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Don't say, "I love you"

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"High school is a death trap of unfortunate events always colliding together in a wave of eventful drama." Kurapika said shrugging his shoulders as he walked beside Gon informing him sharply, "It's my job to ensure you don't get locked in any of that."

"Mmm." Gon hummed back more focused on all the superhero comic book he was reading while walking down the hall than his friend trying to lecture him. The pages grabbing all of his interest with its high speed action packed beat down, with punches waiting with more story plot line at every corner. It was much more fun reading-pretending that his life was a superhero novel- than paying attention.

Kurapika rolled his eyes telling the shorter boy, "No, it's not just something to 'mmm' over! Walking down the halls in high school is a car crash ready to happen even if you make the wrong move it's a bomb ready to explode."

Gon grinned playfully, his brown eyes popping out from behind his book, "All that action Sounds exciting! Just like in my comic book!" He pointed at the cover with a superhero strangeling the villain-Low key he admired the artist creativity and mind. Sometimes the situations were so realistic he considered that they could actually happen in real life.

"Ahh..." Kurapika sighed tiredly, not really into hearing his friend go into one of his long nerdy rants about how awesome his comics were or some absurd superhero theory. "Do you ever listen to any of my advice?"

Gon shook his head, finally tearing his sight away from the comic book closing it shut. "Sorry, but no. I appreciate it and all but, I wanna explore and adventure off in this new high school to see what I discover about it myself."

The blonde cracked a smile, "Right." Waving his hand he pointed straight ahead. "Well then, I'm going to class now. You remember how to get to your class right?"

"Yup!" Gon said happily bobbing his head as he watched Kurapika walk off away from him in the opposite direction. With each step away Gon saw it as an opening for him to get more freedom-even though it wasn't like he couldn't stand his friend it was just that the older boy was on mommy mode all the time looking out for him. Gon was 16, he might be new to this school but he knew how to take care of himself. Tell him what to do and he could do it.

"I can do it. This is gonna be my year." Gon muttered to himself as he tighten his grip on the stands of his backpack. Starting off in the same direction him and Kurapika were originally heading near his first period. Even though this school was completely different from being home schooled by his aunt, it was a new good kind of different; even though he'd only been attending this school for a few weeks he'd thought he'd seen it all. All the freaks, sluts, popular kids, nerds, geeks, there was huge wave of diversity in the school with so many different outcomes and new people to talk do. Gon wanted to meet them all, in fact he's already built a reputation of being overly nice-which he wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing yet. So far the result was neutral.

Reaching the next corner he was supposed to turn his brown eyes scanned the over crowded halls filled with kids chatting loudly, the boy managed to slip his way through the tiny gaps in the crowd. His black spiky hair was unusual so most people would point and laugh a bit at his outrageous hairstyle, it was almost kind of embarrassing. But he'd force a smile and laugh along awkwardly when anyone asked why it looked like that.

The classroom wasn't that far away but, upon taking second glance up the stairs case loaded with kids he wondered where the 500 hallway was. 'Maybe I should have asked Kurapika' Gon thought to himself silently.

"Hey out my way, cutie~! I like the view from the back but gotta get to class." A tall boy with red hair almost purred out as he licked his lips passing Gon making the short boy shiver at his image with clown makeup all over his face.

"Hisoka, you creep leave him alone you're supposed to be focused on me." Another lank boy leaned on the clown wearing make up male's shoulder, all his long black hair flowing beside him as he flicked up a pencil up and down in his free hand.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the tall teens, Gon was about to kindly back away, "Ah! Yes, I probably shouldn't stand in the way in the crowded hallway."

"No! Don't you move an inch!" A fierce voice cut through as a boy with fluffy white hair grinded down the stairs on his skateboard the wind blowing through it wildly. "Stay right there!"

"Eh!?" Gon felt his heart start to beat wildly as he looked around blankly trying to comprehend what was happening. "Me?"

"No, Illumi!" The teen jumped off his skate board and caught it in his hand running him to the taller boy with jet black hair hissing, "You stole that pencil from our lil sister give it back!"

"Hehe.." Illumi grinned maliciously as he looked down at the other boy, "You followed me all the way here for that?"

"I came too!" A quiet more shy voice from behind the silhouette of the skater boy said.

"You brought him here too. Send him back to middle school..." Illumi said waving his hand as if shooing them off. "He's sure to have some friends who will lead him a pencil. While I on the other hand, Have no friends, who will lend me a pencil."

"Pff, babe I'm insulted." Hisoka scoffed almost childishly playful running his fingers through Illumi's hair.

"Well him being here is an insult to me." Illumi said pointing at the person lingering behind his brother.

Which finally must have triggered the person to jump out from behind the white haired boy, the person was short and rather feminine even with their voice as their blue eyes sparked up with anger yelling, "Don't call me a boy! I'm not a boy! I'm tired of you misgendering me! You do it on purpose!"

"What does your birth certificate say again?" Illumi teased which seemed to piss the other off more.

Even though she was wearing a girly dress with hair long like a girl, she certainly looked like a girl and Gon wasn't about to misgender someone. So boldly he stepped in saying, "I probably have no grounds to talk here, but here." Reaching in his pocket he handed the girl a pencil. "You can use mine okay?"

For a few seconds the girl seemed to waver before a smile broke out on her face, "Thank you! I'll be sure to bring it back. The middle school is right across the street, I promise I will!" She took it excitedly.

"What it's the last week of school?" The white haired boy demanded cracking his knuckles. "You know what never mind that. I'll just take you out right now!" He snarled flashing his sharp teeth.

"Try me, Kil. If you got the balls." Illumi smirked reaching into his pockets and pulling out needles and waving them in front of his face.

Forcing the other male to step back as if threatened at the sight whispering lowly, "You wouldn't dare use your powers in school. It's against the rules. You'll make mom and dad angry at you."

"You're just jealous you can't use yours yet. Ha! You don't even know what activates it." Illumi responded almost sinister, like a challenge as he narrowly his black eyes insisting, "But I do. Poor little Killua, what a shame he can't even find his power of live up to the family name."

"Shut up!" Killua barked back.

Hisoka whistled clearly engaged mildly in the stand off going on. While Gon stood there feeling dumb as a box of rocks completely twisted in what was being said or going on. But he wanted to end it either way.

"Hey! Hey wait! I gave her a pencil let's not fight!" Gon said automatically trying to resolve problems over in front of his eyes. Always being cheerful trying to spread peace not war by saying, "She can go back to school now?"

"It's a sibling rivalry, I wouldn't get between it, If I were you~!" Hisoka sung out warning Gon as he tapped on his shoulder.

Still Gon only used that as more inspiration to hammer out his point telling them, "Yeah! And family shouldn't fight or more or less want to kill each other?"

"No! I've decided-" Killua clenched his fist hissing as he charged at his brother, "I'll kill you right now."

"Hold on!" Gon said defensively stepping between them right then preventing Killua from slamming a punch into Illumi. Instead the shorter black haired boy ended up tripping him-so for a few seconds Killua gasped being thrown completely around making his world turn upside down as his blue eyes went wide in an horrified manner, catching air time as his orbs met worried similar brown who almost pleaded, 'sorry about this' while still gleaming with triumph for preventing a fight and standing up for what was right. It made Killua want to do nothing but throat check Gon for that right now. But with his actions foiled and Illumi seeing the snowball of tangled bodies flinging themselves in his direction, the senior took a few more steps over allowing Gon and his little brother to slam loudly into a bunch of lockers.

The sudden loud clattering drew attention as the hallway suddenly grew quiet most of the children now turned their attention to them. Gon blushed deeply flustered by all the eyes directly conflicting in the gaze of his own, plus the white haired male whose name seemed to be Killua was on top of him. His blue eyes completely enraged and pissed as his hands fell on both sides of Gon's head with his body resting on top of him firmly he looked like he was pinning Gon to the ground.

"My, my what a hot dirty position." Of course as if what everyone was thinking Hisoka said it out loud even though it was barely heard over the sound of the bell ringing warning everyone to get to class.

Gon felt his face heat like an oven as he quickly closed his legs forgetting that Killua was in between them he watched awkwardly at the other boy literally get crushed between his thighs. Pale rough skin meeting milky tan legs as Gon groaned completely mystified at how he found himself stuck in this situation.

"FUCKING SHIT!" Killua yelled gritting his teeth unleashing a very pissed off howl as he threw his white hair back slamming his fist into the nearest locker. The second his skin came in contact with the metal it was a quick bolt of lightning producing a light show making all the other lockers fly open with books and scissors erupting into flames madly triggering the safety sprinklers to activate over the area.

There was out a slight gasp passing from Gon's, the reaction and event similar to one in his comic book, with an area slowly descending into chaos. "Ahhhhhh!" The crowd of teens broke into cries as they scrambled to get away from the rain shower area. Hisoka blended in flood of kids trying to escape, snickering to himself over the whole affair. While the girl looked tempted to go give some conciliation to her older brother but found herself being dragged away in the crowd of people.

Illumi was left with his jaw agape lost in a shocked, 'Oh snap' face not expecting Killua to learn about his power so soon but it didn't hold for long especially when his black eyes met his brother's light ice blue, it flipped to a satisfied, 'You are so dead.' That gave Killua all the confirmation he needed about what occurred as he blinked up trying to see through all the smoke and water.

"I did it. I actually did it..." Then through the wet glob of hair now blocking most of his vision Killua smirked full of malice, interested at the bolts still jolting from his finger tips, "Illumi, watch out. I'm coming for you."

Gon blinked for a few seconds completely baffled by the blast with his mind still wandering from how it occurred he managed to feel the boy on top of him ease up away and taking him to his feet along with him. Making Gon see the difference in height between them wasn't very much. His knees were a bit wobbly but he stabled himself still holding onto the boy's shoulder asking, "It's Killua, right?"

"Hmm?" The white haired boy raised an eyebrow before looking at how the other male hanged on his shoulder. "That depends, who's asking?"

"The name is Gon. I think, was he your older brother?"

"No he's a giant cunt dick. That's what he is."


"Hey.." Killua looked at Gon blankly before hesitating but risked it anyway asking, "Do you feel that?" There was a strong current zipping through his fingers at inhuman speed along with traveling throughout the rest of his body, Killua was puzzled as to if Gon was getting an effect from such high voltage.

Remaining completely oblivious to what was going on, Gon grinned satisfied that the boy wasn't upset with him and laughed, "Yeah, the water. I feel it!" For a few seconds Gon assumed he gave the wrong answer since Killua didn't chuckle back, simply he started walking forward dragging him from behind.

It was strange since the chilly water kept pouring down on their heads, Killua picked up his skateboard then seemed to be dragging them both away from the situation with the lockers till hanging open and the dents noticeably deep with damage, he didn't seem to care lost in thought. But the friendly touch was warmly welcomed by Gon who was maybe too steady fast to jump into a new conversation.

"Hey, my 1st period is History. Room 524, so do you think you can ta-" Gon was cut off by Killua who grunted upon hearing directions guiding them upstairs away from all the water.

There shoes made a loud annoying squeaking noise as they crossed the quad, it was the only noise in the air since everyone else seemed to have been gotten to class. The black haired boy was being dragged around like a rag doll by Killua who hadn't said another word for the past few minutes until they reached the classroom.

No teacher was in sight and the door was wide open with students in the classroom up and chatting with each other excitedly. It made slipping in class easy for Gon who immediately thought that a service was being done for him as he smiled at Killua pulling away from him as soon as they crossed through the door. "Thank you! I feared I would never find it. Ah, but you better hurry to class too."

Killua didn't move from the door but carefully his pupils flickered watching Gon walked past him and calmly stepped over backpacks and kid's shoes, when he arrived at his seat in the middle of the classroom. Proceeding to begin and unpack his belongings from out his backpack, Gon kept flashing Killua nervous smiles expecting him to leave soon. Only he didn't.

It was strange how Killua seemed conflicted in his thoughts, eyebrows knotting together then softening the more they kept looking at Gon, only to have his gaze break going off. He had to be thinking or considering something but not one word still appeared to cross his lips. It was like he was being pulled into a black hole, time seemed to move in complete and utter slow motion gathering all his ideas together only to remain at his own stunning outcome.

"Gon's the key. He's the outliner...the reason why my powers never worked on my own free will before. A catalyst to making my sparks get started." Killua muttered as he walked towards Gon's desk getting closer and closer. Reading to see any change in expression from the shorter boy as he drew forward ever nearer not pausing to second guess his choice.

"Killua?" Gon questioned his pretty eyes almost glittering in the artificial lighting.

The teen took a huge breath knowing that it was too late to turn back on his decision and then he'd probably go home faced with regret. So he stood up in front of the whole class and boldly parted his lips. "Do you want to go out with me, Gon?" The sentence struck the black haired boy by shock as his brown eyes flickered with such alarm his stomach doing flip-flops to his heartbeats racing speed. His lip quivered slightly as he barely got his mouth open to form a response that was lamely inaudible and his tone so ghastly it gave goose-bump chills.

Strongly unmoved by the motion the taller male stood hovering over Gon's desk and his white hair reflected some of the sun that cut through the window landing on where the proposal was occurring. There was no sparkle in cold blue eyes that stared at Gon reading his every action, no hints of love behind the question that was proposed as an offer on the table. It was almost suspect how the pupils read the flabbergasted look that had predominantly stoned Gon's face. Yet it wasn't just him, it seemed the whole entire class had grown quite-suddenly they seemed to be 'interested' in what the creepy school skater boy and Always-go-lucky-sunshine had in common with each other.

It was almost stupid irony, none of the popular kids had ever cared before about them. Still when someone asks another person out somehow it drags in everyone's attention. It was making the whole situation super sickening and more nerve wrecking to get the correct answer. In all the dead silence that had swept the entire classroom engulfing everyone's interest to the front of the class.

Gon awkwardly looked up then panicked a bit shuffling the History papers on his desk that he'd recently taken out his folder. He repeated this action a couple times before finally mustering up the words to make sound come out his mouth, "Killua, why are you asking me out?"

The whole entire class erupted in a bunch of hollering mostly gasp as the explosive look crossed Killua's face almost fused with anger to cover up the bashful embarrassment. A short brush of that raw emotion came over him before quickly stuffing his feelings back up again as he growled, "You can't counter my question with a question! Just answer me."

True, that Gon found Killua's statement enough and he felt guilty for placing him out on the rocks like that in front of the class, especially when Killua had been so bold to stroll up to him with his own accord. But something had to be up, Gon was the new kid. Recently he'd came to school only a month ago and it was already near the end of the school year. Gon barely even knew Killua and the only conversation they had shared had been a few minutes ago since Gon got lost on the way to class. Due to all this knowledge and being well aware how soap operas worked (he read superhero drama comics of those too), Gon had every right to be suspect of Killua's sudden craving for a relationship with him.

Still that didn't change the fact that Gon was super-happy go lucky, Gon who probably couldn't break a person's heart because he couldn't stand to have a person cry over his own selfishness. So the boy gave Killua a bright happy cheerful grin forcing himself to laugh at his own arrogance, "You're right! How silly of me! Ah, I probably should have answered you first. Since you did ask first."

Killua's eyes stayed stern not once did they lose lock in a hazelnut storm that ruled Gon's orbs. Even lifting a pale hand up to touch tan skin, he stroked it soothingly prompting a yes or no answer as he repeated the question this time a bit more sterner like a command. "Gon. I am an impatient person. I don't appreciate repeating myself. If you're wasting my time here and making a fool out of me, you'll regret it with your life."

No, it wasn't a command. Gon was almost a 100% percent sure it seemed to be a death threat disguised in an order all wrapped up in one. Still trying to hold his breath Gon's eyes widened a bit at the authority being asserted on him-the way Killua was rubbing his hand on his own almost proving his dominance warning that Gon didn't have a choice.

Swallowing nervously Gon said the most simplistic easy thing to make all this pressure and whispering around them go away. Blurting out a hollow, "I would never make a fool out of you! Killua, you seem like a n-niiic..nice guy?"

Without even batting an eyelash Killua informed him briefly, "You're stalling."

"C-caan.. can I think ab-bbout it?" Gon was silently cursing himself for losing his composure and start stuttering his words out letting his true worries blow throw.

"No. You tell me right now, before I drag the offer off the table."


"Yes or no, Gon!"

"I c-aaaan't ans..swer?"

"Listen there are only two options." Killua squeezed Gon's hand roughly holding on to it as he walked behind him. Standing behind his chair it was easier to manipulate Gon's fingers forcing them to hold up, "Number One, it's Yes. Because I know that you like me and have potential to be my future wifey. Number two, it's No. We both leave unsatisfied."

The sound of high heels clicking on tiles signaled that the teacher had arrived in class along with the feminine voice of, "Alright! Alrighty, everyone get back in your seats right now. I just had to print out a few more worksheets."

Then there was a scramble by everyone but Killua. The white haired male seemed determined not to leave Gon until he got a straight answer. Even mumbling under his breath, "Morons, who's scared of a little public authority?"

"So you're not gonna sit?" Gon whispered to Killua silently.

"Not until I get my answer."

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why won't you answer my question?"

The teacher glared at the two of them in the front of the class, her eyes meeting their own as she informed Killua almost rudely, "You're the only one not in your seat and last time I checked it wasn't next to Gon."

Gon wasn't paralyzed with fear from being called out but he felt a strange jolt in his bones with Killua touching him. Almost the mysterious shroud of questions consuming Gon's mind about Killua's motives that the boy innocently came to his conclusion of an answer. Meekly he squeaked out, "Number One, Yes. I will go out with you Killua."

A relaxing smirk sneaked it's way on Killua's face that twisted up growing larger as he said, "Excellent." Simply he dropped Gon's hand back on the desk removing his cold touch as he looked at teacher not missing his chance to be a smart ass. "Yes, I was just going to sit down but you see, MY BOYFRIEND lost his keys so I was informing him to ride home with me after school today."

The way that Killua raised his voice on the word, 'boyfriend' seemed to have been bragging off his success in the face of his fellow classmates. It made Gon feel extremely bashful as he lowered his head down to hide the red blush.

Krueger looked at Gon asking, "Is this true?"

"Y-yes! Yes, ma'am." Gon ushered out the words quickly as he saw Killua wink at him approvingly beginning to head back to his seat for class to commence. Prompting for the boy to shyly pick up his comic out his backpack ignoring the teacher as she started to preach about history; instead engrossed himself in the many pages of his superhero fantasy. The more he read the more he started to ponder on how this sudden event was like the scene where the heroine meets the love of their life.

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The rest of the day passed in a blur for Gon since the engagement that had loomed over him in second period had officially knocked him off his game for what seemed like the rest of the day-if it wasn't for Killua who had awaited Gon outside of all the rest of his classes just to walk him to his next one, the poor boy was sure he might have fainted from anxiety that was slowly eating him up. It was almost like a dream, to see the white haired teen awaiting him soon as his foot passed out the threshold of his class automatically Killua would offer his pale hand out, in a ghostly slow manor, with his blue eyes almost shooting icicles warning not to pull an attempt to avoid contact with him for the rest of school. So out of moral obligation, Gon would slip his hand into the other's watching as they melted together and how hollow and absurdly cold Killua's skin was as if the boy bathed in ice water, that matched his personality.

So when the bell rang out signalling the end of the school day, Gon couldn't believe it that he actually let out a tired troublesome sigh. One that he hadn't been aware that he was storing up for so long. It wasn't at all that he was afraid of Killua, nor did he think he was weird. In contrast to how normal people would feel placed in this situation, Gon felt a new excitement racing in his bones for this to be an unknown adventure just waiting to unfold. Plus Gon had never dated anyone before, and he was slowly finding Killua to be an interesting case due to the fact the other boy hadn't said one word to Gon after he asked him out in 2nd period. Making Gon come to a quick conclusion that made, Killua prefered to be alone in silence.

Grinning to himself in almost anticipation for what came next, Gon threw his backpack over his shoulders humming happily to himself as he entered the flood of kids in the hall on their way to catch the bus. Killua grabbed his hand this time questioning, "Why do you seem so excited? No one ever leaves math class that happy, unless they passed." The taller boy had somehow managed to weave-more like shove through the massive crowd of bodies to get to Gon and walk beside him.

"Oh, no. I failed my math test." Gon clarified, motioning to the rumpled up paper in his side pocket of his backpack with a huge F mark on it. "A matter of fact, I'm failing math all together." He couldn't help but crack a laugh at the sudden blank expression that washed over Killua's face.

"Baka! What are you laughing about? That's nothing to be proud of!"

"Ha, ha! I.. I know! But I can keep calm and laugh about it since I'm always gonna keep trying hard to pass."

"There's only 2 weeks of school left, don't even waste your time." Killua murmurs shrugging it off, "I'm not wasting mine…"

"You're failing math too?!" Gon said his eyes lighting up brightly like firecrackers, as he grinned widely almost so much Killua felt his heart start to beat out of time to match the thoughts suddenly flooding his brain. The smaller boy leaned up exclaiming, "I can't believe it! The first thing we have in common!"

Killua's first natural instinct he felt when Gon leaned against him was to punch the shorter boy dead in his face and scream, 'Dont freaking scare me, suddenly pouncing then leaning against my chest like that' His next natural instinct was a retreat back a bit but due to the hall being flooded there was no escape. The whole moment was extremely awkward, it was as if Gon was in casing Killua in a half-hug and couldn't decide either to snuggle up against the taller male or completely engulf his cold body in warmth.

The white haired boy felt jolts of electricity start to jump between his fingertips, he looked down at his hands twitching almost forming blue bolts on their own. Unknowingly Killua found himself babbling out loud under his breath, "So I was right… are the key to my power."

"Hmm?" Gon looked up to meet Killua's gaze a bit confused before he let go of him nervously in fear he could have angered the older boy. "Are you not much of a hugger?"

Killua seemed to have blown off the question too focused on doing some weird stuff with his hand behind his back that Gon could barely see even if he squinted his eyes, still the only thing he could make out was faint sparks of blue. Which was making Gon's mind wander off in question about if blue might just be Killua's favorite color, then if that was his favorite color, was blue jello his favorite food? Did he have a favorite food or did it not matter? Did his taste buds and tongue feel as rough as his skin so he didn't get to enjoy the flavor of food? Or maybe blue was a cover up since it matched his overall cover look due to his natural blue eyes? Were his eyes even natural at all? What if they're contacts? So many questions kept arising for Gon to ask his new boyfriend that he couldn't even choose one to ask first more or make his mouth in the correct form of explaining this predicament.

The position for them in the hallways seemed to have shifted slightly and since the main rain shower of kids had passed now there was more calm collected ones remaining, Killua saw this moment as an opportunity to drag Gon away from other people and have a little side chat with him. Almost in a dream like gaze Gon followed Killua away allowing him to guide them both through the halls, till they touched the world outside the school passing through the double white doors that trapped them in hell 5 days a week for 6 hours.

Sun's rays were strong today making it a heated scorching start, that was almost refreshing from the chilly school building but still Killua moved on from just being like the stupid kids who waited for their parents in the sun; instead moving over to a nice shady oak tree and dragging Gon along with him. It was almost a perfect cliche setting, in Killua's opinion making it the perfect place to lay down some ground rules of their relationship.

"Gon." Killua said softly as he tugged the shorter male's arm trying to drag his attention span back down to earth. However still faded brown eyes seemed to be searching for the unknown answers that he knew he couldn't get from being so tight lipped. Killua impatiently let go of Gon's hand and instead placed both his freezing hands on the boy's face slapping it lightly as he raised his voice an octave, "Gon!"

That seemed to have snapped Gon back to life he started sputtering out words like an old car finally being able to be running again, "K-Kii! Killua! Green, orange, blue, purple, pink, red colors? Cherry raspberry, ice pops or slushies?! Maybe milkshakes? Checkers or chest? I actually so myself more of queen player but I'm willing to adjust….. but in Call Of Duty and Black ops I'm straight savage or do videos games mock your too-cool style? I do very much love fishing, can you fish?"

In a randomly shake up Killua titled Gon's head up to help him meet his eye level as he asked him as if he was crazy, "What the hell are you talking about?" His blue eyes searching for some sense of where ll this hooblah could have possibly arose from.

"We're boyfriend's right?" Gon exclaimed suddenly joy flashing in his brown eyes, "I never had a boyfriend before or a girlfriend! We barely know anything about each other and I wanna know all about you. I wanna know why you asked me out. I wanna know what you see in me. I wanna be more than your boyfriend, I wanna be your best friend too!"

"All about me?" Killua swallowed almost in surprise since never had someone shown great interest in his private life or personal matters before. It was almost intrusive and pushy, like being forced to bob for apples that your mouth may or might not get to taste the sweet savory juice of. A temptation, yet a dangerous territory to start journeying in if completely unprepared. Gon wasn't quite prepared enough to learn that side about his personal family life yet. So Killua played his cards safe taking a few steps back away from Gon informing him, "First of all, slow down. Okay? Calm down and slow down, take deep easy breaths."

As expected, Gon started huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf ready to blow some houses down as he tried to settle down. The spiky haired teen beaming up innocently at Killua, and for some reason that bright smile seemed to be driving him nuts. Killua was sure his brain was working at top speed to create a wormhole out of this situation about having to talk about himself and as expected the thoughts came through soon as they were needed.

Flicking some of his white hair from his eyes, Killua shoved his hands in his short's pockets. The grass crunching beneath his feet as he told Gon sincerely, "You spark up a certain part of me, that never used to activate before. It must be something in the way you move, or when you touch me, I'm not sure. I need you for right now." He paused trying not to be too blunt or give away his true intentions but still successfully convey his point. "I might need you a lot in the future but definitely right now."

"I can be there for you! I can be your guy." Gon blurted free open minded with a cheery bright smile before Killua could finish letting out the rest of his thoughts. Taking up the other male's hand in his own he spun around happily, "I mean, I REALLY wanna get to know you, Killua! Like do you like comics? Superheroes? I love them both! Hey, we should catch a few Marvel movies together!"

"As long as we can agree on some rules of our relationship, I'm sure everything will turn out fine." Killua kept on ignoring that Gon had a random outburst all together.

Gon nods open to compliance, sitting down in the shady spot under the oak tree signaling that he seemed open for negotiations he patted the ground beside him to offer Killua a side. The boy shook his head instead keeping his alpha in charge act up and standing over Gon towering over him. It was easier to stand and have his demands met, plus he didn't want Gon touching all over him or whatever, the younger boy seemed to be doing to him.

"Rule number one: I can touch you, how and whenever I want." Killua declared not feeling that he had to specify on what he meant by touching since it was straight forward and the only way that he could truly unlock the reason why sparks actually flew when they came in contact.

"Only if we use the red light, green light system." Gon interjected not about to start being some person's boy toy at the moment. Killua nodded in agreement seeming to how that sounded fair since they were both 16 and would more than likely horny and hot making everything go way too far if there was no restrictions.

"Rule number two: What happens between us, stays between us and you tell not another living soul of any secret you may stumble across or I might slip up and tell you."

"How do I know if it's a secret or not?'

"Oh believe me, you will know."

"Are you gonna tell me?"

"It wouldn't be accidentally me slipping up if I told you!"

"Pff, oh yeah…."

"That like totally goes against the word accident!"

"What if it's an accident on purpose?"

"Do you know the definition of accident?"

Gon shrugged almost confound saying, "Yes…..?"

The older boy moved the subject onward, "Last is rule number three: No asking questions pertaining to family matters. I won't ask you and you won't ask me." Killua said this one slowly since it seemed that Gon was a question nagger.

"Okay, sure!" Gon said cheerfully.

Almost too cheerfully, that Killua couldn't help but wonder why he'd agreed to quickly. Tilting his chin, his eyes narrowed in at the boy sitting down demanding, "Really? Because you said 'Okay sure' like it was a normal thing for people to request, and that makes me not so sure that you think I'm being serious."

"Don't be unsure. I mean, I get it. I don't really like talking about my family either." Gon said this time his tone dropping low almost somber at the end, "My dad he…"

Killua strained his eardrums to try and catch the last half of what Gon said, but honestly the boy felt relief when he heard Gon say that he didn't like talking about his family either. That was a very good thing. If they both had negative views about their family and hated them, this might actually turn out to be a very beautiful relationship.

"Good then, we both hate were our blood came from. Guess that's a bright sign." Killua said giving Gon a smile but the straight face that sudden plagued the other boy on the mentions of family made Killua feel uneasy as he tried to brighten up the situation speaking from his own experiences saying, "I mean, I bet your dad doesn't have you kill people or rob stores. My family is sorta crazy like that, we enjoy planting seeds of destruction in the world! In fact just yesterday, my little sister and I-"

"Your family KILLS PEOPLE?!" Gon didn't even pose the words as a question as more than a mix of terrified screaming of terror. He got reminded of the electric lightning outburst earlier. It trigger a strange quickly rapidly blurting out almost slurring his words together, "Did you do the weird lightning thing!? Jesus! I'm sorry! I really didn't mean to get involved."

This was now the reaction that Killua usually gets when he opened up about his unique family situation. Being a professional at bottling up all his feelings and placing everything like a joke the teen gave out the perfect laugh with a smile remaining on his lips as he chuckled, "Of course not! What kind of sick psychopathic nut house do you think I come from?" Brushing his pale finger through his wild white untamed hair, he made sure to give his signature plastic barbie doll trained look he did whenever pressure was applied to that topic.

Half of Gon's mind was tempting him to say, 'I actually don't know but based off how this conversation was rolling out, I would like for you to give me a script of what to say next or what curve ball might come next in advanced.' It seemed like Killua was never ending roller coaster that Gon didn't know quite yet how to brace himself for each loopy-loop or sharp turning curve. Instead Gon settled on the only possible way to respond to that-to give an honest observation. "I'm not sure. But based off your social skills, I can tell it's a shut in place. You probably don't have any visitors or friends allowed to see you. More than likely it's a big rich place, with a lot of room and no amount of love in any of them."

Killua's jaw slacked down and his heart almost refused to beat for a few whole seconds he craved for death to reach out and suffocate him in darkness. He hoped his face expression didn't read like he'd been exposed, but his mind spun as he slowly sat down in front of Gon. The black haired male appreciated the warming gesture assuming that it was one of peaceful treaty of both them standing on equal ground. Even though the way Killua sat down was almost exasperated and completely done and wore down of being tough around Gon. The boy was like a hyper ball of sunshine with no chill, ready to hop to whatever topic or subject grabbed his attention first, at first Killua wasn't even aware Gon understood what he was saying but that solid expression on his face told another story. Something about that purely innocent face that Gon wore like a pro forced Killua to slowly get lost for what words he could say.

Finally the shallow response from Killua came with him uttering, "How could you possibly guess all that so damn per-?" The taller boy bit his tongue on perfectly to try his hardest not to cave into the power.

"Easy, some guy in a fancy suit in a limo has been calling out your name for about 5 minutes now." Gon said pointing at a black limo he'd seen pulled up in the school parking lot for the longest.

Killua followed his boyfriend's fingers to where he saw his ride awaiting him and quickly scrambled to his feet. "Crap! Why didn't you tell me sooner that our ride was here!"

"Our ride?"

"Yeah, I made you miss the bus didn't I? If you don't get a ride with me, how else are you gonna get home without having a stroke in this heat?"


"Come on! Come on, get up!" Killua yanked Gon up to his feet, then took the boy's hand and lead him to the limo without another word said. Due to the fact there was already enough said and to Gon in these few short seconds him and Killua shared he uncovered that the other boy was a pretty sweet guy.

Chapter Text

After dropping Gon off, it left Killua back in a way more quite limo. He swore that boy could run his mouth like there was no tomorrow and at the speed he rambled there probably wasn't going to be. Killua almost swore Gon choked on air trying to spew out so many words at once. Which wasn't a good thing, Gon couldn't choke and die-well at least not yet. Not while Killua needed Gon. Gon had perfectly edged his place into being a very important part of Killua's plan.

Yeah that's right, Killua had plans. The white haired boy was often schemes up something or someway to get even with his annoying big brothers, most of them would not end so prettily, but this time things would be different. Sure it was crazy and insane to plot against your family, but Killua was convinced it was in his blood to have such a motive since his family was insane anyway. Crazy only creates more crazy. there was no escape to it all, madness was a steady perfect never ending circle with no cut off point. So there was no choice to escape it, only embrace the gift of madness implanted in his veins, that made his blood boil and heart racing excited with the thought of committing murder getting blood on ones hands

"This time, I'll obliterate them." He muttered to himself, amused at the voltage jumping from his finger tips at his will. He was almost marvelled by it, since for so long he had hoped and prayed his powers would be something awesome. Now that he discovered them, he realize that they smashed every expectation he pictured.

Soon as the limo came to a stop in front of the huge mansion, Killua stepped out but quickly wiped the death craving smirk off his face upon arrival. Since there was a strong rule about not killing family-but if he killed everyone then there would be no one left to enforce the rule. Oh, the boy was excellent at discovering loopholes around stuff. That was a major one, however he wavered on the fact that his powers were not strong enough to destroy them…. 'Yet.'

"Big brother!" A very happy voice called out as tiny feet were running to the front door after Killua had stepped inside and barely had time to shut the door and enjoy the cool air conditioning.

Still upon seeing his little sister he opened up his arms exclaiming, "Yo, Alluka! What are you doing home before me?" He spun her in the air and the middle schooler grinned then her joy faltered at the question.

"You knocked out all the power in the middle school." She muttered lamely her arms crossing sourly, as she was placed on the ground.

Killua blinked confused not sure if he heard right asking, "What?"

"You knocked out all the power! When you did the lightning thing! So everyone had to be sent home!"

"How? I wasn't even in the middle school."

"I don't know, but your electricity jumped and traveled then did something weird I don't know but everything was fryed! I didn't get to see my friends all day!"

Killua's expression turned soft as he looked at how upset his little sister clearly was at the topic matter. "Hey, Alluka I'm sorry. Don't be mad alright? I won't let it happen again." He patted her head sweetly making sure she got a wide smile.

"No, I'm not the one you should be apologizing too." Alluka declared still keeping her arms crossed as she turned her back on him. "Illumi snitched and told everyone about your newly discovered powers. He told everything except the pencil he STOLE from me. So now, Daddy and Mommy are mad at you."

"How'd Illumi get home before...UGH!" Killua grit his teeth ready to lose his mind and go bonkers but with this little spark of electricity that he had wouldn't bring this house down. So instead he paced in a rough manner, he wanted to start stomping loudly but he wasn't in the mood to draw attention as he started to walk through the house.

Alluka followed behind Killua but she raised her nose in the air with a, "Hmp. I told you this only as a heads up, not like I forgive you or something." Her eyes wavered for a second as she grabbed his shirt babbling, "But I might…"

"Ice cream?" Killua questioned pausing in his moody walk to get on his knees to meet her eye level. He wanted to keep his little sister happy, she was like the only one in his family that made his life worth living.

"No, if we go to the kitchen we'll have to pass Illumi and I'm tired of him misgendering me!" Alluka snapped rather angrily despite it barely flashing in her eyes; her feet stomped with her heels clicking loudly. "He does it on purpose just to get under my skin! He's so mean! Why can't he be nice, like you big brother?"

"Yeah, he's the worst." Killua smiled at Alluka, he found her almost adorable when she got upset. Due to her small size for a middle schooler and her unsure expression barely managing to look serious at him. It gave Killua all the understanding that he needed to know; telling her, "The only one you can truly trust is me, alright? It doesn't matter what anyone one else says or thinks, You're a pretty girl Alluka."

Finally a smile was returned on Alluka's face as she nodded her long purple hair bouncing cutely then titling her head at a thought about something for a moment before saying, "I know there is something better than Ice cream. If maybe you can get Milluki to hack in my grades and change them." She hummed out the last part a bit silently.

Killua listened closely for a few quick seconds and almost had to do a double take on what he heard before exclaiming, "Alluka that's genius! It can save us both from summer school." Then he bolted up to his feet mumbling, "Maybe even save Gon too." He figured that Gon deserved a little something for agreeing to go out with him. Plus, couples did give each other gifts right?

The purple haired girl looked at him puzzled, her eyes lost in confusion, "Who's Gon?"

"Oh, you heard that?" Shrugging his shoulders he started to lead the way to Milluki's computer room. Killua informing her, "Gon is…" Actually he had never really thought about it since he had just met the boy today and couldn't quite put another title to his name other than just stating what they were. "My boyfriend."

A small gasp came from Alluka as she uttered, "Since when?"

"Since this morning?" Killua responded almost messed up with the time himself.

"Have I met him?"

"Yeah, he's the boy who let you borrow his pencil."

"Oh-Him! He's really nice…...What he agreed to go out with you?"

"What do you mean by that?!"

Alluka grinned cheekily as she twisted some of her long dark purple hair around her finger, "Nothing, it's just that.." Giggling a bit she said, "You're not the type of person who is easy to fall in love with."

Killua scoffed, "I'm offended! Gon said I'm nice."

"Is that all he said about you?" Alluka teased digging for more.

"Yes." Killua said dryly now reflecting and realizing how stupid he probably found himself trying to stand up for his pride in spite of the truth. One that he hadn't mastered quite yet even if he was sure he asked out Gon just to explore his new power; another half of him was eager to check out Gon as a person in a relationship with. The younger boy had thrown some surprise curve balls at him earlier that peeked his curiosity a tad.

"Interesting…It's almost too cute you're complementing each other already!"

"What do you mean by that?"

"You seemed to be asking me to elaborate a lot. How much did having a boyfriend change you in the past few hours?"

"I mean, I'm sure there is some reason he agreed to go out with me! I'm a pretty great guy, hot even some might say attractive, maybe my attitude lacks but I make up for it!"

"Big brother?"


"You're rambling."

"No I'm not! I'm telling the truth…" Killua huffed out feeling mildly flustered that he was telling this to his little sister who had just reached 6th grade. Every braincell was telling him that he did not have to prove or explain himself to her, even with him knowing that Alluka was harmlessly teasing in her own playful way, it was making Killua's skin crawl.

Alluka somehow found this all amusing giving a playful thumbs up humming out the words, "Sure, whatever you say~!"

"Ughhh!" Turning the corner he reached his older brother's door where he excessively banged on it shouting, "Aoi! Milluki! Open up, I know you're in there since you never go to school!"

There was a gawking cry of some sort than a crash from the inside summed up by a bang of some extremely loud clattering followed up by rattling. The sounds made Alluka jump out her skin at first hiding behind her big brother asking nervously, "What the heck is he doing in there?"

"Who knows?" Killua fired off out his mouth frustratedly banging on the door once more huffing, "All I know is that-wait. You know what… Alluka let go of me for a second."

The girl obeyed letting loose of her brother on command and then taking a few steps back with zero hesitation. Her purple eyes widened as Killua seemed to charge up, fixing the muscular built of his arm and winding it up with the bolts jumping off his flesh. The charge was much weaker compared to the power he released in the hallway but still incredible one a normal scale of what humans can take in voltage without reaching their death bed.

"Milluki, hope your decent because we're coming in!" Killua thundered as he touched the metal door knob the lock flickering for a quick second before combustion with flames created a small fire. Allowing the whole entire thing to melt quickly as if a waterfall gushing from a newly broke down dam. Then as simple as that the teenager kicked open the double doors, shouting, "Milluki!"

"Gosh dang! What's your problem? Can't anyone ever get any privacy in this house?" Came Milluki's sniveling voice as he was still facing his multiple screens and main computer a wave of clutter around him of junk and trash signalled what had fell during the conversation earlier.

"Nope," Killua summed up as he walked friskily mostly being sure to drag his feet so not all the dirt and clutter would get stuck to the bottom of them. "Well at least not until you help some family out."

The older boy already had his eyes wrinkled but thanks to all his body mass it made them unable to be seen as he huffed out a bitter, "What do you wa-" Then he caught a glance of Alluka only to sneer, "Should have known you would come back with Killua to do your dirty work."

Alluka ignored him not even bothering to take on step in his room, "This place looks like a trash dump. Do you purposly tell the maids not to clean in here or do they faint soon as they open the door?" She muttered kicking an empty can of soda back in the land field looking room.

"Yeah, and I'm about to make it look even messier." Killua informed them both as he looked at Milluki menacingly, "I know you can hack it. Your powers only make it easier, so there's no excuse." Sharpening his blue eyes they matched with the lightning surrounding his arms. "Change Alluka's grades to A's for her."

"What do you think this is a charity?" Milluki hissed still not moving from the game pulled up on his computer. His chubby finger still clicking away at the mouse not willing to gey involved with them.

Killua let a good couple volts dash through his pale fingers as he looked up at Milluki warningly, "I would issue a few on your monitor. But I can barely control it myself, I might just lose control and fry the whole entire system."

Upon hearing those words and seeing Killua's new powers Milluki flinched a bit with uncertainty, swallowing dryly he closed his game nervously trying to talk tough, "You little brat. Fine! I'll.. I'll see what I can do."

"I know you will." Killua stated dully, "Also change mine and Gon's as well." He lowered the curret flow of shock through him lowering his guard as his white hair startrd to fal bavk into place over his determined blue eyes.

Milluki's eye twitched a bit, "Who the hell is Gon?" He leaed back in his chair almost suspect as if about to bust his little brother in a crime.

"Don't worry about it, he's probably the only one in my school with that name. Just change all his grades to A's."

"Are you trying to get me sent to jail?"

"Don't even play that card! You never go to a single college class and still end up with straight A's! I know you hack your grades all the time. Or else you be a college drop out."

"That doesn't mean anything! Maybe I'm just naturally gifted on online standardized testing."

"You hack those too! In fact you hack life! You barely even get up to do anything! You don't do anything but stare at that damn computer all day!"

"I can take this belt off and beat your ungrateful ass!"

Killua quickly charged back up and lowered his charged pale hand dangerously close to the computer processor and Milluki gawked so breathlessly anyone else who actually cared about him might have panicked and swore the boy was having a heart attack. Yet before his fingers graced the mainframe to shock it senseless Illumi and his father appeared at the door calling his name.

"Killua." It made the teenager feel completely mortified at first feeling such powerful forces in the room along with the deep ruthless tone running in the air that commanded them.

Turning his head and shoving his hand in his pockets quickly he focused his attention on them. "Dad." Killua said forcing a plastered smile on his lips; his blue eyes scanning for any sign of Alluka but it appeared she had left upon hearing them come down the hall.

"Is what Illumi talking about the truth?"

"No! Don't ever believe a filthy word that crosses his mouth."

Illumi narrowed his eyes at Killua almost aggressively stating, "Don't believe a word out of my mouth? So you can lie your way out of stuff?"

"I don't lie!" Killua blurted out not even making eye contact with Illumi only speaking directly to their father, "Dad, I didn't mean to do it. Okay? My powers triggered from some kid and he's overly trusting and kind it's almost scary from it. Still he's helping me; he didn't do anything wrong, I didn't do anything wrong. If anything Illumi did it all the dirt! He stole Alluka's pencil then refused to give it back."

"I didn't steal, I borrowed." Illumi cut in.

"You took without permission that's stealing! It's the basic definition of stealing!"

"Who the hell cares where a family of supervillains anyway?"

"You shouldn't steal from family! That's a violation right, dad?"

"That thing isn't family!"

"Stop talking about Alluka like that!"

Their father stepped in between them, "Alright, boys! I've came to a conclusion, as punishment and learning experience for you Killua, you'll be doing a job with Illumi. A simple one like robbing the bank on 43rd street."

Killua sighed, stressed out over all yet exasperated upon simply hearing his task. He never asked to be a super villain, it was an unfortunate roll he was born into. If he'd been given a fair warning he might have actually choose to stay inside his mother. True life was hard, so he wasn't complaining due to get pity nor did he consider any ever coming his way. He'd been living long enough to know this day was coming, being raised to someday use his powers (when discovered) to unleash havoc and complete chaos.

"Seems simple enough." Illumi mumbled shrugging his shoulders, "Even with having to watch over this shrimp to make sure he gets the job done."

"I don't need him! I can do it on my own, father!" Killua pleaded almost desperately showing off his power as he made the electric sparks bolt down his body. "Just look at me! I'm a one man show."

His father whistled lowly impressed at his son's newly found power, with a simple nodding if his head he informed Killua, "It's good son, but you lack experience. Hanging around Illumi can teach you what you need."

Almost angrily Killua rumbled his hands into a tight fist before roaring out, "FINE! Don't trust me! I don't need anyone's trust anyway! I can do stuff, all by myself!" Even before Milluki could open his smart mouth his little brother quickly informed him, "I'm gonna black out the high school system and drop the security down for 3 hours after 8am. Milluki, don't forget to do your part or when I get home your computer is gonna get it."

The boy remaining in his chair gulped awkwardly as he slumped over saying a quick, "Yeah..s-sure, Brat!"

With that Killua gave a gruff no hearted, "I'm going to my room, I have homework, then I'm gonna sleep." He shoved back through the garbage on the floor not even making eye contact with anyone as he exited. Almost in a strange way he felt betrayed over the fact this was supposed to be his moment, his time to shine and showcase his powers; yet there Illumi was again sourly ruining it for him with no mercy or remorse digging under his skin just for fun.

If there was one thing Killua was sure about at that moment, it was that there was no way he was working with Illumi; he was gonna do everything in his power to wreck the whole entire operation. To prove that he could do it alone, that he didn't need help, he had training all his life. Hell, he'd killed tons of people before, not by himself but he ws sure that he could if he wanted to. Killua could do anything if he put his mind to it, and he happened to have everything to loose if he didn't put his mind to it and wait for it. So that was what Killua decided he would do, lay low buy time and wait. Which wouldn't be that hard, since Gon was already proving himself to be a very interesting variable in their little game. The poor boy didn't even know half of the hell that Killua was gonna end up presenting him with or else he probably would have ran and hide in the hills.

'Your mine now, Gon. And I always get what I want.' Killua couldn't help but think that way in all honestly, with his mind filling with planned out fantasies. He was a super villain, who happened to be very good at being bad, so that's what he stuck with doing.

Chapter Text

The next morning Gon wished he had asked for Killua's number to text him good morning. It seemed like the proper thing a boyfriend would do, then maybe even add kissy lil heart faces after them. Instead since he couldn't, he wanted to bring Killua breakfast but his aunt opposed bringing waffles so Gon was sent to school with a muffin.

One that he like the angel child he was, protected his boyfriend's muffin on the bus from the nagging hungry kids who pestered him and bothered him begging for at least one piece. Then dodged jumping and weaving down the hallway trying to smuggle the desert in his jacket pocket without crushing it, until he came to the conclusion that the only way the muffin would escaped unharmed was if he found Killua right away because the homemade breakfast wasn't gonna last until 1st bell.

Leaning against the wall trying to make himself practically invisible Gon sparked up to life upon seeing his friend walk past him, "Aoi! Kurapika!" He jumped up in the air trying to get his attention onto him, only to notice that his friend had his earbuds in and probably wouldn't hear him if he yelled louder so instead he surprised him jumping on his back from behind shouting, "KURAPIKA!"

The blonde yelped a bit at the sudden weight on his back and turned all around spouting out as he saw flashes of black spiky hair before his eyes he responded almost in a command. "Whoa, Gon calm down! Calm down I've noticed you." Pulling out a headphone he showed his phone to the shorter boy still clinging to him, "Say hi to Leorio, this is my boyfriend I was telling you about."

Gon grinned widely from behind Kurapika's shoulder pointing to himself saying, "Nice to meet you! My name's Gon! You're Leorio right? Kurapika told me all about you!" On the FaceTime screen the college male's expression changed to one of friendly manner he seemed to be talking so Gon placed a headphone in his ear only to hear.

"Kurapika! You're training freshman now?" Gon was at first shocked to hear the man's voice it was extremely nagging at first but then changed to a bit gruff seeming to be he just woke up. "What's the deal with that?"

"Leorio, Gon Isn't a freshman, he's only one grade below me." Kurapika explained laughing at the response.

"That kid is a junior!?" Came the shock in Leorio's voice.

"I'm still going through my growth spurt!" Gon shouted defensively jumping off Kurapika's back to show off his height exclaiming, "I'm not even that short! My voice isn't even that pissy! Just because I don't have stubble yet…"

"Gon!" Killua's voice was immediately recognizable to the black haired boy's ears as he turned around and saw the tall teen walking over to him with his skateboard in hand as usual. Flicking some of his lovely pure white hair from his eyes there almost seemed to be a hint of jealousy in his voice as he demanded, "Why are you talking to that old man instead of talking to me?"

Leorio must have heard what Killua said from a distance cause the guy sucked his teeth loudly, He hated being called Old Man! Hell he was only 19 and nothing triggered him more.

Sensing that his boyfriend was about to yell Kurapika quickly ripped out his headphones so he wouldn't face ear rape from all the spitting and static about to come. The blonde mentally stated counting down, 5, 4, 3-FUCK IT!


Killua barely even flinched even as he scooted Gon over to see the screen and read all the redundant impulsive motions. The teen simply rolled his eyes, "Why would I ever come to you when I'm injured?"

"Leorio is in college learning how to be a doctor right now." Gon explained.

"Oh, well I wouldn't go to an old man's clinic anyway. Plus isn't like refusing a patient medical attention against the doctors code of ethics or something?" Killua rolled his eyes before throwing an arm around Gon trying to get the boy to leave with him. "Let's ride, baby boy."

"Baby boy?" Gon tilted his head to the side completely clueless as his black hair jiggled, his brown eyes shined up at Killua.

"Yeah," Killua nodded,"I haven't decided on a proper pet nickname yet so I'm experimenting."

"Why do we have to have pet nicknames?"

"Because they're cute and I already said we're getting them."

Almost in alert to the aggressive tone Killua had said those words in Kurapika injected himself back in their conversation mashing two and two together coming to the conclusion, "Gon are you and Killua dating?"

"Yes!" Gon said proudly as he threw his arms around Killua for a hug bragging, "We've been boyfriends for officially 13 hours now!"

It wasn't clear what expression made it's way across Kurapika's face next it seemed to be a whole entire flood of them. He snatched Gon's arm trying to tear him away from Killua quickly blurting out, "Gon, we...Leorio and I need to talk to you for a minute."

"Why can't we talk here?" Gon said clearly confused at the sudden awareness in the air between them..

"It's about the Zoldycks and it's rude to talk about people in front of them." Kurapika explained before making eye contact with Killua and actually solemnly apologizing, "Sorry, Killua."

The white haired teen eyes went wide, he knew what Kurapika was about to unload upon Gon. He would chat all about how strange the Zoldyck family was, exposing all their weird behavior and suspicious actions. Kurapika would no doubt rally up Gon's nerves to make him shaky and unsure, of dating Killua. No-if Gon had a talk with those two who he TRUSTED probably way more than he trusted Killua, he'd been dumped in a heartbeat. If he got dumped then no Gon, no Gon ment no powers, and no powers ment no revenge against Illumi. Killua needed revenge. He wasn't about to let Gon and his hot hunk of ass just hop, skip, jump, smiley face spin away from him.

Speaking out loud Killua blurted, "I CAN'T LET THAT HAPPEN!" He defensively wrapped his arms around Gon's waist making sure the muscular boy was still and firmly planted with him.

"Killua! Hold on! Don't squeeze so tightly~you'll crush your breakfast and my breakfast!" Gon gasped at the strength the boy asserted holding him so possessively.

"Gon, I swear you can get back to Killua first thing let me tell.." Kurapika started to say with encouragement from Leorio yelling at Gon, "Stop being childish! Get the fuck away from that murder! Why would you date a future criminal convict!? He looks like school shooter material!"

"No! Gon! Cover your ears!" Killua said it almost wishing he could do it himself, nevertheless half of him feared if he let go Gon might bolt far away from him.

Feeling overwhelmed plus extremely heated and super confused to the max, Gon thought his brain might start steaming and blowing out smoke as he wheezed out, "Gaaahhh! Too many people talking at once! So much happening-mind, blanking..."

"No,..! Stay with me!" Killua pleaded feeling Gon's body start to grow limp and heavy in his arms, "I need you so I can down our school computer systems and change our grades!"

"You need him for what?!" Leorio seemed to be the only one who caught a hold of Killua's plan. "I heard illegal activity in the mix!"

"Gon, we need to see if we can trust him first!" Kurapika warned still trying to lug the shorter boy over to him.

Killua stuck his tongue out at the other two before telling the boy, "I'm your boyfriend Gon! You have a moral obligation to listen to me and go where I WANT TO GO! AND I WANT TO WALK AROUND IN THE HALLS!"

Leorio would have probably knocked some sense into Killua by now if he wasn't 50 miles away in his dorm room but the upset mindset was in his voice. "Shut up, you sound like a spoiled rich brat."

"I am a spoiled rich brat!" Killua huffed back before grinning down at Gon maliciously wiggling his hips adding in, "Speaking of which if you come with me Gon, I can buy you some candy."

"Ha!" Kurapika snapped flicking his pretty long blond hair with success, sensing that Killua was running out of ways to make Gon comply to him. "You can't bribe never ending trusting friendship with ca-"

"Alright I've decided, I'm going with Killua!" Gon declared yanking his arm away from Kurapika boldly saying, "Whatever it is about the Zoldycks it can wait until later. In fact just text it to me." He took out his daily comic book placing it in his hand to read to block out more than likely the following madness.

Kurapika stood their lost for a few seconds unable to find words as Killua smirked at them a twinkle of deception lingering in his ice blue orbs, happily he embraced Gon more warmly rubbing up against him as if showing off his prize for the victory. No matter how much he wanted to be like, 'I knew Gon was loyal to me unlike you non-trusting fuckers.' Taking Gon's tan hand up in his own pale chilly ones he hummed.

"That's right! Get the fuck out my face talking to me like that, man!" Killua sneered, at Kurapika and Leorio, flipping his hair like a boss.

Gon gave Kurapika and Leorio a weak smile trying to give them a reassuring look for the most part. Gon did trust Killua, he felt like that was the most important part in a relationship and that everyone should start with a clean slate bias free. No matter what his family was like Killua could be different, he is his own person who can make his own decisions, with the right to define who he is.

Killua just shrugged casually afterwards moving his feet to start walking enjoying a bit how Gon followed a few steps behind him. With their hands connected to each other it was almost like a dog following after it's master...yeah, that was a nice idea. Killua figured he needed to put Gon on a leash to use at his disposal until he figured out why he could only get energy from him. They walked for a few minutes with Killua doing a few extra laps out of the way to ditch Kurapika in case he was following them.

It was then they turned that, Killua started to notice the comic book Gon kept casually reading, a bit when walking. Upon inches his eyes over a bit to read the title, 'DC villains' the white haired boy snorted, "You know super villains are nothing like that right?"

"What do you mean?" Gon hummed out still not lifting his head up from his book. "Do you read comics?"

"Don't need to, the writers give a biased opinion of the truth."

"How would you know the truth if you don't read comics?"

"PFF.." Killua rolled his eyes mumbling, "I am the living truth."

Feeling challenged Gon closed his comic, placing it back in his backpack and narrowing his eyes at Killua. The black haired boy clearly not prepared to let this go as he started to brag, "I've read every superhero comic known to man. I know every power and technique! Same goes for the villain."

"But you get all your information from fake books." Killua pointed out, resisting the urge to roll his eyes in the face of blunt ignorance.

"So what!" Gon snapped hostile that made them both fall quite.

It kept on all the way in silence before reaching the spot they needed to be."Hey, let's go in there..." Killua motioned to the door they were standing right in front of. The words describing the room beside it, read: "Electric mainframe."

"Umm, I don't know. That do looks locked." Gon said full of hesitation to agree trying to find an excuse. "Plus with all the stuff inside we probably won't fit."

Killua grunted, before zapping the metal lock on the door, then his thin pale hands grabbed the door sneakily pushing it open, giving way to a damp cramped closet space. Whispering quickly, "No, used to be locked. Come on, don't be a baka, Gon!" The white haired boy slipped inside slyly motioning for Gon to come forward and step in with him.

Hesitant but obedient no less Gon followed his boyfriend in and Killua caught a quick glimpse of a witness so he accidentally ended up panicking slamming the door loudly. A huge, 'BAM!'

Gon tried to not to jump out his skin at the sound as he said "Okay? You closed the door… Still it is tight in here. Maybe you should open it. I don't think this area is part of where students are allowed in. " A nervously feeling the awkwardness in the moment wash over like a dish being dunked in water before being cleaned.

It only took a few seconds for Killua to realize Gon was right as soon as the got in their lips were closer than the closet kid's played 7 minutes of heaven in at parties. Plus there was no air in there from fumes filled their senses making Gon instantly nauseous ready to gag after the door being shut for 3 seconds. Something suddenly didn't feel right with Killua lingering so close to him, it made him light headed almost needy to be closer.

"Damn it…" Killua spoke husky his lips brushing up against Gon's every time he talked; his hands reached up his back to ensure to lock the door shut, "Why don't you ever listen to me, I think someone saw us. You do this and due to your own paranoia it put us both at risk and y-"

Gon reluctantly clapped Killua's mouth shut unable to contain the sudden voltage of pleasure steaming through him each time the tips of their lips brushed as he hissed numbly feeling his stomach tense up, "Can you save the lecture for later, I don't feel so good." His legs started to feel a bit like jello as he fell forward pressing all his bodyweight onto Killua making the teen release a yelp at the unsuspected mass added to his own.

"Go..a-aaaahhh shit!" Killua cussed loudly as he stumbled backwards a bit but with nowhere to go he pounded his shoulder on the rack of used wires shelves and the sound that follows was similar to a hail storm only it was raining plugs, chargers and free ranged open circuits.

Gon screamed rawly covering his head so nothing fell on it and Killua ripped off his blue leather jacket in a weak attempt to protect the both of them. Just then the storm of feet didn't stop instead it steadily increased as the bell for class rang with maybe a hall monitor immediately finding them in the closet from listening to all the commotion swarming.

"Hey is someone in here?" A person rattled on the locked knob, "You're in an unauthorized area!"

Gon didn't stop screaming but even now he couldn't tell what he was more scared of the wired raining on him and Killua's head or getting suspended from school for doing this. Killua laced his hands up with the others desperately as if trying to provide some clarity on this thing that they have a chance of being alright and not getting their clean (well Gon's clean) permanent record abolished.

The nonstop pounding on the door was like a hammer beating a nail; it was dribbling the gears of solutions that needed to be unmasked rolling slowly in Killua's mind. "Don't worry… don't worry, We have each other's backs." Killua was trying to reassure Gon at the fact the other was freaking out of his mind.

"Maybe you take the left… I'll take the right and.." Killua maybe just didn't know how to shut up based on how he kept ranting out impossible ideas. Yeah right, if he'd do that it would showcase his lightning powers to the whole school, might as well dug their own grave plus chipped the headstone.

Gon kept shaking his head trying to enjoy the last seconds of his death row sentence he accidentally voluntarily signed up for at least next to his soft cuddle proof (Yes Gon had discovered in these few seconds Killua was cuddling material.) Yet Killua was talking quicker than the Fitnessgram Pacer Test, "Hear, me out! At least look at me!"

The shorter boy shoved his head on the taller boy's chest more curling into his embrace. Killua surprisingly had a warm yet rock hard lap for Gon to slip into almost fearfully as another adult voice came from outside, "Hey kids!"

The words wanted to make Gon just die but alert fearful blue eyes with calming sweet smile greeted his worry. Making Gon for a brief second feel less afraid as he cringed letting out his own slight grin. He had never been held so closely by another guy before, it made his whole body tremble from such a simple touch.

"Ew!" Gon squeaked out at the strange feeling, "All these wires feel like I'm swimming in spaghetti!"

Killua cringed a bit as the tingling burning surrounding the touched dripped exposed limbs they burned a tad like fire on a stove hot to the touch yet the feeling was completely eternal almost mystical. "Yeah, it's like I'm getting stronger…."

"Stronger…" Gon mumbled running his fingers through his greenish black hair, trying to get hold of himself and his emotions. Their noses bumping cutely as he questioned, "Does it hurt?"

Killua couldn't hold back a laugh that drowned him out of the agony and pain as he squeezed their locked hands together saying, "It's nothing compared to the beatings I take at home."

"At home? Do you like it?" Gon muttered lowly as his stomach did flip-flops; he squeezed back on Killua's hand. He would never admit it out loud but he loving the whole holding hands thing. Granted, they were rough, cracked and hard like sandpaper to touch. But they were strong and calming to nerves the way Killua's hand contrasted compared to Gon's own soft always vanilla scented palms.

"No, I honestly." Killua murmurs barely aware the words left his mouth, before snapping to his right mind and countering with a bold, "HOLD ON THAT'S A RULE NUMBER THREE VIOLATION!"

"Eh? But how?"

"You tried to trick me!"

"I did not! Even in this position." Gon felt his heart flutter as he stopped rummaging his long skinny finger through his loose fluffy greenish black locks and his brown eyes burned with sympathetic lust; he looked at Killua who returned an equally half-assed awkward gaze.

It only took that look though for Killua to process what was happening to Gon. From the now absurd way Gon was now rubbing his thighs together as he sat and the cute blush decorating his face filled with an endearing manner; the only one who seemed confused about was Gon himself. He ws sitting there so cutely, with his face covered with now raw embarrassment at the thing straining against his pants.

"Holy fuck!" There was such striking calls of denial that it took some time for Killua to calculate that over the sweet scent filling his nostrils of Gon, it was his own mouth betraying him. But his brain gears were already turning in rapid motion making half him salivate.

Killua yanked his hand away from Gon his eyes going wide with almost blind rage like he was being wrongly betrayed by nature and his heated body hissing lowly, "How the hell!? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS?" It wasn't that he was upset, but this had thrown his whole entire game off guard completely.

"K-k-Killua?" Gon stuttered out a bit shocked that his boyfriend had torn away in his time of need, moving his hands to feel for Killua's again in the tight closet, "I'm, Im sorry! If...fff-I-I did, something... Wrong?"

A slight nervous smirk came on Killua's face. The older boy sizing Gon up for a few seconds like he was prey. Despitethe terrible timing it was actually kind of cute; Killua wondered if Gon would make more cute faces if he mashed him like buttons on his video game controller.

"Fuck…" Killua cursed unknowing if he body wanted to do that or what. He could take him, shove him up against the wall, and teasingly grind his hot giant cock against his ass. Since Gon was only half way turned on; completely unclaimed. He was desperate, nervous, even vulnerable to be seduced into anything at the moment. It was so tempting Killua overwhelming demanding to be put in control at this point and if Gon didn't shut up.

"I.. I need a doctor-ohh~!" Gon's wet lips clashed together as he clung to Killua this time needy and desperately as more pain shot through his body, his breathing was now becoming more raspy as his whole entire body was convulsing. "I'm d-dyy..dying…!"

The white haired male opened his mouth, then shut it up rather abruptly when no sound came out. He didn't know where to begin or what to say. Not that Killua felt guilty that he was getting turned on by the whole thing, Hell, he'd never had sex before, but this scene before him was playing out nice. If Gon even came an mili-inch closer he might end up feeling a rock something that wasn't there before. Stupid teenage hormones were tearing at them and soon after Gon came to the true conclusion of what was going on he'd be a horny too in zero seconds flat and Killua for some reason wondered how hot that would look like.

"Pl..pleee-please," Gon stammered feeling hot. Almost feverish. It was unfamiliar. He'd never felt anything like this before with his head spinning, new smells filled his nostrils hinting an overwhelming spike of anxiety. "Killua..say, something! D-Doooo, something!"

Even with a strong mindset it barely made a difference in the way his voice sound as he croaked out, "Gon, calm down first…" Killua tried to focus patting Gon's thighs to chill out the teen beside him. "You're not gonna die." Killua ran his fingers up the inner parts of Gon's thighs enjoying the way the chunks of flesh molded to his will, shaping and folding as he pushed them apart.

Gon felt a huge was of relief wash over him knowing he wasn't gonna die. However it failed to stop the tight coiling and release in his stomach twisted up in knots, but his head started to feel a bit better as he leaned even closer to Killua. Groaning a very happy, "Thank Comic books…"

Killua nodded, his white haired bouncing, satisfied that his plan was working as he gave Gon the answer to his question before it was asked saying, "Your body is just turned on or could be a hot flash but it looks like I turn you on..." His fumbling from rubbing Gon's thighs earned his hand a bit higher up on the near crotch scale.

Blushing madly Gon actually started to feel Killua's grip creeping up his leg like a spider."I'M WHAT!?" Gon screeched absolutely horrified as he wrapped his hands around his stomach freaking out even worst than before.

"Hehe…" A greedy look flashed in Killua's cold blue eyes as couldn't help licking his lips; he unintentionally pulled Gon closer to him. Spreading Gon's legs around his body to that they were sitting chest to chest, almost like he was about to kiss him roughly speaking gruffly, "What don't tell me you're that innocent?"

"W-waaaaa!?" Gon gasped halfway before a pale finger was pressed to his lips hushing him, cringing feeling the Killua's icy touch on his warm flesh.

"Oh my God... You really are, that's so cute." Came Killua's smooth voice almost like a whisper as he traced his cold free hand up Gon's shirt slipping under like a snake. It gave the shorter automatically a friendly satisfaction as he purred rolling into the touch.

"Bu.. Bu-BBBu..uut.. Killua.." Gon's tone was of protest at first, but immediately faltered down at the realization of what had happened to him. Of what was currently happening to him. His brow furrowed. All of this...his feverish feeling, the burning sensation, the way his stomach coiled, the way he ached...for what? 'For that' His brain supplied.

"Hush now, baby boy…I'll take care of you." Killua growled rather possessively using his finger over Gon's mouth and parting it admiring how cute and warm along with how wide Gon's cavern is-might even be so fun to shove his manhood inside or having the boy swallow him up trying to deep throat him. The image in his brain of Gon's licking the head of his cock made all his blood rush south quickly. Those plush lips licking the head of his cock, sipping off the pre-cum for starters then that cold tongue on his hot shaft would be sure to make his balls swell with even more excitement.

At the sudden dirty thought, Killua felt the urge to scream. What the hell was he saying? This was a school! In the damn wiring electrical room! He almost slapped himself plus there was no room for that here. He couldn't even believe these thoughts could even occur to him-in a place like this! It was a curse that Gon was so cute (that small cute ass would look so good wrapped around Killua's cock) and too innocent for his own good, the greedy sexy drive was about to awaken.

Gon was shaking suddenly becoming fearful at the strong dominant presence looming over him but entertained by foolish curiosity nevertheless. "Killua…?" He mumbled unfamiliar with the feeling of being weak and submissive but still bending over didn't sound too bad, since it was with Killua.

The white haired boy seemed to think outloud muttering, "But this isn't my ideal setting...!" Resistance seemed futile with the nonexistent space between them especially with Gon having his hands all over Killua's body. The poor teen was playing with fire and he didn't even know it. Gon just kept on through half lidded eyes his pupils blown as he reached towards Killua's pants at the growing object inside. Killua didn't let this action go unoticed as he hummed, "If I told you to, take it out would you touch me there, baby boy?"

Clearly Gon's newly discovered sex drive taking command; "Y-yee-y..yes you're my boyfriend, I wouldn't mind." Gon seemed to be sleep walking at this point as he started to touch the rock in Killua's pants massaging it in a daze, murmuring, "Only to make you happy, I''d do anything to make you happy...and for this weird feeling to go away." The pink blush on his face grew as he reached over to try and start unzipping Killua's pants.

"Aurgger...ahh.. d-daamn." Killua muttered out his jaw slacking down at the wonderful sensation to his crotch. Honestly what the hell was wrong with him; he had to stop this. He wasn't about to have sex in a freaking storage electric closet or in school. That wasn't even freaky shit it was just fucking weird. Taking back control as his blue eyes flashed hungrily, "Listen Gon, we can do this. But not here, not in school!"

"I never randomly.. got turned on or." The short boy babbled, "I've never done any of this before." Then a tad bit more of Gon kicked in shakily with drawing his hand back from touch Killua, "I'm nervous." Killua removed his hands from roaming over Gon's body, signalling they really shouldn't go any further.

"I know. We'll get through this, together…. alright?" Killua confirmed confidently offering his free pinky finger. "We'll solve it together. I promise." His blue eyes were lustful yet still soft and completely sincere, they were awfully calming. Gon should have known he was being decivied by the devil.

A light smile caressing Gon's lips, he raised his pinky locking them together as he pulled Killua closer to him. Closer, closer, closer, closer, and even closer until….

Chills were sent down his back that felt like ice cubes as Killua whispering huskily in his ear, hot breath tickling his neck, "Gon, just so you know, I am really really tempted to claim you, right fucking now. No going back after this, if you don't give me sign…. you're gonna meet a side of me that might scare you to death. I won't be gentle, I'll fuck you hard, rough and slowly just to make sure you felt my thick pulsing dick inside your nice cute ass."

"Holy Shit…" was the only response Gon could form feeling the effect of Killua cursing and nibbling on his ear then probably the effect of the way Killua's clothes clung to his body. Still there was a real threat behind those words that worried Gon to death and back.

"You have 5 seconds."

"Oh.. I..umm…"

"3 seconds…"

"How'd you skip 4?"

"TIMES UP!" Killua snapped his electric charge finally awakening to it's full potential as his pupils dilated sharply trouble stirred up in those stormy blue eyes, immediately getting a bright idea so he quickly pulled Gon down under him and smashed his fully zapping lightning popping fingers on the main circuit behind them; burrowed his fingers into any free wire that might be hooked in the school main power system. The sparks flying off the transaction of energy was viciously commanding pumping more energy from out of Killua that he was surprised that just kept coming. It was incredible how much more energy he gained the longer he stayed with Gon; Killua could practically eagerly feel the wonderful flow of electron, protons and neutrons throughout making the light above their head start to shine bright as the sun. A satisfied grin started to embed itself on his face-warning everyone that Gon's body belonged to Killua, him and ONLY HIM. Anyone who dared lay a finger on his personal human lustful charger would pay, big time.

Wide almost horrified brown eyes gazed up mortified at the white haired male who's hair was now spiking out of control; Gon would be screeching at the top of his lungs if he could move or talk, instead he laid below Killua being completely frozen his mind unable to untangle the knot of what was happening. So just laying there with his eyes wide and absolutely horrified at the monster he had just unleashed upon the world. Everything had happened way too fast for him to handle and for his brain to clearly understand since now it was overwhelming being driven into over drive kicked up way too many notches. Even though the horny teenager side of him wanted to roll over and submit every rational part of Gon's brain was yelling STOP! It felt like where all the cramps and pain eased as if ice water had been dunked on his forming boner and all of a sudden he wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of here.

Soon as Killua pulled away from the electric grid after seeing the light bulb pop from over heating Gon found that his voice miraculously returned and he knew exactly how to use it shouting at the top of his lungs, "GAAAAAAAAHHHH! What heck, Killua! How are you still alive after that shock?"

"I over did it on purpose." Killua said not wasting a second of what was probably much needed escape time. He stood up in the cramped closet once more, reaching over to flicker with the door pushing it open to hear a loud crazy upset disturbance in the hallway. "We have to go."

Chapter Text

Specifically the word, 'we' was loudly eoching throughout Gon's brain as he tried to come to grip on the following situation and how more importantly why the hell was he suffering on a sharp spiral due to Killua's actions. It was completely unfair and borderline insane. This was a comic book plot in real life gone completely wrong off the edge of the cliff to oblivion. More importantly the forceful peer pressure that was toddling on the sound waves in the air, which should be noted that it wasn't a lot of air-due to them being trapped in the freaking closet. Poor Gon was ready to scream and loose his mind.

"We?" Gon squeaked out suddenly realizing what was happening that he had been made a partner in crime.

"Yes." Killua picked up Gon bridal style as his still blue lightning sparking body only lit up a few portions of the hall. "We need to get out before they turn on the backup generators."

Gon always assumed criminals were cold heartless and rude who probably had the hygiene of a pirate, but for a criminal Killua's breath smelled like mint chocolate chip cookies. As Killua's death lock grip tightened, around he became to run. Each giant pounding leap carrying Gon away from the first period class he was supposed to be in, away from the administrators he should have gone too. He considered screaming a million times even though he was well aware the school power had gone out and mostly sunk into darkness in chaos so, no one would come from him. All the shouts bouncing on the empty halls despite the sirens still running all communication was futile. Especially when Killua kicked out the front doors of the school running through leaving the building far behind them the whole process seemed to happen in a matter of seconds.

"H-how are you doing this!? How are you so fast?" Gon was barely able to cry out over the rushing wind in their ears. "It's like you're some undercover superhero teen in my comic book!"

Killua gave him a killer look as his white bangs covered his eyes bragging as he ran, "Why do you like it? I call it, God speed."

Honestly Gon did think it was cool, it would be even cooler if Killua wouldn't be fucking using it to make them play hooky right now. In an almost paranoid view Gon knew it was over all too soon, it was over, along with his hope of ever seeing a scholarship opportunity again. Soon he'd be right along with the high school dropouts and creeps, all because Killua led him down the life of crime street. His heart was racing above race car speed as his ears rang, his whole entire weak body throbbed coming to terms with all the voltage flowing through. He felt lost confused, yet every inch of him knew that he should be dead from all the lightning right now, while his mind was praising that he wasn't even if the situation was dreadfully unhappy.

The buildings and street sights along with cars changed the further Gon was dragged from school. He hadn't dared start shouting or squirming but time seemed to be stuck. One single tick of the clock stretched to the horrors it contained but Killua was running so fast it seemed to shatter all meaning for keeping time. Because, when time had no meaning, reality had no meaning, sanity had no meaning. And when everything else has been taken away, you have no meaning, you simply don't exist.

"Killua put me down! I can walk for myself!"

"Not, yet Gon!"

"I have two perfectly good working legs!"

"Yeah but you won't be able to keep up with me!"

"Why are we running anyway? Why did you do that to our school?"

"So my brother could hack and change our grades to all A's."

"He is gonna do...what?! You can't-that's cheating!"

"No it's not, it's called using my resources to my advantage!"


"Teachers cheat by giving those hard ass test that they know no one will pass because they teach us nothing that's even on or related to the test!"

"That's insane! Do you even hear yourself talking right now?"

"Of course, I do baka! You're the one not comprehending my methodology! I'm doing this for you, too!"

"Mmm!" Gon felt his blood boiling but this time not in a sexual way, in a sad terrified broken hearted and betrayed way. "Let me down Killua or I'm jumping out your arms!"

"Gon, you baka! Don't you dare, you'll hurt yourself, y-" Killua's jaw dropped as he felt the boy leap away out of his arms and automatically he stopped running. Immediately to try and return to the same space time Gon was now in without moving a head still slowing down was harder than picking up speed.

Yet like all good safe moments in Killua's life, they never last very long. It was a sudden blur that come almost faster than the speed of sound but vibrant quick blue eyes as they sifted away from Gon; they were first to spot it. The large tractor trailer truck rocketing for them at speeds of over 80 mph.

Killua's white locks blew past his face as his eyes grew wide his pupils dilated sharply as his voice broke out in a mind blowing, "GON!" His voice carrying in the wind.

The innocent young boy whipped around his ghostly hazel orbs shining as he gasped, out a choking scream. Gon squeezed his eyes shut, he didn't say his life flashed before his eyes. Because his life was probably happy more cheerful than the bitter memories of regret that filled him of everything better that he could have done. Restriction cut off his airway, legs felt like jello, breaking lungs, aching head, distorted vision... and suddenly all sensations burned away like sweet, fiery embers of smoking hot flames succumbing to lively, crystal water. Gon just stood there acceptingly coming to terms with his fate.

It might have been a blessing or a curse. Gon couldn't be sure and maybe he never would be. Killua jumped in front of him, cocking his palm back and on instincts he growled, "Stay away from my fucking boyfriend!"

The flesh met metal and the results sparked up a mini explosion up as the hood bend up creating a nasty crackling sound from voltage burning the engine which started smoking- all in such a split second like slow motion action movie explosion style. The driver behind the car gripping the steering wheel and slamming on the breaks desperately now seeing the two high schoolers in front of him; the car tire lifting off the ground on impact. Killua's ocean blue eyes flashed a warning lightning flash as he stood in front of Gon protectively. He was burning in the horrified freaked out expression of the driver as he grit his teeth putting in all his super static shocking power into his palm.

Buzzing with fury at the current event, Killua sent the truck flying backwards, the loud ear bleeding squealing of tire being thrown in reverse whirlpool was insane rocketing off the hills in the distance of the open plain. As the truck got wrecked like it had just been in a car accident the thing was gone back down the road just as mysteriously as it appeared. The only remaining proof of their almost date with death was the black burned tire marks embedded in the road.

Gon was still shaking, his body was shuddering uncontrollably with his eyes still shut tight preparing to die. He didn't even see the miraculous feat Killua had just pulled off as the blue eyed boy hunched over breathing heavily as he broke a nervous sweat. Killua had just broke the family rule of not using powers in the open in public unless on a mission, but there was no way he was gonna sit back and watch his portable charger get hit by a truck under his care.

"Fuck... fuck fuck..." Killua looked around to check that he didn't have to body any witnesses, but based off the fact they were in a pretty deserted part of town-no where in his blue eyes could he see any possible people that might endanger him. He doubted anyone in the stores across from him had seen anything since they were probably too busy shopping for clothes.

Hesitantly Gon cracked one eye open asking afraid as he pressed his hands on Killua's back whimpering, "Is this the after life? Are we dead..?"

Killua whipped around giving Gon a good rough smack in his face yelling, "No! But you ought to be! I told you to not jump!" He pointed his pale finger at Gon menacingly growling, "Then what do you? You FUCKING JUMP!"

Gon returned a mad look as he rubbed the side of his hit face complaining, "Didn't your parents ever tell you to always walk on the sidewalk? That roads are dangerous and only use crosswalks!"

That's when Killua felt his shit smack the ceiling-this was not in the plan. Damn Gon avoiding following perfectly plotted out plans and ruining a clean cut escape route. Damn him for bring up family as if he could ever understand the weight constantly pressed on Killua's shoulders. Gon looked equally discombobulated to match with anger. The way his eyebrows cut and brown eyes slightly darkened it was like Gon was upset yet didn't know how to lash out upon being such, but Killua did.

"Why would they teach me that? Why would they ever NEED to teach me that?! They don't trust me to do anything by myself! They set such high hopes and dreams for me and I don't wanna meet them! Pressuring me to be the best! No matter what it is, even if it's something I don't wanna do or be!" The white haired teen grimaced surprised at his own declaration that came out his mouth maybe he was just venting at this point. Emotions grabbing hold of him trying to drag and suffocate him under to finally caving in. "It's not bloody fair! None of it fucking is! They see my first two older brothers as failures and expect me to learn only the best sides from both of them and build my own God damn lego house!"

"Killua..." Gon called out almost in a completely disgusted pissed off tone that matched his contorted facial expression as he slipped their hands together guiding them both to the sidewalk before speaking again, "You should stop talking about that, it's making you create an ugly face, I decided that I hate seeing my friends make faces like that, especially you, Killua."

"Tch..who?" Killua made a tight balled up fist trying to act tough. "Who do you think you're talking to giving orders like that?" His once ocean clear blue eyes had now grown hazy and clouded like his heart and mind with feelings he couldn't start to describe.

"You." Gon said fiercely, "I already told you, I don't like seeing my friends upset. If you have a problem, we can solve it together just like we promised back in the school closet." He made sure his brown eyes met blue affirming, "We don't have to talk about this now, alright? We can talk about what really went down today, whenever you're ready."

Killua felt his throat lock up choking on words with his mind pulling blank cards on what to say as Gon leaned over, pressing butterfly touches on his fluttering eyelids as if trying to get him to burn out his flames of anger. The white haired boy croaked out warily, "W-why are comforting me? Aren't you mad at me?" Raising his hand in the air he seemed to threaten to hit Gon again outraged for being shown pity.

Gon's face softened like butter heated up in a microwave completely gushing as he shook his head; brown eyes dazzled to match the brightest star in the sky as he said firmly, "No."

"But..I..I could have gotten us both in trouble."

"I know."

"You, Baka!" Killua suddenly blurted feeling rage at Gon for not going off and scolding him for acting stupid. "I never met anyone in my life with such a freakishly happy out look on everything! You're so fucking stupid! Do you that, YOU ALMOST DIED!"

Gon took a slow step towards the teen, even though Killua knew it was threatening he still threw up his defenses. No matter how bright those eyes shinned there seemed to be something shady clouding over it, something that Killua couldn't name but was clearly bent on determination. It was a mystery to where the drive came from. Gon raised his free hand to tracing down his boyfriend's face asking, "Do your parents hit you, Killua?"

The taller teen gulped his adam's apple bobbing as he inhaled sharply, his killer blue eyes slicing into Gon wanting to break him and snap his spirits. Show him that he was really bitter and most people didn't like him without changing the aspect that he was. Still the sudden deafening silence spoke for itself, which seemed to make Killua even more stone cold. The wall he had strategically built around himself was tumbling down and he didn't like it.

Gon didn't flinch this time when Killua deliberately smacked his face again; he just stood there trying to read for a sign of any kind as to why someone would want to be punished for making an honest mistake. The black haired teen looked at his boyfriend almost pathetically pitying him informing, "I'm sorry. I wish your siblings where good, that your parents wouldn't have convinced you life was war."

"Why are you apologizing? You can't control my parents! Don't apologize for something you didn't even do! Ugh! That's so stupid! HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT?! YOU DON'T KNOW! YOU DON'T KNOW ME! How can trust someone you barely even know?" Howling frustratedly Killua was about ready to lose control and lose his mind if he was given the chance it would all become mildly unhinged. He was upset completely pissed off steaming mad but seeing Gon's lips curl up into a small smile calmed him.

Sweetly Gon muttured in Killua's neck, "I know you won't hurt me." His hot breath tickling the sides sending caps of lightning bolts down his spine. Gon squeezed their locked hands together tightly raising it in the air like a symbol of their care. "You can't ever hurt me, Killua. You said you need me, right?"

To have Gon be so trust worth of Killua after only just dating him for a few hours, then say such a phrase so boldly so carefree, so worry free... It was becoming clear to Killua, that Gon was too dependent on him than first assumption. God, Gon was such a sucker. Killua could play all the right notes and easily get his way with him.

Killua chuckledly lowly, his blue eyes flashing animalistic, "You do know, I'm a killer, right?" The words felt bitter sweet on his tongue. But it was the truth of what he was. Killua felt like he should have might as well asked Gon the impossible question of, 'How to you get to the core of a problem if the problem is you?'

Care was something Gon loved showing to his friends, so gently he pushed a strand of white hair to the side of Killua's head; nuzzling the nape of his neck telling him, "Your my boyfriend. Don't let anyone else label you. And don't call yourself a killer unless you murder for no good reason."

Killua was tempted to ask, 'if my parents say so, is that a good reason?' But words are powerful things, but words with no value is like money with no value associated to it- Nothing more than a piece of printed paper. Killua wanted to believe there was value in Gon's words, and he did... since labeling himself as a monstrous freak to society was cruel in his boyfriend's book. Most people are afraid to show you who they really are, but Killua was never one to hesitate over revealing his bloodthirsty nature. Showing off the animal inside of him was way easier than emotions that he had a tight hold of. Yet Gon was standing here completely NOT phased, not scared, completely NOT bothered.

All these declarations sliced through like a knife, each gesture acted like a bandaid to heal it. Killua felt like he was on a chop block, each time he looked at Gon. Nothing could describe the feeling, he wondered if this was right or if it was healthy? Still not a drop of guilt filled him up like a cup for getting Gon into this, in fact it was inspiration for munipulation. If Killua played his cards right he could have Gon bending to his will like a puppet.

Laughing under his breath, a malicious smirk came on Killua's lips, "You barely know anything about me..." His soft sky blue eyes fell on Gon tenderly; his hands grazed over the smooth peach skin he purred at the rose colored blush on his cheeks.

"Your voice, your attitude, for the most part you aren't a bad person Killua." Gon hummed pulling out the muffin he was just now remembering to show, holding it (even if the treat was slightly smashed and lopsided) before Killua's eyes as their bodies remained so close. "So even if I would have went to talk with Kurapika earlier, it wouldn't have changed my feelings for you, Killua! I'm not sure if it's a crush, it's definitely not love yet, I actually think it's pure curiosity of not knowing what's gonna come next around you. So I like you, Killua! I like you alot!"

Now that caught the older boy off gaurd. "Gon...I think-I like you too." Killua whispered, thinking like it was important for his plot to work he had to return the words. He ended uo, feeling a warm fuzzy smile crawl up on his lips. It had been a while since he'd ever felt as appreciated as he did now or even gotten this much attention. He almost craved more of it, Gon was addictive like a drug he was having trouble getting off of now. "Is that muffin for me?"

Gon nodded eagerly a huge prideful grin on his face, "Yup! I wanted to text you but I didn't have your number and I wanted to bring you breakfast~but my aunt said no pancakes and syrup would be a mess. So I brought you a chocolate chip muffin instead!"

"You, you shouldn't have..." Killua took the muffin in his hand mumbling, "I didn't get you anything."

"Don't worry! I brought my own muffin." Gon affirmed pulling out another chocolate chip muffin wrapped in a paper towel slightly smashed. He showed it off before sitting down on the curb, "If we eat it together here and talk it can be like our first date."

Killua sat down beside him numbly speaking his thoughts out loud, "First date..and I almost kill you." then catching himself the teen correctly, "I mean-hold on! That sounded stupid! YOU ALMOST KILLED YOURSELF JUMPING!"

Gon couldn't hold back the bright vibrant laughter pouring out of him. Killua didn't mind it either despite his embarrassment he took a bite out of the muffin to hold in any more senseless babble but took this time to admire the way Gon's perfectly shaped lips parted or the way his shoulders jumped up and down with each pure chuckle.

It seemed like Gon was something that was out of this world. Something that made Killua suddenly feel anxious and curious on how someone could possess such positivity.

Almost like Killua was a sunflower, which is a pretty ugly flower. It's disgusting being too bright and a horrible yellow. It's small yellow petals and long green stem, it's not aesthetic at all! It can't survive without the glorious sun. Always turning to wherever the sun is, but does the sun ever acknowledge that one sunflower? It's only one amongst many. Nothing important, just an average sunflower amongst the field of thousands of other tall, ugly sunflowers. It's heavily flawed and is completely dependent on something so very magical.

Killua was a pretty ugly sunflower and like a foolish sunflower, that were infatuated with the sun... Gon, he was the sun. An amazing never ending blazing star full of energy shining brightly to destroy all the darkness. Killua now understood why Gon didn't think hanging with Killua was weird or wanted to judge him by someone's words. It was because Gon had something to prove and absolutely nothing to lose with all the friends he had gained after only being here for a month, He only had more learn to discover…. it was like nothing was never unimportant... to the sun.

Gon was the sun, that only shined two colours, happiness and self confidence. Vivid, vibrant and oh, so, mesmerising due to a phenomenal brilliance that was so very blinding. Killua could understand now, why he never met anyone like Gon before. Most exotic extravagant people wanted nothing to do with his dark gloomy soul, but here Gon was trying to make Killua turn over a new leaf. Still even though the odds of that coming true sounded impossible since he was a Zoldyck, Killua would nevertheless try to squint and endure the pain just so he could gaze upon Gon's magnificence.

"Here." Killua pulled out a piece of paper and wrote his number down on the sheet before handing it to Gon saying, "Text me, if you're given the chance." Blushing a bit from it all he gave a word of warning, "But don't expect much, I can't do any good, so I do bad and benefit from that."

"YES!" A full fledged excited expression took strong hold of Gon's face as he snatched the scrap of paper up jumping in the air hollering out a satisfied, "Don't doubt yourself, either Killua. I'm sure you can do some good….I mean you just saved my life!"

Killua snorted easily blowing the comment off, a small action like that was nothing compared to the other things he'd done. But Gon didn't need to know about that now, the truth about Killua being a super villain, would probably crush him. It would be cruel for Killua to take and break Gon's heart, especially when he didn't have it yet. Yeah, that was the key. Killua would snatch Gon's heart then shred it, completely wipe the sunshine from it. But first, Killua would be the best; make the younger teen fall madly in love with him. That would allow him to get revenge on his family then unlock the full extent of his power it would be too easy. Gon would willingly fall for it too, only to have his hopes and dreams get shattered. If one thing Killua had learned today, it was his boyfriend's weakness and he was ready to exploit it.

Chapter Text

There was not a single doubt in Gon's mind that he had fucked up. Choosing to skip school and hang out the rest of the day with his boyfriend didn't seem like a bad idea to him at the time. It was simple just the two of them chilling like nothing had happened because they could act like that. There was no rules about completely disregarding an obligation. So therefore him and Killua had went to the movies, then chilled at the ice cream bar. Not a single thought about ever returning to school filled his mind.

Gon didn't even start to regret the decision until he got home; opening the front door as per say usually he called out an excited, "Aunt Mito, I'm home!" Kicking off his sneakers to the side of the door frame after stepping in.

The reply was almost explosive from the other side as Mito let out an exasperated cry of, "Oh thank God! You're safe!" The woman was holding her cellphone in her hand when Gon walked over to the living room staring at the box of tissues and the used ones scattered all over the floor.

"Uh," Gon's face switched to one of concern upon seeing his caretaker in tears, with her makeup running in streaks. Her hand trembling as the gracefully touched his face as if she was checking to make sure he was real. "Why..why are you crying?"

"The school.." Mito began stuttering out as she pulled Gon into a hug, "Told me a few kids had went missing when their was a surprise school wide blackout. They suggested that it was just skipping, but.. I knew my boy would never skip! Hell you never even been to a public school! Why would you skip? I feared you got kidnapped or killed or I don't know! Oh…" She inhaled sharply trying to hold herself together as she rubbed Gon's back asking, "Where have you been?"

Honestly Gon would never lie to anyone since he was raised up to tell the truth. He usually never even considered telling untruths since they cause so much torment to keep civil up lies with more lies. Still Gon didn't want Mito to discover that out of his own careless actions had ruined his ideas of ever returning to school.

His brown eyes flickered over to the clock sitting in the counter it read: 10:38 pm. Gon couldn't believe how fast the time had flew by while he was chilling on his date with Killua. It had all happened so fast and he was so busy trying to keep Killua happy he had been completely incompetent to how Mito might be worried about him.

"I called everyone! I blew up you phone like 200 times!" Mito sniffled. "I was about to call the police."

Gon looked away from Mito almost shamefully as he pulled away shyly from their hug apologizing, "I'm sorry. I turned my phone off when I went to the movies with Killua."

"You did what?"

"Killua and I, went to the movies. Got ice cream and...well we did alot of things. I'm sorry I should have told you."

"You skipped school, to hang with some kid named Killua?" Mito's voice sounded shaky as if she couldn't believe this was still her sweet obedient nephew. "Gon! How could you?"

Gon cringed up at all the yelling near the end, feeling guilty now more than ever. However along those waves were some selfish points to defend himself, "It wasn't me! Killua made me go. He picked me up, and… and he forced me to go with him!"

Mito's expression twisted into one of confusion as she asked, "He made you skip school?"

"Yes!" Gon said his head finally jerking up to meet Mito's as he hoped she didn't notice the specks of tear droplets forming in his eyes. "He did it!"

"So who is this Killua, guy? The same Killua who you wanted to bring breakfast to?" Mito pressured narrowing her eyes, "He's a bad influence on you if you're skipping class now. He shouldn't make you do anything you don't want to."

"He's my boyfriend." Gon muttered lowly almost quickly hoping that she didn't catch on the short edged flaw in his story.

"Gon! You never you had a.." Her face darkened as she pointed to to couch firmly instructing, "Sit. NOW."

Glumly the black hair male obeyed slumping as he sat on the couch, his heart swelling with sadness as he tried to frame his story correctly to defend himself. Thinking quickly as he sputtered out, "I was going to tell you! We just started dating yesterday it's not really that serious! I mean also I was nervous about telling you, I wasn't out the closet yet!"

"I don't care if you're gay. I don't care if you like dick. You can have all the dick you want." Mito sighed rubbing her temples as he informed him. "What I do care about is your boyfriend making you skip school to hang out or more so go on a date with him."

"I know. I shouldn't have let him."

"Why did you let him?"

"I'm not sure…He sorta forced me."

"He forced you?"

"Yes-I mean no? But yes. I can't explain!"

"Well better learn TO EXPLAIN!" Mito hissed throwing her arms in the air as she rolled her eyes. "When did you even start keeping secrets from me, Gon?"

"I...never meant to." Gon shook his head babbling, "The whole thing was just so unexpected! I swear, I won't do it again!"

"Does he smoke?"


"Does he smoke weed?"

"No, he doesn't do drugs…"

"Does he skip a lot?"

"I..umm, I guess when he feels like it."Gon read the sudden distress and distraught look come on Mito's face after the scorning so he quickly came to Killua's defense, "He's not a bad kid! He just enjoys causing trouble for no good reason, but he doesn't know any better his parents aren't the best!"

"Gon! That doesn't matter I don't want his devious ways to rub off on you!" Mito insisted.

Gon felt a few tears fall down his face, he knew he deserved to be yelled out and punished but it still felt terrible almost wrongly betrayed since he'd never actually had this big of a disagreement with his aunt in his life. She was one of the few people he thought he could trust to be on his side unconditionally to shower him in affection even after his bad mistakes.

"I'm sssso-sorry! I..I just…" Gon sniffled trying to hold in his dam of tears about to break in a rough out pour. "I wanna help him! I want to fix him! I want to heal the damage spots to make him better! I-I-I..I" He swallowed numbly staring at the carpet beneath his toes with watery eyes. "I know I just met him. But there's something about him that makes my heart go boom each time I see him! There's a connection between us, he calls it an electric charge. Ugh..I can't describe it. Still it's that one thing that makes me so interested in learning more about him."

Mito hummed lightly, noticing how passionate Gon felt about this boy. So she said, "Alright, it's okay. I'm not really mad just worried for your own health."

"I'm 16! I'm about to be an adult. Can you just let me, handle this myself?" Gon murmurs wiping the tears from his eyes.

"I guess, I have no choice. Your heart is clearly set on this boy." Mito mumbled shaking her head with eyes still full of concern. "But usually with troubled children like him a relationship... can turn abusive."

Gon swallowed at those words nervously tracing the spot on his cheek where Killua had exploded on him earlier. The slap wasn't hard, nor was it playful, it was rough but tolerated since all Killua had been taught was to unleash his anger and frustration with violence. Mito seemed to catch on where his mind was wandering and her eyes went wide gasping for a few seconds yet before she could say, 'break up with him.' Gon halted her informing, "No. It was an accident."

"Now he's forcing you out of clas, and hitting you?! You still wanna stick with the story that he JUST asked you out YESTERDAY!?"

"Yes, I put it on my life! Killua didn't know what he was doing… it was my fault! I fucked up and made him mad."

"You're the victim, Gon! It's never the victim's fault! It's his for losing his temper!"

Gon stood up feeling like all the pressure was getting too heavy to bare sitting down; as he rose the way his mouth clamped up in trying to talk move or breath air-was overwhelming. It was madness completely insane as to why it was like the oxygen had became too deep to take in. He felt the urge to get away, break off to escape the deadly eyes of Mito that was causing his stomach to flip-flop twist and combust upon itself. The boy surprised himself as he lifted up his feet storming away off to his room.

"Gon Freecs! Get your butt back here our conversation isn't over!" Mito called back only to hear Gon slam his bedroom door. "You come back out here! We are gonna talk about this over dinner!"

Gon slumped his back against the door of his bedroom after he locked it shut. His eyes were finally free to gush out all the tears he was withholding as he sobbed loudly, "I already ate! Killua fed me, we had pizza together!" With his eyebrows knotting he threw in some more words, "Plus there is nothing to talk about! I like him!"

"Gon! Look at yourself!" Mito stressed. "You don't even know him! You're crying over someone who you just met!"

"He saved my life." Gon croaked out recalling the incident with the truck earlier. "He did. I almost got us both killed. Killua didn't do anything he flipped the blame on himself and his failed plan. But he was right the first time it was me!"

"Gon, what are you talking about!?"

"Killua, saved me! I almost died getting ran over by a truck!"

"You wouldn't have died if you would have been in class." Mito sniped back only to hear a solid loud sobbing sweeping over the house.

There was no more words after that or anyway Gon could defend himself against the truth. He should have just sucked it up and went on his way back to school-instead he followed behind enchanted by Killua's every move and idea like his goon. He was his own enemy that he lost to constantly, his own greatest achievement and failure due to his unstable curiosity drive.

Wiping his tears the boy turned on his phone and crawled into his bed, shoving his face in the pillow then pulling up his cover in a cocoon. Gon whined lowly to himself, "It's not fair. It's not fair!" He didn't know why he was saying it was unfair when he understood why it was entirely; for some reason he didn't dare to admit it even when opportunity knocked.

Brown eyes shimmered in the phone's brightness a square reflecting screen was the only light in the whole dark room. Gon felt safe by himself, instead of out there where Mito could trash his poor decision making. So what he was impulsive, erratic and a jumping bean? Gon couldn't help how his soul craved for adventure and his heart craved to be finally full of happiness. He just wanted his life to be like in a comic book, where the heroes always win and slam the villain in jail.

Maybe Killua could help him with that? The boy seemed special or more so very outside the box of normal, especially with the whole electric shock thing. Maybe they could grow up and sail far away from here, go an adventure like in his comic where they could find bad guys and take them out. In fact maybe not just Killua but Kurapika and Leorio too. Maybe the four of them could meet up after graduation and just run away from here. There had to be more than just here, there was a huge world out there and there had to be somewhere where Gon figured he belonged, (other than in a comic book shop). Just like his dad-

Burning the image in eyes of his phone home screen, a picture of his dad and him as a little baby. Mito had told Gon it was taken a few days before his dad left. Now the only thing Gon had to remember Ging by was his collection of superhero comics; after reading all them he was convinced that his father was restless and wanted to explore the so many new possibilities in the world just like how he wanted to do. "Ging, I am gonna find you." He muttered lowly, "Then after you meet Killua, you can convince Mito that he's a good person."

Gon was a firmly implanted on the fact of believing that there was good in everyone and that it could be found with them just digging a little deeper and finding the truth out. Killua was just one of those people who needed to dig a little deeper than others to find the good within himself. At least that was what Gon believed. He could save Killua.

Reaching in his pocket he pulled out Killua's number, typing it in and saving the phone contact. He pondered on what to text the other teen before settling on a simple message reading, 'Hey, it's Gon. Are you still awake?'

The black haired boy was relatively shocked at how fast the response from Killua was reading the message that appeared under his, 'If I wasn't awake, what would you do about it?'

'YOU ARE AWAKE!' Gon typed back feeling a wave of relief coming over him that he wasn't gonna suffer quietly alone.

Gon could picture Killua rolling his eyes as he read the message that came next, 'It's only 3am Gon, no big deal.'

'Most people are asleep at this time?'

'You should know I would be awake though, Gon.'


'Oh wait! Did you stay up waiting for me?'

'Maybe... you were just so cute today.'

'Cool! I was having happy dream fantasies about us going on adventures and traveling kicking bad guys ass!'

'... Gon?'

'If it's something mean and rude don't even send it, Killua!'

'No, I was gonna say...That sounds extremely cute.'

'You must really think, I'm cute?'

'For a baby.'

'I am not a baby!'

'Your my baby.'

'Are you flirting with me through text?'

'No, flirting with you is sending a picture of my hard dick.'

'Mmm.. You're touching yourself?' Gon sent the message shakily feeling his face go red knowing that if Killua was it was with pictures of him.

'Yes, Baby boy.' Killua's next message was a picture of his bulge in his pants. It made Gon's heart do flip-flops. Did couples usually send pictures of themselves like this? The thought made Gon's head spin, as he rubbed his thighs together feeling a bit of wetness in between them. This whole experience was something of intimacy that he wad willing to try out now that he was given the chance. Plus he felt like he had to send something back upon seeing a slightly glimpse of a sharp V-line and rippling abs.

'Fucking hot...' Gon sent, with a tongue icon attached to it.

'It is hot. Shit, heavy too. All swollen, because..I just keep picturing the face you made in the closet.'

Sticking his tongue out, and casting a needy gaze in his brown eyes, Gon rubbed his member against his thighs perfectly together to get the right amount of blush on his cheeks. Meekily he snapped the photo sending it to Killua. With the text, 'Me on my knees like this?'

