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he’s not entirely sure how it happens.


okay, that’s a goddamn lie. jeongguk sure as hell knows how it happens. jeongguk--fresh out of high school, bubbling with excitement and big, flushed cheeks looking for the college experience of a lifetime when seokjin came into his life like a bar of soap forced into his mouth.

kim seokjin is everything jeongguk could ever hope to be--confident, smart, talented, excruciatingly handsome-- and he’s conveniently living in the dorm across jeongguk’s. he remembers the day ever so clearly, seokjin in the multipurpose room of their dorms, speaking to a group of first years with fervor, talking enthusiastically about dorm life and how much fun they’d be having that year together. and jeongguk, well jeongguk knew he didn’t stand a chance.


especially not when seokjin, self proclaimed prank king, faked fainting in the middle of his speech and tricked a terrified freshman into calling for an ambulance, only to be stopped by seokjin mid-call so he wouldn’t have to pay a fine.


jeongguk remembers going up to seokjin afterward with a shit-eating grin. “prank king?” he said, and looking back at it, he almost regrets it. almost. “that was by far the lamest prank i’ve ever seen.”


he recalls the taken aback look seokjin gave him, he remembers how seokjin’s jaw went slack, just a bit, before his eyes narrowed dramatically. he remembers the first time seokjin bore his eyes into him, his words venomous on his lips as he spat jeongguk’s name out.


“you better watch your back, jeon jeongguk,” hoseok said in a low whistle. “jin-hyung is cool, but...when you make him mad, he’s vicious.” hoseok shakes his head. “he’s really into pranking. if you get on his bad side, it can be pretty awful.”


taehyung pops up next to jeongguk, sprouting up like a fucking unruly weed through the concrete. “hobi’s right. last time he got into a prank war with someone, they ended up moving out. it was brutal.”


“wasn’t that just namjoon?” hoseok asked. “he barely counts. he basically lives with yoongi and i.”


“i mean, yeah, but he still moved out,” taehyung shrugged dismissively. “he said jin-hyung was getting on his nerves and he was tired of waking up to cream pies launched at his face at the dining hall every morning.”


(“wait, what’d i miss? namjoon got cream pied by jin-hyung every morning? and in public no less? god, tae, we have to step up our game.”


“not that kind of cream pie, jiminie.”)


and of course, this was all a precursor to his Current Predicament.

so yes, jeongguk definitely knows how and why he comes back to a dorm room filled with trash bags of dining hall food. he barely flinches at the aroma of day old cheese, it’s to be expected--his sensitive nose somehow becoming a little bit desensitized to seokjin’s catastrophic agenda; after all, seokjin loves planning his pranks around the dining hall’s schedule.

he maneuvers his way throughout his dorm room, thanking a higher power that his roommate filed for a switch after the first week of seokjin’s schemes (he shudders at the shrieks yugyeom made when he forgot to tell him that seokjin had replaced his shampoo with hair removal cream--he still feels kind of bad about that), before he’s sniffing around his sheets to see if seokjin messed with his bedding.


jeongguk shakes his head with a smirk. so weak. this is nothing. he looks around, before tilting his head in confusion. something isn’t right. when seokjin pranks jeongguk, he’s incredibly thorough--messing with everything from his floor to his ceiling fan. this doesn’t add up, jeongguk thinks as he inspects the rest of his room with narrowed eyes. and then he hears it, the scuffling of something on the floors of his bathroom, his eyes widen as he sees the door ajar. maybe it’s his suitemate?

he shakes his head, knowing that if it were his suitemates in their shared bathroom, they would have closed the door or turned on the lights or something -- but his thoughts are interrupted when he hears the low growl and the door jerks open, a white ball of fluff jolting out of the bathroom, running toward jeongguk with increasing speed. jeongguk shirks back with a yelp, jumping atop his bed and then he realizes-- “rocks, hyung? really?” he hops off gracelessly, wincing as he falls into the pile of dining hall trash spread across his floor. he’s sure the one he landed on just bursted open, but he pays no mind to the mess he’s made when the animal lurches onto him, its sharp teeth bared at jeongguk aggressively.


“jjangu!” jeongguk’s stomach plummets, dread suddenly pooling in his gut when seokjin steps out from the joint bathroom. “down boy!” he smiles sickeningly sweet at the scene and jeongguk glares daggers at the man standing cockily in front of him.

the dog doesn’t really listen to seokjin, stepping along jeongguk’s body until he’s satisfied, finding a nice spot to mark his territory, lifting up his leg and-- “are you serious?” jeongguk groans. “you’re really going to let him pee in my room? c’mon man…”  


seokjin chuckles, then picks his dog up, who growls menacingly at seokjin as well, before seokjin is waving his hand at jeongguk, walking toward the door. “i guess this is my win, right?”


jeongguk glares. “just wait, hyung. you’re going to regret ever having started this war. i’ll get you back tenfold.”


seokjin hums noncommittally. “you say that every week, ggukie, you should work on your delivery.” jeongguk’s eye twitches when seokjin feigns a gasp, picking up a moldy pizza box off the floor, pointing to it as he lets a half eaten slice fall back onto the ground.


“your jokes are godawful.”


seokjin pouts. “rude,” before he’s stepping through the threshold with his demon hound in tow.


jeongguk lets his head fall against the trash when seokjin shuts the door. jeongguk considers making trash-angels, but rethinks it when he remembers he has to clean up before his RA comes over. he groans in something akin to defeat when his suitemate pushes past their shared bathroom door and into his room. “holy shit,” jimin snorts. “what the fuck happened here?”


jeongguk turns his head to look at him, conveniently getting a some old beans further smushed into his hair. “what kind of beans do you think are in my hair right now?”


jimin has a look of contemplation on his face, before he’s snapping his fingers. “tae!” he shouts from jeongguk’s room.


“what’s up babe?” taehyung answers from their room, and jeongguk can hear the press of buttons, taehyung obviously playing overwatch on his and jimin’s bed (yes, bed. they pushed their beds together the first day after moving in together two years ago and establishing that they are indeed long-lost soulmates).


“what’d we have for dinner two nights ago?”


“enchiladas,” he says without hesitation. “i only remember because i had the worst shit of my life afterward.”


jeongguk closes his eyes, trying not to gag. “disgusting.”


“then they’re refried pinto beans, jeongguk.”


“thanks, i actually remember because i went to the bathroom right after tae-hyung and proceeded to vomit because he didn’t fucking flush--”


“it’s not my fault you let seokjin-hyung clog the toilet with those tampons, dumbass! your pranks are getting in the way of my poo time and that’s no longer acceptable,” taehyung shouts back, before jimin is shaking his head wincing at the memory.


“you going to help me clean this up?” jeongguk asks, pointedly ignoring taehyung in the background.


