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Eyes on Fire, Your Spine is Ablaze

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     Eijun’s moans and whimpers fill the room, his voice echoing around the small apartment. Chris smirks to himself, loving the sound of his voice, high-pitched and breathy in a way that only he gets the pleasure to hear. He curls his fingers downwards, easily finding the spot he was aiming for. Eijun arches his back and clutches to the sheets as he lets out a loud moan. He is lying on his stomach, with his back to Chris, and his face buried into the mattress. Chris curls his fingers one more time, and Eijun nearly screams from the pleasure. He has always been a loud one, Chris thinks with a smile.

     Chris doesn’t really understand why they always end up like this. One minute they are unpacking their things into their new apartment, and then the next one they are both naked, and his fingers are all the way inside Eijun’s ass. It is just unavoidable: he is busy with something, not giving Eijun his entire, undivided attention, and that’s a crime, apparently. So Eijun starts fluttering his eyelashes at him, and biting on his lower lip, and giving him that look, and Chris can immediately tell what it is that he wants. And he is not one to refuse the offer of his boyfriend’s glorious lips, not in the slightest.

     Soon enough, a little kiss turns into two, and then into three, and then it becomes a full-on make out session. Next thing he knows, clothes are flying off, and his lips are on Eijun’s skin, and Eijun’s fingers are buried in his hair, and…

     Okay, maybe he does understand why they always end up like this, after all.

     Eijun is already covered with sweat, panting and holding onto the bed for dear life. His skin is flushed, and glistening, and bristled. He looks at Chris from over his shoulder, with his bottom lip worried between his teeth, and his eyebrows knit together over the bridge of his nose. His hair is a complete mess, and his face is covered with a pink blush, and he, of course, looks gorgeous.

     “Chris,” he pants, his voice almost a mewl. Chris leans forward to crash their lips together, and Eijun eagerly responds by parting his lips, and letting Chris’ tongue brush against his. Chris seizes the moment, and curls his fingers one more time, smirking against the kiss when his touch manages to rip yet another deliciously loud moan from his boyfriend.

     “Are you ready?” Chris whispers, pressing their foreheads together. Eijun doesn’t waste a moment before nodding eagerly, and pressing another kiss to his lips.

     “God, yes.”

     Chris lets their lips dance together for a few moments before slowly and carefully slipping his fingers out of Eijun’s body. He wraps his arm around Eijun’s waist, and flips him over onto his back. He takes a moment to appreciate the sight of Eijun, already turned into a complete disaster, struggling to catch his breath through his parted, kiss-bruised lips. Then, he gently grabs the back of his knees to spread his legs open. Chris positions himself between Eijun’s legs, and reaches for the bottle of lube that rests on the mattress next to Eijun’s head. But before he can take it, Eijun grabs him by the wrist.

     “Wait.” Chris gives him an inquisitive look, the offer to stop if Eijun isn’t feeling well already forming at the back of his throat. But Eijun smiles up at him, and slides his fingers down his wrist to grab the bottle of lube himself. “I wanna try something new.”

     “Something new?” Chris asks with a quirked eyebrow. Eijun bites on his lower lip and nods. His eyes are wide and shiny, and Chris recognizes the look of excitement that shines inside his boyfriend’s gaze. So he smiles as well, curiosity taking the best of him as Eijun begins to push on his chest until they’re both sitting on the mattress. He leans in to brush his lips against the shell of Chris’ ear, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up on end in the most pleasant way.

     “Lie down,” he requests, and Chris obliges, not before grabbing Eijun’s face between his hands to give him a searing kiss, to which Eijun responds with a soft whimper at the back of his throat.

      Once he’s lying on his back, Chris watches with interest as Eijun carefully straddles his hips, his flushed, erect cock bouncing as he positions himself on top of him. Chris lets his eyes roam all over Eijun’s body, giving himself time to enjoy all the details he loves the most. He stops at Eijun’s eyes, and his breath catches in his throat once he notices how intense his gaze is. Eijun’s eyes are on fire, set ablaze by determination and excitement, and something else that burns at the pit of his stomach. Chris has seen that gaze before, many times. Everything about Eijun is intense, and his eyes are no exception. But this time, there is something inside of them that sets a trail of goosebumps running all across the expanse of Chris’ skin.