'Fuck! You're tempting me to send videos of me, jerking off.' Killua responded back after like 5 minutes.

The thought of actually seeing Killua's pale hand moving up and down his pulsing red cherry bomber on top, cock more than likely drizzled with pre-cum made Gon's mouth water. The teen was tempted to respond back with send it but his shy nature got the best of him. Still his body felt so heated, he felt himself getting turned on by the thought of them one day doing such actions to one another. Gosh, Gon felt his own innocent nature disintegrating by the second.

Gon finally gained the courage to ask 'Killua, what do you think of when you look at me?'

'The sun.'

Gon smiled to himself rereading that message a few times-so Killua thought that he was the sun. The idea was almost cheesy yet sent an excited chill was fluttering from within him at the moment. He texted back snickering to himself, 'Do you think of that while jerking off to my picture?'

For more than a few minutes the message Gon sent was left on Read for the longest and Killua kept typing and then erasing just to start typing it again. There was such a pause of about 5 minutes Gon assumed he had broke the older boy blushing or angry yelling that he had ruined a perfectly sexy moment that they would never get back.

Killua's answers was a basic off set rant, 'God fucking NO! I cannot even cum anymore because of that, sunshine! Honestly, what the hell? It feels like the cute image I had of you gently messaging my ball sack turned to you dumping ice water in them. Gosh, my fantastic mind cannot complete the circle to why YOU EVEN SAID THAT!'

Gon couldn't help but fall out laughing, rereading the text over he could almost see Killua's pissy face. But he also figured that Killua didn't want to write anything sappy and if he did...the white haired male didn't have the guts to finish it. It didn't seem that he was one for romance other than getting that sex drive up. Still for Gon it came and left from time to time, yet that didn't stop him from saving that picture of Killua with his tight rippling abs flexing on display down to the huge bulge in his boxers. Gon could almost recall the remarkable feel of groping them back in the closet. Gosh, if Gon stared at the picture longenough he could almost hear Killua purring out, "Touch yourself for me, baby boy.. do long hard strokes just like I would while playing the rest of your body like a violin." He'd say it in such a dark dominant voice too.

It was such a shame for Gon that Killua changed the conversation subject. Still probably not over the whole thing, but he threw in the towel with sex-texting for now, shifting to a more clean childish type of fun texting, 'Hey I have my brother's boyfriend's number, you wanna prank him?'

Gon would usually respond with how pranking wasn't really nice and more or less cruel. But since he was in one of his moods still upset at his aunt, the boy decided to play along typing back 'Who is he?'

'Hisoka-the creepy clown dude you met before?' Killua responded.

The name wasn't ringing any bells to Gon, so after a few seconds he texted back, 'Hmm?'

Throwing in a diamond and spade emoji, Killua sent back with a face with a tongue sticking out, 'The one checking out your ass.'

Feeling chills crawl up his spine, Gon shook paranoidly texting back, 'NNFGGG-Yes I do remember him!'

'Feel like causing some trouble?'


'But a prank won't hurt right?'

'Ahh.. I-I guess?'

'Great! I'll start a new group chat!'

Before Gon could even sent a proper response his phone read the subject line of, Killua has added Hisoka to the chat, rimmed the top by creating a completely new group. Some unknown number who Gon could only assume was Hisoka sent a message first.

The text was pretty long rant like a pissed off rant full of cursing and completely arrogant rampaging bullshit. Gon just spared his eyes the work and skipped automatically to the bottom where the message with a frown emoji read, 'So all in all, I got fired from my job being the clown at McDonald's today! Isn't that so unfair?'

Killua was the first to type back sending a message reading, 'Damn boi, who knew they would finally get smart and stop hiring sexual predators around little kids! How THE HELL DID YOU GET A JOB ANYWAY?!'

'First if all, Have you seen my face? I was born for that job! Second of all, I only prey on 12 year olds and above!'

'You look like a creepy killer clown. It only screams, Im good AF with child molestation.'


'Why? You wanna get freaky?' Killua added in a quick smile face with laughing a bit, along side a Lenny face.

'I only screw with my boyfriend and 12 year olds!' The reaction was explosive on Hisoka's side as he texted back, 'SO IF YOU DON'T FIT IN THOSE CATEGORIES, WTF ARE YOU?'

'The person who's gonna be stealing less money from Illumi, cause his stupid sugary daddy outta work ass, couldn't keep a job. Smh…'


Killua sent an eye roll emoji with the message, 'See, that's why yo peverted ass got fired. That crazy mind and attitude….'

'Fools who run their mouth wind up dead.' Hisoka texted back throwing in, 'Because I stab them with cards.'

Gon seeing the threat embed into the message jumped in the chat questioning, 'what?'

'You have 5 seconds before, I find you both if you don't tell me who you are!'

'Find us?'

'What are you gonna do then?' Killua challenged.

An new unknown number asserted itself into the chat typing, 'Squeeze, Gon's cute ass first ~!'

Gon felt his stomach do flip flops as he accidentally revealed himself asking, 'How did you know it was me?'

Hisoka typed back with a very happy, 'Ah, so you're here Illumi?'

Illumi texted back on his phone an eager. 'Yeah, I figure my kid brother, kil would try some cheap ass revenge trick like this, so I had Milluki hack in the chat room to place me here.'

Killua typed back so fast it was like he was about to rage and throw his phone up against the wall balling. 'WHY THE HELL?'

Hisoka sent, 'That's almost sweet, but I don't need back up trash talking eye candy.'

Illumi bluntly wrote, 'Hey, look up in the sky, Hisoka and count the clouds.'

'You know damn well there are no clouds in the sky-it's a freaking clear night with no overcast!'

'Exactly, that's how many fucks I give about your opinion right now.'

Gon for one found that behavior very odd ad he typed, 'I'm confused. Aren't you two going out?'

Hisoka answered first, 'Yes! See the cruel unfair way, I get treated?!'

Illumi was the first to throw accusation with proof, 'Cause you're always checking other guy's out behind my back. Don't think I don't know what a perv you are Hisoka.'

Hisoka typed back almost too thirsty, 'Not my fault, Gon looks so delicious.' There was tongue emoticon in between the words.

It must have made Killua heated since he texted, 'You dirty ass fucker! If you touch him-I don't care if it kills me, I will take you out along with me.'

'No you won't Killua, that's not the way mommy and I taught you. You won't fight in a battle you can't win.' Illumi informed him.

'Oooo, Are you trying to set Killua up for an ass whooping?' Hisoka teased, 'I mean, that can be arranged.'

'You try something crazy, with my little brother it will be your head.' Illumi warned.

'Huh? Illumi, You care about what happens to, Killua?' Gon typed feeling perplexed about the new chunk of information.

'No.' Killua made sure to type back before Illumi could pull so stupid sappy story. 'He only cares because I'm supposed to take up the family trade and mommy will cry if anything bad happened to me.'

'Oh you don't have to be so blunt about it.' Illumi insisted.

Feeling confused, Gon exited out of the group chat and opened the message between just him and Killua together. He texted him, 'Killua, your brother doesn't seem that bad.'

Killua soon exited the other chat and bombarded the other with, 'Don't fall for that crappy garbage can temptation it doesn't mean anything! He pulls that crap all the time! In public our whole family is so plastic and fake towards each other but it won't stop the rumors that may or may not be true between our craziness. I mean Illumi is insane! Heck my whole family is insane. Just like my life, you're one of the rare normal things in my life.'

'What? I just wanna make you happy. So I'm glad if it does.'

'My happiness? No one ever cared about how I feel before.'

'That's okay, I'll care about your from now on. You can tell me anything.'

'You mean about feelings?'

'Yes. Like for me…..I'm getting tired….' Gon said his eyelids growing heavy barely able to focus at the screen, 'I think' I'll be going to bed soon.'

Killua texted him back a cheesy response of, 'If my sun is setting, guess I'll have to go to bed too.'

'Lol, what?'

'You're my sunshine, right?'


'Well if you set, then there will be no more brightness in my life to keep me happy and entertained. Things won't be any fun without you.' Killua made sure to type that text with thought from his heart right then and to make it sincere he threw in a cute little cat face emoji at the end.

It almost seemed to backfire with Gon taking it as a joke when he wrote back, 'OK Kitty-boy.'

'Really, Gon?! I'm trying so hard right now'

'Killua, don't worry about it!' Gon smiled as he cheerfully responded to his boyfriend's message clearly loaded with his own nervous anxiety that had filled him. 'I like you for you. Friends are supposed to act goofy and stupid around each other.'

The white haired boy didn't know if he should feel relieved that Gon was understanding his predicament or what but for some reason he could only type a response not trying to sound as bitter as it was written, 'Well…..That's dumb.'

'Yup, being a regular kid is pretty dumb.'

'I always wanted to….be like one.'

'What does that mean?'

'What I just said…..'

'Sometimes, you confuse me?'

'Ahh, probably just you being sleepy. Goodnight, Gon.'

'Night Killua!' Gon smiled warmly as he threw in a heart emoji at the end of his message. Then easing back in his bed and resting his head upon his pillow, with a new peace of mind he was able to erase the worries from his mind by imagining him and Killua playing roles in his favorite superhero comic and drifting off to sleep.

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The morning Gon woke up to was as shitty as the mood in the house when he went to bed, him and his aunt Mito were still fuming and basically at each other's throats. Therefore the breakfast table was basically silent other than the crunching of bacon. It made the boy feel a bit bitter hollow and cold. He knew Mito was only mad at him because she loved him and wanted to care for him, but Gon just knew that he could do stuff for himself.

He didn't need a lecture, he didn't want to hear about how dangerous his stupid and impulsive decisions were, he just wanted to be left alone. Almost even considering not even coming down for breakfast, if his stomach wasn't growling like an angry big dog. It was the guilt eating him up on the inside, the fact that he knew he shouldn't have acted in such a way. Still his lips were sealed and far away his mind was from ever admitting defeat and saying, 'sorry.' Gon could be stubborn too if he wanted. This was one of those times; it was also one of those times when he knew he'd be facing consequences for slamming doors and yelling.

His brown eyes watered as he took another sip on his orange juice, the natural tangy flavor stinging his taste buds almost as much as hearing Mito's voice saying, "Gon, hurry up or you'll miss the bus." The first part made his ears burn but not as much as the next words she said, "And I expect you to leave your phone here for today."

"Okay…" Gon whispered lowly pulling the device out his pocket and sliding it across the table into his Aunt's hands.

Mito took the phone up and nodded in approval, "Thank you. Now I know you might be mad at me, but a few weeks without your phone seems like a fitting punishment. I promise, to not go through anything on it and respect your privacy."

"Go head, go through it. I have nothing to hide." Gon murmured casting his gaze away as he stood up from the table to put his plate in the sink.

"Look, please don't act like this. You never done something like this before, I just can't help but be flabbergasted and worried that maybe putting you in public school might have been the wrong idea."

"I don't care. I know you might think it's bad for me, but I feel like Killua needs me right now."

"Just because he said that, you don't even know what his motives are! So far they've been nothing but violent and corruptive to you!"

Putting on his backpack from behind his kitchen chair, Gon mumbled, "I know." Then gave a quick lightning flash smile, "But, you said so yourself….Ging never gave up on trying to find a good adventure!"

"What?" Mito said a bit taken back demanding, "What does your father have to do with this?"

"Saving Killua is just part of my adventure. I think, we both need each other to continue onward!" With that the sound of the bus pulled up outside, the short black haired boy started to take off running out the door as he waved back at his Aunt. Gon swore he heard her yelling some more words of advice he should probably heed, but he was too concentrated on catching the bus and he barely made it on with a few minutes to spare.


"It is officially Friday and next week is the last week of school. So here are the finals grades." Gon heard his teacher announce as she stood up pass out report cards. Even though in reality, the 16 year old wasn't really focusing, his eyes seemed glued to the clock on the wall. It was almost the end of 7th period, the time reading, 3:15. It was getting ever closer to summer, one that he feared would be terrible due to him getting off one the wrong foot with his Aunt Mito so soon.

He knew he'd probably face more punishment when he got home, Mito would probably forbid him from going adventuring in their back woods, or prevent him from hanging out with his friends. Sighing frustrated, he ran his fingers through his spiky black hair, sure he screwed up pretty badly; completely kept choking up and making their situation worst. He probably shouldn't have brought up his father, he knew Mito disliked talking about him; often scolded Gon for looking up to Ging claiming that the man was a bad example. Everything seemed to be going so downhill, he'd kill for any stroke of good luck at the moment.

As if an answer to his prays he heard the words, "Wow, Gon. Congratulations, you made one of the highest marks in my class." His teacher said placing his report card on his desk.

"Huh?" Reaching over and picking up the report card that was dropped off, his brown eyes quickly dashed over the huge gold star sticker at the top. Lowly his eyes scanned over the flood of A's underneath his classes . Out of confusion he whispered out, "What the heck?"

Gon was sure that his grades definitely were not all A's last time he checked and if they were A's they definitely were not this high. The paper on his desk was littered with 98 and 96 ranged grades. The boy even had to do a double take to see if it was really his name at the top. Swallowing nervously he raised his hand inquiring, "This must be some kind of mistake. My grades here, are all A's."

"No mistake, dear." His teacher said smiling, "The computer never messes up. We have the highest maximum security system around them. I am sure you worked really hard this year and deserve those grades."

Gon opened his mouth to protest and argue, "But I-" His words got cut off by the final bell then a bunch of kids jumping out their seat chattering as they exited the classroom. This did nothing to help his guilty case already looming over his head, now he had some grades he didn't even earn. This was turning out to be some weird madness at the end of the school year that he was definitely not prepared for.

Slugging his backpack over his shoulders, he stood up clenching the false grade report in his hand. Gon figured he had to go to the principal or someone of higher status to clear this up; walking out the classroom he gave a weak smile to Killua's familiar face waiting for him. Placing his tan hand in pale rough one's they began walking toward the bus lane.

"Hey sunshine," Killua started to say before he notice that something about Gon was off from his usually happy bubbly self that roamed around. "Is something wrong?"

"Everything…" Gon exasperated completely thrown off track by his own bordering feelings about what to do with his grade report. "Aunt Mito is pissy with me and now I have these incorrect grades." He showed Killua the sheet in his hand motioning to all the A's on his paper. "I have to go to the office or s-"

Killua's eyes went wide upon hearing his boyfriend start to complain about something so good, almost halting Gon in his tracks as he stood in front of him. "Whoa! Whoa, Gon! Go to the office? Why would you do that?" He gave him a slight smile as he tilted his head to the side, he squeezed their hands together. "You probably shouldn't do that. No, No.. Let's not do that."

"I have to." Gon insisted, "These grades are wrong. I am failing most of these classes they claim I am now passing."

"Of course! Isn't that a good thing?" Killua reached in his pocket showing off his report card comparing them. "See! We're both passing math now. We don't have to take summer school, now we can chill and hang out together all summer!"

Suddenly Gon's expression became cold as he started mentally putting the puzzle pieces together, coming around to understand. "Killua? Did you do something…" Biting his lip he whispered out just soft enough for both of them to understand in the loud out of control hallway. "Holy crap this is from the other day isn't it, YOU ACTUALLY CHANGED our grades?"

The white haired male blew a raspberry loudly waving his hand, "Pff! NO! I can't hack worth shit!" Then he sparked up a light in his blue jolting eyes, "I got my big brother, Milluki, to do it. I TOLD YOU THIS GON!"

Gon jerked his hazel brown eyes up at Killua completely confused searching for any sign of remorse in them, "No, We can't take grades we didn't earn. That would be lying!" His grip on the other boy's hand started to falter as he croaked out a shaky, "That's not a good thing, Killua. We..we can't do this!"

"Lying? Cheating?" Killua didn't seem to be getting at what Gon was hinting. Instead he felt confounded to how Gon felt guilty about any of this. "FOR ONE, WE ALREADY DID THIS. TWO, I TOLD YOU WHY!" In order to make sure no one heard their argument in the halls he yanked Gon in the nearest boy's restroom, thankfully it was empty so they could discuss their problem in peace.

"Yes, but no...but.. I DIDN'T THINK YOU WERE SERIOUS! I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE CRAZY CRAZY!" The shorter male felt his mind completely scrambled learning that his boyfriend actually had the audacity to be that bold and change grades illegally. The sound of his outraged voice bounced around on the bathroom title. "This is like the plot line of a cartoon or in my comic books! But we're PLAYING THE BAD GUYS!"

"Honestly, what's wrong with being a bad guy, Gon?" Killua pointed out as he gently rubbed his thumb over Gon's ruby red lips, his eyes soft and almost seductive as he spoke firmly his voice unwavering. "You are dating a bad boy… you shouldn't be so panic or worried. I did this for the both us. Plus we haven't even done something, THAT BAD. Not like we robbed a bank for something."

"No, but!" Gon felt lost for words as Killua gazed down at him so plain faced without even a drop of guilt playing out on his face, The older boy looked so damn hot without even trying, it should be illegal. Feeling his confidence start to shred over such a commanding gaze, Gon struggled to say, "It's still WRONG!"

"It's, if and then. If we get caught, then we kill em." Killua stated clearly without even batting an eyebrow at all. He slipped their hands apart forcefully pressing his body on Gon's against a stall, to see a shy explosive reaction from the shorter boy's face. Gon's back against the cool plastic stall door, the expression on his face confused but determined, Killua gently ran his fingers down Gon's sides as if trying to soothe him, he started tracing a path to the slight curve of his hips.

Gon letting out a nervous bashful whimper, "Killua, what..are you doi-ah?" The last part was out of pure surprise as Killua rubbed over his clothed nips, as if wondering if they would perk up, it made Gon let out a slight moan of delight.

"There you go, baby boy." Killua coached this time sliding his fingers under Gon's shirt, his pale skin making direct contact with pink as he toyed with Gon's pink rose buds. Enjoying how his boyfriend collapsed into such touches. The edge of his nails scratching along the surface in a random circular motion. "Just calm down, everything will be okay, don't sweat it."

Each cold off branded touch, made Gon's skin crawl and jump. Yet he almost couldn't get enough as he bucked his hips up against Killua's thigh. There was no hardness yet, but it still felt good to have friction applied to both his sensitive areas at once. He couldn't help the fact, he still felt greedy after the closet incident. He leaned into the motions that were advancing all over his body. It made his brain go fuzzy with pleasure.

"Ki..iilua?" Gon moaned breathlessly, "We're in school. What about my bus?" He felt Killua peel at his skin around the edges at the mention of that.

The older boy pressing his lips against Gon's neck, "I don't know are you, still upset over the grade thing?" He hissed out the last part bittersweet as he began planting a row of juicy possessive kisses up Gon's neck, even slightly digging his teeth in a bit to tease on the sensitive skin. Making the smaller boy tenses up at the raw quick tingly darts of pain.

Despite those efforts, Gon tried hard not to cave into his seduction. The black haired boy was firmly remaining with his beliefs. Jerking his clothed member upwards humping against his boyfriend he mouthed off, "Yes! You can't fucking do that!" The friction felt good, it was raw hard and in enough space to wiggle around.

"Haha..But you'll let me fucking do you." Killua let out a dry laugh his heart racing with amusement. The rush of the pressure in the air, the squirming way Gon moved to his iron grip, especially the way he racked his teeth against his boyfriend's neck. It all felt good. Hot, quick, sexy and dangerous. The heat pooling in his stomach was eased up by Gon's soft groans that filled the air, it was like music to Killua's ears. It sounded like he was plainly conflicted. Biting down roughly, Killua dug his teeth in Gon's neck marking what was his, he sucked on the peach flesh.

It made Gon whince, feeling sharp canines slicing through his skin like a knife does bread. He fought to hold down a yelp as he angrily hissed, "Killua! That.. thaa..! OUCH!"

"Yeah it hurts..." Killua snapped abruptly. "That how I feel when you deny and don't listen to me. I can change your life Gon, I can show you the truth, instead of this fantasy world you live in! That smiling sunshine on your lips will only get you so far...I can HELP YOU. I CAN SET YOU FREE." The white haired male was rambling a bit as this point, but it was true. Gon was lovely a nice sided boy, with a great figure over all. Gon was a piece of art and beauty. And Killua was a villain that could get everything that he wanted. He wanted Gon's smile to shatter, for him to finally break and uncover the truth about the world. And as he marked Gon as his property, Killua wondered what else his new possession could do for him.

"What are you saying? We need to confess!" Gon howled. The side of his neck burning as he groaned lowly completely melting to Killua's touch. Each motion drawing them closer on and on, keeping his head straight was getting harder. His brain fuzzling up in a hazy circle, as lust fogged his brown eyes, his pretty pink lips parted, for more soft groaning sounds.

Almost Killua's expression became a bit dark full of blood lust at the end as he licked his lips pulling away from the neck he'd been attacking; only to lean in closer to Gon's ear muttering, "But wouldn't you hate to get in trouble for just treating yourself?" His demanding gaze had focused around the body canvas he'd been carving his dna into with all the spit shared between them.

For a few seconds the words registered stirred up confusion for Gon. Making him whisper out, "Killua, what are you?"


"Who are you?"

"What the hell are you even asking?"

Staring down at his shoes Gon murmured, "Normal people can't conduct electricity like that without being killed. You took it like no sweat, I watched you. TWICE!" An unsure expression twitched on his lips as his lustful brown eyes marveled up at his boyfriend. The tall boy still had his fingers caressingly moving the peach skin that made Gon's sides, they pinched the skin roughly for what seemed like hours. They just stared at each other, brown eyes questioning blue as they seemed to take in the view.

Killua swallowed dryly, taking a few steps back from his boyfriend. He hadn't been betting Gon would grow suspicious so fast of him or his abilities. Still it wasn't something a little lie couldn't fix. A slick smirk crossed his face as he gently pressed Gon against the wall, his white hair falling delicately over his blue eyes. His hunched shoulders made a vibrant forced chuckle, "Don't tell me, you're accusing me of being one of your comic book fantasy superheroes?" His eyes darkened a bit more deadly as he licked Gon's plump light pink lips. His tongue briefly making contact on their smooth surface just enough to watch the smaller boy gasp shakily. Killua pressed his forehead against Gon's enjoying their shared body heat. "You should know damn well, superheroes in real life don't exist."

Wrinkling up his eyebrows, Gon had to pretend those harsh words didn't effect them as much as he wanted them too. But to hear someone trash talk, superheroes...a thing Gon had been obsessing over for years far as he could remember in kindergarten the movements he did next were explosive. "We have to tell the truth!" Gon snapped suddenly the realization of what was happening dawning over him (damn Killua for trying to turn him on again!) as he snatched himself away. Roughly shoving Killua to the side, he stormed out the bathroom hollering, "I need to go catch my bus!"

Soon as his smooth soft touch was free of pale positive grip he could hear Killua growl lowly, Killua exited the bathroom back into the wild crowd of rowdy children heading for the bus awaiting them outside. There was no way, Killua was going to allow Gon to get away like that. snagging his hand back with his sharp nails digging in like knives and drawing a bit of blood determined to hold Gon in place.

The white haired male narrowing his cold icy blue eyes that seemed to be shooting daggers of rage, especially at how raspy and animalistic his voice dropped, "Hey, sunshine.. I said, I did this FOR US." Their was tons of peer pressure building up in those words, "You said you cared about me, Gon. You said that you would listen to me, and my feelings."

"Yes…" The younger boy croaked out a tad bit nervously suddenly regretting his words as he felt the hand Killua was holding captive start to go numb. The blood oozing from it dripping lightly on the floor, it wasn't gushing compared to the rapid almost dangerous feeling clenching around and consuming his heart.

"Since we are in a relationship and I did something nice for you, you can't fucking return it. Or else I'll get fucking upset. Probably really fucking pissed off." Killua declared, gritting his teeth together as he said so, trying to contain his anger and not take it all out by yanking Gon's arm out of it's socket. "I really tried to do something nice that you would like, Gon."

"I… I do like it, Killua."

"Then what's the problem?"

"It's the thought that counts right?"

Blue eyes cut furiously as Killua hissed, "But why would you return a gift, I got especially for you? Friends don't reject or return each others gifts. Doing so would hurt feelings. And you SAID friends don't hurt each other, they support each other."

A bead of sweat ran down Gon's face as his mind ran into a wall that read, 'dead end there is no longer a valid answer' slowly it came around to a small understanding confession, "True, you really were kind to think of me, Killua. You could have only changed the grades for yourself, yet you were kind enough to include me too."

"I know." A slight smile curled on Killua's lips at those words, it was almost warming as he dropped Gon's hand. "I wanted it to be a surprise. Sorry if it didn't turn out well..."

"It's all good, you're still learning…." Gon squeaked out a sigh of relief as he rubbed his hand a bit before placing it in his mouth and sucking off some of the blood lightly. Pain flowing away as he mustered up a smile to return to Killua openly, trying to paint the scene hopeful. Lucky for him the act was purchased.

"Mmm, you wanna hang out tomorrow?" Killua questioned curiously as he shoved his hands in pocket, "I should be able to sneak out the house around 3pm, we can go get milkshakes?"

"I think I would like that." Gon confirmed as he started to drift away leaving Killua's side as he headed more so to his bus once they stepped outside the school. "I'll meet you, outside the place alright?" Killua nodded as Gon gave him a hug big before running off to catch his bus. "Alright? We can get through this together."


Killua stood there, on the side watching Gon head over to his bus still sucking on the scars that Killua had made on his arm. Ahead of time he had slapped him, yet still didn't say sorry. He would have to be sure to say that when they went on their Saturday milk shake date tomorrow along with making sure that Gon received a proper gift other than a grade changing. This time Killua would ensure that he received something he would really like. Only that would be really tough, since he had no idea what Gon actually liked other than comic books.

"I'm so fucking stupid..." Killua muttered to himself, disgusted at why he thought Gon would be happy about his grade changing. Of course he wouldn't, Gon was a goody two shoes who probably thought Killua was some freakish trouble child. Even if Killua was a freakish trouble child, he didn't need Gon to know that.

Walking to his limo coming to pick him up that was awaiting his arrival outside his eyes caught contact of the sight of his older brother talking to the driver. Which sparked his attention away from wallowing in what would be acceptable gift for his boyfriend and instead set Killua on a bloody upset rage ahead. "Hey! Illumi! Call your own ride home!" Killua howled out storming up to the car his fist clenched tightly to his side as he declared again, "Get to stepping!"

Illumi paid Killua no mind, as he opened the door and sat down in the leather seats leaning back and snapping on his seat belt. "I can't. Our other driver is busy so mommy told me to leave with you. You sure do, talk a lot to that Gon kid, by the way. I almost considered leaving without you."

"Tch, this is my ride! If anything, I shouldn't let you in!" Killua snapped, his eyebrows knotting together as he opened up the other side door and sitting in the car. Putting on his seat belt and crossing his arms he saltily commanded, "Hit the gas and drive. I can't stay in the same place with him for too long without losing my freaking mind."

The butler obeyed putting the pedal to the metal and pulling off out of the school parking lot; Killua not even wanting to breath the same air his brother way more or less look in his same direction gazed out the window. Completely bent to riding home in complete and utter silence but with Illumi he knew that wouldn't be happening.

"Hey, Kill, by the way…. I wasn't aware you used your phone to contact people other than your family. How did Gon get your number?" Illumi questioned mumbling, "How did you two become so close?"

"Like, I'm gonna tell you anything about Gon and I!" Killua spat coldly completely bent on keeping his lips sealed tightly when it came to their relationship. He knew Illumi would tell mom and dad and they were probably not going to approve of them together.

"Are you a thing?"

"Don't worry about it."

"I'm supposed to question. Mommy told me to return back to high school after I dropped out just to keep an eyes on you."

"I don't need anyone to watch over me! I'm gonna be fine!"

"But will Gon be fine? But if he finds out our family secret? If he knows we're super villians he'll have to be disposed of."

Killie felt the air suddenly become thick around them, the tension suddenly rising as if filled with suffocation between the lines. "Don't you dare touch him…." The white haired boy growled lowly. "I actually will kill you."

"Same old threat." Illumi said clearly not bothered.

Killua's skin crackles with electricity starting to zap around in a storm around him his eyes shining brightly full of malice intent, as he grit his teeth this time looking at Illumi confirming, "No, it's a promise."

Illumi whistled clearly impressed by the newly quick way that Killua could activate his power at will and didn't answer for a while after that. Only giving a word of warning, "If you really care about Gon, you wouldn't hang around him so much. Soon you'll get so attached to him and when you lose control of your anger, you'll snap and kill him. Better watch it starts with punching."

Killua swallowed nervously, feeling his lungs start to close up and his heart pound madly with his brain suddenly throbbing against his skull. "I did...But so.." His tongue twisted in his mouth feeling unfamiliar to the own proclamation he was making then drew a blank at how he couldn't finish the sentence. He actually needed Gon alive for the most part, plus he never really planned to kill the boy. Breaking his heart would be much more fun.

"You already did? Looks like he's on deathrow then..." Illumi murmured spreading the seeds of doubt in Killua's mind. "It will only get worst, if try to stay with him. You'll do much worse impulsive violent things."

Killua wanted opened his mouth, "Who cares?" saying what sounded like the truth. They had only been dating for 3 days and look what he had done already. He was an uncontrollable, blood thirsty freak, driven to get his way no matter what cause. He swallowed nervously, his nails tearing into the limo seats as he mumbled, "Gon is strong, he can take it." Killua didn't know why he said that, maybe it was because he wanted to fool himself into believing everything would soon be fine between them.

"But how strong? How long can he take it?" Illumi insisted, reading to see how Killua tensed up even more.

'I'll stop it! ' Is what Killua wanted to say but he knew that would be dropping hints of his and Gon's relationship together so he mustered down a plea deal and inhaled sharply trying to wrap things around his brain. Friends were there for each other, so wouldn't that mean Gon would stay there for Killua while still taking blows or would Gon coward out? The endless choices of possibilities made Killua's head spin so hard he had to shake it rapidly to get rid of them. In the end the only response that came to his mind was what he whispered out under his breath, "I don't fucking know."

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At his house time seemed to fly by since Killua usually spent all his time locked in his room. There was a short training session on Saturday morning and then he was out of there. Sneaking out was the easy part for Killua. He'd become so accustomed to escaping away it formulated into second nature. Diving and avoiding all the traps set up then barrow rolling across all the lasers-sure the art was dangerous but in his super villain training he'd grown used to it all. Plus he was learning how to steadily control his powers over electricity so he was moving faster than ever as he rode his skateboard down the side of the street on the way to the ice cream place.

The wind was flowing in his crisp white hair as it jolted up on edge, the outside breeze he built up rolling swayed his clothes which felt loose enough already but it provided his sticky hot skin a way to cool down so he didn't actually stink by the time he reached Gon. Well Killua hoped that he wouldn't stink, it sucked that he lived so far away on a mountain it felt like he was running miles just to get to the city.

Almost reaching super sonic speed Killua reached out quickly snagging a rose from a flower cart, cussing lowly as he felt a thorn prick his skin. Still he swallowed down his howls by picturing the excitement that would grace Gon's face upon seeing it. No doubt his face would light up with delight and tremble with joy. It would be so cute with how his cheeks would bunch up and his brown eyes light up like fireworks. Killua swooned at the image. Gon could be absolutely adorable when he wanted to be which was practically all the time.

"Killua!" An excited puppy dog face more lively than Killua ever imagined was smushed up against the cold glass inside the ice cream place. Gon's hazel eyes sparkling with his tan skin glimmering, a slight tender pink blush covering his face as he noticed the rose in Killua's hand.

Slowly down to match the speed of the normal world, Killua took up his skateboard and grabbed the door to the ice cream place. Whipping it open as he stepped inside, a cool sweet minty scent filled his nose as he took a few steps inside to see Gon waved him over sitting in a booth by the door. Heading over there his boyfriend was he caught sight on two invited faces who happened to be crashing their one on one date and slowly Killua felt his hopes plummet.

Gon didn't seem to feel that way though, the short boy seemed absolutely delighted to have all his friends in the same place. Quickly introducing Killua to their previous conversation, "Glad you could make it, Killua! I got here, early and guess what?" A huge grin made it's way on Gon's face, "I found Kurapika and Leorio! Then I told them you were coming and Kurapika said we could have a double date! Isn't he nice?"

"Mmm..." Killua hummed making sure his sharp light blue eyes met Kurapika's dull gray ones, even with the blond hair in his face and peaceful look he carried, Killua knew better than to assume that Kurapika had no motivation to hang around him and Gon. Hell, Killua understood that kindness was never shown to HIM. He was wise enough to comprehend the only real reason Kurapika is hanging around is to see if he was mistreating Gon in anyway.

So putting up his defensive wall to hide his shame, Killua never broke eye contact with Kurapika playing the mood off as a friendly exchange for Gon's sake mostly; Killua slid right into the same side of the booth with his boyfriend. Handing Gon his flower sweetly saying, "I got this for you. Hope this makes up for..." Killua bit his tongue feeling Kurapika's gaze tear into him aggressively just ready for him to slip up at any given second. "For well, ya know..."

Taking a huge sniff of the red lovely rose, Gon took it up in his hand which is when everyone at the table seemed to notice at the same time it was wrapped up in bandages. Killua was about to inquire about it before Gon's face broke out in blush a bit. "Thanks, Killua... I, umm... got you something too." Reaching in his pocket with his non damaged hand he pulled out a enchanting stone.

It wasn't very special it seemed almost worn out corrupted and dull almost twisted since it was a mixture of colors mashed up together in layers on top of each other. Almost sloppy and absolutely very far from perfect; still the rock was so ugly it drew in attention.

"I found it, yesterday when I came home from school. I went to the river and started skipping stones. This one sorta reminded me of you. It looked like superman's kryptonite, I thought maybe it could help you." Gon whispered the last part almost bashfully embarrassed, for referencing his comic books. Still he hoped Killua understood that he was trying for him.

Sure he had the right to be, since Leorio was snickering over on the other side of the table clearly trying to hold in his laugh but failing miserably. The older man banging his hand on the table as he pointing at Killua finally bursting out cackling, "YOU GOT A ROCK!"

With his eye twitching feverishly Killua snagged the rock from Gon's palms and waved the heavy stone in the air threatening, "Shut up, pops!"

"POPS?! Didn't I ALREADY TELL YOU, I AM NOT OLD, DAMN IT!" Leorio fire back grinding his teeth together tightly as he watched Killua look like he was deliberately about to take aim and launch that rock over to smack him dead in his forehead.

"Well then, don't laugh about Gon's gift to me." Killua said narrowing his sharp eyes lecturing him. "Gon probably choose this gift from the bottom of his heart."

Leorio snorted, "More like the bottom of the river, where it should have stayed."

"Leorio!" Kurapika called warningly making the older man retract his previous statement.

This time adding in, "Even though the bottom of the river has trash, it's probably high quality trash..." Leorio seemed to be searching for a way out this situation without being met with another shaming call by Kurapika. "So in reality not that BAD, but I only buy my boyfriend the BEST Things!"

Kurapika sighed placing his head on his hands resting on the table the more calm and mature boy informed him bluntly, "It's not about the price tag of the items, why I like them. It's because they came from you." The blonde informed Leorio like it was something he told him a million times a day.

"I know that part... but money buys nice stuff." Leorio insisted keeping his way at looking at the world.

Killua was about to say something smart mouth like, 'You think I don't know that, baka? My family is filthy fucking stank ass bloody rich! I could buy Gon a car if I wanted to. Bet you'd be jealous that you couldn't afford to give a gift like that. With yo cheap suit looking like you suck dick at Walmart for free. Just to get it.' Instead Leorio was saved by the waiter walking up to them and dropping off their milkshakes which caught Killua by surprise at first then a slight offense that no one had the heart to even wait till he arrived here to order.

Tapping his fingers on the table he impatiently glared at everyone getting their milkshake hoping that they felt the damn message that he was being drowned out and excluded right now. Only to hear, "Fudge brownie." And then Gon call out, "Oh yeah, that's Killua's." It made the white haired male snap back into reality as he blinked, reopening his eyes to see a tall standing glass full of chocolate with sprinkles piled high till the top was finished with whipped cream.

"Holy crap..." Killua murmured upon seeing the desert as the waiter walked away.

Gon immediately wasting no time to start sucking down his strawberry cheesecake milkshake as he spoke out in between sips, "I hope... ~I choose the right.. ~flavor for you, Killua! Slrp..mmm~I knew you liked sweets but I wasn't you wanted."

"Gon, please don't forget to breathe and swallow." Kurapika said calmly sipping his milkshake not as loud messy or anywhere near as sloppy as Gon. The blonde was keeping everything neat, even handing Gon some napkins from out the holder. Kurapika sounded like a concerned mom, "Nobody is going anywhere, we're all here to eat."

Taking the napkins gratefully Gon pulled away from the straw he had basically been mouth harassing. "Okay, Kurapika." He dabbed the sides of his mouth this time addressing Killua more clearly, "I hope you like the shake. It's one of my favorites from this place."

A small smile sprinkled on Killua's lips as he brought the delicious shake up to them. "Thanks for thinking of me, Gon. I know that if you like it, it's probably gonna taste delicious!" Taking one good slip made Killua's taste bud explode with delight as the fudge flavor in gulfed it like a flood.

However his happy mood of food delicious form didn't last for long since suddenly Kurapika popped the million dollar question to Gon asking him, "Hey, how did you injure your hand and arm like that?"

The question bout damn made Killua fucking choke trying to swallow don't his milkshake as his body lurched forward completely almost losing control-he felt the urge to freaking leaned across the entire plastic table just to choke Kurapika out. It was none of his freaking business how Gon had got his hand riddled with scars.

'Yes it is, Kurapika is Gon's friend.' A small sane part of Killua's mind reminded him, 'Friends look out for each other. Kurapika is asking an honest question and he doesn't suspect that you did that to Gon. Well at least NOT YET.' Gulping nervously he settled his hands tightly around the base of his glass making sure to keep them there so he didn't spontaneously unravel his secret.

"Oh, my bandages?" Gon placed his mummified wrapped up hand and arm on the table. It made Killua's guts churn in fear of words that he thought were coming next and the outcome it would mean for him. Completely rattled blue eyes met Gon's brown that didn't seem nervous or broke at all not even as he said, "After I found the rock, a fox bear attacked me. I got scratch up pretty bad but our neighbor Kite heard me screaming and came to get me."

Killua's jaw dropped almost unavailable to form a response deceptive that his ears had heard such a clear crisp lie straight out of Gon's mouth. His mind suddenly whizzed full of questions with the main one being: WHY THE BLOODY HELL WAS GON STANDING UP TO COVER AND HIDE THE ABUSE KILLUA HAD PUT HIM THROUGH. Killua felt over 167% sure that Gon's fox bear story was false, since A: what the hell was a fox bear? And B: Killua had been to Gon's house, the distance between him and his neighbors were so far, there was no way anyone could hear screaming.

Leorio acted all fatherly at Gon scolding him firmly huffing, "Damn it, Gon. Ya gotta be more careful around animals! The injuries could have been way worse!"

"Haha." Gon chuckled lightly almost in a misty satisfied haze that they bought his story, "Yeah, I will next time."

"Hmmm," Was all Kurapika responded with; the expression on his face was so solid it was impossible for Killua to determine either if they had been caught red handed in a lie or not. But nevertheless it gave him a huge wave on anxiety.

"Aoi, Gon. Can you umm come with me to get more a..err, straws?" Killua said searching for a reason to walk off and talk to Gon alone.

Unfortunately Gon didn't catch on as he slurped his milkshake loudly, "Why do we need more straws?"

"Maybe I wanna share my shake with you?!" He blurted forcing his eye not to twitch as took Gon up out the booth by his hand.

"Oh, okay?" Gon mumbled following behind Killua as they headed over to the island stand loaded with napkins, cups, forks, spoons and straws. They basically strutted over there, even though Killua didn't mean to cause a scene eyes were glued to them the second they reach the condiment island.

So the taller boy couldn't go off like he wanted to in contrast, Killua let out an aggressive whisper demanding, "WHAT FUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

Gon blinked confused, asking, "Huh?"

"You lied to them. I gave you those marks!"

"Oh, yeah...and?"

"No, there is no and! Why are you covering up for me? I freaking beat you!"

"I know it was an accident, Killua, that's why." Gon told him firmly a fire lighting in his brown eyes warning the other not to say anything otherwise. He took a step forward pressing his head on Killua's shoulder; the warm motion spreading throughout both their bodies, "You didn't mean to do it, right?"

Awkwardly Killua gave Gon a hug. Not wiling to confirm or deny that statement. He just began mumbling, "You do realise how hypocritical this is one your part, when you were lecturing me about how lying was wrong yesterday."

Now it was Gon's time to be knocked off guard as his calming expression fizzled, "Yes, but you also made a point yesterday that lying is okay if you're doing it to help another person." Swallowing uncertainty Gon sucked his teeth lightly as he twisted a finger in Killua's soft white hair. "Killua, your my boyfriend. I don't want bad things to happen to you because of me."

Killua could have swore he heard the irony in that statement like he was supposed to be saying that to Gon instead since he was in truth the dangerous one. He was the one endangering the both of them, even just by Gon standing next to him right now wasn't good. It was like signing his soul away to the devil. Gon didn't deserve that; Killua knew that his brutal actions shouldn't be spared.

"Listen, Gon. Bad things are going to happen to me, with or without you." Killua murmured, his hands tightening around Gon's back as he inhaled the fresh smell of his cologne~the maple wood scent filled him. "Being around me is like drinking your own poison. So don't worry about me."

Gon tensed up slightly a bit, making Killua pull away to see pretty brown lovely eyes filled up with anger. Almost terrified that he had said something wrong, Killua grabbed his flower from Gon's hand, then gently placed it in his spiky black hair, the rose fitting in natural look that was plain yet enhancing.

He flashed a smile at the sight, of Gon with a flower in his hair. Telling him, "It looks cute." Killua found him self saying that since he had no clue what else to say or do to comfort his boyfriend.

As if ignoring Killua's compliment all in general Gon muttered lowly, "I told my aunt Mito the truth about you...Well at least all that I know. I got in trouble for it."

"That's...why you haven't been answering my text?"

"Yes, I got my phone taken for... I don't know how long. Probably a hell of a long time."

"I lost control got too mad, all I could see was red."

"It is your fault, but I FORGAVE YOU. It's her who can't FORGIVE YOU. I know you're not all that acting you put up to be! I know that inside is a kid who just wants to be a kid but doesn't know how."

"Baka! You keep saying that, but do you even hear the words that come out of your mouth?!" Killua growled his white bangs covering his monstrous blue eyes as they dilated a strong current of electricity gushing through him. "You just keep talking about that madness caring about other people and not yourself, it makes you weak!" He clenched his fist, ready to slug a good throw at the smaller boy right now. Weakness had to be destroyed.

"No, it will prove I'm strong!" Gon declared his forehead pressed up against Killua's their skin melting together like an atomic bomb ready to explode. "Caring about others is not a sign of weakness. It's something you're supposed to do for people that you like."

This was a new methodology that Killua had never figured out it was nothing that his parents had said, in fact the commands sizzled in his brain, was to do what it takes to survive. Yet here Gon was helping him when Killua wasn't exactly sure what he did to earn all this trust and acceptance yet he welcomed it with his full open heart. That was the part that dully pissed Killua off, he couldn't seek out where all that happiness came from; he couldn't figure out a way to expose it at his own will. Even when he touched Gon all that energy jumped around him in a mad buzz, it was unhinged always begging to be realised.

It was almost alarming how brightly his sun shined especially when Gon let a sincere smile cover his face widely. "So Killua, don't fret okay? I'll be here for you!" His pearly white teeth out on display as his rosy cheeks matched with his newly perked up attitude.

He dove in to give the taller boy another big hug only to have Killua murmur a very ticked off, "You can be such an adorable stupid idiot." The teen angrily punched the power outlet overriding the system, as he sent mad voltage shooting through his fingers extending it to all corners of the tingling zap it didn't give him chills to release like he used to, providing true to his theory that as long as Gon was around it would flow smoothly. The lights flickered out dim then only light coming in the place was from the front large window near the door outside, so the back of the place where Gon and Killua stood holding each other was mostly dark. Prompting Killua to shyly whisper as he was breathing angrily and rather roughly, "See what you made me do?"

"I'm sorry. Guess my superman kryptonite rock doesn't work on your powers."

"Gon, I don't have any po-"

"Stop lying to me, Killua! I'm not dumb! I read enough comics to know!"

"Your comics are fake."

"Only a REAL superhero would know if it's fake or not."

"I'm not a superhero! Stop saying that bull! You're pissing me fucking off again! Just jump off my case, alright?"

"Only because, I know you have to keep your powers secret." Gon numbly raised his hand tracing Killua's sharp jawline all the was to his chin, in a move to calm him down while admiring the shape and feel of his skin on his own. Reaching his lips, before mumbling softly, "I think I can make things better?"

"How?" Killua said gritting his teeth frustrated at his own actions. He had just freaking blacked out a stupid ice cream parlor now everything would freaking melt. It was all his damn fault. Well at least might get a kick out of hearing some unfortunate children cry.

Blinking up at Killua with the sight in his hazel dreamy brown eyes never leaving his lips, "If we kiss... May you kiss me? I've been thinking about it ever since what happened in the closet." Gon requested, titling his head to the side cutely, the rose petals flowing to match his movements as he pressed his body onto Killua's so not only their foreheads were touching.

The older boy smirked a bit, tossing some of his white bangs out his eyes. "Why the hell not." Killua meshed his lips against Gon's smooth baby soft ones; at first it was airy until it unloaded into pure bliss.

Sugary sweet like a warm sprinkled sugar cookie fresh out the oven, their mouths clashed sharing that delicate satisfying flavor. Both their lips melted together like a chocolate chip shimmering to gooey delicious mouth watering melted riches. Not one second did they wanna break apart or crumble the cookie baking between them.

A slight laughter slipped out the shorter boy's lips it was such a wonderful pure god blessing laughter that the other swore it could heal all sickness especially when that perfect covered face lit up like a single flame in an all dark room. Bright white teeth shone through as a vibrant chuckle ringed pleasantly in the taller boy's ear, the source of such a sweet sound chilling right in front of him.

"Sunshine...mmm, stop that," Killua scolded as he pulled the Gon closer to him babbling as their lips mashed in between sloppy breaths, "Someone will hear us..."

"I imagine so... we're in public." Gon chuckled out unable to hide his childish laughter as he watched Killua fumble about where to place his hands on his body. They traced up and down his back so much trying to find a proper spot to land that Gon arched into them, groaning lowly.

Killua almost let a smug look crawl on his face but kept it down as he rolled his lustful blue eyes, "I mean you aren't a bad kisser for first time."

"I learned from YouTube." Gon hummed out halfway panting as he twisted a finger in Killua's hair playfully, "Save myself some embarrassment."

"You learned from YouTube?"

"YouTube has everything. Even how to tie your shoes backwards. HahHahhaaa! Ahaha~! You don't know how much time, I spend on there." A bright crackling spread on Gon's face meltdown into the kiss that made Killua's heart go, 'boom' like a rapid out of control speeding train. The boy flicked his white locks from his eyes making them shimmer through as he turned his head allowing their teeth to crash together.

It felt too good to be true, and it was definitely better than what all the Youtubers had said. Not like that would have mattered if it wasn't that good, they enjoyed just being in each other's company. Kissing each other was a small slide dash of bliss. Plus their lips seemed to attract to each other like opposite ends of a magnet that had a pull so strong it was almost impossible to separate.

"I don't care, it sounds ridiculous." Killua contracted speaking between their lip mashing, his nimble chilly fingers dashing up Gon's back under his shirt enjoying how the shorter boy trembled to his touch. "I mean you should spend your time with me, not watching YouTube. So we can do things."

"What type of things?"

"Explicit content."

"Oh..." Gon mumbled licking over his teeth, "Well if you can't say it out loud it must not be that bad.."

Killua snorted loudly almost gagging as they exchanged spit between each other's mouths, "Shut up, that's not true." Killua nibbled down on Gon's bottom lip in response, prompting a slight cute cat mew from the shoter boy. The sound was so freaking adorable it almost made Killua's heart stop as he paused for a moment trying to recollect what had just happened; his eyes dashed upwards to meet Gon's hazy one's. They beamed down at him uneasily, almost shy and bashful.

"Sorry, I….n-never, made t-haaat sound be-be-before." Gon stuttered tripping over his own words not able to find a single explanation for the cat like mew from his throat. Rubbing up and down his windpipe awkwardly, as if searching for the source of this strange outpour of affection. "Must be because, I'm starting to feel hot and strange, like I did in the closet."

"Fucking burnt biscuits!" Killua cried out, with embarrassment as he threatened to pull away from Gon who seemed way too touch up his body happy. "Why does this always happen when we're in public?"

"I don't know! Why would I?" Gon moaned leaning forward even more for the heat off his lips to drift onto Killua's as slow and lovingly as he could make it, gently grinding on his leg, as their hearts seemed to beat in perfect harmony for a few seconds.

Giving enough time for Killua to get wrapped up into his own candy land, from their minty wind stinging the clips of their teeth as they occasionally brushed resulting in chills down both their backs. Fantasies of a never-ending chocolate volcano exploded in his mouth as he sucked lightly on Gon's lip careful not to pull blood by biting down with his teeth.

It wasn't until the lights started to regain power from probably a back up generator that Gon and Killua finally separated their lips away from each other. A thin thread of spit still connecting them until Gon gently gave a quick dry kiss to the corner of Killua's mouth. All the 16 year old could pant out was, "Holy crap, that was fucking hot."

Gon nodded in agreement, clinging to Killua numbly just wanting to feel his space and air to share the moment with him. "I liked it. Can we do it again?" The shorter boy licked his lips ready to make out even longer in the corner.

"Not here, plus Kurapika and Leorio will wonder what happened to us." Killua said, brushing Gon down slightly looking at the bulge in his pants saying, "It's better if we don't get so excited in public anyway..."

"Aw..." Gon complaints were met with deaf ears as Killua motioned to move and follow closely behind. An act of more so Killua dragging Gon away from their first kiss/make-out corner. The people this time seemed to pay them no mind and most of them seemed to be arguing over the power outage demanding how the hell that happened when it was a perfectly good clear day today. To which Killua purposely sped up walking avoiding eye contact to not be guilty.

Still the reaction given was noticed by the shorter boy who tugged on his white t-shirt asking, "Hey, Killua.."

"No Gon, we're not talking about sexual stuff here."

"That wasn't my question at all!"

"So you don't care about the rock in your pants?" Killua teased purposely leaning over and whispering in Gon's ear ensuring his hit breath was tickling it just to tease the boy.

Flinching back Gon squealed a shaky, "Killua...s-stoop! S..sstop it!"

The taller 16 year old laughed, pulling Gon into a hug sweetly with his arm around his shoulder giving him a quick smack on the cheek with his lips. "It's so cute to see your reaction, too innocent." Lowly Killua murmured taking a mental note under his breath, "I can't wait to see you completely heart broken and devastated."

Gon blushed, his black hair jiggled as he shook his head, "Ya know, I've changed my theory from before, no superheroes exist in real life. The world is too evil, too cruel. But I'm convinced…" Biting his tongue for a quick second Gon could no longer hold back his grin; vibrant excited light blessed his eyes as they shimmered admirably gazing up at Killua. "That super villains exist! You're a super villain aren't you, Killua?"

For a good while Killua felt his heart stop, eyes shrinking in the white of his pupil as he looked down at Gon who was completely clueless to the danger he just uncovered. But he figured that Gon would be able to see through his lie and ultimately he'd damn himself by confirmation of such a fact. So what did he do? What did he say?


There are somethings that didn't need answering unless it would end up digging a deeper hole of mess. Killua simply regained his composer, doing his classic art of planting a smile on his face all the way until they reached back to their main booth.

Shyly Killua planned to be cool calm and collected when he returned to his seat but of course Gon crashed those goals. Soon as the teen saw his friends again, he grinned widely, "We're back! In the dark, we got loss getting napkins."

Leorio wrinkled his brow, scratching his beard with confusion, "Napkins, didn't you go get Straws to share drinks?"

Automatically Gon's eyes went wide drawing blank upon his own miserably failed story. Killua face palmed, resisting the urge to roll his eyes as he watched Gon slip into the booth trying to cover up things after the fact saying, "Yeah, that's what I meant."

Leorio seemed ready to toss in an objection of some sort but Kurapika stepped in between then specifically targeting Killua. Okay, Killua knew why him but refused to acknowledge it. Not like he actually had done something to Gon to make him lie like that. That was over 100% done on the other's teen free will. Killua knew better than to blackmail someone over petty shit like that.

Kurapika steadily looking over between the both of them with his grayish almost dark black eyes. His voice was almost deadly enough to make anyone crumble to confession. "Where are the straws then?"

For a quick second Gon and Killua both looked at each other with an expression reading, 'I thought you were gonna grab them!' Their perplexed faces were like mirror images of each other.

Trying to save the day as usual, Killua slide his milkshake over to Gon, "Ya know what? We decided we didn't need them because..." the teen seemed to be searching for an excuse to drop out of thin air.

It did thankfully from Gon who wrapped his mouth around Killua's straw, sipping some of the milkshake before burping out, "Sharing is caring so, might as well share the same straw too!" Guess so it made sense after they had just got done kissing sharing enough DNA to make a baby between the two of them.

"Do you know how many illnesses are spread like that?" Leorio contorted shoving his hands in his pockets, "Did you even check to SEE IF HE HAS ANY SICKNESSES!"

"Don't go all doctor on me!" Gon pouted folding his arms insisting, "I just wanna share a shake with my boyfriend is that so wrong? Kurapika, tell Leorio it's not a crime to do so!"

"Why are you dragging him into this?"

"He's the only one who can put you in your place sometimes."

"What does that mean? I don't have a place, I'm a grown man!"

"A greedy man child cry baby." Killua threw in, coming to Gon's defense.

Leorio unleashed a troubled, "NO I AM NOT! I AM A GROWN MAN! I work at Papa John's I have an hourly shift!"

"Well you said you aren't old. So you must be a grown man child."

"How did you even come to that conclusion!?"

"If it's Papa John's the pizza place, if Papa John dies, will it be Son John?" Gon said tapping his chin deep in thought.

The sight and sound if how serious Gon actually was about the question made Killua let out a very annoyed, "Oh MY GOD! STOP, JUST STOP!" He grabbed Gon who seemed to be steaming over heating with thought, shaking him frantically. "Gosh, what's wrong with you?"

Kurapika laughed lightly, his pretty blond hair jiggling as his head bobbed enjoying the sight of the two, a smile perking on his lips, "Ah, those two will be fine."

This made Killua's ear twitch upon hearing such, a light fuzzy warm feeling building up in his gut. He'd actually done it and earned Kurapika's approval. Did that mean he was worthy of being Gon's boyfriend now? Did it mean suspicious activity for getting him caught was dropped?

"Honestly, you kids have the most weirdest conversations!" Leorio cut in reaching across the table and rubbing both Killua's and Gon's head roughly informing them. "Papa John does not have a son first of all, he has a daughter..."

The blonde laughed a bit more before his face turned grace to scold Leorio, giving him a slap on the arm saying, "Don't even entertain them or this thought." Kurapika then flipped back to grinning at Gon and Killua cheerfully explaining, "Gon listen carefully, Papa John's is the name of the pizza place. It won't change."

"Really?" Gon murmured as if finally obtaining this valuable piece of information, "Same goes for Wendy's?"

Kurapika nodded his head, "They're called company names."

That's when Killua find began to catch on, from the exchange going on between them. There never was a trial for him be worrying about for going out with Gon or meeting any specific qualifications. The whole time they were just a friendly rowdy bunch of friends hanging out at an ice cream parlor having a good time. Now he'd just been officially inducted into their hang out group. He was IN the group, he was PART of the group.

"We're friends?" Killua mumbled out shakily unaware the vague question had left his mouth.

Kurapika blinked his gray eyes mildly lost asking, "Why would you think we weren't?" A gaze came over his face with that small smile, it was almost intimidating because he closed his eyes and his short cut golden hair fell to the side. It gave a strong sense that he might be willing to commit murder. "Any friend of Gon is a friend of mine. I tend to watch out to make sure Gon makes the RIGHT friends. So I guess I'll have to keep an eye on you."

If this was an episode of the office Killua would be looking dead ass in the camera like, 'I told you so! It's always the nice softies like Gon  Who have the most powerful protective friends. But that's what makes Gon weak, because his friends protect him. He needs to learn. How to protect himself.'

Leorio scoffed at the question looking at Killua harshly, "You THINK...I'd let someone who's NOT my friend call me an old man and GET AWAY WITH IT?" A signature grin passed his lips.

Gon giggled humming out, "We're all friends, here! I told you, Killua. You have nothing to worry about." The same beams of light where shining through the window almost making Gon shine brighter as he reached out taking Killua's hand rubbing their skin together.

"I never had a group of friends before..." Killua whispered his cold blue eyes melting to more friendly than deadly as usual, merging to firmness as he declared, "I don't know what to do, or how to feel."

There was smiles all around the table as Leorio raised his glass in the air declaring, "To friendship!"

Kurapika raised up his milkshake as well saying, "New and old."

Gon raised his up cheering loudly, "For Killua joining our squad!"

Blushing slightly the white haired boy slumped back in his chair but couldn't hide the smile embed on his face. Their nice happy mood was almost contagious not even Killua's overly cautious nature had a level for what he was experiencing. He raised up his milkshake clicking all three glasses together in time with his fourth, he didn't know what to say and the light of his life, Gon, was shining so brightly, Killua was sure he didn't need to speak. With that the four boys tipped their milkshakes back chugging them all down in mood for a delightful brain freeze.

Chapter Text

"So this is your place, Kurapika?" Gon said walking in as his friend opened up his apartment. The place wasn't too huge it was a good medium sized open concept floor plan. There was plenty of light let in from the windows, to make everything look alive.

"Ummm, yeah." Kurapika began, brushing some of his blond hair to the side. He allowed Killua and Leorio to walk in before closing and locking the door behind him. "I almost forgot this is your first time being here, and Killua's too."

"Guess it is…" Killua mumbled looking around at the place questioningly. He couldn't understand how people lived their life in such cramped spaces, the freaking sofa took up most of the living room, then the small flat screen tv was very unproportional. This was really sad if it was how middle class people had to suffer. It was places like this that gave him a reason to never try and make an honest living, it was too hard and more than likely would result in failure.

"You're so lucky, you live by yourself!" Gon exclaimed, wasting no time to jump on Kurapika's large sofa. "You don't have a bedtime or curfew! I have to be home by 9pm!" He stretched out a bit relaxing, kicking his legs over Killua who scoffed on disgust, "This must be the life! Huh, Kurapika?"

For a few seconds there was no answer. It made Gon perk his head up leaning over the top of the sofa. Repeating, "Kurapik-oh!" A light flash of blush came on his face as he watched his friend being shoved against the wall and mashing lips with Leorio.

The 'oh' response grabbed Killua's attention, the older teen smirking. "So that's why, Kurapika invited us here. To get freaky." He caught sight of the two mashing their faces together like animals.

Leorio pulling apart from his boyfriend to yell at them, "Blah Blah! Don't stare it's rude." He turned his head back flashing a grin, "If you wanna see hot gay sex do it yourselves."

Reaching up Kurapika slapped Leorio across the face roughly, "What the hell? Don't say it like that!" The blonde was clearly embarrassed by the bluntness. Sure it was straight to the point, but that didn't make it okay to go off and say.

Stumbling back a bit, Leorio cut his eyes at Killua as if it was his fault he took that beating. Mostly he was probably mad, that he was being cock blocked right now. Cock blocked by some damn kids, that he really didn't wanna bring here. But no! Kurapika had been the one who let them come because of teenage hormones or some stupid shit. Leorio didn't really care, he just wanted those crumb snatchers out of there.

Lucky for him, Kurapika felt the same way. The man walking over to the curtains to pull them close. Telling Gon and Killua, "I have a guest room. It just as a bed in there, if you want…."

A playful gleam flashed in Killua's blue eyes, his mind catching hold of what Kurapika was hinting at. While it made Gon shrink back a bit in the sofa. His brain wiring with embarrassment knowing that he couldn't reject Kurapika's offer since it was more geared up as a command. He didn't say no or say yes. Gon simply took a hint that he was not wanted and dragged his ass up off the sofa.

Killua did so with such a teasing expression on his face, it looked like Leorio was about to slap it off. So the 16 year old made sure to speed up a little bit when heading to the back. Not at lot just a little. He wanted to make sure his message got through loud and clear. Not dropping the smug satisfied smirk till he was turning the corner in the back halls toward the bedrooms.

Almost like a frightened mouse, Gon made his wobbly way behind him. The shorter boy, following quickly to keep up with his boyfriend. "Which room, is the guest room?"

"Haha, who cares?" Killua couldn't withhold a laugh upon hearing Gon's surprisingly cute tone. Reaching for the nearest door knob, he turned it open to reveal a master bedroom. "We're chilling in here."

Cooly Killua walked in, his white hair bouncing as he stood over the fresh newly made bed. Gon didn't move that easily, inch by inch he made his way in. Whispering between them, "But, this is Kurapika's room!" The worry clearly there in his words.

It's not like Killua cared though. Killua didn't care about a lot of things and right now was really not an exception. It was an opportunity. Always capitalize on free opportunity. It was knocking loudly and Killua wasn't about to close that door. Instead he was gonna test the waters to see how far he could do and possibly get away with it. Life was a dangerous game of chance after all, you had to roll the dice to have your way.

Based off the expression on Gon's face the young boy was clearly letting his mind wander off on all the wrong things, when it should be focused on Killua. Killua knew what he wanted and what he was gonna do. Teach Gon where his eyes should always remain on.

"Color?" Killua checked as he towered over Gon. Killua was bigger than him, more muscular, and Gon looked pathetic like this, not really fearful but helpless and flushed red and fucking gorgeous.

Breathing heavily, "Green," Gon reassured lowly. He knew where this was going. Part of his mind was eager to continue though, he had a few doubts so kept his skeptical brown eyes downcast.

"That's right, baby boy," Killua said, leaning down to pepper kisses on Gon's collar bone. Rubbing his jeans against his boyfriend in a slow grinding manner. "Do you want what's coming to you?"

"Nfff…" Gon let out a low howl. Trying to back away despite the pleasure starting to slowly come to him. He stubbornly held his tongue from a moan, "Kurapika said we couldn't be in here.. Can't we just, go f-fii..iind ths gues-sss room?"

Boldly Killua narrowed his blue eyes, slipping his hands down to cup Gon's ass. Feeling the firm rounded skin, plump like a beachball. The older could have toyed with it instead scolding, "No!" Killua slapped Gon's ass rashly. It made the other teen yelp in a blind surprise. He hadn't gotten a spanking since he was at least 9 years old.

"Killua…." Gon whimpered, squirming against him. He could see Killua's feet kick close Kurapika's bedroom door, officially locking them inside proving that he was gonna get his way.

"What? Do you want me to choke you? I told you, I always GET MY WAY, Gon." Killua warned, petting over Gon's rear, half teasingly and half comfortingly.

"Yo..your way?" Gon moaned, trying to use the friction of Killua's chest against him to get off.

"Yes, MY WAY." Killua snapped. He roughly guided Gon to the bed frame. The shorter boy shaking a bit with great interest as Killua carefully pushed him on his back onto the bed.

Curling up on Kurapika's bedspread, Gon swatted at the air. "No offense, but your way gets us both in trouble."

"Yeah, but you know my way rocks." Killua taunted, crawling over Gon's body, crowding him in against the mattress as he cowered shyly. "We could go right now, my hard dick rawing your hole till you scream, baby boy." His slender pale fingers dragged along Gon's body. Even though the other's cloths he was making a mental map of it.

The touches making Gon gasp out, "T-thaat.. that's dirty, Kill-uuaah!" A noticeable red tint gracing his heated peach skin as he began to shyly curl up in a little ball.

"Hmm? So that's a no?" Killua mumbled. Not really shocked by the answer, but a bit sexually upset for himself. Tracing his fingers to Gon's jeans and feeling the bulge he commanded. "Fine, strip then."

Once more Gon had hesitation, but the fire in Killua's eyes pushed him onwards. He shyly bit his lip as he pulled off his, pants and boxers. Leaving his entire lower half exposed for the older boy to see. Meekly covering up his erection, he squeaked out, "Happy?"

Killua looked down at Gon's member, it was meh. Could be better. There was always room for improvement. But Killua had to plan to pipe up for that now. It was time now, to put Gon back in his place.

"Ya know, I'm a pretty nice guy. When I want to be." Killua started off saying placing Gon in his lap to sit down on the bed. Gon didn't really weigh alot, but he was probably more heavier than Killua, not like that was a problem though, he was strong. Plus, feeling that nice little ass in his lap felt good. "Only one thing pisses me off, WHEN I DON'T GET WHAT I WANT!" Killua hissed, slapping Gon's erect cock once, firmly, as Gon cried out in pain.

The smaller boy recoiling back against his boyfriend's hard rock chest, "Ahh! Ki-Killua!"

"I'm sometimes… I just don't know what I'm gonna do…" Killua started roughly stroking the heated hunk of flesh. "I might loose control.. You know, how I get Sometimes Gon." A slightly demented look flashed in blue eyes as they seemed to be gazing up outwards at the wall lost in a train of thought.

"I do, crap! Killua, please—" Gon posited, choking when Killua gripped his engorged cock unforgivingly.

"I don't like people who don't listen to me." Killua grit his teeth, as if reflecting on a bad memory. He started smacking Gon's balls once before letting go altogether. Gon's entire groin throbbed, aching and aroused, as Killua sat back to straddle him. "It seems you needs to be taught a lesson. Good baby boys know how to obey."

Gon groaned, the scene starting to cloud his mind. What the hell had he gotten himself into? Killua was like a crazy unstable time bomb ready to explode at any second. The danger was deep. But he loved it, Killua's strict pain loving nature and yet his gentle but firm undertone. Gon felt like he should be good for him. Just to see how things would go. Killua was unpredictable after all. Plus he had a feeling he would get treated so well, brought so much pleasure even if Kilua denied him a little first.

"Please, I'm sorry," Gon choked out, pretty tears like diamonds forming in the corner of his shut brown eyes. "I can be good, please! Killua, I'll show you I can be so good for you, please! I'll be so good, so—"

"You better be, you little sunshine droplet." Killua said with a low growl even though clearly the threat was less menacing. It made Gon smile a bit which Killua ignored as he lifted himself off him, flipping him over onto his stomach. "You're gonna pay for being such a goodie-two shoes, suck up."

Gon groaned against the pillow as Killua pushed him to his knees. Maybe That's all he had to do: suck Killua's cock until they both came. But Killua had wanted to draw out the game, make this moment last. Until Gon was completely dominated and understood where he stood. To make sure, Gon regretted being bad but he couldn't regret getting Kilua's dick to pulse for him. He wanted to hear all the sounds his boyfriend could make, every position that lovely shape could curve into.

Fuck. Gon's cock throbbed, pleading to be touched again. Yet Killua was bitching and toying with him. No matter how many mews Gon cried out cutely babbling, "Ahh..ughhff. Right there!" It didn't help his case but make him look like a needy slut.

However Killua's eyes ate up the performance his eyes memorizing every part of it, "Truly a shame," He smirked, stroking a hand down Gon's back. "I wanted you to make those faces for me while riding my cock. Did you ever think about that?" It was true that Gon's fearful movements sparked a certain fire in Killua making his smug look on his lips grow.

Soft black curls bunched up on the pillow as Gon flexed his hips against Killua's . "I'm ssss-sorry...I-I..I didn't think." He purred lightly satisfied with the little bit of pleasure able to be given to him.

"Damn, right you didn't." Killua scolded as he climbed off the bed. Shifting around in Kurapika's drawers, "Let's see what, fun toys he has in here.." He reached under the layers of clothes neatly stacked on top of each other, moving most of the stuff around.

"Killua," Gon groaned weakly, his body scorching longing for more contact as he just remained spiraled out on the bed. "That's Kurapika's stuff, we shouldn't touch it."

"Shut up! I do whatever the hell I want. I touch whatever the hell I want." The white haired male sneered, before finding his search a success. He let out a small hum, pulling out the drawer with a pair of handcuffs and a cock ring.

For a few seconds Gon couldn't believe that Kurapika was actually a kinky person like that. The blonde seemed so nice and sweet who knew he'd be a freak in the sheets. Blinking his brown eyes from his foggy vision, "I can't.. believe this.."

Killua chuckled darkly, as he returned to the bed. "Well believe it because…" With his pale fingers reaching around to grab Gon's cock, tight enough that it'd feel amazing if he started stroking but not enough to hurt. "You Feel that, baby boy? This is mine. I own this dick, I own it's orgasms, I own when you cum and when you don't. I own every fucking beautiful inch of you." His tone was almost possessive more than angry it was so stern. Killua's hand started pumping Gon like a car at a gas station just to get him going as if to prove a point. "You can't control yourself so I have to be in charge of your pleasure. You should be thanking me for all I do for you."

Gon found no faults in this moment, with his head foggy and mind hazy he reluctantly agreed "Ahhh! Thank you, Killua, thank you, please—!" Throwing his head back cutely his pink lips parted, "Pump fasted."

Killua decided to comply stroking a bit faster. "See this? See all I could have done for you! But you wanted to be nice. You wanted to play nice..." The older teen had moved closer, spewing filth directly into Gon's ear while he jacked him off. "Well, life isn't always nice enough to work out like that."

The poor younger teen was so close, so beyond words he couldn't articulate a proper warning. He was screaming. With that freaking cute whiny vocal cords. Loudly screaming, "Killua! Killua! Ahh, I..I can-an d-do better!"

Unphased by the declaration the other started to slow down. "Mmm, sure then color, Gon?" Killua prompted before carrying on.

"Greeeeen!" Gon wailed. "Please, please, please! Please, I'll do anything!"

The sound was almost irrationally annoying to the older boy. He longed for more kicking and screaming. "Look at you! Still begging and being all nice." Killua had this dark look come over him and suddenly shifted his grip to the base of Gon's cock like a vise, staving off his orgasm abruptly.

"No!" Gon cried rawly. A high pitched scream escaping from his lungs when he felt Killua slide and tighten the cock ring into place, face beet red from exertion. "No, no, no, please!" He let out a slight scream.

"You still ain't learned nothing," Killua spat, smacking Gon's ass once more for good measure, watching those cheeks bounce. "I make the rules around here!"

"I obey, the rules!" The black haired boy whined almost collapsed in agony knowing his fate was damned to not cum in the cock ring.

"Do you really?" Killua stood up testing Gon as he watched the boy hopelessly roll around in bed, his bare bottom now red from all the spankings. He circled around the mattress a few times, getting a good view of his boyfriend's body from every angle. "Fine then. Shake that cute ass of yours in the air for me." The command was cruelty out of his own desire.

He was shocked to see Gon weakly comply. The small boy getting in doggy style position, his face bright red as his brown eyes shown lustfully he moaned, "Please, seee… look, I'll do whatever you want me." The completely wrecked and needy tone made Killua laugh brutally. His eyes dancing with amusement to having the smaller boy following his lead.

It made the boy shiver at the sound while Killua who plainly seemed to be enjoying himself grinned. Gon was such a good play toy to mess with. He might actually deserve a bit more touch. So Killua decided to help out his cute little boyfriend; and had situated himself in front of Gon, his back against the headboard. Gon was kneeling with his ass up, Killua's hands gently rubbing him, while his head rested against Killua's thigh. Pale fingers lightly traced Gon's legs dry, while Gon stared, mesmerized as Killua varied mood swings. It was unwavering as if he was making a decision. "That was a very good performance." Killua said rambling, "It might make up for some stuff.."

Gon whimpered at the reminder of how bad he'd been, how bad he was going to get it. He rubbed his face against Killua's warm skin, seeking comfort, even though he knew he was bad, didn't deserve it. "Yes! Yes, Killua..." His soft black hair tickled the side of his boyfriend's hand.

"Hush," Killua muttered though his voice was softer, caressing instead of biting. He stroked Gon's cheek lovingly. Gon's eyes fluttered shut feeling the smooth gently touch on him. "You were naughty but you're going to be a good now, right Baby boy? Gonna accept your punishment because you're mine."

Gon nodded against his thigh mutely. Killua made a curious noise behind Gon, removing his hands. Gon twitched his hips back absently, quiet in his anticipation. When he cracked his eyes open, Killua was grinning. Planning something purely evil no doubt. In truth it might be he was completely rotten to the core.

The older boy blew a light kiss on Gon's forehead, "Color?"

A few seconds Gon didn't answer. If he just ignored the throbbing cock ring everything else was so good, he felt so fuzzy, so warm. Killua could hold him gently, cherish him like this, if he'd be good. Next time he would let Killua own his ass. Fuck him to Mars and back. Killua pulled Gon's face away from his thigh, getting a feeling the small male was getting too comfortable. It must have been a correct hunch because Gon opened his eyes, unaware of when he'd closed them. Blinking back to reality Gon mumbled, "Huh?"

Killua asked again in an aggressively sweet tone, "Color, baby boy?" He was ready to tear into him honestly, chain Gon up and fuck him roughly into the mattress. Watch him scream having him claw his nails into his flesh----hehe, what else could Killua crave, he was completely devoted to destruction. His blue eyes twinkled with delight as his ears strained to hear any sound that meekly slipped out of Gon's lips, every little moan and groan.

"Green," Gon replied, moving to grind his hard cock against the bed. He tried to bury his face between Killua's legs again. Longing to feel the warm fluffy sides squash him in. Gon figured he just might be safe if he buried his head and got crushed by Killua's thighs. Maybe it would get on his good side. Oh, Gon would do anything to fix up and get on Killua's good side.

"Alright.." Killua quipped, dragging Gon by the hips across his lap, he lifted him like a person might do a squirming jumpy bunny rabbit that would be trying to escape. His pale hands locking Gon into place firmly as he babied him, pushing his head down to the mattress. "We are only half-way done—now it is time to make you scream my nanme."

Gon didn't know if he could take it, his ass was on fucking fire. His cock hurt with neglect. The poor boy felt like he was falling apart. Even as Killua pressed a gentle kiss to both ass cheeks before shifting down the bed. Gon's pulse thrummed, the kisses made his heart spark up. "No.. no more.. " Gon complained his eyes watering, when Killua kissed his mouth, firm and hot. Tongue dragging along his bottom lip like a joy ride. It was almost out of frustration that all this was going on. It wasn't fair!

Raking his fingers through soft black hair Killua hummed, "Hmm, but baby boy. You're just doing so good, performed so well. ." Gon drowsily registered that Killua was saying actual words. They sounded in his ears like he was being suffocated underwater.

"Can I cum, Killua! Please? I was good, I'll always be good." Gon pleaded while Killua thumbed off his lovely tears. Gon looked so beautiful when he cried. The way his eyebrows would knot up, his brown eyes would break its cheerful barrier, and swollen lips would part with drool. Killua's cock twitched, assessing him. Damn, it was so pretty. Gon looked too damn pretty. He was getting hard.

Killua knew distantly they couldn't send Gon back home in the cock ring. Kurapika would beat the shit out of Killua for being that mean, but in all honesty Killua wanted to see Gon come tonight. He was so enticing when he misbehaved, and he was doing so well now—if they denied him after he tried so hard, it might make him drop. Still that didn't change his enchantment with the entire situation. Killua keeping his cold blue eyes serious, "We'll see,"

Gon glanced up at him through wet eyelashes, earnest, adoringly. He had figured out how to overcome this hellish game. "But….I….Want you to fuck me." He'd play the needy victim card. Damn he'd play it well too, tell Killua everything he wanted to hear from the start to make things right.

Killua blinked, felt a sudden swell of affection. With one simple statement, Gon was making it difficult to remember his punishment wasn't over. He was making it hard, the older boy had to resist stroking him once more. "Mm," Killua hummed, burying his face into Gon's neck affectionately, pressing kisses against the column of his throat. It was almost innocently sweet, if not for the massive erection he sported pressing into Gon's side. Rocking the smaller boy lightly he cooed, tilting Gon's face up toward him.

Huge brown eyes were bright with anticipation, or perhaps tears not yet shed, but there was no mistaking the haze of submission that overtook them. Killua leaned down and pressed a lingering kiss to Gon's swollen lips, and Gon, as if shocked by a live wire, reciprocated eagerly, arms coming up to wrap around Killua's neck. Hoping that this would signal the end of his punishment for a while, Gon let himself run wild. Their hot skin rubbing together sending sparks down each other's body. Biting Gon's lower lip, Killua preened while Gon gasped, allowing him to enthusiastically lick into Killua's mouth before Killua's tongue overpowered his. They tangled together like earlier in the day memories flooding back to the both of them. Killua felt Gon become a little too excited, moaning into his mouth while his cock brushed against his leg, and Killua used the opportunity to drag one of Gon's arms down and lock his wrist in a handcuff, breaking away from the kiss to pull the chain through a post in the headboard. The way his sweaty white locks fell was almost sexy over his venomous blue eyes they were laced with poison and keeping Gon in their trap weakening his self will by the second.

"What's the color now?" Killua asked cheekily almost proud of his work. He was good at being ultimately the best tease, it was funny to see Gon get all worked up.

"Orange..." Gon was mumbling sulking in his pain and Killua finished securing his other wrist above his head. He pleaded on, tilting his face up imploringly.

"What is it, baby boy? Are you hurting in regret?" Killua asked his bit not the least bit concerned. If anything entertained by Gon pulling on the unforgiving chains. He moaned, thrashing in his bonds, arching up searchingly for Killua's body longing to feel more touch, but found he backed away. That was cruel. If Gon wasn't begging he might have gotten bold and kicked Killua in face for that.

"Sorta," Gon said. Wincing a bit at the cock ring tightening by the second. "I just...Want you, please. Killua! Only you!"

"Aw...fuck.." Killua felt his thick wood throb. So he reached in his pants, as he began giving attention to his own hard erection. He'd be neglecting his own needs just to teach Gon a lesson but hearing those cute words had given him chills. His erection was hot and heavy, completely ready to explode, if he wanted to. "Baby boy, sa-aay..say that again." He urged.

Gon felt his heart start to race as He watched Killua's hands go to work on himself, even from behind the older male's jeans he saw the huge bulge moving. A light blush came on his face as he whispered out, "I..ju-just want you, please? Killua! Only you!"

"Fuck, yes...just like that..." Killua almost seemed to pant out as he looked at him. Those brown eyes marveling at him needily, gosh damn, Gon could get him all worked up like this. It was the missing piece of the puzzle Killua knew he was missing. His white bangs covered most of the greedy lust burning in his blue eyes as he beat his meat, staring ath Gon's heavenly face.

"C-can...can I?" Almost in a trance, Gon swallowed recalling all his thought about actually seeing Killua work himself like this. For some reason he wanted to be the one to do it. He wanted to taste dick, smell dick, feel dick.

"Can you what?"

"Can I touch it again?"

Killua cut his eyes at Gon almost accusingly. "This is your fault, baby boy! You did this..." He took one hand out of his pants, a bit of precum on his fingers as he used them to tap on Gon's cheek leaning his face over to get a view of the wood in his pants. Gon flinched back a bit in fear as those finger rubbed off Killua's juices on him, testily he licked them a bit curiously. Making Killua smirk a bit feeling Gon's pink tounge run over them getting them even more wet as he sucked like a piece of candy. Which was just a slight example of what he could do to to Killua's cock, his brown eyes sent his pupils widening enchanted at the sight of it in real life. It was even better than the picture Killua had sent. This was much better, more defined, more toned, the veins seemed to be throbbing aggressively. Killua seemed to notice Gon's admiration and informed him lowly whispered in the air between them, "You, have to take responsibility...sunshine."

Gulping a bit with nervousness filling him, Gon's lip quivered as he spoke, "I'm sorry.."

"Go ahead..."


"I usually don't say this because your in trouble but, go ahead."

"Ahead? Give you head?"

"No." Killua unzipped his pants and lowered his boxers, letting his cock spring free he pointed at it. "You are granted permission to breath on this dick."

Immensity Gon felt like he forgot how to breath as he started taking in oxygen rapidly like a vacuum cleaner just to spit it back out. "Ha...ah! Thank you! Thank you!" He lowered his head, taking a big snip of the delicious masculine scent that was coming from there.

"Aw, there's my desperate cute little boyfriend," Killua taunted, his eyes flashing. "But you're still being too nice, that disgust me."

That and the trail of scars that decorated Gon's body, claw marks that looked animal made done by no other than Killua himself. Even leaving a ring of hickeys like a choker necklace around Gon, the shorter boy would have to work hard to cover everything up. It was beautiful tho, in a messy bloody freak show way. Those wet gorgeous lips that were desperate and panting for air, riddled with bite marks and slightly busted.

Killua pulled Gon away from his dick feeling the hot breath only setting him off more on the edge and he wasn't in the mood to cum all over his little work of art yet. "You should know better."

"I do! I do, I'm good! I been a good boy!" Gon whistled out, trying to strain his neck to reach back over to Killua's cock again.

"You greedy lil, cock sucker! You--!" Killua yanked Gon back by his spiky black hair, the smaller teen was still handcuffed so it made stuff easier. He tossed him back against the bed from roughly. "No! No! No!" He scolded, hitting his boyfriend's cock. Gon squealed balling up helplessly, when Killua slapped his cock, his restricted member so heavy with blood that the tip rested against his stomach. Each slap Killua gave to his engorged prick was jarring, each of his cries sharply increasing in volume as the pain and arousal threatened to consume him.

"Mm, that's right, little baby boy. Scream for me," Killua goaded, his emotions feeding off Gon's pained reactions. "Shit...said I was gonna wreck you, I meant it. That's what this is for." Killua gripped his own hard shaft, his dick still hard as fuck; straddling Gon once again as Gon tried to buck up—only now Killua had him pinned by the hips, tied by the wrists. Killua slapped Gon's cock with his own. Two dicks slapping surprisingly made a ear pleasing sound. Yet like a werewolf Gon absolutely howled, clawing at the sheets as he threw his head back banging it on the pillow trying to will away the pain to explode.

Killua did it again, and Gon froze, jaw dropping open silently and eyes glazed as his cock started twitching wildly in the confines of his cock ring. No seed spilled except for the wet precum coating his shaft, but Killua's stomach coiled tight with the knowledge that Gon was dry orgasming. Coming ejaculation just from having his cock battered. Brown eyes went wide with the younger boy howling in pain. Killua let out a flood of cruel laughter; ran his hands up and down Gon's chest, his flanks and arms until Gon calmed down, whimpering brokenly. His cock was still glaringly swollen, erect, and Killua knew he wouldn't be truly satisfied until he could spill his release.

"Oh, baby boy," Killua said, brushing his palm against the side of Gon's flushed face. "You're so cute when you're riled up. Are you a sucker for pain like me, huh?" Smoothing the fire in his belly he started rubbing his own cock, easily he released with a slight groan, spilling his seed in his hand.

Gon didn't answer directly but he was hissing in unbalanced insane pain. His fingers balling into the sheets, with his voice was getting higher pitched, too frantic for Killua's liking. It made Killua's head spin. 'Gon is acting not right?' The main thought whizzed through him. of course, Gon hadn't endured torture like Killua had, the smaller male shouldn't end up being as strong as him. "Fuck..." Killua hollered, shaking off the cum on his hand and rubbing it on his shirt. Desperately he unsnapped the cock ring without another thought, it was impulsive natural action Killua was on his knees in the bed, trying to calm Gon. He uncuffed his hands, stroking the raw skin that was cut. It didn't seem to help much because now the boy was screeching. Those terrified completely scared brown eyes sobbing uncontrollably, Killua hurried frantically wiping away the tears gathering under Gon's eyes.

It was insane because Killua pressed his finger up to Gon's lips trying to convince him to calm down coaching, "Hush, hush… I know.." He tossed the cock ring to the side of the bed; stuffed the hand cuffs in his pocket to use for another day (not minding the fact he was stealing since on Gon at least they would be put to good use.) Handling Gon's limp body like a rag doll unsure what to do with the teen in his arms. Gon's body was light easy to lift and completely limp. It was strange because for a brief moment in Killua's heart he felt panic. Killua never felt such a way for another person. He definitely didn't mean for Gon to end up like this. He didn't know how to react or what to do. It had to be gay panic filling him. For sure he wasn't getting Kurapika or Leorio, (Oh that would be a nightmare) but he had to shut Gon up some type of way.

Making a rash decision Killua mashed his mouth on top of Gon's. The kiss just being enough to silence the boy with just enough to place him over the edge. Gon threw his head back in relief at having his cock freed, gratefully unrestricted. Lips crossed over each other in a kiss sweetly, for a brief moment. It triggered his, cock spurting all over in thick, white pulses. Killua felt a relieved smile cross his lips as he leaned into the their lip lock, only to see that Gon had halted kissing back.

He pulled away wondering if the younger teen was upset with him, only to see Gon laying in the bed with his eyes closed shut. "He just went to sleep like that?" Killua asked hesitantly; he would hate to push Gon too far. So he figured he probably shouldn't wake him up.

"No," Gon whispered cracking an eye open gazing up at Killua resolutely. His expression softened, though, at the concern on Killua's face. "Just, lay here with me…"

Killua looked at him blankly, still hovering over the boy. "So, the color?" He didn't understand why Gon wasn't smoking mad at him. Hell, he was on the verge of death. Still here was the small boy like a child curling up to him. It was strange, Killua for so long wouldn't have even thought about saving Gon. He was an elite super villains who learned emotions were worthless; feelings would only make things more complicated. No emotions that was just how the family business goes.

Reaching his hand out, Gon tugged on Killua's shirt, making sure the older male went down. Their foreheads pressed together lightly as Gon muttered, "Red. Bright red, We need a break, probably some holy water red and Jesus red."

"I don't need Jesus, Jesus needs me." Killua snorted, but he did roll over beside Gon, Taking small peach hands in his larger pale ones they sat there, for a few minutes. In silence because there was nothing else to say.

Killua figured it was alright to go to sleep, since Kurapika would definitely be their human alarm clock and kick them out when it was time to go. He never really slept with anyone before, but it wasn't really strange. Killua's strong arms found their way around Gon's waist hugging them tight, because he was never letting his little ray of sunshine go. He couldn't allow such a free spirit to roam free like this. It was disgusting. Absolutely nauseating. No matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried-----Gon just kept looking at him with those stupid lusty gleeful eyes craving more. Killua hated those stupid cute brown hazel nut eyes, he hated them so much that he longed to see more of them.

Chapter Text

There was a storm of utter and completely discombobulation that swept over Gon. He stumbled forward a bit off balance, unaware of what he was stumbling towards thanks for his extremely blurry vision. Through those brown hazel eyes nothing but disarray of light waves jumbled through those pupils. Despite his ears ringing he was sure he heard yelling. Someone was getting the hell yelled in and out of them at record time with a boatload of slander on top of it. Then there was a heart jumping terrible door slam. It was loud that remained a reminder of mistakes with a resounding echo that bounced off the surrounding walls.

Reaching out, like a helpless infant child, Gon was desperate to grab onto something. Anything. He wanted the feel of something familiar. Yet his head hurt like a bitch and he couldn't see where the fuck he was going. In a strange thrown off turn of events he found himself increasingly frustrated. His brown eyes started to water, even as he narrowed them to try and get a better view. Everything was watery due to the tears building up in his sockets. It made him even more desperate and upset. Gon's mind couldn't comprehend what was going on and it filled him with total distress. "Whaa..!" He let out a low sob.

"Oh don't you fucking start." A voice said scornfully. As Gon's slender wrist received powerful tug in another direction. The short black haired boy found himself being pulled into a was familiar embrace.

Gon pressed his head against his savior, embracing all he had to offer, his sweet masculine smell, rough scar filled hands, a rock well built body and chest. "Killua..." The name came like a marshmallow melting on a gram-cracker after being roasted on an open fire.

"Yeah, I'm here baby boy." Killua muttered lowly. Cringing up a bit at Gon's wrecked sobbing body crying into his chest. He awkwardly gently started to rub his boyfriend's back.

"W-wwhat happ-ppppened?"

"Kurapika got mad and kicked us out."

"He's mad at me?"

"No, just me."

As if those were the keywords that proved that Killua was an absolute and completely dick for not listening, Gon pulled away. His attitude completely flipping and changing as Gon gently shoved Killua away. Single handedly Gon began sucking up his tears huffing, "Well did it ever cross your mind to be slightly sorry?"

"Sorry!?" Killua snorted out the words mockingly rolling them off his tongue like a rotten banana that went completely mushy. "I don't do 'sorry' or any form of apology. I do whatever the hell I want whenever the I want. Got that.." He crept back up sneakily behind Gon hissing in his ear like a snake, "Baby boy?"

Gon felt himself hold his breath, as he felt Killua's cold fingers on his shoulder. The older teen's chilling touch, ran down his spine. It brought back memories of earlier, the cock ring, the handcuffs, the pain. All of it made Gon's eyes start to water full of tears again. His body felt dirty, yet hot and needy again all of a sudden. Killua's overly aggressive touch was welcomed on his body. Forbidden pleasures filled him that Gon was timidity afraid to make his own.

Killua's sharp nails scooped up his flesh, clawing at the bottom of his skin, he forced Gon to look upwards at him. The taller male asking in a low chuckle, "So have you finally came to your senses?"

Gon was steadily watching Killua's eyes As they seemed to be invading his soul. It made him swallow nervously leaning back into the well built body like a trust fall. He pressed his ear to his boyfriend's beating heart, Gon's interaction was purely innocently driven. He whispered out, "I'm not quite sure. You dressed me right? Fixed me up?"

For a few seconds of what felt like a pure blissful moment for Gon he watched Killua start to reflect. The older male remembering of how Kurapika almost threw a watermelon at his head and how he struggled to make it out of their alive, during Kurapika's weird red eye freakish rampage. it was strange! Killua had never seen anyone go zero to a hundred billion, 'I'm knock your teeth down your throat then make you chew out your own blood gums' in a while. It sorta made Killua wanna go back and rewind to redo it all over again, the excitement that flowed through him was extravagant. Plus he doubted that Gon was placed in any real danger. If anything, Killua figured if he ws really level headed and playing his cards right then, he should have left Gon with Kurapika.

Still if he would have done that, Killua would have passed up the opportunity to dress up Gon's lovely angelic body. Sure they had different clothing styles. Gon loved to dress in a pretty mint green color, he causally wore a green tank top and light blue jeans. It was spin of his style when he mixed up with the dark green combat boots. It was a total contrast to Killua sense of style. Killua's high sense of style was a leather jacket that covered up his white t-shirt. Wishy-washy he'd switch up from wearing jet black skinny jeans and regular leather jeans. The teen had a taste for expensive clothing, while Gon seemed to be attracted to light colors. It was fitting in a strange way to both of their personalities.

"Maybe I did. Couldn't have anyone seeing that cute body of yours but me."


"I'm a selfish sinful creature that's why. I don't like people's filthy eyes gazing upon my gates of heaven."

"Then there. That's your answer."

"No, it ain't answer nothing!" A more grave expression came on Killua's face, his nails digging a little deeper but not binding as if making a blood pack. Those deadly blue eyes focused in on brown; a voice came out gruffly, "Are you afraid of me yet? Do you wanna run and hide away from me yet?"

Those questions had answers that Gon wasn't sure of yet. Killua didn't kill him. Whatever Killua had been after earlier sure it was blind torture yet it was intriguing, from the touch of his hand, from the sound of his voice, from the moment their eyes met each other. Gon had been ready for a joy ride.

"Just like my comics..." Gon muttered lowly, taking a few steps away from Killua. Heading over to the balcony at the end of the hall. Once Gon reached it he laid his arms on the railing. His brown eyes gazing up to the stars that twinkled up above. Subconsciously muttering, "I know my superhero is right here. Even villains can have a change of heart."

It was almost amusing how hard Gon seemed to be wishing up at the stars in the sky. The teen looked out of his mind, his heart racing out of control. Every thought in his mind hazy being completely full of feelings he can't define.

Killua rolled his eyes, clicking his tongue with disgust spouting, "There ya go again sprouting nonsense with your head in the clouds." Strolling up the his boyfriend he leaned over on the handrail beside him gazing into the courtyard saying, "Don't believe the hype."

"I believe my comic books." Gon responded tenderheartedly. His brown eyes burning with passion as he declared, "I believe in the good found in everyone."

"Evil is everywhere." Killua's eyes dropped slightly as he titled his head to the side a slight smug look playing on his lips as he leaned in like he was about to kiss Gon. "Good is commendable." Teasing the smaller boy as he pulled away, yanking him backwards forcefully making Gon stumble in his arms Killua spun him like a rag doll. "Evil's dependable! Evil is viable; Good's unreliable! What if the hero won't make it in time?"

"Ugh! That rarely ever happens." Gon grit his teeth, bucking up not trying to be drained out by logic. The black haired male grabbed Killua by the collar lecturing him, "Good is right sweet and gives lots of thanks!"

Rolling his eyes Killua snorted, pulling out dollar bills in a fanning motion he gave a slight breeze to Gon's body. The light smell of dirty money as Killua bragged, "Evil is giving me bank roll. Since when has being a good two shoes gave you leverage?"

For a good few minutes neither one speaks. Not one word. All the words are in their eyes. For silence speaks, loud and clear, all the words they don't want to hear. Their emotions where spinning around their heads like a steady buzz.

"So you steal money too?" Gon muttered almost in slight disbelief but actually he wasn't expecting anything more from Killua's character.

"No. I didn't steal this. My parents did." Killua chuckled darkly. "How else would we be rich? But soon...I won't need them. I'll make my own dough."

"Making an honest living?" Gon peeped out hopefully.

"Fuck no!" Killua sneered, "I'll steal it robbing everyone blind so the whole world will fear and tremble, completely crumble to their feet till the name that haunts their nightmares is Killua Zoldyck I'll get the ultimate revenge to ensure no one is safe from my wave of torment. Just to have my revenge." Their was a cruel evil laughter that came out his lips. But he caressed Gon's face with the money saying, "Well accept for you sunshine. If you're lucky and behave yourself, I might show pity to make you my queen! I do need you after all."

Gon swallowed an awkward lump in his throat as he felt his heart melt a bit. Almost in foolish thankful forgiveness. Killua would spare him! Killua saw him as a helpful tool that he needed. Gon felt so happy, Killua needed him. No one had ever said that to him before. Still it was that reason that perked his interest.

"Where would you hide it?" Gon questioned not that he was a least bit interested in being Killua's partner in crime but intrigued all the same. "All the money and stuff."

Easily Killua knew what a heavy question Gon was asking, clearly it was for his own insurance to guarantee safety. It signaled that Gon was a smart boy who wasn't about to take anything lying down and let someone step on him. Nor any other motives could have pushed that kind of question.

Killua decided to entertain his boyfriend. There were only two people in the world who knew his secret hiding spot, Alluka and himself. Why not stir the pot and make things interesting? Deciding to add Gon to the loop, Killua spilled the beans. "Ya know the park on the edge of town? I used to play there a lot when I was younger in the sandbox. So I'd probably smuggle my treasures around there, near the base of the oak tree next to the sand box. I figured if I hide it in plain spot no one would ever consider looking there!"

Gon honestly thought that was the most stupid plan to hide things ever. It wasn't creative or outside the box, it was plain. It almost disappointed Gon a bit, it countered his previous comic book super villain idea. Confused he asked out, "Really? Usually in my books, villains have secret lairs."

"I'm not that rich, yet!" Killua snapped huffing out a bit, "Plus what would I do with a secret hide out?! That's just extra bills to pay. I'd rather keep my money to myself!"

"I didn't know villains paid bills."

"Gotta keep a low profile somehow."

"Haha! Ha-haaa!" Gon found himself laughing out loud turning on his side the humor he found in a dramatic twist. It somehow made Killua feel more down to earth with him again. Killua had big hopes, dreams and plans to make something a magical disaster to basically wipe out life as Gon knew it.

That needed to be stopped. Gon figured of he tried hard enough he could flip Killua to the side of light. So slowly Gon pushed Killua's bands of bills away from his face. Tan soft hands falling on top of bigger more rough ones, send a spark down both their bones. Gon couldn't help the fact his face was inching towards Killua like a magnet attraction, gracefully their mouths met. It was a quick dry empty kiss. Brief moment of them both feeling clarity with their lips on top of each other and their hearts beating as one.

It was a crime and shame, yet true to their cravings to be satisfied all the same. Both their emotions were a sin with no name. Yet Killua cocked Gon's head more upwards towards his own greedily, a new bursting flame inside of him wanting to taste Gon with his treasure cove of flavors. No remorse and no shame filled him as he mashed their lips together once more this time shoving his tongue in Gon's mouth and greedily shoving it around sucking out the very saliva. Killua was hungry like a wolf for Gon, he was ready to eat the younger male alive the second he got. Time was on his side after all, the moonlight danced in his hair all over his face to darken features that made him look like a predator. Oh, he was one. After so long feeling like an animal trapped behind bars at the zoo he now could run rampant and free. Predators live on the prey they pursue. And Gon was an easy catch becoming play-doh in Killua's hands.

The smaller boy slurped up leaning his head back to give Killua more access to his body. Gon flinching as Killua's hot heavy breath tickled his smooth peach skin. "Ahh," Gon breathed out in between the kiss huskily as his boyfriend's hands started to roam his body. Eagerly his nipples were perked up, as a light pink blush covered his heated cheeks.

"This?" Killua whispered catching a lungful of air. His hands all over Gon, all over his boyfriend, all over his sunshine.

"F-fuuuccc! Yes, please...mmm~!"

"Scream for me."

"I-iitt...willl-wake up the entire complex though!"

"Then pant it out."

"Killua! Kill-uuuaah! Killua-ah! Kiiiiil-lua! Killua!"

A new feeling of power and drive that Killua had never known, was making him feel alive! He wanted to hear Gon keep panting out his name from that cute little mouth of his. Killua craved to hear more; lust like a raging desire, filled his whole soul with its curse! Burning with primitive fire, a new berserk tone had struck accord. Killua ran his tongue over where he had marked Gon's neck at. Loving the dense tense feeling that made Gon press heavily against him. The smaller boy wasn't squirming but his neck burned the more his boyfriend harassed the tender skin. It almost felt like it had a kink in it, for his senses were more heightened than numbing. Killua traced his fingers around Gon's cute figure.

His. Gon belonged to Killua.

Completely enhanced by the moment he found himself attacking the spot again. He wanted the marks there forever permanent.

Hell, Killua wanted to toss Gon to the ground and fuck his ass right here and right now. He wanted to beat it raw. Hear the boy choke and gag screaming his name into the clouds.

Gon knew he was dealing with a fucking monster. It was like a cruel heartless demon laid dormant under Killua's skin until someone flared it up. Every part of Gon's brain knew Killua was insane and getting to involved with him was insane. Yet crazy was lured to crazy, so Gon's body was prepared to handle the worst of it. If this was hell, then for one Gon was slightly expecting it to be a hell of lot hotter. He actually wondered how bad Killua, could actually be.

The black haired boy crossed his arms a narcissist smirk plagued his lips. It was like all traces of sadness of despair ridden state had been mauled. He pushed away from Killua feeling high and mighty enough to bring up the topic on both their minds. "You're gonna have to do better."

This brought to a stunning train crash of all Killua's fantasies as he muttered out, "What?" The mood seemed completely broken.

Now Gon was purely gloating on himself. Not even caring that it was right outside Kurapika's apartment in the hall he still ranted out. "See we can't fuck now because we're in the hall. That's what you get for not listening to me! I told you not to be crazy! But look what you've done. Ya done screwed up your friendship with Kurapika even after it just started, then cock blocked yourself."

Killua's eye twitched, with his mind wavering on firing back, 'What the hell would I need with some damn friends? They can be a damn nuance! I am probably better off without any.' Instead he bite his tongue, shoving his hands in his pocket he raised an eyebrow challenging, "Eh? So then you better fix it!" For the record Killua didn't just mean the friendship he meant his dick problem too.

"Me? Get you on good terms with Kurapika?" Gon turned around so that his brown eyes met blue. Playfully he tugged on Killua's shirt teasing, "Why? Because you don't wanna be classified as school shooter material anymore?"

Rolling his eyes Killua brushed the smaller boy off, starting to walk away. "Your right, never mind trying to make friends is pointless." He never needed any kind of extra stress in his life, if Gon wanted nothing more than to play games.

