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Crimson Souls

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(Axel s POV)

‘How did I get myself into this? These people are crazier than I am. Why the hell would Talbot send me here? What makes him think this is a good idea? Whatever it’s too late to ask him now.’

I looked up at the big rundown mansion in front of me. Taking in the smell of decaying wood and...the smell of roadkill? I cringed and scrunched up my nose. I sighed as I began to walk up the splintered steps leading up to the porch. Which in my opinion wasn’t any better. This was my home now. I guess I should have been grateful, it was better than living in hell. Cool breezes, the slight smell of fresh rain and the smell of pine. I guess it’s not that bad if you think about it.

I knocked at the door and waited patiently for someone to answer. I casually looked around the porch and saw where the rancid roadkill smell was coming from. There was a small pile of dead rabbits in the corner on the porch. They looked like their stomachs had been ripped open. They were covered in blood. I shivered at the slightly disturbing sight. At that moment I heard the lock click on the door and the hinges squeak loudly as it was opened.

I turned away from the pile and saw a very short teen staring up at me with dull red eyes. That wasn’t even the strangest thing about him. He was dressed in all green, from his dark green jeans to his pastel green beanie. His fashion sense wasn't the only thing that I found a little strange, the whites of his eyes were black and he had thick black liquid leaking from his eyes. Sure I’ve seen stranger but that was back in hell. This is the human world. So why…

The boy stares at me before glancing over at the pile in the corner. He grimaced before turning back.

“Smiley I told you not to put your shit on the porch! If you're gonna leave it somewhere leave it in the crawl space!” He yelled.

As soon as he was finished a big red and black dog walked out the door. He stopped and looked up at me and I got chills. This big dog was wearing a horrifying grin across his face and had piercing eyes. He looked like what nightmares were made of. He looked back at the boy and growled.

“You don’t have to be so uptight about it. Why not more it yourself?” The dog asked.

“Because it’s not my mess and it stinks. If you're not gonna clean it then get Jeff to clean it up.” The boy said.

The dog scoffed and rolled his eyes. He walked over and picked up the pile of shredded flesh and walked off the porch steps. The boy turned to me and smiled.

“Sorry about that. The smells really awful huh?” He asked.

“Y-yeah. I mean I've smelt worse I guess.” I said nervously.

He laughed and smiled at me. He stepped aside and I walked inside. He shut the door behind us and I cringed as the hinges squeaked.

“You're funny I like you. So you must be the new guy.” He said.

I nodded nervous. He held out his hand towards me and I hesitantly shook it.

“Name’s BEN DROWNED.” He said.

“A-axel.” I said.

“Axel huh? That’s cool man. Everybody's been waiting for ya.” He said.

I followed him into I would assume would be the living area. There was a group of older looking teens standing around. They all looked a little...strange. These people didn't look like Talbot had described. Well he did say they were a weird bunch. But I didn’t think they’d be this weird.

“Hey so this is the family.” BEN said.

He pointed at a scrawny teen with a white mask and a yellow jacket. From what I could see he was a brunette.

“That guy over there is Slenders right hand man Masky. He’s a little prudish and bossy but all in all he’s pretty nice and caring.” He said.

Did he just insult the guy and compliment him at the same time?

“That guy standing next to him in the orange is Hoodie. Their best friends but everyone in the mansion knows their secretly boneing each other.” BEN laughed.


That guy in the blue hoodie and mask is Eyeless Jack but everyone calls him E.J. If he starts poking at your sides and asking you if you have both your kidneys I’d be a little cautious. But that's normal.”


He pointed to the littler teen that was squirming and trying to get out of E.J’s and blushing. He had goggles on his head and what looked to be some kind of mask, he also had two hatchets hanging from his belt.

“That little spaz is Ticci Toby, E.J’s boyfriend and lover. He’s...what’s the word I’m looking for? Eccentric? Yea but anyway he’s a spaz.” BEN said.

I blushed and looked away when E.J moved his mask up a little to lick Toby’s cheek. BEN cleared his throat embarrassed and pointed over to a little girl spinning around in a circle with her teddy bear. She had long wavy brown locks and the biggest green eyes I've ever seen. She also had a cute pink dress and….blood running down her face.


“That’s Sally over there. She’s the youngest. She’s also the only one here who won't kill you on site. She’s kind, passionate, and cute. But don’t let that fool you the kid is a ticking time bomb when it comes to hurting her family. “

I looked away from Sally for one second and that's when I noticed a pair of icy blue eyes glaring over at me. How did I know? Well I met that glare when I looked at the tall lanky teen leaning against the wall. His hair was long and jet black, he had pale white skin and slits cut into his cheeks that formed a permanent smile. Something about him gave me chills. He didn't seem too pleased to see me.

BEN pulled me over to the group. I was scared out of my mind. New people. I’m not much of a social butterfly so crowds even if small crowds make me nervous. Some king of Hell i’d be.

“Hey everyone this is Axel!” BEN yelled getting everyone's attention.

Everyone turned and stared and I felt self conscious. I looked down at my feet nervously looking for something to say. I couldn’t find the words.

“So this is the great Roselle’s son? The future king of Hell?”

The tall teen causally walked up to me with a grin on his face. I backed away as he got closer. He crossed his arms and looked me up and down.

“This is a warrior?” He asked in disbelief.

Suddenly he grabbed my chin and tilted it up so I was looking in his eyes. He got close to my face and my eyes went wide.

“You don’t look like the demon queen's son? Aren’t you supposed to be intimidating?” He asked again.

I felt someone get between us and push him away from me.

“Axel this is Jeff, my friend. He’s crude and sarcastic. Also he doesn’t know the meaning of personal space.” BEN said crossing his arms.

Jeff shrugged and walked away. I can already tell they love me.