards. Along with that, Drew is scared to put a penis into his mouth for every reason known to man.

            “Sure.” Drew blurts out despite his fear.

            “Okay, let’s do this now.” Jake starts walking back to the classroom and the other two follow directly behind him.

            They walk into the classroom and double check they lock the door and pull all the blinds down. Jake stands against the wall and begins pulling his pants down.

            “Okay Drew… on your knees.” Drew regretfully gets onto his knees just as Jake pulls down his pants and boxers, his average length but above average width penis starring him in the face.

            Jake then moves down to his knees, his penis slapping Drew in the face before he steps back and gets on his hands and knees. Eli walks behind Drew, the two taking their pants off. Jake looks down to be surprised by Drew’s extremely large penis dangling and Eli’s average penis rock hard and sticking in front of Drew’s penis. Eli quickly shoves his penis into Drew and he nearly screams out, but he holds it back in to act tough in front of these guys. He looks up to see Jake smiling and look down to his own hard penis. Drew takes a deep breath in to get over the pain before touching Jake’s penis with the tip of his tongue. Drew is completely surprised by how great it feels to touch another’s penis.

            “Wow!” Jake works hard not to shout when Drew takes his penis into his mouth all the way at once.

            Jake puts both his hands into Drew’s hair as Drew begins licking his shaft and sucking hard on the tip of his penis. Meanwhile, Eli is closing his eyes and his hands are gripping Drew’s butt and he just thrusts in and out of Drew with only pleasure filling his body.

            It’s now been fifteen minutes of sucking and thrusting. Eli can feel himself getting close to finishing. The pain Drew feels has lessened in is ass, while the pleasure in his ass and his mouth have increased, especially with the pre-cum coming out of Jake’s penis. Eli is sweating like he never has before, his long black hair wet and dangling over his eyes.

            It is like the most perfect feeling as Eli and Jake begin to cum at the same time. Drew enjoys the taste of the cum and the rush of liquid entering through his hole. But when the cum in his mouth become too much for him, Drew releases Jake’s penis. Jake’s penis whips out and shoots cum over Drew’s face and hair. Eli immediately leaves Drew once he is done and steps back to see Jake’s ecstatic face. Jake, with his hands in Drew’s cum covered hair, pulls Drew’s face to his penis and wipes the cum off his penis and into Drew’s hair.

            “Wow!” Jake says before he begins pulling his boxers back on.

            Drew just stands in the room with his pants down while he wipes the cum off his face with tissues. He looks at the window at his reflections and fixes his hair before pulling his pants up.

            “That was fun!” Jake says before walking to the door. “We should do that again!” Jake leaves, Drew and Eli walking up to each other.

            “Maybe you should do me now?” Eli smiles to Drew.

            “That can be worked out.” Drew runs his hand into Eli’s hair and kisses him on the lips before walking out the door of the room.

Chapter Text

            The cameras are off! The producers have told the houseguests to not freak out and just relax. Derrick and Cody are separate from rest of the house, talking together in Derrick’s HOH room.

            “You know I am so horny and sick of not having sex!” Cody says as he joins Derrick on the bed.

            “Totally! It’s only been a few weeks and I’m having so much trouble hiding my hard wood.”

            “Well maybe we should work on that while the lights are out?”

            “Well yeah, you can go in the bathroom and I’ll do it in the bed.”

            “Um no...” Cody gets closer to Derrick. “I was thinking we help each other out.”

            “Oh! Man, I’m not into guys that way.”

            “Neither am I!” Cody shouts. “But it will hold us over for longer than just jerking off.”

            “Sure.” Cody is surprised by how easy it was to convince Derrick.

            “Your HOH so you get to be the guy first.”

            Derrick smiles and the two begin whipping their pants off rapidly, throwing them to the floor. As Derrick gets off the bed, Cody goes onto his hands and knees at the edge of the bed. Derrick is not surprised by Cody’s ridiculously large penis that makes his look below average. But Derrick’s penis gets rock solid and ready for action quite quickly as he gets excited to just be able to cum for the first time in weeks and possibly last for months.

            Derrick can’t wait any longer for his penis to get to 100% hardness and shoves it into Cody. Cody bites his lip so hard immediately that it begins to bleed. Cody just begins thinking about his turn and finally getting to cum that the pain starts to slowly dissipates. Derrick pounds Cody’s ass like he never has with a woman before, knowing that Cody can handle any pain and be tough. He slides his hands up from Cody’s ass and stops as the muscles on the side of his stomach. Derrick is surprisingly turned on by the feel of Cody’s muscles. Each time his groin smacks against Cody’s butt, Derrick can feel the bed vibrate with them. Derrick holds himself from shouting as he begins to cum, his warm liquid flowing into Cody. Cody can feel the energy in him get to new levels as he realizes it’s almost his turn and forgets about any pain he is feeling. Derrick finishes and stands up and begins putting his pants back on. Cody sits up on the bed, running a hand through his hair.

            “What’s up dude? It’s my turn.”

            “Oh sorry, not use to switching.” As Derrick touches his belt he sees the red light turn on the camera and points to it.

            “Damn!” Cody shouts, ridiculously pissed off.

            Cody walks over to the bathroom. Derrick follows behind and pulls Cody into a corner. He begins kissing Cody and digs his hand down Cody’s boxers. He grabs his penis and begins pulling it back and forth.

            “The cameras!” Cody whispers.

            “It’s a blank spot, we’ve got roughly a minute.”

            Derrick pulls Cody’s hard penis over and over with extreme speed. It only takes seconds for Cody to begin to cum into his boxers. Cody bites begins kissing Derrick, giving tongue to him.

            “Thanks.” Cody whispers into Derrick’s ears before he walks away and leaves Cody to secretly clean up.

Chapter Text

            “Liam Court. You’re in my office yet again.” Principal Wilson pulled his sleeves up. “You’re failing two classes and if you don’t bring them up you will no longer be allowed to be on the surf team.”

            “But…” Liam leans forward in his chair, running a hand through his hair.

            “No buts… you have to pass the next quizzes in both those classes to raise them high enough.”

            “Please Principal Wilson… I’ll do anything.” Liam can’t fathom not being on the surf team, literally the only thing he likes about school.

            A lightbulb flashes in Principal Wilson’s head.

            “Well… I guess there’s one way to go around that rule.”

            “Anything!” Liam rises to his feet in excitement.

            “Take off your shirt.” Principal Wilson gets to his feet.

            “Um… sure.” Liam does so, his abs watering Wilson’s mouth.

            “Now the pants.”

            “Principal Wilson.” Liam is surprised and takes a step back.

            “Call me Harry for the time being.”

            “I don’t think I want to do this anymore.”

            “You will if you want to remain on the surf team and raise your grades.”

            “Really?... Okay.” Liam starts taking his pants off.

            “And the boxers.” Liam takes a deep breath in before taking his boxers down and showing his large penis.

            Harry whips his belt off before closing all his blinds and locking his door. He gets behind Liam and pushes him to the desk where he bends over. Harry flips Liam over, his penis getting harder and sticking up at him. Harry places his hands on Liam’s abs and runs them up and down. He leans forward and begins kissing Liam on the lips. Liam doesn’t kiss back but just lets Harry take control. Harry then steps back and begins pulling his pants off.

            “Turn around and grab a pencil.” He folds his pants on a chair.

            “Pencil?” Liam turns around and is confused.

            “To bite down on. It’s going to hurt.” Harry pulls down his boxers, his large hard penis popping out straight in front of Liam’s hole.

            Harry is too horny to wait and just shoves his penis into Liam with extreme speed and force. Liam bites down on the pencil, it breaking in his mouth. He spits it out and grabs his shirt, stuffing it into his mouth as he continues biting to relieve as little pain as possible. Harry grabs Liam’s hips tight enough that he can see his fingerprints imprinted on Liam’s skin, then begins to go in and out of him with speed.

A few minutes later, as Harry begins to sweat, he rips off his tie and throws his shirt off at the wall. He leans forward, his sweaty body sliding against Liam’s back, grabbing the back of Liam’s hair and pulling his head up. When Liam’s head is pulled up he can feel his penis become hard quick and smack against the side of the desk.

Within a couple more minutes Liam can feel himself pre-cum and get horny as Harry slaps his ass with one hand. Harry then runs a hand through his own wet hair as the sweat begins to drip down his face. He wipes his forehead with his arm before moving both his hands to Liam’s waist and begin to thrust faster. Within seconds Harry begins to cum. It shoots out of him like a rocket, his body stopping from the pleasure. As the cum enters him, Liam feels a pleasure like he never has before, taking the shirt out of his mouth and biting down on his lip. When Harry slowly begins moving and letting rest of it out, Liam is loving his life like he never has before, but then remembers who is with him and what he’s doing and feels weird. Harry pulls out of Liam and turns him around, instantly noticing his rock hard penis pop out. He leans forward, their penis’ sliding against each other. When Harry begins kissing Liam this time around, Liam begins kissing back.

“Thanks Liam.” Harry gets up and begins putting his clothes back on. “I will fix your grades immediately.”

“Thanks Principal Wilson.” Liam begins getting dressed.

            “Call me Harry, but only when were alone.” After getting dressed he moves to Liam and puts his hands on his chest. “Maybe we can do this again sometime… then your grades can get better and maybe we’ll have enough time for me to help solve that hard problem down there.” He looks down to the bulge in Liam’s pants.

            “Sure.” Liam takes a risk and moves forward, kissing Harry on the lips.

            A knock on the door scares them apart. Liam puts his shirt on and reaches for the door to open it before they notice it’s locked. Harry wipes his arm against the sweat on his forehead before the vice principal walks in and Liam sneaks out the room. Liam turns around to look at Harry, the two smile and look into each other’s eyes before moving on.

Chapter Text

            Finn feels so bad about what happened. He punched Brody over anger and regrets every single part of it. So, that’s when Finn finds Brody’s address and goes straight to his address. Before knocking the door, Finn looks at himself in his phone, fixing his hair. When he knocks and the door opens, Brody smashes the door closed immediately. Finn stops it with his foot and barges in.

            “Dude! I’m not here to hurt you!” Finn notices Brody is in a towel.

            “Then what for?” Brody secures his towel.

            “To apologize.”

            “Well fine. I’ll take it, now go.” Finn doesn’t move away, but closes the door.

            “Please, can I do anything to show just how sorry I am.”

            “Let me fuck you.” Brody jokes.

            “Okay.” Finn begins taking his pants off.

            “I was joking dude!” Brody shouts but doesn’t move away or move his eyes.

            Finn just continues taking it all off until he has nothing but his shirt and tie on.

            “Top on or off?”

            “Off.” Finn follows by taking his shirt and tie off as Brody whips his towel off.

            With their penis’ flaccid and in front of each other Brody walks up to Finn.

            “Against the wall.”

            Finn goes face first against the wall and Brody goes up behind him. He aligns his penis. He slaps his penis on Finn’s butt for a minute until it hardens. Brody jabs it in and Finn doesn’t seem to be as faced by it as he feels he should. Finn bites his lips and just lets Brody take control. Brody holds Finn’s head against the wall as he thrusts in and out him. Though Brody showered recently, he doesn’t care about the sweat dripping down his body as he speeds up. Brody, running his fingers through Finn’s hair is surprisingly tuned on. Brody then runs one hand in his hair and wipes his forehead before he feels himself close to finishing. With one hand on Finn’s head, Brody runs a hand down Finn’s muscular back, digging his fingers in and scratching him. Just as he finishes scratching Finn, he begins to cum. The cum shoots out and Brody closes his eyes, trying to imagine the hottest girl he can think of… but all he can imagine is Finn.

            “Oh fuck!” Brody says before opening his eyes.

            He leans close to Finn as he begins to slow down, his abs sliding against Finn’s back. He leans into Finn’s ear and begins nibbling on it until he is done. He takes himself out of Finn and turns Finn around.

            “What are you doing?” Finn whispers before Brody moves in and begins kissing Finn.

            Brody grabs Finn’s penis with one hand as the other runs through Finn’s spiked hair. Finn follows by kissing back and running both his hands through Brody’s hair. Brody then pushes off Finn and steps back.

            “That was fun. You’re apology is accepted.”

            “Well…” Brody walks Finn to the door and pushes him out. “Fun.” It’s all that Finn says before Brody throws his clothes at him and slams the door shut.

Chapter Text

            “Hey Marty don’t forget to cleans those up.” Logan points the plates, cups, and utensils lying all over the couch and floor surrounding it.

            “Yes sir.” Marty jokes but Logan loves him calling that.

            Marty begins cleaning the mess from the party he just catered for Logan.

            “Oh and a friend threw up in the bathroom, have fun with that.” Logan pats on Marty’s back.

            Something just snaps in Marty at that moment and he grabs Logan’s wrist. He stands up and pushes Logan against the wall.

            “I am not your slave. It is only my job to bring the food, serve it, then clean up the mess it made.”

            “Calm down dude!” Logan shouts.

            “Don’t tell me what to do!” Marty slams his hand on the wall next to Logan’s head. “I call the shots now!” Marty punches Logan in the gut.

            Logan bends over, giving Marty the chance to pull down his pants quickly. He then digs his fingers into Logan’s hair, surprised by the crunchiness of it. Marty grips his hair and pulls him up. He leans into Logan and while face to face knees Logan in the balls. Logan falls to his knees and Marty follows. He pushes Logan to the ground as he cups his balls. Marty begins pulling Logan’s pants off. Logan tries stopping Marty butt Marty just lightly touches Logan’s crotch area and he moves to protect himself. Once his pants are off, Marty flips Logan on his stomach and pins him down on the back with his knee. His penis is solid and he is ready to start, but stops to lean into Logan.

            “And I know you won’t tell anyone about this because it would be so… humiliating if not only you had sex with a guy but also were beaten up by the caterer.” Marty just laughs before moving back and shoving his penis into Logan.

            “Fuck!” Logan shouts in pain, biting on the carpet of his floor.

            Marty just begins humping Logan, his penis hitting the back of Logan’s hole. Marty loves the tightness of Logan’s ass and is in bliss, humping faster and harder by the minutes. He continues for minutes, sweat beginning to drip down his face, until he begins to cum. He tried holding it back but it’s been too long since he last had sex, so he bursts.

            “Oh sweet mother!” Marty shouts as he slows down, leaning against Logan.

            He grabs the back of Logan’s hair and gets more on top of him. Once done he slides his penis out of Logan and gets on top of him. Logan is trying to worm his way out of the sandwich, but Marty’s weight is holding him down and Logan’s in too much pain to try hard. Marty sniffs Logan’s hair before he begins kissing Logan’s neck.

            “You’re my bitch now.” Marty laughs before he begins running his fingers through Logan’s hair and continues kissing him for hours until he lets Logan up.

Chapter Text

            “So your name is Killian?” Sheriff Graham turns to face the cell.

            “Indeed it is.” Kilian leans against the bars.

            “So what exactly should I do with you?”

            “Well you could keep me captive forever… or I could give you a little help with something and you could let me out.”

            “That was a rhetorical question.” Killian licks his lips as Graham walks towards the gate. “But the second option sounds interesting. What could you possibly help me with?”

            “That stiff one down there…” Killian and Graham both look down at Graham’s large bulge.

            Graham uses his keys to open the cell doors, Killian stepping back. Graham grabs his cuffs and attaches one to Killian’ wrist before connecting the other to the cell door.

            “Kinky.” Killian smiles. “It’s going to be hard to take my trousers off with one hand.”

            “I’ll handle that.” Graham smiles as he kneels and pulls Killian’s pants down. “Well… a little smaller than I thought…” Graham says as he pulls down his boxers to see Killian’s small penis.

            “But it packs a big punch.” Killian laughs. “Your turn.”

            Graham drops his pants with one pull of his belt. He leans forward as he grabs the cell door and closes it. He gets close to Killian, his lips to Killian’s ear.

            “This is going to hurt.” Graham whispers.

            “Who said this was my first time?” Killian turns his head and begins kissing Graham on the lips.

            Graham is kissing back after feeling the soft velvet of Killian’s lips. Graham turns Killian around, pushing Killian’s back against the door. He digs his hands into Killian’s greasy hair before sliding his hands down to his waist. He stops kissing him and flips him around, pushing Killian’s face into the bars. Killian begins laughing before Graham pushes his facer harder.

            “This won’t make you laugh.” Graham says before shoving his penis into Killian.

            Killian just smiles and bites hit lip before Graham begins to thrust back and forth. Graham holds both his hands to Killian’s, holding them above his head and gripping them to the bars tight. He begins thrusting harder, Killian’s groin smashing into the bars. Killian feels a chill as his penis smacks the cold bars. Graham lets go of Killian’s hands and begins taking his jacket off. He throws it behind him before ripping his shirt off, buttons flying everywhere. He whips his tie off before pressing up against Killian. He rides his body against Killian’s as he speeds up, his chest getting hot as he rubs against Killian’s back.

            “Fuck!” Graham moans.

            “Close already?” Killian laughs.

            “Shut up!” Graham grabs Killian by the hair and slams Killian’s head into the bars.

            Graham grabs the bars and pulls/thrusts as hard as he can at once. Graham quickly begins to cum.

            “Oh yeah!” Graham shouts.

            He digs one hand into Killian’s hair and pulls it back while the other holds onto Killian’s hip. He begins to slow down as he finishes. He slides his body against Killian’s and runs his hand up from Killian’s waist to move up his vest and feels his abs. Graham slides his penis out of Killian.

            “How was that?” Graham says as he reaches to his pants.

            “Eh!” Killian laughs and turns to face Graham.

            “Funny?” Graham grabs another pair of cuffs from his pants and rushes up to cuff Killian’s other hand. “Now let’s see if you can laugh while I do this.” Graham gets to his knees and shoves Killian’s penis into his mouth.

            “Wow! So not fu…” Killian fades off as Graham continues.

Chapter Text

            “Any additional features you want on this Buffy bot?”

            “No, just make it do the stuff I like genius.”

            “Like what?”

            “Like this!” Spike is annoyed at Warren and grabs the back of his hair.

            He begins kissing warren and is loving the feeling of his crunchy and greasy hair. Spike turns Warren around and rips his shirt clean off. He whips off Warrens pants.

            “She needs to love my hair!” He pulls Warren’s hair so hard he screams. “And love to pull on it!” He whips his pants off and aligns it with Warren’s hole.

            Spike shoves it into Warren. Warren screams out in pain and Spike shoves his own boxers into his mouth.

            “She needs to love it when I play dirty!” Spike shouts before digging his nails into Warren’s back and begins bleeding. “And she needs to love to play with my balls!” Spike grabs hold of Warren’s balls and grips them tight enough that Warren feels like fainting.

            Spike releases Warren’s penis as he begins thrusting with all his vamp strength. He licks the blood coming from Warren’s back as he continues. He leans forward and grabs Warren’s head. He pulls it towards him and begins kissing him.

            “And she needs to love to fight back.” Spike whispers between kisses and before he bites Warren’s bottom lip.

            He releases Warren’s bottom lip as he begins to cum. He thrusts even faster as he finishes. He continues for minutes until every bit of his cum has left him. He takes his penis out and turns Warren around. He rips the boxers form his mouth.

            “You understand?” Spike moves his face an inch from Warren’s.

            “Yeah… perfectly.” Warren is fighting whether to smile or to cry.

            “Than get to work geek.” Spike pushes Warren.

Chapter Text

            “I can’t believe you embarrassed me like this!” Aaron yells at Logan as they walk into his office.

            “I’m sorry dad.” Logan rubs his eyes.

            “It’s too late for that now!” Aaron whips off his belt. “Bend over.”

            “But dad…”

            “Shut up and bend!” Aaron takes a seat.

            “Dad…” Aaron just looks into Logan’s eyes with such anger that silences him as he bend over his father’s knees.

            Aaron whips his belt over Logan’s butt over and over with as much force as he can. Logan keeps his eyes closed and tries as hard as possible not to cry over the pain. Aaron is so angry that each time he hits his son, he doesn’t feel any better.

            “Why can’t you be like me?” Aaron yells as he stops hitting Logan. “You’re supposed to be as amazing as me. You should be wearing better clothes and having nicer hair.” Aaron digs his hands through Logan’s hair and pulls his head up to face him. “Though it surprisingly feels great it makes you look like a dirty man whore.” He pulls Logan’s hair so hard Logan must take a deep breath in.

            “Dad I’ll do anything to make you happy.” Logan whimpers his lips.

            “If that’s so.” Aaron stands up and goes to the dresser. “Put this on. It’s a costume from a movie from when I was your age.”

            Logan, standing in the middle of the room with his father watching, changes into a collared yellow shirt and short caches. He walks up to his father.

            “I like it, you look presentable for once… but take off those pants.” Logan does so, standing there with just his boxers. “Now the boxers.”

            “But dad I…” Aaron interrupts him.

            “Do it!” Logan takes his boxers off. “Good to know you have my genetics down there.” Aaron stands up and walks around Logan, looking him up and down.


            “Shut up and bend over!”

            “But dad!” Logan begins freaking out.

            “My belt has yet to change you over the years so let’s try something new!” He pushes Logan, bending him over the desk.

            Aaron takes his pants off, followed by his boxers. He shoves his penis into Logan, Logan just lays there holding his breath and biting his lip. He says nothing, knowing it will only prolong this.

            “Damn! Your mother hasn’t been this tight since before I met her.” Aaron begins thrusting in and out of Logan faster. “You know… you should bring that Dick friend of yours here sometime… he could use a lesson or two from me.” Logan just stays silent. “Right boy?” Aaron yells.

            “Yes father.” Logan manages to get out and begins breathing heavily.

            “Shut up!” Aaron yells as he gets close and begins thrusting faster and harder.

            Aaron digs his hands into Logan’s hair, still surprised by how much he loves the feel of it. Within a minute Aaron begins to cum. Aaron bites his bottom lip and pulls hard on Logan’s hair, his head bending up.

            “Fuck yeah!” Aaron yells. “You really need to learn a lesson more often!” Aaron slows down before taking himself out.

            Aaron begins putting his pants back on and Logan just stays frozen over the desk, contemplating everything that just happened.

            “Move it boy!” Aaron finishes getting dressed and grabs Logan’s pats off the ground. He hands Logan the clothes and pushes him out of his office. “Now tomorrow we’ll go clothes shopping and I’ll get you so more appropriate clothes… then we’ll see if you need another lesson.”

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

            “I’m sorry Ted, it just sorta happened.” Barney opens the door to Ted before he barges in.

            “An accident? What about this bro code stuff you always talk about?”

            “I…I just…”

            “No! Stop it!”

            “Please man… I’ll do anything to help you forgive me.”

            “Well… you slept with her so… sleep with me.”

            “No! I’m not gay dude! And neither are you.”

            “No, but I haven’t had sex in months and need a hole to shove my penis into.”


            “Well? You either do it or we are no longer friends.”

            “Fine! I’ll do it!”

            “Good. Pull your pants down.” Ted and Barney both begin taking their pants off.

            “But after this we never speak of it again and you must forgive and forget about me and Robin.”

            Ted just nods as the two finish undressing. Ted turns around immediately to not see Ted’s crotch area.

            “Would you at least change into a nice suit if you’re going to do this?” Barney asks, tightening his tie.

            “Shut up and bend over.” Barney bends over.

            “Fine, but maybe fix your hair a little.” Ted ignores Barney and shoves his penis directly into him.

            “Why is this so easy? I thought you aren’t gay.” Ted comments on how easy his penis slides in and the little to no reaction Barney has.

            “Well don’t you put a dildo up there to loosen it up?”

            “No!” Ted begins thrusting and Barney just stays there bent over thinking about himself.

            Ted hasn’t had sex in so long that he can feel himself pre-cum already. He leans forward and digs his hands into Barney’s hair.

            “Hey man! The hair!” Barney shouts as Ted begins to mangle his hair.

            “Shut up!” Barney just looks at himself in the reflection of his table, winking and straightening his tie. “Oh god!” Ted shouts as he begins to cum.

            Seconds later Ted takes his penis out of Barney and begins putting his pants pback on.

            “That it?” Barney turns around, his penis hard and pointing at Ted. “That’s sex with Ted? That lasted a minute… and didn’t have any kind of foreplay.”

            “Now I know why your relationships don’t last forever.” Ted tries to speak but Barney turns around and begins fixing his reflection. “Now I’m interested in how Marshall does it.” Barney grabs his penis and begins yanking it as he looks at himself. “You can go now.”

Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

            “What are you still doing here Huntzberger?” Doyle is annoyed, waiting for everyone to leave so he can.

            “Just work.” Logan doesn’t even look up at Doyle.

            “Come on man!” Doyle shouts when he sees Logan is playing a game on his computer.

            “What? I’m bored and my roommate has a girl over.”

            “But I need to leave!” Doyle looks like a little kid to Logan.

            “If I can stay for another hour or so I will do something for you.”

            “Like what? Your job?” Doyle flops down to his seat.

            “Like a job.” Logan rolls his seat over to Doyle, immediately placing his hand on Doyle’s groin area.

            “Um…” Doyle is completely speechless.

            Logan just laughs before unbuttoning Doyle’s pants and opening his boxers. He reaches into Doyle’s boxers, grabbing his penis. Though it is initially limp, Doyle hasn’t been with someone in so long that it begins harden just by Logan’s hand. Logan gets off his seat and onto his knees. Doyle is frozen still as if Logan is an animal he may scare off. Logan licks the tip of Doyle’s penis. With that lick, Doyle’s penis pops straight out into Logan’s face, touching his lips.

            “Wow!” Doyle blurts out and Logan just laughs. “You like…um… guys?” Doyle is trying to stop himself from speaking but just can’t.

            “No, but when a friend needs a little help I like to give a hand… or a mouth.” Logan’s smile makes Doyle feel a way he has never felt before.

            “Um… can I touch… um your hair?” Logan just smiles before taking Doyle’s penis into his mouth with his tongue.

            Doyle takes that as a yes and puts his hands into Logan’s hair, something he has wanted to do since first seeing him. His hair is crunchier than Doyle expected, but ten times better feeling. Doyle takes deep and short breaths in as Logan’s tongue wraps around his penis, barely able to control his body right now. One hand grabs Logan’s hair as the other grabs the arm of his chair. Doyle bites his bottom lip as he feels himself getting close. He knows it’s quick so he begins thinking about everything that makes him feel sad, but at the end of every thought is either Logan’s hair, smile, or the way his penis feels at the moment. Without realizing it, Doyle begins to cum.

            “Fuck! Mother fucking fuck!” Doyle begins shouting uncontrollably as he cums into Logan’s mouth.

            Logan chugs it all down with ease before he finishes, licking all around Doyle’s dick. He gets off his knees and back into his chair. Doyle just sits there, his mouth wide open and eyes closed as Logan begins playing the game on his computer again.

Chapter Text

            “He’s going to regret what he’s done!” Isaac shouts.

            “Shut it.” Danny whispers to Isaac as he continues picking the house’s lock.

            “I’m just saying… how in the world could he choose that scrawny Stilinski over you and me? You have the body of a god and I have the hair and face of a model with the personality of man’s best friend.”

            “Wow… that’s surprisingly accurate.” Danny laughs right before the door unlocks and he swings it open.

            “Damn, you’re not bad too.” Isaac and Danny walk into the house.

            “So… what exactly were you thinking of doing to their house? This is illegal.”

            “Oh whatever!” Isaac knocks over multiple pictures, the glass shattering as they hit the floor. “Let’s start upstairs and work our way down.” Danny follows Isaac, pushing the coat rack over.

            They walk over to the master bedroom and open the door to see an unopened California king sized mattress. Isaac runs right up to it, jumping on it. Danny just stands there watching as Isaac rips the plastic off.

            “Should we rip it apart?” Isaac laughs.

            “No…” Danny suddenly has an idea that he can’t hold in. “Let’s have sex on it! For revenge of course!”

            “Of course!” Isaac and Danny both begin ripping their clothes off.

            Danny runs over, jumping onto the bed and on top of Isaac. HE begins kissing Isaac, Isaac clawing Danny’s chest. Danny moves in and begins kissing Isaac’s neck. He slides down, kissing every inch of Isaac until he gets to his boxers. As Danny pulls Isaac’s boxers down, his large penis popping out, Isaac flips Danny over, getting on top of him. Isaac grins before scratching his nails into the bed, ripping it. He rips Danny’s boxers clean off and let’s their penis’ slide against each other. Isaac can feel his animal side coming out and quickly aligns his penis with Danny’s hole. With one animalistic thrust, Isaac shoves his penis into him. He begins thrusting with extreme force, each thrust making Isaac sweat more.

            “Fuck! That feels…” Danny stops himself. “Like amazing revenge! Derek will regret never choosing me!”

            “He’ll regret not choosing me even more!” Isaac shouts as he grabs hold of Danny’s waist.

            Five minutes in and Isaac is sweating uncontrollably. His long curls are beginning to flop over his forehead as his body begins dripping sweat everywhere. Puddles of sweat begin seeping into the mattress. Danny can feel his heart racing, unable to stop starring at Isaac’s face and his hair. Isaac runs an arm to wipe sweat off his forehead before taking a breath in continuing at an even faster speed.

            It’s been another ten minutes and Isaac is running out of breath. He is sweating just as much as before. His long curls are now completely over his forehead and dangling slightly over his eyes. Each thrust Isaac makes, his hair flies up and out of his eyes then back down, sweat flying into the air. Danny can feel every bit of Isaac’s penis and the warm pleasure. Danny is now also sweating, digging his nails into the mattress. Isaac can feel himself close and bites his lip, blood being drawn. Isaac licks the blood off and continues until he feel’s himself explode like he never has before. He looks down at Danny, at the smile on his face that makes him smile. Danny looks up at Isaac, who he can’t stop looking at like he never has before.

            As Isaac finishes, he leans down onto Danny, scratching Danny’s chest until it bleeds. Isaac’s hair falls onto Danny’s stomach, tickling Danny. As Danny holds back laughing, he digs his hands into Isaac’s hair, feeling the crispiness from the enormous amount of product he puts in it and the sogginess form the sweat. He pushes Isaac’s hair back, looking into his eyes. They stare at each other for minutes before Isaac realizes he is completely empty and sits up, taking his penis out Danny. He quickly plops onto the bed next to Danny, exhausted. Danny turns over to Isaac, smiling.

            “That was…um…. Quite amazing.”

            “Thanks…” Isaac takes a deep breath in and turns to his side. “You were pretty amazing yourself.”

            “Yeah… maybe this doesn’t have to be a one-time thing… like maybe not just a revenge thing either.” Isaac leans in close to Danny.

            “I don’t think this was ever really about revenge.” Isaac moves in and kisses Danny on the lips. “But maybe we can still do this revenge thing at least once more… like maybe on Scott?”

            “He did forget to get your favorite drink at the last gathering…”

            “And that’s just mean.” They both laugh before kissing.

            They continue making out for a while longer before getting dressed, trashing rest of the house, and leaving. They head back to Danny’s place, planning their visit to Scott’s.

Chapter Text

            Navid has been embarrassed over his father’s business since he learned what his father did at a young age. And everyone he meets asks about it, making everything awkward. But when he first told Liam Court, his new friend, Liam was more interested than anyone ever was. Liam was interested enough to ask Navid to see where is father films everything. Navid was inclined to say yes, mostly because he wants all the friends he can possibly get. Navid told him the next day the warehouse would be empty and they can visit it. And they did. They just arrived at the place.

            “Here it is.” Navid opened the door, the lights to the warehouse turning on automatically.         

            “Wow.” Liam is shocked by the size of the place and the amount of equipment inside.

            “I’ll show you the set of the latest film… The Boner Diaries.”

            They walk onto a set that looks just like a bedroom. Navid hops onto the bed and just looks around.

            “This is so cool.”

            “I guess… but I think growing up on it made me like it less.”

            “Well that sucks… maybe being in one would make you like it more.”

            “Oh I would never be naked on film with a girl.”

            “What about with me?”

            “Your gay?” Navid shouts, surprised as hell.

            “Well yeah… isn’t it obvious?”

            “Um… no!”

            Liam just walks up to Navid and grabs his head. Tiliting his head to the side, Liam begins kissing Navid. Navid is shocked, not by the kiss, but by the amazing feeling coming from the pants and moving down his pants. Navid pushes Liam onto the bed. He then begins walking away.

            “Hey! Sorry dude!” Liam starts shouting before Navid stops at one of the cameras and flips the switch.

            The camera turns on and Navid goes behind it, aiming it at the bed. After a few minutes of aiming it, Navid fixes the lights for the perfect mood lighting.

            “Take your pants and shirt off, but leave the leather jacket on.” Navid shouts over to Liam, who does what he says immediately.

            As Navid walks over to the bed he undresses, throwing all his clothes to the floor one by one. Navid goes to the bed and Liam sits up. Liam grabs Navid by the waist and begins kissing it. Navid runs his hands over Liam’s pecs. Sliding his hands up to Liam’s head, Navid digs his fingers into Liam’s hair, feeling the brown shag. He pushes Liam back onto the bed. He grabs Liam’s legs and lifts them up, putting them on his shoulders. He grabs his erect penis and shoves it into Liam. He looks over to see if Liam is okay, and he is just smiling.

            “Fuck yeah!” Liam shouts as Navid begins thrusting.

            Liam digs his hands through his own hair, keeping his arms up and behind his head. Navid is thrusting like a storm and Liam is completely surprised by the fierceness in Navid’s eyes as he looks up. Navid doesn’t even seem to care that Liam is there, but just about the action of thrusting. He continues getting faster and stronger with each thrust.

            It only takes five more minutes before Navid begins to cum. The second Navid begins to cum he looks down at Liam and smiles. Navid’s attitude completely changes as he slows down and puts Liam’s legs down. He grips Liam’s thighs, softly squeezing them and sliding his hands up towards his groin area. AS he finishes, Navid slides his penis out and slides his body on top of Liam, moving forward. He digs his hands into Liam’s hair, sliding himself up. He begins kissing Liam as one hand stays in his hair and the other grabs Liam’s arm, feeling the chill leather.

            “I love you.” Navid whispers into Liam’s ears, shaking him to the core.

            “Um… thanks.” Liam says just silent enough that Navid doesn’t really hear him.

            The two get up off the bed and begin getting dressed. Navid walks tot eh camera and takes the disc out of it, handing it to Liam.

            “For you when you want to remember the first day of our relationship.”

            “Thanks.” Liam takes the disc, prepared to destroy it the second he gets home.

            They get in the car and Navid drops Liam at home. From there Liam sits awake all night thinking about how to end this thing with Navid while still staying friends. Oops.

Chapter Text

            No one would say that Logan and Dean are best friends, or even good acquaintances. But that is exactly what they have been trying to make everyone think… because in real life… they are utterly fascinated with each other. It’s a late night and Logan has been hanging with his friends, but he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Dean and how he wants to be with him right now. So, he does. He calls Dean up and tells him to meet at the Yale library, hanging up before Dean can try and change the location.

            Logan waits a while then heads to the library. When he arrives at the library he goes to the far back corner study room, closes the curtains and takes a seat. A few minutes later and the door opens, Dean wearing a t-shirt and jeans, looking as hot as always.

            “Scoot it.” Dean tells Logan.

            “No. I’m on bottom this time.” Dean likes the confidence in Logan right now.

            Dean whips his belt off while Logan pulls down his sweat pants. Logan then slides his sweater off as Dean gets closer. Dean gets real close to Logan, the mouths in front of each other. They begin kissing. The lips smack into each other’s, the tongue slithering across one another’s. Dean runs his hands through Logan’s hair as he sits down on his lap, his bear ass warming. Logan grabs his hard penis before whispering to Dean to lift. As Dean slightly lifts himself up, Logan aligns his penis. Dean drops down with excitement, the weight a little much for Logan, but he takes a breath in and deals with it.  Logan runs his hands down Dean’s body and grabs his waist tightly, helping Dean move up and down. As they continue kissing, Dean keeps his hands in Logan’s hair as he pushes up with his legs. Logan bites down on Dean’s lip, slithering his tongue into Dean’s mouth. Logan then runs his hands into Dean’s hair and pulls on it tightly. He pulls Dean’s head up, Dean not stopping. Logan begins kissing Deans neck, nibbling on it just slightly.

            “I’m close.” Logan whisper nearly ten minutes later into Dean’s ear as Dean kisses Logan’s shoulder.

            Dean is sweating hard, his shirt drenched and hair wet. Logan pushes Dean’s hair out of his eyes before grabbing him by the sides, feeling his muscles. Logan can feel himself so close that he squeezes Dean’s muscles. Just then he begins to cum and Dean begins to slow down slightly per movement. Each time Dean moves up then down, he can feel the warm liquid move through him and Logan’s thick penis caress his insides.

            “Damn that was good!” Logan shouts just as he finishes and Dean stands up.

            “Yeah… not bad Huntzberger.” Dean says as Logan runs a hand through his hair and they both begin getting dressed. “But next time I choose the location and I’m on bottom.”

            “Fine! But then you have to suck me finally. I’ve done it so now it’s your turn.” Dean just rolls his eyes before the two head out of the library without saying another word.

Chapter Text

            A knock on the door made Jason jump in his seat, Jason zipping his pants up and wiping his forehead.

            “Come in.” When the door opens, Jason recognizes that it’s the school’s quarterback, Hayden. “Thanks for coming Hayden… I wasn’t expecting you until later.”

            “I had a free period so…” Hayden loves Mr. DiLaurentis’ outfit; a blue dress shirt with dark blue vest and pants and a nice tie, something Hayden has always wished he could pull off, but always stayed with jeans, a t-shirt, and his lettermen’s jacket.

            “Yeah, please take a seat.” Once Hayden takes a seat, the two look into each other’s eyes, Jason holding back a boner. “So are rumors circulating around the school that some people on the football team are abusing drugs… would you know anything about that?”

            “No Mr. D.” Hayden did hear a about it in the locker room but never did anything and didn’t know specifics.

            “Well thanks, if you think of anything my office is always open.” Hayden is ready to stand up when he stops himself.

            “Actually... I do have a question about something… but it’s not exactly drug related.”

            “Sure, but I don’t know how much I can help.”

            “I was wondering if you know of like when people realize they like the same sex?”

            “Um…” Jason was shocked by this.

            “It’s just that  friend of mine told me he is finding this one guy attractive and can’t stop thinking about him sexually.” Hayden doesn’t know what he’s doing anymore.

            “Well it’s completely natural for kids your age to question that sort of thing. I guess the only way to truly know if it’s real is if he tries something with that guy and see if he has those feelings still.”

            “But what if the guy he likes is older… and someone that works at this school.”

            “Well…” Jason couldn’t ignore his boner anymore. “That is very inappropriate.”

            “But what if that older guy was also into doing it and they just did it once and never spoke of it to anyone?” Hayden reached behind him and locked the door, his heart beating erratically.

Right then Jason flings his arm across his desk, everything flying to the floor. Both Hayden and Jason stand up, leaning across the table and begin kissing. Hayden’s hands go straight to Jason’s perfectly quaffed brown hair, feeling just how soft it really is. Jason follows Hayden by putting his hands into Hayden’s messy blonde hair that looks like he works hard to make it look like he doesn’t work on it all. They both step back as Jason begins unbuttoning his vest and Hayden begins taking of his jacket and shirt. Hayden is quickly done, beginning to pull his pants off. Once Jason sees Hayden’s rock hard abs, he throws his vest to the side, throws his tie off and just rips his shirt open, to impatient to wait.

“Have you done this before Mr. D?” Hayden asks as he throws his shoes to the side and takes his pants off.

“Yeah, a few times with an old friend from high school. And please… call me Jason.”

“Okay Jason… I guess the only way to make sure I am gay is for you to go in me then.” He says just as he pulls his boxers off, his thick and short penis starring Jason down.

Just as Jason pulls down his boxers, Hayden is both intimidated and happy to see Jason’s erect seven-inch penis pop out over the table. Hayden then gets onto the desk, his back surprised by the chill of the wood. Jason aligns his penis to Hayden’s hole as Hayden opens his legs, stopping for second.

“Just go in quick and get the pain out of the way.” Just as Hayden says that Jason shoves his penis into Hayden.

