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Aurora... Potter?

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“BAM! And it is done!”

“Hey you di’ it right! Way go Fed!”

“I told you I’d been *hic* practising George.”

“Yeah but, we drank all tha’ Fire Whiskey. Tha’s impessive magic when you drunk.”

“Pfft, drunk. We’re fine.*hic* We’ll get up in the morning and put him right.”

“True, true. And Umbidge, tha’ cow, thought she’d ca, cau, caught us.”

“Yeah, *hic*, lay him down.”

“ ‘Er, Fed. He’s an ‘er now.”

“ ‘Kay, lay her down, and lets go to bed.”

“Good plan. Where we? Ah, pfft, ‘he’s fine, le’s go.”

So the two, very drunk, Weasleys stumbled up to Gryffindor tower and collapsed into their beds. They were totally unscathed from their night time stroll. They would, however, wake up with splitting head aches and no clue what they did last night…

Harry woke up feeling really odd. On the upside, no weird dreams about funny corridors, on the down side, the floor was hard, and cold. Moreover, he was waking up on the floor. Not entirely unusual, but there were no beds in sight and he distinctly remembered going to bed last night.

He also felt like something was off with the way he held himself. He ran a hand through his hair with a sigh, why was life never normal? Why was his hair flat, silky smooth, and falling past his shoulders? Wide eyed, Harry pulled a lock of hair into view. This was not his hair! Except that it was, but it was girl’s hair! He finally looked down at himself and noticed two rather distinct bulges in his chest.

Bloody hell, was his immediate thought, followed by, Gotta find Hermione, Hermione will fix it. She’ll explain why I woke up as a girl in a strange part of the castle.

Actually this part of the castle wasn’t all that strange, it was vaguely familiar from about his…second year? Yeah, that was it. It was the time he snuck into the Slytherin Common room…

Oh damn it. This is brilliant, well done Harry this is a whole new level of bad. Not to mention if you go to Hermione like this, you’ll look like a pervert. Some idiot Gryffindor thought it’d be funny to turn you into a girl.

“What are you doing?” Asked a cold, and irritatingly familiar voice. Though, he’d never heard it with that note of surprise and confusion.

“Plotting to kill some Gryffindors,” He replied, answering honestly because he couldn’t be bothered thinking of a convincing lie. Draco Malfoy laughed. Not the normal cold chuckle Harry was used to but a normal laugh. He stared at the blond boy in shock. Draco knelt down next to him and looked at him curiously.

“So, not to sound like I’m defending the lions,” he started, a gentle half smile in place, “But what’d they do to deserve your wrath?”

“I,” Harry started, then he faltered, now was the time to lie, “I’m not sure, but I can’t remember a lot of things. Really basic things like what house I’m in, and I woke up in this hall. In only this stupid boy’s night gown, but I know it was because of some stupid Gryffindor. And I’m cold.”

The last part sounded very childish but, to be fair, Gryffindor tower was a lot warmer than the dungeons and he felt rather fragile being in a female body. Overall it was unsettling, irritating and made him feel very vulnerable. Draco laughed again, that same weird, warm laugh.

“Can you remember your name at least?” He asked, throwing his cloak around Harry, who gave him a very confused look.

“Aurora,” he answered, he couldn’t seem to tear his eyes from Draco’s and had answered with the first name that popped into his head. Wasn’t Aurora the name of sleeping beauty? Great, now he was sleeping beauty.

“Aurora,” Draco repeated with a smile, “That’s a pretty name. Now, up you get, I’m sure one of the teachers can sort this out.”

“No!” Harry exclaimed, for the first time noticing how shrill his voice was, Draco’s eyebrows furrowed and he continued quickly, “I don’t want anyone to know. It’s embarrassing.”

Harry looked up at Draco with sad, begging eyes, hoping against hope that he wouldn’t be forced to go see a teacher. What would they do? He didn’t think there was anyone at Hogwarts named Aurora, what would they do with him? Kick him out probably.

“Do you know your family name, blood status, anything along those lines?” Draco asked after a moment, looking thoughtfully resigned.

“Um, h-halfblood?” Harry offered uncertainly. Why was Draco asking this?

“Halfblood, yeah, I can work with that,” Draco nodded, offering Harry his hand with a triumphant grin, “C’mon let’s go.”

“Wh-where are we going?” Harry asked, even as he took Draco’s hand and allowed the blonde to lead him through the halls.

“Shh, let me do the talking ok,” Draco commanded, looking slightly more like his usual self, “Don’t pull your wand and don’t say anything that could piss them off. We Slytherins can be a temperamental bunch. Just stand behind me and look cute. You seem good at that.”

