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As the substitute teacher rambled on and on about material that had been taught last week, no one in the class was paying attention. Peter sat towards the back of the class, because the seating was alphabetical, and sadly this meant that people were more chatty around him since it was easier to whisper without getting reprimanded. Today's topic was as politically-correct as always, with the four parties involved (none of them omegas themselves) speculating about, you guessed it! Superheroes.

"Omegas can't be superheroes, it's as easy as that."

"Yeah, and why not?"

"Imagine this. An unmated omega superhero gets captured by a villain, and goes into heat-"

"Wouldn't an omega superhero be on suppressants?"

"If they're captured they wouldn't be able to take their suppressants, now don't interrupt and just listen. They get captured, and boom! Villain finds out their secondary gender and mates them. Now the omega has no choice but to be on the side of the villain. That's why omegas would make terrible superheroes."

"What if it was a mated omega superhero?"

"What kind of alpha would let their omega mate do something dangerous like fight superpowered lunatics?"

MJ cut into their conversation with that comment, adding, "Why must you assume that the omega is mated to an alpha? Why not a beta, or another omega?"

It was conversations like these that made Peter shrink into his seat and do everything he could to make himself disappear. No one except Aunt May and Ned knew about his secondary gender, but at times like these he felt like someone might turn to him and just know that he was different, that he really wasn't a beta.

His heart began to race even faster when one of the group actually did turn to him, as if he could read Peter's mind, and asked, "Do you know any superheroes that are omegas? You know, from your Stark internship?" 

More eyes turned towards him, as apparently many had actually been eavesdropping into the debate. The substitute teacher didn't even notice, just continued to read from the textbook, word for word. Peter usually felt bad for subs, because it always seemed like they either knew a lot about the subject and the normal teacher didn't really leave them anything to teach (or the students didn't want to be taught anything) or they had absolutely no clue what was going on. 

"Well, uh... A-all the heroes I've met have been beta or alpha, but it's possible t-that they were using scent-blockers or just didn't want to openly share that kind of information," Peter stuttered through his response, tempted to make a comment about Spider-Man but deciding against it. Everyone seemed pretty satisfied with his generic answer that anyone could've gotten off the internet, and they turned away from him. He exhaled deeply, and went back to sitting in his desk quietly for the rest of the class, unnoticed. The conversation around him, however, did not change subject and kept going strong.

"Figures that most heroes are alphas, though, like they're all either really smart or really strong, you know? Look at Tony Stark, he's an alpha and-"

"Again," MJ rolled her eyes, "omegas can be strong and intelligent too."

Peter choose to zone out after that, his thoughts only becoming more depressing the more he was reminded of how he would never compare to Avengers like Mr. Stark or Thor or anyone for that matter. He wasn't even trusted to go on real missions anymore, he was a one-time wonder when they were short-handed in a dire situation. Going home, Peter laid on his bed and considered how that wasn't even because he was an omega, but simply because he was just a dumb kid in their minds. He wanted reassurance that he had worth to Mr. Stark, that he could prove himself once more if he was only given the chance. If Mr. Stark or anyone at the Avengers found out what he was though, that would never happen. So for now, he was stuck just waiting, hoping that his second chance would finally come.