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I Want To Break You

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A/N Hello, this is my first story for Aoharu x Kikanjuu, this will follow from the manga, then will go along my own story line. It's just a little bit of a fun story because I love the characters in the manga and want to write about them. Hope you enjoy guys, thanks for reading. Some of the characters may seem OOC but that's just how they've come out. Now let's have some fun with these cuties.

"Look, it's not like I actually want you idiots to be there but for some unknown reason, Tachibana actually likes you guys so I feel obliged to ask you." Yukimura stared at Midori over his rimmed glasses with a look of pure disdain, it was a well known fact that their survival game teams, Toy Gun Gun and Hoshishiro were arch rivals both in and out of the battlefield.

But their team member, Tachibana, had somehow become good friends with two of the three members of Hoshishiro so out of courtesy for her, Yukimura and Matsuoka had decided to take a trip to Midori's apartment and personally invite him and his team to attend Tachibana's welcome home party.

It would be taking place the next day, when she would be arriving from America where she had been for the past year.

It had been a hard time for Toy Gun Gun, they had recovered an old member of their team but had then lost another. Tachibana was the life and soul of their team and they had felt the blow once she had left.

"Ah, so she's coming home to us after all? I was certain she'd take this opportunity given to her and never come back."

Yukimura knew that Midori was purposely trying to wind them up by talking trash, it was what he did. If he managed to get a rise out of someone, it turned the fucker on. A sadist through and through.

"Forget it, she'll be there tomorrow at 7pm if you want to come. Or don't. I really don't care. Like I said, just doing this for Tachibana." Yukimura turned on his heel and pulled along the silent Matsuoka along with him.

It wasn't news to him that whenever his friend was around Midori that he would turn into a hermit crab and jam himself as far into the back of his shell as he could.

"Oh hey Masamune, didn't see you there. I hope you're taking care of yourself." Midori's eyes shone at the way he reacted to him, he loved it. Complete submission was what he thrived on and Matsuoka gave it to him without even realizing.

"Yeah, you too." His voice was low and rough as he replied. Yukimura let a small smile stretch his lips and he threaded his fingers through Matsuoka's and led him away from the snake pit that was Midori's apartment.

At least he managed to reply this time, he was slowly getting himself away from that guys grasp, Yukimura had made it his life mission to make sure that it happened.

"I'll be seeing you tomorrow then, I look forward to it." Midori let the door click shut as he listened to the retreating footsteps of the two members of Toy Gun Gun.

"This is going to be interesting." He had never fully been too into guys or girls, it was just the end result that mattered to him. The result of them submitting to him. But this, this Tachibana had fully gained his attention without even realizing it. Despite the fact that she was only 17, a good eleven years his minor, he wanted, no needed to get this girl to bow down to him.

Breaking down the strong ones was always the most fun.

"What's going to be interesting Midori?" Fujimoto had appeared behind him and was staring at him oddly. He was, after all standing, staring at his closed front door. Glancing over his shoulder, Midori smiled brightly and walked past the white haired man to his bathroom.

"I'm going for a bath but how would you feel about going to a party tomorrow in celebration of the return of our lovely friend Tachibana Hotaru?" Fujimoto's face lit up at the mention of the member of Toy Gun Gun and he slapped his hands together in excitement. "Oh, yay, is she back from America?"

"Yes she is, give Ichi a call and invite her too if you wouldn't mind. We'll meet here at six thirty and walk over together." As he closed the door in Fujimoto's face, he could feel a bubble of something strange growing in his stomach. Was this, excitement? He couldn't remember the last time he had felt this way, over anything, least of all a person.

Whenever he drew himself a hot bath, it would always remind him of the one and only time he had had any control over the feisty Tachibana. That sweet, innocent kiss had haunted his mind. Did it haunt her too?

"What the hell am I thinking." Dunking his head under the surface, he tried to disperse the strange thoughts circulating around his mind. Why was he looking forward to tomorrow night so much? She's just a girl after all. He just wanted to break her.

