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I am the next (male) Supreme

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"Dad?" Stiles called out from the foyer. He saw the sheriff’s car parked right outside of their home 3 in the afternoon, meant his father was home, early. But it was also accompanied by a black Volkswagen that meant he wasn’t alone, there was a visitor.

A hesitant answer from his father rang out from the kitchen. “Here, son…” a little more struggle when he added, “come and I’d like you to meet somebody.”

His father might have not liked whoever was with him to sound like that, and there are only a few people who his father doesn’t like. Stiles didn’t wait for another minute, curiosity peaking, he all but ran into the kitchen.

What he found was absolutely surprising. A woman was in an all-black ensemble and literally looked like she stepped out from a noir french film. She had blonde hair and piercing eyes that rivaled her smile. She seemed like a beautiful woman but who aged a lot. He also must have been staring long enough that her perfect eyebrow raised in question. 

"Stiles?" His dad asked.

"Uhhh, nothing. Sorry. Surprised. Me, got surprised. By you, who, who are you?" A class impression, Stiles told himself.

The woman laughed at his antics though, as if fond. “Well, he not only got his eyes and features from his mother but her personality as well.”

Stiles smiled at that but it looked funny that his father looked a little bit insulted.Hmm, who was this woman who knew his mother? As if hearing his thoughts she extended her hand in greeting, “Fiona Goode.”


Stiles reached and shook her hand, “Umm, Stiles Stilinski as you already know. Definitely. ‘Cause my dad told you.” Another laugh.

"Why yes, of course." She gave him another smile. This one unsettling. Stiles lived half of his life besides strong women and girls to know not to mess with someone like her. "I also knew your mother. Claudia."

Yeah, he deducted that. By the way, why is his father crowded up in a corner waiting for something to fucking blow?

"Leave it to her to have a son with a human, oh not only that, but to pass her witch powers to you as well." Fiona continued, as if asking about the weather. "She never wanted to stay with the coven, I much knew that but to be able to leave the Supreme’s coven without any trace?" She looked very amused at this, "She was truly smart for her own good… but she wouldn’t be my daughter if she wasn’t at least anything but that."

Boom. There it goes. Stiles never knew anyone from his mother side, no one, at all. His mother always told him that they are far away would not like anything to do with her anymore, so he relented to the fact that he would never have a grandmother or grandfather. Man, his mother was right not to introducing her family because the bitch levels this woman was radiating was totally making Stiles itch. Oh and witch? He knew it that he got his gift from his mother whoah, there is so much questionable things gong in there and Stiles doesn’t know if he even wants to know.Coven? Seriously? Like vampires?

"Umm." Stiles tried to answer.

"Oh no, I’m not done." Fiona did a ‘flicking’ gesture with her hand and a chair in front of Stiles moved like there was a invisible force pulling it, and made it look like an invitation for him to sit. Stiles just went with it. He was too shocked to even comprehend right now.

"You see, witches are always and always born females." Fiona stepped a bit closer. "Again, give it up for my daughter to birth a male witch, which, has never happened since our ancestors begun developing their powers."

The Sheriff moved from the corner to step in Fiona’s space, “What does that got to do with anything? You said you wanted to see him, now g-” Fiona made a face and his father was flying across the room within seconds.

"Hey!" Stiles’ was on alert now. Grandmother or no grandmother, he would punch an old woman if she ever so mu-but Stiles found out too late that he can’t even budge from the chair. He looked up to see Fiona giving him another amused smile.

"Now, I said. I’m not finish. Why can’t you two be a gentleman and listen to the old lady?" Fiona said as she reached for a chair to sit on. His father was being held up by a force across that room’s wall while he was struggling to budge up from his seat.What a reunion.

"So, like I said." Fiona started again, "Male witch. Never happened before."

"So what?" Stiles snapped. "I don’t want to be in your female strict club anyway so just let me go."

"I said!" Fiona shouted now, her face erasing all the charm she masked a while ago and was now replaced with a demented expression. "To! Listen! To! Me!" Stiles’ jaw snapped shut and that without help from any magic. "It is not about what you want little witch but what I think is good for the coven! I am the Supreme, I am the queen of the witches and even seem you have the wrong plugging, you are my responsibility!"

Stiles glared at that. “You will listen to me when I say that witches are all but the highest of the food chain in this supernatural world and no grandson of mine will mingle with these werewolves!” Stiles eyes widen at that, he was about to shout a protest when now Fiona made him shut up with a flick of her fingers. “Do not test me young man, your mother was stupid enough to go against my rules. Leaving the coven, ha! Marrying a human! Bullshit! Birthing to a male witch? What a freak! And now my so called grandson is fucking with a fucking alpha werewolf!” Fiona’s face was now beet red, as she listed what she believed was appalling to her. She seemed to notice the same time as Stiles, so she took large gulp of breaths and fixed her hair as she did so.

When she was done, her mask fell unto her face again. “Now, Stiles. My grandson.. I am rotting like a fucking month-old meat. I know you must be confused as to the life of a supreme but you see, you will learn, I will teach you.” She reached out to touch his hand that was busily gripping the sides of their dining table. “A supreme is chosen to lead witches in this world, to guide them, to control them. But you see, immortality is a fickle thing, even for a powerful witch like me, it does not exist. An old one dies…” And Fiona’s hand started to tighten around his. “when a new one starts to flower.”

Stiles eyes narrowed at that. He wasn’t anything if not smart, So far, that’s what benefited the pack rather than his ‘witch’ powers. So it didn’t take look to realize that Fiona thinks he-Stiles Stilinski-is the next supreme.

"So, while I am still alive. You will be obligated to study under me and forget this dump shit of a town. Claudia might have been able to do what the fuck she wants but-" Fiona pointed at his face, "you will not. Understood?”

Stiles didn’t answer at that, even when the force holding his jaw and trapping him to his chair disappeared, he didn’t moved even a muscle. His father’s release was only passed with a grunt and Fiona took it as a sign to leave.

She was already in the foyer when her voice ranged out, “I will be back for you, and you better be ready to leave when I do.” Another moment and the sound of their front door was slammed shut. Stiles didn’t move until he heard the noise from Fiona Goode’s car begin to faint. By then, he moved to his father asking if he was okay. His father nodded as he took his son shoulders and said, “She will not take you away from me. She won’t, I promise you.”

"No, dad." Stiles replied. "I promise you that she won’t take me.” Then Stiles smiled, because if Claudia had made her life about disobeying her mother and freeing herself from this coven bullshit. That is what Stiles would do. He was Claudia’s son, after all.