“nah, i just finished my paper so tae and i are probably going to fuck.”


jeongguk rolls his eyes when he hears the sound of a controller dropped onto the floor and rustling of sheets from the other room before taehyung darts through their jack and jill bathroom and peeks his head through the door with an overly eager face, and jeongguk swears he sees a tail wagging. “really?” taehyung asks brightly.


jimin smiles at him, clearly smitten. “hell yeah.”

it would be a complete lie if jeongguk said he were annoyed to have jimin and taehyung as suitemates; for all the annoyance the two of them bring him, jeongguk knows they’ll both always have his back. he watches their sickening display of affection, and wants to stuff his mouth full of the trash he’s currently laying on.


jeongguk promptly reaches out to search for his noise cancelling headphones but finds some old spaghetti instead.



there’s a knock on his door and jimin and taehyung figure it’s their time to quickly shuffle out of jeongguk’s room, closing the door to their connected bathroom in a rush. they send jeongguk excited looks, like they’re getting away with something awfully mischievous, and jeongguk just rolls his eyes. they’re both weenies; they’d never last in the Game of Pranks between him and seokjin; however, the time taehyung got stuck in the crossfires of their endless schemes had jimin livid.

he remembers jimin pulling seokjin and jeongguk to the side of the study room, threatening both of them with a plastic knife while taehyung cradled his eye (potato launchers in the library will forever be banned from their study room) crying for jimin to comfort him. it was the first and last time seokjin and jeongguk shared a mutual fear of park jimin. but jeongguk thinks if jimin were pissed enough, he might be a promising prank connoisseur.


jeongguk is snapped out of his thoughts when he hears the rasping against his door. he barely has time to collect himself when his RA walks in. “hey, so you’re getting a new roommate--” there’s a pause before his RA sighs, probably examining the biohazardous wasteland that is jeongguk’s room. “you’re fucking kidding me right now, right?”


jeongguk looks up at him with innocent, big eyes. “well, hello yoongi-hyung, pleasant day we’re having. how can i assist you?”


yoongi looks at him, unamused.

yoongi’s hasn’t always been so adamantly against his and seokjin’s shenanigans. mainly, his only concern is the position it puts him in when the housing office gets on his ass about the two idiots on his floor that are so incompetent they can’t keep roommates like normal people.

so, yeah.

he’s pretty fucking burnt out right now, especially when he sees seokjin’s latest form of vengeance. plus, more time being lectured by the housing office means less time for him to fuck around with his boyfriends. which is exactly why yoongi figures it’s about time he puts an end to the feud between seokjin and jeongguk.

and he has a plan.

“don’t think you’re getting out of this one, jeon jeongguk. you’re getting a new roommate whether you like it or not. i don’t give a shit about your dumb pranking escapades with jin-hyung. they need to end.”


jeongguk pouts. “he started it.”


“yeah, well you provoked him,” yoongi retorts snidely. “and don’t argue that, i was there.”


“no, you weren’t,” jeongguk furrows his brows, thinking back.


“i wasn’t, but hoseok was and that’s pretty much the same thing.”


jeongguk shrugs and then yoongi is spewing some bullshit about a new person moving in and jeongguk gets it. in a few weeks he’ll be getting another roommate, and that person will get sick of seokjin’s pranks just as much as the last person was and they’ll move out.

just like that.

he’s not too worried about it, and all thoughts of a potential roommate dissipate when his head snaps up and he sees yoongi reaching for the switch to turn the ceiling fan on. then he’s shouting, “hyung, don’t!”


but it’s too late.

jeongguk should have known not to overlook the damn ceiling fan.

soon enough, what seems like hundreds of hot cheetos are falling from his ceiling, but it’s just a bunch of crunched up hot cheeto dust contaminating the air.


“jesus christ!” yoongi spits, out, covering his face from the hot dust. “it got in my eye, oh my god.” he cradles his face in his hands before he’s reaching for the door handle to dash out of jeongguk’s room.


jeongguk just shuts his eyes.


there’s no way any sane person would be willing to live with him.



“fuck no,” jeongguk nearly slams the door in yoongi and seokjin’s faces, if not for yoongi’s foot slipping through the crack at the last second.


“you can’t argue with me, this is your fifth roommate change this semester. there’s no room for you to be making demands here, jeongguk.”


jeongguk fumes behind his door, knowing yoongi is right. so seokjin would be his new roommate. no big deal. not at all. except now he’ll have to fucking sleep with his eyes peeled.

redact that statement; there’s no way he’s ever sleeping in his room again.


seokjin pushes the door wide open, his shoulders are as big as a linebacker’s and he bulldozes right past jeongguk effortlessly, pushing all of jeongguk’s books and other miscellaneous items onto the floor. jeongguk watches on with wide, angry eyes. he bites the inside of his cheek.


yoongi stands at the doorway awkwardly. “well, i’ll just leave you two to bond. try not to kill each other.” he shuts the door quietly behind himself, and the tension quickly sinks in.


jeongguk watches seokjin suspiciously, like seokjin is a wild animal ready to pounce on him at any given moment. he walks toward his side of the room, eyes trained on seokjin the whole time.


“you look a little spooked, jeongguk-ah,” seokjin remarks lazily as he lounges on his bed.


“you better learn to sleep with your eyes open, hyung,” jeongguk seethes from his side of the room.


seokjin smiles condescendingly in response.



there has been somewhat of a stalemate for the past few weeks, both of them too caught up with their own classes. they regard each other icily, but for the most part they ignore each other, and it works for the most part. that is, until one night jeongguk finds seokjin on his side of the room.

repeat: on his side of the room.

he crossed the unspoken boundary (albeit, it was to retrieve a pen he had dropped but nonetheless he broke the one rule jeongguk had constantly stressed about living together).


“hey,” jeongguk growls. “stay on your side. don’t make me remind you again.”


seokjin cocks a brow, scoffing. “i’m just getting my pen, don’t get your thong in a twist, ggukie.” the way he spits out the nickname has jeongguk’s blood curdling in his veins. he’s reminded why he has the urge to wring seokjin’s neck all the time.


“i know it’s your pen, that’s why i’m telling you to keep it on your side. trash belongs with trash, right?”


seokjin presses his pen into jeongguk’s chest. “then it’s obviously yours now.” seokjin’s smile drops off his face and he’s flopping onto his bed, pulling his laptop on top of his stomach and putting his headphones on. jeongguk watches him, jaw snapping shut as he curses seokjin and yoongi for bringing seokjin into his life like this.


he walks over to his desk to the side of his bed and works on his homework, trying not to glance over at the way seokjin’s sweatpants hang loosely off his hip bones or the godforsaken sliver of skin between his sweats and large t-shirt. if he looks it’s solely because of the fact that he’s keeping his guard up. seokjin is a dangerous prankster and could attack him at any given second, after all.


it’s late at night when jeongguk comes back from a quick bathroom break and a gaming session at taehyung and jimin’s dorm next door that he realizes something is off.

seokjin is gone and there’s a distinct smell, his side of the room smelling awfully fishy when he flops onto his bed. there’s a gushing sound from underneath him, and then he feels it seeping from his pillowcase when his head hits his pillow. he jumps off the bed with eyes blown wide. he narrows his eyes then picks up his pillow to smell it. he recoils, recognizing the scent instantly. fermented fish sauce, jeongguk grates his teeth. and then he pulls off his comforter to reveal several dead fish atop his mattress.


he screams out a curse and it sounds a lot like seokjin’s name.


seokjin doesn’t come back too long after that, basking in the way jeongguk completely ignores him when he comes in. “did you like the present?” seokjin asks cheekily.


jeongguk flips him off, laying down a thin blanket on the floor before turning off the lamp by his bed. he lays down on the uncomfortable floor, already feeling the ache in his back.


“what are you doing?” seokjin asks him after a few minutes. “you’re not actually going to sleep on the floor, are you?”


jeongguk doesn’t respond, satisfied with the frustrated huff seokjin lets out. “c’mon. you don’t even have a pillow, jeongguk, just sleep on your bed. fishy smells aren’t that bad--”


“i get really bad headaches when scents are too strong,” he explains, against his better judgement. he’s tired, his mind a jumbled mess with how overwhelming the scent is. he tried to cover it up with some air freshener, but it only made everything smell much worse.


seokjin doesn’t say anything back, and jeongguk is thankful for the silence. he’s glad seokjin doesn’t goad him; he’s had his fair share of people making fun of him because he loves showing up to places smelling nice, fragrant and flowery and soft. seokjin just nods his head, like he’s taking a mental note.