Hayden is surprised by just how much his asshole hurts at the moment, ready to scream in pain. But as Jason begins moving in and out of him, the feeling starts to get overcome by the immense feeling of pleasure he feels inside. Hayden reaches forward, his fingers sliding across Jason’s ripped abs, saliva falling from his mouth.

“So how long has it been since you last had sex?” Hayden doesn’t know why he’s speaking but can’t help himself.

“Um…” Jason is finding it hard to think and talk as he begins thrusting harder and faster. “A year or so.”

“What! A guy as hot as you? I’m doomed then.” Jason just laughs.

“Trust me…. You’ll get whomever you want.”

After that they both remain silent for the next ten minutes. Jason is now sweating and his hair is flopping up and down with each thrust. Hayden no longer feels any pain, but just the pleasure. As Jason begins running his hands on Hayden’s abs, feeling each and every muscle, Jason begins to cum. Both Jason and Hayden are surprised by this. Jason moves back up, grabbing hold of Hayden’s waist, thrusting faster.

“Oh my god!” Jason can’t help but silently shout, unable to control his mouth from opening and leaning up as to thank god.

As Jason finishes he takes his penis out of Hayden, grabbing a towel from his desk and wiping himself down. Hayden stands up and begins getting dressed.

“We can’t do that again! I can’t believe we just did that now!” Jason has begun to realize what just happened and is freaking out.

“Calm down.” Hayden is now fully dressed and walks up to Jason, who is still butt naked. “I will let you do that to me every day until the day I die… and I will never tell a single soul.” Hayden moves in and they begin kissing.

Just as Hayden reaches down and grabs Jason’s penis, the bell rings.

“Call me.” Hayden says before walking out of his office, Jason standing there frozen.

Chapter Text

            They were in the Big Brother house for months. Will has just won the game and everyone has been partying all night long. It isn’t until Will and Boogie get to Will’s hotel suite that Will begins to realize something.

            “You know what Boogie…”

            “What?” They both fall onto the couch.

            “I haven’t had sex in months and I am going to burst.”

            “Dude!” Boogie shouts before facing Will, the foreheads almost touching. “Let me help you!” Will has to think about that for a second.

            “Really? You would do that for me?”

            “Yeah man! Chilltown forever!” Boogie shouts before the two begins sloppily taking their clothes off.

            “I’ll meet you at the bed.” Will says after finishing undressing and heads to the bathroom.

            “Yeah man!” Boogie shouts before throwing his pants away and running to the bed.

            Will walks into the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror. He plays with his eyebrows for a minute before he looks at his naked body. He runs his hands down his body, feeling himself and his hairless body. He then grabs his tub of hair gel from the counter and begins applying it to his hair, making sure it’s extra shiny and slicked back. He smiles at himself once more before heading to the bed. When Will gets to the bed, Boogie is sitting doggie style on the bed, his butt up and facing Will.

            “You ready?” Will shouts.

            “Of course man! I’m always ready to help a friend.” Will, without a second thought, shoves his penis into Boogie.

            “Holy shit man! My penis feels like a virgin again!” Will shouts as he begins sliding his penis in and out.

            Boogie says nothing, but bites on his bottom lip, feeling only a little pain thanks to the alcohol in him. Will just grabs Boogie’s waist and begins thrusting faster and faster each. Within three minutes Will can feel himself ready to finish. He runs one hand through his own hair, and just then he begins to cum. He thrusts slower but harder as he cums. Once Will finishes he slides his penis out and instantly Boogie turns around and pulls Wil in close, beginning to kiss on the lips.

            “That was amazing!” Boogie says before going back to kiss Will.

            Will doesn’t really care about the kissing and just kisses back. Boogie runs his hands through Will’s hair, pulling at it. As their bodies clash and slide across each other’s, Boogie flips Will onto his back. Boogie slides down Will’s body and grabs hold of Will’s penis with his mouth.

            The two continue this all night long. Eventually they go to sleep around 6 in the morning. Around noon Will wakes up. He feels his entire body feel sore before turning to his side to see Boogie completely naked. Will feels like he should freak out… but he doesn’t. Will stands up, noticing the bed sheets are wet almost completely off the bed. He walks over to the bathroom where he sees his luxurious hair not so luxurious. His black hair is up in the air and no longer shiny. That’s when he freaks out. Will grabs his gel and begins trying to fix his hair. He then looks over to the bed, where Boogie is no longer. Boogie then appears in fron of the bathroom door.

            “Hey buddy…” Boogie smiles.

            “Hey man… so…” Will looks back to the mirror and works on his hair, trying not to freak out.

            “Let me help you.” Boogie says and before Will can hand Boogie the gel, Boogie gets down to his knees.

            Will looks down, finally noticing his penis is rock solid. Once Boogie takes his penis into his mouth, Will just looks at himself, smiling, in the mirror and works on his hair.

Chapter Text

            After Hannah Baker’s death, Justin Foley went down a quick and dangerous spiral. He was drinking, doing drugs, skipping school and basketball, and simply stopped trying. Tony Padilla, on the other hand, was stable. His life was basically as it always was, except for having to deal with the tapes and those involved in said tapes. What no one other than Tony and Justin both know, is how Justin survived the toughest year of his life and went on to college… Tony. Tony was the reason Justin kept sane, and all because of one night that Justin decided to break into the school gym and play basketball.

            Tony has been worried about Justin for some time, so he kept an eye on him. When Justin sneaked out of his house around midnight some random Saturday night, Tony followed. Tony followed Justin to the school where he saw him jimmy the gym door open and walk in with a duffel. Tony was worried… so he walked in.

            When Tony walks into the gym he sees Justin take a large swig of something as he turns a large lantern on before taking a basketball out.

            “Oh look who it is!” Justin shouts as he turns to see Tony walking in.

            “Hey Justin you good?” Tony walks up to Justin just as Justin throws the basketball at the wall.

            “Am I okay? Of course I’m not okay… and you know exactly why!” Justin suddenly drops to the ground and begins laughing as the bottle in his hand rolls across the gym.

            ‘Come on man, let me take you home.” Justin reaches and grabs Tony’s hand and pulls him to the ground.

            “Join the fun!” Justin shouts as Tony sits up in front of him.

            The two sit there on the basketball floor, Tony criss cross and Justin legs straight out. Tony leans forward to Justin, their eyes staring into each other’s.

            “What can I do to help you man? Anything I can do… I will.”

            “I just…” Justin’s eyes begin watering up slightly. “I’m just so stressed out.” Justin runs his hands through his hair. “I am too stressed out to worry about school, friends, or basketball, but the only way I know to destress are basketball and sex…” Justin looks into Tony’s eyes before laughing. “But because I’m so stressed out I’m not playing basketball anymore and Jessica won’t even get near me.”

            “Justin…” Tony leans forward and puts his hands on Justin’s legs. “I can help you with your stress, but if and only if you promise to keep it just between us.”

            “Anything man! Anything!”

            Tony grabs Justin’s legs and yanks them and his body forward, Tony opening his legs and their crotch areas colliding. Tony grabs Justin’s head and pulls it forward, their lips smacking together. Tony quickly slides his tongue into Justin’s mouth. Justin is shocked, his entire body frozen. That is until he feels Tony’s tongue touch his and surprisingly starts liking it. Justin begins moving his tongue against Tony’s. Justin then moves his arms around Tony. He slides his hands up Tony’s leather jacket until he grabs hold of Tony’s head. Justin then digs his fingers into Tony’s hair and is surprised by just how firm his hair is, yet how soft it is inside. Justin quickly stops kissing, taking his hands out of Tony’s hair.

            “Man! That was amazing!” Justin is smiling and already feeling better than he has for months. “But… before we continue can I ask you two questions?”

            “Fire away.”

            “First, can you always wear the leather jacket? I have a huge fetish for leather. And second, I’ve always wondered where you get your hair done every morning? I’ve always wondered this but now that I’ve felt it I am amazed by the sheer perfection of it!” Justin is jumping up and down and excited.

            “First, I will definitely wear it.” Tony leans forward. “And second… I spend an hour each morning doing my hair all by myself. And because you love my hair so much you get to choose if you want to be bottom or top.”

            “Well I’m kinda tipsy so I’ll be bottom.” Just then Tony pushes Justin back and gets on top of him.

            Tony reaches over Justin and digs his fingers into Justin’s messy brown hair as he begins kissing him. After a minute of just kissing, Tony sits up on his knees and begins taking his clothes off, Justin following his lead. Justin is completely naked so quick that it amazes Tony. After Tony is undressed the two just look at each other. Justin and Tony are both surprised by the size of their penis’, both longer than they expected. Tony grabs a condom from jacket and slides it onto Justin’s already erect penis. Tony quickly sits on Justin’s penis and begins working his magic.

            With his hands on Justin’s abs, Tony begins moving up and down quickly with ease. Justin just bites down on his lip as Tony continues, his hands gripping the floor. Both of them are loving every moment of this. Five minutes in and Justin starts talking.

            “I’m really close man! Really close!” Justin speaks quickly and before he can finish his thought he begins to cum.

            A minute later and Tony begins to slow down, releasing his hands from Justin.

            “Keep going!” Justin shouts. “I can go again!” Tony takes a deep breath in and continues.

            It’s been another fifteen minutes now and Tony is beginning to sweat hard, puddles forming around the two. A Justin enjoys feeling Tony’s body and looking at him, Tony is focused solely on keeping his speed and momentum. Both Tony and Justin are surprised as Tony’s rock solid hair begins to crack, chunks of his hair falling in front of his face. Tony’s hair looks wet as his hair begins falling in front of his face in bigger chunks and more often. Tony wipes his forehead with his arm for a second before running his hand through his hair, pushing his hair back. It doesn’t last long as even more hair than what he just pushed back falls in front of his face, almost completely blocking his vision.

            “Oh my god! I’m close!” Justin shouts, unable to stop himself from talking. “I love your hair man! I really do! I’ve always had this weird fetish for guys hair and… I’ve like…” Justin takes a few quick breaths. “I have loved yours since we were kids and have always wanted to do things to…” Justin stops speaking as he begins to cum. “Oh fuck!” Justin shouts as Tony begins slowing down.

            When Justin is finally done, Tony slides off and immediately collapses to the floor in front of Justin. Just sits up and stares at Tony as he slides the condom off his penis. Tony slides both his hand through his hair before Justin hands him a towel from his bag.

            “Thanks.” Tony sits up as he wipes sweat from all over his body.

            “That was great!” Justin seems to have more energy than before.

            “It was quite amazing.” Tony smiles.

            “Are you kidding me? It was beyond amazing! By far the best sex I’ve ever had!” Justin reaches forward, grabbing Tony’s head. “Thanks for this man. I appreciate this more than you will ever know, butnNext time I want you inside me.” They both just smiles before Justin kisses Tony.

Chapter Text

Hey everyone, while I am quickly catching up on all the requests sent to me, getting very close, I have a request for all of you...

I have written a large list of characters/actors from fandoms I have and have not listed that I would love for someone to request. I would love it if someone requested anyone on this list with either a character on their fandom or make it a crossover and choose two that match well. I would love for you guys to mix and match these guys and just have fun with it. 

These are all the guys I wish for you to request that I am currently REALLY in the mood to write at the moment...

  • Lucien Castle (The Originals)
  • Angel (BTVS/Angel)
  • Richard Anderson (BTVS)
  • Ross Geller (Friends)
  • Eric Northman (True Blood)
  • Sebastian Kydd (The Carrie Diaries)
  • Luke Ross (Jessie)
  • Russ Snyder (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
  • Duke Snyder (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
  • Katz (Mighty Med)
  • Adam Davenport (Lab Rats)
  • Game Duncan (Good Luck Charlie)
  • Johnny Bravo (Johnny Bravo)
  • Chase Chrisley (Chrisley Knows Best)
  • Kendall Knight (Big Time Rush)
  • James Diamond (Big Time Rush)
  • Logan Mitchell (Big Time Rush)
  • Jett Stetson (Big Time Rush)
  • Zach Dempsey (13ReasonsWhy)
  • Jerome Clarke (House of Anubis)
  • Cameron Marsh (Evermoor)
  • Seb Crossley (Evermoor)
  • Aloe (Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures)
  • Bacarra (Charmed)
  • Cage Wallace (The 100)
  • Charles Van Dahl (Gotham)
  • Zack Morris (Saved by the Bell)
  • Alex Powell (Dead of Summer)
  • Sebastian Verlac (Shadowhunters)
  • Prince Charming (Descendants)
  • Joey Donner (10ThingsIHateAboutYou)
  • Danny Zuko (Grease)
  • Kenickie (Grease)
  • Butchy (Teen Beach Movies)
  • ‘Topher (G.B.F.)
  • Nicholas Forbes (Struck by Lightning)
  • Christian (Clueless)
  • Ray Beech (Lemonade Mouth)
  • Jake Wyler (Not Another Teen Movie)
  • Logan Reese (Zoey 101)
  • Kevin (Fred: The Movie)
  • Robbie Palmer (7th Heaven)
  • Link Larkin (Hairspray)
  • Archie (Riverdale)
  • Hoyt Ambrose (Accepted)
  • Jordan Lyle (The Lying Game)
  • Gene (Baby Daddy)
  • Clay Haas (Quantico)
  • Stuart (Paul Blart: Mall Cop)
  • Scott Disick
  • David Muir
  • Jake Fitzgerald (Scream: The TV Series)
  • Dick Casablancas (Veronica Mars)
  • Brad (Baby Daddy)
  • Adam DeVine
  • Gianni Chellini (Transporter 2)
  • Bobby Prinze (Scary Movie)
  • Warner Huntington III (Legally Blonde)
  • Eddie Redmayne
  • Joey Graceffa
  • Pauly D
  • Aldrich Killian (Iron Man 3)

*FYI, if I do get a request with one of these guys in it, you will have a far better chance that I skip to your request and write it soon rather than later*

Chapter Text

In the middle of Chemistry class Liam is doodling in his notebook when a TA walks into the classroom, handing the teacher a note.

            “Liam, the principal needs to see you.” Liam packs his bag, reminding himself not to look too excited as he grabs the slip and walks out.

            Liam knocks on the office door.

            “Come in.” The second Liam opens the door and Harry sees him, Harry begins taking his tie off. “Lock the door.” Harry says and Liam does so. “This time you’re in me.” Harry begins unbuttoning his shirt.

            “And what’s in it for me?” Liam smiles as he takes his leather jacket off and places it on the chair.

            “Well… how about you become my TA. A free period for sex and an easy A.” Harry takes his belt off as Liam takes his shirt off.

            “Sounds perfect.”

            They both quickly finish undressing before Liam walks around the desk to Harry. Harry looks down to Liam’s erect penis and just before he is about to bend over the desk… he gets an even better idea. Liam is surprised as Harry goes down onto his knees.

            “Wow! Mr.…. Harry…” Liam says as Harry puts his penis into his mouth.

            Liam has never had this before, no girl ever wanting to do it. Liam runs his hands through his own hair, keeping his hands behind his head. As Harry’s tongue wraps around his shaft, he suctions onto the penis tight and begins moving back and forth. Liam feels himself pre-cum almost instantly. Never having felt himself this turns on ever before, Liam feels like he has absolutely no control over his body right now. The more this continues Liam begins breathing heavily and takes his hands out of his hair, placing one hand on the desk and the other into Harry’s hair.

            When Harry decided to do this, he was nervous, but when he finally did it… he was astonished. He loves the taste of Liam’s penis. The feeling of his tongue sliding across Liam’s shaft is better than any lollipop he’s ever had. Starting this stirred something in Harry and he quickly begins just going full throttle, suctioning and bobbing his head back and forth. Harry does everything he’s always wanted to be done with him. He begins sliding his fingers across Liam’s balls, gently rubbing them. He slides his teeth gently against the shaft.

            Both Liam and Harry are shocked a few minutes later when Liam bursts. Liam doesn’t feel it coming and instantly grips tightly to the desk and Harry’s hair. Meanwhile, Harry begins swallowing the cum as quick as possible as it rushes down his throat. As it slows down Harry begins tasting the cum and realizing how sweet it just is, loving it more than anything he’s ever had before. AS Liam finishes he runs his hands through his hair, mouth open and shocked by how energized he feels right now. Harry licks off every bit of cum on Liam’s penis and regretfully moves back and stands up.

            “Harry... that was just amazing!” Liam has never felt this excited before. He feels like a kid on Christmas morning… times ten.

            “Liam… I can never thank you enough for how much you make me feel.”

            “The TA thing is a good start.” They laugh as they both begin getting dressed.

            “Definitely! But I feel like I want to give you more!” Harry looks around. “Money! I can give you money!” He goes into his desk drawer.

            “No Harry you’re fine.” Liam says as he puts his leather jacket on.

            “No! You deserve it.” Harry reaches into his wallet and takes all the cash out of it and hands it to Liam. “This is roughly $300 go buy yourself something you’ve always wanted.”

            “Thanks Harry.” Liam walks back up to Harry and kisses him on the lips.

            As they begin kissing they can feel themselves getting horny all over again. Harry runs his hands through Liam’s hair as Liam slides his hands to Harry’s butt and squeezes.

            “Damn!” Harry says, pulling back from the kiss. “We only have a minute till class is over.” Liam goes back in for a kiss, but Harry moves back. “We can’t, but maybe I can tell my wife I have a staff meeting tonight and maybe you can meet me back here so we can continue this?” Harry smiles.

            “Of course!” Liam walks to the door.

            “Oh!” Harry says, stopping Liam. “And wear that leather jacket tonight… you look so sexy with it.” Liam just smiles before walking out of the office.

Chapter Text

“Logan!” Arron shouts from his office, his voice echoing through the entire house.

            Aaron then waits in his office until both Logan and Dick walk in.

            “Yeah?” Logan asks.

            “I just got a call from school that you weren’t there… and here you are in the middle of the day… with him…” Aaron looks at Dick, who just smiles.

            “Dad…” Logan begins but Aaron flips.

            “Close the door son!” Aaron yells and Logan closes the door behind him and locks it. “Logan take a seat. And Dick… come over here.” Logan sits down immediately and Dick just stands still.

            “Umm… sorry Mr. Echolls but I should get home.” Dick turns around.

            “Come over here!” Aaron just yells, freaking Dick out enough that he goes over. “Take your pants off!” Dick is frozen in fear.

            Aaron then grabs Dick by the belt and pulls him close, their chests almost touching. Aaron begins taking Dick’s belt off, pulling his pants down. Aaron then pushes Dick onto the desk, bending him over. Dick lays there on the desk starring straight at Logan.

            “Take your damn pants off boy!” Aaron yells while looking at Logan. “You are going to sit there and watch as I fuck your little girlfriend and you are going to enjoy it and yank yourself!” As Logan begins pulling his pants off, Aaron does the same.

            “Holy fuck!” Dick shouts just as Aaron shoves his erect penis straight into Dick’s ass with extreme force.

            “Shut up!” Aaron yells and Dick just bites down on his lip, trying as hard as he can not to make noise. “Go boy!” Aaron says to Logan.

            As Logan begins touching his penis, trying to make it harden, he looks up to see Dick crying. Though Logan has never had any feelings towards another guy in his life, something about seeing Dick in his place made him slightly happy, his penis hardening quite quickly.

            “Good boy…” Aaron hisses into Dick’s ear as he looks at Logan jerking off.

            Aaron digs his fingers into Dick’s long blonde hair and pulls on it, his head moving up. Right then is when Dick stops biting his lip, the pain dissipating. Then is when Dick starts to like the feeling. He begins smiling and Logan is shocked by it that he stops.

            “What’s going on boy?” Aaron yells to Logan when he sees him stop. “What?” He notices Logan starring at Dick and looks at Dick’s smile. “I always knew you were a faggot! Don’t stop son!” Logan continues as Aaron pulls Dick straight up, never stopping his thrusting.

            As Aaron pulls Dick’s face to his and begins kissing him on the lips, Logan bursts, his cum shooting onto the desk. Aaron stops kissing and lover to Logan, smiling as he kisses Dick’s neck. Aaron begins to cum seconds later.

            “Oh my god!” Dick shouts and Aaron just smiles as he grabs Dick’s waist and thrusts harder as he finishes.

            When Aaron is done, he takes his penis out and both Logan and Dick begins putting their pants on.

            “That was fun boys!” Aaron runs a hand through his hair. “What do you think you’re doing?” Aaron looks to Dick. “Logan, you’re grounded. Go to your room for the rest of the night while Dick and I hangout.” Logan is about to say something when Aaron just gives him a look.

            As Logan walks out he looks to Dick, who is staring intently into his father’s eyes and his father goes down to his knees.

Chapter Text

            It was the middle of their green week project and Kendall was so over the way Jett was acting, unable to get him to do any work.

            “Jett we really need to think of an idea now.” Kendall says in Jett apartment, flipping through the textbook.

            As Jett walks into the room Kendall holds back laughter from the two blue polos Jett is wearing, and that they both have the collar popped up. Just as Jett walks into the living room, and Kendall is finally ready to get the project done, Jett sees himself in the mirror on the wall and walks over to it.

            “Damn! I’m looking especially amazing today!” Jett winks at himself and begins moving one strand of his hair at a time.

            “Jett we really need to get started.” Jett doesn’t look over, say anything, or even look like he heard Kendall. “Come on man!” Kendall walks over to Jett and tries pulling his arm, but is surprised when Jett doesn’t even move and inch. “We need to start the project.” Kendall says slowly letter by letter, but Jett doesn’t even seem to see Kendall in the background of the mirror.

            “You know, I have both my hair and face insured.” Jett says and it just pisses off Kendall.

            Kendall waves his hand in front of the mirror, but Jett is still not phased one bit. Kendall then grabs the textbook and throws it hard at the ground in front of Jett, his eyes not even flinching. As Kendall bends to the ground to grab the book, he sees that Jett has a huge boner just from looking at himself. Just then Kendall thinks of the most brilliant idea to make Jett move his butt. Kendall gets onto his knees in front of Jett and simply puts his hands onto Jett’s bulge. Kendall is just beside himself that Jett doesn’t even notice him doing that. He looks up to see Jett still smiling at himself and popping his collars.

            “You know… I’ve been thinking about adding a third shirt to this outfit, what do you think? Would it look weird?” Before Kendall can even fathom what to say, Jett responds to himself. “Of course it wouldn’t look weird! I look great in everything!” Jett laughs as he begins playing with his hair again.

            “Fine!” Kendall shouts. “Let’s see if you can ignore me when I do this!” Kendall is pissed and will not let Jett win.

            Kendall begins unbuckling Jett’s belt and whips it off so quick he snaps a belt loop. Kendall unzips Jett’s jeans and pulls them down, his bulge popping out through his boxers. Kendall takes a deep breath, quickly reconsidering what he is about to do before he looks up at Jett’s smug face and quickly decides to continue. Kendal grabs the boxers and pulls them down. Kendall is immediately astonished at the enormous erect penis popping out. Kendall believes it’s at least nine inches as it is only a few inches from the wall when Jett is a good foot away. Kendall touches Jett’s penis, it being solid and sturdy. Kendall then takes a deep breath before taking the penis into his mouth. Kendall coughs at first as the penis touches the back of his throat, but then it begins to feel surprisingly pleasant.

            “You know Kendall… as I have said many times before… you should really do something with your hair! It’s just so atrocious!” Jett begins moving his eyebrows, making sexy faces to himself. “At least use some kind of product.

            Though Jett doesn’t seem to notice still, Kendall doesn’t want to give up and begins sucking on Jett’s penis. He bobs his head back and forth while also sliding his tongue around the shaft. The longer he continues this, the more Kendall realizes that he actually likes the taste and feeling. He notices that his own penis is becoming hard just while doing this. Just a minute into this and Jett quickly begins to shoot out cum. Kendall is completely surprised, expecting another ten minutes of this at least… and is kind of sad that he doesn’t get to continue. That is until he tastes Jett’s cum. To Kendall, Jett’s cum tastes like the caramel inside a chocolate… which is one of Kendall’s favorite things. He chugs down the cum like the Slurpee contests he has with the boys.  Just as he finishes, Kendall realizes what is going on. He looks up to see Jett doesn’t even notice him. Kendall immediately takes Jett’s penis out of his mouth and slowly begins zipping his pants up, trying to make sure Jett doesn’t notice. Once done Kendall sneaks away and back onto the couch.

            “Next time try licking my balls.” Jett says, stunning Kendall, as he walks over and sits next to Kendall on the couch. “So what’s this project thing about?” Jett runs a hand through Kendall’s hair as Kendall sits there with his mouth open in utter shock.

Chapter Text

            “Professor Callahan is ready to see you now.” Callahan’s assistant tells Warner, who is nervous about trying to convince Callahan to let him into the internship.

            Warner’s family got him into the school, but they can’t help him get into Professor Callahan’s internship, which could help him get a great job. Before going to the meeting, Warner slicked his hair back, making it extra shiny, just like he does whenever he really wants to impress someone. He put on his nicest black suit and made sure he looked like a lawyer. When walking into Professor Callahan’s office, Warner was immediately intimidated by the older man wearing an expensive suit and writing stuff down on his desk. Warner takes a deep breath before sticking his hand out.

            “Hello Professor Callahan.”

            “Hello Mr. Huntington.” They shake hands and both take a seat. “So what brings you here today?”

            “Your internship sir.” Warner is about to continue when Callahan interrupts him.

            “I’m sorry to tell you this, but I have already filled all the positions.”

            “I understand sir, but I would love to know if there is any way we can work around that?”

            “Warner… to be completely honest… even if I did have a position open I don’t believe you are ready for this kind of work and need more experience before you do any real-world work.”

            “Sir, not to be disrespectful… but I don’t think you are correct. I am up for anything. I will do anything you want to just get into the internship itself.”

            “Mr. Huntington…” Callahan looks at Hunter for a minute, thinking. “If what you say is true… prove it to me.”

            “Sure. Anything.” Warner is excited, unable to stop smiling.

            “Take your pants off and let me shove my dick in your ass.” The room gets silent before Warner starts to laugh. “I wasn’t joking Mr. Huntington.”

            “Okay.” Warner takes a deep breath in before standing up. “I guess if we’re doing this you can just call me Warner.”

            “Okay Warner… but call me Callahan.”

            Warner and Callahan both take their pants off. Warner doesn’t do anything as Callahan walks around his desk. Warner just looks straight at the desk as Callahan walks up behind him and pushes him over the desk. Warner stares at the chair and takes deep breaths in, waiting for the pain to come. Just then Callahan grabs Warner by the arm and flips him over.

            “No. You’re going to look at me as I fuck you.”

            When Warner sees Callahan’s large penis he takes the deepest breath he has ever taken. Callahan shoves his penis right in and Warner bites his lip, almost drawing blood. Callahan doesn’t stop or slow down for Warner’s sake, just speeds up and adds more strength to each thrust.

            Five minutes in and Callahan is starting to sweat hard. He slows down slightly and grabs Warner’s tie, pulling his face up to his own. He begins kissing Warner and Warner just let’s Callahan do what he wants, not moving his lips at all. Callahan digs his fingers through the front of Warner’s hair, feeling the crunch. He runs his fingers all the way through as he forces his tongue into Warner’s mouth. Callahan then takes his hand out of Warner’s hair and stops kissing him, letting his head fall to the desk. Callahan then resumes thrusting with more speed and power than before. It’s another five minutes before Callahan begins to cum. Warner is surprised by how great the feeling is… trying to stop himself from liking it.

            “Fuck!” Callahan silently shouts as he cums.

            A minute later Callahan slides his penis out and goes back around his desk to put his pants on. Once they are both dressed Callahan walks back around the desk.

            “So it seems you were telling the truth. You’ve got the internship.” Callahan grabs the sides of Warner’s head. “If you want to continue this… maybe I’ll have a job for you when you graduate.” Callahan just smiles as he pulls Warner’s hair to his face, where Callahan licks the part of Warner’s hair that is sticking up back down.

            Callahan then kisses Warner on the lips one last time before opening his door and walking out to his assistants desk.

            “Linda please make sure Mr. Huntington gets all the info for the internship and get him anything else he needs.” Callahan lightly taps Warner’s ass as he walks back into his office.

Chapter Text

Hey everyone! NEW WORK HERE! I have just put out a new work similar to my An Attempt at Love piece that will be a multi chapter story following a sugar daddy relationship. Please go take a look at it and vote for which guys you want to be in the story. Thanks for everyone who follows my work and I hope to continue writing pieces that you guys want and enjoy. THANKS!

Chapter Text

It’s the night of Jughead’s birthday party and it seems as if everyone from school is at Archie’s house. Everyone is getting drunk quickly, except for Kevin, who is sitting the corner of the living room and watching everything go crazy. This is the most fun Kevin has ever had, watching and taking videos of everyone making fools of themselves. But then his camera comes across Archie. Archie is dancing, his perfectly coiffed hair flopping up and down with him. He is sweating, his tight shirt gripping his six pack. Kevin can feel himself get hard and hot. He quickly stands up and walks upstairs. Kevin walks down the hall and into a room, which so happens to be Archie’s room. Kevin takes a deep breath in and sits down on Archie’s bed. Five minutes later and the bedroom door opens up. Archie stumbles into the room, seeing Kevin with his pants down and staring at his phone, which has a picture of Archie on it. Archie slams the door shut, stumbling over to the bed. He grabs the phone from Kevin and throws it onto his desk.

“Archie…” Kevin is confused and worried.

Archie just pushes Kevin’s back to the bed and begins kissing him. Archie immediately digs his fingers into Kevin’s hair, surprised by how crunchy it is. He grips it and messes it up, Kevin’s hair spiking up as Archie let's go and begins sliding down. As Archie slides down kevin takes a deep breath in, sucking in his gut and holding back a large smile. Archie’s fingers tickle against Kevin’s stomach as his tongue just slides across the tip of Kevin’s penis. Just then Archie stands up and takes his sweater off, throwing it onto the lamp. He takes his shirt off followed by his pants and boxers. Kevin sits up to see the wonder that is Archie’s entire body, including his large penis.

Archie slides back onto Kevin’s body, his six pack sliding against Kevin’s penis, making him harder. Just as Kevin expects Archie to shove his penis into him, Archie grabs Kevin’s penis with his hand and shoves it into his ass. Archie doesn’t seem to feel any pain, Kevin assumes it’s because of the alcohol. Archie slides up to Kevin, his face against Kevin’s chest. He begins kissing Kevin’s chest as Kevin digs his fingers into Archie’s hair, something he has wanted to do since childhood. Kevin can’t hold back and begins smiling uncontrollably. Archie then stands up and instantly begins moving up and down. Kevin is surprised by Archie’s speed as he moves. Archie’s hair flops up and down just like before with each time he moves Kevin’s penis in and back out.

“I love you!” Kevin shouts, immediately wishing he didn’t.

Archie just continues, Kevin unaware if he heard him shout it at all. It’s almost five minutes later and Kevin has been trying to think about anything to hold himself back, but he knows he can’t for much longer.

“Oh my god!” Kevin begins shouting over and over as he feels himself close.

Suddenly kevin shoots out cum. Archie doesn’t slow down at all, even though he is sweating hard, his hair falling in front of his eyes. Kevin runs his hands down Archie’s abs, gripping tight on his abs. Kevin can’t help as his mouth opens wide as he finishes.

“Holy lord!” Kevin shouts as he finishes and Archie gets off his penis, falling onto the bed next to him.

The two turn to each other, Kevin expecting some slurred talking or vomit coming soon. Archie just runs a hand into Kevin’s hair and stares into his eyes.

“If you tell anyone we won’t be able to do this again.” Archie kisses Kevin before getting off the bed.

“Wait! What?” Kevin stands up. “You’re sober?”

“Well… not completely, but if you’re asking if I did this on purpose… of course I did.” Kevin just stands there shocked as Archie gets dressed and begins fixing his hair in the mirror. “Now wait five minutes and then go out.” Archie grabs Kevin by the head and gives him a big wet kiss on the lips. “Damn you’re hot!” Archie licks his lips and walks out of the room.

“Damn…” Kevin plops onto the bed.

Chapter Text

“Joey can’t play right now, he has to write.” Chandler was beginning to get annoyed by Ross’ attitude.

“Joey…” He looks right into Joey’s eyes. “Go play.” Joey runs to the door.

“Joey…”  Ross looks Joey in the eyes. “Write.” Joey begins turning around.

“Joey…” Chandler stares at Ross as he points at the door. “Go out, find a chick, and don’t come back until tomorrow morning.” Joey smiles and runs out of the apartment before Ross can say otherwise.

“Chandler!” Ross shouts as Chandler walks into his room.

Ross follows Chandler. When he enters Chandler’s room, Chandler is taking his pants off. Ross begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“You can’t keep doing this every time we fight.” Ross says as he takes a seat on the bed.

“But you know you love it.” Chandler sits on Ross’ lap. “Especially when I play with your hair.” Chandler digs his hands into Ross large and shiny hair.

“God you know me well.” Ross begins kissing Chandler’s neck.

“Well we have been doing this since college.” Chandler crunches his fingers through Ross’ hair. “You should always keep your hair this tall. You must use a whole tube of gel.”

“I use the recommended amount!” Ross stops kissing to shout.

Chandler then unbuttons Ross’ pants and pulls down his pants and boxers, his erect penis popping out the second it gets the chance. Just as Chandler is about to sit on it Ross sits up.

“Wait! This time we change it up.” Ross stands up and pushes Chandler on the bed. “On your knees.”

Ross then shoves his penis into Chandler and Chandler begins to smile. Ross grabs Chandler’s waist and begins thrusting slow but hard. A few minutes of this and Ross switches, going softer but way faster. Another five minutes pass and they are in the same position, but Ross is now sweating hard. Ross’ entire body is covered in sweat, one of the reasons he never does this position. The entire time his hair has yet to move a millimeter, but as he looks as if he were just getting out of a pool, his hair begins moving back and forth with each thrust. As Ross can feel himself getting close, the entire front chunk of his hair falls in front of his eyes, nose, and mouth. He tries blowing it away,  but it doesn’t help and he is too close to stop and fix it.

“Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!” Ross begins murmuring as he cums. “Son of a….” Ross stops speaking and bites his lip as he slows down.

As they finish Ross takes his penis out and Chandler turns around.

“Wow man! I’ve never seen your hair so disheveled before. You really went hard this time.”

“Oh no! I need to fix it!” Ross turns to the mirror.

“Wait.” Chandler gets off the bed and turns Ross back around. “Let me help.”

Chandler digs his fingers into Ross’ hair, pushing it back. He begins kissing Ross’ neck as he continues.

“More?” Ross says as Chandler begins pushing Ross’ head down.


Chapter Text

“Leave Angel!” Giles yells and slams the door, but Angel puts his foot in between it.

“Please Giles. Please just let me do anything. It wasn’t me.” Angel walks in, following Giles to the kitchen.

“Just leave.” Giles pours himself a cup of tea.

“Giles. Please. I will give you whatever you want. I just need you to forgive me.”

“Really? Anything?” GIles places the cup down and steps up to Angel, his nose to Angel’s. “Go down and show me just how much you care about my forgiveness.”

Angel doesn’t smile, but just goes down to his knees, taking his leather jacket off and placing it on the counter on the way down. Giles grabs the counter as Angel begins taking his pants off.

“Wait.” Angel looks up at Giles. “You’re forgiven. You can stop.”

“No… let me finish.” Angel pulls Giles pants and boxers down at once.

Giles is about to say something when Angel’s cold hands touch his penis and it feels just amazing. Giles feels himself getting hard quickly. Once he’s completely erect, Angel shoves it into his mouth, Giles’ mouth opening wide and trying not to salivate. He lets go of the counter and slides his hands down his own body. He digs his hands into Angel’s spiked hair. He grips Angel’s hair tight and helps him move his head back and forth. Angel goes quick, his tongue sliding across the shaft and touching the balls.

It takes another fifteen minutes until Giles begins to cum. Angel takes it all in like a champ, but Giles is breathing heavily and holding back hard from moaning. Giles is just smiling, happier than he has ever been before, forgetting about his troubles for that one minute.

“Thanks.” Giles just whispers as Angel stands up.

Angel says nothing as he pulls his pants down.

“What are you doing?” Giles is confused.

“I’m not done until I have done everything I could have done for you.” Angel turns around and bends over the counter.

“No... “ Angel turns to face Giles. “I want to see your face during it.”

Angel smiles as Giles pushes him to the counter, their bodies pressed against each others. Giles grabs his penis and shoves it into Angel. Angel can feel the pain hit his entire body quickly, but just as quickly as the pain comes, the pleasure takes over. Giles begins thrusting like a wild animal. What Angel just did for him was the first time anyone did that for him, and it made him feel like a young boy again. Angel is surprised as Giles just speeds up every few minutes. Giles stands there and stares at Angel the entire time, always looking at either Angel’s eyes, body, or hair. Giles has never realized just how perfect Angel actually is.

“Bloody hell!” Giles shouts minutes later when he begins to cum.

Angel bites his lip, staring at the happiness on Giles’ face. Angel not only loves the feeling of Giles inside him, but he loves the feeling of making someone this happy. When giles finishes he takes himself out of Angel and the two just stand there in silence, staring into each other’s eyes. Angel then steps forward and grabs Giles by the head. He begins kissing him, both of their lips sliding and smacking into each other’s. They both slide their tongues into each other’s mouth. Giles slides his hands into Angel’s hair as the two continue, slowing making their way to the bedroom to continue their night of apologies.


Chapter Text

They finish shooting The Corny Collins show and Corny is feeling so stressed out that he heads straight to his dressing room. Corny looks at himself in the mirror. He stares at his amazing purple suit then his perfectly styled hair. In the mirror he can see his door opening and turns around to see Link walk in.

“Hey Corny…” He closes and locks the door.

“Hey it’s about time.” Corny loosens his tie.

“Sorry Amber was being needy.” He walks up to the mirror and grabs the hairspray, spraying his hair down.

The two begin taking their pants off, followed by rest of their suits. Link is done first and takes a seat on the couch.

“God damn I’m good looking.” Corny says as he runs his hands down his body. “Now let’s get this done. I’ve got a date in an hour and I need to go home before it.”

Corny pushes Link’s back to the couch and gets on top of him. They begin kissing, Link following Corny’s each and every direction.

“Corny.” Link says and Corny stops, sitting up. “I was just wondering when we could… you know… become more serious?”

“You know we can’t.”

“Yeah, but you did say we could hang out at your place eventually.”

“Yeah… soon.” Corny begins kissing Link’s neck.

“But you said that before.” Corny moves back up and grabs hold of Link’s head, staring into his eyes.

“Link… I love you. Isn’t that enough? My life is complicated and when it is a good time we can move to the next step. Okay?”


“Now let me lick your hair like I like.” Link moves his head down, putting his hair in Corny’s face.

Corny licks the top of Link’s hair before biting it. Corny, getting so hot and bothered, sits up and grabs his erect penis with his hand. He then shoves it into Link’s hole. Link loves each time Corny does this. Corny shoves it all the way in and brings his face to Link’s. He kisses Link on the lips once before he begins thrusting. Link brings his hands to Corny’s face, rubbing his fingers against Corny’s cheek bones, his third favorite part of Corny’s, the first being in him and the second his hair. Link slides his hands to Corny’s hair and softly plays with his hair for a minute before Corny sits up more and begins thrusting faster. Link grabs hold of Corny’s abs as Corny does the same with Link’s.

“Grab it.” Corny smiles at Link and looks down to Link’s erect penis.

Link smiles and grabs his own penis, beginning to jerk off. With one hand jerking himself off, Link digs his other hand into his own hair.

With only five minutes passed Link begins to cum. His cum shoots straight onto Corny’s abs. As the stream slows down his cum falls back onto himself, getting over his crotch area and some on his stomach. Corny puts his hand on Link’s penis, taking the cum onto his palm. Corny licks his palm and all of the cum on it, licking his lips afterwards.

Another ten minute pass and Corny is sweating hard. Luckily with all the hairspray he has in his hair, his hair remains completely still and perfect. Corny is about ready to cum and purposely slows down to enjoy the feeling more. When Corny begins to cum he grips Link’s abs with his nails, a small amount of blood coming out.

