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Tainted Love

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Shinya pushed back his silver bangs as they stuck to his sweaty forehead. His hands shakily held the razor as he sliced through the small purple triangle on his right inner thigh. "Destroy..." He mumbled, memories of his parents tormenting him about his soulmate being a male.


Suddenly the bathroom door slammed open."What the holy fuck do you think you're doing?!" Guren shouted angrily.The silver haired teen dropped the blade, slamming back into the stall door in fright. Guren stormed to him and wrenched open the stall. "What the fuck, Shinya!"


"Guren!" He tugged down his pant leg shakily down. "W-What's going o-on?" He shook, sobs catching his words.


"Oh no you fucking don't!" Guren grabbed his hands, yanking them away and yanking up his pant leg. He gasped, "Oh Shinya..."


"G-Guren, please don't look!"


"Sit down and shut up!" Guren snarled. The silver haired teen stared at the floor, fat tears streaming down his cheeks. The boy had found him cutting his wrists many times before. Cutting his thigh was new… Guren sighed, "Shinya...why the hell would you do this? It's cut so deep. Were you trying to cut out a piece of skin? I can't even see what it's supposed to be..."


"G-Good. I want it g-gone! I will if I h-have to!"


"Why would you want what gone?..." Guren’s voice was soft as he gently began to clean away the blood with a warm cloth.


"I-I'm Tainted..." Shinya brokenly sobbed.


Guren’s pupils flared in anger. He stood instantly and grabbed his shoulders. "Who taught you that word...."




“Mahiru...of course it was fucking Mahiru." Guren spat, "There's nothing wrong with who you are Shinya. Stop using that stupid slur that a bunch of close minded people invented." Guren washed away all the blood and gasped, seeing Shinya’s mark for the first time.




"It's um....I've just never seen it before." In truth, Guren had never truly seen it before and now he was panicking a little, for Shinya’s mark matched his own that was hidden at the base of his spine.


"I-I don't need you gawking at it!" He squeaked.


"Why not? No one’s ever told you how pretty it is have they?" Guren gently ran his finger over the wounded flesh around the purple triangle and surrounding three dots at each tip.


Shinya jumped, "What the fuck, s-stop touching i-it! That hurts!"


"Well that's your own damn fault, isn't it" Guren said shaking his head. "It's in such a provocative spot too." He chuckled a little, teasing his friend as he cleaned the area with disinfectant. The symbol danced with different colors every time Guren's fingers brushed it. Guren tried to ignore it and the warmth that was spreading around his own mark. He pulled his fingers away to grab bandages.


The door to the bathroom was flung open, revealing Shinya's older sister, Mahiru. She stormed over to Guren, "Where have you been?!"


Guren squeaked in a very unmanly manner. “Your brother was...sad so I was helping him!" He said pulling down Shinya’s pant leg in time.


She frowned her plush lips, "You missed my speech for some Tainted?!"


Guren stood and glared at her, "Bite your tongue," he growled, his purple eyes growing dark, "or should I use your slur too? He's your own brother."


Mahiru flipped her flowing lavender hair."If you call me that word, I will destroy you." She gripped Guren's hand tightly, a forced smile coming to her lips. "Now, let us leave the trash alone and go home." She yanked him to the door. Guren stumbled after her looking back at Shinya sadly. He mouthed, "Meet at midnight." Shinya nodded, tears returning full force.

Mahiru yanked Guren to her locker. "What were you and him talking about?!" She demanded.


"None of your damn business" Guren snapped back.


"Yes, it is my business!" She dragged him down by the collar. "He is nothing but trash, and if someone catches you two, it affects me!"


Guren slapped her hands away his eyes glinting dangerously, "Oh...nothing but trash, hm? Tell me darling," He spat her pet-name with venom, "What makes him trash?"


Mahiru glanced around, seeing other people in the school hallway. "You know what." She snarled.


"No, fucking say it." He deadpanned.


"I am not allowed to say it in public." She hissed at him.

"Say what? You mean Blank?" Guren said his purple eyes glinting in triumph.


Her hand made contact with his face. "Watch your mouth!"


People moved past them without care, used to the violent nature of the couple. Guren’s cheek stung from the hit. He turned his head back slowly to look at her, "All I'm saying, darling, is that for a seem very willing to harass someone else." Guren hissed through a dangerous smile.


