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Omega Troubles

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Jongin looked around the café as he waited for his drink.

It was cozy looking, with twinkling lights draped over the windows that cast the light on the wet pavement of one of the busiest streets in Seoul. There were boots after boots, and he picked the one in the far end of the space, wanting some privacy on a sleepy and somehow mellow night.  

There were droplets of rain competing to reach the rim of the windows, and he actually strayed his eyes over the vast space, the dropping tears lulling him to sleep. 

Coffee on a Saturday night wasn't a good idea, but he liked the atmosphere of a quiet night as it prolonged the weekend a bit longer. Besides, the café was mostly empty, save from the cashier that mixed his drink, putting a lid over the paper cup in colors of summer.

He smiled as the male crossed the path to their booth, having a soft walk over the parqueted floor, and lowered his cup in front of him.

"Here you go, love." 

Kyungsoo sat in front of him, cupping his own drink, bringing it up to his lips for a taste. Jongin watched as he swallowed, taking another gulp and lowering it down on the tabletop.

"Americano again?" He asked with a curl of his lips, mirroring Kyungsoo's plump lips. The elder nodded, looking briefly outside the windows, before bringing his gaze back to Jongin sitting across from him.

"Are you feeling well, love? The rain is heavy tonight."

Jongin smiled, curling his hand around the freshly squeezed juice, bringing the cup for a taste. He moaned at the taste that exploded in his mouth, nodding shyly.

"I'll be fine. It's just a little rain. No biggie." There was a smile lingering on Kyungsoo's lips, as he reached for Jongin's free hand, intertwining them together. "If you're not feeling good, just say it. I can call Yifan to come and get you some extra clothes.."

"I'm fine, Soo. Really!" Jongin squeezed his hand, pulling at the elder's jacket that was covering his own over his shoulders, rearranging it over his neck again. "This is to keep me warm," He pulled at the zipper of his jacket, before pulling at the black leather his own was swimming around in. "And this is to show me how much you love me."

Kyungsoo blinked, licking his bottom lip, before breaking into a big grin. "Do you want something else to eat?" He asked, when Jongin shook his head, pulling at his hand still intertwined with his own. "You must be hungry.." Jongin noted, circling his eyes at the pastry choices laying on a glass display next to the counter. "You haven't had your dinner yet."

It was true. Kyungsoo was the one to have bigger obligations and duties in their relationship, and Jongin always made sure the elder was eating healthy and taking care of his body. But Kyungsoo shook his head, drinking some of the coffee some more.

"I ate with Chanyeol today. He was done with the construction work, by the way."

Jongin's eyes glimmered at that. "Really? So my room is done?"

"Not yet, love. But I'll make sure to bring it to closure in a matter of days."

Jongin looked up to his husband, bringing his hand to kiss his knuckles, smiling brightly. "Thank you, baby!"






Things haven't been always like this for Jongin. 

There were times when he wished to never been born and feared that one day he'd be stepping over the line and taking away his own life, like all those nights when he hoped for something to happen and tear him away from this world.

Even his parents didn't want him, tossing him aside after he was born, not wanting to have anything with a mere omega. A mere omega that was a prematurely born baby, brought to life in a fragile and easily sick state.

Jongin never understood why was being an omega seen as a bad thing, but the world showed him in a matter of years, nonetheless.

He grows up in a foreign pack, without his parents to teach him everything he knew, without a sweet mother's words to guide him through life, without a strong father's arms to keep him safe and teach him to be strong.

Instead, he was seen as nausea, as something that wasn't worth the life he was given, something that was better off dead or left behind than anything beautiful life got to offer.

He'd spent endless nights crying himself to sleep, much to disdain of members of the pack that took him in, out of pity and nothing else.

He learned by the age of twelve how to wash dishes and laundry, how to take care of the alphas of the pack, and how much it hurt to be punished in different ways the members on different levels used him for taking out their anger and pain on him.

Many scars were marooning his body, but there was a big one secured behind thick layers of skin he threw on after years and years of being neglected and forgotten. That one was not being healed even after he tried to save his heart from taking it all in.

There was one thing that was on his side though; he grew up to be tall, slim, and lanky. Or that was what the members of his previous pack used to say about his body-built.

He thought that something must've been bad with being that slim as he was, that his long limbs were only there to remind others what beauty could be and what he wasn't; and his tan skin that glistened under the Sun was only a burden of his manual work over the years, and that it wasn't beautiful no matter how much his dark fur made him look like royalty.

But then came him.

He, in long strides, but soft feet-patter. He, with broad shoulders, but small building. With strong hands that held gently, midnight black hair but fur white as the first snow that Jongin loved to leave footprints in every start of the winter. With rough hands over the years that felt the softest, and lips that didn't say much, but were still rich in color and sweetest to taste.

Jongin fell in love even before knowing his name, even before daring to think that the man could fall for him in million ways Jongin had already fallen for him.

The man changed everything he'd known before.

Do Kyungsoo was the name, and he was a friend of their pack leader, visiting one night with half of his own pack. He was the head alpha, the one that everyone feared, and with a good reason too.

His eyes could kill if he wanted, and his words could cut if he tried well enough. Once shifted in his full form, there was this undeniable elegance and excellence that emitted from every fiber of his fur, making him stand strong and tall even without trying.

Do Kyungsoo was everything that Jongin wasn't, and he once again reminded of what his role in this life was; how different it ought to be from the alpha.

But one night when he served the dinner to their guests, Kyungsoo's eyes fell on him. Jongin spluttered, hiding his eyes behind a thick veil of his bangs, avoiding his stare, afraid that he had been caught in staring. 

But everywhere he went, every step he took, he felt the head alpha's eyes following his every move, like detangling his every pore and reason of existence.

Jongin excused himself at the end of the night, with an excuse of having a massive headache, and escaped before his alpha could scold him for being disrespectful. 

But just as he closed the door to his hut, there was a soft knock on the back of it, scaring him out of his skin. Thinking that the alpha sent someone to punish him earlier, Jongin quickly opened the door, not wanting to bring even more punishment to his back.

But when he raised his head, ready for any kind of pain to endure, he was met with a strong gaze that didn't waver as the sturdy man asked to come in. 

His voice woke everything in Jongin, making his wolf keen under his skin, burning him from the inside. It was strong, but gentle at the same time, with a note of seriousness dancing through said vocals.

Jongin nodded, obedient as a puppy kneeling in front of his master, before closing the door after him. 

His steps were echoing in his ears, as Jongin felt every fiber in his body moving just to be closer to his presence, closer to his essence. 

Kyungsoo turned around after a couple of steps, inhaling suddenly and releasing a loud exhale with a strong gaze never wavering. 

