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Akira Sakura

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Sojiro entered the house of his coworker and was greeted with the smell of cinnamon and apples that filled the room as the young Government official in training sat down on the faux leather chair of his friends' home. He scanned the house, it was freshly cleaned, recently from the looks of it. Right, he hadn't really seen them since the birth of their twins.

"You know, for recently having a couple of kids, your house is pretty clean," he said with a soft chuckle when he saw the pair come out with two 6-month-old babies, one of them seemed to be much smaller than the other. Sojiro watched them gently put down the larger of the two, but not seeming to take the same amount of care into the other. Uncomfortably, he coughed into his hand. "How's your little boy doing? Since his sister decided he'd be coming with her to greet the world" He said with a light hearted tone. The two parents frowned at the question, making him give a nervous smile.

"Anyway..." he started.

"He's not developing as fast as his sister, it's disappointing" knitting his brow, Sojiro could only keep from giving them a judgmental look.

"Well, Yeah, the poor kid was born two months too early and had to be kept under constant hospital watch, not sure what other miracle you expect from him aside from surviving that" Sojiro probably shouldn't have said that, but he couldn't help but be annoyed at the pair for the obvious disappointment they were expressing in their child.

"That was a nightmare... we couldn't focus on Aiko" Sojiro snorted when he heard this mother say that. He watched his Co-worker cross his arms. The single man almost could not believe what came out of the man's mouth next.

"We've discussed putting him up for adoption, if we keep him, he'll only slow his sister down when they get older" the way he spoke, there was no hesitation in his voice, and neither parent looked like they felt remorse or guilt for such a decision. It was mind numbing to hear them talk about this. Sojiro looked over to the babies, seeing Aiko excitedly banging her rattle on the floor, while her brother laid against the Boppy pillow, holding onto a stuffed rabbit. It was heart breaking to think they were just going to abandon their child, and there would be stigma as he grew up too. Something instinctive kicked in at that moment as he turned his attention back to the couple.

"If you're serious about putting him up for adoption... I'll take him then, just tell me where we go to get the paperwork filled out and I'll take him off your hands" The request was not made in hesitation, it shocked both him and the pair.

"Are you sure Sojiro? We don't want you to burden yourself with him" he nodded.

"I'm sure, that way you can focus on your daughter and not worry about what he'll get into" Sojiro expressed, not backing down. There was a soft hum.

"Alright then... We'll all fill out the paperwork, then he's all your's, less hassle this way" Sojiro could only nod, even though he wanted to punch the idiot in the face. He mentally told himself it was their loss.

Akira Sakura didn't sound too bad really.