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There Is No Such Thing As Fun Without Kacchan

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(July 15) Day One: Beach Party / Birthday / Envy


"Don't forget to rest up! Tomorrow's going to be even rougher and I expect better results than today. Class dismissed." Aizawa grumbled his way off the sandy terrain of the beach and out of sight of the exhausted Class 1-A.


The students were collapsed on the ground, feeling the cool ocean breeze chill their perspiring skin. All except for two students, of course. Katsuki Bakugou was hunched over in a determined stance as his shaking hands clenched and unclenched repeatedly. Shouto Todoroki was attempting to ease the heat that was bearing down on his collapsed peers by activating his ice quirk, allowing for a gust of ice to disperse from his body in waves as he stood with his back straight and heaving.


The class had been "granted" another retreat however, this was a beach retreat and not a forest retreat. Aizawa wanted to put them through a grueling experience so that they didn't forget anything up until their next year and had decided to do that by locating them in an area of unstable terrain so that their physical bodies can be trained along with their quirks. It was an amazing training session but the entirety of Class 1-A had never had to train both body and quirk so intensively before and it thoroughly exhausted them.


Izuku was relishing in the contradictory temperatures that enveloped him, his body sinking delightedly into the comfortable warmth that the sand provided but also leaning towards the chill of Shouto's quirk. He wanted nothing more than to sleep where he lay. After a few minutes, a shadow cast over him and Izuku opened his eyes to see what had graciously blocked him from the scalding sun.


"Yo, Midoriya," Denki huffed. He was still slightly out of breath as most were, his crossed arms fidgeting as he waited for Izuku to respond.


"Do you need something?" Izuku murmured as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.


Denki offered a hand and Izuku latched on gratefully. His body was lazily pulled up until he was standing solidly with two feet on the ground.


"No, no, of course not! I, uh...actually, um...," Denki stuttered. He took a deep breath. "I just wanted to see if you wanted to help out setting up and attend the beach party the class was planning on." He gestured towards the majority of the class whom was gathered around the ever-reliable air conditioner that was Shouto.


Affection towards his peers bubbled within Izuku's chest at their childish shenanigans and a toothy grin spread across his face. His head was bobbing before the words could escape him.


"Sure! Did you even have to ask?"




Izuku tied the knot at the end of the yellow-red hanging lights that he threaded and grinned happily at his accomplishment. He set it down next to the other three lights he had finished and leaned back on his hands from his sitting position. His head dropped back lazily and a deep sigh escaped him.


"Ah! Are you done, Deku?" Ochako asked. She was finishing setting up the canopy that Momo had created by utilizing her gravity quirk, making the overhead floral fabric easy to manipulate over the planted metal beams.


"Yep!" Izuku said as he made his way to his feet. "I can hang these up if you'd like, Uraraka." He began to hang the lights from end to end of the canopy with an artful diligence, making sure that all of the lights were untangled and evenly drooping.


Sunset was quickly approaching and the setting up was coming to a close. There was a long table filled from end to end with food that Tenya had run to buy and there were lounge chairs that Momo had created surrounding a bonfire that Shouto had assisted with. The sinking, warm sun cast a warm glow on Class 1-A's hard work, making the ethereal scene look as though it came from a picture book.


Everything was perfect...except for one thing. A very explosive someone was missing.


Izuku searched the faces of his classmates but as he thought, Katsuki was not among them. 'He probably wasn't invited...'  Izuku thought guiltily.


All of the students were beginning to pack plates (provided by Tenya) with different foods and desserts before sitting down around the fire or standing within the canopy. Izuku glanced across the beach where two white beach houses stood and knew exactly where his Kacchan was hiding. He took a step in the direction of the houses but hesitated.


"He probably didn't want to come...he might be studying. And Kacchan would probably be angry at me for taking pity on him...but what if he actually wanted to come but no one invited him? Maybe he just wants to be alone after training...did he go immediately to the house after Aizawa-sensei dismissed us? Is he sleeping? Maybe I shouldn't get him..." Izuku felt a sharp poke at his back and jumped in surprise, turning around to see Shouto behind the small ice burst that poked him with his eyes slightly narrowed.


"Izuku, I don't think that Bakugou would want to be here. He made the conscious decision to hole himself up. Don't beat yourself up over isn't worth it. I doubt that even both of us could convince him to join us." Shouto murmured as he activated his heat to melt the ice.


Izuku looked past his shoulder to look at the lonely beach houses before shrugging away his discomfort. "Yeah, you're probably right..."


Once all the ice was melted, Shouto grabbed two plates and handed one to Izuku who began to pile his food on the flimsy plastic.




Katsuki leaned back into the pillows that were stacked onto his bed and let out a sigh in the still silence of the dark room. Of course he wasn't going to attend that shitty party his class was having. He had better things to study or reflect on the day's practice and learn from it. He was better than everyone and had to put in the effort to prove that.


Yet still, he stared at the shadowed wooden ceiling, a slight pain in his chest from not even being invited. Katsuki slowly raised himself into a sitting position and looked out the window towards where Class 1-A could be seen with their roaring flames and colored lights. He swore he could hear laughter. With a 'humph', Katsuki dropped into his soft mattress and once again stared at the ceiling. It was not the first time he had been uninvited to a class activity and he doubted it would be the last.


Why does it always have to be like this? Why can't I be fucking normal like shitty Deku or even that goddamn half and half bastard? I'm such a fu-


Katsuki's thoughts were disrupted by a knock on his door which he responded to by relaxing his body and evening his breaths. The door slowly creaked open and he shut his eyes gently. Seconds ticked by without a sound and just when he was about to open his eyes, a voice piped up.


"Kacchan?" Izuku's quiet voice filled the silence of the room.


He pretended to sleepily open his eyes and propped himself onto his elbows. Katsuki caught Izuku's eyes and held it.


"What is it, Deku?" Katsuki spit out. "Did you come here out of kinda shitty pity or somethin?"


Izuku held back his small wince and clenched his jaw to cover his hurt. It was inevitable that Katsuki act this way and no way was he going to let it stop him. He brought the container of piled food in front of him and held it out as he took a nervous step towards Katsuki's bed.


"I got some food for you because I know you didn't eat and I know that you worked really hard today during practice. You must be too tired to get some food and I figured that I should just get you a plate because I wanted to see you anyway. Sorry if you don't want it...I can just leave it in the fridge so someone else can have something to eat and also I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep, I really didn't intend to wake you..."


Katsuki waited until Izuku finished rambling to take the plate from Izuku and set it on his bedside table. He looked to Izuku and narrowed his eyes.


"Are you going to wait there forever or do I have to write you an invitation?" Katsuki grumbled. Izuku's face flushed red as he toed off his shoes and took off his light jacket.


Izuku shyly approached Katsuki's bed before he sat on the edge and slipped beneath the duvet. Katsuki grabbed Izuku's hips and tugged him towards his own warm body. Izuku shivered at the contact and Katsuki rested his chin on the green hair of his boyfriend.


"Thanks for the food...and the company, shitty Deku." Katsuki grunted. Izuku curled into a tight ball against Katsuki and nuzzled his face into the hard chest.


"What was that, Kacchan?"


"I said shut up, Deku."


"I love you too, Kacchan."