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Katsuki had been waiting for this day since he presented as an Alpha. Because today was the day that 16 year old Alphas would find out if they had a True Mate or not.

Basically, every year on July 2 at 1 a.m. (the very middle of the year), Alphas that have turned 16 will be tempted to seek their True Mate. They'll know they've found that person when they touch and a shock sparks through both party’s bodies. If their True Mate even existed, that is, it wasn't a very common thing. Even though it was a rare occurrence, Alphas still wait anxiously for the day to come in hope that they will meet the Omega of their dreams.

Not that Katsuki was in to that “true love” thing or whatever; he wanted the True Mates benefits. You’re basically set for life, once you take the True Mates courses. Since True Mates create children of incredible potential, the government invested in their creation. Not to mention the fact that once he meets his (possible) destined partner, his powers would get a sick upgrade.

So needless to say, someone as awesome as Katsuki had to have a True Mate. How could he not? He was determined to be the only person in the class to have one. So fuglies like Todoroki Shouto could shove it.

He was pacing in his dorm room, trying not to explode shit as he waited for 1 a.m. to strike. He was thinking about what he would say to his mate. His mind strayed to thoughts of that fucking Deku just two floors down. What if someone found him tonight?

He told himself that it pissed him off because he wanted to be the only one with a True Mate in the class. And it would totally be just like Deku to take that away from him. However, he couldn't help himself from feeling rage at the idea of some annoying Alpha putting their hands on his Deku.

He stopped his pacing and cursed aloud. His Deku? Who the fuck would want shitty Deku? Totally not him.

As he was having some sort of existential crisis in the middle of his room, the clock struck 1. Katsuki’s heart seized as he felt the strangest pull in his very being. It was like his soul was talking to him or some shit. Before he even had time to register what he was doing, he was walking out of his room, into the elevator and pressing the button to floor 2. Upon reaching the floor, his body moved on its own, to a door near the end of the hall, and his hand rapped quickly at the surface. His brain was all foggy and he just felt like he was in a complete daze.

There was rustling at the other end and slowly the door opened.

“K-Kacchan?” Izuku asked, nervously. “What are you doing here.”

Katsuki was brought out of his daze as if he was sprayed with freezing cold water.

“What. The. Fuck,” Katsuki said, looking around. “No fucking way.”

He turned to glare full on glare at Izuku, “Did you poison me or some shit? Put something in my food?”

“What are you talking about, Kacchan?” Izuku asked. “I don't understand…”

“Like shit you don't understand,” Katsuki yelled, launching himself at the other boy. “You must have done someth--” He was cut off as his hands made contact with the skin of Izuku's arm. His body was wracked with an electric shock the surged through his entire body.

It wasn't really electric but it was this unexplainable, all encompassing feeling. Like he was being taken apart and made whole again.

Katsuki was suddenly struck with so many emotions. He was confused and happy and fucking frustrated.

He was brought away from his thoughts by someone clearing their throat from Izuku's room.

“Could you please take your hands off my mate?” Shouto asked, not looking particularly pleased.


Earlier, Shouto was also mentally preparing to meet his True Mate. He knew it was unlikely, but he couldn’t help but let a small part of himself hope. He hadn't really thought about it before he met Izuku but he couldn't help himself from being infatuated with the other boy. He was just so caring, and strong, and beautiful. Shouto had never had someone fight for him before Izuku and the boy had done just that.

They'd built such a great friendship, was it wrong to hope for more? He knew that he shouldn't expect much. He wasn't really used to getting what he wanted. Maybe he'd gotten a little cocky since staying at the dorms. Things had been going so well, so he now hoped that this would, too.

He sighed. He probably didn't even have a True Mate. Why would he? Especially with someone as great as Izuku.

As he was caught in some self degrading train of thought, the alarm he set went off, indicating that the time had finally come.

Before Shouto could even register what was happening, his body was moving on its own. He was on the balcony, and then he may or may not have used his powers to slide to another balcony on second floor. Next thing he knew he was standing on this balcony, and knocking on the window.

