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Planets Aligned

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In this cuntass AU Queen Levana fails horribly at trying to kill Cinder, she ends up getting trialed for treason and put in prison or killed Idk.
So that means
-Someone (probably Sybil) takes over for a little while till Selene is ready to take over
- Shell infanticide are stopped and antidotes are sent to earth
- Wolf solider don’t exist so Wolf is still with his family and Ran is still alive
- Cress is sent back to her father and mother
-Scarlet gets to live a happy life with her grand mother
- Thorne is still in jail :(((((
- Because Garran never adopted Selene “Cinder” never existed so his “bioelectrical security system” is still in the dark
- Both of Kai’s parents are still alive
- Let’s just say someone spilled the beans on Levana’s plan
-Peony is still alive
-Iko is probably not dismantled
- Luna’s and Earth relationship is still rickety but it’s getting better, some trade between the nations (?) have been permitted
-Cinder is kind of ah asshole
-Winter is still Winter
-Jacin is still Jacin but now he’s training to be a doctor
-Sybil is still kind of evil
-She’s Cinder’s adviser but Selene doesn’t listen much