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Starstruck Girl

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My name is Braelynn, I am twenty-seven years old, but I still look and act like I am seventeen. I am a little more modern than most people my age, but my work expects this. Where do I work, you may ask. I work at the Fluevog Inn, it is a hotel, what makes this hotel so admirable and advantageous, is the fact that the Fluevog Inn is where almost every celebrity known to man has respite. The Fluevog Inn is a hotel made for celebrities and celebrities only. You now know my name, it is time for you to know what I look like and what my personality is like. I have silver, rib length, naturally wavy hair, brown eyes (they kind of look like Dylan O Brien's, but darker), I am 5'7, and I am lean but muscular as far and body shapes and weight go. My personality on the other hand, well picture a sixteen or seventeen year old going through a rebellious stage, and that pretty much sums it up. I have what parents like to call spunk. I dress in perfect shaped jeans (in other words, only high waisted jeans), crop tops and I have piercings, my piercings include my tongue, my left eyebrow, the right side of my lip, and my belly button, but of course my ears as well. Anyhow enough about me, and more onto my job and how I got such an unimaginable job. The Fluevog Inn does not just hire anyone, no they are very precise when it comes to their working staff. The number one rule is you cannot get freaked out when you meet the celebrity you get starstruck around (by freaked out I mean stammering, and saying can I have your autograph and a picture, or can I have your number). Every person who works here has at least had one person that they dreamy eyed, and starstruck about. It has happened to everyone, even the owner, but it has not happened to me. I have yet to expedient my match. If you were wondering how I got the job, here is how. I was lost as I was walking around town (La is where I live), trying to find a job, I was seventeen at the time and a lot of places were not hiring (no not because of the age). I aimlessly explored around, until I traveled into the Fluevog Inn. Some celebrity had pursued and spoke in a husky tone, he had inquired where the nearest coffee shop was. I pointed him in the right direction and moved on from the present spot I was standing. The current hotel manager, at least that's what I assumed, had the most stunned, and priceless expression on his face. I asked the manager, "Why do you look so surprised?" The manager inquired, "Do you know who that celebrity was?" I shook my head no, and he responded, "That my dear was the very famous Sylvester Stallone." I had stood still not really comprehending what the issue was until the manager asked me if I had a job. I of course revealed the truth that I did not in fact have a job. So basically I got the job at the Fluevog Inn, because I did not get starstruck over a very huge and known celebrity. Since those times people have come and gone. Some people got fired, because they couldn't handle the awe that came from meeting the celebrity of their dreams. However the best part of this job is that if a celebrity wants to become friends with you, they ask for your number and wham you and the celebrity are friends. If you want an example , I was attending to a younger celebrity, by the name of Nash Grier. He was being very obnoxious and quite insulting, but I kept myself at bay and I dealt with his ghastly behavior. He got forceful and knocked me over, I was plunging towards the floor in what felt like slow motion, until I felt myself caught by no other than Tom Hiddleston. After I had collapsed into him, he had asked for my number and we had been close friends since that incident. Anyways back to the job, I work here with my best friend, Lauren. She is absolutely gorgeous, she has dark brown hair, when straightened is around her mid back. She has the most memorizing green eyes. She is a bit on the short side, she is 5"4, and she is a bit thick and curvy. Lauren is the most compelling, whimsical, and devoted girl that you will ever meet. I met Lauren on the job around seven years ago, I was the first person she confronted on the job and I was the first to be best friends with her. I was also the one who showed her how to do the job. Lauren does not usually get starstruck, but she cannot help babble and stammer around that hottie, Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones. I find it very amusing to watch as she gets an adorable and infectious giggle. If you are asking me, I think that Kit might like her, as he always blushes around her. Who knew a celebrity could get starstruck over a ordinary and traditional human being. Some employees get starstruck over celebrities such as, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo Dicaprio. The owner of the Fluevog Inn, her gets starstruck by Robert Downey Jr, but if you inquire, he would never speak a peep. I was going about my business. I was about to help Tom Hiddleston, when I met eyes with my match. My match was the celebrity Brenton Thwaites from the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. My cheeks flamed and my mouth became parched. For the first time in my life, I was starstruck over a celebrity.