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Harry the Playboy

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Yule Ball was the most anticipated event of the year for all students, and Harry Potter was no exception to that. For him, the ball represented a chance to relax, and he needed it much more than his fellow students. After all, his fourth year in the school was arguably his worst year yet. And considering competition included things like dark lord wraiths, giant spiders, a giant snake with killer gaze and soul-sucking prison guards, it was quite an achievement.

His thoughts moved towards the beginning of the year. How he hoped to finally have a decent year, free of mortal danger. However, his peculiar luck had struck again, and he was chosen to compete in a tournament that has been abolished in the past due to high mortality rate. However, like that wasn’t enough for whichever rotten deity controlling his fate, he had been chosen as the fourth champion, forcing him into a controversy along with the mortal danger.

His scandalous entry had earned a spectrum of response from the student body. For many, it was yet another attention seeking stunt of Harry Potter, while others were inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. After all, tricking a centuries old artifact should be above level of the students, no matter how skillful. Seeing the skeptics, a moment Harry had dared to hope that rationality would prevail.

However, things had gone downhill when his so called best mate took a stance against him, publicly declaring that Harry was a cheater and glory-hound, willing to do anything to hear his name. Such a declaration was enough to shift most of the people that might support him away. The last nail in his coffin driven when he had a fight with Hermione when she tried to stay neutral between Ron and Harry, claiming there was no one to blame. For Harry, it was just another chapter in the betrayal, so he stopped hanging around with Hermione too. In response, she started to spend time with Ron, at least until Ron managed to insult her one too many times.

So all lines were drawn. Since their hatred was fully in place before they even met him, Slytherins were the locomotive of the hate train. Next house to join their fray was Hufflepuff, so-called House of Loyalty. For all their famed loyalty, Hufflepuffs were always more than ready to jump into 'let's hate Harry' bandwagon, evidenced by the events of the second year, and having their spotlight stolen weren’t exactly helping them to calm down. With two houses against him, it wasn’t much of a surprise when Ravenclaw decided they hated Harry too.

However, one house managed to surprise Harry, his fellow Gryffindors. Conveniently forgetting all the times Harry fought and bleed for them, not to mention House and Quidditch Cups, they suddenly decided that they despised Harry, probably to distance themselves from assumed humiliation Harry would suffer against the older competitors. Moreover, like deserting him wasn’t enough, they chose to show their displeasure by bullying Harry in a lot of small ways, from shoulder slams when they met in the corridors to throwing his stuff in the garbage with the excuse of cleaning. Weasley twins suddenly found a new target to their cruelty, pranking him in many simple ways, always eliciting laughter and cheer in the common room. Many little things gathered together painted a picture that was oddly familiar to him. He could sincerely say that there remained no difference between Hogwarts and Dursleys. Slowly but surely, his impression that Hogwarts was a home to him had completely shattered.

After seeing Gryffindors’ rejection, Harry wasn’t exactly surprised by the teaching staff taking a position against him. They never even deigned to announce that his participation was involuntary. Some teachers went even a step further, actively deriding him in many subtle ways, or not so subtle in Snape’s case. Professor Sprout began to needle Harry in every single opportunity; Flitwick chose to talk to him with a professional, but a frosty manner, an abrupt turn from his usually cheerful demeanor. McGonagall was the one that disappointed Harry the most, only time she gave a detention was when Harry chose to retaliate, and even then leading culprits went scot-free. Only one that was treating Harry decent was Moody, but Harry felt a bit apprehensive about trusting him. After all, either accidental or deliberate, all three Defense Against Dark Arts teachers almost killed him.

But, there were some bright spots in his life. A few weeks into the school year, through a chance meeting, he learned that Dobby was currently being employed in Hogwarts. After explaining the situation to the excitable elf, Harry found both a helping hand and an ear to vent into. He brought food, helped to repair his destroyed staff, he even diffused most of the Weasley’s tricks. Furthermore, he showed Harry an excellent place to study and practice magic, a room with the ability to take any form the user wished. When the harassment in the dorms started to get too much, he even began to sleep there.

There was another benefit from all this rejection. Harry was finally free from distraction caused by his so-called friends, especially after he began to use champion exemption to get away from the classes. Distraction free, and motivated to survive in a deadly tournament, he threw himself to practicing magic, and with the help of the books the Room of Requirement provided, his practical skills in magic quickly improved leaps and bounds.

Everything had changed after the first task. Unaware just what he would fight against until he drew a miniature dragon from Bagman’s pouch -apparently other champions knew beforehand -if their expression were any indicator- he was unable to suppress the panic spreading across his chest, at least for a moment. Then, with an odd calmness, he realized that the fight was much less dangerous compared to the fight against the Basilisk. There was no death gaze, he was still in possession of a wand, and no shade of Voldemort to fight afterward -fingers crossed.