"Wait!" Gon stumbled along the apartment walkway, trying to catch up with his boyfriend. "Killua! I'm joking! I'm sure they wanna be friends with you! Not just because your the one guy everyone ignores and that they fear might snap someday."

"Pff.." Blowing some hair out from over his blue eyes Killua sighed. Gon took his hand up in his own lovingly as dreamy brown eyes gazed upwards. Killua trued his best to ignore them saying, "I don't care what those bastards think of me. Damn them all to hell."

"Yeah!" Gon chirped up a slight smile playing on his face as he hugged Killua warmly reassuring him. "All you need is me. It can be just you and I defying gravity."

That proposal gave a completely fuzzy feeling all over Killua's body, as his blue eyes flashed down at Gon warningly. "Sunshine, If you're gonna stay by my side just know: I'm through accepting limits because someone says they're so. I don't care about laws, made to restrict people never letting them be free and go. I'll do what I want even if there's not a justified purpose. I won't be a good tamed boyfriend if that's what you're searching for."

A slight smile of acceptance came on Gon's face as he muttered, "Some things I cannot change. But till I try, I'll never know!" He was referring to Killua's personality either the older boy got it or not it wouldn't matter. Nothing in the world could pull Gon down it seemed at the moment.

Killua sighed pulling out of the hug and taking up Gon's hand in his own offering, "I can God Speed run you home?" Gon wrapped his arms right around Killua's neck and placed a kiss on his lips in response as he was lifted off the ground.

Chapter Text

The sensation of running fast as lightning was very enjoyable once you wrap your mind around the fact that you were moving faster than everyone and everything around you; if someone blinked they would barely even see a blur. Gon found himself actually starting to like it. With his head tucked under Killua's neck as he held on tight to his boyfriend, the fresh crisp night wind filled his lungs and his brown eyes were glued to the comic book in his hands, obviously caring less about the blur jumbled mess of sights around him. Gon could read comic books in any situations, no matter what he was certified comic book reading pro.

His eyes scanned the page only to keep being drawn back in by an advisement in the bottom left corner. "Holy shit! It's so awesome!" Gon found himself muttering out completely engaged and magnified by the magnificent glory of the picture of the real life green lantern ring ad. "Just look at it, Killua!"

"Gahhhh! Gon, honestly what the fuck?!" Killua found himself overwhelmed by the sudden storm of pages in his face. He felt his legs start to wobble with uncertainty and he let out a slur of curses, "Damn it, Gon! Do you want me to crash getting in a car accident!?"

"But you're not driving a car."

"Do you want me to hit a car?"

"No, but even still it wouldn't be called a car accident."

"The point is not the car accident!"

"Huh? So why'd you bring it up?"

"Because if you keep---Fucking move the comic already! I can't see!"

"Look at this awesome, green lantern ring tho!"

"I'm gonna crash!"

"You're right, it does cost so much cash! Yet it looks so awesome!" Gon exclaimed only to have Killua angrily swat the comic out of his way right before they would have ran into a tree, he quickly moved his feet to change direction.

"What do you want it or something?" Killua was almost screaming and was literally two inches close to snapping.

A playful smile came on Gon's face as he sung out a gleeful, "Of course, I want it! I love it!"

'Love?' Killua found his head start to get discombobulated. Why would Gon love that object? What makes someone fall in love? Is it their face, the sound of their voice, the touch of their skin? No---those petty obsessions is what makes lust. Love is different, it's falling for a person's personality. That's what makes love so scary. Because Love is when you like a person for who they are no matter what they do, because you will always see the best in them. That's why love was disgusting, because it was ever forgiving and unconditional.

"It makes me sick.." Killua muttered under his breath; he swore he could feel himself about to throw up at the thought. The teen didn't know what he was looking for in Gon, maybe it was just to use him as tool, without any sense of companionship. If strings of affections started getting attached, that would make things messy.

"Hmm?" Gon looked up at his boyfriend. A curious look in his brown eyes as he asked, "What running fast? I mean, you really don't have to run this fats if you wanted to. I'd be fine with a nice walk home too. I don't mind long as it's with you."

"Ughh!" Killua groaned feeling his face heat up as he looked at the smaller boy he was carrying home in his arms. What was wrong with him? What was wrong with Gon? Why was something just not right here?

Gon stopped holding the comic book with both hands, and leaned his free one up to press gently against Killua's forehead. His warm skin, and temperature felt normal without breaking a fever. "You're just really sweaty." Gon said coming to the conclusion that Killua was probably tired and complaining. "You wanna stop?"

"No!" Killua probably snapped back a little too forcefully, because Gon shyly flinched away. Which was actually kinda heart hurting because Gon's palms were lovely and soft to the touch, they brushed up against his pale skin and white bangs so delicately. Oh fuck, Killua really did need to get away from Gon right now. "You need to get home. Your aunt Mito already hates me! I don't need more grief."

Almost in a somber manner, Gon lowered his head. Whispering out, "I'm sorry…"

'Shit, nice going you dumb ass! Look what you done! Why do you do this shit to yourself? You dumb fuck.' Is what Killua's inner thoughts were scolding him. It made Killua actually consider for a few seconds just jumping off the nearest cliff and back flipping into oblivion. Damn, Killua hated his brain sometimes, it was it's damn fault he said what he said in the first place. If his mind was gonna be this way at least stay consistent with it.

"Stop apologizing! God fuck! You didn't do anything! You always say sorry for shit you ain't done!" Killua stressed.

Gon sighed out. "What should I do then?"

"Just… all you have to do is what I tell you." Killua finally decided on. Figuring it the best way to sum up how he was feeling right now. "You just have to listen to me, alright? Trust me."

"I already do." Gon mumbled lowly.

A slick smile found its way on the older male's face. "Gon, kiss me here..." Killua instructed tapping on the side of his cheek.

Leaning upwards, Gon meekly pressed a kiss on Killua's soft pale skin. His soft lips daintily tapping on skin, in a smooth motion sucking lightly. It made a warm fluffy sensation flow through Killua's body.

"Now, kiss me here." Killua tapped on his lips with his finger. This wasn't really a test of obedience, he was just enjoying the feeling of Gon's lips on his body.

Gon quickly obliged, pressing one good thick smack with his lips on Killua's. It was a quick kiss brief yet enchanting nevertheless it gave a strong sense of dedication.

"Now on my nose." Killua instructed giving Gon time to readjust himself in his arms.

Pink pretty lips found themselves pecking a kiss over Killua's nose and Gon did it pleasurably. A meek friendly smile resting on his lips as he pulled away. "Where else?"

"Anywhere, you want baby boy…." Killua whistled out. "Next time tho." His feet strolled to a stop as he reached the front porch of Gon's house. "This is your stop."

Humming something a bit under his breath, Gon allowed Killua to set him back down on the ground. "Thanks, for bringing me here." The smaller boy said, even if he was out of his boyfriend's arms his brown eyes were still glued to those lovely lips. "Do I get a kiss goodnight?"

"Eh?" Killua shrugged his shoulders almost carelessly. He assumed Gon ha already gotten enough kisses but it was true that his boyfriend was just as greedy as him if not worst. "Fine, fine…"

Gon grinned and gave Killua one more sweet kiss on the lips before saying, "I had fun, tonight. We should do something like this again."

"Mmm, I don't know. I don't think dates are really my style..... But fucking with you is." The older boy said honestly. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy it but he much more would have liked some action. "But hey, can you rip me out that comic book page?" Killua pointed at the one with the ring ad still open.

"Huh?" Immediately Gon's eye twitched as he held his comic book in his arm protectively. "No way! You just said superheroes aren't real! Then you wanna debunk all my theories! What could you possibly want with this?"

"To get something for you. You said that you wanted it, right?" Killua voice filled with a perplexed tone as he randomly ran his fingers through his wild white hair a tad bit nervously. "My family is rich, I could buy it for you."

A suspicious spark came in Gon's eyes, "You wanna buy it, for me? I have to say no, that money is stolen." He tore out the page of his comic book admitting, "I like the thought. It's sweet." handing the page to Killua, the black haired boy kept talking saying, "But I don't accept stolen goods. So if you get if for me, I want to accept it knowing you worked hard to get it. That it truly came from your heart."

'Well fuck that.' Was the first thought that came across Killua's mind. Still he took the paper out of Gon's hands, kissing his boyfriend's fingers with his cold lips it was almost like frostbite nibbling at them. "Whatever you say, but I bet you wouldn't even care about the difference when getting gifts from me, soon enough."

Gon smiled a bit shrugging, not really taking those words to heart too much. People try hard to do stuff all the time, maybe all Killua needed was a bit more inspiration. Wiggling his fingers when Killua finally let go of them their was a firm satisfied feeling in his gut that everything between them would be alright.

Taking a quick glance at the address written on the ad on the comic book paper, Killua smirked. Winking at his boyfriend before, taking off running back down the road. "Later, then!" He yelled out, knowing that Gon had probably headed inside by now.

He could have said more. Yet Killua wasn't sure what to say. They kissed, that was good. Gon had tried to lecture Killua out of his villainous ways again at the last second. That wasn't gonna work. That would never work. In fact, Killua would take this perfect opportunity to lay out a valid proof that being bad was the only way to be good. People ran around stealing stuff from everyone all the time, easy petty things humans would die for. They die for shoes, pants, clothes, it was pathetically beautiful. Killua loved blood, the lovely red color even the hot substance was still fresh.

Killua was evil flushed to the core, and nothing gave him a more exciting feeling than the thrill of murder. He knew that it was just his duty to open up Gon's heart, to such a glorious wonderful sensation. The true meaning of life which was crushing one's enemies benefit their feet, making people squirm in torment and fear. The greatest thing was having people beg on their knees kissing one's feet at the luck of just maybe having their life spared. People were just too fun, easy to control like puppets on a string. Bait them properly and they will do anything.

"I won't make this all for nothing. I'll make Gon into something, worthy of the utmost respect and admiration. Not a toy, better….better than anything my parents can throw at us. I'll make him.." Killua halted talking to himself as he heard his phone ring. Reaching into his pocket he pulled it out and read the contacts. 'Mom' his mom was calling right now. Killua hated his parents, he hated the fact that they always assumed that he went behind their back on stuff. That he was always being sneaky. Not that they were wrong to believe that, he was very sly and had his own hustle to get what he wanted. Yet that didn't give them the right to stay on his back about it. What he parents didn't know would end up hurting them in the long run when he got his revenge, yet for now it was nothing for them to shove their noses in.

Sighing, the white haired male shoved his phone back in his pocket, not even bothering to answer it at all. They weren't that important. His mom could wait. For now, Killua had to focus all his attention on Gon for now. Gon was in need, for some shaping up.

"That's just how our little game is played right?" A smug voice said, that made for some reason Killua pause automatically. The white haired male coming out of godspeed as he dropped the swarm of electricity around his body. Whipping his head around almost frantically to find where it had come from his blue eyes narrowing as he saw the shadow step into the street lights. Not a bit of shock came from Killua as he saw Hisoka step into view. The senior was chilling with his hands in his jacket with a light playful grin on his face. "Killua…"

In a causally annoyed fashion, Killua shoved his hand in his pockets. His eye twitching a bit as he glared at Hisoka almost accusingly. "What the hell do you mean?"

"Gon.." Hisoka said simply. It was a fact at this point that the teen was on both of their minds at the time.

"You stay away from him." Killua snapped bitterly. "You're going out with Illumi, so you have no business having eyes for my boyfriend." It almost rolled out in a possessive tone glaringly his eyes flashed. Anyone who dared mess with something that he laid claim on would get their lights punched out and heart served to them on a platter.

The clown teen chuckled, amused by the sudden bold buck up. It was very entertaining, to him, hisoka had a knack for loving to dig around in places he didn't belong to tir the pot. "Yes, but I can tell in your eyes…" Hisoka's almost cocky look never dropped on his lips as he bragged, his yellow orbs staring into Killua's blue malicious eyes. "You're like me."

"Pfff! Don't say stupid!"

"It's true. You're never satisfied with what you have been given, you wanna take, and take, until you have the whole entire world."

"No, I'm not crazy, LIKE YOU!" Killua spat out rolling his eyes. "I'm doing this to prove a point." There was a fine line between being an asshole and showing people the right way of life. If anything Kilua saw himself as a holy saint, he was teaching Gon the truth. The white haired teen knew all about the craziness Hisoka could do and throw, he went out with his brother after all, those two were nothing but pure trouble. But then again, Killua himself was trouble, so trouble just attracted bigger trouble.

Hisoka's eyes flickered looking Killua up and down for a few seconds as if judging as if he was serious right now. "Sure, that's why you're going to rob this for Gon, right. You're gonna do this all for Gon to get him on your side... To show Gon that you're really a good person... To prove that you can be better than the monster that lays inside your flesh." That was the main thing about Hisoka, he was old enough to learn when to keep his mouth shut, when to blab, and when to get people to do what he wanted. He felt that this was the spark of his existence, to tip the glass at the first thing that took that bait. Yet here, Killua was here almost pathetically, easily biting on the line Hisoka had thrown out. This was rich!

"Hahha!" A slight chuckle escaped Killua's lips as he started to walk away shaking his head. "That's where you're wrong." The atmosphere around Killua almost seemed to change as his whole entire expression darkened, "I embrace the monster that lives within me, we have a neutral agreement of friendship."

Hisoka licked his lips almost in a delightful way. "Is that so? You and Gon's relationship seems to be getting more and more interesting by the second." A chill ran down the taller male's spine as he moaned lowly. "Ahhhh… It's so enchanting! So dangerous so hot so sexy!" A shutter went through his lean fit body, his eyes sparking up with almost insanity.

"You're a freak." Killua said bluntly. He couldn't comprehend what his big brother saw in Hisoka to date a real weirdo like that. "Stay away from Gon and stay away from me!" He started to take off running before he felt Hisoka lay a hand on his shoulder. Those skinny finger feeling like spider legs as they clutched around him, holding him in a tight lock. It was firm like cement and ever so menacing. It had nothing to match with the expression of shock and fear that came over Killua's face.

"I can't agree to that.." Hisoka said slyly, his face turning grave as he practically crushed his sharp nails in Killua's shoulders. They cut deep like knives tearing into flesh like deadly spikes, it made harsh shots of pain shoot through killua's body. Holding him in place as he was forced to hear Hisoka fan boy all over his boyfriend, "I can't keep myself away from Gon. I confess that, I want him. I want him more than anything."

Killua felt his whole entire body freeze even his blood seemed to stop flowing when he heard this. Every part of him tensed up in fear. 'Fear of what?' his brain started spinning completely off the hinge of what was going on. Yet swallowing nervously, he felt such a power and force come from Hisoka, Killua didn't know what to say or do. He felt glued to the sidewalk. No, actually it was more so that he wanted to react but couldn't like a car at a huge red light that was taking forever to turn green. He felt Hisoka looming over him almost in a stern bloodthirsty way. The same bloodlust that he had once been priding himself over earlier.

"But here you a knight and shinning armor." Hisoka's lips leaned in dangerously close to Killua's eardrum. "Keeping my sweet bootful Gon away from me." The last part was groaned out almost dreamily as he lifted his fingers to tangled up in white hair. Running through them like petting a soft lost puppy that was bending to his will.

"I won't let you have him." Killua choked out barely able to find his voice when Hisoka's wet tongue licked the inside of his ear. In completely revolution Killua pushed the taller male away forcefully, he started hissing. "You crazy clown bitch! Crazy bitch!" His hand flew up to cover his ear trying to knock the slobber out of it.

"No, no no…" Hisoka's finger trapped Killua in place, since his finger were wrapped around Killua's hair like a fork did spaghetti. In a playful manner, he spun Killua around teasing him. "Don't you see, you're here causing a problem. So if we're both gonna play that finesse game. It should be a test of who can truly play it better." The tone he sung it out in was almost calming to be a tease. It was freaky! Killua had bout enough of this madness.

"S-stooop!" Killua hissed feeling his face heat up. Easily made a bit of electricity spark down his body, Killua made sure it didn't appear he wasn't joking around. He was ready to roast this man despite anyone at home consequences that would be coming, even if it pissed off Illumi! Hisoka was a real crazy fucker.

"What happened to the Killua with all the attitude? You've been proudly crushing everyone, even messing around with Gon for so long up till now. Hm?" Hisoka's red hair seemed to glimmer under the dark street light. The street was empty, it was so late that no one would be passing by at this time either. It was the perfect place and time for Hisoka to hunt his prey down. His yellow eyes softened as he tugged on Killua's cheek, forcing the smaller male to smile. "I always wondered, what it's like to see a Zoldyck ruined knocked down off their high horse covered in pain and unhappiness. I tried to get Illumi like that once...but even if I fail with him, you're probably gonna look just as lovely." A sinister laugh passed his lips as he watched Killua squirm trying to get away. "HHHAAAHH! I'm getting chills!"

"That would be from my voltage, you crazy bitch!" Killua sneered as he let loose a bit of voltage chain. It was just enough to get Hisoka to let go, and get a good few steps away from the older male. Angrily Killua spat, "Gon is off limits. Try anything crazy with my big brother, and I'll get you both!"

"Yes! Ever so interesting by the second!" Hisoka seemed to fan over it as he hugged himself as if trying to keep his emotions under control. "I can't wait! This game is gonna be so fun! So awesome! Wonder when will Gon be mine? When will you confess your feelings? Can lust beat out a blooming true loving innocent attraction." A fit of losing his mind, Hisoka started jumping up and down chanting, "I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't!"

Killua couldn't stop the feeling of wanting the throw up filling him. If he was feeling sick before, this was for sure like a bit nine thousand times worse. He checked down at the comic book torn out magazine in his hand. 'Hisoka has been watching you and Gon. He saw how you treated him. What you do to him. You have to watch out for him, or take him out. He's a threat.' Killua's mind affirmed. Yet a threat whose a dangerous forced to be reckoned with.


Taking off back running Killua dashed down the street, being sure to move fast just so Hisoka wouldn't catch up with him and for good measure. He went the long way to get to the jewelry shop listed in Gon's comic book. It wasn't far from where he had a run in with Hisoka so Killua went out of his way to make sure there would be no more of that crazy bitch. If anything whatever game Hisoka saw in his twisted mind inclined Killua to assume he'd better start protecting Gon. There was too many people going around thinking they know the deal, when they ain't know shit. It was pissing Killua off.

So maybe that was what made him take out his rage there. Soon as Killua reached the door to enter the jeweler their was random bolts of lighting were shooting from his skin at top power, his fist went flying into the glass door. On impact the glass began to crack, ripples made like in the water as the cracks spread all around similar to the many holes that had been formed in Killua's heart. It was a flood of anger that stormed him, that made the sound of hearing all that expensive glass crumble to the floor so absolutely quenching to his ears.

Honestly the people who planned this place shouldn't have made a door full of glass it, was stupid. The pieces crushed under his sneakers the more he went inside, ruining his nice new sneakers. Damn them. People were really stupidly annoying sometimes. Calmly he stepped around feeling on the walls till he found a light switch; not sweating all the alarms that started blaring at top volume, if the police came he would slaughter them too. He would turn this place into a slaughterhouse to plant his greed aspirations in so they could grow into something beautiful.

When the lights flickered on, Killua's eyes caught sight of his prize. The ring Gon had wanted was just conveniently placed on display. It was in it's own personal display case that thankfully took the task away of smashing every little thing in sight.

"This is too easy.." Killua murmured a bit of a grin baking his lips. He headed over to the display case, he wouldn't even need to use his lightning to do this task. Breaking in and leaving… this was a walk in the park. Why the hell did anyone think he needed Illumi's help to rob a bank? Killua knew he could always do stuff all by himself.

"Hey, you kid!" A man's voice shouted. "What do you think you're doing.

The white haired teen sighed, catching sight of a man with his wife and baby who were by the broken door. Who the hell where they? A bunch of passerby? Or did they hear the alarm and come out of their home to see what was going on? That was strange, Killua didn't recall anyone around these parts earlier. Either way…

Killua shrugged his shoulders, "Me? I'm just doing what I have to do." He then banged his fist on the glass case with the ring in it. The action gave him a few cuts on his hand, yet it made it easier to snag the ring.

"Bullshit! I'm calling the cops!" The man spat bitterly. "All you punk wanna be gangster kids y'all think ya can run around and bust up property and take what you want! But you can't!" When he spoke his cigarette fell out his mouth, which made him start cursing some more as he pulled out his phone.

Stupid old fucker. The cops respond automatically to break in they were already called. Killua rolled his eyes, shoving the ring in his pocket. Some people honestly didn't deserve to live on this same earth as him.

"Honey.. lets just get going.. I mean, I'm sure the cops are on their way." His wife tugged on his shirt.

Oh look someone had some sense here, nevertheless it showed that their family wasn't all boneheads and a waist of oxygen. Still witnesses were witnesses. Killua couldn't afford anyone to give out his identity. Wife and baby or no wife and baby, Killua had to do what he was programmed to.

Pulling around a bit the teenager shrugged his shoulders, mumbling a bit of his thought process out loud. "I really like doing this...I really enjoy bringing misery and bloodshed into people's lives." A almost demonic smile smile came across Killua's lips as he said, "I love making people suffer… I don't know why.. really I don't know why I love it so much." It was like Killua's final words of warning before he burst into action.

"Hu-" The man blinked his eyes in seemed like in an instant Killua had teleported right before him. Pale fingers were wrapped around his neck, painfully squeezing his neck to cut off all airflow before unleashing a wave of lightning to end his breathing permanently.

The woman started started screaming at the top of her lungs, "Oh my God! Oh my God! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, so sorry he didn't mean to-"

Immediately Killua's eye twitched, "Why are you apologizing for something you didn't do? WHY THE HELL DOES EVERYONE DO THAT?" The last part he aimed a gush of lightning at her head. It was demanding tone because he wanted to shut her up more than anything. He hated weakness. He hated people try to say sorry when they haven't done anything. Her husband should have been the one apologizing with his last breath instead of rambling on about nonsense.

Still the woman fell quickly to the ground crashing soon as the lightning zapped her brain. She was lucky, to die instantly. On the other hand, Killua looked at the whining child in her arms. It was almost too anticlimactic that she didn't attempt to protect her child in anyway. Yet Killua figured he shouldn't have been expecting much of a fight. This was enough. This thrill of blood on his hands.

"Poor kid…" Killua muttered, "You have so much potential ya know… You have so much hope and joy. I wanna ruin it and make you get swallowed miserableness."

The kid seemed to cry even louder even more, almost as if disgusted in what Killua was gonna say the next words out of his mouth. The blood that once was in his mother's head was now surrounding the infant in a pool.

"Blah.. blah. I know.." Killua dropped the child's father limp body to the ground as strolled towards the crying baby. "You wanna live don't you? It's a shame… you're so tiny and helpless. I can stop your brains out right now and kill you instantly."

Killua raised his large foot menacingly above the child, of course the baby had a sense that there was danger and something was wrong with this picture. That was more than likely why it sobbed so much. The poor thing was terrified that it's life could be over all so soon. Tears fell out of the child's eyes, his mouth screaming at the top of his lungs.

Yeah that was right, here Killua was lowly priding himself off hearing a child cry. That was until he recalled what he had came here for. In his pocket was Gon's ring. This was for his sunshine. Damn, if Gon ever found out Killua had killed an innocent child… Killua grit his teeth, hesitant yet guttural saying, "You know, having you grow up and suffer without parents is way better than killing you anyway. Then who knows, maybe you'll grow up and get strong to take out your revenge on me?"

With that he moved his foot away from crushing the child instead he looked at the mess that was left. It was a good bloody crime scene to display that flowed together. It still looked sporadic and unplanned in the slightest. Looks like it would all have to up in flames then. Killua looked at the dead man's body and the cigarettes that once hanged out his mouth. It had been lit.

Killua keeled down and reached in the victim's pants pulling out a lighter. There was nothing left to do but drag their bodies into the building then burn them. Picking up the woman's body first because it was easier he dragged her to the front door. Then went back to get the man was when his phone rang. This time when he reached in his pocket the contact on his phone read, 'Alluka.' Now she was important. Yet here Killua was in the middle of a murder and robbery. Still he had to take time out to help his baby sister.

Hitting the answer button he hit, "Yo! What's up Alluka?"

"Whoa! Mommy said that you would answer if I called!" Alluka responded almost in shock. There was some yelling the background a bit.

Killua grunted a bit dragging the man's dead body in the store, talking into the phone, "Look, Alluka if that's it. I'm in the middle of something."

"Oh, no.. Mommy just asked why you do that?" Alluka said.

"Why I do that?" Killua started messing with the lighter finally satisfied when a flame sparked up out of the object where he began to kneel down and press it on the man's flesh. The flames began to eat up the dead skin spreading rapidly, yet it wouldn't be enough. Killua went to the storage room, making sure to set a fire on something flammable for good measures.

"Yeah.. she asked why do you treat her like she's not important to you?" Alluka replied.

Taking a few steps back Killua proceeded to exit the storage closet before anything could explode all the chemicals in their would make a fantasy big bang. "Tell her I'm on my way back and don't worry about it. Thinking gets people into trouble."

"I don't think she'd fancy that answer, but okay." Alluka was too easy pleased with any words out Killua's mouth. It was because Killua knew this that around Alluka he could say whatever the hell that he wanted.

"Hey, I robbed a jewelry store do you want anything?" Killua questioned as his eyes glanced over all the riches and jewelry that would soon be up in smoke.

"Not really but a charm bracelet would be nice." Alluka didn't even seem to mind that Killua didn't get permission.

The sound of cop cars started going off in the background and immediately Killua decided to cut this conversation short. "Okay, remember not to tell anyone." He snagged up a bracelet from an already shattered glass case.

"Hey, why are you there anyway?"

"To get something from Gon."

"Gon? He wanted something?! He told you and you listened to him."

"No. I did it because, I wanted to."

Alluka knew that was a lie but, she was too sweet to call her favorite sibling out on it. There wasn't any jealousy in her voice but a bit of her heart felt that bit of neglect. "You spent all day with him, and get him nice stuff without bringing me?"

"Ahh, don't worry.." Killua purred out. "Don't act like that Alluka." He exited the jewelry store taking off running at Godspeed down the street. "It's okay, I'll spend some time with you soon. Don't get all up tight, there is more than enough of me to go around between you and Gon. You will play nicely with Gon, won't you? Be a good girl for me."

"I-I will!" Alluka said almost embarrassed a bit at everything. "I will play nice with Gon! I won't shake him up or scare him away!"

"That's my good girl…Mmm, because you and Gon are my two favorite people right now. It's imperative that you both get along." Killua allowed a smirk to cross his lips as declared, "I don't want my precious pretty angels getting hurt or fighting with each other. If Gon needs something or comes to you, help him for your big brother." Half of his mind was wandering about how Hisoka was being a crazy bitch and dawdling where he had no business. 'Illumi and Hisoka…' Killua had to keep his guard up.

Alluka was on board completely in agreement. "Yes! But..what about.." her voice lowered as if remembering suddenly that her mother was listening. So she just whispered, "Kalluto?"

That was it! It was gamble but with a good idea and a plan. Killua felt tons of new opportunities being laid out before his eyes. "Yes, play nice with Kalluto too. Isn't he 8 years old now? It doesn't matter if he close to mother.. I have a feeling he'll like Gon if they ever meet." Not yet tho. Kalluto takes time to get attached to people, but he'll be needed later. If Hisoka was gonna start a game with plenty of pawns at his disposal, then Killua would build up his army too. "Yes...Be nice to your little brother. You and Gon are my property. Soon Kalluto will join the collection too."

"Okay." Alluka mumbled out. "I have to go now, Mommy is yelling some stuff. Mostly asking if you need your ass whipped."

"Ughhh! Tell her I'm coming!" Killua stressed hanging up the phone. He was intrigued at this little game that was playing out before him. He didn't know what he was gearing up for facing yet, he'd clench victory either way.

Chapter Text

The grass felt better than walking on the rocks when walking to Killua, even in his expensive shoes there was barely any comfort. Not that the teen minded that very much; with his hands resting deep in his pockets, his skate board in his grasp, he was used to pain and suffering so this was nothing to worry about in anyway. He could have used God speed to get home more quickly, but his home wasn't really a place he was eager to get back to. That was probably why he had been pacing back and forth outside the gate for the past few minutes.

Their house wasn't anything strange but mostly shady in general. They didn't live in a neighborhood, but on the side of a long winding street on top of a mountain. Cars could drive up their, most people would marvel at the sight of their huge house and nice vehicles parked outside; not to mention their fountain. The trees that hung over their house were usually bare with the grass still clean cut it was an odd combination since the mansion was so old, being in the family for generations. It was a strange picture to behold, along with 'weird sounds' that came from the house which was mostly screams of their victims. Still whenever the police would come to see about the complaints, their family would quickly changed to be normal.. (Well normal as they could) it was like being plastic to make themselves seem, 'sane' to the world's standards.

'Don't let people know, we're super villains. Don't let your powers be discovered. Don't do something stupid.' It was the main things that had practically been brainwashed into Killua's skull.

Still acting completely oblivious he felt an impulse to keep creating havoc with his powers. What more could Killua say? He was having a blast. Even if Gon did know he was a super villain, his pretty little boyfriend as too weak and too kindhearted to snitch. 'And even if Gon did snitch, no one would believe him, right?' Killua looked at his hands, his blue eyes inspecting how such limbs could be so troublesome. Maybe Killua should have done better hiding it, even though it was impossible since he could only charge up around Gon. Killua was basically a pack of solar rechargeable batteries who needed their sun to gain back energy when all their juice ran out. It wasn't really unfair, everyone in the Zoldyck family had different things that triggered their powers. (Which is something they all kept secret from each other because one couldn't supposed to expose one's weakness.) For Killua his powers only were at their best around Gon. A main key that he had to take into account, especially when it came to keeping Gon away from Hisoka.

Damn, if Hisoka took Gon, then Killua would never be able to properly carry out his revenge. What the hell did Hisoka want with Gon anyway? It was the most stupid, this had to be a dumb joke. Hisoka was just messing with him? Trying to get under his skin. 'Fuck, Hisoka saw all of it. He knows everything! This is Karma for being such a cunt to Gon. This is it. Hisoka can tell everything. He'll ruin everything! Why couldn't you just be nice? What is wrong with you?'

"This is so fucking stupid..." Killua mumbled under his breath knowing that most of this was his fault for over thinking everything. He almost tried to talk some sense into himself, "Who da fuck I look like complaining over some petty dumb ass shit." He huffed gruffly leaping off the ground and climbing his way up a tree.

Brown thick bark, snapped and crackled underneath his grip, Killua almost choking out the tree with his pale palms. He didn't know why he had such a tendency to ruin things especially good helpful things. "It had been such a good day today, despite a few short comings." He spoke placed his leg on another branch pulling himself up to the top branch near his open window. "I just need to talk to Gon about it, he'll make things work."

Everything would work out, it had to work out.

Similar to a monkey Killua swung over launching his body to his open window to his bedroom slipping inside stealthy. At first his eyes were blinded by the sudden light on, which he cussed lowly, blindly swatting with his hand anything his eyes happened to cross over. Stumbling forward his ears twitched hearing his name be called, "Kil, I had a feeling that you'd be back soon."

Shock was an emotion too similar to surprise that for the past 16 years Killua had learned to skillfully cover up. So upon seeing his mom and brother, Milluki awaiting his arrival in his room. The only feeling that encased him was bitter stinging of sour betrayal-his blue pupils adjusting to the light in contrast to the darkness outside, stalemated with raw untapped vexation, as he glared at the were no doubt like partners in causing trouble for him just living his life. Trouble that Killua wasn't interested to start engaging with, he already had too much on his plate. Still he knew he probably should have considered they would be waiting for him after that phone call.

"Kil... A few butlers saw you sneak off and warned us." His mother spoke first as she rose off his bed asking, "Do you know why we're up waiting for you in here?"

"Yes, someone is in trouble." Killua responded dully with his voice dry and uncaring. Not bothering to take a step towards the two, as he remained firmly planted by the window.

"That's right. Take a guess at who."

"Mmm, Milluki?"

The heavy set male's response was one of first his jaw dropping to activating his double chin, to him stomping angrily, "What!? Why would I been in trouble?!" His already small cut eyes seemed to shrink even smaller if possible on the brim of being nonexistent.

Killua shrugged pathetically lacking any empathy, "I don't know, why I do this to myself... I'm in trouble aren't I?"

There was a slight nod from his mother who said, "Rumor around the mansion is that you've made a friend. A very special friend, named Gon." Her red lips sealed shut after that clearly reading Killua's facial expressions.

Killua shouldn't have talked he should have firmly melted his lips together, ignoring how much he wanted to burst everyone's bubble. Still maybe his overall nature that made him full of reassurance prompted his words, "oh..So that's all you know?" That part was good, since Illumi hadn't given them any info and the only person they caught a buzz was from Alluka on the phone. They would still be in the dark about his and Gon's relationship. That was a very GOOD THING. That means they didn't know how physical things were between them. They were completely oblivious to the fact Killua could cup Gon's petite ass cheeks and fondle them any time he wanted to.

Milluki cut in saying, "True, it would be proper that you apologize."

"For making a friend? Since when was that against the rules?"

"It's not, but... What about all the grief you put mommy, through?"

"GRIEF?!" Killua halfway shouted out as he gawked at them taken back by such an accusation. "No, no! Grief is you trying to double team me with mom and force me to obligations that might rebuke to the truth cornering me in some crazy conspiracy theory story, everyone around here suddenly wants to begin making up!"

Not even breaking down a bit, Milluki read right through all Killua's shade; crossing his arms, "So he must seem to benefit you in some way?"

Oh Killua didn't know where to start bragging on all the benefits of dating Gon. It made his head whirl; The white haired boy looked down his fingers brushing over his lips tingling in delight serving as a reminder of his and Gon's kiss much earlier today. How freaky fresh their mouths felt mashing together, how their tongues rolled all over rubbing one another taste buds, their fingers touching all over. Then with Killua's lightning powers it really was like a light show. That was it, the main thing that drove Killua wild over Gon was that the boy had so much untapped potential that was just Killua's for the taking.

"True, Gon is very special to me." Killua started meekly up saying, "He's one of the few best things that happened in my life."

That was a 100 percent truth right there, since cute submissive boys like Gon barely every came around to let someone play with their body like that. Gon's cute little figure was a fucking blessing, from his fuzzy black hair that stood up like it had a min of it's own and pretty skin that smelled and tasted like peach tea. The amazing way Gon's back would arch completely subdued by touches, should definitely be one of the greatest sights and wonders of the world. It made Killua wondering what would happen when Gon spread his lightly toned legs. That completely delectable scent coming from between his thighs would be Killua's greatest pleasure. He could just have his face be crushed between them while he engraved bruises and bite marks all over bringing the pain to pleasure the other boy. The way his sharp teeth would sink in peach skin like a lethal vampire bite. It would pleasure the both of them. So yes, in a way, Killua did find his thoughts obsessively dreaming over stuff to do to Gon's body.

Almost in a hurt manner his mother babbled out, "Kil...I don't understand! Since when did you need friends? I mean... Isn't just your family enough! Since when were we not good for you?"

First thing Killua instinctively wanted to shout was, 'What the hell is wrong with this family?' Everyone suddenly wanted to jump on his back and beat him down till he fell on his knees. Everyone felt so wrong out of place, he was so used to everyone not caring at all. Now suddenly he has a friend so his family is out to bust him for committing an 'unspeakable ' sin. Which made no sense, Illumi goes out with Hisoka and no fucks were ever given there, it was only him they constantly hammered. Gosh, now that Killua saw what they were like without them learning the truth he had no will to let em find out. What it was coming down to in his life was that actually Gon might be the only thing that he needed.

"Mom! I just made my first friend... No, in fact properly I should say friends, I have more!"


"YES! Shouldn't you be PROUD!"


"Most moms use friendship to be encouraging."


"Mommy!" Milluki howled out, "How long are you gonna repeat the end of Killua's sentences without scolding him?"

Fanning herself the woman, mumbled faintly, "I don't know dear... I'm just so confounded." She sat back on the bed. "It's just that, little Kil has friends now and he's growing up so fast."

The 16 year old felt like he heard this speech a billion times before, it was a guilt tripping speech, made specifically to anchor Killua down and ensure that he didn't leave so often. Taking a few more steps in the room until he reached his nightstand, Killua reached out to take a sip of water in a bottle he always kept upstairs in case he ever had brought snacks. The silky smooth water care-rested his throat, as he began to swallow it down. Mentally blocking out his mother until he head a few words that bout damn made him choke fall over and die marking his grave with an empty water bottle.

While Killua was peacefully sipping his drink he swore he heard his mother add in an extra part to her guilt tripping speech. "Soon,'ll be all grown and have your own family and kids."

"Ffffffooooooooop!" It was the straight sound of Killua almost collapsing to his knees while his lips loosing grip on the bottle, sending a heavy spray of spit and water out like an outdoor sprinkler upon hearing the words, 'family and kids' echoing through his ears. There was no way, especially not with his sassy gay ass. He hated kids, well he actually hated most people in general.

"Mom, you know I'm gay!" Killua wheezed out, shakily putting his bottle on the nightstand after raising it up to the rainbow flag on his wall.

"I know Kil dear, but that doesn't stop you from adopting kids or having a surrogate mother."

"No! God, no! Can I PLEASE plan my future?"

"I'm sorry... I just am so proud of my boys!" His mother exclaimed with such sudden pride in her voice. "You're all growing up to be such ruthless coldhearted criminals in your own way..." She looked at Killua almost sadly reflecting on the thought. "You probably run away because you think there's nothing left for us to teach you. That's why you keep sneaking out with your weird friends..."

"My friends aren't weird...! Okay, well maybe Gon is... Gon is like the sun on crack cocaine." Killua started to consider this a fact actually the younger boy was practically unbeatable when it came to shattering his spirit.

"All my little babies, grown up now." Her eyes stared to water as she sniffed out recalling old memories. "Making me proud. You're so good at being bad! You'll all make excellent super villains some day!"

Killua narrowed his eyes, feeling that his own pride was being bashed. He was definitely out of Illumi and Milluki's league, he was the best damn super villain out of the 3 of them. It had to be a fact! He worked for it!

Killua defended himself hissing, "Illumi and Milluki are NOT GOOD AS ME! I mean think about it, Illumi at least has purpose and does stuff around here, maybe not exceptional stuff. I can easily do better if given the chance. But Milluki he doesn't do anything! He's just a lazy person who claims to be taking online college, when he just sits in his room playing computer games all day! He makes no considerable contribution to this family."

Milluki grit his teeth making a fist about to pound Killua's face in shouting, "Take that back right now, you freaking annoying flee! I help out hacking all the dang time. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean, it's NOT HAPPENING! THE WORLD IS NOT ABOUT YOU! NOT ABOUT YOU!"

"Yeah, says the video game playing loser, we know your life revolves around fictional characters. How about you stop obsessing over your waifu and actually earn some college credits?" Killua snapped.

"MOM, KIL IS SPREADING LIES ABOUT ME!" Milluki declared reaching the breaking point. The man pulled out the whip by his side handing it to their mother, "That's a punishable offense! I brought this, because I knew he would do something crazy."

"I'm doing something crazy?" Killua gasped, "You both were camping out, IN MY ROOM waiting for me to get here!"

A strong sound of the whip harshly crackling against the air hushed both their mouths. Their mom speaking in a demanding tone, "Shame on both of you. Neither one of you win by ratting out the other. For that, you will both be punished."

"Tch..." Milluki sucked his tongue roughly turning his head away from Killua's direction.

Mostly because Killua had a satisfied smirk painted on his face. Even a slight management to pull his brother down other in a put of trouble was a strong accomplishment for him based off all the torture they constantly put him through on a daily bases. He swore that the older they got, the more hostile they grew at each other and ready to dismantle each other's heads from their throats.

Flipping some white hair out of his eyes Killua, didn't at all hide his satisfied face even willingly complying to the rough beating he was gonna be receiving soon. "Yes, mommy. You're right, I've been a bad child. I deserve to be punished. I'll be waiting downstairs in the torture chamber." He began to walk over to the side of the room where they were keeping his smug attitude when he passed Milluki.

The older boy complaining, "That's not even an actual sorry statement. It sounds like he's giving a victory speech." A frown planted on his tubby lips as his mom cracked the whip on his back harshly.

"Shut up, Milluki! You're in trouble too, for treating your little brother like that. You're supposed to be a good example." The woman shook her head sighing, "I will never understand, when everything between you boys started going wrong."

Walking past them fully Killua rolled his eyes at how oblivious his parents had been, 'We've always been wrong, there is nothing RIGHT ABOUT THIS FAMILY' He thought even though he knew talking would only make his beating worst.

Shuffling his feet past the threshold he heard heard his mom say, "Plus remember, only Illumi, Milluki and you will be home tomorrow, the rest of us have other jobs to attend to. So Killua, I want you to stay home from school tomorrow and practice with Illumi. I heard about how you were going on your first job with him soon. When exactly?"

Killua shrugged carelessly, "Wednesday? Friday?" He was tempted to whisper out, 'Whenever Illumi gets his shit together.'

"I just want you to be prepared..." His mom said rising to her feet grabbing Milluki by the ear and forcing him out the room.

"No, you don't." Killua murmured keeping his voice low even though he easily saw through his mother's bluff understanding the truth and speaking it, "You just don't want me to see Gon." Either the two behind him heard it or not the teenager kept on speeding ahead, almost wanting to be beaten so that the pain would drown out the sudden aching feeling in his heart.

Chapter Text

For some reason a day without Killua at school was like a year without rain to Gon. For most of school he walked the halls alone and mostly with his head in his superhero comics, not that reading was boring but he missed Killua's company and friendly conversation that they would sometimes share. The black haired teen was worrying about if his boyfriend even got home safe last night. Killua had walked Gon home, but what if something happened while he took himself home. Killua has super powers, even if Killua refused to admit it, Gon knew, so the older male could protect himself in any disastrous situation. But what if his parents where the situation! Gon had concluded that Killua hated his family cause they didn't treat him right nor allow him to venture out for himself. Gon wondered if Killua would ever stand up to them or if he would forever creep around in their shadow path they created for him.

It was almost as if the only thing Gon could think about was Killua, even when he got to lunch, despite having to work on his final exam project. His mind was constantly flooding with hormonal teenage thoughts. Mostly of things his mouth could do with Killua, he still wasn't over the kiss they had before or the way it felt when Killua's touch him, Gon felt himself being caught up in a day dream.

It mostly went like this:

Killua's skin was heated and Gon's hands started to feel cold against it, making him shiver with pleasure for the cool hands roaming was a relief to the heat he felt from being outside. Soon larger more devolved hands found their way to the front of Gon's butter baked fluffy biscuit ass, roughly palming the teen and Killua indulged in the moans close to his ear purring such praises.

Killua slide his hands around to grip Gon's ass even harder in his palms and dig his nails into the flesh, he left marks on the boy's skin that drew out low groans from Gon who ran straight into a kiss to start currently sucking on Killua's tongue, the muscle tugging and being dragged into a warm cavern with new fresh flavor tasting like ice cream from Baskin-Robbins. Illusion flooding out in a rush of emotion like a lollipop being juiced or gushing fruit snacks. It was filled with savage beastly fight a war in between lips, pressing and pushing each other buttons. Until Killua declared himself king of fucking everything and shoved the shorter teen up to the head board of the bed harshly jerking his chin up, making sure to sedate the top of Gon's mouth tracing patterns.

Gon shook trying to pull away from his overly aggressive boyfriend who was forcing his own taste down his gut, growling hoarsely Killua demanded, "How should I punish you?"

"F-fuck.." Gon whined from the rough treatment of his delicate honey glazed doughnut body, burying his face into Killua's shoulder; canting his hips down onto the teen's toned stomach, hands gripping Killua's biceps, Gon wiped his mouth, caking his tone with greedy lust pawing Killua's alpha like instincts, "B-Break me..."

Killua felt a fire lighting inside him and Gon had the power to make it an internal flame. Just watching how, the young boy was in such a mess, was like a dessert. Only Gon cum was salty delicious whip cream on top of his cherry. Killua licking his lips as he eye balled Gon's red tender cock head, he took a hand squeezed the juices out like a Capri sun packet in his mouth. Loving the way his boyfriend's eyes seemed to roll to the back of his head, it was the fuzzy joy of knowing he, Killua...was making Gon do these things.

"Don't let anyone else touch you, Gon..." Killua's tone became hoarse as he swallowed drinking down more of his beloved, "If they do, I'll kill them."

"Okay..." Gon breathed out weakly, staring up at Killua with lidded and blown eyes as he watched him pull away. He felt a sudden emptiness from loss of contact and he couldn't even bring himself to care when he whined because of it, kicking his feet in the air like a baby.

"Mmff, Killua~!" Gon whined rubbing his black short hair against the older male's chest as he chanted like the sound of sweet chirping birds, "Killua...Killua..Killua!" It was like praising the lord up in KilluGon church as Gon clung to Killua, pressing his tiny small figure in the seat of the more well built body toned male.

"Hold on, baby boy." Killua pushed the smaller not back lightly as he began to stand, the shadows dancing all over his face that gave his lustful look almost one of deceit. The way his curly white hair fell placidly as he turned trying to settle his boyfriend down as Gon clawed pawed and humped against anything to please his erection. Squirming and moaning, "Killua!" Into pillows and wrapping his petite body up in cover, Gon was an awkwardly strangely beautiful mess. One Killua could barely tear his eyes off, just engraved his sight on those plump red tender chocolate sweet flavors still laying on Gon's lips. All the open way he could make his boyfriend bend over and scream, just imagine Gon in doggy position. If horny cutie Gon didn't turn Killua harder than steel...oh~his dick was much more titanium at this point.

"You wanna?" Killua questioned reaching below fumbling with his belt buckle eagerly try to rid the pesky leather from his life, "Suck me off?"

"Yes!" Gon tugged at Killua's zipper with his pearly white teeth, prepping his mouth open.

"Are you sure, you're ready this time?" The teen challenged as he saw how Gon was jumping around excitedly, dropping the males pants to the floor. The raven gave a quick nod. Killua sighed, "If you bite my dick again, I fucking swear, this time I'll give you something worst than a vibrator up your booty hole."

"I wont mess up this time!" Gon peppered out with a smile as he licked lips at the sight of Killua pulling his large manhood out. It was a hot red near the end that made it look like a slushie; it only increased due to the large size making it look all the more intimidating.

Killua's cock was throbbing almost angrily looked like it might burst at the sight Gon made now----on his hands and knees like that----"Open." He said commanding, in awe of the slobbery warm heat ready to engulf him, as the younger one gaped ready.

Gon had no procrastination he licked his lips nervously before closing his eyes, leaning in to slurp on the head. His tongue circled around the circumference before tracing the slit. Before a full moon, his mouth was soon sucking off Killua's dick. As the older teen pulled his boyfriend's head up and down, purring with satisfaction. At his rock hard cock being sucked like a straw only barely in Gon's mouth but it was heavy and hot, making him feel stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey- as the demanding male only shoved himself inside more. The struggle to find a place for his tongue Gon pushed it licking all around the Killua's member, up and down over the thick fat pulsing vein, swerving over the balls, spit coaxing the object to grow.

"Ahhh, feels mmm~this is heaven." Killua babbled out flashing in and out of fantasy as Gon licked over another vein, feeling proud for creating the larger dick inside his mouth getting rounder like an inflatable ball. If Gon wasn't so enchanted in his work, he might have made an effort to respond to Killua. But seeing his boyfriend, the usual cool calm and collected teen freak out like this, was much too interesting. He noted every moment or squirm the older teen did and moved his mouth to match lapping up every drop if his mouth slid off and randomly placing kisses and bites on the hard pencil. He loved it. Killua when he went into a torn up, horny needy heat was for him and only him. Gon was the only one who could make Killua grow so long, huge and thick. That was something the teen took great pride in, to know he could create such a beautiful thing.

Testing Gon's maximum limit, Killua shoves decided to test my true his manhood all THE WAY IN in his boyfriend's mouth. Still it edged its way deeper...That it fit All in Gon's mouth,and halfway down his throat. Gon had too take a few seconds to gag for air, in any possible way and gave the older male a very hard suck. While keeping Killua's large cock deep in his warm cavern.

"Baby boy...that's really hot." Killua meowed with delight and shock at the same time his face red with blush; Gon flinched as the taste of sour bitterness from precum dropped out. But he enjoyed as the blonde gripped his head shoving it up and down on that fabulously large dick that was erected just for him.

Gon move his tongue to lick around Killua's penis some more surrounding it in spit, continuing to wrap him in pleasure, which must have been driving the older teen wild. The tainted cum mixed in while Gon was sucking dick. It kinda tasted pretty good, tho, like vanilla milk, with super salted.

"Oh... God...Your mouth is so hot and tight wonder if it's good as being in your ass." Killua said grinning down at Gon has he panted, looking satisfied as hell, with a dark gleam in his eye, at the last word.

Gon only look up at him pleadingly, his whole body shaken up at how dominant was over him; Killua stopped thrusting into his boyfriend's mouth and admired, the scene of Gon mooching mouth wrapped around his thick dick, which was leaking out the watery salty vanilla liquid even harder into Gon's throat.

The teen licked the tip of the others manhood, still in his mouth and the teen shivers then purrs, "Only if I had a camera, I'd take this picture right now, and share it ALL OVER THE INTERNET, so they can comprehend what's mine." Killua grip tightening on Gon head tearing the strands of velvet black, as he watched the lil one's mouth fill up to the max with that vanilla milky white stuff, which also begins to leak out down Gon's juicy cum-colored stained lips.

Killua pulls his cock out his boyfriend's mouth, with a pop and relieved sigh, "Feels much better.."

Gon felt awfully proud, maybe it was wrong fully so, be he had not disappointed Killua, there was a glint of price tanning the pink rosy tried out cheeks puffy, full with cum, look at his boyfriend innocently with half way dazed and confused about what to do with the watery substance in his mouth, but as he began to spit it out the white haired male cut in.

"Aoi!" Killua pouted aggressively sweet to me, as he glares down, "Gon! Don't cough, you'll make all of my cum leak out! Drink it, good Jesus!"

Gon was looking at Killua in horror that seemed to read, 'You did not just say God's name while touching your dick.'

He sighed shakily, caressing Gon's chubby cheek as he felt him tremble beneath, with each unsure breath, "I just... That was all especially for you, you know...? It formed cause of your cuteness..." The waver of calm in his voice shattered as Killua scowled grinding his teeth together and tightening his death grip on Gon's angel strands of hair, "Sometimes I feel like you don't appreciate my gifts..."

Gon started to gulp down the wonderland of flavor and when it was all gone he huffed out, "I-I...I like your gifts Killua! I really~ really do!" The last part Gon started to sound like a 5 year old that needed speech therapy, "They're the best!"


Finally as if ringing around completely, Kurapika had sat down at the table beside him. Snapping his fingers out in front of Gon's face trying to drag him back to reality. "Did the sunshine complete it's outer space orbit around the world yet?" The blonde titled his head trying to read what Gon was thinking, it was almost as like he'd blacked out.

It took a few moments, for Gon to blink his blown brown eyes, coming back in terms, He started to babel out, "I..ugnn, never... Mmm," He looked around, all his surrounding with the loud chatter of children in the lunchroom with their conversations filling his ears unpleasantly and then looking down at the halfway done final exam project on his table in front of his food. He automatically turned to the seat to his right beside him where Killua usually sat until he noticed the blank space where his boyfriend should be. Gon whined pathetically, "KILLUA, NOT HERE!?" He thumped his head down on the cafeteria table.

Kurapika rubbed his back trying to comfort him, "There, there..." Gon whimpered some more, lifting his head up to look at the blonde, his brown eyes soft like a sad neglected puppy. The sight made Kurapika blush slightly, "Killua will probably be back tomorrow..."

"I know thaaaaaaaaaaaat!" Gon complained dramatically throwing his head back to rest on Kurapika's shoulder wanting to feel at least someone hug on him today. He blinked up at Kurapika, how the blonde still had such a mom like protective attitude. Kurapika was just so beautiful, his skin was fair and lightly perfect with round lips that were full, plus his eyes were always warm with their gaze, rarely ever threatening. Gon liked it, it made him feel welcome and loved. He loved all his friends.

Kurapika smiled sweetly, giving Gon the hug he requested. His body was bigger than Gon but that just made him delightful cuddle materiel. Gon smelled the soothing spray behind Kurapika's ears as he allowed himself to be treated like a baby. He would pout and give off his glossy somber eyes if he didn't. Kurapika was just like him, he couldn't stand seeing his friends suffer. So gently Kurpika stroked Gon's back softly rocking him in his lap, humming a relaxing tune.

"You have to be strong without him alright, you can't always depend on people." Kurapika informed Gon softly.

"But I can depend on my friends, Killua is more than my friend! He's my boyfriend and he didn't even tell me, he wouldn't be here today on Monday!" That sentence started Gon into a pity fall rant. He pulled out of his hug with Kurapika, picking up to work on his school work to allow his mind to ramble. Kurapika grabbed his book, signalling that it was all good for Gon to starts to vent out his feelings. So Gon chatting with Kurapika to catch him up with all the events between him and Killua. Well he left out talking about how he suspected Killua to be a super villain of course.

"I'm sure, she's still mad at me too." Gon concluded yawning a bit. "I want to make things right, but while I'm with Killua..." He grasped the scissor in his hand looking from his school work back at his lunch tray sounding a bit wimpy, "Aunt Mito doesn't approve of our relationship. I don't think Killua's parents approve of us either. He's not even here today, what if he's in trouble!"

The blonde looked at his friend finally breaking away from the book he'd been reading; flashing him a sweet smile saying, "Hey, your aunt is just probably looking out for you."

"I know."

"I mean, Killua is kinda..."

"Kinda what?"

"He is sorta really rebellious. He doesn't take orders well. He doesn't really listen to anyone but himself. He is kinda a narcissistic and mean person."

Gon's face started to storm up as he huffed out a bitter, "Kurapika! How can you say that?"

"He RUINED MY BED! I had to do 5 washes to get that stuff out!"

"Killua didn't mean it, he was just joking around. He plays too much! That's it."

"So that doesn't give permission for him to be...Ya know? Say the word when you had enough of him."

"Okay I will."

"Fine. I won't complain. Long as you and Killua are happy together." Kurapika tried to stay encouraging since he knew Gon was never really one to get worked up over stuff. Yet so far on Killua and his relationship, it was best to tread lightly barely skimming the surface to not work him up.

"Yeah, thank you. For not trying to butt in on us. But it's the last week of school..." Gon said cuffing his sneakers on the floor as some kids passed by them chattering. "Then I won't have an excuse to leave the house. I'll be trapped with Aunt Mito all summer while she's ticked at me! I even made her breakfast in bed on Sunday she didn't even throw any electronics back in my direction. I know she is just so trigger happy with me; the second I slip up it will be my social life going next."

Snickering lowly Kurapika couldn't hold down a chuckle "Haha! It's hard to hear you say that when you never had a social life." He put his book down next to the edge of the table, to prevent any accidents occurring to it as he laughed.

A very cute heated almost embarrassed look came on Gon's face as he flat out demanded, "HEY! Why you say that!? I try alright?"

"Your social circle doesn't really expand that big tho. So Look at this way, you don't have much to worry about."

"Ugh! Kurapika, can I just borrow a hundred thousand dollars?"


"Ya sure?"

"Pretty sure."

"Darn it!"

"First of all, Gon. If I had it, I wouldn't end up giving to you. Why would you even need that anyway?"

"So can have a big fancy party with lots of people so I can get popular."

"Popular? What's so good about that? A lot of assholes are popular and they aren't worth shit."

"I know! But.." Gon knew he was probably complaining for no good reason but he couldn't help himself. "I wanna be like in superhero comics, where there is a rich fancy kid falls for the popular one. That could be Killua and I!"

"Don't try and change yourself, it doesn't suit you." Kurapika said calmly, as he giggled some more with his light airy almost cheeky nature. "You're like an angry gremlin when you do." His happy mood rubbing off a bit on Gon as the shorter boy attitude shifted a bit more full heart happy mood.

"I am not trying to make a joke..." was all the words Gon could bubble out feeling his cheeks start to heat up like a microwave. He babbled, scratching the back of his head awkwardly, "I do always stay cheerful all the time!"

"Yeah, Gon that's the spirit!" Kurapika praised seeing a smile come across Gon's face. "Just hold on to that look. I bet that expression can light up Killua's whole universe."

Shrugging his shoulders Gon stated, "I don't know about light up, but it definitely sparks electricity jolts through his bones."

"Watch out~HUGE LAY UP COMING THROUGH WHOOOP!" A tall dark shaggy haired boy hollered followed by a couple of other dudes around him. He was running through the lunch room completely against school protocol-(But since it was the end of the year no one really cared.) Still reckless actions had consequences as he bumped into the table that Gon and Kurapika were sitting at.

The wooden table rumbled a bit shaking at the rough contact, Kurapika rested his elbows on the table trying to stop it from fumbling around. Warning the guys, "Hey cut it out!"

His cries were ignored by them all, especially Hisoka who seemed to be blowing bubble gum and then using it to pop loudly to get the attention of his teammates without calling their names. But this time he called out, "Phinks, ball!"

"No, stop. You're shaking the table!" Kurapika spoke up a bit louder this time but they seemed to pretend they didn't hear it.

"I got you, Fam!" Uvogin shouted back yanking in some air time as he leaped to finesse the ball from some girl with hot pink hair.

A boy with a ponytail smirked blocking his way playing defense insisting, "Not if I get it first."

The blonde with a slick high cut top scoffed, "You seem to be forgetting. He asked me to get it." Phinks sneered stepping up to the plate.

Dribbling the ball for a few seconds she watched the boys coming before she tossed it over randomly back in Gon's and Kurapika's table direction, the leather ball still up in the air threatening at any moment to slam down and spread food everywhere and make a huge mess. Kurapika held his breath to try and tuck down the angry he felt for these accident attracting careless trashcan licking nobodies who were invading his quiet peaceful lunch he was trying to have with his friend.

There was a brief short little cry out that snapped Kurapika back into reality at first thought he assumed someone had gotten beat with the damn basketball or that one of them snapped and mauled someone to death. Instead he focused around the lunchroom to see one if the cries had actually came from one of the girls playing basketball.

Pushing her glasses up on her face she thrilled out an almost disgusted, "An outsider touched our ball!"

Walking over to their table was a muscular guy who aggressively shoved his way to their table demanding, "What's your deal, little man? You got beef?" His words cut deep like spit fire as spit flew halfway across the table.

Gon looked up at the taller boy blankly he was like the size of a flea compared to the beefed up chunky senior. "No, not a problem. The ball was heading to my skull, so I caught it so my brain wouldn't splatter in case it cracked open." He explained, still firmly holding the ball that had been previously rocketing towards him; still carelessly he offered it up to him. "Here, be more careful next time. This thing can give someone a concussion."

"Hahahaa! We're part of the phantom troupe if you haven't noticed, Gon~!" Hisoka smiled almost gleefully walking forward as he hummed reaching out he gently placed a hand on Gon's. It made the black haired male tense up to feel an unfamiliar touch that was accompanied by almost a creepy teasing face messing with him. Hisoka's yellow eyes cut deep like a knife, as the grin on his lips grew noticing that Gon was looking extremely uncomfortable over all of this.

"I don't know...But, get off me." Gon snapped suddenly his head starting spin as a bit of awkwardness came over him. voices in his brain seemed to be running around in circles screaming, 'it's not Killua's touch! it's not Killua's touch! where is Killua? Threaten him with Killua!' Gritting his teeth, Gon leaned back away. "Killua would rip your filthy hands off for daring to touch my hand. Get them away from me."

Hisoka chuckled light and began tracing up Gon's arm slowly. "Ah, yes... too bad for the princess their knight and shinning armor isn't here to save them to-"

Kurapika shoved Hisoka away from Gon roughly hissing, "You heard him! He said to get away." The blonde's face looked ready to boil over with anger as he glared harshly at all of them. "Leave him alone!"

A huge pot of cruel laughter was let out from Hisoka, "Who the fuck do you think you are telling me to what to do? I wasn't doing anything that Gon didn't like or was not school appropriate."

"Gon didn't like it at all that's why he told you to stop!"

"He was trembling to my touch."

"In fear! In fear! You leave him alone! He has a boyfriend anyway!"

"If I can't have Gon... no one can..."

"Huh?" Some part of Kurapika knew he shouldn't be so shocked that Hisoka was showing interest in Gon, still he couldn't help but wonder why. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Hisoka shrugged carelessly, "Well the Phantom Troupe, we run this school, we can do whatever the fuck we want!"

Gon flinched slightly his ears ringing as he heard loud convulsing teasing and laughter almost mocking his words and boldness; shyly he dropped his head down feeling stupid for even reacting in the first. His brown eyes dimmed slightly as he gripped the basketball even harder, digging the pencil he had in his hand into the leather. Doing his best to avoid eye contact as he was doing so; soon as Kurapika caught onto this he snapped rather reluctantly.

Bolting to his feet, even if his height didn't come close to matching the 6ft muscular hunk standing up ready to beat his face in before him, Kurapika wasn't about to let Gon take this foolishness. With his gray eyes suddenly darkening to a blood thirsty red he made a fist hissing at them like a venomous rattlesnake about to take down their prey. "WHAT THE HELL GIVES ANY OF YOU THE BLOODY RIGHT TO PICK ON MY FRIEND? You are all either high school dropouts or college no goes in the making! All I see in front of me are future gas station employees or Walmart cashiers!"

"Uvogin, what did that coconut head kid just say about us?" The boy with the ponytail in his hair crossed his arms over his chest growling angrily, "If this man, wants to talk shit! He can get shit!"

"Or I'll just beat him right now before the boss comes." Phinks cracked his knuckles hostility filling him as he lurched at Kurapika, at which the shorter boy gracefully jumped back, sending the table which the remaining food in it crashing to the ground.

"You want to fight, let's GO THEN." Kurapika swung his body around, his blond hair dazzling off the sunshine as his dark red eyes glowed animistic, facing all of them boldly standing tall declaring, "I'll take all of you out right here, right now!"

Placing her hand up in the air the pink hair female decided before anyone else, "No need, we just need our ball back." Stepping in the way of conflict, her bangs blew back as she leaped over the table, making her way over to Gon and holding her hand out. Commanding words past her pink lipstick covered lips, "Give me the ball kid."

Wide brown eyes trembled in fear, knowing that all sight in the lunchroom was probably on them for making such a huge scene. Gon didn't know how to react more or less effectively convey this mishap to be cleared up into understanding. The whole entire lunch room seemed to drop dead silent, and it made Gon even more nervous than ever-he was sure everyone could hear his heart madly paddling against his chest roaring loudly. The teen could barely see straight more or less think correctly, he was so focused on making the right decision that he didn't notice his scissors still steadily digging into the ball until there was a very distinct mind shattering, 'pop ' that vibrated in everyone's ears echoing off the walls.

'Holy shit, holy shit. Holy shit!' Gon's mind started panicking as a cold sweat broke out down his back, a traumatized almost creepy smile morphed onto his lips as he sat there. The world seemed to stand still as the 'pop heard around the school ' was still bouncing around fresh in everyone's mind. Bouncing was something that for the record the flat ball in Gon's grasp could do no more or probably ever again. The shorter boy was almost too scared to move at all in fear that he'd be stuffed and mounted on the wall, but that was until he saw the dark malicious face the once open minded stern face pink haired girl had made.

"So do we mop the floor with them now, Machi?" Phinks almost seemed to say in a teasing manner knowing her reaction.

Machi had her hands already in choke hole position moving towards Gon's neck ready to tear his vocal cords out on sight. With her pink bangs covering her vengeful eyes she said, "Of course we do, they popped the boss's basketball."

That was all the confirmation Gon needed to convince his feet to start moving, as he tossed the flattened ball up as a distraction so he could slip over to the woman's blind side, then slinking away in an almost shadow movement. Using his toes to get a good push off before making a mad dash out of the lunchroom hoping to claw up an opportunity of freedom.

Chapter Text

The whole scene of the school seemed to pass in a blur as his own spiky black dusty greenish locks clouded over his vision with waves of hair, that made his once lovely vibrant brown eyes filled with hopes, dreams and multiple ambitions, now faded away to nothing but gray lifeless storm clouds. A living breathing shadow clone of himself was how he felt, everywhere he dared turn his head were just more halls to trap him inside this nut house acting like a huge maze, bigger than the emotional one he was running in his head mentally.

Even worst he couldn't stop running, he wouldn't stop running-he knew, if he stopped running, if his feet stopped moving….

"Get back here! You little shit!" The sounds from the Phantom Troupe's gang loud voices sounded like sirens hammering in at his ear drums, breaking any chance at peaceful escape along with his capability to hear his ragged and desperate breaths, barely able to pull in enough air to keep him he HAD to keep going.

If he stop running he'd be dead.

His lungs burned as the acid seemed to fill him up like a sweet blueberry filling going in a freshly hot steaming bakery doughnut, every muscle in his body threatened to cramp up at this single moment if he ever allowed the spike of adrenaline to die down. So with proper precautions he forced himself to run faster, breaking out his limit as beads of sweat fell off his face.

Loud clapping of feet coming in contact with the earth didn't scare him, but the light that bounced off the walls lighting up the path to freedom also allowed the monstrous shadows lurking in the dark to appear. Making the boy cry out fearfully a screech escaping his wind pipe as his pupils grew to the large size of a globe in mere seconds as the large inhuman alien shadow seemed to dance on mocking him with such a similar display of his captors: long hair, demonic orbs, a muscular figure that could easily snap his neck, those rows of teeth like razors. The image not at all was not at all boosting his self confidence, since he knew what was coming, he didn't even look back but nor did he dare to.

"We're coming for you Gon!" They shrieked through their wet throats and automatically Gon started running again before he even was ware his joints were doing it. Sure, he was absolutely terrified and scared completely crapless; death was only one stumble away and all sources of light were growing dim and fading steadily. It was like the weight of the world was pressing down on him, like he'd been buried alive and panic had already swallowed him down such a hole there was no escape from.

Gon wished so deeply that this was all just a dream, that like Dorothy he could click his heels 3 times and sing out that there was no place like home. The image that appeared in his head looked so amusing than the damp soggy toilet seat they-as in those evil gang members were gonna probably make him lick or worst give him a swirly.

The heat of the moment was coming up fast, the sound of footsteps stomping all over the ground rushing like an out of control river to shove him around then throw him right back into the hell hole he came up of. The boy might have been only 16 years old, yet his mind thanks to the rules of this mad house school had made him a surprisingly few age older and with his great thought overflowing more commands than his lanky body could perform he tried his best to block out the voices and focus on the only one thing mattered---the path to live another day.

With his hands balled in a fist full of furry, Gon shook his head furiously making his black hair jiggle as he power ran past another corner, his greatest fear unraveling the possibility that he might be running in circles. He heard the other students, the rowdy humans refused to be ignored as they jammed in the chase, they banged on the lockers, clattering their keys against the metal stirring up a ruckus as they hooted and howled like a pack of wild wolfs. Chanting for death and a show to eat their nasty pig slop like school lunch while watching the Phantom Troupe personally rip the poor skinny teen limb from limb like some sorta rag doll.

This was all so sick, wrong and ultimately disgusting because Gon couldn't block out the grinding bones signaling death of some of his own downfall coming near, a vivid image of him being caught and beat up before everyone's very eyes, gave him chills. This, never ending death parade that was just like black Sabbath every day was no nightmare but a real life terror.

One false move and he'd be through, Gon didn't wanna be through. He didn't wanna taste ass crack off the toilet seats and die of probably some bacteria infection. He.. if anything just wanted to left alone in peace!

"Gon…! Gon JUMP!" A desperate familiar voice called out to him causing brown worried eyes to jolt up from focusing on the speed of his feet thunder stomping against the title floor at top speed and actually focus in on where the freaking calling was calling from.

From the bottom of the stairs was Kurapika waving to him frantically as if trying to land a hot air balloon going down in flames. The spunky teenager with riled up an expression of resolve decorating his face; he called out again holding his arms out this time, "Jump, Gon!"

"I… I can't!" Gon found the words getting choked up in his mouth most of them coming out in incoherent babbling as sweat trickled down his forehead all over the rest of his flesh. The jump wasn't that high, it was only a good 10 set of stairs that separated the 9th and 10th grade bottom floor and the 11th and 12th grade top floor. Normally it would be a chilled out dive for any savage but for Gon he was convinced only a crazy person would do that.

"You're dead man! You're so FREAKING DEAD!" A voice came from the band of heated mad members losing in on him.

Oh, he could….At that moment Gon learned that he was a crazy person and that jump looked like a baby roller coaster at Disney compared to those 6ft heavy towering power of the gang preparing to pound his face inwards till beyond recognition.

"Kurapika! You better catch me!" Gon screeched before taking in a huge breath of air and death plummeting down a good story of stairs, his long legs and feet leaping off the balcony with such speed grace and utter elegance similar to a ballerina. The free fall seemed to last forever almost like zero-G forever until breathtaking feel of strong firm hands grasping him.

"I know you can…." A wide goofy smile painted Kurapika's lips as he rocked the other male in his arms like a baby. Almost like a proud mother halfway bragging off his bronze and brains.

Fluttering his brown orbs open (that Gon for the record couldn't recall ever closing) a fresh new hope arose inside him and Gon bubbled out ready to embrace a new leave away from the classrooms, a life on the other side. Bravery happens only in real danger and his mind was scanning red if Kurapika didn't start picking up his feet and running now he knew enough to understand their blood might be splattered all over the nicely cleaned sparkling floors.

"Oh god oh god-!" The black haired male found it difficult to be praising his friend especially when he was busy saving his ass.

The blonde raised an eyebrow scoffing, "We're not definitely NOT gonna lose to these punks. Look Gon if you're gonna have a negative attitude, I can drop you right, now." Kurapika warned.

"No!" Gon tightened his grip as he wrapped his arms around Kurapika's neck begging desperately, "Kurapika, human… friend...BEST FRIEND, one of my CLOSEST BEST FRIEND IN MY LIFE!?"

"Much better attitude." Kurapika spoke out between strides.

Gon nodded but that only lasted a few seconds before Kurapika busted up enough fireworks to kick up his track running feet like he was in practice doing a sprint. Making him hold on for dear life as the stairs were disappearing in a rough blur of colors as the Phantom Troupe kept on charging with a football run coming for them. Even as the black haired male pressed his ear to Kurapika's heart he could hear the loud rapid pumping within him as well the adrenaline pushing them both forward as they soared down the halls. Gon had never been so thankful that his best friend pulling through for him in his life.

"Do they always do this when an accident occurs?" Gon said in such a matter-of-fact manner that almost succeeded in disguising his fear, "Should I write them a nice note explaining why this is one big mix up?"

"You popped it on accident?" Kurapika gasped almost hardly buying that story at all, except for when his intensely gaze knowingly in Gon's eyes that had a bad habit of taking mysteriously conveying fact from fiction making lies slip to disappearance.



The shout was so loud almost pissed off, that Gon flinched upon hearing the screeching in his ear. Widely gasping out he heard Kurapika run his mouth off more harsh words, which was a red flag warning to Gon right there that Kurapika was pissed. He had to be pissed, Kurapika was like a freaking angel who never let a cuss words touch his lips. Gon opened his mouth to speak out some compromise words that might make amends but was immediately cut off.

Kurapika hushing him up snapping, "No, you're NOT gonna give them a note! Writing a note is like a confession to the crime. Come on, Gon think about it! You read comics, you should know this!"

"I don't get it…" Gon mumbled shaking his head. "Why are you mad? Why are they so mad?"

For the first time in his life, Kurapika wanted to slap the crap out of his friend since now they were running for BOTH OF THEIR lives. The teen might have been wearing tight skinny jeans but he could run when his life was on the line. He stared hardcore dead ass at Gon an innocent thin line plastered on his lips. Every inch of Kurapika was gonna clobber him for this, he still remained to be rational before resorting to violence since it wasn't Gon's fault, it was the stupid no good phantom troupe.

"WHY WOULDN'T THEY BE MAD!" The blonde stressed getting sick of bailing Gon out of sticky situations he basically always walks straight into. "YOU POPPED THEIR BALL! THIS IS THE PHANTOM TROUPE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT HERE! IF WE DON'T FIGHT THEM, THEY'RE GONNA MAKE OUR LIVES A LIVING HELLISH TERROR!"

"Too late!" A deep voice chuckled from only 14 steps behind them as a the Jock gang: The Phantom Troupe, started to roll up like it was gonna be a bloodbath on the floor that everyone was invited to.

Still trying to offer an olive branch Gon jumped out Kurapika's arms suggesting, "How about we take this to the counselor's office so no one gets their face beat in?"

As much as Kurapika would argue with his friend he couldn't find it in his heart to watch him get left for dead. Kurapika yanked Gon to his feet hustling him, "Come on! They don't negotiate they want your head!" Trying every door on the hall to open trying to find a classroom for them to crash or more so hide cowardly in until they turned the corner with a quick feet.

"Chemistry! We can go there… The teacher never locks her door even after school like this!" Gon bleated out almost like a sheep based on how hard his rapid breaths were both him and Kurapika were practically gasping for air when they reached the wooden door.

Kurapika scrambling as he fumbled with the knob before finally getting it open. The room inside was wide, desk were cleaned off away sharp glasses all the material neatly packed away. There was only a window that allowed a little shimmer of light through the skeleton that hung up in front of the seal. The rib cage refracting the light in an obscure way that made it dance over the desk.

"Don't even turn the light on!" Gon warned lowly as Kurapika clicked the door shut, "Maybe they won't be able to see us if they come in. I read it in a comic book once, the hero.."

"You mean WHEN THEY COME IN. When THEY TURN THE LIGHT ON AND SEE US COWERING UNDER THE DESK." Kurapika couldn't help but yell, cutting Gon off before he could go into one of his superhero rants.

"Fine, I read another comic about that situation too..." Gon said raspy tracing his hand along the wall following the path of the wall led until he reached a closet, where a bright idea flashed in his mind. "Maybe we can hide inside then surprise attack them."

"No time.." Kurapika stressed but his voice sounded like a wimpy whisper compared to the howling Troupe outside the door preparing to storm in. Which must have gave him a change of thought since he suddenly urged, "You hide I'll fight!"

Gon had learned from a very young age never to hesitate it, was like rule number one of being an adventurer and over all a bad ass master of the art like him. So he made sure not even to entertain the idea, "No way, am I leaving you! Friends stick together!"

Phinks reached the chemistry door first pointing at them as he shouted out over to the others loudly, "I found em, they're in here. Just asking for a beating."

The other member's face was pushed to the side by the more bigger stronger boy with enough body mass and brute strength to be considered a bear. "No way, these punks are mine!" He snarled battering his way in.

The pressure of just his presence in the room made Gon's leg tremble as he stepped behind Kurapika a bit. Not in a cowardly action but to get a good size up of their opponent. He could hear the grinding of Kurapika's teeth as without a second thought the blonde commanded, "Stand back."

"No..." was all Gon could whisper out his plea sounding more like a whimper as, Kurapika leaped into action.

His hands reached out yanking up a chain that was supposed to be rusting on the teacher's desk for an experiment. The silver was rattling loudly as he wrapped it around his wrist launching himself into the air headed straight for the older male, watching Uvogin's moments as he swiped at him. Gracefully dodging,His usually flat blond locks flew up almost spiky around him as his eyes were wide focused in deep concentration as the heavy chains floated in the palm of his hands, it summoned on a simple thought and bent to the will of its master.

"You'll pay for messing with my friend." Kurapika muttered under his breath with his attention drawn stopping traffic light scarlet eyes shined, as their direct punches clashed vigorously together.

Uvogin wasting no time with his blocks as his olive skin stood out among the dark classroom walls surrounding him. "You pack a powerful punch for such a skinny guy."

Snorting Kurapika flipped his hair, making his chains hit the floor as he dropped to his knees sliding under his opponent's powerful blows. "You're slow and can't match up with my movements. Plus you're predictable." Merging underneath the next blow he seemed to be reading the other male like a book.

"Ha! Well all you do is dodge around like a ballerina!" Uvogin grit his teeth swatting at Kurapika like he was an annoying buzzing around fly. The muscular dude slammed his fist into the desk almost furiously making a vibrating ringing along with an ultimate stampede of feet from Phantom troupe members entering the class.

Unamused by the newly arriving audience Kurapika decided to end the fight quickly as his eyes trailed to to the end of the chain that had been caught in a neat knot around Uvogin's arm. "Hmm... I wouldn't be so sure..." Tugging on the chain roughly he barely was able to drag the heavy built male towards him.

"You think those petty chains will make a difference of this out come?" Uvogin cried rawly as he scurried over to the closet dragging the blond skinny boy along with him. Intentionally dragging Kurapika's face against the wall, forcing him desperately reached out it looked like a plead for his life to get some air.

For a few seconds Gon considered getting help was he watched his friend get bashed around but he knew that Kurapika would be pissed at him if he threw in the towel. Petrified his wide brown eyes watched in horror with his mouth agape at how Uvogin seemed to be tossing and beating Kurapika around like a rag doll; intentionally Gon found himself stepping ever closer to him almost ready to provide aid. Maybe he could be like a sidekick, in his comic. Help the heroine out before he met his bloody deathbed.

"I said stay back Gon!" Kurapika managed to wheeze out warning as he slammed his elbow roughly into Uvogin's rib cage, getting the older male off of him for a few seconds.

Catching his breath the beefy phantom troupe member stumbled backwards barely just far enough for Kurapika to get a leg up over him. Leaning side to side Kurapika trudged to kick off the wall parting his legs as he did a back flip over Uvogin's huge massive body. Time seemed to be frozen for a few seconds soon as the blonde went airborne, breath was ragged and eager his ears popping with anticipation as he skillfully raised his hand up in the air; Yanking the chain to make great large wave of extra tighten in record time. The force that Kurapika landed with controlled Uvogin's arm like a puppet.

"Too easy..." Kurapika muttered clenching his hands in a tight fist, pulling up the other male's hand in a chain reaction. The room went deathly silent as everyone could hear the sounds of the human bone cracking as the large massive tall boy fell to his knees the impact cutting off all his air supply the man was uncontrollably screaming at the new found pain inside his broken arm.

"Aaahhh! FUCK YOU! Fuck, you!" Was the last words that came out Uvogin's mouth before sharp demented chains pierced his throat like spikes into a human soul being beheaded, his voice didn't even cracked it just was sniped up hushing abruptly just like his breaths.

At first Gon assumed it had been Kurapika had really knocked him out cold only to see that some teen had walked in. The guy was tall with a fur leather coat (which was kinda absurd since it was in summer) tight black skinny jeans with a frown permanently embed on his face. Upon arrival Gon could quickly conclude, based off all his comic book knowledge that this was definitely villain material and completely bad news.

"Anyone care to explain what's going on here?" The words out his mouth immediately made everyone in the room hush.

"Uvogin got his arm broken by that chain using kid. We should fight." Hisoka licked his lips stepping towards Gon as he hummed out, "I choose this one." A sly smile came on his face. It must have been just luck that everything was happily falling into place. If Hisoka played his cards right (pun intended) he'd piss Killua off. he'd get under Killua's skin until the teen couldn't sleep without thinking a bug was inside of him. He was serous about one thing, 'If he didn't get to make Gon his, Gon wouldn't belong to anyone.'

Gon swore he felt a gust load of oxygen leave his body as the creepy clown looking boy smirked at him darkly. Gripping the sides of a desk, instinctively he stood his ground defensively. Kurapika had been right, these gang-bangers were no joke.....ready to kill since their grave would never be filled.

"Hmm, is this true?" Chrollo walked over toward his friend on the ground silently moaning in pain. Kneeling down beside him he asked, "Did the chain user beat you?"

Before Uvogin could even choke out a reply, Kurapika put his foot down sneering, "Damn right, I DID." He stood there looming over Chrollo not a single representation of his innocents or his enlightenment. Kurapika looked like a real murder, along with his royal scarlet bloody orbs that had a shade of black where his pupils remained but in short his attitude with his soul. Infuriated, living for the ones still breathing, it a was almost like being a gladiator and fighting for meaningless words of praise.

"Those are some fighting words then..." Chrollo grit his teeth angrily as he rose to his feet rivaling Kurapika's pride. "Tell me, do you wanna die at 3pm tomorrow?"

Blood must have been splattered sloppily on the walls by the way Chrollo and Kurapika were having a stand off. Chrollo's face of solid approval but an intriguing proposition he threw on the table. Kurapika looked up at him, a straight line on his lips, as his long blonde hair covered his dark eyes which was the only elements on his body screaming straight up bloody happy sweet success of another death or kill was his daring lively scarlet eyes. That seemed to be basking lost in the cries of the dead, swimming in the bloody red salt bits that were devolving in a pool of white roses painted red each one from a different person's head.

Chrollo seemed to read the rage in Kurapika's demeanor and it made him chuckle a bit suddenly understanding. His shady dark orbs comprehending clearly from how Kurapika instinctively stepped in front of Gon prospectively. He smirked lightly saying, "Ah, I see. You don't care if you get picked on. Just don't hurt your friends. Well, Gon's grave can be arranged to be dug out as well."

"Kurapika isn't afraid of you!" Gon hissed making a tight fist stepping out in front of his friend. "Neither, am I!"

Kurapika yanked his arm back warning, "Gon!" Pushing the smaller boy back into place behind him. "This is my fight."

Chrollo checked the clock before deciding the time they would be officially punched, "Tomorrow after school. Meet us in the basketball court in the gym, there we fight. One on one each of us, get a punch in or else." He turned his back away, his short black hair bouncing behind him as he calmly strided out the room.

Kurapika stopped him right at the threshold challenging, "Or else what?" His chained hands pointed at the rest of the gang members right as they were about to leave.

"Heheee..." Slyly Chrollo turned his head back the smirk burned in his lips as random strands of black hair covered his hungry devilish eyes. "Or else, your little friend Gon is gonna show up in a body bag at your door."

Slamming his fist on the nearest desk, Kurapika shouted out, "YOU'RE ON!" So completely almost nerve wrecking that it made Uvogin jump to his feet, hissing at the remaining pain filling him from being body slammed and the throbbing pain from his broken arm. The muscular boy huffing like the big bad wolf as he followed out last behind all of the other phantom troupe members.

The classroom wasn't ruined but the knocked down books were evidence of struggle that something occurred, still if the teacher came in they probably wouldn't assume a fight had taken place. This was a good thing yet still did make a difference for the blonde who started picking up stuff from the floor after watching them march out. Hatefully mumbling, "Yeah that's right, fall back in line blindly like a bunch of remote control toy soldiers."

"Kurapika..." Gon threw his hands up in the air before falling to his knees and begging for forgiveness. "Sorry! Sorry, I'm so sorry! I should have helped you beat him up."

"No, you listened and followed directions...That's all I asked for."

"But I can fight! I can defend myself! If they want me, then I'll try my best to take them down. I've studied comic books, all superheroes and their fighting moves!"

"I know you can fight, Gon. I never doubted you. It's just that, these guys are seniors. They have nothing to lose, from making a kid a personal boxing bag to knock around on the last week of school. If you get in a fight you'll probably get ISS for next year."

"Me? Someone's punching bag?" Gon flexed his muscles, looking at them before asking, "Do you think I'm weak, Kurapika?"

Kurapika started off saying hopefully, "Of course not." Gon was really hoping Kurapika would finish his sentence but unfortunately he never got the chance due to the bell for lunch ending that signaled time for class to start. "But, you better get going Gon if you don't wanna be late for 7th period."

Gon felt a weight of bad guilt hanging over his head that he made Kurapika go fight, that if he wouldn't have caught the ball in the first place none of this would have actually been a problem. Numbly he nodded telling Kurapika, "Okay, I need to get my backpack from the lunchroom. I'll get yours too, if you want?"

"Don't bother, I'll do it myself..." Kurapika uttered dusting his clothes off, dainty fixing his golden locks and fluffing it up, as he sucked on his teeth almost distraught. "I can do it all by myself."

"But I can he-"

"I can DO IT, GON! You might have gotten us into this mess, but I'll get us out."

"You can't take them all on alone."

"Yes, I can." Kurapika declared boldly, "As long as I have my raging hatred, I can do anything."

Feeling lost at words to say, Gon got chills from Kurapika's hostile red eyes still burning for pain. The shorter teen slumped over, wanting to disappear out of sight, Gon held his head down as he exited the classroom. There was the reality truth that even with Kurapika's anger in no way could he annihilate all 12 members of the Phantom troupe. He might as well have already be classified as a zombie with all those odds stacked up against him. Sighing duly Gon wished there was a real life redo button so he could start all over and prevent this day from going down hill so quickly.

Chapter Text

Best thing about this time of the year was definitely the pretty flowers that had bloomed, they were mostly bright vibrant colors. A pretty flower. They were lovely and eye catching, almost miraculously strong to survive in such harsh heat. They were yet also ever so delicate and fragile enough to have their life ended by being crushed on too many times. Yet they usually gained the power to slip by and blend in with the crowd when surrounded by plenty of other pretty things. That was how they stayed alive.

“That’s right there's no need to be special just survive.” Alluka mumbled under her breath as her pencil delicately slid over the paper, her eyes glued to the lovely patch of flowers outside the window. She was steadily putting the finishing and touches on her sketch in art class today. The last class of day was usually easy and chill, well except for today, there was a sub so there was basically just a bunch of busy work for everyone to do.

“Hmm?” A mop of shaggy brown hair moved up from just chilling in a singular direction as almost adorable breathtaking yellow eyes looked over at Alluka. “Did you say something? Is my elbow bumping yours again?”

Hearing such a cute fun loving voice fill her ears made Alluka freeze up as she felt a shaky nervous feeling her coming to the fact that her elbow was exactly bumping with...bumping with…. In a wave of absolute terror her blue eyes shot up pupils following the path of her arm to the ends of her T-shirt and where flesh met flesh in a almost comforting way only to cross over to another person’s T-shirt only to meet a soft caring accepting sight that made her heart beat out of time. “Zushi!” Alluka peeped out, as her face went almost red in blush as she started to rub her elbow against his a bit harder. “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! We are rubbing elbows now! They are rubbing a lot! Do you like it?” She laughed a bit.

“Haha! Alluka!” Zushi bursted out in random laughter making him drop his pencil back on the table next to his sketch pad. He almost flew out the seat from the storm of tickles that rattled his bones. “You know, I’m ticklish! Why are you doing this?”

“I think you’re so cute when you’re happy and laughing that’s why!” Alluka bubbled out as she reached out and over to basically throw herself in Zushi’s lap to tickle his stomach.

The taller boy almost banged his leg on the top of the table trying to escape, his knee went a bit limp as he struggled to escape. “Ha! HA! Why are you this way?” He laughed out trying to push her off.

“It’s a blessing and a curse, I can never understand!” Alluka insisted, wiggling her fingers around playfully. She was ready to pounce on him even more to ensure Zushi didn’t freak out or resist.

Only to hear the substitute teacher rise up from her seat and look up at them sharply. “Is something going on over there?”

Brushing some of the hair from out her face, Alluka looked at the sub. A bit of embarrassment came over her as she looked at everyone. Soon enough she found herself slipping into a tone of where she didn’t really care about her own death now that all the eyes in the class were looking at her. “No, we’re just doing our nature sketches. Nothing going on here, just two friends chilling looking at nature.” The words came easy to her, since getting out of sticky situation was like second nature to a Zoldyck. Plus if she needed to she’d slip money under the table to get this broke sub off their case. The world is only made for the rich and famous, after all, so there wasn't a problem that Alluka hadn’t ran across that money couldn’t solve.

The sub was a young woman. So maybe it a part of her that liked to engage and interact with her students a bit. She strolled over to Zushi and Alluka’s table that was near the window. Almost in a tenderly way of guidance she snuck a peek at both the kids sketchbooks. Her sight lighting up at glimpse of Alluka’s pretty artwork of the patch of flowers, only dim a bit later to see Zushi’s. The boy’s sketch pad was blank as copy paper.

It must have given some super spunk to try and get the sub an opportunity to give an inspirational speech moment. "Come on, I know everyone has an artistic bones in them. They just have to dig deep and take in the world around them." The art teacher said twirling the air as she threw her hands up, "Take it all in and draw something from your heart."

"Oh.. I see that's how you get your kicks? You ask little kids to draw when they ain't even trying So you can laugh! You SICK!" Zushi snapped as he started to sit back in his chair. Even though it was more like he crawled into it soon as Alluka went back to sitting calmly in her own. He started to stare at a tree then scribbled a few lines on the paper. Almost in a happy satisfied way the teacher started to walk away.

In a helpful cheerful way Alluka flashed her sketch pad at Zushi. "If you need inspiration. You can look on mine or talk with me." She leaned over with a bright smile on her face.

It was contagious because Zushi automatically smiled to enchanted by her friendly vibes. "Thank you. You doing more teaching and be being more helpful..." He made sure to strain his voice shouting, "THEN SOME SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS WHO GET PAID TO DO THIS."

The teacher walked right back over to where Zushi and Alluka were sitting. Where she kneeled down between them asking, "Do you need help to finish Zushi?"

In a pissed off manner Zushi threw his pencil to the ground, slamming his art book close. "Dang no! Gosh, stop sweating me! I can't draw with all this pressure! I MEAN DANG! I can't even make real lines! Can I at least have time to put LINES ON THE DANG PAPER PLEASE!? PLEASE!?"

Giving up the teacher threw her hands in the air, "Yes, yes you can." Right then the bell to get out of school rang loudly as she rose to her feet. Informing the class, "Alright everyone the nature art sketch is due tomorrow." Automatically a bunch of kids in class started to pack their things away, chattering among themselves happily as the doors of the school opened.

Zushi had this almost annoyed look on his face as he kept his hands wrapped tightly around his sketch book. This yellow eyes seemed to reading, ‘You trying my life aren’t you?’ Still he didn’t dare say it because he wasn’t about to dare get in trouble for something stupid like doing art. That was just insane.

Alluka drifted her eyes from Zushi to her sketch book, then to her backpack. It wasn’t for sure disappointment filling her but it sure was something digging up under her skin. She really didn’t like for her friends not to be happy. Especially Zushi, he was better with a bright smile on his face. She figured she could at least say something, to make him feel better. Maybe pat his head? Or give him a hug? Still that wouldn’t ever solve the real problem.

“Mr Wing will be back soon.” Alluka said it. The truth coming to her lips quickly, just deciding to put that fact out there. In a reassuring way, Alluka rested her hand on Zushi’s shoulder, rubbing it relaxingly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”

Looking downwards Zushi shook his head, brushing off the comment as he sighed slightly. “I know that.” His sight almost seemed to darken as he exclaimed, “I KNOW HE’S COMING BACK! But it doesn’t matter when or how soon! Damn it, even for a grown man...He just lost his family last night to some crazy fucker who murdered them!”

The air around Alluka suddenly seemed to make it uncomfortable to breath as she was forced to listen to Zushi rant, “You heard what the principal said! He said that Mr Wing lost his parents in a jewelry store fire! That doesn’t even make any damn sense! If the store was close, why were they in there? Why was anyone in there? The story is not right… The police even said when they went to ask Mr Wing questions he said the last time he saw his parents was then they took his baby brother out for a stroll to get him to stop crying, then they were supposed to come back and have dinner! The man is only 25, he just graduated college and this happens! Why does...such terrible stuff happen to good nice people? The world is so unfair.” Zushi took a deep breath trying to control himself.

Alluka slowly let go of Zushi muttering, “He was your favorite teacher wasn’t he?” Her voice seemed shallow almost as if it wasn’t even there, or that it didn’t dare to go any louder than that whisper. Almost it was a bit of guilt filling her. She knew. She knew, who that sick fucker was. But if she told Zushi she would ruin her own life and reputation. Alluka did not want that. She wanted to remain by Zushi’s side forever and a little fuck up that her big brother did was in no way shape or form about to ruin this for her.

“Who didn’t love this class, when Mr Wing was teaching it?” Zushi said sternly. In an angry manner he started shoving his books away in his bag, putting up his pencils and sketchbooks. He looked ready to burn this place to ashes.

Alluka struggled to even catch up as she sloppily shoved her stuff away, with her backpack hanging off her shoulder she stumbled to catch up with Zushi as he was leaving the room. The bottom of her dress gathering a bit of dust as she took off trying to stay with her friend. Oh man, Zushi could move really fast when he was blazing mad. “Hey, wait up! You’re not mad at me, right?” She called out, soon as they both hit the hallway loaded with kids she dogging a bunch of them.

“Mad at you?” The fact that Alluka would even suggest such a thing almost made Zushi’s heart stop. The boy froze in his tracks almost immediately as he whipped around, to see Alluka coming up behind him. Snatching Alluka’s hands up in his own, Zushi squeezed them shouting, “Of course not!”

“Heh?” Alluka sweated nervously as she looked at Zushi wondering if he was about to get on one knee and form a wedding proposal based off the speed things were going right now.

“I would never ever be mad at you! I would never ever be upset enough to blame something that you clearly couldn’t control and was out of your hands on you! Don’t ever say that! Don’t ever think that!” Zushi shouted at her in the most tender caring way he could muster as he looked at his friend scolding. “You are too pure and sweet to say such things!”

Blushing in embarrassment, Alluka felt her legs wobble as she indulged in being swooned over. Her face heating up as her blue eyes shimmered, her hair fell beautifully over her face as she shrugged her shoulders. “Ah, I guess so! Only if you think, so! You really believe, I’m nice and pure?”

“Of course!” Zushi agreed reluctantly without another thought. She seemed to sweet and adorable? No way someone like her could be toxic and evil.

An almost malicious smile crossed Alluka’s lips as she bluntly said, “Well that’s a pretty stupid thing to believe in. All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never find out how broken you really are.”

Confusion washed over Zushi as he let go of Alluka’s hands. He started inspecting her carefully. “What does that mean?”

“What I just said!” Alluka giggled out, as she flipped her long pretty purple hair. In no time her brain rewiring her desperate plea for help as if it was some joke. Instead she saw another group of friends pass her by and she skipped over to join them, humming out, “How’s it going girls?!”

“Oh, sup!” One of the girls said smiling at their friend. “We were just talking about any advantages we have of being a girl.”

“Yeah…” A female with brown hair and while applying some more lipstick on her hips. “So I said, girls don’t have dicks.”

Alluka looked at that girl like she was stupid for a few seconds. Then looked back at her first friend who was holding up a mirror for the brown haired girl. Her blue eyes shifted between the two of them completely baffled a bit. “Umm… yes they can.” Alluka said trying trying to be blunt about it but she motioned to her dress. “Girls can definitely have dicks.”

“Huh?” The girl looked at Alluka, dropping her makeup to make sure that she heard the other girl right.

On the other hand her friend was a bit quicker, dropping the mirror to quickly apologize to Alluka. “Oh! Yeah! Sorry, Alluka’s right!” Then she at the brown haired female explaining, “You haven’t known Alluka for long as Zushi and I have, but Alluka is trans!”

“Trans?” The girl leaned forward as her brown hair fell to the side a bit as she inspected Alluka carefully. “Wow, she doesn’t look gay.”

For some reason Alluka knew she shouldn’t had taken such offense to that comment but she could help but sassy snap back. “Umm, I’m not gay. I’m straight. I’m a girl.”

“You had surgery?”


“Then how are you a girl? Wouldn’t that mean, you’re still in transition?”

“Well actually, some trans people do like they them pronouns, but I just like to be called she/her. I mean, gender is all mental anyway. Sex is just the body part you're born with and it doesn’t really mean anything. People decided for themselves who they wanna be. Ya know? That’s why there is genderfluid and nonbinary people. Some people basically don’t fall anywhere on the gender spectrum and some people fall everywhere on the gender spectrum because they are everything! And that’s all right! Everything is alright! Gender is one of those mental things, just like who people love is.”

“So you are one of those people who think there is more than two genders out there?”

“Of course, it’s just who people are! Everyone is created differently so they all fall different on the gender spectrum. It’s not to be special or anything. Sure we do tend to break stereotypes and crush logic for plenty of people. But it’s there fault for having stupid gender stereotypes in the first place! In all truth we just wanna be treated the same because we’re all human beings!”

The brown haired girl’s blank face seemed to mold into one of those suddenly newly entertained activists. “Oh my God! You are so awesome! Taking a stand like that!”

“What do you mean?” Alluka said almost baffled at where the girl seemed to be getting these ideas from. “I'm just being myself… Sure I hate gender stereotypes because they're a constant obstacle for many people. I do believe the world would be a much better brighter happy place with no stereotypes period.”

“What I mean is--” The girl found her sentence being cut off by Zushi who ran up beside them.

“X and Y chromosomes don't mean crap about what gender people are!” Zushi cut in throwing an arm around Alluka as he managed to catch back up with them right as they exited the school building. He rustled with Alluka's hair chirping, “Is that what this was about anyway? Ya know science keeps changing all the time. But one thing that has always exist was the gender spectrum and people who fall all over it in different places.”

“Oh look who's late in on the conversation.” Alluka teased cheekily a smile flowing on her face. It felt easier to smile and relax with Zushi than anyone. Yet she knew her closest friend would always have her back.

“I came as soon as I heard, after you left me hanging over there!”

“I was messing with you!”

“Really? You had me worried for you!”

“Your pretty mind worrying over me?”


“You're too gullible! It's cute!”

“I-I-well…” Zushi’s face went red as the middle schooler lowly hushed his mouth feeling a bit uneasy. “You think I'm cute?”

“Yeah.” Alluka mumbled out.

“I--I--think you….you’re cute too!” Zushi babbled out lowly, a bit unsure to why he was saying this to one of his best friends in such an awkward way. It was just strange all of a sudden. “I also umm.. like your charm bracelet?”

“Oh?” Alluka twisted her arm around, the sound of the charms clattering made her smile. “This? My big brother got it for me yesterday at the Jewelry store.”

“Which one?”

“Killua! Basically the best most awesome big brother ever!”

“Wow! He must really love you….That looks so expensive.”

“I know! I'm one of Killua's favorite people!”

Zushi looked over at Alluka softly, “Favorite people?”

“Yup...” Alluka shook the jangling loud bracelet on her arm explaining, “Killua really doesn't fancy people. It's a miracle he has a boyfriend right now.”

“Ah!” A girl let out a little cry as she suddenly reached for her phone as if remembering soon as it vibrated that school was over. “I have to get going! I think my mom is here!”

Alluka nodded understanding. “Yeah, Zushi and I should get going too! We usually walk home together.”

“Hey, you guys walk towards the mountains too right?” The brown haired girl smiled asking, “Do y'all mind if I tag along?”

It was probably bad that the first thing that crossed Alluka's mind to say was, ‘Yes, I do mind. This is usually Zushi and I time to bond together.’ Then she bit her lip a bit guiltily. Her blue eyes drifting over to Zushi for help as she felt a stinging feeling start hitting them.

“Yeah, sure! All company is welcome.” Zushi gave the girl a cheerful almost too gleefully answer.

‘With a smile. With a smile. WITH A SMILE!’ That made Alluka let loose a nervous laugh as she blinked back her emotions. This couldn't be happening. Zushi didn't just accept that girl on to walk with them. It had to be a dream. This was it, a bad dream. Maybe a day dream?

“Hey, are you Alluka?” A vaguely recollection of who that voice came from hit a quick flash in her mind. The name and face started to become very clear as a teen with wild spiky black hair started to wave at her from where he sat on a school bench.

“Gon?” Alluka said questioningly. To why he would still be around here when the high school got out of class around an hour before them. Out of pure curiosity her feet started moving over towards him in that direction.

“Alluka are you leaving us?” Zushi said almost sounding a bit disappointed.

“Ah! Umm, sorry!” In an apologetic way Alluka exclaimed, “I see..someone! I need to or..umm, guess I'm at request?”

“You know that guy?”

“He goes out with my big brother, Killua!”

“Heh? What does that have to do with why he wants you?”

“I don't know!”

“Why are you running over there then?” Zushi shouted over all the yelling and screaming kids joking around playing outside.