"Mate... My mate!" 

It was slow, painfully silent for Jongin to hear, but still loud enough to make his heart skip a beat, his wolf purring behind his throat. 

There were one-two-three—moments, too long if you asked him, before Jongin crossed the space, crashing into Kyungsoo's strong chest. The arms that circled him made him cry, as Kyungsoo inhaled his crown, leaving a scorching kiss behind. It was all too much, and Jongin felt like he was breathing for the first time in forever.

They spent that night together, sharing long and languid kisses; Kyungsoo acting like a gentleman and not taking things further than that. They talked too, about everything there was. About Kyungsoo's life, about his pack, about people that he considered his brothers even without having the same blood to confirm it, about how lucky Kyungsoo was to finally had found him.

When it was time for Jongin to speak, he pushed the other out, saying how it was too late for this, and how his pack might see him in his hut—ending on a confusing note on Kyungsoo's part.

Kyungsoo leaned in to kiss him one last time, before promising to bring him with his pack tomorrow, with no cost and remorse on Jongin's part about leaving his own pack.

Jongin felt like crying but held it in just in time to see Kyungsoo going back to the party that was still in a full blow, breaking down only when he rounded the corner leaving him alone once again.

The next day, Jongin endured twelve lashes on his back, on an excuse of being disrespectful to their guests that even brought presents for his ungrateful ass.


But he swallowed down tears, knowing somehow that Kyungsoo would come back to him, for him to take him away and make him leave all of this behind. He even believed in the elder when the night approached, and his pack was nowhere to be seen.


Jongin curled on his leather skin on the floor, letting it soak his tears, as he looked up to the full moon, still hoping.


When the door burst open, and he stood up in fear of enduring another round of lashing, he found bloody Kyungsoo, with battered clothes barely hanging off of him in treads. 


He collapsed in his arms, looking up to him with dreamy and sleepy eyes, whispering, "You're mine now, Kim Jongin.."








"Wow, I still can't get enough of that story," Luhan threw his hands in the air, stealing another cherry from the bowl that Minseok picked up this morning. "To think that it could be that romantic... In nowadays... Wow, just wow."


Jongin poured the dough into the pan, pushing it around with long fingers, making sure it reached the edges for even baking. "It's how it happened." He smiled softly at the memory of finding out how he could be with Kyungsoo in a true form of a word, just his and nobody's but his.


Kyungsoo fought with his then-pack leader, killing him under the shining moonlight, going one on one just for him. Just for a boy who grew up with nothing and nobody, who hoped to be killed on one of those days at the end of endless punishments he endured... The boy who needed saving. 


Jongin romanticized the story more than he needed—because, let's face it, an alpha of a big pack was killed that night, and it couldn't get more serious than that—but he needed that part to know that Kyungsoo was really serious in spending his whole life with him.


Like the wedding ring on his ring finger was not enough character to remind him every minute of every waking hour. 


Luhan took the last stem off the bowl full of fresh cherries, dropping a couple to his mouth afterward. "And to think that I and Sehun met online.." He scoffed, scrolling down his phone with an excited yip.


"They're back!"


Jongin scurried outside after the elder, stopping at the threshold at their house, a shy smile growing on his face.


Their pack was out on their weekly hunt, checking out the woods that were on either side of their small street. It was more to make sure there weren't uninvited guests lurking around, being a threat to their community, but they still shifted into wolf forms, hunting as well.


Jongin always feared for his alpha, praying mentally every morning when he went out because they couldn't know for how long they needed to be out there, racking the terrain for intruders and dangerous animals.


Sometimes they were out for a day, sometimes even for a week, but this time, they came back before the second sundown since their leave, and Jongin's heart was still beaten with excitement like the first time.


Kyungsoo walked in front of the other alphas of their pack, talking to Chanyeol about something with furrowed eyebrows, before he looked up, catching Jongin's eyes already on him.


He passed Luhan who jumped in his mate's Sehun arms and ran to meet Jongin at the downhill of their front porch.


"I missed you so much, love!" Kyungsoo's whispered while holding both of his cheeks, and his lips were on his even before Jongin could take a breath in. 


His muscles were tired, Jongin could feel their light spasm, so he kissed back, hugging him close. Before he pulled off, smiling widely. "Hi!'


Kyungsoo laughed breathy at his lips, touching his bottom lip with his thumb. "How are you, love?"


"I should be the one asking you that.." Jongin trailed off, looking into those bottomless eyes that he could never get enough. 


"I'm better now. With you in my arms." They were kissing again, Jongin not stopping his smiling in the middle of the kiss, making Kyungsoo chuckle deeply again.


"Let's go inside," The younger pulled his husband inside, finding most of his pack already inside, all huddled around in the kitchen.


They had a rule that mandatory hunts and check-ups were left to alphas to complete, occasionally bringing betas when needed, and omegas when it was really important. Their alphas were more than vigorous and strong to deal with problems alone, but Jongin hated the rule whenever he was left home to worry.


He wanted to be with Kyungsoo every time he left him for god knows how long, wishing to be side by side with his mate. But Kyungsoo would rather die by his own hand than allow Jongin to go out and fight. He was that protective of him. Overprotective, Chanyeol would add often.


"Hey, hands off the roast. It's for dinner!" Jongin yelled, swatting Baekhyun's hands that were inches away from tearing off the leg of a lamb. As a mate of the head alpha, they had numerous rules, that wasn't that much of mandatory rules, as they were enjoyable and followed by everyone. 


For example, even though they all had their own house, living with their mates just along their street, the dinner after the hunt was always being held in the head alpha's house, prepared by the omegas that were left behind. 


Jongin enjoyed cooking, being a true housewife, as Luhan used to comment, but Kyungsoo proved enough times that he did not see him as a wife, but more as an equal to his own. 


So he kissed Kyungsoo's lips again, going to check their dessert that was left to stay warm in the turned-off oven. 


He brought everything out on the massive dining room table along with Luhan and Minseok, making sure that everybody had a piece of a roast, as well the sweet potatoes and a scoop of garlic-rosemary sauce from the dipping dish. He was too busy checking if they brought everything out for their family to feast on, failing to see Kyungsoo's soft eyes following him around.


But when Baekhyun nudged him to pay attention, he was left confused as Kyungsoo smiled ever so effortlessly. He smiled back, going to sit beside his mate, finding his hand on his thigh.


"Why are you smiling like that?"


Kyungsoo squeezed his hand, clearing his throat. He leaned in closer, brushing his ear with plush lips, before whispering. "You're so gorgeous... I can't keep my eyes away, my love."