“i won’t do it again then,” jeongguk thinks he hears seokjin say softly. but jeongguk is already half asleep and he’s pretty sure his lucid mind just conjured that up because there’s no way seokjin Self Proclaimed Prank King would ever say that to jeon jeongguk. he’s also sure he imagines it when he feels strong large hands lifting him up onto a bed of clouds.


when he wakes up to find himself in seokjin’s bed and seokjin laying down on their floor instead, he decides to keep his mouth shut.




“--and then he filled my water bottle with pickle juice,” jeongguk throws his hands in the air in frustration. “i’m fucking done, this is almost as bad the viagra incident.”


jimin raises his brows in disgust and shock. “he slipped you a viagra?”


jeongguk shakes his head, “no, i was fourteen and i thought it was my dad’s advil, but this is just as bad!”


taehyung’s grin stretches across his face, like he has some big secret he’s been waiting to reveal. and knowing taehyung, jeongguk assumes he’s been dying to tell him for a while now. taehyung gestures for jimin and jeongguk to move closer. he looks around the dining hall before he’s cupping his mouth with one hand. “i know jin-hyung’s passcode to his phone.”


jeongguk’s eyebrows skyrocket and suddenly he feels like he’s won the lottery.


“no fucking way.”


“yes way.”


“how?” jimin as incredulously. “literally how?”


“we were playing overwatch at yoongi and hoseok’s dorm and i, being the nosy bitch i am, watched him unlock it over his shoulder when i went up to get some water.”


“taehyung, you sneaky bastard,” jeongguk smiles. “you had this planned out all along didn’t you?”


taehyung puffs his chest out proudly, jimin rubbing his arm fondly next to him, muttering words of praise into his ear. jeongguk would scowl if he weren’t elated by this new information. “so what is it?”


“if i tell you, you absolutely have to follow through with my plan.”


“can’t make any promises there at all. actually, your plans are never very good, so absolutely hell no.”


taehyung tuts. “then no password.”


jeongguk’s about to shrug when he sees the scolding look on jimin’s face. then he’s giving in. “fine. what did you have in mind?”


the next day after his classes, jeongguk crashes onto his bed, inhales the freshness of his finally clean mattress (it had taken a few washes but he finally managed to get the stench out) and lets out a low, guttural, moan. he lets this moment of bliss wash over him, before he hears the telltale stomps leading toward his room then the flinging open of his door.


he sits up quickly as seokjin grits out angrily. “how?”


“how what, hyung?” jeongguk asks, batting his eyelashes in an exaggeratedly innocent way.


“how the fuck did you get into my phone and how did you program it to send the entire script of bee movie whenever i type ‘lol’?”


jeongguk mouth drops to an ‘o’ shape, before he explains. “okay, so you go to settings--”


seokjin shakes his head, his face burning red as he glares. “you changed it to say ‘want ur cum in me daddy’ whenever i typed ‘hi’ . i was texting my granda, you fucking swine.”


“you’re lucky i didn’t go with tae-hyung’s other suggestion,” jeongguk mutters to himself with a roll of his eyes.


(“maybe we should add another one like ‘shove your foot up my ass’ or something? maybe?” taehyung had suggested. “seokjin looks like he could be into that.”


“don’t project your kinks onto other people, hyung.”


“let’s settle for something modest then,” jimin hummed, before typing out the words.


jeongguk stared down at the message jimin had typed. “this is modest to you?”)


seokjin inhales deeply, shaking his head. “it was an awkward conversation but i managed to worm my way out of it. you’re lucky i’m going easy on you, jeongguk.”


“easy?” jeongguk parrots.


seokjin nods his head. “if you think i’ve been dishing out my best, you’re severely mistaken.” jeongguk swallows heavily, then seokjin is tilting his head at jeongguk with curiosity. “i’m curious though; why’d you jump from the bee movie script straight to something sexual, ggukie? you have something you’d like to share with your hyung?”


jeongguk’s stare hardens. “bite me, bitch.”


“bet your kinky ass would like that, wouldn’t you?”


jeongguk feels the heat rise up his face long after seokjin turns his attention elsewhere. the only thing he could think of to say in response being,  yeah. yeah, i fucking would.



they’re tiptoeing around each other, it is midterm season and one prank could tip jeongguk into a downward spiral, a complete emotional breakdown. with both of them studying for their upcoming midterms, an unspoken cease-fire is in place and thankfully, seokjin is a decent enough human being to understand that maybe it’s a bit too cruel to prank someone when they’re about five americanos and two study sessions away from their breaking point.


he’s feels rather touched when seokjin makes sure he wakes up when he sleeps through one of his alarms, saving him from completely missing an exam, both of them quickly grabbing breakfast together at the dining hall (albeit they both looked like they’ve been through every layer of hell and back at least five times) before each study session and exam. seokjin even goes out of his way to make sure jeongguk eats enough for dinner, pushing granola bars and takeout onto his side of the room wordlessly. jeongguk tries not to think too much of it; falling for the enemy is way too cliche.


despite seokjin being satan’s incarnate, jeongguk really does believe that underneath his roommate’s annoying exterior, he is at his very core, good.


except now seokjin has finished his last exam and jeongguk is still studying for his final one in just a few days, and he couldn’t have been more wrong.


seokjin is playing mario kart particularly loudly, groaning in frustration as he loses for the fifth time and jeongguk can’t take it. seokjin is unabashedly loud, like he’s unaware of anyone else’s existence but his own. jeongguk doesn’t even think seokjin is intentionally doing it to piss jeongguk off, he’s just that into himself.

jeongguk’s considered leaving to go to  the library, but last time he checked it was completely full, not a single centimeter of space left in the entire graveyard. he considers going to jimin and taehyung’s briefly, but he’s sure they’re too busy with each other for their room to make a very good study spot. he knows what they’ve been up to ever since they’ve finished their exams and he’s not eager to see the state of their room. not after Last Time. he shudders at the memory, i’m never eating the nutella from the dining hall ever again. jeongguk quickly shakes those thoughts out of his head because he has a fucking test tomorrow, and he needs to focus before his grade plummets.


jeongguk huffs, glaring at seokjin. it’s the last straw. “can you please keep it down? i have my physics exam on thursday.”


seokjin looks over his shoulder, before he’s grabbing the remote and turning the volume up on the tv. “you have noise cancelling headphones. use them.”


“i can’t because you broke them,” jeongguk seethes through his teeth.


“oh,” seokjin hums. “forgot about that.” then he’s turning back to his game, ignoring the look of sheer hatred jeongguk is sending him.


“hyung,” jeongguk whines, slamming his book shut. “i’m serious, please.”


“well,” seokjin clears his throat, turning off his system completely, “if you’re gonna beg, i guess i’ll leave you be for a while.”


“thank you,” jeongguk relaxes. and then his stomach is grumbling.


seokjin gives him a look and jeongguk would be suspicious had it not been for the fact that he’s slept a total of four hours in the past few days. so when seokjin asks, “when’s the last time you left this room, jeongguk?” jeongguk figures something akin to concern is what’s on seokjin’s mind.


“friday,” he answers, idiotically enough.

rule one of prank war: never divulge personal information to the enemy, they will leave you high and dry, especially with a prankster of seokjin’s calibur; seokjin is willing to do anything in order to win, or so that’s what jeongguk thinks thus far.


“it’s monday jeongguk.” jeongguk ignores the sirens going off in his head, instead choosing to stare at seokjin’s perfectly sculpted features loathingly.