Due to all the people it made it easier for Alluka to pretend that she didn't hear him. Sometimes it was just best to act like stuff never happened even if the stupid fact and memory that you did that will stay with you forever. Plus the friendly smile on Gon's face was sweet enough to cast most of herself doubt away.

“You are Alluka, right?” Gon reaffirmed soon as the girl was standing before him.

“That would be correct.” A smile crossed her lips as she sat on the bench beside Gon. “Now what brings you here to my middle school?” Then Alluka immediately seemed to recall a reason. “If you want your pencil back, I left it at home today! But I’ll bring it back tomorrow and give it to you! I promise! I promise! Just because I come from a family of criminals, I wouldn't steal petty trash like a pencil!”

“Oh so...are you a super villain too?” Gon found himself wondering. If Killua came from a family of super villains didn't that mean, Alluka was one too?

Innocent blue eyes blinked up at Gon almost too sweetly, as Alluka reached up and patted Gon's head like a child. “Well looks can be deceiving.” Her hand laid gently as she patted down his spiky hair rubbing a bit as if comforting him based on the fact he was dating a criminal mastermind. “Plus, I really can’t answer a question like that now.”

Must be nice to be born with superpowers.’ Gon thought as he looked at girl basically pitying him for his own arrogance. In an awkward way his brown eyes flashed mysteriously as he grabbed Alluka's hand off the top of his head. “Hey, well look.... People are born and get to choose their own life choices so you get to decide the path of a hero or not, okay?”

It seemed like a look of pure curiosity came over Alluka it only lasted for a brief second yet it was long enough for Gon to read, ‘What the heck do you mean by that? Did you assume I'm evil just because I didn’t answer your question? That’s kind of rude dude...’ Still soon as it came the expression was quickly replaced with a phony smile. Alluka giggling a bit, “No wonder my big brother likes you so much! You're so hopeful and cheerful. I really think that's cute.”

For some reason Gon suddenly didn't know how to feel about Alluka. There didn't seem to be a hint of actual happiness in her voice in fact her blue eyes seemed to darken just like Killua's did before. The color they looked like when on the borderline between sanity and insanity. In a raspy way Gon spoke; slowly nodded his head, “Yes, I..I try to change the world and make it a better place. I mean if the world is gonna change for the better we have to start with ourselves right? Then we have to try and see the good in everyone.”

“I agree!” Alluka hummed almost in a excited manner. “You are so nice and sweet! You really are a find and catch for my big brother!” She lowered her hand out of Gon's grip, and instead tucked some of her long hair behind her ear as she smiled up at the boy.

“I am? Heh…” Gon awkwardly rubbed the back of his head blabbering, “Yeah, I get that a lot from people.” It was true. Now Gon had just learned to easily accept such sweetheart compliments to his personality.

“Yeah, but.. you're not like the rest.” Alluka said tenderly as her blue eyes seemed to melt a bit. “You're different from them, even after you know who he is, you still stand by him.”

“I'm gonna save him.” Gon said firmly. “It's gonna take time, but I'm willing to commit.”

A small genuine smile crossed Alluka's lips as she said, “Canary would love to meet you.”


“Canary, she is my favorite most sweetest pretty butler we have at our house! She loves Killua alot just like I do!”

“Does she?”


“I hope I meet her today then….” Gon muttered lowly as he dropped his head. Almost recalling and reflecting on why he had waited out her for Alluka all this time. “Alluka, I need to talk to Killua. He didn't come to school today. I'm worried I might have gotten him in trouble or worst.”

“Why would you worry about Killua? Killua is old enough to take care of himself. He gets beating from Mommy all the time. He even got a broken nose once and food poison yet lived.” Wrinkling up her face a tad but lost Alluka said, “Plus, There's no family rule where you have to get permission to call someone. You don't need to tell me any of this.”

“Yes, I do….” Gon mumbled out a bit embarrassed as he felt foolish having to explain, “I don't have a phone.”

“You're 16 and don't have a phone?”

“It's a long story.”

“It's a long walk up to my house too. So a lot of stuff is long right now.”

“Huh?” Gon rubbed the back of his head admitting, “I know that! I know how to get there, I figured there is probably some traps on the mountain and I really ain't trying to get my ass dragged.”

“Oh, so you were gonna use me just to get past the traps?”

“I'm sorry.”

“It's not okay..”

“I..I mean…… Awww! Don't say that! Why isn't it okay?”

“Because you were just gonna use me!”

“I didn't say anything that wasn't true. What did you want me to do lie?”

Alluka crossed her arms, “At least lies would have made me feel better. Lies would have made me feel appreciated.”

Honestly Gon was quite confused by that logic since Aunt Mito had always taught him to tell the truth. But then again Alluka was a lot like Killua so she would probably want to be lied to. What was it with Zoldycks and loving lies? Maybe it had something to do with way they were raised.

“Alluka! Next time, I'll lie to you. To make you feel better...” Gon said awkwardly the sentence sounding rather confusing on his tongue he practically choked it out.

“Thank you.” Alluka confirmed. She uncrossed her arms and a bright smile lit up her face as she purred, “I really like you! You're so fun to talk with Gon!”

“Ah! Wait!” Gon squeaked out nervously not expecting this reaction at all as Alluka started to pull him into a hug.

Alluka snuggled in his neck humming out, “And you're soft! You're like a giant human happiness care bear in real life!”

“Well that's one description of me, I never heard before.” Gon smiled saying, “I'll really owe you for this ya know?”

Alluka inhaled sharply before pulling away from Gon; her blue eyes catching sight of Zushi with the other brown haired girl. They looked so happy together. It made Alluka a tad bitter, which means she had no choice but to flush it out with love. Doing so she made sure to present her demands specifically as possible, “Gon, can you promise me that you'll wrap around Killua like a Koala."

“What the fuck!?”

“Just promise me, that after I get you there to see my big brother you'll cuddle and wrap around him like a Koala!”

“That's sounds insane.”


“Okay! Okay! Don't start shouting! It's never that serious!”

“It is to me…”

Gon sighed. “Are you really sure, you wanna come with me?” He suddenly had a bad feeling that he was possibly splitting up two lovers. His brown eyes looked in Alluka's blue that still seemed like they were staring off at Zushi dreamily.

“Yeah, of course…” Alluka mumbled. “What else would I rather want to do..”

Gon was about to say that she would be paying more attention if Alluka was willing to chill with him, yet in school friendly spirit he figured to test the water. The boy sucking his teeth before questioning, “Are you into him?”

The facial expression that washed over Alluka was enough proof and evidence for Gon to place the pieces together himself. Alluka suddenly became a babbling nervous wreck. “W-whyy.. wha-aah, w-w..weeaah!? Makes..mak-why say that?” Waving her hands she threw them up exclaiming, “Its! N-Nothing! Nothing like that!”

“Really? You look at him like he's a guy that you'd sorta be into.” Gon teased a bit a small smile piercing his lips as he pointed at Zushi.

“Hah! Don't p-point at him! Whaawhat if it gets his attention!?” Alluka squealed pushing Gon's finger down. The girl was complaining lowly, “Honestly what's your deal!?”

“Nothing. If you like him, I won't hold you back from hanging out with him.” A relaxing face came over Gon as he put a hand on Alluka's shoulder. “I'm sure Killua would be proud of you picking out a good looking dignified young man like that.”

“I-I-I…” Alluka felt her whole entire face light up like bright red Christmas lights. “Am I..tha-thaat, obvious?! I m-mean.. I'm not shy! I-I-Don't….I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU KNOW!” The last part was almost hostile.

It made Gon let go of her shoulder. “Whoa! I wanna say, you look like you'd be a cute couple is all!” The teen nervously took a few steps back from the middle school girl.

“Ha! Like.. like you would know that! W-what would you know about a crush?” Then almost a split second later Alluka caught her words. Shaking her head mumbling, “Oh my gosh..! You go out with my big brother! I ju-just! So-oosoo! Acck!” She placed her hands over her cherry shy face as she shimmered deep in her feelings.

Gon looked at her a bit hopefully, “Hey.. don't beat yourself up. Me going out with your big brother was actually a totally strange event that happened randomly.”

“I'm so pathetic.. everyone thinks I'm naive and childish..!” Alluka let out a muffled shout as she placed her head into Gon's chest muffling all her shouts, “Darn it! Zushi will never see me as a woman! Why am I this way!?”

Gon rubbed her back trying to be helpful. “There, there… I don't think you're any of that.. I think you're a mature young woman.” He wasn't prepared to handle anymore drama today yet he take stuff as it came and try to make the most of it.

“I don't even wanna hear it… just take me away from here.”


“Yes! I don't want people to see me flustered like this.”

“Oh..okay… so we head for the mountains then?”

Alluka puled away triumphantly mumbling out, “Yes.” She pointed her fingers in the direction of home saying, "We go all the way up!"

Chapter Text

There was a thick choking fog in the area of the mountain, all the humidity rising off the filthy ground made the air thick full darkness only powerful Zoldyck eyes could cut through. For Killua as he dashed through the trees they shown rather brightly like a blue blizzard that acted like a caution traffic light. Warning anyone who dared to get in their range of sight to proceed onward to their death praying hell or heaven lets them in, since their was no escaping the monstrosity those orbs belonged to. It was heart stopping that made most people crumble to their knees too awestruck at the sight before their eyes to usually react properly before a long blade was slicing through their skin like a knife does bread, skillfully dicing them into slices.

Practice was usually in a shady climate, it built up endurance and mental mind state. Killua knew that anything that could come out in his family's woods even in training, it would not hesitate to strike a lethal blow that could possibly be deadly. So he kept his guard up, plus easily Illumi could be lurking near by. Well so could Kalluto, but he wouldn't dare hurt his big brother because he was going through that 'loyalty to the fam' phase, so Killua didn't sweat it much. Milluki was probably sitting down drinking water not even bothering to participate.

Upon hearing the crunching of leaves from nearing footsteps, toward the front of the house. Killua instinctively went for his weapon. Ready to draw blood and take another life only to feel that selfish victory that he would live to see the sun once more. His pupils darted around as he hid in the security of the tree's leaves, coating his body in camouflage. He was preparing to see and take down an enemy that had crossed the fucking line, not to have his deadly expression transform into almost parallel full blown horror.

The first words out of his mouth shouldn't have been, "How'd you find my address?!" As Killua bolted up out the trees, placing the pocket knife in it's holder, his feet kicked up into mad action. His own movement speed coming at a shock to him that matched up with his blind panic.

"Ki..kiill.." The short boy standing at the mansion doorstep could barely get his words out or comprehend the blurry fast inhuman speed that dashed up to him like lighting. His backpack almost flew off his shoulders, as his black locks flew around widely at the gust of wind impact that forced him to stumble back; strong muscular pale arms pinned him against the wood.

Panting ravishingly Killua demand, "Gon, what the hell are you doing here? It's 8pm on a fucking school night! You should be home, damn it!" With his sweaty body looming over Gon, he watched the teen flinch at Killua's harsh barking. "Do you know how dangerous it is for you to be here? Especially when we're out training! God how'd you get this far? How'd you not die?"

Lowering his head to hide the shame from his brown eyes, Gon didn't even form a response, his expression did the talking for him. It wasn't that Gon was expecting a warm welcome for breaking in and trespassing on Killua's property, but he wasn't feeling in the mood to get yelled at either. Awkwardly, he fumbled with the backpack still strapped to him. Gon had came straight here, straight to Killua, straight to his safety net, straight to his super hero.

In a sassy way Alluka stepped in quipping, "Big brother, don't talk to Gon like that! You know, I brought him here! He worked so hard just to get to see you!" She crossed her arms a bit annoyed that with Gon around suddenly Killua lost the will to even acknowledge her existence.

"Oh? So you're to blame!" Killua looked at Alluka like she was stupid. "Why the hell did you bring him here?" His blue eyes flashed as he pointed at Gon like he was a forbidden object that shouldn't exist near these parts.

"Gon wanted to come here! He came all this way just to see, you! He's your boyfriend, love him! Love him!" Alluka fired back. If her big brother was gonna get upset with her, she could get upset too. It would be an upset salty party up in here if things kept progressing at this rate.

"Heh?!" Killua felt his eye twitching as he looked at his sister, then to Gon, then back at his sister, only to look at Gon again. There had to clearly something that he was missing, A slight detail that might have went over his head. "What the fuck is going on? Can someone just tell me what the fuck is going on?"

"Yeah! Gon went through hell to get here now you're treating him wrong!" Alluka complained, a slight blush forming on her face as she shallowly pouted. "And to think, I wanted him to wrap around you like a Koala! Mmm.. I take the promise we made back Gon, you don't have to touch that nasty filthy man."

"Alluka..!" Killua barked at his sister almost offended that she would say such a thing to her brother.

"Don't call my name! Worry about, Gon. He grueling endured all the traps and shit just to see you." Flipping her hair the girl motioned to the taller male that was standing beside her.

Killua sighed finally recognizing this strange meek behavior from his boyfriend, so numbly he leaned in pressed a kiss on Gon's lips. Killua's once menacing blue eyes now turning more soft and caring as he gave Gon a kiss this time delicately speaking lowly, "Sunshine, you alright?"

Gon closed his eyes, recoiling at the musky outdoor smell Killua's drenched in, he turned his head away. The action only making Killua feel a bit worried as he pulled back, taking Gon's hand in his own. "Alluka what happened to him?" He asked.

"Nothing, he's probably just salty with you for treating him like crap." Alluka disputed waving her hands brushing off the comments as her blue eyes twinkled playfully. "Honestly tolerance is something you could manage to get more of, but I'm just saying that because I love you!"

"I got mad at Gon being here, only because I don't wanna see him get hurt!"

"Mommy and Daddy aren't home, they're on a job. All our siblings are out in the field, the butlers are miles away~! If anything I snuck Gon here perfectly."

"It was still dangerous!"

"Nothing I couldn't handle. Gon and I would have tagged team anyone who tried to run up on us!"

A bit of guilt found It's way in Killua's heart as he saw Gon's pretty brown eyes water as they looked at him pathetically. Gon mumbling out, "Killua, are you really that disappointed to see me? I-I-I'm so sorry!" A bit of little almost crystal like tears started to fall.

"Ah! Wait! Wait-! Hold it! Hold the FLOOD GATES!" Killua panicked a bit, as he started to fan Gon's face in an act to prevent anymore tears from falling. Still it didn't work very well because his boyfriend started ugly sobbing as he whined. It made Killua's ears start ringing and he knew that if Gon actually made a loud enough noise it would send Illumi running over here like some crazy trained wild dog.

"I'm, I'm! I'm so sorry! I should have used Alluka phone to ask to come over first!" Gon's somber face expression spoke for itself as he started to cry a bit harder his whole entire small body trembling.

"Okay! Okay.. it's alright baby boy! Hush, hush.." Killua said trying to silence him. He lifted up his tank top, not to flash his abs in the process but mostly to wipe the tears and snot that was rolling down Gon's face.

Almost in revolt Alluka jumped back hissing in a disgusted manner, "Ew! Don't wipe your nasty sweaty tank top on his face!"

"What? Gon likes the smell of me?" Killua blurted out completely perplexed as to why his sister was even posing this as a problem. "Plus, I need to wipe his face."

"Still it's nasty body fluids!" Alluka started digging around in her backpack searching for some tissues. "If you're gonna wipe someone's face at least do it right!"

"I'm trying!" Killua urged as he ran his shirt over Gon's forehead just deciding it wouldn't hurt to clean all of his face off.

Pulling out some tissues from a box on the side of her bag, Alluka handed them to Killua informing him, "Take it! Take IT! TAKE IT!" Waving them around frantically with her short little arms she urged, "Watching you try to wipe his face like that is cringe!"

Killua snatched the tissues from her hand immediately he applied them all to Gon's face dabbing them around in a messy fashion. "Uhh..uhh!? There!?"

"What the heck are you doing? He looks like a mummified tissue monster!" Alluka practically screeched in response to how the tissues Killua had placed on Gon's face stuck to him and people made the teen cry more.

"I don't know! I don't know, what I'm doing! I can't comfort people!" Killua exclaimed freaking out, "This experience is still knew to me! I don't know WHAT TO DO! I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!" Almost in a fearful way like he was playing a board game he started to nervously begin rearranging tissues on Gon's face as he balled.

"It's not rocket science or like you're performing open heart surgery!"

"Yeah, those I would just go for it."

"Oh my gosh! You have 2 younger siblings counting me, and you can't do this?"

"You and Kalluto never cried and if you did I'd slap you and say 'suck it up or else' in a mean way and y'all got the message."

In an almost reflecting way to remember that slap, Alluka rubbed the side of her face muttering, "Those were dark times…we never speak of again."

"Oh, if it worked on you guys!" Killua raised his hand up in the air about to knock the wind out of Gon's lungs to shut him up.

Alluka grabbed her brother's wrist shouting, "Stop it! Just stop it! You can't force it! Dang it!" She yanked down Killua to her height level. Leaning in she harshly sneered in his ear, "BE MORE CHILL!"

Blue eyes went wide as he headed to his little sister's advice. Nodding his head, he gently started to knock all the tissues off his boyfriend's face and onto the ground. Chilly mumbling, "Gon, why do you cry so much all the time?"

Blinking rapidly the teen sniffled a bit as he wiped his nose. Gon's eyes were almost red and his face appeared to be puffy with irritation. Lowly he whimpered, "Ask me that again, Killua. But look into my eyes."

'Why am I gonna see pools of nothing but water?' Is what Killua was about to ask, yet his little sister was supervising. God knows he loved Alluka with all his heart, that was his sweet lil hyper favorite sibling. Yet sometimes she stayed fired up ready to go ham on his ass the second he slipped out of line.

In that case overall Killua spoke from his soul, "Alluka, if Gon or you got hurt, I'd be really pissed off at myself. You know how I get sometimes? If I lose my shit, who knows what might happen?" An almost creepy smile crossed his lips as he used his hand to reach up and grab his heart. "I'll be so shattered. I might just go on a murder spree. I'll take out everyone and everything in my path."

The sound of his voice is what really got to Gon. Killua didn't sound like he was playing around. Every syllable out his mouth was filled with truth. On command, Killua was ready to wreck a place. Was this his fault? Instinctively Gon muttered, "I'm sorry."

"Why do you always say sorry so much, damn it!" Killua started breathing heavily like he was ready to strangle someone.

"Hey, Big brother remember be more chill! Be more chill! BE MORE CHILL!" Alluka hollered.

"I say sorry, because… I think everything is my fault! I just want everyone to be happy!" Gon sobbed out, started to wipe his face with his shirt sleeves.

"Well it's not! It's not your fault!" Killua spat. "So suck it up!" Out of nowhere stuff started to swarm around it seemed to be a bit of grass that kicked up. It came naturally yet almost a warning because Killua sensed that someone was heading their way. "Illumi." The name came to his lips.

"Yeah, he probably heard us. I'll distract him." Alluka said instinctively ready to protect her big brother.


"So you can take, Gon inside to your room!"


"To stop him from crying!"


"Big brother stop shouting just move!"

A slight smile came on Killua's lips as he looked at his sister. He quickly leaned down and pressed a kiss on her head. "Thanks sis. I owe you one."

"You owe me a lot at this point." Alluka hummed out pleasantly as cheerfully she kissed Killua back on the cheek. "I just don't mind because, making people happy makes me happy!" Then she reached her arms up around Gon asking, "Kiss me too?"

"Huh?" Gon sniffled a bit of blush crossing his face as he looked at Alluka curiously.

"Yes! I lead you here from the kindness of my heart. The least you can do is return it with a kiss!" Alluka claimed.

Wiping his face a bit more, Gon sucked up the rest of his tears. Bending over he kissed Alluka sweetly. It was brief and airy yet it still made Alluka happy. She let out an excited squeal as she bounced up and down. Gon laughed lightly, "Was that good?"

"Yes! Yes! You feel like you're a good kisser Gon! I bet my brother loves it when his lips are on your lips!" Alluka fangirled as she leaned upwards on her tippy-toes. "I wanna kiss your lips too…"

"You rea-Mhm!" Gon found his lips muffled by Alluka's who planted one on him soon as she could.

"Haha.." Killua laughed a bit at the shock on Gon's face. He figured he should have warned him about Alluka's usually over friendly good times she had when she was in a cheerful mood. Plus it looked like all traces of sadness had left Gon's face.

Pulling away Alluka nodded in a approval, "Yup! Definitely good lip smacker! Big brother, No wonder you like Gon so much! He's like an absolute good!" Alluka grinned happily as she tugged on her brother asking. "So when are you gonna jump the broom?"

"Eh!" Killua's face paled be your usual as he started to tremble. "S-shhshut up! Don't say STUPID!" Picking up Gon bridal style he started to open the front door.

"Can I be the flower girl?" Alluka inquired with a huge smile as she pointed to herself. "I'll be sure to wear a really pretty dress!"

"Killua...I actually wouldn't mind joining your family…" Gon felt his face heating up as Killua cradled him close to his chest.

Killua didn't know if he should either pride himself off that notion or actually wonder if Gon had any shred of common sense in his mind. Nope, he wasn't even about to burn brain cells thinking about making that even a possibility to figure out the truth. Instead he just plowed inside the house, ignoring his sister singing loudly, "La! La! La! La! Killua's got a bride! La! La!"

If he forced his ears not to listen or mentally willed away the song then maybe it would fade away. Maybe even his whole brain can forget this ridiculous matter over all. Shaking his head, he slammed the door shut with his foot. It only seemed to muffle out Alluka's loud shouting. But Killua wasn't about to complain, nope..nope..nope! He could do this. He could keep himself together.

Brown eyes looked up at him questioning as Gon hummed out, "Are you upset? Are you mad?" He rubbed his face in Killua's chest listening to the older boy's pounding heartbeat. "Don't worry about it. Alluka only does that because she really loves and care about you."

"Easy for you to say! You're probably in on some crazy conspiracy with her!" A pain of almost jealousy ran through Killua even knowing that his little sister meant no harm by her teasing it made him feel strange. He barely had been dating Gon for a week yet here they both were double tag teaming him like they were best friends.

"No! I would never! I'm.. I'm not that type of person!" Gon said automatically jumping out of Killua's arms to begin to break himself down and explain.

Completely unimpressed at all Killua motioned to Gon's feet. "Sure you're not, you're the disgusting person who walks around with shoes in the house."

"Shut up.. I-I do not!" The black haired male looked down at his sneakers. Then looked at Killua's sneakers and in a salty tone said, "But you might be!" He snapped pointing at them hastily.

"You can't throw an insult, I gave to you back at me! That's not creative!"

"Oh like you're one to talk about and judge people for creativity."

"Why are you trying to argue at me about this!?"

"I'm cranky, upset, pissed, and you made me cry!"

Letting out a pissed off grunt, Killua tackled Gon. Slamming him on the rug near the front door he forcefully started to hold the smaller teen down as he attempted to wiggle away. "No! No, you wanna be special? I'll make you special! My extra SPECIAL GUEST." He quipped.

"Ah! Hold on!" Gon gulped a bit as Killua pinned him down with such hostility it was like a police finally catching a criminal. His head started to spin with bleak uncertainty as he looked up at those sweaty white locks that covered up Killua's almost evil glaring blue eyes feasting over the sight of Gon's body cowering before him. "Wh-whaa..What are you going to do to me?"

Preparing himself for the worst instinctively Gon began to curl up in a ball as he felt Killua snake his hands down south. The 16 year old tenderly tracing down from his boyfriend's knee caps, "You wanna know what I'm gonna do, baby boy?"


"You really wanna know?"



"What?" Gon's face muscles started to relax as a slight smile came on his face. "That's not as bad as I thought…"

"And your SOCKS OFF!" Killua cackled out almost dementedly as he started to eagerly untie Gon's shoes.

"Oh FUCK NO! You crazy nut case!" Gon hollered as he began to kick his heels like he was throwing a fit.

"Fuck YES!" Killua began to grind his hips down on Gon to force him in place as he ripped off both his sneakers. He surprisingly neatly placed them near the door before getting started on shredding those socks to shreds.


"No lights! Rules don't apply to this, it's not sexual." Killua hissed out as his finger seductively circled the base of Gon's ankle like a snake about to attack its prey.

"Well.. I..I don't like..people to see my toes."


"They're fat."

"Everyone toes ARE FAT!"

"But, still what if they're dirty…?"

"Okay fine do you wanna wash them, in the tub or something?"

"In the sink."

"WHAT THE HELL? No, I'm not letting your feet in the damn sink!"

Smacking his lips together Gon rolled his eyes stating, "All water comes from the same place! It doesn't matter. Either you wash in the kitchen sink or bath tub." Wiggling his stubby toes the little boy smiled, "When I was a baby, Aunt Mito said she would wash me in the sink all the time."

"In the kitchen sink?" Killua challenged.

"A sink is a sink, is a sink! Gosh! Don't discriminate against sinks!" Gon snapped.

"You're right.." Killua said as he leaned down in the sink brushing his lips over the tips of Gon's toes flicking his lustful sky blue orbs up to see the young boy's cute tender red blush dash upon his cheeks as his toes curled up.

"Aahh, What? What the heck did I just say!" The short boy squirmed in place at the sight, holding in a laugh saying, "KilluaAAAAA!"

The older male snorted, "I barely know? You know I use my brain to store knowledge relevant to my own person victories." Killua chuckled softly enjoying the adorable nature. "Oh, you mean this?" The blonde kisses the raven's big toe softly. "You didn't want me to do this right?"

Gon let outs sly snicker flinching at the warm mouth and spit licking in between his toes, as Killua cleaned them like an overexcited puppy, "Don't! God damn you're cringe max level!"

Killua smiled at the endearing reaction as he plants gently kisses on Gon's foot. "My kisses….. I don't kiss everyone feet ya know?"

"You shouldn't be kissing anyone's feet! It's THEIR FEET!" Gon stressed out as he kicked a bit trying to shoo him away.

"Hey! Let my kisses make it worth your wild." Killua teased licking between Gon's toes a line of spit connected his tongue and flesh together.

"STOP BEING DIRTY Killua!" Gon managed to shout burrowing his head in his hands to hide his face. "I can't even look at this! It's disgusting!"

"Haha.. I like it when you act like that!" Killua sung out lightly presses kisses around Gon ankle as his hands felt up the small male's smoothed peach skin.

"I'm...!" The raven let out a strangling amount of laughs into his hands as his face shined cherry red shooing, "Gonna make sure you wash your mouth out with soap after this!"

"Every part of you is just so delicious, Gon." Killua mumbled huskily nibbling skin Gon's delicate skin like it was a rare bit of cheese even though he longed to dig his sharp teeth in it like chicken from KFC. "I can't stop eating you up, even if I tried. So if anything this is enough cleansing of my soul for me."

Gon let a slight moan lowly out and curled his toes in pleasure whispering, "Oh. Oh. Shit...No, if anything doing this is making you more insane."

Killua started to sucks on Gon's pinky toe soon licks up foot seductively deeply speaking his hot breath molesting the fresh sheets of skin, "Hmm, no. I'm just nasty and wild for you." Which was the bluntly honest truth, Killua had no grounds to lie over any of this.

"Yeah…?" Gon wiggled a toe in Killua's mouth feeling around his warm cavern panting, "Ha-... Cant take it! I wanna, feels so good! But wrong! But gooooooood!"

Killua smirked as he kept on his foot administration asking, "What do you want me to do?"

Gon squirmed his foot around feeling hot juicy lips press on his large toe giving it a sweet wet kiss. "Killua! Stawp~hhhaaa! That's what I want you to do!"

"But sunshine, I thought your feet were insure." Killua said a tender sly smile was forming on his skillful lips as he licked his tongue up from the heel to the tip of Gon's foot. "I'm boosting your feet self confidence."

"What goes on in your mind, Killua?!" Gon whined kicking his foot around blushing madly saying, "If anything, you're making me even more scared to wear sandals because you might attach my toes like an animal!"

"Why the heck would I do that?" The 16 year old challenged testing the water a bit as he gently sucking on Gon's big toe with great care saying, "Also why does your foot taste and smell like Cinnamon rolls?"

"My neighbor Kite is serious most of the time. I love him. Yet he needs to loosen up so I was working on a prank last year. I wore cinnamon rolls in my socks. So on April fool's day this year, I went up to him and had him smell my feet and the joke was they smell like cinnamon rolls, I told him it was these really stupid and goofy socks that made them like that. It was funny because he wore the socks for a month until he discovered I fooled him." Gon explained happily looking at Killua deviously teasing as he wiggled his toe around in his boyfriend's hot tight leaking mouth, "WHY? DO YOU LIKE THEM?"

"EW!" Killua shouted popping his mouth off Gon's foot huffing, "Now you just ruined it and made stuff awkward! Who wears Cinnamon rolls in their socks!? How dare you waste food like that!"

"I didn't waste food! It was for a prank, a harmless joke, which makes it a good cause!" Gon mumbled stretching out his foot feeling strange to have it awkwardly wet and covered in spit. He stood to his feet sloppy.

"Whatever, just know if it was chocolate wasted that would be fighting words." A wave of white fell as he lifted his head back up standing a dominant 3 inches taller over Gon who fixed his foot back down on the floor.

Hearing the words fight was like a stab in the heart for Gon as his gaze fell soft on the floor. A bit of tears sprung to his eyes as he whimpered, "F-fighting!? Kurapika!" His mind started to spin into gear as a reminder to why he came here.

"No! Don't start moaning loudly some other man's name in my house! That's freaking disrespectful! Do you want me to suck off your other big toe!?"

"Nooo!" More worry filled Gon as he started shaking uttering, "No, No! Kurapika! We have to help.. you have to help!"

Killua's facing expression twisted into on of disgust, "Kurapika? Why do I have to aid him? He isn't still ticking time bomb under his skin for me?"

Almost impregnable amount of tears started pouring from Gon's eyes. "Kurapika! No! He'll hurt himself! He's our friend!" Gon draped his arms around Killua's neck as he swooned.

"Okay, fine calm down…. You go crazy over everything! You can talk when you're ready. You can lay in my room, I'll take a shower and we can talk. But you have to be out of here, before my parents and grandparents get home. My siblings are all out here so, you don't have to be worried about them being inside and seeing you." Taking a single step Killua proceed to head towards his room with Gon weeping softly behind him.

Gon weakly murmuring out the words, "Killua, I want to read a comic book." He held lightly onto Killua's soft shirt for comfort.

"Alright, I'll check to see what I can do." Killua confirmed, not understanding why that was Gon's first request but agreed to it anyway. Anything to shut him up for now. No one really needed to hear all that whining in their life.

Chapter Text

Stay positive, always smile for the world, don't ever expose how shattered you are---is what everyone tells you. That looking perfect all the time was the only key to success. Gon wasn't perfect, he knew that and he over time learned to accept it. His life wasn't a success but it certainly wasn't a nightmare, more so a wormhole to finding self worth. Running his fingers through the rough silky bed sheets layered in Killua's bed Gon inhaled sharply. His chest heaving up tightly as he laid down pre-wrapped in the cover like a Christmas present waiting for Killua under the tree. Life was like a top, how ever hard anyone spin was how long they would stay up. Currently that top was starting to flip off the tip.

Short black spiky hair was pulled out of Gon's eyes by Killua's graceful pale hands, strumming them to the side like a harp. As Gon wiped his drool from the pillow there for his head to rest upon, his hazy light brown eyes drifted up to see pale rippling back muscles, that seemed to glow in the bathroom light as Killua stood close to the bed foot near Gon a slightly playful grin on his face that lit up the second he saw him.

The cute endearing way black curls cupped Gon's porcelain face not so neatly but in a lazy flip of it, made Killua want to run get a comb and fix up his boyfriend's hair himself. The towel wrapped around Killua slipped so that it revealed V-line that dipped ever so tightly that left Gon wondering what was the size of the prize inside cause the way his pants sagged ever so slightly to the point he could barely see a curly white hair. Then his pale paper skin covered in scars that seemed to reflect the moon light shimmering the water on his body made his 6 pack abs glow as a diamond does on display, as his boucy flattened white locks bounced. Large straight shoulder bones that lead to nothing but bulging muscles on his arms reached out for Gon almost desperately wanting to touch his precious sunshine.

"Ah so you're not asleep..." Killua spoke it out like almost a child in class scared of cursing in front of the teacher as his large hand patted down fully fluffy and frazzled black locks. Then his blue eyes shined almost nervously, "Are you feeling better?"

Gon parted his lips a smile still resting on them coming to terms that maybe he should just accept his fate. No one was gonna live forever and for now his eyes were glued to Killua's toned body. His brown eyes menatally copying and image in his mind. Even though head to toe the hot 16 year old was dripping wet water it almost made his figure more attractive as he hovered above the smaller teen.

However the older male didn't take the silence so normal like it was some angel sent saint holy call he more so down played it like a loud tapping melody, "You still don't wanna talk, huh? So why the hell did you come over here?" Killua said fully agitated as he gave Gon a firm upset look that he wasn't willing to talk with him.

The shorter male stared up at him mumbling a tad bit flustered as his voice was shallowly rare, the sparkle in his orbs never faded as he blushed, "Your my boyfriend, Killua. I looked up the Zoldyck name, you guys are pretty infamous." Gon almost dreamily said, "It wasn't hard to find you, it was coming here that got me nervous."

The muscular teen grit his teeth sucking them in an annoyed manner as he snapping bitterly, "Oh yeah, infamous? I am well aware." Then he seemed to recall how a comment like that shouldn't rattle his nerves. But hearing Gon say it seemed to make that fact worst. Almost agitated he couldn't help but tense up ready to snap. Killua leaned in closer darkening his tone a tad mumbling, "Now knowing a lot about my family's background, you nerve to come to our house. What is this? I know you wouldn't set me up for a trap. So you must want something." His hot breath tickling the tips of Gon's ears as his lips brushed against them gracefully gliding on the skin like a graceful skater on ice.

Usually the words would send horrified chills down Gon's spine...Yet right now was different, the smell of fresh cologne an overwhelming scent that filled the air after Killua takes a shower; to go along with the teasingly overly aggressive antics the older boy was wearing nothing but a towel. Killua would be drop dead gorgeous if maybe Gon inched over to yank it off. But a strong grip came over Gon's wrist as he felt Killua roll on top of him in the bed, a determined look implanted on his face.

Gon tugged on the strands of Killua's wet slick hair falling lovely over his face, mumbling lowly almost sadly, "Yeah. Did your parents give those scars, Killua? They look so fresh. Did you get in trouble because of me?" He randomly ran his fingers through the sloppy wet locks that seemed to drip a pool of water onto the floor.

"Heh, of course but..." Blue eyes were flickering like a lit fire as Killua removed his harsh grip trying to make it into a more friendly one as he raised a hand to cup Gon's face snuggling their noses together gently, "Don't worry about. You can't control their actions. I kinda deserved these for stuff that happened last night. I can only cause trouble so it's natural that bad stuff happens to me."

Which was for the record at the moment not a lie, Gon could at least tell that from Killua's voice. The majestic dark almost commanding tone that echoed in his head making sweet nothings turn into a hurricane that wrecked his heart sent it on a wild joy ride.

Licking his ruby lips Gon pulled Killua down closer to him a full blown art scene unraveling on his face with beautiful shades of blue and brown as their eyes met he couldn't help but keep muttering, "No, stop saying that Killua. You should love yourself."

"Shhh..." Killua hushed roughly kissing Gon's plump juicy lips forcing him to slip into a dark temptation rolling in the deep gasp like a magic spell taking effect on them. The sensation was great, the moment was great everything in those few minutes were a bliss like a made up comic book perfect ending right out a happy ever after. But happy ever afters don't exist in real life. There is no happy ending where the princess marries the prince and they run away rich happy and successful. Everyone has their flaws, even if they don't acknowledge it.

Killua found his body locking in target with Gon's motions, the older teen suddenly feel something outrageously hard press against back side, and holding his breath they both felt like they lived an entire 388 thousand years in 1 second. Both baffled by the sensation but still enjoying it. Their lips finally breaking apart as Gon explained his situation, "Chrollo is basically planning 2 funerals. They'll beat up Kurapika first then probably leave me to die."

"What? That's what you're worried about…" A more smooth relaxed expression came upon Killua's face that made it's way into a silly bundle of laughter, "Oh, Gon. I thought something was ACTUALLY WRONG WITH YOU!" He found the whole thing mildly blown out of proportion, plus it was actually hilarious to see others in suffering.

Gon turned red, letting his legs spread only to wrap around Killua's slender waist. "There is something wrong. Did you not hear me? I'm on death row…" He seductively said in the older male's sensitive sharp hearing ears. Then with a soft tone barely above a whisper Gon licked pale skin quietly, "And I need you to help me."

The movements completely enthralled Killua his body reacting in a strong, impulse so he lowered his laughter. "Mmmm, baby boy, what would you need help with?" Killua whispered huskily back as he crawled over in the teen's ear, his hot breath meeting the freezing morning degrees and turning to smoke. The skin rubbing against each other as he began straddling Gon's plump round thighs, the only thing preventing too much contact was his clothes.

"To defeat Chrollo of course! I'm not trying to die right now!" Gon's face darkened with more blush as Killua suddenly advanced making him get even bolder as he urged on, "Plus I'm willing to offer my body as payment." The black haired teen explained pressed his lips softly against the other's forehead, closing his brown eyes.

Killua busted out laughing almost even harder. "Haha, what?! Gon! I'm… Ha! First of all, since when did you start offering your body to people? That's not a very sound business practice." The cruel mocking undertone in his voice clearly visible as his blue eyes flashed maliciously.

To be honest, Killua looked like the type of guy that could play an ass better than a hippie did bongos and bangs the inside like he snares on the drum line, while using the sticks to poke your hole. All to increase moral before he went all in. And Gon wanted that, he wanted that sexual pleasure. Hell, he did not walk all the way over here, not to get dick tonight. Fuck, he was hot, pissed and horny as hell. Yet here was how cruel Killua was laughing his ass off at him. Becoming quickly red as a tomato Gon tried to defend himself, "I...I...I don't! Not to-to everyone! J..ust you! I wanna have a cute ending like in my comics!"

Killua leaned down nipping harshly on Gon's ear, licking the lobe with his slimy tongue. "I'm not a hero...and never will be one. I'm a monster embodied in human flesh. You haven't even come close to meeting that real side of me." A malice grin came on his face as he sneered digging his nails into Gon's hips, "I'm a bad apple rotten to the core. Once something rots it can't go back sweet, and if you hang around me too much, you'll become rotten too."

Gon started shivering at the sensation. His senses seemed enhanced, now bracing of unspoken danger, making a wonderful sensation arise each time they touched, it was like lightning striking from every move or action, when cold pale hands ran across smooth peach skin carelessly. Nails leaving claw marks like a wild animal had been there, marking it's territory because Gon was all Killua's. Every lovely inch of him.

"That's not true..." Gon declared, his head buried in Killua's neck. Curl up around the other, taking the numbing pain he whimpered out, "You say your evil and heartless inside, but I disagree. I read enough comics to know the truth. You're not evil... Don't let the world dictate who you are."

A knot formed across Killua's eye brows, the endearing way Gone was marveling up at him was getting the best of his emotions and his dick. In a pouting tone, Killua taunted, "You're such a baka, ya know that? If you're trying to live your life like a comic hero and bring out the good in me, it won't work. There is none."

Gon purred with delight as he took his tongue burning a path up the curve of the Killua's neck, teasing the area with his newly formed ambition. "Yes there is. Or else you wouldn't have tried to help me pass math."

"No, that was just a thank you for going out with me, gift."

"Well then, you saved my life with the whole truck thing."

"That was only because, I NEEDED YOU!"

"Well don't you still need me?"

"Yes..! Gosh damn, what are you getting at? I will beat up those teens messing with you, if that's what you want! No payment needed! I gotta beat up Hisoka anyway!"

"Yeah, but I want you to make my comic book dreams come true, Killua…"

"I CAN'T DO THAT GON!" Killua blurted out feeling overwhelmed by the heat arising in the room, a frustration of sexual desire in him that he craved to fulfil lingering in him. Angrily he grit his teeth, blue zaps of lightning sparking up his soggy wet hair to the point it was standing up all spiky and wild, the style happened to match his shiny animistic hungry eyes. "I can't… I WANNA GET IT my way."

Sitting up, Gon started to pull off his shirt. "I'm letting us have it both our way." Tossing the fabric to the side of his bed, he then began to unzip his pants pulling them off and tossing them to the side. Bold brown eyes met blue as he laid back down hissing, "Killua, you're my fucking hero in MY WORLD and nothing will change that. So get your huge dick in gear and fuck me like you said you would do back in the storage closet." He flung Killua's towel to the ground watching a thick piece of flesh springing free. The sight made his own dick begin to leak, Gon shivered feeling it run down his thighs. All he could utter out was a very shocked, "Whoa..."

Making it bounce up, Killua subconsciously shivering being touched down there. It made his breath choke as he rested his forehead on the younger male's shoulder. The juicy thick pulsing veins on his member suddenly throbbing for more contact. "Damn.. See what you did baby boy!" He thrust it roughly at Gon, making sure the teen got a good look at the hot throbbing delicious piece of flesh. If Killua wanted he could shove it in Gon's cute mouth right now, all the way down his throat. "You know the rules, if you started it... you better finish it..."

Gon moaned rubbing his thighs together to temporally please himself. "In my comic the hero always needs some assistance." Then he reached out, gently pressing the head of Killua's cock with his hand. Rubbing it in a smoothing motion, Gon seemed to be testing the older boy's limit, his brown eyes glued to the way a moan came out.

"Ahh... Fuck.. I'm gonna fuck you so hard." It was low, but mixed with a growl as Killua repeated the sound, feeling himself grow in Gon's hands."I'm gonna make you scream."

A small smirk came on Gon's lips as he flashed his white teeth, "Make my head spin and fuck away all my pain. Please..." He removed his hands from Killua's dick, creating a stirring motion from the teen above him. "I'll be a good boy this time."

Killua was done. He actually had no argument to put up against that. Plus the teen below Killua was just so damn lovely from his own good. His caramel skin seemed to glow and dance off the faint light and his hazy clear brown eyes stared into the Killua's soul like a razor as his lips wide plumb and round were full like balloons but soft enough to be openly devoured like a chocolate brownie. The white haired male growled throatily as he traced up Gon's flat stomach admiring his pelvis along with all the cracks and crevices longing to search until all the smooth skin had been touched by his scratched rough hands. Slicing up wards with a thin nail it left a narrow trail of red feeding his delightful end. Well, Killua did try to warn Gon, right? Whatever happened from here on out was his fault.

"Yes...ahh..mmm..please!" Gon said huskily lust building in his eyes as his throat growing eager to taste Killua; driving the teen absolutely insane at the wonderful scent fulling his nostrils. He took up Killua's pale hands dragging them across his tan skin loving the steamy sensation as he hummed "Touch me there, and there and THERE!" Each touch like a new shock to his system, popping up his muscles to have it roll.

"I'll think, I'll start by gnaw on these for now." Killua mumbled pressing his lips together leaning up to gently press kisses on Gon's hardened pink rose buds swelling up only for him. His sharp teeth gazed over tender sore skin nibbling on the tip like a bunny does a carrot top with his tongue trailing spit behind swirling around. His blue eyes gleaming hungrily as he watched the small teen flinch at the sudden warm sensation licking his nipples.

"Aahh~nff!" Gon shifted uncomfortably in the large big bed perfect for having sex in, his tiny thick body pulling the sheets over around them both as he cried out whining, "Don't stop..! Killwaah!" The biting hurt, but hell Killua bite Gon so many times, he tore into him like he was a taco. A nice warm steamy taco, with a soft shell, thick meat, and fluffy lettuce. Groaning lowly Gon allowed Killua to ravish him.

Now that stuck a cord inside of Killua, tapping into his hormonal beast; his pupils got blown not only at the scent coming from Gon's legs...But he never heard anyone babble out those- lovely beautiful words as if the sight wasn't enough to make the hairs on his dick wanna stand up. Killua's stomach tightened clutching his own heart the older male swore this one strange energetic teen was just too unpredictable. This small endearing, cream, curvy, sweet hunk of ass in his bed----Gon, who melted on his tongue like ice cream, is the reason Killua might as well be questioning all his life choices.

He couldn't stop after coming this far even if he wanted to. Lowly blowing hot air into the teenagers chest humming, "You're too sweet to me~ Say my name like that..." Killua urged nuzzling their noses together purring, "It sounded so hot." He bit the tip of Gon's nose watching the cute blushing reaction as the smaller boy went cross eyes just to see it.

"Killwaah!" Gon let out way more of a screeching shout when Killua reached down and started groping his dick, slowly milking it through the tight boxers glued to his flesh. Not slow, rushed, but satisfying for the him. Until it torn out of his boxers- Literally tore!

Killua growled huskily ripping off the way too tight stupid boxers, making his access much easier to see all of Gon's delicious body. His eyes flashed deviously; licking his pink lips maliciously, he ate up the sight of the smaller boy mashed up on his body in trembling moaning mess, nervously yet strongly confident in himself. The beast inside him stirred ready to devour his next meal-this was way better than what he was doing before. Killua almost wondered why he hit such a beautiful person, Gon wasn't some dicing board, crap he was freaking fabulous! He deserved to be absolutely and completely wrecked.

"I dont have lube... but I have lotion." Killua mumbled as he removed his hand from Gon's to have them fumbling around on the nightstand. That was until he slipped his hand up again with the bottle.

"It will work.." Gon babbled, as he heard Killua squeeze the bottle and cover his fingers in it. Then took some to cover his dick, the white haired boy panted almost breathlessly, it looked as if he was jerking himself off and the short teen below him found it fucking hot.

"I'll prep you first," Killua huskily insisted, his damp white locks covering his hungry sky blue orbs. Wiggling a single finger in Gon's tight virgin hole he licked up the back of his neck, sucking on the area lightly to make a hickey, "Does this feel alright baby boy?"

Feeling 2 slick thick fingers sliding in and out of him rubbing his rim, Gon let out a low groan from within his throat, "Aahh... Nnn, fingers are not enough. Feels good-want. You. there. In...Hurry~!" The sweet newly discovered sensation was sparking up pure pleasure.

Killua was in no need to rush he just enjoyed watching Gon cringe at the small feeling of being entered forever longing to be filled, like a pie crust with no filling, it was incomplete. Killua would fix this, to correct both their fearful inescapable sex drive; easily as it started as he moved his hands lower down cupping Gon's ass as he shifted their positions, lifting the smaller male in his lap over his straining dick.

Killua's voice sounded low and extremely sexy as he commanded, "Gon, how do you want, me to do you?" He groped Gon's cute buns, fumbling with the skin it bounced in the palm of his hands. The silky thick feel was smooth like velvet and pretty like vanilla. Killua licked his lips waiting to have the word given for him to slip inside.

"Anyway you want! P-ppleeeaase!" Gon squeaked as he tried to wiggle himself at least on the head yet the Killua held him steadily above his awaiting ride until he kept pressing on, "Tonight I'm yours. Claim me anywhere!"

"Heh, you're really too cute." Was the next words out of Killua's lips as he without hesitation dropped the teen on his waiting cock listening to the squishy gut clenching slap of wet skin hitting each other as, Gon slid all the at on Killua's cock taking him in fully. Almost in a greedy way his hole taking the bigger teen up, wrapping his love all around him.

Gon yelped whimpering in slight pain when Killua just pushed into him, the with his large cock breaching in without giving him time to react. It was making Gon dizzy with blissful sensations inside him; his insides felt like they were being forced apart. And he loved every second of it.

Killua felt himself get swallowed up by Gon ass, it was like entering a whole entire new world. "Ahh..." He breathed out like he just got a buzz off some booze. He found himself grinning, marveled at how his huge pale throbbing flesh managed to open that tiny circle of pink between Gon's ass cheeks, the obscene squelch of his cock sliding into place made him shudder in pleasure.

Gon gasped out weakly feeling a bit of his voice come back as the older male's started to grow inside of him. "F-Re so Huge...To-TOO." His ass was stinging, burning from the penetration of being connected, his eyes rolling back as he drooled dazing off in dream like fantasy from the feel. "Ahh, Kiiiii-llu...lua…"

"Feels nice..." Killua groaned at the constricting heat, the way Gon's walls twitched around him made it painfully tight and it made his cock stretch more. "Warm, Hmm... Safe." The taller male nuzzled his boyfriend's neck muttering, "Are you okay, Sunshine?"

"This but.. Yes." Gon winced weakly biting his lips, his vision blurry with lust as he squeezed around the wood; slurring out words along the line of, "Let's break the bed!"

Killua's sky blue vibrant eyes twinkle for a few moments as if considering the question like a challenge, "No..." The white haired male gently rubbed the smaller teens flustered pink cheek peppering a kiss on him briefly, "I'm not breaking my damn bed over your fucking over excited horny ass. I'd rather BREAK YOU."

Gon replied with a mad blush littering over his face, trapped in his own fantasy. "Ahh, yaasss, all that super training must have made you extra strong right? My wish is to be fucked by a superhero..." His ass clenched around Killua's dick making the other howl with pleasure.

"F-fffuuck.." Killua couldn't hide the blush on his face, as his muscular body flexed a bit, when he moved around in his boyfriend. "Better be lucky, I'm a sucker for pain.."

"I like pain too, from you." Gon muttered lowly, feeling Killua tug on his hair to pull him down in a rough sloppy kiss. Their teeth grinding against their lips together, as Killua nibbled on Gon's lip. Both letting drool leak as they twisted and turned, completely satisfied just being so close to each other. Despite the scars decorating Gon's body the small boy smiled at the kiss, "Your pain in just your own twisted way of saying, you love me."

Killua wasn't really listening only had his mind wrapped around his own problem on his head, like the ass taking in his dick like a biscuit did gravy. Ready to start his actions, he broke their kiss. "I'm gonna, give you the night of your life." Killua responded licking his lips at the thought making his dick throb...but that one idea spread through him like wild fire. In fact his body froze at those words and growling throatily, he began to thrust hard into Gon's body, making sure the boy felt his cock stuffing him FULL, banging the deepest parts of his insides as he fucked him.

Gon rolled his head back feeling the new sensation shouting, "OOOOhhh...yaass, NFF...Fuck me, like Superman!" He was on cloud nine, he WAS going crazy, with his body trembling all over, while Killua pounded his brains out. His toes curled up feeling Killua's dick effect every inch of his body and small figure.

"Heh, you're so flexible..." Killua mumbled full on in rage feeling the pleasure shoot through him. It cleared his anxieties smothering out all the stress of the outside world; inside of Gon, Killua felt proudly happy. His mess mop of white hair bounced as he trusted his pelvis upwards smashing them together perfectly never missing. The bed started creaking loudly over their skin pounding. It was so cute how Gon's body would cringe and tighten up with each thrust, how his head was thrown back in a sloppy moaning mess.

Gon mind was on the hard dick moving in and out of him with great speed and strength. His cock was twitching with pleasure shooting through his body. Just seeing the older male under him thrusting up to make sure he was filled, the gently way pale hands danced over his body. "Killua… You're glowing." He managed to pant out, digging his nails in the older boy's back.

Killua just kept ramming into Gon, tapping his prostate, even while those breath constricting walls tighten around him all he could do was drool out a, "I..I am? Well, so are you." The small body shivering with pleasure beneath Killua was so inviting so helpless was compared to his large muscular figure. But there was a faint blue glow radiating off his skin, and his mingled hair stood straight up.

"Yeah…" Gon confirmed, looking at how the blood that seemed to be supercharged through Killua's veins seemed to glow a bright blue that matched up nicely with the color of his eyes. It was a light show to behold as they went at it, random sparkles flew off them both. "It's like when you plug into me you go beyond reaching a new level of your powers. Sorta like a comic I read where the hero finds their true love and gained the power to save the universe."

"True love?" Killua snorted. He didn't know about all that and definitely not saving the universe. Humans were insane and a huge chunk of them deserved to be destroyed. Still he found it humoring that Gon was making comic book references while getting laid. It was almost too cute.

Gon clasped his hands on Killua's strong shoulders. The older teen was still holding his speed, Killua had such a good timing and stamina. Gon just let out some more gasps and a high scream, totally losing his hold on himself. The loud scream lessened the overwhelming pain that was effecting his burning flesh. He felt feverish, but good, really good, overtaken by pleasure. He dug his nails deeper on Killua's muscles to share some of his suffering to his sadistic boyfriend who seemed to take the pain as a reason to speed up. Thrusting more rapidly, with the same amount of power still unleashed. Gon was having the best time of his life, because Killua was good at having sex. Not that Gon knew what to expect out of this new experience, but Killua had taught him the way.

Shit, the fucking way, Killua's sweaty white locks jiggled against his head, or how his blue eyes danced over his body-it was heavenly. Gon shook at each hollow crunch, or touch made to his skin, he was barely manging to stay on Killua's dick and shifting to pieces with his will to stay on. He couldn't hold much longer, his lustful brown eyes couldn't jerk off how huge his penis had swelled up, completely weeping to explode soon at any second.

It happened all too fast, it was like a blur Gon was only panting weakly feeling warmth emptying into abdomen, thick coats of cum smooth as velvet spurted out all over them. Killua just kept power thrusting through. "Oooooohhh!" Was the first word out of Gon's mouth as he started to cum, the rest of his syllables they were meshed together rambling out, "Killua, ah. Thank you...So much, you.. Feel so good."

Killua was in such a hot paradise, his blue dilated eyes were acting like a camera wanting to snap shot ever inch of Gon from his bottom to the top sloppy cum mess he'd created all over them like a fabulous work of art. This was heaven freaking kissing earth. He was gonna burst, and he knew that it wouldn't be long.

"Ahh, baby boy, mmm...I'm gonna cum..." Killua said breathlessly, his voice starting to fade.

"Cum inside me..." Gon babbled probably not paying attention to the words coming out of his mouth.

"Why? Do you think you'll get super powers or something?"

"S..sshhh..shut..SHUT UP!"





"Your imagination is NOT NORMAL."

"It's you're fault for not having condoms!"

"I'm sorry, I wasn't expecting to have to fuck my boyfriend who last dying wish is to have sex with a superhero! So no I wasn't planning to buy condoms any time soon."

"Fine, then I'll get you some. What size do you need?"


"It's your dick."

"Well it's inside you! You think about it!"

"I can't I think... I'm being fucked senseless…"

Killua laughed a bit, kissing all over Gon's creamy neck as he started to calm down feeling all the pressure down south exploding as he hummed out a snarky, "Whatever you say, sunshine..."

Gon shot back upwards gagging almost choking out on air as suddenly in a simple eye blink Killua was coating his insides with hot thick cum. The thrusting never halting as it came on but more tender and gently. The small boy thought his eyes rolled to the back of his head as stars clouded his vision all he could muster up was a crazed, Never mind, screw condoms… This is amazing."

"Mmm, yeah?" Killua panted out, as his chest heaved up and down like pumping an iron train on it. As he finished emptying himself in Gon before gently pulling out as he listened to a slight wince in complaining.

The teen beside him look frazzled and screwed out his mind; so Killua shift around so Gon would lay on the bed facing each other with their head's on the pillows so it wouldn't be uncomfortable. The bed was big enough for the both of them so that didn't pose a problem. The real problem was that for a few seconds the both of them remained silent their lips sealed as they looked at each other blushing at the facts of what actually just happened, it was now suddenly terribly awkward. Plus Killua was still like a flash light or lamp, pumped full of energy which had to burn somehow.. Gon's skin was till lightly in a radioactive appearance as well. So both being horny teenagers they came up with the same solution.

"Gon…" Killua looked at the boy running his fingers through tingling black hair before asking, "How do feel about another round? Think you can handle it?"

A sly grin crawled it's way on Gon's lips as he sat back up teasing, "Guess no sleep tonight for you then, Killua. I feel like I could do another 50 if you can keep up."

Bolting to kick the cover off them to the ground, Killua roughly pressed a kiss on Gon's lips accepting the challenge. When their lips locked it brought fresh sparks that burned in both of their hearts.

Chapter Text

"Mom, dad! please wake up, Killua's sleeping with a slut!" A childish boy shout came loudly not really in a panic tone but still alertive.

Giving Killua a rude awakening as he stirred in the bed, kicking the covers around he stretched his arms in air, yawning at the sight of... his younger brother. "Kalluto?" He croaked out upon meeting wide purple skeptical eyes staring down rather aggressively at him.

Kalluto made no motions of retreating, his dark sharp cut hair hanging lowly, he opened his mouth shouting out again: "He's sleeping with a slut!"

"Hey! HEY, SHUT UP!" Killua said groggily, as he started to sit up. His dick still felt a bit tight as he watched Gon cling to him still completely naked sleeping on his chest curl into the warm embrace. The white haired boy groaned in response to Kalluto's more shouting, he reached over and hit his younger sibling on the head scolding, "I SAID SHUT THE HELL UP KALLUTO! Gon's not a slut! He's my boyfriend first of all! Second, why the hell are you in my room? My room door was closed it means stay out!"

The small youngest Zoldyck sibling recoiling a bit on impact to the harsh face slam. Gritting his teeth. He huffed, "You're not allowed to bring people over!"

"What are you gonna do?" Killua sneered cutting his blue eyes, "SNITCH RUNNING TO MOMMY AND CRY ABOUT IT?" Raising his hand up in that air as a warning about to go in for a mean backhand he hissed, "Do you know what we do to snitches?"

Kalluto still had a hard look on his face but due to him being young, Killua knew he could be easily manipulated with words that made him feel vulnerable. Which was probably why Kalluto shook his head hastily, backing away mumbling, "They get long torturing stitches."

"That's right. So hush your mouth and close my door on the way out." Killua instructed as he watched Kalluto turn around his hair spinning behind him as he seemed to storm off almost full of hostility.

Killua didn't stop the stern commanding look on his face until he saw Kalluto completely leave his room. Slamming the door behind him, Kalluto did so full of salt over the matter. But that didn't matter to Killua, since whatever reason that Kalluto came to him couldn't have been that important. The boy had just turned 8 so nothing dire would be passing through his lips that Killua would have to hear like it was some life or death situation.

"C-come on, Mmm.. Gon." Killua murmured the warmth of their combined body heat remained burning between them it almost to much to break through or ignore. Purely calming since everyone else was acting crazy. Killua started shifting around his boyfriend's body on top of his, muttering he kissed Gon's tan cheek, "Sunshine, look ya gotta get up, cause I'm about to pull my dick out your ass, okay?"

Honestly Killua didn't know why he was speaking to Gon as if wanting to wake him up, the boy was much cuter sleeping. One he was quite as he'll ever be unless dead. He was small harmless and absolutely stunning. More importantly he seemed too perfect to be alive, a peach Barbie doll face, soft cookie dough skin, ruby red lips plump like a tomato as a pretty scarlet blush graced his heated face. Plus long as Gon was sleep his loud mouth wouldn't draw any unwanted attention to them.

Still it wasn't like he wanted to pull out, Killua enjoyed waking up to the Gon's body heat huddling under his larger one to keep warm. Killua loved Gon's nicely toned figure to where his muscles were there and visibly packed and his round ass wasn't visible unless he bent over. Killua loved every slender curve and edge Gon possessed and how willing he was able to withstand all of Killua's faults even his rather violent hysterical tendencies.

"You're so beautiful all bloody like that..." Killua groaned kissing his boyfriend cheek as he pulled his cock out of Gon's tight ass making the shorter boy shutter at the feeling of cum leak out his hole. Icy lust filled blue eyes almost found him marking up Gon along with the hickeys in a ring around his neck the ultimate attraction like a magnet to its opposite, it just fit in utter contrast all he bruises and bite marks even with the dry blood crusty it made Killua's mouth water. He was a sucker for pain and utterly it was a sad addiction which is why he probably enjoyed Gon, who didn't mind a few scars. It was only fitting Gon learned the true meaning of pain some day.

Oh Gon's pain was beauty~his body was a lovely art canvas for Killua to draw on.

The black haired male pawed at the stronger male moaning his name as his hazy eyes fluttered open, "Killua…? Nff, what happened?"

"Well we fucked last night and my kid brother came in this morning and found out." Killua mumbled, pressing a kiss on the base of Gon's neck to express his feelings that reflected he didn't have an desire to leave out of him either. "So we need to get you out of here, before he caves in like a little bitch."

The jet black haired male rested his head on the pillow his finger curled around the soft blanket as he felt the pair of strong arms leave his waist he became empty once more knowing they were gonna leave each other. Gon swallowed numbly Killua want him to go. Gon figured he wanted to get more out of Killua than just a hit it and quit it. He wasn't sure what more he wanted-it was maybe just greed gnawing at his soul but he acted on impulse. Whimpering Gon started to complain in the pillow, "Killua… If I leave you might get in more trouble….. Beside, What if someone sees us trying to escape?"

Killua rubbed Gon's back saying, "That's not gonna happen, we both can escape out my window..." With that he paused his slow moving from getting out of bed; instead he peeled back some hair from Gon's tearful puffy black wide somber eyes. Killua asked in his own almost sadistic fashion his blue eyes glaring down menacingly, "Unless you're really that, scared about going to school again.

"I am not! I'm not scared of the phantom troupe!"

"That's not what I recall from last night…"

"I don't know what you were hearing then."

"I remember a bunch of, 'Huummaah..' at the top of your lungs."

Almost too shy to answer under Killua's sudden intense demanding gaze Gon curled in the cover loving how delicate they felt on his skin. The bed was warm, full of nice soft, fluffy, feathery pillows and cuddling inviting blankets on a large King sized mattress. In bed Gon felt ruler of an empire, his face flushed pressed on the airy seemed to be bubble filled pillow, deep black midnight hair tucked under, while some revolting with thin strands on his face almost appearing to mimic bangs that Killua held out the way. Lightly fluttering his eyelids every so often to reveal vibrant flashes of dark brown to complement his peach sun kissing crisp fried skin, giving it the flavor of citrus milkshakes.

Gon couldn't help himself the calling was too great, it almost seemed to happen subconsciously, bringing his nose up to the crook of Killua's neck and rubbing his own jester of affection by lightly nuzzling him. Fluffy air given tickles of gentle nudging driving the taller male out of his questioning state. Killua's wild white hair was soft like a kitten's fur. It trickled on his neck, some loose strands sending chills due to their advanced level of cozy.

"I did not sound like that..." Gon spoke weakly his voice still raw from last nights screaming, just getting the feels in the moment as he pawed at Killua's bare chest, a single finger pressing his nipples like dialing buttons on a phone; curling closer to him a living breathing hotter fucking furnace heater. Gon clarified, "I'm not scared of anyone, I'm worried about Kurapika. They set up a fight after school. He thinks he can take them all out by himself. I know he can't, but if I show up he's probably gonna push me away and not let me help! It's not right!"

Killua grit his teeth; he slipped his fingers from resting on Gon's waist and hair to climbing up scrawny sides like a spider lurking to attack its prey, he leaned in on him. The blizzard if white falling perfect over Killua's face, as his eye brows furrowed to cup Gon's face with his large clawing hands. As he said, "Well don't be worried, Kurapika is your friend. I'm sure he'll come around. Plus I'm coming to kick some ass. No one is laying a finger on you, unless it's me, while I still have breath in my body."

A slight blush played on Gon's cheeks so he looked away mumbling, "You really are my hero, Killua..."

The white haired male paused upon hearing that statement, his eye twitching as he tugged on Gon's cheeks roughly, "You still so sure about that?" he pulled the him closer planting a nip on Gon's ear lobe swirling his tongue on the tiny bones. "Because I'm a hardcore criminal, I've killed tons of people in cold blood… I thought heroes were some god bless saints."

"Heros from my comic come from all different types of places, even hell." Gon flinched at the slimy feeling letting out a slight whine, tapping his chest repeatedly, Gon closed his eyes to halt his fluttering heart. Mostly because he knew it was true, also that Killua could easily kill Gon right now if he wanted to. But it was a feeling of that Killua was being flat out truthful and completely honest with Gon, that made him not afraid.

Finally Killua seemed to get that Gon was backing down from his stance, pulling away from the younger boy he sighed rolling over to his own side of the bed. His blue eyes drifting away out the window, watching the birds singing in the trees. Could that bird really be a hero if it wanted to? Could anyone really be a hero?

"No." Killua spoke the answer to his mental question, sitting back up he raised his hand over sighting how the sparks jumped between his finger tips bouncing and running into each other as if playing tag between his bones. "My powers only bring disaster. I'm a living power plant, ready to go off at any second."

"So world domination is a 'No' then?" Gon questioned watching the rise and fall of Killua's chest simply enjoying seeing his boyfriend exist.

Killua dropped the charge in his hand, turning hid attention to Gon demanding, "What?"

"In most types of comic books," Gon began to explain sitting up to reach over and pull out a comic from his backpack resting by the bed saying, "Most super villains want world domination."


"So you actually care about people?" Gon hummed his interest clearly perked. Ready to take notes from a pro like the true comic book lover that he was.

"Baka! Don't get things twisted..." Killua snorted, a look of disgust crawling over his face. Almost revolted by such hopeful prospects Gon was placing on him. It made the white haired teen feel a warm strange fuzzy feeling in his heart. "I'm a monster. Monsters don't need emotions. We don't need anything."

"But you said you need me! I'm here for you Killua!" Gon insisted with a huge smile that grew on his face, as he beamed at Killua warmly. Pulling the taller boy into a warm hug as he rubbed against him chanting, "Killua~! You made my nerdy dreams come true! You're the best Killua! I like you a lot!"

"Gon, stop it! You sound like a 5 year old!"

"I can't help it! You make me so happy! I just wanna be close to you."

"Believe me after what we did last night, we can't be any closer…!"

"What? Why? Can we redo last night over again?"

No matter how mad Killua wanted to be he couldn't keep a straight tight lipped face and Gon's smile was extremely contagious to match his pleading and nagging. So quickly his white hair whipped around as he turned his face, escaping out of the hug and pulling the cover up over his head salty. "No.. Not now! Maybe later….Just leave my house already…" He mumbled extremely bashful with a slight blush covering his face.

Before Gon could come up with a response there was an intrusion as Alluka pushed open Killua's bedroom door. The girl followed close by with Kalluto who ran inside with her, them both immediately going to the bed and bouncing on it. Making Killua bolt upwards popping his head out of the cover his face paled as he held in a raw scream seeing both his siblings powerhouse in his room as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. Gon mustered down a laugh especially when the girl started shaking Killua exclaiming, "Big brother! Big brother! WAKE UP!"

Kalluto was more calmly sitting on the bed in between Killua and Gon telling his older sister, "See Alluka, there are no ghost. Just a 'Gon' in here."

"No! No! No!" Alluka whined almost shaking like a fearful cat who say a huge dog. She shook Killua harder as if trying to bring him to his senses insisting, "You had to have saw them didn't you big brother! I know you saw them!"

"Saw what? SAW WHAT?!" Killua stressed, the blood rushing to his head getting extremely dizzy.

"The ghosts!"

"What ghosts?"


"Alluka, just hold on! Slow down...WHAT GHOST?"

"Ghostsssssss! Sssss! With an S!" Alluka pressed her tongue roughly to the roof of her mouth making a hissing sound like a snake as she shivered out the rest of her story. "I wasn't able to sleep a wink last night. I just kept hearing all this moaning and groaning! I followed the sound to your room, but the door was closed. I see so scared!" Tears built up in the corners of her blue eyes as she whispered out the words in a high pitched voice, "I thought the ghost had gotten to you…."

Gon and Killua looked at each other for a few brief seconds, their eyes both asking the same question of, 'should we tell her the truth?' it was finally Gon who shook his head deciding for Killua that it was best to spare her innocents.

"I'm fine, Alluka." Killua confirmed shrugging his shoulders as he pointed up at the ceiling, forming a lie saying, "You probably just heard all the old piping, yes?"

Alluka shook her head, her purple hair flying side to side slapping her face as she exclaimed, "But I know what pipes sound like! The sound didn't sound like pipes!"

Patting her head sweetly, Killua gave her a smile. "You probably just let your imagination run wild again. The only people in this room last night were me and Gon, just like Kalluto said."

"You should listen to me more…" Kalluto cut in explaining, "I was here earlier." He gave Killua a cruel look spatting. "I didn't wanna come back here, but Alluka and I had a bet about if there were ghost in here or not. Now that you're proved wrong Alluka. You owe me a chocolate bar."

"But I know… " Alluka sighed defeated, her once fearful gaze clearing up starting to mold into acceptance. "But, I did get one good thing out of coming here!" Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a wooden pencil, her voice turning more prideful, offering the pencil out to Gon as she looked at him, "I returned the borrowed object, just like I said!"

"Oh?" Gon reached for the pencil a cheerful smile on his face; He tucked the pencil behind his ear, chuckling a bit as the girl nodded.

"Last time I said I didn't have it with me, I would never betray people who are sweet." Alluka confirmed as she crawled over to Gon sitting beside saying, "Plus I promised didn't I? Zoldycks never break a promise!" Then she motioned to the boy resting behind her, "That's My little brother, Kalluto! Oh and…" Blinking her eyes, her once blue eyes turned straight black, as well as her mouth. Her voice changing slightly more mechanical, "My name is Nanika. I want to thank you for making Killua so happy these days."

Gon's dropped at first mystified that Alluka had managed to transform into a completely different person with almost another personality all together. Such a power was so incredible to him he couldn't help but bask upon such awesomeness. Completely shocked he found himself clapping his hands entertained by such a show.

"Wow! I never knew Killua had so many siblings!" Gon gasped looking between the both of them as he started counting on his fingers adding them all up as totaled, "4 or 5 of them! That's so many….! How many presents do you get each at Christmas?"

"Not enough!" Nanika responded, finding herself enjoying Gon's company already. "We could use some more! Plus candy never stays around long at this house!" She cut her eyes at Killua mumbling, "Due to a certain somebody…"

"WHAT?! I JUST DON'T WANT THINGS TO GO BAD!" Killua spoke up. "And 4 siblings isn't a lot, Gon! Actually do some hard math!"

"Well, it's a lot to me...! I'm an only child. You're so lucky. Killua!" Gon complained as he still gave them all a relaxing look as he waved at Nanika and Kalluto. "It's good to see you again, Alluka and nice to finally properly meet you, Kalluto and Nanika!" The youngest sibling slumped back, bashfulness taking over him as he hid behind his older sister. This action did not go missed by Gon who said, "It's okay, Kalluto. You don't have to be so shy!" He pointed to himself laughing, "I don't have any powers. In fact. I think your whole entire family is pretty cool with superpowers! So I just wanna get to know you."

Kalluto didn't move as he remained curled up behind Nanika telling his sister softly, "Mommy said, I'm not old enough to talk to strangers… Tell Gon that I'm not ignoring him. But he's not family so I can't say much."

Almost as if magic Alluka returned her face almost upset, she crossed her arms, turning to Kalluto and informing him sharply, "That's not true, Gon is family! He's dating Killua! Which means he LOVES Killua! Love leads to marriage. Once Gon marries Killua, he'll be family!"

Killua swore he started choking on air after hearing what his little sister was saying. His face turned ruby red as he reached out for Alluka but he found himself draw a blank unable to form words that would counter her knowledge of the situation. Sapphire eyes darted around eager to see Gon's reaction only to discover that his boyfriend was over there smiling like an idiot.

Alluka waved her hands in his face, her huge innocent blue eyes staring in brown as she shouted. "Gon, you do love my big brother, Killua, right?"

A wave of blush came over Gon's face as he giggled nervously his stomach doing flip-flops, as he shyly closed his eyes completely flustered over the question. The girl had suddenly brought something to light that Gon had never really considered himself. Running his finger through his black hair, he wasn't expecting to be placed on the spot of talk about it. He'd never confessed his love for anyone before, and he wasn't sure how to do it. Should he kiss, Killua? Would Killua punch his lights out if he kissed him in front of his younger siblings? Maybe he should blow off the question and not answer at all.

He cracked a eye open slightly to see a determined heavy fast gaze demanding answers glaring right back up at him. That's when Gon knew there was no way around answering this. Awkwardly he rubbed the back of his head, making a kissy face in Killua's direction humming, "I guess, I love Killua! Well, I'm sure I do….. I love Killua a lot!" The 16 year old laughed out seeing the older male's reaction that looked like he was about to reach across and choke him out.

"So… now that it's finally confirmed! Can you marry Killua, then?" Alluka's eyes seemed to light up in satisfaction playing matchmaker the girl said almost was too happily, "You will marry, Killua! You love Killua and Killua loves you! You both love each other!" Her blue eyes seemed to form hearts as he scooped up Gon's hand squeezing it begging, "Please! Will you pretty please, marry my big brother!? You passed all my test! I really need someone smart, cute, and a good kisser like you to take care of him!"

"Don't say that! Gon, you don't have to answer that. Alluka is just playing around! She asked the same stupid thing yesterday!" Killua sputtered out with such passion as he tugged on Alluka's shirt as if trying to settle the girl down.

"I'm not playing around! I really want Gon to marry you! I said it yesterday, I will say it today! I will ask it forever!"

"Why would you even ask that? Don't you think that's a personal question to be discussed between the two of us!"

"Well because you can't take care of yourself obviously and need Gon plus so Kalluto can stop being so shy of course!"

"Kalluto doesn't have to talk if he don't want to."

"But… I do wanna talk to Gon." Kalluto muttered silently.

Killua pointed at his boyfriend, "Do it! Do it! He's RIGHT THERE!"

"I don't wanna break the rules." Kalluto said again as if reminding Killua of what a loyal person he was. "I don't wanna get in trouble."

"Hear that, he doesn't wanna get in trouble!" Alluka sang out.

"No one here is gonna tell on him!" Killua fired back his eye twitching as he huffed, "So don't be so afraid! Gon is a really nice guy."

Kalluto looked up at Gon cautiously a bit perked up from his previous idea of what the 16 year old would be like before. Still he didn't directly address Gon but said, "Big brother, you must care about him a lot. This is the first time I've ever saw you defend someone beside Alluka. Wonder if you both really have a plan to run off and get married in secret?"

Alluka started fanning herself as she playfully squealed out, "Oh! That's so romantic! They'll probably run off to some tropical island! Then live with the animals!"

Gon couldn't help but laugh at that as he grinned brightly asking Killua, "Well that beats our original plan, huh?"

"Eeehh?" Killua felt his heart start thumping so loudly he was sure everyone in the room heard it as he quickly snapped, "PLAN? WHAT PLAN? DANG IT GON! DON'T ENCOURAGE THEM!"

"I'm not…!" Gon bubbled out with still a playful grin on his face, "I'm just saying that if we ever needed to form a plan like that."

Killua's eyes cut down lowly as he crossed his arms, tiredly rubbing his temples. The white haired boy couldn't deal with so much madness coming at him at once in the mind couldn't properly function with everyone coming at him peskily. "We won't need to ever have a plan like that. When we marry someday…" Then sweating nervously catching his tongue he quickly corrected, "IF WE MARRY SOME DAY, it's gonna be in a huge fancy all chocolate venue."

"Won't all that chocolate be a waste of money and end up melting in the sun?" Kalluto muttered silently to himself.

Still the insult to chocolate did not miss Killua's ears as he snapped loudly, "DON'T YOU DARE CALL HAVING CHOCOLATE EVERYTHING A WASTE OF MONEY!" It was almost like a growl some what towards the end, the teen getting all worked up over hearing slander thrown on one of the rare greatest foods in the world.

Kalluto shrugged his shoulders clearly losing interest in the subject, tugging on his sister's dress as he motioned to the clock saying, "It's 7:00 breakfast should be ready by now. Let's go." He jumped off the bed, landing in his feet awaiting for his sister to join him.

"Okay!" The girl agreed climbing off from the back of the bed instead if jumping off a side. The action placed her closer to the door but also still within speaking range. With a smile she turned back to face the two boys in bed, almost cutely her purple long hair cupping her face as he blue eyes sparkled almost innocently repeating her question of, "Gon, Can you marry my big brother, Killua? It would make him really happy! I want to see my favorite big brother happy for the rest if his life! I plan to keep asking until you say yes."

This time due to a repentance of the question, Killua's eyes grew wide in recognition that this might be a request, which is why at first… His eyes drifted up at Gon almost nervously. Half of him wondered what the reply would be on his own but no doubt, he would keep on assuming Alluka was joking around. 'Damn it!' Killua mentally cursed at himself as he quickly reached out for Gon soon as he was about to speak, the other spun him around, sloppily mashing their lips together in a kiss to muffle out any words.

"Why would anyone kiss my absolutely disgusting big brother? Gon…you can definitely do way better than Killua." Kalluto responded, his face grim almost repulsive at the sight. He walked out more quickly towards the door, taking Alluka along with him. Preventing the girl from ever getting a straight answer as the doors shut behind them.

This time the doors weren't slammed so it didn't make a echoing sound off the walls, the only noise bouncing around was Killua and Gon's lips smacking up against each other. It was an awkward kiss with Gon's mouth halfway open and his brown eyes wide as his body was trembling with the sudden surprise of Killua's soft lips meeting his own unexpectedly. Killua didn't pull their mouths apart until he made sure he heard footsteps leaving down the hallway.

Gon was the first to speak soon as air touched his lungs once more, "I was gonna kiss you earlier but, I thought you would get mad if we kissed in front of Kalluto."

"You think I wanted to kiss you in front of Kalluto?" Killua bounced back shocked before shaking his head elaborating, "Alluka, she...with her powers she asks 3 request and if they're not fulfilled people usually die or no more so ALWAYS DIE! At first I didn't catch it, but now I'm sure that.. Alluka's request is for us to get married."

Gon blinked blankly his mind clearly not following where this was going, but he still wore a smile on his face at the thought accepting it as the idea came. "So you're gonna propose to me now, Killua?"

The white haired boy clearly frustrated threw a fluffy pillow at his face, "Gosh is everything a joke to you? See, this is why I didn't want you coming over here, you could get hurt!" He watched Gon catch the pillow in his hand, the boy not answering for a while. So Killua spoke again blowing off the harsh tone of his old comment, "Just, next time she ask for something or about us, say 'yes' I can't afford to have my boyfriend freaking die on me. Especially not to my little sister!"

"My bad…." Gon responded softly as he squeezed the fluffy pillow feeling all the air leave it. "I was having such a great time. Your younger siblings are nice, I wasn't really expecting…."

"Never let your guard down around a Zoldyck, no matter what age or how nice they seem." Killua informed him sharply throwing back a reminder, "Doesn't it say in your comic to never trust a super villain?"

Parting his slips slightly Gon numbly said, "Yes?" He looked at the comic still on his lap. "It says not to do a lot of things around super villains. I've broken doing most if those things just around you and I haven't gotten killed yet."

Killua was about to say something smart mouth but instead held his tongue feeling that it wasn't in his place to speak with behalf of all super villains. The older boy almost found it amusing how oblivious he was pushing his opinions. Gon was freely thinking if the good that he believed was there in everyone. Such a thought made Killua completely sick, he'd seen humans bring down plenty of heavy pain and suffering between themselves, making mistakes and telling lies they'll never forget that they will end up regretting. People were in a sense slaves to their own minds, doomed to never be truly free.

"Baka…" Killua muttered as he stood up waving Gon over to do the same, "As much as I'd like to go over this. We still have to get to school. So let's go!" He lifted up the cover yanking it off of Gon.

Only to hear Gon let out a yelp as the chilly morning air hit his bare body, "Ahhh! Killua! You did that on purpose!" A slight smile crossed through his lips as he started to bubble up again throwing the pillow back at his boyfriend. Killua dodged skillfully still it made Gon rise to his feet, both teens ready to start off the day with new found ambition.

Chapter Text

Closing the heavy tall gate doors, with a snap, Killua double checked that they were locked tight before turning to Gon who was standing beside him. "It's already 8:15.. we could have been out sooner if you wouldn't have took so long in the shower."

"I didn't take long on purpose. I couldn't figure out how to work all those switches." Gon said chuckling nervously to avoid Killua's annoyed gaze. Sticking his tongue out he teased, "Maybe if I was taking so long you should have came in and helped me then..."

Killua let a sly smile come on his face as his ice eyes shined in a cat like slipped an arm around Gon, with ease that gave the younger boy chills feeling strong arms go around his waist. Gon trembled at Killua's touch as he leaned in and whispered in his ear, "If I would have helped you, believe me... we would be leaving here a lot later."

"Aaahh?" Gon shivered placing his hands on top of Killua's hand removing them from his hips. The image of hot steamy shower sex clouding his mind. Killua would be fine as fuck, with hot water running down his rippling abs. Then Gon would have his hair slicked back in a huge mop, as Killua roughly pressed him against the wall. Dragging his teeth over Gon's skin possessively gnawing on his collar bone, decorating it with a lovely display of hickeys. All while teasingly pushing burning soap covered digits in and out of Gon's cute tight little hole, it would be twitching anxiously to get something huge inside of it. Oh, the scene played on and on in Gon's mind, driving him to the conclusion, "Ya know what, good point. We gotta get to school to save Kurapika anyway."

Killua raised an eyebrow his voice sounding not amused, "You still bent on doing that?" He wished Gon would reconsider running straight into a death match.

"Of course, Kurapika is our friend!" Gon proclaimed taking off, the both of them walking down the side walk, with his hand in Killua's. "Even if he says he can do it alone with no help, I'm sure he wants some!"

"How you figure that when you say he didn't want any?" Killua snorted, flipping his fluffy white hair back out of his eyes. "Plus you should be more worried about yourself. Didn't you say tthe phantom troupe wanted your head?"

"Yeah. They want me dead, but..." Gon's brown eyes stared up at the sky blue atmosphere, marveling at it full of wonder, it was a really lovely day with barely any clouds in sight. Even if in the back of his mind he knew the phantom was planning the perfect spot to pound him to the ground, he was more worried about Kurapika and the way he was acting. Such behavior could easily get himself hurt, something Gon wasn't gonna allow any of his friends to be. So sweetly he smiled pointing to himself, "I don't really care what happens to me, long as I can protect my friends."

"WHAT?!" Killua blurted out immediately stopping in his tracks despite the fact they had made it only 20 steps away from his house. "YOU CAN'T SAY THAT! THAT'S SO DAMN HYPOCRITICAL! YOU TELL ME TO WATCH OUT AND TAKE CARE OF MYSELF BUT YOU'RE OVER HER ACTING RECKLESSLY! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?"

The black haired boy gave a shaky shrug surprised a bit by his boyfriend's loud unplanned out burst. Kicking up some dirt with his shoe, he rubbed his straps of his backpack before coming to the conclusion. "Well, you can't always judge things off the way they seem, salt and sugar look alike don't they?" Gon gave a light smile that almost made the day a bit more brighter in the eyes of Killua.

It made the older boy wish he could just take a picture of it and make it his phone background. Which he COULD, but he didn't wanna do it like SOME CREEP, who randomly too pictures of people. Also on the side Killua was sure Gon's smile was so bright it had the potential energy to crack his phone screen by completely overheating it's system.

"Your point is?"

"Kurapika needs our help. So we have to hurry up and come through with the clutch for him."

"Mmm.." Killua pulled out his phone. Slimly resisting the urge to use his camera, the boy flickered to his home screen, reading off the time. "It's 8:20 now, if we keep up at this pace... We should be to school by 4th period at least."

"Eh? Can't you just get us both there, using Godspeed?" Gon broke out into a goofy laugh claiming, "You're a super villain! Z-lit master of lightning!"

"Z..what?" Killua deadpanned not buying into the idea.

"Z-lit! That's what, I thought would make for a good super name for you."

"First of all, I don't do super dress up or mask, cape. So I'm NOT DOING THE NAME."

"Awe...but Z-lit and the original power God speed go good together."

"I'm saving up all my electric charge for the battle with the phantom troupe. I mean, I probably don't have to. Not while I'm around you."

"Yeah! You can trust me, I won't tell another living soul about you or your family's powers!"

"Huh? I know that, baka! If I didn't trust you, I wouldn't have let you into my house. I would have killed you off before... but you agreed to our terms in rule number #2 not to disclose any classified secret information! So you have nothing to worry about!"

"Was that supposed to make me, feel better?"

"Well death is an amazing fantastic experience, I'm sure. Me, Myself, I'm not sure I can say from memory, but I figure it's much easier than living."

Gon gave his boyfriend a concerned look, as he squeezed his hand. "Killua, sometimes I wonder what goes on in your mind."

Killua blinked almost dreamily as he looked into Gon's sparkling worried eyes, he could help but mumble out, "Sometimes, I wonder what goes on in your beautiful mind too, sunshine."

Unaware that Gon had heard his comment, Kilkua bounced back a bit when he heard joyful cheerful laughter coming from the shorter boy, "Mostly memes and cat videos!" Gon's smile grew as he poked Killua's cheek teasing, "And this comic book I'm into right now called, 'How to date a super villain' it's a comedy but holds true in some situations!"

"What the hell?" Killua said through his cheeks being pulled as Gon was trying to make him smile. The short boy leaning against him placing his finger all in his mouth feeling around was his brown eyes were observing his incisors.

"Not now though, you don't have razor sharp teeth, I have to look out for when we we make out!" Gon said running a finger over Killua's flat two front teeth.

"What are you TALKING ABOUT?" Killua pushed Gon off of him gently; then took off running declaring, "I thought you wanted to get to school! We have to hurry!"

Gon nodded his head in agreement, licking Killua's left over mouth saliva off his thumb, he started to kick up his feet to catch up. His feet pounded on the concrete, for only a few seconds before he slipped back down and fell on his butt. "Ouch!" He winced slightly.

Killua looked back completely dissatisfied, halting his run to see Gon flat on his butt laying on the concrete. Throwing his hands up in the air, he shouted, "I SAID WE HAVE TO HURRY! GON! GET UP! GET UP! HURRY!"

Bouncing back up to his feet, Gon stood only taking a few more running strides before falling back down on the ground. He complained, "Killua! This is your fault! These pants you gave me are too long." Throwing his head up like a werewolf howling, Gon let out a sigh. "Can't we just walk?"

"No! You wanna get there on time right?"

"Isn't there a tourist bus that stops by here? Can't we wait for that to come around and then get on it to get a ride to the city. It would put us closer to school..."



Killua didn't hate taking the tourist bus, it was only natural to assume the people would be rude pushy and acting crazy since they were on vacation. This strong dislike for taking any bus in general would be the same stunning fact that never failed that like every damn vehicle it didn't have enough seats. It lead to very bad situations for most incidents that occurred.

Blowing some of his white hair out of his face, he sighed feeling the bus stop for another time. They still were barely anywhere close to their school and he was easily becoming annoyed. While Gon on the other hand was grinning like an idiot pointing at tbe landmark exclaiming, "Look Killua! Who knew we had so many important landmarks, here?"

"Who cares about the landmarks here?" Killua muttered, watching Gon blow up his phone taking multiple pictures, "It's just some statue of dead people who aren't ever coming back. So don't waste my phone storage on that!" He squealed, grabbing the other and snatching his phone out of Gon's sticky photogenic hands.

"Awe, You're no fun Killua!" Gon stuck his tongue out at him. "You need to loosen up."

"If I loosen up, I might loose my cool and shock everyone here. So me staying tight minded is doing everyone a favor." Killua reminded him, showing off a big of electric charge to his finger.

Gon's brown eyes jumped at the glowing light, "So shiny... You're getting good at controlling that ya, know?"

"Yeah, I kn-" Killua crushed the spark in his hand as a girl around their age walked up to them.

"Excuse me," A girl tapped on Gon's shoulder shyly, "My friend has been watching you two. She says you never get off the bus at stops."

"That would be true." Gon gave her a goofy smile as he shrugged starting to explain, "We're not here on tour, we just need to get to school."

Automatically the girl burst out laughing, "School? You thought this was a school bus?"

"N..Noooo!" Gon stumbled out catching how stupid he must have sounded, "We knew this wasn't a school bus, we just didn't wanna walk."

"That's so hilarious! What grade are you in anyway?"

"11th...but hopefully after Friday the 12th!"

"Awe, you still have your baby voice."

"What baby voice, do I really?"

Killua couldn't stop the speed his eye was twitching at, his fist balled up tightly to his side as mentally he steamed overwhelmed by the sudden gush of envy flowing through him. He didn't want to believe what he saw through his eyes was true. He didn't want to believe that he'd just witnessed what he thought he witnessing.

Gritting his teeth rather loudly he grabbed Gon's hand possessively. Killua bleakly waving it in the girl's face telling her bluntly, "I think you should go back to your cage." He spoke to her lowly like the disgusting slutty animal that she was.

She blinked a bit confused for a few seconds before starting to understand saying, "Oh, okay. Guess, I'll tell my friend then." Turning away from them she looked a bit sad heading back over to her seat further down the aisle.

"What's the deal with that?" Gon asked feeling strangely perplexed, "Why is she walking back to the bus? Is the bus her cage? Does she think the bus is a cage? Is she gonna ride the bus to get off on her stop with a cage?"

"Why DO YOU CARE!?" Killua snapped bitterly, "You're here with me, right? Don't get all fucking butt hurt and worried about some whore's backstory."

"Yeah but, it's good to try and be more nice to people!" Gon mumbled off.

A cannibalistic possessive overtone oozing out his voice as Killua demanded an explanation, "Sunshine, was that what I think it was?"

The shorter teen smiled a bit nervously as he awkwardly rubbed the back of his head presenting an innocent look, "That depends, what do you think it was?"

Killua cut his cold icy blue eyes at Gon reading him for any hint of misconception before, pinning the small teen up again the chair muttering in the tense air between them, "That bitch was flirting with you. I SAW IT. She had that hoe CRAZED THIRSTY LOOK IN HER EYES!"

"Killua.. that's ridiculous! She was n-" Gon felt his boyfriend squeeze his wrist tightly almost furious as a tiger all the pressure made him shut up quickly.

Huskily Killua leaned forward whispering, "Gon, who do you belong to?"

"… you, Killua?" Gon stammered out surprised at the sudden declaration needing to be made.

"Why you say it as a question?"


"Good boy." Killua confirmed finally satisfied with Gon shouting that declaration loud enough so that the girls in the back of the bus could hear. He also wanted to make it clear that he was not in anyway jealous, because Killua did NOT GET JEALOUS. If anyone he was looking out for Gon, since there was no telling what a weirdo she could have been. There were tons of weirdo creeps in the world, Killua knew since he was one of them.

Gon didn't seem to take Killua's actions as a favor though. He found it mildly odd, still he was happy that Killua seemed to be changing his behavior towards him. He leaned forward pressing their foreheads together, "You're my boyfriend after all. Even if I'm still not sure, why you asked me out, I'm glad you did. Hanging with you is really fun."

Part of Killua's mind was completely suspect to if Gon meant that because he was a supervillain or not. But for some reason while the mood was up for being thankful, it just happened to be Killua's second nature to always crush it.

"Don't be happy!" Killua snapped at him in a hash whisper pulling away scolding, "Do you know much danger I put your life in daily? You just knowing about my family... You should freaking hate me!"

Gon gave the older boy a hug rubbing against his shirt singing out, "I can't hate you, Killua. You're too.. too.. Killua like to hate you." His cheeks pressing against Killua's chest as he inhaled the scent of his boyfriend loving the smell of him.

Blushing slightly Killua turned his head out the window trying ignore Gon's sudden burst of affection, "Baka, that doesn't even make any sense. You can't describe me with me."

"Yes, I can! You're one of a kind! You're like..." Gon's voice trailed off as he sighed still snuggled up in Killua's warm embrace. "Really cool, I never met a super villain before or anyone with super powers. Everything in my life has suddenly turned upside down, but you're still here having my back. That says alot to me. So if there's anything I need to help you out with, just say the word."

Swallowing nervously, Killua shakily brought his hand up, his pale slender fingers slipping through Gon's spiky hair. Petting him delicately like a long lost pet that just returned home. The words that Killua wanted to say was, 'Stay with me, forever. Let me hold you like this forever. make it us, against the world forever.' But he didn't..couldn't say that, because he had a mission, a job! A quest to get revenge. Gon was nothing but a tool that, Killua knew he shouldn't get attached to because he planned to discard him, crush him, ruin him.

So instead the words that came out were almost the opposite. "Don't get too attached to me or any of this. You don't deserve to get attached to me...All your happiness, is absolutely disgusting." Gon felt Killua roughly tug on his hair, the smaller boy trembled as his blood curled. "Everything about you, all your faith and hope in me.. The fact you turned to me in your moment of weakness. What's wrong with you? Are you really that...?"

Gon whimpered slightly, "No! I'm not weak!" He huffed out, as Killua yanked his black hair up by the roots. Forcing his brown eyes to meet cruel icy cold.

A demented smile cracked across Killua's lips slowly like an egg does on a pan. The white haired boy chuckling slightly noticing that Gon wasn't trying to escape or anything. Gon just went like jello in Killua's hand, the older boy had beat him before so he'd just keep staring defiantly. Killua appeared to be amused, "You are the most trusting kind fool ever. You're so helpless... You need me as much as I need you. Or people would just step all over you."

"Yeah, so thank you for helping." Gon murmured making Killua release the tight grip on his head. The older teen seemed to be mentally having a melt down conflict with himself before finally setting down, to simply riddling the short teen with touches.

"Don't thank me, everything you do...honestly it's so nice and pure, it pisses me off. It pisses me off, that I find it cute, when you suffer or those cute brown eyes turn dirty and lustful. You piss me off so much, and I love it." Narrowing his cold blue eyes, with a dastardly smirk, Killua pressed a kiss on Gon's forehead.

Raising an eye brow at the challenge, Gon shrugged it off still in his own way accepting the challenge. "Even ice can melt when in the sun's glorious waves too long, Killua." Just like that he flipped the tables to benefit himself. He looked down, sighing a bit not in the mood to stir up a fuss with Killua.

The white haired boy didn't seem to care. Since Killua doubted Gon would ever make him change his ways. The boy was cute and special in an adorable doll baby way, but it was due to that, Killua didn't consider Gon anything more than such. "Don't be fooled, You'll start having your feelings get hurt. I can't stand people deep in their feelings! Also it might have a negative effect on me and my powers!"

In almost a way too engaged and curious manner, Gon peeked up with eager sparkling eyes ready to learn. "I affect your powers, Killua?"

"Of course you d-" Killua caught his tongue, until he figured to hell with it. Gon might as well know the poor boy was already in too deep. So he lowered his voice so only Gon could hear and understand him as he said, "Listen, sunshine. You're like my portable charger, I can charge up and carry sparks for a little while, but soon they dissapear and I need to be recharged. But for some strange reason the only way I can recharge is if I'm touching you."

Gon's eyes went wide as if stars and a pretty fireworks show was going on before him. Touching Killua's face he squealed out, "So if I help your powers, does THAT MEAN WE'RE BOTH SUPERHE-"

Killua pressed his hand over Gon's mouth hushing him violently, "Lower your voice! Calm down! You're so fucking loud!" He cut his blue eyes dangerously saying in a low shady tone, "I wouldn't have told you, if I didn't think you could handle it. Now when ever you show me you can shut your trap, I'll lower my hand."

Gon pressed his lips shut, nodding his head as Killua slowly removed his hand. At first brown eyes didn't read or seemed to be forming a response that wasn't asked until Killua gave a flicking careless just get on with it motion. After which Gon piped up, "So we're like the defenders of justice comic?"

"No! If anything we're villains! How many times must I say this?"

"Can we be heros in my own mind? In my universe we kick ass!"

Killua decided to drop it, there was no use in trying to tell Gon the world didn't work off his mind. The boy was already lost in his own fantasy as he kept cuddling under Killua, who had his is pale finger still matted in black hair. Killua was thankful for this moment, for meeting Gon who would never give up on him. Gon's sweet smile and actions really did outshine the morning sun. Not even the brightest star in the solar system could compare to Gon's cuteness at the moment. Killua wanted to protect that cute baby face that Gon had, nature the joy he spread all around the world. Killua didn't know why, since he hated it. He hated how Gon smiled like everything would be okay; it was because he hated that so much, he wanted to protect it. He wanted to protect that annoying smile, so he could personally burn it off himself. He had to be the one to do it. NO ONE ELSE.

"Gon, I don't know if this is love, but you're the sun. You shine so, so bright. I want to protect that light as long as we're together." Killua murmured burying his face into Gon's hair. So for a few seconds, Gon started wondering what the fuck was happening. It wasn't until their lips met that Gon finally understood what Killua was saying, 'Don't leave me. I can't do this alone.' An invitation which was accepted as their hands fit together perfectly like missing parts of a puzzle.

Chapter Text

Now was when Killua had to start lying. Since it seemed that not even his cold blizzard blue glare was gonna hustle them into school. No matter how hard he attempted to out do the front office lady, she seemed to have orbs of steel. (More than likely from her staring at the screen all day.)

Leaning forward resting his head on the front desk, Killua figured that if he didn't figure out something slick to say, there would for sure be some problems. The front desk lady seemed to be challenging him repeating her commands, "Before I give you both these tardy slips, I need to know if these were excused or not for coming to school so late. Where were you?" The words passed through her heavy red lipstick covered choppers like sniper bullets.

The truth would not set them free, but half of it would be enough. Killua looked at Gon almost telepathically informing him through a look, 'Just go a long with what I say' it wasn't too stern but was strongly perfected to get a message across. There was no firm answer from Gon, the boy turning his head in disapproval. He was never big on lying or bluffing so it was natural he didn't approve of Killua doing it even to save their own skin. Gon was much too pure for such an act.

That didn't stop Killua however, the older boy said an answer rather coldly. "We were busy and missed the bus. So we had to get here the long way. Shouldn't you just be glad we came?" Raising an eyebrow, Killua placed a hand on his hip his fingers tapping rapidly on the cold smooth front office desk.

"You could have stayed home. What you do with your life doesn't effect me kid." The lady shrugged her shoulders, typing in some information before the whirling sound of a printer coming to life filled the room.

Killua rolled his eyes, knowing that it did since if they had a doctors note it was more for her to keep typing up. Still the 16 year old stood sassy, with his own careless glint filling his mood. Front desk lady paid no mind as she pushed her glasses up on her face; standing up she made her way over to the printer pulling off the tardy passes. Then returning to her desk she signed the sheets before handing it to them.

Commanding, "Turn it into your teachers and have them sign it off." She checked the time saying, "It's 2:50 you're in 5th period about to go to 6th in 1 more minute, so might as well go there."

"Whatever." Killua mumbled under his breath turning away and taking Gon's hand, "Let's go."

Gon meekly followed behind his boyfriend, after quickly turning around and telling the front desk lady, "Thank you! Have a good day!" Then reached out for the door allowing both of them to exit into the main school building.

Soon after the wooden door to the front office clicked shut, Killua sighed. His blue eyes shifting to the corner, eyeballing Gon almost suspect. "Why would you thank her? All the employees here are stuck up bastards."

"I don't think so." Gon uttered shaking his head, a small smile coming on his face as he informed Killua. "Once she gave me change for the vending machine. Today she is more than likely just having a bad day."

"That's no reason to shove your head up your ass hole." Killua snorted.

Gon hummed a bit lost in thought, as his brown eyes gazed up at the clock on the wall. The black haired boy, tugging roughly on the straps of his backpack on his shoulders, almost lost in thought. Taking a few steps forward, his sneakers silently glided over the floor moving almost briskly and dragging Killua behind with him. "We should, go wait for Kurapika in the gym." Gon confirmed coming to a conclusion, "I'm sure the Phantom Troupe choose that place anyway, because no one has class there in 6th period."

"Hehe," Killua lowered his white bangs over his eyes shoving one hand in his pocket, he smirked maliciously, "Whatever you say, baby boy. It's there loss they choose a place with no witnesses. I'll go wild, make sure they get the shit scared outta them for messing with you."

Gon nodded his head with approval to the jam of the loud ringing of the bell to 6th period. It was a few more minutes till a brawl they'll never forget. Students at and above their grade level filled the hallway completely oblivious to the fact there was about to be a rumble shake down in their very school. Still maybe that was a good thing so no extra drama or attention would be called, yet if they probably told the authorities this whole thing could be avoided. It was the rational thing to do, but there was no perks of fun in to gain, from a battle where no punches where thrown. They were currently planning to make the gym a complete mad house or thunder zone before they gave in,

The last crowd of kids seemed to happily chatting as they left the gym. Peeking inside, Gon made sure the coast was clear, catching the gym teacher locking her room and heading out the back. It started turning gears in his mind as him and Killua crept inside. A wave of unpleasant disgusting body oder smacking their noses first along with the smell of cheap perfume that was probably intended to mask the scent but only made it sniff worst than barf.