With that Harry was pulled into the Slytherin common room, not even able to fully realise that Draco had called him cute, and was gazing around the large green room for the second time in his life. The first person to acknowledge Draco’s arrival was Blaise Zabini. He walked over to the pair calmly, showing no signs that he saw Harry-probably because Harry was currently hiding behind Draco like a scared little girl.

“Hey Draco, we were starting to wonder where you’d gone, out so early on a Saturday,” Blaise said with a smirk, suddenly he noticed Harry peaking over Draco’s shoulder, he raised an eyebrow, “But now I see worrying was pointless. Where did you find this beautiful bird?”

Harry felt himself flush at being called beautiful by another boy, but he was in the Slytherin common room he did something stupid and he was dead. He would like to avoid that. He managed a shy smile, looking up through his lashes.

“Some Gryffindor’s pulled a prank on her,” Draco answered, then he chuckled, “First thing she said was that she wanted to kill them. Anyway, have you seen Pansy?”

“Oh, sure, I’ll go get her for you,” before he turned away he gave Harry a wink, “Hey, love the spirit. Bet those lions will regret whatever they did to you.”

“Nice job,” Draco commended, walking easily through the common room giving out waves and nods to various people, “Now, Pansy talks a lot but she’ll help you out. Just agree with most everything she says and you’ll be fine.”

“Oh, um, sure,” Harry agreed, nodding his understanding. Just then the familiar form of Pansy Parkinson skipped towards them.

“Hey, Draco,” she said with a grin, “Blaise told me you wanted my help with something. Oh, she is pretty.” Pansy added, looking Harry up and down. “What’s with those clothes?”

“Pansy, Aurora. Aurora, Pansy,” Draco informed them, “Aurora, why don’t you go sit down. I’ll explain everything to Pansy.”

“Oh, sure thing,” Harry replied wandering over to an armchair and sitting down cross legged in it. He sat there and chewed his lip, watching Pansy and Draco talk. Eventually the pair walked over to him and Pansy smiled brightly.

“C’mon then,” She said in a friendly voice, “I’ll lend you some clothes.”

“I, you, um, ok,” Harry spluttered, allowing Pansy to pull him towards the girls’ dormitory. Once they were there Harry was seated on Pansy’s bed as she began to rummage through clothes.

“So Aurora, that is a pretty name,” Pansy spoke as she rummaged, “I don’t know why I’ve never noticed you before. Anyway Draco told me about what happened, those Gryffindor’s just don’t know where to draw the line do they? I mean, pulling a girl from her bed and dumping her in the dungeons? That’s just plain cruel. That aside, you can’t really do much if you can’t even remember your own house can you? You’re lucky it was Draco who found you, it could have been a lot worse if it were some other guy, but Draco wouldn’t take advantage like that.”

“Yeah,” Harry replied dazedly, something slowly dawning on him, “He…he called me cute!”

“Well, you are cute,” Pansy agreed, “Draco’s always been straight up like that. Still, don’t go getting your hopes up. He’s yet to be serious about any girl.”

“But, aren’t you and he?” Harry asked uncertainly.

“Oh no,” Pansy replied, laughing a little, “Everyone thinks so but no. It’s all about keeping up an image really. Here,” She handed Harry a pile of clothes, “That’s everything you should need. If anything doesn’t fit just let me know. The bathrooms over there.”

“Thank you,” Harry said, “But, um, aren’t these Slytherin robes?”

“What?” Pansy asked, then she looked at Harry and smiled, “Yeah, Draco said that because you don’t know what house you’re in you can be an honorary Slytherin until we work it out. Slytherin’s look out for their own.”

“Right,” Harry answered as he walked into the bathroom. He stopped just inside the door, out of sight of Pansy, as he realised it was a girls bathroom. It wasn’t actually his first time in a girls bathroom, no, the first time there had been a troll. The other times had been throughout his second year as he searched for clues to the Chamber of Secrets, and brewed a Polyjuice potion, which was, of course, how he’d gotten into the Slytherin common room the first time.

Sighing at the unfairness of everything he went through Harry laid out the clothes Pansy had given him. Problem one, a bra, he didn’t know how to put on a bra! Oh well, never too late to learn after all, another sigh. Then there were the Slytherin robes which weren’t really a problem, except that it went entirely against his nature to put them on (Slytherin and female robes! Sigh). Then there were his nickers…Why had Pansy given him a lacy pair?!

