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Call of Duty

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Stiles stared wide eyed around him, the little fox still clinging onto his shoulder. This is amazing” he enthused “I’ve never flown in a helicopter before” Blair smiled, enjoying the kid’s uninhibited reactions. Then he looked at his Sentinel in curiosity. He could feel their bond pulsing. Jim was up to something.

Ellison stared at the baby Sentinel. Stark wasn’t the only one who had noticed the kid’s reaction to the threat of danger.

“So Stiles, why do you stink of Werewolf and your Dad doesn’t?”                


Those clever Bambi eyes opened wide in utter shock, and the kid went completely still.

Blair hadn’t recognised it before despite the way he felt like Stiles was a kindred spirit but the kid had been in motion all the time they had been together. If it wasn’t his mouth, it was his hands, his expressions, the quick glances and flickering of his eyelashes, his quirky but oddly graceful body movement, even tapping his feet whilst standing up. 
It was as if all that abundant energetic sheer life force had come to a stop at Jim’s blunt question. The kid’s face paled to a shade of white Blair was not sure was even possible. Well damn, the kid was in trouble alright.

But most of Blair’s attention was on his Sentinel. His damn secretive sentinel who was telling the truth about Werewolves. Blair’s eyes flickered to the pilot but his sneaky ass sentinel had switched to a private channel on their headsets. Though Blair knew Rafe wouldn’t betray their confidence, Jim obviously wanted to make sure only the three of them had this conversation.

Werewolves what the hell man? How had Jim managed to hide that from him? His Sentinel was in deep shit and from the slightly nervous dart of his beautiful blue eyes towards his irate Guide he damn well knew it. But he had to hand it to the big guy, the one glance at Blair was it, because he kept that stern demeanour focused on the now non fidgeting appalled youth.

Jim’s mouth quirked up with reluctant amusement “Annnnd breath kid” he ordered almost gently, then his face was back to stern and serious Sentinel Prime.

Stiles drew in much needed air in a quick gulp then all that energy burst forth and he was once again the embodiment of perpetual motion

“Werewolf?” the kid managed to stammer, cough and almost choke at the same time trying to get the word out and then his head was swinging round as if trying to spot the mythical being in the actual helicopter.
“Nah, Dude, er I mean Alpha Dude, er, Alpha Prime Sentinel Dude, there are no wolves in California. Died out years ago. Don’t know why you are asking where the wolves are in California”

The kid offered Jim a weak desperate smile then seemed to forget that the older Guide and Sentinel could see him as he actually rolled his eyes at the ridiculousness of his own response and then bit his lip nervously.

Jim cocked a disbelieving eyebrow at him, although laughter was deepening the blue of his eyes. Stiles stared back with hopeful stubbornness though the word lame was resounding in his too active brain like a death knoll. But why did it have to sound like freaking Jackson douche canoe Whittemore?

“Seriously kid, that the best you can do?” the Sentinel Prime sounded just like his Dad when the Sheriff was dealing with perps. Right the Prime had been a cop once in Cascade. A Cop, an investigator, a seeker after truth and justice, a man of the law. And the most important and powerful Sentinel with the most important and powerful Guide in the whole of the USA.

And Stiles was trying to lie, obfuscate and wiggle his way out of telling the Dude about Beacon Hill and the Supernatural shit show his life had become. Well shit…ake mushrooms on toast. Stiles was so doomed, the nefarious Dr Doom would have to change his name to Daisy because the word Doom would now forever be attached to the name Stiles Stilinski.

Blair nearly winced in sympathy. He had been on the receiving end of Jim’s eyebrow of impending retribution often enough.
Blair didn’t need any empathy to pick up the kid’s utter disconcertion but his nervous system was then flooded with the pure terrified panic and the unmissable sentinel determination to protect that the kid was leaking like a second hand sieve.

“Please, you can’t tell my Dad. I can’t lose him too. I can’t. I have to keep him safe” Blair wasn’t even sure if the kid realised what he had admitted in that despairing undertone. But it was loud enough for both Blair and Jim to hear. Blair saw the flair of recognition in Jim’s eyes as he too felt that instinctive sentinel drive pouring off the kid.

A Guide’s hearing might not be on a par with a Sentinel but a full bond always provided improvements to the partners, though most of the Sentinels weren’t that bothered about the empathic part of their Guide’s gifts. As for the Guide, well the fact that Blair had been bonded to his Alpha Sentinel for nearly ten years meant that his own senses had steadily improved to well beyond mundane range so he could make out the words too.

The cute little fox kit seemed to take offense at the kid’s building terror and angrily barked at the Alpha Prime Sentinel whilst baring its teeth.  Suddenly there was both a grey wolf and a black panther snarling at the baby Sentinel and his baby fox. 

“Guys, come on,” Blair soothed solemnly, hiding the intense desire to laugh, beneath a serene expression. The fox kit was now scrabbling to sit on top of Stiles head out of the way of his flailing arms and further away from the older and unimpressed spirit animals.  
Out of the corner of his eye he saw his big lug of a Sentinel suppress a wickedly delighted grin. 