His luck, for once, held true and he managed to pick a Chinese Fireball as his opponent, while the beast was formidable, it was a far cry from Cedric’s adversary, a Hungarian Horntail.

Going in second, his short stint went much better than Harry might have hoped. When he stepped into the arena, he met with insults instead of applause, though it wasn’t enough to even faze him. After all, he was coping this kind of things for last two months. He took a deep breath and started with the Patronus, accompanied by a couple of transfigured eagles that flying around and threatening dragon’s eyes. As his constructs distracted the dragon, Harry cast a bunch flashy and noisy spells to further confuse the formidable beast. Following the ruckus, it was ridiculously easy to sneak a transfigured dog to dragon’s nest, stealing the golden egg.

The change of attitude following the tournament was enough to make Harry nauseous. His impressive victory, together with Cedric's failure due to an unlucky swipe from Horntail’s tail, had been sufficient to push Harry back to the top of the school totem. Three of the houses started acting friendly all of a sudden, while Slytherin pulled back, clearly cowed by his impressive display of magical skills, throwing several high caliber magic in short succession, a feat that even seventh years would not be able to replicate.

Not surprisingly, Ron was first to arrive to apologize, to mooch of from his success. But his half-assed apology wasn’t enough for Harry. After all, he had enough of Ron’s jealousness and had no desire to wait around for the next betrayal, so he pushed him away. Ron’s -and rest of the schools’- hypocrisy was enough to make him puke, and for a moment, he thought about publicly confronting rest of the people. But after a bit of consideration, he chose not to go with it. His attitude was far from altruistic, however. He decided that if they were not willing to show a shred of respect and loyalty towards him, he was going to milk his popularity to all that is worth until the next turn of his luck.


“Anyway,” Harry murmured as he tried to shape his hair on the mirror. “This night is about having fun, not for reminiscing about the past.” He tried to rein his excitement, but it was hard considering the possibilities waiting for him at the party, especially towards later into night. Since he stopped caring about what everyone thought about him, he had no qualms about using his fame to get what he wanted. He even invited Lavender Brown as his date, a beautiful girl with a voluptuous body, in addition to a tendency to be overawed with fancy things. And going to once in a century ball with the reigning champion of a prestigious tournament definitely qualified as one.

Taking a deep breath, Harry fixed his robes and glasses for the last time and stepped inside the common room. He looked around to pass the time while waiting for his date to come downstairs. A few minutes into his vigil, he saw Hermione coming down the stairs, wearing a sky-blue robe. Harry’s eyebrows raised in appreciation; she cleaned up nicely, and the tight cut of her robe was hinting all kinds of treasures underneath. If he knew what lied under her clothes, he would be more inclined to accept her apology. But then he saw Lavender walking down the stairs, and all the concerns about Hermione flew away. He let his gaze wandered across her body clad in a midnight blue dress robe, hinting all kinds of surprises underneath, ones that Harry couldn’t wait to wait until seeing firsthand.

"Good evening, milady," Harry said; a crooked smile appeared on his lips as he took her hand, pressing his lips delicately. "Your beauty shines like the moon tonight.”

"Thanks, milord," Lavender managed to say between giggles, red-faced, but clearly satisfied. She eyed Harry for a few seconds, sparks in her eyes, "You are not too shabby yourself."

Harry chuckled a bit, then raised his arm a bit and said: “Shall we.” They started to walk towards the ballroom, their arms interlinked. When they arrive at the entrance, Harry was a little surprised to see that Krum was Hermione’s date. He momentarily wondered about the reason, but his victorious smirk went a long way to revealing it. Krum apparently thought that he pulled one over Harry by taking his friend as his date. Harry felt annoyed a bit, but he gave no external signal of annoyance. He took a mental note to keep an eye in them before turning his attention back to his date, not wanting sour Lavender’s mood. In a few minutes, Fleur and Cedric joined them, accompanied by Roger Davies and Cho Chang, respectively. Both sent not too flattering looks towards Harry, still a bit angry to be outperformed by a boy three years junior, not only in planning and bravery but also in sheer skill in casting.

Thankfully, Harry hadn’t had to suffer their silent resentment too long, as Professor McGonagall came and led them to dance-floor for the opening dance. Harry managed to finish whole dance without embarrassing himself, partly thanks to his athletic skills, partly thanks to Lavender’s grace. After the first dance, the dance floor got filled with other students dancing, and Harry felt the slight tension on his shoulders disperse. He sent a warm smile to Lavender, as they continued dancing for a while. “We can rest a bit if you want,” Harry asked after several dances, noticing she was getting a little tired.