“i know, stop. don’t give me that look,” jeongguk groans.


“you have to eat,” seokjin says firmly. “go to the dining hall and get yourself something. put that pretty mouth of yours to good use.”


jeongguk is so physically and mentally drained that he doesn’t even hear the problem with seokjin’s words. he merely passes seokjin a tired look, confused when he sees that seokjin’s eyes have grown insanely wide, before ’s seokjin is stuttering something out and heading to the bathroom. jeongguk figures that’s his cue to go eat something sustainable so he can actually make it to his exam.


he steps out of his chair on weak, wobbly legs and heads to the dining hall. half-assed studying and full-on sobbing can wait, at least until he’s eaten enough that he doesn’t feel like fainting.


jeongguk leaves his dorm in a flurry, exiting out the side staircase to walk down to the cafeteria just across his building. he’s never been so ready to eat mediocre food in his life. jeongguk takes his time eating, trying to savor each bland bite of whatever the fuck he’s eating. he spends an absurdly long amount of time in the dining hall, much longer than usual, mostly thinking about how much more he has to study for. but he’s so close. jeongguk can almost taste the sweet relief of not having to spend his nights frantically trying to jam pack information into his skull. he feels himself slinking in his chair. hopefully after his physics exam, he and seokjin will have time to actually make breakfast or even go to an actual restaurant that serves edible food. jeongguk glares down at his neglected cup of what he believes is supposed to be bread pudding with a scowl on his face.

he can’t wait.


when he returns to his dorm room, something is eerily fishy about the way seokjin is so...jumpy. he practically jolts out of his desk chair and waves at jeongguk shakily. “h-how was the food?” he asks, his voice wavering a bit nervously.


jeongguk looks at him warily. “uh... huh. it was fine. stop acting weird. it’s unsettling and i won’t be able to concentrate with you being all fidgety over there.”


seokjin nods his head jerkily, before he’s saying softly. “of course. i’ll be at yoongi’s if you need anything.”


“whatever,” jeongguk waves his hand dismissively, feeling his chest thump just a tad bit faster at seokjin’s words. he has no time to be thinking about what that means. at least not now.


jeongguk studies for what feels like an eternity; his body a mere vessel for all this physics information to take shelter, and before he knows it, he’s sitting in his lecture hall, staring down at a test with questions of topics he’s never even seen before. jeongguk looks down at it, incredulously, answering as many problems as he can before his professors calls time.


this is impossible. he hasn’t spent the past week studying for something to barely recognize a fourth of the material. he walks up to his professor, confused and upset and jeongguk hears the professor’s words and it’s like jeongguk’s been struck by lightning and slapped across the face afterward.


“sounds to me like you studied the wrong material,” his professor concludes after a good five minutes of jeongguk explaining what he recalls from his late night sessions.


jeongguk trudges back to his room, thinking hard about his academic standing and heavily considers dropping out, thinking about how much his GPA will suffer after this semester when he thinks back to the last week he had made sure that he was studying all the correct material and it suddenly occurs to him that something about this situation just isn’t right.


then he thinks about the night everything started becoming more and more difficult, when the material he was studying started looking unlike anything he ever recalled having heard from his professor in a past lecture. the night seokjin urged him to go to the dining hall. but surely, there’s no way---absolutely no way seokjin would ever be mean enough to do that.


he walks up the stairs to his dorm and pushes his door open. seokjin sits up quickly. “hey,” seokjin greets softly. “how’d it go?”


he closes the door behind him, looking down at his feet. jeongguk figures he should cut right to the chase. “did you... switch my notes, jin-hyung?”


seokjin stills. “listen, i can explain--” he hesitates before his face falls and he ditches his attempt. and before jeongguk knows it, seokjin is hastily spouting out apologies. jeongguk wants to cry and scream and tear everything off of seokjin’s shelves.


“how could you do that to me?”   jeongguk yells, furious tears prickling at his eyes. “i literally failed my fucking test.” all he sees is red.


“was it worth it?” he asks, shaking his head at seokjin. “was it worth the laugh you got from watching me study for fucking hours, just to play this sick joke on me?”


seokjin sits quietly on his bed, his mouth contorting into a frown filled with guilt.

jeongguk wants to rip seokjin apart but god, the only thing he can do is get the fuck out of his dorm before he does something he’ll definitely regret.  he retreats to jimin and taehyung’s room, finding solace in their comfortable little sanctuary.


when he finally decides to go back to his dorm, just a few hours later, seokjin is gone, thankfully.


jeongguk doesn’t even have it in him to plot a revenge scheme, too shocked and defeated to retort. he can’t believe this is how he lost the war, but he would never stoop to seokjin’s level.


a day passes and jeongguk is growing increasingly... worried. he hasn’t seen seokjin since he stormed out the previous night, but it’s not like they keep tabs on each other anyway. he decides to brush that fact off, until his physics professor emails him that afternoon.


jeon jeongguk,

your friend has informed me of his so-called ‘joke’ and begged for me to allow you to retake your midterm. i will make an exception this one time, but do not let it happen again. you may retake your test next monday in the learning center at 8 am. do not let your second chance go to waste.


i’ve attached the proper materials you will need to study for the exam, good luck.


jeongguk stares at the email for a good five minutes, letting the shock settle in before he’s jumping out of his chair with a loud whooping sound. he rereads it again, his heart leaping when he thinks about seokjin on his knees, begging his professor to let him retake his test, and it honestly drives him crazy. he reaches for his phone to shoot seokjin a text, but forgets that he has no form of contact with his roommate. he lets himself rest for just a bit, then he gets started on studying the material again.


seokjin doesn’t come back until late that night with his arms filled with grocery bags and all jeongguk does is raise a brow in seokjin’s direction. “so, i heard you begged my professor to let me retake the exam,” jeongguk says after a moment of silence.


“i did.”


jeongguk sighs. “why’d you do it, hyung?”


seokjin walks up to him, his eyes filled with regret and jeongguk forgets that he should be fucking pissed. “at first i thought it would be funny, but then i realized how awful it would be, and i swear i thought i switched back all your notes before you came back from the dining hall, but i guess...they just got mixed up? it was completely my fault, and you don’t need to forgive me, so asking your professor for a retake was the least i could do.” his voice is incredibly small, nothing but the staccato beat of his heart can be heard in their tiny dorm. “i’m genuinely, sincerely sorry jeongguk. i didn’t mean for that to happen.”


“as long as you tried to switch it back, i mean, it makes me feel a little better,” jeongguk watches him carefully, before he’s shaking his head. “you’re still kind of a dick for even thinking of doing it and for messing up my notes even if it was unintentional.”


seokjin drops his groceries onto his bed and presses the heels of his palms to his eyes. “i know, i feel awful. that was too mean, even for me.”


jeongguk notes the dark circles under seokjin’s eyes, his eyes rimmed red and jeongguk can’t believe he feels guilty for blaming seokjin. “make it up to me then.”


seokjin immediately lifts his head to meet jeongguk’s eyes. “anything.”


jeongguk hums thoughtfully. “just buy me coffee and food up until the test.”


his roommate blinks owlishly at him. “that’s it?”




letting out a sigh of relief, seokjin slumps over. “god, i thought you were going to strip me naked and tie me up in a public place.”


