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Hell's Daughter

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The demon Abaddon, knight and aspiring queen of Hell, cackled as she pinned Dean Winchester to the wall of a hotel penthouse. "A boy and his blade," she taunted. "And still no match for the new queen." Abaddon clenched her fist and Dean slammed back against the wall. "So, first you'll die painfully. And then Crowley will watch his son die -ditto- and then the king himself." She chuckled. "And Blade destroyed. That's quite a to-do list."

Dean struggled furiously. If this bitch thought she could defeat a Winchester, she had another think coming.

Suddenly, the doors burst open and a tall figure strode into the room. Surprised, Dean lost his grip on the First Blade and Abaddon used the opportunity to yank it from his hand.
"I suppose that would be your brother come to rescue you from my evil clutches," she sneered, turning around and flinging out a hand to shove the person she presumed to be Sam against the opposite wall. Shock colored her face when the unexpectedly female figure standing in the doorway refused to budge. The only sign that Abaddon was trying to affect her was a slight ruffling of the strange woman's short red hair.

"Hello, mother. Long time, no see."

Abaddon paled and her mouth opened in shock. "Christine?" she whispered, starting to reach her hands out to the woman. "I- I thought you were-"

"Great entrance, Chrissie, love. Wonderful timing, as always." Crowley interrupted as he clapped slowly from his chair.

Dean scowled. Crowley knew this lady? Who was she?

The woman-Chrissie- smiled affectionately at the king of Hell. "Fergus! It's been a while. How's things?"

Crowley snorted. "Just fantastic, as you can see. I'm sitting in a penthouse chair with a damned devil's trap bullet in my shoulder," he snapped. "How do you think I'm-"

Chrissie cut him off with a motion of her hand, then turned to the other woman. "Abaddon. Mother. It's been a while. I hear you've been naughty these past few months."

Dean snorted. "Just peachy. Exactly what I need. Another demon to kill."

"Hmmm." The strange demoness pondered the statement. "Actually I prefer cambion if you will, antichrist if you must. I'm not quite a full demon. Although I do spend some of my free time in Hell." Her eyes flashed for a moment, flicking not to the usual demonic black, red, or yellow, but to a strange, dark blue color.

"Christine!" Abaddon crooned, beginning to look impatient. "Come, daughter, join me, and we can rule Hell together. Just like we always wanted."

The cambion shook her head. "No, Mother, just like you always wanted. I never wanted a part of ruling. Not that you stuck around long enough to know that. "

Chrissie waggled a finger at her mother, and the First Blade flew out of Abaddon's hand and into her own. She stowed it in the bag hanging over her shoulder, then waved a negligent hand at Dean, who was still pinned to the wall. He flew off the wall and slammed into a chair, ropes materializing and wrapping around his arms, tying him to the chair. Finally, she turned to face Abaddon, and snapped her fingers. The self-proclaimed Queen of Hell shrieked as the floor grew up around her like a tree, immobilizing her and covering her entire body up to the shoulders. She screamed in frustration, rage simmering in her eyes, as she struggled in vain to get free.

"You bitch," Abaddon shrieked, "You'll pay for this, Christine!"

Chrissie's eyes narrowed. "No, Abaddon, I will not." she casually flicked her hand and a sword slowly materialized, a large, silver-colored thing that vaguely resembled a cross between an angel blade's shine and bone's porous solidity. The sapphire-colored jewel on the pommel sparkled in a strangely hypnotizing manner and Dean could almost swear the eye carved into the hilt winked at him.

The woman addressed the demoness. "Abaddon, you never gave a shit about me. You only wanted me for the power I might bring after I grew up. You dumped me with my nanny and ran off to murder the Men of Letters. Then you followed Henry forward in time, and I spent fifty-five glorious years growing up without you, living with Nana and Meggie and Fergus and Morte. When I got word that Mummy Abaddon had popped up and was wreaking havoc again, I figured I might as well join the boss fight."

After she finished ranting at Abaddon, the cambion stalked toward her mother, waving the hand not holding the sword, and the floor released Abaddon. The demoness stumbled, then caught herself, drawing a wickedly sharp blade from her sleeve and taking a fighting stance against her daughter. She rushed forward, stabbing the cambion in the chest with the knife, then stepped back, eyes gleaming expectantly.

Chrissie laughed, plucked the knife out of her body, and flung it to the side, forcing Crowley to lean back nervously as it whizzed by him and thudded into the wall. "Oh Mother, you really think that's going to hurt me? Truly?" Her eyes began glowing blue and a strange aura crackled around her body. "I'm the cambion daughter of a Knight of Hell. That thing is a toothpick." She cackled. "If you truly want to hurt me, Abbadon, you need the First Blade, this-" she raised the now-glowing silver sword in her hand-"or, possibly, an angel blade. I don't know; I've never been stabbed with an angel blade."

She turned toward Dean and Crowley, raising an eyebrow. "What do you guys think? Would an angel blade kill a Knight of Hell?"

Dean stared at her, incredulous. Crowley shrugged. "I suppose we'll have to test it out once this is over. Speaking of-" he nodded toward Abaddon.

"Oh, right." Chrissie turned back to the demoness, who had backed to the other side of the room. In a flash of movement, the cambion stood directly in front of her, sword raised. "I almost forgot about you, Abaddon." She thrust the sword into her mother's heart, stabbing through the body into the wall behind.

Abaddon screamed, bones flashing orange and white, and light streamed out of her mouth and eyes, "Nooooooooo!" She slumped over, the blade lodged in her chest the only thing keeping her body pinned to the wall. Chrissie tugged her sword out of the body, cleaning it with a snap of her fingers, and slid it into a leather sheath on her hip.