The lights in the room were off, but suddenly they were on, and a sleepy Izuku slid open the window. Izuku rubbed his eyes, his hair somehow more of a mess than usual.

“Todoroki?” Izuku asked, sleepily eyeing the makeshift ice slide the led from Shouto's room to his. “Is something wrong?”

Shouto just stared, completely awestruck. His heart was racing in his chest, he couldn't believe what was happening. It was too good to be true. Was he dreaming?


Shouto blinked a few times. Despite the fact that he was internally freaking out, his face was entirely blank.

“I…” Shouto really didn't know what to say. How was he supposed to react in this situation? How did he tell his crush that they were actually True Mates? How did he explain that this was the best day of his life?

So instead of saying anything, he just wrapped his arms around the other boy, and felt that shock that he had only dreamed of feeling. And he totally wasn't going to cry, because that would be lame in front of his mate. However, he did feel himself get a little misty eyed and he hugged the boy tighter. He was enveloped in Izuku's sweet scent and he shivered.

“O-oh,” Izuku said, it was apparent that the other boy realized what was happening and he wrapped his own arms around the other boy.

“We should… go inside,” Izuku said.

Shouto nodded and they stepped inside, Izuku shut the window behind them.

There was awkward silence for a moment before Shouto spoke again.

“Midoriya… you should know,” Shouto started to say.

“I like you!” Izuku blurted out.

Shouto blinked, “Really?”

Izuku nodded quickly, before waving his arms frantically, “And not because of the True Mates thing… I mean, probably because of the True Mates thing but I really like you… As in I liked you before, you know, today, and I just thought you should know… and…”


“Yes, sorry.”

Shouto shook his head, “I like you, too. For a while now.”

Izuku's shoulders relaxed, “Oh, thank god.”

And it was so cute, that Shouto couldn't help the little smile that spread across his face. Izuku was so happy to see that smile that he started smiling as well. And they slowly started to draw closer together. Closer and closer, their eyes on each other’s lips, closer until… there was a knock at the door.

“We must have been too loud,” Izuku groaned. “It's probably Tokoyami, he has really good hearing.”

Shouto just nodded, a little annoyed that they were interrupted.

Izuku tried to collect himself as he opened the door, sure that his face was all red.



“There's no fucking way that Deku has not one, but two True Mates,” Katsuki said, indignantly. “That's total bullshit.”

The three of them were sitting on Izuku's bed, Izuku between the arguing boys.

“Well, he's definitely my mate, so you must be lying,” Shouto said, inching closer to Izuku. Shouto had always disliked how Katsuki treated Izuku. Though their relationship had been slightly better since their fight after the Hero License Exam.

“Like I would fucking choose Deku,” Katsuki ground out.

Shouto’s distaste was clear on his face, “Well, if you don't want him that's perfectly fine with me. Leave.”

“You piece of--”

“Stop!” Izuku interrupted.

They both quieted down, Katsuki actually listening for once.

“I don't really understand what's going on,” Izuku said. “But I know that I definitely felt the shock with both of you.”

Shouto thought for a minute, “We should probably talk to someone.”


“You mean to tell me that three of my students are mates,” Aizawa Shouta’s voice was tired over the phone.

“I mean to tell you that Bakugou and I are both Midoriya’s mates, yes,” Shouto replied.

There was a long sigh on the other end of the line, “I'll call Recovery Girl.”

“Recovery Girl?”

“She's trained in Mate Dynamics.” He elaborated no further.


“Just tell me where you are and she'll come to you.”

“We’re in Midoriya’s room,” Shouto answered.

“Great,” Aizawa hung up without saying anything else.

Midoriya scrambled where he was sitting, “I don't want Recovery Girl to see my room.” He quickly started to take down posters of All Might.

Wordlessly, Shouto began helping him.

Katsuki groaned, and flopped down on the bed, “Fucking otaku.”


“Ah,” Recovery Girl said, inspecting Izuku's neck. “Would you look at that. You have two scent glands.”

“T-two?” Izuku stuttered, glancing at the two boys awkwardly sitting next to him.