     “Are you sure?” he whispers, incapable of ripping his eyes away from Eijun’s. Eijun merely smirks before opening the cap of the lube bottle, and squirting a generous amount on his fingers. He reaches behind his back to push two fingers into his ass, his head falling forward, and his mouth falling open in a silent moan. Chris inhales sharply, his cock twitching on his stomach at the sheer eroticism of Eijun’s expression.

     Eijun presses his free hand on Chris’ chest, and leans forward to give his fingers more room to stretch his insides. Chris’ hands find their way to Eijun’s hips, and he watches Eijun’s face closely, entranced by the beads of sweat rolling their way down his temples. Their gazes are still linked together when Eijun slips his fingers out, and straightens his back again. Without taking his eyes off of Chris’, he opens the bottle one more time, and covers the palm of his hand in lube before reaching behind his back again, this time to grab Chris’ cock.

     Chris grits his teeth at the sensation, and then sighs when Eijun begins to move his hand up and down, coating his entire length in lube. Eijun gives him a cheeky smile, and then moves to squirt some more lube directly on the tip of Chris’ dick. He straddles his hips one more time, raising himself on his knees just enough to align the tip of Chris’ cock to his asshole. Chris grabs Eijun’s hips again, his thumb rubbing circles over the tips of his bones, protruding from his skin.

     “You ready?” Eijun asks, and Chris is hit by a wave of nervousness. It should be Eijun who is nervous, he thinks, but he looks as confident as ever.

     Before he can even try to answer, Eijun begins to slowly lower himself onto his cock. Chris gasps and throws his head back against the pillow, his fingers digging into Eijun’s hips as the head of his cock is engulfed by the glorious heat of Eijun’s body. Eijun gasps as well, eyes falling closed at the sensation of being spread open in such a position.

     They have done this before, of course, but Eijun has never been on top. It’s an intense sensation, and it’s almost too much. But it’s also too good, too incredible to even think about stopping. So he doesn’t.

     Instead, he lowers himself further down the length of Chris’ cock. A low, grumbling moan pushes its way past Chris’ lips, and Eijun can’t help but to smile at the sound. He notices how Chris’ hair has fallen, disheveled, on his forehead. Eijun loves it when Chris’ hair is down, especially if it is caused by his own hands, and even more it happens while they fuck.

     After a few seconds, Chris opens his eyes to look at Eijun, and then screws them shut when, without any warning, Eijun slams his hips down against his to take all of his cock inside of him. They both arch their backs and cry out, their voices mixing together beautifully. Eijun leans forward, bracing himself with his hands on Chris’ chest. Chris raises his head from the mattress to press his forehead against his.

     “Are you okay?” he whispers with evident concern in his voice. Eijun nods slowly, eyes slipping open to fix their piercing gaze on Chris’ face. He leans away from him and straightens his back, a tiny smirk pulling at the corners of his lips.

     “Never been better.” Slowly, Eijun raises himself on his knees until Chris’ cock is halfway out of his body, and then slides back down. He moans softly, his fingers sliding all the way down to Chris’ taut stomach. “God, you’re so big…”

     “Eijun,” whispers Chris, but his voice is cut off by a groan when Eijun lifts himself one more time, further up this time, and then slams his hips down with vigor.

     It only takes a few more seconds until Eijun is riding his cock at a steady pace, the sound of their skin slapping together filling the air around them, along with their constant moans and whimpers. Eijun leans forward to nibble at the skin of Chris’ neck, and Chris’ hands slide down Eijun’s back to grab his ass. He holds onto him with a strong grip, and waits until Eijun raises his hips to start ramming into him as hard as he can. Eijun whimpers loudly, his voice muffled against Chris’ skin.

     “God, right there!” he cries out, easily falling into rhythm with Chris’ thrusts.