Jongin blushed to the tip of his roots, ducking down and hiding a grin. Kyungsoo chuckled at his shyness, ducking down too, kissing the corner of his lips softly. "Look at me, love.."


But his mate shook his head, rearranging their silverware even though it was in perfect order—a fork on the left, a knife, and a spoon on the right. 


Kyungsoo was having none of it, so he took his other hand too, kissing the back of it with an open mouth kiss. Jongin felt like he could die right there and then. "Lift your head, love. I want to tell you something.."


"You can tell me like this, too.." Jongin muttered under his breath, taking a short glance at his mate. Kyungsoo was looking down at him, not tearing his eyes off of him, even when the whole table burst into talking about their hunt and what they'd seen at the outskirt of the town. 


But Kyungsoo kept silent, waiting for his husband to dare and look him in the eyes.


"I can't. I need to see your beautiful eyes," There was a kiss left at his temple, making him shudder under the tender touch. Jongin gulped, loudly, before inhaling and looking up.


If anybody was to watch them from afar, they would think that Jongin was this tiny being, left on Kyungsoo's mercy and disfavor, but that wasn't the case at all.


Jongin still felt like all of this wasn't happening to him, as he still doubted his deservedness for having a husband like Kyungsoo was. He still doubted the elder's love for him every once in and while, and when Kyungsoo paid attention to him and him only, he was reduced to a blushing and muttering mess.


So when Kyungsoo stroked his chin, bringing his gaze up all the way, his heart stopped once again.


Because ever so perfect and ethereal Kyungsoo was there for him, only loving and needing him as a spouse, never even thinking about hurting him in any way possible—and trust me, Jongin had experienced them all. Jongin felt undeserving of his love, and Kyungsoo must've felt his unwavering gaze and a hitch in his throat. 


His eyes hardened in a second, pulling away from Jongin and the table.


He stood up, addressing the whole table instead, "Jongin and I need to be somewhere. If you'll excuse us." The younger was pulled away too, trying to tune out teasing shouts of their pack about their lovemaking, and just how gentle Kyungsoo should be before their bedroom came into his view.


Kyungsoo entered first, pulling him by the hand all the way to their bed, before closing the door and turning the key into the lock. He took one moment too long to inhale, before turning around—his gaze never softening.


"I thought we were over this."


Jongin left a broken sob, covering his mouth as Kyungsoo approached him, taking his hands off of his face, kissing his lips with favor, brushing his tears off.


"Nini, Nini... Why?"


Jongin sobbed louder, tucking his head in as Kyungsoo brought him closer, hugging him hard. The arms around him always felt right, always felt like they belonged there, so why did he doubt Kyungsoo so much?


"Look at me!" That was an order, and the wolf inside of him keened under the touch, looking up through hazed eyes to look at Kyungsoo. "Why do you always do this? Why do you always doubt yourself.." Kyungsoo pushed him to lay down on the bed, crawling up to hover above his trembling frame.


"We talked about this... I made sure to prove it you, but I-I don't know—"


"I'm sorry, Soo! I'm so sorry!" Jongin pulled him down to lay over him completely, sobbing into the elder's shirt. He still hasn't showered, only changing the shirt he wore in the hunt, but Jongin didn't mind, inhaling his strong pheromones. 


The whole room was swimming in Kyungsoo's scent, in his strong essence, and Jongin couldn't get enough of it.


"Why are you sorry, Jongin?" Kyungsoo whispered at his ear, pulling them around, for Jongin to lay over him. 


When he looked down to mate, Jongin couldn't speak, couldn't understand... Only sobbed louder. "Because you're you, and I try, I really try to understand.. but I— I'm not worthy!"


Kyungsoo pushed him off, making him lay back down, before sitting upright, looking out through the windows. For the first time, Jongin thought that his mate finally has had enough of him, and was about to leave him for someone better. For a better spouse, for a better match. 


But when he saw Kyungsoo's shoulders shaking, he was alarmed.




"This is my fault! This is all my fault!"


When Jongin twisted his shoulder, cupping his cheeks, he witnessed tear-rimmed eyes looking down to the comforter. He was lost.


".. Soo, I— don't! Don't cry, please.." He felt emotions hitting him like a big wave because Kyungsoo was blaming himself... He wasn't angry at Jongin for being insecure, he was blaming himself for not proving to him how Jongin was more than enough for everything in this world.


And Jongin felt guilty for a whole other reason.


"I tried my best to show you, to tell you how much you mean to me... How much all of this wouldn't be here if you weren't by my side every day and night... But you still doubt me, and I-I'm sorry, my love! I wasn't enough!" Kyungsoo pushed to stand up, but before he could do that, Jongin's arms were around him, the younger laying in the middle of his shoulder blades.


"Jongin, I—"


"No. Don't turn around!" Jongin secured his arms tighter around him, overlapping them over where Kyungsoo's heart was hidden. He took a deep breath, squishing his right cheek on the cotton of his shirt. "When you came around, I was so lost... I didn't know that I could fall for someone so fast and so deep." He felt Kyungsoo inhaling. "And when you left after that first night, I was scared of never seeing you again."


He couldn't stop his tears now, because everything that ever weighed him down was pouring right out. Some of the things even Kyungsoo didn't know.


"I was angry and miserable my whole life. I thought that I was good for nothing and only here to tend to my pack, and serve as an example of what no other wolf should become... grow into.."


"But then you came... you with fond eyes that looked me so preciously, and lips that whispered my name better than anyone had ever said it. And I was lost. I was lost because this wasn't supposed to happen! I was supposed to die on one of those days under their cruel hands, and I was supposed to be forgotten just like that... A boy who was left alone in this world, a boy who was nothing to nobody—"


Kyungsoo listened carefully, dying to turn around and prove to Jongin that he wasn't the one to blame for anything in his life because he didn't choose his life, it was the other way around. But he kept silent, waiting for Jongin to release his tight hold.


"When you said you were going to come back to me, to take me away from everything, I believed you! I believed you so much, that even when they lashed me the next day, I didn't cry."


Kyungsoo pushed his hands off, twisting around in his hold, and instead hugged Jongin to his chest. Tightly, to where his heart was beating just for the younger.


Jongin looked up, finding his eyes even in the dark that erupted in their bedroom; glistening with unshed tears, sparkling with adoration and love.


He smiled timidly, "When the night fell, I was still hoping. I knew that you wouldn't break the promise, even though—at the time—I didn't know anything about you, about what a man you really were. And..." He trailed off, smiling through his tears.


"And?" A broken voice asked.


"And I was not wrong! I could never be wrong with you!"


Kyungsoo kissed him right then and there, pouring his everything in the kiss, just for Jongin to hear. And Jongin mewled as those burgundy lips nibbled at his bottom one, pushing the kiss deeper. 