“Mhm, I'm thinking one side for each mate,” She poked the left side and Katsuki stiffened, his nostrils flaring. She then poked the right side and Shouto gasped. “Now I'm almost positive. We’ll need a blood test to be completely positive.”

“Blood test?”

“It's really just a little prick,” Recovery girl said. “Then it goes on a little piece of paper and if all your tests turn the same color, it's a sure thing.”

She proceeded to prick each boy with a small needle and placed the little droplet of blood from each finger onto a sheet of paper. They all waited anxiously as each droplet changed from red to a dark green.

She smiled, “Congratulations boys, it’s a rare thing to have a True Mate and even I've never seen something like this. Just know that you're experiencing something really special.”

“Thank you, Recovery Girl,” Izuku said, a little teary eyed. He was still a little confused but happy all the same.

Shouto also gave his thanks and Katsuki mumbled some semblance of gratitude without making eye contact.

She brought her hand across Izuku's forehead, “Be prepared for your pseudo-heat. It's about to start.”

Izuku laughed nervously and glanced between the two boys he was going into heat for.

“I'll let the board know that you'll be in need of Mate Training,” She said, packing up her stuff. “Take care of each other.” She gave Katsuki a meaningful look.

She then left and Katsuki would be lying if he didn't feel a little attacked. Was she saying that he wouldn't take care of Deku? Bullshit! He was obviously the best Alpha and would therefore be way better than Shouto.

“Now what?” Katsuki barked.

Shouto thought for a moment, “Now, we take care of Midoriya.” He looked at Izuku who seemed like he was about to explode.

And he definitely felt like he was about to. Explode, that is. He had an Alpha. No, two Alphas. And they were both people he cared for. His relationship had been rocky with Katsuki but they had recently started to pick up the pieces of their old friendship. He had always hoped to be close with Katsuki again. And Shouto. Shouto was the Alpha he had always dreamed of. He was kind and considerate and came off a little aloof but he was really just awkward and Izuku couldn't help but find it adorable.

“I...I want to take care of you guys, too!” Izuku said, bowing deeply.

“Why are you bowing?” Shouto asked.

“It seemed like an important declaration,” Izuku said, smiling at the other boy. “I want you to know that I'll have your back. I always have and I always will.”

It was starting to feel a little hot in the room and Izuku knew what that meant. His heat was coming and it was coming quickly. He shuddered, realizing what was likely about to come.

Shouto nodded, feeling a swell of affection for the other boy. This wasn't exactly how he imagined this going but he realized he would probably always be happy if Izuku was happy.

Katsuki didn't really know what to think. This was Deku after all, fucking Deku. Annoyingly optimistic, nosey, freckled...cute, Deku. Fuck.

“It's not like I'm happy about this or anything, but…” Katsuki said. “I guess we can try this out.”

Izuku smiled brilliantly at him, it was fucking blinding. Katsuki guessed it would be alright if Izuku looked that stupidly happy about it.

Izuku knew that was probably the closest he would get to Katsuki admitting that he might actually approve of this more than he let on.

“I'm gonna… my heat’s about to start,” Izuku mumbled, looking down at his feet.

“We can… start with a kiss?” Shouto asked more than suggested. Obviously feeling more nervous than his exterior let on.

Izuku blushed and nodded, taking a step toward Shouto. They stared into one another’s eyes, as if in a trance. Their bodies slowly came together as if a gravitational force was pulling them towards one another. Slowly, their lips pressed together, and a little bit of that shock from earlier was still there. It wasn't as strong as before, but it was equally as emotional. Their kiss was sweet, if not a little tentative. And they wrapped their arms around each other as they deepened it, testing the waters with a little tongue. Izuku was becoming a little overwhelmed by Shouto's scent. It was really soothing, yet somehow exciting at the same time? He had always thought Shouto smelled nice but now he smelled wonderful.

Katsuki cleared his throat and they separated (slightly, they kept their arms around each other).

“That was my first,” Izuku admitted.

