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Cherry and Atticus Meet Danny Phantom

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"Ooh, it's cold in here..." Drell shuddered as he woke up in the middle of the night and held his arms as he shook a chill down his spine. He went to close his window and when he did, he saw something in his crystal ball and he panicked at the sight, looking nearly scared to death. "P-P-Pariah Dark?!" He soon ran and dialed the Fudo's phone number.

Patrick and Emily were fast asleep until the phone rang.

Patrick reached for the phone with a groan and sat up, clearing his throat, trying to sound awake. "Fudo residence, how may I help you?" he then announced with a smile.

"Patrick, it's Pariah Dark, he's coming back~" Drell sang out of fright.

"Pariah Dark, are you sure?" Patrick's eyes widened.

"My crystal ball showed me his reflection, quickly go and wake up Atticus," Drell said. "Though knowing him, he might already be having a vision of his escape."

"Um, actually, Atticus is at a friend's house..." Patrick smiled nervously.

"Cherry's house?" Drell asked.

"Yes, but you shouldn't disturb... Them..." Patrick said before he was then hung up on. "I just know that he's going to do that."

"I also better inform them about Danny's son from the future and also Sam's cousin." Drell said.

Patrick hung up the phone and then cuddled with Emily for warm support through the night. Atticus was sleeping on the Butler family couch after he offered to sleep over. Cherry was actually, not creepily, watching Atticus sleep, she had been doing it since they were younger and it was the only way she could know he was safe because she remembered that he had nightmares when they were little and she wanted to make sure they wouldn't bother him again. Atticus's eyes soon glowed as he started to have a vision.

Cherry then took out a notebook and wrote this down. "3:30 in the morning... A vision..." she then jotted down into her journal about Atticus's sleep patterns.

Atticus opened his eyes in his vision and he soon saw a black area with green swirls all around with many doors around. "This can't be the Netherworld..." he then said from the many doors as he explored and then yelped as a crow with beady red eyes zipped past him. "Well, that was different."

The crow perched onto a spiky tree with some others. Atticus looked all around as he wondered where his vision was going. There was a man in the area with him who appeared to have horned black hair and a white cloak.

"Is that a ghost?" Atticus wondered. "Wait... Ghost... This is the Ghost Zone!" He soon decided to follow the ghost to see what that ghost was up to.

The male ghost seemed slightly menacing and had beady red eyes and had fangs as he appeared to be doing something wicked.

"Whatever he's doing, it must be something evil." Atticus said. He had a very bad feeling about this male ghost and his assumptions were right as this was Vlad Plasmus.

Atticus followed the male ghost as he was flying to a creepy-looking red castle. "Okay, going inside a creepy-looking red castle is definitely not a good sign." He said.

Vlad flew inside the castle which made Atticus follow him, and where the inside looked rather dangerous. The male ghost opened a pair of doors to come to something on a podium highlighted by a green light.

"Here we are..." The ghost grinned as he floated toward the object in question. "Pariah's Keep!"

"Pariah, where have I heard that name before?" Atticus asked himself.

"Home of the Fright Knight." Vlad said, looking at a jack-o-lantern with a sword plunged into it.

"Why does that name sound familiar too?" Atticus asked.

"And before that..." Vlad grinned as he took out a key and put it into the skeleton's nose hole which melted the red orb carrying something inside so he could take it away. "The Ghost King!" he grinned darkly as he held the ring. "And here I am, Vlad Plasmius," he then put the ring on. "With all his power in the palm of my hand."

"A ring?" Atticus asked, not knowing why it was so important.

Vlad held out the ring, but it didn't do anything. Atticus cupped his mouth with stifled laughter.

Vlad frowned and then glared at the sarcophagus. "Ah, of course. The Ring of Rage only works when one wears the Crown of Fire." He then said before flying toward it.

"Why do have a bad feeling that something bad will happen if he unlocks that?" Atticus asked himself.

Vlad went to unlock the sarcophagus which made a crow caw out in despair. The eyes of the sarcophagus glowed at first which made the black birds fly away and the door then opened for the male ghost.

"Separately, they're nothing, but together, they give you power unimaginable." Vlad smirked.