“Holy mother of…” Corny stops talking and begins moaning with each thrust to finish.

“Amazing! As always.” Link says as Corny takes himself out and lays down next to Link.

“I know. You weren’t too bad yourself.” Corny plays with the one strand of Link’s hair on his forehead. “You know I really do love you and want to be with you. I just need time.”

“I know.” Link kisses Corny.

“Now get out. I need to get going for my date.” Corny pops off the couch and throws Link’s pants to him. “Quickly.”

Chapter Text

It’s the first day of their senior year. Danny and Kenickie finally see each other in front of the school, but everyone is around so they say nothing that they normally wouldn’t say. It isn’t until lunch time and after they eat with their friends until they walk to the bathroom together.

Kenickie looks around the hallway as they walk, checking for people.

“Oh my god man! We’re finally alone. I’ve missed you man!”

“Yeah it’s been so long.” They walk into the bathroom and immediately lock it.

Kenickie rushes to the stalls to make sure no one is in them, it’s clear. Danny looks at himself in the mirror, combing his hair. Kenickie comes up from behind Danny and wraps his arms around him. He begins kissing Danny’s neck.

“Damn I’ve missed that.” Danny licks his lips, watching Kenickie in the mirror.

“Who’s turn was it when you left for the summer?” Kenickie stops kissing to ask, Danny turning to face him.

“I believe it was your turn. Now do you want my butt or my mouth?” Danny bites his lip.

“I’ll take that sweet ass of yours.” Danny immediately begins taking his pants off, Kenickie right after.

Kenickie pushes Danny against the sink, Danny’s head against the mirror. Kenickie slides his penis into Danny, the both of them feel the sweet relief they have been waiting to feel for months. Something in Kenickie snaps from excitement and he begins salivating. Kenickie instantly begins thrusting with extreme speed, Danny almost in pain over it all. The front of Kenickie’s hair flops up and down with each thrust. Kenickie begins taking deep breaths and is sweating through his shirt, the leather jacket not helping keep him cool. Kenickie’s necklace continuously hits Danny in the face with each thrust, but he doesn’t even notice.

“Come on! Fuck me harder! Finish it!” Danny shouts at Kenickie as he sees Kenickie’s ‘almost there’ face.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Kenickie quickens and strengthens with each thrust, almost losing control.

Gripping the sink tightly, Kenickie thrusts like he never has before, his entire body feeling both the pain and excitement. Within second Kenickie begins to cum. Kenickie doesn’t slow down for one second as he shoots into Danny.

“Fuck!” Kenickie shouts extremely loud, Danny having to cover his mouth with his hand. Kenickie doesn’t slow down until every bit of cum is out of him. Once done, with his penis still in Danny, Kenickie leans his face into Danny’s.  “I love you man.” Suddenly the bell rings and someone knocks on the bathroom door. “Fuck off!” Kenickie yells and the person stops knocking, Kenickie turns back to Danny.

“I love you too man. I can’t believe this is one year since this all began.”

“Exactly one year.”

“I have a gift for you.”

“Really? What is it?”

“Not until after school.”

“Come on, what is it?” Danny smiles as leans into Kenickie's ear, whispering something. “Really? I thought you never wanted to do that?”

“Well a man can change his mind.” Danny looks down as Kenickie takes his penis out of him. “I can’t wait to finally taste it.” They quickly get dressed and give each other one last kiss while they fix their hair and head to class.

Chapter Text

“Gabe!” Bob shouts, the entire house almost shaking.

Bob can hear someone moving upstairs and since everyone else was gone for the day he knew it had to be Gabe. He runs upstairs in a full rage. He slams open Gabe’s door and see’s Gabe sitting on his bed, looking innocent.

“I told you if you did that again you would be in trouble Gabe!” Bob yells and grabs Gabe by the arm, pulling him to his feet.

“Dad. I didn’t…” Gabe begins.

“Don’t even. You did it yesterday and again today. You are in so much trouble.”

“Fine. I’m grounded. Bye.” Bob doesn’t loosen his grip.

“Really? Well of course you’re grounded but you’re also…”

“What?” Gabes smirk just pisses Bob off to a new level.

“Take your pants off!” Bob lets go of Gabe.

“Dad?” Gabe is finally becoming worried.

“Take them off. And your boxers.” Gabe doesn’t move. “I bought them. Do it!” Gabe begins taking his pants off. “And the shirt.”

Gabe just slowly takes it all off, his average sized penis flailing in front of him. As Gabe looks down at his feet Bob walks around him. Bob pushes Gabe against the wall.

“I’m sick of this behavior Gabe and if this is what it takes to make you behave.... Then this is what it takes.” Bob then whips his belt off and throws it to the floor.

“Please dad!” Gabe shouts.

“Shut up!” Bob shouts as he pulls his pants down, his penis already erect. “Now this is going to hurt a lot, but this wouldn’t be happening if you ever listened to me.”

Bob slowly slides his penis into gabe and Gabe begins to shout and cry.

“Dad! Dad! Dad!” Gabe shouts before Bob grabs Gabe’s shirt and shoves it into his mouth.

As Gabe bites down on the shirt, Bob begins thrusting his penis quicker each time. Bob hasn’t had sex in a while and is loving every feeling of it. Bob doesn’t even really pay attention to Gabe as he continues getting faster. With one hand against the wall, Bob digs his other hand into Gabe’s hair.

“Damn! Now I get why I have to buy all this hair product for you.”

Bob grips Gabe’s hair hard, pulling on it hard enough that Gabe is in just as much pain on his head as his butt. It isn’t until ten minutes in that Gabe begins to forget about the pain and realize that he may like this feeling. Though he likes the feeling, the fact that it’s his dad makes him angry. When Gabe turns his head to see his dead sweaty and tired, Gabe tries swinging his arm to get free, but Bob just elbows Gabe’s lower back, stunning gabe long enough for Bob to release Gabe’s hair and hold both his arms to the wall.

Another five minutes pass and Bob begins to cum. Gabe doesn’t really understand the feeling he gets inside as Bob cums. He likes it, but something in him wants more. He wants it to be stronger and more of it. As Bob finishes he takes his penis out of Gabe and puts his pants on.

“Remember this moment if you ever want to misbehave again.” Bob pushes Gabe onto his bed, Gabe wincing at the pain in his butt.

As Bob leaves Gabe grabs his yearbook and scrolls through the pages until he finds a senior kid that makes him feel hard. Having this feeling for the first time, Gabe grabs his penis and begins jerking off. From this day on, slowly Gabe began to realize he liked guys more than girls, his life changing forever.

Chapter Text

Logan spent the night and day with Rory, showing her the life and death brigade, but now Logan has dropped Rory back at her dorm room. Once Rory enters her place, Logan begins walking back to his limo.

“Logan?” Someone says ahead of him but he can’t see who. “Logan Huntzberger?” Then walks up an older man that looks familiar, wearing a suit.

“Yes.” Logan doesn’t know what to say.

“I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m Richard Gilmore. I’m old friends with your parents.”

“Oh yes… I remember you. Nice to see you again.” Logan is nervous.

“Nice tux by the way, going to an event?”

“Oh, no. Just came back from one.”

“Do you know my granddaughter Rory? She lives in this building.”

“Oh…” He thinks about it for a second. “I think I’ve met her a few times”

“Oh great!” The man is just jolly.

“Wow you’re energetic for your age, have any blue pills recently?” Logan laughs, but immediately realizes what he just said and stops as he see’s Richard’s face.

“What did you say sir?” Richard is just shocked by this.

“Sir, I’m so sorry. I didn’t.”

“Listen to me kid.” Richard interrupts Logan. “Just because your family has money and you have a hot body and this perfectly tussled hair and a suit that perfectly fits your body does not mean you can say anything you want.”

“I know.”

“Obviously you don’t” Richard looks around. “Is that your limo?” Logan just nods. “Go in it and tell your driver to leave for a while. I am not going to do this in public.”

Logan is too scared to do anything other than what Richard wants. He goes inside his limo and does what Richard asks of. Once Richard sees the driver leave the car and walk away, he goes in.

“Sir I really am sorry.”

“You may be, but you still need to learn your lesson.” Logan is confused as Richard locks the car doors.

Richard leans into Logan and grabs his bow tie, pulling him onto him. Logan fumbles onto Richard lap, his face right below Richard’s. Richard digs his fingers into Logan’s hair, taking a deep breath in. Just as Logan is about to say something, Richard grabs Logan’s head and pulls it to his face, kissing him.

“No, I’m not…” Logan tries saying before Richard pushes him to the other side of the limo.

“You think I need a blue pill? Well I’ll show you what I can do without it.” Richard begins taking his pants off.

Logan sits there, too frozen in fear to try and run. When Richard gets his pants off, Logan is surprised by not only how erect it already is, but how large it is. Richard just looks at Logan, and Logan knows exactly what he want. Logan takes his pants off, his also very large penis semi-hard. Richard lunges over to Logan like a spry teenager. Everything goes by so quick for Logan and he doesn’t know what is going on until he feels a large pain in his ass and knows what is happening. Logan looks up at the old man lying above him, sweating with his eyes closed and moving back and forth. Logan is slightly surprised by how a penis feels in him, not exactly angry or sad about it.

As Richard moves in and out of Logan, he leans forward and begins kissing Logan. Logan doesn’t kiss back, but he doesn’t stop Richard from sticking his tongue down his throat. Richard sticks both his hands into Logan’s hair, so excited to do so. Logan also kind of likes the feeling of hands in his hair, for once not worrying about it looking bad.

It’s been a few minutes now and Richard is sweating hard, sweat dripping onto Logan’s suit. Just as Logan is beginning to like the feeling in his ass, Richard begins to cum. Richard bites his lip, his getting red and sweaty, his hair falling in front of his eyes. Logan doesn’t show it, but he can feel himself become rock solid and loving the feeling of the cum entering him. When Richard finishes he takes himself out and begins getting dressed.

For the next ten minutes Richard looks at himself in the limo mirror, making himself look like he did before. Logan just sits there frozen and thinking about everything that just happened. When Richard opens the limo door he just looks back at Logan and smiles before walking out. Logan takes a deep breath while digging his hands into his hair, confused about more than what just happened.

Chapter Text

When Matt hears about what Robbie did to Mary, he is furious. He gets in the car and drives. Next he knows, he is at Robbie’s place. He stands there for an hour, walking across the yard, until the front door opens, Robbie walking out.

“Matt? What’s up?” Matt stops walking and stares at Robbie in his sweatshirt and his hair slick, shiny, and helmet like.

“What’s up? What’s up?” Matt begins yelling, walking up to Robbie.

Just as Matt reaches Robbie at the doorway and is ready to punch the living daylights out of him, he goes forward and kisses him. Matt and Robbie began walking backwards as they kiss, closing the front door behind them.

“I wasn’t going to do anything with her.” Robbie starts saying as they stop kissing and walk to Robbie’s room. “I’m only here for you.” Matt just smiles as they close and lock Robbie’s door.

“I know. I know. But just to confirm that I think you need a little punishment.”

“A punishment? What kind?” Matt just laughs before pushing Robbie onto his bed.

Matt jumps on the bed, getting on top of Robbie. Matt runs his hands into Robbie’s hair, feeling the slimy crunch he’s always loved.

“No Matt. You know it takes forever to do my hair.”

“Aww sweetie… too bad.” Matt digs his hands deep into Robbie’s hair before mixing his hands all around.

Quickly Robbie’s hair gets more and more messed up as he wiggles his fingers through it. Once Robbie’s hair is no longer shiny and slicked down, many chunks sticking up in the air of down flat over the sides, Matt slides his hands down Robbie’s body. Matt loves the sadness in Robbie’s eyes as he slides his fingers up Robbie’s sweatshirt. He then slides his hands down and into Robbie’s pants, grabbing hold of his penis, which is quickly getting harder. THe feeling of Robbie’s penis get’s Matt hard and he quickly begins unbuckling Robbie’s pants, pulling them off and throwing them to the wall. Matt then flips Robbie onto his stomach and takes his own pants off.

“Are you ready to ride horsie?”

“Oh yeah!” Robbie is breathing faster, excited.

Matt shoves his penis into Robbie, who takes it in with pure happiness. With Matt’s penis in Robbie, Robbie gets onto his hands and knees. Matt begins thrusting with both rage and excitement. He grabs the back of Robbie’s hair and pulls it hard, Robbie’s head flinging up, his mouth wide open. Matt’s moppy hair flings in front of his face with each thrust into Robbie. With his other hand, Matt spanks Robbie’s ass over and over until the cheek is red. Matt then digs his fingers into Robbie’s back, scratching it deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Ten minutes pass and they are both sweating hard. Robbie’s hair is almost completely fallen around his head and Matt’s hair is wet and hitting his face over and over, sticking slightly. Matt can feel himself close to the end when they both hear the front door of the house open. Matt slows down for a second, but then continues at an even faster pace. As Matt speeds up, Robbie is freaking out. Someone starts knocking on the door and Robbie instantly realizes it’s his brother.

“Stop Matt. It’s my brother.” Robbie whispers, but Matt only gets faster. “Just a minute!” Robbie yells to his brother just as Matt begins to cum.

Matt has to bite his lip in order not to yell as he cums. Robbie is breathing heavily and freaking out, but can’t stop thinking about what’s going through him right now. Matt quickly finishes and begins putting his clothes on, Robbie right behind him.

“Come on bro. I just need to grab something.” Robbie’s brother is annoyed and tries opening the door, but luckily he can’t.

Once dressed, Matt runs into Robbie’s closet, hiding behind as much stuff as he can before Robbie unlocks the door. His brother walks in.

“What you doing?” His brother just looks at him weirdly, Robbie’s hair looking all crazy.

“Just looking at maybe a new hairstyle.” Robbie is trying hard not to breath so heavy as his brother walks near the closet.

“Okay.” His brother than grabs a textbook on the dresser and walks to the door. “I’m headed back to school, see ya later.” Once his brother is out, Robbie closes and locks the door, Matt fumbling out of the closet.

“Wow that was close!” Matt is smiling and panting.

“Oh my god it was!” Robbie grabs Matt by the head and kisses him. “One more time?” Robbie asks between kisses and Matt takes a step back.
“Sure, but only if that statement about your hair was just a lie.” Robbie just smiles and pulls Matt’s shirt, pulling him in closer and the two begin to kiss again.

Chapter Text

“Lock the door.” Justin tells Alex, taking off his letterman’s jacket.

“God I’ve been waiting for this all week.” Alex throws his backpack to the ground. “Why couldn’t my dad leave town sooner.”

“Doesn’t matter, now he’s gone all weekend and we can finally do what we’ve been waiting for.” Justin says as he watches Alex take the leather whip out of his bag.

“I’ve been dreaming about this since we talked about it months ago.” He then takes out four pairs of handcuffs followed by a ball gag. “You ready?”

“Always.” They both completely undress and get onto the bed.

Justin lays down as Alex begins to handcuff his ankles and wrists to the bedposts. He then leans forward, mouths an inch apart and ball gag in hand.

“You sure about this?”

“No.” Justin licks his lips. “But don’t let that stop you.”

Alex places the ball bag in Justin’s mouth and begins kissing his neck. He moves down his body, grabbing the whip next to him. He sits up and smacks the whip against Justin’s abs. Justin begins taking deep breaths through his nose, trying to forget about the pain as Alex continues whipping. A minute of whipping later and Justin is beginning to like it, not blinking each time or flinching. Alex is getting more excited with each whipping. He places the whip down and moves forward, sliding his penis slowly into Justin. Justin loves the feeling and is excited for what’s happening, trying to smile through the gag. Alex begins thrusting in and out, getting slowly faster each time. As he continues, he leans up to Justin and begins playing with his hair. He touches Justin’s hair, just moving strands around.

“You know the first reason I ever thought you were hot was when I saw your hair perfectly styled like it is right now. Perfect hair like yours just gets me so hot and bothered.” Just speaking about it makes Alex hot and bothered quickly.

Alex sits back up and speeds up. He grabs the whips and begins whipping Justin’s chest. Each time he moves in he hits Justin again.

This continues for nearly ten minutes until Alex can feel himself close to finishing and Justin’ chest is red and slightly bleeding. Alex throws the whip off the bed and continues thrusting with ten times the speed and force. Only a couple thrusts later and he begins to cum. Alex takes a deep breath in and begins slowing down as he cums. Justin feels the warmth of his chest and the cum in him, heating him up like a warm hug. As he finishes, he takes himself out of Justin and lays on top of him.

“How was that?” Alex takes the gag out of Justin’s mouth.

“Good, but it could be better.”

“Well, then you’ll have to just show me what you mean.”

“Sure, but I’m kinda locked up right now.”

“I know, just give me a minute with your hair.” Before Justin can speak, Alex puts the gag back in his mouth.

Alex digs his hand into Justin’s hair and begins twirling his fingers through it as he just looks at Justin’s large penis sticking up in the air, thinking of what he wants to do to it.

Chapter Text

I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since the last time we did this.” Archie says as he walks into Kevin’s house.

“Yeah and my dad won’t be back til tomorrow, so we can have even more fun.” Kevin looks at the mirror, playing with his hair.

“If I remember correctly… you did say something about roleplaying…”

“I did. I did. I put your outfit on my bed, go check it out.” Archie walks off.

Archie walks back in a few minutes later wearing Kevin’s father’s sheriff’s uniform.

“This is a little weird Kev.” Archie looks at himself in the mirror.

“It is so… not weird.” Kevin grabs Archie’s belt and pulls him in, kissing him.

“So not weird.” Archie laughs and the two begin kissing again, slowly walking to Kevin’s room.

When they reach Kevin’s room, Kevin flips the hat off Archie’s head and begins running his hands through it. Archie brings his hands up through Kevin’s sweater and shirt, feeling his stomach and chest. Archie then pushes Kevin onto the bed.

“Kevin Keller, you are under arrest.” Archie pulls his club out.

“What did I do officer?”

“You are being way too hot. You must now be punished.”

“Don’t hit me with your big stick. Please…” Kevin licks his lips.

“I’m not going to hit you with this stick.” He throws the club to the floor and unzips his pants, pulling them down and his erect penis popping out. “Now let's see if I can teach you a lesson.”

Archie jumps onto the bed, Kevin laughing as he takes his shirt and sweater off and Archie helps take his pants off. Archie slides his hands up Kevin’s body, kissing everywhere. He slides his hands into Kevin’s hair, feeling the slick and hard exterior followed by the soft interior. He gets his face on top of Kevin’s and kisses him once before sitting up. He grabs Kevin’s legs and pulls apart, placing his penis in with a large thrust.

“This is for your adorable face.” Archie slides out and thrusts back in with more force. “This is for this amazingly tight body.” Archie repeats himself. “And this is for that perfectly Mad Men styled hair.” Archie begins thrusting with more speed and strength, over and over again.

“Fuck me faster!” Kevin shouts, surprising Archie.

Archie just begins going faster and it only takes five minute at this speed for Archie to start getting tired and sweaty. Archie’s hair is getting wet from sweat and dangling over his eyes. Sweat is seeping through his shirt, his abs and nipples showing. Archie begins to slow down slightly.

“Go faster! Come on you can do it daddy!” Kevin doesn’t seem to notice what he said, but Archie sure does.

Archie can feel himself not far from finishing and decides to speed up. Archie is breathing heavily as Kevin grips his thighs.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!” Archie begins shouting as he begins to cum.

“Fuck!” Kevin shouts and grabs Archie’s tie, pulling his head down and choking him.

“Holy shit!” Archie finishes and takes his penis out of Kevin, immediately falling onto the bed next to Kevin.

“That was… amazing Archie, just amazing.”

“Yeah… but next time you're on top.”

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” Kevin gets up and onto his knees, getting on top of Archie. “You’re a sexy daddy.” Kevin runs a hand through Archie’s hair before sliding down Archie’s body and taking his penis into his mouth.

Archie wants to stop and say something about this weird daddy thing, but he for sure does not want to stop Kevin from what he is doing right now.

Chapter Text

“Hey bro!” Gabe knocks on PJ’s apartment door.

“Huh?” PJ answers the door looking very confused.

“Just saw your food truck outside.”

“Yeah isn’t it cool.”

“Um… yeah, but you do know it says BJ and not PJ?”

“Yeah, I thought it sounded cooler.”

“Um.... do you know that there is a difference between the two?”

“Yeah… one has a B and the other has a P.”

“No loser, BJ means blowjob.”

“What’s that?” Right before Gabe is about to say something, a lightbulb goes off in his head.

“Why don’t I show you.” Gabe pushes PJ onto the couch and quickly gets in front of him and onto his knees.

“What’s going on?” Gabe doesn’t answer, but just grabs PJ’s belt and begins taking it off. “Wow! Bro!” PJ doesn’t know what to do.

“I’m just trying to teach you.” Gabe sweeps PJ’s pants right off to reveal his erect penis. “Why are you already hard?”

“Oh I’m always hard. Like always.”

“That’s…” Gabe just moves on and grabs PJ’s penis with his hand.

“Isn’t this just a handy?”

“I haven’t started yet.” Gabe is just annoyed of talking and sticks PJ’s penis into his mouth.

“Oh brother!” PJ’s mouth opens wide and he puts his arms to the side, gripping onto the couch.

Gabe is surprised by the taste of PJ’s penis. Though it isn’t Gabe’s first penis… it is one of the best he’s had. Gabe suctions to PJ’s penis, his tongue tickling his balls lightly. As PJ gets over the initial shock he moves his hands down to his legs, feeling slightly awkward. But then PJ looks at Gabe’s head. He looks at that soft spiky head of his that he has always wanted to touch. PJ digs his hands into Gabe’s hair and is loving the feeling of it so much that PJ instantaneously begins to cum.

“Wow!” PJ shouts as Gabe sucks in his juice.

PJ is surprised by how great Gabe is at sucking it all in and begins to think that it’s not his first time doing this. When Gabe is done he licks his entire penis before taking a seat on the couch.

“Have you done this before Gabe? Are you like gay?” PJ looks over to Gabe.

“Of course not.” Gabe lies easily. “I must just be a natural at it.” PJ just smiles and believes is completely.

“Then I guess I should pay you back.” PJ looks into Gabe’s eyes.

“I guess so.” PJ then gets onto his knees and follows the same steps Gabe just took.

Chapter Text

“Finn!” Sam shouts on stage as he sees Finn standing in the crowd of women.

Sam finishes his dance and rushes off stage and to the back. Finn follows Sam to an empty room with couches.

“Sam.” Finn closes the door behind him. “I’m just so,,, surprised.”

“Finn… please just leave. I can’t have you here.”

“But we need you back. The New Directions need you.”

“No one needs me and I’m making good money here.”

“Please man. I’ll give you money. I have…” Finn looks into his wallet. “$126.”

“I can’t take your money man.”

“Then I’ll have whatever costs $126.”



“For $120 you can do what you want with my ass or penis.”

“Oh…” Finn doesn’t know what to say to that. “I don’t want to make you take my penis in.”

“I could go into you if that doesn’t sound too bad?”

Finn takes a seat on the couch, thinking about it. He has thought many times about doing it before, but never thought it would come into fruition.

“Okay, fuck me hard man. Then you’ll come back with me?”

“We’ll see how good this is…”

As Finn takes his pants off, Sam slides his underwear off. Sam is surprised by how erect Finn’s penis is and begins to think that Finn may have come here not only to bring him back to school, but also for this. Finn just sits there with his t-shirt on and his penis sticking straight up while Sam stands in front of him, his penis slowly becoming erect.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to take your penis?”

“No. Just fuck me!” Finn is getting anxious and just wants this to happen.

Finn opens his legs, his hole just popping out for Sam. Sam walks up slowly and crouches down slightly, aligning his penis to the hole. Sam never thought about this happening before, but feels himself wanting it the closer it comes to fruition. Sam just shoves it in.

“Fuck!” Finn shouts, but can’t stop smiling.

“Oh shit! You okay?” Sam is about to take his penis out when Finn grabs Sam’s waist and pulls him back in.

“Don’t stop. Go faster.” Finn is just breathing heavily and smiling.

Sam whips his hair Justin Bieber style before he starts thrusting in and out of Finn. Finn just continues breathing slowly and keeps his hands on Sam’s waist, trying to only think about the fun side of this instead of the pain. Staring up at Sam, Finn is loving the enjoyment. He loves the way Sam is smiling and biting his lip. He loves the way Sam’s hair is lightly moving with each thrust. On the other hand, Sam is staring at Finn with pure glee. He loves the way Finn is looking at him, as if he were praising him without using a word. The way Finn’s hair is perfectly spiked up in the front makes Sam’s mouth water and want to run his hands through it. They both look at each other with something they’e never felt for another man… love.

Then Sam begins to cum. Only ten minutes later and Sam begins to cum like a rocket. He shoots out cum with one quick thrust that let’s out a huge burst that ends within second, but Finn can feel go through him with extreme speed. When Sam is about ready to get out of Finn, the two stare at each other, not wanting this moment to end ever. In both their minds, out of nowhere, they imagine a romantic relationship with each other. But then Sam takes his penis out and they both get dressed, standing in front of each other without a word.

“I should get back to work.” Sam turns to the door.

“Are you coming back?”

“I don’t know… but maybe…” Sam turns around, taking a deep breath and biting his lip before walking out of the room.

“Damn!” Finn stands there in shock.

Chapter Text

Veck and his pals have taken the over the mall, most importantly the bank. Stuart and other people at the bank at the time have been taken hostage.

“I need a pen!” Veck shouts as his pen runs out of ink.

“Here… um I have one.” Stuart grabs the pen from his shirt pocket. “It’s really nice so be very…” Veck grab the pen from him and gets in his face.

“What were you saying?” Stuart is scared. “Stand up!” Now he’s confused. “Stand up!” Stuart does so and Veck turns to his pal. “If they try to leave, move, or even talk... kill them.”

“Where are we going?” Stuart is scared as Veck pulls him out of the bank and walks him through the mall. “Victoria's Secret?” Stuart asks as they walk into the store and Veck locks the doors up.

Veck then cuts the ties holding Stuarts hands together.

“Take your pants off.” Veck begins walking through the tables, touching all the lace undies.

“What? No! Please no! I’m not gay man! Please man! Please!” Stuart begins to frantically speak.

“Shut up and take your pants off!” Stuart point the gun towards Stuart.

“Okay.” Stuart meekly says as he takes his pants off, his limp and small penis just sitting there.

Veck picks up pink lace panties and walks back over to Stuart, handing it to him. Stuart just stares at Veck, confused. Veck stares into his eyes until Stuart just puts the panties on. Veck then grabs Stuart by his tie and pulls him forward. He begins kissing Stuart with rage, his lips smacking into Stuart’s, who is holding his lips together. Veck begins pulling Stuart’s tie so harder that Stuart has to open his mouth to breath. Veck sticks his tongue down Stuart’s throat, almost making Stuart want to vomit. Veck steps back, releasing the tie. Stuart begins coughing and is starting to sweat hard.

“God this stupid hairstyle of yours. It’s just so…” Veck digs his hand into Stuart’s hair.

“Please don’t ruin my hair.” Stuart begins begging.

“Really? Begging for your hair?” Veck is both confused and furious.

Veck then pulls on Stuart’s hair and runs his hands forward, pushing his hair onto his forehead.

“No!” Stuart looks like he’s about to cry.

“Really man? Crying about your hair?” Veck stops and takes his hands out of Stuart’s hair before pushing Stuart into one of the tables.

Veck then walks up and puts his hands on Stuart’s thighs. He slides his hands up to the panties, sliding his fingers across the lace, feeling himself get hot and bothered. He slides his fingers up the panties and slowly pulls them down just slightly before pushing Stuart’s back to the table.

“Please man! Please! I’ll do anything for you, just not this! Please!” Veck is sick of Stuart’s begging and complaining.

“Shut up! For all this complaining I’m going to make this last longer and be much harder!” Veck slides his pants down and waddles up to Stuart.

“Please!” Stuart yells just before Veck shoves his penis into Stuart. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Stuart is panicking and Veck just smacks him in the face.

Veck begins thrusting with extreme force, the table rocking and almost everything falls off it. As Stuart begins to yell louder, Veck grab some panties off the table and shoves it into Stuart’s mouth. Veck rips open Stuart’s shirt, buttons flying everywhere. Stuart is in major pain as Veck thrusts hard and grips onto his chest, squeezing hard and digging his nails into his skin. Stuart’s ass is bleeding along with his chest. Veck doesn’t slow down at all as He throws his coat off and begins thrusting faster, even though he is getting sweaty and tired.

“Veck.... please…” Stuart is now crying and is feeling defeated.

“Fuck off man!” Veck shouts and in rage gets faster and faster until he begins to cum. “Fuck!” Veck shouts as he shoots out into Stuart.

Veck slows down slightly, but increases the strength of each thrust, smacking into the back of Stuart’s hole. When he is done he slides out and let’s go of Stuart, who immediately holds onto the table to keep himself standing.

“Damn you look like a mess.” Veck laughs as he pulls his pants up.

Stuart just stands there crying as Veck walks up to him. As Veck places his hands onto his cheeks, Stuart flinches. Veck puts one hand into Stuart’s hair, while the other caresses his cheek.

“I need you to fix yourself up. I can’t do this again if you're not at your 100 percent.”

“Again?” Stuart freaks out.

“Of course, but I only do it with hot guys, and right now you’re not looking so hot.” Veck kisses Stuart on the lips.

“You think I’m hot?” Stuart smiles for the first time, beginning to fix his hair. “I’m going to need some hair gel and a new suit then.”


Chapter Text

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Chapter Text

The bell rang and everyone ran out of class, ready to start the weekend. Tristan waited for everyone to leave and walks up to Mr. Medina.

“Mr. Medina.” Tristan walks up to him, nervous.

“Yes Mr. Dugray.” Tristan always admired the way Mr. Medina’s hair was slicked back and looked like he had money even though he only wears poor man’s suits.

“I know I am currently failing this class but I need to have a B right now. Do you think you could change while I work to get it up there.”

“Tristan…” Max looks into Tristan’s eyes. “I cannot change your grade.”

“Please Mr. Medina. I’ll do anything. Anything at all.”

“Sorry, but no.”

“Come on. Please. My dad will take everything away. If you keep me at a B for the rest of the year I can pay you half of my weekly allowance.”

“Mr. Dugray! I can not take a bribe.”

Tristan walks over to the classroom door and closes it, locking it. He then walks to the windows and starts closing the blinds.

“Mr. Dugray, what are you doing?” Tristan doesn’t answer.

He finishes and walks back over to Mr. Medina. He walks close to him, Mr. Medina not moving, frozen.

“I’ll give you whatever you want…” Tristan begins taking his tie off.

“Mr. Dugray…” Mr. Medina is confused and scared as Tristan begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“Call me Tristan.” Once Tristan shows his abs, something in Mr. Medina changes.

“Fine, but if we’re really doing this there are going to be some rules.”

“Of course.”

“First, call me Max. Second, tell no one at all! Third, we only communicate through email and delete the email afterwards. Fourth, I choose when and where we do this. And fifth, I choose everything we do.”

“Sounds like a deal. Handshake?” Tristan puts his hand out.

“You're not shaking my hand.” Max looks down to his crotch, unzipping his pants and letting them fall.

Tristan is nervous at first, but then moves down to his knees.

“Wait, get back up.” Max grabs Tristan’s tie and pulls him up to him. “I want to feel your body.”

Max slides his hands around Tristan’s chest and then down to his stomach. He runs his hands around to his back. Feeling his back muscles, Max’ penis begins to become erect and pop through his boxers. He keeps sliding his hands up and through the back of Tristan’s hair. He slips his fingers through Tristan’s soft spiky hair.

“Okay go down and get it done. I’ve got a meeting in ten.”

“Can you be done that quickly?” Tristan says while going to his knees, his eyes staring up at Max’.

“I haven’t had sex in three years and haven’t masturbated in one year, trust me, this will be quick.”

Tristan just smiles, half for what is about to happen and half for the fact that his time time will go by quickly. Tristan just grabs Max’ penis like it’s a hotdog. He brings it up to his lips, letting them touch for a second. Not bad . He slowly slides the penis into his mouth. Wow! What the fuck! Tristan loves it and shoves it all in quickly. This is like a drug that takes effect quickly because Tristan begins to move his penis in and out of his mouth with speed. Tristan doesn’t exactly know what he’s suppose to do, but he just thinks about what he would want done to him and does it.

Tristan slides his tongue all over the shaft as he continues moving in and out. With one hand, Tristan grabs Max’ balls, tickling them, while his other hand grabs Max’ thigh. While Tristan does this, Max digs his fingers into Tristan’s hair. It only takes a couple more thrusts back and forth and Tristan’s tongue to touch his tip for Max to begin to cum. Tristan is scared and shocked by the cum shooting out at him. It’s like a sensory assault on Tristan’s mouth. Tristan just begins chugging the cum like he does when he’s chugging a keg at a party. But this is different. It is thicker. It is sweeter. And it is ten times better. Tristan is sad as it starts to end. When Max is done, Tristan licks his entire penis in hopes to get a little more cum from it. When done he moves back and stands up, Max zipping up.

“Well I believe that deserves a C. After some practice maybe you can move up a bit.”

“Sure, thanks Mr… Max.”

“Come here.” Max calls Tristan up to him, close. “Put your hands in my hair.” Tristan does so, their faces an inch apart. “Next time we meet you are going to do some dirty dirty things to my hair. You will not just put your hands in it or just lick it, but stick that huge penis into it.” Tristan is breathing heavier and doesn’t know what to say. “Say ‘yes’.”

“Yes.” At that moment Tristan felt this feeling that he would not realize what it was for another couple months.

And what Tristan never knew before this time in the classroom was that Max had thought about Tristan in this way for years and had to hold himself back when Tristan proposed this. This was, in the end, Max’ plan all along.

Chapter Text

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These are the men/characters that I am very into write now and if requested are far more likely to get written!!!!

  1. Zack Morris (Saved By The Bell)
  2. Ross Geller (Friends)
  3. Charles Van Dahl (Gotham)
  4. Sebastian Kydd (The Carrie Diaries)
  5. Heath (White Chicks)
  6. Carter Covington (Hart of Dixie)
  7. Ward Meachum (Iron Fist)
  8. Gene (Baby Daddy)
  9. Richard Bagg (Van Wilder: Party Liaison)
  10. Jerome Clarke (House of Anubis)
  11. Nicholas Forbes (Struck by Lightning)
  12. Cage Wallace (The 100)
  13. Clay Haas (Quantico)
  14. Brad (Baby Daddy)
  15. Nick Zimmerman (Mean Girls 2)
  16. ‘Topher (G.B.F.)
  17. Reggie Mantle (Riverdale)

Chapter Text

Jackson’s POV:

After the bell rings I jump out of my desk, throw my leather jacket on, and speed walk my way out of school. The second I open the front doors to look at my brand new amazing car, I see none other than that Stilinski kid opening the door to his piece of shit and it touching my car. A rage goes through me like never before. I head towards Stiles, but before I get there he drives off. I get into my car and beginning driving after him, completely unaware of my surroundings.


Stiles’ POV:

The second my car touched Jackson’s car I know I’m dead. I hop in my car and speed away. Hopefully he just won’t know it was me and blame it on anyone else . Wait… someone’s driving close behind me.

I look in the rearview mirror... and there is Jackson... and he looks furious. What do I do? I look around to see I’m close to the abandoned part of Beacon Hills. Hopefully he won’t follow me there.


Jackson’s POV:

That bitch thinks he’s going to get away? As he enters the sketchy area of Beacon Hills I follow right after him. I can’t wait to punch that bitch a few times and watch him cry.


Stiles’ POV:

Why won’t he stop following me? I guess this means it’s time to face him.


Jackson’s POV:

Stiles pulls over into an alley and I do the same. I see him step out of his car, running his hands through his hair and beginning to panic, for good reason. I step out of the car and walk towards him.


No One’s POV:

Jackson walks up to Stiles and he can instantly tell that Stiles is freaking out.

“I’m so sorry Jackson!” Stiles begins saying over and over, running his hands through his hair and taking a step back towards his car.

“You’re sorry? There’s a ding in my new car?” Jackson begins shouting.

Jackson pulls his arm up, ready to swing his fist into Stile’ face,but something stops him. He looks into Stiles’ scared eyes, which are now starting to water up and feels something different. It’s not that he feels pity or sad for Stiles, but he begins to feel erect. Jackson just stands there...thinking.

“Are you okay Jackson?” Stiles is confused.

Stiles then looks down to see Jackson has a huge bulge popping out of his pants. The second Jackson notices that Stiles is looking down at his bulge, Jackson moves forward. Stiles expects to get his and moves his arms to cover his face, but Jackson instead grabs Stiles’ arms and pins them to the Jeep. Jackson then moves closer and begins kissing Stiles on the lips. Stiles is completely confused and frozen in shock, but his lips begin to kiss back on there own. Jackson releases Stiles arms and begins taking his leather jacket off. Stiles moves his hands to the sides of Jackson’s face, caressing his strong cheekbones.

Jackson is getting hot really fast as they continue kissing and begin leaning against the Jeep. Stiles I beginning to love this the more it goes on and decides to make a risky move as he moves his hands down to Jackson’s pants and begins taking his belt off.

“Have you done this before?” They stops kissing as Jackson speaks and begins taking his own belt off.


“What? With McCall?” Jackson begins unbuttoning his shirt while Stiles begins taking his belt off.

“No, with an older man.”

“Cool.” Jackson is sick of talking and moves back in, beginning to kiss again.

Stiles pulls Jackson’s shirt off and throws it onto his front seat while Jackson runs his hands down Stiles’ body. Jackson then slides his hands under Stiles’ shirt and slowly begins pulling it off. They stop kissing for a second as Jackson takes Stiles’ shirt off. Right then is when they both pull their pants down and off, throwing them into the car. They both just look at each other for a second. Jackson is thrown off by the surprising abs that Stiles has and the large bulge coming from his boxers. Stiles is stunned by the perfection that is Jackson’s perfectly symmetrical body and bulge that seems ready to rip through his boxers.

“Get in the back.” Stiles says before turning around to his car, opening the door, and beginning to push the back seats down.

It doesn’t take long before Stiles and Jackson are in the back of the car with everything off and are making out, their raw sweaty bodies clashing.

“Condom?” Jackson asks.

“Always.” Stiles pulls a box of them out from under his passenger seat and rips one open.

After sliding it onto Jackson, Jackson flips Stiles over to his back and gets on top. Jackson leans down to continue kissing Stiles and he runs his hands into Stiles’ crunchy hair. As they kiss, Jackson aligns his member with Stiles. With one thrust, Jackson sits up and goes into Stiles. Jackson begins thrusting like a rabid animal. The car is shaking and Stiles grabs hold of anything he can to stay still.

Nearly ten minutes into this and Jackson shows no signs of slowing down. He is sweating hard and his softly spiked hair is looking wet and beginning to fall down. Stiles’ hands are sliding up and down Jackson’s thighs, rubbing and gripping them.

Less than five minutes later…

“I’m close!” Jackson shouts between panting.

The two of them lock eyes. They are both smiling uncontrollably as Jackson begins to climax. As he climaxes, Jackson begins to slow down, running a hand through his hair. Stiles grips Jackson’s thighs as he takes it all in. Once done, Jackson slides out and falls down next to Stiles.

“That was…”

“Amazing! Incredible! Stupendous!” Stiles bursts out.

“Stupendous!” Jackson shouts as he slides his hands down his body.

After a minute of just lying there, Jackson quickly gets up and on top of Stiles, his face

just an inch above Stiles’.

“Now… if you tell anyone about this I will destroy you! I will not just destroy you, but also everyone around you!” Stiles is scared and trying hard not to pee like a dog. “Got that?”

“Yes!” Stiles shouts immediately back.

“Good.” Jackson kisses Stiles on the lips before grabbing his clothes from the front seat and begins changing. “We’ll have to do this again sometime.” Jackson says as he finishes dressing and hops out of the trunk. “Oh and I’ll send you the bill for the ding.” Jackson walks off to his car and drives away, Stiles lying there naked in utter shock of what just happened.