A little tension left Shouto's shoulders, “Mine, too.”

To say Katsuki was jealous was an understatement. Shouto had just taken one of Izuku's firsts right in front of him. Never mind the fact that they had lost their first together. He was now determined to show Izuku how a real Alpha kissed.

“It's my turn,” Katsuki growled, yanking Izuku from Shouto's arms. Before Izuku even had time to react, he was planting one on him.

Izuku was slightly shocked but he sunk into the kiss, moaning a little. Katsuki was obviously more experienced. He just seemed confident about how to move his lips and where to put his tongue. Katsuki ran his hands through Izuku's hair, and he was surprised by how soft it was.

Both kisses were overwhelming in their own ways. While Shouto’s was so sweet and kind, Katsuki’s was all passion and fire.

When Katsuki and Izuku separated, they were both out of breath.

“You...suck…” Katsuki said, in between breaths.


“You'll have time to learn,” Katsuki didn't realize that he had just suggested there would be more kisses in the future.

Izuku smiled and hugged Katsuki, who very reluctantly brought his arms up to hug the smaller boy back. Izuku glanced at Shouto, who was kind of awkwardly glancing to the side, and motioned for him to join. Shouto looked relieved as Izuku welcomed him into the hug.

The combination of both Alphas scents made Izuku really dizzy. If they smelled good apart, they smelled a billion times better together. Izuku kept taking great big whiffs, which seemed to open the flood gates. He felt his hole ache and begin to twitch in his pants. Next thing he knew, a wave of slick left his body and soaked the back of his pants.

Both Alphas took in deep breaths and their pupils dilated slightly. Shouto could feel himself hardening in his pants and Katsuki was in a similar situation. Izuku smelled good, really really good. Like the best smell in the entire world good.

And somehow, Katsuki couldn't feel his Alpha getting mad at having another Alpha in the presence of his Omega in heat. Most other Alphas would. But it was like his Alpha was accepting that Shouto was supposed to be there.

“Guys…” Izuku whined, his legs shaking as he struggled to stay standing. “Help.”

Just as he was about to fall, Shouto and Katsuki caught him. And helped him sit on the bed.

“Do you want this?” Shouto asked, nervously.

“This?” Izuku asked, not sure what he meant.

“Jesus Christ,” Katsuki groaned. “Do you wanna fuck?”

Izuku blushed deeply. He could feel as he hole clenched and widened further. He nodded.

He was then being stripped by two Alphas, until he was completely naked under their penetrating gazes. He was feeling really self conscious, so he tugged at the other boy's shirts. A nonverbal cue for them to strip as well.

Shouto could probably stare at Izuku forever. Everything about him seemed like his dream Omega. He just wanted kiss every freckle and dive between those child bearing hips. He felt himself blush at the idea of children with Izuku.

Katsuki swallowed as he took in the sight of a naked Izuku. He'd totally never thought of Izuku naked before. Totally. But he was even more beautiful than expected. Not expected. He meant… he didn't think about Deku, okay? Anyway, his muscles were all lean and he decided he liked that way more than the soft Omegas you see in porn. Izuku shared the obvious Omega attributes, but it was clear that he worked hard to maintain a fit physique.

The Alphas stripped as well, until all three boys were naked and horny. Izuku shivered, his cock was dripping a little onto his stomach. He couldn't help but moan a little as his gaze trailed down to his prospective mate’s engorged dicks. The rumors about Alphas did not disappoint.

Katsuki was feeling a little pissed off after noticing that Shouto's cock was a good half inch bigger than his. And it pissed him off even more as he saw Izuku staring at it with wonder in his eye. Without much thought, he launched himself at the green-haired boy, pinning him down. He kissed Izuku for a second time and brought his hands up to tweak a pair of sensitive, puffy nipples.

Izuku shrieked, and brought his hand up to cover his own mouth. He didn't know his nipples were so sensitive. Katsuki moved down his body to latch onto one of the soft nubs, twisting it lightly between his teeth until it hardened.