"I love you! I love you more than anything in this world, my love," It was soft as a whisper, sweet as a confession—like he hadn't been wearing it every day for the past three years of their lives—but Jongin still felt his heart leaping in his throat.


Kyungsoo wasn't a man of many words, but he still knew how to use them properly.


Jongin was pushed to lay down over the soft duvet, his hair sprawling over the plush cotton, waiting for Kyungsoo to show him, to have him again like all those times before, waiting for Kyungsoo to be one with him.


The elder knelt on each side of Jongin's thighs, shedding his shirt off, and ducking down to kiss him hard and long. Jongin's hands found their way to his short but still soft hair, threading his fingers through midnight locks, never stopping with his tongue.


Kyungsoo was a very good kisser—not that Jongin knew any other in his life—but he still made him feel loved and cherished like the first time they kissed.


His shirt was off next, thrown carelessly somewhere at the bottom of their bed. Kyungsoo stood up, drinking in a sight of blushing, bothered Jongin laying there in his naked glory, just his to devour.


He looked up, hearing Jongin's breath hitching, and smirked at the reaction. He picked Jongin's hands off the duvet, placing them over his naked chest and navel, and the younger took the chance to drag them over the prominent abs and V-line.


The elder was everything he ever wanted, ever dared to hope for, and Jongin felt overwhelmed when Kyungsoo leaned down to kiss him again. Plush lips scurried down his cheek, leaving a peck after peck, before Kyungsoo nibbled under his jawline, making him squirm and mewl at the sensitivity. 


"Always so stunning, my love.." It was whispered at his neck, where Kyungsoo found comfort as well, as he nuzzled behind his ear, nibbling at his earlobe for a second too long.


Jongin was feeling bothered, and hot all over his body, and he pushed Kyungsoo off and to lean on the bed frame, straddling his hips instead. "Let me.." He whispered at the other's lips, holding both cheeks like petals, as he rolled his hips, catching Kyungsoo's grunt with his lips.


They kissed as Jongin palmed him over the pants, swallowing down mewls that fell from the plush lips of the elder, before shivering when Kyungsoo pinched his dusky nipples that hardened under the touch.


"Touch me, Soo."


Kyungsoo kissed just underneath his collar bone, dragging his lips over the golden skin, as his hand worked around his body, touching every curve and crevice. Before his hand fell to the younger's crotch, cupping his manhood.


Jongin's head fell backward in a silent moan, as his eyes shot close, his hips rolling into the palm. His lean body rolled into the palm, leaning behind him, with Jongin grabbing the elder's knee for support.


It was all too much—with the way Kyungsoo looked at him with hooded eyes, drinking him in, one hand fondling his stiff member, the other outstretched on his side, dragging it up and down over his waist.


Jongin felt like he could die from all of this, pushing Kyungsoo's hand off, and instead of lowering down to kiss down his pecs and abs, reaching the rimmed part of jeans underneath his belt, kissing down the bulge that was his work.


He smirked as Kyungsoo bucked into the touch, a stiff grunt falling from his lips that were caught between his teeth, as he got rid of the garment, pulling his cock out of the confines.


Kyungsoo pushed him off, shimming out of the pants and underwear, before pulling him back in his lap, just right for his clothed ass to sit down on a hard muscle. His husband was thicker, much more than him, and with the curve upwards to his strong abs, making Jongin salivate every time.


Either his mouth, his hand or his walls, Jongin loved to feel the muscle throbbing because of him; red angry tip glistening with pre-cum.


Just like now, as Jongin grabbed it at the base, pumping it slowly and dragging his hand all the way to the top; twisting the fist underneath the head.


"Love.." Kyungsoo's grunts reached his ears, and Jongin felt shivers all over his back and arms. Without wanting anything else, he got up, getting rid of his pants too, before dropping his bare ass on the other's stiff cock.


Kyungsoo caught him by his waist, palming his sides all the way to his armpits, before dropping down to thumb at his navel, experiencing Jongin's shivers firsthand.


"Soo.." Jongin's whines sounded so delicious, as he begged for him, for everything that Kyungsoo had. He dropped his hands to palm his tip, thumbing the slit with his dull nail, making Jongin buck up with a shredded breath.


"I got you, love. I'm here.." Kyungsoo reached behind him, feeling his plush ass-cheeks, but before he brushed them apart getting to the main part, he spanked the left one, making the other jiggly in his hand too.


"Fuck!" Jongin's hips stuttered a bit upwards, before dropping down again. "Soo, please.. again!" was spilled from his bee-stung lips, and Kyungsoo kissed his cheek, before slapping the other with much more force than before.


Jongin moaned vigorously, thrashing around a bit, feeling his cheeks throbbing under the elder's squeezing and kneading. 


"You're so gorgeous... Only mine!" Kyungsoo's wolf was woken up when Jongin mewled lowly, only for him to hear.


"Only yours! Always yours!" Jongin used his shoulders as leverage, feeling Kyungsoo's hands going from his sides to spread his cheeks apart, before a finger dragged from the curve over his puckered hole, and down to his pulled-tight balls.


He was dripping wet, as a shivered wave coursed his body, making him twitch on the elder's lap. "Soo,"


His voice sounded so broken, so utterly fucked, even without Kyungsoo actually touching him in the right places, as another confession was left at Jongin's plush lips.


"You're so wet for me, baby... Do I make you feel so good, as much as you make me feel like I'm losing my mind?"


Kyungsoo's two fingers spread his hole from the outside, one slipping in just to push him forward, as Jongin's hips stuttered a bit. He tried to push onto the fingers, wanting to feel them deeper, as Kyungsoo leaned in, sucking his brazen buds that ripped through the golden skin of his torso.


He closed his eyes as the two digits slipped in at the same time, Kyungsoo's lips closing in around his left perky bust, rolling his tongue over it. Jongin's head fell backward in a silent moan, as Kyungsoo worked his fingers in and out, scissoring him open. 


He was already seeing stars, feeling like being on a cloud nine, as Kyungsoo continued to finger-fuck him, leaving his entrance only to trace over his rim with a delicate finger. 


"Enough! I need you, I'm going crazy.." Jongin kissed him again, whispering at his lips, before pulling Kyungsoo's hand out and raising on his shins.


Kyungsoo sucked in a breath at the breach, his eyes following Jongin's scrunched-up face in pleasure, as the younger rolled his hips down, sitting with his balls on the elder's plush thighs.


He took one two three—breaths in, before rolling his hips towards Kyungsoo, catching his lips in a silent moan. Kyungsoo worked his tongue, as his fingers brushed Jongin's teats, slipping them backward and onto his behind. 


