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Sideways Taylors

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My eyes snapped open, that twerp had the nerve to disturb my daily nap.

“What?” I managed to growl out, my twin brother not even fazed by my response. Damn him.

“Guess what?” He pitched the question while he launched himself on the top part of the bunk bed.

“What is there to guess? The fact you ruined my eight hour nap?” I could tell my usual cool grey eyes turned stormy black, but my idiot twin was used to my behavior. Instead, he handed me my glasses.

“Wrong silly pig,” I resisted the impulse to choke him, but I let slide, “Its Transformers Tuesday!”

Just then, I felt a very familiar emotion. A drug called anger flew through my veins do to the fact that this fool woke me up for this!? I threw a fist in his direction, but he dodged. My agile twin flipped off the bed, holding on to the rails. Looking down, I find him gone from existence. With an exasperated sigh, I pushed back my shoulder length hair and climbed down from my comfort zone.

Once I hit bottom I flattened out my dull colored pajamas, and proceeded to exit the room, only to step on something sharp. Cursing out loud for my pain, and my slow senses, I picked up the perpetrator. A fucking collectible statue. An obvious Decepticon with a Decepticon head. How strange, or more accurately, what in tarnation was he?

My idiot twin did this… on purpose. I will have my revenge. To be more safe, I check my surroundings carefully. Especially the ground. Benjamin knows how much I value my socks. But then I realized how much he valued one thing: his Transformers collection.

If I was a typical fan, I wouldn’t mess with it, but that is if I was one. So stealthily trekking across the house, aka just walking straight towards the room titled the Vault, I was near my destination. I reached forward and-

“Ruben! I was looking for you.”

Sigh, why does everyone have to scream my name? “What do you want mother?”

The bright cheerful woman I called a mom reached for me, but I casually brushed her off.

“Oh Ruben,” again she yelled out my name, “do you need you hearing aids checked?”

“No I-“

“Look, you’re a nineteen year old girl now, that means you have more responsibilities. Including to yourself. Now be honest and tell me do they need to be checked.”

If we’re being honest right now, I’m wondering why this basterd cares so much about my life. “Look mother, I have some business, so can you please move out of my way.”

She knew as much as I did that it wasn’t a question, and reluctantly stepped aside. Finally, closing my hand around the knob, I entered the Vault. Hundreds of collectible items from posters and vinyl to dvds and figures.

I intended to hold one of Ben’s precious items hostage, just to see the horrified look on his face. That’ll teach him to mess with me.

But as if sensing my devious plan, I felt his presence, like a shadow in the wind.

“Ruben don’t do this, just think about what you’re doing.”

Ignoring him, I reached out and grabbed a leader class movie Optimus Prime from Revenge of Whatever. I didn’t really care, but I bet he did. Admiring the figure, I slowly turned. The look on his face was priceless.

“Put it back you son of a glitch.”

“No, I don’t want to, you see this is what happens if you mess with me again.” I grabbed something vital. “Revenge. Is. Mine.”

He had a look on his face, the one that he has when he’s gushing over fictional robots. I’d probably just unintentionally quoted something from one of the franchises. And as much as I wanted to see him suffer, he was still my younger twin. So I decided to have mercy and put the figure back in its original place.

“Thank you Ruben.”

I twitched, all these years I tolerated these fools yelling out my name, but I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Benjamin Paige Taylor I swear if you tell out my name one more time…”

He understood the message clearly. “Fine,” he held out his hand, “Ruben Owen Taylor, I promise not to yell out your name anymore.”

I shook it, “I accept your promise.”