“what...the fuck?” jeongguk laughs. “is that what you want me to do, huh, hyung?” he’s feeling bold--like he’s in charge for once. “bet you’d like being exposed for everyone to see.” his voice is barely over a whisper, his lips close to seokjin’s ear before he pulls away, turning back to his textbook.


he barely hears the bathroom door slam shut and the barely hushed whimpers that breaks through over the sound of physics text in his head.


for the next few days, jeongguk wakes up to the smell of fresh coffee and seokjin’s cooking. "thank fuck we have a communal kitchen,”  jeongguk hears seokjin murmur one day. “i can only stand so much of that processed shit they have at the dining hall.”


jeongguk would never admit it, but seokjin being able to cook is a blessing. he tries not to let his pleasure show when seokjin watches him take his first bite every morning. the first day, jeongguk almost cried into his plate because actual good food was finally being put into his mouth after months of settling for the crap their university had to offer them.

jeongguk, while studying for his exam, still has classes to attend. and even though he’s baring the brunt of seokjin’s mistake, he can’t help but feel a little worried at how drained seokjin looks. it’s kind of frightening. he’s pretty sure seokjin hasn’t been attending any of his lectures, which is completely unlike him.


the day before his exam, he hangs out with jimin and tae in their room, then goes through their shared bathroom to head back to his room to start studying only to hear seokjin choking back what seemed like a sob.


“--my fault. it won’t happen again.” there’s a lull in the conversation, but then jeongguk realizes seokjin is on the phone, he can vaguely hear seokjin sniffling. “yeah, i’ll be going back to classes in a few days. it’s not too bad, it’ll just be on my record.” jeongguk scrunches his brows together, pressing his ear against the bathroom door. “yeah, it’ll be okay. i’m graduating soon anyway.”




jeongguk pushes the door open, trying not to look in seokjin’s direction before seokjin is hurriedly saying goodbye to whoever he was talking to. seokjin dabs at his eyes discreetly, but jeongguk notices.


“what’s wrong, hyung?” jeongguk asks, feeling the curiosity eat at him.


seokjin flinches at the sound of his voice. he turns to look at jeongguk and jeongguk...jeongguk doesn’t know what to think when a man as beautiful as seokjin looks at him with such pathetically sad eyes. he’s not used to it; he’s used to seokjin’s grins and taunts and jabs at him, but not this. jeongguk could never even fathom seokjin being vulnerable in front of him, but he’s clearly proven wrong.


“don’t worry about it, jeongguk-ah.” there’s no bite to the way seokjin says it, and jeongguk has to pinch himself to make sure he’s not dreaming. the way seokjin’s purses his lips to say jeongguk’s name is something of his darkest fantasies. it actually sounds like seokjin says his name fondly. a startling development.


jeongguk’s throat bobs, and he goes back to studying for his exam.


when jeongguk comes back from his exam the next day, all he wants to do is run back to his dorm room and tell seokjin that he thinks he might have aced it--he only stops running when he remembers that seokjin is typically in class on thursday mornings, but when he comes back into his room, seokjin is in the same spot he was in right before jeongguk left. except now he’s wide awake staring aimlessly at the ceiling.


he looks at jeongguk with a tired smile. “how did it go?” he asks softly.


jeongguk places his keys down and tries not to think of how domestic this feels to him. he resists the urge to jump onto seokjin’s bed and tackle him into a bear hug.


“it went pretty well actually,” jeongguk lights up.


seokjin’s face visibly brightens. “that’s awesome, i knew you’d be fine. you worked really hard so you deserve it.”


jeongguk preens at the compliment. he looks down at seokjin’s untouched backpack and it’s strange because he swears he saw it in the same exact place it was just a few days ago. “you skipping class again?” jeongguk asks casually.


“no,” seokjin’s smile disappears completely. “i got suspended.”




seokjin shrugs his shoulders like it’s not a big deal, like jeongguk hadn’t eavesdropped and caught him crying.

so that’s what that was about.


“just for a few days, i’ll be going back to class next week, but i won’t be able to make up any assignments i missed.”


jeongguk bites his lower lip, then he’s crossing the imaginary line dividing their room to slip onto seokjin’s bed. seokjin doesn’t make a sound of protest when jeongguk wraps his arms around seokjin. “i’m sorry.”


seokjin stifles a laugh. “ you’re sorry? i’m sorry, i did something terrible to you.”


jeongguk stills. “yeah, but at least you didn’t mean it.”


“that doesn’t mean it was okay.”


“there’s no use thinking about it. it’s done and i took my test already, so don’t stress over it.” jeongguk shakes his head, “you’re such a loser. i prefer you when you’re screaming over maplestory, not sulking. wipe that frown off your face so we can party quest together.”


seokjin laughs against jeongguk’s shoulder. and jeongguk can feel seokjin shake, his laughter reverberating through jeongguk like an echo inside a cave even twenty minutes into one of their quests together. he knows he’s fucking up a lot in game, but it’s understandable when seokjin’s quiet, “thanks, ggukie”, is playing over and over again in his head.



they don’t talk about how they cuddled for nearly an hour that night, only breaking away when jeongguk awkwardly announces that seokjin’s hold on him is a bit too tight and he kind of needs to pee.


but after that, the pranks stop. seokjin and jeongguk live in each others’ presence (almost) peacefully, with the occasional (daily) bickering. they’re eating at the dining hall one day, when seokjin complains about the quality of his pizza, standing up to voice his opinions to one of the kitchen staff members. jeongguk watches him from his spot at their table, a grin stretching across his lips, lost in a seokjin-induced daze.


“what an interesting turn of events,” jimin comments offhandedly. “didn’t see this plot twist coming.”


taehyung snickers beside him, ignoring the confused look jeongguk gives him.


“what?” jeongguk flushes, knowing damn well what they’re so coy about.


a slow grin creeps onto taehyung’s face. “god, you’re playing dumb and it’s not a good look.”


jeongguk ducks his head when seokjin returns to their table with a pout on his thick lips and jeongguk tries not to think about this glaringly obvious crush that he’s been harboring. when did that happen?


something lovely and awful and wonderful feels like it’s crawling up his throat and jeongguk feels a little sick. when did his mortal enemy turn into his romantic interest? the seed was planted the first time he laid eyes on seokjin’s annoyingly symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing face. he fumes in his seat, eyes flitting over seokjin as he stuffs his face with the ‘trash’ food he was complaining about mere minutes ago.


jeongguk softens, letting himself admire seokjin for a second before he feels jimin and taehyung’s stares from across the table.


if   he likes seokjin--which isn’t the case, of course--then he keeps that tidbit of information to himself.



so he and seokjin get along pretty well. too well, jeongguk thinks sometimes when seokjin and he are in their dorm cuddled up together as they rewatch their favorite shows and all seokjin can talk about are the people he’s been hooking up with.


the first time seokjin told jeongguk about the person he was messing around with, jeongguk’s heart felt icy cold, like seokjin practically reached into his chest and ripped it out. is that what crushes are supposed to feel like? because it feels like jeongguk is quite literally being crushed, especially when he looks over to see seokjin asleep against his shoulder. he can barely move, pinned down by seokjin.


jeongguk pushes lightly at him, half-heartedly trying to wake the older man, but who is jeongguk kidding. he likes feeling seokjin against him, even if it’s just these platonic cuddle sessions when seokjin gets a little too vulnerable and opens up to him, even when all jeongguk wants to do is lean down and kiss him.


but he’ll settle for this, he thinks. jeongguk can’t deny that he likes how much seokjin has grown to trust him over the course of a few months. sure they have their rocky days, but it’s worth it.



he rethinks his statement. it’s not worth it.

this is the third time jeongguk has been sexiled this week. jeongguk hides in yoongi’s room-- he couldn’t even retreat to jimin and taehyung’s because he could somehow still hear seokjin’s moans and those sounds torment him.


but it’s fine. it’s completely fine, he reassures himself. it’s not like seokjin knows about his feelings, so what’s the problem?


he soon finds the problem when he walks back into the room to find cum on his bed sheets.