Shouto decided to let his nerves fly out the window and he brought his own lips to Izuku's other nipple. Izuku thrashed on the bed, unsure of what to do with himself as his nipples were under attack. His body tensed up, and before he even really acknowledged what was happening, he was coming.

Shouto watched as Izuku came undone and it was probably the hottest thing he had ever seen. No, it definitely was.

“You just came… from your nipples,” Katsuki said. He thought his dick couldn't get any harder.

Izuku just mumbled, and flipped over. He then proceeded to get on all fours and lower the upper half of his body, so his lower half was high in the air.

“Shit,” Shouto whispered. He lied, this was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

Izuku had performed a perfect presentation and his hole on full display for both Alphas. It was gaping wide, the rim twitching as a steady stream of slick slipped out and ran down his legs, dripping onto the comforter. It was all wet and the dreamiest shade of pink. Izuku shakes his hips enticingly.

“I'm ready,” Izuku said. “Please…”

Shouto moved, as if prepared to mount the Omega but Katsuki held him back.

“You already took his first kiss, this one is mine,” Katsuki said. “You can take his front.”

Even though Shouto wanted to protest, Izuku whined needily and it was obvious that he couldn't wait much longer. Izuku needed a knot. He sighed and moved to where Izuku's head was, soothing some of the messy curls atop his head. Izuku leaned into his touch like a kitten, a satisfied smile on his face.

Katsuki had some experience with kissing but there was no way he was going to admit that he was clueless about sex. Aside from what he'd seen in porn, this was the furthest he had ever gotten with someone.

Izuku could feel as Katsuki mounted him. His cock lining up with his leaking hole a slowly pressing in. What surprised Izuku was how gentle Katsuki was. He was slowly pressing in to allow Izuku time to adjust instead of slamming in full force. His hands on Izuku's hips were just firm enough to be reassuring rather than rough. When he finally settled inside, he was completely still for a moment.

“...There's room,” Was all Katsuki said, making eye contact with Shouto.

“What do you mean?” Shouto asked.

Katsuki gritted his teeth, “I mean, there's room inside him. There's probably supposed to be, you know, two.”

Shouto became slack jawed and Izuku looked between the two of them.

“Do it,” Izuku said, simply.

“Really?” They asked simultaneously. They weren't expecting Izuku to approve.

“I want to feel you both,” Izuku said. “Now.”

Katsuki laughed, Deku was fucking demanding. He decided the easiest way to go about this was to lift Omega up, so he was riding his lap. The shifting caused his cock to reach even further inside and brushing up against something that caused Izuku to moan loudly and grind down slightly. Katsuki gritted his teeth, trying not to thrust up. Izuku leaned against Katsuki’s chest and the blonde boy collected the smaller boy's legs in each hand, spreading them.

Shouto swallowed some air and crawled forward on the bed, becoming chest to chest with Izuku. He smiled a little and kissed the Omega as he lined up his cock next to Katsuki’s. Slowly, ever so slowly, he pressed in. It was surprisingly easy to push in and it felt amazing. He understood what Katsuki meant when he said it felt like there was supposed to be two. They just… fit. Izuku was so soft inside and the texture of Katsuki's cock against his own was surprisingly nice. He bottomed out, completely nestled in Izuku's body, and the smaller boy wrapped his arms and legs around him.


“Call me ‘Shouto’,” Shouto said with a sudden wave of confidence.

Izuku blushed, “Shouto… me too.”

Shouto kissed him again and whispered, “Izuku.”

Katsuki growled a little and gave a little thrust, causing the other two boys to gasp. It annoyed him that the other two were now on first name basis. He hadn't even been able to bring himself to call Izuku by his first name rather than his cruel nickname.

He started moving ever so slightly, making sure it wasn't hurting Izuku. Shouto also began thrusting experimentally. It was a little awkward at first but eventually they got a rhythm in which one boy would thrust and then the other. Eventually they found Izuku's prostate again and began slamming into it consecutively.