When both their sneakers were falling on the gym floor to reach the bleachers to wait is when Gon finally spoke his mind. The boy saying in sych a hushed tone in the silent gym, "I think I know why the Phantom Troupe choose this place. After 3pm no one is around."

"Are you sure that's the reason, not to choke us to death with so much bad air?" Killua spoke to no amount of quite as Gon. Instead it was pouting almost outraged. He was gonna cover his nose but he knew doing so would prove useless compared to the musk in the air. "It smells like a zoo."

"Which is why you shouldn't have came here!" A very annoyed voice fire back. It made both Gon and Killua's eyes turn to see a scarlet eyed blonde with chains constricted around his fingers like a cobra snake, tight enough to be blocking blood flow. He pointed at them, "Gon, I told you...I don't need help."

"Too bad!" Gon said gleefully happy to hear his friend‛s voice to know that he was alright. He made a fist proclaiming, "Friends have each others backs! Besides, I got us into this mess it would be wrong to not give any assistance on the way out."

Sighing, Kurapika shook his head. Noticing out the corner of his eye as Killua and Gon came near him, the others walk was a bit off. Almost side to side and lopsided. "Gon, can you even fight? It looks like you're limping."

Both the 16 year old faces went high with blush from top to bottom. Killua looked the worst as his jaw dropped, he shook slightly, making incoherent sounds that were probably some kind of excuse. That was much needed, because the bashful teen didn't want his boyfriend bragging on mashing his ass last night. Well, no. Gon wouldn't brag. He would simple tell it how it is, full details and everything. That would not fly with Killua who had firmly finally understood what, 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' means in a few short seconds. There should also be a rule of what happens in the bedroom stays in there for all things fair and holy. He held his breath hearing Gon speak.

"I spent the night at Killua's. My clothes were dirty, so I'm wearing his. That's why my walk might seem off." Gon said soothingly that Killua felt a wave of relief wash over his once guilty mind that had went to freak out burn all memory and files mode.

"Okay, be careful not to trip heading out."

"No! We're not leaving."

"Oh you just don't get it. Gon, these guys have been messing with kids for years. Personally, I owe them this beat down." Kurapika's eyes seemed to fall even more crimson red as he reflected upon his hate uttering, "One arm breaking is not enough..."

Gon looked at his friend almost feeling the same blood lust that he did. These guys were jerks and definitely deserved to have every bone crushed in their body. No one should get away with bullying, no matter how strong, there would always be someone strong to put you back in your place. Standing firmly on the gym wooden floor, Gon's brown eyes never wavered away from Kurapika's as the bell for the start of 6th period rang loudly. Signalling a scramble for kids left in the hallway to hurry up and get to their destination. Neither one of them spoke for a long while after that, since Kurapika clearly got his answers.

The chain user sat down on the bleachers, his face grim but openly accepting that there was help. Still he couldn't help muttering, "You guys have some serious screws loose, hanging around here even after knowing what we're up against."

Killua folded his arms taking a seat beside Kurapika informing him, "I probably do have a couple of screws loose, but nothing worse than what goes on in your parent's bedroom." Making a messy attempt at a joke to lighten the mood he elbowed Kurapika in the ribs.

Unamused, Kurapika glared at the scuffed up gym floor possibly even more anger burning in his eyes than before. In a harsh whisper he said, "My parents are dead."

"Oh..." Killua sounded like a complete dumb ass blank at to why he even aed to be funny. He should have known him cracking a joke would only make the already tense situation even more dire. "Ignore the fact it was ever brought up then. I know I'm not funny."

Giving Killua a light pat on the back, Gon brighten up everyone's mood with a solid smile. "Hey, don't worry. You get friendship points for trying."

"Friendship points?!"


"What the hell is that?"

"What, I just said! Friendship points."

"My mind cannot still untangle the knot!"

"Don't worry, you're getting alot for helping Kurapika!"

"Do I get free stuff, with the points?"

"Of course, Killua!" Throwing his arms around his boyfriend, Gon snuggled close to him exclaiming, "You get FREE HUGS!"

"I can get hugs from you any day!" Killua whined feeling Gon's iron grip around him, tryingto shake free he undid his arms using them to tickle Gon. The smaller boy jumping back in shock unleashing a wave of loud laughter as he was bombarded. Killua hissing, "I wanna know about the moolah!"

A small light smile cracked on Kurapika's face, as he laughed to himself. His shoulders moving up and down for a second his eyes sparkling with delight as he gazed upon Gon and Killua together. Still having a good time when soon to be faced with ignorance and resistance, not hesitant to go down fighting with him. It placed him with higher hopefully spirits. "Haha, ha! Ha, Gosh...I must have the most amazing friends in the whole wide world."

Catching him say this, Gon pulled away from Killua's tickles and placed his arm on Kurapika's shoulder giving him a huge grin. "Damn, right ya do! Don't ever forget it, friends are here till the end. We're in this boat, sink or float together."

"Look at you, being all poetic." An almost glaringly creepy voice purred out. It's owner stepping into view. The lights hanging above the gym almost making his red hair glimmer, as his eyes shinned almost hungrily looking at Gon.

"Yeah, it's a wonder to why my English grades aren't much better." Gon babbled lowly, most of his attention focused on the Phantom Troupe making their long awaited grand appearance.

"Hisoka!" Killua spat the name out his mouth like it was a cursed poison dart he could aim and fire at the creepy man's heart for repeatedly hitting on his boyfriend.

Hisoka bowed as if it was his grand introduction to them all. Humming out teasingly, "Looks like you brought, Killua the finesse kid." Placing his hands in his pocket he uttered, "That's cute."

"You crazy bitch..." Killua spat, trying to ignore how much his head swam right now. "I told you to stay away from Gon. I told you. I warned you." Flexing his muscles he mumbled, "Now I'm gonna make sure you bleed and pay the price. I'm gonna knock that smug look off your face."

"Eh? Why don't we just, ask Gon who he wants?"

"Because, Gon is going to choose me of course!"

"Really?" Hisoka turned his head looking at Gon and focusing n the cute little boy with that petite perfect body figure. "Gon~!" He sung out the name sweetly, "You wanna get the opportunity to ride a big dick?"

"I already get on Killua's." Gon retorted a bit confused completely oblivious to why this question was being asked. It was almost like the whole conversation was going way over his head. "Killua is my boyfriends and I'm not a slut."

Killua felt his face start to burn, more out of embarrassment of all the looks that the other Spider members was giving them. he didn't know if he should be proud that Gon had deafened him and said, 'Take that you crazy clown bitch! Gon will never love you! He's my baby boy!' still he came off a bit jittery as he for some reason found himself pulling Gon into a warm hug.

It almost made Hisoka recoil in a bit of revolt as he sneered, "Oh so that's how it is? You choose that finesse kid over me?" A part of him was disappointed, yet it only made the game more interesting. Killua and Gon wanted to be loyal to each other? Just how long would it last anyway? How long could their love ignore the truth? Almost catching jitters, he purred to himself, "So cute! So cute! I'll ruin them both... I'll break their happiness and smash it into dust! Show them everything fully unleashed!"

Something that flashed in his eyes made Killua even more uneasy. Did that mean Gon was on his list now? Did that mean, Gon wasn't safe? Did that mean he might be off the hook? No, not the last one. If anything it meant that Hisoka was planning to get even at all cost. Hisoka was gonna make Gon regret ever choosing Killua. Hisoka was gonna mess around until his sick pleasure was fully entertained. Right there was too simple of a climax to satisfy anyone. There was a thirst clawing at Hisoka and Killua's throat a certain one that they almost both seemed to share with a desire to best the other.

Gon caught onto the slander throwing in the nick of time, looking up from cuddling Kurapika. "Finesse kid?" He repeat the nickname out loud to himself lowly, before rubing his head in search of an answer, "Aoi, Killua! Why'd they call you that?"

"I'll tell you when you're older than me." Killua responded brushing the question off not interested to recall the time he spent with Illumi in the past.

"Oh, oka-" Catching his tongue, Gon stood up blushing halfway in embarrassment that he'd been fooled. Pointing at Killua he shouted, "Hey! You were born first, I can never be older than you!"

"I know, that's the point!" Killua gave a sly smirk, cracking a laugh as he waved Gon's small pissy fit off.

Gon let out a groan as he rustled up his hair, "That's so mean! I hate inside jokes when I'm not inside of them!" Killua only seemed to laugh harder.

"They're so foolish. Already letting their guard down." Phinks mumbled before cracking his knuckles bragging, "And I already thought this was gonna be a piece of cake!"

"Shut up." Kurapika growled lowly, his eyes scanning over them hatefully. Mentally he did a quick head count to himself before realizing he had the upper hand, "Looks like, Uvogi still is in the hospital. You know you can visit him without getting broken bones."

Chrollo seemed unshaped by the threat, not even caring to react. He took a seat on the bottom bleachers, kicking his feet up like a king based off how he crossed them. Tipping his head back he seemed to stiffen a yawn, "So which one of you is gonna provide me entertainment for the next...Hmm" He seemed to be judging the 3 boys by their size before giving an estimated time of destruction, "10 minutes. I have other stuff to do ya know."

A slender woman with sharp pen styled blond hair came forward, a straight look on her face as she pointed at Gon. "I'll take him." Upon being choosen it made the boy snap back to reality as he looked up at the tall slender lady, from his first view she didn't seem to have any clear advantage. If he could dodge and weave he might be able to avoid a punch. Swallowing nervously he heard more chatter among the members.

Hisoka pouting slightly creeping up behind Gon, he almost seemed to appear out of thin air in such a sudden way that was smooth like a ghost. In a second laying a gentle touch upon Gon, The clown make-up wearing teen seemed to whine affectionately, "No fair, Pakunoda! I wanted to take a piece out of lil Gony!"

Sticky clammy pale hands with sharp well rounded knife like finger nails, found their way to Gon's cheek as they clawed at them. It made Gon's blood run cold, feelingthe almost demonic touch that forced him to free like a statue unable to squeak out a sound. His vocal cords numbed with fear, and his head spun madly as he hitched his breath. Gon felt absolutely terrified for his life right then with every inch of his body, screaming help me at top volume. It wasn't a miracle that Killua caught on, it was more so pure anger to seeing such a freak touch his boyfriend.

"Get the hell!" There was a sudden loud charging of energy coming from his direction, as blue sparks went flying all around him. Killua's orbs flashed matching his furious attitude as he shouted, "AWAY FROM MY BOYFRIEND!" His fist was ready to collide with Hisoka's face the second a word left his mouth, the electric zapping creating a popcorn popping sound filling the area. It was due to all the noise behind the move that allowed Hisoka to successfully dodge a lethal blow like that.

The red head jumped backwards taking Gon with him, to a spot more so near the center of the gym floor. "Thats not very nice, Killua. Ever heard that, sharing is caring?" He almost sung out as he kept a solid hold on Gon bragging that he still had him despite such efforts.

"Damn, you!" Killua charged forward, leaping in the air to connect his foot to Hisoka's face. The bottom of Killua's shoes were black, just like the sight Gon saw soon as he was met by a rough punch in the face unexpectedly by Pakunoda. Who without warning attacked her chosen target despite Gon's struggling position with Hisoka already. That seemed to be in no one's mean of mind.

A low curse came out of Hisoka's mouth as he whirled around, using his free hand to snag a hold on Killua's leg, easily out matching him with strength he sent the 16 year old flying across the gym floor. Killua's white hair becoming filthy as he flew backwards, due to momentum dragging him backwards, his cheeks bruising up on impact with the hardwood floor. It made a skidding soud as the electric charge seemed to burn, a path of smoke almost stirring up a fire.

With a messy blurred vision all the blood rushed in a throbbing painfully combination to Gon's head as if trying to ease the new experience of pain. "Killua-AAhh!" The boy wheezed out, breath fleeing his lungs when Pakunoda delivered a high knee to his stomach, her cap digging into his flesh forcing a gasp up. Gon suddenly felt the urge to throw up as the breakfast the had eaten at Killua's house squirted up to the back of his throat.

Angrily his body appeared to be heated enough to take commands once more. So, he flung out a sloppy punch to the woman's lip. The knuckles making the flesh burst, spilling blood on Gon's hand. He didn't stop to celebrate contact, instead he kicked his feet. He started kicking wildly in a mad panic only to feel himself be lifted up in the air by Hisoka.

Wiping the gushing blood from her lip, Pakunoda spat on the gym floor. Her eyes narrowing maliciously as members from the Phantom Troupe interrogated and coached on the fight while sitting down and watching on the sideline. "Really, Pakunoda, you're gonna let that brat lay a finger on you? Stop holding back and slam him to the ground, set his face where his ass hole is!"

Gon grit his teeth, feeling his body go numb and ears ring loudly in resentment to all the lewd taughting. Finally he howled out, "Screw off you, jerk faces!" Even with his feet in the air, he kicked his shoe off, the sneaker went sky high air born like it had suddenly gained wings. It was like Nike air Maxes where finally living up the their name, the shoe flipped a good distance.

It's target was well aware of it's wild nature. Chrollo yanking his hands up to block the impact only to, hear the loud clattering of chain holding them down. It made a slight smirk crawl on his lips, satisfied with the challenge presented, his hollow gaze finally started to heat up as he turned to Kurapika. The level headed blonde, wearing a firm pissed off distasteful look as he tugged at the chains he statistically placed around Chrollo's hands. Completely mummified every part of them, to prevent any mobilization it gave Kurapika an easy upper hand.

The impact of the sneaker wasn't that hard but it still pissed Chrollo off as he decided to take matters inti his own hands, rising to his feet. The area where he'd been smacked was darkening into a bruise, where there surely was some knotting going on within tension rose. "So that's why you, where staying silent." Chrollo giving a slight smile once more falling for being a sucker for pain.

Machi flicked her pink hair from her eyes as her and another girl with glasses took Chrollo's fleece jacket off of him. The gang leader bragging, "I wasn't planning to get my hands dirty, yet here we are." He descended two steps up the bleachers, before slamming his tied up hands together and slamming them to the metal seats, running up an earth quake like vibration.

"Pretty hard to get your hands dirty when they're all tied up." Standing his ground, Kurapika jumped down from the rumbling madness. His blond hair rising up in the air as his whole entire figure seemed to float in the air. He yanked the chain about to do Chrollo the similar way he once ended his team mate's career. But Chrollo stayed one step ahead, flinging out some slack between them trying to untwist the knot that he was tangled in.

Chrollo sending the signal that it wouldn't stay like this for long. "Pakunoda, hammer the boy. Make sure he learns, shoes that aren't tied on tight enough, can cause concussions." His eyes seemed to swirl with malice intent completely bent on breaking his enemies to shreds.

The lady titled her head to the side, cocking her fist back Pakunoda snarled. "This time, Hisoka, if you're gonna help actually hold him straight to be my personal punching bag." Kicking her heels up, it beat Gon's head straight up striking him in his chin. Then directly snappishly rid his face against the wall with her elbow. A large amount of pressure grind his cheeks and the school brick wall together as Gon was dragged like an easier on paper, but the goal not to get ride of text but use him all up.

Pain shot through him, and the smaller boy let out a yelp half-way muffled by the wall, "Rraagghh!" taking a good swipe at her face. Gon gave her a hard slap, trying to use all of his body parts to land blows when he could to the best of his power, even still being held back by Hisoka, he understood this was a fight for his life. The warm liquid of blood started to trickle down his forehead as Hisoka raked him up against the wall again, sickly enjoying all the desperate sounds mostly pleas to catch a breath.

Sorely Killua stood back up, with his vision hallway blurry; his bones felt oddly tensed and locked up. Taking a few steps, he stumbled a bit, with his white hair going wild over his determined blue eyes. Like hell he would let those bastards get away with hurting his boyfriend. To Killua there was no bigger sin than lettingthese freaks slide; using his powers he seemed to teleport to right in Pakunoda's face. The sound of his frustrated screaming bounced off the high walls as he tripped her while one peg leg, she stood for a power kick. While Killua worked on grinding her face in, "I said, stay away from him." The lady went flying tangling her body in Kurapika's chains.

The blond cracked a smile impressed at the new sudden show of teamwork between him and Killua. Praising him, "Alright! That's what, I'm talking about!" Kurapika threw a few punches no longer keeping a distance but moving in for close rang combat now that the enemy was down. Still the small parts he had captured didn't prevent bobbing or weaving from Chrollo who out stepped Kurapika, the experience playing a huge part in who had the upper hand.

"Awe, look..Gon.." Hisoka hummed out with his eyes exsaming the fight zone, lifting Gon up as if he could actually see from all the blood coming from his forehead. "Your friends are actually starting to do pretty well...that's too bad for you though." Yanking up some of Gon's black hair the other cruelly scalped him up, roughly then bashing his head into the wall more forcefully into the brick wall.

Killua growled at the sight of his boyfriend being beaten. Lightning zapping at his finger tips as he charged at Hisoka, a mean sparking watts in his hand. He came forward fast like a football player about to make the touch down to win the champion game. There was only two obstacles standing in his way, laws of science and the lady Pakunoda, who even with the back of her foot had it extended forcing Gon to basically eat and face the wall. Both things weren't helping his case and seeing his boyfriend get trashed wasn't easing the firecracker anger about to explode like a volcano.

Chrollo laughed mocking their friendship and hard work it, using his feet, to bash Killua in the side. Sending him to the ground immediately on his knees. Kurapika punishment came a bit to late as Killua wheezed grabbing his side, he heard Chrollo snarl, "I knew it! You're all just weak! None of you stand a chance so stay out of are way."

It was after those words, sensing that the odds no matter how much they tried would never be in their favor, Killua completely lost it. Hearing Gon's ragged hurt screams filling his ears non-stop drove him off the wall, with blue orbs flashed demonically all he could see was the troubling path between him and Gon. He was over here, disgustingly looking weak on his knees crumbled up in pain under Chrollo. The stupid manic was a huge nuisance, being a major road block between him and Gon was that lady most importantly. How dare she even assume or anyone of them assume they have the right to put their nasty filthy hands on his sunshine.

"Aaaahhh! Gon belongs to me, how dare you freaking touch him." Killua howled out a completely pissed off yell, his hair producing a bright light show as it stuck straight up, due to all the electric pulse he was releasing at one was all charged up and thanks to basic law of physics all, he did was touch Kurapika's chain, making science do the rest of the work for him. To ensure his rage only hit his correct targets he wisely controlled his current. A deadly rush of pure lightning in plenty of bolts rushed down the chain,as the metal conducted it well, hammering to nail each single target. But Killua wasn't done there, launching volts in the bleachers at the phantom troupe the floor rumbled in response to the sudden rampage.

Hisoka dropped Gon to the floor almost immediately as his sight became clearly only interested and enhanced with Killua who was working on blasting down the gym to ruble with his flying lights show. It allowed Gon to finally take in a fresh breath of air, the wonderful oxygen filling his lungs reminded him that he was still living despite being almost drowning in pure agony only a few seconds ago. His vision wavered in and out of black, as he panted loudly greedily trying to suck up all the air he could get even as he felt it get more dense heavy and full of..full of? Stuff the roof was made of?

Through his still ringing ears he heard shouting that sounded like it was Chrollo's voice almost scared shirtless upon chains dropping to the wooden floor noisy, "THAT KIDS A FREAK! A REAL FREAK, HE FUCKING ALMOST BURNED MY FLESH OFF!" Gon blinked confused to see Chrollo trembling with wide eyes as his once regular tan hands were now almost completely black and littered with severe burns past the 3rd degree.

"What the fuck? You mean, this isn't just some light show?" Another voice called out more female sounding slightly concerned.

"Hell, I don't know! BUT IM GETTING THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Chrollo shouted already moving his feet toward the exit.

"Quick hurry, Paku!" A voice said while another instructed over all the commotion, "Grab her!"

Hisoka kicked her limp body carelessly as he mumbled, "Good luck doing that she's dead." He tossed out the word moving towards an exit himself and by the time he closed the door behind him, the whole gym was dead ass quite. Even Killua out of pure shock finding himself become frozen in an motionless state. The firm word, 'dead' hanging over all of them like a cloud of bad luck. 'Hisoka..that crazy fuck, what did he mean dead?'

Machi, being the healer of the Phantom Troupe was first to check it out. She keeled over Pakunoda's limp body, her blue eyes scanning over the toasted skin and burned clothing where the chain once held her in place. Almost fearfully in shock, her fingers brushed over her team mates neck searching for a pulse only to turn up with signs of life completely negative. Machi stood up, shakily her tone cracking deeply somber telling them, "The lightning fried all her inner internal organs instantly before she could even scream or make a sound. Paku is dead."

There was a sudden bloody nerve wrecking scream that filled the room after that almost summing up everyone's emotion one sound. For a long time Gon looked around wondering where the terrified bloody curling howling was coming from, only to discover that despite his raw vocal cords the sound waves were coming from him. It was himself unleashing his inner nightmare calling traumatized screech. It was deaf toned ear shattering, all in one. Worst of all he couldn't stop himself from completely falling to pieces and freaking out. No matter where he placed his brown eyes they weren't safe from guilt, first was Kurapika who had his blond hair covering still heated red eyes, as his fingers wrapped around a still smoking chain; second thing his pupils caught sight of was Killua in full berserk mode with his hair gone super and muscles bulging, his blue eyes were completely still unsatisfied and bloodthirsty; it scared Gon so much he felt guilty for turning away so quick only to be met with a horror that took the cake: it was Pakunoda's dead body, blood foaming out the side of her mouth, with white blank spots were eye balls should be instead of rolled to the back of her head, plus now she was halfway bald, she looked like one of those horror movie barbie dolls out to kill a kid.

It drove Gon insane, he had to get away from here. Away from her, the body, the bloody, the fight, gym, everything in the world was now not okay and completely upside down. Rising to his feet he took off fast as his legs could take him, pushing past the back gym doors that led off to the parking lot. His legs didn't stop him there, he knew where he needed to go, where he HAD TO GO.

"GON! WAIT!" Killua called out with his head peeking out the gym backdoor before mumbling, "FUCK IT!" Taking off running behind Gon to try and explain himself.

Chapter Text

The trees seemed to be rolling by swiftly like ocean waves, their leaves rustling in the slight breeze Killua and Gon picked up as they ran. Their footprints in the grass fading away as quickly as they appeared, the plants still green springing back to life covering up their tracks. Any signs of their escape route was lost, even by the sweat that fell from their faces evaporated in the air, leaving the only remaining thing being their scent.

"Kite!" Gon hollered the name at the top of his lungs, pushing past numerous amounts of bushes leading them deeper into the woods. His remaining clothes getting torn up on some branches, as he past through bumps and scars now littering his once flawless clear peach skin, yet he kept on going like a true soldier making it on wards.

Killua followed close behind him, panting and keeping a sharp eye out for anything that sounded like it was coming their way. But after so much running his patience had grown extremely thin. Plus all the damn trees in the forest looked the same to him, there seemed to be no end to the maze of stumps and ant piles. Almost revoltingly Killua barely managed to leap over another ant pile, a bit of dust that fell on his shoes made the older boy grit his teeth. Finally taking a stand and shouting out, "Gon, do you even know where the hell you're going?!"

"Kite!" Gon seemed to focus on his task ignoring Killua's question all together. He called his name again this time a loud resounding returned to them from the mountain top almost mockingly. "KITE! KITE! KITE!" The sound echoing and bouncing off the rocks.

Frustrated, Killua pushed the sleeves up on his shirt, power running forward to catch up. "Hey, Gon!" He viciously reached out yanking the shorter boy's shoulder to get his attention yelling loudly in his face, "ANSWER ME, DAMN IT!"

Pushing his hands forward Gon harshly shoved Killua off shaking his head in a trouble-some manner. The black haired boy taking off running again still not looking back to care or not if his boyfriend was following him. Maybe it was the sound of all the locus swarming near by or the tall grass that was making Gon so on edge. But the only thing steaming through Killua's mind as to why Gon was suddenly mad at him, was that he had finally done the ultimate fuck up. To make matters worst, Killua found himself mad at it. Not mad at himself but this whole thing in general.

His pupils seemed to shrink to the size of peas, as Killua made his way back to catch up to Gon. Angrily shredding up the terrain in his path, lowly growling under his breath, "You're ignoring me on purpose... Why?" Clenching his fist, a strong surge of electricity came through them. Killua strolled up behind Gon, who had came to a clearing with a small house in the middle of it, clearly familiar with the area.

Tan hands roughly pounded on the door blocking the way in. "KITE! KITE! KITE! KITE!" Calling his name with each knock on the door, Gon persisted to beat on the entrance. His breathing becoming more rapid the more desperate he became every passing second.

"Haha! Haahaa!" Titling his head to the side, Killua felt his white bangs fall perfectly over, maniac spinning blue eyes. He was purely cackling laughing at his own bliss. "Oh, I finally get it. You're afraid of me, after seeing the monster, I REALLY AM!" Slamming his fist into the ground he sent an explosive pulse of charge straight towards the front door.

"Tch.. What the heck, Killua?" Gon said lowly as he jumped up away from the oncoming lightning storm watching it. The sharp crackling splitting the ground in a random path of destruction that Killua calmly stood behind. Dust flying in different directions even more so when the insane amount of voltage hit Kite's front door. Exploding the object to smithereens, Gon felt his heart drop with his jaw.

A smirk of pure satisfactory embedded on Killua's face he strolled calmly up to Gon, as lightning popped menacingly around his body. "So what ya gonna do now, baby boy?" Flexing his wrist he made the sparks dance in front if Gon's eyes. "You still going to blow me off?"

Meeting those dark blue eyes were now equally pissed off ones, Gon thundered out, "I THINK YOU NEED TO CHILL OUT! That was Kite's door!"

"Oh yeah, who gives a fuck?"




"IS HE EVEN HERE?" Killua screwed his gaze to checking out to see if anyone was really inside that small house. "No one is even home."

Firmly Gon nodded his head, ducking away from Killua he bragged, "Of course, he's here!" Turning and taking back off into the woods he declared, "Kite doesn't have a real job anyway! It's more of a hobby, he works for the government to study and discover new types of bugs!"

Immediately Killua tried to swipe at Gon, but the other was too fast already taken off towards the river. It was a stupid over complicated game of tag they now seemed to be playing. Easily Killua had the upper hand with power advantage but Gon knew this area like the back of his hand. The maze of huge trees and animals were all so new to Killua, he had to keep an eye on Gon's white tank top so he didn't get lost.

It was almost such cruel irony as Killua rudely chuckled out, "So you think he can sa-" Then his alert second sense gave off warning signals, automatically he reached out. Dropping all resentment and bubbling out rage he felt, Killua pumped his feet a little faster just to scream out, "GON, MUD SLIDE!"

A bit too late for the distance spread out between them. Far as he could scream the time that sound had reached Gon's ears, the poor smaller boy had just taken a misstep. His fancy footwork and sneakers threatening to start slipping off into a rough slimy sticky downfall. Gon's heart skipped a couple beats as the soul of his shoe's slipped, maybe it was instinct after all the past days who's name he called out, "KILLUA!"

"I've got you, sunshine!" Killua shouted back, this time using God speed to dash up to Gon. Reaching out to try and grab him, his pale fingertips brushed the leather yellow straps, barely missing them. The brief contact but non-catch making Killua cuss loudly, "FUCK!"

In the same brief moment there was a gray blur that fogged up Killua's already narrow tunnel vision. The 16 year old swore he heard a loud grunt, along with the crashing of multiple trees. A loud crunching of leaves growing ever closer, until a pile of them seemed to swish upwards in funnel rotation heading right towards Gon as he fell. A safe pair of arms scooping Gon up in one single motion then both landing safely next to Killua on the same side.

It took less than a couple of seconds for Killua to be suspect of what was going on. Especially when his eyes finally materialize the gray blur into a tall lank grown man, he was wearing a blue hat with a white, shirt and baggy black pants. The stranger stood with a gangster lean, that made his silver long hair fall to the side behind his ear.

Honestly his appearance didn't matter much to Killua now who was already wild up ready for a fight. Still seeing a strange new guy holding Gon in his hands only hyped Killua up more. He summoned a storm of lightning in the palm of his hand demanding, "GET THE HELL OFF MY BOYFRIEND, YOU CRE-!"

"KITE!" Gon cheered out joyfully being held by the older man. He grinned widely kicking his feet as Kite set him down. "Kite! I finally found you!"

Raising an eyebrow at Gon, who had seemed to suddenly became a jumping bean celebrating with excitement, Kite questioned, "You where looking for me?"

Nodding vigorously, Gon's spiky black hair bounced wildly. "Yes!" A wave of relief came over him as he blurted, "We ran so far and looked so hard... Then the mud slide! It's the start of summer, I wasn't expecting one. Gosh, these little clothes I have left were gonna be goners!"

"I always tell you each time you visit to be careful out here." Kite responded dully, for the first time his eyes catching hold of all the fighting scars and bruises that were etched into Gon's skin. His lips screwed down in a frown upon seeing them, almost in disappointment catching on. "Don't tell me you got those in the woods searching for me. Where you kids playing hooky or something? Is that's why you're not in school, right now?"

Hearing the mention of school Gon's happy face to see his friend again completely dropped to zero. A new stiff more somber look crossed over his face, one that dimmed his shining brown eyes and made a thin line form on his lips. Gon begun his sentence off innocent enough, parting his lips saying, "Kite..." The sudden tone change a regretful one seemed to grab every living things attention in the area. Even the bunny rabbits stopped burrowing, the deer stop drinking, and the birds stopped singing. All to hear the bleak unsugar coated confession, "Killua killed a girl for me."

Kneeling down on one knee to get even with Gon's eye level, Kite leaned forward, it almost looked like a sentimental kind caring fatherly action. ALMOST. Especially when Kite reached out to place one hand on Gon's shoulder still speaking in an abrupt hushed tone, "Who is Killua?"

"My boyfriend, he's right there." Gon said pointing at Killua who had stopped using his lightning powers and was just staring at them both flabbergasted.

Kite leaned in, closer near Gon's ear. A dark shadow from his hat covering over his eyes making his expression unreadable at any distance. The only way to tell where any emotion came from was his dry tone, "Gon, Repeat to me clearly now what you said before."

Swallowing nervously, Gon inhaled for a long minute as if trying to clear his mind and gather up his thoughts. Kite was so close to him, he knew the man heard his guilty out of tune heart beat running wild in his chest. It was better to always come out clean with the truth and that was it. Even if the truth hurt to say or be reminded of, it would always come back to haunt like an unsolved mystery that still lingered in the world.

"Killua, killed a girl for me." Gon choked out the words bracing himself for the punishment that would follow.

The form of punishment came with an ugly harsh forehead crack, Kite made sure it was a very hard knocking to Gon's head. It was as if trying to smack some sense into it. Killua gasped at the sight but could barely do anything to defend himself when Kite came after him next. Sending Killua flying backwards on his butt from a very lethal punch in the face; Kite didn't stop there. His black eyes almost seemed storming with rage all of a sudden, as he yanked Killua back up from the ground by his shirt.

The 16 year old flinching, with his feet dangling off the ground as Kite spat in his face raging, "How dare you kill someone?! Especially a girl!" Another punch was sent to Killua's face to where now the boy was sure that if he didn't have powers it would be sunk in by now.

Rubbing his head Gon groaned lowly trying to return to his senses, "Kite! He saved my life. Just like you did all those years ago."

Kite let out a disgusted grunt, as he dropped Killua like a sack of hot potatoes to the ground. "That might be an acceptable reason."

Killua didn't know what Gon was planning but whatever it was odds were stacked heavily against him. Plus Gon was a goodie-two shoes law lover; Killua had stepped way over the fucking law line. Every reasonable voice had gave him precautions not to follow Gon out here, but now Killua couldn't turn back so even if tried. Therefore now he had no choice but to face the music.

Glaring up from the ground, Killua grit his teeth, unable to stop the hurt of bitter betrayal filling him. "So this is it, huh? Some boyfriend you turn out to be Gon!" He lowered his head so, his white hair could cover the sadness swelling in his eyes. "You blab out everything to him, so he can go and get the police to lock me up!"

"Killua, that's not true. It's not and you KNOW IT." Gon said sternly, his brown eyes looking down at Killua fiercely. Walking up to his boyfriend he offered a hand out to him explaining, "Kite is going to help us, he grew up a street rat and if there's anyone who can hustle out of tough legal situations it's him."

"Oh really? I bet I've killed more people than he ever has!" Killua snarled up at Kite, giving him an animistic glare. Only to be met with a punch to the jaw knocking him back in his place, soon as he got the courage to buck up.

Kite not showing any sign of letting up on his rash punishment full of beatings any time soon. "That's nothing to be proud of!" He cocked his fist, flexing his wrist around as if loosening it up. "So don't brag about that, okay kid?"

"Who you calling a kid?" Killua challenged, pushing Gon's hand out the way as he rose to his feet himself.

"Listen, Killua! I get it your mad, you're frustrated." Forcefully Gon wrapped Killua in a hug telling him, "Now at this point you want someone to fight, anyone to fight, to take out your rage to soothe your pissed off nature."

"Gon let go of me..." Killua growled lowly, twitching in Gon's tight bear hug.

"No! Fighting Kite, won't solve anything! We need him! He's going to help us!"

"Don't get it twisted! You came here, to help you! To help yourself!"

"I came for the both of us!"

"You came...Ha! Do you know if that's REALLY why you CAME GON?" Killua chuckled out as he spun around to face his boyfriend a malicious look painted on his lips. "YOU CAME HERE TO CLEAN YOUR OWN GUILTY MIND! THAT'S WHY YOU DIDN'T CARE IF I FOLLOWED BEHIND OR NOT! You felt bad because deep down, YOU KNOW THIS IS YOUR FAULT."

"That's not true!" Gon uttered out barely above a whisper, as tears started to swell in his eyes which he blinked back rapidly. Unconsciously speaking his mind ramblings out loud, "Kurapika, can't go to jail for a crime he didn't commit. He and Leorio are just so so so so happy together, completely ecstatic together. They were gonna go to the same college next year. If Kurapika gets thrown in jail for murder, he won't graduate this Friday, he won't ever see the light of day again for that matter." A few tears rolled down Gon's heartbroken face as shakily he spoke out with his voice cracking, "Kurapika... Is our friend...We can't let him get sent to jail for a crime we did."

"YOU CAN'T DEAL WITH HIM BEING SENT TO JAIL!" Killua interjected , his eyes burning with anger as shouted, "I can! Friend or not! My parents don't care who I kill long as I don't get caught doing it. I don't care if all evidence points to Kurapika, long as I DON'T GET CAUGHT."

Sucking his tone in a pissed off manner, Kite pulled his hat over his eyes a grim look on his face. The man shook his head, "No offense kid, but your parents sound like arrogant ass wipes straight from the hell hole."

"Heh, I hate 'em too." Killua pushed Gon to the side stepping in front of him. Not even caring when lightning started jumping and dancing all over his body, the sparks matching his bold moves as he easily crushed a stone under his foot. "But it's hard not to take offense when you insult the people who helped give birth to me."

"I don't like your vibe." Kite told him directly, not holding back while they were going through first impressions. "Nor the way you treat, Gon."

Gon who was still silently having a pity-party with himself, sniffled a bit. Wiping his eyes he mumbled out, "No, Kite. Don't try an-aa..and, defend me. Thiisss.. Is my fault." A waterfall of tears seemed to be pouring from his eyes as his whole entire body trembled as he cried out loudly into the sky, "I thought, I could make my life be like m...mmmy co-comic books. I met a super villain, f..eeell in love and tried to flip him to the side of truth and justice. Instead, I..I...tried to be..beee tough. Kurapika tol-told, me not to cooome. Ah.." He cringed up almost swallowing down the rest of his pride and confessing, "THE BAD PART IS I'M NOT EVEN SAD THE GIRL DIED! I'M HAPPY! SHE WAS SO MEAN TO ME, AND SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE! SHE DESERVED TO MEET DEATH! SHE DESERVED IT...!"

Killua's once blazing iron hard gaze started to soften as it switched to worry due to his mind not being able to untangle the knot to why Gon was saying that. It couldn't be the truth could it? Not Gon. Not his sweet innocent Gon spreading sunshine love and comic books everywhere. Gon would never want someone dead? Killua didn't believe it, he swore his own ears where betraying him. But his eyes sure didn't. He was slowly witnessing his beloved sunshine fade away. Somewhere in the deepest parts of his mind, Killua smirking like an idiot. He couldn't believe he had actually done it... without even trying, he'd crushed that sunshine spirit to dust. Watching people completely slip into darkness was the best kind of entertainment.

"Gon.." Kite said sternly as if he was going to begin to go into a whole lecture.

Almost in an insane way, Gon raked his fingers through his slick black hair exclaiming, "I KNOW, KITE! I KNOW! ISN'T IT SICK AND TWISTED? ISN'T IT COMPLETELY DISGUSTING? AREN'T I SUCH A TERRIBLE HORRIBLE PERSON?" More sobs leaked from his lips as he held his head down lost in his own shame.

"Yes." Kite informed him, closing his eyes so calmly. He started to walk away heading back to his house saying, "But at least your truthful. I wouldn't ever let a lair ever make it on my friend list."

"Kite.. Di-did I dis..sssaappoint you?"

"I am absolutely disgusted at such behavior."

"I'm sorry."

"No you're not. If you're sorry you wouldn't have done it."

Killua stiffened back a cruel laugh, he bathe in all this misery. A satisfied grin crawled onto his lips, until he recollected the sudden memory that Gon couldn't loose his head yet. He hadn't taken revenge on his family yet, so if Gon got sad...what would that mean for his revenge? Drawing a huge blank question mark with no clear answer, Killua felt his mind spin in a random gay panic. He had to fix, Gon. HE HAD TO FIX HIM BEFORE HE REACHED THE POINT OF NO RETURN!

Killua grabbed a heavy rock and flung it at Kite's head screaming, "WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He quickly ran to scoop up Gon's weeping shaky body, pressing his boyfriend's head against his rock hard chest. Killua felt even more anger boiling in him as he searched for any sign of glowing life behind once joyful brown orbs only to see it was completely empty filled with nothing but sadness. "He's been through enough today. He saw his first dead body, that's enough to drive anyone to madness." Killua whispered, hugging Gon close over protectively.

Kite caught the rock without even having to turn around, crushing it in his hand saying, "The kid gotta get told the truth or else he'll never know any better." A slick smile came on his face as he said, "But another way to make people better is through hot chocolate. I think I left some water boiling over the stove."

Killua took this as an invitation to follow along behind Kite and go with him home. The boy wasn't sure how he was gonna explain the broke door, but he wasn't willing to leave Gon in this condition. Gon wanted them to stay and talk with Kite so that's what Killua decided he would do.

Picking up Gon bridal style in his arms to catch up with Kite, Killua swore he heard a low mumble of, "At least I made you happy. I did bad things.. I'm like a super bad ass villain now, huh?"

For the first time in a long time in Killua's life he felt strangely conflicted, his heart hurt greatly and almost twisted up with confusion. The facade he'd put up was fading. He rocked Gon in his arms back and forth; actually looked up at the sun in the sky which seemed to have loss it's glow as well. Things had been so different only a few hours ago, where his revenge plan was still in action. He just had to keep Gon happy long enough for his plan to work. Just fake it, till they made it. They had to make it!

Killua brushed some black hair out of Gon's eyes, planting a kiss on his cheek not knowing if it was a whisper or a prayer, either way he begged, "Please, I know I'm not allowed to have nice things. But don't.. Please don't take my sunshine away."

Chapter Text

Kite watched Killua gently lay Gon down on the sofa to rest, the poor teen had cried himself to sleep firmly absorbed in his own dilemma he'd sunk himself into. Killua carefully fluffing up two pillows and stacking them under Gon's head so that he could get some elevation to improve on his health somewhat. There was an awkward silence hanging in the air one that for a long while neither of them were bold enough to break. So Kite just placed the two mugs of hot chocolate on the table, doubting either one of them would touch, but it was made so it might as well just be there.

Clearing his throat Kite looked at the time then back at Killua tending to Gon, "Mmm... So..? Do you guys like do the...umm, bed sharing thing like couples do yet or..?"

"We already had sex. There isn't an inch of Gon, I haven't saw already." Killua responded. He didn't even think twice about the words coming out his mouth, his mind still lost in it's own place.

Letting out a slight sigh, Kite muttered, "Oh thank god, saves me the work of finding another be-" Then his tone turned more critical as he shamed, "Hey! You both aren't even 18 yet! Who gave you Permission?"

"We gave it to ourselves. No one tells me when to touch Gon or not." The lightning still crackling around his body gave dark shadows over Killua's face. He uttered, "That was rule number 1 of terms we agreed to."

"Is there a rule about no lightning in other people's houses?"

"No, don't try me. Not right now. I'm not in the mood. I might actually hurt you, then Gon will be even more upset."

"You, hurt me?" Kite's eyes sharpened following the random sparks jumping off Killua's body almost feeling their heated power from here, "Well, you're not bluffing that's no light show. How are you doing that?"

Killua turned his head back to look at Kite asking, "If I told you, I had superpowers, would you believe me?"

Kite motioned to the large rug he now had covering his door frame. "I know something supernatural blasted my door to smithereens. No animal could do that."

"Yeah." Killua crumbled to confession not feeling an argument. Simply saying, "My family is rich, I should be able to pay you back soon, after I return home."

"Sorry, kid. I don't take dirty money." Kite declared heading over to the kitchen. "So ya gotta find another way to pay me back."


"You're from a family of super villains right? So all your money is dirty, I want no part of it. I want you to pay me back yourself."

"Okay... Whatever...But only because Gon, would want me to."

"You must really care about him."

"Yeah, I do! GOT A PROBLEM?"

"Would never have been able to tell you both where that into each other at first."

Killua looked away not really guilty but slowly relaxing his mind to catch up in terms the way his body was shaking. "So what?"

"So nothing." The older male seemed completely frustrated letting out a slight sigh. "Honestly I'm so disappointed in the both of you." Kite said shaking his head.

Almost lowly Gon whispered out in dream land, "But me the least, right?"

"No, you THE MOST. We've already established that earlier." Kite snapped at him that made Gon tucker back down with a sad look on his face as he slept.

"Why would you tell him that!?" Killua stressed feeling rage bubble up in him. "You know he's already crazed!"

"Kid gotta learn some way.." Kite shrugged explaining out, "Best for him to understand and take stuff rough how it is now."

"No! No!" Slowly Killua saw his goals of cheer leading for Gon to fully comeback to health disappearing before his eyes. This he could not allow at all. He was not about to let Kite throw his hard work out the damn window. Firmly he turned to Kite pointing at him commanding, "No more negativity on Gon's actions from you! He's my boyfriend and it's my duty to look out for his well-being so next time you talking shit. Just say, 'Fluffy happy rainbow puppy super hero sidekick karate' or some funny happy stuff Gon would like."

"Alright, whatever." Kite rubbed the back of his head a little dumbfounded. "Kids these days are so Fluffy happy rainbow puppy super hero sidekick karate."

Killua felt his eye twitch a little with his pride being bashed on. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN!? I am nothing like most kids! I am an evil super villain to the core!"

"Fluffy happy rainbow puppy super hero sidekick karate."

"What you..... fuck!" Killua stood up with a bit of electricity popping in his fist. "I don't know what you meant, but I AM TAKING INSULT!"

"Not my fault," Kite threw up his hands, starting to walk away from Killua humming out, "It's just both your actions ARE SO Fluffy happy rainbow puppy super hero sidekick karate."

"That's it! No more code words!" Killua spat ready to go deeper in the house to track down Kite demanding, "Say what you need to say!" Also though he didn't want to admit it but hearing such a joyful phrase over and over again was making him sick to his stomach.

Kite seemed to ignore Killua's ridiculous request, which made the teen have to act like that didn't get under his skin. He couldn't help that his attitude was so tipsy, stuff was going to completely downhill for him. Killua figured by now him and Gon would be working in tandem by now instead of whatever shit anyone would call this. It certainly wasn't part of his plan, damn everything getting in his way. It wasn't fair, god damn he longed for nothing but to rock with that cutie.

"My cutie..." Killua purred heading back over to Gon's body, laying his head over his heart. His hands finding their way to their usual familiar spot on his boyfriend's body, his nails clawing at his prey. Closing his blood thirsty blue eyes, Killua held his breath for a few seconds. Just enjoying the loud rapid pounding of Gon's heart, Killua's ears buzzed delighted his brain jumping from conclusion to conclusion on how to fix this.

In his crazed mind, Killua wanted to cut Gon open from the chest down unzipping his spine like a jacket, using his long dangerous knives like nails, to feel that vital red crimson liquid run down all over Gon's fragile fine China glass body, drowning him in its essence of overbearing possessiveness. Feeling on every inch of him as he torn the spin bones scrambling them out of place with his lips, enjoying the salty flavoring. All so his all so much of his Gon.

Killua wanted to caress Gon's lungs stroke them while the younger teen bleeds to death, hold his innards vital organs in the very palm of his large pale hands, kissing the very muscles giving Gon life. Still getting power hungry as hell Killua longed to crawl inside the deepest caverns of the boy's heart. Then tear it out of his boyfriend, for that beautiful, lovely, gorgeous, poetic heart to pump his sweet innocence sunshine's life into the dirt, and squeeze it his hardest watching the delicious blood stain the soil, not making a sound just enjoying the feeling of putting Gon to bed in his final resting place, until the very being and soul of his Gon was all completely destroyed. That would put to rest Killua's fear of, never having to part from him ever again.

Gon would be where he belonged finally, finally safe, finally with Killua, Finally at home with death.

It was so disgusting, so utterly abhorrent. But Killua just couldn't take seeing his masterpiece get hurt anymore, simply he would see it as just doing his boyfriend favor and singing a bitter lullaby where he died at the end. Oooh-The type of deadly miraculous love that seemed chained and spellbound.

Killua would have his Gon forever, he madly be content knowing his boyfriend died at his own hands. Knowing he was the one who put Gon down, and was gonna keep him safe locked away from the world-the princess kept in a tower otherwise know as tombstone rotting away in the center of the earth. Sugary coating the situation would be too frustrating it perhaps would be too blunt to say this was a bloody happy ever after seeing the cruel death stained black and red smirk when the deed of putting someone down was found moral.

It was monstrous, the thought that almost made Killua fall over delusional with laughter. Instead he kept his insanity down a notch. Simply using his sharp nails to steadily tap on Gon's chin, he drew a slicing line right down from their to the center of his throat. A small trail of light blood trailing as some of it dug up under his nail. His pale ears twitched hearing Gon's rapid sudden increase of heart beat. Killua regarded the action of amazing that humans could still feel pain in their sleep.

"Baby boy, you're mine.." Killua muttered his head resting fully on Gon's chest. Blue eyes glowing as he dug his nails in tan flesh, yet instead of tearing a hunk out of it, he drew a heart on the base of neck. The heart blessed out a raw red, as Killua mercilessly initialed, 'KZ' that in fancy cursive.

Almost a delight coursing through his veins, as he watched Gon's body tense up in pain. A slight whimper escaping his pretty little ray of sunshine's lips, "K-Killua?" It was a slight plea almost heartbreaking if Killua wasn't such a cruel savage.

"So you can hear me?" Killua raised his head off of Gon's chest, sitting straight up the older teen looked at his sleeping boyfriend. Demanding, "Yet your gonna keep crying? God damn it! Get THE HELL UP!"

Gon didn't move an inch or respond for a while; that made Killua anxious thinking that perhaps his boyfriend had only been talking in his sleep. Still did that mean Gon was dreaming about him? A sly grin came on Killua's face at the thought. Gon was dreaming about him, how cute!

"Here." Was the first words Kite said when he returned, he was holding a few blankets in his hand. Walking towards the couch he instructed, "Pick up Gon. I'm about to pull the sofa bed out."

Maybe it just proved how cruel Killua was because the teen snorted. "Why would I have to pick him up? Were you NOT just the one who said Gon needed to face stuff now?"

"Sure, but if he cracks his skull his Aunt will probably murder the both of us." Kite responded a grim look playing on his face as he warned, "THEREFORE LIFT HIM UP."

Killua didn't like the older man's tone but lifted Gon up from the sofa anyway. In which Kite started fooling around with the furniture until it leaned back like a bed. Then tossing a blanket over it he reset the pillows and other stuff. It took some time, yet it wasn't that Killua was complaining. Gon didn't weigh very much to Killua to start sweating over about. In fact it was cute how soft Gon was, his skin was warm like an oven and he smelled like vanilla ice cream.

Pressing his nose to Gon's, he rubbed them together lightly mumbling, "Sunshine, lay your light rays on me." Killua didn't sing it out or mean it anymore affectionate than he let on. The teen was keeping it all strictly locked up tight. Yet Gon was a small bean. Who probably deserved some cuddling.

Kite clicked his tongue when he was finished gazing at the two. "Now that's the type of love, I like to see." His black eyes turning a bit tender upon watching Killua cuddle up with Gon.

Unfortunately that made the moment come to an end as Killua spat out a sour, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! ITS NOTHING LIKE THAT!" He laid Gon back down on the sofa bed gently as Killua whipped his head back his white hair slapping the side of his face sassy. Killua cut his eyes at Kite sneering, "Just stay out trying to get my life together. Get yo earth together with yo ugly ass yard!"

"Mmm…" Kite took the time out to gaze out his broken down door. Eyes scanning over his messy uncut front yard full of weeds. That automatically giving him the bright idea of what to pounce on next. "Oh yeah! That's what you can do as your first task to paying back my door. Mow my lawn!"

"WHAT THE F-NO! Your yard is elephant size thick!" Killua choked out the words catching him off guard.

"You have to. You wanna pay me back right? For Gon!" Kite seemed to tease out the last part as if it was a playful school boy crush Killua had.

The white haired teen wasn't amused and firmly thought it was a completely total ass hole move. Damn Kite making him do hard manual labor like that. Killua huffed a slur of curses under his breath before agreeing, "Fine. I'll mow your damn ratchet out of style yard. But no promises that it will be perfect."

Kite didn't let that last part go; his aura almost became menacing. It filled the whole room, as he reached for his sword pulling it out slightly. Darkness seemed to foam out his mouth as he hissed, "OH NO, it's going to be perfect. It's going to be completely and utterly flawless down to nearest one inch. And if it's not... We both know that I'm legally not allowed to slice you in half. But if legislation ever gets through congress that allows crimes to be legal for a day, I'd advise you to get some impregnable armor because I will STAB YOU within an inch of DANG life. And the only reason that I'm saying DANG, is because I'm the adult here and supposed to set a DANG FREAKING GOOD EXAMPLE, but you can bet your hot dog that screws Gon's pink bubble gum hole that I'm thinking of a different word."

At this cruel harsh turn of mood, made Killua for some reason start sweating profoundly. Nervously he rolled his shoulder, trying to make his lips work he stumbled out a verisimilitude of words. "Yes, sssss-sir! I'll be-beeeee here."

Like the whole entire thing never happened, Kite dropped his sword back into place. A very smug satisfied smirk perking his face as he suggested, "How about next weekend?"

"The one after this one coming up?"

"Are you stupid?"

"N-ooo! Next weekend is fine…"


"How much debt will it pay?"

"Depends on if I'm feeling gracious or not at the time."

"What if I get hot and thirsty?"

"Better drink your own spit."

"No bottled water?"

"There is a salty stream up in the woods a little deeper, you can sip water in your hands."

"What about coming inside to use air conditioning?"

"I expect nonstop hard work, but if you need a break, take a cool off 20 lap run in the woods."

"But I'll still be running!? THAT'S NOT A BREAK!"

"Also bring some gasoline. I think my mower is empty."


"Good! Find some materials. Glad we could sort this out to get on the same page."The silver haired male grinned tipping his hat at Killua's completely distraught face. "Also don't get arrested by next weekend. Gon nor yourself. If anything happened to you, Gon would be heartbroken." Kite shoved his hands in his pocket heading to the back of the house towards his bedroom. He hummed out before leaving the living room, "So don't do anything retarded, that I'll have to beat the living shit out of you for."

"I don't get any dinner?" Killua asked.

"No." Kite replied bluntly not even turning back to look at him. "Dinner is for non-crazy fucks who don't go around blasting people's door down then expecting to get away with it throwing around blood money like it grows on trees."

"What happened to not cursing and setting a good example?"

"I'm not cursing if I'm describing a character trait of what or who you are. Which is why, fuck is probably one of the most useful words ever invented, due to it's many possible uses."

Something with the undertone of Kite's voice warned Killua that he wasn't playing around and strangely Killua felt himself fine with that. He enjoyed a bit of challenge even if he wasn't quite sure what the deal with Kite was at all yet. It was no doubt that whoever Kite is to Gon, the man was a friend no less. Unlike Killua, Gon appeared to have a whole bunch of friends in all the right places who cared about him dearly.

Therefore Killua ended their conversation, totally not because Kite was coldly giving him the brush off and walking away. Damn Kite anyway for being such a crafty smart ass. If Killua would have known Kite could bite back like a viper to such insults maybe he would have came a little more prepared. Killua silently swore his vengeance upon him for another day though.

Climbing onto the sofa bed, Killua sucked his teeth. Gon was sleeping rather uncomfortable beside him. Tossing and turning ever so often it almost put Killua a bit on edge, if something was gonna happen it needed to do so already. Killua was a very impatient person and longed for the world to shift and make do around his schedule. So if Gon wasn't planning on doing much of anything.

Killua grabbed the smaller boy, holding him tight whispering in Gon's ear, "Just go to sleep baby boy. Before I start doing things to ya." He just knew how to hold Gon now, his movements came naturally always on edge to grind bones into dust at any given second.

Almost subconsciously Gon formed a response spreading his legs wide he almost seemed to hug Killua back. Telling the older teen, "Love me, dead." Maybe because part of Gon knew that Killua was slowly killing him romantically.

Killua was parasitic, psycho, filthy person, with his heart tainted with nothing but evil to spread longing to plant seeds of dread into the world. Gon was nothing more than a catalyst for Killua to use and step on. Unfortunately a very important one.

Using his hands Killua cupped Gon's face cutely making his cheeks all chubby and bunched up as he squished them together. Taunting, "Not yet baby boy, our fun hasn't even began yet. Remember? I've still gotta turn you into my queen where you're equally narcissistic, cruel and mean." Chuckling darkly Killua watched Gon almost cower in disgust to his cold dead touch. Yes, Killua would make Gon's personality beautiful. "Savage, ruthless, just like me."

Chapter Text

There was a dead body, it was internally crispy with an outside fried. The image was so vivid in Gon's mind, so bold, so forthcoming so annoying, he couldn't catch a break every time he attempted to close his eyes. He would see, IT. The blank lost white orbs already lost it's color since the owners soul was sent to oblivion to experience the beyond. A ghost of his recent past, that he couldn't shake or blow off. Because HELL, HE HELPED KILL A PERSON. Sure not physically, he had nothing to do with it.

Shifting around on the pulled out sofa bed uncomfortably, the only sounds to ease his anxiety was the steady tweet of crickets singing their mating song. They sounded eager but unsure, their own unique melody providing a different story. Gon wondered what they were saying, he wondered if he could get caught up with their intense emotion would it miraculously will his own away. Their tune was just so calming, for a second he almost believed his fortitude might last, that he could keep denying any pleasure from that girl's death and should be filled with guilt. The feeling he had was one of pure greed, a natural dirty human instinct to celebrate that in a twisted way they had WON. They had drove away the phantom troupe, damaged their leader even though a casualty was lost in the process it was for the greater good.

Gon snorted mocking his own thoughts, "For the greater good, yeah right...Our little scuffle isn't gonna stop those heartless freaks from not hurting anyone else." He clenched his fist around the pillow his head was resting on, turning on his back, shoving his nose to inhale the freshly cleansed new smell. If he wanted to he could end it. Halt all this guilt and just smuggle his nose until he ceased take in oxygen, till his brain couldn't focus on guilt because it was no longer functioning. Dying was the easy way out, while living was harder than hell.

"Don't..." A faint voice came, as Gon felt smooth pale fingers dash across his cheek, they trailed down to his chin, where sharp nails made a delicate circle, before titling his head up. Even though it was basically pitch black outside and not a hint of light filled Kite's living room, Killua's eyes had a normal blue glow it seemed. They gazed at Gon's tearful brown eyes, trying to provide comfort. A light airy kiss, almost too fairy-tale like to be real was shared between them. Killua whispering out softly, "You're too precious." His plush lips made their way behind Gon's ear mumbling, "My precious tiny piece of sunshine."

"Ah.." Gon lowly gasped feeling the wet sensation trickle around the back of his neck. A cocoon was made by Killua's larger boy around Gon's smaller one. Forcing Gon to lay his attention upon him and nothing else, to keep that somber face from cracking anymore.

Frailness filled Gon at the moment so he accepted the comfort, reaching his hand out for the other body sharing the bed with him. Killua took it, not out of lust or treasury, it was an act of pure compassion mixed with affection. Kissing Gon's delicate fingertips Killua whispered, "Baby boy...You know if I could, I'd take all your pain away. I would bare it all myself."

Swallowing grimly at the tingly sparky sensation filling his fingertips Gon shook his head. "No, I wouldn't have it. Plus," A broken smile was offered up from his face, "I just need time to think on it. After I read a comic book probably."

"Do you need to speak with Kite, or..." Killua tired to shoot down jealousy from his voice, clearing his throat professionally he said, "I mean, I don't know what your relationship with him is but you seem pretty close."

"We are," Gon confirmed, this time a sincere smile replacing the other half ass one, "Kite is like my big brother. Who..sorta doubles as my dad? Sometimes?" The last part came out a half question and with Gon seeing Killua's troubled face, he started to explain. "Kite practically raised me, since my dad is never around. Which I guess was pretty cool, Kite taught me about the world and nature along with a bunch of other stuff. I can always ask, Kite about anything and get a blunt honest opinion."

Killua had to hold back a laugh as he let out a sarcastic claim, "Maybe too honest. Doesn't he know when the truth shouldn't be told?"

"Of course, he doesn't! Mostly because my dad raised him!" Gon chuckled out recalling all the awesome things Kite told him about his dad. "Kite was a street rat orphan, my dad basically saved him by adopting him and taking him under his wing, I guess."

Killua cut his eyes suspectly, "So what's your old man's problem? He had time to raise some bum on the streets but not his own biological son? That's crazy."

"I guess... but Kite did say that Ging could never stay still. He always traveled bringing back cool things. I know he's probably on some awesome adventure right now! I'm gonna find him!"

"Sounds tough... Why would you want to find him anyway?"

"Don't know really... I don't feel like I missed much not having my dad around, I was home schooled for many years up till now. Mito taught me academics, but Kite taught me mostly everything! How to ride bikes, how to tie my shoes, how to play sports like basketball and football. So...Well, MAYBE ONCE I FIND MY DAD, I CAN TELL HIM ABOUT ALL THE COOL STUFF HE MISSED THAT KITE AND I DID AT HOME!"

"Kite, he doesn't even look that old.."

"He's not! Kite is only 25! Haha, so if you think about it, we're only 9 years apart."

"Oh..." Killua didn't know how to feel, he couldn't relate because he actually had a father. Even if he didn't really like him or anything he was there. They weren't close though and the only thing near family bonding-father-son time was training. It didn't really count. Gon had made his childhood sound so eventful despite his lacking dad elements, it sounded normal and fun. It made Killua feel a bit bitter towards his own past experiences since getting tortured was nothing compared to a fun day tossing up a football in the park.

Gon hummed shyly turned his head towards the window, wincing at the sound of his neck bone popping. It served as a reminder that his whole body was fucking sore from their fight. He cringed feeling his muscles tenses up. Lowly he groaned, "Why must we get punished for doing the right thing? Everything hurts!"

Smooth pale fingers ran up Gon's thighs, Killua reluctantly agreeing, "Your tense, but I can fix that..." His blue eyes flashed playfully as a smirk came on his face he bragged, "I know, PLENTY of ways too..."

Strangely Gon felt his cock twitch to life. The younger boy's brown orbs mystified looking up at Killua with almost adoring pupils the size of chestnuts. "What did you have in mind?"

"Baby boy, take your pants and boxers off and I'll show you." Killua teased removing his touch from Gon so he could follow out with his given command.

It must have been the tender seduction in the air, or the look in his boyfriend's eyes, maybe even the sexy tone of voice. Because without hesitation, Gon went for it, obeying like the sweet little charmer that he was. The boy unbuttoned his jeans, slipping them off to the floor. Then meekly blushed under Killua's intense curious gaze as he paused, mumbling out, "Y-you, you don't look at me like that."

"Like what?"

"I..I don't know! Like I'm your last meal on death row!"

"Listen, the way things are going... YOU MIGHT BE!"

"D-dd...don't say ri..rii-di..ridiculousness!"

Killua reached out snagging his fingertips in side Gon's boxers, pulling on the elastic waist band impatiently. "I always get what I WANT, Gon. Even if I have to take it myself." He stretched out the length of Gon's boxers, so that his sight could catch a good view of the object growing even more heavily by the second. "So what's the color?"

Gon held his breath for a quick hot minute, his heart pounding loudly in his chest. Uncertainly his cock, getting a breeze from the chilly wind in the room, it kept releasing it's own pre-cum. Killua lacing the cloth around his finger, using his free pinky to trace a path over his boyfriend's length. In amazement to the familiar yet welcoming touch, Gon moaned, "K...kkil-killua, Don't tease me... j-just do i..iit the color is Green."

"Hmm, why not?" Killua's tender gaze turned dark as he gruffly turned his head to the side, gracefully white locks falling over his malice ice eyes. "I love those glorious faces, and knowing that I am the only one who can make you do it." Lowering Gon's boxers, Killua threw them to the floor, not caring if they were neatly stacked on the pants or not.

Shifting his weight around, Gon felt his feet go light. Killua pushing Gon's leg apart, making them spread around his shoulders as he placed them there. His blue eyes sharply dilating, at one of the most endearing sloppy sights ever, Gon's swollen lil cock sprinkled with pre-cum, nested nicely between his tight ball sacks. Then when Killua's greedy eyes drifted even lower, they were met with Gon's trembling ass hole. It was the most adorable cute eagerly twitching round bubble gum pink hole, Killua had ever saw. He couldn't help but teasingly slid his fingers around the entrance, the muscle dryly clenching around nothing each time.

Easily frustrated, Gon let out a disappointed moan, "" His tan fingers grabbed the bed sheets as he whinced, "At least put something in their..."

"Awe, but you're already so wet for me..." Killua chuckled, using his free thumb to swipe a bit of bubbly pre-cum off Gon's bubbly tip. Making sure the black haired boy was watching Killua brought it to his lips, licking it off with his pink tongue the taste spiked his senses, Tasting his own drop of sunshine, who knows maybe it would change and make him a better person. Naw, he was too savage. But he still smacked his lips together savouring the flavor.

Like a sad puppy Gon whimpered pathetically, "Kill-killu..aahhh!" Pawing at his boyfriend. He wasn't sure what he wanted the older boy to do but something, just do something, instead of brushing his tip without any penetration. It was raw irony, that carelessly was eating him alive right then.

"Okay, okay..." Killua lowered his head down more, licking his lips with his tongue he knew exactly where he wanted to put it. Gently he muttered, "Well you said, put something in your hole right?"

"Any fucking thing!" Gon groaned suddenly feeling a wet object similar to a eel out of the ocean circling his sensitive hole. His messy black sweaty hair blocked most of the view, due to it sagging over his brown eyes, but with his legs spread widely he swore he caught a glimpse of Killua's tongue curiously poking at his hole. The sight made Gon rasp out, ""

"Sssshhh.." Killua instructed. He quickly flicked his tongue over Gon's hole, the spit gliding over it for a split second. Poor Gon almost ripped out a pure scream if his voice wouldn't have been so lost trying to breath. The shorter boy squirmed kicking his feet, at the ticklish tingling, of his boyfriend's tongue licking him. "Heh? You like this don't you?"

"I don't kn..knoooow, if it's right, but it feels good." Gon mumbled, barely finding spare air to say such a thing.

"Then, I'm going in." Killua said his voice mostly muffled from below, trying to have a conversation and pleasure his boyfriend at the same time.

For a few seconds Gon was lost in bliss, until his mind finally wrapped around what Killua said. He whimpered out, "Yo...oou're-Wait!"

Without another word of warning, Killua pushed his tongue into Gon's hole. Wiggling the pink muscle in like a worm digging through dirt. The smell had just became too overwhelming to resist. Feeling around in there, he cut into the sides, brushing along the edges. Gon held down a screech of excitement, he didn't wanna wake up Kite. Instead he bucked his hips upwards at the newly discovered slimy sensation wiggling around inside his hole. It felt so alien, so ethereal, so ultimately enjoyable.

"Fu..fuck me..s-sslowly, with..with your tongue." Gon moaned out, his plump thighs swallowing Killua's head between them as the older boy accepted the challenge. It was like being in a heated sandwich.

Killua's tongue changing up and twisting in new positions, as Gon shivered and just kept shaking above him. Gon's whole entire body vibrating as Killua completely moaned in delight inside of him. Brown eyes shone with such lust as they gazed over at Killua who sparked up like a flashlight, which meant no doubt he was too. That was so strange the rush that was felt each time they touched, an electrical bond that they shared. It was almost ashamed Gon couldn't last much longer and it was about to be all over before the best part could go on.

Gon couldn't handle it and soon he gasped out, "K..killua! I'm... cum!"

Upon hearing this Killua sped up, dragging his tongue around deeper inside Gon. Slipping it in and out as he squashy shoved it in a slowly panning motion. Almost prompting the younger boy to cum only by the touch of his tongue. Killua moved his head too, skillfully bringing his whole entire body into such an erotic activity. Enjoying the way Gon's peach skin felt as he dragged his muscle upon it, loving every second until he sensed Gon about to break way. Gon yelped exploding instantly his seed spilling out.

Killua had pulled out and away just in time, his face flawlessly untouched by the random white squirts. He let out a sigh of relief as he sat back up. A smile playing slightly on his face as he looked at Gon spiraled out over the cover completely wrecked. It gave him a twisted sense of satisfaction, "See, bet you aren't sore anymore."

"Nope," Gon panted out, his hazy brown eyes glancing around. "But we made a mess, Kite's gonna be pissed."

"No he won't. He won't find out." Killua declared boldly rising to his feet. "Just like no one is gonna find out about what really happened yesterday. So don't go turning yourself in or something stupid, we'll find a way out of this."

Yesterday was like a terrible blunt reminder to Gon. It made him angry because of all the things, he could have done and said to them which would have been full of harshness and cuss words. It was like every time the peak of Gon's anger would be reached something completely irrational would erase all his hard work. He was sick of it, completely pissed off at being treated like a dog. Of having his opinion get broken and stepped on. What gave people the right to debunk his personal assumption? It wasn't fair, that everyone picked a fight with his brain, hell his brain cells were probably at war with each other too.

Almost pouting to himself Gon crossed his arms a scowl forming on his face bitterly. Killua caught the motion his eyes flashing a bit as he gave a lop-sided smirk. It almost sounded like he was holding back a pout he pointed at Gon menacingly. "Hey, don't give me that look. I tried to treat you right, but you came before I could wrap my nice warm cavern around that adorible hole of yours. I'd take my mouth and roughly suck you out."

Normally talking of kinky shit would drag Gon away from his mood and make him blush like a shy idiot. Only this time Gon said, "That would probably only make a bigger mess. Lets just clean up." He stood up from the sofa bed heading over to the bathroom.

Killua shrugged his shoulders, carelessly following behind him. It was gonna be a long night.


The morning had started off much more promising for Gon, since when he awoke most of the swelling up pain from the day before had died down. Not to mention that Kite knew how to kick a huge ray of rainbow to light up anyone's day with his sprinkle covered strawberry waffles, always topped up with whip cream and chocolate syrup. The smell was completely mouth watering and the scent was so intoxicating it made anyone crave to take a was why, Killua and him had been stuffing their faces with for the past 30 minutes, their taste buds taken on a magical mystery ride that they never wanted to get off.

"Kite, No one could ever tell by your appearance but you cook like a God! I'm actually thankful, you're feeding me today." Killua spoke, wolfing down the waffles practically drowning in sugary syrup on his plate.

"This, food wasn't MADE FOR YOU." Kite snapped bitterly. "I made these for Gon. I knew Gon would be upset if I starved you, even if that's what you deserve."

Gon grinned at him from across the table, with a mouthful of waffles he sputtered out, "See...k-k-ite issssss da..the best!" His voice sounded muffled and it perked a laugh from Killua at how sprinkles flew out Gon's mouth when he talked.

The silver haired man smiled thankfully at the compliment, calmly scraping his fork across his plate, dragging his own waffles in the syrup. "Well, it took me years to master the right combination, but I tried. I remember the ingredients because Ging, taught me." Scoping the delicate delightful breakfast treat in his mouth he took a bite.

"My dad could cook?" Gon almost spit out his food completely thrown off by this new discovery since he didn't have a single cooking bone in his body.

"Not one bit." Kite chuckled out, gently patting Gon's back to ensure he didn't choke as he explained, "But damn did he have one hell of a nose. Mito would go to the store and drag Ging and I out the woods just to use his nose to find the freshest ingredients."

Gon's brown eyes seemed to shine up with admiration, "Oh Gosh my dad is so cool! I'm gonna grow up to be like him but cooler!"

"You're already so much like him. You both even have a knack for trouble." Kite moved over to scuffle up Gon's wild black hair loosing him up into talking about the subject matter. "So I'm sure you'll find a slick way out like him."

Killua looked at Kite almost bitterly wondering what he was now suddenly pecking at, if anything he figured the older man would know how touchy Gon was about that after his meltdown yesterday. It wasn't official yet what they talked over last night, but Killua hoped the odds were in his favor. Gon had been swooned, plus he wasn't skilled with making these dire decisions, while Killua was. So it seemed obvious that Gon would heed Killua's advice and wait.

Lost in thought, Gon stared at the syrup reflection of himself in his plate, so many times in his life he'd been told that he had his father's punk curious orbs, that longed to seek answers from the unknown. Mito even once said, raising him, it was like watching her kid brother grow up again. However Gon's spirit wasn't naturally rebellious, but it was eager which led to him making stupid impulsive decisions that sometimes didn't turn out well. The 16 year old wanted to figure things out on his own, without anyone telling him what to do. The only problem was that unlike what everyone seemed to want Gon to do, Gon was thinking the opposite even despite what Killua had told him last night, or the reckless action his dad would have taken to weasel his way out. Gon had been raised and taught differently, growing up with a desire to do what's right.

"No." Gon muttered poking at his reflection with his fork, "I really want to, solve this my way. If we tell the truth, then Kurapika is all good." Lowering his voice he said, "Sorry, Killua. You have your way of solving problems and I have mine. You don't have to agree with me, but.. honest is the best policy, right Kite?"

Kite gave a light nod, "Always."

Killua felt his eye twitching at their disgusting goodie-two shoes nature, half of him hoped Gon was joking but the sweet pure look on his face said otherwise. For a few quick seconds, despite the yummy food filling his tummy, Killua thought he might throw up from all the sugary maple loving kindness. He had to force his food to stay down as he scoffed, "You can't be serious!"

"I am!" The black haired boy blurted as he dropped his fork loudly against the plate, the metal clattering loudly as he explained, "We need to overwhelm them with honesty. It's the only way to not ruin our good names."

Automatically Killua's white bangs fell deeply over his forehead he cut his blue eyes sharply correcting, "You and Kurapika's good names. I have NOTHING TO GAIN OR LOOSE."

"Exactly, why you should confess." Gon persists, his brown eyes meeting blue. "Kurapika is probably at the police station waiting for us. If he didn't already turn himself in!" Killua seemed about to put up a revolt of disagreement but Gon kept going on. "You know how Kurapika is. He's like a team mom! So basically a real cream puff! He always does the right thing; if our roles were switched he'd be doing everything he can to save us, keep us out of jail."

Looking at both 16 year olds, Kite seemed to scowl to himself. Not that he was disappointed in them, just in their plan. He tapped his knife on the side of his plate humming, "Don't say too much, actions say more." He did believe in blank honesty but he also knew that if you blabbed too much and too loud, you'd end up in hot water. That was the last thing he wanted for the both of them. Police were crazy, no telling what they might do to a couple of teens anymore.

Gon took the sentence like it was some scrutiny to his idea. "Hmm, what does that me-?" His words were cut off by Killua's phone, the ring tone going off loudly at the table.

Standing up, Killua rose to reach in his pocket; pulling out his cellphone. He read the caller ID, letting out a slight panicked gasp. "It's Illumi!"

"Who?" Kite said puzzled raising an eyebrow at Killua's sudden panicked reason.

Gon whispered back to him lowly, "Killua's ass wipe of a big brother."

Shaking with nervousness filling him up by the second, Killua squeaked out, "I-I..I gotta t..taake thiii-is." His legs felt like jello as he excused himself from the table. In an attempt to get to a good talking distance so no one overheard, Killua headed to the front door. His feet pausing as he leaned back against the door, trying to gather enough courage and breath to answer the phone with. He knew if he didn't answer the phone he might as well been fucking himself gently with a chainsaw; if he did answer the phone without a good reason to not be home last night, he'd still be fucking himself gently with a chainsaw. So either way being in the right stage of mind was dire.

Pressing the take call button there was a dull, "I can't believe you actually picked up, for a few seconds I thought I had called while you were fucking your little boyfriend." Illumi's voice sounded so bothered taunting him just to get under his skin through a phone call.

Killua wouldn't allow it. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Well you didn't come home last night. Mommy was worried, she stayed up ranting on how you were probably with that Gon boy. That was only because Alluka spilled out her desires for you and Gon to run off in some strange fantasy wedding."

"So that's what you called to say? Are you done?"

"Nope. I was told to ask you if you really were with Gon and report an answer back.

Like hell, Killua was gonna tell the truth to them. He'd lie to the end of the world to save Gon's ass, but not just because the boy activated his super powers. It was out of moral obligation that told him to just bluff. His pale cool fingers wrapped tightly over his phone, as Killua spoke in a hushed whisper, "Actually, no. I've been scouting out some potential weak spots for our planned bank robbery tomorrow."

Illumi's voice grew suspect on the other end of the line, "Oh, really? You even camped there all night."

Killua didn't hesitate saying, "Yes." It was important never to gaze off or think too hard when blowing up a bluff bubble. Answer too quick or nervous your voice crack and heartbeat would give it away; answer too late or laid back and no doubt be busted for trying to mash together too many useless details. It was best to drive right into the point.

"Wow, Kil. Didn't know you had that much dedication."

"Of course, Z-lit is always prepared."

"Z-lit? Who's that?"

"My super villain name?"

"Since when were you into nicknames?"

Killua honestly didn't know or what possessed him to say that stupid name Gon made up for him and lay claim to it. So he flipped the topic, "Because I'm that much better than you. So I get a cool name and title."

"They put down your real name in jail."


"Hope you didn't let your blood lust show too soon."


Illumi hummed out, "Fine then, Kil. Since you care so much about this, I'll be sure to meet you outside the bank after I relay this message to mommy and daddy. I expect you to SHOW me, all the security flaws you found."

A bead of sweat trickled down Killua's face as his heartbeat increased his mind did a full 360 turn on what should be going on. He choked out, "Wait Illu-" the line seemed to go click on the other side all the heavy breathing disappearing. It made Killua wrap his plans around what he just told his big brother. Which meant he had to get out of here and to that bank before Illumi did, then some how breach the security system.

"Shit!" Killua cussed, shoving his phone back in his pocket. Preparing to jump into action, as he yanked up his shoes from by the front coat closet beginning to scramble putting them on. Shouting out, "I gotta go!"

Gon seemed to instantly slide into the front room, panicked that something bad had happened. He blurted, "Why what's wrong? can't even finish breakfast?"

Fumbling with his shoelace, Killua shook his head. "No time, no time. I just got to get somewhere right now."

Gon's eyes seemed glued to watching Killua put on his shoes. It gave him an idea to sway the older boy, "Where are you going? Can I join you?" This would be the perfect opportunity for them to go out together and talk some more.

Bitterly the white haired boy snapped, "NO!" He figured he couldn't tell Gon he was gonna check out a bank he was gonna rob with his brother tomorrow, so he lied. "I'm going home. My mom needs me, it's family stuff."

"I'll just lead you out of the woods then.." Gon started to say trying to stay positive and helpful.

"DON'T FOLLOW ME, I CAN FIND MY OWN WAY!" Killua made sure to say it harshly not to hurt Gon's feelings but made sure he got the message. He pushed open the heavy tarp that was subbing for Kite's busted door at the moment. Stepping out his blue eyes flashed in warning, "I'm not playing either."

Soon as Killua left the tarp slipped back in place, with Gon staring at it with sad puppy dog eyes almost wimpish. He just stood there, his mind searching for a reason to Killua's explosive behavior. It must have been something Illumi said, that got on his last nerve. Which meant that it was out of Gon's control how Killua reacted about it. Still the way the whole thing played out just didn't sit right with him. But because Gon had super special delicious waffles left on plate at the kitchen, he didn't reflect back on what happened for too long. Deciding that if Killua didn't come around and tell the truth, he would do it for him.

Chapter Text

There was no where else Gon swore he would rather be then where he was now. Smack-dab in the middle of a comic book store. He admired every aspect of it, the superhero symbols on the title floor, with rows of posters designed with his favorite hero poses, then the figurines scattered in glass cases, some of them so raw unless you paid the price there was no other option beside touching with both of your eyes. Yes, this was Gon's safe haven paradise. The perfect place for him to unwind, in attempt to drown out his anxiety.

Sinking his butt down in a beanbag chair by the window, his brown eyes glittered excitedly reading the comic in his hands. It was so newly pressed into book format that each slim page was wrinkle free and littered with the new fresh book smell. "Kite! You were soooo right!" Gon exclamated, pressing the binded comic over his nose over-dosing in the delightful new book smell. "Coming here was way better than going to school."

Standing over a shelf of books not far away, the taller male grunted, "I never said anything about skipping school. You need to get an education." Kite pulled off a comic, carelessly flipping through the pages scanning to see if he would be interested. "I asked you would you rather come here or school, and you said here."

"Well you drove me here..."

"Of course, I gave you a choice."

"If this...are you trying to guilt trip me?"

"Even so, would it matter?"

Gon didn't even peel his eyes away from the action packed comic, simply parting his lips and bluntly saying, "No. Not here." Which was true, here he could feel tough completely in control, meaning he was in control of this conversation. "Once, we turn ourselves in, we'll find Kurapika and go from there. Killua nor you can flip my vote on this."

Kite smiled a bit, if Gon kept standing strong and not change his opinion, that meant that he'd actually managed to raise Gon halfway decent without a father. Still just like Ging, it must have run in his blood to have an stubborn attitude. Once Gon had his heart set on doing something there was no stopping him. "Gon, did you want a comic or something while, we're here?" The silver haired asked him, feeling like Gon deserved a little reward.

"You already KNOW IT!" Gon practically shouted, jumping out the chair to his feet. His brown eyes gleaming with excitement, as they dashed around, pupils spinning like disco-ball. Overwhelmed by all the multiple choices that had presented themselves as a variable in this dire decision making process. There was thousands of copies to choose from, figures if he dared to spend a little extra.

Humming to himself with satisfaction, Gon started preceding to the back of the store. Still with the first comic he was reading in his hand, he headed from the 'new release' section. His black hair bouncing matched the pep in his step. His mind was planted and engulfed in comics, but it was due to that factor, a wave of confusion washed over him. Life was very hard and worst off for a whole bunch of people, in some parts of the world, people where starving, homeless, living in war or in fear of war everyday. So to a certain extent, Gon felt like he was living a pretty good life. He had a family who loved him, a boyfriend who cared about him, and plenty of friends. He had food to eat a safe place to live. So Gon wasn't gonna act like he was in a destitute awful situation. Sure, he might be wanted by the cops. But clearly the warrant out for his arrest wasn't that bad since the cops haven't gotten him yet and he'd been walking around the city with Kite for a while. In spite of them fearing the worst maybe the worst wasn't ever coming. Granted, Gon wasn't accustom to having bad things coming to him.

Gon was usually a happy hyper ball of sunshine, without a care in the world. He didn't feel like deserved to have trouble happen to him, when he simply made one mistake. Which was why telling the truth mattered so much, that would set him free. HIM. That term, Gon felt almost selfish thinking about it. But justice must be served even if he ended up getting punished for the right thing! The Phantom Troupe were bullies. Kurapika, Killua and him had swept in and saved the day. They were like heroes, but for some strange reason the world didn't like that one bit, now the luck balance of everything had been thrown off and the universe was sending a mean anxiety plague to his brain. It was just a storm of terrible flashback after flashback. Heroes did sometimes kill people right? Heroes beat bad guys? It was just so correct at the moment.

His feet came too a stop in front of the shelves full of new comics, Gon's eyes glazed over them for a few seconds, before shifting his gaze out the window. He wasn't sure what inspiration made him look out the clear window, but the sight he saw almost gave him a heart attack. He didn't want to believe his eyes, with his jaw agape those brown orbs in his skull watched the unmistakable sight of his boyfriend. Gon felt himself whisper out, "Killua..?" The unmistakable puff of fluffy white hair, with dark deceptive blue eyes that were soul piercing along with his usually gangster lean. The older teen was on his skateboard, not moving at first, there was a few cops around 4 starting to close in on him.

For a second it looked as if Killua was turning himself in, he seemed to be talking having a decent calm conversation. The teen's lips moving with what one could hope to be a talk of peace, but his deadly blue eyes embedded in nothing but blood lust. Gon could do nothing but hold his breath, catching onto Killua's actions from his body language before the cops did. "No..." Gon found the plea falling out his mouth, trying to find the strength to reach the back door exit only a few steps from him. "No, Killua...please don't..." He didn't know why he was begging or why there was a sudden urge in him to prevent the slaughter of strangers.

The white haired boy without hesitation leaped into action, his powerful punches throw to weak areas, using the slight moment of blind panic over the cops to gain an upper hand. The teenager was an absolute monster, lightning forming to his command it illuminated throughout his body, so if anyone happened to lay a finger on him, it would be the last thing that they do. Killua was fast, too fast to shoot, too fast to see, too fast for one of them to catch a break and call for back up. They were completely doomed.

"Kill..." Gon closed his eyes, shaking off the fear of seeing more dead bodies and trying to clear his head. What the hell was Killua doing here? Wasn't he supposed to be at home? Then why was he, HERE? Why was he murdering those cops? It didn't make any sense, nothing made any sense.

Finally gathering up his strength, Gon made his way over to the backdoor exit. Boldly he pushed it open, charging out at top speed his sneakers storming against the ground like thunder, his arms pumped as he leaped over abandoned boxes littering the back alley way. It was full of dumpsters, the whole entire area stunk to trash due to rotten food and other things. He didn't stop running completely plowing through until he reached his boyfriend. Killua's blue eyes fell on him like a sniper deciding on it's next place to shoot it's bullet into. Gon felt the air leave his lungs at the sight, he froze in place. Forced to witnesses Killua decapitate his next victim, then jump over another cop and slam them into a pile of trash.

"I really wish you wouldn't have came here." Killua muttered, sinking his deadly claw like nails in his last piece of prey. It was straight in the man's heart, the guy barely even let out a holler of pain before lightning transfused into him. Shocking his nervous system, rattling his core, there was more than enough to kill him on contact. It was clear that, Killua had no desire to have him suffer.

Gon blinked completely enthralled as Killua easily yanked out the man's heart, the sound of the muscles snapping out of place and viens popping or more like bursting. It left blood all over pale hands, in a decorative array like paint splatter on his shirt and a bit on his cheek. Killua didn't spare a glance at Gon as he allowed his last victim to fall to the ground like a sack of hot potatoes. He sensed the fear in Gon's eyes, he knew the younger teen was absolutely traumatized at the sight. But in all reality Killua was in no position to comfort Gon much, he didn't know what to say.

Squishing the fleshy heart organ in his hand, Killua slowly extended it out presenting it like a gift to Gon. Too bad for him the shorter boy didn't catch on, Gon just stood there flabbergasted yet also hurt. There was a long unvarying silence looming over both of them for a good minute.

"I got this just for you, baby boy." Killua provided clarification, motioning to the heart gushing blood in his hands. "A symbol of my loving dedication to my sunshine." He took an intimidating step forward, cracking a side-ways smile as he watched Gon freak out a bit.

"Wha..what?" Gon's pupils seemed to shrink in their sockets, trembling with nervousness as they dashed around getting a good look at the piles of dead bodies around them. Breathlessly with a terrified look in his eyes, Gon practically shouted, "What the hell have you done?"

"You wanted me to fix things, right?" Killua said in almost a robotic monotone programming. "I fixed it. I fixed things for us. I HELPED US." There was no shed of remorse in the older boy's voice, his look firm, but that smirk on it gave Gon chills.

It was almost like it was bad horror game. Where the killer was right on your trail but despite everything didn't try killing you, because you were the shiny key. Yeah that was right, this couldn't be real, Gon had to be stuck in some game. In some other world an alternate reality, away from the truth.

Cracking a laugh at his own mental madness, "Haha, ha? For us?" Gon gave Killua a testy look, "What happened to us solving things together? Doing stuff together?"

"We did solve it together... you gave me the charge up, I needed to solve OUR PROBLEM."

"Killua! You know, that's not what I meant!"

"But that's what, I MEANT!"

"Why are you even here? YOU SAID YOU WERE GOING HOME!"

"It's none of your business!"

"So you lied to me?"

"No! This has to do with home and family! Why else would I be here? I'm here on family business!"

"Are you really that insane? Family! Family? You can't kill people in freaking daylight!"

"You can, if you take them here in a back alley with no witnesses."

"No! No! No more killing people! Not even for me!"

"Mmm, how about..." Killua pressed his lips together, tapping on his chin with his free hand. Then deadpan a few seconds later with a cruel malice look in his blue eyes, "No. I'm just good at the art of murder. You wouldn't want me to give up my favorite hobby do you?"

Frustration fumed up in Gon as he stormed right up to Killua. Not at all intimidated by their heart difference, he pointed at the older male's chest. "You're hobby is going to get us both sent to jail."

Taking Gon's hand up in his own lager ones Killua hummed out a sneaky, "Only if we get caught." His gaze looked straight in Gon's determined eyes. "I mean, have a little faith in me?" He took the hand with the heart in it, to wave in Gon'd face teasing him with a kissy face. "Come on! Look, I even got you a little gift."

"Ugh! Stop it!" Gon roughly slapped the bloody organ to the ground. Where he proceeded to angrily stomp on it with his shoe. "I'm not playing with you over this, Killua! I'm not! I'm serious! We need to find Kurapika, we need to go look for him! I know he turned himself in and we need to too, and you killing people is not making our case look better!"

Killua's mood changed almost immediately, the older boy grit his teeth. Not even saying another word to Gon before taking off and running away down even more of the shady alley path. Gon didn't waste a second to be left in the dust for taking off after him yelling, "Hey where do you think, you're going? I'm not finished talking to you yet!"

"You're acting like a nagging wife! Just buzz off before I loose control and swat you silent!" Killua fired back, kicking up his speed.

"I am NOT! You're the one being arrogant! I'm trying to help you!"

"I can take care of myself! You're the one who always needs help!"

Gon's brown eyes grew dark, his whole entire body being thrown into over drive as he strives to keep up with Killua. He was sick and tired of being lied to and treated like he was some kind of weak link. Pointing at Killua he hollered, "The only reason you say that, IS BECAUSE I MADE YOU!"

Killua stopped in mid run, slowly turning around to face Gon. He uttered out the words, "What the fuck did you just say to me?" The cement felt like it was quicksand holding him down from pouncing and beating the smaller boy to the ground.

A cocky grin spread on Gon's face proud that he manged to capture Killua's attention before he ran off too far away. Brushing some black hair from his face, Gon shoved his hands in his pockets bragging off in a matter of fact manner, "I MADE YOU. WITHOUT ME, YOU WOULDN'T HAVE YOUR POWERS." Upon seeing Killua's almost explosively shocked reaction Gon kept on, "YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. LET IT SINK IN... WITHOUT ME, YOU'RE NOTHING. YOU WOULDN'T BE A SUPER VILLAIN!"

Soon as Gon caught up to Killua, he was rewarded with a very harsh slap in the face. Killua yanking him up by his shirt yelling, "WHO THE FUCKING FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE TALKING TO LIKE THAT? BECAUSE IT'S SURE AS HELL NOT ME!"

Gon's smug grin didn't get wiped off his face as he taunted, "Be careful, Killua. You don't wanna kill me. If you do you WON'T EVER USE YOUR PRECIOUS POWERS again!"

Killua slapped the shorter boy again more forcefully thundering, "Shut up!"

The sound of footsteps coming up beside them made their argument freeze. Killua dropped Gon to the ground, his blue eyes dashing up to see tall intimidating members of the phantom troupe. It wasn't all of them, only 2 of them, which was a wave of relief within itself. Still it barely lowered the threat level, they were now placed in.

"Looks like you were right, Feitan." The tallest of the pack, Phinks took a few more steps towards them. A slight chuckle passing his lips, "Follow the scent of never ending blood lust and they'll be there."

"Why the hell are you tracking us?"

"Eh? Maybe we wanted to knock, Gon around some more..." Phinks taunts cracking his knuckles. "But looks like you already began."

Killua looked over the stinging red streak off blood that had rubbed off on Gon's cheek. Damn it! He'd hit the smaller boy without even considering that would be putting incriminating evidence on him. Damn, Killua made a mental note to stop doing that. Balling up his fist, Killua growled stepping up in front protectively over Gon. His blue eyes flashing wildly, "No one touches Gon, but me! He belongs to me! I'm his boyfriend. Which also means, I'm the ONLY ONE who can hit him."

Phinks raised an eyebrow, "Looks like you, just use him as a punching bag."

"Gon, likes it when I slap his ass." Killua insisted, "And when I tap that ass too."

Sticking his tongue out, Gon crossed his arms. Snapping, "Hey! I never said that!"

Killua whipped his head around, raising his fist as if threatening to slug it up Gon's ass. He waved it, quickly snapping, "Shut up! Before I beat you again!"

Gon didn't seem to be phased by the threat in the slightest. He seemed to take it was a joke bothering out an eye roll. Killua could just be a hot headed boyfriend right now if he wanted to. Gon didn't care, such things didn't matter at all. He was done trying to please impossible people like him. Gon didn't need Killua's help, not at all, not one single bit. He shoved Killua out his way roughly coming forward completely unafraid of the phantom troupe demanding, "What the hell do you want?"

Feitan came forward with his sharp eyes looking through his styled middle parted haircut. "We came for a negotiation. Information that we assume you have."

Killua snorted, pushing Gon out the way to take back in charge, "Why the hell would we make a negotiation with you? You all tried to fucking kill us!"

Gon stumbled back, before elbowing Killua in the ribs hissing, "Stay out of this! I can take care of myself!"

"Don't make me laugh! You're too risky and naive!" Killua fired back, grabbing Gon's hands and trying to force them down to his side. His white locks bouncing as the younger boy equally tussled with him not backing down. "Get behind me, and shut up!"

Gon ignored Killua's warning, trying to be the boss of the conversation. "Hurry, up you bums! We don't have all day to waste away with you! I don't know what makes you think we'll work with you crazy manics!"

"Mostly because you'd be lucky we don't bash your brains in right now." Feitan declared, reaching into his black robe with a raised collar which covers the lower half of his face. It made him look extremely shady along with the skull and crossbones logo. He pulled out a metal base ball bat chiming, "We usually operate on an eye for eye system. But perhaps we can make a deal."

"We're true super heroes!" Gon lifted up the new comic he still had in his hand, making sure Fetitan saw the awesome cover. To which he than spat out the words, "Heros never compromise with crime! No matter what you do or what you throw at us! We will never confess or give up any details!"

Calmly Phinks reached out, yanking the comic right out of Gon's hand. "Nice speech, kid." Easily ripping the comic book clearly in half with his face stone cold and dissatisfied with the answer he had recieved. "But it was the wrong answer. So you might wanna try again."

Gon flinched as Feitan raised the cold metal bat to the base of his chin, the heavy object forcing him to look up in coal black eyes. "Listen and listen good. I'm not gonna repeat myself, understand?" Swallowing nervously Gon nodded feeling his legs go to jello pudding melting automatically to agreement. "We're looking for your friend, the chain user. What's his name? Mm, he has medium cut blond hair?"

"Heh, too late." Gon said a plastered smile spreading on his lips. "Kurapika already turned himself into the cops so there's nothing you can do with him."

Untouched or satisfied by the answer, Feitan cut his already small eyes at Gon. Tapping the base of the metal against the bone in Gon's chin. "Stop lying to me, before I take your head off boy."

"What?" Gon's smile slowly faded as he titled his head to the side in question. "What are you talking about?" Bitterly he snapped, "You're the one lying! Of course Kurapika went to the cops to turn himself in! He's Kurapika!"

"Hey, Phinks... Is he making a mockery of us? Saying that we don't watch the news, assuming we're too dumb to read a warrant out for someone's arrest?" A deadly shine came in Feitan's eyes as he crunched his nails on the grip of the metal bat. His muscles tensely swelling up as if ready to hit Gon.

Phinks nodded in agreement, "I think he is... I think HE IS!" Those eyes dilating sharply as he teamed up with his friend to box in Gon. "I think he's playing with us."

"Let's play with him." Feitan declared, drawing the bat back the roughly swinging it gruffly. The metal smacked Gon's chin roughly with a loud crackling, sending the younger boy flying as he stumbled backwards.

Pain shot through Gon with every step backward he took, his jaw throbbing aggressively. He closed his brown eyes shying away from another beating, he tumbled into a pile of trash. Groaning out, "Impossible Kurapika...had to go to the police. He had to... He's so honest." His body slump over slightly, his head defiantly not made to be treated like a baseball.

"Kid, we ain't messing around." Feitan dragged his heavy metal bat behind him as he started taking challenging steps towards Gon. The skidding sound like a violent warning of death drawing ever nearer with each slow dragging second passing.

Killua's face paled at the sight, automatically gaining tunnel vision as his blood boiled with hatred. "You bastards..." He made a tight fist charging at Feitan howling, "OF ALL DA FUCKING NERVE! NEVER TOUCH GON, HE DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU!"

The black haired boy turned around his short bob cut becoming his orderly as he swung his bat up. Lifting it from gliding and weighing him down as he ducked easily dodging all of Killua's blind rage filled attacks. Brushing the heat off like it was nothing, the combat boots on Feitan's feet doing much more than just matching up with his punk rock style as he evaded. His pupils were reading every movement Killua made like a book, quickly find an opening.

"We're the phantom troupe," Feitan mumbled his deep voice hidden behind his coat collar along with the smug look on his face. "We do, whatever the hell we want." Bashing the mental object at Killua's sides, he saw the white haired boy gasp in a mad sudden coughing fit he swayed, allowing Feitan to throw in another attack sending his opponent instantly to the ground.

"Ki..Killua!" Gon staggered to his feet, brushing off old bread and used banana peels off him. Glaring up at the two phantom troupe members menacingly before going right back into the fight. Swinging his fist wildly he still didn't manage to law a finger on either one of them. Phinks instead kicked him back to the ground, where he proceeded to get back up again like an annoying pesk or bubble gum to scrape off the bottom of his shoe.

"Face it, you two are long overdue for this smack down." Phinks chuckled flexing his muscles in pure preparation to hammer Gon into the trash again. "But despite us pounding your faces in, it doesn't get us anywhere."

Spitting out blood from the side of his mouth, Gon shook his head. "I don't care! I don't care where the damn it gets you! Don't lie on our friend, Kurapika like that!"

"Lying?" Phinks cracked his knuckles, it sounded ready to grind bones. He snarled out, "You're the liar kid. There's no way, Kurapika turned himself into the police. For one, after the incident all the phantom troupe members raided the front office completely rioting and destroying the security camera recording. There was nothing to report to the police but a bunch of uncontrollable teenagers. We hid Paku's body in the pit behind the school outside, it wasn't found till this morning, but since the tapes were demolished their was no proof of who done it. The police only have warrants for our arrest, because some snitch bitch kids saw us in the hallway going to gym the day before and went and reported it as suspect activity. So between that time and now, there's absolutely no way, he turned himself in."

Gon's brown eyes flickered wavering as if trying to sort out truth from reality. Then shakily raising his fist back to battle position again he stayed true to his gut. Ignoring the pain gushing through him, he powered forward yelling, "I DON'T BELIEVE A WORD OUT YOUR DIRTY ROTTEN BASTARD MOUTH!"

Kicking his feet Killua, tried to flip back upwards only to have Feitan crush his ankles down with his full body weight. The unmistakable inflammatory pain that shot through his body made Killua let out a loose scream he wasn't even aware he'd been saving up in his lungs. Flying his hands forward he tried his hardest to push the heavy teen off him but to no avail. Feitan didn't even flinch more or less look like he was zapped for effected by lightning. In fact, Killua didn't feel any power zapping through his veins and giving him strength. It was all...was it all gone?

Phinks sighed, roughly elbowing Gon in the side. "Well, if you're gonna fight at least come up with a better battle strategy." He turned to his friend, "How about you, Feitan? Any information?"

Tired completely disgusted eyes glared, as Feitan rubbed the soul of his boots roughly on Killua's ankles, being soulfully entertained to see him struggle from below. "No, he keeps cursing me out. It's annoying, I thought they be strong. I can't believe these losers, hurt the boss and helped kill Paku." Raising the bat in the air, with strength more than ever he wracked it down on the other boy's stomach. Hard like he was at a state fair competition for tower of power. Killua cringed up, throwing up more blood over his face. Feitan's chilly death glare looked like it was marking his tomb stone. "It's pathetic."

"I'll show you pathetic! Get off me you dumb shit!" Killua shouted, feeling Feitan start to crush the bones in his rib cage. The senior mercilessly grinding the bat like a chainsaw level bone cutting pain, yet smashing a hammer on his lungs with each knock. Killua found himself in a terrible predicament, he couldn't use his powers. He couldn't light this mother fucker up even after he made contact. This shit was bad, this shit was really fucking bad. It was his fault too, it had to be his fault. He pissed Gon off, now there where no sparks.

"I guess, since they're worthless. We can kill them..." Feitan mumbled, "They just refuse to be helpful."

"You're NOT TOUCHING GON!" A deep throat growl came from Killua, "Unless it's over my dead body! I'll send you straight to hell first! I don't even care if I end up dying and going right there along with you!" This time flinging his whole front part of his body forward, he yanked Feitan's short black hair making the both go down to the ground. The bat fell out the older boy's hands with a loud clatter that could barely be heard over the snarling and cussing. They fell with a heap, both like untamed animals they started scuffling, in a fight for the death brawl on the dirty back alley street.

They were rolling around in spilled over trash, chocolate milk staining their shirts along with other liquids, blood all over Killua practically painting Feitan candy apple red. Dirt flew up along with piles of dust as they slammed around rubbing each other's head in the mud, hair was falling out on both sides. The boy's at each other's throats, ready to punch each other's clock in a few years early.

"What the bloody fuck.." Gon's brown eyes darkened as he picked up a thrown out mirror for the dump, the silver ends crunching as his tan hands sent the object airborne. "Is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE! NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE SO YOUNG!"

Phinks eyes narrowed in on the objects landing point. Prompting him to kick his feet up as he snagged his friend up and out the way from pounding Killua's face in the cement. "Feitan!" He took the shorter boy out of the collusion zone where the earth met the mirror. It erupted a dazzling display of pretty glass shards to rain down from the spot. The dangerous pieces flying everywhere in a completely random and berserk like staying too close was a dance with a glass chip to the lip or any limb.

Not taking the risk and cutting his losses on time, Feitan turned to run taking off deeper down the alleyway, followed by Phinks. The two boys leaving as mysterious as they came back down the same path. "Let's just get the fuck outta here, these pansies don't nothing no way. They're such waste of oxygen!"