"I can't believe I'm actually back and they managed to keep my apartment safe all this time." The thought of being able to return to her old apartment complex with all of her friends was a huge relief. After being away for so long, she was a little nervous so going back to somewhere familiar definitely helped make her feel more at ease.

Would they even recognize her now? Matsuoka and Yukimura had called the day previous to say that they would be coming to pick her up from the airport.

She couldn't exactly refuse them so she could go to the hairdressers and get her ridiculous hair cut off. Her mother had all but refused to allow her to cut her hair the whole time she had been in America. Apparently she was sick of her daughter looking like a man all the time.

'Like she's one to talk.'

So now, Tachibana's hair was hanging below her shoulders in silky waves. She hated to admit it but it was nice to have hair after all of these years of cutting it off. It had been nothing more than an inconvenience to her, it got in the way when she had been fighting and it would definitely get in the way when she started playing survival games again.

It would put her at a serious disadvantage if someone managed to grab her by her hair, so even if she sort of liked having it long, it was not practical.

Looking down at her chest, she frowned and poked her the two lumps that had magically appeared over the past year, that was another thing that had had an annoying growth spurt while she had been away.

Something must have been in the air in america because she was seventeen years old and only just hitting puberty. She was convinced that if she had stayed in Japan, she would have stayed the same, scrawny girl she always had been and that would have been fine.

As she walked through the airport, she felt as if people were staring at her. Tachibana's cheeks heated as she picked up her pace until she was away from the swarms of travel goers and out into the fresh air of Japan. Her eyes scanned the front of the airport for her two friends, and quickly spotted them.

They weren't exactly hard to miss, both of them were very attractive and stood out in their own ways. Yukimura's hair was a beautiful mess and his glasses made him easy to spot and Matsuoka was a host so it was his job to shine. Together, they were like ying and yang.

They were both sat on the bonnet of Matsuoka's car, smoking whilst looking at manga that was in Yukimura's hands. No doubt that it was a smutty one.

'It's nice to see some things don't change.'

"Hey guys, I'm over here." Tachibana waved her hand in the air as she used the other to wheel her suitcase behind her, the two men glanced in her direction with an unsure look etched on their faces.

"We're actually waiting for someone, sorry. Maybe I'll see you later though cutie?" Matsuoka pulled out a card from his jacket pocket, she frowned at the piece of paper and flicked it in his face.

"Are you telling me you don't recognize the fourth member of Toy Gun Gun? I should kick your asses." The cigarettes fell from both Yukimura and Matsuoka's mouths as they stared down at the ever feisty girl that had changed their lives.

"Tachibana? No way." Yukimura jumped from the car and started to fondle her chest. "When did you grow these? They're lovely and squidgy, mind if I model them for my next manga?" Her face grew hot as she let out a squeal worthy of a girl and let her fist fly out.

It connected with his face with a fleshy smack. But the raven haired pervert looked all too happy to have gotten a feel of her newfound breasts, completely uncaring that he had been knocked down onto his butt.

"What happened? You look all grown up." Matsuoka was still staring at her and it was starting to make her uncomfortable.

"I just grew my hair out, I'm still the same person. I'm still your team mate that can kick some serious butt, I can prove it if you like."

"Yeah." Yukimura mumbled as he got to his feet, he slowly took his time getting up so he could inspect every inch of Tachibana's body on the way up."I can confirm that she still kicks butt."

Holding out her hand, she pulled a lock of Yukimura's hair and yanked his head down so he was eye level with her.

"Don't think I won't kick your ass if you touch my breasts again you damn perv." He nodded his head, now suddenly used to the idea that their team mate who used to have the appearance of a guy was now a full blown female.

It didn't take Yukimura long to adjust to things, for that, she was extremely thankful.

Matsuoka however, was finding it a lot more difficult to accept that little Tachibana who he had fought alongside countless times was now a completely different person. A very beautiful person.

He had been attracted to her when her appearance resembled a boy so now that she had finally grown up, he couldn't help but notice the soft curves that now took over her body.

