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Touch Me, Trust Me

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Kaminari was usually a pretty cheerful, easygoing person. He was friendly and didn’t mind letting people into his personal space. He often threw an arm around a friend’s shoulder or leaned in over their shoulder to look at what they were doing on their phone.

Class 1-A was used to it by now, so everyone noticed when all of a sudden, he was keeping his distance and eyeing everyone warily when they approached him.

“The fuck’s gotten into Drooly?” Bakugou muttered as he flopped onto the couch in the lounge next to Kirishima.  He had just walked past Kaminari in the dorm hall, and Kaminari had jumped and clamped his arms down against his sides as he scurried away, off to his own room.

“No clue,” Kirishima replied, his brow furrowing slightly as he thought. “He’s been weird all day, though.”

“He’s afraid of my awesome new discovery!” Ashido chirped, leaning over the back of the couch to grin at them as they both twisted around to blink at her.

“The fuck?” Bakugou scowled.

“Awesome discovery?” Kirishima repeated, nudging Bakugou’s arm and giving him a pointed look. Bakugou rolled his eyes and huffed, then crossed his arms and focused on Ashido, who gave them a wicked grin that almost had them both leaning away from her.

“I’m only telling you two because I completely expect you guys to take full advantage of this powerful secret,” Ashido informed them, her dark eyes twinkling with mischief.

“Just fucking tell us,” Bakugou grumbled. “Or fuck off.” Ashido tsked in disapproval, then relented when Bakugou raised one hand, palm up threateningly.

“Fine, fine,” Ashido sighed dramatically. Then her grin was back as she leaned closer and whispered conspiratorially, “Kaminari’s ticklish.”

“So fuckin’ what?” Bakugou muttered, his arms tensing and folding more tightly over his chest.

“So you should tickle him,” Ashido replied, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Her eyes widened innocently as she added, “Don’t you want to see Kaminari all breathless and red and happy?” There was a split second where Bakugou and Kirishima processed what she was saying. Kirishima’s cheeks flared as red as his hair.

“I would never-” Ashido gave them both a knowing look, cutting off Kirishima’s weak protest. Bakugou’s cheeks had the slightest bit of pink, but Ashido thought that might be irritation at being found out rather than actual embarrassment.

“Use this knowledge wisely,” she advised. “I know Kaminari will appreciate having your hands on him in a non-training way.”

“Come on,” Bakugou said, getting to his feet and glancing at Kirishima, who raised an eyebrow curiously for a second before understanding and jumping up.

“Where are you two going?” Ashido asked, the fake innocent tone and expression returning.

“To see if you’re telling the truth, of course!” Kirishima replied. Ashido put her hands on her hips and nodded to herself in satisfaction as the two headed for Kaminari’s room.


Kaminari didn’t hear the knock at his door, because he’d been listening to music with his headphones on, eyes closed as he tried to relax from a day of being completely paranoid and flinching every time someone got too close. Last night, Ashido had poked him in the ribs to get his attention, and he’d jumped, shrieked so loudly he was sure half the campus heard him, and discharged a flurry of sparks. Kaminari could still see the downright villainous smirk Ashido had worn as surprise and confusion faded into understanding.

Kaminari grimaced and opened his eyes, then jolted upright with a yelp, because Kirishima and Bakugou were standing beside his bed, watching him, and he hadn’t even heard them come in. Kaminari’s headphones fell off in his haste, but he hardly noticed because Bakugou had this smug little smirk twisting his lips, and Kirishima was actually blushing, and Kaminari’s poor heart couldn’t take both at the same time.

“What are you two doing in here?” Kaminari squeaked. He cleared his throat, trying to regain some composure, and then added in what he hoped was a calmer tone, “Not that I’m not happy to see you guys, but I thought I closed my door.”

“You did,” Bakugou answered. “But you didn’t fucking answer when we knocked, asshole.”

“I had my headphones on,” Kaminari explained, as though that wasn’t completely obvious since they’d been staring at long had they been standing there, anyway?

“No shit,” Bakugou snorted. He glanced at Kirishima, then nodded, and Kirishima’s blush intensified. Kaminari blinked, slightly mesmerized by the fact that Kirishima’s blush appeared to be spreading from his face, down his neck and beneath his shirt. Kaminari shook himself and looked away - he was not going to have his feelings revealed because he couldn’t stop staring - only to notice that Bakugou’s smirk had grown, and his eyes were alight with interest, and damn, Kaminari could stare at him all day, too.

He really shouldn’t, though. Everyone kind of knew Kirishima and Bakugou were a thing, even if they hadn’t technically said anything yet. He shouldn’t be letting himself get caught up in-

Something nudged his stomach, and Kaminari’s whole body jerked. A shriek somewhere between laughter and despair erupted from his lips as sparks shot out from his body in every direction, and he collapsed onto his side, curling into a defensive ball and wrapping his arms around himself in an attempt to protect himself. There was a soft yelp that wasn’t Kaminari’s, then a low mutter of displeasure.

“Holy shit. She wasn’t exaggerating at fucking all,” Bakugou muttered, something that might have been awe in his voice.

“She didn’t warn us about the zapping,” Kirishima complained.

“A little electricity hasn’t killed you yet,” Bakugou replied.

“I guess. And it wasn’t really worse than a static shock from, like, a doorknob or something,” Kirishima mused. “So it’s totally worth it.”