"I could say the same thing about you!" Gon hollered back feeling sore but still spunky as he watched the two phantom troupe members disappear out of sight. He let out a exasperated sigh, feeling the world still spinning at top speed before his eyes. They were at least gone now and hopefully weren't coming back any time soon,

Killua stirred his body aching as he cracked his neck to see Gon standing over his body. A gruff look passed through his foggy worked up eyes, a scowl of disappointment as he turned his head away. A bitter sweet moment passed between them. Killua honestly wanted Gon to lean over and kiss his lips right now. Then they might have some lovely fairy-tale ending where they confessed their love and feelings, of course apologize to each other. But Killua knew better, that he didn't deserve none of the sort. He refused to predict a sappy end for his living life horror story. His whole body hurt from head to toe, his stomach was killing him and he still had to meet Illumi. Killua swore his life officially sucked.

Or at least he thought so before he saw a slightly warming smile pass over Gon's face. His boyfriend offering him a hand up asking in a puzzled tone, "Can you still stand?" It was that sick stupid bright shiny light huge star in the sky smile again. The one that was so cute and innocent Killua hated it, because he loved it.

Killua loved how smooth it rolled on Gon's lips, how delectable it made them look. Killua knew that Gon was the best fucking thing he had going for him. He didn't know why he yelled at him or said stuff he didn't mean. He was just so pissed off, he wasn't sure why but just seeing Gon completely mangled with scars, cuts, and a bit of blood coming off him, still standing, still smiling, still offering a hand to help Killua. He should leave him, walk away from him. But damn, Gon stuck with him stubborn and all.

"Gon.." Killua muttered, never realizing how much he enjoyed that name on his lips. Blinking his blue eyes, he gazed up at the high buildings surrounding them, leading straight up to sky. The sky was like Gon's happy spirit, no matter how hard Killua felt like he tired he couldn't any longer find it in himself to break it, even though mostly now he was coming to terms that he would never reach it. "Did you really mean it, when you told my sister that you love me?"

"Yes." Gon confirmed, dropping to his knees ready to sit beside Killua. Asking, "Don't you love me back, Killua?"

The last part caught Killua mildly off guard, his face heated up a bit at the thought of how he should answer such a thing. He sorta expected the question to be thrown back at him, but not this way. Luckily his hazy blue eyes looked down just in time, catching Gon before he sat down on a patch full of glass. Killua rose to his feet, yanking Gon up with him. "What the hell, where you just about to do?"

"Sit down beside you Killua, so we could have a bonding moment."

"No! You were about to sit in the DAMN glass!"

"Just to get close to you...! Gosh, do we have to start this?"

"Yes!" Killua declared, his blue eyes blazing with confidence as he pulled Gon close to him. In a snug hug, Killua wrapped his arms around Gon's waist holding him so close and chest to chest he could feel his boyfriend's heart beat. "I'm not, gonna break my promise. Okay? I'm gonna protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you."

For the first time in a while Gon began to completely relax around Killua, not trembling to his touch or getting chills. The boy just rested his head against the other's rock hard chest, breathing calming a bit as Killua surrounded Gon protectively. Even though Gon could easily branch off into the, 'I can take care of myself' path, he steered clear of it. This time choosing an approach more similar to what he knew Killua couldn't critically dismantle from sounding tough.

"Give me your life, Killua." Gon declared, nuzzling his boyfriend's neck gently. "Give me every inch of your living soul. Since you already have mine. Then if we fall, we can both fall together."

Scooping up Killua's hand in his own, Gon could feel their contrasting differences. Even though they were both human, the way they were raised gave them plenty of variation in their decision making process. Almost they felt so far apart, like they were in different galaxies alot. Gon loved the mystery, the danger, the thrill, everything that being around Killua had in store. With this he'd ensure Killua and him would be stuck together like glue forever,

"I can't...My life is dark. Dirty, tainted with bloody manic evil." Killua started to explain.

"After all this, you honestly think I care about that?" Gon squeezed their hands together tightly. He looked up at Killua informing him in his own cute way, "I care about you! I don't care about the spec-mmm!" His voice was muffled by Killua aggressively pressing a kiss on his lips. The kiss was slow and Gon felt his bottom lip sucked in Killua's mouth as he felt a tongue reaching out to touch parts with his own.

Killua speaking in between their lip smacking, "No, but I do. You know it's really so much easier the break someone then fix their shattered spirit back together." Who was Killua to lie? If one thing the battle had taught him, it was that he needed Gon. Gon was his source of the juice from, so there was no way he was letting go. Not until he got a full use of him and truly the lil boy was so cute, Killua highly doubted he'd be able to give up Gon. He'd have to keep him or at least fix him up a bit.

"I thought you wanted to break me?" Gon teased, pushing his his tongue around.

Killua pulled their mouth apart, peeling the other off. "Baka! Of course, I do. We can never be truly happy together until I crush that bubbly joyful annoying smile of yours."

Before Gon could respond Killua's phone got in the way again, before their moment could go any further. Gon rightly assumed this would be the end of it, but instead Killua made no motion to answer his phone. But his new body language stance completely looked ready to piss off.

Turning his head accepting fate, Gon's black spiky hair flopped over to hide the sadness building in his brown eyes at the sudden mood break. Right when it felt like they might actually be getting somewhere in their deep heartfelt moment. "Are you going now?"

"Have to it's family."

"I figured..."

"Yeah, look.. I'm s-"

"Good luck."

Killua felt his blue eyes soften at those words. They weren't intimating or trying to get him to talk, it was back to plain normal Gon. Simple minded Gon, who wasn't about to yell at him over something. It made the older boy smile a bit. Gently his pale hands, brushed the hair out of Gon's face. Killua's thumbs massaging his cute blushing cheeks, "Baby boy, I swear you're the fucking sunshine of my world." Gon leaned into Killua's touches submissively almost purring as he kept holding tight to him, his ears zeroing in on every word Killua allowed to pass his lips. "So don't worry about me. Our love has the power to bring the world to it's knees, so don't fret over the lives of stupid bastards, We will end them next... We'll end anyone who stands in our way."

With that another little kiss was pressed on Gon's lips before Killua took off running heading back towards the bank where he came from, Gon couldn't help but rewind. Killua had said, 'Our love' as in something they shared which meant that. A bright smile exploded on Gon's face as he started to catch on, purposely ignoring the other parts in Killua's statement pulling straight up selective hearing. He called out, "Killua! Stop by my Aunt Mito's house if you can spend the night again! I'm going to apologize to her, and I decided I want you to be there!"

There was no reply of course, but there was with no doubt in Gon's mind Killua had heard him. Still wearing a huge smile on his face, Gon headed in the direction of the comic book store. Prepared to tell Kite about everything that had happened.

Chapter Text

"We turn here then, after making out exit here." Illumi was jabbering on pointing to the map spiraled out across the table. Killua's blue eyes wavered his vision going in and out of focus as his mind was wandered elsewhere.

For some reason Killua wasn't nervous in the slightest just purest anxiousness for tomorrow, with his mind still looming on the events that had happened today. Mostly on how Gon and him got their ass kicked by the Phantom Troupe.

Gritting his teeth at the memory, Killua slammed his first down at the table. "Those stupid stuck up punks! Next time I'll shove a screw driver up their ass!"

The tall boy with long black hair barely even flinched. He kept his finger pointing at the main position he was previously discussing on the map. "Obviously you don't care that much."

Killua snapped out of his trance his blue eyes glaring at Illumi as he demanded, "What?"

"You ran off after only talked with me for a bit about our escape route. You hustled over to some cops and lured them into the back." Illumi spoke calmly recalling his memories from earlier today. "It was strange really. I followed you to only see you start killing them. I imagine they told you some information you weren't fond of."

Suppressing a cold chuckle, Killua felt his blood start to boil as he throbbed with anger. "So you mean, you saw Gon and I then?"

Illumi slowly removed his finger from off the map, his mouth in a tight straight lipped pose. "Yeah. I probably should have noticed all the bite marks and scars were probably from sex not training." His black eyes rose up to meet his younger brother's he sensed the increase in heart beat. "I didn't tell mom and dad."

"Oh, I'm shocked." As much as Killua tried to sound cocky and sarcastic his numb mind prevented him from talking tough. Stupid Illumi if anything Hisoka tipped him off. Stupid clown bitch.

"Shame. You must really care about him. Trust him too." Illumi said, his almost turning bleak as darkness his voice stable with monotone.

"I didn't tell him!" Killua jumped in quickly to defend is pride. It was like the air around him became thick and his thoughts process zooming as his head swam for an excuse. Any excuse to set himself free from self incrimination. "Gon found out about our powers all by himself."

Unexpectedly Illumi just shrugged carelessly, "Either way, it's NOT MY problem. Gon is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. So what are you going to do with him?"

A cold sweat broke down Killua's back as he nervously focused his eye sight on the floor, his brain and heart starting to beat with an off beat pulse. It made his head spin; he grasped the white stands of his hair ruffling it. Killua let out a slightly dementedly cackle. What was he going to do with Gon? Gon was so very special to him. He wanted to protect him; he wanted to have fun with him, watch the younger boy squeal and sob in agony. Killua wanted to hear Gon's cute little voice scream his name. No, Killua really wanted to swallow Gon up, grind him into little unrecognizable pieces, only to revive and bring his precious sunshine back to life again. Killua wanted to break and heal Gon, gently show care just to tear it all away again and again and again and again in a never ending process. Push him to his limit, control him, make him his own personal pet.

It wasn't hard for Illumi to read his little brother's expression. Killua was 16 and could make up his mind for himself. He would decide what would mostly benefit himself. Illumi didn't need to command Killua to 'get rid of Gon' since his brother already knew what he had to do. If he needed to be more specific he'd hint at, 'murder him and throw his body into the river to make it look like he committed suicide' still it would be uncomfortable to say it.

Rising to his feet, Killua stood up lop sided like a zombie. Almost in a trance he started to move uttering out, "I have to take care of some unfinished business." The more Killua found himself loving and obsessing over Gon the more he hated him. He hated everything that he loved, his joy, his happiness, his smile. Killua was truly at an inner war with his mind and heart.

Closing his eyes Illumi nodded agreeing, "With Gon of course."

Killua didn't answer directly because he knew that Gon's future from here on in was completely his call. His boyfriend's life or death was in his hands completely. His bloody murdering cold blooded hands that enjoyed getting dirty and bathing in a pool of red.

Turning his head slightly, Killua smirked. "Don't follow me. I'll meet you outside the bank at 6pm tomorrow." Then he headed on his way. His mind bent on doing what needed to be done. Even if Killua still didn't know what he should do, about the raw thirst he had for Gon.

Killua didn't know how to simply love Gon.


Gon wasn't pissed off, he was just deeply troubled. He didn't wanna say that he hated people, but God did they cut it close with him. He didn't want to admit it but he was starting to HATE people. Sure he would smile, but it was half assed now. Some what disturbed. People couldn't let stuff go, they were naturally mad and angry. Always wanting revenge or whatever, it was mayhem that caused them to go on with a craving for destruction. There was a guilt feeling on his mind, because gosh damn he knew to do better that he non-stop tried to get other people to do better. They never wanted to listen to him.

Now Gon didn't place his belief in things that might be fiction. He placed his heart in people and it was due to that, it usually got broken or hurt. People made their own destiny, forged their own path with their decisions. Gon could make his own way, he was 16 and sure enough old enough to. There was nothing more that he, assumed to be true. Emotionally he was attached to many people as well. He found his personality like a saint who wanted to save and heal the world with love. He believed in love and the power of it. Maybe it was because, he could feel love. He could feel and see the effects of it.

The world could be healed and changed with love, it could flip even the most coldest of blizzards into a warm tropical storm by lending a helping hand to those in need. Real love had no boundaries, no secrets, no restrictions. It was pure, merciful and forever forgiving. It was due to this that nothing could get in between it. Always strong like an atom bond that could become atomic if pulled apart. So that no matter how frustrated one could become at the other. No matter how many tears were shed or punches were thrown, not even when totally and completely pissed off to the edge of murder someone was, Love would stay. Love would survive. Love was ultimately the safe source of being the ultimate good. It was the One thing with enough power to heal the world.

But Gon was a man of his word and a strong willed who learned to always practice what one preached. Therefor that was what he was going to do. He loved, his aunt Mito. He knew that no matter how mad she was at him, he would be forgiven. It was one of the perks of never ending love. The only downside was of course the punishment he would no doubt be facing, but at least if he came clean here, then it wouldn't have him locked up behind bars. Because love was never ending and Mito would protect him.

Tracing his fingers over the familiar hand grip of the front door, Gon felt a hand placed on his shoulder. It was Kite of course, giving reaffirmation as if he could feel Gon's out of control nervous heartbeat. If he could sense the fear lingering in him with the moment. His actions were pure, like his heart was, Kite knew this. The question was Gon's pride, the huge hunk of it that was preparing to drown.

"It's the right thing to do." Kite encouraged, patting Gon's shoulder. The t-shirt Gon was wearing glued to his sweaty skin, it was already the summer months, so the heat was on. The nervous feel in his gut wasn't easing with him sweating at all, but the perspiration did cool him down.

Gon knew this was the right thing to do. He did not need to be told that he was doing the right thing. it was the fact that it was hard. Doing the right thing was always hard. Just like change, it was for that reason most people did not like to do it. So for one, Gon was not like most people. He was his own person who made his own decisions. He was an original unique individual with his own morals and goals. He couldn't allow himself to be blocked or withheld like this. He'd been trapped for way too long.

Dreadfully slow he knocked on the oak door, then making his way to ringing the doorbell. Gon stood there, dropping his hand to hold onto his back pack strap. He squeezed the leather, taking out his unsure nature. His legs were wobbling basically pleading with him to turn back and do this some other time. Still he stood tall, his brown eyes burning straight forward.

There was no sound of footsteps or shuffling of feet when someone answered the door, it opened without warning before hand or any sign at all. It wasn't until it was too late where, Mito had peaked her head through the doorway. Making it inwards to open her front door wider, when her eyes caught sight of Gon standing there. Immediately Gon walked forward not even bothering to hide his shame, boldly he acted on as if trying to blind her from the truth he smiled.

A smile that Mito saw right through, as she snapped at him. "What the heck, is this? You know I don't like sneakiness! Where in the world have you been?"

Keeping his head up, Gon walked right on inside the house, not bothering to answer her question. Simply saying, "Thanks for dropping me here, Kite!" Gon hummed. He didn't really notice since soon as his sneakers hit carpet his mind was on one thing and one thing only...Making amends.

Too bad for him, his aunt Mito was in a nagging mood snapping at him. "Gon! What are you doing? Take those shoes off! You know better!" Her voice was raised an octave higher, since Gon had passed her already heading towards the living room.

"Eh, Mito...take it easy on him." Kite said lowly mumbling, "He's been through a lot." Placing his hand on his hip side, he swung with a lean. Motioning over with neck, he gained a nod of approval to come in the house.

"Take it easy my foot! I didn't even bother looking for him this time..." Mito ranted allowing Kite to walk into the living room. Gon was in there sitting on the floor, his brown eyes engaged in the tv as if returning back to it being a normal day. Mito was tern faced, with her eyebrows tightly knotted together. At the sight, of her nephew. It wasn't that she wasn't used to Gon acting a foolish, but she felt outraged because it was like everything she was saying went in one ear and out the other. "I couldn't even call the police, because THERE WAS A WARRANT OUT FOR GON'S ARREST!"

Sighing, Kite plopped down on the couch coming to the conclusion that Mito was just purely in one of her moods right now. The woman, stepping in front of Gon and the tv screen. Her long legs blocking all access as she made sure to direct Gon's attention to her face she hounded on him. "Does anyone CARE TO EXPLAIN THAT TO ME?".

The black haired boy fumbled with his fingers, finally removing the upper part of his teeth from biting on his lip. Gon scrambled to come clean with an explanation, "It was an accident."

"How did you accidentally get a WARRANT out for your ARREST?" Mito was practically screaming as she raged. There was care and concern in her voice that read her completely sorrowful mood.

"Um... I'm not sure, it's sorta a long story?" Gon shrugged, a bit confused on where to start from this himself. He glanced up at Kite who shook his head signaling that this was something Gon had to take care of on his own, which wasn't mush help for the teen. For Gon's mind drew a huge blank, with where to begin.

Mito wasn't buying the clueless help me now card. Instead she shook her head, almost in a way that made Gon's heart sink. Her eyes look sad, completely worn down and tired, her stern madly upset actions were more than likely results of many sleepless nights. Gon had done this to her; he didn't feel bad. In his own way he could easily persist that, if he had his phone he could in fact have called her to tell her what was going on. But Gon figured his situation was bad enough already and pressing Mito's buttons would only make things worst. Beside if he said something smart mouth to his Aunt, Kite was here to knock some sense into him.

"I...I just," Tears swelled up in Mito's eyes as she shouted out, "Don't you know, how much I love you? Then you do this and run away from me! I work 2 jobs around here, I slave away all for you! I do it, because I care about you! Do you know how much...I...I..."

Gon rose to his feet, standing up and hugging his Aunt Mito. He whispered lowly, "I know. I'm sorry. I was mad and upset..." He felt hot tears fall against his skin so he mumbled out, "I still am. I'm sorry."

"Sorry is not enough, to make me forget." Mito sniffles, lowly shaking her head. "How can, I keep you safe? You know how many kids get snatched and beat up on the streets!" Pulling out of there hug, her slender feelings gracing his face smoothly. It ran over the cuts and slide down to his busted lip, her face sadly with disapproval. "Just look at you, you look like a hot mess!"

"I did...get in a little scuffle..." Gon started to say, but not before his Aunt gasped a sharp look of anger passing over her face.

"What did I tell you about fighting?" Mito's voice grew scolding like as she backed away from Gon. She left the room getting the first aid kit as she started saying, "Don't do it unless you absolutely have to! How could you do this! It's like you don't even care about the rules we made together anymore!"

Knotting his eye brows together, Gon shook his head ready to start pleading. He never broke home rules, and if he did it was purely an accident. Yet how could he find a way to justify that he would be clear in the fight. Maybe he deserved to get beat up from trying to act all bold and tough. Maybe he had that slack down coming like Phinks said.

His Aunt hustled back in the room sitting Gon back on the carpet she keeled beside him. Beginning to treat the little scratches and marks on his face, being sure to wipe off the blood with a rag. "Your a bloody mess... at least, you didn't get any vital things hurt." She was caring for Gon like a worried mother who had their child basically beaten to a pulp.

If he were brave and daring, Gon would push Mito off and claim that he was fine. Yet he knew that they both needed to have this moment. He flinched a bit at the wet rag hit a open scar or such, but he didn't yelp or coward away. He let her gentle touches relax him, as his foggy mind tried to think of what else to say. Gon didn't really know, there was so much that he wanted to tell her, but his mouth said NO. His lips locked up tightly when anything pertaining to his adventures came to say. If he said something about any of it, poor Mito would only get more concerned over it all.

Changing the subject he flipped the script, "Mito, it smells like dinner is almost done. Shouldn't you go check on it?" Gon was never really one to change the subject like that, but there was an unsure moment with them. Mito wasn't gonna ask him how he got in the fight, she didn't care. Gon had choose to fight, it had been his choice. A bad one.

Mito was clearly to focused to applying bandages all over Gon's face to be slightly worried of that. Blowing off the comment, "Yeah, it was almost done. I think I made enough for everyone. Kite would you go and check it out?"

"Yes, I guess." Kite said shrugging his shoulders as he rose up to his feet. The smell of warm curry bubbling over the stove filling the air. It was a spicy peppered up mixture, that much was clear. The food smell had grown so much, it made the taste swell up in the saliva of everyone's mouths. The man, had made his way over to the kitchen. Picking up the wooden spoon by the huge slow cooker, Kite used it to stir the mixture inside. Then turning off the rice by the side so that it didn't bubble over, was when then the doorbell rang again.

The sound almost made Gon jump out of his skin, especially when Mito paused from treating his wounds. The lady seemed to be reading the sudden distress on Gon's face, her eyes cut at him sharply. "Gon, did you do something else, you wanna tell me about?" Mito's voice was stern not accepting any falsehood for an answer.

"I..umm, no?" Swallowing nervously, he shook his head. Gon trying to search the back of his brain before coming to the conclusion. "I don't think it's anything bad."

Mito clicked her tongue suspect, but stood up. Heading over to the door, and opening it up. Gon peeked out from behind her, after following her to the door. His brown eyes going wide when the door opened to reveal a friendly sight. Eagerly he shouted out, "Killua!" He threw his arms out pushing his way past Mito to give his boyfriend a huge hug.

"Ah...yes. Hi, Gon." Killua mumbled his heart jumping at the familiar feel of Gon's warm arms and smaller framed body fitting perfectly around his own. His blue eyes interested in observing the woman who came to open the door. She had to be Gon's aunt that he lived with, which meant that was his legal guardian. It would only be proper to introduce himself wouldn't it? Since he was Gon's boyfriend. Still Killua wasn't big on social interaction, he hated people and hated talking with them.

Lucky for him, Gon caught onto the strange silence shared. He pulled away from Killua, taking his hand up in his own. "Aunt Mito, this is my boyfriend, Killua! I told you about before." Then pressing a kiss on Killua's cheek he rambled, "I'm so glad you came, now you can have dinner with us!"

Many reasons made Killua hesitate instead of gleefully walking inside with Gon. Number one, Mito was glaring at him ready to bite his head off, Number two, Mito stood there solid as a boulder to block him from getting in, and Number three, Mito looked ready to call the cops and have him locked up for obstruction at the moment. The white haired teen broke out into a visible cold sweat. For some reason, Mito definitely did not want him here. Clearly, he wasn't welcome here.

Killua wasn't in the mood to start trouble with Gon's family, he already had too much riding on tomorrow. So he tugged on the collar of his shirt, letting some air in trying to settle himself. "Gon, actually it's okay. I probably shouldn't have came here anyway." A loose scowl formed on his face, his ice blue eyes dimming staring at their front porch.

Feeling Killua start to pull away from him, Gon swiped at him. The touch of their hands tightening as, he pulled the older boy close. "Hey, no!" Tilting his head to the side, his black locks bounced with his brown eyes sparkling to plea. "Stay?"

A light path of blush trailed up Killua's pale face, a flood of embarrassment coming over him. The cute way Gon nuzzled his neck, tickling up the side with the tip of his nose delicately. Killua felt greatly troubled that this action was being preformed in front of Gon's Aunt. If anything she would get more upset at him, Gon was acting extremely cute and slowly Killua was falling victim to the soft relaxing actions.

"I guess..." Killua turned his head to the side unwilling to look Gon in the eye. "If I'm allowed to?"

Mito cut in there cuddle session, yanking Gon away from Killua immediately like the boy had started sprouting wings and fangs like a vampire bat. Then the way those sour eyes had narrowed in completely antagonizing way, it didn't give Killua chills, since the 16 year old rarely got scared, but it did prepare him to get yelled at. Mito snapping out, "Aren't you the one who got my precious little nephew in trouble with the law?"

"Yes." Killua responded bluntly. There was no need to hide the truth, he was a bad rotten apple.

"Why?" Mito insisted wanting to understand what made the boy think that he could get away with that. "You do know there are consequences in life."

To be honest Killua almost snorted, 'What do I look like a damn moron?' instead he with held it. Nodding his head, he offered out his hand. "Yes, it's because of this that I came here?" The last part was a question trying to form some type of plan to stay. He threw in, "To meet you. Probably talk..umm?"

Gon sighed a bit disappointed by Killua's lying skills. Deciding to be truthful telling his Aunt, "I invited him. I wanted him to meet you! So you can, finally work things out with each other."

"What?" Mito pulled on Gon's ear in an upward force. Making him whine in a weak complaint as she howled, "Why the heck would you invite a criminal to our humble establishment?"

"Killua's also my boyfriend! I want you to be fond of him!"

"Why are you in love with a criminal?"

"I..I didn't mean to!"

"I know that!" Mito grunted, letting go of her nephew and shoving him into the house. "Ugh, go help Kite set the table."

"What about Killua?" Gon mumbled stumbling inside. Pulling off his shoes this time by the door before going to walk all over the carpet.

"Set it for 4 people!" Mito called back in there, such reassurance making a smile curl up on Gon's face.

While an equal look of shock but satisfaction came on Killua's face. His blue eyes shifting around testing the water. He was taller than the woman before him and could easily over power her if she started hammering out answers he wasn't ready to give. Still he figured it was best not to react yet, better to wait and see what would happen next. The woman was rubbing her temples completely ticked off at how these events had played out.

"Listen, I don't know why Gon likes you." Mito said her lips in a deep downward frown. Not a hint of sweetness in her voice. "Honestly, I could careless about scum of the earth like you. You lie, steal, cheat and get your way. You're a terrible influence on him. Gon was such a GOOD KID, until he went to school THEN YOU DAMN CRAZY PUBLIC SCHOOL KIDS RUINED HIS MIND."

In a calm way, Killua shrugged uncaring. Raising his eye brows he stated the elephant in the room, "You hate me. I'm cool with that, a lot of people hate me." His words were firm, a slight smirk playing on his lips. "But Gon doesn't hate me, he loves me. I assume he loves you, too. You know Gon is the sweetest out of the three of us, it's safe to assume he would want us to put aside our differences. He would want us to get along." That was it, the hanging catch phrase that Killua threw to reel the woman in on hid side like a fish on a hook.

"Unfortunately, that is the truth." Mito confirmed, finally moving out the way of the door frame to let Killua pass through. The teen took her up on the opportunity, stepping inside the hours at long last. Mito watched him extremely carefully, leaning in and whispering in Killua's ear as he took his shoes off. "Just know that Gon is the best thing is our lives! So never loose track of the fact that your blessed with the best boyfriend. So if you dare hurt him or break my lil nephew's heart. I'll be beyond your worst nightmare, I'll make every day in your life a living hell. When you think I'm not there, I'll be there. Waiting, watching, the second you slip up and make Gon cry, it's over for you."

Normally Killua would never be scared of a threat like that. It was just a bunch of smoke with no fire. On the other hand, this was not that situation, Mito sounded ready to kick ass and turn over every rock just to track him down. Never once had Killua felt the rage of a pissed off family love for another when they were hurt. It was interesting. Very interesting. It might even be an emotion that he could capitalize on.

"I'm taking his advice..." Killua gave a sly playful mocking smirk making air quotation marks saying the words, "Trying to be, 'more nice' I'm turning my life around." He flipped his white bangs from his eyes, heading deeper in the house towards the kitchen.

Mito crossed her arms sassy, the look on her face no in belief of a single word out of Killua's mouth. She had every right to do so as well. He was a killer who could do what he wants and Killua knew better than to acknowledge school yard taunts with a response. That was why Mito worried for Gon. This boy was nothing but trouble for either of them.

Chapter Text

Dinner passed with little to zero conversation. If there was a chat it was between Gon and Kite, the two tried hard to lighten up the mood but to no avail. Mito would relentlessly keep shooting daggers at Killua, at which the 16 year old would try his best to ignore. Killua did feel bad for coming, but that lovely smile that graced Gon's face told Killua, he made the right decision.

Especially after all the dishes had been washed. Gon had pipped up asking, "Mito, can Killua spend the night here?" The teen was eager to have his boyfriend over and wasn't about to let an opportunity of a sleepover pass.

"You're still on punishment, Gon." Mito informed placing some of the dishes back in the kitchen shelves. Her expression wasn't firm or upsetting in the least but steady set in her words.

Gon motioned to the window to plea his case, "But it's dark out! It's dangerous to go out in the dark!" To make sure care oozed from his words, he made sure to make his brown eyes water in a somber fashion.

"Yeah, it's hard to see." Killua mumbled. In reality he could easily see his way back at record speed. But since he made this journey over here, might as well stay the night. He had to talk to Gon in private either way.

"But your parents?" Mito began, clearly determined to find any way to get this criminal out of her house.

Killua snorted rolling his eyes. "What about them? They don't care." Actually he knew they would but not out of love, out of where the hell are you? Stop this madness! Type of thing.

Mito knew she couldn't argue with that, so she sighed. Not giving a yes or no just saying, "Are you sleeping over here, too Kite?"

Kite shook his head, "Actually, I'll be leaving now. Those two tend to get a little loud at night together." He stood to his feet, stretching his arms, heading for the door.

Gon blushed slightly at those words, but took Killua's hand dragging him out from the kitchen and down the hall, they passed a few doors before entering into his room. It wasn't anything much shocking. There was comic books on a shelf in the corner, a bedspread that had Superman symbol, with a decoration of Marvel posters all over the wall.

Killua whistled at the sight, he didn't think he ever saw so much comic book stuff in one place before. "Wow..." Was all he managed to say, his blue eyes unable to find one normal spot of wall that wasn't covered with a poster.

"Wow, what?" Gon impulsively demands, placing a hand on his hip sassy taking the word as a threat to his comic obsession. "Do you something to say? Speak up...SPEAK UP!"

Shaking his head rapidly not trying to start a war, Killua threw his hands up showing that he had no intention to pick a fight. Babbled out, "Nothing Gon..!" There was really no escape or anywhere to go unless exiting the room. Gon's room was very small compared to Killua's huge one.

The bed was only a twin sized too. Which made Killua hesitant to sit down, not just because of the amazing bed sheet design that Gon adored. But the fact that when Gon sat down on his bed when the mattress deflated sinking down a bit, there really was no room left. Turns out Gon was also the type of person who loved to collect superhero plushies and they were nicely displayed all over his bed that took up all the other space. Killua figured he already set Gon off by saying something so he didn't need to crush a plushy Batman in the process to make his case even worst.

"Don't tell me it's nothing!" Gon informed him sharply, his brown eyes cutting into Killua's. The short teen, reached for his Wonder Woman plushy tugging on her long hair, he ran his fingers through it as if calming himself down. Sighing, "Don't step out of line and criticize my stuff."

Killua opened his mouth ready to yell out a pissed off, 'who the hell do you think you are telling me to hold my lips! I'll hold your lips with a kiss then lock them up in mine to suck, bite and dominate then we'll know who the alpha is around here.' But he shut it. Deciding to hold together his composure. Still Gon had gotten a little bold recently, not that it was something Killua noticed when the teen started first going out with him. He was still kind and forgiving but Gon definitely became more assertive especially with his opinions around Killua.

So instead the white haired boy decided to play the guilt card. "Ya know, everything about the whole team thing?" He gently closed Gon's room door, being sure to lock it so no one over heard.

Gon softened his eyes feeling Killua get sentimental. Lowering his tone so it wasn't as harsh as before he said, "Yeah. We're a team. I said nothing would change that."

"I need a favor..." Killua began.

Gon raised an eyebrow surprised that Killua was for once actually turning to him for help. "You do?" The teen made it sound like he was willing to help out but not before he knew for a fact what it would be. A strong part of him was finished with gangs and illegal activity.

Internally Killua was hoping to see Gon's eyes excitedly spark up and shout, 'Whatever you say! Give the word and I'll give you my all!' maybe even have him jump off the bed or at least do something cheerful. Instead Gon sat there like a bump on a log judging Killua for every motion or move he made.

So Killua decided to be the first one to make the bold move. He gracefully walked over in front of Gon, his blue eyes burning passionately as he scooped up his boyfriend's hand. "I need you, to do me a huge favor." He kissed peach skin gently tickling those cute little knuckles they trembled under his pale lips.

Gon felt his face go red, at the sparks tingling in his body as Killua's mouth pressed butterfly kisses all over his hand. He was barely able to stumble out, "Y-ees?! Y..yyes? W-what do you need?"

Kneeling on one knee, it was like a wedding proposal as Killua gazed up in Gon's eyes in a dreamy manner. It made Gon's heart start to race out of time, with his head spinning, his stomach did flip-flops at the sight. Killua reaching in his pocket he pulled out a true 10k white gold with a design similar to the Green Lantern ring, "GON! WILL YOU BE MY PARTNER IN CRIME AND HELP ROB A BANK WITH ME?" The words were spoken out his mouth in a determined fashion being sure to show his loyalty.

It made brown eyes go wide at the sight, to see Killua on his knees begging for Gon to do something for him. The actions were freaking adorable and out the box sweet. It made Gon gasp a bit, the cute way a shy blush came on Killua's face. Automatically a warm smile crossed his lips, Gon saying loving, "Oh Killua..." Gon's eyes seemed to sparkle as if in a trance by the green emerald gem in the middle. It made his heart skip a beat-The beauty was gorgeous and looked one of kind!

Which means that there was NO WAY IN HELL KILLUA GOT THIS LEGALLY.

Then throwing his hand back, he slapped the crap out of the older male in front of him being sure to leave a red mark. Gon jumped out his bed howling like an pissed coyote. "HELL FUCKING NO! What THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK MADE YOU THINK I WOULD FUCKING AGREE TO THAT?" He was firing off more curses under his breath throwing his hands up.

Killua cringed overwhelmed by the flip on to Gon's sudden aggressive nature, he felt like crawling in a ball and hiding like a sad kitten. Gon holding out his hand demanding, "GIVE THE RING! GIVE ME THAT RING! HURRY! GIVE IT NOW!" Still the way Gon's voice cracked slightly signaled to Killua that he had nothing to sweat over. If anything Gon was overly exciting about the Green Lantern ring.

Killua wasted no time shoving it into his boyfriend's finger but not in blind panic, he returned it with a malicious grin in his eyes. "You want it? You like it? It's yours! You didn't like my heart gift very much, so take this it's better." The white haired boy bragged, his cold blue eyes gleamed watching Gon carefully observe the legit ring on his finger.

"Yes, I do..." The black haired boy scowled feeling completely conflicted as he stared at the lovely gem on his finger. It looked like the real deal not cheap cereal box plastic. Gon had never seen or wore such an object with legitimacy, this could easily pass for the real deal. The emerald could even shimmer in this artificial lighting, it was a amazing stone. A real emerald no doubt.

Oh, Gon wanted to keep it. But he knew better! He was getting this from his boyfriend who just happened to have sticky fingers. Not taking his eyes off the ring on his finger Gon mumbled, "But I can't keep it, We have to return it."

"No, baby boy." Killua chuckled lowly, his pale fingers going to lace up with Gon's hand. The one the ring was resting on, Killua squeeze it lightly a flash of kindness only for a brief second appearing as he stepped closer to Gon. His lips parting slightly as he laid a light smooch on his boyfriend's ear whispering, "I bought this."

Feeling his chest tighten up Gon thought his heart might burst with happiness and joy. A huge smile broke out on his face, "Really? Just for me?" The teen could barely contain his excitement out of his voice.

"Damn, right!" Killua declared pulling Gon closer to him. "It's a promise ring." Enjoying the lean of the smaller male against his chest, the feel of his outrageous beating heart awakened the older teen's killer instincts. Just the smell of him, he lightly nuzzled soft black locks.

Catching on shakily Gon wrapped his arms around Killua's neck, "Promise for what?" The younger boy had the nerves warning him to be completely troubled by this new declaration coming from his boyfriend.

Almost too darkly Killua's eyes flipped the script, the strong boy tightly grasping his personal portable charger possessively. "Promise for us." The words fell out his lips completely manipulative; he titled the tip of Gon's chin up to have those pretty questioning hazel eyes meet his own. "You said where a team, right? Together."

"Killua, think before you talk..." Gon said it in a mumble. Reading the expression on Killua's face before he could carry on. The short male was one step ahead of where this was going not trying to make matters worst but he couldn't help but give a word of warning. "Because, I know bribery when I see it."

A sly smirk came on Killua's lips, "You don't miss a beat do you, baby boy?" He towered over Gon, pressing their foreheads together in almost a menacing way.

Not bothered, Gon ran his finger over Killua's their hands still locked together. He traced them over, still enjoying the cold chilly ring on his finger. "Nope, I know my man. You came over here for a reason." The smile on Gon's lips faltered as they fell grimly. "Tell me what you want."

"Already did..." Killua hummed, cracking his neck as he turned his head to the side, backing away from Gon. He started to explaining, "I need you to help me rob the bank."

Gon ripped their hands apart from each other almost aggressively. Then started rubbing his hand like Killua had infected it in some kind of dirty poison. Spitting out at him, "No! No! No! I'm not helping you do that! Didn't you get me? No more KILLING PEOPLE!"

"No one is going to get killed!"

"You don't know that!"

"Yes, I do! It's my powers, I control them! But I need you to do that."

"Killua, believe me... I love you. I do! I really do! It's because I love you that, I won't do this for your sake!"

"That doesn't make any sense! What happened to making me happy?"


"Well, guess you never really know someone until you killed a person for them! Then it's a huge mistake, even if you had pure intentions!"

Hunching his head down, Gon shyly placed his sights on the pretty Green Lantern ring on his finger. Maybe Killua did have pure intentions? What if the message of good got tangled up in his madness? What of their was really a method to it? Ah, it just was too huge of an idea for Gon to comprehend right now. It made his head hurt trying to understand. Gon wanted to trust Killua at his word. He wanted to ensure that Killua would do the right thing.

Killua caught the way Gon vary offed into his own thoughts. That was the opening, getting Gon to fall happily back into his arms again. Sweetly he cupped the those cute tan cheeks in his hands a smile implanted on his face as he urged, "Just do it for the one time."

"Killua," Gon sucked his teeth loudly his head starting to spin as he breathed in sharply. "I can't. I'm on punishment! If I go out, Aunt Mito might never trust me again. She is already so mad at me! I don't wanna let her down!" He slowly slid the ring off of his finger shaking his head somberly, "Its not that, I wanna let you down either. I want a future with you, Killua. Just not like this. You know I'll always be at your side, but in a metaphorical way?" Throwing in a weak smile he snuggled his cheek against Killua's cold pale hands loving the gentle touch.

Despite the effort of affection it didn't ease the bruise of rejection that Killua saw himself being faced with. He blinked blankly trying to gather his thoughts but he didn't know what to say because Gon was being all strange with him. "I don't understand..." Killua didn't even take the ring but instead pushed it back onto Gon's ring finger saying, "That's yours. I got it just for you. I am NOT taking it back."

A stressed out wave came over Gon's face as the boy complained, "You have to! There comes a point in everyone's life where they have to do the right thing!"

"Tch!" Automatically a stormy look came over Killua's face as he grabbed Gon's thin wrist, angrily taking them up in his hands. He forced the other boy down pushing him on the bed. Gon's hair getting flushed getting ruined around the mattress as Killua pinned him downtown rather demanding. Both their eyes glaring at each other, hostility burning. The older boy shouting at him, "YOU ARE THE RIGHT THING, GON! YOU'RE MY RIGHT THING! SO I CAME TO YOU!"

Whimpering a bit, Gon bit his bottom lip. It appeared to him that Killua might have really lost his marbles. The black haired boy knew this couldn't keep happening over and over again-it was too easily that his boyfriend let go and let his emotions take control to create violent actions.

"How do you not get it?" Gon murmured, his gaze relaxing weakly. "If my Aunt Mito see's you acting crazy, Killua..There will be NO US! SHE WILL TEAR US APART!"

In an almost revolting action, Killua grit his teeth growling like werewolf. "No! No! I WONT LET HER!" His blue eyes blazed with hatred almost dancing in the bright idea of murder. "I won't let anyone take me away from you." Then almost feeling Gon cringe away from him in fear, Killua laughed darkly stuttering out. "C-ccan't you see? I'm a ch-chaang...ed man! I've changed! You made me realize earlier today, how-ow much we actually need each other!"

"See.. it's this craziness that will Make my Aunt Mito tell me to break up with you!" Gon made sure to say the words put bitterly snapping at him, "Do you want that?"

Killua raised an eyebrow challenging, "Would you really DO THAT?"

There was a silence that swept over the both of them as Gon looked away guilty. Truth be told, he would. Easily over all not because he didn't love Killua but because he cared about him. He wanted Killua to get help possibly even get better from whatever had forsaken him to behave in such a way. Wavering his brown orbs around to avoid the obvious, he wasn't expecting the older boy to back down. Even as he said, "She's my aunt. She raised me, took care of me all my life. I won't disobey her anymore. When you really love someone you don't wanna hurt them and I already hurt her pretty bad. I plan to make it up to her from now on."

It shouldn't have made Killua's heart ache as much as it did. It shouldn't have made his blue eyes start to quiver holding back angery pissed off tears. He didn't understand! For the very reason he knew he could never understand. No one in his life every treated him with such care and affection that Gon had given him. Never ending chances and hope on a wish that he would one day change. Yet with each disappointment did that lower his trust? If Gon loved him, why was he doing this to him? Why was he acting this way! He wasn't listening to Killua! He wasn't being a good little boy and obeying him. Instead he was pissing Killua off. Just kept pissing him off again and again. Killua wanted to scream, 'I hate you! You're just like everyone else! You fucking lied to me! If you said you loved me, why does my damn heart hurt? Why the hell?' But he couldn't yell it because his voice was caught in his throat.

"I just hope you..." Gon swallowed nervously looking at the crazed expression on Killua's face. "I hope you, see the truth in the light."

Letting out a twisted cackle, pale fingers reached in the back pocket of his jeans. Killua pulling out the same hand cuffs he had stolen from Kurapika's a few days ago. "Yeah, I see the light. RIGHT HERE ON FRONT OF ME. It's you, sunshine!" Killua slapped one of cuffs on Gon's wrist and the other to the head of his wooden bed frame. "So therefore you proposed a trick question-HA!"

"Damn it, Killua!" Roughly tugging and thrashing on the handcuffs Gon roared, "You know that's not what I meant!"

"No... I don't know..." Killua declared, licking his lips as he gazed over Gon's body. He sat on the bed, pushing some of the stuff plushie dolls out the way. Killua tugging on Gon's shirt ready to pull it off, but hesitated. The teen might have been alot of things, but he definitely was not a rapist about to do things without his boyfriend's permission. "Maybe you can tell me...Or show me?"

Gon knew that look in Killua's eyes all too well for the record. Killua wanted something; Gon knew for sure that he didn't deserve it. Cutting his brown eyes he scolded, "You just bash me now you wanna get in my jeans?"

"I wanna ravish you, baby boy..." Killua mumbled shakily, trying to regain his claim on the smaller boy. Pulling the black haired male close, the older teen's gentle hands pressed onto Gon's ass fondling it like finely like fluffing a pillow. Tracing his hand over the curves and humps as he claimed his territory once more.

Gon reacted almost instantly recalling the last time Killua got like this, his cock was completely mangled. Gon definitely didn't want that again. He didn't want Killua to roughly treat him like that again. At the thought Gon wanted to ball and throw a fit, but his body said other wise rubbing up to Killua lovingly open to an amount of adoration.

Killua purred hungrily as he rain a graceful finger down Gon's sides urging, "It'll be worth your wild." He could feel the body beneath him turning to jello pudding with each touch. So he pressed forward asking, "Color?"

Feeling his stomach coil up tightly, and skin start heating as Killua grinned down at him deviously, Gon groaned lowly. Unstable nerves was rattling him and butterflies in his belly, he rolled around on his bed sheets with face red completely flustered. The hand chained to the bed restricting most movement at all. Finally coming to the conclusion of, "Orange. I'm not sure..?"

Amusement didn't slip into concern as Killua's smile grew. That meant this was okay. His arms tightened around Gon pulling him closer as a rough nip was placed on his right shoulder, another in the crook of his neck. Not a trail of kisses but bite marks, all leading to a patch of skin at the base of Gon's neck, Killua started to harass. "That's right. You don't need a reminder of last time do you?" The end part, it came out like a threat. Killua pulled away leaving a bright huge hickey one Gon's peach skin.

"N-nnnoo." Gon basically complained hissing a bit, he left one eye open to see Killua's expression. It was almost dastardly but wore down a little softer as blue eyes blinked reading it from both sides of the story.

A paper toned thumb was pressed on Gon's cheek, Killua started to massage the skin lightly. Almost ranting on as he said, "Yeah that's right. After everything I did for you. I would give anything to protect you. You have to understand why I just can't let you get away from me like that. You must know how special you are to me. How much I CARE ABOUT YOU. I NEVER CARED this much about anyone before."

Feeling the nervous rapidly beating heart from the body Killua pulled the raven closer wrapped his strong toned muscular arms around him, replacing over his bite marks with kisses up the peach colored neck. Gon relaxed at the comfortable weight of the arms holding him close; he closed his eyes and laid his head back against the pale boy's chest feeling the rising and falling of it, pressing his ear against his chest to listen to the heart beat in it's slow rhythm. Life was just too depressing to be stressing on the regular so slow times like this was very appreciated on both sides. Still their lurked fear in Gon's mind that Killua would take from him what he wanted. The hard rock in the Killua's pants told that story for it self, and painfully it made Gon's eyes get watery.

"I know...I-I-I-I...really do." Gon babbled out tripping over his own words, as Killua was exploring all over his body. He could at first feel the hot slimy tongue riding his back, then Killua's teeth biting the collar of his shirt ready to rip it off. "I care about you, too! But.. But.. But!"

Letting out a deep throat growl, Killua snapped "But what?" Words were like Money. No value without feelings attached.

"Nothing..." Gon lowered his voice in a hushed tone. "Just take my clothes off."

A part of Gon wanted to get this over with, but the other begged for the moment to last for a while, but a while who's to say that's not a minute, and hour a second or a day? The teenager knew he was loved by his boyfriend. Just in Killua's own weird way which burned a hole in Gon's soul like a flame thrower. Everything betrayed him in this moments they spent, cuddled like this. His nose hit the air sniffing out particles of purely Killua, the boy with lovely white hair wild like a lion, with a smell so amazing it sparked his senses up as Gon curled up closer in the strong well built body. Hot white curls never looked so sexy when mopped up in a pool of sweat beading from his chest, the imagine made the young males's heart flutter.

Killua didn't hesitate to comply to what Gon requested ripping the smaller teen's shirt off and shooting it like a basketball into the dirty clothes hamper then following it in the same way for Gon's pants and boxers. Stripping his boyfriend's complete bare, Killua licked his lips mumbling, "Gosh, damn...I can never get tired of looking at you like this."

It was true that Killua admired seeing the claw marks he made all over Gon, the bruises and scars were some cuts have healed. Gon didn't start flinching away shyly, in fact he gave Killua a solid smirk. This was what he had left on him after all, every touch on his body burned permanently to be remembered forever. Killua could go head and loose his mind, Gon was ready for whatever new low that could go down.

Flexing his muscles a bit Gon's smirk grew as he made his shackles rattle, "You like what you see don't you?"

"Baby boy, don't get cocky." Killua snapped, lowering his head down so their lips could brush as he talked teasing on a kiss. "This might be for both of us. But I'm teaching you a lesson."

"Mm?" Gon leaned in a dreamy haze like fashion forward trying to steal a kiss on Killua's lips only to see the older boy pull back rapidly and the damn chains restrict him from going any further. Angrily a curse slipped from his lips as metal sliced into his skin on his wrist, "That's WHAT YOU THINK, KILLUA! MAKING LOVE TAKES TWO, YA KNOW? YOU CANNOT TEACH ME A LESSON LIKE THIS!"

"Shut up!" Killua's blue eyes flashed as he started to pull off his shirt. The thin layer of cloth peeling off his hot body to reveal his rippling 6 pack abs and muscular build, shaking out his silky white wild hair from a bundle afterwards. It made Gon's cock twitch with delight at the sight, slowly coming to life.

God fucking damn-it was strange but Gon had grown awfully fond of Killua's body. Maybe it was just natural teenage hormones? But he swore his mouth started to salivate as his eyes bult up with lust, catching sight of Killua's large bulge in his pants. Gon wanted to grope it, he longed to feel the warm hunk of flesh, the firm ball sack would feel so lovely.

Swallowing a bit of drool so it didn't leak from his mouth, Gon felt his heart beat out of time as he shakily raised his hand only to feel the chain yank it back. It was a cursed block keeping him from touching his boyfriend's lovely cock. Because damn fuck it, Gon would admit it-He loved Killua's dick. He felt a strong attraction to it ever since he felt it fully erected. The smooth way it lengthen and jerked around on contact. Yet now Gon's skillful hands were held back from doing it's duty.

"Nee..Killua! Please, L-lleet Let me...touch you." Gon pleaded, through half lidded eyes. "Please? Uncuff me! Please!"

Gon's pupils blown as Killua thrusted down his pants taunting as he pointed his large manhood straining through boxers, "What is it baby boy? You wanna suck on this?"

"Please!" Gon groaned as Killua yanked up his black hair by the scalp, pressed his nose to his boxers. Forcing the smaller boy to smell his manhood, Gon desperately opened his mouth only to have Killua yank him away before his tongue could touch the cloth.

Killua using his free hand to slap Gon on the ass scolding, "No! Remember you're on punishment!" In an almost mocking tone he rang out. Clearly bent on making Gon suffer as he sneered, "Bad boys don't deserve to suck my dick. So you will take what you have given."

Gon let out a painful mew feeling his black hair be roughly yanked, he tugged back driving forward. Sometimes Gon could be greedy and naughty when he wanted to and panting Gon delved in his teeth under the waistband of Killua's muffle words saying, "I'll take what also properly belongs to me. I am as much yours as you are mine! I won't let you forget that!" Pulling Killua's briefs down Gon blew a warm relaxing breath on the open air crown of the male's large prick then taking a lick with his tongue spit all over the scorching cock throbbing in his hand on contact.

"Aacck!" Killua let out a strained yelp with his head up to the sky as letting out waves of arousal scent becoming more and more evident that his body was slowly becoming hot and horny as he felt the cool saliva cover his sensitive area. In a quick panic at the strange feeling Killua bucked his legs kicking like a helpless chicken as his free hands clung on Gon's thighs dug in flesh warning. "Ya know, I f-finally figured out why I have a thing f-for you."

"Oh yeah?" Gon challenged panting as he finally pulled his mouth away. "Why?"

It was almost scary how wrecked Killua looked in a matter of minutes, from his totally disheveled hair, to his cheeks all flushed and sweaty with his blue eyes dark and hazy with lust as they danced over Gon's naked body shinning full of trust as he grunted, "Your personality can go from sweet to bitter whenever you want...You don't let people limit who you are. Not even me matter how hard I try."

Gon's expression pretty well spoke for himself with a hint of enhancement flashing in his eyes. "Oh, so that's it? I'm just different from everyone else in your life."

Killua didn't answer at first and he honestly didn't have to answer, because there it was. It was the truth completely laid out right there. His dick throbbed for more attention because he honestly couldn't be more turned on right now. Him just touching Gon wasn't enough, Killa wanted to wipe that smug look off his boyfriend's face.

Wetting his dry cracked lips Killua asked, "Color for me being able to daringly fuck you like my dicks a chainsaw?" It would be slow and painful to make sure Gon felt the full aspects of his thrust to his toes.

"Grrreeeeeeeeen!" Gon panted out, extra spunked up. "But I wanna put you inside me."

Killua didn't argue. He didn't mind Gon sitting on top of him. They had done sex like this last time. It was easier and plus it let them both get a good view of their love making. In fact Killua personally swore that no one else but Gon would be allowed to sit or step on him. "Heh.. another thing. I like. You don't mind a bit of blood and rough cuts do you?"

Nipping on Gon's lips he growled out, "I think it's sexy when you're completely wrecked and messy."

"What do I have to fear when it's you, Killua?" Gon purred like a sexy kitten as he flexed his body upwards. His pretty pink lips parting as he motioned to his chains, "So you can drop these now."

"Nope. I'm not risking you touching yourself. You can be my naughty little boy, sometimes."

"Please! Please! I'll be gooooood!"

"Says the one who attacked my dick!" Killua snarled, laying down as under Gon, the smaller boy hovering over him.

"Your loss." Gon said taking in a deep breath as he alined his hole with the throbbing hot dick beneath him. "I'm going in, with or without the cuffs."

"You don't need to be prepped?"

"Fuck no! I don't want it!"

"You think getting mad at me and choosing not to use lube... What do you think you're pulling?"

"You say you like pain, right Killua..." Gon looked straight giving him a warm fuzzy smile as stiffly Killua nodded as his dick, hard was now pushing in between tight ass cheeks. Gon let out a raw cry gasping, "Let's see how much we can both handle for MORE of my punishment."

"You don't get to decide your second punis-AAHH SHIT! GOD FUCK! FUCKING HELL!" Killua let a whimper slip out his lips at the feeling of going into another his whole entire body jolting with pleasure as his boyfriend ass took him in hole all at once in what looked like a swallow. But SATAN IT BURNED. HE WAS DRY AS A BONE IN GON'S ASS.

"THIS WAS SUCH A BAD IDEA!" Gon screeched regretting the decision instantly.

His ass felt like it was on fire, it was bored line insane. He gripped Killua's skin, pinching it and drawing a bit of blood to share his pain.

Killua shuttered at the hot walls engulfing him saying, "See what you've done." the teen ordered in a raspy voice as he laced their sweaty hands together "You made us both suffer. You fucking did this on purpose."

"No this is on purpose." Gon said with no resistance to his top making Killua beam feeling his tightness squeeze the jizz out his dick like an ice cream machine. It erupted a scream from the both of them, it was like they were in a torture chamber.

Gritting his teeth the older male snapped, "That's it! If you think that hurt, get ready!" Killua's cock twitch inside Gon as he pulled back only to push roughly to start off. Making sure he snapped his hips back as he trusted upwards with no warnings he was even starting.

Without a sign or count each little deadly ramping tap sent chills down Gon's spine the cries and moans that were coming out of his plush lips was loud and strained as Killua fucked his ass in fierce, merciless thrusts. He could feel it pulsating in him like heart monitor thumping getting clapped up as the alpha rocked his hips, meeting Gon's plump ass in no sense of order.

Making the younger boy squeak at the sound of skin slapping each other so harshly, "Aahh-Kii..iillua! Slow..nff-I need to adjust...You already went in dry! Uuuurrgg..hhaa! So-s-sorry!" But of course the hungry male wouldn't stop even if his mind even had time to process the words they were quickly dismissed. Being inside of Gon felt better than winning the lottery, the way his boyfriend's ass jiggled on impact with the his dick made Killua drool.

It was raw, pure greed raked through Killua treating Gon as nothing more than a rag doll as he raked his long pale fingers through Gon's soft tangled hair demanding, "SCREAM FOR ME!"

The Gon threw his head back, chanting in this cute childish squeal, "Killua, Killua Killua! KILLUA!" his small body arched, and he keened as Killua thrust into his sweet spot and angled his hips to keep hitting that spot. His eyes fell closed just to reopen each time Killua thrust into him hard at full blown force making a smile spread on his face. Killua was glowing again, which meant Gon was glowing, that lead to Killua getting his power back. After this the older teen would be at full charge and defiantly safe for his bank robbing mission tomorrow.

Gon senses were over loaded, as he looked down and watched Killua enter and leave him. Watched as he picked up speed and Gon really began to screw Killua back pushing his boyfriend against up the bed to meet with ever with each thrust. He was practically screaming and wailing as he felt the coil in his stomach tighten. He was close, so close his nails cut deep in Killua's skin warning him that he was about to unload.

The older boy below and inside of Gon hissed hoarsely, "Say my name more baby boy... I want to hear you to scream it. Louder let everyone around know your mine. Mine and no one else's." The walls were caving in firmly around Killua's dick clamping it like a nail as it became harder and harder to enter as the head of his cock swelled.

Gon did, He couldn't keep his eyes open anymore, he even his attempts to keep up with Killua's freaky timed fucking grew futile. His head was thrown back as he continuously called out. "I'm yours Killua... please I'm so close, please!" He called out sobbing a few tears flowing down his face. But not cause of pain, Gon was crying like he did every time over how pathetic this was.

With tears glittering in his eyes with his sparkling hair Gon sniffles weakly his arms becoming limp as Killua thrust harder leaning up in to whisper, "Cum, baby boy." The words rolled off his tongue like red velvet.

That was it without even a touch to his member Gon's whole body tightened. His silky walls clamped down on Killua's member as Gon's whole body ached and he came spilling over his stomach and lower chest. Killua thrust through it all as he saw the milk flow free as he shoved his thick long dick pressing in as deep as he could go he shuttered out deeply. "Gon." It came out as a low groan, "Mine." He hissed before clamped his teeth down on Gon's neck, feeling the heat becoming unbalanced like a erupting volcano.

Gon jerked from over stimulation but enjoying Killua's hot seed filling him as bullet crawled up his spine. But feeling the weight under him shift quickly pulling out left Gon pondering in what the hell this was as he was lifted carefully in the air and on the other side by Killua. Then his chains were snapped off his arms he didn't realize was sore from being up so long, plopped down beside him.

"I'm glad we did that." Gon said panting out for air as his chest rose up and down rapidly. A fair amount of fatigue coming over him, as Killua pressed a sweet kiss to his lips.

"Yeah." Killua informed Gon lowly, before tossing the hand cuffs to the side. "Also we're horny teenagers, we fuck to get away the stupid pain from our every lives."

Gon blinked up at the ceiling the fan spinning slowly above them over head his body was hot and sweaty. The cool man made breeze felt so good. "Killua, I don't think you shouldn't rob that bank tomorrow. Just come with me, I'm gonna go search for Kurapika."

Killua scowled a bit, that was definitely not the answer he thought he was gonna receive from Gon. Yet he went with it. "I'm going Gon. I have to get revenge on my family. I've planing this for too long." Then raising his finger he send up a zap of lightning aimed at Gon's ceiling that exploded in a pretty firework display above their heads. "But thank you for giving me the power that I need.."

"I said, I won't rob it with you. But I can help the best way I can." Gon gave Killua a slight nod a smile still playing on his lips at the fact his boyfriend figured out the plan of what he was trying to do. "Besides doing this, we wake up early tomorrow to make counterfeit money."

Raising an eyebrow Killua questioned, "Hmm, would it be to fool my brother?" Upon seeing the smile grown on Gon's face, Killua chuckled. Rubbing Gon's spiky hair completely adorable fashion Killua gave a light kiss on his cheek. "Sunshine, you should really consider coming to the dark side."

"No thanks, I don't like cookies." Gon teased nuzzling their noses together as he muttered,

"Hold me would you?"

Killua complied, wrapping his arms around Gon's hips he snuggled the smaller boy close like hugging a teddy bear. "Like this?"

"Yeah...Yeah, just like this." Gon confirmed his eye lids growing heavy as he yawned enjoying the warm embrace. "Can you also cut the lights off? Aunt Mito would hate me if I ran up the power bill."

Now Killua was never one for really taking commands but he carried them out anyway. Maybe it was because of love. Gon had said love made people do stupid things. But Killua assumed that falling in love was the true stupid thing. Because Killua didn't know why he was in love with Gon. Killua hated him, he wanted to see him cry and suffer! Still all that hate and resentment bundled up into love. Some type of way! It made Killua's heart ache. It was probably the sound of his voice, the shape of his body, or his never ending faith in him. But all Killua knew was that Gon was it.

He was IT.

Chapter Text

The subway station, near the entrance of the city was one of the main terminals to get in when coming from the suburbs. It was usually loud and filthy depending on what time of the day it was. There was the rapid sounds of shoes on the cobblestone underground in the station it was noisy, lively, completely filled with people. Everyone having their own destination with a specific place to arrive with a deadline. Things down here went quick and snappy.

Which is why it was strange that Gon and Killua had been hanging around not taking a train for what felt like hours. It was a blessing the cellphone service had held up for so long in general down here. Killua was growing slightly impatient with Gon having his phone again, the younger boy still yapping at his friend in a desperate attempt to get answers.

"Hurry up." Killua told him clearly holding up his hand making sure Gon could count his fingers. That was because the number of how many minutes he had left to talk on his phone.

Gon must have got the message on the problem. Even if they both didn't agree with what they problem is or how to solve it. Things needed to scoot along. Speaking in the phone Gon whimpered, "Please Kurapika! We worked so hard to call you!"

"This is a bad idea." Kurapika said his voice ringing through the cell phone clearly. Every passing second getting the smaller boy more frustrated to hear a sound of denial in the air.

It was like a game of tag Gon and Kurapika seemed to be playing over the phone each going at each other. "What do you mean, coming to see you is a bad idea?" The teen stressed out, feverishly running his finger through his black hair.

"Exactly what I said Gon. Don't come looking for me."

"But, we're friends! Look I'm even skipping school for this, so we're going to FIND YOU."

"Go back to class." There was a new sudden strictness in Kurapika's tone. "Today is Friday the last day of school. At least be there, for me okay?"

Gon whined out in the phone a loud, "No! We came to look for you! I even dragged Killua out here with me, he has places to go we can't search forever!"

"Then don't search for me at all..." Kurapika mumbled dramatically. "I'd rather just not be found. Not with the cops on my trail or anything, it's too risky."

"We're all in the same boat together!" Gon urged, feelings his voice ride up vigorously. "All 3 of us! We're like best friends we need to be there and support each other!"

There was a slight silence on the other end, like Gon had successfully won their game. Kurapika seemed to be thinking before finally giving directions, "Get on the subway in the city and ride it all the way out to Leorio's college campus. We'll be waiting for you in his dorm."

Gon let out a relieved sigh, "Thank you, Kurapika." Then his brain seemed to recall a short stop that made him wonder, "Oh and by the way, I thought you t-" before he could even properly finish his statement, Killua laid a hand on Gon's shoulder.

"No, drop it." Killua commanded giving his boyfriend a word of warning. Anyone who wasn't as naive as Gon would have known not to cross that line of asking Kurapika why he didn't turn himself in. Kurapika was a very smart guy, who wouldn't ever create self incrimination.

Either Gon came to terms with it or not, the teen shrugged. Deciding to end the call, "Never mind, We'll be there in a few minute." He dripping his phone putting it in his pocket, looking up at Killua.

They had came here with a plan, making sure to arrive early at 9am. Both of the boys had gotten up early to go on their quest go find their friend. Which had started off a little rocky but now at least they had reached the conclusion that Kurapika was safe and concealed in Leorio's dorm room. It was a good place to hideout; Gon felt dumbfounded that he hadn't thought of it first. Kurapika would naturally go to his boyfriend's house in his time of need just like he'd done before hand.

Killua was holding Gon's hand tightly, his heart swelling up with pride to be out in him in public again like this. It's been too long. The sight was almost comical though Gon was wearing a T-shirt with a popped up collar in order to cover up Killua's creative designs of hickeys that decorated his neck. Even though the older boy had insisted that his boyfriend show them off, he got another smack in the face. Not that Killua could help himself, Gon was too cute.

His blue eyes drifted over to brown excited ones. Gon was limping a bit, but powered forward with pep in his step. Killua was impressed by such little recovery time after their rough sex they had last night. It almost made him nervous that Gon-being Gon, would push himself to his limits and collapse at any given second.

So Killua made sure to stay one step ahead of Gon holding him back like a pet owner keeping their dog on a leash. "You can caln down anytime you want to, ya know? I'm sure you're still hurting.." His usually cold blue eyes melted like butter in a microwave as Killua pressed a kiss on Gon's forehead. "There's no need to push yourself so hard."

"I know! But I can handle it!" Gon huffed out, clearly fired up with inspiration. He squeezed their hands together bragging, "I recover faster than most people with injuries. My aunt Mito says it's a blessing." A slight blush came on his face as he lowly muttered, "It sure has felt like one thanks to the past few days. Before now, I never really thought about it."

"Eh.." Killua turned his head slightly, his white hair bouncing as he shied his eyes off to the side. Mumbling a barely half apology, "I couldn't control myself."

Gon didn't need to hear a 'sorry' to get at what Killua was implying. Instead he shrugged, "Don't be, I asked for it." He set down his backpack off his shoulders. It was heavy loaded with counterfeit money they had ran off earlier. At least by taking some of this off it would remove some stress on his body.

There it was again that completely unsettling tone. Killua hated it was too cheerful completely care free ultimately extremely excited. For what though? For WHAT? How Gon be so happy? How could he grin likes their was no tomorrow? Almost as if whatever happened to him wouldn't really matter. Maybe it didn't matter...?

It made Killua wonder "Gon, do you even fear death?" Thinking out loud as the started to enter the subway car.

Gon hummed a bit, taking a few steps before sitting down on a spot diagonal from where they first walked in. The black haired boy resting his head automatically against Killua's shoulders as the older boy sat down beside him. Sniffing in his sweet scene, Gon nuzzled his nose in Killua's neck. "Not anymore. Not as long as I have you. Since you're basically my grim reaper."

"Oh so... you know?"

"No. But I look in your eyes and I see love yet an undying hateful blaze of resentment behind them."

Now this stuck accord in Killua, he felt unable to keep voice plain and his blue eyes gazing off into space. Still it made things easier that Gon knew what type of position he was in. Which means he knew where he stood. But still? How could he smile and laugh so carefree? Killua was sure that Gon understood that his tombstone was going be right next to him. Did he not care?

Killua's eyes drifted to look over at Gon, the boy wearing a cheeky grin as he gazed up at him. It made Killua's lips quiver to suppress a smirk, still he couldn't stop the cockiness in his voice as he laid out the view. "So let me get this clear, you know hanging with me will probably end in your death. Yet you still follow me around loyally, like your some kind of sweetheart ever loving puppy dog? That's sick, totally and completely pathetic." A chuckle escaped his lips as his body shook with laughter.

The doors of the subway train closed the sound of instructions filling the speakers. The train car Gon and Killua sat in was mostly deserted, it was the two of them in their little section and farther up there was a mother with her 3 children. Other than that the car was completely empty. Which was good, because when the train finally started moving there was nothing to bump into or anyone to avoid from the moment.

"Who's actually the dog here, Killua?" Gon returned fire with such a friendly action removing his head from his boyfriend's shoulder. A sweet almost plastic smile embedded on his lips as his black hair fell lightly over his brown eyes. "Last time I checked, you were following me to go see Kurapika."

That response made Killua's eyes widen a bit, his pupils shrinking in his sockets as his cruel chuckles lowered to a slight growl. The older boy balling his free hand into a fist as his wild white hair sparked up with a bit of electricity. A twisted grin came on his face, "Ha! What an observant little boyfriend that I have."

Shaking his head, Gon's piky hair bounced around. "Not really, I've just read enough comic books to know how this story will go." The lights in the tunnels danced on Gon's face, shadows coming and forming in a mysterious way.

Killua would be lying to say the mood set in didn't make him on edge. It was like mind fuckery to a very insane amount. It left him on edge drawing conclusions or assumptions that he knew his brain couldn't wrap around. "And how might that be?" Killua strained out, almost restricting his bad attitude not to lay a finger on his boyfriend. He could. Killua could easily kill Gon any second he got. He could end them. END THIS. Killua had the power to put a stop to it.

Not a hint of light flickered in Gon's brown eyes as they painfully dulled. "In the end we will get revenge on the Phantom Troupe and show them no mercy."

"Do I kill you in the process?"


"I kill you afterwards?"


"Then when do I lay my hands on you?"

"According to rule number 1, any time you want."

"No-I mean!"

Gon flipped the switch, taking Killua's hand at which he was holding and placing it against his neck. Firmly telling the other teen, "Anytime YOU WANT." Gon caught the blank look that flashed over Killua. The confused chaos of sudden confusion flooding his mind. That was right, it would trigger him.

With his face paling Killua felt Gon's strong sincere pulse of blood pumping through his veins. His rough tough hands slowly steadily tightened the more he sunk slower in thought of this situation. Was this a test by Gon? A test of loyalty? If he didn't take advantage of Gon in his moment of weakness would it prove that he really was weak? More importantly why was he hesitant? Killua felt frozen completely paralyzed in a cage of his own mind locked in prison from fear of committing a blunder. A blunder that would be irreversible. If he killed Gon now...

"Just look at you. I hate seeing you like this. You're so weird when you make that confused face." Gon said. In a tone that Killua found himself hating even more, because Gon didn't say it sarcastically or mockingly. He said it happily, cheerfully, and it was ultimately sincere. A smile was planted on his lips it was so natural because care was something Gon loved showing to his friends, so gently he pressed a kiss on Killua's cheek. This time boldly whispering in his ear, "Go head. I'm right here. I'm yours remember? Don't tell me, you're threatened when... My neck is in your hands."

Killua swore he felt Gon swallow. His hands feeling movement of Gon's muscles as it forced the spit down. It was like he was being tempted to snap. It wouldn't be hard honestly, simply he could snap Gon's neck, Killua's was far stronger than his boyfriend. It would be quick with no suffering.

Suddenly the train seemed to be thrown out of balance; Killua started to feel like the train car was caving in on him, possibly the weight of the world threatening to drop on him at any given second. There was no escape from Gon's lovely pearly white smile, it seemed glued to his lips almost too pleasurably. Killua was threatened. He felt threatened.. by that infested twisted mocking smile. Now was his chance to finally destroy it, wipe the floor with it, delete it from his life!

"Baka...I don't know what you're trying to pull." Killua found the strength to mumble placing his other hand on top Gon's neck. His blue eyes darking to block out the guilt he knew would later riddle him. Forcefully pressing his hand over Gon's Adams apple prepared to bust it. He snarled, "It doesn't matter either. I'll make you regret ever giving me this opportunity!"

A faint smile remained on Gon's face even as he felt his breath start to shorten, the wind pipe slowly closure up. His brown eyes started to shimmer with tears from struggling to hold onto another gasp of breath. He could have pushed Killua off him. Easily Gon could have gotten free, Killua had purposely let his guard down trying to give Gon an opportunity. But he wasn't gonna take it. This was it. This was Killua 's test. To see if the teen meant it when he said that he'd changed.

Gon felt his vision start to finally darken his eyes finally closed; his head wasn't panicking or spinning in fear. In fact he felt at peace. It was because they both knew the truth. How it was going to turn out.


Killua rang the doorbell of Leorio's apartment chalked full of shame. He didn't know where he went wrong. Everything had been going so perfect. It was like there was no turning back now. It wasn't fair, that his mind totally completely wanted to place the blame on him.

It didn't take long for Leorio to open the door, his eyes automatically falling on Gon's limp body that Killua was carrying in his hands. The man blurting out a very concerned, "WHAT THE HELL!? WHAT HAPPENED TO GON?"

He practically yanked Gon's limp body from Killua's hands, running his body inside to lay it on the couch.

Lagging a bit Killua followed Leorio inside, not quite reaching the living room yet he could already hear Kurapika shouting and raising all hell. The blonde was like a mother hen who saw one of her precious chicks in danger. "WHO DID THIS? HOW DARE THEY DO THIS! It's INSANE! There is not even any signs of struggle!"

By the time Killua got in he had carefully examine the layout of the whole entire dorm. For one it was set up differently, the entery was in the kitchen where you had an opinion of heading down the hall to the bedrooms or walking all the way through to the living room. Killua guess the whole thing was a circle loop around but it was very large for a dorm making this not a very cheap room. That meant a few things, Leorio either got a bunch of scholarship money or he found himself a good paying job or somehow he got a free ride to attend. Either way it was none of Killua's concern.

He was more focused on his boyfriend. His blue eyes catching a glimpse of him laid out on the sofa. Gon's face still had that stupid smile. It was at this moment Killua knew, it could never die just like it wouldn't fade away.

"Calm down, babe." Leorio responded, rubbing Kurapika's back trying to relax him. "At least he's alive, right?"

"Oh!" Kurapika sounded like he was choking out sobs as he sniffed, "I bet the Phantom Troupe did this! They probably tracked him down. Trying to get even with me, I knew that them trying to come see me was a bad idea."

Leorio removed the cigarette from his mouth, knocking the ashes in the tray as he crushed the bud lightly. He caught sight of Killua once more commanding him to cough up answers, "Aoi! Did those damn Phantom Troupe bastards attack you, guys?"

This was the perfect opportunity for Killua to do what he did best, do just what Gon had proved him to be...the perfect opportunity for Killua to cower away and usher his actions under a mat to place blame upon the innocent. The perfect opportunity for Killua to act like a ruthless low down dog and step on anyone who dared get in his way from reaching the top.

So the lie naturally passed through Killua's lips, "Yeah! It was those damn ass holes! I barely fought them off! They attacked Gon while he was away from me!" To make sure it passed for a truth he threw in a sense of desperation as he flexed up his tone to a squeal. "I was so worried about him! I didn't think to call the police or ambulance. What if they would have found this place?"

Kurapika's eyes flashed with rage as they brimmed full of tears, letting out a frustrated yell he made a fist slamming it into the wall. "DAMN IT! THIS IS MY FAULT! IT'S ALL MY FAULT!"

"Okay! Okay! If you don't call down my dorm neighbors might call the police!" Leorio dropped his cig completely as he grabbed hold of Kurapika trying to hold him back desperately. The man trying to control his rampaging boyfriend.

Kurapika spitting curses into the air full of animisty his red eyes were bloody craving for an end to all the ones who wronged him. "I KILL THEM! I'll KILL THEM ALL! Send them all to hell, where they were already damned to! How dare they do this TO GON?!"

A slight brash wave of amusement came over Killua, greatly enjoying seeing Kurapika being sent on a rampage from a lie. Just one single lie. Oh the power of a lie was so remarkable. It happened to have a snowball effect that trickled down to create on huge monstrosity.

Leorio finally was able to lift the blonde off of his feet, the man threw his boyfriend over his shoulders sighing. "I know you go crazy over these guys, but they're no here right now."

"Put me down! PUT ME DOWN! I'm going to find them! I'm going to force them into an unspeakable pain!" Kurapika rampaged ready to tear the first thing he laid hands on apart.

Shaking his head Leorio whistled out, "Time for you to get some tea." He started carrying Kurapika out the room even as the blond kicked and fought desperately trying to be set back down so he could probably run out that door with a chainsaw waving it in the air like a psychopath prepared to inflict death upon anyone who ever wronged him.

"Hey, Killua...Stay in here with Gon." Leorio said before complaining exiting.

It wasn't that Killua was obeying orders, he was gonna stand here until Gon woke up anyway. To reflect on his failures. Killua couldn't do it. He couldn't kill Gon. Don't get him wrong, Killua had came extremely close, the red hand marks decorating Gon's neck was proof of that. It was terrible. So bad that Gon had placed so much trust in Killua; Killua could not bring himself to break that trust bond.

His blue eyes flickered as he squat down beside his boyfriend. Gon was stirring coming back to life. In no time that stupid sunshine smile would disappear from his lips. In no time those brown eyes that could read the hearts of even the toughest men would open. In no time Killua would have to admit the truth.

The tense wave of insanity hung in the air that made Killua easier crack and break out into a cruel laugh. He pressed his hands on Gon's cheeks squeezing them together. "I must admit. You actually did it, you proved it to me, myself. You melted my frozen heart." The tone in his voice was strictly mean.

So Gon wasn't surprised to wake up and see fuming hostile chilly blue eyes. That seemed to scream murder at no cost of hurting anymore feelings. Pressure on his throat was gone, but Killua's hot breath pressed against his ear. "Don't get too comfortable though. You might have shattered my pride, made a completely and utter fool of me."

"Eh? I'm sorry. I didn't think you would take it to heart like that." Gon said weakly, his voice raw and squeaky. His head and lungs burned and the looming evil presence of Killua wasn't making his road to recovery any easier.

"Oh...yes you did." Killua insisted narrowing his blue eyes, as he squashed Gon's cheeks together roughly. "And baby boy, don't think I'll let this slide. Not until you tell me why you did this?"

Raising his hand in the air Gon seemed to show off the 10K white gold ring on his finger. "To prove if you really changed." The ring's emerald sparked in the artificial light. It matched the new spark in Gon's eye that lit up excitedly, "You really did for me."

Killua didn't need to play dumb. So he wasn't gonna slump over and blab out some lie. All Gon had done today was drag him in the dirt, mock him, it was almost like it a lesson. One that Killua noted but refused to acknowledge.

"No, you're the dog here." Killua grit his teeth reaching into his back pocket pulling out a pretty emerald green collar. Making sure Gon got a good look at it. "Your MY DOG." He pointed at the name tag reading, 'Killua's little Killer, Gon!' There was even a phone number behind it.

Feeling Killua's hands go around his neck once more Gon tensed up; even still knowing that it was only to put the collar around his neck it made him loose his breath. It wasn't until the light click of the thing falling like a necklace against his skin that Gon finally took another breath. That was when Gon let out a light playful laugh, "I can't believe how serious you're taking this! Hahaha! You even stopped at a pet store to buy this! Ha! How much did you spend?"

Honestly the older boy had it up to his limit from hearing a trashy laugh too pure for this world cheerfully almost mocking his decisions he'd done in a blind rage. "Shut it, puppy dog! I don't want another word out your lips unless it's a bark!" Killua snapped harshly placing a leash around Gon that clicked into place like cuffs that bonded them together.

Joking around with Killua, of course Gon kicked his feet up like a playful puppy. He made a sound, "Bark! Bark!" His tongue hanged out his mouth as he started to roll around on the couch.

Too bad for him, Killua didn't find it amusing. "So ya wanna play games, huh?" Narrowing his eyes he hissed, "I'll show you, how to play ga-"

"WHAT THE HELL KILLUA!?" Leorio snarled soon as he walked in the room. Catching glimpse of the collar on Gon and Killua holding on tight to it. He scolded, "Now is not the time for your crazy little cosplay or what not!" He walked over to Gon gently patting his friend's head. "How are you doing Gon? Feeling better, now?"

Dropping the whole entire dog act, Gon returned back to normal. A smile reaching his lips once more, "Yes. I feel alright..." Looking at Killua he gave him dreamy testy eyes. That his boyfriend turned away from dropping the leash in disgust. "I'm glad Killua got us here when he did. How is Kurapika?!"

"I banded him from leaving the office."

"The office?"

"It's a room near my bedroom. It's dubbed the cool down room, but it's mostly cluttered with books, homework and stuff."

"Oh! Then...? Am I allowed in?"

"Hell Yes! Kurapika is fucking worried about you! He was ready to busy a cap in someone soon as you arrived here!"

As if that settled that, Gon turned over kicking his feet off the side of the couch. He jumped up onto the floor not the least bit in pain as he stood up tall. Even still being the shortest guy in the room the 16 year old nodded, taking the back way out the living room to reach the hall where the hall of rooms was at anyway.

It wasn't often that Gon had visited Leorio's dorm. It may actually be the second time he came since mostly last time it was to help move in new furniture with Kurapika. Half of Gon was impressed that Killua had managed to find this place himself. Yet he would expect nothing less of his super villain boyfriend who seemed to defy all odds of possible when push came to shove.

Much to Gon's fortune the door to enter the office was wide open. So he quickly recognized which was the correct one. "Oh," He stepped in dainty a bit cautious at first. The mood in the room was a deadly one. "Kurapika?"

The younger boy wasn't sure why he called out the blonde's name. Gon could clearly see him before his eyes. Kurapika had his head resting in his folded hands leaning over the wooden desk. He almost looked like a psychotic Mafia leader, with his scarlet eyes burning with hatred it seemed to set a blaze to everything in its sight. The only thing that made the mood less death threatening was the numerous piles of unopened boxes on the floor, along with the files of paper stacked high on the desk.

Lowering his voice this time with a hint of fear, Gon walked over to his friend. "Kurapika... it's gonna be alright. I'm here. I'm better now."

Automatically as if finally understanding and coming to terms that it was Gon's voice talking Kurapika hopped on his feet. The blonde quickly engulfing his friend in a warm snuggling hug. It caught Gon off guard a bit as he let out a frightened yelp, only to have his cries be muffled by Kurapika's T-shirt cloth. Kurapika had a pretty fair height advantage over Gon, which made him wonderful hugging material. So easily Gon hugged him back, with completely relieved smile on his face.

Too bad, Kurapika didn't seem so forgiving. "I told you not to help me or come in the first place. Now look what a mess you've made."

Gon pushed away a bit clearing his throat only to shyly say, "I never tried to tangle everyone up in this mess."

"I know." Kurapika said, his blond hair falling over his scarlet eyes making it unclear if he was telling the truth or not.

"Do you forgive me?" Gon questioned shakily feeling that he should be actually begging for forgiveness right now. Because in all honesty Kurapika looked ready to unleash all hell on someone and Gon was internally praying that it wasn't him.

"Yes. You're my friend, I can't stay mad at you." Naturally the words rolled off Kurapika's lips as he started to turn opening a door in Leorio's desk his eyes scanned in it. "But that doesn't mean, I forgive the people who didn't this to you."

Last time Gon checked, it was not people who nearly choked him to death, it was a person. It was a common response that rolled off his tongue next, "What people?"

Swallowing nervously, Gon felt Kurapika's harsh red deadly glared in his soul. Almost reading him like a book, the older male inspected him carefully to read for any abnormal body language. "Killua claimed that, you were beat up by the damn Spiders to reveal my hiding location. That they separated you two and tried to torture an answer from you."

"Who are the Spiders?"

"It's another name for the damn nasty Phantom Troupe!


"Oh? What do you mean oh?! Did you get memory loss or something?"

Gon felt Kurapika put both hands on his shoulders. Nothing but concern on Kurapika's face as he seemed to examine Gon for any injuries they might have missed or over looked. Gosh, he felt thankful to have such sweet friends who went through so much to ensure his safety even after just endangering himself. He felt himself loosen up as Kurapika scanned him, tilting Gon's chin in the air to get an accurate view of the strangle mark.

Gon could open his mouth and tell Kurapika 'Oh is the lie, Killua told you to save his own ass.' But he held his tongue. Gon found himself now often holding his tongue for Killua's sake, not giving away direct in interactions word for word for Killua's sake, to ensure that nothing would endanger him that would come out his mouth. Gon didn't understand why Killua had decided to pin his injury on the Phantom Troupe. Especially when he should know how sensitive Kurapika got about them. The blonde would loose his mind.

"I mean... I guess. I'm still a little rattled over the whole thing." Gon squeaked out his voice silent as a mouse he doubted Kurapika heard it.

Kurapika pulled away reaching in the draw, this time and actually pulling an object out. Gon's eyes widened at the sight of it, the pistol Kurapika was holding in his hand. Then the strong declaration the blond made, "I promise, I'll make them pay for what they've done to you. Then what they've done to me!"

"Where did you get that?" Gon instantly took a few steps back no comfortable having a locked and loaded fire arm aimed at him.

A slight smirk came on Kurapika's face as he waved the firearm around, "This little thing?" The blonde expression darkened as his red eyes loomed casting a sight over Gon like his target prey. "Why does it matter? I need it. You need it too. Leorio has an extra hanging around here, if ya want."

There was no way that Gon would ever even consider using such a terrible thing. He might have been made but he wasn't about to tale away some's life. Wrinkling his nose with disgust he firmly said, "I do not want!" Then his brown eyes soften a bit as he asked, "And you probably don't want this either, Kurapika?"

There was no answer from the 18 year old. He just stood there, raising his gun at the roof like it was some honor to even own one. His loose short cut golden hair bangs allowed an animistic glow to shine through. It didn't make the situation feel worst but it almost seemed to sting Gon's heart a little bit. This wasn't the Kurapika he wanted to see. This wasn't the Kurapika who would comfort him in his time of need or deliver encouraging advice when needed. This Kurapika was out for one thing and one thing only, REVENGE.

It was like the air around had become stuffy to overwhelmed with negative vibes to handle Gon started to back his was to the exit. Getting ready to leave before Kurapika could give a speech on safety or self care or anything other phony sounding excuse to get Gon to take that spare pistol. The smaller boy started building so much of his own case for himself, "No! I don't need it. I have Killua. He's my boyfriend. I can depend on him for protection."

Almost as if snatched up my his own trance, Kurapika shook his head. The low cut sides of his hair slapping his face as he reached out for Gon as if trying to tug him back with his free hand. "No. Humans are unstable, tricky, unreliable. They can betray you. But with this weapon, YOU CONTROL IT. You can be strong and protect yourself." It was such simple logic to the truth that objects one had control over they were deemed safer than people. Objects had no feelings, no emotions, no commitments. They didn't mind being used, it was their ultimate purpose in life.

"Thanks for the thought, but no thanks!" Gon bowed quickly barely managing to weasel his way out of Kurapika's grip and being suckered to hold a weapon. Though the actions were needed in helping him escape, getting out of Kurapika's manipulation was only half of the problem. The main part of the tender meaty spaghetti and meatballs mess Gon had gotten himself into was awaiting him just outside in the hallway.

Killua who picked up Gon's leash from dragging behind on the floor. Sternly saying, "This time, there will be no interruptions between us."

"Hehe, good luck trying to find a soundproof bed room them." Gon teased, only to feel Killua roughly yank on the leash tugging him closer. Until their foreheads touched with their lips only a small tad space apart from each other.

In an almost sexy way, Killua's gorgeous dangerous blue eyes flashed. "My poor little puppy boy," He pressed a seductive kiss on Gon's lip almost bittersweet like it could be full of poison. Killua titled his head to the side his white locks moving a slave to gravity, the teen raised his free hand gently rubbing it against Gon's cheek. "Who ever gave you permission to stop barking?"

At that moment Gon was almost over 9,000 percent sure that this whole entire dorm had completely became a mad house.

Chapter Text

If Gon had worked hard for obedience then he would have went to school today instead of skipping to search for Kurapika. If he had worked hard for purity and clean spirit, then he wouldn't have basically stalked down Killua's house and demand that they have sex on that night. In fact maybe that was it, the problem that Gon faced was his own scattered desires at the time of an extraordinary decisions that had to be made. Which was why he felt a victim to his own actions each time. Still Gon figured it could be worst. Things could always be worst...There was way worst places he could be than laying in Leorio's bed about to getting laid.

Heavy breathing and the smell of sex filled the air. Killua breaking their chains of kisses to look at Gon and covered his face in embarrassment. Never had the older boy once before felt this kind of bond attraction toward anyone. How he ended up sleeping with this beauty queen of only angels would be a blissful sin question looming in his head in the morning. As Killua rocked into the Gon's tight warm heat, his cock oozing out pre-cum around the edges.

Gon was moaning lowly, "" His nails gripped into the older male's skin as he closed his eyes, llowing his senses to be heightened. He could feel the bed shaking, the little cute squeaks that came out of Killua's mouth as he pumped faster.

Killua pulled on the leash again growling out a pissed, "I'll do as I please." His sharp teeth tearing as he bit down roughly on Gon's lip forcing out a whimper.

Kisses were met more dangerously; before anyone can shoot back with an insult, Killua slipped his tongue sneakily thru Gon's soft velvet lips~ only to be met with the other's as both of them danced in a fight of will, turning the simple kiss into a slobbery wet and rough one. Both lovers open wide lips moving both feeling tingling sparky sensations each time their body's humped up against each other eagerly.

Gon moaned into this kiss each time Killua's heavy hot member rubbed on his own or his thighs, Yet not wanting to draw away from the kiss until there was a clear winner, not even wanting to take a breath! All Gon could think, 'I dont need air, as long as I have Killua...As long as Killua is BY MY SIDE WITH ME.'

"No.." Killua growled a bit at the uncomfortable at Gon getting so much control. He broke the kiss. "Bad boy!" He scolded pulling back on the leash making the younger teen bend to his will. The strength was like a toxic poison as it sunk into the boy's mouth during the kiss like a sour candy drop. Immediately after swallowing it Gon arched into Killua at the contact, moaning pathetically loud, when the white haired teen's knee rubbed up against his sensitive crotch area.

"Kii...Killuaaaaahhh!" Gon cried out as his eyebrows knotted together. Feeling a force being put up against his will. He huffed frustrated completely stressed that their lip-lock had been broken.

Killua's hair was frizzled and wild around him as he shook his head. "No! No, you're not behaving." He sucked a bit off blood off Gon's lip, the taint bitter copper flavor filling his mouth. "You keep being greedy, and I'll stop this, I'll pull out." It was no empty threat because right at that moment he stopped thrusting into Gon's tight heat.

Whimpering a bit, Gon shrunk back. Pleading out a sweet, "I'll be good!" He arched his back more against the bed, keeping his legs spread he rolled around in the cover. Basically forcing the dick inside him to move with him. "I'll be really GOOD. I can! I can! We can be silent." Almost in a way Gon looked like a snack with his belly up and cock all hard between his legs, the red coat of blush beautifully decorating his face. It was strangely endearing as he curled up around Killua whining.

Licking up Gon's neck and feeling the shivers jolting over his skin. The Killua started planting soft love marks all over it, in random places as he sucked on Gon's adam's apple gently. Making sure his touch was like an aggressive lion, hunting and pouncing on its prey. Killua took his sweet time going back to his work.

As the smaller teen moaned shifting around in the tight heated space the so the most sensible answer to his problem was whining. Gon crying out pathetically, "Naahhumm!" At how he was so full, yet no action refused to be done inside him. Every twitch of his hole was pleading, 'Hurry up! Give it to me, hard!'

Still there was a lack of reaction from Killua. Which left Gon dumbfounded. Sometimes it was hard for Gon to understand what feelings Killua really had for him; sometimes he feared they were reminiscent of how a human might feel about a Big Mac. A really sweet, amazingly understanding Big Mac. A Big Mac that got what he said before he even said it. A Big Mac that listened in ways others would never be capable of.

A wave of confusion came over Killua as he felt Gon clasped their hands together. Gon's finger was idly rubbing the sensitive skin of Killua's palm. It wasn't anything strange to see that happening. Still it was a form of understanding. It made Killua feel warm and fuzzy inside yet a tad bit uncomfortable.

"I don't even know what gotten into you." Killua spat, as Gon instantly perked on him again. "But guess I'm going to have to fuck it out of you." Tugging on the leash he made sure it was still firmly in his grasp.

Falling out Gon blinked up lusty with sparkles in his brown eyes. "I'd like it if you actually put your words into actions." In a squeaky tone, he kicked his legs. Almost begging to be fucked senseless once more.

"I might.. if you, sound like a puppy. Bark like ya mean it." Killua teased indulging at the extra super cute reaction that came from Gon's face covered and flustered in blush with every shift in position or movement over them. There was no way he was going to leave the innocent boy disappointed for the night. Killua leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on the corner of Gon's lips, brains shifting gears as he was ready to kick it up a notch.

The playful younger male decided to play along with the act. Cutely he titled his head to the side allowing Killua to gnaw down harder at his skin. Gon gruffly pawed at Killua his nails digging in his back as he murmured, "Arf! Bark~!"

Killua ran his teeth around Gon's skin lightly tearing into it, while using a spare rubbing Gon's pink cheeks, "I said like you mean it..."

"Rrrr...aah. RR.." Gon said opening his mouth words slurring to make only patches of vowels the words he really wanted to say. But for the way the teen was pawing at Killua's arm, he could tell Gon was trying to say something and unfortunately the older male had no excellent clue what it was. With a sigh Killua gave in to such pleading thrusting a bit with Gon still on top of him.

"You just love my dick, don't you?" Killua smirked a bit, he was enjoying the use of the leash and collar that Gon was wearing. It made things easier when they were having sex, it allowed him to bend Gon's body all types of ways, just by tugging on his neck. (But God, killua's hoped he didn't accidentally pull too hard and sending his boyfriend's head rolling off.)

"Maybe I do..." Gon said licking his lips. His brown eyes lustful as he teased, "Or maybe I'm in love with your body. Can't I just indulged and love on my boyfriend?"

Killua found a cruel laugh bellow out of him, "Love on me?" His white hair seemed to cover up his dastardly blue eyes. "Well, then, I want to love on you too." His lips found their way to Gon's ears as he planted almost bird pecking like kisses all over him. His body started to move as well falling back into time he started pounding into Gon.

Not as much roughly as it was slowly enjoyable, to see his cock moving in and out of his precious bundle of sunshine. It was cute to see Gon rock back to match his pace as well as he could mange, and sometimes, Killua would slow down so Gon could gain the satisfaction of knocking back into him. He wanted to push him, touch him all over until they were both just a bunch of nerves and hot mess. They were sloppy, but that didn't matter either.

What mattered right now was every squirm that Gon made, Killua would grip that spot, lightly pitching his skin to settle him down. Then whatever sound Killua would let slip past his lips, Gon when lean up and kiss him for it. Because grinding into each other felt really good, all by itself, so it didn't matter how long that they lasted; long as they came together. Which is what Killua insured that they did.

"Gon..I'm about to explode..." Killua huffed out his face full of blush as he nuzzled his nose in Gon's neck. "Can you handle another round of steamy hot cum inside you?"

"Killua..please don't put it like that." Gon found himself groaning as he closed his brown eyes flinching a bit. "You make it sound really gross. Just say, seed or something."

"Not my fault, I can barely use euphemisms."


"I don't what else to say? Should I just be like, my procreation cells, which look like little worms are going to attack you and furiously search for eggs to fertilize to breed, but because you're a guy ya know, that's not gonna happen!"

"Oh my fucking God! STOP JUST STOP!"

"Yeah, if you fuck God, then I think it will be the same results."

"K-illuaahh!" Gon whined out as he dug his nails into his boyfriend's back sharply as he felt Killua unload his seed into him. Gon couldn't get over this exciting feeling of being full then almost as a reward having a remaining bit of Killua just stay in there. It made him cum as well. This time in the sheets, which he knew might piss off Leorio if he found out. So Gon tried to focus his cum all in one spot of the covers in case it leaked into the mattress.

"That's right baby boy. Relief feels so good." Killua urged as he slowly pulled out of him. He causally rolled over to slip in the spot beside him, as Gon looked upwards in a daze at first. It reminded of Killua when they first had sex, Killua couldn't believe that it had actually happened.

Soon the smaller male smiled at Killua with that same stupid look on his face he always got every time they had sex. It was becoming more hard for Killua to be annoyed by it. So strangely he didn't make a repulsive face this time. He only took a deep breath rubbing Gon's head, "You're really never going to give up on me are you?"

"I have nothing to say to that…" Gon squeaked out, tugging on the collar around his neck. The leather irritating his skin a bit due to all the sweat.

Killua cut his smoky blue eyes, his bangs covering them lightly as he counted, "Oh yeah?" He steadfast unhooked Gon's leash from the collar to relieve some of the tension. Tossing and turning around on the bed too lazy to get up, dropping the thing on the nightstand.

Pushing some of the cover off him, Gon fumbled around fluffing the pillow. "What do you want me to say something?"

Killua open his mouth to say, 'Yes! Do it! Do so! Let me have it right now! You know I deserve to be chewed out. You saw me earlier! You saw what I did!' Then his mouth quickly shut. He just shook his head. Nothing more, nothing less.

"I'm gonna take a nap then." Gon said lowly. Knowing that doing so would ease the pain throbbing throughout his body. It was easier to sleep after sex with Killua. He wasn't sure why though, maybe it was to reflect in his dreams of what just happened or rethink the past. Yet more so, it was to dodge those wicked eyes Killua was glaring at him with.

It left Gon a bit mystified in a puzzle to why Killua had suddenly became so stormy. The older teen didn't do much, but he pulled his boyfriend close; locking their hands together. If Killua tried he could imagine that when they woke up things would be different. That maybe when he woke up it would bring a better person out in him. But for now this moment was theirs to share.

"Go to sleep, baby boy." Killua uttered out, feeling Gon curl up in a ball to rest his head on his chest. It was at that moment Killua was very sure that this was their favorite sleeping position. Mostly because it was warming and smelled like the both of them.


Gon felt the weight of the bed shift over, it made him feel rejected as the warmth cleared from around him. His eye lids started to flutter open, the crack of brown saw just an inch to fully catch on to what was happening. It wasn't that he was disappointed or betrayed. The sight just made Gon suck his teeth, smacking out a pissy disgusted sound.

It made the older boy freeze from his actions, completely half dressed, Killua cocked his head back. A determined warning look on his face as he snarled, "Don't try to stop me. I've been waiting too long for this moment. My revenge will be done."

"I know..." Gon murmured out under his breath. His fingers curled around the sheets like a balled up fist. He repeated, "I know."

From his cut vision, everything looked sorta blurry. Even Killua's rippling muscles looked completely distorted. Gon didn't even notice when his boyfriend had walked over to his side of the bed.

Killua patted Gon's head mumbling, "Good, Good. Now, go back to sleep baby boy." Almost in a grumpy aggressive manner in a hurry to leave.

However just the bit of contact made Gon smile a bit as he snuggled into the touch. "Actually, I should be getting ready to head back to Aunt Mito before it gets late." He started to shift upwards before letting out a yelp of pain from his stinging back.

That snapped Killua to attention as he dropped his hands from Gon's head just to push him to lay back down in bed. "NO!" His glossy blue eyes read the quickly stir of confusion over his boyfriend's face. Forcing Killua to clarify his statement saying, "No..because...You need to stay here."

From below Gon blinked up at Killua blankly, his heart pounding as he ran his fingers over pasty pink lips. "You want me to stay here?"

"Baka! I don't like repeating myself!" Killua hissed, forcing Gon down in the bed with one hand and pulling the cover over to hide his nakedness with the other. "We had sex last night and earlier today! Your body needs rest!"

Gon's brown eyes seemed to sparkle as the smile grew on his face. "Love you." He leaned forward pressing a fast kiss on Killua's lips as he thumbed at his pale cheeks. "I'll stay here! But not too late. I want to at least be home by 9pm so she won't get suspicious."

Letting out a sigh of relief Killua pulled away nodding, "Good then! You better be home by 9!"

"Eh? Why? Are you coming back over? Or ya just worried about me?"

"Ackk!? I am NOT GOING BACK THERE LIKE SOME SUCKER! I know when I'm not wanted!"

"Don't say that, I'm sure Mito will grow to like you."

"Pff, that will take a miracle. But I do have you so one is plenty."

Blushing slightly Gon avoided Killua's sly tender gaze. He looked pretty when he tried to be a sweetheart like that. Instead Gon motioned to his bag, "The money we made is in there. You can take my bag instead of pulling it all out."

"Hmm, okay. That's easier." Killua complied.

"Promise me one thing, that you won't kill any innocent people, Killua." Gon said lowly as he shook his head, "Please, don't..not with your power."

"OUR POWER." Killua quickly corrected. "Ours.." The words felt strange on his lips but he accepted it either way. Gon deserved to be in on this now, Killua had came around to accept the fact that he wasn't a one man show.

Gon huskily whispered, "Okay..." His soft green eyes met his boyfriend's as he hummed out, "Just promise, alright? No killing. I can't.. I don't want to see, that anymore."

"I..." The white haired male felt his words get caught in his throat as he numbly nodded. It was a stiff nod, a shaky promise that he knew he had to be true to.

"I really get it. So don't be too shameful on yourself." Gon found himself mumbling out loud. Huge brown eyes staring softly at Killua almost lovingly. "It's like your programming. You only get violent, when you go against it."

Almost in an official way Killua grit his teeth. He hated the word 'programming' it was like placing him in a category with an emotionless machine. The older boy was sure he showed Gon that he could care and comply. It should have been better than this, less detrimental to his ego. Still priding himself off such a thing...Killua was shaking his head. It was him. He needed to stop.

Gon let out a slight hum; Killua pulled his shirt back on finally ready to go out and face the world once more. There were plenty of words still lingering in the air not yet spoken and maybe they never really would be. Maybe there was words best left unsaid between them. Love was a feeling anyway, words meant nothing when it came down to it. Killua's world was shit and Gon was helping him conquer it.

Chapter Text

Killua had been waiting his whole entire life for this moment. Now that the time of action was upon him there was no way he could allow any mistakes or screw ups. This entire execution had to flawless, his act had to be perfect until it was time to strike.

So he put on a stern pasty face. The sun blazing down on him; it almost gave him chills wondering if somehow Gon was watching over him like some stalker. Not that it would be such a bad thing, yet it did for some reason give Killua a very strong sense of guilt. It filled his soul as he walked slowly up to Illumi. Purposely Killua found himself dragging his feet.

He really couldn't believe he was doing this. He was going to either come out robbing this bank as the biggest fool or the biggest death victim next to bite the dust. This was a hit or miss. In a slight way he felt a tad bit selfish, which was weird, because feeling that way never used to matter to him before. Vengeance ran through his veins and guilt trapped his soul. Killua could feel his head throbbing with each step closer that he took to his brother.

"So are we ready or what?" Killua murmured soon as he was close enough. His hands were deep in his pants pocket, as he raised an eyebrow at his brother.

Illumi was steady chewing on a piece of strawberry pockey hanging out his mouth. There was no clear to answer at first. He just offered out the box only to have Killua snort at the action. It made his eyes go slightly wide as he saw his little sister and brother walk out from a back alley.

"Don't be rude, it actually taste good big brother!" Alluka exclaimed with a smile on her face as she ran up giving Killua a huge hug.

Kalluto lingered in the back some more, not quite ignoring that his presence was known or not caring either in the slightest. He stood there, sucking on his stick of pocky patiently for the scene to passover.

Killua embraced his younger sister warmly asking, "Alluka!? What are you and Kalluto doing here?"