Chapter Text

Setting: Isaac has moved to France with Chris Argent and lived there for a few months and is taking the weekend off to travel to London, England to look for an old friend.

After some research Isaac finally found the person he was looking for and is standing at the person’s apartment door. After a deep breath in, Isaac knocks on the door. When the door opens and Isaac sees Jackson Whittemore standing with a towel around his waist and abs glistening, he works hard to keep his mouth closed and eyes up.

“Isaac.” Jackson is surprised. “Come in.” Isaac walks in without saying anything.

Isaac looks around the apartment that is very modern and filled with expensive everything.

“So what are you doing in London?” Isaac snaps out of his daze and look up at Jackson, admiring Jackson’s short spiked hair.

“I’m living in France and decided to take a trip here. Then I thought ‘wait! Jackson lives here! I should say hello’.” Jackson just laughs.

“Well it’s nice to see you.”

“You too.” He slides his fingers across a table, walking closer to Jackson. “I’ve been seeing your pictures all over magazines and buses.”

“Yeah, isn’t it crazy!”

“Yeah and I saw your interview with People Magazine.”

“Oh! Really!” Jackson’s smile grows. “So I guess that means you know.”


Jackson then drops his towel, his large penis erect and pointing towards Isaac. Isaac lips his lips as he begins taking his scarf off. Jackson then takes a step closer. Isaac takes his shirt off. Jackson takes another step closer. He throws his shoes off and whips his belt off. Jackson steps forward, an inch from Isaac and his penis sliding across Isaac’s jeans. Jackson reaches down and unzips Isaac’s pants. Jackson goes down to his knees as he pulls Isaac’s pants and boxers down, Isaac’s erect penis popping into his face. Isaac bites his lip, trying to stop himself from smiling to much as Jackson takes his penis in his mouth. Isaac grabs the back of the couch as Jackson starts working.

It’s only five minutes until Isaac is ready to climax. The entire five minutes were quiet besides some pants from Isaac and the smack of Jackson’s lips.

“Oh god!” Isaac silently and slowly shouts as he climax’.

Jackson takes it all in with ease that Isaac didn’t expect. After being done, Jackson licks everything to make sure he’s completed before standing up. Jackson leans forward and begins kissing Isaac. Isaac goes along with it all, letting Jackson take control as they slowly walk towards the bedroom. Once in the room, a surge of energy and heat hits Isaac and he pushes Jackson onto the bed. He jumps onto the bed, getting on top of Jackson. Isaac dips a hand into Jackson’s hair and gripped it tightly. He pulls Jackson up by his hair, their lips connecting savagely. Isaac then throws Jackson’s head back to the bed. Jackson reaches over to his nightstand, grabbing and ripping open a condom, then sliding it on.  

Isaac quickly hops on Jackson’s penis and grips him like he’s ready to ride a horse. He begins thrusting up and down with werewolf speed and strength. He slides his hands onto Jackson’s chest, his claws popping out. He digs his claws lightly into Jackson’s skin as he slides his fingers down his chest and abs. Jackson growls, his werewolf teeth coming out. Jackson’s claws come out and dig into the bed as Isaac begins speeding up.

“Faster!” Jackson growls out at Isaac, Isaac listening and speeding up.

Ten minutes later…

Isaac is sweating a storm, going slightly slower than before. Isaac’s curls have fallen over his forehead and slightly over his eyes, flying up and down with each thrust. Beads of sweat drip down Isaac’s body and drip onto Jackson, steam going off Jackson’s body. Jackson’s body is on fire, every bit of him boiling from the inside.

Ten more minutes later…

Isaac is panting and getting tired. All of his hair is damp and the curls are dangling almost straight around his head. He’s biting his lip so hard that blood is seeping out. Jackson is just as before, but covered in sweat. His abs are wet as if he just came out of a pool. His hair is damp and falling back onto the bed.

“So...close…” Jackson manages to get out between deep breaths. “Faster!” Jackson just shouts loudly, his werewolf teeth coming back out.

Isaac gathers all the energy left in him to go faster than he ever has before. His nails begin digging into Jackson’s thighs.

“Fuck!” Jackson growls into the air, his eyes glowing blue and nails ripping through the sheets and deep in the mattress.

Isaac looks up to the ceiling, his mouth open and teeth out as he growls. Slowing down, Isaac takes it all in.

After done, Isaac gets off Jackson and flops down next to him. They both turn to look at each other. They smile as they take deep breaths. Jackson digs his hand into Isaac’s hair, pushing it from his eyes.

“So… fifteen minutes then round two?” Jackson and Isaac both laugh as Isaac nods.

Chapter Text

Chicago 1922...

For hours Klaus and Stefan have been hanging out and really begun to become best friends…

“Niklaus!” Rebekkah yells and the two meet eyes, Rebekkah giving a devilish stare.

“Stefan.” Klaus looks over to Stefan, Stefan giving a big smile. “Shall we take a minute to talk?” Stefan gets up and follows Klaus through the club and out the back door.

They walk into a dimly lighted alley.

“What’s wrong Niklaus?”


“Is this about your sister? I care about her but if I must I would choose your friendship first.”

“Is that true?” Klaus is surprised.

“I wouldn’t say it if it weren’t true.”

“Well…” Klaus doesn’t know what to say. “I truly admire your hair Stefan.” It came out from Klaus’ mouth uncontrollably.

“Thank you.” Stefan can’t stop smiling.

Right then, their eyes meet at a particular angle and something in them switches. They both step forward. Klaus digs his fingers through the sides of Stefan’s hair and they begin to kiss. The kissing begins to become animalistic as Stefan rips Klaus’ jacket off with one pull. They quickly stop kissing. Klaus gives Stefan a smile he doesn’t give just anyone. He then grabs Stefan’s collar and completely rips off his jacket, shirt, and bow tie with one pull.

Suddenly, with some vampire speed, Klaus undresses and Stefan pushes Klaus against the opposite wall as they begin kissing again. Klaus takes control and flips Stefan over to the wall. After some more intense kissing, Klaus turns Stefan around, pushing his face into the bricks. Stefan bites his lip as Klaus rips his pants and underwear right off him. Klaus begins kissing Stefan’s neck.

“Have you ever done this before?” Klaus whispers into Stefan’s ear.


“It’s going to hurt like a bitch at first, but I’ll give you something in return if you get through it.”

Stefan turns his head to Klaus, simply smiling. Kaus gives Stefan one more kiss on the lips before pushing his head back into the wall. Klaus whips his belt off and lets his pants and underwear fall to the floor. He reaches forward, separating Stefan’s butt cheeks. Klaus shoves his erect penis in without a second thought. Stefan smacks a closed fist against the wall, shattered pieces of brick flying into the air. Klaus begins thrusting with vamp speed. Within a minute Stefan’s pain begins to leave and pure pleasure takes way.

“Oh god!” Stefan moans out as Klaus speeds up.

They move to another wall with vamp speed.

“You are a beautiful specimen Stefan! Beautiful!” Klaus shouts before smacking him on the ass.

They both begin sweating after a couple more minutes of this. Stefan’s long and tall hair is beginning to dampen and get shorter.

Another couple minutes pass and Klaus is close to climaxing. He takes a deep breath in and speeds up even more. A few seconds later and Klaus begins to cum. He slows down to normal speed as he continues thrusting. He gets close to Stefan, his chest on Stefan’s back. As Klaus finishes, he slides his hands around Stefan, grabbing hold of Stefan’s erect penis.

“Wow!” Stefan says while panting.

“That was spectacular!” Klaus says as he takes himself out of Stefan.

Stefan turns around. They look at each other in the eyes, smiling uncontrollably.

“I never thought…” Stefan begins saying before Klaus starts getting down to his knees.

“I told you I would repay the favor…” Klaus gets to his knees, eyes directly facing Stefan’s penis. “What a piece of machinery. The largest I’ve ever seen.”

“Well…” Right then, Klaus takes Stefan’s penis in his mouth.

Stefan is shocked and doesn’t know how to respond to this. He moves his hands onto Klaus’ head, sliding them across his slicked back hair. Klaus then begins to go vamp speed at this too, something that Stefan is not prepared for. His mouth opens and he moves his hands up to his head. He digs his fingers into his own hair, pushing some strands out of his face.

Five minutes later…

Stefan begins to climax quickly and with full strength. Klaus digs his nails into Stefan’s butt as he begins drinking it all in. Stefan can’t stop smiling and is suddenly filled with all this energy. Once done, Klaus stands up, licking his lips.

“I love you!” Stefan shouts as Klaus gets up, grabbing his head and kissing him.

Klaus is shocked and speechless. Something in Klaus is both happy and sad about this revelation. He moves in close to Stefan, there faces an inch from each other.

“I could love you too…” Klaus runs his fingers through Stefan’s hair. “But I can’t have someone I love around… it’s a weakness…” Stefan is confused and Klaus kisses him on the lips once more before staring into Stefan’s eyes. “You will forget about me. You will remember having fun with a random waitress in an alley. You will go an find clothes and leave Chicago immediately.” He kisses Stefan once more on the lips before speeding away with his clothes into the dark night.

Chapter Text

Takes place during “Thunderstruck”. Miles has found Tristan during a game of hide and seek and they share a kiss...

“Oh my god!” Miles says after kissing Tristan.

“Yeah…” Tristan quietly says as they both separate from each other.

“Fuck!” Miles almost shouts as he hits a realization.

Miles, right then, moves back in and begins kissing Tristan again. They move over to the closet and get in it. Tristan digs his fingers through the top of Tristan’s hair, sliding his hands down his neck and under his shirt. Something in the both of them sparks a heated passion as they both step back and begin taking their shirts off. With their shirts off, the two of them continue kissing. The reach down to each other’s pants and begin taking them off. Once they pull off their pants and boxers, the two just stand there.

“So…” Tristan begins.

“Yeah…” Miles whispers as Tristan slides his hands down Miles’ abs.

Tristan turns around then turns his head back to look at Miles. He just smiles at Miles and Miles gets excited. He moves forward and begins kissing Tristan’s neck. He slowly begins to move down as he kisses, slowly sliding his erect penis into Tristan. Tristan loves every second of it and Miles is surprised by how much he loves the feeling. This feels like a rush for Miles as he begins to thrust in and out with great speed.

Ten minutes later….

Miles is so tired, but doesn’t slow down as he wants to feel the finishing act. Tristan can’t stop smiling and looking back to see Miles’ beautiful face, his neck aching. Miles is sweating like never before, his hair wet and flopping over his forehead.

“ my god!” Miles wants to shout but stops himself halfway through. “Almost there…” Miles spits out between deep breathes.

Three minutes later…

“Holy…” Miles begins to spurt out as he climaxes. “Fuck!” Miles shouts uncontrollably as he begins to slow down and let it all out.

“Wow.” Tristan says as Miles moves out and he turns to face him. “Just wow.”

They both slide their pants on and right then and there the door to the closet opens and Winston stands there staring at the two of them on the ground half naked.

“Well…” Winston says before closing the closet door.

Chapter Text

Gabe got off work early and thought he would go back home/the shed out back to get an early nights sleep. But Gabe was not expecting what he saw when he walked into his place.

Brandon was getting very annoyed with everyone. THe house was always crowded and he never got a chance to be alone in his room to just relax and let go. BUt then it came to him one day… the shed.

Gabe walks into his place to see Brandon jerking off on his bed. The second he sees Brandon, Brandon sees him, the two freezing in their positions.

“Oh…” Gabe begins and Brandon instantly grabs a pillow to cover up. “My pillow…” Gabe is uncomfortable at first but then walks in and closes the door behind him.

“I”m so sor…”

“No!” Gabe interrupts. “It’s okay. I understand. But don’t you have a girlfriend to help you with that?”

“Well… she isn’t exactly into anything oral.”

“Oh…” An idea pops into Gabe’s head. “What if I helped you?”

“What? But I’m not gay, and neither are you.”

“Yeah, that’s true. But we both have needs that aren’t getting… fulfilled by others. So why can’t two men just help each other out?”

“Well...yeah...I guess…” Gabe locks the door and walks over to Brandon.

Gabe gets onto his knees and looks up at Brandon, who sits there debating his next move. He takes a deep breath in before moving the pillow and showing his erect penis.

“I was already close, so it shouldn’t take long.” Brandon says with a smile as Gabe goes down on him.

Brandon keeps his hands on the bed, though he wants to put itin Gabe’s hair. He can already feel himself close as Gabe begins speeding up. Gabe grabs the mattress tightly as Brandon begins to climax. With the exciting feeling hitting him, Brandon digs his hands into Gabe’s hair as he finishes. Once Brandon is done, Gabe licks around to make sure to get everything before standing up.

“That was…” Gabe begins.

“Amazing!” With excitement, Brandon begins unbuttoning his shirt. “I guess I owe you now!” Gabe is surprised by how excited Brandon is for this.

“You sure?” Gabe is hesitant, but Brandon is almost completely undressed now.

“Come on.” Brandon bends over on the bed, propping his butt towards Gabe.

Gabe slides his pants off and throws his shirt to the ground. Gabe has never done this with a man before, but he also hasn’t done this at all in a long time. Something in him begins to finally get excited as he gets on the bed, his penis directly in front of Brandon’s hole. As Brandon feels the touch of the penis on his butt, he grabs the blanket off the bed and shoves it in his mouth. Brandon bites down on the sheet as Gabe shoves himself in. Instantly Gabe begins thrusting with great speed. Brandon begins crying from the pain, but still loves it all.

Ten minutes later…

Brandon no longer feel the pain, has dropped the blanket, and is sweating a little. Gabe, however, is feeling pleasure like he never has before. Everything is amazing. His body feels young and viral again. He is sweating bullets, but doesn’t slow down one bit. He can feel himself getting close and begins going faster.

Gabe reaches forward, digging his hands in the back of Brandon’s hair and gripping it. With Brandon’s head pulled up, Gabe begins to climax.

“Oh fuck!” Gabe begins shouting. “Holy shit! God damnit!”

When Gabe is finally done, he slides out and to his feet. Brandon turns around slowly as Gabe begins dressing frantically. It begins hitting Gabe what he just did with great remorse.

“Oh my god!” Gabe’s almost completely dressed. “That was awful. I mean it was great, but we shouldn’t have done it.” Gabe throws Brandon’s clothes at him. “Get dressed and get out of here.”

“But Gabe… that was…” Brandon slowly begins getting dressed with an uncontrollable smile. “Maybe we should do this again?”


“Come on. That was amazing!” Brandon, fully dressed, walks up to Gabe.

“Well… no!” Brandon takes a step forward, the two just an inch from each other.

“You sure?” Brandon moves forward and kisses Gabe on the lips.

“Maybe…” Gabe unlocks the door.


“Tomorrow. Midnight.” Gabe opens the door for Brandon.

“If you wish.” Brandon walks out, Gabe standing still with his thoughts rest of teh night.

Chapter Text

“Mr. Stein…” The teacher says and Chase looks up from his phone to see his teacher holding a hall pass in her hand. “The new principal would like to see you.”

Chase is nervous as he grabs his backpack and begins walking to the office. He thinks about how badly his dad will punish him if he gets in trouble at school. The second he arrives to the door, he knocks on it and hears a rough mans voice coming from the other side.

“Come in.” Chase opens the door, surprised to see a man in his late 20s wearing a black suit, short coiffed hair, and perfect cheekbones and chin. “Close the door and take a seat.”

“Thanks.” Chase is confused, in many different ways.

“I’m Mr. Ward and I wanted to meet the young genius that plans on taking our lacrosse to the championships this year.”

“Um… thanks.”

“That’s all.”

“Oh! That’s all?”

“Unless there was something you needed help with?”
“Um…” Things run through Chase’s mind, none of which he can actually say.

“Because if you did…” Mr. Ward stands up and walks behind Chase and to the door. “Maybe I could help.” He locks the door.

“Well… um Mr. Ward…” Chase is getting flustered and hot.

“Call me Grant.” He places his hands on Chase’s shoulders and begins rubbing them softly.

“Um… Grant I’ve...well I’ve never done anything like this before…”

“I can tell.” Grant leans down, grabbing Chase’s head and tilting it towards him and kissing him.

Chase feels electricity rush through his body as Grant’s soft lips touch his. Right then Chase gets up from the seat, continuing the kiss. At once they both dig their hands into the other’s hair, something they both thought about doing since first seeing each other. It’s as if they are reading each other’s minds as they separate and begin taking their clothes off. Grant stops for a second to admire Chase’s ripped body before he continues taking his shirt off. Once they are both down to their boxers, Chase begins to get scared. Chase freezes in shock to Grant’s ribbed body and the bulge coming from his boxers.

“Well…” Grant says while smiling before moving forward to continue kissing Chase.

Chase can feel himself getting hard and his bugle sliding against Grant’s. They reach down and slide each other’s boxers off, their erect penis’ popping out and touching. Grant, in the heat of the moment, flips Chase around and bends him over the desk. Grant then leans on top of Chase, his lips to Chase’s ear.

“I’m about to make your day.” Grant whispers before standing back up and shoving his penis into Chase.

Chase grips the edge of the desk and holds back a scream, trying to act tough in front of Grant. Grant slides his hands down to Chase’s waist and grips tight as he begins to thrust. Grant slaps Chase’s ass before he begins to speed up.

“I have… a meeting… in ten… so I’m going fast…” Grant says between breaths.

“Yeah..yeah..” Chase is in too much pain to respond in any other way.

Four minutes later…

Grant is getting close to finishing already, probably the quickest he’s ever done before. His chest is glossy from sweat. His hair is beginning to get wet and flop back and forth. Chase, on the other hand, is sweating bullets, but the pain is almost completely gone. He’s begun to feel the pleasure in all of this. Puddles of sweat are forming on the desk and his hair is dangling over his face and flopping everywhere.

“Yes…” Grant whispers a minute later as he begins to climax. “Oh yes!” Grant begins to slow down.

“Wow.” Chase is really liking every part of this now.

As Grant is done, he slaps Chase’s ass once more before sliding out. Chase stands up slowly and turns around. Chase grabs Grant’s head and pulls it down, kissing him. He pushes Grant against the door. He then begins to kiss Grant’s cheek, slowly moving down to his neck.

“Oh…” Grant is loving every second of this. “We should stop and get chang…” Grant can’t finish his thought as Chase begins kissing his chest.

Suddenly Chase just stops and steps back.

“Time’s up I guess.” He runs a hand through his hair before grabbing his boxers off the ground.

“Yeah..” Grant just takes a deep breath before beginning to get dressed.

Once dressed they take a seat again, staring at each other.

“Well Mr. Stein… I can't wait to see what else you do for this school this year.”

“I’m here for the school whenever it needs me.”

“The school would love to thank you for everything you do for it… maybe tonight?”

“Yeah… I guess I need to come to school to work on a group project late tonight.”

“Perfect. I’ll be here til 10.”


Chapter Text

Reggie is walking to class when he sees Archie at his locker. He grabs a bag out of his backpack and walks over to Archie, leaning in close behind him.

“Wear these tonight when you come over… Bubble Butt.” Reggie whispers into Archie’s ear before a quick nibble on his ear.

Reggie then walks away, Archie staring at him.

That night, Archie arrives at Reggie’s house, knocking on the door in anticipation for what is about to happen. Reggie answers the door, wearing a black hoodie that makes his tall black hair even more prominent. Archie runs a hand through his own hair.


“Hey dude.”

“Thanks for the present.” Archie walks in the house, the door closing behind him.

“Well you needed something that truly showed your bubble butt.”

“Well…” Archie whips his belt right off. “I guess my bubble butt must thank you.” He pulls his pants down, showing off the black pair of briefs that makes the butt Reggie loves so much look more bubble like than ever before.

“Oh I do love a good thank you.” Reggie then moves in and begins kissing Archie.

Reggie begins squeezing Archie’s ass while Archie digs his fingers through the sides of Reggie’s hair. Both of their tongues clash as the begins taking their clothes off. They separate as they begin taking their shirts off.

“My parents won’t be back until tomorrow… so you can stay the night… if you want?” Reggie and Archie are standing there in silence for a few seconds.

“Of course. Now are you going to take my butt or should I take charge?”

Reggie just laughs as he grabs Archie by his waist and begins kissing him again. Reggie walks with Archie to the couch in the living room, where he tosses Archie onto it. He leans down to Archie to continue kissing him as runs his hands through his hair multiple times. Reggie then stands back up and flips Archie around, sticking his butt up to his groin area. Reggie pulls down his boxers, his large and erect penis just slightly touching Archie’s butt.

“I’m about to ruin you.” Reggie smirks as he pats his hands around his perfect hair.

“Try your hardest.” Archie looks back to Reggie, admiring the smoulder he is giving before Reggie shoves his penis in him just like he has so many times before.

Reggie grabs Archie’s waist and begins thrusting in and out of Archie with extreme speed and strength that shakes Archie’s entire body. Archie grabs hold of the cushions in the couch as he tries to remain still for Reggie. Reggie is so hot and horny as he continues that he feels the need to do more. He leans slightly forward and around to grab Archie’s erect penis with his hand, quickly begin to jerk it off.

Ten minutes later…

Reggie is really close to climaxing. Reggie is sweating bullets as he continues thrusting and jerking Archie off. Reggie’s perfectly coiffed black hair is now wet and shiny as chunks of it are dangling over his eyes. With each thrust Reggie’s hair flies up and back down. Just as Reggie begins to climax, Archie bites down on his lip as Reggie slaps his ass with extreme force. After a minute of slowly thrusting to finish off, Reggie takes himself out of Archie. Reggie slowly continues to jerk off Archie as he gets down to his knees, flipping Archie over to sit on the couch.

Archie stares up at Reggie, sweaty and disheveled. Archie brings his hands to Reggie’s hair and runs his hands through it, moving his hair back. Archie stops as he feels himself ready and grabs hold of the couch. Suddenly cum shoots out of Archie and flies into the air. The cum flies everywhere, splattering all over Reggie’s chest, face, and hair. Reggie finishes jerking Archie off before he licks the excess cum on his penis. Reggie then stands up and collapses onto the couch next to Archie, where he begins wiping the cum off his six pack and licking it off his fingers.

“We can’t so long to do this ever again.” Reggie says between breathes, giving Archie the smile he loves so much.

“A week is way too long to wait.” Archie turns to Reggie and gets on top of him, running his fingers through Reggie’s wet hair. “How about you go and clean your hair up and then we’ll just have to make up for each day we missed.”

“That sounds... “ Reggie pulls Archie in to kiss him on the lips.

Chapter Text

“Hello.” Finn says as the door the house opens. “You must be Mr. Smith.” He says to the tall and surprisingly handsome man.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Great.” Finn says with a big smile.

“We’re here for the pool.” Puck says from behind Finn, putting his phone in his pocket.

“Come in.” Mr. Smith says as he lets them in and walks them to the backdoor.

“What package would you like?” Finn begins, ready to list the different types.

“The special please.”

“Oh!” Puck says while Finn is frozen.

Finn and Puck look at each other before looking at Mr. Smith. They both realize that he’s probably in his young 40s, but once use to be ridiculously hot, probably a football star too. He looks like the kind of guy that was very popular as a kid.

“So who with?” Puck asks, Finn shy about the special as always.

“Actually… I want to watch you two do it.” It gets silent quickly and stays that way for a minute before Puck smiles and breaks the silence.

“That will be double the price.” Finn turns to Puck, confused.

“Of course. And I want to… you know…” Mr. Smith makes a jerking off gesture. “While I watch.”

“Then triple the price.”

“Of course.”

“Covered or bare?” Puck pulls a condom from his pocket.

“Bare. The bedroom is this way.” Mr. Smith and Puck begin walking through the house, Finn slowly behind them, confused and thinking about what is about to happen.

This isn’t the first time the two have done this, but never in front of someone else and not since middle school. They walk into a very nice guest room where the bed has no sheets and a chair is sitting directly next to it. Puck begins undressing, Finn pulling him to the side as he slowly starts to do so.

“Are you sure about this?” Finn takes his shirt off.

“Of course! Triple the regular price and we get to have sex!” Puck slides his pants and boxers off before sliding his fingers through the side of Finn’s hair.

“Yeah…” Finn pulls his pants and underwear off.

“Now I’m in a top kinda mood, so should I be the lady?”

“Yeah.” Finn laughs.

The two walk over to the bed, looking at Mr. Smith sitting at the chair with his pants to his knees and his surprisingly large penis hard and in his hands.

“Oh!” Mr. Smith interrupts the two before they get onto the bed. “You!” He points to Puck.

“Puck.” He laughs as he touches his penis.

“Play with his hair.”

“Finn.” Finn quietly says in the background.

“Yeah, whatever, I’ll pay extra. Just play with his hair.”

“Sounds great!” Puck puts a fake smile on and throws up two thumbs ups.

Finn turns to Puck and right as their eyes meet, Puck grabs Finn’s head and begins kissing him. As Finn kisses back, Puck digs his fingers into the top of Finn;s spiked hair, something Puck would’ve done even if he wasn’t asked to do it. Puck then pulls back and pushes Finn onto the bed. Puck bites his lip before he crawls onto the bed, kissing Finn’s leg and slowly moving up. Puck stops at Finn’s penis and kisses the tip and shaft a couple times before continuing up. As Puck reaches Finn’s abs, he sticks his tongue out and licks his way all the way to the bottom of his neck. He stops as his face is directly above Finn’s and just stops for a moment to appreciate his cute face. While they stare into each other’s eyes, Puck reaches down and grabs Finn’s penis, slowly moving it into his ass.

“You ready?” Puck asks Finn.

“Yeah.” Finn licks his lips and they both look over to Mr. Smith, who is slowly starting to jerk off.

“Forget about him, it’s just you and me here.” Finn has never heard Puck talk this way before.

Finn just nods and Puck sits up, shoving Finn’s penis all the way in him. Puck grabs the poles on the bed and begins pulling himself up like it’s a pull up, then dropping down with gravity. He begins doing this faster and faster with each one. He continues this without fault. While Puck does that, Finn is enjoying the view, not Puck, but Mr. Smith. Puck was busy on the act itself with his eyes closed, so Finn was able to look over to see Mr. Smith jerking off in sync with Puck’s movements. Something about Mr. Smith and his old school jock look that got him hot.

“Finn!” Puck whisper shouts as he sees Finn looking at Mr. Smith.

“Sorry.” Finn’s smile makes Puck forgive everything.

Puck lets go of the poles and places his hands on Finn’s abs, jerking up and down and forward and back with even greater speed. Finn bites down on his lip as Puck digs his nails into Finn’s skin. Finn bleeds as Puck drags his fingers down.

“Oh yes!” Finn shouts with the pleasure that comes from the pain.

“Yes!” Puck shouts in agreement.

“Lord!” The two hear Mr. Smith shout as he pre-cums.

“I’m close.” Finn whispers, licking his lips.

That excites Puck. He begins to speed up with speeds that impress even Puck himself. Puck has this energy that comes from an animal in Puck that only comes out during an intense football game.

“Fuck!” Finn shouts as he blasts into Puck. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Finn climaxes more than ever before, like a hose.

Puck just closes his eyes as he slows down, his jaw dropping and unable to close. The two breath in sync as they calm down. Just as Puck begins to get off Finn, the two hear a loud moan from Mr. Smith. They look over to see him shoot out cum all over the floor and himself. As Puck falls onto the bed next to Finn, Mr. Smith walks over to a desk and begins writing a check. He folds it and walks over to the bed, throwing it on Finn’s stomach.

“If you guys are up to it, you can come to ‘clean the pool’ every other week.” The two look at each other.

“Yeah!” They shout in unison.

“My wife visits her sick mother every thursday from three to six, so come at 3:30.”

“Okay.” The two begin getting dressed.

“Now clean the pool.” Mr. Smith wipes his finger over his wet penis.

“That will be the regular price in addition.” Puck makes sure to mention.

“Of course.” Mr. Smith smiles and licks his finger before walking off into the bathroom.

Puck and Finn high five as they walk out the room.

Chapter Text

Imagine Jungle, filled people people, sweat, and a lot of teenage hormones. Scott, Stiles, Allison, Lydia, Isaac and Jackson are all there. Scott is dancing with Allison, Lydia, and Isaac while Jackson is grabbing a drink and Stiles is both dancing and talking to a guy in the far corner of the room. Jackson can’t help but stare at Stiles, feeling something he rarely ever feels. He can’t stop staring at the goofy smile and the long, shiny, and spiky brown hair. Lydia walks up out of nowhere with Scott, both of them laughing.

“What?” Jackson says, thinking they said something to him.

“What’s wrong Jackson?” Scott says as he grabs a drink.

“Stiles obviously!” Lydia unawaringly shouts.

“No! No I’m not! He’s pack, I’d act the same way for the rest of you!” Jackson is getting flustered.

“Just talk to him before he goes home with that guy.” Scott begins. “Stiles use to have a huge crush on you, but thought you would never so he moved on.”

“Shut up!” Jackson shouts, runs a hand through his hair, then walks towards the bathroom.

As Jackson pushes through people he suddenly bumps into Stiles, who looks up at him with shy eyes.

“Sorry man!” Stiles shouts through the loud noise.

“No problem. You goin to the bathroom too?” Jackson doesn’t know why he’s talking, but he just is.

“Yeah.” They walk into the bathroom together.

Right as they enter the bathroom, Jackson turns around and pushes Stiles against the door, kissing him. He locks the door as his tongue slides into Stiles’ mouth.

“Wow!” Stiles pushes Jackson away in shock. “Really?” Stiles is super confused but then grabs Jackson by his shirt and pulls him in, kissing him back.

They both dig their fingers into each others hair, something each of them have wanted to do for a long time. Jackson then slides his hands down Stiles’ back and grabs hold of his belt, yanking him over to the sink and pushing his face into the mirror. With his other hand, Jackson whips Stiles’ belt off and yank down his pants. Stiles pushes Jackson’s hand off his head and flips around. He reaches down to Jackson’s pants and slowly begins taking them off. He slowly begins moving down to his knees, pulling Jackson’s pants and boxers down. Stiles’ lips slide across Jackson’s tip. As Jackson’s penis begins to harden, Stiles licks the shaft from bottom to tip before he gets back up to his feet.

“Thanks.” Jackson says before he flips Stiles back around, grabs his penis, and shoves it into Stiles.

Stiles looks into the mirror and at Jackson behind him, where Jackson is pushing himself into Stiles with immense strength that is shaking the sink. With one hand gripping the sink, Jackson runs his other hand through the back of Stiles’ hair, feeling the light crunchiness. The feeling of Stiles’ hair gets Jackson excited, so excited that as he grips the sink, the corner breaks off. As shattered pieces of the sink fall to the ground, Stiles puts both his hands on the mirror.

“Fuck me like I’m your prisoner!” Stiles shouts, both of them surprised by it.

Stiles then turns his head backward and uses one of his hands to grab Jackson’s hair and pull his head towards his. He begins kissing Jackson, shoving his tongue down his throat. Stiles slides his tongue across Jackson’s shiny teeth before he turns back to the mirror and grips the mirror. Jackson begins thrusting even harder and faster, breathing heavily and unable to close his mouth. Jackson moves his hands up the sink, pushing Stiles further down. In the heat of the moment, Jackson accidentally pulls off the sink nozzle and water squirts up into Stiles’ face. As the water hits him, Stiles’ hair begins falling in front of his face. Stiles begins trying to push his hair back, but gives up as it continues and instead just moves his hands back and onto Jackson’s waist.

“Shhhiitttt!” Jackson yells as he begin to cum.

Stiles looks into the mirror to see Jackson’s climax face, something he has only imagined before. One eye is closed and he is biting half his lip. Jackson slaps a fist into the wall as he finishes, the tile shattering and flying through the air. His eyes are glowing with a blue that lights the room. Once done, Jackson steps out just slightly and within a second, Stiles spins around and pulls Jackson in to kiss. Jackson dips Stiles over, his head going into the sink. The water splashes up at Jackson, his hair beginning to fall just like Stiles’. They stand back up and separate, standing there in silence and thinking about what just happened. They then begin getting dressed.

“Meet me at my car?” Jackson runs a hand through hair and back.

“Yeah.” Stiles licks his lips.

“I’ll go out first. Follow me in three.”

“Of course!” Stiles and Jackson kiss one last time before Jackson finishes dressing and walks to the door.

“My parents are gone for the entire weekend.”

Stiles says nothing but nods his head crazily. After Jackson walks out, Stiles turn to the mirror and runs both his hands in his hair, staring at himself and reviewing the situation. He smiles and splashes water in his face before turning around and heading to meet Jackson.

Chapter Text

  1. Cage Wallace (The 100)
  2. Charles Van Dahl (Gotham)
  3. Joey Donner (10 Things I Hate About You)
  4. Scott Disick
  5. Sebastian Kydd (The Carrie Diaries)
  6. Malachai “Kai” Parker (The Vampire Diaries)
  7. Ward Meachum (Iron Fist)
  8. Chase Chrisley
  9. Clay Haas (Quantico)
  10. David Muir
  11. Thad Radwell (Scream Queens)

Chapter Text

Damon was in the prison world for just over four months with Bonnie, just meeting Kai Parker a week ago. Damon and Bonnie have been living in the Salvatore Manor while Kai has been staying at an unknown location somewhere in Mystic Falls. For the entire time Damon has been in this prison world, he has been unable to have sex with anyone because sex with Bonnie would cause too much drama. But when he saw Kai, something in him got hot and hard. He had the faint idea that he could finally have sex… with Kai, but he shoved that far in the back of his head. Kai was crazy, and though that turned Damon off, it also turned him on like never before. But he shoved it back and didn’t act on it, that is until he came out of the shower one day and there was a note on his bed. The note read…

I’ve seen the way you look at me… and the boner below. We both want something that we can only give each other. Come to the blue house on the corner of Oak and 5th as soon as possible if you want to have some fun.

Though there was no name on it, Damon had a feeling who it was. He quickly gets his hair looking perfect and puts on the nicest shirt he has and vamp speeds out of the house. Damon arrives at the house and the door is cracked open. Damon walks in and follows the faint sound coming from upstairs. As he gets upstairs he sees only one door is closed and goes to it. As he opens the door, Damon sees Kai standing in the middle of the room, wearing his usual t-shirt, sweater, jeans. His short brown hair is spiked up as normal.

“You came!” Kai says, smiling uncontrollably.

“Not yet.” Damon speeds at Kai, pushing him onto the bed and getting on top of him.

Damon rips Kai’s shirt right off and throws it and his sweater to the wall. Kai moves his hands up and into Damon’s hair, which is ten times softer than he would have imagined. Damon rips off his own shirt before the two begin sliding off their own pants and boxers. Once completely naked, the two just sit there looking at each other. Kai is not surprised by Damon’s amazing body and large penis, but Damon is fully surprised by the abs Kai is sporting and the penis that’ thicker and longer than his own.

“Fuck what am I doing?” Damon says before he moves back down and begins kissing Kai.

Kai has been kissing applex, pillows, and himself for so long that Damon is ridiculously impressed with his kissing skills. Though Damon keeps trying to forget that what he is doing this with is Kai, but the thought of doing this with Kai only makes this better. Right then, Damon stops kissing Kai and sits up. He slides his hands down Kai’s abs, preparing to go in. Just then, Kai grabs both Damon’s arms and begins sucking some power out of him. Damon starts getting weak and collapses onto the bed. Kai gets up and on top of Damon before letting go.

“Me first!” Kai laughs as he shoves his penis straight into Damon’s ass with full force.

“Damnit!” Damon shouts, surprised by just how happy that made him.

Kai begins thrusting in and out as he slides one hand up and down Damon’s abs while the other hands slowly rubs his penis. Damon is impressed as Kai begins to speed up and get sweaty. Damon wants to close his eyes and just focus on the act itself, but he can’t look away from Kai’s sweaty abs and sexy face. Damon is starting to like Kai more and more by the minute as he begins sweating more and his face begins to move uncontrollably. Kai’s eyes and mouth open and close over and over, taking deep breaths than little ones depending on the movement he is doing. It is more than a minute later when Kai is ready to climax.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kai continues yelling nonstop until a minute later when he is done.

Just as Kai slides his penis out of Damon, Damon vamp speeds up, pushing Kai to the bed, and shoves his penis into him.

“My turn.” Damon is so happy he can’t hold it in.

Damon begins thrusting with his vamp speed, knowing it won’t take him long since this is the longest he’s ever been without sex. He is moving so fast that Kai can’t see his face, but can see his long hair flying back and forth. KAi is so relaxed from what just happened with him that he doesn’t truly feel the pain in his ass right now. Damon lets go of Kai’s waist for a second to run his hands through his hair before continuing vamp speed thrusting.

It’s only a few minutes in and Damon is ready to climax. It’s been so long for him that he is sweating ridiculous amounts at the moment. Sweat flies into the air and with each thrust.

“Fuck!” Damon lets out one incredibly large shout as he shoots out into Kai.

Damon stops his vamp speed as he slowly lets everything out into Kai. His hair is wet and in front of his face and the sheets around him are wet from sweat. Damon runs his hands through his hair, pushing it back to normal.

“Oh wow!” Damon says as he slides out of Kai and Kai sits up in front of him. “You know… this doesn’t mean I like guys in this way.”

“Yeah… of course. Me neither.” they just stare into each other’s eyes. “Round two?” Kai holds his breath in hopes.

“And three, four, and five.” Damon bites his lip before he pushes Kai down to the bed and moves his head down Kai’s penis.

“….god!” Kai says as he closes his eyes and lets Damon get to work.

Chapter Text

Tim Smith was in love with Nathan Scott, but Nathan never seemed to realize it. He hung out with Nathan every day and did anything he asked him to do. He kept wishing that Nathan would ask TIm to help him out in certain ways and let him touch his hair, but it never came up. But then the day came that Tim had the chance, but he just needed the nerve to ask for what he wanted. And it started like this…

“She’s just acting out again.” Nathan was pacing in his room, upset that Peyton and him have broken up for the hundredth time.

“She’s stupid. you deserve better.” Tim was sitting on Nathan’s bed, staring at him.

“Yeah whatever. What’s worse is that we haven’t had sex in weeks because of this stupid argument.” Nathan throws his toy basketball at the wall.

“Well there’s other things you can do besides sex with Peyton.”

“I know, but it’s not as fun.” Nathan stops pacing.

“I didn’t mean it that way. I meant you could have sex with someone else.”

“But then it will get out and she’ll never come back.”

“I won’t tell anyone.” Tim immediately regrets saying that, scared for what may happen.

“Why would you tell anyone about me sleeping with another chick?” Nathan is confused.

“I mean…” TIm takes a deep breath in. “I mean I could take Peyton’s place.” Tim closes his eyes, taking another deep breath in.

“Fine.” TIm opens his eyes, utterly surprised by Nathan’s answer. “But no eye contact.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Sure. No problem.” Tim begins taking his shirt off frantically.

“Keep your underwear until I say so.” Nathan begins undressing as well.

Once Nathan is naked, his semi hard penis begins sticking out in front of Tim. Tim can’t keep his eyes off Nathan’s penis. He slowly moves his head closer to it.

“Wait.” Tim looks up at Nathan. “Hey! Don’t look up!” Tim turns back down to look at Nathan’s penis. “Thanks Tim.”

“No problem.”

“Really. Anything you want and I might do it for you.” Tim’s mind goes to one thing.

“Can I touch you hair?” Tim smiles, imagining it.

‘Yeah. Sure. After this though.” Nathan puts his hands on the back of his head. “Come on.”

Tim licks his lips and moves forward to Nathan’s now rock solid penis. As Tim lets it in and lets his tongue touch the tip of Nathan’s, Tim gets a rush of adrenaline like never before. Tim takes the entire penis in and even some of his balls. Right then Nathan digs his hand into the back of Tim’s hair and begins pushing his head back and forth. At first Nathan is going too fast for Tim, but he doesn’t want to ruin this so he takes it all in, holding in coughs as the penis touches the back of his throat. Nathan, meanwhile, doesn’t think about Tim at all, but looks at his own reflection in the window. Nathan gives himself a smile and a wink as he just moves the lifeless head in front of him back and forth.

“Bite down very lightly.” Nathan whispers and Tim instantly follows direction.