“did... you really fuck on my bed?” he asks, brokenly.


seokjin’s cheeks heat up. “my sheets were dirty,” he says lamely.


jeongguk makes an unintelligible noise low in the back of his throat. “ your sheets are dirty? well so are mine now!”


seokjin rolls his eyes, “okay, i’m sorry, i should have asked but you would have done the same if you weren’t such a prude.”


“prude?” jeongguk hisses. “fuck you, seokjin.”


“hey, i’m still your hyung--”


jeongguk darts out of the room, figuring he could find solace in yoongi and hoseok’s room again.


when jeongguk is out of earshot, jimin and taehyung knock on seokjin and jeongguk’s door.


“it’s open,” seokjin calls out with a slight hum and a pleased grin on his face.


“so,” jimin shakes his head knowingly, “when are you going to tell him you didn’t actually fuck anyone on his bed?”


seokjin smiles, proud that his prank actually looked passable. “he’ll figure it out.”




“hey!” seokjin catches jeongguk just as he’s about to leave for class.


jeongguk pauses at the door, pulling out a headphone. “what’s up, jin-hyung?” he asks tiredly. he’d gotten over the bed thing, seokjin having washed his sheets thoroughly. jeongguk only forgave him because seokjin had used his own detergent--smelling seokjin’s scent before going to sleep each night has calmness washing over him. he sleeps like a damn baby.


seokjin looks at him, a wide smile on his face with flushed cheeks. “i got a date with this guy in my cinematography class, so don’t be worried if i don’t come home tomorrow night.”


“yeah. yeah, sure.” jeongguk swallows thickly. “where are you gonna go?” he tries to sound casual, tries not to let his throat constrict to reveal how gutted he feels.


seokjin ducks his head. “i want to impress him,” he scratches the back of his head, “so i told him to pick anywhere he wanted. he found this pretty fancy french place...uh, rupture de l'anus or something like that? don’t remember, but i’m meeting him there.” he hums.


“sounds great, hyung. have fun,” jeongguk says with a tight smile.

he leaves, shutting the door behind him a little louder than he intended.


then he plots.

because he’s not jealous and seokjin did get his cum all over his bed sheets the other day. not to mention, he hasn’t planned a good prank in quite some time, and he’s been dying to get seokjin back.


when he comes home late from dance practice with hoseok and jimin, jeongguk sneaks over to the other side of the room where seokjin rests. the metal of the scissors catches the light that seeps through their windows. jeongguk feels bad for a split second, before he’s grinning wickedly and snips away. he looks down at his work and frowns. seokjin is not supposed to be this handsome even with fucked up hair.


jeongguk groans. he’s kind of in deep and he doesn’t know what the hell to do. but sleep is tugging at him now, and he thinks he’ll need all the rest he can get when he knows seokjin will wake up tomorrow morning with a murderous intent. he climbs into bed after sparing seokjin one last glance. he smiles just a bit and tries not to dream of an angel.


“you!” jeongguk wakes up to seokjin’s angry red face hovering above him. he jolts back, bringing his arms up to block any hits seokjin might throw at him. “what did you do to my fucking hair, you brat!” seokjin reaches up and tugs at his shortened bangs, hanging right above his thick eyebrows.


jeongguk snorts. “i can’t understand you that well, hyung. my reception is a bit choppy.”


seokjin groans. “oh my god, i’m pissed that you used that joke on me before i had the chance to, but nice one, i’ll give you that.”


jeongguk giggles to himself, actually proud of his work. he assesses his hyung’s hair cut and doesn’t think it’s bad at all, but seokjin is pouting at himself in the mirror, trying to brush his bangs down in dissatisfaction.


“you had to do this before my date tonight, didn’t you?” he shakes his head. “jealousy doesn’t suit you, jeongguk.”


jeongguk tries not to let his surprise show. “why would i be jealous?”


“because my dick’s getting wet as hell while yours is dry as the sahara.”


jeongguk glares at him, about to open his mouth to protest when seokjin lets out a low whine. “this is so ugly,” seokjin stomps his foot, his eyes glued to his mirror. “without my looks, i’m...nothing.”


“okay,” jeongguk rolls his eyes exasperated, “you’re being dramatic, that’s definitely not true, hyung.”


“it’s true,” seokjin turns to look at him with giant, sad eyes. “i’ve never felt this self-conscious, like, since i peed my pants in second grade.”


jeongguk bites back a laugh. “jin-hyung, you would look beautiful bald. your bangs are still cute.”


seokjin fidgets, letting out a sigh. “you’re saying that just to make me feel better.”


“i’m not, though,” jeongguk groans, clear frustration evident in his tone. “i did it to mess with you but i thought you’d take it in stride. you’re still untouchably gorgeous, trust me.”


seokjin’s eyes cast upward to meet his, a bashful smile toying on his lips and jeongguk feels his words die in his throat. “do you mean that?” seokjin asks quietly.


jeongguk nods his head, before his alarm starts blaring from his phone. he lets out a curse.


“gotta go to class.” he’s about to say see you later , but remembers seokjin’s date and his lips stitch tightly together, an unbearable itch in his chest makes him want to claw at it, but he tries to focus on getting to class on time. he tries not to think about the way seokjin looks at himself in the mirror unhappily.


jeongguk made it to class on time just barely. he dozes off through most of the lecture, thinking about seokjin and how he’s been opening up to him a bit more. okay, he feels bad that seokjin was so down about his appearance this morning, but it wasn’t that bad. he’s still cute. id still fuck him into oblivion...

when jeongguk realizes that his class is over and everyone around him is packing their bags, he quickly scours for a person that he deems trustworthy (and nice enough) to ask notes from.

he finds someone and literally blesses the girl’s sweet soul because he’s trash and he doesn’t deserve a classmate as kind as her. but he also gives himself a pat on the back because he’s positive talking to her was the first interaction he’s had with someone in class all semester. to celebrate his partake in overcoming his shyness, he buys himself a sports drink from the vending machine right outside his classroom.

he, regrettably, chugs it.


and then jeongguk’s heading toward his next class when he figures, yeah, chugging an entire bottle of gatorade probably wasn’t his brightest idea.

he’s unzipping his pants, rushing up to a urinal when he hears the grimy voice at the one adjacent to his. jeongguk barely tunes in at first, sighing at his sweet, much needed release. he places one hand on the tile in front of him and relaxes his entire body, letting the urinal drink up his piss like the thirsty bitch it is.

and when he’s about to zip his pants up, he overhears a conversation.


“honestly, i don’t know what to do about this date. i mean, i already said yes, but i don’t think i’m really into him.” the stranger says to his friend.

“you going to stand him up?” the friend winces. “ice cold. isn’t he taking you to that one expensive french restaurant?”

jeongguk stills.

there’s no way this could be seokjin’s date. seokjin is so out of this guy’s league. jeongguk eyes the guy resentfully, giving him a blatantly obvious once-over. i’m hotter than him for sure, he reassures himself.


“yeah,” the guy sighs. “i think i might just not show up. people say kim seokjin is good looking, but i don’t really get the hype? i mean, maybe he’s just a freakishly good lay?”


his friend laughs next to him, and jeongguk doesn’t know why he acts out, or why he’s so upset, but all he can see is red. his insides thrumming with anger and suddenly he’s pushing the guy over and the stranger promptly falls into his urinal.