“Why,” Kaminari whined, lifting his head just enough to peer at them with a look of such utter betrayal that Kirishima almost felt bad for a second. Instead of answering, Bakugou reached over and ran his finger along Kaminari’s exposed neck. Kaminari flinched, a reluctant giggle escaping. He tucked his chin to prevent any more attacks on his neck, but an instant later he realized that his hands were a woefully inadequate protection for his sides. Kirishima climbed onto his bed and dug his fingers into Kaminari’s side below where his hand was trying to protect his ribs. Kaminari squirmed and uncurled from his ball instinctively, trying to kick out to push Kirishima away, only for Kirishima to shift and sit on his legs. Kaminari stared up at him with as much pleading in his eyes as he could manage. Kirishima was smiling despite the still-present blush, a breathless grin that made Kaminari’s poor heart stutter again.

Then there were fingers in his armpits, making him squeal and laugh, his arms clamping against his sides in an attempt to stop the motion of those awful tickling fingers, but he only succeeded in trapping them in place and intensifying the sensation, which made him laugh and shriek until he was out of breath.

“Damn.” Bakugou’s voice had an odd tone to it, and his fingers stopped tormenting Kaminari’s poor armpits for a second. Kaminari was panting, his chest heaving and his cheeks flushed as he tried to catch his breath. He blinked up at Kirishima, who was now straddling his legs, then at Bakugou, who was sitting on the bed above his head, leaning over him just enough to see his face.

“You guys are assholes,” Kaminari rasped. “Complete, utter assholes.” Now that he wasn’t being tickled, though, he didn’t exactly mind how close they were. Bakugou’s hands were resting on his shoulders now, and Kirishima was leaning forward and supporting himself with one hand on Kaminari’s hip and the other on the bed beside him.

“You’re beautiful when you laugh,” Kirishima replied without thinking. Kaminari’s eyes widened, and he would have tensed up, but his body was still limp and recovering from the tickling onslaught.

“He’s always fucking beautiful,” Bakugou grumbled, one hand leaving Kaminari’s shoulder to brush his hair out of his face. “It’s goddamned motherfucking unfair.” Kaminari gulped, glancing between them, half sure he’d misunderstood. Because Bakugou and Kirishima were dating each other, weren’t they? So why were they sitting there complementing Kaminari? “Hey, Kaminari.” Bakugou using his name - his actual name, holy shit he might cry from happiness - without even swearing once made Kaminari’s heart leap. Bakugou got up and sat beside him, leaning over him as he asked seriously, “Can we kiss you?”

Kaminari wasn’t sure there were words to describe the sound he made as his eyes widened and his head tilted and his lips parted involuntarily. Bakugou studied him for a moment, then seemed to take that response as a yes and ducked his head, pressing his lips firmly against Kaminari’s. He’d imagined kissing Bakugou hundreds of times, but this was better than anything his imagination could have conjured. Bakugou’s lips were softer than he expected, but his kiss was strong and sure, a reassuring pressure that left Kaminari feeling a little too light when Bakugou straightened and studied his reaction. Kaminari’s gaze lingered on Bakugou’s face for a moment, then darted to Kirishima’s, his heart jumping to his throat as he realized that he’d just kissed Bakugou. In front of Kirishima. He shouldn’t have done that, Kirishima and Bakugou were together, he should have said no, so why…

Why was Kirishima watching him so intently, still blushing, and now with slightly parted lips of his own?

A questioning noise left Kaminari’s throat, his attempt to convey his confusion, because Kirishima didn’t look upset at all. He looked...excited and happy.

Kirishima leaned down, and then there was the most gentle brush of lips Kaminari had ever felt, Kirishima’s lips slightly chapped but incredibly gentle as he kissed Kaminari, too. Then Kirishima was pulling away, and Kaminari was left staring back and forth between them, confusion plain on his face as he struggled for words.

“Dumbass,” Bakugou huffed fondly, poking Kaminari’s side to make him twitch and yelp. “Don’t fucking overthink it.” Kaminari glared at him. First of all, it wasn’t fair to use tickling to distract him. Second of all, what was he supposed to do besides lay there and try to figure out what had just happened? Kirishima was still sitting on his legs and Bakugou was between him and the door, so-

“We really like you,” Kirishima said, his voice soft and open and honest as he watched Kaminari carefully. “We’ve been going out with each other for a while, but we didn’t want to tell people until we figured out what to do about you.”

“So you took advantage of my vulnerability and-”

“Fucking Black Eyes told us to,” Bakugou muttered, narrowing his eyes at Kaminari’s reaction. “She said you’d be happy.”

“If you don’t like us, we’ll leave you alone,” Kirishima piped up, his tone cheerful and casual but the look in his eyes full of fear and tension. Kaminari was frozen for a second, shocked as understanding crashed over him.

They liked him.

They both actually liked him and they wanted to date him.

Kirishima’s smile was brittle as he started to slide off of Kaminari’s legs, apparently taking his silence for rejection. He couldn’t see Bakugou’s face, but from his silence, he figured Bakugou probably assumed the same thing.

“Wait, wait!” Kaminari blurted out, sitting up and reaching for both of them, one hand catching Bakugou’s arm while the other gripped Kirishima’s shirt. “Give me a second, okay? It’s...a lot to take in.” Not that he really had to think about it. “Of course I’m happy. Of course I like you. Of course I-” Kaminari broke off with a shriek as Kirishima settled his weight back on his legs again and Bakugou’s hands went for his sides. “No! No no no!”

“You scared us,” Kirishima announced. “So now we’re going to tickle you some more.”

Kaminari writhed, laughter spilling from his lips before their fingers even made contact, his heart lighter and more full than he had thought was possible. He didn’t even mind being tickled, because after a few seconds, Bakugou was smirking and Kirishima was grinning and Kaminari had never been happier.