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Everyday Everlark

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 F L O W E R S

 Everlark, Rated T

She eyes the bouquet in front of her as she leans against the counter and sips her cup of coffee. A slight draft comes from the open window, the air still a little chilly. Spring is arriving slowly this year, but Katniss enjoys the fresh air in the morning.

The shuffle of feet to her right doesn't distract her from the flowers on the kitchen island. A moment later Peeta wraps his arms around her and buries his nose into her neck. Katniss can tell he's still tired, but must have woken when he felt the empty bed beside him.

"What are you doing up so early?" he mumbles groggily, though his hands seem already wide awake. Goosebumps appear all over her body, and it's not from the draft. She puts the mug on the counter behind her and turns in his arms.

Instead of letting her answer, Peeta kisses her. Like his hands, his tongue is wide awake as well. This isn't a soft greeting in the morning, this is devouring her whole. Not that she's complaining.

When breath gets thin, Katniss breaks the kiss. He doesn't hesitate to brush his lips over her jawline up to her ear. A deep moan escapes her when he starts to nip at the ticklish spot behind it.

"I found these lovely flowers on the counter," she smiles and her hands slip under the hem of his shirt. "You have any idea how they got there?"

He stops his teasing to take a look at the arrangement on the island. "Hmm," he shrugs with one shoulder, a smirk forming on his lips. "The flower-fairy must've left them last night. Together with raspberry-chocolate cake, if I'm not mistaken." He leans in to continue their kissing, but Katniss gasps at the mention of the cake and rushes over to the fridge.

"Peeta!" she gushes when she sees the beautiful dessert on the top shelf. "Flowers and cake. You're spoiling me!"

Instead of an answer he grabs her around the waist and starts to nuzzle her neck again.

"You're in a mood," she giggles, laying her hands on his arms wrapped around her.

"If I promise to bring you cake later, can I convince you to come back to bed?" He sounds mischievous. Flirty. Happy.

Katniss laughs out loud, happy herself. She never thought she'd be so perfectly happy. Her laugh turns into a devilish grin when once again she turns around in his arms. Taking the few steps backwards to the counter, she starts to push herself up on it. Peeta catches on fast; with his hands on her waist he helps her get comfortable. At the same time Katniss wraps her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck, bringing their bodies flush together. She can feel his excitement through their clothes.

"Who needs a bed?" she whispers seductively.

Peeta groans, his hands now roaming over her legs wrapped around him. "Remind me of this the next time I feel guilty about asking your parents to take the kids for the weekend."

Another loud laugh escapes her. "I most definitely will." She starts to rub her center against his erection, a hiss escaping her. Now she's in a mood, too.

"Happy anniversary, wife," he growls at her throat, his stubble deliciously scraping the soft skin there.

"Happy anniversary, husband," she replies, half gasping, her hands buried in his hair. "Can you please fuck me now?"

His answer is his mouth on hers and, with another growl, his hand slipping inside the front of her pajama pants.

Happy anniversary, indeed.