     Chris thrusts his cock into him with more force each time, ripping out tiny mewls and high-pitched whimpers from Eijun’s lips. Eijun keeps up with him without issue, raising his hips as far as he can, and slamming them down against Chris’ body in time with his thrusts. Eijun delights himself in the erotic sounds that escape his boyfriend’s lips, in the way his hair clings to his sweat-covered forehead, in the way his muscles shift and tense underneath Eijun’s body, in his fingers digging into his ass and spreading him open, and in the expression of complete, utter bliss that adorns his face. Parted lips, kiss-bruised and shiny with spit, eyebrows furrowed slightly, and eyes shut tight; Eijun is the one who put that expression on Chris’ face, and that though is almost enough to make him orgasm right then.

     Chris’ cock is rubbing against his prostate just right, and Eijun knows that if he keeps going, he is going to come in no time. So he leans back and away from Chris’ chest, and grabs onto Chris’ thighs with both hands. Chris opens his eyes to look at him, and the both of them stay still for a moment, just staring at one another and trying to catch their breath. Then, Eijun raises his knees from the bed, and plants his feet on the mattress on both sides of Chris’ torso, before sliding up his cock until only the head remains inside of his body. He stays still for a second, before beginning to make his way down Chris’ shaft at an excruciatingly slow pace. They both pant and grit their teeth, gazes locked together, and then sigh with pleasure once Chris’ cock is fully buried inside Eijun’s ass again.

     “God, Eijun,” Chris breathes out, sliding his hands up and down Eijun’s thighs I a firm caress. “You’re amazing.”

     Eijun’s eyes widen at the compliment, and then he grins brightly. Instead of answering, he repeats his earlier movements, this time faster. Slowly, he builds up a rhythm, bouncing on Chris’ cock with incredible ease. Chris almost can’t believe that this is the first time they are doing this, because Eijun is already a pro at riding him. And he is not complaining, not when his entire body feels so good, not with Eijun’s tight, wet heat surrounding him in such a delirious way.

     And Eijun looks so sexy it’s unfair, with his hair sticking out in all directions, his eyes hooded, his lips parted, and his skin covered in sweat, moisture running down his neck, and chest, and stomach, making it seem like he is glowing. His skin is flushed all over, and Chris’ eyes trail all over it, ending on his dick, hard as a rock, bobbing against his stomach in time with his movements. Chris reaches a hand to slide his fingertips against Eijun’s shaft, eliciting a soft whimper from him. His hand follows its path up Eijun’s torso, stopping at his chest. Chris brushes his thumb against Eijun’s hardened nipple, and smirks to himself when Eijun lets out a strangled moan at the touch.

     Chris grabs Eijun by the waist, and slides his hands down until he’s grabbing his ass again. Then, he sits up, and leans forward to wrap his lips around one of Eijun’s nipples. Eijun arches his back into his mouth, stilling the movements of his hips to let himself enjoy his boyfriend’s ministrations. Chris sucks gently on his chest, brushing his tongue against his nipple before moving on to the other one. He circles it with his tongue, and bites it softly, already anticipating Eijun’s reaction.

     “Chris!” Eijun buries his fingers in Chris’ hair, pulling slightly as he pants, and moans, and whimpers. Chris knows exactly how to make him fall apart, and they both know it. But if Chris can, then so can Eijun.

     Eijun pulls on Chris’ hair a little harder. Chris groans against his skin, his fingers digging into his ass with a little more force. Eijun pulls again, this time hard enough to pull Chris’ head back. Chris hisses at the pain, enjoying it more than he cares to admit. Without missing a beat, Eijun crashes their lips together, his tongue brushing against Chris’ mouth. Chris parts his lips, and slides his tongue against Eijun’s, humming low in the back of his throat. Eijun eagerly deepens the kiss as he plants his knees on the mattress. Using his toes as leverage, Eijun lifts his knees off the bed, and starts riding Chris again, falling back into his previous pace with incredible ease. With a soft groan, Chris bites gently on Eijun’s lower lip, and moves his hands to grab the back of his thighs to aid his movements. Eijun takes the best advantage of this, and quickens his pace.