Draco sat in the common room, thinking over his morning so far. He hadn’t even had breakfast yet, which wasn’t really a problem because Slytherins tended to be early rises so if Pansy and Aurora were quick they could still get to breakfast on time. Finding a strange girl, he’d never seen before, who couldn’t remember so much as her own house and was making death threats to Gryffindors, in the dungeons was definitely going to have to go on his list of weirdest things that ever happened to him at school. Now he’d said Pansy should lend the girl some clothes and make her an ‘honorary Slytherin’. Though, he had no idea where that had come from, yet here he was, waiting for the two of them to come back down.

Aurora really was pretty. Especially her eyes, rather Slytherin really, though they did remind him a bit of Potter’s eyes. He wasn’t really worried by that, he couldn’t see Potter making death threats to his own house, or accepting Slytherin help…or being a girl for that matter. Why was that the last thing on his list? Besides, Aurora didn’t where glasses, or if she did she hadn’t told him. Good thing too, he didn’t think they had any spare glasses handy. They could always nick Potter’s if they really needed too.

As he was thinking this through Aurora and Pansy came downstairs, fully dressed in Slytherin best. He gave them a smile and nodded approvingly.

“Nice job Pansy,” he commended as they reached him, looking over Aurora, “Pity you weren’t a Slytherin, it suits you. Are you going to join us for breakfast, Pansy? I imagine Vincent and Gregory are already down there eating everything in sight.”

“Sure thing,” Pansy smiled, “I’ll find Blaise and meet you down there.”

Harry stared as they talked. Did the Slytherins always smile this much? They all seemed really friendly, it was freaking him out, almost as much as the black lacy underwear he was wearing. Pansy had told him that she and Draco weren’t actually dating, but, as Draco was one of the more influential families, it was expected he seem like he was fixed with a pureblood. Though she was also pretty sure that there was no way she and Draco would end up married. Apparently a lot of the things Slytherins did were just to maintain an image. Merlin, did that girl talk! Harry continued staring at Draco as Pansy walked off and he was turned around.

“What’s up?” Draco asked, noticing Harry’s stare. Harry shrugged, now that he was over the shock, mostly, he was able to be more like himself. Though not too much lest someone figure it out.

“It’s just I don’t remember you ever calling Crabbe and Goyle by their first names,” he said nonchalantly, very focused on his voice now. It was gentle and soft, extremely weird for him.

“Oh, that’s because I don’t generally do so when others can hear,” Draco answered thoughtfully, “Their families are considered below mine so that’s what’s expected.”

“It sounds like you do a lot of things just because that’s what’s expected,” Harry replied with a frown. Draco laughed, nodding slightly.

“I did tell you Pansy like to talk a lot,” He said, grinning, “What did you think of her?”

“She seemed nice,” Harry replied thoughtfully, “You were right about her talking a lot. I think we have a very different view in clothing though.”

“What do you mean?” Draco asked, eyebrows furrowing as he looked at Aurora again, “Is there something wrong with her robes?”

Harry blushed, realising what he said. He wasn’t actually talking about the clothes Draco could see. Draco seemed to realise this, and he laughed again.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, “I thought she’d be the most likely to fit you. You’re not uncomfortable, right?”

“No,” Harry replied, still blushing. They were almost at the Great hall now, “Hey Draco?”


“Thanks. For everything. I don’t know what I’d have done on my own.” Harry wasn’t sure where it came from but he needed to say it. Draco smiled.

“Not a problem,” he answered warmly, “Happy to help someone so pretty.”

He did it again, Harry thought, he keeps calling me pretty. It’s really weird. He watched Draco out the corner of his eye as they entered the Great hall. The warm smile transformed into the smirk Harry was more accustomed to. He led harry to the Slytherin table, which was definitely a good things as Harry had been prepared to walk across the hall and take his regular seat with Ron and Hermione. A very disastrous decision considering his current appearance, specifically the Slytherin robes.

He sat opposite Draco so that he could watch the Gryffindor table. Ron seemed relaxed, and was devouring his food, Hermione on the other hand was looking around worriedly. He was going to have to find a way to tell her he was fine or else she’d owl someone saying he was missing.

Crabbe and Goyle were, indeed, stuffing their faces and Harry couldn’t help but be reminded of Ron. He concluded it was because they all seemed to love their food and would eat wholeheartedly without caring about their surroundings. He also decided never to mention this similarity to Ron. Draco was sitting next to Crabbe, who had Goyle on his other side. Harry, following the blondes lead, starting filling his plate.

Ah, breakfast, He thought idly, You have no idea how much I appreciate your normalness.