“Nathan!” Suddenly the voice of Nathan’s father is coming from downstairs. “Nathan!”

“Yeah!” Tim tries to stop, but Nathan just continues pushing his head.

“Did you lift weights already?” His dad’s voice was getting closer.

“Yeah!” Nathan holds back a moan as Tim’s tongue slides across his shaft.

“I need you to go and pick up dinner.” His dad’s voice was now right outside the door.

“Fine. I’ll be down in a minute.”

“Now Nathan!” His dad yells at him.

“Fine!” Nathan pulls Tim’s head off him and pushes him onto the bed. “Tim. PUt your shirt on. You can finish it on the way there.” Tim just smiles as he gets dressed.

They walk downstairs, passing Nathan’s dad watching Basketball on TV.

“Drop Tim off before you get the food.”


Tim was so sad about that, but as they get into the car and officially get out of site of the house, Nathan unzips his pants and Tim leans down.

“Oh yeah…” Nathan reminds himself to breath as Tim continues what he started.

Nathan drives randomly into the emptiest parts of town. He eventually finds an abandoned park to park as he feels himself close to climaxing. Nathan digs his hands into Tim’s hair once again and pushes down as he begins to climax. Tim is afraid and excited at once as the cum enters his mouth. It tastes better than he actually thought it would, but it’s just hard to take it all in at once, but he does it. Even once Nathan is done, he keeps Tim’s head down there.

“Lick it clean.” Nathan says and Tim follows as always. “Thanks.” That’s all Nathan says as he let’s Tim’s head up.

“No problem.” Nathan gives a rare real smile that Tim has never gotten before as he tilts his head towards him. “Thanks.”

Tim begins running his hands through Nathan’s hair, something that Tim has dreamed about doing since the day he met Nathan, and never thought would happen. Tim doesn’t know why he’s wanted it so badly, but it’s better than he imagined.

“You’re a great friend Tim. One more minute of this and then were moving to the backseat.” Tim just smiles and takes a sniff of Nathan’s hair as his bulge begins to grow more and more by the second.

Chapter Text

So, while I am still taking requests and do plan on writing them at some point, I just felt like I needed to do something different than just taking and writing requests. So I decided to come up with a little challenge for you guys to have fun with. There is an image, with a graph to inform you of their names, below of some of the hot men that I am currently really into and that I either never see written about or just want to write about badly. 


  • Make some pairs out of these guys. Close your eyes and pick two, choose two that you think are the hottest, or whatever you feel like doing.
  • You can make as many pairs as you want. Repeat a guy as many times as you'd like.
  • If you wish, tell me a plot that pops into your mind between the guys.
  • Or... just give me the task of coming up with a way of bringing the two men together.
  • Also, give me whatever small or big things you may want to see in the work.
  • AND FINALLY....... HAVE FUN!!!! Just have fun and do something different than you normally do!!!


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Chapter Text

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“Hey!” Oliver shouts as he exits the Palmer Tech elevator onto the top floor. “Palmer!” He shouts as he walks to Ray’s office, the only office with the lights on.

“Yeah?” Ray’s head pops out of his office, quickly followed by his body in an impeccable suit. “Mr. Queen! So nice to finally meet you!” Ray’s smiles is large and adorable.

“Yeah…” Oliver is thrown off by his smile and how tall he is.

“Why are you here so late at night?” Ray scans Oliver, wearing his button down, brown leather jacket, and tight tight jeans.

“I just wanted to let you… know that…” Oliver starts losing track of what he came here for.

“Are you okay?” Ray steps closer to Oliver.

Right then, Oliver puts his hand on the back of Ray’s head and pulls it down to kiss him. At first Ray is confused, then he’s weirded out by Oliver’s scruff, then it feels like heaven. Ray places his hands through the front of Oliver’s short spiked up hair until he get to the back of his head. Right as Ray and Oliver begin to open their mouths, Oliver stops and pushes Ray back.

“Come on! You can’t tease me like that!” Ray is smiling uncontrollably.

“I can’t.” Oliver runs his hands through his hair as he turns to face the window overlooking the city.

“You can’t tell me a guy as hot as you hasn’t done this before!” Ray walks up behind Oliver, inches away.

“No, I’ve done this before… with an old friend whose gone.”

“Then I think it’s time for a new friend…” Ray places his hands on Oliver’s waist as he begins kissing Oliver’s neck.

Ray slips his hands around Oliver’s waist and begins taking off his belt. Ray slides up and begins nibbling on Oliver’s ear.

“Let me show you what you’ve been missing..” Ray whispers into Oliver’s ear before he turns Oliver around, their eyes staring into each other.

“Show me.” Oliver says before he moves in and begins kissing Ray again.

As they kiss, the two begin taking their shoes and pants off. As Ray begins taking his tie off, Oliver stops undressing to dig his finger’s through the front of Ray’s perfectly groomed hair. He ruffles his hair up just a little before taking a step back.

“Stop!” Oliver scans Ray, his muscular thighs and rock hard and very long penis. “Keep the rest on.” Oliver has not only always loved a man in a suit, but loves wearing leather during sex.

“Kinky.” Ray laughs before throwing his tie to the ground, grabbing Oliver by his waist, and throwing him on his desk.

Ray quickly opens his desk drawer, grabs a condom, and rips it open with his teeth before sliding it on. Oliver just smiles a takes a deep breath in before Ray shoves himself into him. Oliver immediately grabs hold of Ray’s tight ass cheek, digging his nails in deep as he begins to deal with the pain.

“You good?” Ray’s dough eyes stare into Oliver’s.

“Just keep going!” Oliver shouts with extreme intensity.

Ray grabs the sides of his desk and begins thrusting slowly but surely. As each minute passes, Ray only speeds up. Ray hasn’t done this in so long that not only is this all feeling like pure heroine… it also means that Ray is already feeling himself getting close to climaxing. As Ray gets closer, he lets go of the desk and places his hands on Oliver’s leather jacket. Ray grips the thick leather as he begins to cum.

“Oh yes!” Ray shouts.

Oliver bites his lip and reaches up, grabbing Ray by the neck with one hand. Oliver squeezes on Ray’s neck tight. At first, Ray freaks out, but quickly it makes it all feel better. As Ray finishes, he begins to get dizzy from the choking. Ray begins tapping on Oliver’s arm and Oliver quickly lets go.

“Sorry!” Oliver gets up as Ray slides out of him.

“It’s good.” Ray coughs out as he steps back.

“Really! I’m sorry.” Oliver steps up to Ray and slides his hand against Ray’s cheek.

Oliver moves forward and kisses Ray on the lips.

“So.” Oliver kisses him again. “Sorry.” Oliver then begins moving to his knees, his face in front of Ray’s penis.

“No.” Ray says before grabbing Oliver’s face and pulling it up. “You did your part… now it’s my turn.” Ray slides down to his knees.

“Oh!” Oliver says as Ray begins, digging his hands into Ray’s hair, messing it up. “WOW!”

Chapter Text

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“What’s up Giles?” Xander walks into the library after getting a weird phone call from Giles earlier.

“Xander! Great!” Giles walks out from behind the counter. “There’s another she-mantis in town.”

“Oh fuck!” Xander plops down in a seat.

“Language!” Giles walks up to Xander. “We need to protect you before history repeats itself.”

“How? Some kind of amulet or magic spell?”

“Um… no. Sex Xander. She-mantis’ only go after virgin’s, so if you’re not a virgin then you’re safe.”

“This is weird Giles. I don’t think librarians are suppose to kids this way.” Xander laughs.

“This is not a joke Xander. I told Buffy I would watch out for you while she handles it.”

“Well what pretty lady do you have in mind?” Xander looks around the library. “Where is she going to pop out of?”

“Well… Xander… the be safest I wanted to get someone in our circle. Someone who I could trust enough to get the job done and never discuss it again…”

“Oh gross!” Xander shouts. “I’m not into old librarian men Giles!”

“Xander!” Giles shouts. “Not me… Angel.” Angel then walks into the library, wearing his typical white wife beater and leather jacket.

“Oh…” Xander doesn’t know how to respond as Giles covers the library door windows and walks out, locking the doors behind him.

“Hey Xander.” Angel is looking down at his feet. “So…”

“This is too strange.”

“Is it?” Angel looks up as he walks closer to Xander. “Maybe this is something one of us has done before? Or that one of us has always wanted to try?”

“Um… so you’ve done this… before?” Xander takes a deep breath as Angel stops an inch in front of him.

“Once… with an old friend.”

“I have always admired your hair. How long does it take to get it so perfect everyday?” Xander is trying to change the subject.

“What do you mean?”

“Your hair is always perfectly spiked up.”

“I’ve never seen it. It must do it on it’s own.”

“Oh.” Xander doesn’t know how to keep the conversation going and just decides to give up and moves in, kissing Angel.

Both of them try not to put too much into their kissing, as they both don’t want to let the other know how excited they are about this. They continue kissing with their hands to their sides for a couple minutes before Xander begins to forget who he is with and moves his hands up and into the sides of Angel’s hair. That sparks Angel and he moves his arms around Xander’s back, grabbing his butt. This only excites Xander more. He immediately steps back from Angel and begins unbuttoning his shirt. Angel follows his leads and throws his leather jacket on a chair. As Angel takes his shirt off, Xander gets nervous. He stares as Angel’s amazing six pack abs, not wanting to take his own shirt off.

“Don’t worry.” Angel whispers, letting out the tiniest of smiles as he grabs Xander’s shirt and pulls it off, throwing it to the ground. “You ready?”

Xander takes in a deep breath and the two both drop their pants down at once. Angel is pleasantly surprised by the size of Xander’s quickly hardening penis. Xander just stares straight at Angel’s face, trying hard to not look down.

“Do you want to face me or my back?” Angel steps to the table.

“ um… face.” Xander steps up to Angel and begins kissing him again.

As they start to kiss, Xander begins to feel excited once again. Angel stops kissing Xander and begins to move back, but then Xander puts his hand through the front of Angel’s hair and pulls his hair hard, continuing kissing him. Xander’s aggression only gets Angel more hard.

“Come on! Do it!” Angel shouts as Xander pushes his back to the desk.

Right then, Xander shoves his penis into Angel, a smile immediately following from both of them.

“Oh wow!” Xander loves the pressure he feels around his penis, like nothing he could duplicate on his own or even imagine in the wettest of his dreams.

“Yeah…” Angel is just as in love with the feeling, making him nostalgic for a time long ago. “Now ride me hard!” Angel grabs Xander’s waist and begins helping him move in and out.

Xander is quickly tired as he begins thrusting, but doesn’t want to stop as it feels like pure bliss to his entire body. Xander’s hands are right by Angel’s abs, gripping them for dear life. Xander knows this won’t last for too long because he usually only takes a minute or two when he does it on his own. He wants to make this last for as long as he can, knowing it never will and can’t happen again.

As five minutes pass, Xander is holding everything in, trying so hard to make this last longer. He is sweating hard and getting out of breath. He knows he can’t go much longer… so he relaxes, letting himself climax.

“Oh god! Lord! Fuck! Jesus!” Xander just keeps shouting things as he shoots into Angel.

Angel just lays there moaning as Xander lets it all out. He grabs his own penis and begins jerking it off, unable to wait until later to get off. As Xander finishes, he slides himself out of Angel and steps back, watching Angel as he bites his lip and jerks off. Xander doesn’t feel much different now that he isn’t a virgin anymore, but he does feel different about something else. As he stares at Angel once more, he moves forward and puts his hand on Angel’s.

“Let me help.” Angel lets go of his penis and Xander grabs it, beginning to move it like he has done so many times for himself before.

This continues until Angel begins to climax. At first, Xander just steps back to dodge it, but then he moves forward and places his mouth over Angel’s penis. Both Angel and Xander are surprised by this. As they finish and get dressed, they say nothing. They make sure the room is clean as they walk to the door, saying nothing. But just before they unlock the library doors, Xander turns to Angel, digs his fingers into his hair and kisses him. Xander gives Angel his tongue, deep into his throat. Xander steps back and walks out of the library, leaving Angel stunned. The two never discuss that day ever again to anyone else.

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Today began like any typical day for Campbell Price, the college student with a very rich daddy. But yesterday was another story. Yesterday Campbell had gone back to campus late at night because he left his laptop in one of his classrooms. However, while he was walking out he walked upon a couple very shady men. He saw them from the top of the stairs, they were exchanging something. After they exchanged, one of the men managed to spot Campbell and he immediately backed up and ran to his car. He drove off and to his apartment, trying move on and forget what he had just seen.

But shortly later that night the campus cameras were hacked into by a hacker that the Phoenix Foundation has been watching for a very long time. When the Phoenix Foundation figured out just what the hacker was looking for, Campbell, they decided to send Angus to protect him while the other’s tracked the hacker and the men from that night down.

Presently, Campbell is at his apartment, just sitting and working on a paper when someone starts knocking on his door. When Campbell opens the door he sees a ruggedly handsome guy that must be a couple inches shorter than him, but packing some muscles.

“Campbell Price?”

“That’s me.” Campbell flashes that smile everyone falls for.

“I’m Angus Macgyver and I’m here to protect you.” Angus walks himself into CAmpbell’s apartment, Campbell closing and locking his door.

“What?” Campbell is confused.

“Those men you saw last night may be after you. I’ve been sent to make sure they don’t get you.” Angus is closing the blinds and making sure all the windows are locked.

“Well… my knight in shining armor.” Campbell walks up to Angus from behind.

“Um.. well… yeah.” Angus is confused as he turns around to face Campbell, who is right up against him. “We should go to the bedroom, it’s the safest.”

“Well of course.” Campbell leads Angus to the room, Angus locking the door behind them.

Angus immediately covers the windows as Campbell takes a seat on his bed. Once done, Angus plops down on the bed next to Campbell.

“So… you’re a senior? You happy to graduate soon?” Angus looks to Campbell, running a hand through his hair.

“I’m personally not big on small talk. You wanna just get to what is going to happen anyway?” Campbell places his hand on Angus’ leg.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Angus bites his lip.

“I think you do.” Campbell moves in and begins kissing Angus, Angus immediately placing his hands on Campbell’s legs as he kisses back.

As they continue to kiss, Campbell moves his hands to the back of Angus’ head, confirming his thoughts about how soft Angus’ hair would be. Before this continues farther, Angus suddenly moves back, standing up and stepping a foot away.

“I can’t do this. This is unprofessional.” Angus turns around, running both his hands through his door.

“Come on.” Campbell stands up and grabs Angus’ arm, turning him around to face him. “No one will ever know.”

“And I’m guessing we’ll be here for a while. We may need something to do.”

“Exactly.” Campbell sits on the bed, Angus following right after. “And as a thanks for protecting me, I would love to help you down there.” They both look down at the large bulge in Angus’ jeans.

Campbell, as he goes to his knees, unzips Angus’ pants as Angus slowly slides his belt off. Campbell slowly slides Angus’ pants down, the two staring into each other’s eyes the entire time. Angus is bestilles by the smile Campbell is shining his way. Then Angus looks at Campbell’s hair, something that just amazes him. It is tall, firm, and shiny. It is driving Angus crazy. As Campbell sees Angus’ hard penis, his smile only grows before he moves his head down, taking it all in.

“Oh…” Angus has only had this kind of help once before, but it never felt this amazing.

After Angus gets over the initial shock of all of this, he immediately moves his hands to Campbell’s hair. He digs his fingers straight through from front to back, feeling every bit of crunch that makes Angus get to the peak of his excitement for all of this.

Campbell is in the same boat as Angus right now. He is over the moon about this. He hadn’t been with anyone since his fiance ditched him and his best friend got a girlfriend. And though this wasn’t the ideal circumstances, Angus was surely the ideal man that Campbell had dreamt about.  

As Campbell continued, Angus kept his hands in Campbell’s hair. Angus closed his eyes every once and a while as Campbell’s tongue cups his balls or teeth scrape his shaft. Angus is so into this that he doesn’t even realize he is about to climax. Just as Campbell’s lips reach the bottom of Angus’ shaft once more, Angus begins to cum. Campbell is set aback at first, but holds on as he begins to chug it all down. As he cums, Angus grips Campbell’s hair hard. Campbell loves how hard Angus is pulling, only making all of it better. Once Angus is empty, Campbell takes one final take around his penis before sitting up.

“That was spectacular!” Angus begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“Am I still in danger?” Campbell begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“The only thing that you’re in danger of is a heart attack.” Angus regrets saying it as he says it, but begins helping Campbell take his pants off anyway.

As Campbell gets nude, Angus just looks forward in shear aw of the size of Campbell’s penis, also slightly scared.

“This is about to get crazy!” Campbell says before pushing Angus onto the bed and follows right after him.

Campbell doesn’t waste a second as he moves forward and shoves his penis into Angus. Angus immediately feels the pain, grabbing the bed sheets and gripping as hard as humanly possible. Campbell places his hands to the side of Angus, his head above Angus’ tight abs.He then begins to thrust in and out quite quickly.

This continues for almost ten minutes before Angus’ pain begins to relieve. He quickly begins to feel more pleasure each time Campbell moves in and out. He looks to Campbell to see how perfect his hair still is, hasn’t moved a millimeter. He is sweating just a bit, but not too much and doesn’t seem to be tired.

“I think it’s my turn to help you.” Angus says before taking a deep breath in and grabbing Campbell’s waist, instantly flipping their two positions.

With Angus on top, he begins to move up and down, keeping his hands on Campbell’s waist. Campbell is happy to take the break and places his on Angus’ ribs, helping to move him.

As five more minutes pass, Campbell can feel himself getting close. Angus’s blonde locks are flying in front of his face then back again each time he moves up and back down. Every few movements Angus runs one of his hands in his hair to try and fix it. It’s like a gunshot as Campbell climaxes, the cum shooting out of him and straight into Angus. Angus is in pure bliss with everything he is feeling at the moment. Campbell is even more excited. He slides his hands up his own body, digging his hands into his own hair and placing his hands behind his head. As he finishes, Angus gets off Campbell and drops onto the bed next to him.

“Wow!” Angus says between deep breaths.

“Yeah…” Campbell turns to his side, placing his hand on Angus’ chest. “I’ve thanked you, and you’ve helped me, maybe we can help each other. Do we still have time?” He slides his fingers across Angus’ pecs as he reaches to his pants and grabs his phone.

“I would say we still have a couple hours left.” Angus turns to Campbell, their faces directly across from each others. “A quick break then I think we could have at least a couple more rounds.” They both move in and begin kissing.

They both dig their hands into each other’s hair as their tongues begin to slip and slide across each other. Angus quickly stops, both of them keeping their hands in place.

“Just to let you know… I don’t live too far from here if you ever need protection again.” Campbell smiles that smile that Angus loves so much.

“How about you focus on protecting me now… but I can be very naughty so I’m sure I’ll need protection in the not too distant future.” They begin kissing again, knowing that not only was the day far from being over, but also that this was the first of many more times they would see each other.

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The anuke-ite is finally defeated. Everyone is excited to take a break and just have fun together. But after all that fun, everyone eventually has to go back to their normal lives. Just yesterday Ethan went back to London and Derek left once again. Jackson has decided to stay an extra day to hangout with everyone. Jackson is staying at a nearby hotel and Stiles is currently headed there to pick him up to bring him to lunch with the group.

Waiting for Stiles, Jackson is waiting in his room and looking at himself in the mirror, checking his perfectly spiked hair. He puts on his leather jacket and watches as it emphasizes his biceps. A knock on the door shocks Jackson out of his train of thought. He walks to the door and opens it to see Stiles standing with his long hair spiked up and wearing a sweater and jeans.

“Come in man. I just need to grab my phone.” Stiles walks in and closes the door.

“Wow.” Stiles says as his eyes look around the room. “This place is fancy.”

“I know a guy that works for the hotel chain and he got me a great deal.” Jackson walks back into the room.

“So Jackson…” Stiles smiles as he stretches his arms.

“Just say it.” Jackson laughs, anticipating what is going to be said.

“You’re gay? LIke gay gay? You like men and their…”

“Yes. Yes. I am gay Stiles.” Jackson bites his bottom lip. “Actually, to be honest and all, I may have had the biggest crush on you.”

“Really? Back in high school?” Stiles is utterly shocked.

“Yeah! I even had a few dirty dreams.” Jackson just laughs and starts walking to the door.

“Wait.” Jackson stops and turns around.

Stiles then steps forward, grabs Jackson by his head, and begins kissing him. Both of their bodies and brains go into a tailspin as they kiss. A shockwave of heat hits both of them as their tongues slide into contact. Suddenly they both push back at the same time, taking a step back.

“Um.” Jackson is speechless.

“Yeah…” Stiles doesn’t really know what to say either. “Ethan!” It hits Stiles in the head and he immediately starts to feel guilty.

“…” As Stiles freaks out, Jackson moves forward and grabs Stiles by his shoulders. “No! Don’t worry! You’re my hall pass!”

“What?” Stiles stops freaking out and takes a deep breath in.

“Ethan and I each have a hall pass to do whatever with one person if we ever get the chance. I made you mine and Ethan never thought it would happen, and to be honest I never did either.” Just as that processes in Stiles head, Stiles walks forward and begins kissing Jackson again.

They begin kissing with passion that neither have them have had with another person before. Jackson’s hands go straight for Stiles’ hair, digging his fingers in and loving every second of it. Stiles slides his hands on Jackson’s muscular back. This continues for almost ten minutes neither of them wanting to stop for a second. Jackson is the first one to get the strength to stop kissing.

“So… we’ve already begun, are you sure you want to continue further?” Stiles just moves his hands onto Jackson’s hair, lightly twirling his hair in his fingers.

“I have never wanted anything so much in my entire life.” The second Stiles stops talking, the two of them begin taking their clothes off.

Like animals, the two of them rip and throw their clothes at a rapid speed. They kiss after taking off each item of clothing until they are completely naked. They don’t spend more than a second to look at each other’s amazing bodies before their bodies collide. Their hands slide across each other’s bodies. Jackson begins kissing Stiles’ neck, sucking on it. Stiles begins steering them towards the bed without stopping. Jackson is prepared to really take control and push Stiles onto the bed before Stiles spins them around and pushes Jackson down instead.

“I think I like this Stiles even more.” Jackson is smiling uncontrollably.

Stiles moves onto the bed and they begin kissing again. They continue for only a few more minutes before Stiles begins moving downward, starting with Jackson’s neck and moving down to his chest. As Stiles continues downward, the tip of his spiked hair slides across Jackson’s pecks. Jackson digs his hands into Stiles’ hair one last time before Stiles sits up. He moves back and spreads apart Jackson’s legs. He slides his fingers across Jackson’s muscular thighs and grips them tight before lifting his legs and butt up and shoving his erect penis into him.

“Oh yeah…” Jackson moans as he slides his hands up Stiles’ legs and grab hold of his waist.

The two work together as Stiles begins thrusting his penis back and forth. Jackson is surprised a couple seconds later as Stiles begins to move faster and faster. Stiles continues until he is at a speed that Jackson has never been able to get to. Seeing the muscles begin to work over Stiles’ body really begins to get Jackson hot and hard. As sweat builds up and slithers down Stiles’ steaming body, Jackson finds himself imagining licking Stiles’ body and tasting the sweet sweet sweat.

Stiles continues at this animalistic speed of thrusting for ten minutes before he slows down just slightly. Stiles’ once perfectly spiked up and shiny hair has now fallen over his forehead and slightly over his eyes, now wet and even more shiny from the sweat. Jackson is feeling so many feelings at once that he digs his hands into his own hair and to the back of his head. Stiles, seeing Jackson flex his biceps can suddenly feel himself about to climax.

“I’m… so… close man!” Stiles shouts, flicking his head and his hair splashing sweat into the air.

“Give it to me!” Jackson shouts back in excitement.

“Fuck! Oh fuck!” Stiles shouts as he begins to cum into Jackson.

Stiles continues this speed for a while before slowing down gradually. As he finishes, he places his hands on Jackson’s abs. He slowly slides his penis out of Jackson and just sits there on his knees for a minute. The two of them just sit and take in deep breaths.

“That was better than any dream I ever could’ve had.” Jackson shows off that smirk that Stiles loves so much.

“It was…” Stiles takes a deep breath in before falling onto the bed next to Jackson. “Amazing!” Jackson turns his head to Stiles, running a hand through his hair.

“Should I text the guys that we’re not gonna make it?”

“Of course. And I’ll give you a little help down there.” Stiles reaches down and grabs Jackson’s penis with his hand.

“Um… yeah…” Jackson just smiles before grabbing the phone off the ground. “I think I may just have to take a later flight... if you have the rest of the day free of course.”

“I’m always free for you.” The two turn to each other and kiss, the day far from over.

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When Danny came back to the apartment he was not expecting to find what he did. As he walked into the apartment he took his jacket off and threw it onto the couch before walking to his room. But the second he gets into his room he hears a small groan coming from Ben’s room. Danny doesn’t think before walking to Ben’s room and opening the door.

“Fuck!” Danny shouts as he sees Ben lying in his bed with his legs opened and a large dildo halfway up his ass.

Ben just freezes, not knowing what to do. Danny stands there in silence for a minute before he takes a step into Ben’s room and closes the door behind him, locking it.

“You’re gay man? Why didn’t you tell me?” Danny suddenly is excited and smiling.

“Um…” Ben pulls the dildo out and crosses his legs. “Well yeah… I guess I am man.” He runs a hand through his hair.

“Have you like done… it… with a guy like before?” Danny doesn’t know exactly how to react still.

“Oh hell no! You’re the first one to even know!” Danny takes a seat on the bed next to Ben.

“You want my help?” Danny says it without thinking and Ben is confused.


“Well I can’t let you not have sex until you decide to come out, sex is amazing!”

“I can just get with a girl, it’s good enough.”

“Ben…” Danny places his hand on Ben’s leg. “I can’t let you have ‘good enough’ sex. Let me help you.”

“Um… Danny I don’t think you’re understanding what you’re saying.” Ben just laughs uncomfortably.

“Ben, I understand completely.” Danny begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“Danny we can’t!” Ben places his hand on Danny’s pecs, slightly liking the feel of them.

“Yes… we can.” Danny’s voice is calm and relaxing to ben.

“But Danny, we…” Before Ben can finish his thought, Danny moves forward and kisses Ben on the lips.

Ben doesn’t kiss back, but he doesn’t stop Danny. Danny, meanwhile, finishes taking his shirt off and begins taking his belt off. Danny moves back as he stands up and takes his pants off.

“I guess this is it. Are you sure about…” Ben begins, but Danny then grabs his head and begins kissing him again.

As they kiss, Danny gets on top Ben. Ben begins to kiss back finally, and is starting to enjoy more than his head wants him to. Then Ben does one thing he has secretly wanted to do for a long time and digs his fingers through the front of Danny’s hair. Ben, as he begins getting more into this moves his hands down to Danny’s shoulders and continues down until his hands are on his abs. His abs are firm and making Ben really hot.

“You ready?” Danny says as he stops kissing and sits up on his knees.

“No. Yes. I don’t know. Just do it!” Ben is slightly freaking out and slightly excited.

“Okay bro.”

“No, don’t say that.”

“Okay.” Danny slides his boxers down until they slide off and onto the floor.

Ben sees Danny’s penis and is amazed and scared of the length and width of the penis. It is bigger than the dildo that Ben has been using. Danny slides backward a little and grabs Ben’s waist, flipping him over with great speed. Ben get’s onto his hands and knees with help from Danny. With his eyes staring at a specific bump on the wall, Ben can feel Danny spread his butt cheeks open with his cold hands. Just as Ben takes a deep breathe in Danny shoves his penis into him like he has so many times before with girls.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Ben just keeps saying over and over as he grips the bed sheets.

“Oh Ben! You okay?” Danny pulls right out and tries to look at Ben’s face.

“Keep going! So…. good!” Ben doesn’t show his face as a tear comes out.

Danny shoves his penis back in and though it is painful, it is giving Ben a pleasure he has never experienced before. It is like a dream for Ben as Danny begins to thrust in and out of him. Danny’s tight grip on Ben’s waist helps make each thrust go as far as it can into Ben and out with great strength and speed.

“Faster Danny! Faster!” Ben is really getting into this and wants more of Danny.

Danny listens and does exactly what’s asked of him. As Danny speeds up, his hair begins flopping back and forth as sweat begins to build up on his chest. Danny begins getting into this more as well as he slaps Ben’s butt. He then moves both his hands up Ben’s back, lightly massaging it.

“Oh yeah…” Danny lightly moans.

Fifteen minutes have now passed. Ben is still in heaven and it is only getting better for him by the minute. The pain has mostly gone now and beads of sweat a falling from his forehead onto the bed. Danny has also begun to love this more and more by the minute. He is sweating hard, with sweat running down his abs and onto Ben’s butt and the bed. Danny is getting very close to finishing and is debating whether to hold it in like he does with girls or just to let it out.
“Shit!” Danny shouts as he begins to cum. “Oh my…” Danny bites his lip.

Ben isn’t saying anything as he feels the warm cum enter him. Every part of Ben’s body is feeling warmth and pleasure all at once. He wipes his forehead as Danny slides out of him and before flipping onto his back and taking a deep breath.

“That was amazing Danny! I see why you get the girls now!” Ben cant stop smiling.

“Thanks man!” Danny is pretty happy himself as he stares down at Ben, his penis erect and staring at him. “But I’m not done just yet.”

“What?” Just as Ben says that Danny bends down and takes his penis into his mouth. “Danny?” Ben is confused as to why Danny is doing this.

Danny begins taking the Ben’s penis in like he’s a pro. He suctions onto the penis better than a machine could. His tongue slides around the shaft with light pressure before he moves his head up and back down. Danny puts his hands on Ben’s waist and grips tight as he begins to speed up.

“! How are you so good at everything?” Ben is confused by everything that has happened and is still happening.

Ben’s pleasure senses are off the roof and unlike anything he has ever had before or could have dreamt of. Ben runs his hands through his hair and bites his lip as he feels himself begin to cum. To Ben’s surprise and pleasure, Danny drinks it all without a hiccup, wince, or cough. When done, Danny’s tongue runs around Ben’s penis and sucks on his tip to take any extra cum before getting up and off the bed.

“Danny! How and why did you do that?”

“I’ve never done it before, but you were hard and I didn’t want to leave you hanging.” Danny begins getting dressed.

“Where you going?” Ben sits up.

“I have a date with some chick I met at the grocery store.”

“Oh.” Ben doesn’t know why he’s so disappointed.

“But man, just text me when you’re in the mood again and I’ll run over.”

“Yeah… thanks.” Ben smiles as Danny finishes getting dressed.

Danny walks to and opens the door before flashing Ben a smile and walking out.

“Damn!” Ben shouts as he puts his pillow over his face.



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Liam was finally in the Cronus Society and was ready to help Navid. He had done so many things to get into the society and thought he was done doing these tasks, but then Campbell texted him and asked him to come over to his place tonight at nine. Liam was slightly scared that he may have to do another task, but he brushed that off and thought it must be some kind of party… if only he knew how wrong he was…

*Doorbell rings*

“Hey buddy.” Campbell was smiling and wearing expensive clothes as always.

“Hey man.” He follows Campbell in.

“Follow me.” Campbell walks upstairs, Liam following.

“What’s going on?” Liam is confused as they walk into what seems like Campbell’s bedroom.

“Your final task.”

“But I thought I was done? You told me and the guys that I was officially a member.”

“Obviously I lied.” Campbell locks the door and takes his jacket off. “Now get undressed.”

“What?” Liam has no idea what’s going on.

“Take your clothes off.” Campbell begins unbuttoning his shirt.

“Seriously… what’s going on here?” Liam still doesn’t seem to get what’s happening.

“You take your clothes off. I take my clothes off. You bend over. I shove my penis into your butthole.” At first Liam is impressed by Campbell’s ripped abs, but then freaks out.

“What! No! I’m!” Campbell steps forward and pushes Liam onto his bed.

“You will do what I say or you won’t get into Cronus.”

“But…” Liam is thinking and can’t figure out what to do.

“Oh shut up.” Campbell moves in and begins kissing Liam.

Though Liam expects to push Campbell away and even punch him, he doesn’t. He doesn’t know why, but he is liking this a lot more than he had expected. Liam naturally moves his hands to Campbell’s head. He runs his fingers through Campbell’s thick hair, surprised by just how soft it is. He begins kissing back, not knowing why. Campbell slides his hands up Liam’s shirt, fingering his abs before moving back and helping Liam take his shirt off. Liam stands up, Campbell stepping back. Campbell is surprised as Liam begins unbuttoning his jeans.

“You sure are full of surprises Court.” Campbell follows in suit.

“Damn!” Liam says as he sees Campbell’s enormous penis that doesn’t seem to match his size. “Take me.” Liam doesn’t know why he wants this so badly when he knows the pain that is about to come.

“Fuck yeah!” Campbell moves forward and digs his hand through the front of Liam’s hair and gripping it tight.

He pulls Liam by the hair until their faces are a centimeter away.

“Dude!” The hair-pulling is painful.

“Shut up!” Campbell shouts before kissing Liam.

Campbell then reaches down and grabs Liam’s penis, it being semi-erect. As they continue kissing, Campbell begins rubbing Liam’s penis as it harden. Once fully erect, they stop kissing and Campbell pushes Liam onto the bed. He moves forward and grabs his Liam’s legs. Pulling Liam’s legs apart, Campbell puts them on his shoulders. He moves forward and jabs his penis in with one great push. Campbell looks at Liam’s face to see the pain, but he just seems to like it.

“You don’t have to be so tough Court.” Campbell laughs, but Liam doesn’t seem to show that he’s in pain.

Liam is actually loving every moment of this and the pain is not as bad as he thought it would be. He only feels better as Campbell begins thrusting in and out. The cherry on top is when Campbell reaches forward and grabs Liam’s erect penis. As Campbell continues thrusting he also begins to jerk Liam’s penis off.

“Oh yeah…” Campbell moans as ten minutes pass and neither of them have climaxed.

“Yeah… I’m close.” Liam moans between deep breathes.

Campbell was excited to hear that as he didn’t want to finish first. At this point Campbell is starting to sweat pretty hard. Liam is amazed by his stamina and how his hair has yet to move an inch while his head moves back and forth with his body. Liam can’t stop staring at the sweat dripping down Campbell’s body, his mouth watering.

“Oh god!” Liam is surprised as he begins to cum.

Cum shoots out of Liam and and squirts over Liam’s chest and abs and Campbell’s chest. Campbell finally lets go of Liam’s penis as he finishes. Campbell licks the cum off his hand before grabbing Liam’s waist and beginning to thrust with more power and speed.

Five minutes pass and Campbell begins to explode. His grip tightens as he begins to cum and Liam grabs hold of the bed cheats, closing his eyes and biting his lip.

“Oh my god!” Campbell shouts as he finishes.

“Yeah.” Liam doesn’t know what else to say as Campbell slides out and let’s his legs down.

“You’re definitely in Cronus now!” Campbell says before licking the excess cum on Liam’s stomach.

Liam lays there watching as Campbell licks the cum off his body. He doesn’t know what he is feeling, but it is something great. He starts thinking about just how perfect Campbell is. Campbell’s eyes seemed to shine, while his smile made Liam want to smile. Then there is his hair, which Liam loves more than anything else about him. Liam is overwhelmed by all these feeling and reaches forward, grabbing Campbell head and pulling it up to him. He begins kissing Campbell and running his hand through his hair. He takes a second to stop kissing Campbell and pull his head back.

“I love you.” Liam says quickly and with a lot of regret before going back in for more kissing.

Campbell is shocked as hell, but something in his doesn’t hate it.

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  1. Barry Allen (The Flash
  2. Andrew DeLuca (Grey’s Anatomy)
  3. Rainer Shine (Modern Family)
  4. Logan Huntzberger (Gilmore Girls)
  5. President Fitzgerald Grant (Scandal)
  6. James Gordon (Gotham)
  7. Grant Ward (AOS)
  8. Derek Hale (Teen Wolf)
  9. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl)
  10. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)
  11. Kevin Keller (Riverdale)
  12. Ezra Fitz (Pretty Little Liars)
  13. Carter Covington (Hart of Dixie)
  14. Ross Geller (Friends)
  15. Charles Van Dahl (Gotham)
  16. Alexi Sparrow (UnReal)
  17. Jason Kelly (Dirty Grandpa)


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Finn was as nervous as they come when it came to the Rocky Horror Show. Everything began to freak him out, but the biggest problem he was having was getting into who Brad really was as a person. Each time he thought about it he kept thinking that Brad was a big time bottom, which he was so not. So, for some reason, the first thought in Finn’s mind was that he needed to try being a bottom to understand the character. But the problem was that Finn didn’t know who he could be a bottom with. He wasn’t on good terms at the moment with Rachel or Quinn and he didn’t want to try it with someone they knew. Then he turned to trying it with a guy, but he didn’t trust any of his friends to either keep it a secret or actually do it for him. He thought for hours in bed about who he could ask and it didn’t come to him until the middle of the night while he was asleep.

The next day Finn put on a clean shite shirt, a button up, and jeans before heading out. He goes to see Vocal Adrenaline practice. He sits up above them in the auditorium as they practice for hours. He almost gives up and leaves, but they eventually stop practice for the day. He stands there waiting to get the nerve to walk down and talk to the guy he has in mind, but before he can, Dustin Goolsby, the couch of Vocal Adrenaline, looks right up at him.

“Are you coming down?” He asks and Finn just nods before moving.

Finn walks up to the stage to see the tall muscular man with perfectly spiked up black hair and wearing a right black shirt.

“Hey… Mr. Goolsby.”

“What do you want? Why were you spying on my team?”

“Oh I wasn’t spying on them… I was looking at you.” He just blurts it out. “I’m about to be Brad in the Rocky Horror Story and…”

“I get it. No need to ask. Let’s go to my office.” Finn is surprised by how nonchalant he is being.

“Oh… really?” He begins walking behind him and following him to his office.

“This isn’t the first time sweetie.” They walk into the office, Finn locking the door behind him.

“So… Mr. Goolsby…”

“Call me Dustin. You’re about to have a lot of fun.”

“Sure… Dustin.” Finn is scared.

Dustin moves forward, grabbing Finn by his shirt and pulls him up close. He begins kissing Finn aggressively, forcibly opening his mouth with his tongue. Finn is surprised by how much he likes this and begins kissing back after a few minutes. Once he starts kissing back, Dustin forcibly pushes Finn on the desk. Finn is yet again surprised by how much he likes not being in control. Dustin bends over and continues kissing Finn, running his hands into his hair. Dustin continues for a couple minutes before standing up. He begins undressing and Finn stands up and does the same.

“God you’re hot!” It blurts out of Finn’s mouth out of nowhere as Dustin reveals his six pack.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” Dustin says in response to Finn’s four pack.

Once they are completely undressed, Finn is scared to look down at Dustin’s penis, but eventually gets the nerve to look down, surprised that it’s smaller than his own. Dustin grabs FInn by the waist with a grip that hurts just slightly before flipping him. Finn is surprised by Dustin’s strength. He looks forward at the window, seeing Dustin in the reflection. Dustin looks at his own reflection and touches up his hair before looking down at Finn.

“You’re never gonna forget this.” Dustin says and before Finn can respond he shoves himself into Finn.

Finn bites on his lip as Dustin enters him. But as he looks up at Dustin’s face as he thrusts, something in Finn just relaxes.

“Damn you’re tight!” Dustin shouts before slapping Finn’s ass and speeding up.

He speeds up to the point where Finn feels like there’s a vibrator in him.

“Oh yeah…” Finn moans, gripping the edge of the desk.

“Yeah you like it! You’re going to switch sides by the end of this!” Dustin digs his fingers into Finn’s back and slides them down, drawing a tiny bit of blood.

It isn’t for another couple minutes and when Finn decides he doesn’t want this to end when Dustin begins to cum. Dustin, surprised by just how quickly he finished, slaps Finn’s ass.

“Fuck!” Dustin shouts as he slows down. “Sorry. I normally last longer. Maybe it’s just because you’re so hot?” He and Finn both laugh before Dustin slides out and Finn stands up, turning to Dustin.


