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Summer Haze

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"ABBIE... MICHONNE... F***," he yelled! Rick punches his pillow. "It was a dream…Damn it." His dreams had been torturing him one night after another. If it wasn't his wife wrapped snugly around his throbbing need, then it was Abbie tantalizing his every thought. This time, he could smell the scent of Abbie's arousal, but it was all in his head. What a cruel joke?   

The vivid, colorful dream had him feeling bright, warm, and fuzzy so, when he awoke to complete darkness and desolation, he was a bit displeased. He ambles out of bed fighting every desire to reach for his phone. Not the one he had out in the open, but the one that was under lock and key, complete with several encryptions and for emergencies only. Could this be one? Stop it, Rick. Dick hard is not an emergency, but it sure felt like one.      

Get it together, he thought. A meeting, with his source from the countryside, was scheduled for just under an hour. Time wouldn't permit him to take care of this, so he'd have to forget it.

Ignoring his hard problem, he sorted his things making way to the showers. He was thankful he had one. Many places he traveled were parts of the undeveloped world. Some lacked basic amenities he was accustomed to having like running water and electricity. It would be strange to some people, the things he had seen and heard.

With all the death and violence surrounding him, it made him long even more for home. Soon his thoughts drifted to Michonne and her plight. The timing was all screwed up, but this was the job. He couldn't predict the future, and he couldn't change the present. At least she was safe with family until the issue was sorted out. Stuck but safe, he could deal with.      

Fresh from the shower, he could smell the butter popcorn from last night's snack, and it triggered the memory of their first trip to the movies as a quad. Breaks just aren’t his friend, he feels as the different angles of naked flesh bombard his thoughts. His dick is hard, leaking, and pressing against his towel, “F*** MY LIFE!” He says as he spits in his hand rubbing up and down his length and around the head.

The cashier had grown increasingly agitated with them holding up the line. “Could you step aside to allow the couple behind you to purchase their tickets?” He asked.      

The lobby barely had any traffic as it was a quarter past eleven. The lone cashier was pushing his limits with the group, so it was probably for the best that they choose quickly. Rick groaned over the movie choice a bit annoyed that the movie they all came to see wasn’t showing at the moment. "I wasn’t the one who mixed up the theaters. We have to see something else or wait an hour,” Michonne said to Rick.     

“Since we can't decide, why don't we just switch off. Rick and I can see the thriller, and You and Michonne can see the Indie documentary on Art culture. Everyone is happy, and we can stop holding up the “line”?" Abbie suggests with an eye roll.     

"Sure, that sounds like an excellent idea,” Rick says, happy to have a way out of seeing the documentary.     

They purchased their tickets without incident, then made their way through the double doors. Ichabod takes Abbie's hand drawing her nearer. "You sure you want to see some guy cut people into pieces? As you know my plans were focused more on you than the film," he said patting his back pocket. Her legs instinctively snap shut, and she nudges her body a bit closer.     

"Stop it, we're in public," she says, half teasing. It started in the car. Abbie asking a question about the length of her dress. One thing leads to another thing that they didn’t get to finish, and now Ichabod just wanted to abandon the movie, so that he can bury himself inside her wet warmth. "Guess you'll have to get Michonne to help you out with that thing," she says. Her voice was light and airy and full of suggestions. He stares a second letting her words sink in, then descends on her lips. He kisses her fast and fierce willing this to be enough. Hoping her kiss will quench his thirst. Like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day.      

“Hey, you two get a room,” Rick said before giving Michonne a passionate kiss. They heard a throat clearing and murmurs of ridicule so, they pulled a part gaze heated and saying they would resume as soon as possible.      

Ichabod offered his arm to Michonne heading past the confused Ticker tearer. His scandalized countenance was more pronounced as he saw Rick tuck Abbie in close as her arm encircles his waist. Rick sweeps her hair off her neck caressing her shoulder, softly. It seems the most natural thing had they not been kissing the other patrons a minute ago. When Rick looks up he catches the young man’s confused stare. The Ticket tearer, whose named plate read John, averts his eyes quickly as if the dust on the booth is particularly unusual and in desperate need of attention. He turns back to see Ichabod and Michonne throw a wave in their direction. They wave back before heading into their separate theaters.     

The newly built theatre's atmosphere was designed for comfort. Soft leather couches furnished the space instead of the standard rows of uncomfortable chairs, and they are equipped with call buttons for ordering so that the wait staff isn't constantly interrupting your movie enjoyment.      

Rick gestures for Abbie to sit first. Once she is settled in her spot on the love seat, he follows reclining to rest his arm on the sofa's back. They place their order for popcorn and drinks as they plan to have lunch elsewhere. Rick’s laugh is boisterous during a preview for a comedy, and Abbie notes some suggestions for future visits. They look and feel like a couple on a date as they snack on popcorn chatting about the most intriguing trailers.      