"Fuck, Soo!" His hips picked up a pace, Jongin raising on his shins to release the hard member tearing his sides apart, leaving just the flaming hot tip-in, before dropping down, making both of them groan.


"My love! My beautiful Nini.." Kyungsoo was delirious at the feeling of the other, only raising his hips, pushing his cock deeper harder, as Jongin backed away, planting his feet on either side of him, giving him the view of everything.


He could see his cock leaving the other, catching on the puffed rim that glistened with Jongin's natural lubrication, Jongin's neck on full display, with his mating mark faint but still raised like a welt from the skin in a silent confirmation that Jongin was his and nobody else's. And Kyungsoo suddenly felt like his wolf would howl at the full Moon.


Jongin was thrown at the bed behind him, Kyungsoo's hand following him close behind, as the elder buried his face where his cock was just moments ago.


He licked around the rim, tasting Jongin on the tip of his tongue, before he pushed it deeper, groaning at the back of his throat. His mate was absolutely delicious, tasting like spring and oranges all wrapped in sweet, drizzling caramel—and Kyungsoo couldn't stop even if he tried.


Not even when Jongin pulled at his onyx locks, gripping them tightly, pushing his face deeper with his legs that were closing on around him. His whole body was on fire, his legs trembling with excitement, his wolf howling to be set free.


"Alpha... My alpha!" Jongin slurred with sweat itching his brows, with spit dripping from his throat. Kyungsoo pulled at the cheeks harder, exposing him to the cold air, feeling a rumble of possessiveness under his chest as Jongin shivered, his rim twitching with ecstasy.


He licked a long strip again, going from the younger's tight balls, over his exposed rim and to the base of his cock, where he buried his face, inhaling deeply.


"I need you, Alpha! Please! Make me cum!" Jongin moaned wantonly, pulling at his hair, pulling him up. 


Kyungsoo reached down to his throbbing cock, palming the tip, before grabbing it at the base, shoving the whole length back in in the excruciated heat that swallowed him whole.


Jongin's legs were around him again, and he was only pulling out, catching on a tight rim, before pushing back in, hitting Jongin's nerves. It sent the younger over the bed every single time, and he wasn't stopping with wails and grunts.


"Alpha!" He screamed, pulling Kyungsoo down, moaning breathlessly at his lips. "Alpha, my alpha!"


The sweat dripped from his cheek, but he pistoled his hips back in, Jongin hiccuping with every thrust. His knot expanded around his cock, and Kyungsoo couldn't pull out anymore that much. Only tearing the heated rim out a bit with every pull, before he pushed in again, burying deeper.


Jongin was delirious, seeing white behind his eyelids, and it was enough for Kyungsoo to reach between their bodies, slipping his hand over his stiff member, pumping it once, twice—before he came with a twist of his hand done just right. He spilled over their chests, distorting his spine upwards towards Kyungsoo, screaming his name in a painful strain of his vocal cords.


The veins on his neck were prominent like this, and Kyungsoo licked the soiled skin, all the way up to his ear, grunting it in softly. He was close too, and he only needed to look in Jongin's hooded eyes, his vision swimming—before pushing in all the way, burying his knot deeper, and releasing with a shuddered breath.


Jongin shivered as he felt full, warmth seeping from the inside, coating his whole being. Kyungsoo huffed out as he thrust a couple of more times, just to ride out both of their orgasms, laughing breathlessly when Jongin's brows pinched in the middle.


"I'm cold." The younger shivered when the knot caught on his rim again, as Kyungsoo reached for the blanket laying on the edge of the bed, covering them both.


They might as well sleep like this, because his knot needed some time to exhaust, and Kyungsoo could look at Jongin's current state for hours, really.


"Sleep now, love! You were amazing."


Jongin only nodded, smiling softly as Kyungsoo left two kisses on each eyelid, nuzzling his cheek next. He was conscious enough to feel plush lips breathing on the corner of his own, before they pressed together, Kyungsoo leaving 'I love you, so much!' at the corner.








When he woke up the next time, his husband wasn't at his side.


Jongin turned around, shifting with a hiss leaving his lips, before feeling the bed up for the one certain cute shorty. But when he felt the warmth under his fingertips, he quickly gathered the covers around him, dragging his legs to the balcony on the side of their room. 


It was a vast space, but Kyungsoo decorated it with garden chairs and one big table where Jongin liked to sit around and read. They weren't that much of fans of flowers and potted plants, but Jongin still placed one succulent yucca plant in the corner, just because it looked good.


When he reached the glass door leading to the outside, he saw a figure leaning on the railings; Kyungsoo in his full glory, with only his underwear on.


He ducked down, covering his lips as he smiled, and hurried outside to join him, but with soft pats over the oak wooden planks. 


Kyungsoo jolted a bit when Jongin hugged him from behind, tucking him in the sheets as well. He smiled as the younger snuggled in his shoulder, kissing the skin tenderly.


"Why aren't you sleeping, love?"


Jongin shrugged, proceeding in leaving kisses up his shoulder and down to his nape. "I always feel when you're not around... I miss you then!"


"Do you always miss me?" Now, Kyungsoo wasn't the one to indulge in their pack's teasing every once in and while, but he still had his quirks.


"Of course... I worry when you go out on a hunt, I worry when you have work—Hell, I even worry when you go out for a town to buy us groceries." Jongin felt the elder's hands pushing him off before he was pulled into the hard chest that shivered under Jongin's lips.


"I don't miss you that much.." Kyungsoo pulled at the sheets, covering both of them, as Jongin was smudged in between the warmth of Kyungsoo's skin and the covers that smelled like him as well.


"You don't?" He tried to bite at the left pectoral muscle, but Kyungsoo hugged him tighter, squishing his lips to the skin. 


"Every time I'm not with you, I feel like I'm missing my breath.." Jongin stopped at that, placing his ear to listen to the elder's heart as he spoke. "And when I think of you, it only gives me support to overcome everything that I need to. Whether it's work or a hunt, I think of you, knowing that you count on me and that I have to do everything that's in my power to keep it like that."


Jongin raised his head from the other's chest, looking him up through his lashes. "But I always believe in you, Soo. I always know that you will do everything because I know you can! You're brave and noble and I couldn't love you more for that!"


"Then why do you hurt me?"


This was Jongin's time to shiver. "W-What?"


"Why do you hurt me whenever you doubt yourself? When I catch you throwing me those sad smiles, eyes full of self-doubt that must never be there!" Kyungsoo pulled them to sit at the patio's woven chair, pulling Jongin to sit on his lap instead.