“I would like it,” she answered and they walked to the champions table, which was placed so that it was out of view of all others, probably to provide the champions with a moment of privacy between dances. They were the first to arrive, so they sipped their drinks and talked as they waited for dinner to start. Other champions, together with their dates, arrived at the table a few minutes later.

“Good evening,” Harry said to his rivals, in an attempt to have a civil conversation, though just a couple minutes of it had been enough to show it was a futile attempt. Cedric, still a bit miffed that he was the only champion to fail the first task, chose to glare in a standoffish manner instead of joining the talk. Krum, with his silent demeanor and the heavy accent, had all the makings of a poor conversationalist. And with her haughty manner and entitled act, Fleur was scarcely better than her fellow champions. Their dates were scarcely better. Roger watching Fleur, drunk in her allure. Things with Hermione was still frosty, so she was out too. Only with Cho, they were able to talk a little, but she was reluctant to join, probably not to anger her date.

So Harry just focused all of his attention to his date, passing the time. However, when they started on the main course, Harry noticed something weird, his attention was shifting towards Fleur from time to time, for no reason. He frowned a bit, trying to find a reason for this unnatural act. With a few seconds worth of concentration, he was able to notice a slight pull, originating from the veela beauty. At first, he thought it might have been accidental, but her smug smile was indicating otherwise. A sweep across the table showed him that other females were pretty much aware of it too, indicated from frowns etched on their faces.

He took a deep breath to repress his annoyance. Being influenced mentally wasn’t exactly something he would accept in good humor. For a few seconds, he thought about confronting her. After careful consideration, however, he decided to handle it differently. After all, there was no reason to waste a perfectly good opportunity.

Deliberately, he turned towards Lavender, leaving Fleur out of his view completely. Clear from the slight tightening around her eyes, Lavender had noticed that he was paying too much attention to Fleur. Harry returned to the conversation with a renewed vigor. It took a few seconds for Lavender to process it, but noticing his date’s attention was fully focused on her, her radiant smile returned.

He felt the draw of the allure suddenly getting heavier. He could see that other male occupants of the table abandoned all pretense of discretion and openly gazing at Fleur’s near perfect face, much to their dates’ indignation. Harry had to hold himself back from snorting. This heavy-handed manipulation was even easier for him to deny.

However, recognizing the opportunity from all the others focusing on Fleur, either with admiration or with anger, he discreetly slipped his hand under the table, placing it on Lavender’s upper thigh. An intense blush spread across her cheek, but she made no attempt at pushing his hand back. Starting to slowly caress her toned thigh, he asked, “So, Lavender, how did you like your evening so far?”

“Well,” she murmured, a bit distracted thanks to Harry’s hand wandering under the table, “It has been quite enjoyable so far. I can’t imagine a better night.”

“Really,” Harry answered, letting his hand climb a bit higher. “I can think of a way to make it even better.”

“Oh, my,” Lavender said, her breathing getting a little quicker. “Really?”

Harry just smiled but hadn’t said anything. He noticed a disappointed expression appearing on Lavender’s face as his hand moved down, only to replaced by surprise when she felt Harry’s hand on her toned leg, this time, without a layer of fabric to separate. “Are you feeling all right?” Harry asked with a light tone, commenting on her blush, getting more intense every time Harry’s hand moved a little higher on her silky thighs.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she managed to stammer, trying to keep up the appearances. “Harry,” she hissed in protest a few seconds later, this time feeling his fingers around her underwear.

“What?” Harry asked, playing off like it was nothing.

“Pull your fingers away from my underwear,” she whispered, but Harry noted off the reluctance while she was saying it.

“Okay,” Harry said with a mischievous expression on his face, “You asked for it.” Using one of the wandless tricks he discovered in training sessions, he gathered his magic on his finger, using it to cut her underwear on both sides before she could notice. Then, he pulled her underwear as he whispered “Done, just as you wish,” to her ear. A delightful expression of shock appeared on her face.

A smug smile on his face, Harry pulled the underwear from under the table to inside pocket of his robe. However, he suddenly noticed the mortified expression on Cho’s face, her eyes locked on the pocket that Harry had placed his bounty. Harry had a split second to decide how to progress. A few months ago, he would have probably panicked. But again, if he had been his old self, he probably would be sitting with Ron, feeling sorry for himself for one reason or another.

So, he decided to handle the situation in a way worthy of his new approach to life. He locked his eyes with Cho, who was still shocked, and winked at her, then turned his attention back to Lavender, leaving a scandalized and blushing Cho behind.