He’d just stared eating when Blaise and Pansy walked in. Blaise sat down next to Draco and Pansy sat opposite him, next to Harry. They ate in silence and Harry continued to watch Hermione and Ron across the room.

“What are you staring at?” Blaise asked, looking at Harry, who jumped slightly at the distraction.

“Where’s Potter?” Pansy answered for Harry. Draco turned to look over at the Gryffindor table.

“Don’t know,” He said with a frown, Ron and Hermione started getting up, “I guess I’ll just ask, won’t I?”

Harry got up with Draco, deciding that it was probably best to stick with him. Crabbe and Goyle got up as well, giving Harry confused looks as they followed Draco. Ron groaned and pointed the group out to Hermione as they approached, they were just outside the Great hall.

“Hey Granger, Weasel,” Draco said coldly, “Where’s Pot head?”

“None of your business Malfoy,” Ron snapped.

“Oooh, in a foul mood Weasel? Is Potty missing? Get killed in his sleep, perhaps?”

“C’mon Ron,” Hermione said, pushing him past the Slytherins.

“Have you seen that girl before?” Ron asked, voice quiet but still loud enough for the group to hear, Harry raised an eyebrow, “Looks like Malfoy decided he needed some new arm candy.”

“Ronald!” Hermione reprimanded, “Just because Fred and George yelled at you for being too loud…”

They were out of hearing range now. Harry stared after his friends, silently having a mental breakdown.

“You ok?” Draco asked watching Harry worriedly. Harry nodded uncertainly.

“I’m fine,” He answered, eyes slightly glazed, “I’ve been through worse. I’m fine.”

Pros-No glasses

-Draco (since when did I call him that?!) and every other Slytherin is nice.

Cons-Three Slytherins (Blaise/Pansy/Draco) have called me pretty and/or cute

-Currently a Slytherin

-Ron called me arm candy (He doesn’t even talk like that!)

-I’m a freaking girl!

Things to ponder-The Slytherins are mean/prejudice to keep up an image

-Who did this and how shall I kill them?

-What will I do if I’m still like this on Monday?

-How do I contact Hermione and tell her not to tell anyone I’m missing?

-…Where am I going to sleep?

“Er, Draco,” Harry started hesitantly, “Thanks, for, everything you’ve done for me but, where am I supposed to sleep?”

Draco looked up from his book with a raised eyebrow, clearly very ready to accept any form of distraction.

Why’s he looking at me like that? Harry thought, shifting uncomfortably, I get that he’s probably bored, but it’s not like…

“N-no,” he spluttered suddenly, “That’s not what I, I just, I’m a little…” Harry was blushing furiously and Draco smirked at him.

“Don’t worry,” the blond assured, after watching Harry fidget for a little while, “I can get you into one of the guest rooms. You innocence is perfectly safe.”

Harry’s blush darkened and he continued to fidget, Draco, much to Harry’s dismay, seemed to notice this. He got up and shifted Harry’s chair so he was facing away from the table. He then put one hand on the back of Harry’s chair and leaned forward into Harry’s face. Harry tried to sink back into the chair, desperately hoping that the floor would open up and swallow him. Draco’s mouth was right beside his ear now and Harry could feel the other boy’s breathe.

“Of course, that’s only if you want it to be,” Draco breathed, Harry shuddered as he pulled away. He tried valiantly to ignore his rapidly beating heart.

Oh God, Draco Malfoy is hitting on me, He thought, head spinning slightly, Oh God, I cannot get any lower. What am I going to do?

“Anyway, I’m calling it a day,” Draco announced, as though he hadn’t just been sexually harassing some girl he’d only met this morning, Harry glared at his back, “We can continue looking through memory charms another time. You know the way back to the Common room right? If you’re not back before curfew someone’s going to come looking for you, alright?”

“Yeah, I guess,” Harry replied, they’d been in the library for a while, much to Draco’s annoyance. They still hadn’t found anything, which wasn’t really helped by the fact that Draco had been looking at memory charms while Harry was looking through advanced transfiguration books. Fortunately something had been gained in the afternoon, Harry had managed to get one of Hermione’s notebooks. She’d dropped it earlier and he’d seized the opportunity, then, with some work, he managed to redesign his hand writing so that people wouldn’t recognise Aurora’s as his own. He scribbled a quick note to her, telling her not to worry, he was fine, but something came up and they should cover for him for as long as possible.

He sighed, pushing away from the table now that Draco was gone. He felt a small jolt in his stomach as he thought of Draco, remembering the feel of him breathing in his ear. No! He did so not want his thoughts going there! Draco was only hitting on him because he looked like a chick. Apparently a pretty chick, but that was beside the point.

