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Terra and Darcy Reenact Llames With Hats!

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It was just one stupid question. It shouldn't have mattered, really, not at all. It was just so stupid and silly a question that Terra felt she had to answer it to the best of her ability.

"Why 'Carl'?" Rose had asked.

"What?" Terra had asked back.

"You called your companion Carl." Rose replied. "Why do that? It doesn't make sense."

It occurred to our protagonist that Rose was from a time four years before the first episode came out.

Rose was from the same time as the birth of Youtube. It made the Time Lady ever so happy to have a new victi-I mean spectator.

Then the Doctor and Jack said they had no idea either.

No, as much as she would argue against it, Terra loved theatrics.

She asked the Doctor to take her to a theatre. She had a plan, and it needed to be done to justice or else what was the point?

It soon became apparent that the future companions had no idea either, because when the TARDIS landed at Terra's chosen location seven other people were already there.

There was future Martha Jones and Mickey Smith, the couple. Donna Noble and the Tenth Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor and the Ponds (pre marriage).

Terra grinned at her (very much) captive audience.

It took maybe twenty seconds for the Doctors to all realize their other selves were there. Everyone was standing with their own TARDISes (except Martha and Mickey. They said they saw a bright flash and they were just suddenly there)

Nine turned to glare at the Time Lady, only to find she had vanished.

"Why are we here?" Mickey asked. Well, he was the one to ask the obvious questions.

"Listen up maggots and I'll tell you!" Terra's voice was coming from the stage. Everyone from the TARDIS crew turned to see the Time Lady on stage, dressed in a light khaki colored baggy hoodie and a matching gray skirt.

"Rose brought to my attention, that you are all virgins." Terra began. "None of you have seen the famous Youtube series 'Llamas with Hats'. I can't let this stand for our friendships to continue, so I asked the TARDIS to bring you here. Guess she decided to bring everyone. Saves me time, at least."

The Doctors and companions stared at Terra in concern.

"The green screen is for me." She gestured to a large TV screen that had been placed in front of the stage. "The TV is for you. Trust me, it's funnier if you watch it from the TV screen."

They didn't like where this was going. Some of them had been friends with Terra for a long time, they knew how her mind worked. Those that knew, knew they weren't allowed to leave until they learned.

"I even asked my own personal Carl back for help."

Darcy Anderson suddenly walked out from behind the green screen, holding her hands behind her back. She was dressed up a the same clothes as Terra, except Darcy's was dark gray. She was smiling way too brightly.

"Everyone, this is 'Carl'."

Darcy continued to smile brightly. She pulled out two hats from behind her back- a giant olive green elf cap and a bright red hat with a daisy.

"These are our hats." Terra explained.

The Time Lady and her assassin put the hats on their heads. They never stopped smiling.

The Doctors were all wondering when Terra lost her sanity.

The companions knew she never had it. They were all worried if they would leave as crazy as her.

"And this is us, reenacting 'Llamas With Hats: The Complete Series'."

Yep. Everyone blamed Rose.