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Return of an old friend

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Things were quiet at the moment in a certain building with several people simply eating a meal when all of a sudden alarms started going off and there was a scramble of activity while people rushed to grab protective gear and get into their vehicles heading off to a location to do their job as firefighters and then the Captain spoke to one member and tossed something to them while they were speaking to that specific firefighter

"Akeshi, here"

Akeshi caught what was tossed to him with practiced ease

"Thanks Cap"

Akeshi then put what was tossed to him over his eyes because what the Captain had tossed him was prescription sunglasses. Akeshi's eyes were sensitive to sunlight and despite everything the eye doctors did they couldn't cure the sensitivity simply lessen it to a point where he could function with prescription sunglasses so Akeshi simply had to wear the sunglasses whenever he was out during the day and his job during training had found ways to work around his disability and also made exceptions for him. The reason his Captain held onto the glasses unless they were heading out was because of an incident early on when he was first assigned to the station and it was decided by mutual agreement that the Captain would hold onto his sunglasses until they were needed either because they were heading off to fight a fire or he was heading home for the day after a night shift. Once they arrived at the fire they split up into teams and started the fight and it was intense, they could only keep it contained until backup arrived and even then the fire still lasted for two hours but finally the fire was out and all that was left was staying for a bit to make sure it stayed out, meanwhile all of them re-hydrated

"That was a big one"

"Be glad it wasn't a chemical fire this time"

"Oh yeah that would have been worse, what would have happened with your vision?"

"Things would have been slightly blurry even with the glasses but I would still be able to function, it's only sunlight that's the real problem"

"How you passed all the tests required for this job is beyond me sometimes but then I see you do something and I see why you passed"

(Sighs) "I just wish I remembered who I was, a lot of what I did at the academy seemed instinctive which is part of the reason why I passed"

"Wait, you went by instinct in some instances?"

"Yeah, it was like my body just knew what to do, like I had done the same thing before I got amnesia"

"That's weird"

"Exactly, unfortunately we have no answers as to why it is that way so it will just have to remain a mystery until further notice, if I ever regain my memories maybe we'll understand why but until then all we have are questions"

Two weeks later things were going okay when suddenly the fire became too much because of the fact that there was yet another new group out to take over the world starting with Japan and they caused an Extreme disaster and Extreme fire at the same time plus had foot soldiers as well

"Get that line open and take care of the left side"


That's when things became too much and they needed backup and when Akeshi saw the foot soldiers all of a sudden he Remembered who he was. Akeshi remembered being part of Rescue Force as Obuchi and then becoming Daen and causing Extreme Disasters, he also remembered the day he regained his Rescue Soul and what had happened that day. The reason he got amnesia that day wasn't just because of how far he fell into the ocean but also because of the fact that he essentially wanted to forget what he had done as Daen and so as a means of protecting him from what he wouldn't have been able to cope with combined with his injuries his mind allowed him to forget who he was until he had healed, unfortunately the amnesia was so complete he would need a trigger to remember who he was and he remembered everything, from being part of Rescue Force to becoming Daen and how he had at the end become a Rescue Force member one last time remembering his Rescue Soul remembering how much he loved Rescue before the accident that would have him declared dead for so long. As soon as he saw the foot soldiers he knew what to do so he took off the jacket and the helmet while keeping his sunglasses on

"Akeshi, get back on the line"

"Sorry Captain, you're going to have to take care of the fire, I got these guys, and one more thing if you meet a Rescue Force member named Todoroki Hikaru or Ishiguro Eiji tell them Obuchi-san/sempai is alive and taking care of the foot soldiers. Todoroki Hikaru is R1and referred to me as Obuchi-san while Ishiguro Eiji is R5 and referred to me as Obuchi-sempai"

With that Obuchi faces the foot soldiers and actually manages to lead a few of them away from the rest of the firefighters and gains a weapon too while he was at it. During the fight Obuchi lost his sunglasses and the enemy took advantage of the disability but only for a moment because Obuchi had learned how to fight temporarily without his sunglasses and if need be even blindfolded. Back when he first left the hospital he and the person he stayed with while getting everything together to join the firefighter academy agreed he needed to learn how to defend himself just in case something happened so he learned self defense or more like relearned it and did well in buildings, they then worked on having him defend himself without his sunglasses in the daylight and they managed to give him a five minute limit on how long he could fight using his eyes without the sunglasses and if it turned out to last longer he also knew how to fight blindfolded. When he lost the sunglasses he was momentarily disoriented but quickly started fighting back and being quite effective surprising the enemy. Meanwhile Rescue Force and Rescue Fire both arrived at the scene at essentially the same time having been alerted to the fact that both groups were needed and this was after Rescue Fire had only just regrouped six weeks earlier after a year long furlough to recover from their fight with Jakaen