“Yeah. You ready to be Brad now?”

“Oh yeah… but I may need a reminder until the show is over.”

“I’m glad to help out a fellow actor and singer when I can.” The two look at each other, Finn smiling uncontrollably and Dustin holding back a smile. “I could even help you once more in a couple minutes…” He steps closer.

“I can never have too much help… water?” They both smile and kiss.

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Chad and Boone have been the best of friends since they met freshman year of college. They have roomed with each other ever since and do almost everything together every day. But their relationship is slightly tilted in the way that Boone is absolutely 100% in love with Chad. Boone has had at least a couple dozen wet dreams about Chad, lying only feet away from him every night. He has become like family to Chad in that he goes to Chad’s mansion every brake and his family just loved him. Chad honestly sees Boone as a brother. He’s sometimes more of a brother to Chad than his actual brothers. But Chad never once thought of Boone in the way Boone saw him, but it helps that he doesn’t know about it. He knows Boone may be bisexual, but doesn’t know for sure.

Things changed, however, on a night with a lot of alcohol, fancy clothes, and condoms flying everywhere. It was during their junior year when the Dicky Dollar Scholars were throwing a rich themed party. Everyone came wearing the most expensive clothes and jewelry. Chad was wearing a black suit with a pink bow tie and pink pocket square. Boone was wearing a dark green and black suit. Four or five hours into the party and everyone was pretty drunk. People were going upstairs to have sex and others were making out in the corner or on the couches. Boone and Chad weren’t as drunk as everyone else and sort of getting bored of the party.

“How is everyone way more drunk then like either of us?” Boone laughs as he walks up to Chad and puts his arm around his shoulder.

“Yeah how are you and I so sober? And all the single girls are already taken. How? Like you and I are by far the hottest guys here!” Chad’s face is an inch from Boone.

“Let’s go to our room, this is boring.” Chad just smiles and nods before the two of them begin walking upstairs.

“Oh sweet silence!” Chad shouts as he closes their bedroom door. “God you look good tonight. Like really really hot.”

“Thanks man, you’ve said that like 50 times. But like look at you. You’re like super super hot tonight.”

“Thanks!” Chad goes up to Boon and pats his back.

“No I like really mean it! I would totally fuck you!”

“Wow you’re hair is just so shiny and perfect.” CHad is mesmerized by Boone’s hair and runs his hand through it.

“Thanks man.” Boone then moves in and begins kissing Chad.

Chad doesn’t even hesitate to begin kissing back. Chad, still mesmerized by Boone’s hair, runs both his hands through his hair and wriggles his fingers around. Boone is in a place he has only dreamed about and goes at Chad hard. His gets his tongue in Chad’s mouth, sliding his tongue against Chad’s. Boon slides one hand over Chad’s short soft hair and grabs the back of his neck, while his other hand goes down to his pants and unzips them. As he pulls out his rock solid penis, he grips Chad’s neck even harder. He stops kissing Chad and starts pushing him to his knees.

“Um…: Chad begins, not knowing whether he wants this or not.

Before Chad can say anything else, Boone pushes Chad’s head forward and shoving his penis into Chad’s mouth. Chad takes Boone in and really likes it. He begins wrapping his tongue around and suctioning tight, exactly what he tells girls to do for him. He begins moving slowly, allowing his tongue to caress Boone’s penis.

“Come on. Faster!” Boone shouts before moving his other hand to Chad’s head and begins pushing Chad’s head back and forth really fast.

Chad is a little scared as Boone’s penis hits the back of his throat, but gets adjusted after a couple of times. As Boone moves his head, Chad begins digging his teeth down just a little, something he’s always wanted a girl to do, but they were too afraid. Boone is surprised by this, and loves it. After minute after Chad starts that he is surprised to feel Boone begin to climax.

“Oh yeah…” Boone moans out after a deep breath.

Chad begins to slowly take it all in, surprised by the sweet candy taste of it. As he finishes, Chad gently licks and kisses Boone’s penis. As he does this, Chad begins taking Boone’s pants and underwear completely off. Once off, Chad stands up.

“My turn.” Chad grabs Boone by the shoulders and flips him around.

He pushes Boone against the wall before he begins taking his clothes off. As he does this, Boone takes off the top of his suit. Once both of them are completely naked, Boone turns his head around to finally see Chad’s very large and erect penis, it being better than even his dreams. Chad puts his hand on the back of Boone’s head and pushes it back around and into the wall.

“Lick the wall!” Chad shouts as he feels power rush through him.

Boone licks the wall, surprised by how much he loves being controlled by Chad. As he licks the wall, Chad shoves his penis into Boone.

“Wow! Surprisingly loose!” Chad is excited to know Boone has done this before.

With one hand on the wall and the other going through the top of Boone;s hair, Chad begins to thrust. He moves his hips in perfect sync to the distant dance music coming through the walls. As the song speeds up, so does Chad. Boone begins moving his hips slightly with the music as to help Chad.

“Oh yeah!” Chad shouts as he speeds up, moving his hand from Boone’s hair and onto his hip. “Oh yeah!” Chad continues to shout over and over.

“Oh Chad Radwell! Chad Radwell is the hottest guy in the world!” Boone just begins shouting about how great Chad is and raving over how much he loves Chad.

This only gets Chad more motivated. He goes faster and faster until he begins sweating bullets. Sweat drips over Boone’s body and the floor. He is breathing fast and biting his lip hard, blood almost being drawn.

“Oh fuck!” Chad shouts almost ten minutes later as he begins to cum into Boone.

“Fuck!” Boone shouts, his head falling back into Chad’s face.

As Chad finishes, his nose in Boone’s hair, he bites a chunk of Boone’s hair and pulls hard on it. Boone’s head flings back farther as Chad pulls on it with his teeth. Chad is surprised by the sweet taste of Boone’s hair. Once Chad slides out of Boone, he lets go of his hair. He flips Boone around, their faces centimeters from each other.

“God your hot!” Chad says while taking deep breaths.

“So are you.” Their eyes are staring into one another’s.

“I want you in me.” Chad says to Boone’s surprise. “Now!” He shouts and Boone begins kissing Chad.

Ten hours later…

Chad and Boone wake up next to each other in Chad’s bed after only two hours of sleep, Boone being the little spoon. Boone turns around to Chad, Chad smiling uncontrollably.

“That was amazing. I’m so sore.” Boone says before giving Chad a quick peck on the lips.

“My penis is aching.” Chad laughs lightly. “Actually my whole body is.” Chad’s body hurts all over.

“Well that won’t do. Chad Radwell needs to increase his stamina.” Boone says as he begins getting on top of Chad in bed, the sheets falling down.

As Chad grabs hold of Boone’s butt cheeks, Boone slowly slide Chad’s penis in him.

“I love you Chad Radwell.” Boone says as he slowly begins moving up and down.

“I love me too.” Chad and Boone both laugh.

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“Grant Ward.” Ward hears from across the room, turning to see Special Agent Phil Coulson, a legend.

“Hello.” Ward is nervous as he puts his hand out and Coulson shakes it.

“Nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard great things about you.” Coulson is shorter than Ward imagined.

“Really? Me? You’re the legend!” It’s like meeting your hero.

“Oh thanks, but I’ve following you since you first started at the academy.” Ward is holding back a big grin. “Follow me.” Ward follows Coulson down the hall and into a room with nothing but grey walls, a metal table, and metal chair

“Take a seat.” Ward sits across the table from Coulson. “I just have a few questions for you, and remember full on truth”

“Of course.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Do you have a boyfriend?” Ward is shocked by this question and doesn’t answer right away. “Do you have a boyfriend?” Coulson asks again.


“Have you ever had a boyfriend?” Coulson is curious.

“Yes.” Ward is slightly nervous now.

“Have you had sex in the past week?”

“No.” Ward is confused by the questioning, but answers quickly.

“Have you had sex in the past month?”

“No.” This is starting to get Ward hard as he hasn’t had sex in so long.

“Is there someone you want to have sex with?” Coulson puts his elbows on the table, smiling.


“Is that someone in this room?” Ward’s heart skips a beat.

“Yes.” Ward smiles, a smile that gets Coulson hard.

Coulson scans Ward, his hair perfectly groomed, his face hairless, and his suit perfectly neat. Ward scans Coulson, his short hair neat and simple, his eyes telling a story, and his suit simple but unique. Coulson stands up and walks over to the door, locking it. Ward moves his chair out from the table, turning it to face Coulson.

“I must say you are the hottest agent I’ve seen come through the agency in my entire time here.” Coulson lets out a sigh of relief.

“I also must say that I’ve studied everything you have ever done and have never been so attracted to someone before.” Coulson then sits on Wards lap and begins kissing him.

Their heads turn as they begin kissing and their tongues slip across each other’s. Coulson slides his finger’s through the sides of Ward’s hair while Ward runs his hands up the back of Coulson’s shirt, massaging Coulson’s back. They stop kissing a few minutes in and Ward begins kissing Coulson’s neck. He begins sucking on his neck, moving around and changing sides every few minutes. Coulson sits there smelling Ward’s hair, astounded by the lavender smell. As this continues, Coulson is just getting more anxious and just digs his fingers into Ward’s hair and grips it hard, pulling his head back.

“My turn.” Coulson, still holding Ward’s head back, unzips his and Ward’s pants.

He pulls his pants and boxers off, throwing them onto the table. He then reaches into Ward’s wands, grabs his hard penis, and pulls it out. With Ward’s penis sticking up, Coulson sits down, letting Ward’s penis in him. Coulson lets go of Ward’s hair as he begins to move up and down. Ward places his hands on Coulson’s waist, helping him move up and down. As Coulson continues, he grabs Ward’s tie and pulls his head up as he goes down, kissing him on the lips.

“You’re so hot!” Coulson can’t hold it back as he looks down at Ward, everything looking completely perfect and put together.

“A little more.” Ward never saw this coming today, and now never wants it to end.

“I can’t wait!” Coulson says just before Ward begins to cum. “Oh yesssss.” Coulson moans out, Ward just smiling and enjoying the face Coulson has on his face.

“You are amazing.” Ward just keeps staring at how happy Coulon is.

“I’m nothing compared to you.” Coulson says right before sliding off Ward and standing up.

Coulson zips up before walking around Ward, putting his hands on Ward’s shoulders. He massages Ward’s shoulders before leaning down, nibbling on Ward’s ear. Once Ward is zipped up he turns his head to face Coulson and they kiss.

“Best interrogation ever!” Ward and Coulson both laugh.

“I’ll have to interrogate you again.”

“Hopefully soon.” Ward stands up and begins checking himself in his reflection on his phone.

“I could do Saturday.”

“Saturday it is.” Ward turns to Coulson.

“I’ll get the details to you.”

“Sounds great.” They stand there smiling at each other, not moving.

They stare into each other’s eyes for minutes without talking. For most this would be awkward, but for them it’s as if they’re talking with their looks. Ward just flashes one last smile before turning to the door, wishing he could turn around and do this all over again, but instead opens the door and leaves.

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Before Logan and Rory met at Yale, Logan met a guy that gave him something Rory never could. It was Logan’s freshman year and his dad told him he wanted to give a tour to some boy thinking about coming to Yale. His father is business friends with Logan’s dad and this tour could do great things for Logan’s father, so he has told him he needs to make sure this boy gets everything he wants.

On the day of the tour, Logan waited outside his dorm room. As a long black limo appeared Logan took a deep breath in and prepared for a long and boring day. As the limo stopped and the door opened, out walked a tall guy with shaggy blonde hair and wearing a very nice suit.

“You must be Logan.” Logan is shocked by how hot this guy is. “I”m Tristan Dugray.” He smiles this smile that does something to Logan’s stomach.

“Hey.” Logan is shocked by what he is feeling.

“So… what’s first on the tour?”

“Oh yeah.” Logan runs a hand through his hair. “You wanna see what the dorm room look like?”

“Yeah sounds great.” Logan turns and Tristan follows him through the building and into his room. “Not bad. A little small.” Tristan says as they go into Logan’s room.

“Yeah…” Logan stares at Tristan as he looks around the room.

Tristan closes the door behind him and locks it, but Logan is too busy looking at Tristan to notice. Tristan walks up to Logan, looking down at him.

“Tristan?” Logan doesn’t know why Tristan is walking up to him slowly.

“Logan.” He just smiles before pushing Logan onto his bed.

“Um…” Logan takes a deep breath in while Tristan takes his coat off and places it on the desk.

“Yeah.” The two don’t need words as their eyes meet.

Tristan begins leaning over Logan on the bed, his face moving directly above Logan’s. He moves his fingers into Logan’s and pushes his hands above Logan’s head. He moves down slowly before kissing. Logan has never felt anything like this as a wave of electricity goes through his entire body.

A few minutes later and Tristan stops kissin, letting go of Logan’s hands and standing up. He just smiles and licks his lips.

“I love college.” Tristan says and the two of them just laugh.

“Well let’s not stop the fun now.” Logan says just before he takes his sweater off and throws it at the wall. “My roommate won’t be back for hours.”

Tristan then starts taking his tie off, admiring Logan’s tight body. Logan is in aw of Tristan’s body as he unbuttons his shirt, showing of a four pack. Tristan moves forward and grabs hold of Logan’s belt, whipping it off with one yank and throwing it at the wall. He moves his head down and the jean button with his teeth, pulling it out of the hole. He then grabs the zipper with his teeth, his eyes looking up at Logan, and pulls the zipper down. With his hands, Tristan pulls the pants off. Tristan looks up and smiles at Logan before he begins kissing above Logan’s boxers. He moves up slightly and kisses around Logan’s belly button.

Logan moves his hands down to Tristan’s head and runs his fingers through his soft head of hair. He moves his hands around, making Tristan’s hair look messy, yet even more stylish. And as Logan gets hard and his bulge moves up to touch Tristan’s chest, Tristan stands up. He takes his own pants off, showing muscular thighs and a very large and thick penis. Tristan looks down at his penis and grabs it, playing with it for a second before looking up at Logan, giving a smile that makes Logan really want what’s about to happen to happen immediately, disregarding the pain he knows he may feel.

Tristan steps forward and with both his hands grabs Logan’s boxers and slowly slides them down, revealing an erect penis slightly smaller than Tristan’s, but a little thicker. Tristan slides his warm hands onto Logan’s penis, running the tip of his fingers of the tip of his penis. Logan bites his lip as Tristan takes a step forward. He stops touching Logan’s penis and places his hands on Logan’s waist. He grips his waist gently, caressing his skin. He slides his hands down to Logan’s thighs and begins pushing them apart. The more he opens Logan up, the closer Tristan pulls forward. With one last steps forward, Tristan slides himself into Logan.

“Oh…” Logan sighs as he is surprised by the lack of pain and surge of pleasure.

“Yeah…” Tristan smiles as he slides his hands up Logan’s stomach and stops on his pecs.

Tristan slowly begins to speed up, the two of them looking into each other’s eyes intently. Logan moves his own down his own body before grabbing Tristan’s waist. HIs fingers grip Tristan’s ass tightly. Logan is loving every moment of this, but something in him wants more.

“Can’t you do better than that?” Logan smirks, challenging Tristan.

Tristan just smiles, takes a deep breath in, and begins doing the unexpected. He moves his hands to Logan’s waist and grips it tight. As Tristan pulls out of Logan, he immediately lifts Logan up into the air, keeping both hands on Logan’s waist, and begins pushing Logan on and off his penis. He pushes forward until Logan’s bare back smacks against the cold wall. He pushes Logan’s back hard against the wall and Logan wraps his legs around Tristan’s muscular back. Tristan, with all his strength, begins pushing Logan and himself into each other over and over again with greater speed and strength than either of them thought he could.

Tristan is in beast mode ten minutes pass and he is still continuing at the speed he began with. Logan is trying to help as much as he can as he pushes against Tristan’s shoulders to push up. Each time he goes down, letting Tristan’s penis inside him, they let gravity smack them together and blissful force. Seeing how hard Tristan is working, his eyes concentrated on Logan’s pecs, Logan slides his fingers into Tristan’s hair, admiring his beautiful eyes. Logan pulls in Tristan’s head to his and plants a big wet kiss on his lips. Tristan looks up to Logan’s eyes and just flashes a smile.

Their eyes do not break contact for five minutes when Tristan begins to cum. Tristan’s adrenaline is pumping as he pulls Logan up these last few times, pulling higher and faster each time. Logan looks down at Tristan as he closes his eyes, bites his lip, and tilts his head up, beads of sweat dripping down. As he finishes, Tristan keeps himself in Logan, the two still against the wall.

“Wow.” Logan says as he moves his hands through Tristan’s hair and pulls on it until Tristan makes eye contact with him.

“I love college.” Tristan and Logan both just laugh before Tristan takes himself out of Logan and lets Logan down to his feet.

“That is by far my favorite part of college.” Logan and Tristan both begin to put their clothes on.

Once they finished getting dressed they both walk to the mirror and begin fiddling with their hair. They continue this for almost tens minutes, constantly looking at each other and smiling in the mirror. Eventually Tristan turns to Logan, pulling Logan’s shoulders to face him.

“So where should we have sex next? Classroom or library?” Tristan is hornier than a middle schooler and Logan is loving every moment of it.

“The planetarium.” Logan says.

“Perfect.” Tristan moves his head down, kissing Logan, before walking to the door.

“Oh boy!” Logan stands there, takes a deep breath in, and realizes that he can’t stop smiling.

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It’s a silent day in Anubis House. Break has just begun and only students remain. Even Victor was gone and wouldn’t be back until late at night. However, the silence in Anubis House never lasts for long.

“Jerome! Where’s my jacket?” Fabian yells as he walks down the hall. “I lent it to you last week and I need it now!” Fabian shouts once more before going silent as he opens Jerome’s door and sees him lying in his bed with his pants and boxers to his knees and his long and rock hard penis in his hand.

“Fabian!” Jerome quickly grabs the blanket next to him and throws it over himself.

“Oh…” Fabian is too shook to finish his thought….or move.

“Fabian!” Jerome is also shocked at Fabian’s inability to move. “Why are you standing there? Leave.” Jerome doesn’t put much effort into that, as he is liking the way Fabian is looking at him.

“Um…” Fabian is stunned as Jerome slowly slides the blanket off, letting his penis fling back up, a small bit of pre-cum sliding down the head.

“Close the door, and lock it.” Jerome stands up out of bed, flinging his pants off his ankles.

“Okay.” It’s as if Fabian is a snake and Jerome is the snake charmer as Fabian closes and locks the door before unbuttoning his shirt.

As Fabian continues to slowly take his clothes off, Jerome steps forward and runs his fingers through Fabian’s hair, pushing it out of his eyes. Once Fabian is as naked as Jerome, he looks up at him. He stares into Jerome’s blue eyes, mesmerized. He slowly raises his hand up to Jerome’s long and volumized blonde locks, digging his fingers through the side of his hair and moving his face up to Jerome’s. Fabian is amazed by how Jerome’s hair is both soft and hard. Jerome begins moving down in sync with Fabian moving up. It’s as if everything around them is frozen in time as their lips touch.

Their lips stay connected, slowly moving together for minutes before time begins to go back to normal. Their heads separate and Fabian goes back to looking at Jerome, his hand still in his hair.

“This can’t be real.” Fabian whispers only seconds before time changes again, this time as if everything was in fast forward.

Their kissing becomes faster and messier, Fabian digging his other hand also into Jerome’s hair as Jerome guides them onto his bed. As they both sit onto the bed, Jerome drags his hands down onto Fabian’s chest. He drags his fingers down Fabian’s body until he reaches his average sized penis, which has been slowly growing and hardening in the past few minutes. They stop kissing a Jerome’s hands slide across Fabian’s shaft. Fabian moves forward, bringing his mouth to Jerome’s ear.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” Fabian whispers.

This switches Jerome instantly. Jerome gets up off the bed, grabs Fabian by the shoulders and flips him around. He pushes Fabian’s head into the wall, forcing Fabian onto his hands and knees. Jerome doesn’t waste time before shoving his penis directly into Fabian’s ass. Fabian quickly grabs the nearby pillow and covers his mouth as he screams. The scream and pain that Fabian is in only gets Jerome more excited, going in and out of Fabian with greater speed and strength.

“Fucking Fabian!” Jerome begins to shout over and over.

Five minutes into this and the pain begins to feel more comfortable, not great, but comfortable for Fabian. At this point Jerome is holding it all in as much as possible. He feels himself ready to explode, but just doesn’t want this to end. Holding it all in is making Jerome sweat hard, some of his hair getting wet and falling down. Drips of sweat fall of Jerome’s abs and onto Fabian’s red ass as he continues.

“No!” Jerome shouts as he begins to cum into Fabian. “Fuck!” Jerome begins to slow down, running one of his hands through his own hair.

Fabian takes a deep breath in then out as Jerome slides his penis out of him. Jerome and Fabian remain still for a minute, taking in everything that just happened. Fabian slowly begins to turn around, his entire body vibrating with pain. Fabian lays down on his side, placing his head on a pillow. He looks up at Jerome, who is smiling and sweaty.

“Come. Lay with me.” Fabian pats next to him.

Jerome just laughs and slides himself onto the bed next to Fabian, side to side, face to face, penis to penis. Jerome grabs his blanket and slides it over both of their bodies, covering their stomach and below.

“That was… beautiful.” Fabian says as he reaches forward and moves a piece of Jerome’s sweaty hair out of his face.

“That’s one way to put it. For me, that was… amazing!” Jerome moves forward and gives Fabian a quick peck on the lips.

“So… what now?” Fabian is hoping Jerome wants more out of this, but is too scared to ask that.

Jerome just smiles before slowly moving down the bed and under the blanket. With everything but the top of Jerome’s hair under the blanket, Jerome moves his mouth towards Fabian’s penis and takes it in. Fabian digs both his hands into Jerome’s hair, his favorite part of all of this.

“Oh… sure.” Fabian whispers, unable to stop smiling.

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Both of their names are very well known, like very. But they are far from being in the same circles. Harry Potter was known throughout the entire magical community, even with only three years in school. Angus MacGyver was known throughout America, especially within the government due to his knack for saving the world's lives over and over. No one could have ever known that the two would meet, let alone predict what would happen when they did meet.

July 20th -

Surrey, England (Present Time) -

Harry has been cleaning the Dursley house all day. As the sun goes down, Harry has taken a shower and just finished getting dressed when he sneaks out of the house and quickly makes his way out of the neighborhood. Harry doesn’t know where he’s going, but he knows he needs a break from that house and the people inside it.

London, England (1 hour before) -

Angus quickly jumped in a car, bullets flying around his body. He hotwired the car in just seconds before off with full speed. He looked in the rearview mirror, quickly losing sight of the cars and people chasing after him. He checked the mirror once more, but this time checking his hair. WIth one swoop of his hand through his hair, the messy tangles go back to the perfection it normally is.

Surrey, England (Present Time) -

As Harry walks across the street he can see, from no more than 20 feet away, a car speeding his way. He quickly walks across the the other side and looks at the car as it passes by. The man in the car looks directly at him. Their eyes connect for just one second, but they both instantly feel this wave unlike anything they’ve ever felt before hit them.

MacGyver instantly steps on the break, his body flinging forward for just a second before the seatbelt pushes him back. He doesn’t know why he just did that, but he sits there staring forward and thinking about it. He looks forward into the abyss, wondering everything about the boy he just saw.

Harry is freaked as the car stopped. He stands there as the car just sits completely still, no noise or movement coming from it. Harry’s curiosity is killing him. He begins walking towards the car, excited and anxious as to what may happen, still unaware as to why. He steps up to the passenger side window and turns to face the man. He looks at the man in aw, his long blonde hair perfectly pushed back, looking effortlessly beautiful. He’s wearing a leather jacket that shows off his muscular body. He has a strong jawline that makes it hard for Harry to breath.

As the boy comes into MacGyver’s sight, he is floored by how hot he is. He can’t stop looking at the boys soft features at first, then his long brown locks, then lastly the scar on his forehead. The scar is unlike any MacGyver has ever seen before, and he likes it. As the boy knocks on the window, his heart stops for just a second, but it feels like minutes. He presses the button and the window slowly moves down.

“Hello.” Harry mutters out as the window opens.

‘Hey.” MacGyver can’t control himself as he begins smiling.

“I’m... um… Harry Potter.”

“I’m Angus Macgyver, but you can call me Mac.” Mac runs a hand through his hair. “Do you need a ride?” He reaches across and unlocks the door.

“Um yeah.” Harry opens the door and steps in.

“Where you going?”

“Where are you going?” Harry lets a small cute smile out that makes Mac’s heart flutter.

“To a small and secluded motel.”

“Perfect.” Harry’s eyes accidentally look down to see Mac’s boner trying to push through his pants. “How far away?”

“10, maybe 15.” Mac says right before Harry places a hand on his leg.

“That should be enough time.”

“Enough time for what?” Harry just smiles as he grabs Mac’s crotch zipper and slides it open.

“Drive.” Mac listens and begins to slowly drive as Harry pulls Mac’s penis out, sliding his fingers around the shaft.

Harry has never done this before but has imagined how he would want one to do it to him and just closes his eyes before letting Mac’s penis into his mouth. Harry loves the taste. It’s like Harry ever imagined, but better. He slides his tongue around Mac’s shaft, sucking the tip with the back of his throat.

“Oh my!” Mac moans as Harry continues.

Mac takes one hand of the wheel to run it through his own hair. Mac can’t help but speed up his driving, his foot like lead.

This continues for ten minutes, the car just a minute from the motel. Harry is getting a little tired of what he is doing and didn’t think Mac could last this long. Mac, just like Harry, never thought he could last this long, holding it in as much as possible. Mac pulls into the motel and parks in the back behind some trees. The second he puts the car in park, Mac begins to burst. He puts both his hands behind his head and into his hair, gripping it tightly. He bites his lip as Harry begins to take all the cum down his throat.

Harry is pleasantly surprised by the taste of Mac and how he just wants more. That only makes it more sad for Harry as Mac stops shooting out. Harry sucks on Mac’s penis in hopes to get as much cum as he possibly can before moving off and back into his seat.

The two just sit there, silent and motionless. Harry can’t stop licking his lips while Mac is staring at Harry through the corner of his eyes. Mac and Harry both take a deep breath at the same time before turning to each other, moving forward, and beginning to kiss. The lips smack into each others, tongue quickly slithering across each other’s. Mac reaches his hands into Harry’s hair and to the back, keeping their heads together. Harry rubs one hand across Mac’s thigh while his other hand digs through the side of Mac’s hair and behind his ear, rubbing his head lightly. They continue kissing for a couple minutes, until their lips get tired and they need to take a breath.

“So…” Mac begins as he zips up his pants. “You have to be anywhere tonight?” Mac takes a look around.

“As long as I’m back home by the time the sun rises.”

“That can be arranged.”



Part 2???? Let me know what you think.

Chapter Text

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The last thing Barry remembers was walking up to the house, reaching for the keys in his pocket. Then it all went black. As his eyes opened he could feel throbbing in his head and voice talking, getting louder.

“As I said before, we wait until he’s awake!” One of the voices is shouting.

“But I want at him now!” Another voice shouts.

“Wait!” I third voice shouts. “He’s waking up.”

Barry opens his eyes to see four old faces looking down at him. The first is Sam Scudder, aka Mirror Master, wearing an expensive suit with slick hair. His voice is the one he first heard. Next to him, and the second voice he heard, is Mark Mardon, aka Weather Wizard, who looks as ruggedly handsome as always. The third voice he heard came from Hartley Rathaway, aka Pied Piper, who is sitting in a chair and working on his gloves. Then, behind them all and leaning against a wall is Tony Woodward, aka Girder, who’s just looking with a straight face directly into his eyes.

“About time!” Mark smiles as walks up to Barry.

Just then Barry realizes his arms are tied behind his back and legs tied together with anti-dark matter cuffs, and he is completely naked. The cold concrete floor hurts his penis. Mark reaches down and grabs Barry by the hair, pulling his head up more.

“Can we just get this started?” Mark seems to be in a hurry.

“I’m in charge! And when I say it’s time I get to start!” Sam shouts as he pulls Mark up to his feet, letting go of Barry. “Now put him onto the bed.” Sam slides his palm across his hair.

“Hey Girth! Come and help!” Mark looks to Tony.

“It’s Girder.” Tony says as he walks up to Barry and lifts him by himself and throws him onto the nicely made bed five feet away.

Barry takes in a big breath as he wacks the mattress. All five then move towards the bed, surrounding it.

“Hartley, time for your device.” Sam says as he runs his hand through Barry’s hair.

Hartley walks up to the bed with a small circular device and places it on Barry’s neck. He then presses down on the device and a green light turns on. Just then Barry feels waves of vibration hit his neck and seep through his body. His body becomes numb and soon he can’t feel his body at all.

“Can we do this now? Who gets what?” Mark says.

“Fine. You get the toys Hartley. Tony takes his ass. I’ll take his mouth. And Mark… you get his penis.” Mark smiles. “You happy now?” Mark just nods his head as he begins undressing like the others, Hartley walking away.

Everyone seems happy with their position, especially Hartley, who want anything other than to see Barry in pain. Hartley walks back into the room with a small box of sex toys. He puts it down and reaches into it to grab some nipple clamps. He walks over to Barry and slowly begins placing them on. Barry wants to scream badly, but his body doesn’t want to move. As Hartley begins placing the second one on, he looks around to see everyone getting ready. Tony is already naked and ready to go, just checking his hair in a mirror as he waits for the others. Mark is throwing the many layers of clothes he has everywhere, too excited to slow down. Then there’s Sam, who has slowly taken his slacks off, folded them, and placed them on a counter, keeping the top part of his suit on.

“Ready?” Everyone nods. “Let’s give him what he deserves all at once!” Sam shouts, wriling everyone up.

At once Sam reaches to Barry’s mouth and pulls down his jaw, Barry unable to stop him. He moves up, his knees on the bed, and drops his penis into Barry’s mouth. Tony, standing aside the bed, instantly thrusts his large penis into Barry’s very tight ass. Barry wants to both scream and vomit at once, but he just remain frozen in fear. As Mark crawls to the side of Barry’s body, Hartley presses a button on his gloves and the nipple clamps shock him, his penis instantly hardening and sticking straight up.

“Definitely a grower.” Mark laughs as he grabs Barry’s penis with his hand and moves forward, taking it into his mouth.

The three of them start going as they have many times, but enjoying it more than any of them have before. As they begin, Hartley walks back to his box and grabs a candle, which confuses Barry only for a second, until he goes back to the other guys. Hartley grabs a lighter and lights the candle up before walking up to Barry. He goes to Barry’s stomach and slowly tips the candle over, the wax slowly beginning to drip out. As the wax slides onto Barry’s stomach, Barry can feel it burning his body. It feels like he should be burning and screaming, but Barry is surprised by how much he likes it. And just as Barry begins liking the wax, he really begins liking Mark’s job.

Mark’s tongue and lips work like the perfect team as they go around, suction, and moving up and down with great speed. Tony is just as fast and strong as Barry and everyone else would expect. Though it hurts like hell, Barry is surprised by the slight bit of pleasure he feels from the tip of Tony’s penis touching the back of hole. The most surprising of them all, however, is Sam, who’s penis tastes like a tootsie roll pop. Sam is gently moving his penis in and out of Barry’s mouth, pushing his jaw up to keep pressure on it.

Ten minutes have passed and things have begun to change. Barry is feeling more happy and pleasured than he ever thought he could be. Tony is close to finishing as his muscles glisten in sweat. Hartley can’t stop grinning and laughing as he continues to shock Barry and cause him more pain with other weird toys he’s created. Barry has now learned to like the pain, the pain only making what the others are doing more enjoyable. Sam is almost ready to climax and Barry can’t wait to taste what comes out of him. Barry is surprised that Sam isn’t sweating, though he’s wearing half a suit and moving up and down on his knees over and over. He keeps running his hands in Barry’s hair, and Barry loves it!. Then there’s Mark, who is enjoying all of this almost as much as Barry is, who is close to finishing, but is trying to hold it in and make this last longer.

It’s as if dominoes… and fireworks… were set off at once. Tony begins to cum and makes no noise and doesn’t slow down as he stares forward and lets it all out. Just seconds later Barry explodes, his cum shooting into Mark’s mouth. Mark tries taking it all in, but is shocked by the amount and moves off, cum shooting all over Mark’s face and hair. Mark just laughs it off, enjoying it a lot. At the same time, Hartley tightens Barry’s nipple clamps while sending an electric shock through his body and sending a wave of pleasure through him. Just a couple seconds later Sam begins to cum into Barry’s mouth. Barry tries drinking some of it down, even though it hurts. Sam moves up as he continues, cum spraying over Barry’s face and into his hair, his hair falling back just slightly.

“Fuck! That was amazing!” Mark shouts as he steps off the bed, grabbing his own hard penis and begins jerking off.

“Yeah…” Tony begins. “Not bad.” Tony slaps Barry’s ass before dropping it down and stepping off the bed.

“Quite amazing.” Sam whispers to himself as he steps off. “You know…” Sam turns around and face a mirror, checking his hair. “If you’re all up to it… I’m still up for another round.

“Really?” Mark says, chuckling as he walks up to Sam. “I knew there was something I liked about you.” He pats Sam’s shoulder.

“I’m up for more, but I want to change positions.” Tony says as he slides both hands from the front to back of his hair.

“And I’ve got plenty more toys that I want to try out.” Hartley takes his glasses off and starts cleaning them.

“This time we draw straws.” Sam says as he reaches down to Barry, upsides down, and kisses Barry on the lips.

They all reach forward and grab a straw minutes later, feeling like winners. However, what they didn’t know was that Barry was the real winner in this. They gave Barry something he never realized he loved more than anything else. In the end, the flash still wins.

Chapter Text

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John Garrett and Grant Ward have known each other for a very long time, but haven’t seen each other for a while due to Grant’s new team assignment. But finally the day came the John showed up. John was joining him and his team on the plane for a while to work on a mission. On the first night, while everyone was asleep, Grant snuck out of his room to John’s room.

“Garrett.” Grant says as Ward opens his bedroom door.

“Come on Grant...” Grant walks in, closes the door, and locks it. “We both know that were closer than that.”

“Okay Jon. How ‘bout you show me just how close we are?” Grant smirks before John stands up.

John steps forward and pushes Grant against the door. Both their heads move forward as their lips connect. John slides both his hands into the sides of Grant’s soft hair while Grant grips John’s butt cheeks. They continue kissing for a couple more minutes, their tongues clashing into each others mouths. But as John starts getting more heated he grips Grant’s hair and pulls on it, pulling their mouths apart. John yanks Grant’s hair and walks him over to the bed, where he throws Grant, by his head, onto the bed. Grant then begins to rushingly chuck all of his clothes off while John slowly takes his pants off. As Grant gets naked he stands up, John quickly pushing him back down to the bed.

“Stay boy.” John slides his hands back through his hair after throwing the last of his clothes off.

John crawls on top of Grant, pushing him down by the shoulders.e moves down and begins kissing Grant again. Their bodies slide against each others as they kiss. Grant moves his hands to John’s head, sliding his fingers through the sides of his hair. But before Grant can begin to appreciate John’s slick hair, John moves up and away.

“Fuck you’re hot.” John smiles before moving back to Grant and putting a hand on his chest, pushing him down.

“Oh yeah...” Grant moans just as John moves above him, grabs his erect penis, and slides it into him.

“Yeah…” John moans as he lets Grant’s penis slowly slide deep into him.

As Grant’s penis fully enters John, a switch flips in him. With one hand on Grant’s stomach and the other on the wall, John begins to move himself up and down. John begins going faster and faster, until his hair starts flying up each time he drops down.

It doesn’t take more than five minutes before Grant pre-cums into John. This little amount gets John excited. He speeds up. Grant is loving this. He feels like his penis is in a machine by the way it is shaking and moving with great precision and speed. He puts one hand on the wall, holding himself in place, while he runs his other hand through the front of his hair. Grant is unable to stop smiling, regretting that it has been so long since he has done this.

“Oh shit!” Grant begins to moan over and over as he feels himself getting close to climaxing.

“Come on! Let it out!” John shouts as loud as he can without notifying others.

“So… close... “ Grant moans, gripping his own hair tight. “Oh.... yeah…” Grant moans before biting his lip and climaxing into John.

John moans as he he begins slowing down and letting Grant cum into him. He goes farther up and allows Grant deeper into him as he takes his last movements. Grant grips the bed sheets, pulling the corners off.

“Fuck.” John moans as he runs both his hands through his hair. “That was amazing.” John places both his hands on Grant’s chest and slides off his penis before moving next to him on the bed.

“John Garrett.” Grant says, smiling uncontrollably.

“Grant Ward. You should smile with your teeth more often.”

“Okay John Garrett, I will.” He moves in and gives John a kiss.

“I love it when you say my name. Say it again.” John brushes hair off of Grant’s forehead.

“John Garrett.” Grant kisses John. “John Garrett.” Grant moves up and on top of John. “John Garrett.” Grant says with a sultry voice before moving down and kissing John’s chest. “John Garrett.” Grant gets quieter and he moves down more and kisses his stomach. “John Garrett.” Grant says almost too quiet for John to hear before kissing right above John’s penis. “John Ga…”

Chapter Text

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It’s been a week since BIg Brother 14 ended and the cast has been partying all week. Frank has been hanging with his coach Boogie for the majority of the week, and not just drinking and hanging out like the rest of the cast. Tonight Frank and Boogie have been hanging in Boogie’s hotel room just drinking and watching TV… and Frank’s lips sucking Boogie’s penis.

“Oh yeah…” Boogie sighs, closes his eyes, and tilts his head up as he begins to cum.

“Damn!” Frank shouts as he finishes sucking on Boogie  and stands up. “Three times in a row and you’re still full!” Frank runs a hand through his own hair before plopping down on the couch next to Boogie.

“I warned you.” Boogie just laughs before taking his phone out of the pants on the floor. “Yes!” Boogie shouts, freaking Frank out.

“What’s going on? I’ve never seen you this excited, not even that time...with the thing the other night.”

“A friend is free and stopping by in just a second.” Boogie jumps up to his feet, throwing his pants back on.

“Who?” Frank puts his legs on the table just before a knock sends Boogie running to the door.

“Boogie!” Frank hears shouted as the door is opened.

“Will!” Boogie shouts back as Frank turns to see Will Kirby hugging Boogie.

Frank is amazed by Will and just how sexy he looks as he walks in with a tight  black dress shirt, black jacket, and black slacks. Frank is even more amazed by how perfect Will’s black hair is slicked back, shining in the light. Frank closes the door as Will enters, Frank standing up to shake his hand.

“It’s so great to meet you Will.” Frank can’t stop smiling.

“It’s good to meet you too. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Oh… you have?” Frank looks towards Boogie.

“Oh don’t worry Frank!” Boogie wraps one arm around Will. “He knows all about you and me, and he asked to join in… if you don’t mind of course?”

“Of course. Of course.” Frank tries hard to hold back his excitement. “What do you wanna do?” Frank walks around the couch to Boogie and Will.

“I was thinking we start with something like this…” Will says before leaning into Frank, grabbing his head and starting to kiss him. “ And then this…” WIll says then begins unbuttoning Frank’s shirt.

“And what about me?” Boogie is ancy, wanting to join in.

“Remember Hawaii…?” Once Will says it, Boogie just smiles before walking behind Frank and helping to unclothe him.

As Frank reaches complete nudity, he looks around to Will and Boogie.

“So…?” Frank laughs and runs his hands through his hair.

“Turn around and bend over slightly.” Will says as he looks at the mirror and moves a few pieces of his hair, winking at himself.

Will takes off his jacket and folds it, placing it gently on the couch. He then takes his pants and shirt off, folding them the same way. Frank turns around for a second to look at Will’s massive penis, his mouth salivating.

“Come over here newbie!” Will is ecstatic as Frank scoots over to him and without hesitation shoves his penis into Frank’s tight ass.

Will doesn’t hesitate to begin thrusting in and out of Frank with increasing speed.

“Come on! Join in!” Will shouts at Boogie, who quickly goes down onto his knees and takes Frank’s penis into his mouth.