The younger looked up to the elder from under his lashes, biting his lower lip. He didn't know that this affected him too, that he hurt Kyungsoo as well as he was hurting himself.


"When I met you that night, I couldn't breathe.."


"Wow, that must've been nice!"


Kyungsoo chuckled in his deep timbre voice, bringing his palm up to his lips, leaving a breathless kiss in the middle of it. "It was because I'd never encountered a more beautiful being before you.."


Jongin swallowed, waiting to hear it.


"You had this kind smile as you served us, your eyes twinkling with fondness of your work. You were hurting too, I could see that. But you never wavered in giving, in doing it right.."


Kyungsoo looked up to his hair, pushing his fringe aside, before leaving another peck on his crown too. It was like he was tending a small child, and Jongin felt like Kyungsoo was his everything. Like he was, is, and used to be his everything—everything good he had ever seen of this life.


"And when I came back to visit you, your scent was everywhere in your hut. I couldn't breathe, and at that moment I knew!"


"That we are destined?"


"That I belonged to you!" Kyungsoo was even gentle when he reached up and wiped his tear-streaked cheeks. "That you were the only thing that I needed for the rest of my life, the only thing I longed for. But don't get me wrong, I don't see you as a thing, no. Your whole existence and the spirit of your wolf was everything that I felt that night—needing to take you away and make you mine!"


Jongin smiled through the tears, whispering, "And you did,"


"And I did!" Kyungsoo's smile still made backflips burst in his stomach. "And if I could do everything again, I wouldn't change a thing in my life! I would only push myself to find you earlier, and spend more time with you like this.."


"Like what?"


"Like this—you, bared from clothes, tired from loving me, with only a piece of cloth to keep you away from prying eyes, and my arms to secure around you... sitting in my lap. The ever-gorgeous you, only mine to love.." Kyungsoo left a wet kiss on his cheek, "mine to cherish.." before kissing his chin, going up to leave another on his forehead, "mine to protect!"


In a heap of boldness, Jongin couldn't help himself, "I don't need protection,"


"I know you don't, love... Because you're the brave one, the one that fought all of his life! But I still love to spoil you," 


Jongin hooked his arms around Kyungsoo's neck, linking them around his nape and bringing him impeccably close. His lips still tasted the same, but Jongin couldn't still get enough of them, always pushing his lungs to work in his favor a tad bit longer, to help him taste Kyungsoo's tongue gliding with his own, his teeth scraping at his bottom lip.


"Do you know how much I love you?"


Kyungsoo looked up from his lips and into his eyes, smiling at the edges. "I can guess.."


"No, you can't. Because even me, myself, don't know just how much I still can't get enough of you!"


"Love," Jongin still melted in goo at the nickname. "I'm yours. Now and forever. And we have our whole lives to show each other just how much we are meant to be."


"Damn right we have!" Jongin chuckled at the other's lips, pulling him in a smooch once again, having his mind spinning by none other but Do Kyungsoo himself.








Two cups of steaming coffee were perspiring on top of the table, the foam not stopping the vapor to raise and cloud the air. 


"Do you think he's gonna be okay?" Luhan perched his cup at the bottom lip, sucking in the burning liquid. 


Sehun shrugged, reaching to dust off the crumbs that were left on the table after Luhan's baking today. They were back at their own house, after having dinner and taking care of the dishes instead of Jongin.


They all cleared out after saying goodbye, not disturbing the couple that retreated in their room, without having dinner at all. But still, Minseok packed everything in the oven, turning on the heater underneath, just in case Jongin and Kyungsoo got hungry at the end.


When their pack leader stood up, saying in that monotone voice how they needed to be excused, they joked about their sex life, knowing that they were about to have done something on that line.


But when the door to their bedroom closed, the whole table of the pack fell silent, knowing exactly why they left without another word.


It was known what kind of life Jongin used to have, and what exactly he'd been through. But even with that, the younger still had doubts about his own being, his own well-being, and what he meant to Kyungsoo.


So without talking about them further, they were back to eating, sharing stories about the hunt and what their next move should be. They all agreed to make sure to leave everything behind clean and neat, for how long the couple ought to take time to redeem themselves and get back on the right track.


Luhan was the one to wash the dishes, along with Tao who collected them all and then gave them to Jongdae to wipe them dry and place them back in the cabinets. Yixing and Joonmyun cleared the table, making sure to wipe it clean, as Sehun and Baekhyun rearranged the chairs, scolding Chanyeol and Yifan for hogging the desert; eating instead of helping out.


When they made sure that everything was nice and clean—Minseok going for an extra mile to turn off the lights and lock the house from the outside—they all said goodbye, retreating in their respective houses.


Luhan made them coffee, sitting across from his boyfriend and mate, smiling as Sehun kneaded the skin on the back of his hand as he spoke. 


"Who knows... I mean, Kyungsoo's a good mate and a husband, but disappointments and self-doubt run deep in that one.."


Luhan hummed, making sure to squeeze his hand back, as Sehun looked up, smiling, crinkles showing up at the corner of his eyes. "When did you become so wise, my Sehunnie?"


"When I met you, my dear Lu!" Was the answer, before Luhan squealed, jumping over the table to kiss his boyfriend long and hard.








Jongin was in the living room, reading a new novel that he got online, as Chanyeol exited the room at the end of the second floor, fixing his shirt as he wiped the sweat from his eyebrows.


"Are you done? Do you want something to drink?" Jongin jumped off the sofa when the latter descended the stairs, going for the kitchen for something to get him; excitement pouring out of his pores. 


Chanyeol smiled softly, dismissing the offer with his hand, as he carried the toolbox with his other one, going for the door. "Just make sure that Kyungsoo pays me for everything," He joked at the threshold, waving slightly, before leaving Jongin altogether.


The younger was all heap of limbs and hurried steps, as he basically ran up to the second floor, barging in through the mahogany doors.


He barely had a second to collect his heartbeat, when his mouth fell in a silent gasp of admiration.


The room was a big one, but the way it was all collected and placed together made it look even bigger, as Jongin took it all in. 


When they moved into the house, Kyungsoo had a few ideas about what their extra room at the end of the hallway could be used for, but Jongin asked to make it his own. In the only way, he always wanted.


Being a good mate that wanted nothing else but to make Jongin happy, Kyungsoo started working on the project of helping his mate to make it exactly as he wanted as soon as the younger confessed to him. What Jongin wanted, Kyungsoo made sure to get him.


He looked around, before moving his legs to step in and pass the threshold. The lights were turned on, illuminating the room with sparkling rays of crystal chandelier that was hooked in the middle of the ceiling, spreading in width with grandiose pearls that were hanging from each threat that had a little light bulb at the end.