A bright smile came on Alluka's face as she elaborated, "To cheer you on of course!" She waved her hands in the air clapping them together. "Alluka is Killua's biggest fan and cheerleader!"

"Really?" The doubtful expression on Killua's face wasn't for Alluka at least; mostly for his little brother it's been very out of character for Kalluto to do anything encouraging. "Then what's the rules for you both to be out here? It's not like Kalluto to disobey mommy."

"Oh. I don't wanna be here!" Kalluto made sure to pout, crossing his arms he knotted his eyebrows together. Blowing off his older brother huffing, "I just came by to see you utterly and completely blow it."

Those cold harsh words made Killua be more insecure and nervous when he already was. Not that Kalluto was ever one for giving compliments but it couldn't ever hurt to try and give word of encouragement.

"I don't mind much." Illumi said, finally finished eating his pocky stick. "Just stay out of our way." The tall boy, started to head over towards the bank motioning for Killua to follow behind him alone.

So Killua dropped Alluka, patting the top of her head. Whispering, "Go wait for me over by the comic book store."

"Oh?" A wave of confusion wrapped around Alluka a foggy confusion. "But I thought the escape rou-"

"Shh." Killua cut her off saying, "I know just trust me…..Take Kalluto with you." Then he turned to go catch up with Illumi. Leaving Alluka in a complete state of wonder.

Killua didn't worry however, he knew his little sister would end up listening to him at the end of the day. He if he could cut out all the loud hustling and bustling of people on the streets and the sound of cars driving down the road, there was no doubt in his mind that Alluka was walking with her hand in Kalluto's towards the comic books store right now. A slight smile of relief came on, Killua's face. Things were sliding quite nicely into place, even with the most hardest part coming up.

Blue eyes narrowed cutting up at Illumi suspect, "So ya know, no one barely keeps any money in banks anymore." Killua made sure to say in a matter of fact voice. "Then if the main manager isn't here, there is going to be problems opening the main vault."

"Of course I know this. This is the 20th century." Illumi rolled his eyes. "We aren't actually robbing a bank. Dumb ass, use your brain for once."

Immediately, Killua felt his legs start to wobble, slowly turning into jello, as his feet seemed to melt into a sticky puddle that he could no longer pull them from. " Didn't say…?"

"Every Zoldyck has a first job they do. It's supposed to framed as some sort of test like this." Illumi shrugged uncaring. "Sure, daddy wanted you to rob a bank, yet that's just impractical. There is barely any money in there, it's all digital now. So I'll just have Milluki wiretap the money into an account for us. While we do another REAL JOB."

Killua felt himself flinch a bit as he shook his head, "No!" He closed his eyes as his head started to throb with frustration.

"Oh.. Don't look like that." Illumi said firmly, his black eyes dull as he almost smirked at Killua's troubled expression. "Not like you were planning anything, huh? Not like you planned to blackmail me? Or blackmail anyone?"

"Shut up…" Killua felt his thoughts start to run wild as he slowly came to terms that maybe Illumi had it out for him the whole time. Before Killua's genus betrayal plan could begin it might end up being shot down. All that counterfeit money would be a waste, all that time gone that he would never get back would be lost. The world seemed like it was melting down in slow motion as he frantically ran his fingers through his hair. Killua finally managing to spit out, "You don't know anything…"

A bit of a demented laugh slipped through Illumi lips, "You're right, I have no damn clue, what insane ideas, Gon might have placed in your head. I have no clue, what spoonful of lies on justice and heroic duties that he tried to feed you. So I took the safe route, last night I asked daddy if we could do something more fun."

"I don't get what you're talking about…" Killua didn't know why, maybe it was his nerves but suddenly it felt like his blood started to boil madly. He grit his teeth as he pointed at Illumi with such hostility blue sparks zapped from the ends of his finger tips, "You told me, we were gonna rob a bank! No has to get hurt, doing that!"

Illumi allowed his plastic like smile to grow wider on his face. "Ah, strange for someone to fret….over killing. Especially when there's already a warrant out for their arrest for doing just that."

"You bastard!" Killua found himself screeching, as he stomped his foot on the ground he proceeded to screech like a madman. "How much more dirt do you have on me? What the bloody hell do you want from me?"

"To see you suffer." Illumi stated calmly, without even blinking. "Well at least, that's what Hisoka told me. He said himself, that we have to think of a way to repay Gon and you for that text party you had teasing him."

Blinking back his rage, Killua cracked a broken smile. "Why am I not surprised?"

"Because, you're a monster Kil. A heartless beast can sense the evil intention of another one."

"'re WRONG!"

"You killed a family. I know you did. You robbed the jewelry store. That's how you got that green lantern ring, then you LIED to Gon."

"How do you know about the ring?"

"I know about a lot of stuff. Hisoka and I work together ya, see? Unlike you and Gon, Hisoka and I have only one goal and we fit together like honey and bread."

"Damn YOU! I should have known that clown bitch was spying on me!"

"That's right….So now it's time to prove your honor and good Zoldyck name." Illumi turned away from heading in the direction of the bank and grabbed Killua's hand roughly dragging him away to what seemed like nothing but impending doom.

In a panic filled state, Killua thought the sky was falling as he found the air thinning out around him, his eyes growing wide as he struggled to breath madly. "W-w-where? WHERE ARE WE GOING?" A squeal that showed his cowardliness escaped his lips.

"To steal things that have way more value." Illumi pointed out almost gleefully as he motioned to the Apple store across the street. "Electronics do SO well on the black market."

Killua held his breath. He didn't know why, but he did. Maybe it was to stop himself from screaming. Not even dragging his feet against the concrete seemed to be able to halt this operation. His shoe grip seemed raw doing no damage to match Illumi's brute strength as he dragged him along. The sidewalks seemed to be shorter than ever before, along with the roads as traffics seemed to come to a pause just in time for Illumi to yank Killua across with him. The teen considered calling for help, or yelling stranger danger at the top of his lungs. Yet his voice was catch up in his held breath.

Time seemed to speed ahead and before Killua could make any sense of it all, the air conditioning was slapping him in the face as the slick slide of the front store doors opening gave birth to the horrific destined that laid before him. Killua was destined to slaughter them, the minute he set eyes on all the people shopping for new computers and phones, he knew they would soon be corpses at his feet. The monster within him, wouldn't be restrained for much longer. Illumi had planned well, pissing Killua off before he brought him here. Now the 16 year old was worked up, now he was ready to unleash the fury on whoever blocked his path.

Illumi dropped Killua dead in the center of the store, preparing to give the first lesson of the night explaining, "Rule number one, ya gotta have fun." The black haired male flipped his long locks looking around as a sales lady started to approach them.

Nervous blue eyes darted around, as Killua tried to control himself. He didn't want to hurt these people, he promised to Gon, not to hurt these people. Rising to his feet shakily he bit down on his lip as the woman walking towards them grew ever closer. He should be able to do this. He didn't need violence to solve all his problems did he? Killua was a strong boy, who could do stuff for himself. Why was he over here fretting? Why was he over here freaking out?

"Hello, welcome to the Apple store." The woman extended her hand out for either one of them to shake. Yet for some strange reason Killua had an urge to grab her by the wrist and flip her over on her back then stomp her brains out.

Almost frozen like a statue, the white haired teen just stared at her blankly, his mind long gone of finding a way to react calmly in the situation presented to him. His brain was dancing madly with the chant of, 'What would Gon do? What would Gon do?' For the first time, Killua felt lost in how to react. He knew what he would do-go all out aggressively. Yet Gon wouldn't want that for him. What would Gon want him to do in a situation like this? What was he supposed to do without Gon by his side? How was he supposed to react normally?

"It's your show, today." Illumi leaned in whispering in Killua's ear. The older male chuckling lowly as he said, "So do all the talking and I'll handle the dirty work if you want."

"No." Killua snapped back in a sharp whisper. "That's not how I get things done. We're not making a mess." His pale hands tightened their grip on the straps of Gon's backpack he was carrying. "We are going to do a silent but deadly route."

The woman didn't catch that short transaction of words instead she curiously tilted her head. "Hmm, is there anything I can help you fine young gentlemen with today?"

Killua finally managed to open his mouth halfway for a clear response, before his jaw seemed to lock up. What was he doing? What was he about to do? Actually go along with Illumi's madness switch up? Take and accept that it was going to be okay? Hell NO. Hell FUCKING NO! HELL TO BLOODY FU-

In a confused tone the sales lady let out, "He-? AAcckk!" Strong hands clasped firmly around her neck, squeezing all the air out as her world shook up like a blender.

"Stick in a fork in it, peasant. I'm trying to think here. But guess I'm planning your murder instead!" Killua snapped acting impulsive the second his train of thought began to slip away. His hands tightened around her neck as his blue eyes darkened almost dangerously. He should have stopped. He was was way too strong, but he was going to kill her anyway. He needed to shut her up so he could think clearly, so he could focus on how he was going to fix his revenge plan.

There came a loud outrageous uproar next that swept over the store, plenty of people who started screaming at the sight. It made Killua's ears start to ring loudly, as the sound of sudden alarms blaring started to fill and bounce off all the walls.

"Get them!" Some voices yelled as men came charging at them at top speed.

An unimpressed word from Illumi wasn't helping much as he said, "Kil, if this is your plan of silent but deadly. I think you need to find the true definition of silent." He used his powers of telekinesis to fling the people running towards them, right out a window.

"You shut up too!" Killua howled at his older brother; dug his nails in the woman's throat instantly letting loose a water of blood that gushed out. "This was not part of the plan."

Illumi sighed looking at all the panicking people as the store descended into chaos around them. "You better watch your mouth, you little brat." He warned hissing a bit at the end. "This job is yours but you better believe that I will report every word and action to mommy and daddy."

"Heh.." Killua smirked a bit. "You think, I'm scared of them?" He leaned the limp woman's head back, and pointed her cut neck outwards. Then proceeding to squeeze blood, it shot out like water from a water gun. It forced people to clear from his way as he took off running toward the back storage room. "I fear no one."

Illumi nodded firmly, "That's nice to know." He closed his fist, moving a bunch of tables to block the front door, to prevent any more people from escaping. "I'll slaughter the rest then, you get the stuff."

"Yeah." Killua flicked his blood stained white hair from his face as he hastily reached for another worker. "You."

The man let out an almost dinosaur like scream. "Just take my wallet!" He dug into his pockets pulling out a leather object and holding it out like it was his last life line.

"Eh?" Killua licked his lips as he dropped the dead woman who was in his hands. "You don't want to end up like your co-worker here?" It was a long time since he felt the hype of fear rising off people. The once here, they were cowards. Cowards who deserved to be crushed and wiped from existence.

"No..No.. Not me. I have a wife. I have kids.. A family is depending on me." The man started to sob out.

Almost unpleasantly, Killua placed his hands on the man's head. "Ew." His delighted expression faded to almost hatred in less than a few seconds. "You think you're special, just because you have a family who loves you." In a cruel slow fashion he began to run the man's head in clockwise direction. "You think just because, I'm a criminal… No one cares about me? That no one loves me?" Before the man could form a response, there was a satisfy click of a neck snap. "Haha! That's the most absolutely ignorant thing, I've ever heard." He confirmed dropping the man's body.

Then almost like it was a prize, Killua thought twice picking it up again and waving it in the air making a clear example, "This is your future if any of you, continue to do this petty dance on thin ice of your grave."

"Tick tock, tick tock…" Illumi hummed out impatiently. "The cops will be here soon. Less talking more operation. We need to grab the loot and be in and out."

"Don't you rush me!" A tad hint of boldness started to bubble up in Killua's gut as he held a ball of electricity in his hands. "This is my time to shine! This is MY JOB! Don't tell me what to do!" He threw the shock angrily at the storage room door, sending sharp narrow power darts of wood straight into the backs and hearts of some of the unfortunate people in the store.

The floor seemed to shake and rumble beneath Killua's feet as he walked to the opening that he made. His face was painted his such a deadly almost intoxicated look, it struck fear in everyone's hearts who saw it. (If they were not already that is blown away in fear from the call of electricity this kid could do at ease.) Like the boss man that he was Killua strolled inside the storage room, shelves lined with expensive Apple products.

Wisely the teen decided taking the newest most recent phone would be the best choice to steal. They would end up selling for the most after all. He to admit it was awfully convent the new products weren't that far back.

Sitting down on the floor, he dumped all the counterfeit money out of Gon's bag. Lowly he scoffed, "Baka, making all fake shit for nothing. I should have known Illumi wouldn't give a shit and pull something sneaky like this. I hate that bastard!" Killua spat sourly as he took his hand, raking a bunch of new phones off the shelf and into his bag.

'It's a wonder why you hate him so much…. He's so much like you.' A very annoying voice rang out in Killua's mind. 'You both decapitate heads without another thought.'

"Shut up…" Killua mumbled under his breath, snatching some more phones and a few headphones off the shelf.

'What would Gon think? Would he really approve of you using his bag like this?'

"Yeah, that's why he let me borrow it."

'You promised not to kill people in exchange.'

Killua felt his whole body freeze up, as his heart felt ready to bust out of his chest. Barely able to force the words out his mouth, they were at first caught in his throat. It was almost crazy how he choked out, "There was no such negotiation."

'You can't lie to me, Killua. I am you. I know everything about you. It kind of sucks, that you're actually starting to use me now, huh?' The voice that laid dormant inside to to finally be speaking up and it was coming with waves on top of waves of guilt.

It made Killua's arms go numb to movement, and his stomach churn, as he stared blankly at the storage shelves of products before him. He felt suddenly so disconnected to his own skin. "W-who? When? You're..ME?" He croaked out.

Suddenly it was like a wave of voices poured out, 'Your self conscious, Killua~!' They were all so high pitched, extremely agonizing they began to chant, 'We know everything that you do! We see how you have been! You are dead inside! DEAD! DEAD as a rotten tree stump with no hope of growing back! GON IS ASHAMED! GON IS ASHAMED! HE'S SO ASHAMED OF YOU KILLUA! YOU MOCK HIM!'

"GET THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF MY HEAD!" Killua let out a blood curling scream as he threw himself to his feet. Almost instinctively he charged his head into the wall.

Malice filled his soul and fury took him over as he banged his skull on the hard wall. His white hair bounced as his forehead starts to bleed out like a leaky faucet. The voices only praised him chanting, 'More pain! Yes! It makes you feel alive doesn't it? It reminds you that you still have not lost your marbles? Wonder what Gon would say if he sees you like this?'

"STOP TALKING ABOUT GON, LIKE YOU COULD...LIKE YOU?" Killua let out a large groan asn he threw his head back, to catch a slim bit of light slipping through a window. His blue eyes dilated immediately as he muttered, "Gon...I really can't I?"

The voices in his head let out a resounding firm chirp of, 'NNOOOOOO~ Killua! You can't escape him. He is the light after all. YOU NEED HIM.'

"I need him…" The teen repeated dryly, his response almost robotic. "I need my sunshine." He reached out for the slim steam of light through the window.

'BUT YOU LIED!' The voices seemed to storm around his head, making his eye sockets water with tears. Killua could almost hear the flow of voice going crazy bouncing off the brain cells in his mind and seemed to be escaping to the outside. 'ALL YOU DO IS LIE! GON IS SICK OF IT! SICK OF IT! HE WILL LEAVE YOU! YOU CAN'T DO BETTER, AND HE'LL LEAVE!'

"I AM….!" Killua let out a slight sob, that was almost more like a broken laugh. "Hehee...I am doing better! I'm being healed." He covered up his ears as if it would lower the terrifying chanting of all those voices. The move was done desperately to block out enough sound to comprehend hearing himself speak, "Gon is healing me."

There was sudden snicker and laughter of voices that seemed to be getting a kick out of this whole act as they sung out, 'No….no...No! Killua~!' The boy found himself walking closer to the window in a zombie like trance as the voices in his head commanded, 'You apologize to him.'

Madness was not the word to describe the sight of what Illumi saw when he walked in on Killua. It was worse than insanity, the blood that decorated the walls seemed proof enough of how lost the poor 16 year old mind was. Killua was driving himself to the brim of his own limits, trying to make sense of something he knew he couldn't. Of a reason to why he should fight the new burst of good in him and argue against it.

"Make it stop...sunshine..I won't do wrong ever again." Killua's eyes trembled in their sockets as he shook uncontrollably. "I won't! I love you. I love you more than anything!" He reached out for the skinny ray of sun that still shone on his skin mercifully.

"What the fuck is WRONG WITH YOU?" Illumi stormed in as he yanked Killua up off the floor by his shirt. He gave the smaller boy a harsh slap as he snarled, "WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? THERE IS NO ONE HERE!"

"Gon…." Killua muttered softly.

"What?" Illumi leaned in questioning.

"GON!" Killua cackled out a slight minical laugh. As he threw his head back as if giving in to all the voices filling him with guilt in his head. "Gon! Gon! Gon!"

"He's not here? WHAT THE HELL?" Illumi slapped Killua agins this time more firmly as he commanded, "GET A GRIP! This is your job! Stop dreaming of what's impossible!"

Abruptly Killua's deranged laughter came to stop as his lips relaxed to a firm frown. "Who's dreaming?"

Illumi snorted out. "You!" He threw the teen against the wall almost with disgust. Killua grunted feeling his back crack hard, as his eyes narrowed at his brother. Illumi storming up to him and punching him hard in the stomach then proceeding to do so relentlessly. "I bet you're doing all this in the name of teenage love, huh? You think Gon, loves and cares about you? You think he can really love some mental freak of nature like you? You're bonkers! Gon just likes you for your super powers."

Killua gasped for air as he coughed up blood in a mad cough splattering the ruby substance all over his shirt. "'re wrong. Gon..he l-oooves meeeeeeeee." His body started to convulse a bit as his sight drifted back up at the bit of sunlight. "He loves me so much...He can't bare to part with me. Our souls are connected." A slight smile slipped on his face. "Till death do us part. We made a promise…"

"Promise my ass! You're weak. You've become scum of this earth." Illumi slammed his elbow right in Killua's face wiping the smile off it. The older boy finding joy in seeing his star struck brother suffering. "You've become delusional. Believing lies and falsehoods, your dreams and hopes are built of more fantasy." A cruel dark look came over Illumi as he pressured, "Just be a good obedient boy and go back home to mommy and daddy, and maybe with a bit more torture we can reprogram that shocked out of wack brain of yours back on track."

"Heheheee!" Killua let loose a storm of lightning bolts through his body. Delivering Illumi a painful shock to his system that would have been paralyzing to any normal human. The teen's white hair started to stand up on his head like he really was some kind of wild animal, as he rolled his neck cracking it a bit like he was ready to warm up and bust some balls. Opening his mouth, Killua almost appeared to salivate like he'd been waiting to long to say these words. "FUCK YOU! FUCK YOUR RULES! FUCK YOUR TERMS! FUCK FUCK FUCKY FUCK! I'M DONE WITH THEM! I'M DONE WITH ALL OF YOU!" He screamed it loudly sending voltage all through the building frying any important circuits.

Illumi grit his teeth, trying to grab his annoying little brother, but Killua slipped through his grasp easily with God speed. "You crazed brat!" Illumi howled up at the ceiling that seemed to be starting to crumbled down on him. "To think, you betray the Zoldyck family. You trade it for love? For something so fake! You can be replaced you know! Just with the flick of Gon's wrist, you can mean nothing to him! Only an insane psychopath would do such a thing! You had the world at your fingers, Killua!"

"It still is!" Killua shouted over all the ruckus as he grabbed Gon's backpack off the floor. In an animal like stance he crawled protectively at the wall traveling along it towards the back exit door. "It's my sunshine's too now! We. Ours. Us." Killua let loose such a slur of collective pronouns it eased his mind and set his spirit free. "All of it! We don't need anyone else! All we need is each other! If giving up that terrible way of life you bastards taught me is insane. Then that is what I am! I, Killua Zoldyck am completely...totally….INSANE! INSANE! Insane I AM! Ha!" He swung open the door, his laughter now escaping to the outside world as it seemed to intoxicate everything in it's range. So as Killua zombie style staggered forward into the light shouting, "For now there is a place in my mind, where hatred, jealousy, and greed cannot come." The teen thought he might disintegrate, from the power of the words on his lips. He felt his tongue tingle as his brain was slowly being put to rest. Allowing himself to slip in and out of memories that had been filling his mind with nothing but delight this week. His lips just seemed to do all the explaining for him, "And when I pull myself into that place, when I'm around my special little burst of sunshine…. I am truly happy. Because we have created our own world, with our own rules. Your world is mean, and heartless, where death taps on everyone's door and is waiting for some unfortunate fool to answer. But our world….haha, our world is the door to the future. An answer to the lacking feeling, of people who are different or left out. Let them come to us! Let us love them, and shower them in all the love and affection that they deserve."

There had to be some incoherent yelling that was escaping from Illumi's mouth, yet Killua didn't hear. He didn't have to hear past was behind him soon as he stepped out that exit door. His darkness was all in the light now. He could feel his troubles turn to dust like they were really nothing in the first place; the voices that once roared in his head had settled down their chatter; for once he could hear himself think.

All the thoughts in his head seemed geared to smooth the fiery pain. It was greatly relaxing to almost hear what was close to the sound of Gon calling his name off those sweet lips of his. It reminded Killua why he was here, why he was doing this. Gripping the straps of his boyfriend's backpack, he recalled that he had to get rid of all this stolen merchandise. Plus the sounds of police sirens racing down the street, reminded him that it had to be done fast.

With his feet moving literary as fast as lightning Killua took off towards his secret hiding place in the park. Only to go back across the street and see Alluka and Kalluto waiting for him patiently behind the comic store like he requested. Kalluto was sitting down playing on his phone game and Alluka was looking at the mirror fixing her hair.

It wasn't really a shock that Alluka sensed his presence first calling out, "Big brother? You're back? How are you? How'd it go?"

"No time for small talk." Killua said hastily. Holding his hand out as he instructed, "We have to go hide these stolen goods then go to Gon's house."

Alluka nodded eagerly chirping, "Okay!"

Kalluto barely moved an inch as he lowered his game asking firmly, "Where's Illumi? No family gets left behind."

"Heh? Family?" Killua raised an eyebrow challenging, "You actually care for that ass wipe?"

"Not really, but I'd hate to get yelled at by mommy for leaving him."

"Stop being such a mommy's boy. She purposely poisons our food, why would kiss up to her for that?"





Kalluto didn't answer to that at first, so he just looked down at his feet numbly. He didn't disagree too much with what Killua said. He just pressed his lips together almost challenging, "And you can show me someone who cares?"

"Well you've already met him." Killua bragged a bit as he snatched up Alluka's and Kalluto's hands. "But you'll see him again."

In an instant, Kalluto saw the world start to race in a lovely blur of colors around him. Plus his feet were practically floating off the ground and the happy gleeful laughter coming from Alluka only confirmed it. "So this is God speed…." The black haired boy blinked up dully at his older brother not really impressed, "What exactly are you trying to pull here?"

Killua kept on running at top speed as he grinned, "Alluka...Kalluto…" His lighting blue eyes glowed studying the both of them. "Yes, my sweet siblings. You are the first ones who I will lead towards Gon and I's new world salvation."

Chapter Text

It might have been smart to have had a backup plan, but Killua didn't consider that he might have actually lots his marbles. Even if he did, when he saw Gon once more all that madness would fade away as easy as it came. He would be fine; ensure Kalluto and Alluka's sanity along with his own.

Carefully Killua tossed a rock at Gon's bedroom window. The object wasn't heavy enough to break it thank god but it obviously wasn't loud enough to get his sleeping boyfriend's attention either. So in a hushed whisper he commanded his siblings, "Grab a rock. Take aim at the window."

Alluka quickly picked up a pebble from off the ground and launched it over at the window, while Killua proceeded to keep doing the same. It was only Kalluto who appeared to be completely not amused or entertained by doing such an action. The young elementary school kid just calmly sat down in the grass, picking it up with his hands.

"Stop being such a lazy ass!" Killua snapped at him. Watching his little brother daze off clearly in his own world or some madness. Either way Killua was not gonna tolerate it. He forced Kalluto to stand, even though the boy was lopsided like a zombie. Killua handed him a rock. Saying, "Throw it."

Uncaring Kalluto happened to have terrible timing because right as he decided it was a good idea to listen and take commands, Gon just happened to be opening his window. It made Killua let out a slur of words that were so dirty, he barely knew were in his vocabulary. The white haired boy yelled, "Get THE FUCK BACK!" On impulse he jumped in front of Gon practically leaping through the window like a jumping deer or a horse going over a hurdle.

The rock slammed into Killua's head making the landing even worst as he collided with Gon falling on top of him. Gon looked more completely flabbergasted with his mouth hanging completely agape and speechless minus the screaming that was escaping his lips. Arms were flailing wildly out of control as Gon practically wheezed trying to get more air in since Killua was practically crushing his lungs. It was completely insane as the seconds passed felt like hours of pure suffocation.

To make matters worse before Killua could even hush Gon, his very over protective Aunt came in with a knife in her hand. Her eyes angrily narrowing as she hissed out, "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!?" Flicking the knife over to Killua she looked ready to stab him with it demanding, "WHY ARE YOU HERE!?"

Stumbling to rise to his feet, Killua helped Gon up giving out a plastic sneer, "To see my boyfriend…?" It was more of a bitter last second lie that he made sure to smother all over and play it off.

Still there was a fire stone cold look on Gon's face that read of total and complete betrayal. Brown eyes forcefully narrowed as if this was a challenge thrown on him. Killua rushed out an awkward shrug trying to get Gon to agree and roll with it. Yet it seemed like his boyfriend was budging as Gon pulled away from Killua crossing his arms with the same equal disappointment on Aunt Mito's face.

'Crap! That was a terrible sign….' But if Gon was going to play dirty like that Killua could easily snoop that low as well. He took a few steps back up towards the window. Calling, "Alluka and Kalluto come on in here too."

The black haired teen was sure his jaw had dropped when he saw Alluka and Kalluto climb through the window into his bedroom. Gon made sure to shoot Killua a dirty look reading, 'What the hell? Why did you bring them, here?' it was straight cold.

Killua just allowed a satisfied smirk to cross his lips. Returning his cute little extremely flustered boyfriend with a look reading, 'What does it matter? You wouldn't dare argue or put me out in front of them would you?' It was a backup but, Alluka and Kalluto were originally what he planned to use as insurance to ensure that he got his way.

Slowly Gon's eyes closed, as if he was collecting himself and his thoughts wondering what to do. Still Mito was too quick witted she was shaking nervously at this point, the once firm grip she had on the knife in her hand fading. Instead she croaked out, "What?! There's more of them!? More DELINQUENTS!"

"No..they're Killua's younger sister and brother. There name is Alluka and Kalluto." Gon said without even cracking his eyes open. Killua just figured he was too disgusted to even look at him at the moment. Not that Killua could blame him, he had done some completely fucked up out stuff.

"Heh!? What are they all doing here!?" Mito stuttered out. Her eyes not missing to catch sight at Killua who seemed to have blood stains all over his body, from his face to his hands, even a bit on his shirt. It made the woman boldly uncomfortable, not knowing if it was fake Halloween stuff or actually the real thing.

Alluka was first to jump in saying, "We were out running the poli-mmm!" Killua quickly placed his hand over her mouth. Bravely stiffening out a tough almost creepy smile in a raw effort to be nice. "She means, we were playing cops and robbers and it got late we live super far. Can we crash here for the night?"

Despite that last ditch effort on an explication Mito bought it almost instantly. Well she bought it enough for her to lower her weapon down to her side. "In that case." It couldn't have been that she felt bad for Killua in the slightest, it was more so she was completely distraught that some bodies parents had let their kids do such crap so late at night. The woman a pissy look on her face but agreed. "Sure. But you have to wash up! You all look a mess."

Killua let out a sigh of relief as he let go of Alluka who automatically started bouncing up and down running up Gon's Aunt happily. The girl clearly all ready to take a shower she waved her hands. "Can I go first!?"

A slight smile came on Mito's face as she agreed, "Yes, yes." Then she pointed at Kalluto instructing him, "You come along to little one. You can go next. I'll show you both how to use the shower at the same time."

Like a hyper beam Alluka followed Gon's Aunt Mito out the room. Kalluto followed a bit more lazy, by the time he reached the door, Gon had peeked an eye open. Gon demanding, "Kalluto close the door."

A sly sneaky smirk plastered up on Kalluto's face aimed right in Killua's direction in a teasing manner, 'Oooo.. you're gonna get it now.' Is what it read with not a sparing remark of hope. It was almost like he craved to see his older brother suffer.

Killua didn't even take the time to give him another thought rolling his eyes as he heard the door forcefully close shut. It left him and Gon all alone. Somewhere in the back of Killua's mind wondered if he should be crawling back on his knees for forgiveness. But that thought was silenced by Gon who started to pace back and forth.

The teen began pacing across the carpet in almost an hostile way, based off the look on his face. Still Killua almost cracked up like the sidewalk they were previously standing on, as he groveled over with laughter at the sassy way Gon's hip swayed when he walked. Gon has lovely large cornbread hips, that rubbed together if he didn't keep them a good distance from each other, not feminine but more so due to the fact he had cake. Even if Killua could stare at it forever it made him realize even more the apple shaped humps down south-were perfect. Gon had a wide lower half, lovely hips ~baby carrying hips.

Licking his lips seducingly, Killua cackled out, "Well how's that sunshine? Good enough a hustle for you?"

"No! You shouldn't be here damn it! You shouldn't be here at all!" Gon snapped stomping his foot on the floor. Which if it honestly wasn't carpet would probably had made a loud vibrating sound.

"Well, here I am!?" Killua retorted like it was some sort of joke he just happened to be missing shrugging his shoulders.

"You're bloody and messy!" Gon complained looking at Killua who had no doubt came back from murdering some people. "I told YOU NOT TO COME HERE! I told you, I DON'T WANT TO BE INVOLVED IN THIS!"

"So what? Some stuff didn't go as planned." Snorting it off Killua didn't seem satisfied as his face expression dropped greatly. He didn't understand or comprehend what the huge deal was.

Gon didn't feel that way of course as he croaked out lowly, "Damn, it!" Clenching his fist he threw them up in the air almost hysterically talking to himself mumbling, "I'll kill myself! I'll just kill myself!"

"You'll what?" Killua felt his heart skip a beat, once more catching on how almost mental Gon was becoming.

"Take me now!" Gon screamed as he practically launched himself at the window, his brown eyes stinging with tears. Killua reluctantly snagged his hands around his boyfriend's waist hindering him from jumping.

In a angry tone Killua snapped, "What the fuck is wrong with you? Your window is barely off the ground! You won't die from this!"

"Yes, I will! If I'm lucky, I'll dive out and break my fucking neck! I want to break it!"

"Why are you talking like this? Didn't I tell you, that you're too precious to die... that I won't kill you anymore? You have nothing to be afraid of around me?"

"No!" Gon started kicking his legs almost shouting at the high end of his lugs as tears started to roll down his face. Even though his struggle against Killua was futile that didn't prevent him from attempting to get free. He started to plea, "You don't get it! You won't get it! You spent all your life s a liar, as a cheater, as a hustler. Now look at ME!" Gon started to sob as me flicked his spiky hair up from dropping over his wild brown eyes. "LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE BECOME! I CAN'T BE LIKE YOU! I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE! DO YOU SEE ME?"

Killua pulled Gon's smaller trembling body into a warm hug trying to comfort him whispering, "I see my lovely ball of sunshine." He pressed a warm kiss on his ear as he proceeded to say, "I see now evil drop within yo-"

"DON'T TELL ME PRETTY LIES IN MY FACE!" Gon howled like his heart had just been stabbed by a million needles. "I'm sick and tired of lies! If Kurapika wants to hide and lie to the police, and if you want to hide and lie to the police, hell even Leorio!" The boy's voice crackled a bit as he frowned sharply, more tears poured from his eyes as he claimed, "I said I want no part in it! So if you all don't want me to tell the truth to the police then you might as well let me go to an early grave."

Killua shook his head pressing more warm kissing on Gon's skin claiming, " don't mean that."

"YES I DO! I DO MEAN IT!" The black haired boy stopped struggling as he lifted his somber brown eyes up to meet blue. Gently he let out the words, "I can't deal with the guilt in my heart, Killua. I can't keep on living like I'm not responsible for all the crime death and mayhem that you caused. I'd rather die than to be responsible for another person's death. I'd rather die than to keep up this stupid telephone game of lies to be covered up with more lies. I want to be free. I don't know where death my take me, but if I'm gone, you won't kill people anymore."

Killua hugged Gon tighter whispering, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for dragging you into this."

"You said...I believed... that you would kill me at the end.." Gon let out a sad wail, "But you can't?"

Killua bit his lip. He choose not to answer, anything to that notion. Killua had involuntarily allowed himself to fall, just by telling false truths to himself, by constantly trying to fool his affection into a category of hate. He was fortunes fool, with lady luck leaving him out to suffer for himself. Killua had turned Gon down such a dark path, now the poor younger male assumed there was only one way out.

"Please, don't try to kill yourself, baby boy." Killua snuggled his face in Gon's wet one full of tears as he started to beg, "Please, don't kill yourself. We need you. I need you. We love you...I love you... I promised to protect you, I'll protect you from yourself, if I have too, okay?"

Gon sighed, as he pulled away, he was still raging pissed at Killua. Even worst in an almost symbolic way, by them touching the blood that stained Killua's flesh was now rubbed all over Gon's face. It was disgusting, feeling it getting dry and crusty. So gracefully the black haired teen reached for the a napkins on his bedside stand and started wiping his face with them. Cleaning off the blood and tears as his racing heart beat started to settled down.

"Baby boy, all I could think about the whole time was you being disappointed in me." Killua said feeling like it was a good time to confess his feelings. "I was worried about what you would think and I almost lost my mi-"

Gon snorted apathetically, "You already knew how I would feel and think though..." Killua grit his teeth diverting his foolish yet ignorant nature from Gon's sudden cold snark. The teen then tearing off some napkins off commanding, "Killua, hands."

Killua allowed willingly as he watched with wide eyes his boyfriend scooped up his pale ghostly rough hands in his own tan ones, rubbing the paper towel over it to wipe off the blood that dripped on them. Gon scrubbed Killua hands like they were in the sink and getting a good scrub down washing. Tossing the used up napkin in the trash once he deemed Killua's claws and palms clean.

Next Gon smacked his lips together, leaning down and pulling out some of his napkins. "Face..." He mumbled cupping Killua's face tilting the other's chin up with his spare hand. His boyfriend had a lovely completion, for his tone fit almost perfectly with snow. Then the random blood splatter gave him a fresh splash of color like a native hunter.

Every inch of Killua, was truly a masterpiece too valuable to be hung up on some teenager fan girl's wall. Killua deserved to be an a museum.

Yet Gon figured he wouldn't fancy that much, he wasn't all that big over anyone but him able to see Killua's flawless perfect body and 6 pack abs. Not to mention those shoulders were made to bench press cars it seemed like-Never had the teen even dreamed to be dating a male so stunning and photogenic.

Carefully Gon wiped the blood off Killua's cheeks, watching how simply the layer of crimson faded away. Killua easily getting more flustered, heating up by Gon's intense gaze, hazel brown looking hollow compared to cold ice blue.

Instinctively Killua laced their fingers together. "Thank you." He muttered feeling a bit better with the grime gone. "I was surprised your Aunt didn't ask more questions about it."

Gon turned away removing his hadn't from Killua's and, tossing the dirty blood covered napkins in a little trash can by the door. Not leaving but keeping a steady step distance between them to allow air. His face looked firm, "Don't play games with me, Killua. I'm not in the mood. I wanna fucking jump out the damn window but you won't let me!"

"Okay! Whatever? I'm here now!" Killua declared walking forward towards Gon. Placing a hand on his boyfriend's shoulder he shook him exclaiming, "GET OVER IT! GET OVER IT! Just. GET. OVER. IT!"

"NO!" Gon shouted defiantly as he grabbed Killua's wrist up in his hand. Flicking it upwards he sent his boyfriend in the air, completely catching Killua off guard he let out a little gasp. His back slamming onto Gon's mattress, when he landed. For a few seconds Killua's mind couldn't wrap around the fact that he had been back flipped, almost to the ground if it wasn't for Gon's bed being right there. Killua's mouth hung agape as Gon growled out a more aggressive, "No! No, NO MORE!" Gon's black locks bounced as he shook his head violently, his brown eyes burning with passion.

The action perked a little more than Killua's attention as Gon crawled on top of him. The smaller boy pinning rather roughly with his breathing heavily like he was resisting slapping the crap out of him right now. Icy blue eyes stared up reading every feverish emotions that grazed over Gon's face in waves. All of them mixing up into on in a huge snowball. Pretty shadows played all over his face, making each twist and feel even more magical.

Killua wasn't bothered in the slightest that Gon didn't ask permission to be sliding his hands up and down the sides of his body. Tan hands rummaging over his abs, his shirt was crumpled up like trash ready to be thrown away. Killua couldn't control the actions that compelled his body to jerk upwards; at the dry air hump it caught Gon's already shaky unstable attention span.

In fact Killua held his breath as he heard Gon let out a dry cackle laughing as his knee brushed against an erection. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Gon moved his knee more forcefully over Killua's crotch, the cap grinding down against the hardness. A pink deep blushed wiped over Gon's cheeks as he came to terms with the rock in Killua's pants. It made him drop all of his anger not finding himself able to channel it. Instead Gon gasped out as the more forcefully he pressed the bigger the object got, a slight twisted smile came on his lips. "You like this, don't you?"

Nervous sweat dripping from Gon's forehead onto Killua's. It made the white haired teen chuckle dully, not having any shame. Killua grind his hardness on Gon's knee humming out, "What can I say, I'm a dirty filthy fuck?" A satisfied smirk came over his lips as he placed his hands on Gon's leash tugging him down, making sure his boyfriend sat his plump round ass right on top of his throbbing cock.

"Damn right you are." Gon huffed out bouncing his ass up and down on Killua's cock. Gon leaned his head forward, his black bangs dusted over his half-lidded eye lids as he licked his lips looking at blue dangerous orbs glancing at his soul like a fire sparking up. "The first step is admitting it."

Nervously after wetting his plump pink lips with slobber like opposite sides of a pole their lips connected roughly. Their tongues licked tongue rubbing against each other their taste buds gave the other's chills as they grind on top of the other. It wasn't a sweet dainty kiss, neither of them not even minding the fact drool was leaking in and out both their mouths or Killua before he knew his snaking arms around the smaller male's ass was groping it gently.

Gon gasped breaking their kiss apart as his let out a low groan upwards. "Ahh, Killua fuck.. You know I'm still sore."

"You should take your clothes off. I can make you feel better. Kiss your ass, suck out your hole." Killua purred their noses rubbing together as he squeezed Gon's toned hips.

"No… we can't what if Alluka or Kalluto walk in while we do it?"

"Damn them. I want your sexy ass to myself, baby boy."

"I'm still pissed at you."

"Mmm, baby boy..Dont be…!" Killua pressed them in a mooching position as he leaned down and slapped their mouths together.

"Killua...this is not gonna work.." Gon mumbled sweetly as he felt the older boy press his hard on him. Killua's hands gently running over the tight hem trimming on Gon's body and curvaceous figure, his mind boggling over all that skin begging to be touched, and his throbbing erection caught up tight in his skinny jean, it was his best nightmare.

Killua couldn't help it, it was like drugs. Gon tasted so fine-Talking ice cream sandwich filled with chocolate chip cookie dough mixed with delicious mouth watering hazelnut swirls lost in those wonderful eyes them seemed to mesmerize with every blink, drawing them in and spitting them out like poison in his mouth.

Killua was fabulous there was no doubt but his temperament and narcissistic personality was his only down fall, and the lovely teen seemed to be a pro at finding as the rubbed their clothed hot, sweaty, bodies together. As much as he longed for more, he could take more, Gon would always give until there was nothing left for anything to take from him. The boy wad a too kind heart.

"Gon...~mmm. Don't be like that Baby boy. You're so damn fine." Gently sucking on the younger male's bottom lip, sucking like a lollipop Killua swished it around his mouth. Then he thrusted his pelvis against Gon's ass listening to the crisp unmistakable squeak of pure leather up against the other.

Until that was his boyfriend pulled away once more, Gon retracting their loving transaction. The teen breathing heavily as he panted out, "Enough." He pressed his finger to Killua's lips blocking them from mashing informing him. "No more lies. No more secrets between us."

Killua was breathing heavily too, his blue eyes flashing at the proposal on the table. He never was one for bringing up stuff he had already declared. Taking up Gon's hand he pointed at the Green Lantern ring on his finger. "I already gave you a promise ring along with my heart. What more do you want?"

An even more conflicted storm washed over Gon's face, "Killua, I don't understand! You say that you love me! Then you come and pull some crazy shit like this! After we talked about it...and!"

"You said you loved me…"

"I do! And you said that you loved me too! Love works two ways! You have to CARE about other's feelings!"

"I do care! You have no idea, what I just did today! You have no idea, what I just pulled today!"

"What is it?"

"I can't tell you!"




"SHUT THE FUCK UP GON!" Killua grabbed the boy's hand as he squeezed it, panting out heavily, "If your true love claim stands..." The bitter roll of his tongue made it sound sinister like a curse word, "Then you'll just have to put up with me."

"What!?" Gon felt his voice crack like the tables had suddenly turned making him the bad guy. "That's...what kind of logic?" His brown eyes shifted to one of worry and completely frazzled as his heart started pounding out of time.

"Yeah...put up with me. Show you care about me, by just accepting my words sometimes."

"I'll kill myself!"

"I won't let you do that. You need to live on, live on right by my side where you belong." Killua flashed his sadistic look, it was plain almost completely merciless. Almost made Gon wonder what type of drugs Killua was on. The older boy didn't seem to give a single fuck. Maybe Killua wouldn't ever change and he would keep doing whatever it took for him to survive. Those thoughts made Gon's insides churn.

"I'll tell then, I'll call and tell the police everything!" Gon hissed, still trying to be bold.

Yanking his boyfriend's head up, Killua planted a kiss on Gon's forehead. Elaborating, "Who cares? You'll think they'll actually believe you? You think they will believe that I have superpowers?" He cracked a slight laugh, "THIS IS MY logic baby boy. My rules, my way. Soon the whole world will follow it. Therefore don't worry your pretty little mind much. In good time the whole world will cower groveling beneath our feet."

There was a passive look that appeared on Gon's face. On that Killua couldn't quite look out, but it was a strange peculiar smile that slowly started to taint the tip of Gon's lips steadily spreading out. It wasn't a warm glowing radiant everything was going to be rainbow happy sparkling good time smile. The smile on Gon's face was so fucking fake it suddenly made Killua wanna puke from its crap. Completely utterly broken, that matched the dull lifeless look in Gon's dim dirty brown eyes. The look was almost shattering completely scattered like glass gone to ash size pieces.

Killua was wearing Gon down slightly each day more erosion occurred to the sunshine boy's happy-go-lucky nature.

"Okay.. Killua. You're right. You could take the whole damn world if you wanted to." Gon said almost in a phony way that fake smile still embedded on his lips. "I'll stay right beside you the whole way." He made sure only to say the word he knew Killua would want to hear. Gon couldn't say what he was thinking out loud, at least not right now. He'd hush his mouth and buy some more time to wait around for a while.

Chapter Text

It was in the dead of night when disaster struck. Everyone was sleeping peacefully in Gon's room. Alluka and Kalluto on an air mattress sleeping on the floor, while Gon and Killua slept in the bed. They all stayed pretty close to each other in the same area. Due to the way Gon's bed was positioned near the bedroom window a bit over to the side; the air mattress over to the side.

It was that certain lay out that made the situation so strange when a pair of strong hands grabbed Gon immediately. First the hand had a touch binding almost like tiny spiders crawling all over him. It made the teen let out a surprised almost terrified yelp stuttering out, "K-kkkkkkiiiii..lll? Killua?" He popped open his brown eyes, only to see nothing but complete and utter darkness.

"Hmm?" Killua murmured out clearly still in dream land. His body was chilling beside his boyfriend like always in a protective manner.

Completely terrified Gon sat up, trembling a bit as he croaked out hoarsely. "D-dddid...did you feel that? Or-r was..that you?"

Killua squeezed Gon's hips, reassuringly in a sacrosanct way. "Yeah, I'm right here. Right beside you forever, baby boy."

That did little to nothing to ease Gon's urge feeling the pair of mystery hands leave his face. To hear the rustling of what sounded like feet barely shuffling to manage to make their way in his room without bumping into anything.

Of course it could have been Gon just acting worried about anything paranormal haunting his house. But it didn't easy his nerves. He broke out into a cold sweat, elbowing Killua in his side. Frantically exclaiming, "B..bu..bu..BUT KILLUA! Did you hear that?! Did YOU!?"

"God damn it, Gon. Don't be such a scaredy cat!" Yawning Killua removed his hands from Gon's waist. The teen stirring a bit as he sat up, wiping the sleep from his eyes, everything looked blurry with his senses thrown a bit off. "It's probably the wind. You left the window open because you said it gets too warm in here."

" sounds like footsteps!" Gon squeaked out in a hushed whisper. He could barely contain the fear in his voice as it went up. His heart beat steadily increasing the more seconds passing that were painfully dragged out.

"Footsteps? In your room?" Killua knotted his eyebrows together. Slowly coming back to reality to absorb the atmosphere around him. Now that he took it into account he started to notice that something was strange. However he couldn't put his finger on what it was, maybe it was a slick villainous sense going off.

Another curious touch was placed on Gon it almost made him cry out to ask Killua if it was him again. 'No.' A voice in the back of Gon's mind seemed to warn. 'Not Killua. Killua's hands were much bigger, more firm and tender. These are more feminine, plus they're smooth.'

Automatically Gon jerked away, rolling off the side of his bed, he expected to hit the carpet on his floor with a loud thump. Instead he found himself landing on a pair of shoes, and whoever was wearing them let out a way too wolf like howl of pain that gave Gon chills. His heart was practically pounding out of his chest at record speed, it made his head spin.

"Aaaaaawwwooo! Shit! Damn you, lil brat!" It was legit bittersweet words spat out the mysterious figures mouth. Whoever's hands it was didn't leave from Gon's gasp, it yanked the smaller male's shirt up, pulling him forcefully to his feet.

"KILLUA!" Gon screamed, full of distress. Flaring up his attention he started waving his arms in the air frantically full of panic as the world seemed to spin around him.

This time it was loud enough to snap Killua to reality. The teen was woke from his haze zombie like trance, a few sparks coming off his skin. Blue eyes blinked yet couldn't see much in the darkness, just barely silhouette of figures that he really didn't recognize in the dead of night. Not like that mattered much, Killua was hyped up chalked full of rage. Who had the audacity to come up in here and wake them? Without any form of hesitation, he was ready to throw hands on the next suspicious thing that moved.

Killua was usually a very mental person. He tended to stay in his own world and focus on things according to his needs and manor, all of which that he was trained to do. Well, that was back when he actually obeyed his training. Now just look at him, Killua could feel his mind free from all that stupid training and rule learning, He was no longer in his own world, but now his shared one-a world he shared with the light of his life. For the record, Killua was not sure when he had allowed Gon to create a shared world with him. It just kind of happened. Possibly it could be, that their new world had been created the first time they had intercourse. Humans were animals after all, and similar to their body functions, hormones get released and bonding and attachments are made even if they were not said.

More than likely, such an excuse was just Killua searching for an answer though. Because, humans loved making excuses for their own shortcomings. Humans liked to forget their flaws and embracement, they would rather cover them up then expose them to the world. For so long, Killua had been doing such a thing to himself, that it had become like second nature, yet now around Gon, Killua didn't feel the need to ball himself up. Killua, for the actually first time in his life was feeling love.

Love not measured by money in one's bank account, or the enchanting looks that one possesses. Love that was measured by dedication. The love that Gon gave Killua was unconditional. However, Gon was still human; he still had his own issues and problems. Gon had his own morals of what was wrong and right. He had his own idea of how much he would take until he would say, 'goodbye' not to love, but 'goodbye' until Killua would get his act together. Which was something that Killua couldn't find himself being able to risk. Killua didn't ever want Gon to stray far away from him.

Killua wanted to hug Gon, squeeze Gon, kiss Gon. Hell, he wanted to wake him to see that same lovely smile on his sunshine's face everyday. So there was no damn, way he was going to let some freak take his baby boy away!

Bolting up in the bed he howled, "Gon! Gon where the hell..? What THE LIVING FUCK IS GOING ON?" Anger was what fueled Killua to send a huge spark of lightning in the corner where his boyfriend had dropped to. He shook his head furiously yet the darkness was like a thick opaque blanket over his eyes.

All this yelling made Kalluto start to stir awake, the boy sitting up quietly. Careful not to wake Alluka who was snoring like a log. He began to silently observe the sight playing out before him, being sure to not talk much since if something went down in here there needed to be one person who lived to tell the story. And that one person, was definitely about to be him. Since in no way shape or form was Kalluto about to dive in the middle of this and get his ass dragged.

Killua's lovely blue sparks unfolding like a firecracker made whatever or whoever attacking Gon fearful about getting hit by it. Because it dashed away dragging Gon along with it, all the smaller male could do was kick yelp as he was moving further away from his bed. Jerking his head away when Killua sent another lightning bolt in his direction.

"KILLUA! Holy shit! Watch where you're aiming!"

"That's kinda hard to do in the dark."

"Well don't aim them purposely at my head! It's like you don't care! Where do you think your target is?"

" t-"


"Sunshine..." Killua's expression fell flat as he mumbled out, "Don't make me get into that right now." He flicked his wrist sending another bolt of lightning across the room following the sound of his boyfriend's voice.

"AAHH!" Gon gasped out helplessly as he reached out for his awesome DC hero poster. Only to see it barely being dodged from being combust into flames. It was slowly setting him off as he breathed out heavily annoyed. "DON'T AIM FOR MY COLLECTION ITEMS EITHER!"

"Well do you want to be saved?!"


"Oh, oh...that explains it."


"WELL YA KNOW," Killua grit his teeth complaining sending more sparks around the room in a frenzy. Yet such actions did no good the light would only last for a brief second barely enough for anyone's eyes to adjust and catch faces. "IT WOULD BE DAMN EASIER IF I KNEW WHERE THE LIGHT IS!"

"Try the lamp on my shel-mmdf!" Gon felt the rest of the words swallowed up by his throat as a hand was forcefully placed over his mouth. Silencing the rest of his cries a taller more well built body held him in place.

Killua shook off the idea growling slowly he stood up from the bed. Nothing but demonic rage filling his blue eyes as lightning zapped all over his body, "I don't know who the hell you are, but nobody takes away" Throwing his fist back he cocked and locked it, his eyes scanning the room for his first victim. He had touched Gon so many times he could tell his body shape out from the rest of the group. There seemed to be 2 girls and one guy who had intruded on them. Heh, Killua would roll his dice and take a shot at one of them. Punching his fist forward he yelled out, "My Sunshine!" A gush of raw lightning power ran through the air fast like a current it shot aimed at one of his unlucky foes.

"It's the lightning freak kid again." A feminine voice that he quickly noticed was similar to Machi's. "We never catch a break with him."

"Haa~ that's because he sticks to Gon like superglue. Honestly they're so picturesque." A voice that was unmistakable Hisoka's sung out. He must have been holding Gon, because Killua swore he heard his boyfriend let out a muffled yell.

Whatever Killua's full on lightning attack was aimed at must have moved because a few seconds later there was a large crackling flame of fire over there by the, "Phantom Troupe." His mouth found himself hissing out in complete and utter disgust.

With the fire slowly eating away on the poster on the wall it grew brighter allowing Killua to see his boyfriend's kidnappers. Machi, Hisoka, and...some girl with glasses? If she had a name, Killua couldn't recall it at the moment. His mind was pulling the strings of pure anger. He was charged up and ready to go for another attack. The damn Phantom Troupe was gonna pay for coming here and messing with them.

The only thing that halted him was when Gon managed to shout out, "KILLUA BEHIND YOU!"

"Shhh! Quite now~Gon." Hisoka insisted forcefully shoving two fingers in his mouth.

"Eh?" The white haired male twisted his body around swooping to the ground for a brisk second as he caught sight of a metal bat cracking again his shoulder. It was barely an effective scratch this time thanks to him being super charged. Easily Killua rebounded back up. A sly smirk crossing his lips as he bragged, "I'm fast as lightning, ya know? I'm not going down like some pansy fuck ass."

The familiar teen, Feitan, with a killer metal bat chuckled lowly, his black eyes cut as he raised his hand in the air. There was what looked like a bomb!? No, couldn't be a bomb. They weren't all about to risk blowing this place to smithereens. It had to be something else! But what? Every rational part of Killua's brain warned him that he didn't want to find out.

Feitan sneered lowly, "Sorry it came to this, but we can't afford any witnesses." He uncapped the weapon, before tossing it into the air amusing, "Gas mask on!"

Kalluto immediately buried his head under the cover that layered on the air mattress lowly whispering to himself, "See nothing know nothing see nothing know nothing." It was a chant he went on. Mentally promising himself that Alluka would come with him to go rescue Killua and Gon later on. Kalluto knew where the Phantom Troupe hideout was, Illumi had taken him there while he was babysitting him plenty of times. His older brother wasn't in the gang but he did sometimes do dirty work of them.

"Gas...m-mask!?" Killua at first didn't comprehend. That was when his head started to spin with the more oxygen he breathed in. His once almost crystal clear vision began to go hazy, he could barely make out the other Phantom Troupe members with their rough breathing increasing loudly through the mask. It was completely mortifying, his mind slowly came to pass what was happening. It was sleeping gas!

"S-sshit!" Desperately Killua reached out stumbling forward, yet his eyelids were growing ever heavier.

"K-kkil!" Gon choked out, his brown eyes trembling before growling watching his boyfriend drop to the ground. Frustrated he chomped down on Hisoka's fingers, grinding his teeth deep into them forcefully.

"Aren't you feeling kinky today, hmm? Bet you're a good little slut, huh?" Hisoka purred out, even though the gas mask was preventing his usual sexy tone. It made his voice sound rough aggressive ready to demolish.

"You call me a slut, but it's not your business who I'm fucking with." Gon snapped bitterly, his brown eyes flashing harshly at Hisoka. He let out a low snarl, as he let go of Hisoka's slender fingers. The blood dripping off of them tasted as awful as his attitude.

The taller male shrugged almost too relaxed and casually. "I'm just teasing, with you~!" Hisoka sung out, as he ran his fingers through Gon's hair. "Because actually, if what Illumi told me was true that you slept with Killua, I'd be jealous."

"Why? He's my boyfriend, you're not."

"Mmm, but he's a loser. I can fuck you way better and if you gave me your honest opinion you'd agree, correct?"

"You basta-." Gon started to say when a fist connected with his side. He hunched over as pain flared up his side. It wasn't unbearable, but damn did it hurt. It felt like fire had just lit up his skin, and set his whole body ablaze.

"Try again, I can already hear the lie." Hisoka chuckled out into his ear. "Remember, now doll face, I said honest.."

Gon spat in anger. He'd been beaten like this many times in the past and most times. In every instance Killua had come to help him though. Which meant that, his pupils rolled over to his boyfriend's limp body. "KILLUA! COME ON GET UP STOP BEING UNCONSCIOUS AND ACTUALLY HELP ME!"

Of course Killua barely moved his hands and feet crawling forward wearily. Gon's eyes lit up as he quickly encouraged the action prompting, "Yes! YES! GET UP! GET UP! GET BACK IN THE FIGHT! YOU CAN DO IT! COME ON, GET IN THERE! COME ON!"

Feitan stomped the top half of his bat on Killua's back, grinding his bone down aggressively. "No, no..can't be having that now." He bent down insisting, "Just say goodnight to your precious sunshine, he'll see you soon."

"Ughh.. Gon." Killua's words flowed together in a slur motion his lips growing numb as fatigue took over his body in a storm. It would be all over soon. Damn... he ain't did worth nothing at all to even still affect those creeps.

"It's okay..." A weak smile came on Gon's face that read, 'You did your best, thank you for your service' it was shaky unsure.

It still made Killua feel like a failure.

"I don't understand…" Killua found himself mumbling under his breath to himself. "I did the right thing. I gave up my life of crime...I traded it for...for..what?" His blue eyes almost seemed to go frantic as they rolled around in their sockets. "To be with Gon. Yet I can't...e-eveeen do, an easy thing lii-k-eeeee this right…? No." He felt a few sparks make a way down his arms a bit, trying to heed to his call for power. Yet the small sparks always flickered out in the end, soon as they got released into the air. It made the boy fall into a state of panic as he gasped out loud angrily, "What's wrong with me?"

Hisoka chuckled lowly, "I pity a fool like you." Then his slight mocking taunt only seemed to grow as he pulled Gon closer to him. "Look at your hero, now! Look at him, reduced to the scum of the earth he is and always will be."

"How dare you regard to Killua, as if you know him?" Gon screamed out, his eyes starting to fill with tears as he struggled to get himself free. "Don't you dare disrespect, Killua like that! Don't disrespect my man like that! You take it back! Put some respect on Killua's name!"

Slowly Killua opened his mouth to respond but his jaw felt too heavy words too difficult to come by. Everything seemed to freeze the world zoning in on one person Gon. With every move he made and every breath he took. Gon was getting closer to Killua.


Just a little while longer...

They would be in the same place.

Chapter Text

When Gon awoke he saw nothing but straight darkness due to the blindfold that covered his eyes. Yet it left him with heightened senses. He was clearly wrapped in his bed sheet, he could tell because they still smelled strongly of Killua. Which meant that the Phantom Troupe must have really been a bunch of lazy fucks to not by rope to properly tie them up in.

Steadily he cracked his foot, ready to start tapping it to make the numbing feeling go away. There wasn't a sound made or much of anything other than his sneakers against concrete. Which lead him to the conclusion that no one was there.

"Killua, are you awake?!" Gon called out lowly. Wiggling his hands to try and mobilize them he discovered that they were handcuffed together.

There was a grumpy reply of, "Yeah, sunshine... I'm up." It sounded close almost right next to him but Gon couldn't be sure. the darkness seemed to surround him whole and swallow him up; almost made him paranoid of his sense of direction.

"Can you move?"

"Yeah, I broke my handcuffs and stuff a long time ago. I'm sorta like super strong so it's nothing to hold me back."

"Good, come break mine!"

"Oh, right. You can't see...well there is a few bars separating us."

"You can't break THE BARS!?"

"I can but that will draw unnecessary attention."

"Fine, do you have your phone?"

"Yes. Those dumb fucks didn't have the brains to take it."

Thinking fast on what to do next quickly Gon urged out, "Call Kurapika, to come get us! Turn your location."

"Okay." Killua pulled out his phone going over to a dark corner to dial up the other male's number. Hopes picking up when he heard, Kurapika answer telling him, "Yo. We're sorta in need of assistance."

There was the some shuffling around completely not from just the other side. It was the sound of footsteps against the pavement that didn't sound completely from his boyfriend's side. That thought made Gon's blood run cold completely in fear. The sound of what had to be his cell opening was nerve wrecking too.

"Aoi! Are you wake now?" A gruff voice asked. Gon felt himself being dragged out his cell pulled roughly against the ground as a strong harsh grip locked him in.

Crap he was getting further away from Killua! Nor did he know where he was at. He probably should talk. Gon figured it was the best way to plead his case. So soon as he was stopped being pulled, he found himself being propped to sit up, like a movable Barbie doll they controlled his limbs settling him down.

"Where am I? What's going on?" Gon stuttered out. As a shape blade cut off the heavy blind fold over his face. It allowed him to finally see the faces of most of the Phantom Troupe members in front of him.

"Oh so you are awake. Alright." The man with brown hair in a ponytail was sitting before him for the most part, his chon resting on the head of his sword. "The name is Nobunaga. I have a few things to ask you."

"You actually think I'm gonna answer you honestly?" Gon challenged completely ready to go at them.

Nobunaga let a slight laugh out as he smiled back at the fellow members of his gang. "See, I like him. Already..."

Gon revolted a bit, narrowing his eyes. "Well I don't like either of you. What do you want?" He was very uncomfortable with this the whole situation.

"Straight to the point, eh?" Nobunaga remained firm even though the smile started to drop from his lips slightly making sure his eyes started to glare at Gon instantly. "Well, where is the merch that Killua stole?"

That was enough for Gon's mind to start spinning in wonder. His expression twisting almost more bitter as he hissed, "What do you know about the merch? Who told you?" He wasn't about to easily betray his boyfriend like that. Killua might have been a super villain but he worked so hard to get it done his revenge. He deserved every inch of it and should keep it.

Nobunaga glared at Gon sourly his scarlet eyes dashing to meet brown. He ran his fingers over shoulders roughly a trail of blood leaking off his fingertips as he brought them up to Gon's face, a twisted smile playing on his lips like he was holding back a laugh at such a pitiful situation reading the horror and fear in Gon's eyes. Nobunaga crept forward sneering in a low whispering between the two of them in Gon's ear, "Why does it matter.. don't stir up garbage. Think of the stuff he stole as compensation. You owe us."

It felt like his hands were cradling Gon's heart as he slipped his fingers all over his chest strumming the organ like a harp. Plucking them made Gon's heart freeze at Nobunaga's face a fully stretched a creepy grin with revenge boiling in his heated black eyes loving the expression of shock that ran over Gon's face. Gon's body feeling trapped in a deadlock trance the more they glared at each other. Gon's vision growing dark as the loud thumping of his heart grew louder and louder until a roaring was too much to handle as the older boy squeezed Gon's pumping organ out feeling Gon's soul and mind pause as he read it, everything and every freezing in a split second like a place where the mighty wings of heaven touched earth.

The words coming out his mouth like fire he spat, "So tell us. Tell us." His sharp nails scraped on the pink tissues watching the flakes fall off like bloody snow, Gon's hazel eyes shrunk as they shook in a socket each time he laid a touch on Gon it was like a knife to his soul. Coal black eyes darting around as they shot pain through Gon's body like needles, "You were born to stubborn weren't you?"

Gon squeaked out afraid, "What...?! No! No! I don't care what you say about me!" Gon's hands wanted to move and find Killua's for reassurance but was frozen and caught up in the dephs of Nobunaga's trap. Still there was no way he was freaking revealing Killua's loot spot.

"Meh, you pretty stone cold tough huh..." Nobunaga said slowly pulling away from Gon, as allowing his universe started to return to normal. While Nobunaga's voice hoarse and scratchy he titled his head to the side getting a better view of Gon waves of black falling to the side as he rasped, "See! I told you, guys! This kid has potential." The fire in his eyes burned out returning to dull and lifeless uncaring once more.

"I could care less. If he wants to join, let him. But he's gotta answer our questions first." Feitan insisted not amused in the slightest.

Join? Join the spider? The idea was pure nonsense for Gon. It didn't really matter what they offered him; there was no way he was going to accept. Shaking his head firmly he snapped, "I ain't telling you shit! Until you answer me! Who told you about the money?"

Rising to his feet Gon found himself not surprised when Hisoka chirped out a cheerful, "Here~!" Taking to his lead he hummed out a happy. "That would be me, Gon dear~! Did you call? I miss seeing that super cute face of yours."

"I should have known!" A voice came in from the side, as Killua charged forward. (Gon guessed with everyone gone he broke out of his cell.) No way should this even be happening but Killua threw a few good punches forward. "ILLUMI FOUND OUT AND TOLD YOU!"

"Oh. You got free?" Hisoka said quick stepping to avoid a mean electric punch. "Not that I expected any less. How interesting!"

"No! Killua stand down!" Gon snarled feeling a mocking anger bubble up in him. "I wanna fight him." He looked at the rest of the phantom Troupe laying out the terms and conditions. "If I beat Hisoka, you let us go free!"

It was a happily bubbly outburst of pure cruel laughter from the members. Most of them doubting that Gon could even lay a freaking finger on Hisoka's face in general.

"Alright, deal." Feitan shrugged as gave the commands. It easily allowed some members to break Gon out of the bed sheets for him to move. The older boy snorting, "Since your obviously not that bright, like your chain user friend. If you think you can match fist with us."

"Kurapika." Phinks cackled lowly almost in a snicker. "Never thought I'd see someone be stupid like him and ruin his own life."

"Well he's never gonna be graduating now." Feitan muttered a sly cruel smirk coming on his lips. "That's one less thing to worry about. Even if we never properly get our revenge."

"Shut up! Don't talk about Kurapika like that! Of course he'll graduate after this whole thing clears up!" Gon snarled not appropriating at all the way that they mocked his best friend.

"Sunshine..." Killua muttered, his blue eyes dryly looking at his boyfriend.

Gon grit his teeth, stepping forward to Hisoka completely ready to pounce like a cat. Warning Killua lowly, "Just step back. Stay back. I'll get us out of this."

Raking his sharp nails to pull up his black silky hair he snapped, "Miss playing with me, Gon? I do too." Hisoka sneered lowly tossing the smaller boy to his knees.

With that the fight had started it was practically over before it had officially begun.


Through her baby blue eyes Alluka watched intensely, her heart beating quickly as she observed the gang of kids. They were strong no doubt definitely not a gang the two of them could take out alone.

Tapping Kalluto on the back she muttered to him, "I think, we should go get help. These kids are no joke. Seriously tough!" Alluka let out a rough sigh as she balled up her fist almost complaining, "We couldn't make a dent in them, even if we tried. They even have big brother tied up."

"Hmm.." Kalluto crawled forward a bit more, his jeans dragging against the dirty ground, his hands were already filthy by the time he placed them on the open window seal.

"K-Kalluto!" Nervously Alluka began stuttering her little brother's name out trying to drag him back to her. "Don't g-gggooo to far!"

Now the boy usually didn't say or do much. But these group of people happened to perk his interest. Kalluto despite orders from his older sister was a tad bit more engaged at Gon and Hisoka's battle going on. He slowly perked his head against the window trying to see the outcome as the smoke was starting to clear.

"KALLUTO!" Alluka snapped in a more aggressive whisper. She couldn't help the fact her nervous trembling was getting the best of her, even as she moved forward to catch up the slightly sound of footsteps made her freeze up like a possum and play dead.

Kalluto gazed in awe at Hisoka and Gon. Surprisingly both were still miraculously standing after a rough explosion like that. But clearly Hisoka was in way better shape than Gon was. Gon looked ready to fall out at any second while Hisoka was barely injured in the slightest. For some reason that sight got under Kalluto's skin, shaking his head he mumbled out, "He's strong, but Gon's stubborn. They'll end up fighting until he's dead."

"DEAD!?" Alluka choked out. Almost barrel rolling the final few steps to catch up with Kalluto, where she clung to his back tightly forcing him down urging. "Well don't worry about! We can get help!"

Firmly Kalluto brushed Alluka off of him. The boy rose to his feet a bit triumphantly as he dusted himself off the dirt fell in pieces crumbling to the ground. It seemed like that matched his usual calm attitude disappearing as a slight fire burned in Kalluto's eyes. "No. Did you forget the rules for coming out here?" He asked her lowly preparing to jump through the window and into the battle.

"Of course I do! Father said to stay with Illumi or Killua. Then he said make sure they don't do something stupid to each other; if so prevent them from doing so. The last one was make sure no one in the family died." Alluka recalled blurting them out. Her hands still tugging on Kalluto's shirt trying to hold him back, it really wasn't worth all this.

"That's right." A sly smirk came on Kalluto's face as if he was finding an excuse to join in on the action. He pointed at Gon's halfway beaten scar covered body a deter gleam in his eyes as he insured by saying such words out loud before sealing such fate. "Gon is family. He's gonna marry Killua remember? I won't let, so pink haired clown makeup loving prick drag a future Zoldyck around. It makes the family name look bad."

"Hehe..." Alluka let out a uncertain laugh trying to ignore the tossing and turning terrible feeling in her stomach. "You're so crazy. Just like Killua sometimes, ya know that?"

Kalluto nodded simply as he quickly cocked his fist back, "Okay, so we're doing this."

Soon as the sound of glass breaking filled her ears, Alluka felt an insane amount of fear shot through her as her breathing increased rapidly. "Wait no Ka-" That stubborn little brother of hers launched himself through the window, not minding the glass shards at all. Kalluto's hair flew back as his legs launched him powerfully forward, his eyes blazing with excitement to through some blows. Alluka couldn't mange to lay a finger or pull him back any distance, out of frustration she let out a pissy, "UGH!"


The room full of criminal delinquents, turned almost maliciously to look at the little elementary school intruder. Not that their glares frightened off Kalluto at all, he remained firm with a straight look on his lips and devious spark in his eyes. Plenty of glass rained down beside him, like a shower on top of him. He titling his head to the side, slowly observing his surroundings in the storage house. Kalluto skillfully calculated his odds in this fight.

While the other Phantom Troupe members didn't seem amused or amazed at his grand entrance. Phinks was the first to snarl out, "Some elementary school snot nose brat, found our secret hideout?"

It didn't take Killua's brain to register what was going on; his reaction was just as mean and hurtful as the fellow Spiders. His blue eyes sparking up dangerously as he bellowed out, "KALLUTO WHAT THE BLOODY FUCK!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!? WHERE IS ALLUKA!? DID YOU LEAVE HER?"

Shakily responding to her name, Alluka poked her head through the window. "That's me... I'm right here..." Shakily raising her hand through the chipped broken glass remaining on it trying not to get her sleeve torn or stuck on it.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Phinks howled out, as the other Phantom Troupe members seemed to revolt in disgust. "ANOTHER SNOT NOSE BRAT KNOWS THE LOCATION OF OUR SECRET HIDEOUT!?"

Machi glared at the girl in glasses informing her, "Shizuku you said that we weren't being followed."

Shizuku pushed her glasses up, sighing tiredly, "They were just children. So I didn't mind them much." Her voice was laced with self disappointment as she looked at the two kids from above. "Franklin, you take care of them."

A strong well built man rose up from sitting in his seat, his long ear lobs jiggled as he slowly walked forward. Mumbling out a, "Okay. Since I have to."

Kalluto trued hard not to let an grin cross his face not even a bit, it was best to conceal emotions on the battlefield. Even with his fist rather eager to dig into some flesh, itching to spill some blood. In no time he should he easily be able to over power his opponent.

"No! Kalluto stand down!" Killua snapped at his younger brother. He could practically tell what the other was thinking and he would suffer greatly for under estimating them. "ITS BEST TO LEAVE!"

Franklin looked at the smaller boy now standing in front of him. Clearly willing to cut this kid some slack, he cracked his neck. "You heard him kid. Last chance to get lost."

Without even batting an eyebrow, Kalluto didn't pay much mind to the warning. He shifted his feet to fighting position; a teasing look in his purple eyes, that only Killua seemed to catch the true meaning of.

Angrily letting out a slur of curses Killua snapped, "FUCK IT! GON, STOP HIM!"

"Eh?" Gon wiped some blood off his bottom lip. It seemed like Kalluto could body slam Franklin to the ground at any given second. Gon didn't understand why Kalluto might need help or stopping. Plus his goal was Hisoka. Now was his opening chance to take a shot.

Clearly like everyone else Hisoka had been zoned out and distracted. A small grin came on Gon's face as he recognized it for an opening. Charging forward he launched himself in the air blazing full of momentum, Gon soared getting plenty of air time before laying a rough aggressive punch on Hisoka's face. Sneering, "Ah-ha! Got cha! Never turn your head on a fight!"

Hisoka blew back on impact, the small teen had packed a punch that he wasn't quite prepared for yet. The rest of the following events seemed to happen in slow motion everyone in the room seemed to gasp in shock that Gon had even finally managed to lay a finger on Hisoka. Especially in the face which was like a deathly impact to the side of his cheek, if they weren't so hard trained that was enough strength to break someone's neck.

By the time Gon landed he was panting, but still hyped up with excitement as he pointed at Hisoka, feeling completely satisfied. "I did it! Take that!"

"Whoa! I can't believe you did that..?" Killua questioned his daze lighting up impressed only to hear some gunshots firing harshly off the window from behind aimed at the Troupe members.

Nobunaga them all down motioned yelling, "I see! That was your plan all along. All this time, stall till your back up came." Skillfully he pulled out his swords slicing through the bullets smoothly.

"Actually we didn't really have a plan." Gon mumbled out, ducking his head down. The explosions of what sounded like people busting in and shots firing was muffled by his face eating dirt for what felt like the 800th time today, but he figured it was better than a bullet to his skull.

"Shut up! Don't tell them that!" Killua hissed, as he took advantage of everyone getting down on their hands and knees to avoid shots and started to make a made dash for the door.

Gon quickly seemed to catch on too, that whoever was firing those shots were definitely on their side. Alluka hadn't screamed or given a word of warning so that meant something was finally at least going all good for them. He slowly began picking up his feet making a mad dash for the window before noticing Kalluto frozen in what almost appeared to be shock. "Damn…" He murmured turning around to go get the younger boy feeling like Killua would be storming mad if he didn't.

Phinks was saying something along the lines of shout rapidly, "DONT LET THEM ESCAPE!" Even if his words were distorted by the bullets cutting sharply through the air like breaking wind as the sounds of multiple rapid fire commenced.

"Don't just stand there! RUN!" Gon yelled raw balling up his fist around the collar of Kalluto's t-shirt and dragging him. He would have much rather picked the boy up, but he didn't have much strength or energy left. "You can zone out later! Get mad you couldn't fight later!"

The sounds of fancy items and expensive imported stuff in boxes shattering, shot inhuman chills down Kalluto's pine. He could barely get his feet not to drag on the ground since he was busy trying to ensure he didn't get choked to death with how hard Gon was pulling his face through the dust storm. Through his eyes he could barely make out a tall man standing over his sister in the window steadily firing his pistol with a free hand. The man might have been tripping a bit on the trash laying everywhere as the mini shoot out commenced, but he kept a steady hand.

"What the hell is going on?" Kalluto questioned coughing waving his hand and ducking at each point of gun fire. Finally noticing the once dusty floor had been painted soaked in bloody fallen red.

"Our heroes are here!" Gon responded gleefully trying to dodge and swerve all around from the buzzing enemy and friendly fire, "Ya know like in a comic book?!"

The string of pain blast past Kalluro's ears making them ring louder than Metro PCS awful cheap mainstream ringtones hit and he cowered down in fear groaning, "UUUUUGHHH! No, I don't know! I don't want this!"

"Stop being a pansy fuck ass!" Killua growled at his brother as he jumped out the window into to cool night sky.

Gon forcefully dragged Kalluto forward. Tossing him through the window before jumping out himself. He didn't know what to expect when he reached to bottom honestly it was a not a long drop. It just felt like forever because the world seemed to love dragging out time in its own dangerously daring way. It made him nervous and anxious breathing heavily as feet first touch the ground softly at first but then more roughly. Till he completely landed he let out a little relieved sigh.

Killua took up his sister's hand holding on tightly to keep her close to him. Lowly he asked Alluka, "Are you okay?"

A light smile came on her face as she nodded saying, "Yes!" Then she pointed at Gon. "I would be more worried about them."

"Me?" Gon snorted, brushing off the comment. "I'm fine."

"No your not. You're struggling to walk and carry Kalluto." Killua retorted flicking his wrist commanding. "Make him walk for himself."

"Tch…" Kalluto unconsciously clung to Gon's shirt not wanting him to let go in the slightest. This was strange completely among people who didn't know or recognize so no way was he about to let go at all.

The air out this night was crisp with a light breeze considering the fact it was summer and always heating up.

"Kurapika, you made it." Gon mumbled a small satisfying look lighting up his face brightly. He didn't think he ever was so happy to see piercing scarlet eyes in his life.

Leorio clicked his tongue removing his gun from the window seal and waving it in the air exclaiming, "Well I'm here too! I mostly did all the work!"

"I was gonna thank you next!" Gon laughed free spirited just relieved to be out of the Phantom Troupe clutches.

Killua didn't feel so open minded they were just right outside their base. He could tell that Kurapika didn't feel the same way either. All of them were breathing heavily, yet they still weren't out the woods yet. The troubled natural blond looked raffled himself, puffing heavy breaths as he did a mental head check to make sure that they had everyone and no one was injured.

Deeming everyone suitable to carry on, Kurapika called out almost in a military like order. "FOLLOW ME! Stay close! Don't be crazy." He took off running stealthy.

Killua is growled pissed off that he was having to follow orders, "Who put you in charge?" He sneered lowly.

"Huh?" Kurapika cut his eyes at Killua before insisting, "I came here to rescue you. Since you can't stop getting in trouble with these ass holes!"

"Well I mean," Killua challenged shoving his hands in his pockets. "You act like you're not in the least bit responsible, for Paku's death." At the mention of the dead member of the phantom troupe, the whole entire world seemed to grow silent. Killua did take it into consideration that he might be going too far, but it couldn't hurt in the slightest to pry. "You killed Paku. You act like them kidnapping us is actually equivalent to a friend's death."

"Shut up, Killua! You and I both know that's not true!" Gon croaked out. His eyebrows knotting together in deep thought. He hated how Killua was about to lie to Kurapika's face.

"Stay out of this, Gon! Kurapika needs to learn that the world, isn't always a nice place." Killua insisted rubbing the other male's face in the dirt.

"You don't get it, do you?" Kurapika hissed, cutting his red eyes at Killua. "Well, I never expected your dumb brain to wrap around anything to be honest."

"At least, my dumb brain can draw the line between murder and compensation! This is your fault!"

"It's your fault too!"

Kalluto yanked his head up from having his own personally pity party to shout, "It's all of your faults! You're all selfish and ignorant!"

Leorio cut in boldly saying, "I am not at fault in anyway. I'm just here."

"Good then you don't need to feel a need to comment! So stay back from us." Kurapika fired. Then it didn't take long for Kurapika to pull out his car keys, fumbling around with them until he unlocked the doors. "No, just get in the damn door."

"Which do you want me to do, babe?" Leorio muttered as he rose to his feet grumbling as he walked through the living room, "You know I have pass you both to open the car door. It would have been quicker, if one of you would have done it."

"It's my car, you should be able to open my car door. You ride in it all the time." Kurapika joked a bit, flipping some of his short blond hair out of his face.

"Pff, yeah." Killua insisted using the opportunity to throw shade, "You don't want a killer like Kurapika opening up the car door."

"It's MY CAR!" Kurapika restated the obvious fact that he owned it.

"Oh my gosh!" Gon screeched finally deciding that he had enough as he let the cat out of the bag. "Kurapika didn't kill Paku." The sound of Leorio opening the door drowned out the rest of Gon's curses under his breath; if everyone would have been listening they would have caught a slight gasp from Leorio. Yet everyone was to engaged and invested in the next words out of Gon's mouth as he proclaimed, "Killua killed Paku! He used his freaking super powers to kill her! It only looked like Kurapika did, because his chain conducted Killua's electricity! That's it! It's it! So now more complaining! No more arguing! Let's just g-"

There was the heart stopping sound of gun shots that rang through the air before, Gon could finish his sentence. Followed by the shattering of glass from the wind shield hitting the ground. Everyone's gaze met the figure leaning on the nearest tree. From his black hair and cross on his forehead, along with those unforgettable cruel eyes and the fur coat, his name came instantly.

"Chrollo!" Kurapkia spoke his name harshly like it was deadly sin. He knew that the first bullets that missed were no doubt aiming for him. Yet Chrollo didn't seem too bothered that he happened to miss. Maybe he had heard, what Gon said. If so then his next set of bullets were going to fire straight into….

For a few seconds Kurapika hesitated wondering if Chrollo actually shooting Killua would be that much a bad thing.

While Leorio was sweating profoundly on his knees, trembling as he mumbled out, "Damn...a nice introduction would be appreciated before you start opening fire."

"No need." Chrollo changed his target instantly, "I'll end this whole thing." A smirk crossed his lips as he pulled the trigger again, "In one shot."

"Big brother!" Alluka screamed out, her eyes wide as she outstretched her arms a few extra inches shoving her big brother over to the side.

All the bullets went flying hard driving into the tree, instead of Killua's skull. Any other person would expect a smile or sigh of relief to come from a fortunate man lucky enough to escape death. However no such expression came on Killua's face.

The white haired male licked his teeth together, sourly as he snapped his finger together performing a display of blue lighting surrounding his body. "Well no use hiding it. You know now." Cutting his monstrous blue eyes Killua charged forward challenging, "The REAL QUESTION IS, what the hell are you going to do about it?"

"Are you mad?" Kurapika found himself hollering as he shouted, "Who da fuck throws themselves straight forward into an onslaught of bullets? Get in the damn car!"

Gon grabbed Killua's arm insisting, "Listen to him! Please!" His brown eyes looked up beggingly, which seemed to make Killua back off from attacking Chrollo.

Chrollo called out to his gang, "Get em! Get em boys they're OVER HERE!" As if a response, a huge stampede of feet seemed to be coming out from behind Chrollo.

Kurapika shouted, "HURRY UP GET IN!" Before running up to the driver seat and push starting the whip bringing it straight to life the engine purred like an angry kitty.

"I call shotgun!" Leorio quickly wasted no time taking the front seat while trying to dodge bullets.

Alluka climbed in the back peacefully and gracefully followed by Killua. Gon was struggling trying to get Kalluto to stay calm and just roll with it. "You can do it, Kalluto!" Was his meek encouraged from Gon who was trying to drag him to sit in the leather seats.

"I don't know these people!" Kalluto exclaimed clinging on the ground refusing to be dragged inside.

"Oh my FUCKING!" Killua pushed Gon out the way a bit huffing, "Move for a second." He pushed the smaller boy underneath him, crawling on top of his boyfriend practically stepping on him.

The teen flinched a bit. "Gosh, Killua! You're always so rough with meeeeee! Even when I'm all beat up like this." Gon whimpered lowly a pretty pink blush came on his face as he turned his head cutely. "But don't worry. I like you like that."

Killua raised an eyebrow not quite feeling ready to respond to that properly at the moment. So instead he focused his attention on Kalluto demanding, "GET YO ASS IN HERE fool! Do you NOT SEE THE MAN WITH THE GUN BARRELING TOWARDS US?"

"But I-" Kalluto hesitated until he heard Kurapika slam on the gas warning that the car was ready to take off.

"GET IN HERE!" Killua growled demonically using his full strength to lift his little brother in the car. Quick slamming the car door he hissed, "I thought he burned his hands or something..."

Leorio mumbled, "Y'all kids better be glad this ain't my car. I swear if you tore up my car like that, we'd have major beef."

Huffing under his breath Kalluto mumbled, "What's this old man's problem, why do I get a tragic back story after going through so much hard work?"

"WHAT HARD WORK! For your information! I am NOT OLD! I SAVED YOU!" Leorio spat hostile as he threw the gun in the glove box salty pouting, "Why does everyone think that I'm old?"

"Oooo! I know!" Gon exclaimed, "Kalluto is Killua's little brother so it's natural that ya look old to the both of them!"

"I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THOSE TWO WERE RELATED!" Leorio gasped exclaiming, "They have the same creepy ass death glare look!"

"Hehe, do you regret saving us now?" Killua sneered, a playful smirk darting across his face.

"It's not too late for us to kick you out this car." Kurapika snapped as he put on his seat belt. Leorio nodded in support with the smart ass comment, backing his boyfriend.

"But no one in the friendship fam gets left behind!" Gon shouted loudly like a warrior cry as he pumped his fist in the air.

Automatically the action seemed to light a fire in Kalluto's eyes as he thought about that fact. It was strange that they believed to do such a dangerous thing. They risked their life to help other people. Thinking out loud he found himself mumbling, " COOL! Big brother, you have such a cool boyfriend!" It was almost in complete and total admiration.

"Eh?" Killua's eyebrows perked up as he waved over at them like they were a joke. "Didn't I tell you? Gon's a lovely angel... Can't say much about the rest of them."

That earned Killua a punch in the arm by Gon who huffed, "Leorio and Kurapika are not weak losers!" Then he rubbed Kalluto's head claiming, "It's okay, stick with me kid you'll be fine."

"THAT'S RIGHT, GON! HIT HIM GOOD FOR ME!" Leorio chirped out.

"Alright... everyone ready!?" Kurapika glanced back in the mirror to see everyone all piled in the small car, it was a tight squeeze but they all muscled to suck it all in.

Alluka gave a thumbs up, the girl probably the only one actually ready since she had safely clicked on her seat belt. Chirping out a excited, "Yes, sir!" Almost too happily cheering, "Put the pedal to the metal!"

The next screams that left everyone's wet throat was definitely from Kurapika's wild driving. The car seemed to go from 0 to 60mph as he took off speeding forward on the mostly open road. The windows were down providing natural air conditioner to cool the whole vehicle but it made things hard to see with hair blowing all over wildly. Everyone's head was slammed against their seat, either wearing an expression of delight or all out turmoil horror. All to match with the blond's firmly smirking face, Kurapika was having the time of his life out racing those Phantom Troupe bastards. They couldn't have caught up with them even if they tried.

Chapter Text

The following events that had happened yesterday still etched deep inside Gon's mind. The whole entire thing with the Phantom Troupe now being on their backs. It appeared that maybe the whole thing was a bit insane. Perhaps his and Killua's relationship was growing out of control. Gon figured it the time had come to stop giving him chances. There was just too much at risk now.

Now Gon didn't care much about himself but it was for the sake of his Aunt Mito's safety. No doubt that she would be a target next since the Phantom Troupe had his address. He couldn't let that happened, if he allowed bad stuff to happen to his Aunt Mito because of him... Damn it, Gon didn't really wanna focus on what he would do to himself then.

None of this was his fault after all!

It was Killua's!

Killua had done all of this!

Ever since Gon had started going out with him, Killua brought nothing but pain, suffering and given him extremely low levels of self confidence. Still Gon didn't wanna think of what would become of Killua if he left him.

Stiffly Gon tugged at the collar, the leash did an excellent job of covering up the hicky ring around his neck. This whole situation made him uncomfortable, what if Killua did something really crazy? Gon needed to stay with Killua to keep him in check and under control. Yet it seemed that all they've done since being together was have sex, argue, then have more sex.

Damn, all these freaking facts had discombobulated his mind to the point that Gon barely even got sleep that night. He stayed up listening to Alluka and Kalluto snoring away on the sofa. He had even heard Leorio and Kurapika screwing around in the main bedroom a bit. Killua had been sleeping softly beside him, completely careless like he didn't have a worry in the world all night. Gon had just silently watched him; what seemed like the rest of the world go round all night long.

The greeting he received in the morning was strangely friendly for a guy who had just robbed a bank, been kidnapped, and almost committed murder. In fact it was when Killua's voice was almost viciously sweet that made Gon feel sea sick and uneasy.

"How are you feeling this morning, Sunshine?" Killua said a rare light smile implanted on his lips. He took his fingers to run them through Gon's hair, enjoying the silky fluffed up feel.

Gon barely did anything to acknowledge such actions. Laying out on the floor, his large brown eyes blinked up at ceiling. "I'm in a lot of pain."

"Of course," Killua blew off the comment sitting up. "Do you need me to baby you, again this time? You've felt pain after a fight before. Yet it takes some getting used to no bother from me."

For a few seconds Gon felt his lips go numb, when he said pain he firmly meant emotionally. Emotional pain was wearing him down today, it made his head spin and heart ache. Yet of course his bummed out somber expression would not clue Killua into what he was feeling. Killua didn't even understand his own emotions more or less take the time to wonder how Gon was feeling if he didn't say it out loud. Gon knew it was another problem, their damn relationship was full of it. He wondered if dating Killua was even worth this almost pointless uphill climb sometimes.

Turning his head away from pasty blue eyes, Gon mumbled out. "Yeah.." it was an unsure 'yeah,' the type that people happened to say when they were completely uncomfortable at the way things were going. Actually it made Gon feel like he should vent out his feelings, still it wasn't like Killua would care to hear or listen the older teen was just gonna do what he wanted. It would be just a waist of time. Plus Gon would rather chat with someone who cared.

The smaller teen started to pull away from his boyfriend, rising to his feet it left Killua feeling mystified wondering where Gon was going. Roughly he tugged Gon's hand back making sure his razor sharp grip was found in his own. "Hey..mmm~!" Killua pressed a light kiss on his lover's finger tips. "Don't leave me, sunshine. Your lovely rays just graced my face."

Almost in a punk revolution Gon was tempted to get ready to smack somebody angrily out of pure deter. He didn't care for one and felt upset over the whole thing. Instead he swallowed nervous his Adam's apple bobbing, "Please, let me go. Let me... please."

"Mmm~why?" Killua teased his lip gently sucking on a light patch of Gon's crisp skin, the smell hitting his nose was one of apple turnovers and he was greatly tempted to take a bite.

"Please, I just..." Gon chewed his bottom lip pleading, "I want to talk to Kurapika."

Killua let out a frustrated almost disappointed sigh. Letting Gon's hand go somberly. "Okay."

Gon didn't hang around to hear more words, he immediately walked over to Leorio's room. Making sure to knock on the door before entering, he pushed it open a tad bit fearfully. He'd hate to accidentally walk in on them or act like a nuisance getting in everyone's way. So with caution Gon advanced in their rooms, the light was off but Leorio and Kurapika where sleeping beside each other, unfortunately he couldn't really tell if they had their clothes on. That's probably what made him hesitate a bit before finally going to make his move; Gon tapped on Kurapika's shoulder.

The 18 year old stirred slightly, his pretty short blond locks rubbed up against the pillow as he swatted at the air. A slight hum coming out his mouth, "What ya want?" It was a grainy groaned out croak.

"It's me, Gon. Can we talk?"

"Talk? What time is it?"

"Uhh?" Gon looked over at the clock on the nightstand telling Kurapika. "It's around 8:30am."

Probably with disbelief Kurapika blinked open his dull gray eyes looking at the clock for himself before saying, "Oh.." Then he rolled over shaking Leorio awake. "Babe wake up, go make sure the others are awake. You can wash up later. Gon and I need to talk in here now."

Leorio let out a fully disappointed grunt, as he careless began to kick the cover up from off of him. His lanky body fumbling around a bit for a while, mostly due to his arms flapping around. The man seemed a tad bit upset that his good sleep had been cruelly demolished by someone else's needs, yet he didn't complain. It took some time but Leorio rose to his feet still dressed in his pajamas he yawned.

"Here, your glasses." Kurapika hummed out pleasantly as he sat up. The blonde reached for his boyfriend's glasses on the night stand and handed them to Leorio with a little smile on his face. He giggled a bit watching Leorio struggle to put them on so Kurapika leaned over. Getting up out of bed, the blonde stood in front of Leorio. Taking the glasses from his hands and gently placing them on his face. "There, much better."

Leorio let out a half sleep walking zombie groan of, "Thank you." Then pressed a kiss on Kurapika's forehead.

It almost made Gon feel a bit jealous that could be him and Killua. COULD BE. Yet Killua was much more clingy; it was almost freaking annoying, a record stuck in repeat.

Kurapika kept that happy smile on his slips until Leorio practically sleep walked out the room. In an almost cheesy twist it appeared that almost telepathically they were speaking to each other, yet Gon knew better they had probably been reading each others looks knowing what the other was thinking naturally they has been together already for so long. It actually made Gon feel a tad bit guilty for tapping away at their time.

Kurapika closed the door immediately after Leorio left. A friendly sparkle in his eyes with a pretty glow to his skin even after being rudely awoken in the morning. He had on thin pjs that didn't really look like much, but did a fair job covering his body. Not that Kurapika was worried about it, he had no reason to be shameful around Gon. They were close friends after all. Naturally Kurapika sat back on the bed, opening up his arms like a loving mother he said, "Come here. Come confine in me."

A bit glitter flash of tears started to build up in Gon's eyes as he blinked rapidly trying to hold them back. He ran into Kurapika's warm awaiting arms. Choking back a sob he said, "Its like the world is out to get me! I just wanna be happy! All I want is to be happy! Why can't Killua just be nice!?"

"Shh.. shh.." Kurapika gently stroked down Gon's back comforting his best friend. "It's gonna be okay, beautiful. I'm here. I'll always be here for you."

Gon began to pull away wiping the tears that fell from his eyes. He whimpered out, "Kurapika! You're the best friend ever! EVER!"

"I know.. I know.." Kurapika flipped his pretty golden locks patting the side of the bed. "Come, sit."

"We aren't all saints, but Killua has a thing for living in absolute and complete sin." Gon explained sitting on the edge of the bed. Figuring that ranting out his feelings were probably the best way to start. "I try to help and better him. Yet it's almost like he takes my kindness for granted."

"A relationship is supposed to be constant compromise at all times. And by the looks of it he has you doggy collared and is practically guilt tripping you to stay by his side." Kurapika started to lecture Gon.

Only to be cut off by the younger teen piping up saying, "I know! I understand! I don't need to hear that! I'm not talking about that... I'm talking about Killua's personality in general."

Kurapika didn't need to question, 'What's wrong with it?' Clearly stuff was up. It confirmed all of his suspicion he had at first for Killua dating Gon. Instead he sighed sadly, "I had a bad feeling things would turn out like this. Well ya know my offer is still at the table."


"The gun."

"YOU WANT ME TO KILL, KILLUA!?" Gon called out in an almost raw surprised holler.

Kurapika looked at Gon blankly wondering if he was the one truly missing something here. "Well, that's what I do to MY ENEMIES." The blond's voice chanced to it sounding all high and mighty as if he was preaching the gospel.

"Killua is not my enemy." Gon said knotting his eyebrows together with confusion at the sudden freaking mix up. "Killua is my boyfriend."

"But he hits you right? He brothers you?" Kurapika challenged that made Gon start to feel strangely uncertain about where this conversation was heading.

"Yeah, but...?" Gon wasn't sure how to answer that without lying and he didn't wanna lie to Kurapika at all. "I just wish he wouldn't stop acting like I owe him or he owes me? He acts like there is suddenly some debt between us. Killua uses my loved and affection for him, to twist them to screw into something else."

"Bottom line, Killua is getting on your last stick of toleration, right?" Kurapika looked at Gon tenderly, cupping his face up in his larger hands. Soft eyes stared in hazel brown; gently thumbing against his friend's cheek almost lovingly. "I can take care of him for you."

That message gave Gon a little bit of hope that Kurapika would go off and say stuff that he wasn't brave enough to do. His eye brows raised with those brown hazel orbs starting to sparkle extremely happy with new found hope. "Really!? Could ya? You would take care of it for me?"

"Yes." Kurapika smiled at his friend warmly confirming. "I'll take care of it." Despite the cheerful happy perk of his tone on the inside Kurapika was sizzling in rage. His mind storming upset on how he could even at one point think Gon dating Killua would end up being all okay. It was simple that some people couldn't change not one bit.

"Thank you!" Gon exclaimed fully excited at all costs. He felt so thankful to have such amazing friends at the moment, no doubt it would clear up and make things better.

Hoping off the bed, he went to open up the bedroom door. Gon's nose immediately wrinkling at the smell of burnt in the air. A bit taken back he asked, "What is that?"

"Oh my God!" Kurapika shot out of bed. Soon as his feet touched the ground he was practically running out of the room straight to the kitchen. "Leorio! I told you not to start cooking!"

By the time that Gon arrived he could practically see black smoke rising up to the ceiling at a huge level. It was almost like watching a goofy cartoon.

"How do you know I'm cooking?" Leorio challenged.

Kurapika shoved his way into the kitchen pointing at the stove bluntly blazing on a pan where a pancake was burnt to a crisp. "THE FUCKING STOVE IS ON FIRE!" Grabbing some water from the sink he threw it on the pan trying to make it die down.

"Well now, the only things that's one fire now is my desire for you." Leorio half way snorted his eyes twinkling watching his boyfriend be heroic almost lovingly.

"Don't you even start." Kurapika purred out.

The whole easy going almost comical feeling mood sorta swayed a few things. It was still early the birds were chirping and sun was shining brightly not a cloud in the sky. A blue sky hung high above all. It put almost everyone in a good mood for a hopefully day.

"Hey I often don't say this." Killua yawned out, sitting at the table with his siblings. "But I appreciate you both coming through for us yesterday."

Leorio looked up as he stood tall taking off his glasses to wipe the bit of smoke that fogged them off. "Well actually ya should be thanking Kurapika, he was super eager to get there."

"Really?" Killua looked over to the blonde. It might have been a miss glance yet but no way. Killua could have swore Kurapika glared at him. A completely nasty look in his black eyes.

"Not for you. For Gon." Kurapika said lowly. It almost came out bitter and vengeful by the harsh way he began slamming the pan on the counter to free the burnt pancake from it.

It made Killua feel a bit mystified, to his knowledge him and Kurapika...were still friends right? Sure there was the whole sex in his bed thing, but neither one of them mentioned it again. Plus when he assisted Kurapika in wrecking the Spiders at school. Didn't that put them on good terms again? Killua didn't understand this sudden salty mood change in the air between them. Not that he cared much though. So what Kurapika was mad at him? That didn't matter. Only thing that mattered was how Gon thought of him.

"So how is living with Killua?" Gon asked curiously as he sat down next to Kalluto at the breakfast table.

The younger male stirred the cereal and milk before him in thought mumbling, "Well one time I asked for him to bring me a glass of ice water. WHILE I WAS SICK MIND YOU! Not that he CARED. Killua took his sweet time getting it. Then he literally just handed me a glass filled with ice and commanded me to wait."

This story caught Gon off guard as he almost choked swallowing down some bacon. His voice cracking a bit as he coughed out, "W-wHaT!?"

Kalluto nodded, eating on like it was not a big deal. "Yeah once I asked for my popcorn done like my personality. Then he ranted off saying not even all the salt in the ocean could be enough to cover it. So I asked him if he knew that much salt would kill me and he said that was THE WHOLE DAMN POINT."

Half of Gon was mortified squeaking out, "He said that to his own family?"

"Killua has some crazy obsessive attachment to being an evil villain mastermind murder or something. He once also said that he doesn't care how many people he plays or steps on to reach the top." Kalluto whistled out, tapping his spoon on his plate. "He's like a heartless cold dem-"

With that Killua stood up from his spot and crept up right beside his brother, delivering him a hard punch in the back of his head. Slamming Kalluto's head to the table roughly he growled out a cruel, "Hey! My little snitch bitch bro of mine. You weren't talking shit about me where you?" A creepy malice smile came on Killua's face as he yanked his little brother's head up as if daring him to give out on singe wrong answer.

Kalluto cringed inwards but made no outward expression or reaction to Killua's use of force. Instead almost tiredly his purple eyes seem to roll in his sockets. Telling Gon, "See what I mean? He's so elitist. Even though we come from the same bloodline."

"Eh?" Gritting his teeth together sinister, Killua yanked his little brother up by his short purple hair. His teeth looking ready to tear apart flesh as he leaned in sneering, "What so wrong with that? Maybe you should try to be more aggressive and competitive so people won't stomp all over you."

"Aruuggaahh! Hush it! I won't let people step on meeee!" Kalluto started to whine as Killua roughly frazzled through his once neat perfect falling dark locks. The elementary school kid letting out raw complaining sounds that were more so like grunts of disappointment going on and on swirling.

It was almost comical it made Gon laugh lightly at the two brothers. It was slowly becoming clear to him that each member in the Zoldyck family had their own individual personality and how they express their care was definitely unique to them.

Killua never felt more alive than when he was having a good time hanging with Gon. So in no way shape or form was he about to let his childish little brother ruin this relationship for him. He smirked down at Kalluto finally letting him go teasing, "Oh yeah?"

"Yes! Leave me alone!" The kid whined his good mood fogging up as he crossed his arms.

A large part of Killua's mind thought of why everyone suddenly was turning against him today. Especially when he wasn't even sure what he was doing wrong. All this confusion was giving him a headache.

"Ughhhh..." Killua sat down beside his boyfriend; leaned his head over to rest on Gon's shoulder. Taking another look at his sunshine's face it seemed to make his whole entire world alright again. His blue eyes glowed a bit as he mumbled, "Hey let's actually talk about something we can all agree with."

Leorio sat down beside them at the table, sliding the wooden chair across the floor. He rubbed the tips of his facial hair asking, "Like what?"

"The Phantom Troupe." Killua said the words coming up his mouth automatically.