Frank is in pure bliss as Will’s penis jolts power into him and Boogie sucks on his penis with such gentleness. Frank can’t stop looking at the mirror in front of him, watching Will look at himself, smiling. Though Will’s penis is hurting him just a bit, he can’t help but never want to have anyone else in him ever again.

Boogie is in pure game mode, focusing on only one thing… Frank’s thick penis. Boogie works hard to do everything that he’s ever wanted someone to do for him and do it for Frank. He caresses Frank’s balls with his tongue as his lips suction to his shaft and his head moves back and forth with just the right amount of speed.

Will, on the other hand, has two thoughts on his mind… himself and his hair. He can’t stop thinking about how he wants to make himself look amazing to Frank. Like every first time with someone new, Will works harder than ever to make himself unforgettable. Will also can’t stop thinking about his hair. The more he goes in and out of Frank the sweatier he is getting the more unstable his hair is getting. Will just looks at himself in the mirror and admiring how great he looks while making sure his hair doesn’t go wrong.

Ten Minutes Later…

Frank is just seconds away from exploding into Boogie’s mouth, but isn’t focused on that as much as he is focused on Will and his magnificent penis. He watches Will as he sweats and continues to push his hair out of his face every couple seconds. Frank can’t stop thinking about just how much he wants to dig his hands into Will’s hair and yank on it that he doesn’t realize when he begins to cum into Boogie’s mouth. He explodes and just seconds later he realizes and begins to moan.

“Oh yeah…” Frank moans and looks at Will, their eyes meeting

Will looks into Frank’s eyes with a very serious attitude and just thrusts into Frank with greater force and speed. As Frank stops exploding into Boogie’s mouth and Boogie finishes guzzling it all, Boogie takes a step back.

“I’m close…” Will moans, his eyes still staring into the mirror and focused on Frank’s eyes.

“Oh yeah Will! Do it! Do it!” Boogie starts championing WIll from the side.

Will begins going faster and stronger. He gets so into it that he forgets about his hair and just goes at it. As he continues, WIlls hair just begins to fall in front of his face. One strand at a time WIll’s hair falls in front of his face, Frank loving every second of it. As Boogie continues rooting for WIll, he moves closer and closer to him.

“Oh yeah!” Will shouts as he begins to explode into Frank, a shockwave hits both of their bodies like an energy boost.

Will doesn’t slow down as he continues bursting into Frank. Boogie moves onto Will, grabs his head and turns it to face his, and begins kissing him. Will keeps his eyes in contact with Frank and he and Boogie continue kissing, their tongues clashing.

“Mmm…” Frank moans as WIll finishes and slides himself away from Will.

Frank stands up and turns to face Will and Boogie, who are still kissing. Frank walks up to Boogie and begins kissing his neck. Frank then takes Boogie’s hat off and throws it halfway across the room.

“Move.” Frank whispers into Boogie’s ear.

Boogie stops kissing Will, smiling as he steps back and behind Will. As Boogie places his hands on WIll’s shoulders, Frank walks up to him, his and Will’s eyes speaking to each other. Will runs his hands through his hair, pushing it back into position. Frank and Will both take a step forward and at once begins kissing. Boogie stands there, his hands massaging Will’s shoulders. Boogie nibbles on Will’s ear for just a second before whispering something into his ear.

“I told you he would be the one.” Boogie smiles, WIll starting to realize how beautiful his future will look and just how much he can’t wait until the next season of Big Brother and the next hot boy he’s going to manipulate to join him.

Chapter Text

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“Stefan!” A shout of his name wakes Stefan up.

Stefan looks around to find himself in a nice apartment, laying on a bed, and Klaus Mikaelson sitting at a table across the room.

“About time!” Klaus jumps out of his seat, a ringing headache attacking the back of Stefan’s head.

Stefan looks around even closer, noticing himself naked and barely covered by a thin sheet. He notices that Klaus’ hair looks disheveled and his shirt is ripped all over.

“Last night was amazing.” Klaus jumps onto the bed next to Stefan, Stefan sliding over and pulling his blanket up. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” Stefan looks at the mirror on the wall only to see his hair completely disheveled and scratch marks on his chest.

“Oh yeah…” Klaus smirks. “You’ll need some of my blood.”

The more Stefan thinks about what happened, the less he can remember. He looks to Klaus, their eyes meeting.

“You don’t remember last night do you?” Klaus seems disappointed at first, but then smirks. “Let me remind you…” Klaus looks deep into Stefan’s eyes. “Remember last night. Remember how it all began with that shot of disgusting magical green liquid…”

Suddenly Stefan begins to remember…

“Come on Stefan… we’re already 20 shots in, what’s wrong with one more?” Klaus gets up in Stefan’s face. “Come on! Don’t make me mess with that beautiful head of hair!” Klaus almost falls back, but stops himself as Stefan takes the shot down without a second thought.

“Yeah!” Everyone in the bar shouts.

“Whoo!” Stefan shouts, turning to Klaus and smiling like Klaus has never seen before.

Ten minutes later… and another five shots of that magical green liquid…

Klaus and Stefan and dancing on top of the bar, sweat cascading down their bodies. Everyone in the bar doesn’t stop cheering for them, as Klaus had compelled them too.

“Kiss me!” Stefan shouts to Klaus.

“What?” Klaus stops dancing to look at Stefan.

“Kiss me! It will make them go crazy!” Stefan doesn’t even wait for Klaus to think about it and just moves in, giving him a very big, wet, and messy kiss.

“Whoo!” The crowd shouts.

“Shut up!” Klaus shouts after they finish kissing, everyone in the room completely freezes.

Klaus uses his vamp speed to push Stefan off the bar and against the wall. He begins kissing Stefan, Stefan kissing right back. Klaus runs his hands through the sides of Stefan’s hair, Stefan squeezing Klaus’ butt. Klaus is surprised as Stefan takes control and flips Klaus around, pushing him against the pool table. Stefan pushes Klaus onto the table and vamp speeds on top of him. Stefan leans down on top of him to continue kissing, digging his hands into Klaus’ hair, ruffling it up.

“Oh yeah…” Klaus moans as Stefan stops kissing his lips and starts kissing his neck. “Just do it!” Klaus shouts as he pushes Stefan up, Stefan’s vampire fangs sliding out.

Stefan, with his vamp speed, rips Klaus’ jeans in half, pulling them off and throwing them across the bar. Just as fast, he does the same with his pants. Klaus smirks as he sees Stefan’s extremely large penis. As Kaus thinks Stefan is about to do one thing, he surprises Klaus by going up and pushing Klaus’ penis into his ass.

“Aww…” Klaus moans.

As Stefan begins moving up and down with his vamp speed, Klaus pushes his head back and mouth wide open. Klaus grips the edges of the pool table as Stefan continues. Klaus watches as Stefan, in a blur, moves up and down. He loves watching as Stefan gets sweatier and his begins to get limper, falling out of place. To Klaus’ surprise, Stefan, with vamp speed, picks him up, while continuing to thrust, and moves off the table and to the wall. Stefan slams Klaus’ back against the brick wall, pushing him in and out of him. Klaus doesn’t even notice as his back scrapes against the brick wall, bleeding and healing all at the same time.

“Fuck!” Klaus shouts as he begins to cum into Stefan.

Klaus grabs hold of Stefan’s hair and yanks on it as he explodes into him Stefan slowing down as he takes it in. As Klaus finishes, he pulls himself out of Stefan and yanks Stefan, by the hair, against the wall and slams his head into it.

“That was… outstanding!” Klaus bites his lip before kissing Stefan.

“It sure was.” Stefan smiles, but stops smiling as he looks around the room at the dozens of frozen men and women, half of them staring at them while the other half try not to look.

Stefan and Klaus both begin laughing, letting go of each other and standing their half naked. Klaus walks up to the bartender.

“Is that your apartment upstairs?” Klaus smirks as the bartender nods.”Invite me in.”

“Please come in.” The bartender blurts out.

Klaus looks back at Stefan and they both just smile before using their vamp speed to run upstairs and into the apartment. Klaus doesn’t waste a second to push Stefan onto the bed, his feet on the ground. Klaus begins kissing Stefan for just a few seconds before moving down to his knees. He digs his fingers into Stefan’s chest as he moves down, digging them in and making him bleed. Stefan tries moving, but Klaus keep him in place.

“Here’s a thank you for before.” Klaus takes Stefan’s erect penis into his mouth.

“Oh my…” Stefan moans as Klaus begins to use his vamp speed to suck on his penis, moving up and down.

Stefan digs his fingers into Klaus’ hair as he continues.

Five minutes pass…

Stefan is about to explode and his penis has never felt so good. Every inch of his penis feels like it is ready to explode. He bites down on his lip so hard, blood dripping from his skin, as he begins to explode.

“Fuck!” Stefan shouts as Klaus begin to chug all of his cum down.

Klaus takes it all in and cleans it all up in just seconds, standing up and stepping back.

“Wow!” Klaus can’t stop the smile that Stefan loves so much.

“Yeah…” Stefan moves fully onto the bed and Klaus follows with him.

Klaus moves in to begin kissing Stefan again. Klaus rips Stefan’s shirt off, throwing it across the room, Stefan grabbing and ripping Klaus’ shirt. They stop kissing and both lay down next to each other.

“Maybe a couple minute break and we’ll continue…?” Klaus whispers.

“Yeah… of course…” Stefan says as they look into each other’s eyes and fall asleep.

As if a lightbulb went on in his head, Stefan jumps out of the bed, finally remembering what happened. Stefan walks across the room and to the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of water and chugging it.

“You good buddy?” Klaus stands up and looks at Stefan worried.

“Oh yeah! I’m ready to continue… if you are of course?”

“Yeah!” Klaus feels butterflies in his stomach, something he has never felt before.

“But… I think we should let the people downstairs leave, they’ve been frozen there all night…” Stefan and Klaus both laugh before heading back downstairs.

Chapter Text

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FABIAN: I wish we could see each other...

JEROME: Same ;)

FABIAN: When will Alfie be gone?

JEROME: IDK. He’s playin on his computer

FABIAN: Damn! I don’t know if I can wait any longer! It’s been a week since we got back from break!

JEROME: Yeah… I’ve been dying 2 suck u dry!



FABIAN: They’re not tearing the old dorm down til next year… it’s abandoned… multiple places with empty beds...

JEROME: OH!!!! I can b there in five!!!

FABIAN: Already omw!! <3

JEROME: C u there <3

Five minutes later…

Jerome walks into the old dorm building, the front door creaking as he closes it shut. Jerome starts walking through the dark hallways, looking in one room at a time. He finally reaches the last room, opening the door and looking in the room to see Fabian already naked and sitting on a bed he’s covered with a blanket.

“You could’ve let me know you were back here…” Jerome smirks as he begins taking hi stie off.

“I thought this would be more suspenseful.” Fabian laughs as he gets up to his feet.

“It sure was…” Jerome runs a hand through his hair after taking his shirt off. “I can’t believe it’s been so long… I’ve missed you.”

“Same… I’ve missed your hair!” They both begin laughing.

“Well feel free to do whatever you want to it.” Jerome takes his pants and shoes off, now as naked as Fabian.

“I will definitely take you up on that offer…” Fabian steps up to Jerome. “Now can we stop talking?”

“Su…” Before Jerome can finish his response, Fabian moves forward and begins kissing Jerome.

Fabian instantly digs his through the thick sides of Jerome’s hair. Jerome slides his hands down Fabian’s back until he reaches his butt, gripping each cheek.

“No.” Fabian stops kissing, removing Jerome’s hands off his butt. “This time I’m in charge.” That statement makes Jerome smile unlike Fabian has ever seen before.

Fabian pushes Jerome onto the bed with force.

“Oh yeah…” Jerome takes in a deep breathe just before Fabian walks up and instantly slides his penis into him. “Fuck!” Jerome shouts.

“Oh my god!” Fabian moans as his penis slides into Jerome’s tight ass.

“Wreck me Fabian!”

“Oh I will!” Fabian’s face changes, almost looks evil, as he begins to move himself out and back into Jerome, forcing himself harder in this time.

Jerome bites his lip and moves both his hands to his hair, pulling on his own hair. It’s as if Fabian switches into another gear and he suddenly starts to move in and out of Jerome with an intense speed and power that Jerome never thought Fabian could have.

“I… worked out… all break long… just… for…this!” Fabian begins going even faster, Jerome’s eyes opening wider than he believe he could.

“Whoa!” Jerome is in utter shock as Fabian continues to thrust while he also moves one of his hands down to Jerome’s stomach, digging his nails in.

Ten minutes pass, Jerome is bleeding on his stomach from nail claws and Fabian is continuing as if he has just started, but much closer to finishing. The pain in Jerome’s ass is now gone and the pleasure he feels each time Fabian’s tip hits the back of his hole is exploding each time. Jerome is sweating far more than Fabian at this point, the bed drenched with sweat. Jerome’s hair is soaked in sweat, almost all of it fallen back.

“Get ready... “ Fabian begins to moan. “It’s comi…” Fabian bursts into Jerome like a hose.

“Oh lord!” Jerome has never felt a feeling like this before, so intense yet so amazing.

Fabian continues to explode into Jerome, longer than Jerome did before. He doesn’t slow down until he finally finishes a minute later, slowing down just enough to start taking a breath. Fabian slides out of Jerome and takes a step back, falling down onto the other bed. He begins breathing heavily, his chest feeling slightly tight.

“Wow!” Jerome pops up out of the bed, sweat from his hair flinging across the room. “That was… something… Fabian!” Jerome wipes sweat from his forehead, walking up to the other bed.

“Yeah…” Fabian manages to spurt between breaths.

“That was just amazing! Spectacular! Outstanding!” Jerome can’t help himself, he’s just so excited and his adrenaline is pumping.

“Thanks!” Fabian finally sits up, looking up at Jerome.

“I need to thank you.” Jerome goes down to his knees.

“But isn’t it your turn, I just went.” Fabian runs a hand through Jerome’s hair.

“Yeah, but you deserve this, trust me.” Jerome then slides two fingers into Fabian’s ass.

“Oh…” Fabian reaches for Jerome’s head, lifting it up by his chin. “Jerome…”

“Fabian…” Jerome smiles.

“I think… I may…” Fabian seems flustered.

“I love you too.” Jerome says and Fabian just smiles before leaning down to kiss him.

“I love you.” Fabian says as Jerome moves his mouth down to his penis.

Chapter Text

Barry is lying in bed, fast asleep when his phone ringing wakes him up. He speeds to his phone and answers it.

“Barry?” The voice sounds familiar to Barry. “It’s Oliver.” Now he’s worried.

“Yeah. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Not really at least.”

“Um ok.”

“I couldn’t sleep and I used to have a friend that would help me go to sleep.”


“I know this is asking a lot… but could you come here, to my place?”

“Sure man. I’ll be there in a minute.”

In just 30 seconds Barry takes a shower, does his hair, gets dressed, then leaves. About 90 seconds later and he arrives at Oliver’s house, ringing the doorbell.

“Hey.” Barry says as Oliver answers the door wearing a very nice suit, hair perfect, and just a bit of stubble.

“Hey. Thanks for coming. Come in.” Barry follows Oliver into his house.

“So… why are you so dressed up? Late night out?” Barry and Oliver sit opposite of each other in the living room.

“No, just thought I would look nice for you.”

“Really? For me?”

“Yeah… you’re a really good friend.”

“Thanks! I’m happy that we’re friends.”

“Yeah…” Oliver stands up and walks over to Barry, taking the seat next to him.

Oliver slides his hand over to Barry and onto his leg. He slides that hand up, slowly making his way to his crotch. As Oliver’s hand touches Barry’s crotch area, Barry super speeds his way to his feet and to the other side of the room.

“Oliver!” Barry runs his hands through his hair and begins pacing in circles.

“Barry…” Oliver is talking softly as he stands up. “It’s okay, Tommy was the same way our first time.”

“First time? What? What is going on?” Each step Oliver takes towards him, he takes one back, until his back hits the wall.

“I think you already understand what’s happening.”

“Um… yeah… but…” Barry is speechless as Oliver stands a foot from him.

“Just let it happen, trust me.” As Oliver leans in, Barry is ready to run, but his body doesn’t seem to want to.

Oliver’s lips touch Barry’s and within a second, a spark goes in Barry. Barry realizes this is something he’s always wanted, though he never knew. Barry grabs Oliver and uses his speed to bring them both across the room, slamming Oliver into the wall, a painting falling.

“Wow.” Oliver isn’t as surprised as he is delighted by this quick turnaround.

While Barry rips Oliver’s suit open and begins feeling his abs, Oliver runs his fingers into Barry’s soft hair. Barry is surprised as Oliver overpowers him and turns his back to the wall. Barry instantly uses his speed to move them towards the stairs, stopping right before them. Oliver pushes Barry hard against the wall and begins moving down to his knees.

“Oliver…” Barry begins saying something, but Oliver looks up and gives Barry a look that just silences him.

“I’m very thirsty Barry, I’m hoping you can help with that.” Oliver says as he slowly unzips Barry’s pants while continuing to look up at him.

Barry is shocked by how hard he is getting and how quick it’s happening as Oliver unzips and pulls his pants and boxers down.

“Impressive.” Oliver smiles as he sees Barry’s penis.

“Don’t sound so surprised.” Barry says right before Oliver just moves forward and takes his penis into his mouth. “Oh…”

Barry has never done this before, with anyone, and is enjoying it beyond anything he has ever done before. He knows he won’t be able to hold out for long, but he knows he has to try and impress Oliver. Speaking of Oliver, Barry is surprised by the skill and speed at which Oliver is sucking him. Everything from his teeth, tongue, and cheeks are being used on Barry’s penis, and all at once. Though he’s never had this before, he can tell that Oliver is a pro.

“Oh my…” Barry is surprised as Oliver sticks his tongue through the top of his shaft, slowly moving deeper in. “Go......d!” Barry moans as he explodes.

Oliver is so surprised by how quick that went that he has to move back, cum shooting at Oliver’s face. As Oliver begins getting splattered in cum, Barry quickly grabs Oliver’s head and places his penis into his mouth. Oliver quickly begins to chug Barry down, so happy for this moment. Barry places his hands in Oliver’s hair, gripping it tight as he continues to explode longer than he or Oliver thought could happen. It’s not for another 30 second when Barry stops. Oliver licks an dsucks as much cum as he can around and in Barry’s penis before moving back and stepping away.

“Damn Barry!” Oliver is just surprised by Barry in so many ways.

“Thanks, but you… you were…”

“I know.” Oliver looks into the mirror on the wall, wiping cum from his face and licking it from his fingers.

“Um… Oliver?”

“Yeah…” Oliver turns to Barry. “You don’t need to be shy, I think we’re past that now.”

“Yeah. True.” Barry walks up to Oliver, a foot away from him. “I think I’m just gonna go for it.”

“Go for wh…” Before Oliver can finish, Barry grabs him and runs upstairs.

In just seconds the two are in Barry’s room and they are both completely naked. Oliver doesn’t have more than a second to admire Barry’s physique before Barry grabs him and throws him onto the bed.

“I’m far from being done.” Barry says, both of them smiling.

Barry doesn’t waste a second as he flips Oliver onto his hands and knees and gets behind him. Barry shoves his erect penis into Oliver, Oliver biting his lip not at the action, but by the speed of the action. Barry begins moving in and out of Oliver with speed he only uses when against the most evil of foes he’s faced. As Barry moves in and out, he digs his fingers into Oliver’s back, steadying himself. Oliver simply grabs hold of the bed sheets, keeping himself still for Barry.

“Fuck!” Barry shouts, Oliver hearing it in slow motion and feeling cum slowly shoot out of Barry and slide into him.

“Oh lord!” Oliver shouts as Barry slows down and the cum shoots into Oliver with great speed and force, moving his body forward and his head into the backboard.

“Sorry.” Barry says as he slides out and stands up, wiping his forehead from sweat.

“Don’t…” Oliver is breathing heavily. “Be sorry…” Oliver flips around, smiling unlike ever before.

Oliver runs both his hands through his hair, looking around the room in amaze of everything.

“I never believed this could happen.”


“I’ve always been the best at sex with every relationship I’ve been in… but…”

“Really? Me? I am?” Barry is almost giddy.

“Oh calm down, you’ve got a bit of an advantage.”

“True.” Barry gets on the bed next to Oliver.

“So I guess that means I’ll have to bring my all.” Oliver moves on top of Barry, their eyes meeting. “Now I like a challenge.”

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Ezra Fitz has published a best-selling book and has been traveling across the country to show it off. He has been signing and reading books for months now. And it was fun, for a while. Ezra started getting lonely and bored by the repetition. He stayed every night in a hotel room by himself and would jerk off to whatever was on TV. Tomorrow was his visit to Central City where he was hoping to run into one of those superheroes he has seen in the news, especially the Flash.

Barry Allen was a single superhero. He spent almost every part of his day in his costume and running around the city helping various people. But he too was getting lonely. Every night he would stay in his room and jerk off to whatever he could find online. So today he told every that tomorrow he wanted a day off. He told himself he was going to go out and meet someone… anyone.

It’s early in the morning, far earlier than either Ezra or Barry ever wake up. The sun is just barely up and Jitters coffee shop has just opened. Barry walks into Jitters and gets his regular, taking a seat and waiting. The only other person to walk in, just a minute later, is Ezra. Ezra walks in and Barry instantly turns to look at him. Their eyes meet for just one second, but during that second it’s as if something hits both of their bodies. A chill shocks both of their spines before Ezra continues forward and orders his coffee.

As they both sit there waiting for their coffee, they go back and forth looking at each other. Ezra looks at Barry, admiring his perfectly quaffed hair, then Barry looks at Ezra and is amazed by his perfect lips and eyes. But then their eyes meet once more. Ezra bites his lower lip out of basic instinct. Barry ran a hand through his own hair before quickly realizing his penis was getting hard. He looks down to see the bulge coming from his pants. As he looks up he can see Ezra looking down and seeing his bulge too. Barry quickly stands up and speed walks over to the bathroom. Barry gets into the bathroom and runs both his hands through his hair and looks into the mirror, seeing his large bulge.

“Damnit!” Barry is feeling more embarrassed than ever before.

Suddenly the bathroom door opens and there stands Ezra. Ezra Walks in, closes the door, and locks it behind him.

“Hey.” Ezra licks his lips and steps forward. “I’m Ezra.”

“Hey.” Barry doesn’t know what to say.

“And your name is?” Ezra turns to the mirror and brushes his hair over a bit.

“Oh! Barry!” Barry starts smiling… a lot.

“Calm down. It’s fine.”

“What?” Barry is confused, nervous, and just completely ready to run away.

“We’re both going to take our clothes off then I am going to slide a condom on your penis and then I will slowly slide you into me. From there I hope you know what will happen.” Ezra is shocked by himself for his blatentness, blaming it on his lack of sex for a long time.

“Yeah. Sure.” Barry is just as shocked by Ezra as he is by his reaction.

They both begin undressing quickly. As they get their shirts and jackets off, they move forward and begin kissing each other. Ezra uses one hand to unzip his jeans while using his other to run through Barry’s hair, loving that little bit of crunchiness.

“Oh god!” Barry shouts as they stop kissing and finish taking off their last bit of clothing.

“Yeah.” Ezra couldn’t be any happier before he pushes Barry back into a toilet stall.

Barry sits down on top of the toilet and Ezra gets on top, his butt directly above Barry’s erect penis. He looks down at Barry, their eyes meeting in silence for just a few seconds before there’s a knock on the bathroom door.

“Oh shit!” Ezra whispers.

“We better go quick then.” Barry smiles as he grabs the condom from Ezra’s hands and slides it on his penis. “This may hurt a bit, but it will be done soon.” Barry grabs Ezra’s waist and begins pushing him down and up, his penis going in and out of Ezra’s tight ass. Barry starts going quicker and quicker, up to the point that he begins using his super speed. Ezra can feel the change in speed as Barry goes starts using his powers. Ezra has no chance to think about the speed of what is happening, but the pain and pleasure stemming from his butt.

Barry begins to sweat as a minute passes and another knock on the door makes him speed up a bit more. A few strands of Barry’s hair falls over his forehead, Ezra wanting to fix it but unable to at the moment. Meanwhile, Ezra is sweating bullets. The speed at which he is going is making Ezra sweat more than he ever has before. His dark hair is damp and falling over his eyes. Each moment Ezra goes up and back down, his hair flies into the air, sweat flinging around the stall.

“Clo…” Before Barry can finish the word he speeds up just a bit and he begins to explode into Ezra. “Fuck!” Barry begins to shout but stops himself when he remembers where he is.

“Oh lord!” Ezra does the same as Barry begins to slow down to normal speed. “What was that?” Ezra knows something weird just happened.

“It was amazing!” As Barry finishes he pulls Ezra off him and stands up, sliding the condom off his penis and tying it up.

“No. Really.” Ezra watches as Barry walks around him and throws the condom in the trash before he begins putting his clothes on.

Barry looks to Ezra and smiles, thinking of what to say and do. But then something in Barry decides to throw caution to the wind and uses his powers to instantly put his and Ezra’s clothes on.

“Shit!” Ezra steps closer to Barry. “You’re the Flash.” Barry doesn’t say anything, but just stands there as Ezra moves those few pieces of hair out of Barry’s forehead.

“Thanks.” Barry does the same to Ezra, running his fingers into Ezra’s long and thick hair and putting it back to the way it looked before, but now damp.

“I have an hotel room right down the street and nothing to do until later.” Ezra blurts it out quickly and prepares for the worst.

“Well let's stop wasting time and go then.” Barry and Ezra unlock the bathroom door and walk out and into shop.

As they walk back into the room they see a good dozen people sitting and standing. They all look over to them, trying to pretend they weren’t.

“Do they know?” Ezra whispers to Barry.

Barry just laughs, Ezra following suit. They walk up and quickly grab their coffees.

“They’re cold.” Barry smiles.

“I don’t need coffee anymore anyway.” Ezra touches Barry’s butt when he thinks no one is watching.

Their eyes stare into each other, forgetting all that is around them. For just an instance it’s as if they are sharing an entire conversation through looks, just seconds before they speed walk out of Jitters and to Ezra’s hotel room.


PART 2??? Please let me know!!!

Chapter Text

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“Oh god…” Mac moans as he stops kissing Harry for just a second, reaching into his pocket and grabbing his room key.

“Damn I love your hair.” Harry says as Mac opens the door.

The two look at each other, smiling.

“I want you to ride me.” Harry says as they walk into the room and close the door.

“My pleasure.” Mac pushes Harry onto the bed, Harry quickly throwing his shirt off and getting to his belt.

Mac throws his leather jacket to the floor before running his hands through his hair and looking down at Harry while licking his lips. Their eyes meet as the two slides their pants down and off. The two take a second to look down at each other, both smiling. Mac runs and jumps onto the bed, both of them laughing and excited for this.

“This is gonna be one long night.” Mac says before reaching for a condom in his pants and ripping it open with his teeth.

Mac reaches down to Harry’s penis and grabs it. He begins rubbing it softly as it hardens. Once hard, Mac slides the condom onto Harry’s penis quickly, rushing to get to this already. Mac goes on top of Harry, his butt directly above Harry’s penis. Mac quickly drops down, biting his lip to overcome the pain he initially feels. That doesn’t slow him down because seconds later Mac grabs the bed polls and begins pulling himself up and dropping back down.

“Shit!” Harry shouts.

‘What’s wrong?” Mac freaks out.

“I’m close.” Harry is embarrassed.

“That’s fine. Just enjoy it.” Mac kinda wants to laugh, but holds himself back.

Mac continues, this time faster. Mac is surprised as five minutes pass and Harry hasn’t exploded yet. He can see in Harry’s face that he is forcing himself to keep it in. But at this point Mac would be happy for Harry to finish as his arms are getting sore and tired. Mac is sweating harder than he ever has before, his long blonde locks wet and falling in front of his entire face.

“OH!” Harry shouts as he explodes.

Mac can feel as the condom breaks and warm cum shoots into him. Mac has no words for the feeling, slowing down just a little. Mac let’s go of one pole to run a hand through his hair, sweat flying through the air.

“Wow. Just wow.” Harry says, running a hand through his hair and looking at Mac’s sweaty abs.

Mac slides off of Harry and plops down next to him, taking deep breaths in. Mac places a hand on Harry’s arms, rubbing it. Harry looks over to Mac, just thinking about how lucky he is right now. He sits up, looking over to Mac and placing his hands on his chest.

“I… you have given me the best day in my life.” Harry holds himself back from saying what he wants to say.

“I’m happy I could do that.”

“Yeah… I truly love… your hair.” Harry runs a hand through Mac’s hair.

“Just say it.”

“Say what?” Harry sweats just a little.

“What you really want to say.”

“I love you. I know we just met, but you’re just so perfect and amazing and… spectacular!” Harry can’t believe he just said that.

“I think I could love you too.” Mac looks away, not wanting to show his feelings.

“Well let me see if this helps you get all the way there.” Harry reaches over to Mac’s penis and grabs it, quickly starting to rub it.

“Oh…” Mac lets out a small smile as Harry starts giving him a handjob.

Harry leans down and begins kissing Mac’s abs, slowly moving around. Each kiss he gives, he lightly sucks on Mac’s skin. As minutes pass Mac gets close to exploding and Harry has moved up to Mac’s pecs, lightly starting to suck on them. One of Mac’s hands run through Harry’s soft hair while the other on his back. Harry begins moving up a bit more and Mac reaches to Harry’s face and pushes his glasses up a bit, their eyes meeting.

“Will you come back with me?. Back to the states?.” Just then Mac explodes, cum shooting into the air like fireworks.

“Oh…” Harry is surprised by the cum and the statement.


Part 3???

Chapter Text

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“Damnit!” Fitz shouts as the door to Oval Office closes. “Damnit!” Fitz shouts again, this time sweeping multiple items off his desk and onto the ground.

This continued for maybe 20 minutes before Fitz left the office. He was furious, unlike any time he has been before. As he walks through the office halls, Jake Ballard appears from the corner, begins walking beside Fitz.

“President Fitzgerald.”

“Ballard.” Jake can tell that Fitz sounds weird.

“Everything okay sir?” Fitz starts walking faster, Jake keeping speed with him.

Fitz says nothing as he continues walking towards the residence, Jake following. After some time they make it to the residence, jake flinging the doors open. Jake closes the door behind him, Fitz immediately throwing a lap to the floor, glass shattering everywhere.

“Sir. Tell me what’s wrong.” Jake is a little worried… and freaked out.”

“Jake, just call me Fitz.”

“Okay.” Jake walks up to Fitz. “Fitz, what is wrong?” Their faces are only inches away.

“Olivia. Olivia ended it.” Fitz looks sad.

“I”m so sorry Fitz. I’m here for you, for anything you need.” Instantly as he says that, Jake can see a spark in Fitz’ eyes. “Anything you can think of?”

“She was always so good at… going down… if you know what I mean?” Fitz grabs his belt and unbuckles it.

“I get exactly what you mean.” Jakes slowly takes his tie off as Fitz unbuttons his pants and let’s them drop.

Jake moves down to his knees, his mouth directly in front of the bulge in Fitz’ boxers. Jake looks up, looking at Fitz staring forward, his face sad yet angry. Jake grabs Fitz’ boxers with his fingers, slowly sliding them down. As Fitz’s penis is revealed, it flings out and just barely touches Jake’s lips. Once Fitz’ penis hardens to it’s peak length, the shaft is directly on Jake’s lips. Jake moves one hand up and touches Fitz’ balls, lightly touching them. Jake begins to massage his balls lightly, building up until his balls are firmly in his grip.

“Tighter.” Fitz says, not looking down.

Jake smiles and tightens his grip slightly.

“More.” Fitz almost shouts.

Jake listens and grips Fitz’ balls tightly, hearing Fitz let out a deep breath. Jake then opens his mouth and slides forward, letting Fitz’ average penis into his mouth. Jake shuts his mouth and suctions to the penis. Right then, Jake takes a second to think about what he is doing and what he would want done for him. With Fitz’ balls in his grasp and penis in his mouth, Jake begins moving his head back and forth. While Jake does this, he wraps his tongue around the shaft. He starts moving faster.

Fitz opens his mouth, mouthing ‘wow’, as he is amazed by Jake’s skills. Fitz looks around the room, realizing just now what is really happening at the moment. Fitz takes a deep breath in and places one hand on Jake’s shoulder while running his other through the side of his hair.

Fitz bites his lip as minutes pass and Jake shows no signs of slowing down. Jake’s grip has gotten even tighter on Fitz’ balls, Fitz loving every second of it. Jake begins to bite down on Fitz’ shaft just slightly as he continues, slowly down only a little. It’s only seconds later that Fitz can feel himself ready to explode. He grips Jake’s shoulder tightly, moving his other hand to Jake’s head, tangling his fingers into his hair.

“Mmm.” Fitz holds himself from shouting as he explodes into Jake’s mouth.

Jake is shocked by this, quickly chugging down the cum. Jake get’s choked up a bit, but doesn’t let any spill out of his mouth. He continues, starting to like the taste of it. Fitz bites his lip, stopping himself from smiling and exerting just how happy this is making him. As he finishes, Jake steps back and lets Fitz’ penis go. Fitz steps back and immediately tucks his penis back behind his boxers, pulling up and zipping his pants.

Jake gets back up to his knees and begins putting his tie back on. The two look at each other as they finish putting themselves together. Both of them keep straight faces, saying nothing. Fitz slides both his hands through the sides of his hair, licking his lips just slightly.

“So…” Fitz says quietly.

“Yes Preside… Fitz?” Jake is nervous.

“Thanks for the help. I must be getting some work done now.” Fitz turns to his desk, moving around some papers.

“Yes sir. Goodnight sir.” Jake turns and opens the door, ready to leave.

At the same time, both Jake and Fitz release the smile they have been holding back. Then Jake walks out, closing the door, and the two go on to pretend it never happened.

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Beacon Hills is the last place I planned on moving to. My mom got a job and I had no say as to whether or not we were going to move from my home and friends. I’ve been in Beacon Hills for a week now and… it’s interesting. The people seem to be nice enough, but all weird about things that go on in the town. I keep hearing about dead bodies, missing people, and lots of animal attacks. And everyone in town just ignores it! I simply don’t get it.

Today, as I’ve been doing every day, since it’s still summer and school doesn’t start for another two weeks, I’m spending the day unpacking my room and walking around town and just discovering the area. As i finish unpacking a couple more boxes my mom tells me that she has to go into the office for the day to sign stuff and do other adult things. That’s when I decided to go out for a while and figure out where the high school is and what’s around it.

Arriving at Beacon Hills High School it looks like any other high school. Even though it’s the summer there are still some teachers here and a couple sports teams and the band practicing. It looks very intimidating though. Everyone seems to know each other and have history, while me, the new kid, knows no one and nothing about anything Beacon Hills.

As I walk into the school i swing the doors open and out of nowhere a kid runs right into me, sending me backwards and into the ground.

“Fuck!” I can feel a headache forming from my head hitting the ground.

“Sorry.” I look up to see a hand reaching down to me.

I take the hand and get to my feet, feeling blood dribbling down my leg. I look at the boy who I ran into. He is slightly shorter than me, but damn he is hot. His body is muscular and his face perfectly symmetrical. His hazel eyes look into my soul. Then there’s his hair. His perfect brown hair is short on the sides and slicked up in the front. Everything about him makes electricity go through my body.

“I’m so sorry about that.” His voice is like silky chocolate.

“No problem.” I don’t even know what I’m saying, just that my brain is doing it’s own thing at the moment.

“But you’re bleeding!” I look down with him to my leg, blood dripping down and into my sock.


“Let me help you with that.” He smiles and I swear my heart skips multiple beats.

“Yeah. Sure.” Words feel really hard to form right now.

He guides me into the parking lot and to his car. I get in the passenger seat and he reaches over to the seat pocket, grabbing a small first aid kit.

“Sorry about the car. I haven’t had time to clean it in a while.” He takes a bandage and wet wipes out of the kit.

“It’s no problem at all. At least you have a car.” He laughs, placing the wipe on my leg and wiping the blood. “Ow.” It stings.

“Oh. Sorry.” He looks up to me, our eyes meeting. “Done.” I don’t even realize he has already put the band aid on until he says so.

“By the way my name’s Y/N.” I smile uncontrollably.

“I’m Theo.” Theo smiles along with me, everything seeming to go into slow motion.

Theo and I both move forward as if we are in complete sync. As one, we move closer and kiss each other. His lips are like velvet, my lips sliding against his again and again. He slowly slips his tongue into my mouth and it’s as if fireworks go off throughout my body. Every part of my body explodes with passion and the only thing going through my mind is the things I want to do to Theo’s body… but I stop myself. I hold myself back from ravaging his entire body. Then we stop, or he stops. He slides his tongue out and moves his head, with his lips, away from me.

“Oh wow.” Theo is breathing heavily as he runs both his hands through his hair.

Theo looks around, checking the area around the car. He bites his lip before placing his head against the steering wheel. Something seems a little off, like he’s nervous.

“Um…” I honestly have no idea what to say.

“I’m sorry.” Theo turns to me.

“You have nothing to be sorry about.” I have the biggest grin on my face. “That was the most amazing thing to happen to me... ever!” I can’t hold my excitement now that I’ve let it out.

“But I do. I’ve only been in Beacon Hills for a while and I only came here for one reason. And you...I can’t…” He almost seems scared.

“What’s wrong?” He looks behind him and back to me.

“I’m only in Beacon HIlls for one reason, and I think that you… or us… would be a bad idea.”

“Sometimes being a bad idea… is a good idea.” At this point I become braver than I have ever been before and grab Theo’s head, pulling him in and begin kissing him.

We continue kissing, this time my tongue going into his mouth. He kisses back, but not with the same force he did before. I slide one of my hands through the top of Theo’s head, my finger’s twirling in his crunchy hair.

“Wow!” Theo says as I stop kissing him and move back into my seat.

“My house is empty for hours.” Theo looks at me, biting his lip.

“I don’t…” I place my hand on his leg. “Okay. Is that enough time?” He laughs and we both kiss before Theo turns the car on.

I guide Theo from the school to my house. We walk out of his car without speaking. We continue to not speak as we enter my house. But the second I close the front door, Theo turns to me and begins kissing me. He pushes my back against the door, grabbing both my hands and pulling them up above my head. We continue kissing, but after a few minutes he lets go of my hands and we start to move towards my bedroom. I slide my hands inside his leather jacket, gripping the pecs.

“Oh god.” I moan as we stop kissing and I open my bedroom door.

As we walk into the room, the two of us begin undressing with speed I’ve never done anything in my life before with. As we finish undressing, our eyes scan each other. Both of us smile uncontrollably. I can’t even begin to fathom Theo’s body. Every inch of his body is filled with muscles, even his penis is muscular. It’s also long and thick and the stuff that you only see in porno’s.

“Wait. Put your jacket back on.” I’ve never seen someone meant to wear a leather jacket so much in my entire life.

“You sure?” He asks me politely as he puts his tight leather jacket on his bare skin.

“I’ve never been so sure before.” I basically jump on him and we fall onto my bed together.

Our kissing becomes far more passionate than it was before. This time we are both going full throttle into it and neither of us are nearing our end. Theo grabs me by my waist and flips us me over, getting on top of me. He doesn’t waste any time reaching into his jacket and taking a condom out, ripping it open with his teeth, and sliding onto my erect penis.

“Oh…” Theo moans as he slides onto my penis cowboy style.

Theo looks down at me, placing his hands on my chest. He licks his lips before pushing off my chest and lifting himself off my penis. He drops himself back down onto my penis and then starts repeating himself over and over. He starts going at a speed I’ve never seen before. And he just keeps going faster and faster. It’s almost inhuman the way he moves on my penis and the feeling it’s giving my entire body.

Just five minutes into Theo’s animal like movements, I can feel myself getting close to finishing. I am trying super hard to keep myself together and from finishing too early. But watching as Theo gets sweaty, small strands of hair falling over his forehead and sweat glistening his abs, I don’t know how much longer I can hold myself back.

“Shit!” I shout just as I begin to cum into Theo’s tight ass.