Izuku felt like he was going out of his mind. Each thrust sent zings of pleasure through his body until his entire being was thrumming. It was hard to breathe, but whatever, breathing was so overrated. He knew he was probably leaving scratch marks along Shouto's shoulders and back but he couldn't bring himself to stop gripping at him.

The other two boys could feel their knots beginning to form. They didn't know exactly how this was going to work but they kept thrusting anyway.

Their knots were beginning to catch, and they both thrust one final time before pushing their knots in. Unbelievably, Izuku took both. Just as Izuku reached his second climax and his mates began pumping cum into him, he felt two sets of teeth on both sides of his neck. Katsuki on his left, Shouto on his right. They bit down simultaneously, and none of them expected what was about to happen.

If they thought the first touch was overwhelming, this was a whole different ball game. Izuku felt like everything just made sense all of sudden. He knew everything and anything he needed to know. And hot, fat tears ran down his cheeks.

He felt everything Shouto had ever felt. The sadness and the loneliness. He felt the betrayal and the hurt from his mother’s burn. He felt the resentment towards his father and the pain of the abuse. He felt years of building up walls and giving up hope. And he felt love. He felt so much love. He felt the walls slowly crumbling, laying bare to someone nervous, and unsure of himself. Someone who didn't know the right words to say and didn't know how to express himself. Someone who just wanted to be loved. And someone who realized that maybe he might actually be worthy of love. And Izuku saw that the reason for this change was himself. He opened Shouto's heart and he was the reason Shouto was willing to love and be loved. And if that didn't make his own heart swell, he didn't know what did.

Simultaneously, he felt Katsuki. On the surface, he felt arrogance and pride. Superiority. He felt drive and passion and a desire beyond limits to succeed. But underneath, just a little bit deeper, there was insecurity. He felt layers upon layers of hardened shell covering up a soft interior. He felt an intense fear of rejection, from someone he had always thought was fearless. He felt years of rejecting others, so that he himself could not be rejected. He pushed away and hurt the person he feared rejection from the most. Izuku. If he convinced even himself that he hated the other boy, it would be easier to push him away. But he also felt regret. Deep, unsettling regret that chilled to the bone. Katsuki was a really vulnerable person at heart, someone who loved with his whole being but hid it to keep from being hurt. No one would ever know all this, until now.

Izuku was flat out bawling. Both boys were so jaded and vulnerable that he just wanted to whisk them away and hide them from the world forever.

Shouto and Katsuki felt it too. The warmth and love, Izuku was probably the most caring person on the planet. But also, disappointment and sadness. They felt the devastation of being quirkless and the sudden rejection of his closest friend. They felt the loneliness and the years of staying strong and determined when all signs pointed to hopelessness. All of the hurt of Katsuki’s rejection. The betrayal was so heart wrenching and confusing. And yet, he was always hopeful, and he was always full of love for other people. They felt the satisfaction and pure joy of All Might’s declaration to pass on his power. They felt new strength and confidence building up and the elation of new friendships. They felt Izuku's selflessness and willingness to put other’s happiness above his own. To put others safety above his own. And both boy’s realized that Izuku had a true hero’s heart. And it was as beautiful as it was heartbreaking.

Everyone just kind of broke down. What was the point in walls when everything was already out in the open? Izuku could feel tears at the back of his neck but he didn't dare say anything as heard Katsuki sniffle. There was also wetness along his neck, where Shouto had his head buried. And they all just kind of sat there, the only sound in the room was their sniffling.

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Izuku realized that the other two likely knew about everything. Including his relationship with All Might. Which Katsuki obviously knew already, but Shouto had not. But no one said anything. Because none of that mattered. All that mattered was the three of them, in this bubble they created.

At some point they laid down, Izuku sandwiched between them. Katsuki buried his face in Izuku's hair and took deep calming breaths.

“Izuku,” Katsuki said for the first time in years, his voice just barely a whisper. “I'm sorry.”

“I know,” Izuku said, bringing a hand up to pat Katsuki's cheek.

And that was all that needed to be said, because everything else had already been said.

Shouto kissed Izuku sweetly and all three boys were slowly lulled to sleep by one another's breathing.