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The Gordon Ramsay Experience

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Katie had never actually met Chef Gordon Ramsay, but she didn't really expect much. She had, of course, seen his many, many TV shows, and found him to be quite ignorant and self-involved, not to mention the alleged sex scandals with several mistresses. Overall, he seemed like a loudmouth jerk. But, he was a good chef, and it was her best friend bachelorette party and they were going to one of his famous restaurants, Maze Grill located close to Grosvenor Square at Mayfair in London. As they walked in, Katie and her friends were amazed by the beautiful art decor design of the place. Almost immediately after getting through the door, the party was greeted by a hostess, and after giving their name was seated at a table in the back. "Wow, this is really fancy" – Danielle, the bride-to-be said, giggled and took a sip of wine. "Oh, I know! I've blown away. Are you sure that you can afford this, on the wedding budget and all?" – Katie said. "Sure" Danielle replied, "This is all covered by the rich and well in doubted Mr. Richard Kelly, my future husband." She turned to the other girls and said: "Well, let's make this a night to remember!" Oh, if she only knew how Katie would remember this night. A long and beautiful brown-haired server walked up to their table. "Hello, my name is Chuck, and I will be your server tonight. What can I get you tonight? Perhaps another bottle of wine to start with?" He said with a slight nod towards the already empty bottle on the table. Even though we were only 5 girls, we had managed to finish a whole bottle in 30 minutes. Maddy, the outgoing, sexy cousin to Danielle, flicked her hair and flashed a seductive smile towards the waiter. "Well, are you on the menu?" Chuck the waiter laughed nervously and handed over the menus. "Another bottle of wine would be great, and stay away from Maddy if you want to remain sane." Smiled Danielle and excused the waiter. Maddy smiled a devious smile and took another sip from her wine glass. After a lot of giggles and questions about the wedding, the food and of course the bridesmaids dresses the girls finally ordered 4 Beef Wellington and one vegetarian pasta for Katie. More wine and more laughter followed until the food was carried out. The waiter set down the 4-meat dishes and then turned to Katie. "The chef would like to have a word with you if you would please follow me" Katie was gobsmacked. Why would the famous Gordon Ramsay want to talk with me? The other girls stared, also surprised, at Katie as she got up and followed the waiter out of the dining area and into the kitchen. As soon as the door opened into the kitchen, it was like a completely different planet. The dining area was soft, quiet and harmonic. The kitchen was chaos. People were shouting, the fire from the stoves made the room extremely hot, pots and pans everywhere and in the middle, like an insane director stood the man who wanted to see her. Gordon Ramsay. He turned towards her and said, "So you requested the vegetarian version of my pasta." It wasn't a question; it was just a blunt statement. And it kind of felt like an accusation. "Well, yes." Kate all the sudden felt 14 years old again. like she was in front of the headmaster and being told off. She straightened her back and said more clearly "Yes, well, I don't eat meat. Never had." He looked at her for what felt like an eternity, finally opened his mouth, hesitated for a second as if debating with himself and said: "Come back tomorrow, after closing at 02:00 pm, and I will show you what REAL food tastes like." Katie laughed; she often came across people who thought she was missing something important from not eating meat. But you don't say no to Chef Gordon Ramsay. "I highly doubt that will happen, but I'll give you a try!" Katie summoned some courage, turned around and walked out of the kitchen and back to her friends. As she sat down, it suddenly dawned on her what had happened. Gordon Ramsay had asked her to come back! To his kitchen and After closing! What did it mean? Was it just some elaborate plan to make her eat meat or did he have a whole other meat in mind? She blushed. Then Katie noticed her friends talking all at once. They bombarded her with questions. What happened? What was he like? Did he cuss? What did he say? She turned towards them and saw four pairs of eager eyes, but she realized that her coming date with the TV-chef was something she wanted to keep for herself, at least for now. "Oh, you know," she said "The usual, he just tried to get me to eat meat. He was fine, didn't swear." After a while, the conversation carried on, but Katie had a hard time following. She could only think about tomorrow night. About what might happen. The night continued with a couple of more bottles of wine, uncontrollable laughter and some shots, which resulted in angered hushes from the neighboring tables. As the girls stumble out of the restaurants on their high heels, Danielle turned to the other girls and said; "Come on girls! The night is still young! Who's up for some barely legal boys taking their clothes off? Let's take a taxi to the nearest strip club!" This was followed by excited cheers from the other girls, the exception of Katie. "I'm quite tired actually, I think I might just call it a night," Katie said with an exaggerated yawn. "Oh, come on! Don't be like that!" The other girls were pleading, trying to get her onboard. Katie turned down the offer, again stating that it has been a long night and that she ought to get home. After saying goodbye to her friends she got into a taxi and went home.