Mahiru glowered, brown eyes sparking in anger. Mahiru stomped away from him, her manicured nails digging into his wrist. She led him up to her bedroom, throwing him onto the bed and mashing their lips together. No matter how hard Guren tried, he melted under her lips. Guren was angry still but she was intoxicating, especially when she was mad.


Shinya limped back to the massive Hiiragi family mansion, none of his family members acknowledging him. He made his way up to his room, pausing when he heard Guren and Mahiru's moans through her door. Guren was groaning softly, "Babe...stop, ah....Come on I'm still m-mad at you..." He mumbled through his moans but was quickly silenced by a rough kiss. Shinya trudged up the rest of the stairs, heart sinking. His room was directly above hers, so he had to listen to them all night. At about eleven the noise stopped. At exactly midnight Guren snuck out and up to Shinya’s room, knocking four times. Shinya threw a pillow at the door, drying his tears half-hazardly. Guren opened the door and stepped inside. "Shinya..." He closed it behind him and moved closer. "How's your leg..."


"It started bleeding once I walked here and on the stairs, but it's stopped now."


"Good..." Guren sighed and sat on the bed next to him. "I'm sorry...." he said quietly.


 "About what?"


" fucked up your family is...making you listen to us tonight...I didn't want to but she's...just ugh!" Guren flopped back, covering his eyes. "What the hell am I even doing...even when I'm so mad at her she has this stupid power over me. I hate how she treats you...we're abusive...and I know my real soul mate is out there."


"I'm sure she's lying about being a Blank. She does things just for attention." Shinya huffed. "I'm sure you both are each other's soulmates."


Guren shook his head and looked away, "No...I know she's not."


"How? You two fuck everyday and are still together after being at each other's throat."


"Because…" Guren looked away, "We are." He whispered. Shinya's head snapped up so quickly he hit it on his bookshelf. Guren stood silently and took off his shirt, turning so Shinya could see it.


Shinya's fingertip brushed across the blue triangle and matching dots at the bottom of the slender back. "We...match..."


Guren hung his head and nodded, "Yeah...we do."


Shinya's blue eyes rolled back into his skull as he passed out, flopping back onto the bed.

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"Shinya?!" Guren gasped and pulled his shirt back on, shaking him. "What the hell! Wake up!"


"Huh?" Shinya mumbled, eyes fluttering open. "I just had the craziest dream...”


"'re not dreaming, you fucking passed out." Guren said, shaking his head.


"Oh my god!" He bolted up. "We're soulmates and you're in love with Mahiru and I'm going to be killed and-"


"Whoa, whoa, slow down!" Guren exclaimed, shaking his head. "Yes, no, and what?!"


"Mahiru will kill me! She already wants me dead and now she has a reason!"


Guren shook his head, "I'm not gonna let that happen!"


"Guren, I am nothing but a burden to this family! And when they find out that I'm the soulmate of Mahiru's love interest, they will come after me!"


"No, they won't...." Guren said quietly. "I won't let them hurt you."


"Then what do we do?!" Shinya panicked, gripping his hair. "For now...nothing." Guren .


"N-Nothing? Like hide t-this?" Guren nodded sadly.  


"I don't want to put you in danger..." Shinya sighed. "I just can't believe this..."


Guren groaned in frustration. "I need to get back but…um..." He leaned over and quickly met Shinya’s lips. Shinya's eyes closed in bliss, hands coming up to tangle into Guren's raven hair. Guren sighed. He never wanted to pull away, this felt so real and right. But he had to. He sadly pulled away and kissed Shinya’s hand. "I'll see you tomorrow, I promise."


"Tomorrow..." Shinya whispered back sadly.


Guren nodded and smiled, "Goodnight, Shinya...sleep well." He left. He didn't want to go back to Mahiru.


Shinya slid down the back of his door, fingers brushing his lips and one hand massaging the pulsing symbol on his thigh. Guren’s symbol was glowing and pulsing, he could feel Shinya’s touch though his own mark.


"Oh god..." Shinya whispered. "What am I going to do?"



Mahiru woke up the next morning without Guren in her bed. She found him asleep on the flat roof, snoring lightly. Shinya watched him from his room, mesmerized by Guren's beauty in the early rising sun. He jumped back when he caught sight of Mahiru glowering darkly, her figure turned towards the sleeping man on her balcony. Guren’s eyes cracked open, yawning when he heard her. "Darling, why are you on the roof?" She asked forcefully.