Jongin walked to the mirrors on the opposite wall, placed from the floor to the ceiling, allowing his whole figure to dance in the reflection. When he looked to the side, one long wooden bar was set into the wall, laying horizontally with the rest of the room.


He tried to spin on the hardwood planks that were in soft peach beneath his feet and giggled as his socked feet glided across with ease and slide. 


There was a sofa in royal blue in the corner, on the other side of the bar, and he realized that Kyungsoo must've added that part of the furniture as well, but for when he visited, wanting to share this moment with Jongin too.


He smiled at the overwhelmed feeling that coursed his system, making him emotional for finally having what he always wanted. So without touching anything else, he closed his eyes, raising his arms in the air.


He felt the music even without hearing any, allowing the slow rhythm to push his feet forward, planting them firmly on the wooden planks that felt warm underneath his touch.


He pushed forward, moving in a circle, all the while closing his eyes and humming under his breath. His limbs guided him to make the most out of the vast space that surrounded him, as Jongin raised his arms ahead of him, pulling them over his head.


Truth be told, he didn't know what was he doing. Certainly, because nobody was there to ever teach him what the music bubbling in his ears making him move and dance meant, and in what ways he could use it. 


But he didn't care for that, as a bubbly laugh spilled from his lips upon realizing his reflection in the well-lit mirror on the wall. But when he raised his eyes off of his smiling face, another beaming smile made him blinded and in a hiccup, Jongin turned around coming face to face with Kyungsoo.


"S-Soo, I—"


"Dance my love. I want to watch you." Kyungsoo skipped two steps from leaning on the door frame, crossing the space that separated them, coming to face him, just inches away. "Do you like it? Yeol did a good job, I must admit." He twisted his head around, nodding with pursued lips, admiring his friend's work.


Chanyeol was their carpenter, with hands that could create even the most beautiful crafts out of all types of wood. Kyungsoo made sure to make it perfect, with every choice that Jongin wanted, he contacted Chanyeol, explaining how this needed to be done perfectly.


When he craned his neck over Jongin's shoulder to see the mirror, he was startled as his husband kept on watching him. "What?" He asked dumbly, and Jongin smile only grew wider.


"Nothing.." He whispered, and that's when Kyungsoo realized the tears that brimmed over the edge of his eyes. 


He was quick to pull him in, to hug him close, and to laugh at his ear, "Love, I hope those are happy tears."


"The happiest!"


Jongin spent the rest of his afternoon dancing around on the warm wooden planks, spinning in circles and jumping in disengaged steps, as he used to see in movies, smiling ever so slightly. The mirrors mirrored and followed his every step, not disappointing him whatsoever, as Jongin inhaled looking into his reflection over and over again.


But the mirror wasn't the only pair of eyes that followed, for his mate and the love of his life was sitting on a royal blue sofa, clapping whenever Jongin smiled.








"We need more cabbage! Tao, stir it right." 


The kitchen was once again a mess. To put it simply. 


It's been a week ever since Jongin's got a new room to dance, and he was more in there, spending both his time and muscles than he was reading like he used to do. The alphas of the pack were once again on a hunt, this time staying two nights out of the house already, and the omegas stayed behind.


Even betas, Sehun and Baekhyun stayed behind, helping omegas in preparing dinner and making sure everything was ready for when their boys come back home.


Jongin was going up and down the kitchen, making sure that everybody's doing their job, before Minseok cleared his throat loudly, stopping everyone in what they were busy doing.


"I have some news to share." The whole room stopped to look at the male as he blushed cutely, his cheeks bulging out from laughing.


"... Is the sauce ruined?" Jongin asked slowly, eyeing the stove behind his pack omega before Minseok giggled cutely.


"No, silly. I'm pregnant!"


There was one two three four—moments of silence as the whole room erupted in loud whistles and aw's, attacking Minseok with hugs and kisses.


"Whoa, calm down guys!"


"Congratulation, Minnie!"


"Yeah, we didn't know Jongdae had it in him!"


Minseok threw a stinky eye at Tao, watching him go back to the stove before he was pulled in Jongin's strong arms.


"I'm so happy for you, Minnie! This would be our first baby in the pack—or babies! OhmyGod, what if you have like your own pack, and give birth to like five puppies—"


"Actually, he's too tiny for carrying five puppies, and judging by his built, three would be maximum."


Their pack healer and caretaker, Yixing, explained, patting Minseok on the back before he finished. "Yeah, Xing confirmed my pregnancy last week, and Dae and I wanted to tell you all together, but I barely contained not to spill earlier. Dae's probably telling the rest of the pack right now." Minseok smiled brightly, accepting the chair that Yixing pulled out for him to sit down.


They were all full of questions on what the gender the babies were, but Yixing explained that it was still too early to know, so they continued to guess the gender they wanted to see.


"I think it's a girl!"


"Maybe it's a boy—and ohmygod! what if you have like three boys, all alphas!?"


"No, girls are also nice too, and who says he can't have like three alpha girls!"


"That would be awesome, true!"


"Maybe two girls and a boy?"


"Tao, don't complicate things."


"But who says that he can't be having omegas too!"


"Whatever he's having, I know the babies would be too adorable!"


In the heap of talking over each other, with equally flustered Minseok trying to explain that he just wanted healthy and strong puppies, not mattering about their gender, what they failed to see is a sad-smiling Jongin who pulled away, stirring the sauce with a wooden spatula.


His mind was racing all over the place, and as much as he was truly happy for Minseok and his family, he couldn't help but think about Kyungsoo and their future.


Nobody knew—well except Yixing, and probably his mate Joonmyun, since the couple didn't hold secrets between each other—that Jongin wanted puppies more than ever now, and that he and Kyungsoo have been working on it for a couple of months now.


They stopped using condoms, only indulging in unprotected sex that Jongin always feared, because he knew how badly the injuries and STDs could be among their species, but he felt secure knowing that his mate was clean and having regular check-ups too.


When they first talked about having a puppy, or a couple of them, Kyungsoo was so happy that Jongin wanted them too, that they got to work right away.


.. But.. It's been months, almost a year, and their luck was still running low.


Jongin was too deep in thoughts, that he jumped out of his skin when a hand was pressed at his shoulder. It was Luhan, as he saw upon turning around, and he had a sad smile matching his own.


"Are you okay?"


"Why wouldn't I be? The dinner will be a success, like always," He tried to smile, but the lift of his cheeks didn't catch his eyes too. Luhan must've seen it too, before asking to see him outside.


They left in a soft patter, not alarming the rest of them, and stopped to sit at the backyard patio. "Talk to me."


"I'm fine, Lu. Really."