“what the fuck?”  


jeongguk huffs, “you’re lucky jin-hyung ever spared scum like you a glance.”


he turns to walk away when the stranger’s friend says quietly, “dude your dick is still hanging out of your pants.”


jeongguk stops, looks down, zips himself up and glares over his shoulder. “thanks.”



jeongguk shows up at the restaurant seokjin and his asshole date were supposed to meet at and looks down at his watch nervously.


“jeongguk?” seokjin’s voice comes out. “oh my god, was this whole date a prank? that’s...really mean,” seokjin laughs mirthlessly. his eyes reveal a bit more hurt than jeongguk thinks he intends to.


jeongguk’s heart sinks, his mouth a little dry when he gives seokjin a once over.

seokjin is effortlessly beautiful, as always, but jeongguk knows that today he definitely tried just a bit harder--his jeans ripped up in just the right places, hugging his thighs and his shirt dipping a little lower than normal. he has an oversized jacket on that makes him look small despite his stature and jeongguk is so smitten he can’t find words right now.


he winces a little, but tries to save face. “you got me,” he rolls his eyes, holding his hands up in defense.


the hurt suddenly disappears and it’s replaced with a look jeongguk doesn’t recognize.


seokjin searches jeongguk’s eyes, holding their gaze for just a few seconds too long. “y’know, if you wanted to take me out this badly, you could’ve just asked.” seokjin leans in with a smirk and it’s like his anger from a minute ago disappears entirely. it’s easy with them. they know the rules of prank war and all is fair as long as no one is brutally injured.


jeongguk pretends to be disgusted at the thought. “definitely not what i was going for there.”


“well, let’s go. i’m hungry.”


“wait, you still want to go on the date?” jeongguk asks, incredulity lacing his words.


“of course!” seokjin scolds. “i made the reservation, didn’t i?”


jeongguk tries not to look so happy, but he can’t contain the giggle that bubbles out of him. seokjin does a double take at him, before he’s smiling along, their waiter leading them to their reserved table.


they sit down, both of them feeling completely underdressed in this, what taehyung had referred to as, ‘bougie’ restaurant.


“this is…” jeongguk trails off, assessing the grandness of the place. the table is covered with linen cloth, and jeongguk is sure the fanciest restaurant he’s ever been to besides this is fucking olive garden. he glances nervously at the people around them, old couples clinking their champagne glasses together, wearing their diamond necklaces and grandiose jewelry that catch the overhead lighting. “...different.”


seokjin is too busy staring at the menu to agree with jeongguk’s comment, probably too engrossed in the various items this place has to offer. “there... are way too many zeroes on this menu.”


jeongguk leans over. “you didn’t pick this place, did you?”


seokjin looks at him, eyes narrowing. “no, because you did.”


oh, right. seokjin thinks this date is an elaborate prank. he clears his throat. “yeah. i did, but now i’m sick of this. wanna go get pizza instead?”


seokjin doesn’t hesitate to stand up from his seat, throwing his cloth napkin onto the table. they stealthily avoid their waiter on the way out, not willing to deal with the awkwardness.


they snicker as they make their way past the exit. “thank god you said something, that place was suffocating.”


jeongguk feels like he can breathe, the cold air hitting his skin as they make their way to their next destination.


seokjin and jeongguk find themselves at a hole in the wall pizza joint, crowded by a long line of people all equally excited to taste the glorious, greasy pizza--as promised in their yelp reviews.


they sit on the sidewalk, both of them gorging themselves with pizza when seokjin asks jeongguk about his classes, which comes as a shock to jeongguk.


they’ve never really talked about their personal lives beyond seokjin’s flings, mainly just about games they’re into and what their plans are for the weekend. jeongguk is pretty sure he’s never even explicitly told seokjin his major, but here he is, telling seokjin about what it’s like to be double majoring in dance and biology.


seokjin goes on about film and how he’s pretty damn sure he wants to be an actor but he definitely wants to try his hand at screenwriting and cinematography. “minoring in vocal performance as well,” he adds on shyly.


jeongguk perks up. “really? can i hear you sing?”


seokjin snorts, “so you have another thing to prank me about? get real. there’s only so much of myself i’m willing to expose to you.”


jeongguk smiles, his eyes crinkling a little as he lets out a chuckle. “fair.”

he’s sure he has pizza oil on his upper lip, probably smeared across his cheek, but seokjin doesn’t seem to mind or care so neither does jeongguk.


finishing up their pizza, seokjin takes jeongguk by the wrist, gesturing for him to follow along. “where are we going, hyung?”


“the next spot on our date.”


“you mean you want to finish the date? or do you just have reservations for this place too?”


“maybe i just want to get ice cream with you, c’mon it’s not that deep,” seokjin rolls his eyes. “if you make a fake date with me, we’re going to do all the things i planned. i didn’t spend twenty minutes looking through reviews to have you bitch out on me.”


jeongguk rolls his eyes and follows seokjin around as they meander through the bustling city. they don’t walk for too long when they come across the ice cream bar seokjin had mentioned looking up, and they step inside, a saccharine scent practically dripping off the walls. everything is pastel and decorated with plants and fairy lights hang from the ceiling and it feels like they stepped into a dream. jeongguk laughs when seokjin gives him an impressed look and pulls him into the store alongside him.


the ice cream shop itself suits seokjin, jeongguk concludes. it’s pretty and soft and seokjin fits right in, ordering a drink and a sundae that they decide to split.


they find themselves sitting at a table in the corner, both of them attacking the bowl of ice cream unabashedly. “your scoops are too big, learn to share,” seokjin whacks jeongguk’s arm playfully. jeongguk only takes bigger scoops in response, moaning around his spoon as he does so. “you tease!” seokjin jokes in a scandalized whisper.


jeongguk smiles around his spoon, humming happily as he watches seokjin try to scrape up the last of their dessert.


when they finally decide to leave the shop, after discussing their favorite desserts and arguing over the which flavor of ice cream is the best, jeongguk kind of wishes he could stay in this moment forever; no pranks, just the two of them laughing into the brisk autumn air.



their pranks are half-hearted nowadays, and more often than not, they find themselves huddled together for warmth on seokjin’s bed watching ghibli films together, jeongguk tucked under seokjin’s arm while they get sucked into their films.


(“you should just push your beds together like tae and i, it’s easier,” jimin commented one day, after the four of them crowded tightly on seokjin’s bed. jeongguk only wanted to refuse because he really, really liked how close him and seokjin were sitting together, their thighs pressed up against each other.


“you two are like, in love or whatever though.”


“that’s the point,” taehyung rolled his eyes.


seokjin laughed it off while jeongguk stayed silent, feeling taehyung and jimin’s gazes burning in his peripheral vision.)


“don’t you have a department meeting today hyung?” jeongguk asks lazily, his lips ghosting across seokjin’s neck.