"Too hot in the bed." Guren said shrugging. "I like the roof."


"I'll buy a fan then." She pulled him back inside the door.


"Babe, you gotta just let me sleep on the roof sometimes, but a fan sounds nice." Mahiru kissed him, fingers dancing down into his boxers. Guren pushed her hand away, "Not now, babe, I'm not in the mood."


She pouted, dark eyes sparkling with lust. "Guren..." She whimpered.


"No…I don't want to." Guren shook his head, "You're not gonna guilt me into sex." Mahiru's pout deepened and she wrapped her exposed body in a silk dressing gown. Guren sighed, guilty conscience kicking in, "Darling, can't we just relax for once?"


"Fine. But I want to shower." She paused, "I don't want to be lonely in it..." She trailed.


Guren sighed and shook his head, "Fine..." he mumbled. She led him to her en-suite, dropping the robe and turning on the shower. Guren took the time to scan her body, seeing no marking. She pulled him into the nautilus shaped shower, falling to her knees in front of him. Guren blushed and looked down, "Babe, come on-I really don't...I really don't want to do this...just shower. I'll give you a back rub and make you hot coco and wait on you all day just...I'm really tired and don't want this right now..."


She gracefully got to her feet, frustration rising in her cheeks. "Guren, what is wrong with you?"


"Nothing I just don't feel well darling...I'm sorry..."


Mahiru sighed. "Alright." She led him under the stream of hot water and started to wash his hair for him. Guren sighed blissfully at the warmth.


Shinya took off the bandages that covered his soulmate mark, hissing at the pain from the adhesive pulling at the scars. The mark was still glowing faintly but looked like it was healing well. Last night still seemed like a dream to him. Guren couldn't be his soulmate! It was most likely just some fantasy he made up in his head about the ravenette again.


At the thought of Guren the mark pulsed. Shinya turned on his small shower, stepping in under cold water. His bathroom wasn’t wired for luxury like the rest of the house.

 He could hear the shower below his room kick on, the thought of Guren being naked just below him turning him on. His mark pulsed on his inner thigh, spreading warmth though his body.


The triangle at the bottom of Guren's spine heated up, heat pooling in his stomach. "I thought you said you felt sick?" Mahiru teased, seeing him getting aroused and mistaking herself as the reason.


"I-I-!" Guren whined, "I can't help it when you're right here."


Shinya's cautious hands trailed down to his cock, whimpering at the memory of Guren's lips on his own.


Guren gasped and his face flushed, biting his lip. "Mahiru...I take it back. I do wanna have fun."


She smirked, her fingers grabbing him. "Of course, darling!" Shinya pumped himself, fantasy going wild as he dreamed of Guren pushing him onto the bed.


Guren clutched at Mahiru’s wet hair as she pumped him, intense warmth curling from his back.  


She went down to her knees, mouth consuming him.


Shinya felt pleasure come directly from his mark and whined loudly as his cock became more sensitive.


Guren threw his head back panting, "Oh god that feels so good…" She smiled up at him from around his cock. Shinya came in his hand as he fantasized about Guren pounding him into the mattress. Guren shivered and came, panting harshly in the hot water. Mahiru rose back to her feet, hugging Guren's slick middle. Guren panted and hugged her back, "Thanks baby...." He totally hadn’t swapped her face with a blue-eyed teen’s.


Shinya leaned against the cold tile wall, tears rolling down his cheeks and disappearing into the water. He could never have Guren. This was the closest he would ever get.

Guren washed off the mess and stepped out of the shower, "Baby, take your time, I'm just gonna go make breakfast." He said, blowing her a kiss. She smiled and stood under the water to wash her long hair.


Guren walked down the stairs and quickly whipped a big breakfast. Then before anyone could see him, he rushed upstairs and went into Shinya’s room, leaving the plate of food on his bedside, with a note that just said, "Love, Guren," on it. Before leaving quickly back to make his own breakfast.


Shinya stumbled out of the shower, scrubbing his face with his ragged towel. His eyes landed on the food, his stomach rumbling. Guren had made him bacon eggs and toast. The smell was delicious, but the food was even more delicious. He grinned and chewed happily, the food warming his body. He finished a few minutes later, his appetite sated and his tummy full. He walked downstairs to place his dish in the sink, seeing Guren and Mahiru eating at the table. Shinya smiled at his soulmate, going back up the stairs to his room.