Upon opening scene, Abbie scoots in a bit closer and Rick drops his arm around her shoulders. She smiles up at him when he looks over, and he can’t help to note her cheeks. When she smiles it lights up the darkest room, and the theater is no exception.

She meaningfully starts tracing patterns across his belly as she watches the screen. Furthering his relaxation. The gesture feels sweet and borderline innocent until her hand seemingly slips dangerously low on his stomach. His hips jerk forward, and he clears his throat before sharply cutting his eyes in Abbie’s direction.    

She offers a silent oops, but her grin tells him she’s not sorry in the least. She looks around noting there are only two other couples in the theatre and none in eyesight of their section. Then she leans close to his ear asking, "What would you say if I asked you to eat me right now?"     

Rick swallows the lump in his throat gripping her thigh hard, not enough to cause pain, just enough to let her know the agony he’s in at the recognition of what she asked. "Don’t tease me, Abbie. You know how I long for another taste."     

"I'm not wearing any panties?" She adds.    

"Hurgh," he groaned. "I'm hard as F***! Please tell me we have permission to play?" Rick’s tone is pleading like a man on the edge.     

"Who do you think I left my panties with?" Abbie responded.   

She needn’t say more. He’s down on his knees, head buried between her thighs, licking her folds.    


Michonne’s back is rested comfy against Ichabod’s front as she reclined on the shared love seat. Everything about her teases him. It’s like walking up to a table with all your favorite treats and not know which to taste first. Her thigh peeping from the slit in her long-fitted skirt had been torturing him since they sat down, and his lips longed to press against the smooth inviting shimmering skin.

He placed his hand on it, and she glanced up at him offering a slightly toothy grin before turning her attention back to the movie. However brief, the smoldering looks in her eyes nudged him to continue his exploration. In one swift motion, he wraps an arm around her waist pulling her flush against his body. She gasps and lets a moan escape her lips as she rolls her hips. Her thighs drift apart and his fingers dance a trail up to her moistened center. He slides his hand into her panties gliding his digits up and down her folds rubbing circles around her clit, “Mmm you’re so wet for me.” He tilts her head for access to her mouth kissing her deeply. Their tongues touch dancing leisurely revving up their bodies temperature. Suddenly it’s burning up in the once chilly room.    

“OH YES, that feels so good. S***!” She says in response to him slipping two fingers inside while using his thumb to continue strumming her pearl. His skilled fingers worked in and out of her as she bucks and writhe with ecstasy. “Oh, My Gawd, ICHABOD!” She taps his hand repeatedly, but he’s unrelenting in his pursuit to have her squirting on his fingers, dick, and tongue.     

He mentally checks off fingers as she falls limp against his body, panting.


They walk into the next theater to find Michonne sucking Ichabod off. Turned on isn’t enough to describe them at the moment. The movie is drowned out as they're enraptured by their shared moans. She enthusiastically works her tongue and lips up and down the sides of Ichabod's length making sure he's drenched and pleased.

It’s a shared pleasure as the feeling of her skilled mouth is embedded in his senses.

When she bobs on Ichabod’s cock, Rick presses her head gently encouraging her to take him deeper, and Ichabod's head and eyes roll back. The sight of her lips stretched to capacity around Ichabod’s mass only exasperates Rick’s need to have something warm, wet, and clenching him.

She gags before coming up for air flicking her tongue side to side, up the length of him. “You’re so damn huge,” she says stroking the length of him with both hands.      

"Do you have condoms," Rick asks. His voice is choppy and the words come out fast as if there is an emergency. 

He notes his lips still glistening from Abbie’s delicious juice, and he licks the sweet savory liquor from them.    

"Ahhh, No," Ichabod replies. Trying to think while Michonne sucks tautly on his throbbing head.        

Abbie was pressing her pelvis into his hip and massaging him through his pant. "We need to leave, NOW! I can't resist much longer,” Rick says.     

"Then don't," Ichabod replies.     

"Okay, baby, stop sucking him because he clearly isn't thinking straight. Sounds like he's saying it's okay not to use protection."      

"If it's okay with the women, then it’s okay with me. We all got tested, they’re on birth control, Ichabod explains. Michonne slows her ministrations sending Ichabod into a panic, "No, don't stop!"   

The tortuous length of this conversation had gone on too long, and Abbie began to unbutton Rick’s pant. Watching Michonne suck Ichabod big thick dick made her mouth water for a taste of her own.      

Rick looks to Abbie and Michonne, Abbie says yes, and Michonne moans her agreement against Ichabod’s throbbing head nestled against the back of her throat. It sends Ichabod arching out of his seat.       

This was the last rule to break as they had already sucked and licked each other without any barriers, and he couldn’t protest any further.      

“I want to suck my juices off your cock,” Abbie whispers in his ear. Instantly, she swept off the floor. The move is fluid, and Abbie isn't prepared as he impales her with his bare dick. “OH S***,” she screams!  