Turning his attention back to his date, he slipped his hand back under her robe before she could recover from her shock, but this time, his fingers stopped at her upper thigh, enjoying her increased heartbeat, acutely felt under smooth skin of her inner thigh. He carefully put a calm mask on his face, and continued to make small talk around the table, letting Lavender adapt to the situation before going even further.

A few minutes later, he let his hand to the area recently vacated by Lavender’s underwear, but he pulled back just before touching her warm womanhood. Instead, he let his fingers wander across her rear end for a few seconds before pulling back, immensely enjoying the expression on his partner’s face. This time, he waited only a few seconds before escalating further. This time, his fingers moved towards her wet folds, causing her to let a shocked gasp.

“Are you okay, Lavender,” he asked, acting surprised.

“Yeah,” she stammered, “I’m okay.”

“Good,” Harry said, making small talk, his hand still between her legs, slowly fondling her, enjoying the warmth enveloping his fingers. She bit her ruby lips, trying to hold back a moan, slumping back into her chair to stay unnoticed.

Harry glanced around the table, to make sure no one is paying attention to his adventures. Luckily, other males on the table were busy with ogling the French champion, and Hermione was missing from the table, likely because her date was making the impression of a goldfish. However, he noticed Cho was looking them, with a pretty good idea of just what was going on if the redness of her face was any indicator. Harry smiled a little at the idea that just popped into his mind. His fingers quickened quite a bit, making sure Lavender stayed too distracted to notice anything else, then he moved his leg towards Cho, slowly rubbing her lower leg.

Feeling something rubbing against her leg, Cho looked around, startled, only to see Harry Potter looking at her with a cheeky grin. Without even thinking, she turned to her partner, hoping to spur him into action, but she saw him looking at Fleur like a lost puppy. She impatiently poked him, intent on asking for help, only to be rebuffed with a groan. She felt anger spread inside her, her own date was so infuriated with someone else so much that he wasn’t even deigning to use words towards his partner. That was it, she thought, if he was going to be like that, she knew the best was to take revenge.

With a shake, she let her feet free of stiletto she was wearing and slowly raised it, touching the leg of the man sitting in front of her. She saw her grin, so she matched her grin with a sultry smile of her own. She slowly traced her foot upward, caressing his muscular thighs. However, she was unprepared for the excitement suddenly flaring in her chest. As she continued, even though she was fully aware what was going on between Harry and his date and her date was sitting next to her, Cho was getting much more excited compared to times she snogged Cedric.

A bit distracted with due to her thoughts, she didn’t notice Harry’s other hand slipping under the table, nor she heard the noise originating from a trouser being unzipped. However, she most certainly discerned when Harry grabbed her foot and gently pulled upwards, her soft sole meeting with something warm and long. Cho could feel her ears reddening like a steam engine, she didn’t think Harry would escalate things to that level. Even with Cedric, she had yet to touch his manhood, even through fabric. She was about to pull her foot back, feeling that things were escalating to a level she cannot control, but a glance towards her so-called boyfriend still locked at the French champion was enough to change her mind. She started to move her foot up and down, feeling oddly pleased by the twitches in Harry’s manhood.

However, she didn’t notice Fleur’s suspicious glare, first on her, then Harry and Lavender. For a few seconds, she frowned while trying to understand why they are acting so weird, then something clicked in her mind, and she understood what was going on under the table. Her eyes fell on Harry’s face, her glare sharp enough to cut metal. How dare they could to something so shameful, she thought, and more importantly, how could this English dog dares to pay attention to other girls when she was there. Feeding on her anger, her allure flared a little more, causing other male occupants to go a drooling level.

Harry’s attention caught by sudden mental tugging. Instinctively turning towards its source and he met with fiery eyes of the French beauty. He was seething inside, how dare she, trying to manipulate his mind. However, there was no outward indicator of his annoyance, he was smart enough to notice Fleur was extremely envious due to the fact that he wasn’t paying attention to her, and acting like he wasn’t caring for her was a good way to annoy her. Harry knew just how to infuriate her even further, he sent her a slightly smug grin, then turned his full attention to Lavender, rubbing her knob to drive her into pleasure, causing a moan to escape her lips. Harry had to admit, Fleur’s seething looks were adding to his pleasure.

Already sensitive from the earlier part, Lavender suddenly shuddered, a moan escaping from her lips. Harry locked his eyes with her eyes, smiling, as his fingers were dancing inside her warm folds. It didn’t take long for her to finally cum. Letting his hands fall back to her toned thighs, Harry listened to her silent gasps and moans, even though Cho’s foot was still massaging his manhood.

“The ball is shaping to be much better than I imagined,” he whispered to himself, a crooked smile on his lips…