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Wandering during the Eventide

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" I told you already... I am not lying!” Wirt puffed his Cheeks up offended.

He would have stayed quiet if his mother and Greg´s dad didn't decide to send him to summer camp.
They said after the trauma of almost drowning last year he rarely did go outside and did let himself go.

Wirt didn't let himself go not at all.
Instead, he was protecting the baby inside his stomach that has recently started kicking.

His Dad well not his dad but Greg´s dad just thought he gained a lot of weight after all he has been eaten a lot lately.

His mother also mentioned things like a phantom pregnancy or something.

Speaking that her friend had one once.
Wirt, of course, understands their reasoning guys don't get pregnant after all.

He sighed as he stroked his belly.

The baby being half demon caused for some Interesting cravings and habits.
Greg would spend his summer at home with his frog while he had to keep his pregnancy hidden at summer camp.

 He saw the sign to summer camp he knew His Life couldn't get worse.

In another car sat a young Chinese teenager and a blonde Girl.

Jake´s Grandfather gave him a mission.

Apparently, a wild herd of unicorns, which are rare, to begin with, were in the woods near a summer camp in California.

Due to recent Hunter activities, he got send to this summer camp to protect the Unicorns while they are in a vulnerable state.

Rose insisted she go too, so they could spend time together. They were currently in Jake´s dads car.

And Rose fell asleep on him.

Jake or Jacob Luke Long was an anthrozil. Half-Human half Dragon.

His dragon form changed a while ago from a typical thicker European looking dragon to a slender Chinese looking dragon.

He assumed it was because his grandfather was Chinese and his Father being an American human with maybe some European roots.

But recently he gained Feathers. His hair was always feathers in his Dragon form
They spread to his wings and tail.

He did some research and found out that a typical American dragon which was almost instinct was called
Amphitheres and looked more like snakes with feathers than what he was used to.

But he was genuinely happy to have Rose come with him. He smiled as he saw the summer camp.

Mainly because he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend for once.

Guy Elli Hamdon wasn't thrilled his best friend Maz decided to drag him to summer camp with him.

Despite the fact that he had to protect a town from super villains. He decided to play with his ring.
He noticed many other teenagers on the bus not many children from the looks of it.

One of the dudes kept looking at another boy who sat by himself going through his camera.

There was also a few girls that stood out for some reason one was a goth girl who was gnarling her teeth and reading a book.

If she wanted to be somewhere else. Clearly annoyed by everyone around her.

The other girl wore Rain clothing and had a dragonfly hair clip.

She was sitting alone and drawing on a sketchbook.

For some reason, she looked sad and tired.

The bus came to a stop.

They were here.

The Introduction to the camp was boring for the most teens that just rolled their eyes at the camp staff.

Wirt was furthest in the back.

Hoping not to be noticed.

So was Wednesday Addams who
just thought of an Idea how to make her second camp experience more fun.

Norman couldn't keep his Eye away from that boy.

The Boy who wore a Red white shirt with a Ghost on it had a Ghost with him.

He swore the Boy saw the Ghost to considering he swore he talked to the ghost while in the bus showing him pictures or a video of some kind on his camera.
He had to find out more about him.

The group houses were decided, and they all sorted to groups.

There were four groups in total.

Every Group at a Girls Dorm and a Boys Dorm.
For the Day no activities were planned so that the camp members could get themselves to know each other better first.
The Houses looked pretty Rundown from what they can tell but the inside was good enough to live in for two weeks.

Wirt opened the Door and dragged his luggage into the cabin.

Leaving it on the nearest bed. He had to consider if he had to go throw up he would dash out.
The Cabin had bunk beds and an Asian Boy in a weird jacket and with weird hair claimed the bed above as his.

Not that Wirt cared that much.

The other two kids in his Cabin seemed uninteresting.
He quickly started unpacking.

He had brought some architecture Books, Lots of clean clothes for emergency reasons and some healthy snacks.