"R-ready to go Tachibana? You can sit in the front, I think Yukimura needs a lie down." The famous manga artist was mumbling to himself as he doodled quick sketches inside his secret pocket book.

Whenever he was struck with a moment of inspiration on the go, he would pull it out and quickly draw whatever he had rolling through his mind, then refer to it later when he was drawing for real.

Tachibana led the absorbed man to the back set of the car and made sure he was buckled in as he furiously scratched the pencil on the paper.

'After touching my breasts, I really don't want to know what he's drawing in there.'

"So how have you all been? How's Haruki? I've called him a couple of times but he's usually busy doing something else and doesn't talk for long."

"Yeah, he still plays with us sometimes but he got accepted into med school so he's more concentrating on that." She couldn't help but notice that his voice sounded a little unsteady as he spoke. Was something on his mind?

"I missed you Matsuoka." The blonde's face became overwhelmed with a red hue, clearly embarrassed at her words. "And Yukimura. I missed everyone, I'm so happy to be home."

Suddenly feeling silly, Matsuoka lit up a cigarette and started to puff his anxiety away.

She missed everyone, it wasn't just him that was special. Everybody Tachibana met became someone special to her because she valued everybody.

The three of them spent the rest of the ride to the apartment block in a comfortable silence, none of them felt the need to speak any words as their company was more than enough. Matsuoka took this opportunity to sneak quick peeks at Tachibana as they drove. She really did look like a completely different person.

Her usual short hair had grown out, hanging in loose waves down her shoulders, it was shiny and luscious. Her face wasn't as sexless anymore but more feminine, a lot of her baby fat had disappeared, replaced with angular cheekbones and pouty lips.

Her eyes still shone with that same brightness they always had, that would never change. It was part of what he loved about her.

She wasn't wearing any makeup, not that he could tell but she just looked older. Maybe her time in America had aged her, even though it was only for a year, it wasn't exactly for the best of reasons, it was because her father had gotten sick.

Then the biggest difference was, her breasts, had she just shoved some melons down there? How could someone go from having absolutely nothing to that? His eyes bugged out of his head as they went over a bump in the road and they moved up and down.

"Why are you staring at me Matsuoka?"

'Dammit I've been caught.'

"Sorry, it's just hard to believe you're the same little Tachibana. You look like an adult now."

Yukimura took this as his time to involve himself with the conversation. "She's seventeen now Mattsun, she is an adult. Sure she looks different but she's still our little girl, aren't you Tachibana?"

Leaning over the front seat, he ruffled her long hair. Flinging her arm back, she hoped that the cry he let out was from pain and not pleasure.

She knew he was into that kind of thing so physically hurting him was pointless.

"Shut up guys, you're embarrassing me." As they approached the apartment block, she could see that the lights to all of their apartments were on.

"Why are the lights on in my apartment?" She questioned as they got out of the car. Matsuoka and Yukimura looked at each other, unsure of what to respond. Obviously, Haruki had messed up while getting the surprise party ready and forgot to turn off all the lights.

"Um, the landlady went in earlier and-"

As she placed the key inside the lock, a voice stopped her from turning it.

"Why are you taking some random girl into Tachibana's place? I thought this was supposed to be her surprise party, she might not like that someone else is stealing your attention."

Turning her head to the side, she was both happy and sad to see Midori standing there with Fujimon and Ichi behind him.

She was happy because she was able to see her friends again, but sad because they didn't recognize her. Did she seriously look that different? She didn't feel any different.

'The urge to hack this stupid hair off is getting greater by the second, stupid mother trying to force me to be a girl.'

"Uh I think that is Tachibana, Midori." Fujimoto shyly waved over at her with a small smile on his face. For such an imposing looking man, he was a huge, socially awkward softy.

Midori's mouth fell open a fraction as he stared down at the girl standing in front of him but quickly recovered from the shock and took a step towards her. "So interesting."

Taking her hand, he placed a small wrapped parcel in it and grinned. "Welcome home, Tachibana, I hope we can have some more fun together."