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Let's Get Married

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1:26 AM 

Haught_ShitWe should get married 

7:32 AM 

ICall-Sh0tgunI'm sorry what? 

Waverly stared at her phone screen for a long time before she got out of bed to get ready for the day. Had her roommate been drunk when she'd sent the message? 

7:58 AM 

ICall-Sh0tgun: You do realize I'm dating Champ right? 

ICall-Sh0tgunWhere are you anyway? 

Haught_ShitI went out with Wynonna and Dolls last night and crashed at their place 

Yeah, she was definitely not sober when she sent that message. 

ICall-Sh0tgunOkay well we both have class in an hour so get your ass back here 

There was a knock on the door to their shared dorm room and Waverly got up to answer it, finding a very disheveled Nicole standing there in her clothes from yesterday. 

"Way ahead of you," Nicole said in reply to Waverly's text. 

"Get in here, Haught. You look like you just crawled out of a dumpster." 

"Good morning to you too." 

The playful smirks on both of their faces showed that they were just being sarcastic with each other, as always. They'd been good friends and roommates at the University of Purgatory since their freshman year last year. Sarcasm and assholery were what made their friendship great. 

"How are you not hungover right now?" Waverly asked. Usually, Nicole would get trashed when she went out with Wynonna. 

"Never got drunk. I did have a pot brownie though, and that was quite the experience." 

"Did you bring me one?" 

Nicole unbuttoned the chest pocket on her flannel shirt and pulled out a plastic bag containing a leftover brownie from the night before. She threw it on Waverly's bed before removing her snapback and grabbing clothes so she could go shower. 

"You can have it if you bring back my favorite breakfast," Nicole offered, slipping out the door to head to the showers. 

Waverly shook her head and laughed. She'd only asked for the brownie as a joke, but she wasn't stupid enough to pass up a (almost) free pot brownie. She hid the brownie in her safe and left the room to go get breakfast from the cafeteria. 


When Waverly got back to the room, Nicole was sitting on her bed reading the assigned chapters for their English class. The same one that started in twenty minutes. 

"You know we have a quiz on that today," Waverly mentioned. 

Nicole put a finger to her lips. 

"Shhh... I'm reading." 

Waverly rolled her eyes and put Nicole's two bagels, two small containers of cream cheese, and cup of coffee on her desk 

"Or you could stop reading and eat your breakfast while I explain the important parts that you need to know for the quiz." 

There was some shuffling and a muttered fuck yeah before Waverly started explaining the material they needed to know for the quiz. Most people would never consider just summarizing the important information for their roommate, friend or not, because it would make them feel like they were doing all the work. Waverly just saw it as an opportunity to make sure she knew the material well enough to ace the test. It was a win-win for both of them since Nicole seemed to pay way more attention to Waverly when she was teaching the material than their actual professor. 

They left for the class as soon as Nicole finished her bagels, and Waverly found it to be the perfect time to ask her roommate about her sudden marriage proposal from early that morning. 

"Are you aware that you suggested we get married at one o'clock this morning? Probably while you were high off your ass." 

Nicole blushed and brushed it off with a laugh. 

"Oh, yeah, that. I was hoping I could talk to you about that over dinner tonight..." she trailed off. 

"Sorry, but I can't tonight. Champ is taking me to go watch some rodeo that's going on in the next town over." 

"Coffee tomorrow morning then?" 

Waverly loved Nicole to death, but only as a friend. She wasn't even ready to get married to her boyfriend of five years, let alone her best friend of one year. Though, she did want to hear Nicole's explanation for the proposal. 

"Sure, coffee tomorrow morning." 

They entered the classroom and took their seats next to each other.