  Ichabod has Michonne bent over the arm of the couch plunging into her tight pussy. “Yes baby, give it to me just like that,” she says, firmly squeezing her breast. He smacks her cheeks enjoying the jiggle before rubbing away the sting. The dip in her back is steep pushing her round fleshy bottom further into the air.  

“You are so gorgeous. Cum for me.” Ichabod’s voice is deep and husky and commanding. He slams harder into her walls knowing that she can take it.    

The need to come overloads her body and she whimpers, mewls, and she chants, “Please, please, please, please, plu-le-e-ez-z!” He reaches around her rubbing her clit, and she shudders, squirting his dick. “OOOOOH, F***, she screams! Pounding her fist repeatedly against the sofa. Intense sensations rock her to the core and she feels like her whole-body orgasms. He doesn’t stop. His hands grip her handles holding her in place driving into her swift and strong. Her sensitive nipples seem to harden as her breast rock back and forth, and soon she’s trembling again, essence running down her thighs.    

Fireworks explode behind his eyes. Her tight addictive pussy held a vice-like grip on his dick and he lost count of his strokes. There was no more holding out, and he spurted inside her. 

  Being between a rock and a hard place never felt so good, she thought. Rick had her back pressed against the wall thrusting inside her pussy. His magical hands molded against her backside lifting her into place. Her nails clamor the surface for something to hold on to. Wanton to be fastened to this moment. It feels better than anyone could imagine. The way his cock reaches places deep inside. “HOOOOOH, IMMA BOUT TO LOSE IT,” she said wrapping her arms around his neck. He’s kissing, biting, and sucking her neck fervently. Each action confuses her senses driving her closer to the brink.    

The faint lingering smell of her arousal wafts from his beard as his mouth settles over hers. He hovers, teasing. She’s too far gone for games so she closes the distance between their lips, sticking her tongue inside. He tastes of popcorn, salty, buttery, and a hint of sweet. No doubt the remnants of his soda. He’s playing her so well, skilled in just a few tumbles into bliss. It seems as though he had taken a class. How to please Abbie 101. Tongue tied due to the brutal dicking she’s receiving courtesy of his massive rock-hard cock. “Mmmm, hmmm mmm,” she moans against his mouth.    

Her nails dig deep into the flesh of his scalp as she shakes, shudders, rocks her soft body in tune to his plundering her hole. "You’re so f***ing hot! I love it when you cream on my dick!” Rick says gripping her hips, still pumping furiously inside her slick heat.    

She remembers her desire to taste her cream. Leaning forward, close to his ear, she breathily asks, “Let me have a taste!”  He stills his strokes allowing her down.

Her legs are like jelly, loose and wiggling. She drops sucking him inside her mouth. Moaning, she releases him with a pop. Taking him back in, she bobs up and down the length. With hands on his thighs, she slowly inches down his length. Her eyes flutter open and up to catch him watching- he's entranced, marveling over her ability to take him in deep without resistance.

His hands find their way into her hair, curling into fists, anchoring him as he feels his toes curl. While sliding in and out of her throat, he notes what Ichabod has known for years, she doesn't have gag reflexes.

Thighs shaking and dick throbbing, he feels he's right there. "Baby, Baby, ABBIE!" The look in his eyes was unmistakable. He’s trying to hold. He can’t. He cums. Seed shooting into her mouth as she continues to suck. And, she doesn’t stop. Not until she licks and slurped him clean. “You’ll be the death of me,” he says pulling her up and nuzzling her neck.

Clothing is righted, mouths wiped, and hair repositioned. The evidence of their passion nearly cleared away, but some things aren’t so easily fixed.

They limped, gate off, and legs weak from being pummeled. Michonne almost lets a complaint escape but knew she rather have than have not. Abbie insists she can walk on her own two feet, in denial over her inability to take two steps without wobbling. Rick gathers her in his arms and Ichabod follows suit with Michonne. It's settled, their bodies decided it wouldn't recover in time. They look back to make sure all possessions are gathered before heading out.

Light shines brightly at the end of the ramp. A hint that it isn’t the simple lamp light placed just before the entrance. When they reach the door, they find it’s held open by the host. The short dark haired middle-aged man turns out to be the manager. Perhaps there to throw them out on their bottoms banning them forever, but he doesn’t. He simply gives them a disapproving look gesturing with his hand towards the exit sign. Abbie and Michonne simultaneously bury their heads in the necks of the guys. Ichabod chuckles, a bit shocked that Michonne is suddenly embarrassed. It’s cute and he can’t help kissing her raised, flushed cheek.   

They carry them out to the car helping them inside. “My legs better recover in time for my meeting,” Michonne says with a half serious tone. Abbie touches her shoulder in support of the struggle. Chorus of laughs fill the SUV as they head home for soaks, lunch, and maybe another round.   

He made it back to his humble abode, character shed, lonely, and missing his people. He pulled out his phone thinking this assignment needs to be over, fast. He couldn't wait to be back in the fold, spending time together. Maybe they were due for another matinee at their favorite theater.