A king-like ghost which seemed to be bigger then Vlad had woke up once the sarcophagus was opened. Atticus looked a little nervous of this figure. Vlad seemed startled himself.

"Who dares?!" The Ghost King demanded.

"Uh, hello," Vlad greeted nervously. "Plasmius, Vlad Plasmius, did I mention I'm a huge fan of your work?"

The Ghost King seemed to glare at him, not finding his flattery to work as he blasted Vlad out of the castle.

"That's gotta hurt." Atticus winced at that.

THe pumpkin soon glowed and then exploded to reveal a knight who was as dark and gruesome as a possessed shadow.

"The Fright Knight lives!" The knight proclaimed before flexing his arms.

The Ghost King threw his sword in a threatening manner. "To serve me."

"King Pariah! You're up!" The Fright Knight bowed before the king.

"And perhaps it's time to remind you and that intruder who RULES this place!" The Ghost King replied.

"Oh, dear..." Atticus gulped.

While Atticus had his vision, Cherry took that time to get some sleep until he would wake up from his vision, but unfortunately, she would be woken up herself to be warned about something going on in the world of Atticus's subconscious. And where her phone soon rang, causing her to groan. She slapped all around, then winced and shook her hand as she accidentally slapped Atticus, then reached for her phone and answered it and gave out a mumbling response while she was trying to sleep.

"Cherry, wake up!" Drell's voice glared.

Cherry mumbled again and then hung up and she turned her phone off and turned over, burying herself in her blanket. While that happened, Atticus was still in his vision. Vlad was flying away in a panic away from the castle. Unfortunately, for him the Ghost King was now in front of him.

"You have freed me from my sarcophagus, and thus woken me from the forever sleep." The Ghost King sneered before grabbing onto Vlad.

Vlad soon got his right hand free, only to show he didn't have the ring.

"You're not the one who woke me! YOU ARE A DUPLICATE!" The Ghost King snarled.

The duplicate soon vanished with a blast of pink smoke.

"Uh-oh, if he's not there, then where-" Atticus wondered before looking at the castle. "He wouldn't."

"But surely, you and I could work out some sort of deal." Vlad spoke to the Fright Knight this time.

"He would." Atticus said, unimpressed with Vlad.

"A deal?" The Fright Knight asked out of interest.

They were then both suddenly hit by red ectoplasm.

"Call me, we'll talk." Vlad told The Fright Knight before flying off.

The Ghost King then fired a blast at him as he flew in the air. Vlad gasped as he was being followed by the blast and was hit by it and he appeared to turn into a mortal man in a black suit with silver hair tied into a ponytail.

"Well, that's new," Atticus said. He then appeared to be flying out of a portal to where a couple was in a room, wearing latex body-suits and they appeared to be working on what looked like the lower half for a robot's body. "This is definitely interesting." He then said.

Soon enough, Atticus woke up and saw Cherry was sleeping and snored loudly.

"Jeez!" Atticus covered his ears at his best friend's snoring.

There was soon the sound of thunder and lightning coming from the linen closet.

Atticus soon looked over to where Cherrys' linen closet was and gently shook her. "Wake up... Wake up, wake up!"

Cherry grumbled and turned over on the couch. Drell came out of the linen closet and soon use his magic to wake up Cherry.

Cherry yelped and fell on the floor. "Atticus, I hate it when you do-" she then glared as she climbed back up onto the couch, then saw the warlock in her house. "Oh, it's Drell..."

"No time for sleep, we have a problem." Drell said.

"Yeah, you're in my house." Cherry replied.

"I'm serious." Drell glared.

"So am I." Cherry replied.

Drell growled as he tried to restrain himself from hurting her since Atticus was in the room and settled down and cleared his throat. "Ahem... I believe you two should know about The Ghost King and the Fright Knight."

"I think I saw them in my vision." Atticus said.

Cherry took out her notebook and then wrote that down into the dream/vision entry.

"Oh, what was it like?" Drell asked.

Atticus then explained everything he saw as Cherry wrote down everything, she then looked curious about the last part.

"That guy who was a ghost who turned into a human kinda sounds like someone my mom once knew." Cherry then commented about Vlad's description.

"He's a halfa." Drell explained.

Cherry looked at Atticus, expecting him to explain to her what a halfa was.