Guren smiled at Mahiru, his mood instantly improving, "So what's planned for today?"

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Mahiru combed through her damp hair as he set a plate in front of her. "I want to see a movie."

"Alright," Guren sat down at the breakfast bar beside her, "What movie?" He silently sighed in bliss at his own cooking. Damn, I should do this more often.

She seemed pleased with the food as well, taking a moment to shovel a large portion of steaming scrambled eggs into her mouth. "It's a spin on star-crossed lovers. Everyone says it's really good and it seems like I'm the only one who hasn't seen it yet..." She manipulated, knowing Guren would instantly protest watching a romantic movie.

Her plan worked. Guren, feeling slightly guilty, gave into the demand. "Alright." He repeated, mood dropping at the thought of being stuck in a movie theater with her. The teen threw away the rest of his food, appetite lost. "What if Shinya came with us?" Guren tried, desperate to not be far away from his soulmate. His heart hurt already from being on another floor in the same house. 

Mahiru slammed her fork on her plate. "Do you not want to be around me?!" She accused.

Guren sighed heavily. "I do, but that movie sounds as boring as hell." 

"Why does he need to come then? Are you...cheating on me?!" Mahiru stalked nearer, beautiful eyes narrowing in suspicion. 

Shit. The ravenette stayed neutral. "No."

She pressed herself against him, voice lowering, "Good, because we wouldn't want someone to contact the Triangle Extermination Unit, now would we?" 

He growled at her. "Go die in a hole."

Mahiru slapped him again, nails catching his cheek. That was going to leave a scar. "Now, be a good boy and drive me to the movies, so we can enjoy this nice film together." She seethed. 

Guren looked over her curves, "You might want to get dressed first."

A hiss left her lips. "You have twenty minutes." She warned. Her feet padded back up the stairs to her room and the door slammed shut a few seconds later. 

Looking around, Guren saw none of the other Hiiragi children, so he snuck up the grand stairs and into Shinya's room. Guren saw Shinya pulling up his pants, back turned to the door. He slipped in silently, hands ghosting to wrap around the boy's frightened lips. 

"Guren!" Shinya muffled, eyes brightening. 

Guren shushed him, turning Shinya around in his arms. "Shh..." He cooed against his plush lips. 

"Shut up..." Shinya blushed furiously.

"Then let's shut up." Guren devoured his lips hungrily.

"I couldn't stop think about you." Shinya whispered between kisses. His hands threaded greedily through his dark hair. 

"You too..." Guren mumbled, panting.

"I c-couldn't help my fantasies..." He whimpered when chapped lips scratched at his jaw line.

Guren cursed, pulling himself free from the tight grip. "I'm so sorry I have to go baby. I have to get ready for her."

"No...please don't go!" Shinya yanked him back into a searing kiss.

Guren sighed, "Baby..."

Shinya pulled himself away, wiping his eyes. "Go to her. I'll be here whenever you get back..."

Guren hung his head as he ran back to his apartment. He ran across the street to his home and cleaning up as fast as possible, arriving back just in time looking and smelling nice. Mahiru smiled at him when she opened the large front door, taking his hand to lead him to her expensive car in the garage. After the movie they drove home and he kissed her lips quickly. "Goodnight darling."

She raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure you don't want to stay the night?"

"Well....I mean I guess I could..."

"Just stay tonight, Guren." She met his lips again.

"Okay, okay!" He snapped, "I will." She turned the car around, driving back to the mansion. Guren shifted uncomfortably in his seat. When they reached the mansion, they entered to hear rustling in the kitchen.

Shinya was going through the bags in the pantry, his voice slightly softer through the wall. "Mahiru? Do you know where my whole-grain bread is?" He asked as he was rifling through the food.

She glared, staying silent and passing him with an air of superiority. "C'mon, let's go." She beckoned to her boyfriend as if he were a dumb mutt.

Guren flipped her off. He walked into the room behind the boy, spotting the bread beside the door; handing it to Shinya. "Here." He offered gently.

Shinya smiled brightly when their hands touched. "Thanks, Guren." He opened the plastic and started to make a ham and cheese sandwich.

Guren grinned back, Mahiru frowning deeply. "What right do you have to speak to him, trash?"

"I was just speaking my thanks." Shinya sighed, turning to go into the living room with his freshly made sandwich.

Mahiru huffed. "Waste of space." 

Guren's sharp jawline clenched in anger. "Don't talk about him like that."