Theo begins to slow down as I explode. He slides his hands down my body, gliding his fingers down to my crotch area. As the last bit of me enters Theo, Theo stops and slides off my penis. He sits down right behind my penis and slides my condom off. He ties off and throws my condom into the trash by my bed. He then goes down, his face right by my penis. He sticks his tongue out and licks the shaft of my penis and the cum dripping down it. He continues this around my shaft and head until all the cum is licked off. He moves back up and looks down at me, giving me a handsome smirk.

“That was…” Theo can’t seem to find the words.

Theo moves down on top of me, our chest on each other and faces just centimeters apart. We begins kissing, our tongues clashing together. We stop kissing quite quickly so Theo can roll onto the bed next to me. We lay side to side, our faces less than a inch apart. I place my hand on the side of Theo’s head, feeling the soft little hairs. I slide my hand into the top of his hair, feeling every bit of crunchy strand that also happens to smell like oranges.

“I love you.” It comes out of my mouth like vomit and I instantly want to take it back, bash my head into the wall, then jump out the window and run to the other side of the world.

“I love you too.” My heart stops racing and the world freezes.

I stare into his beautiful eyes and every single moment of this last hour goes through my head a thousand times over. I move forward and kiss him on the lips quickly.

“Let me show you just how much I love you.” I say before getting up and on top of Theo. “Ready for round two?”

“I’ve never been so ready.”

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Chapter Text

Niklaus Mikaelson is in Mystic Falls now. He’s in town with Stefan Salvatore and can’t wait to cause some havoc. But it isn’t the havoc that everything thinks it is. Klaus waits until Stefan goes to sleep to sneak out of the apartment. He walks down the town streets like he’s the king and this is his kingdom, or at least it will be. But as he walks down the streets, he can feel someone watching him. He looks into a store window to see the reflection of Damon Salvatore walking twenty feet behind him. Klaus stops for a second and grabs a woman walking past him by the shoulders, looking at her in the eyes.

“That man behind me, with the black hair and sultry eyes, slap him. And make it hurt.” Klaus let’s go of the woman and continues walking.

As he continues walking, Klaus can hear a large slap and Damon shouting at the woman. That doesn’t stop Damon though. He continues following Klaus, like it’s a game. Klaus waits until a little boy with his older brother come walking by, stopping them and looking the older boy in the eyes.

“Start shouting at the man walking behind me with the leather jacket. Yell at him for touching your little brother. Then punch him.” Klaus leans down to the little boy and looks him in the eyes.

“Kick that same man in his big balls… and kick hard.” Klaus just laughs as he starts walking again.

Klaus decides to stop walking a few feet later and turns around to watch as the older boy starts shouting at Damon. Damon tries to get the guy to stop shouting at him, but then the little boy kicks him in the balls, Damon bending over in agony. Klaus can’t hold himself back and begins laughing out loud. Klaus can’t stop laughing as Damon tries standing straight up but the older brother punches him right in the eye. While Klaus is laughing he loses sight of Damon for just a second and when he looks back Damon has vanished. Klaus starts looking around and before he knows it he’s being pushed into the nearby dark alley.

“Not funny!” Damon shouts at Klaus.

“It was pretty darn funny.” Klaus laughs as Damon grabs him by his shirt and pulls him up the wall.

“That really hurt man.”

“I hope it did.” Klaus smirks and just as Damon is about to punch him, he pushes Damon back and into the other wall.

“Let me go!” Damon shouts as Klaus holds him against the wall in the same way he just did.

“And why would I want to do that?” Klaus just goes for it, leaning in and kissing Damon on the cheeks.

Damon instantly pushes Klaus, Klaus falling down on the ground and into the wall, pieces of shattered brick flying into the air. Damon just stands there for a minute while Klaus makes his way to his feet, no one speaking.

“What the hell!” Damon shouts at Klaus, Klaus just smirking as always. “What sort of trick is this?” Damon shouts right in Klaus’ face?

“No trick.” That’s all Klaus says as he slowly walks towards Damon.

“Stop it.” Damon says, placing his hand out to keep Klaus back.

“Stop what?” Klaus smirks as he moves Damon’s arm, stepping up right in front of him.

“Stop…” Damon doesn’t know what to say or do at this moment. “St…” Before Damon can get the word out, Klaus moves forward once again and kisses Damon.

This time Damon doesn’t push back, but instead kisses back. Damon feels like his brain has shut off and his body has taken control as his slides his tongue into Klaus’ mouth. Klaus pushes Damon into the wall, shaking the building. As Klaus slams his hands into the wall, bricks flying around, Damon puts his hands in Klaus’ hair, gripping it tightly. Damon grips Klaus’ hair until it begins to hurt him, the two stop kissing and Klaus stepping back.

“Fuck!” Klaus shouts.

“Yeah.” Damon smiles before looking at a door in the alley.

They both use their vamp speed and strength to run to the door, rip the door open, and run up the fire exit stairs to the top floor. The enter the hallway to the penthouse apartments. They look at each other and smile.

“You choose.” Klaus says.

Damon runs up to a random room and knocks on it.

“Hello?” A man answers the door.

“Leave your apartment and don’t come back for…” He looks over to Klaus, who is holding up three fingers. “Three days.” The man just smiles and walks towards the elevator.

Damon and Klaus both vamp speed into the apartment, closing the door and running into the bedroom. Klaus grabs Damon’s leather jacket and rips it and two, throwing it to the floor. Damon looks shocked before grabbing Klaus’ belt and jeans, ripping them off his legs.

“Fuck.” They both say in unison before taking off rest of their clothes in less than a second.

They both smile as their eyes scan each other’s ripped bodies and rock hard penis’. Klaus rushes at Damon, holding him by his shoulders and looking him in the eyes.

“You won’t feel any p…” Damon stops him.

“No. I want to feel it.” Hearing that makes Klaus happy, throwing Damon onto the bed.

Damon lays on the bed, looking up at Klaus. It’s less than a second later and lots of vampire speed when Klaus’ is shoved into Damon and Damon is on his hands and knees, facing the wall. Damon’s jaw tightens with Kalus’ penis in him, it only hurting even more as Klaus begins to move in and out. Klaus begins going faster and faster, eventually making his way into vamp speed.

“Oh yeah!” Klaus shouts.

Damon is getting bored as Klaus continues for minutes and still nothing. That’s when Damon uses his vamp speed to turn them around, getting on top and into cowboy position.

“This is how you do it!” Damon shouts as he places both hands on Klaus’ abs, starting to move up and down.

As Damon goes into vamp speed Klaus can see Damon’s long raven hair flying up and down with each movement. As it continues for a few minutes Damon gets sweaty, sweat flying from his hair each time he moves up and back down. Klaus is amazed with Damon, watching every little movement of his body. Klaus is fixated on Damon in every way. He is so fixated that he doesn’t even realize how close he is to finishing.

“Wow!” Klaus shouts as he explodes into Damon.

Damon keeps his speed as every last bit of Klaus enters him, but as he finishes Damon slides off Klaus and falls onto the bed next to him.

“Ouch.” Damon says before the two of them just begin laughing.

“Wow. Did not see that coming.” Klaus turns his head to Damon.

“Yeah. This day definitely turned out different than I thought.” Klaus sits up, looking down at Damon and putting a hand on his chest.

“I’m pretty sure the day is still far from being over.” Klaus moves on top of Damon, running a hand through his hair and a strand out of his eye.

“It sure is.” Damon gives that smirk that makes everyone swoon before Klaus slowly moves down to Damon’s penis. “Oh. It so is…” Damon moans.

Chapter Text

Sebastian had sworn to himself that he would be a changed guy. He told himself he would be a nicer guy and always do what is right. And for the most part he was doing great at it. That is until the new teacher came.

Ezra had two job offers, one in Pennsylvania and the other in Ohio. Originally his first instinct was to take the job in Pennsylvania, but then the school in Ohio upped their offer. Ezra couldn’t say no to their offer, so he didn’t. And he told himself that for hs first big job he would be the perfect teacher that students and faculty would love. What he didn’t see coming was a student that was different than he could’ve expected.

Friday October 7th - AP English Class - Ezra’s first week

“Does anyone want to tell me what they thought about last nights chapter?” Ezra  asks of his AP class. “Jeff?” Ezra asks but he just shakes his shoulders. “Anyone?” He looks around and eventually Sebastian raises his hand. “Sebastian?”

“I thought the chapter was very aggressive. The words used were more aggressive than the last one, but the story wasn’t. The story was more romantic and gentle.”

“Exactly!” They both smile at each other before Ezra continues his lesson.

End of class - 45 minutes later

As the bell rings for lunch everyone runs out of the room like there’s a plague.

“Hey Sebastian, you comin?” Jeff turns to Sebastian, who is still sitting at his desk.

“Yeah. But I need to ask Mr. Fitz about our homework.”

“Okay. I’ll save you a seat.”

“Thanks man.” Jeff walks out of the classroom, leaving just Sebastian and Ezra alone in the room.

“Do you need something Sebastian?” Ezra says as Sebastian walks up to his desk.

“I just had a few questions regarding the homework.”

“Sure. take a seat.” Ezra closes the classroom door and they both take a seat across from each other, the desk separating them.

“I was just wondering what you meant in question three?”

“Why don’t you just get to your real question.” Ezra looks right into Sebastian’s eyes.

“What? What do you mean?” Sebastian is getting sweaty, nervous.

“All week long, since my first day, you have been staying behind everyone and look at me for a little before running out of the room.”

“Well… well…”

“Use your words.” Ezra moves some of the stuff on his desk to the side.

“I just… I just thought you were…” Sebastian gets nervous and stops talking, his fingers fiddling in his pockets.

“Spill it!” Ezra holds himself back from shouting too loud.

“The second I saw you on Monday I thought you were ridiculously hot and everything about you makes my penis rock solid all class long. I’ve been waiting after class to try and get myself softer down there.” Sebastian looks down to his lap. “And I’ve been trying so hard this year to try and be good here for my senior year. So I’ve been trying to force myself to just go to class and leave but Wednesday night I had a dream about you and since then I haven’t been able to sleep so today I thought I would talk to you and then maybe I would find something that would make me no longer attracted to you… but you’re even more amazing than in my imagination.” Sebastian stops and takes a deep breathe in.

“Stop.” Ezra stands up and walks over to the door, locking it and pulling down the blinds.

“Oh lord.” Sebastian stands up, ready to make a run for it and force his daddy to let him change schools.

“I’ve been having the same problem.”


“Haven’t you noticed all week that I have been sitting at my desk and only standing when I am holding a book?” Ezra takes a step closer to Sebastian. “I have lived my whole life being the good kid, doing everything my parents asked me to do and doing what I thought they would want me to do. But recently I’ve decided that I will do what I want and do it whenever I want. I choose to become a teacher, which they didn’t fully support.” He takes another step closer. “Then I choose to work at a high school and not as a professor at an ivy league which really angered my parent’s.” Ezra stops talking steps up closer, just a foot from Sebastian. “And when I saw you, sitting in that seat wearing that uniform that fits you so well… well… I knew I would have to break more than just my parent’s rules eventually.”

“Oh…” Sebastian bites his lip and gives Ezra his classic smirk/smile before taking the last step forward, placing his hands on the desk and his face just a centimeter from Ezra’s. “Mr. Fitz.”

“Ezra.” He takes a deep breath in.

“Ezra…” As they stare into each other’s eyes nothing clicks or explodes like fireworks, but instead everything simply feels right… or natural.

Just then the two move forward at the same time and begin kissing. Their plump lips connect, and as if that sync connected their brains, the two begin moving in unison. Sebastian begins using both his hand to undo one button in Ezra’s shirt at a time, while Ezra slowly begins untying Sebastian’s tie. They finish at the same time and continue through each piece of clothing, their lips never letting go of each other.

As Sebastian takes Ezra’s jacket off, Ezra slides his hand up Sebastian’s shirt and feeling his hard six pack. Right then Ezra swipes his hands down and unbuttons Sebastian’s shirt with one fell swoop. Sebastian has to hold himself back from gasping form that spectacular move. Right then a knock on the makes the two of them jump feet back from each other. As if it’s a race the two begins throwing their clothes on without saying a word or even looking at each other.

“Coming.” Ezra tries not to shout as he looks over to Sebastian to see if he’s dressed, he is.

Ezra opens the classroom door and a student he doesn’t recognize stands there with some paper’s in hand.

“Hey Mr. Fitz I was wondering if I could talk to you about the study guide for next weeks test?”

“Sure. Take a seat and I’ll be with you in a minute.” The student walks to a desk in the corner as Sebastian walks to the front of the room.

“Come to the Warbler room in 30.” Sebastian whispers to Ezra as he walks past him and out of the classroom.

35 minutes later

A knock on the Warbler room door makes Sebastian jump off the couch, smiling uncontrollably. He runs to the door and opens it, Ezra standing in the doorway.

“I’m sorry that student…”

“Stop. Come in.” Ezra walks in and Sebastian closes and locks the door.

“Wow.” Ezra is amazed by the dim lighting of the room, the leather couches, and the closed blinds to give them the ultimate privacy. “How’d you?”

“Don’t ask. Just look sexy as always.” Sebastian steps forward and places his hands on both sides of Ezra’s face, bringing their lips together.

Sebastian slides his fingers through Ezra’s soft hair, taking a second to bite down on Ezra’s bottom lip. Ezra is loving it and whips Sebastian’s tie off like it is a superpower. He then does the things with Sebastian’s shirt once more, placing his hands on his abs. Their mouths open and the two slide their tongues into each other’s mouths, sliding and brushing into each others. Sebastian runs his hands up Ezra’s shirt, preparing to do the same trick, but instead buttons fly across the room. The two stop kissing and they both laugh for just a second before they reach down to their own pants and take them off with great speed.

They stop moving, standing feet from each other. They look down in sync, looking at each of their penis’. While Ezra is surprised by the extreme length of Sebastian’s penis, Sebastian is surprised the the thickness of Ezra’s. They look up into each other’s eyes and begins slowly taking their shirts and jackets off, placing them on whatever is nearby them. Sebastian licks his lips. Ezra takes a deep breath and bites his lower lip.

“Oh lord.” Ezra says under his breath before the two move forward and begin kissing once again, their bodies sliding into one another’s.

As they kiss and their penis’ touch each other, Sebastian begins moving them back until they reach the couch, falling onto it. They don’t stop for a second as they continue kissing. They continue kissing for about ten minutes before stopping and Sebastian sits up, his butt on Ezra’s legs.

“Are you sure?” Sebastian smiles, hoping he gets the answer he wants.

“Yeah… I’m sure.”

“Really? I just haven’t always read every situation perfectly and may have not done the right thing always. So I just wanted to make sure…”

“Shut up.” Ezra interrupts him. “Just kiss me and shove it in.” Sebastian takes a deep breath, moves down and kisses Ezra once more, then slides his penis into Ezra’s butt without any hesitation. “Fuck!” Ezra shouts without hold before covering his mouth with his own hand.

Sebastian doesn’t stop, but just begins slowly sliding himself in and out of Ezra’s tight hole. He uses one hand to grip the back of the couch and his other to press down on Ezra’s stomach. After a minute or two of this Sebastian begins to move faster and Ezra has begun to deal with the immediate pain in his ass. Now he is feeling pain in his one leg that is awkwardly sitting on the back of the couch. But all of that goes away when Ezra looks up into Sebastian’s eyes. With one sparkle from Sebastian’s eyes, Ezra feels no pain, only pleasure. He places both on Sebastian’s waist and begins helping Sebastian speed up, pulling and pushing him in and out.

30 minutes later

Neither Sebastian or Ezra notice how long it has been or would even care if they realized it. They haven’t slowed down one bit, even speeding up at moments. Ezra still feels no pain, but now has examined every inch of Sebastian’s perfect body. He has studied Sebastian’s body like it is a monet, imaging what he wants to do with each and every inch of it. Sebastian, on the other hand, is on a high. Every part of his body is flowing with energy and doesn’t seem near an end. Though Sebastian is ripped and has no problem continuing his thrusts, his body is sweating actual bullets. His long brown and perfectly styled locks wet and beginning to fall in front of his face in big chunks.

10 minutes later

Sebastian doesn’t even realize how close he is when he suddenly explodes into Ezra’s ass.

“Shit!” Sebastian makes an uncontrollable shout that is heard throughout the campus.

“Oh…” Ezra moans, closing his eyes and gripping Sebastian’s ass tightly.

Ezra is in complete bliss as he feels every bit of Sebastian’s cum slip into his ass and slither it’s way through his body, warming him up. Sebastian, on the other hand, can feel his heart racing nearly out of his chest. He let’s go of the couch and wipes his forehead, flinging sweat across the room. Once done Sebastian slides out of Ezra and just falls back into the couch. They just look into each other’s eyes, smiling. And then, out of nowhere, the two of them just begin laughing. They can’t help themselves as they continue laughing.

“That was amazing.” Sebastian says in between laughs.

“It really was! The best I’ve ever had, probably ever will have.” They both laugh even harder.

A minute of laughing later and it all begins to die down. Ezra sits up and slides next to Sebastian. Ezra places a hand on Sebastian’s bare leg, lightly gripping it.

“Well…” Ezra looks to Sebastian.

“Yeah. We should probably get dressed.” He looks around the room. “The Warbler practice starts soon.”

“Yeah…” Ezra brings his hand to the chunks of Sebastian’s fallen hair and pushes it back into place. “You are magnificent.”

“Well… I am… but so are you.” The two stand up and begin picking their clothes up.

“Do you think we could do this again?”

“Well if I didn’t then I wouldn’t have already planned on swapping numbers and planning on meeting later tonight at one of the hotel’s my parent’s own.”


“Yeah. We can have a suite to ourselves every day.”

“This is so wrong.”

“Yes it is.” They finish getting dressed, Sebastian just beginning to put his tie on.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Did you want to stop? We could pretend this never happened.”

“No. I never want to forget about this.”

“I thought so.” Ezra walks up to Sebastian and helps straighten his tie. “Thank you.”

A knock on the door doesn’t make the two jump, but it makes them smile. They just look at each other before handing each other their phones. They put their numbers in and hand them back. It’s like the world slows down for just a few seconds, neither of them paying attention to the continuous knocking on the door. They lean forward and kiss on the lips.

“Go out the side door and walk back in through the east wing entrance.” Sebastian starts walking towards the door.

“Yeah. Thanks.” Ezra opens the side door and walks out at the same moment as Sebastian opens the other door and Jeff along with a few other Warbler’s walk into the room annoyed with how long it took Sebastian to open the door.

“What were you doing in here? Sleeping?” Jeff’s voice phases into the background as Sebastian just stares in nothing, smiling like no one has ever smiled before, happier than he ever thought he could be.

Chapter Text

The Duncan house was never empty. People were always coming in and out at all hours of the day. And as a growing teenage boy, Gabe was never given a minute to be alone and do the one thing he always wants to do… masturbate. It was even harder to masturbate when his parents removed the lock on his door due to bad grades and sneaking out one time.

Today is a different day than most though. Because today the house was completely empty. His parent’s and Charlie are gone for a playdate. PJ is house hunting. And Teddy is out on a date. But Gabe… Gabe is at the house and in the kitchen. Once Gabe realizes the house is quiet, he walks around and checks to see if it truly is empty. It is. He rushes up to his room and to his desk, taking a seat, and pulls down his pants. Immediately Gabe notices his laptop is gone and there is a sticky note sitting where he left it that says “got your report card. No laptop for a month.”. Gabe is angry but knows he doesn’t have the time to fully go through that emotion. He reaches into his pocket and takes his phone out, it’s dead.

“Damn.” Gabe stands up and walks to his dresser, going through all of his underwear until he finds a couple of condoms.

After grabbing one, Gabe walks over to his bed and sits up against the wall, facing his dresser and mirror. He looks at himself in the mirror with his hand grabbing his semi-erect penis and just smiles. He rips the condom open with his teeth, just like he’s seen in movies. He grabs his penis and begins touching it until it’s hard enough and he slides the condom on. He looks up and into the mirror, admiring his handsome looks. Most importantly, Gabe admires his amazing spiked up hair and how it looks perfectly symmetrical. He places one of his hands in his hair, twirling his fingers in. With his other hand, he grabs his erect penis tightly, then begins to masturbate.

Gabe begins massaging his penis up and down fast, and then faster, and then faster. He begins to breathe heavily, biting his lip. He looks at himself in the mirror and winks at himself, making himself even harder. He stops biting his lip and licks his lips before taking his one hand out of his hair.

“God I am hot!” Gabe almost shouts but stops himself just in case.

With his other hand, Gabe grabs his balls, lightly rubbing and massaging them. This gets Gabe much closer to finishing. As he continues Gabe can feel himself getting hot and slightly sweaty. He knows he is close and wants it to come as quick as possible, hopefully giving him time for a second round. He starts going faster and faster as he is seconds away from finishing.

“Oh…” Gabe moans as he explodes into the condom, the tip filling up with his cum. “Yeah…” Gabe smiles at himself in the mirror, admiring his looks once again.

He stands up out of bed and begins sliding the condom off, and just then he hears the front door slam shut.

“Gabe!” His mom's voice echoes through the house.

Gabe freaks out, immediately putting the condom on his desk and throwing his boxers and pants on. He grabs a shirt from his bed and wipes his forehead of sweat. Just then he hears his mom walking down the hall and to his room. He grabs the condom and before he can throw it in the trash, his door flies open and he throws the condom into his mouth.

“Gabe. Come downstairs. Your dad and I need to talk to you.” She doesn’t look happy and Gabe just nods before she walks away and back downstairs.

The second she is far enough away, Gabe spits the condom out and swallows all of his cum that slipped from the condom. Gabe is surprised by the taste of the cum and how much he likes it. He walks out of his room and drops the condom off in PJ’s trash in his room before heading downstairs.

Chapter Text

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Matthew Patrick, aka Matpat, is one of the biggest YouTubers out there. And because of that, he must always create new content, which means hours and hours of sitting at his computer editing and filming things. But today is the longest and hardest day Matt has had in forever. He has been on his computer editing videos for six hours already and has at least another six hours of work to do before going to bed. One of the things he must do is film a short intro for a new show he is about to release on his channel.

In order to prepare for this video, a kind he doesn’t film often, Matt quickly fixes his hair to look presentable and puts on a black tee and a red leather jacket. As he finishes making himself looking good enough for a video he sits at his desk and in front of his camera. He presses the record button.

“Hey everyone…” He stops talking for a second, looking at himself in his computer. “Wow. I’ve never realized how good looking I am in a leather jacket. Especially this one.” He fixes his jacket collar. “And my hair! Does it always look this amazing?” Matt leans into the camera to see his hair better.

He continues looking at himself and fixes a few strands of hair before leaning back in his chair.

“Oh…” Matt says as he looks down to his erection pushing through his jeans.

It’s as if something in him switches and he begins taking his pants off. He stands up and throws his pants to the other side of the room. As he slides his boxers down, his half erect penis pops out. Matt sits back down and looks at himself on his computer once again, his penis in his hand. For just a second Matt realizes what is happening and thinks that it could be weird. But then that moment goes away. He begins massaging his penis and quickly it becomes solid. It doesn’t even take a minute before his penis pre cums. Matt gets a little cum on his finger and, by reflex, licks it off.

“Oh…” He likes the taste, sweet but salty. “It’s like a chocolate covered pretzel.”

At that moment he gets an idea and stands up, his penis flopping through the air. He runs out of his room and down the hall to the kitchen, grabbing a plastic ziplock bag, then runs back to his room. He goes up to his bed and grabs his penis with his hand, massaging it to keep it hard. He grabs his standing mirror and places it against the wall, running to the other side of the bed and facing the mirror. Looking at himself in the mirror, Matt licks his lips, admiring his own hair and overall great looks.

“Oh my.” He says before going down to his knees, his chest and head above the bed.

With one hand Matt opens the ziplock bag and with the other, he grabs his penis. He takes one deep breath in, hoping this all works, and shoves his penis into the ziplock bag before lifting his mattress up and shoving his penis, with the bag, under it and letting it drop down. With his penis between his box spring and mattress, Matt feels the amazing and recognizable pressure around his penis. He smiles as he looks forward into the mirror and bites his lip before he begins to thrust.

“Lord!” Matt shouts a minute later as the thrusting continues and he begins to feel really warm.

Another minute passes and Matt is grabbing the bed sheets tightly and pressing down on the mattress. He can feel himself getting close to finishing, being unable to keep his mouth closed as he breathes heavily. But not once does he stop looking at himself in the mirror. He watches as small strands of his hair fall onto his forehead each time he thrusts forward. He watches as beads of sweat build upon his forehead and chin, some of them flinging off with certain thrusts.

“F...U...CK!” Matt shouts out as he explodes into the plastic bag.

He continues thrusting as he doesn’t want this to end. He takes one of his hands off the bed and runs it through his hair, pushing the excess strands into place. But eventually, as his penis is completely empty, he stops thrusting and lifts the mattress up, sliding back and standing up. Reaching down, Matt slides the plastic bag off and looks at the cum seeping down the corner of the bag. He grabs a nearby tissue and wipes his penis clean before pulling his boxers and pants back on.

“Well…” Matt sighs as he takes his seat back in front of his computer.

He looks at himself, slightly sweaty and disheveled. He looks at the bag with his cum sitting on the desk and dips his finger into it. He licks the cum off his finger.

“Oh…” Matt has never been so happy.

He continues licking cum off his finger as he goes on his computer, quickly realizing his camera was on the entire time. He goes through his storage and finds the video. He turns it on and begins watching his sweaty butt and the reflection of his face while he continues snacking on his own cum.

This, unbeknownst to Matt, was the first of many times he would be doing this.

Chapter Text

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Archie has been interested in guys for a little while now. He has felt himself get hard around his friend Reggie and with a few guys on the shows he watches. He has even started jerking off to pictures of celebrities he finds attractive. But he wants more now. He wants to try “it” for real. He wants to know whether this is real or some sort of phase. So that’s when he searches for a gay strip club outside of town. And there just so happens to be one a  couple of miles out of town.

Archie is excited and all day hasn’t been able to focus on anything else as he mentally prepares for tonight. He has over a $1000 saved up for tonight. As he prepares for tonight he debates whether to wear something more casual or formal. He decides on formal, putting on his black suit and tie. Archie checks his hair once more, making sure it looks the best that it can look before he sneaks out and pushes his car out of the driveway. He waits until the car is a block away before starting it and driving away.

When Archie arrives at the club there is almost no one in the parking lot, making Archie feel less worried about being seen by someone he knows. He walks into the club and is surprised by how silent the music is. There is just one man sitting at a table eating wings while everyone else is employees.

“Hello, sir.” Archie turns to see a very attractive older man in a suit.

“Hi.” Archie is getting nervous.

“What can I help you with today? We have multiple packages on sale for the holiday season.” He points over to a chalkboard with half a dozen packages with prices.

“Um… yeah… can I do the full package?” It’s the third cheapest one at $200 and gives him 30 minutes in a back room with one of the guys.

“Sure, but if you would like the diamond package is on sale for $1,500 and allows you…” Archie stops him.

“No thanks, just the full package.” The man smiles and guides Archie to a stage.

“Guys!” The man shouts. “Give this young man a walkthrough!” Just then the music gets slightly louder and out walks three very very hot guys.

Archie can already feel himself harden as the first guy with slicked-back brown hair walk past him. As the second guy, with the body of Adonis, walks past him, Archie can feel himself holding back from jumping onto the stage. But then the third guy walks by him. He’s just about Archie’s height, has tattoos all over his muscular body, and gorgeous blonder hair pushed back. Archie sees a lion when he sees the guy and immediately points to him.

“Jace. Good choice.” The man says before he and the other guys walk away.

“I’m Jace.” He says before jumping off the stage and landing just an inch from Archie’s face.

“Ar…” Jace places a finger on Archie’s lips.

“No names.” Archie is confused but doesn’t think about it long as Jace turns around to guide him to a room, Archie watching Jace’s tight ass in his black boxers.

He walks Archie down a long dark hall until they reach the third til last room, opening it and letting Archie walk in first. Archie walks into an average sized room with a bed covered in black silk. Nothing else is in the room but dark red walls. Jace closes the door, locking it.

“So…” Archie is nervous.

“So.” Jace turns around, smiling.

“Should we…?” Archie takes a deep breath in.

“You are paying for it.” Jace then rips his boxers off into pieces, throwing them to the floor.

“Oh.” Archie is about to drool as he sees Jace’s long and hard penis right in front of him. “Yeah. Go for it.” Archie says it without thinking and Jace just pushes Archie onto the bed.

Jace gets on top of Archie, his penis lightly touching Archie’s nice slacks. Jace begins taking Archie’s tie off slowly, eventually throwing it onto the floor.

“Rip it off!” Archie nearly shouts as Jace begins unbuttoning his shirt.

Jace then rips the shirt right off Archie, ripping the sleeves off his shirt and suit before throwing it all to the floor.

“Wow.” Jace is surprised by the six-pack Archie is rocking.

“Kiss me.” Archie reaches up and digs his hands into Jace’s hair, pulling his head down and giving Jace a big kiss on the lips.

As they kiss, Jace reaches down and begins taking off Archie’s belt. He then sticks his hand down Archie’s pants, feeling Archie’s already hard penis. They stop kissing and Jace sits up. He slides back and pulls Archie’s pants, shoes, and socks off. Jace steps off the bed and looks down at Archie.

“Is this your first time?” Jace asks.

“Yeah.” Archie looks embarrassed.

“I’ll take it easy then,” Jace says before reaching under the bed and bringing back up a condom.

Jace grabs his stiff penis, rips the condom open with his teeth, then slides it on. He steps up to Archie and grabs his legs. Separating Archie’s legs, Jace steps up and puts his penis right in front of Archie’s hole.

“This is gonna hurt a lot.” Just then Jace slowly slides his penis into Archie’s hole.

“Oh!” Archie shouts at first as Jace’s entire penis enters him and he feels great pain electrifying throughout his body. “Oh.” Archie gets the sudden surge of pleasure as he feels Jace’s tip reach the back of his hole. “Oh…” Archie moans as Jace slides out and back in.

Jace is surprised by how well Archie is taking it, keeping up his slow pace.

“Faster. Harder. Go!” Archie is feeling everything and wants more.

Jace just smiles before he grips the bedposts and begins thrusting into Archie with greater power.

“YES!” Archie shouts into the air, closing his eyes and letting himself just feel the mix of pain and pleasure.

Ten minutes later…

“Almost. There.” Jace moans before thrusting into Archie and his hair flies in front of his face.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Archie never wants this to end but doesn’t want to show it.

“Oh… Oh… Oh…” Jace begins to cum, biting his lip.

As Jace finishes, his slides himself out of Archie.

“So…” Jace stands up off the bed. “How was your first time?” Jace looks at Archie, who is lying with his mouth open and eyes closed.

“I think I’m gay.” Archie sits up.

“You think?” Jace laughs. “We still have ten minutes. We could double check.”

“Yeah! Yeah!” Archie stands up. “But first… I need the bathroom.”

“Take a right. Down the hall. Last room to the right.” Jace hands Archie his shirt.

Archie throws his boxers on and throws his shirt on, realizing quickly that the buttons have been ripped off. He leaves anyway with the shirt just flowing on him as he runs out of the room. Archie speed walks down the hall and into the bathroom. Swinging the door open he doesn’t expect to see what he sees. He sees the most gorgeous man he has ever seen before. He is a bit shorter than Archie, but his body is perfectly toned, his face symmetrical, his dark brown hair slicked up and back, and wearing amazing chinos and a dark polo. The man turns to look at Archie for a second before turning back to the bathroom mirror.

“Hey,” Archie says before turning in front of the mirror and checking his own hair, moving a few strands into place.

“Hey. You with Jace?”

“Yeah…” Archie doesn’t know how he knows.

“He loves ripping clothes off.” The man smiles a smile that makes Archie’s penis pop up his boxers.

The man looks down and sees the bulge in Archie’s boxers. Just then Archie gets some nerves and moves in, kissing the man on the lips. Both of them place their hands on each other’s head, digging their fingers through their hairs.

“Wait.” The guy stops and moves back. “I’m sorry but I’m only with the diamond package and if my boss sees me giving it away for free I’ll lose my job.”

“I can’t afford the diamond package.” Archie is immediately sad. “I should get back to Jace, our time is almost out.” Archie turns to the door.

“Wait.” Archie turns back to the man. “I’ll pay for it.”


“I make more than that on a normal night. I don’t mind paying it to taste a bit of your juice.”

“That would be great.”

“And with the diamond package you can make Jace stay and you get us until you feel like it. How does that sound?”

“Like heaven.” They turn to the door together.

“I’m Boone by the way.” They walk out together and down the hall, entering the room.

“Boone?” Jace is confused as they walk in together.

“This young man just went diamond. I think it’s time for a roast.”

“Yeah. Sure.” Archie is surprised to see Jace so excited about this.

Just then Boone pulls all his clothes off in one quick and simple pull. Archie and Jace both look at Boone’s perfect body, admiring every single inch. Archie moves forward and begins kissing Boone again. He sticks his tongue down Boone’s throat, something that makes his body fire up. Boone moves his hands up Archie’s body until he gets to his head, twirling his fingers through his soft red hair. Boone begins moving the two of them towards the bed, stopping and moving back from Archie for a second while he jumps onto the bed.

“Both of you. Shove it in.” Just then Archie pulls down his boxers and he and Jace move forward at once.

Jace is surprised by how tight Boone’s ass is, especially that he knows for a fact that this is far from his first time. Archie has had a few girls suck him before, but this is far different. It’s as if Boone is reading Archie’s mind and does exactly what he wants. Boone’s lips suction to Archie’s shaft with such gentleness that Archie really can’t find the words to describe it. Meanwhile, Boone’s tongue slides around his shaft a couple of times before slowly sliding its way into the tip of his penis.

“Oh.” Archie never truly realized how great a blowjob could be.

20 minutes later…

Archie is holding himself back a lot from exploding into Boone, wanting to make himself look better. He’s never worried about how people look at him before, but for some reason, he cares about what Boone and even Jace think about him. Jace has already finished inside Boone and is just slowly thrusting in and out to massage his penis, waiting for Archie to finish up.

“Fu…” Archie explodes into Boone’s mouth, unable to hold back any longer. “Oh…” Archie moans as every bit of his insides enter Boone’s mouth.

Archie digs his finger’s into Boone’s shiny dark hair, feeling the crunchiness he never knew he needed to feel. Boone chugs it all down like a pro, which he is, and licks all the excess cum before sliding back. Jace slides out of Boone and he stands up off the bed. Boone immediately walks to Archie and pushes him up against the wall with great force.

“That was....” Boone doesn’t know a word to describe it and just begins kissing Archie.

Archie is surprised even more when Boone sticks his tongue down his throat, never realizing how great that move is. Boone steps back, Jace walking up next to him.

“You two… you two are… spectacular!” Archie can’t stop smiling. “I wish I could do this all day every day for the rest of my life.” Archie just wants to run around with how much energy he has.

“Well, you get us until whenever you need to leave,” Jace says.

“I need more.”

“You could get a membership,” Jace says as Boone looks over to him.

“Yeah. I could pay for it.” Boone says, smiling.

“Really? What's part of the membership? I didn’t see anything out front or on the website about membership.”

“That’s cuz it’s a secret.” Jace smiles.

“It can only be offered to people from the workers, like one of us.” Boon begins. “It means you get in here for free whenever you want. You can get any guy whenever and for as long as you want.” Boone walks up to Archie. “We literally could do this every day for the rest of your life.” Boone grabs Archie’s penis with his hand.

“Nothing has ever sounded better in my life.” Archie takes Boone’s hand off his penis. “But it’s my turn to pay you both back.” Archie moves down to his knees, looking up and Boone and Jace standing in front of him with their penis’ solid and ready to be chugged.


Chapter Text

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It’s now been a week. After Mac asked Harry to come back to the states, the rest of the night was pretty awkward. Harry told Mac he would have to think about it, but Mac knew what that meant. 

Mac eventually had to go back home. It was a sad goodbye for both of them. They kissed. They had sex one or five more times. Then he left. Mac went home. Harry went back to spending all day every day with the Dursley’s. But as Harry sat in his bed under the stairs he couldn’t help but think about Mac. He thought about everything he wanted to do to Mac. He even thought about just sitting in bed and talking to Mac. He constantly thought about what it would be like to no longer live with the Dursley’s and to move to the states. To live in California and feel the warm sun.

A week has passed since Mac came home and it just hasn’t been the same. He feels like he’s missing a part of himself. He has gone to work, done his job, hung out with friends, and put on a smile. Then he comes home and into his room, sitting in silence and thinking about Harry. He has constantly thought about Harry’s accent. His soft hair. His pillowy lips. And just how much he liked talking to him.


Mac has had quite a boring day at work. Though his friends are going to hang out at a bar, Mac has decided to go home and relax. As Mac drives up to the house he notices someone is sitting by the front door with a suitcase. Something in Mac knows exactly who it is. He speeds to his parking spot and runs out of the car without the keys. He runs to the front door and sitting there is Harry, looking up and smiling at him.

“Hey, Mac.” Harry’s voice warms Mac’s heart.

“I love you.” Mac blurts out. “I… I meant to say that before I left.” Mac takes a deep breath in.

“I know.” Harry moves up and begins kissing him.

As they kiss, Mac reaches for the front door and opens it with a card from his pants pocket. They rush in through the door.

“Wait. My bag.” Harry starts reaching for his suitcase.

“Later.” Mac slams the door shut and continues to push Harry back and into his room.

“Take it all off,” Mac says before pushing Harry onto his bed.

“Keep yours on,” Harry says to Mac, surprising him.

As Harry flings his clothes off, Mac keeps his on and walks over to his closet, grabbing a box of condoms. He walks up to the bed and empties the entire box of condoms on Harry’s naked body. 

“That’s all?” They both laugh before Mac jumps on top of him and they begin kissing again.

They continue kissing for a while… a long while. It’s as if they haven’t had a drink since they last saw each other and are hydrating from each other’s mouths. But after a while they stop, Mac lying on top of Harry’s naked body.

“Ever since you left I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with you… to you…” Harry whispers.

“Really?” Mac licks his lips. “Like what?” Right then Harry grabs Mac by the waist and overpowers him, flipping him onto his back, getting on top of him.

“This.” Harry doesn’t waste a second before sliding up and shoving his penis into Mac’s mouth.

He pushes his penis straight down into Mac’s mouth and to the back of his throat. Mac gags for a second, but adjusts and begins to like it. As Harry begins moving up and down, in and out, he slides both his hands through the sides of Mac’s soft hair.

“Oh god, I’ve missed that head of hair of yours,” Harry mumbles out as he feels himself pre-cum.

Mac’s lips are suctioned onto Harry’s shaft, his tongue slipping out to tickle his balls every once and a while. Harry is sweating the longer this goes on. He doesn’t last much longer before exploding into Mac’s mouth. He feels his penis explode like never before. After just a second in Mac’s mouth, Harry takes it out and cum begins to shoot all over Mac’s face. Mac closes his eyes as cum shoots over his eyes. Harry pulls Mac’s head up and close to him, letting his cum shoot into Mac’s hair. As Harry’s penis begins to finish he sits up, letting Mac’s head down. The little bit of cum left in Harry flies onto Mac’s leather jacket.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” Mac begins to shout uncontrollably.

“Wait. I’m not done yet.” Harry slides his penis onto Mac’s cheek, sliding his wet tip across his face.

Harry slides down, face to face with Mac. He begins kissing Mac’s cheek, slowly licking up the cum her sprayed on him. He moves across all of Mac’s face, cleaning up the cum he sprayed on him. Harry slides his fingers into Mac’s hair, Mac doing the same.

“Mac?” Mac hears Bozer’s voice and the front door close.

“Shit!” Mac pushes Harry off his body and onto the floor. “Oh! Sorry.” Mac grabs Harry’s shirt from the floor and begins wiping himself up.

“Mac?” He can hear Bozer is almost at his room.

“Yeah?” Mac runs out of his bedroom, closing his door and leaving Harry lying on the floor, confused and scared.

PART 3?????