“don’t you have practice, jeongguk-ah?” seokjin retorts easily.


they both groan, before jeongguk pushes seokjin off his bed and seokjin pulling him down along to the floor. jeongguk lands on top of seokjin, hovering over him before rolling off completely.


parting ways, they say their goodbyes to each other, but seokjin has other plans.


they’d stopped taking their pranks too seriously, both of them figuring that they’re past the mortal enemy stage in their relationship and have settled on the title, ‘frenemies’, but he can’t let their prank war end like this, no. especially not when seokjin poured some of his best schemes into them. he needs to go out with a bang. which is exactly why he lies to jeongguk about having a film department meeting.

when jeongguk rounds the corner, taking the path to upper campus, seokjin rushes back to their room. he thinks that maybe a college senior shouldn’t be pranking their roommate, but he shrugs. he’s not getting any younger, he might as well do this now and get it out of his system.

he quickly unhooks the latch to one of his bags and pulls out the object. seokjin quite literally opens up a giant can of worms. he grins to himself, watching the insects squirm in the can while he chuckles darkly-- but then he hears the jingling of keys.

seokjin scrunches his eyebrows together, before he’s putting the can down and quickly moving his body, hiding in jeongguk’s closet when someone pushes into their room.


jeongguk steps inside, looking around their dorm before he lets out a relieved sigh. seokjin almost gasps, he almost reveals his hiding spot because of course jeongguk would have the same idea of him to have one last prank off, he should have expected this from his roommate.

he’s about to step out, make a grade scene about jeongguk never being able to one up him--except jeongguk is suddenly unzipping his pants.

seokjin watches jeongguk bite down on his lip, his tongue running over it in contemplation before he’s pushing his pants down the curve of his thighs. he looks around again before he’s picking up a shirt off seokjin’s side of the room and clutching it to his face, then he walks over to his side of the room and flops onto his bed. seokjin watches the heat bloom on jeongguk’s face, his cheeks a cute rosy color. seokjin listens to the way jeongguk’s breath hitches when he runs his hands down his own thighs, his fingernails dragging against his pale skin leaving pink streaks over it. seokjin gulps, eyes widening.

he’s not doing what seokjin thinks he’s doing, right? 

oh, he is. 

jeongguk rubs himself over the fabric of his briefs, a bulge growing in his underwear before he’s pushing the briefs down past his thighs with one hand and pressing seokjin’s baby blue shirt up to his face, inhaling seokjin’s scent and seokjin should not be turned on watching his roommate like this. it’s weird, oddly hot, but admittedly weird.


but he can’t seem to tear his eyes away from the scene. jeongguk takes himself into his palm, stroking himself slowly, working himself up as he squeezes at his own base.


seokjin feels a little light headed, watching the flushed head of jeongguk’s dick twitch with excitement and seokjin’s absolutely entranced.

he swallows thickly.


jeongguk presses his blunt nail into his slit, letting out a stifled groan, throwing his head back against his pillow. he huffs into seokjin’s shirt, before he’s mewling softly.


jeongguk is a blabbering mess, speaking incomprehensible words while his thighs shake from fucking up into his own hand, his dick impossibly hard. he’s entirely flushed from the neck up, his brows furrowed together in concentration, beads of sweat dripping down his forehead and thighs and he looks so wet. seokjin tugs at his collar, feeling oddly intrusive.

and then he hears it.

seokjin strains to hear it at first, but he does, eventually. "jin-hyung,”  jeongguk whimpers, "jin-hyung, fuck.” seokjin listens to his name being spewed dirtily from jeongguk’s lips, like a fucking incantation.


seokjin feels himself harden in his jeans and this is most definitely not how he planned his prank to go at all. he feels a little bit jipped and very, very, very turned on.


seokjin stares at the way jeongguk’s pink, wet lips fall open when he says seokjin’s name, his mouth emitting those low pitched moans that seokjin just wants to swallow down. and god, when jeongguk comes with seokjin’s name on his mouth, seokjin fucking loses it. he palms himself quickly, eyes trained on jeongguk’s face scrunching up, the way jeongguk’s thigh muscles tighten and how his hips buck up into his hand, desperate for friction and he’s reaching for seokjin’s shirt and it’s so much--it’s so much and seokjin can’t help but moan out jeongguk’s name.


he doesn’t even realize his mistake until jeongguk’s eyes fly wide open, sitting up with his flaccid dick in his hand and cum staining his toned abs. “hyung?” he calls out hesitantly.


“uh, yeah?” seokjin says from his hiding spot in jeongguk’s closet.


“ see that?”


“uh, yeah.”


jeongguk quickly sits up, pulling his underwear and pants on before he’s cradling his face in his hands. “oh my god.”

seokjin bursts out of the closet when he sees jeongguk’s shoulders shaking, immediately going to jeongguk’s side.


“i’m sorry, i didn’t mean to intrude but you were already...starting and i lost my chance to step out and then--”


jeongguk whips his head away from seokjin. “i’m so embarrassed,” he hisses lowly.


“it was pretty fucking hot so you don’t have to be, but i get it,” seokjin tries to comfort him. jeongguk curls in on himself further and seokjin thinks it’s kind of fucking adorable. “gguk,” seokjin says firmly. “you...used my shirt to jerk off and you moaned out my name.”


jeongguk lifts his head to meet seokjin’s gaze and he opens his mouth to say something but quietly closes it, swallowing down his words and letting out a shaky nod instead.


“wow, do you like me or something?” seokjin grins, his finger brushing over jeongguk’s chin. despite his cheeky expression, his tone is gentle when he says, “that’s pretty cute.”


jeongguk snorts, his cheeks still bright and he feigns annoyance, pushing seokjin away from me. “shut up. you’re so annoying!” he laughs, relaxing into seokjin’s touch, “why do i like you? you’re literally awful.”


seokjin shrugs his shoulders, a smile stretching across his lips before he’s leaning in, his lips hovering right in front of jeongguk’s. “i’m irresistable, what can i say?”


and then their lips brush against each other hesitantly once, then twice, until seokjin brings his hand to the nape of jeongguk’s neck, tilting his head to get a better angle. seokjin’s lips are soft and plush and perfect against jeongguk’s and jeongguk thinks he might want to keep kissing seokjin forever. seokjin smiles and giggles into the kiss, pressing himself closer to him until he nudges jeongguk and jeongguk’s back hits the bed with a soft thud.


when they break apart, both a little breathless, jeongguk looks at seokjin with wide, starry eyes.


then reality dawns on him.


“what does this make us?”


seokjin taps his chin, humming as he thinks. “how ‘bout enemies who bone exclusively?”


jeongguk rolls his eyes, before he whispers. “feelings involved, right?”


“wouldn’t want it without them. well, i mean, i would, but,” seokjin says with surprise in his voice, “i like you too, y’know.”


jeongguk surges forward to capture his lips in a searing kiss, but before seokjin knows it, he’s being pushed off of jeongguk’s bed, flopping wildly as he falls.


he makes a noise of confusion and stills at jeongguk’s elated smile. “we can only be together if you admit that i’m a better prankster than you.”


“that wasn’t even planned,” seokjin rolls his eyes. “unintentional pranks don’t count.”


“oh, really?” jeongguk asks. “we should consult the scoreboard.”


“we don’t have a scoreboard, jeongguk.” seokjin deadpans.


“but we have tae-hyung and jimin-hyung and they’ve been like, keeping track since day one.”


seokjin rolls his eyes. “your best prank was getting that guy to stand me up, but c’mon. i know you didn’t plan that.”


jeongguk freezes in his spot, helping seokjin back up. “you knew?”


“well, i didn’t at first,” seokjin says. “but then that asshole texted me and told me to keep my guard dog on a leash.”


“that fucker,” jeongguk hisses.


“it’s okay,” seokjin shakes his head, chuckling. “thank you. for defending me, i mean.”


jeongguk looks at seokjin--classically beautiful and filled with mirth and mischief--and he smiles, because if seokjin is the king of pranks, he’d gladly be his knight.  




jeongguk thinks the best part about his relationship is that they never stop pranking each other; not even at seokjin’s graduation, where jeongguk cuts a hole in seokjin’s graduation gown around his ass and everyone laughs when he walks across the stage, not even when jeongguk is at his recital and seokjin blows air horns anytime jeongguk does a leap (just to fuck with him), and most certainly not on every single one of their anniversaries where they try to one-up each other year after year.


maybe one day jeongguk will finally beat seokjin at his own game, and he certainly won’t stop trying.