"Guren, it's alright." Shinya called from the plush leather couch.

Mahiru opened the fridge, pulling out chocolate syrup and ice cream. Guren licked his lips, still hungry since Mahiru insisted the movie theater was too expensive for food, even though the Hiiragi's basically had unlimited funds. He hummed as she lifted a spoonful of the cream to his lips. "Good..."

"Great!" Mahiru chirped, sneaking a smirk over to the lonely looking Shinya. The look didn't go unnoticed and Guren quickly dipped her and smirked, filling her mouth with chocolate syrup. She blushed heavily. Her hands threaded through his soft hair, swallowing the chocolate. Guren snickered a little and wiped some chocolate from her lips.

"So messy," She giggled. He helped her stand and sighed at the chocolate smeared on his cheeks. She kissed his cheek, smudging chocolate onto his cheek.

Shinya groaned from the rec room. "Please get a room!"

Mahiru whipped her head around with a snarl, "Shut your damn mouth, you Tainted!"

Guren stepped away from her. "Don't call him that, you Blank!"

Her eyes widened and she turned on Guren, slapping him hard across his face. "Don't call me that!" She yelled.

Guren growled. "I have had it with your abuse!"

She frowned, "What the hell do you mean?! You called me such an awful slur!" She had tears in her eyes.

He breathed angrily, "You have done nothing but call Shinya a slur! I don't want to put up with someone who's as vain as you are!"

"S-so is that it?! Are you breaking up with me?!" She screamed.

Guren threw his hands up, "Yes! I'm finally dumping your ass on the concrete where it belongs!" The girl burst into tears and shoved past him, up to her room and slamming the door; shaking the house. The teenager just stood in place, panting heavily. "Finally..." He breathed. Shinya stared at him, frozen where he stood. "What?" Guren asked.

"I-i just...she hit you..and...." Shinya shook his head, he couldn't help but have small tears in his eyes. Watching the abusive relationship right in front of him had scared him. He couldn't stand the thought of Guren suffering as he had once.

The teen rushed to his side, embracing him. Shinya was adopted from an abusive family. Shinya couldn't stop his tears as he sobbed into Guren's shoulder, clinging to him and shaking. "Shinya, we're free...We can be together-" He stopped suddenly, looking up to see Mahiru pointing a gun at them. Guren's eyes widened and he pushed Shinya to the ground as she fired at the back of his silver hair.

She barely missed them as they fell to the ground. "You crazy bitch! What the fuck?!" Guren shouted, grabbing a family picture off the wall and blocking another shot.

"I should've acted sooner! But to think that my trash of an adopted brother and my boyfriend were fucking behind my back, I couldn't accept it until I heard it." She aimed at Shinya on the floor. "I called the T.E.U." The ravenette tackled her and knocked the gun away. They both rolled down the stairs, Guren's head smacking against the kitchen tile. He fuzzily saw her reel back her fist to punch him, but he was too slow to control his limbs right. 

Shinya grabbed the gun, pushing the cold nozzle to her temple. "Get off him!" He yelled. When she didn't move, he pressed the mouth deeper into her skull. "I said Get. Off. Him!" She stood slowly before quickly snapping her hand and knocking the gun into the sink. Before she could hurt him Guren grabbed her leg and yanked with all his strength. Mahiru screamed as she fell out open floor-to-ceiling window and to the ground below.

Guren's breath stopped and he froze, "Oh god, I didn't mean to kill her...."

"Forget her! We need to leave-!" A harsh banging on the front door downstairs startled them.

"This is the TEU! Open up or else we will break down the door!" Guren gasped and grabbed Shinya's hand. He yanked him up the stairs, grabbed a pre-packed bag from a closet and opened the window. "Go, go!" He whispered harshly. 

Shinya nodded, jumping out and clinging to a large branch on the tree next to the window. He hopped to the ground, hiding behind the trunk until Guren landed. Guren took his hand and started running to the woods behind the mansion. Luckily he knew it well. Officers chased them, noticing the silence and rustling in the trees. "Shoot them!" The commander ordered, firing a shot at the couple. Guren ran them into a patch of tight trees, blocking their bodies from view of the shots. Bullets slammed into thick bark, scattering pieces of earth.

"Guren, we need to keep moving!" Shinya panted.

The ravenette nodded and looked around desperately. "Ok...Ok, on three get ready to run for that hole and crawl for your life, trust me. One...two...THREE!"