Blair almost felt sorry for the poor kid, he wasn’t going to know what hit him. Especially if he had been keeping dangerous secrets from his own father who was the actual Sheriff, a newly bonded Guide and a retired Ranger buddy of Jim Ellison.

Stiles might not realise that his sentinel instincts had been ramping up his natural need to protect his Dad but Jim was a force to be reckoned with when his own sentinel protective instincts kicked in. That would be multiplied by a factor of a thousand when kids were involved. Especially when he liked said kid. Oh yeah. Stiles was so screwed. He was going to have to spill the beans to his Alpha Prime whether he liked it or not.  But first Blair he had to deal with the excess of negative emotion and sooth the disgruntled and snippy spirit animals.

“There’s not enough room in the copter for this nonsense, now calm down everyone”

It seemed like Stiles got over his shock pretty quickly and managed to regain the use of his voice because he started a rambling rant about lack of privacy, the UN rights of the child and for some reason a link between playing lacrosse, circumcision as an economic driver and the statistics on endangered or extinct animals in Northern California. 

Blair could see the way Jim’s eyes were lighting up with unholy glee listening to the kid trying to deflect. He frowned with disapproval at him, mainly to try to distract his own need to laugh but Jim was too focussed on Stiles.

Blair could have told Stiles that Jim had more than enough experience with the deliberate distraction technique of rambling over the years. Blair still did it because he loved the exasperated but amused look on the big guy’s face but he had developed a few new techniques which were much more effective starting with the kissing Jim breathless special. They all went downhill from there… literally. Not that he would recommend that course of action to the young Sentinel, except Man, the look on Jim’s face would be… no, nope, still not a good idea even if it would be hilarious.

Blair deliberately projected soothing calmness at the still distraught youngster and suddenly grinned wickedly at him. He echoed Jim’s first words to the kid.

“Seriously Stiles, you are worried about keeping your Dad safe? Right now he is bonding to Tony Stark, you might have heard of him, Iron Man? Kick ass flying suit of armour and scourge of terrorists? Genius and Billionaire? Also the fact that those two will become an Alpha pair so your father the Sheriff, who is already employed as the protector of the County I might add, will be more than capable of protecting himself even without a possessive newly bonded Blessed Protector. And hey, Alpha Prime Sentinel and Guide of the USA might just have some nifty abilities that a baby sentinel hasn’t developed yet don’t you think?” 

The mockery was gentle but Blair’s message was deadly serious and Stiles knew it. 

Oh God, the Adults were taking charge.


“Come on Tony, did you really think the first time we did this it would be mind blowing?” John’s voice was kind despite his pink cheeks and the way he avoided looking at his reclining sentinel.

“Seriously, it only works that way in stories or unrealistic romance films. You know I have never done this before with a man and you were just a bit too… enthusiastic?” his voice tailed off at the continued silence from the gloriously naked man lying prone beside him but slightly turned away from John with his arm flung across his eyes.

John cursed his lack of practice with his Guide gifts, Tony seemed to have closed the budding link between them that was increasing after each imprint. How the hell had he done that the stubborn prideful little bastard?

“You know every man has a little trouble sometimes especially when they are stressed” he offered that horrible platitude as a desperate last resort. John wouldn’t blame the guy if he punched him for that one. Christ on a crutch why did he have to be the one to deal with this emotional shit just because he was the Guide? They weren’t horny young teenagers anymore so it should have been something they expected to happen. Especially with Stark's greater sexual experience.  

John’s eyes widened with horror as he saw Tony’s shoulders begin to shake and heard the hitch in his breathing. Was his Sentinel crying? Dear Lord. Was he actually crying? His hand instinctively reached for the bare shoulder just as Tony flung himself on his back and literally howled with laughter.

Anger flared bright and painful as John made to get out of the tumbled sheets before he strangled the fucker with his own lying deceitful teasing tongue. Then he felt himself pulled back and under the hard muscled body of his madly grinning Sentinel. The arc reactor was a heated brand against his own chest that for a few seconds distracted him and made him want to hunt the bastards down who had committed such a crime against this beautiful infuriating man.

“Sorry, sorry Babe, don’t be mad. Just don’t be mad. Never had so much fun in bed before. You are amazing trying to comfort me and of course it wasn’t going to be perfect the first time”

John felt his anger and irritation drain away as he stared up into that gorgeous laughing face, and those damn pleading eyes. Those bloody eyes were his downfall. Why in the name of all that was holy did the bastard have the same coloured eyes as his Claudia and Stiles?

Then sheer wicked delight lit his Sentinel from within and flooded their link with arousal and laughter. 

“I’m a mechanic Sheriff, I fix things. Trial and error. Lots and lots of trial and error. You know what they say, practice makes perfect Johnny, practice makes perfect”, the bastard literally purred at him before their lips met and John Stilinski forgot all about being angry.