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Super Heroines? Nah, super Sluts sounds better.

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Miles outside of new York city, there was an old bomb bunker.

It was large, underground and with some fixing up it would be perfect for what the man had in mind.

The man had bought the bunker from the united states under the pretense of turning it into a war safe house.

And in some ways he did. 

You see this man had a plan.

He turned the upper level into A living area for himself and his pets, once he had them trained of course, but he turned the lower levels into the perfect place to train and torture his new pets.

Of course before he could do any of that he had to... Acquire his pets. 

You see this man wasn't going to get dogs. 

He was going to kidnap the worlds most popular heroines and turn them into nothing but whimpering and sniveling cunts.

He'd even acquired golden kryptonite bonds and toys to keep super girl nice and helpless.

He'd gotten a collar that would keep Rouge's powers from hurting him.

He was going to train them so well...

He got hard just thinking about it.

He just needed to figure out witch one to get first.


Who would you like to see our man kidnap first? Let me know in the comments so I can write chapter 2!