The two took off, Shinya falling to his knees when a bullet lodged itself into his calf. Guren gasped, "Go! Crawl into those bushes, it's a path! Just keep going I'm right behind you!" He shoved Shinya forward, pulling a grenade from his bag. When they were both clear of the mouth, he tossed it out and crawled after Shinya.

They both reached the clearing as the mouth exploded, blocking any way to reach where they were.

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Shinya panted harshly. His calf hurt worse than anything he'd ever experienced. Crimson blood dripped through his pants as he curled in on himself. "Guren..."

Guren scrambled to his feet, wincing at the brambles stuck in his ankle. “Shinya! Where’d it hit you?” His violet eyes scanned over his form, searching for the source of the blood.

“Leg…" He wheezed.

“Just hold me, ok? I have to get the bullet out.” Guren soothed down the sweaty platinum hair. “It’s gonna hurt, but then you can heal faster.”

“N-No! Leave it in!” Shinya cried softly.

“But then you will get an infection. You are not dying on me after I finally found you.” Guren held him tightly. “Let’s just rest here for a moment and then I can try to move you so I can take it out.”

"We can't! The TEU will eventually break through the barrier. I can go…a little farther." Shinya’s breathing was labored and he clung to Guren’s shoulder.

"Are you sure?" Guren sighed, he knew Shinya was right. He packed up the medical backpack, slinging the green bag over his back. The silver haired teen clutched at Guren's side, limping with his support further down the dark, grassy trail. Both panted at the labor of walking, Shinya’s weight and the backpack slowing their progress. They made it quite a ways before Guren’s legs gave out and he fell to the ground. Shinya dropped with him, landing on his good leg.

Shinya sighed as they laid on the forest floor together. “Are you okay?” Guren was exhausted, his eyes drooping in the staggering heat. They closed weakly as he heard soft footsteps approach the two of them on the floor.

Shinya stared at the strangers in fear, assuming them to be enemies. Shinya whimpered as pale hands encircled him. They were strong but gentle as he felt himself lifted off the ground.

One spoke after Shinya squirmed in his arms. "Rest. We will not harm you."

"Please tell me who you are first!" Shinya shifted.

"We are like you." The person said softly.

"Like me?"

The person nodded, the dark hood covering the person’s face like a veil. "As they call...tainted, I believe." The voice grew bitter, and Shinya felt as if he could imagine the person’s face pinched in disgust. "We are bringing you both to our sanctuary, where you may live in peace."

Shinya mulled it over to himself quietly. Eventually, he took Guren's limp hand and fell asleep in the stranger's arms. The strangers carried them into their camp and put them in soft beds right next to each other.

A small, pink-haired woman stepped inside the tent. "Did you find them?"

"Yes m’am!” Rene said softly looking at the two sleeping "Really bad shape, these two, we got there just in time."

She nodded solemnly. "Are they indeed soulmates?"

"Yes. Without a doubt."

"Perfect!" Her smile widened. "Please bring them to the gates when they have rested some.”

Shinya groaned, pulling Guren closer sleepily. Guren looked over at him and sighed, "I'm here baby...I'm here...."

Lacus smiled, his white teeth contradting his violet hair. "You two are soulmates yes?”

“Yes. We just found out yesterday." Guren tucked a few strands of Shinya’s hair behind his ear.

Lacus smiled and nodded. "Our queen wishes to speak to you both once you've rested. But I assure you you're both safe." Lacus smiled and took Rene's hand.

"Can we wait until Shinya wakes? His leg is injured badly..."

"Of course. He can easily be given pain meds and assistance if he cannot walk."

The man in question's eyes fluttered open, smiling when he saw Guren's face. Guren gasped happily and hugged him "Thank god you're okay...we' here."

"Yeah...Wherever we are...with these...people." The ravenette said looking at Lacus and Rene.

"This is Rene," Lacus placed his hand on the man's shoulder, "And I am Lacus."

"Nice to meet you" Guren said quietly looking down, "'s ok to"

Rene nodded. "Yes. Our whole society is unique."

"Everyone?!" Gurens eyes were wide.

"Our society was based on the world's view of our kind, so we banded under our Queen's leadership and created a place for our kind."

"Wow..." Guren was impressed. Shinya looked down a little. He was nervous and not used to being accepted by others. 

"If you both feel rested enough, we will head to the gates of Sanguinem."