Wirt tried to pack as much as he could that would help

him in the Situation he found himself in.

He felt honestly really tired.

His back has been hurting, and he feels like he wanted to vomit.

The shoes he wore were too tiny thanks to his feet swelling up, and he really wanted to sleep.

But it was way too early and the others may get suspicious of him.

So he finished taking out most of his belongings and putting them away, and he lay down.

Jake just claimed the upper bunk and was excited.

Rose and he were on the same team.

She, of course, was in the girl´s Dorm but that means during any competition or activity they be together.
He could swear the boy under him who was slightly thicker had a supernatural aura around him.

He quickly dismissed it to text his friends about him and Rose arrived safely.
The Supernatural Hunters have gotten a lot more lately.

Most Hunters were only after Supernatural beings that were hurting or scaring humans.

A way of Self-Justice to save People and get those
that can't go to jail they're punishment.

Even though many of these Supernatural creatures do these things to survive.

Then there were the other kinds of Supernatural Hunters he was after right now.
Hunters that hunt to gain. Mostly money.

They were the ones selling under the supernatural markets or sell other beings for Entertainment.

So in a way, it was like a Human-trafficking circle plus an organ harvesting thing only not directed at humans but other creatures.

Most Witches and Wizards gather around to get items like Unicorn horns and body parts of different Creature.

For sake of Spells and Wands.
Some collect these only for collection purposes and some do research on them.

They were like regular Hunters he would say.

Like Hunters that hunt down Elephants for their Horns. Cruel.
Unicorn hair and Horns were used for many things that's why they almost instinct.

Like handcuffs or for high powerful magick.
Rose his girlfriend used to be a hunter.

But she was taken away from her Family thanks to a dragon-shaped birthmark on her hand.

Raised to be a puppet of a hunter group called the Huntsman.
Dragons were raised to protect the Supernatural beings as long as the beings do things purely because of survival.

After he unpacked all of his male team members introduced themselves to him.

In another cabin all together Spencer Wright could swear that the team members that he met earlier called Norman Babcock was still watching him.

He and his cousin a famous rock star named Billy Cobra.

Through that was only his stage name.

Both were planning to record a horror movie in the Woods.

Even though Billy was a ghost he was a scaredy-cat for anything that was supernatural.
He and his cousin were ´close´. Thanks to a necklace that belonged to his cousin he could see him.

Billy died during a stage Accident and thanks to them being related.

Spencer and his family ended up moving into his house in Hollywood.

Causing him to find a necklace that caused him to see his cousin that he barely know back then.

Spencer always dreamed to be a film producer and his little Indie films were a hit on his Channel.
But thanks to their genre his cousin would often cling to him in fear.

His Cousin was a bit too flirty and clingy if anyone but his friends saw him he might get embarrassed but luckily only those that have an Item that the rockstar owned saw him.

So why was this Boy staring at him?

Norman Babcock was always able to see Ghost since he was small.

He was a Spirit Medium and everyone in his town knew that.

His long distant relative Agatha Prenderghast who was now like a best friend to him was also born as a Spirit medium but was executed for Witchcraft by hanging or at least that's what he thought.

They meet at awful circumstances that were for sure. He kept staring at the boy named Spencer.
Because of the obvious ghost that seemed to follow that boy everywhere. If he was another spirit medium he had to talk to him, but he was nervous that he was mistaking and make it look
like he was a freak heaven knows he had enough teasing from back home before the Aggie accident.

He wouldn't want to not make any friends while he was here though.
He kinda missed Aggie.

Coraline Jones hoped she would get away from the supernatural after the whole thing with the Beldam.

She wanted to spend time away as far as she could from the Apartment. The cat acted strangely
since the Beldam disappeared. She wanted to forget well more like move on.

The cat didn't let her. She came here to be safe from what happened.
Surely enough the Night came and everyone started to head to Bed.