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Timers and Clocks

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James Tiberius Kirk frowned- something he felt like doing constantly, and yet tried his best to never give in to. The children- even if they sometimes seemed to be as mature and smart as a fully grown adult, they were still children- didn't need to see him showing any outward sign of distress. Or emotion at all, really, considering that they were Vulcan. But Jim was human, and his companions knew this as well. Blanking his emotions outwardly only made the Vulcans concerned for him- worried that he was unhealthily suppressing himself for their comfort. After being assured numerous times that 'abstaining from showing emotion is highly illogical, as he is human and emotion is not only tolerated but encouraged'.
The children always worried about him, even if 'Vulcans do not worry'. When he passed on his share of rations for the day, he was told "Humans- especially one of your age of 19- require more sustenance than any Vulcan. The fact that we are younger than you, and you thus perceive us to be 'children' does not mean that you should turn down food you need in the belief that as 'innocents' we should receive primarily receive the victuals we have garnered".
"Don't go using big words on me, I might break". Was Jims teasing reply to the solemn eyed 17 year old Vulcan- the elected spokesmen whenever this argument came up- Harauk.
"I am fully aware that you possess extremely high intellect- that challenging the minds of even the smartest Vulcan- therefore, I am certain that the so-called 'big words' you declared I 'used on you' will not cause you any harm. However, if you do not intake the vital calories you need because of a false belief that we need it more than you, harm will befall you." After a moment of silence in which Jim gave no reply, Harauk continued. "Your attempt to divert me was… pitiful".
At the end of that, Jim conceded to eat a quarter of the ration bar he had earlier entirely refused. Some days, Jim let them get the better of him, others, he absolutely refused to eat, yet demanded that each of them do so. He was infuriatingly stubborn.
They were likely the last of the Tarsus IV colonists. When a fungus destroys the food supply, Governor Kodos systematically divides the eight thousand colonists into two groups of four thousand. The group that will survive. And the group that will be killed. The hope is that with half the original population dead, the rest will be able to survive off of any remaining food. The two groups are decided based on eugenics. Most stay in their homes, pray that they are on the good list. Jim, however, knows which list he will be on. His many allergies makes him unfavorable, and he goes to his mother and brother and tells them this. They plead with him to stay, and he asks that they run with him. In the end, they decline, and he leaves alone in the darkness of night.
The 12 Vulcan children with Jim were all on the same list as he was. It wasn't any fault on their part, in fact, Jim's understanding of the situation was that each of the twelve were especially smart. They vaguely mentioned that they were set to specialize one each in the 12 different Colleges of the Vulcan Science Academy, and were on Tarsus IV to utilize the brand new facilities, the relative peace and quiet, and show support to the Federation.
The two separate groups were based on eugenics, but they were based on human eugenics alone. Any other race was to be sentenced to death. Kodos especially believed that the Vulcans were dangerous. At three times the strength of an average human, and incredible mental abilities, he feared mutiny and overtake. With these thoughts in mind, Kodos sent out soldiers in the dead of night to kill all the Vulcans residing in the building that functioned both as a school and living quarters for the twelve Vulcan children and their six teachers. Unarmed, and just woken from sleep, the adults didn't stand a chance, and the teachers were taken down quickly in the first room just down the hall to where the children still slept, unaware of what had just happened due to heavily sound proofed walls
This happened to be the same night that Jim left his house on, and seeing the group of soldiers, ready to kill, and heading towards of school of all places, he followed. Horrified, he saw the men clash with the Vulcans, who against all odds managed to take down 6 of the 10 soldiers before being overwhelmed by phasers showing no mercy, and set to kill. There were children here, Vulcans, yes, but children nonetheless. Jim was not going to stand by while a second slaughter took place, he ran through the hall as the four remaining soldiers regrouped, believing they had all the time in the world. Checking every room, he finally came across the one where all the students slept- or, where they had been sleeping, because they had all woken up upon sensing an unfamiliar presence in their room. 12 curious pairs of eyes stared at him.
He had to explain, and fast. "My name is James Kirk, a group of soldiers just killed your teachers, they are coming for you now, please- just trust me- please get the farthest away you can from the door and lay down, quietly." Only the steady breathing of the Vulcans and the ragged breathing of the Human could be heard. "Please tell me you speak Standard". Jim pleaded, now nervous beyond belief. "Okay, uhm, how does….. Tehvar…. Be'…. I aitlun tor gol'nev." (Danger…. Near…. I want to help) Jim stuttered out.
"We understand Standard" A Vulcan near him finally spoke up, "But you gave a commendable effort to speak our given language".
"Oh." Jim breathed, still in an adrenaline rush.
"We shall trust you" Another Vulcan voiced, causing him to exhale in relief, not even realizing he had been holding his breath awaiting the verdict. The Vulcans moved to the far end of the room, laying down. Jim pulled one of the knives he had nicked from the kitchen before he had run, from his belt and stood by the closed door, angled so that he would be out of the direct line of sight even when the door opened.
After what felt like interminable time standing there- it could have been hours, or minutes, he couldn't tell you, though he was sure any of the children could, little timers and clocks that they were- the door was carelessly thrown open. Jim had time to wonder that the remaining soldiers seemed to be unable to learn before he sprung into action. The first soldier took a step to walk in the room, and received a knife to a neck before he was even more than halfway into the room. Jim knew he had to take down the remaining three quick if he was to get them all in time. Nimbly, with his head ducked- and sure enough a shot was fired where his head would have been had he not been crouched over- he went on the offensive, pushing out of the door way, and got the second man, slashing his throat over, and spraying blood everywhere in the process. The third man in line had a gun pointed at Jim, and he quickly rolled to his right, a sickly bolt of light striking where he had been moments before. That was one phaser out of commission for about 4 seconds while it recharges for another go he thought, and one left with a shot ready. He would have to be quick. In a crouched position he lunged forward towards the man still with a ready phaser. He grappled for the it, essentially wrestling with a man that was much taller than he was -Jim was pretty short. Finally, the phaser was knocked away as Jim twisted the bigger mans wrist, and a stab of his knife, still in hand, took him down. One man left, with a phaser ready to fire, pointed straight at him. "Tun-bosh" (Careful) One of the children who had by now all crowded by the doorway, rushing to see if they could help called out. This distracted the soldier, and that moment was all that Jim needed to throw his knife, sending it spinning, almost in slow motion, towards the soldiers heart, he went down fast. The entire encounter was over in about a minute- though Jim couldn't tell, the Vulcans certainly could, down to decimals if asked of them. Little Vulcan timers and clocks that they were.