"The what?" Shinya asked quietly.

Lacus clarified. "Our city is named Sanguinem. It is protected by magical gates that do not allow outsiders inside."

"Oh wow.... wait... then... you guys aren't human?"

"Yes," Lacus glanced to Rene, "The queen explains it better than I can..." He blushed.

" I-ok..." Guren just decided to drop it for now. "Shinya, are you ok to go see the queen?"

"Yeah...I just need some help walking..." He struggled to a sitting position. Guren nodded and moved to help him but Rene got a wheel chair.

"Here this'll be easier."

"Thank you." Shinya breathed gratefully, having Guren help lift him into the seat. Guren smiled and shakily got to his own feet, taking Shinya's hand. Rene and Lacus lead them out to see the queen.

The queen, in all of her short glory, sassily stood in front of what seemed to be a clear patch of grass. "Um...Didn't you say there were gates?" Guren whispered.

Rene hushed him softly; as he and Lacus bowed "Queen krul. The young men.."

She held up a delicate hand. "Thank you for retrieveing them. You may return to your posts." They nodded and gave the two young men a reassuring smile. "Who are you two?"


"Guren and Shinya." Guren answered looking up in awe at her.

"Guren and Shinya, I am Krul Tepes. I am one of the creators of our society that is known as Sanguinem. You are welcome to become a citizen, but you cannot take back your decision." Krul straightened her fluffy black and white skirt. "In order to protect the city, my mate and I created a barrier that would only let people we deem worthy to be allowed in. It can only be opened by a select few. Our society is based on magic."

"Magic? What...are you?" Guren asked as politely as possible.

"We are Uniques. Each of us possesses a magical type. For example," She walked over to a tree on the side of the clearing. "I am a nature type." Her hand dispelled green dust, creating vines that blossomed flowers along the tree branch. Guren's eyes widened like saucers.

"Holy shit..." Shinya breathed.

Krul laughed lightly, stepping back over to them. "It always does catch people by surprise. Everyone who is a 'Tainted' in your terms, has an ability."

"W-wait really? Then...." Guren looked at Shinya, "what about us?.."

"We have to unblock the barrier within your mind." She explained. She stepped towards them, the size difference between them becoming more apparent, even if Shinya and Guren were only 19.

Guren looked down at her and then at Shinya "Shinya...I'm willing to do this for us...." he held out his hand "We can be accepted."

Shinya bit his lip. "Guren..."

Guren took his hand and kissed it softly, "I love you....please...let' free together."

"Alright." Shinya whispered.

Guren smiled and gave his hand a squeeze. "We...accept and agree to your terms."

"Perfect!" She grinned. "Now..." Krul bent down and grew a beautiful pink rose. She plucked it at the peak of its blooming, holding it to the two lovers. "Please take a petal and swallow it."

"Swallow?-" Guren sighed and decided not to question it. They both took a petal and put it in their mouths. She watched them with a sparkle in her bright eyes. The petal melted as soon as it sat on their tongues, tasting like fine chocolate. Gurens eyes widened and he hummed as he swallowed itKrul took a small step back. "So, those petals have removed the barrier placed on your mind from the outside world. Just in case you accidentally set something on fire, I'll determine your strength right here."

Guren looked at her and cocked his head, "How will you do that?"

Krul tapped her chin. "Well there are many different types of magic so I will just flare your aura a bit and whatever comes out will be your type."

"O-ok..." Shinya gulped a little.

"Hmm, which of you first?"

Shinya rolled foreward, "Me first." He mumbled.

Her hand opened, a rising mess of thorned branches evolving towards Shinya. "Try to defend yourself. I promise it will not harm you."

Shinya whimpered a little and took a nervous roll back. "P-promise?" He was trembling.

"Promise." She spoke, the halting of her voice freeing the branches and shooting towards the silver haired boy in a fierce tumble. Shinya curled up bracing, and his body started glowing before light exploded around him. The vines recoiled back, shrinking back to hover over her palm.

Shinya looked up nervously, confused when he didn't see any vines. "What happened?"

"Your ability protected you!" She grinned, the throny vines blossoming into flowers at her excitement. Shinya smiled a little looking back at Guren who beamed at him.

"I guess my turn then?" Guren said standing.

"Yes! Soulmates' abilities are complements, so I can already tell what your ability is." She commanded the vines to attack him. Guren watched the vines barreling towards himself.