Luhan looked ahead, seeing the Sun dropping down and setting somewhere behind the fluffy clouds. "Okay... If you say so. But I see you're hurting. Is it because of Kyung?"


"No, no! Of course not!" He's the kindest soul ever, he wanted to add but bit his tongue just in time. Luhan didn't need to know that—didn't need to hear it from him, for he already knew about it. "It's just... Can I tell you something?"


"Of course!"


"I want to have puppies!"


Luhan tilted his head. "Have you told Kyung that?"


"Of course! Actually... we've been working on it for almost a year now."


"A year!?" 


Jongin shushed him with both hands, looking around to see if anybody has heard the elder. When he was sure that Luhan was calmed, did he turn to him again? "Yes. And as you may tell, we weren't so lucky.."


Luhan looked like he was deep in thought, with his furrowed eyebrows in eyes darting from side to side before he asked about Jongin seeing Yixing for his—their—problem.


"I already did. He examined both me and Soo, and he'd found nothing out of ordinary. It's not us... It's me!" Jongin decided to whisper at the end, Luhan hearing the broken tone spilling ever so hurtfully.


"How?" Jongin lowered his head, worrying over his bottom lip, shrugging slowly.


"I was always a sick child.. catching every flu season with a cold and having to lay it down longer than all the other kids around... And Yixing told me that that must've been the problem because my organism is not strong enough to carry puppies.."


Jongin promised to both himself and Kyungsoo that he wouldn't blame himself for being like this and that their time would come eventually. But when Luhan blinked, wiping his left cheek with the back of his hand, he realized that he was the weak one once again.


"Jongin, it would happen! Trust me! You both deserve to have it all, and it would happen when you least expect it."


Before Jongin could agree with the elder, Tao's head peeked through, informing them that the rest of the pack just arrived. He wiped his tears quickly, sharing a comforting smile with Luhan, before coming in to see his love.


Kyungsoo always made it all better.


And for real, his husband was waiting for him by the patio door, pulling him into a kiss as soon as Jongin's feet stepped in.


"I missed you, my love.." They were gone longer than in the previous three months, and Jongin hated sleeping alone.


"I missed you more, Soo!" He kissed him again, crushing him in a hug like he was afraid that Kyungsoo would go away.


"I'm here Nini, don't be afraid." 


Jongin spoke at his lips, "Have you heard the news?"


"About Seok's pregnancy? Ah, yes. Dae informed us all... I'm happy for them." And Kyungsoo was smiling, like finding out about the best thing ever. He's all smiles and teeth, and Jongin felt like somebody kicked the air out of him.


"Yeah... I'm happy too," But his husband was quick to follow his every mood, "I'll be in the studio, okay?"


Jongin retracted to the hall, going up the stairs, not even seeing that the pack was all lazing around in the living room, betas petting Minseok's belly affectionately.


Kyungsoo huffed out, stepping into the room and congratulating them both once again, before walking up the stairs, going for the last room in the hallway.


When he opened the door widely, Jongin had his eyes closed, dancing to the CD player that was playing some soft tune for him to dance to. He was ever so gracious, moving with his tall figure and slim legs, raising on tippy-toes, before dropping down with ease.


Kyungsoo could watch him all day—doing whatever, really—but when Jongin stopped, head hanging and away from his prying eyes, he saw in the reflection his tightly clenched eyes.


He didn't know where to start, but he understood right away what the problem was.




"Why do you stay with me?" Jongin asked in a hushed, broken tone, raising his eyes just to look up to Kyungsoo's eyes. When the elder saw his tears, his whole world collapsed.




"Why do you stay? Why do you try? Why do you care?"


Jongin looked to the bottom of the reflection, tracing his eyes over his feet. "I ask myself that every day... I ask myself why I'm not good enough to give you children—you must want that, right? You said it yourself.. back then when I confessed how I pictured a big family.. you being the father—"


"I don't need anything else to be happy.." Kyungsoo started slowly, shuffling on his feet but not entering further. He couldn't endure being pushed away as he tried to hug him. "I don't need kids just to have a purpose of this marriage, because I already have you as my spouse, and that's why I'm here, Jongin... That's why I try every day, wanting nothing more than to make you happy!"


"But.." Jongin glanced at his reflection, choosing to slump forward and sit on the lamented floor instead. "But why can't I give you children? They must've not even tried, and they made it on the first attempt? Why couldn't have that been us? Why, Soo, why—?"


Kyungsoo stepped in, cutting his next sentence, as Jongin pulled his knees to his face, burying it in next. He was trembling, the elder could see as much, so he crossed the space softly, sitting down next to him.


"Love, look at me.."


"Stop saying that," Jongin pushed him away meekly, but Kyungsoo was quick to pull his hands off his face, cradling it next. "We don't need puppies to be happy, okay?"




"Let me ask you something—are you happy with me?" When Jongin blinked adorably, he tried again, "Are you happy with what we have? Are you happy that I'm your husband; that I'm the one that gets to lay next to you every night; the one that has your finger wrapped in a ring?"


"Soo, I—"


"Answer me, Jongin!"


"Yes, I— Yes! Of course! I'm more than happy, because I love you, Soo, and I—"


"Then why do you—?"


"Because you give me everything!" Jongin yelled in his face, crying into his knees again. Kyungsoo blinked twice, sucking in a breath as his husband tried again. Accusing him. 


"Because you deserve to get something in return... Because you do everything to me, and I don't get to do anything back! God, Soo—I love you so much, but that's that! I don't prove myself with grand declarations and massive fights to defend your honor! You do! And you do it all and much more... For me, just for me..." Jongin looked down at his feet, picking Kyungsoo's hand up from where it was pushed to just moments ago. "I wanna give back... I wanna make sure that you stay next to me, that you have a reason to love me even when you get tired of me,"


"But, kids don't assure that... Even if we have like dozen of them."


Jongin scoffed bitterly, wiping at his runny nose. "They don't, you're right. But.. you want them, and how bad of a husband I am that I don't get the opportunity to give them to you?"


Kyungsoo huffed out, looking equally drained as his mate was, tucking a strand of Jongin's unruly hair behind his ear. He couldn't look Jongin in the eyes right now, because of everything that the younger just said. If he was doubting that Kyungsoo could love him for eternity, then no kid or a whole bunch of them could prove him wrong. 


But he still tried, "I would want to have puppies with you, but just because you're you... I didn't marry you, only to see you as my inferior.. just as a baby-maker, love.." Jongin cried into his soft palm, kissing it slowly. "Don't ever think that, love... We are still trying, and I'm sure that we would be having our puppies in a matter of months!"


Jongin was fine for about two weeks, before getting more than angry at his husband for suggesting adopting as their last resort.