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"Please Sophia, you have to help us- this guard, he can't die!"

Gloria looks up at her friend, searching her gaze for even a sliver of pity. The woman had to understand their current situation; if this man dies, Daya would be immediately sent to max, and never return. She'd fail Aleida. How would she break that news to her? 'Sorry, your daughter stole a guard's gun and shot him in the dick, now she's in max.' She wouldn't be able to live with herself. 

Sophia stares down at the guard coldly, as if his life meant nothing. As the man spews transphobic slurs, and spits in the woman's face, Sophia looks almost amused for a second, scoffing. 

Gloria most positively does not find that hot. "In that case, you can bleed out." Sophia turns and shrugs at her, and oh, she really wants to make out with the woman.

"Please- for me."

Now that, makes Sophia turn around. The two's gazes lock, and Gloria feels herself leaning forward, trying to catch a glimpse of any emotion from her friend. 

The woman seems skeptical, as if she was debating wether it was worth it to save the man or let him bleed out like he deserved.

"Gloria I-" 

"Please, please, please. You have to Sophia, I- I can't let Daya go to max." 

Sophia's eyes soften for a moment, and she searches Gloria's gaze, as if she was trying to say something. After a few moments of silence, the woman gives her a curt nod. 

"I'll do it for you. Not him."

God bless this beautiful, amazing, smart, generous woman.

Gloria's so thankful; so overjoyed; that she leaps forward and presses their lips together.

Oh, Sophia's lips are softer than she'd been imagining for the past few nights, and now she's kissing back, and there's a hand on her cheek. Gloria sighs into the kiss, relief flooding through her small body. 

Finally, the ongoing war in her brain of 'Do I just like having a close girl-friend or do I want Sophia to be my actual girlfriend' is over.

The woman can't help but feel a wave of disappointment as her newfound lover pulls away, smiling down at her. 

"We can finish this later. But for now, we should probably get him to medical." Sophia nods to the passed out guard bleeding out on the floor.

Gloria smiles and brushes a strand of hair from Sophia's face. Of all the places she could've confronted her strange feelings, this was certainly most dramatic.

"Yeah yeah. He probably couldn't handle watching us make out anyway."

For the first time since she's gotten back, Sophia grins.