Suddenly the world turned black; purple and black tendrils shot out, destroying the vines. Guren's eyes were glowing as the vines faded to ashes. Guren's eyes faded back to normal and he blinked, wobbling a little on his feet.

"Perfect matches." She clapped. "You will continue to evolve your powers within your new home." She waved a hand, the air popping and they stood in front of massive marble gates.

Guren looked up with wide eyes, "Holy shit..." he reached out and took Shinya's hand.

"Welcome to Sanguinem." The gates swung open and Guren and Shinya walked though, mouths open in awe. Krul led them through the bustling cobblestone streets.

Bridges criss-crossed above their heads, people with symbols plastered anywhere over their body husting around the three. Guren and Shinya stared in awe at all the people, it was so busy and the air felt so positive.

"Mom! Mom!" A voice yelled happily, as a little blonde boy with bright blue eyes jumped into Krul's arms, a young boy with black hair and emerald eyes running after him, panting.

Krul caught the boy, her features filling with delight. "Mika, Yuichiro, how are my boys doing today?"

"Ferid is being a butt face again!" Yuu whined, clinging to Krul's skirt. "Wait who are they?" He asked pointing at Shinya and Guren.

"This is Guren and Shinya." She nodded to each one.

Yuu walked up to Guren and pouted. "He looks funny."

Guren gaped at the boy before he crossed his arms poutily. "At least I'm taller than three feet."

Yuu's little eyes widened in mischief. "At least I don't use five pounds of hair products every morning!"

Guren towered over him. "At least I don't-uhm...."

Yuu smirked and crossed his arms "Checkmate."

The teen growled at him, Shinya holding him back. "G-Guren, calm down he's just a kid!"

Yuu snickered a little and raised a finger. Wind whipped around Guren's head and messed up his hair, making it look more natural then how it was always slicked back

"You little punk! Do you realize how long it takes for me to do that every morning?!" Guren countered, Yuu's shadow snaking up his own leg.

Yuu laughed a little "Probably even longer than Mama! Whaaaat, you look better with it messy!" Yuu laughed a little "probably even longer than Mama here."

Guren snarled, making Yuu's black shadow twist around his neck and tighten.

Yuu screamed, his eyes widening in fear and scared tears filling his eyes as he was choked, his hands flew to his neck but he couldn't fight his own shadow.

"Guren!" Shinya shouted, but his words were lost in the storm of shadows.

Yuu struggled tears falling down his cheeks "S-stop please! It h-hurts!" He wailed beginning to sob. He was just a child after all.

Shinya lurched forward, hugging Guren from behind. "Guren, stop!" A brightness seemed to chase away the shadows and Yuu fell to the ground, his shadow returning to normal. He began to sob and curled up into a ball, Mika running to his side to hug him protectively.

"He was just teasing!" The small blonde boy yelled glaring up at Guren "He didn't mean any harm! Why did you hurt him!?"

"I am so sorry!" Shinya exclaimed, running around Guren and helping Yuu to his feet. "It's just been a rough time for him. I promise we'll do anything to help you!"

Yuu pulled away sniffling and shaking, "Does he treat you like that?" He asked accusingly, big tears spilling out of his emerald eyes.

"No, no! His girlfriend did though...that's why we're here."

"His girlfriend?....but he's a unique" Yuu said frowning. "But I don't even care" he said looking away and sniffling. "He's a big meanie and I don't like him" Yuu said looking up at Shinya, his pale neck had a small black mark around it.

Shinya bit his lip. "He really isn't that bad, he's just really wound-up. I promise."

"So he takes it out on a kid?! I was just teasing....." Yuu looked down. "Mika, I want to leave..."

Mika nodded, "We should go back home anyway." Yuu didn't give either of the two teens a second look before practically running away. Mika ran after him.

Krul watched them go and returned to look at Shinya and Guren, her stare was icy. "You are welcome here...but you," she pointed a warning finger at Guren, "need to learn to control your temper and powers. You almost killed a child for teasing you about your hair." She frowned. "Go. Your home is a block down on the left. House 23. Goodnight." She turned and briskly walked away.

Shinya sighed, returning to a standing position. "I know, I know." Shinya started walking in the direction she pointed. "But they don't know that."

Guren hung his head in shame and a bit of fear at his own power, following after Shinya.

Shinya stopped suddenly in front of a small townhouse. The color drained from his face at the six children playing outside.