“Ah, I need to sleep,” Harry grouched pulling his stuff together, he began wandering up to Gryffindor tower, keeping in mind that he couldn’t hang around. He doubted anyone would be up this late, it was getting close to curfew. When did that happen?

“Glad those bloody headaches finally wore off,” announced a familiar voice.

“Yeah, thanks to Madam Pomfrey, remember anything yet Fred?”

“Not a lick.”

With the Weasley twins coming towards him Harry followed his first instinct, which was drop the notebook and hide.

“What’s that?” Fred asked as they walked up to the notebook, “Looks like Hermione’s.”

“We better give it back,” George advised, “She had to put up with a pissed off Ron all day because of us.”

“He was being loud,” Fred argued, “He should have more respect for those with hangovers.”

The two arguing, Weasley’s made their way into the Common room and Harry, confident Hermione would get his message, began heading to the dungeons. He paused for a moment to realise he was heading down to the Slytherin Common room feeling perfectly safe-if not entirely happy with the situation-he took a moment to be horrified about this before remembering he had nowhere else to go and continuing his trek down the halls. Life sucked.

Harry entered the Common room and was immediately pulled to the side and shushed by someone he assumed was Pansy.

“What’s going…”


“I told her to be back before curfew.”

“It’s not curfew yet.”

“And? Blaise I think you’re forgetting the seriousness of her situation.”

“C’mon Draco, it can’t be that bad. She can still remember her name right? And she’s got us looking out for her now what’s to worry about?”

Harry was immensely confused. He assumed they were talking about him and, therefore, that the argument would cease if he showed that he was back. Pansy apparently disagreed with this as she held him back, one hand over his mouth so he didn’t try to interrupt again. He also felt oddly touched at Blaise’s sentiment that the Slytherin’s backed him up, rather than bristling as he should have been at the assumption he couldn’t look after himself.

“She can’t even remember what house she’s in! What if she can’t remember her way around the castle?”

“She seemed to find the library just fine,” Baise pointed out.

Yeah, but only because I’m so used to Hermione hiding out in there and I needed to know the fastest way to her at a moment’s notice, Harry thought in response.

“She didn’t exactly handle herself well when faced with Granger and Weasley either,” Draco pointed out.

I’d like to see how you handle having your best mate call you arm candy, Harry argued, And you didn’t call him Weasel. That’s…interesting.

“I heard, it was probably more the suddenness,” Blaise said sagely, “And any idea’s where Potter went?”

“No clue, and why would I care?” Draco asked, glancing at his watch.

“Because usually you’re always harping on about Potter but right now you just keep talking about Aroura,” Blaise answered, then mumbled, “I think I may be losing a bet.”

“I’m going to look for…Pansy what are you doing?”

“Oh, um, I was just making sure no one got in your way,” Pansy smiled, removing her hand, to which Harry took great, exaggerated gulps of air before smirking up at her. Pansy gave him a light prod in the ribs and he almost laughed before he bumped into Draco, who looked kinda pissed.

“So, when did you get back?” He asked in his cold drawling voice.

“Just a little while ago, but Pansy pulled me out of the way before I could say anything,” Harry explained, lifting himself off the floor and dusting himself off, “I’m sorry if I worried you, I just got a little distracted.”

“You shouldn’t be staying out so close to curfew anyway,” Blaise pointed out, “Especially if you wanna avoid teachers.”

“Good point, I’ll keep that in mind,” Harry smiled, Draco seemed to have calmed down now so Harry turned back to him, “It’d been a really long day could you…?”

“Room, right,” Draco replied with a sigh, gesture towards an extra corridor, “Just there, Pansy’s already set out some extra clothes.”

“Good plan Aurora, I’m heading to bed too,” Pansy announced, leaping forward and giving both the boys a peck on the cheek, “Night Draco. Night Blaise. If you need anything Aurora, come get me.”

“Yeah, I’m off to bed,” Harry nodded, unthinkingly following Pansy’s example and giving both boys a peck on the cheek before heading up to his room.

“Want some company?” Blaise asked coyly.

“No thanks,” Harry answered, a smirk appearing on his face, “Besides, Draco promised my innocence would be safe, which of course means I will hold him personally responsible if anything happens.”

Suck it, Harry thought venomously, This my masterful revenge for the library. Damn you Slytherins are rubbing off on me.

Blaise laughed while Draco gave him a completely stunned look. Harry giggled-had a minor freak out over the fact that he now giggled-and went up to bed. Draco just stood there in shock, part of him trying to work out why his insides were squirming from a simple peck on the cheek.