"If my knowledge is right, a halfa is someone who is half-ghost and half-human." Atticus said.

"Oh, I knew that, I just wanted to see if Atticus knew." Cherry replied.

"Sure, you did..." Drell rolled his eyes in total disbelief of that. "Your mother knew the Ghostbusters in high school and yet you didn't know that."

"So, where are we going, Drell?" Atticus asked.

"You must go into a place known as Amity Park." Drell replied.

"I feel like I know that name from somewhere..." Cherry pondered. "But where?"

"And there you have to look out for two people; one is from the future and one is a goth girl's cousin." Drell said.

"One from the future..." Atticus sounded surprised.

"Yes..." Drell nodded.

Michelle woke up in the middle of the night and soon walked over, but overheard the journey for Cherry and Atticus to go into Amity Park.

"His name is DJ and his father's name is Danny Fenton." Drell said.

"So, who's Danny Fenton?" Cherry asked.

"He's best known with a secret identity as... Danny Phantom." Drell told them before taking out a picture of the fourteen year old boy with his family.

Cherry and Atticus looked over the photo together.

"Cherry, this woman kinda looks like your mom." Atticus commented.

"That's because that's her twin sister." Drell said.

"What?" Michelle whispered to herself.

"Mom doesn't have any sisters except for Aunt Barb... Though, she was adopted..." Cherry shrugged slightly.

Drell soon showed them a picture of Michelle and the woman they saw in the picture as babies. Cherry and Atticus then took the picture.

"That's my mom..." Cherry recognized her mother as an infant, but saw a brown-haired baby with her that seemed to had been born at the same time. "Wow, who knew Mom was a twin all this time?"

"Gosh..." Atticus was shocked with Cherry.

"Anyway, you two have to get to Amity Park." Drell said.

"Okay..." Cherry and Atticus replied.

Michelle fiddled with herself anxiously as she couldn't help but want to meet this twin sister she didn't remember having.

"And also look out for the goth girl's cousin who's going to be staying with her and her parents." Drell said.

"Yes, Drell." Cherry and Atticus replied.

"The goth girls name is Sam Manson." Drell said, now expecting a reaction as the Manson family was rich.

"MANSON?!" Cherry jumped up and grabbed onto Drell's collar. "You mean one of the richest families in the world, Jeremy and Pamela Manson?!"

"That's right." Drell nodded.

"Duuuuude..." Cherry's mind was blown before pouting. "I bet their daughter is a total snob."

"I think you'll get along with her..." Drell said as he took out a photograph of a goth girl.

"This is their daughter?" Cherry asked confused.

"Yes." Drell replied.

"...Are you sure?" Atticus asked as Cherry took the photo. "I mean, she's nothing like them..."

"Well, Cherry of all people should know that goths tend to be the black sheep of their family." Drell shrugged.

"True," Cherry nodded. "So, when do we leave?"

"How fast can you guys pack?" Drell asked.

"NO!" Michelle's voice called out.

Everyone then looked over as Cherry's mother came toward them.

"Drell, I'm not letting my daughter go on this journey alone." Michelle hugged her daughter.

"You wanna go too so you can meet your twin sister, don't you?" Drell asked with a knowing voice.

"Well... Yes..." Michelle admitted. "I've always been interested in my blood family... I love my adoptive parents very much, especially my father, but it would mean so much to me if I could meet her, I also have those two brothers I got to meet until Cherry volunteered to be Emmett's assistant with Marty to test out his time machine invention."

"Alright." Drell said.

"Really?" Michelle smiled. "I can come too?"

"Yep." Drell nodded.

Michelle beamed and went to get herself ready. Drell soon left and would come back once he was ready for the others to visit Amity Park.

"Oh, before I forget, DJ appeared yesterday in Amity Park." Drell informed them before truly leaving.

"HEY!" They all yelled out as they demanded more, but he was already gone.

"Oh, great." Atticus groaned.

"Can you please kill him already?" Cherry begged.

"I would, but then someone might then take his place." Atticus said.

"And what's so wrong about that?" Cherry smirked.

"Drell is the strongest warlock in the magical realm, without him, the universe would be out of balance." Atticus said.

Cherry pouted and then sighed out of defeat.