Anxiously the whole entire mood at the table darkened. Kurapika coming completely turning forcefully aggressive he forcefully slammed the pan against the the counter. The pan disconnected from the handle grip falling in a sharp banging as it came loudly to the ground. The blonde almost seemed to be shaking with anger uncontrollably his breathing growing more rapid as he grit his teeth. Not really pissed at the mess he made but at the mention of his true enemies. It was like automatically something had changed within him.

Gon seeing this entire thing start to play out in such a way. Recognizing Kurapika ready to completely rip someone's head off, he suggested. "We should wait."

"But if we wait, we might wake up in the morning and discover this was a terrible twisted sick idea." Killua murmurs a sly grin playing on his lips as he sat back up from leaning on Gon.

"Exactly! That's why we should wait!" Gon expressed yet he felt that it was sorta already too late.

Kurapika threw the broken pan away in the trash sneering out darkly. "No. We will make them pay. Make sure they get locked up thrown away the key and never heard from again. We will have revenge."

Leorio looked at his boyfriend almost sympathetic to his tenses feelings he gave a look wanting to ease the pain. Yet he didn't make a advance towards the teen letting him act out a bit. Kurapika started to pace back and forth as if in deep thought of what to do next.

"Wow, you're pretty passionate about an idea with no plan, no directions, or no clear escape bait." Killua muttered under his breath.

"SHUT UP! THAT'S WHY I WAS ABOUT TO BRING THAT UP." Kurapika came back like a sniper, he reached in the kick draws scooping up a notepad he wrote the word epic on it. In huge bold lettering explaining, "This plan has to be epic. Now this is a safe-judgment free time for sharing. Remember their are no stupid proposals, sure it might be a not smart proposal but I'm willing to leave all options on the table."

Leorio raised his hand saying, "We should break in the Phantom Troupe hideout using piñatas while wearing giant gum ball costumes."

Kurapika opened his mouth about to yell again, only to slowly close it trying to regain somewhat control of himself. It barely had any effect because he blinked his eyes open once and they were bright deadly red as he glared at Leorio warning. "LOOK IF THIS IS HOW YOU'RE GOING TO ACT!?"

Gon felt a wave of confusion come over him. "Kurapika you really shouldn't get mad at Leorio, especially after what you just said-"

"I know WHAT I JUST SAID!" Kurapika huffed, rubbing his temples. "And you all know what I meant. This is a real thing we have to take it seriously."

"My idea is serious!" Leorio said a bit of disappointed gracing his face.

Killua deadpanned hearing that mumbling, "Someone tell me this is a JOKE."

"What? I'm reaching for the stars!" Leorio hummed.

"Do you want to know the problem with that?" Killua challenged. "The stars are really really really high up. Do you know what the closest star is? The sun. Do you know how far away the sun is?"

"No, not really but I can look it up." Said Leorio starting to take out his cellphone.

"It's almost 93,000,000 miles away." Killua pushed back his chair and stood up. He reached one arm up toward the ceiling and started jumping into the air. Mocking chanting, "Look at me I'm trying to reach the sun! Oooooh, just miss! Just miss again! Maybe This time I will be able to jump 93,000,000 miles high! NOPE! Not that one!"

"Listen, Leorio. I love you..." Kurapika utterly sounded worn down as he shook his head, "Just withdraw your idea."

"Okay. I withdraw." Leorio babbled, slumping over a bit in his seat defeated.

Automatically Killua quit cutting a fool, settling back down in his seat crossing his arms. Stating, "Now we have a border line base level for a shitty idea."

"Don't call, Leorio's idea shitty." Gon said pleading his friend's case claiming. "At least he had a plan."

"Eh?" Killua couldn't help the fact his eye twitched as he looked over at Gon with a bit of suspicion. "Baby boy, are you saying I don't have any bright plans!?"

Turning away shyly Gon muttered, "I'm saying if you have one share it."

"Hmm.." Killua tapped his head with his finger trying to hope some more ideas would flow into his brain.

Alluka pipped up a bit deciding to throw her 25 cents in. "I have a plan! How about we lure the Phantom Troupe out here. Hand them the Iphones, big brother stole. Then sneak around and call the police to make it look like they did it all along."

Kurapika nodded almost in approval seeming to accept that plan. "It might work. Still how do we convince them we're on their side?"

"We can use me!" Gon said, completely ready to be tribute as sacrifice. "They want me to join up anyway. If I say that I changed my just might work."

"True... but I don't wanna risk you being hurt." Kurapika mumbled going a bit deep in thought. If they were gonna plan it out it had to go flawlessly so no one could creep up on their trail.

"WHAT!? DID ANYONE TAKE THE TIME OUT TO CONSIDER THAT IT IS MY ELECTRONICS!?" Killua yelled, heated that everyone was floundering out over what to do about his cash.

"That's not yours." Kurapika snapped immediately shutting the other male down. "You stole it. You don't own it and you will never own it."

"But I stole it fair and square! I have plans for them! If we do give it to the Phantom Troupe and call the cops they will only confiscate it. Not like I'M EVER GETTING IT BACK!" Killua grit his teeth, feeling a wave of anger come over him.

"Well, maybe we don't have to give it all up. We just give them enough to make it look convincing." Gon suggested in attempt to give everyone the best of both worlds.

"No!" Kurapika said remaining firm in his original word.

Killua slammed his fist on the a table ready to play the blame game if that was what the blonde wanted. "Kurapika has some sick 'descending into madness' vibe going on! Its been happening ever since he got beat by the Spider! And we're just not gonna acknowledge it?" The white haired male's temper rose as he stated. "I MEAN DON'T COME AT ME, WITHOUT CONSIDERING HIM!"

Leorio cut in boldly saying, "Hold up...Its not Kurapika's fault! The Spiders are significantly very large fucking ass holes! Anyone in their right mind would hate them."

"That's RIGHT!" Kurapika stood up full of hostility making the chair he was sitting in go flying backwards. "PLUS If anything you're the sick twisted bastard here! Lets get that one FACT straight! Especially if we're coming clean here."

"DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME!?" Killua stood up too just as forcefully reading to exchange blows.

Alluka looked up at her bug brother nervous chattering in between her words as she squeaked out, "L-leeeets all Be more chill here." Tugging on Killua's tank top she insisted, "You first big brother."

"LET GO OF ME!" Killua spat yanking his hand free from his little sister's grip as he charged up his lightning shock. "I'm gonna punch his face inside out!"

"No! Big brother please!" Alluka whimpered not eager to see the two boys fight before her eyes.

"You hit, Kurapika then you'll also have beef with me." Leorio snarled rising to his feet.

"Like I CARE OLD TIMER!" Killua spat, patting a hand on Gon's soft fluffy hair claiming. "Sunshine and I will drop kick you BOTH TO OBLIVION."

Gon swore he almost choked on air. He wheezed out, "WHOA! Whoa! PAUSE! Don't TURN THE NEXT PAGE!"

"You can't pause or not turn the next page in real life. THERE ARE NO PAGES TO TURN!"

"Since when, am I in this?"

"Your my boyfriend, Gon. It's only natural, you'll be on my side."

"What!? I don't wanna be!"


"I'm NOT ON ANYONE'S SIDE! This is not about sides Killua! It's about doing the right thing!"

"I am! That's why you're on MY SIDE." Killua yanked Gon up out his seat. A dark malicious smile playing on his lips, with his blue eyes jolting with life. "Think of it! All the destruction we could cause, there won't be a fight we couldn't win! WE COULD LIVE ON FOREVER SIDE BY SIDE, DEMOLISHING OUR FOES."

Gon halfway growled hearing Killua talk more crazy nonsense like that. He was doing the same annoying points he made before. It was pissing with Gon's mind, setting him off to say something to Killua that he might regret. Desperately he flashed his brown eyes up to Kurapika practically begging him to end this. Too bad, Kurapika had a smug almost overly cocky look on his face that was timing to come to terms that there would be no negotiation.

So Gon bit his tongue fighting the urge to scream he just tried to keep his cool explaining, "Look this is CRAZY. You're all setting a BAD example for the..." his brown eyes scanned the room setting them on Kalluto he immediately blurted. "Children! THINK OF THE CHILDREN! WITH THEIR EASILY IMPRESSIBLE MINDS!"

"What?" Leorio said clearly lost by where that claim even came from.

"Uh..?" Gon cracked out a funny sounding syllable as he flexed the collar of his shirt a bit.

Kalluto glanced between all of them figuring that if this was how stupid teenagers acted, he wanted no part ever becoming on of them. It only seemed fitting that it was up to him to say something corny to lighten the mood. He was nothing but the goody shy kid after all, so if he said something cheesy everyone probably would believe it.

"Gon is so smart and right! His words are truly inspirational and make me wanna be a better person!" Kalluto said with absolute zero enthusiasm or passion in his voice. In fact he said it in such a strict stone cold manor it even shocked Gon a bit who was surprised by the outburst.

"R-reeaaly!?" Gon looked baffled at the younger male.

Kalluto tucked some of his dark purple hair behind his ear, shifting his weight around as he rocked back in the chair nervously. Mumbling out a careless, "Yeah? Sure...if I agree to verify my previous statement will it allow me to obtain a possible breakfast item?" On point like a decimal his stomach growled lowly. "I'm hungry." He clearly restated the obvious.

"Alright, Kid. We did pass a few places near here." Kurapika seemed to drop his conflict at hand to fight with Killua and instead started to walk away from the table. It made Killua loosen up a bit, that was until Kurapika throw in an uncalled for comment. "The place is pretty cheap, not that money is a PROBLEM for some people."

Killua let out a low growl but Gon put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't hit him. Friends don't do that to each other. They fight all the time, yet they always make up." Gon informed his boyfriend. Killua didn't seem to be listening to reason at all, his mind and attitude high up in a storm cloud ready to pour down. Gon wasn't gonna let that happen though slapping Killua's hand he snapped, "I'm serious! I don't want you two to fight! You said you changed right?"

"I'm WORKING ON IT." Killua said unwilling to say more.

"Then don't fight my..OUR friends." Gon said slowly and clearly to ensure their was a mutual sense of comprehension on that subject between them.

Killua didn't make eye contact nor did he give a yes or no. He just motioned for his siblings to get up saying, "We're getting food. Don't do anything stupid while we're out."

It signaled the end of the conversation for Gon. With mega hints of that Killua just didn't plan to be tamed any time soon despite his words earlier. If Killua had changed it wasn't very noticeable, bleakly, vague and completely ultimately nonexistent. Gon couldn't help but sigh. Everyone else got normal boyfriends. However here he was stuck with Killua who could say one thing while completely doing another the next day. Gon was thoroughly getting sick of it.

Chapter Text

"You don't get it!" Chrollo raised his voice slightly as he stared intensely at his gang. His dark eyes blazing as he was forced to watch their completely stupid misled faces. They were acting like HE WAS TALKING MADNESS! Frantically his eyes cut side to side, as anger boiled up in him. Bitterly all he could do was complain, "None of...You get it at all."

Franklin was the first to talk, deciding to take a yell for the rest of the team. Shakily he started to try and explain, "Look, we get that you're upset we let those bratts get away, but that's.." He froze a bit when he saw Chrollo's eyes flash in a deadly manner.

The man's fingernails dug into the table that his gang was all seated around as the dim light from the window leaked across half his face. It allowed the illusions of shadows to fall over him, to match his pissed off mood as he howled, "YOU ALL KNOW NOTHING! I'm telling y'all the truth!"

Leaning back in his chair Phinks rolled his eyes, "Boss, I get you just went through some trauma. So I guess it's natural to be delusional." The blonde cut his eyes over to Feitan who elbowed him roughly urging him to keep on talking. "But that's no reason to claim that the Zol-"

"THE ZOLDYCK FAMILY MEMBERS AREN'T HUMAN!" Chrollo snapped making his declaration even more clear as day. "They're not!" There was such a formal belief and trust in the outrageous claim it made the troop feel even more uneasy their boss seemed to have lost his mind.

"What makes you think that?"

"The little white haired Zoldyck bratt killed Paku. His big mouth, bug eyes, truth telling lil snitch of a boyfriend ratted him out."

"Okay? We're pissed at the fact he took out a member too. But you don't see use drawing any strange conclusions."

"Because you're not enlightened enough. I've seen his power! I've felt the little freak and after seeing him do it again, I know it's not human."

Phinks sighed, losing the will to keep talking on the subject. Machi scooped up Chrollo's arm, without hesitation she cut loose the bandages covering them. Lowly she muttered, "There's no way you did this by yourself."

"You know good and well I didn't." Chrollo said flinching a bit in pain. "I met a man when I was running, his name was Ging Freecss. He wasn't the best medic but he did for the time being…."

Catching sound of a familiar name. Hisoka's brain began to tick to life, suddenly wanting to be engaged in what was going on. "Freecss?" He repeated the name picturing he was calling for his sweet Gon.

Chrollo nodded his head, "He helped me out." Then he tilted his head down to the injuries on his arm, "Over all it affirmed to me that, whatever those Zoldycks are.. it's not normal. He told me so."

"You believed a stranger and possibly crazy old man!?" Machi folded her arms defiant almost unwilling to properly fix Chrollo up with him talking madness like this.

Chrollo's short black hair bounced as he corrected, "He looked pretty much like a hobo actually. He said he came into town after he heard of a robbery of a local jewelry store." Anger seemed to boil up in him as he sneered, "I bet it was that Zoldyck punk who did it….. That damn boy was probably getting a gift for his whiny boyfriend."

Nobunaga let out a slight growl. "Boss! I don't think a 16 year old kid could do all that." He wasn't sure if their boss had somehow lost his vision how things worked. Usually Chrollo was much more calm and collected; now he appeared on edge ready to throw blame at anybody.

"HE COULD." Chrollo made that statement clear as he extended his arm out for everyone to see. The burned flesh seemed to now be rotting and falling off of him. His whole entire burned up infected area looked like a zombie, as it hung off slightly, sagging lowly the skin was wrinkled up and very decayed.

Mei came over to observe his arm. Gently she scraped her skin over the burn marks hearing a loud hiss out of Chrollo's mouth. In a confused tone she muttered, "The burns seemed to still actually be fresh."

"Because he's a freak!" Chrollo shuttered, as if recalling the sight of Killua all lit up with lightning dancing around his body. He pointed with his still bandages up hand at the burns, "No human can do this. No human can make lightning appear out of thin air. No human is that strong or fast."

Machi cut her eyes up at Chrollo a bit unimpressed, "So what is the family? Are they just a bunch of aliens or something?" She flipped her pink hair mockingly, as she pierced her lips together tightly observing the same patch of burn skin Mei was.

"To hell if I know...Mr. Freecs just told me that there are many freaks in the world with powers and I should do my best to stay out of there way from now on."

"Are you going to heed his advice?"

"Hell no."

"You still want revenge? Even believing that your target is a freak?"

Chrollo's forehead puckered together remembering to mention, "Well, was like a professional hunting those freaks. If some hobo looking guy can do it, then so can I." A sly smirk came on Chrollo's face as he bragged, "I can hunt down and murder freaks too. But that's not the plan."

Nobunaga grit his teeth as he glared harshly focusing all his attention on Chrollo. Dangerously he dragged a single digit across his sword questioning, "Not the plan? Did you forget Uvogin's been stuck in the hospital for days because of that blond haired chain user?"

"Of course not." Chrollo winked owlishly, "In fact if my plan works we can pay off all his medical bills." A satisfied snake like expression slipped on his face. The man rose to his feet as he began to pace laying out his elaborate scheme. "We get our hands on video of the Zoldyck bratts running wild, the media will eat it up. It will be the best story. People will love us, people will see us, the Phantom Troupe as heroes who put down the evil Killua Zoldyck and his fam. Which means we get a big pay off."

"Heh?" Nobunaga arched an eyebrow up haunty, full of distrust. He was measuring if Chrollo was actually serious right now. They were supposed to be thug to the bone not some willing helpful heros.

Yet there was a very little belief in Chrollo's plans or words at all. Most of the Troupe seemed to be reflecting on themselves right now, ignoring Chrollo's outrageous claims like if they did for long enough he would finally shut up. Despite the clear crinkling of frustration in the man's eyes, they wiggled their way out of it. Their boss was back after all….

"Mmm.." Hisoka clicked his tongue as he crossed his arms. Unlike most of the Phantom Troupe members he didn't deem Chrollo completely insane for drawing this conclusion. Plenty of times he had witnessed Illumi pull off something that seemed extraordinary. Still there was no way he was about to come out now in defense of Chrollo over all people.

There was just something in the way Chrollo was walking, a bit of an edge that oozed off a more maniacal feeling. It made Hisoka smirk as his yellow eyes gave a gleam of deviltry, as he too rose to his feet. Boldly he announced, "Well I have to make my exit. I'm sure my boyfriend is awaiting my arrival to his car outside."

Shifty pupils dilated as Machi challenged, "So you admit you're not interested to what the boss has to say." She made sure to prevent Hisoka's exit until he gave her a clear answer.

The action halted Hisoka for a bit more as he carelessly shrugged his shoulders. "I wouldn't call it madness…...more like optimistic thinking." The smirk that remained on his face became laced with deception as he confessed, "Illumi is a Zoldyck ya know… I could ask him and call you all back with a clear answer."

"You act like he'll be honest to you." Machi chuckled lowly knowing good and well that if it was a family secret Illui wouldn't tell anything. Everyone knew the man was like a tall stone wall, unable to be seen through of over. Illumi was one hell of a touch person to crack open.

"Of course he will..." Hisoka purred out, wetting his lips with his tongue. He gracefully ambled away from her heading for the door. His hand touched the knob, as he turned it open, he spun his head back, red hair slapping the side of his face as his eyes sharped to face the troupe admitting, "He's my boyfriend. I can make him fall to his knees if I commanded him to."

A thin silence filled the room to which Hisoka found his way out of. It was a wonderful sweet relief that filled his mind that was once almost concerned that Gon didn't like him. But this… this theory actually made sense. Our at least that's what Hisoka prepared his mind to accept. The theory: Gon only dates Killua because he's a superhero.

Letting out a slight chuckle, the red haired male strutted his way over to his boyfriend's car with new found confidence. He tapped on the door then gave a friendly wave hinting for Illumi to unlock the door.

Illumi had on his usual resting bitch face as he slowly rolled down the window. Sticking up his middle finger right in Hisoka's face. Sourly he informed his boyfriend, "You're late, you dumb ass. I was in here waiting for an extra 5 minutes. I should drive off leaving you to suck in bad toxic gas emissions."

"Well damn, not like I can help the fact Chrollo has a big mouth." Hisoka muttered as he gave a somber face begging, "Open the door, will ya lovely? I won't let it happen again."

Illumi rolled his eyes, which was kind of a pointless action since he was wearing large black shades making it unclear for anyone to see his eyes. But he made it awfully clear by his body language to convey the point he was pissed off. Firmly he said, "I'm not in the mood for all this bullshit. The damn door is already open, you would know that if you tried. WHY DON'T YOU EVER TRY?"

A foggy completely lost deadpan expression came over Hisoka's face as he calmly opened up the car door getting inside. He sat placidly not bothering to turn on the radio. They sat in silence for a while just the rumbling of the car engine filling their ears. Illumi was driving really aggressively; a few moments dawned on Hisoka where he felt the urge to ask, where the hell they were going. But Hisoka didn't have the balls to question his boyfriend when he was like this.

This as in the bluntly hostile attitude that Illumi had as he gripped the steering wheel like he was prepared to rip it off at any given second. Not like Hisoka would have really cared if Illumi did break into a rage and lose his mind doing donuts in the middle or the road crash the car to cause a huge car pile up in the middle of the main road, then they would probably end up jumping out going crazy in the rain laughing hysterically at the destruction they caused. In fact Hisoka figured that was what his boyfriend needed, Illumi just needed to do something unspeakably evil so that he could turn around and shrug it off to just being moderately cold.

"So…" Hisoka found the courage to break his gaze away from the rain stained car window and look at his boyfriend. Gleefully he attempted to make conversation, "How was it wrecking your little brother's hopes and dreams? I bet it felt good, huh? Dragging the floor with Ki-"

Unable to finish the words out of his mouth Hisoka was startled when a dark aura swept over the car. At the mention of his brother Illumi recoiled out a harsh snipper slur of curses a few slightly safe words were, "Gotta get him to bust a cap upside his stupid love struck face."

" things didn't go well?" Hisoka mumbled a bit lowly. A cheeky part of him was thoroughly entertained at the shift from realizing that he was getting somewhere breaking down the cruelty that flooded the car. If anything the terrible mood, created bad vibes to steam off of Illumi. The man was brooding and Hisoka was visibly still willing to ramble not shaken or not quite catching a hint. Clowning around he pestered, "That doesn't matter tho, honestly you know Chrollo's going to beat his ass."

Abruptly Illumi's rage almost doubled exclaiming, "NO HE'S NOT! THE ONLY ONE GOING TO…TCH!" His grasp on the steering wheel seemed to double as he started rapidly taking in gulp fulls of air. Clearly he was coming around to try and relax himself from flipping out right now.

"You.. you're going to kick his ass? Damn, honeycomb," Hisoka reached over shifting out of his seat a bit he rested his head in Illumi's lap. Dreamily he stared up at his boyfriend's hallowed expression. Hisoka grinned a bit as he raised up his pale hands to strum through Illumi's long hair like a harp. "What did Killua do to you? You're all over the place right now." He purred lightly.

"Shut up and sit up. I'm fucking driving. Plus I'm not in the mood for your foolishness today." Illumi commanded not being swayed by such tender loving actions.

"Well~hehe...a little birdy told me something interesting today."

"I don't fucking care."

"Oh yes, I assure you, that you will in fact care. It's about you."

"Have I done something wrong that gets under Chrollo's skin finally?"

"Eh.. that depends." Hisoka's eyes squinted in a furtive manner reading all of Illumi's body language as he seemed to be sorting out either if he should spill the beans or not. Yet in a curious helpless manner Hisoka pursued forward answering, "If you're not human then, yes."

Squealing tires kissing the road mixed with rubber almost burning from brakes being applied was such an ugly almost heart stopping sound. Hisoka found himself flung to the side when his ears caught the unique cry of Illumi letting out a slight gasp. Usually collect the black haired male was caught off guard by the accusation sending the vehicle almost off the road hydroplaning out of control. The car took a harsh turn that almost threw the red head to the floor as Illumi turned into a parking lot. Trying to collect himself, Illumi gawked out another broken grasp.

"Oh my god…" Hisoka barely managed to proclaim as his face completely paled. He began to connect the dots only to get lost and reach the same solution Chrollo cane to. "I'VE BEEN DATING AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL FOR 6 YEARS AND DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!"

"Hush your mouth up!"

"No you zip your lip! You lied to me!"

"I never...why do you even thi-"

"Alien scum! My own boyfriend!"

Illumi sighed tossing his hair over his shoulder a bit of confidence brimmed in him. Half of his mind happy that Hisoka hadn't mentioned anything about his family having superpowers. Still it didn't make any sense in his mind how they came to such a wild conclusion. In a pissed off way he threw his hands up declaring, "NO! We're not aliens! Are you crazy?"

"Maybe…" Hisoka rested his chin in his palm and looked thoughtfully back up at his boyfriend. "But I'm not crazy enough to accept something supernatural as run of the mill."

Inhaling sharply Illumi sat up straighter and smoother his disheveled shirt. "Well congratulations for actually using your brain for once." He cocked his head to the side his dark eyes darting down to look at his boyfriend, "You want a cookie or something?"

"Yes.. yes I do." Hisoka gave a chester grinned as he thumped his fingers against Illumi's thigh urging, "If your supernatural abilities can make cookies rain from the sky, make it happen."

With the taller male's body stiffened at the remark, he cracked his neck with dissatisfaction. Illumi seemed uncomfortable being put on the spot like this and Hisoka was no longer thumping, but stroking his inner thigh teasingly. To be honest the man wondered if his boyfriend was doing this for attention or trying to perk him into seduction. Either way Illumi wasn't feeling it he was tensed, stressed out and pissed off. All of which were clearly visible emotions he couldn't comprehend why Hisoka wasn't catching.

It was like Hisoka had this cloud around his mind where everything people did or react was twisted and conformed to apply in with his attitude. The firecracker clown like male had a one track mind purely devoted to discovery and progress made for only himself. That was no way to live…. No way to carry on through life mainly focused on what one singly wants.

"Are you kidding me?" Illumi growled almost disgusted at Hisoka right now. "Tell me that you're joking."

"As much as a joke it is your family as supernatural powers, huh?" Hisoka coed his finger acting like a spider's leg as they stealthily crawled up Illumi's thighs to his waist, to his stomach, to the base of his neck. There those slender pale hands paused, they circled up Illumi's collarbone, roughly pressing against smooth skin, Hisoka smirked devilishly. It was dark and taunting as his lips parted slightly allowing his tongue to slip out like a snake as he spoke, "I'm not messing around. The fact you have super powers intrigue me."

Illumi's heart began rapidly galloping from anxiety, his head swam in revolt over everything Hisoka wanted to speak from his shitty mouth. The worst part was that he bloody knew that Hisoka could feel it. Illumi sensed Hisoka's fingers reading his rapidly pulse taking his worries for a granted opportunity to move an advantage over him. It pissed Illumi the heck off…

"You think….we have superpowers?" Illumi let out a slightly unsure laugh, moving his hands quick and jerky like rusty cogs on a wheel, unsure of his actions he yanked Hisoka up by the hair. Roughly his fingers raked his boyfriend's scalp as his lips smudged firmly against on pale ears, "This is a damn curse."

Hisoka shivered feeling the contrast of his cold skin meet with warmth; it sent a tingling feeling down his spin. He clamped his fingers into the tender flesh of Illumi's neck. It was a slight threat that neither of them was sure he had the guts to follow through with. But Hisoka absolutely refused to be thrown around like some rag doll. So naturally he challenged it, "A curse, huh? You expect me to believe your family is cursed."

"You don't have to believe it. Plenty of people refuse to believe in the truth." Illumi spoke huskily, "I can't explain it. But it's not just my family. There are tons if people with special abilities out there, they just have to trigger them. Yet I suppose it is easier to say anyone with the curse coded in their DNA has one. Well not just DNA sometimes people get a bit of the curse in their blood from sex but it usually kills them."

"That's why we'll never have sex? Aw," Hisoka let out an affectionate sound as he turned his head pressing a quick kiss on Illumi's lips. "You do love me and want to keep me alive."

"No!" Illumi let go of Hisoka's hair soon as the man let his guard down which sent his jaw banging on the taller male's knee. Illumi hastily informed him, "I never had sex with you because, key word: USUALLY. I don't want the other affect to happen to you."

Hisoka let out a slight yelp losing his grip on Illumi's neck he groaned slightly, "You did that on purpose you dick stick." He sat up a but frazzled pointing at him accusingly.

"You're the one who was trying to choke me."

"I was being KINKY."

"You really are delusional! You think this is the time to turn me on?"


"My brother has lost his goddamn mind and you're out here trying to get me to ride your penis!"

"When you put it that way…"


"Okay.. okay I get it."

Illumi felt his shoulders sag as he croaked out, "Do you? Do you get it?" He leaned back in the seat somberly ready to give up explaining all of this. "You don't get it. Right after I say this you're gonna start nodding your head and agreeing to everything."

"You're right." Hisoka confessed as he finally sat up. "I have no clue right now. I was just trying to make you happy." He weakly pointed to his cheerful clown makeup hoping it would brighten his boyfriend's sour stern lipped look into a rare smile.

Illumi could almost sense Hisoka's attempt to be compassionate so he took pity. "Okay..." Illumi pressed his lips together thinking back before elaborating, "Thank you for trying."


"I cannot tell you more than I already did. It's a family rule."


"I really wasn't even supposed to tell you I have powers honestly."

"Well you broke one rule!" Hisoka gave and innocent smile as he pestered, "So might as well break some more!"

"Hell no! Not to your crazy ass!" Then a slight pain shot through Illumi as he found himself reminded of his little brother with his brain totally scattered. It made him recant his statement, "Well I might tell you something…."

"Your brother?"

"Last time I checked he was hearing voices in head."

"Whoa! There is someone out there more corrupt than me!"

"Hisoka!" Illumi's voice cracked slightly as he felt his throat close up. He was holding back a bunch of emotions all at once, it was a lot, but the one he stuck with was his longing. "It's NOT FUNNY. Killua… despite how much I enjoying torturing him, is in real trouble right now. If he kills his stupid boyfriend who's he's been obsessing over he'll never be the same! All the hard work our family put into making him the perfect villain will be useless!"

Upon hearing the words, 'boyfriend' and 'Killua' in the same sentence, Hisoka's mind went into a frenzy panic. "Gon?" The name and urge to protect him fell from his lips rapidly, "What's going to happen to Gon!? Your crazy psychotic little brother is going to kill him?"

"He might have already have…"

"WHAT? But Gon….fruit isn't ripe yet! It's NOT RIPE!"

"What are you babbling about? Didn't you hear what I said before? The curse can be spread through sexual intercourse."

"You know Killua had sex with Gon?"

"Not for sure. But with my immature brother it's likely."

"Does he know about the curse?"

"Of course he knows… I don't think he knows the curse can spread though...but the type of person Kil is that he'll keep everything a secret until there is need to acknowledge it."


"I told him to kill him a long time ago! Right when I freaking sensed that he might have done more than kiss the boy! He wouldn't listen to me! But now something way worst is going to break loose..."

"But they had sex and Gon last time I saw him wasn't dea-"

Illumi glared harshly at Hisoka scolding him, "It takes time though. Think of it as a sexually transmitted disease, yet more aggressive. One won't know they have it the curse until the symptoms begin to appear."

Hisoka looked ready to rip his own hair out as he complained, "Holy shit...Holy shit.. Holy shit! What symptoms?" He was slowly getting more upset. He'd known that Killua couldn't be good for Gon. He knew Gon should have just cut ties with Killua a long time ago. If Gon did that then he'd be safe right now. Yet instead Gon had given himself a first class ticket on death row…

Recalling shreds of information, Illumi explained, "Well, mood changes, stress, new markings would appear on their body, constant annoyance with the person who gave them the curse." Sucking on his tongue, he clicked it humming, "So Gon would have appeared to be very pissed off at Killua. Gon would also be anxious or maybe no...he'd probably be very short tempered if Killua did something wrong." His eyes darted over to Hisoka demanding answers, "Did Gon did seem to be doing any of those things so far?"

"Y-yeee..yes…" Hisoka squeaked out mortified. His mind grappling with the fact that Gon might he wiped out of existence permanently. Numbly he chewed the bottom of his lip, "But I'm not sure… maybe not very much…? Maybe.. I don't know!" There suddenly what seemed like the pressure of a steam boat being forced on his head. It hurt causing everything not to make any sense. "Besides if Gon has the curse what can we do? Not like we can retract it!"

"But Killua doesn't deserve to see that!" Illumi hiccuped out, in reality he wanted to shout but found himself unable too. His whole entire body started shaking as if reflecting on a past experience. However his will to not appear weak infront of Hisoka influenced him to finish his sentence no matter how heartbreaking it was. So sadly he turned his head to look at the pedals saying, "No one deserves to see someone they love, suffer and die."

Hisoka cut his eyes to the side a bit ashamed as he mumbled, "Sorry, I didn't think you out of all people had a sensitive spot when you're a cold blooded killer."

"Killua is my little brother." Illumi closed his eyes tightly holding back a flood. He exasperated, "Alluka is my sister. Kalluto is my little brother. Despite how I act on a daily basis, I'm only messing with them because I want them to be tough! I want them to be all roughed up so when they get older nothing that the world throws at them will knock them to their feet." His voice seemed to go up a few octaves as it pained him to admit, "Its called tough love, right? There's a huge world that's theirs for the taking if they want it! And even if I don't get a share of it, I want one of them to have it."

Hisoka gently reached out for his boyfriend, titling his chin up daintily he inspected him. Pressing his soft touch on Illumi's warm cheek he felt a tear drop slide over it. "Illumi…" Hisoka said his name with compassion wanting to take away all the waves of sadness. He reached up pulling off the large black shades that were covering Illumi's eyes. Hisoka swallowed nervously as his yellow orbs met tearful black eyes, to who he confessed, "You don't have to hide the way you feel from me. I want to be there for you, alright? We always torture kids together. Couples who cause destruction together stay together."

Illumi's firm face melted quickly into one of pure desperation with him blinking back more tears. He edged closer to Hisoka seeking comfort pleading, "Help me then…." Illumi clamped his hand around Hisoka's thin T-shirt in a support begging manner. His sobs broke through his voice as he howled, "HELP ME FIND MY BROTHER AND SISTER! Help me bring them home!"

The sight of hot tears painting Illumi's face was definitely something Hisoka was not used to. He was also not used to playing hero at all. But he'd do the best he could to comfort. So he awkwardly pulled the other male into a hug rubbing his back. Soothingly whispering, "It's okay… it's going to be okay. I mean how much longer do we have?"

"I don't know. Gon is probably practically a walking zombie at this point! He could fall out and die at anytime."

"Okay that's not positive thinking! We need happy thoughts… like… like didn't you say, people usually die? What is the usually?"

"Well.. it's rare but… the curse can only kill if the host is not pure of heart."

"There ya see? We are worried over nothing! Gon's a saint. We don't have to worry over him dying."

"…" Illumi dropped his head in a somber downcast. His throat seemed to be getting more raw and scratchy the more he cried over this. He knew he was stressing himself getting upset over stuff that was out of control yet there was no way to hold back how much frustration and confusion fused in him. "If it doesn't kill him something worse than death is going to happen."

Jolting back a bit in horror the words sent a spilling act of terror to Hisoka's mind. It appeared to be impossible to imagine something worse than death. Creating a increase of his heart beat it began to race slightly as he sweated nervously. "W-whaaa..what is worse than death?"

"Immortality." Was all Illumi was able to choke out, "The curse if it doesn't kill, it gives one the super power to live forever." His fingers laced around Hisoka's shirt as if begging him not to move away again. It was how internally he couldn't verbalize his want to have Hisoka keep holding him. He just wanted to be submerged all at once and cuddled like he was a child again. Heck, Illumi felt like a lost sad child whose parent deserted them at Walmart.

Thinking out loud Hisoka proposed a rhetorical question, "It's even more awful to see everyone you care for grow old without you, huh?" He pressed a kiss on Illumi's head comforting him.

It was perplexing…

Human emotions were strange to how a person could appear to be so calm cool and collected completely uncaring while in reality they were falling apart inside. However Hisoka knew that everyone tried to be brave, because in reality everyone wanted to feel a sense of accomplishment. People lived for rewards and needed drive to achieve what they wanted.

If Gon became immortal or one day just dropped dead, Killua would be ultimately horrified. Then overwhelmed with guilt would probably haunt his soul forever, either it be a tombstone or just seeing Gon's still young face in reflection to his older one. Killua would be devastated.

"We have until the marking appear on Gon's body… after that it's just a matter of less than 12 hours." Illumi said breathlessly wiping a few tears from his eyelids. "So we have to find my siblings soon…."

"Okay." Hisoka said smiling lightly as he locked his hands with Illumi's squeezing them hopefully. "We can spit up and cover more ground….To ensure we find them within the deadline."

Illumi nodded a bit as he pressed a quick kiss on Hisoka's lips mumbling, "Love you."

"Eh.." Hisoka kissed him back confirming, "I love you more."


"Yeah, okay I cannot deny."

"You still have a thing for Gon?"

"Okay can we not talk about that? We're having a moment."

"I don't want our moment to be in vane if you're imagining him."

"Hey!" Hisoka cupped Illumi's tearful looking face as he brightly confirmed with a sincere twinkle in his eyes, "You're beautiful. Your cold soul is all I could ever be happy with…. I used to think loving was hard before I met you, ya know? So just because my eyes and lust wanders, I'll never lose sight of what's important." He brushed a stray strand of hair from Illumi's face as he purred, "That's you, honeycomb."

"Don't fucking call me that." Illumi babbled out blushing slightly as his gut felt uneasy. He commanded, "Just kiss me again."

So Hisoka did. Hisoka kissed Illumi again, again, again, and again.


Chapter Text

"I wanna hamburger!" Alluka chirped looking up at the fast food menu above them.

"Okay." Kurapika added it to the order, telling the cashier. "Add a hamburger combo on that."

"Mmmm..." Gon looked at the menu scanning it for anything that popped out to feed his interest so far there was barely any at all. It all seemed plain not really appealing to his taste buds right now. But he finally settled on saying, "I will have a double cheeseburger. How about you, Killua?"

The white haired male had his arms crossed with his hoodie pulled up over his head in a salty manner. Killua wasn't having it today. He was absolutely disgusted at all of this, these people didn't even deserve to be breathing the same air as him. Swiftly the 16 year old turned his head rejecting all of it, "I'm not hungry. You all eat without me... I'm going outside."

Alluka's face fell a bit, seeing Killua beginning to walk away and head away from the cash register. The girl frowned slightly complaining, "Big brother?"

"Stay with Kalluto. Be a good big sister, yeah?" Killua said it almost like a shrug, not as if he really didn't cared at all what they did at all.

It hurt Gon a bit to hear, as he sighed a bit. Especially seeing Killua walk right out the restaurant like it was nobody's business but his. Damn, it made Gon's head start to hurt, in a nasty throbbing way. All Gon wanted was for everyone to be happy. Why couldn't they be happy together?

Because your boyfriend is a psychopath...

"I'm going to get him." Gon declared firmly. Turning away from them and heading over to the exit/entry door.

Kurapika shot Gon a look but hushed his mouth and didn't say anything to stop him. The blonde just waved off his boyfriend saying, "Leorio go find a table if you will."

The older man looked ready to say something but bitterly he sucked his teeth and started walking away. It was just really salty over all that spiked up stuff so badly. Now everyone seemed too tense to do anything in their power to speak up and say something. Was this it? Where they all just gonna give up on each other? Where they going to fall apart because of 'sides'  which was a lie that Killua made up to keep Gon with him.

Pushing open the glass door, Gon was failing in his attempts to be positive. Soon as the heat from the sun hit his skin, he should have felt calm and relieved instead it made him even more on edge about the whole entire situation. Quickly his bright brown eyes start to adjust to the sunlight as he searched for his boyfriend; spotting a wild mop of white hair he noticed Killua making his way down the crowded street.

Taking off in that direction Gon called out, "Killua! Killua, wait up! Hold on~!" His legs started to kick up as he took off to catch up.

"Eh?" Killua stopped walking upon hearing his name be called. Pausing on the side he turned his head to see worried bright brown eyes charging in his direction. Automatically the older male spat out, "What the hell are you doing here!? Go back and eat with Kurapika and them!"

"No! Not until you come with me."

"I told you I'm not hungry!"

"Why are you being so stubborn? God damn...Killua watching over you is like a moody 3 year old. You never make up your mind."

"Who you calling a three-year-old?"

"Ha ha ha!" Gon chuckled a bit lightly as he ran his finger through black hair. "What are you going to do about it?" Calmly he walked the next few steps to finally meet face to face with Killua. His leaned his face in almost intimidating like he was about to kiss the taller boy yet made no such motion. 

The older teen grit his teeth almost with disgust but it was a bit of admiration that he wasn't going to be left out. Killua wasn't about to let Gon know how reassuring this was for him. Still it felt good, giving him another sense that he was in control of everything.

Killua scoped up Gon's hand looking at him a bit questioning on where this was going yet he was intrigued. Especially when Gon flashed him a light playful smile. That gave Killua all the courage he needed before snorting out, "I can do a lot of things about it. Do you care what I do about it? Are you worried?" Hunching over in a shady way, it showed how much more the teen needed to brood.

'It was okay, it was fine. It's all going to turn out OKAY IN A FINE WAY.' That was chant that Gon was replaying over and over again in his brain. It was one of those moments where scrutiny was needed upon a certain 'someone: Killua's' attitude. But maybe that was it---everything was true after all.

Gon knew Killua was just scum. He'd come to terms, his boyfriend was trash. A worthless waste of space who probably shouldn't even need to eat because...Don't people say there's no use doing the same thing twice? What's picking up a tad bit more knowledge? What's applying yourself to fix a situation? If anything...Gon, more than ever felt ready to crawl into a ball and die. Killua had brought him levels of new misfortune, mixed with just enough adventure to keep Gon hooked. There was no escaping those cold lifeless ice cool eyes, or that cruel sadistic smirk that loved to hang around on Killua's lips. One choice was to just keep smiling, suffer through it all and pray for the best. Still it seemed everything would be met with indifference.

Did Gon feel bad? Yeah. Yet the pain of shadow and doubt would only last for a little while. The shimmering regret would only be brief until those cold bony pale fingers ran over his warm skin. Strumming the strings of Gon's heart as Killua would ruthlessly sing out the words, "Sacrifices." Because sacrifices had to be made to get to the top. Killua made that clear; People would be stepped on and crushed to make way for THEM.

"Listen, Killua... I'm not scared of you. It's you who should be afraid of me." Gon informed him pointing a single figure at the boy's chest commanding, "So don't act so high and mighty. You might have superpowers, never forget they only activate because of me."

The white haired boy's eyes flashed a bit with bafflement that Gon felt the need to bring up that fact again, yet the determination in Gon's eyes told him all he needed to know. A smart ass smile tugged on his lips, but he felt a vibe warning him not to mock Gon on this one. Instead he began to strut around his boyfriend. Inspecting all of his manners and attempting to pin point what was going wrong. His white hair bounced as he nodding his head humming, "You don't think I already learned that lesson, baby boy? I don't want you mad at me like last time. I want to serve you."

"Stop! I'm not totally adept, but I know enough." Gon huffed out, as he glared at Killua reluctantly demanding, "So pull yourself together, if you really want to serve me! If you understand....our love."

Inhaling sharply Gon took up a long full of fresh air as he listened to the sound of the passing by cars with the honking in the air wrapped in the hustling and bustling to that on the street taking it all in for a moment. Killua slipped his pale hands over Gon's as he whispered to him huskily in a soft sexy tone that only they could hear. "Of course, I do....and I can show it to you. I'm going to give to you hard, that's what I'm going to do...I'm gonna fuck your little brains out."

Gon felt is heart do flip-flops for a few seconds. That's right..The more he looked at Killua. It reminded him that, Killua was not alright, and whatever drove him to the boy was the same thing now driving him away. Swallowing nervously Gon muttered out, "But..Kurapika will definitely be pissed if we go in Leorio's dorm and fuck."

"" Killua's facial expression seemed to darken as he motioned his head over to the laundromat store they were standing outside of saying, "I have something way more sexy in mind."

Gon wasn't sure what was going to happen or where Killua was exactly going with all of this, yet he was curious..He should have remember curiosity killed the cat. Killua had his hand taken hostage and Gon followed him into the small laundry mat. The place wasn't that big, nor was it really crowded only a few people where there. Most of them listening to music or watching the free TV that was on. A sound of tumbling clothes and occasionally a clanking of coins was the only thing making noise in the whole entire place.

There wasn't any noticeable employee on duty. Which meant that this was one of those new dangled places where everything was paid for ahead of time and impossible to rig. Those brown eyes that made Gon's pupils jump place to place took a quick brief note of the area around them, his legs following right behind Killua's.

Gon didn't want that conclusion the mysterious way Killua usual played games seemed to be promising a world filled of adventure yet a safety net of seclusion. Killua knew what he had planned and Gon had such a brilliant bright smile too framed, too perfect, too undeniably attractive and when he walked his hips swayed. Killua wanted Gon, every single inch of him. Anytime, anywhere, any place any how.

"Here.." Killua reached the door that he clicked open it led to a basement full of extra dryers and washers. "Most laundromats have these here now. Just to count on if there's overflow when no ones on duty. Since it's not busy, we don't have to wish about getting caught."

A slight smirk came on Killua's face as he dragged Gon inside the basement of the laundry mat. The smaller teen trembling slightly. They'd been in this situation before, where Killua would claim no one would ever find out or care, yet someone ALWAYS DID. Gon would be damned if some poor mom and her innocent kids walked in of Killua and him having sex.

"Does the door lock?" Gon asked hesitantly.

"No. Why would it?" Killua said perplexed.

"I..immeaaann...?" A wave of embarrassment washed over Gon as his face started to turn red he struggled to elaborate over everything. "I don't want p-people, walking in!"

A slight laugh came from Killua's lips as he patted Gon's head sympathetically. "Alright then, if you're that scared put a chair to block the door." He let go of Gon's hand, heading down stairs to the dryers and washers that were awaiting. His blue eyes searching for the best one to lay Gon on top of and watch his legs spread.

Gon didn't diddle-dattle finding a chair to block the door with. He leaned it back to crop against the wall to ensure that it was preventing any other entry. He worked briskly to make sure it was tightly locked in too.

That was until Killua commanded, "Come here, Baby boy. I found one."

Gon came down stairs thinking he would be looking at something normal yet no! Nothing when it came to Killua could ever be that simple or normal. When Gon's brown eyes set sight upon Killua he was messing with some blanket on top of the dryer in the corner. The sight and the timing gave Gon a really odd feeling.

"I don't think we should do it." Gon said in all honesty. A huge wave of uncertainty washing over him in a tidal wave as he exclaimed, "Just look, there's a blanket covering that spot."

Killua screwed an eyebrow upwards challenging, "Oh this?" Gon grit his teeth as Killua pushed the blanket onto the floor. He disregarded it like pointless trash, taht should have never been created because it screwed with his current existence.

The black haired boy cursed under his breath, looking from the floor to Killua and to the floor again. "What the heck did you do THAT?" Gon spat clear distress in his tone and voice. He started towards the dryer, his hands searching for a blanket prepared to put it back like nothing had ever happened.

Killua let out a satisfied smirk and shoved his knee forward. It swiftly pushed Gon's knees apart, and Killua stepped forward the rest of the way. His body pressed against Gon as he pushed him up against the dryer, helping him sit up on the cold top with his knee. The action made the hairs on Gon's arm stand up catching chills in attention as he quirked his head over squirming around. His pink lips parted as he let out a soft gasp, before they mashed against Killua's. The taller boy groping his soft peach skin as their noses grazed each other, as he purred lovingly.

"Don't be so tense...." Killua breathed out breaking the kiss between them. "This is going to be fun!" He encouraged, reaching down and dug his hands into Gon's hips. "You down for this right, baby boy? I won't go easy."

Gon let out a broken laugh, feeling his chest tighten up. His breath caught up in his throat as Killua kissed his cheek, and he had to resist the urge to roll forward and press himself closer to Killua. "I do....but...." He sighed a bit as he ran his stray fingers through his spiky black hair, "Killua you have to start thinking more seriously...You can't run the world like you own it, because you don't."

The white haired male's eyes flared up a bit teasingly. "Well, that's true" He cooed softly, before forcing Gon back the rest of the way. Gon's back hit against the wall, feeling Killua's torso wedge itself between his legs. "And if I stop acting arrogant, and be more helpful... you'll be happy right? You'll agree with me right?"

"I didn't say all that."

"It was implied."

"No! You think it was implied! Superheros do stuff nobly without another thought that they might or might no receive praise! If you read comic books, you would know that!"

"I know now..." Killua said slurring his speech a bit as he relaxed, pressing his hand on Gon's stomach. He pressed down kneading the skin tenderly like a massage as he joked, "I'm learning see?"

Gon rolled his eyes not buying of what Killua was saying. Killua was just full of bullcrap that Gon was now seeing through and choosing to go against. "Just screw my ass already!" He started to complain as his back was forced against the top of the washer.

"I knew you'd want me to touch you. Even if it is here...Or are ya still scared?" Killua asked devilishly as he tugged Gon's pants down. He slowly picked up one of Gon's legs, pulling them down his legs painstakingly slow before doing it to the other.

Gon's boxers slid over the dryer top as he wiggled at Killua's touch. The baggy pants bunched around his knees as Killua settled further between Gon's legs. Wrapping a few long, slim fingers around the elastic band of his boxers, Killua pulled it forward to gaze at the small patch of hair that ran beneath his v-line.

"Well?" Killua asked, snapping the elastic back against Gon's stomach. He let out a loud whine as it hit his torso. "You have to use your words, sunshine."

Gon moaned lowly. His fists clenched to keep from clawing at Killua and raking his nails into his skin. Numbly Gon pleaded, "Touch me. But..But try to keep most of our clothes on..!"

Killua shrugged his shoulders. "Why? That's so pathetic." He muttered. Killua slipped his hand under Gon's ass and lifted him up a little, using his other hand to slide the boxers down off his hips. "But if you choose that, who am I to stop you."

"Are you ser-serous?!" Gon said shakily trying to sound bold despite the rushing of his rapid pounding heart.

"Of course.." Killua challenged, "You have a right to say if you this or not. Remember the traffic lights?"

"Then.." Gon swallowed nervously riskily saying, "All over, put your hands on me." Gon's lowly sexy voice bounced off Killua's ear drums and went straight to his cock. Killua knew his boxers went straight on in tight tent mode. Damn Gon had to be toxic to Killua's health. This couldn't be healthy the both of them this was completely getting it on.

"Okay...if that's what my sunshine wants." Killua hummed hungry and set Gon down, not bothering to waste his time pulling off his clothes the rest of the way. Since Gon had requested they both just fuck in their clothes, they would do it.

"Thank you." Gon groaned happily, looking down as Killua ran his fingers along the bottom of Gon's cock as it stiffly stood up, released from it's cage. The fine hardened piece of flesh had gotten firm so fast, Killua found his own self shocked. Gon really did have a thing for him. Which was good because Killua had a urge for Gon to.

Killua wanted Gon all day everyday, anywhere... All to himself..  

"So cute…" Killua found himself whispering, "You're so cute, baby boy." Killua began rubbing the head of Gon's cock gently with one hand a bit as he reached in his pocket fumbling around until he pulled out a quarter. "All bent over like this…"

Gon's heart dropped to his stomach nervously as he watched Killua push the quarter in the machine and then mash a bunch of settings. Then slowly like an old amusement park ride the dryer began to shake and rattle to life, it creaked loudly like an old wooden roller coaster and made Gon's whole entire body start to shake wildly bouncing up and down on top of it.

Gon let out a yelp as Killua forced him to stay down and ride on the smooth surface. It was an entirely new feeling of being fucked from behind from a dryer which was weird especially when Killua placed 3 finger in front of Gon's face. Automatically he began to command, "Suck them. They're going inside you."

"Since when did I start sucking them?" Gon grumbled out his pink tongue giving a quick lick over Killua's fingertips. The action sending chills down the taller male's body at the cold wet brief contact for a few seconds.

It was all too weird, making Killua let out a low growl. Overly aggressively he shoved his 3 fingers in his boyfriend's mouth. Similarly to a short huff he let Gon cough a bit as he felt the smaller male crunch accidentally on his fingers. Killua let a grumpy, "I don't know who the fuck you think you are. But I do the biting around here."

Gon let out a low groan as Killua tugged on the collar around his neck, pulling him around like a doll. Before moving his lips to suck on the already teased and lightly harassed skin. Gon in return chomped down on Killua's fingers trying to hold in on all the sounds that whistled smoothly past his lips. As his tongue tangled with long fingers moving them around his mouth like an ice skating ring. They were already going hard taking shots at each other's bodies before the actual love making was getting done. A strange feeling tugged at Killua's heart as he remarked his claim on Gon. It was still greed that drove him forward but yet this time a more gripping term swirled inside his gut. Killua didn't want to have to leave Gon ever. Sure he was soft, but he was loyal and resourceful. Killua really did love that stupid happy ball of sunshine.

"One of these days, I'll properly make love to you, Gon." Killua muttered as he pulled away from his boyfriend, along with removing his fingers from his mouth. His blue eyes almost giving a look of compassion as he said so; it almost made Gon a bit perplexed.

"All the other times were fake?" Gon felt his mind start to buzz. Mostly in question that if all the others were fake, did he really even ever lose his virginity at all? Was he just a cursed virgin who spent all his time living in sin?  

" mean." Killua didn't know he got so sucked into the moment and forgot that this was Gon who he was talking about here. "Yes! They were real but. Oh~! Don't even bother trying to get it." A bit of his sweat fell on top of Gon's back as he stroked his head tenderly not really feeling to go any deeper, since he'd rather just savor the moments they had together. It was so wonderful, because the small things in life like actually holding Gon's hand had nothing compared to this experience. Since soon tehir bodies would light up an create such a lovely display.


"You won't get it, because I barely understand myself..."

"Killua, I'm here for you. To try and explain the stuff you don't get."

"Well, I just feel like there a difference then just sex that we have, and real love making. Ah...but, I think that whenever I'm with you, I feel loved. So it's still being made, I guess."

"You feel love?" Gon didn't mean to propose it as a question. it mor so fell out of his mouth in shock, since for so long he'd been trying to guide Killua to show him what love is. How could Killua even begin to think he understood? Why would Killua go out of his way to make sense of stuff that really shouldn't be explained? Why would anyone willingly just allow their mind to wander about that? Sure they...but...not...anymore... nevermore...

Killua smiled slightly as he kissed the space on Gon's neck, "I really do love you. I love you so much. I love you more than I love myself. I love you more than you can comprehend." His pale hand ran on top of his boyfriends fumbling a round with the ring on his finer, Killua felt overly proud that he was the one who put that there. Killua had sealed the deal for his future and Gon had almost willingly agreed. Still it had to mean something that Gon was at least wearing the ring.

Bonded...married couples had rings.

Gon screwed an eyebrow up muttering, "Okay.. Then I won't try to.." His face blushed slightly as he reminded them bot, "It will be a waste of brains since you said you're gonna fuck them out anyway, right?"

"RIGHT!" Killua eagerly starting to mess with his own jeans as he unzipped them; quickly pulling out his hot and heavy cock. His pale hands rubbing against it, as he held it steadily trying to line it up with Gon's ass as it bounced up and down.

"W-whaats with the hesitation?" Gon questioned his back vibrating against back of the washer yet his brown eyes were glued to the prize that Killua was holding in his hand. Licking his lips he said, "Put it in!"

"I'm trying..I gotta be on target with the movements." Killua said his blue eyes steadily scanning the bouncing moving that was happening before him.

Gon let out a frustrated howl of impatiences filling him. "Just do it. It doesn't matter if it hurts or not. As you said, I've felt pain plenty of times before."

Figuring that part was true for the most part Killua listened to his boyfriend. Take a few more glances before he pushed himself into the smaller teen. Gon's walls tightened clamping immediately even after doing it with Killua so often, the wonderful sensation of being filled couldn't compare to anything in the world.

"Fuck…" Killua let out a low husky growl feeling the warm cavern engulfing him and acting on instinct he immediately started moving. Not letting a dull moment pass of non tension between them.

As usual Gon threw his head back starting to let out a slur of words all calling, "Killua! Killua! Rhg..f-faster!" There was only a slight disadvantage at this position. Which was that it was impossible for Gon to ride up and down on Killua's cock as they did before regularly. Now it was all 100% Killua at the wheel. Not that Gon was complaining because Killua was good at what he did.

Killua took every praise and used it to power forward shoving himself harder and more on point into Gon to find his sweet spot. To say the least this was made most interesting was Killua who managed to keep up and shove into Gon's ass at each time the dryer bumped or started to rattle strangely. It was a blessing that their cries were covered by all the racket.

Everything was going good until there was almost a heart stopping moment for Gon. When there was the sound of a clinging loud and klack at the door. The unmistakable sound of the door being in a raw attempt to be open. Knob rattling against the top of the chair, making a clear noise of forced entry.

"T-th..thhh!" Gon was feeling so much pleasure, he almost forgot how to form any other word in his mouth but his boyfriend's name. "The door!"

The sweaty taller teen still ruthlessly fucking him looked a but quizzical. Killua muttered out, "Eh? What about it?"

"Aahh... mmm-Killu..aaah!" Gon whined as his shirt cling tightly to his sweaty body he could feel every inch of Killua every single powerful thrust. His fingers dug into Killua's back as if trying to hold his actions back. Having more common sense (more so self control) he warned, "Ya gotta stop! Don't ya hear the door?"

Of course Killua heard the door, but his needs to release his seed in his property was definitely more important than worrying about some door. Plus, who was it gonna be? Worst case scenario it was either somebody that he knew or a police cop coming to arrest him. "But..I'm not even close.." Killua said breathlessly as he began to pick up speed.

Gon whimpered slightly, "No! No.. Killua! Stop! Killua!" His whole entire body shook jolting on the moving dryer. It forced him to let out a long slutty moan as he tightened his legs around Killua's waist.

"Baby boy, I can't stop..." Killua insisted pressing a kiss on Gon's neck. "IT FEELS TOO GOOD INSIDE YOU."

"N-ooooo! Ki-ki-ki..Ki!" Gon rolled his head back, the speed of the dryer picking up as Killua started going in deeper stretching him out to his limits.

Then there it was, the sound of the door opening was equivalent to the final bell of a period coming up with a test you didn't study for. It was absolutely horrifying at all at once the rush that filled Gon, his whole entire body started to shake and tremble uncontrollably.

"MASTER KILLUA!" A feminine voice called out from the staircase entrance.

At first the words didn't even register in Killua's mind but he did pause for a good amount of time. "What the hell...since when did you call me...?" Then his voice trailed off again. Slowly his mind began picking up the pieces of what was going on. Killua's blue eyes looked down at Gon trembling out of control underneath him. "On a scale to 1 to 10, how fucked are we?"

"Uuuuhh.. mmmeeerrgggr?" Gon was so nervous his brain couldn't even command his muscles to speak or make the correct words. Instead his mouth was numb as his brown eyes spun nervously catching sight of the two girls who walked in on them, his face completely red like a tomato.

"M-mm..Master Killua? Just what..What DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" The same feminine voice squeaked out absolutely traumatized at the sight.

Completely unable to meet their faces, Killua looked down at his boyfriend instinctively answering, "Gon." Half of him never felt so thankful that his boyfriend had insisted that they have sex with their clothes on.

"Don't tell them! You're doing me! Don't act so blunt about it!" Gon hissed digging his nails purposely deep in Killua's skin to make sure he felt the pain. "NOW IF ANYTHING ITS A GOOD TIME TO LIE!"

"I-I-I..can't they know me!"

"You lie to a lot of people you know!"

"They would see through my lies!"

"Well don't throw me under the bus!"

"But you said, we're a TEAM. A PACKAGE. If I go down, you go down."

The woman looked clearly in disarray as she took a few steps back wearily mumbling out weakly, "Canary...?"

"Amane, don't act so silly or shocked!" A slight smile came on the other girl's face as he gently patted the other girl's back. "Killua is a teenager after all! He has hormones to deal with. Don't ya Killua?" The last part was clearly nothing but a tease from her.

Blushing madly Killua stiffly turned his head over to look at them almost in a robot like way he was slow. Mostly due to embarrassment over the whole thing, his legs felt even more like jello once he realized who they were that caught him. A sight that for once he almost didn't want to believe as he glanced up at the staircase. Amane seemed to have suddenly gotten a terrible nosebleed as Canary was consulting her. The girl was wearing a pretty dress, that now had a bit of blood on it but all the same still looked very nice. Amane wasn't wearing a dress but a pretty skirt with a nice crop top.

"D-date?" Was all Killua found himself able to mumble out as his eyes switched back and forth between the two of them.

"Yep." Canary said with a sly smile on her lips. "I guess it's one for the scrap books because it's not everyday ya take your girlfriend out to do laundry together and you find two guys going at it like bunnies."

"AND IN OUR SECRET CORNER TOO!" Amane shouted out. There was an unsettling tone that couldn't be read if it was anger or shock as she raised her fingers pointing at them. "Who gave you permission to use it?"

If anything Gon felt his face heat up more as he let out a shaky voice crack of, "Killua...did you hear that? This is their corner..."

"Ye-yeaah.. that's why there was blanket here..." Killua sunk his head down a bit in shame.

"YOU STOLE OUR CORNER AND RUINED IT!" Amane shouted her black long hair bouncing on her shoulders as she shook her head. Too embarrassed to go off and glare or yell at them about it, yet pissy all the same. Her anger bubbling up inside as she shook her head angrily, "Just wait till I tell!"

Those words almost made Killua forget how to breath as he choked out, "YOU WOULDN'T!" It wasn't fear or panic that came over him. Simply he understood that clearly he was at a disadvantage here pissing at everyone.

Gon looked at the 3 of them curiously cocking his head to the side to get a better view asking, "Do you guys all know each other?"

"Yes..." Killua babbled clearly sweating a bit more profoundly as he explained, "They're my butlers. They work for my parents..."

Automatically Gon's eyes lit up in admiration as he chirped out, "You have butlers too!? Why didn't you tell me?" Stars started to pop out of his eyes as they twinkled up with new found admiration ignoring the situation at hand. "Do they have super powers?"

"NO! Why would they have superpowers if anything there nothing more than friendly service providers who keep our secrets!" Killua snapped being sure to smash every expectation that Gon had for them because there was no need for an even bigger deal to be made.

That didn't work at all tho, Gon was already too far off in fanboy mode as he hugged his boyfriend tightly. "Killua, you're like Batman!" He exclaimed in a happy childish tone.

"I am nothing like him! Batman doesn't have superpowers!" Killua said his voice mostly muffled by Gon's wild spiky black locks getting in the way.

Canary laughed lightly at the sight. "I always knew, underneath all those layers of spite, Master Killua was a big sweetheart."

In a salty way Amane clicked her teeth, turning her head from them. "I don't care what a marshmallow he is. He just better learn to fuck in a different spot."

Hearing that made Killua grit his teeth feeling that Gon was making him look like an utter fool in front of people when he had a vigorous reputation to protect the dignity of. He started to tear the smaller male off him in futility since his dick was still inside Gon they were stuck like glue. Even so Killua wasn't about to take anything about him growing soft. "I AM NOT A HUGE CREAM PUFF! I'M A SAVAGE RUTHLESS SUPER VIL-HERO!" Killua made a storm of lightning start to surround his body then he narrowly cut his eyes at them. "What do you say about that?"

"I say that I hope you plan on using some of that savage beast mood or whatever to impress your parents!" Amane huffed back, crossing her arms. "They haven't heard word from Alluka, Kalluto or you since yesterday. Illumi hasn't even came home yet!"

"What? Illumi NOT HOME YET?"

"He's not with you?"

"Hell no! Why would that creep be with me?"

"You had a mission together!" There was a new found desperation in Amane's voice as she claimed, "That means you all STAY TOGETHER."

Killua gave her a completely revolting look as he shook his head. "Alluka and Kalluto are safe with Gon and I. That's it."

"Mmm, that's not good." Canary mumbled to herself. Giving a look of uncertainty to Amane they almost seemed to be communicating by looks.

That made Killua very uncomfortable as he mumbled out, "No one knows where is Illumi is! Don't do this to me, alright?"

A playful grin came on the tall female's face. "Do what?" Canary challenged a slight sparkle in her eyes reading of mischief.

Closing his eyes Killua sighed not knowing what to use to his advantage. There really was no upper hand here; at any second they could call up his parents and tank everything he ever worked for. So the white haired teen played it safe, "Don't tell anyone about this. Especially not my parents, they don't know about Gon being my boyfriend at all. More or less, I assume they think I'm a virgin."

A friendly look came on Canary's face as she nodded getting ready to let out a word of agreement along the lines of, 'Yeah, okay only because you were always my favorite.' But her girlfriend halted her from letting out a single peep.

"You honestly think...We would let you off the hook like that?" Amane said sourly as she placed her hand over Canary's mouth, not minding the red lipstick staining her skin.

Killua looked at her completely baffled, "Umm..I'm sure, Canary was just about to agr-"


"Okay! I'll talk to my parents about a pay raise."

"That's not GOOD ENOUGH."

"I'll talk about tripling your salary and giving more vacations."


"Quadruple your pay, get more vacations days, get paid on vacations, throw in free access to our pool."


"What MORE CAN I POSSIBLY GIVE? I CANNOT GIVE ANYMORE! Do you want a porno video of Gon and I or something?"

Amane felt her nose start bleeding again. "WHY would you even SUGGEST the last one!?" She squeaked out with her voice high pitched and shy like a mouse.

"I don't know!" Killua said desperate to keep this whole entire thing a secret between just the 4 of them. "I don't know else, I can offer you! I was hoping to appeal to your inner fangirl and get some kind of pity reaction!"

"As if! Even if it did hint me in, I wouldn't watch some hot gay sex with you in it!"



"I have an idea." Canary cut in saying as she looked between the both of them. "How about master Killua just ends up owing you a favor, Amane?"

"A favor?" Amane repeated in shock.

Killua shrugged, "Sounds fair enough. Just be sure keep your mouth shut and reflect on what you want that favor to be."

"What really?" Amane said looking at Killua puzzled. "Are you sure?"

"I don't like repeating myself. I said I owe you one so I do." Killua said firmly.

"The Master Killua, we used to know do ever take shit saying he ain't ever gonna owe nobody nothing." Canary's eyes seemed to light up a bit happy at the noticeable improvement.

Killua wasn't very entertained, rolling his eyes he yanked up Gon by his hair. Showing his boyfriend off, "Don't get it twisted. Sunshine here demands I start to be more nice and other stuff. If it wasn't for him, there would be no negotiating. HE'S MAKING ME, YA KNOW...GOOD AND STUFF." Pressing a slobbery kiss to Gon's jaw line, Killua grinned enthusiastically, "I've made progress being a good citizen too."

"Hi!" Gon said almost in a daze as he shyly waved at them. "I'm hoping you guys leave soon, so Killua can get back to fucking my ass. We sorta have somewhere to be."

A slight look of understanding passed between the girls as they looked at each other before bursting into giggles. "Well then in that case, we shouldn't prevent your fun any longer." Canary said as her and her girlfriend turned to exit.

Amane brushing them off as they stepped out closing the door saying, "This time block it better." It wasn't until there was a satisfying door slam that let a wave of relief wash over them.

Killua's eye twitched a bit before he wheezed out a cry he didn't even know he was holding in, "HOLY SHIT! I'VE NEVER BEEN MORE TERRIFIED OR EMBARRASSED IN MY LIFE!" He looked down at Gon who had such amusement in his face that the smaller teen was ready to laugh his ass off.

"Ehhee..Really?" Gon's hair bounced loosely as his brown eyes glittered. "Killua was embarrassed? And he admits it?" A low laugh slipped from his lips as he threw his messy black hair back as sweat beads rolled down his face a quick smile graced his lips.

Killua angrily grabbed Gon from the collar, using the leash; started shaking him threatening to actually tightening and choke him out. "You think is funny!? I owe a favor to someone because of you! A FUCKING FAVOR!"

"Plus you owe one to Kite! Haha, you're drowning in favors!" Gon blurted out unable to hold back his laughter even if he was in the process of almost dying. Death to Killua was almost hilariously comical material at this point.

"Ah, that's right..." Killua slightly grumbled recalling Kite.

"But favors are good." Gon barely manged to squeeze out. The reaction was so shocking from Killua that he let go of Gon's collar looking at him suddenly with envy. Brown eyes rolled up to meet blue who seemed to be awaiting on further elaboration. So Gon explained, That means you're making up and taking what you stole from people?"

"Really?" Killua nuzzled his face in Gon's neck almost becoming apologetic from his past actions. He began humming, "Does that make you proud of me?"

"Yes." Gon smiled softly despite the fact he was screaming inside, 'What the fuck? What the actually fuck just happened?' A bit of his confusion leaked out his lips as he babbled, "So... are you ready to go back?"

Flexing his muscles the older male claimed vengeance, "NO! Fuck what I said before, I'm pissed again." With that he began roughly thrusting in and out of the smaller teen.

"! Killua, I'm going to cum!" Gon pleaded as Killua's hands spread open his ass cheeks wider. "Gaa! K-Ki..." Gon stumbled out as he felt himself loose control. His dick starting to shoot out cum all over his belly. Gon's bright brown eyes shut close as he emptied himself out.

It made the older male grit his teeth trying to power shove through but failing. In a pissed off tone Killua growled feeling Gon's warm softer edges tighten completely encasing his member inside he easily felt himself cum as well. If anything Gon's body was Killua's coffin.

"That was fast…" The white haired male started to pant as he filled the teen below him up with himself.

Gon shaking a bit but he took it well as he strengthened his hold around Killua's neck. "Are you disappointed?"

"Sorta…. but we can go at it again." Killua insisted.

"What about everyone else? They're probably searching for us." Gon said swallowing a tad bit uncomfortable about sneaking off and leaving his friends.

"They'll be fine." Killua shrugged his shoulders as he moved his cock around inside Gon claiming, "Plus, I'm still all ready to go to work on you. No gains, no losses."

Gon sighed lightly, figuring that there was no way he'd get away with telling Killua no. Well actually, Gon felt a part of him tired of cowering in submission to Killua. A part of him was feeling overly bold, not any to take anymore shit. The black haired male, tightening his fist around the machine commanding, "No. We're going to go find them."

"Who gave you permission to start giving commands? I make the rules around here, remember!" Killua fired back only to be met with Gon grinding down on him harshly forcing a slight moan out of his mouth weakly, "Ah...mmf.."

"Hey Killua, shut your mouth and fucking pull out of me." There was such a cold toned authoritarian voice from Gon's throat that Killua found himself obeying. The white haired boy pulled out of his boyfriend instantly. And soon as he did that action, a evil smirk found it's way on Gon's face, as his brown eyes flashed with malice.

There was no denying that for a split second, Killua actually felt scared of the consequences of disobeying.

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"I should just point my camera and wait for the train wreck." Leorio mumbled, clear bits of frustration coming off his voice as he leaned back in his seat. There was a bunch of little kids running around unchained without a hand to hold them, they were like a clan of gremlins in the playpen. Presenting Leorio with so many missed opportunities to make money, it was basically killing him. As if the fast food hadn't already given him enough heartburn with the grease, this was currently his torture.

Kurapika shot him a 'shut your shit, you are not about to purposely hurt a little kid so you can heal them and get famous on youtube' glance and unchanging Leorio shrugged since he figured he knew where all of this was going. But still, he wasn't about to slip up and let this perfectly good door close in front of his face.

"Why don't you go over there and play with Alluka?" Leorio questioned Kalluto, the smaller male had been occasionally looking over in the direction of the other kids his age yet would more than likely soon lose courage and shy away.

Kurapika gave Leorio even more of a harsher look this time. Countering his boyfriend's words and saying, "Kalluto, don't listen to him. Feel free to sit here and wait for Gon with us."

The 8 year old look up at the both of them, not really caring what they thought or advised him to do. Kalluto was sorta unsure if he even had permission to be talking with them. His mom did say no one outside of family. Yet these guys were friends with Gon, he wondered if that counted as family? They seemed harmless and not like they had anything against him personally. Kalluto was sure that Kurapika might have some unspoken beef with his big brother, yet that was up for debate until proper action could be taken. He figured it would be okay? Still he didn't speak at first, unlike his big sister, Kalluto was an extremely simple person. He might be young but he followed orders that were engraved inside his brain.

Everyday he would wake up and get dressed, usually in a soft outfit. Kalluto loved wearing capris, because jeans were tight and annoying, he love wearing crop tops with pastel colors, either pink or purple. He kept this style consistent because he tried never to overthink things. Next order of what he would do all day is eat breakfast with his big sister, then he would go to school. After he came home, he usually spent all day with his mother. Kalluto didn't care how badly his other siblings teased him about it, Kalluto didn't mind being under his mother's wing. It was safe, warm, and comforting from a harsh cruel reality.

Yet here, Kalluto was now forced to engage in social interaction in the world. It was easier in school because there he had teachers and stuff to protect him. Yet now there was nothing and no one he assist his case. Alluka had ditched him to go play in the ballpit with some strangers and left Kalluto with Kurapika and Leorio who were turning out not to be as bad as weirdos as first suspected. So since nothing seemed to be going his way today, Kalluto decided to take a chance and go for 'some' attempt at social interacting today.

Kalluto shrugged. "I wasn't planning on going up there. I don't like people very much." That was an honest statement. If anything Killua had nothing on how bad Kalluto was when talking to people. Kalluto couldn't carry on a conversation; he was a breaking worrisome wreck when it came to formal introductions.

"Really? I guess only Alluka has the gift of friendly genes in the family." Leorio sighed, disappointed that he now had no material to work with.

Oddly Kalluto pierced his lips together, "Friendly?" True, kalluto was a bit envious of his older sister. She was pretty and had an unlimited amount of sun dresses in her closet, she had a sweet smile, but on the inside there was nothing for anyone to be jealous of Alluka. Kalluto was sure that Alluka didn't have a friendly bone in her body, she was just an expert at acting. Alluka carried the trait to act normal, cheerful and friendly, that was what allowed her to have friends and stay on good terms with everyone.

The blond haired male across the table easily saw the shiver that ran through the elementary schooler spine and wave of disgust that washed over him. Based off that Kurapika drew the conclusion that Kalluto didn't feel that way about anyone in his family. They did always say the youngest kids are surely the most truthful. This proved to be holding true especially now. Kurapika figured that he could ask Kalluto about his family, but that would do no good. Kurapika knew what he was dealing with. He'd let everyone else fall for the facade the Zoldycks had put up so well. Even without his scarlet eyes, Kurapika could tell they were hiding a secret or something. It had to have something to do with Killua's lightning too.

Impatiently, with his mind lingering on the subject Kurapika tapped his finger on the table. His eyes looking at the door and back to his seat, then at the door again. They had been waiting for a good 1 hour and 30 minutes with still no sign of either of them. "Don't you think that, Gon and Killua should have been back by now?" He was addressing Leorio who was brooding over the fact that his youtube dreams would probably never be coming true in any time.

The man pushed up his small glasses on his face, "Well, yeah… I suppose?" Leorio said it in an almost uncaring tone.

"We should find and expose-" Kurapika caught himself and his rantings switching over to correct it saying, "I mean, search to protect!"

"Why?" Kalluto started to sip down the last of his drink as he motioned over to the door. Where it just so happened that Gon and Killua were making their way back in.

In almost a salty way Kurapika huffed out a slur of curses under his breath, before slamming his head down on the table. Muttering almost with total delusion, "How is that possible? That's not possible! What does he have super speed or something? I looked at the door! Killua and Gon were not there! They were not THERE!"

Leorio patted his boyfriend's back comfortingly in an attempt to calm him down. He muttered, "They probably took an Uber."

"Hey sorry we were late!" Gon said almost too cheerful when him and Killua walked over to the table.

"Late? You're food is freezing!" Kurapika snapped looking up at them both like they were demon teens with horns and fangs that had just grown off of them.

"Hehe.. I'm not worried about it." Gon grinned playfully at Kalluto. Rubbing his hair Gon teased the kid saying, "Kalluto you made sure my food stayed nice and warm for me, didn't you?"

A light blush came on Kalluto's face, a bit embarrassed that he was somehow being dragged into this conversation. In a fumbling way he cracked out, "N-no. Why would I? You never told me to! Plus it's your food, you should keep it warm!"

Gon numbly sat down almost shakily he let out a raw groan. "Well don't worry about was Killua's fault to begin with."

Killua raised an eyebrow but sat down beside his boyfriend; flipping his hair he cussed silently under his breath. "My fault?"

"Dang right, you were banging a hole into my stomach while you let my food get cold!" Gon spat, pulling his untouched burger and fries from the fast food bag.

"What THE HELL? I was surely not that deep fucking inside reaching your stomach!" Killua spat loudly. That got him a couple of dirty glances from the mothers with their young children around.

Gon bursted out in a storm of giggles as his shoulders bounced up and down. He began munching on his food. "I meant it as a hyperbole." Dipping a fry in ketchup he waved it around scolding, "But it does feel like it."

"So you both ran off to do THAT?" Kurapika stressed the last part as if he was embarrassed to be talking about such things in public.

Killua clicked his tongue saying, "If you mean, fuck. When you said that. You would probably be correct."

A bunch more mothers started whispering loudly behind Killua's back and letting out sounds of complaints of his foul language. In an annoyed mode, Killua gave them all a death glare warning them to buzz off his case. He couldn't help the fact he was hormonal driven teenager.

Kurapika's eye even twitched as he looked almost disgusted at Killua. "What the actually heck goes on in your mind?!" The blonde was still trying to unravel how it was that Gon with his sweet cinnamon roll ass could ever have a thing for Killua.

"Actually a lot of stuff. Most of it is hot fucking gay butt se-" Killua got cut off in his sentence by an employee who tapped his shoulder.

"Sir, I'm sorry but this is family friendly restaurant it's my duty to ask that you not cuss like that." The young woman said. She had crept up so silently and almost skillful like a trained ninja who got paid to jump scare people.

"Cuss? I'm not cussing. I just using my sentence enhancers."

"Sir, you said the F word."

"Fuck is a very useful word. It might be one of the greatest and most purposeful words in the dictionary."

"Sir, you're doing it again."

"No, I'm fucking not! I'm fucking proving my point!"

"Sir...Sir please."

"Don't call me, 'sir' I'm only 16 years old!"

"Okay, son."



"Man, I'll drop yo security in they own restaurant!" Killua stood up cracking his knuckles. Ready to fight and bust someone in their lips the second the opening presented itself.

Gon groaned in frustration that he couldn't eat his burger in peace. "Killua just leave! You ain't wanna eat no way."

"Fine!" Killua looked over at Kalluto. "Come on."

"What? Why am I leaving with you?" Kalluto turned his head, pointing at the playset saying, "Go get your favorite person Alluka to go with you!"

"No, you're coming with me! You ain't doing shit. At least Alluka trying to have fun and act normal, you.. you're… I don't know! Just COME WITH ME!" Killua forcefully dragged Kalluto up out his seat.

The young boy pouting all the way to the door as his older brother removed him away from the table. Kalluto didn't know why he was getting dragged into stuff or for that fact matter why he was even here suffering like this. Kalluto knew he should have stayed home that night instead of going to watch Illumi and Killua rob a bank. Or no, he wished he was just never born to witness this. What was this? Why was he willingly following his big brother around? Since when did he start fancying Killua enough that he felt comfortable to hang with him?

Purples eyes peeked upwards at his big brother who trudged around gruffly as he walked, Killua was hunched over salty with a bitter bounce in his step as his lips were sneered down sharply. It looked like Killua was fuming with deliberate chaos as he moved down the streets. He walked like he had a problem and was mad at the world. Kalluto wondered what was Killua's deal. Most of his brothers had something they focused and circled on. Killua far as Kalluto knew would just stay brooding.

"He's so cataclysmic…" Kalluto mumbled under his breath, dropping his eyes for a quick second only to bang his head on his brothers back, not paying attention that they had stopped walking.

Killua didn't even care or seem to notice as he glared, "Illumi. be honest I was expecting the crazy clown bitch.." He said the words full of spite as with his blue orbs tension glaring at the taller male in front of him. "I thought Hisoka would be stalking us again but nope it's you." It was probably supposed to sound more like a question but it was almost evident at this point in time as a fact.

A slight frown came on Illumi's lips as he shrugged his shoulders, sucking his teeth lightly. There was no way he was about to admit anything or beg for Killua to come back. Instead Illumi lied stating, "I have orders to try and get Kalluto and Alluka back. Mommy and Daddy said you can rebel all by yourself and only pasny fuck asses have to bring hostages." Internally in his mind Illumi was sure that threat sounded way more menacing to drag Killua home with him.

"Ha!" Killua seemed to choke on a laugh as he yanked Kalluto's arm up. It made the smaller male look at him baffled that all of a sudden he was being thrown under the bus and used as a distraction. "He's not a hostage! He's my family. I'm going to protect. Gon said heros are supposed to protect the ones close to them."

"Hey! Let go of me!" Kalluto let out a weak little shout as he kicked a bit trying himself away.

Only to be met with a harsh slap in the face by Killua scolding his little brother, "Shut up! Don't you pull away from me! I'm keeping you safe from that crazy maniac!"

Illumi chuckled slightly pushing of his hair from his face as he calmly strolled over to Kalluto. He observing them with his dastardly black eyes looking both his brothers up and down. "Crazy? You're the insane one here. I am following orders. Kalluto, you should come home with me." He offered out a hand temptingly.

"You're lying..." Killua said bitterly, "Amane told me you were never went home."

In a unamused way Illumi smiled slightly like hearing such news was wonderful, "You ran into Amane? Hmm..." Brushing some of his long black hair away slyly he twirled a single finger in it, "I wonder how that turned out."

Taking a few steps back Killua tried to drag Kalluto with him, yet the kid didn't budge he just glared at Illumi almost hostile and confused. Kalluto looked at Killua almost with disgust as he scolded. "How shameful, big brother.. Look at you.. Stepping away when you should be moving forward. It's just Illumi he won't do anything to hur-"

"No we CAN'T!" Killua found himself hollering his mind playing flash back to the last time he was alone with Illumi. How easily the older male had fooled him. Accusingly he blabbered, "He's no longer… You, stay the hell away from him."

Kalluto could almost hear the fear in his big brother's voice there was even a little crack at the end. 'Killua is scared?' His eyes searched for reason to believe that there was any fear lurking in Killua's aura; there seemed to be tons of it falling off. That was a first, to see Killua almost paranoid over anything. If Killua had a fear he'd usually kill or dispose of that thing or person. Killua didn't seem to be making any effort to do that. For that reason alone, Kalluto found himself smirking a bit dastardly.

"What did you do to him?" Kalluto questioned, his purple eyes staring fearlessly into Illumi's mischievous ones. The shorter male crossed his arms explaining, "We both know Killua doesn't run from a battle. So you must have done something."

A smirk of almost equivalent value spread on Illumi's face as he mustered down a slight laugh. "I guess, not everyone who was born after me is a bonehead. Nice to see you don't take long to catch on.." Sweetly he kneeled down to get on Kalluto's height level reaching out his pale icy hold hands brushed some hair out of the younger male's face, as he gently cupped his cheeks. "Unlike some people who can't take a hint. You're a good kid, aren't you Kalluto?"

The 16 year old's mouth opened up for a split second; then it closed abruptly, only to open up again but no sound came out. Killua had so many words come to his mind, yet he couldn't find a specific one to say. He wanted Illumi far away from his little brother, he wanted Illumi far away from the people he cared about, He wanted Illumi far away from him. Yet his legs felt numb, they felt cut off and dead, practically like they were no longer existent to his body. None of his limbs wanted to cooperate. It made him frustrated. What the hell was wrong with him? Things in his life had been going down hill! It was time to end this downwards spiral.

Trembling on edge he choked out a pathetic cry of, "No..get..get your hands off him!" Killua knew the cry was wimpy but it was all he could come up with. There was no way he could beat his brother One vs One; there was no way he was going to let Illumi take Kalluto back to that hell hole they once dared to call home.

"Did you ever consider Kalluto wants to come back?" Illumi's eye twitched a bit as he flashed a cruel smile in Killua's direction. "Or Alluka.. How do you even assume that this is correct? When you break with the family, you break with everyone. So just come back to us!"

Killua didn't have to answer because the way he flinched away fearfully from exposing the truth in his blue eyes spoke volumes for him. His own selfish actions was what compelled him to bring Alluka and Kalluto with him after all. It was instantly at that second Illumi lost all interest in toying with Kalluto instead his sharp black orbs became snake like as delivered a mean kick to Killua's skin.

On impact Killua let out a yelp dodging an uppercut blow as Illumi rose to his feet. Taunting, "I was sent here to take you back. Now I can knock you out, or you can come peacefully."

"Like I would ever leave, Gon! Like I would ever return back to you monsters!"

"Kil, you are a monster. We have the same powers, it's time to stop fooling around and come back."


"I'm serious… listen to me, Gon is-"

"What the heck could you even know about my boyfriend?"

"More than you do! So…"

"Kil-" Kalluto started to say only to have his older brother quickly moved out the way the side of the road drama drawing too much attention for either of their liking.

Killua cranked his arm back in preparation for a punch, "Like you would understand anything about me! Or why I'm doing this! I am choosing not to live my life this violent way anymore! I want to live for Gon. I want to live with him, and make him happy!"

"I understand basics! You have nothing. Nothing on the inside! Nothing that lurks in your soul but darkness and revenge. You're a true Zoldyck at heart." Illumi explained s he jumped back, immediately running into a back alley way preparing for a brawl. "Which means you can't be with Gon."

"Hehe...That's what you think! But Gon's accepted me for who I am." Killua said taking the bait and chasing after Illumi like a fish does a worm on a hook. It was strange almost how such a simple words could spike up a person's adrenaline so high to get them in the fighting mood ready to demolish anyone in their path.

Kalluto did see the problem in this; it was ultimately blindsiding his brother into a trap. Yet the purple haired male sighed, he should chase after them, or he could get help. Even if he didn't understand why his brothers were fighting….He knew one person who could ultimately settle this all.

"I'm going to get Gon…" Kalluto murmured lowly not specifically to anyone because he didn't know or want at all what backlash that would cause. He just moved, in a sense that he could retrace their steps because they didn't walk for. Plus he could kick up his heels when needed. The speed pushed his shirt with waves of wind back that all rushed around him messing up his once flawless hair.

The sights and sounds of the city rushed in his ears making them ring, his eyes scanning the front door of the fast food restaurant when he arrived. He suddenly forgot if he should push or pull it open. Luckily for him the man of the hour walked out before him just in time.

"Kalluto, where is Killua?" Gon at first didn't read the panic stricken vibe on Kalluto's face or at all see the way he was sweating profoundly. When he did pick up in an almost childish way he asked, "Did you run away from him?"

Kalluto was ready to yell, 'Hell no! But Killua bout to be running from something in a few seconds!' Instead he just grabbed Gon's hand without saying a single word. It was easier to show than do and explain stuff. Explaining was long and boring it didn't help the situation get solved any faster. So he yanked away and proceeded to tug Gon back down the road with him.

All the way to the alley where there was a loud screeching sound it bounced off the tall buildings. It sounded female not that it came from either Illumi nor Killua even though Kalluto was sure they were the only ones back there.

"That's right! Take it out, all that rage and anger! No one will ever love you! Not you for you! Sure, you're fun." Now rang out a cruel undertone in Illumi's voice that was now clearly able to be heard over all the screaming. "But soon Gon will have enough and abandon you! Gon is an angel… and what are you?"

"Oh no…" Kalluto paused for a second not quite ready to turn the alley way in pure fear that something horrific might be awaiting Gon's sight.

"You will be abandoned and LEFT ALONE! Because you didn't want to come back! You won't even let your siblings come back." Illumi hisses loudly into the sky his voice amping up exponentially. He was hoping that Killua would snap and just give up. He needed him to concede.

Killua let out a chilled cry of, "Why would I let them go back to such a terrible place?" The tone was forcefully choked out that seemed to be behind tears. "What type of big brother would I be if I did that? The oldest kid is supposed to set a good example for their siblings. Not FUCKING BE A DICK SHIT LIKE YOU!"

"Killua!" Gon shouted rawly pushing past Kalluto as he swung around the corner. He was expecting to have his brown eyes widen at the sight of his boyfriend completely drenched in blood. He was mentally preparing himself for the worse sight for himself to lay eyes on.

Killua was panting slightly yet instead of his body drenched in red from head to toe, Killua had on dry clothes with both his hands up holding a phone. Slowly his blue eyes settled inside of brown and he mumbled with a smile, "Oh, hi… Sunshine…"

For a few seconds Kalluto thought he was only pretending that everything was okay. Part of his mind was shocked to see Killua didn't practically look like he lost his goddamn mind and killed an innocent bystander.

Even Gon looked equally astonished as he did a double check for any blood on the ground. Unable to some up with results he slowly mumbled, "B-But...The screaming?"

Still doing his part as Hero quite nicely, Killua teased, "Gon isn't nice to be not freaking out at murder before your eyes?" Flicking some of his white hair from over his eyes he winked at his boyfriend, then motioned upwards.

Gon looked at Killua then looked up to see a girl grinning excitedly down at them. She was shouting, "Thanks for catching my phone! I just got it yesterday."

"No problem!" Killua shouted back waving the unharmed phone around in the air, "Next time just be more careful."

"I was going to record your fight and put it on snapchat! Those awesome light effects were like so real and quality!"

"Haha! Glad you think so!"

"Yeah! Hey, can I get a picture? You're like a superhero or something."

At that Illumi could bo longer hold back not laughing his ass off at the sight of them. Which made Killua cut his blue orbs at him in a pissy way, but did no more to mess with Illumi. It was like Killua doing this spontaneous act of good had proved that he was mentally stable and better now. Giving him a privilege to brag, "Don't thank me. Thank my boyfriend! He made me the man I am today."

The girl let out a giggle pointing at Gon, "The cute one with brown eyes?" Then she called out, "Hold on I'm coming down! I want a picture of all of you!"

Soon as she dashed away from the window it was like everyone went off exploding at once, Gon started screaming at Killua and of course Killua screamed back at Gon more excuses. Kalluto covered his ears, as he sunk down to his knees slowly. When he closed his eyes he could ignore the frazzled pissed off expressions that were flashed between the two boys, maybe he could will himself away.

However Illumi's maniacal laughter was unbearable; Kalluto's eyes snapped open. Just in time to hear him shout, "See! Gon has no place for you, Killua! Come back home, so you won't hurt him anymore!" He reached up to snag Killua by the arm only to have the boy jolt back.

Killua spitting, "First of all, Gon said being a hero is helping others! I'm HELPING! So stop trying to break us apart!" Protectively his strong arms scooped up Gon, making the smaller boy let out a slightly shattered chill cry as he struggled to keep balance on his feet.

Gon felt Killua pinch at his sides which forced him to blurt out, "I'm not yelling because I'm mad! I'm just..." There was clearly no words to describe how Gon felt right now and for the most part he looked torn apart. Just when he assumed he understood who Killua really was, his boyfriend enjoyed to switch it up. Raking his fingers through his hair he begged, "WHY CANT YOU JUST CHOOSE, KILLUA?"

"I thought you said it wasn't about sides?"

"I mean your personality!"

"Huh?" Drooping his head down Killua felt more like he was being scolded for doing the right thing. "I thought... I.. her phone fell.." He found himself trying to elaborate, "I caught it. I DID THAT!"

Gon kicked in Killua's arms as he reached out like a helpless child wanting to touch the brick building for something to stable himself on. "I'm stupid…" Gon found himself admitting to his own failures, tears built up in his eyes as he slowly reflected on all the mistakes he made while dating Killua. "I'm so damn stupid…"

"Gon?" Killua questioned looking at the male hanging in his grip. A confound lost wave of mystification washed over him as his mind tried to comprehend, "No you're not… You're the sun. My sunshine!"

"And you're my biggest mistake!" Gon snapped pointing directly up at Killua accusingly. His brown eyes turned dark almost instantly as his body rocked back and forth trying to steady himself on his own feet. Gon wanted Killua to let go of him~ he wanted out of the hug and out of the illusion that if he kept on living like this everything would be okay.

Kalluto could see the utter yearning for freedom in his eyes. Kalluto could tell Gon had that stage of fear in his eyes, like a caged bird who was singing to be set free. It was the same face Kalluto made every so often, when back home so immediately he recognized it. Which made a declaration of independence form on his lips as he rose up boldy commanding, "LET HIM GO!"

"Who?" Killua's blue eyes flared up as if he was upset that anyone was posing a challenge for him right now. "The heck said that…?" His sight darted to Kalluto who locked his cold hands over Killua's.

The younger boy repeated, "Let him go." Kalluto pushed Killua's grip off from around Gon's waist. His body seemed to have acted so effortlessly without him even having to give a second thought. He'd just reacted, upon seeing something unjust.

Yet now that his mind had came to terms with what he'd just did with his body, Kalluto stared up at Killua with a look of utter horror. His pupils started to shrink in cowardness as lightning spread all over his older brother's body, each energy wave made Kalluto suddenly regret his past decision. Illumi even looked a bit shocked that Kalluto had gotten that bold. The mer second that a gazed haze lost look dropped, Kalluto figured he should have known better and kept his mouth shut.

Stepping back rapidly, Kalluto spun around frantically. He reached out grabbing the ends of Gon's shirt as he pulled himself into it. His black hair pressed against Gon's stomach as he rubbed his face against it, with his tone getting muffled, he began pleading out, "Just leave him alone. Leave us alone! Leave it! All you just touch stuff and fuck it up!"

Killua paused malice still laced in his mood as he huffed, " THAT'S WHAT I USED TO DO!" He made a fist full of rage as he glared at Kalluto being a completely weak such up to Gon. Which was actually a pretty good plan since Kalluto knew he wouldn't dare hit Gon. For that reason it made Killua even more upset, that his little was out performing him in ideas. "The new me is different!" A slight crack came in his tone as he pointed at his boyfriend demanding, "Gon tell them! Tell them all, that we're an absolute dou together!'

Much to Kalluto's shock he felt Gon place his hand over his head. Gon was supporting and standing with him… Kalluto's heartbeat started to increase as a sly smirk of relief crossed his lips he shot a, 'Gon is on my side sucker! Try to hurt me now…!' look straight at Killua. Who bounced back a blank express not comprehending why this was actually taking place.

"Kil…" Illumi murmured softly, "It's over just…" A car rolled up in front of the alley was semi on the road semi not. So Kalluto figured, that only had to be the work of some terrible driver. Then when the window rolled down in the car to see a cheesy clown face, Kalluto knew his suspension was confirmed.

"Hey, Illumi!" Hisoka was yelling at his boyfriend from the car, "Now that I think of it, do we really have room for all of them? For everyone in this car?"

"Yeah, everyone will fit." Illumi took a few steps over to his brother ready for him to break down and fall out in tears. He cocked his head over to the side giving out an order to him, "Just get in the car."

"No!" Killua howled at the top of his lungs. A look of distress washed over him as he swallowed, "….Gon doesn't mean what he's saying.. He's only saying and doing this because you're here!"

"Oh really? Then Gon hasn't heard the news that his dad's in town around now?" Hisoka found himself babbling out loud tapping his chin. "If anything, I figured he'd be out here looking for him… He's really spending time with the likes of you?"

"Ging!" A look of pure shock came over Gon's face, it seemed to wash away all the other emotions. "He's here? Why?" It had been years since he'd seen his father and it was clearly suspect that his father would show his face around now.

Hisoka didn't answer her just smiled dastardly as he shrugged, "Find and ask him."

The action made Gon cut his eyes at him, hastily sighing, "Look if you're lying to me and coming to play games…''

Hisoka pointed to his clown makeup stating, "You think, I came here to mess around? Illumi and I came here to save lives. We're doing a noble cause!"

Illumi gave a nod of approval offering once more, "The right choice to make, is not always the most easiest but…"

"Noble my ass!" Killua launched a ball of electricity at Illumi's head. "I never want to fucking see you again! Why can't you get that? I fucking hate you! I hate you more than anything! All you ever did for me is give me hell! You never do anything to benefit me! IN FACT NO ONE LIKES YOU! YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE ANY REAL FRIENDS!" At this time, Killua seemed to just be throwing insults because he was completely ticked off.

Illumi hesiated after dodging the crackling lighting ball, he knew that Killua was attempting to take him out right now. He was about to make his own move, until he caught sight of the girl heading down the street to the ally towards them. Knowing better Illumi figured this would be an ideal time for a retreat. "'ll have to come back. Either it's going to be heartbroken or freely on your will." Illumi hissed as he started taking a few steps back, "When you do, don't come crying about anything." He took off running to the car, practically jumping inside.

Killua let out an unhinged completely deranged screech and he fired balls of lighting at tires as the car was speeding away. His white hair sparked out of control as he just rapidly fired like a trigger happy gun man wanting to body a few witnesses. The sight left Kalluto absolutely mortified, so he buried his face back in Gon's stomach just breathing in the smell of fast food that lingered from being in the restaurant for so long.

The girl must not have caught any of that, because the first words out her mouth when he turned the corner was, "Who wants to use kawaii filters?"

A smile was on her face as Killua handed her the phone back. The white haired boy saying, "Eh.. it doesn't matter to me."

Kalluto tugged tightly on Gon's shirt, wanting to hide his face more to escape his unphotogentic nature. Luckily Gon had his back as he said, "Yeah...that's pretty much what I'm thinking in my mind too. But whatever you want, since Killua is your hero." The teen insisted cutting a cold look at his boyfriend. Killua gave a look back reading, 'I didn't plan for Illumi or Hisoka to here!' Gon bobbed his head sassily pressuring, 'Well then, one of us needs to do better.' Then he patted Kalluto's head bragging, "Kalluto is like my little knight and shining armor, so noble he doesn't need a picture for honor points."

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"I'm sleepy.." Gon mumbled all bundled up in the bed sheets they were borrowing, his face snug between two pillows.

Yet his complaint didn't get him much of anything. Killua still leaned over crashing his lips into Gon. Clearly he was craving make out session yet his boyfriend wasn't down for it at all.

Gon began feverishly pushing Killua back away from him roughly. The smaller male going back to insisting, "I'm SLEEPY."

"What does that have to do with me?" Killua laughed coldly, his white hair bouncing as a sly smug look crossed his lips.

Immediately a bad vibe kicked up in Gon, it made him feel crumby and looking at Killua's heartless blue eyes, he felt himself helplessly searching for comfort that he knew wasn't there. He didn't get it.. Gon knew Killua just couldn't wrap his mind around it.

Pushing off the cover from him, Gon rose to his feet. Inhaling sharply some of the air trying to gather himself, "I need a break okay? I need a break from us doing that!"

Now that struck Killua as a blow unexpected. He was sure he had been taking it nice and slow doing everything right. "What do you mean, that?" He made sure to emphasize the last word. A bit of distress being set loose from his voice as hysteria settled in.

"You KNOW!"

"No, I don't. If I KNEW, I wouldn't HAVE TO ASK you."

"Damn it! We talked about this."

"And I said, I changed! What's the problem? Why are you always over here having so many problems?"



"No?" Gon's brown eyes melted like chocolate as his eye brows gracefully knitted together. "Why is that always all you have to say for yourself?"

"If you want me to say something different...TELL ME WHAT TO SAY." Killua said, bluntly. He didn't comprehend what to say, he said and done all he could. Was he sorry to hear Gon complain? Yeah. Killua did care about Gon's happiness. He couldn't untangle the knot as to why his boyfriend was now suddenly so wishy-washy on this.

That's when Gon deliberately started to walk away without saying another word and Killua sat up. Blue eyes narrowing as he watched Gon walk away. Sure, he could stop him. Killua could plead, 'Tell me what else, I need to fix and I'll fix it!' Yet it was as if Gon would believe him. 

Sighing heavily Killua blinked up at the ceiling. Almost silently talking to himself, "I know I'm not enough...I'm sorry. I try! Can you give me credit for trying?" Unconsciously he began chewed on his bottom lip, his hand trembling as he raised it slightly to skim over his boyfriend's skin. It was an act done timorously as he held his heart out for Gon to claim.

Only to be met with rejection...

"Shut up Killua! Sorry is not going to cut it! No more it's not!" Gon hollered holding back a sob in the back of his throat. He felt his legs start to wobble a bit uncomfortably with the whole entire situation.

Kalluto stirred in his sleep, waking up to his big brother and Gon suddenly yelling back and forth at each other. In a pissy manor the boy pulled the pillow over his head. "Ugh! Can you do this outside?" Kalluto shouted.

"No! Go back to sleep! We can argue where we want to argue, Damn it!" Killua fired back at his little brother.

In a completely mangled way Kalluto hastily sat up, kick his cover off him to the side, his hair was wild and displaced with his purple eyes glaring between the two of them. Nothing but anger for the both of them. He seemed ready to throw up his middel finger.

Alluka sleepily tugged on Kalluto's shirt, urging him to let it go and lay back down without even saying thing. However this didn't do much to address the problem at hand here. Still that didn't stop Killua from giving another threat. He bared his teeth, making a fist he shook it at Kalluto. Warning him that this might be meeting his face in due time if he didn't step down and sleep like he never heard a thing.

There were a bunch of weird strange freakish people in the world. It shouldn't really be a surprise that anyone will end up meeting one. Still to some degree after all this time Gon was pretty much convinced that Killua and his family had to one of the most weirdest strange freaks he'd ever met.

"I don't even really know what the big deal is?" Alluka mumbled not quite hitting the level of maturity to convey what was clearly going on. "Why are you crying about my big brother helping people? It's rare.. ya know? Everyone in our family kills people. All the time almost everyday."

Kalluto looked at his sister with disgust about to announce, 'Well I never killed anyone.' He didn't say it out loud but did his best to convey his feelings by offering a word of advice to Gon. The small boy hugged his pillow as he brought u