     Without breaking the kiss, Chris reaches between their body to grab a hold of Eijun’s cock, but Eijun gently swats his hand away.

     “No,” he whispers. “I wanna come with just your cock. Just your cock inside of me.”

     Chris grunts, and lets his forehead fall on Eijun’s shoulder. He raises his knees slightly, digging the balls of his feet into the mattress to thrust upwards into Eijun’s body. The volume of Eijun’s moans increases as Chris’ cock brushes against his prostate over and over again. He can feel himself getting closer to his orgasm, and if the erratic way in which Chris is ramming into him is any indicator, he is getting close as well. Eijun can barely do anything but let his body take over as he cries out again and again, his voice loud and filled with pleasure. And, god, Chris loves hearing his voice as he moans, and whimpers, and asks for more, with his fingers still buried in Chris’ hair, and his name falling from his lips in between groans and mewls of pleasure.

     “Call my name, Eijun,” Chris mumbles against his neck. “I want to hear you call my name.”


     “No, not that one.” Chris pulls away to stare into Eijun’s eyes.

     Eijun pauses his movements, and Chris nearly sobs at the sudden stillness. Eijun stares at him with wide eyes, filled with doubt, and Chris can’t help but to find it adorable, the way Eijun finds it so hard to call his name while he is literally riding his cock.

     But then Eijun’s gaze softens, and he begins to move again, much to Chris’ relief.

     “Yuu,” he whispers tentatively. It’s a single syllable, and it slips out of his lips so easily, that he immediately wants to say it again. He picks up his pace again, holding onto Chris’ shoulders as leverage to increase the speed of his movements. “Yuu!”

     “Eijun.” Chris doesn’t tear his eyes off of his, picking up the pace in time with him. “God, Eijun.”

     “Yuu,” Eijun repeats, and it’s the most amazing sound that Chris has ever heard. He says it over and over again, lets it fall out of his mouth like it’s the air he breathes, and Chris drinks it in, basks in the sound of Eijun calling his name like his life depends on it, as he bounces up and down on his cock like he was born to do so. “Yuu, I’m so close!”

     “Me too.” Chris grits his teeth, shuts his eyes tight, and presses his forehead against Eijun’s. “God, me too…”

     Eijun comes first, digging his nails into Chris’ shoulders, and crying out his name in a broken voice. That’s enough to push Chris over the edge as well, and seconds later he’s coming inside of Eijun, pulling him as close to his body as he can. And for a short moment, as they are hit with wave after wave of intense pleasure, it’s almost like they have become a single being.

     It takes them a while to return to their senses. They stay still for a few moments, still tangled up in each other, and way too spent to try and move. Eijun drops his head on Chris’ shoulder, and Chris rests his cheek on top of Eijun’s head. They stay like that for a while, their breathing gradually slowing down to a more normal pace, and their hearts still thumping wildly against their ribcages.

     Eijun is the first one to speak, with his lips pressed against Chris’ shoulder.

     “God, that was amazing.”

     “It was,” Chris agrees immediately. He begins to rub his hands on Eijun’s back, smiling to himself when he begins to hum contentedly at the gesture. “You were incredible.”

     “We have to do it again.”


     On the floor all around the bed, lie dozens of cardboard boxes and bags, some of them empty, some of them half-filled, and most of them unopened. Inside of them are all of their possessions, ready to be unpacked, and put into place inside of Chris and Eijun’s new apartment. But that can wait. Right now, there are some things that are far more important.

     Like the feeling of their skin pressed together, hot, and sweaty, and so incredibly comforting. Or the slow, lazy kisses that they share, not yet ready to leave the warmth of each other’s embrace. Or the soft, sweet words they exchange, accompanied by gentle caresses, and muffled giggling. Or the feeling of complete, utter satisfaction that fills them from head to toe, as they slide their way down into a lying position, silently agreeing that cleaning up their bodies and changing the sheets can wait until later.

     At this pace, they won’t finish unpacking until their lease is over. And neither of them cares in the slightest.