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To Live a Normal Life? How preposterous!

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They were all smiling as he opened the door, they were finally done. They were finally free!


So they thought they were. Turns out, not all of them made it to the other side completely and the universe that they claimed as their prize was very different.


Dave gasped as he sat awoke, his eyes frantic as he looked around the dark room in disbelief "Wha.." he trailed off as he looked around even more. It almost looked like his old room from his old apartment, only less wires and shit. His mind was going a mile per minute and his breathing was getting faster 'What the hell' he thought and forced himself to calm down. 

He took in a deep breath and got of his bed, his sheets were still there and not being worn by the local nakodiles, and looked into the mirror of his room. He twitched, he de-aged. He had been a ripe 19 before in the game, now he looked to be around what, 15? 16?

'16' his mind whispered and the time player lurched forward, groaning and clutching his head as his head mentally bursts with another set of memories. 

'Shit' he thought faintly and didn't hear his door creak open and was too busy nursing his aching head against the smooth and cold mirror. 

"Yo Dave, you alright there?"

He froze and looked back, ignoring the headache for now. It sounded like Dirk... but it wasn't. His breath hitched as the light from the outside of his room poured into his own dark room, the dude that opened his door and letting in the light was someone he thought he would never see again. Not after he fucking died.

"Bro..." he whispered and winced as his brain lurched and groaned into his hand, his 'Bro' looked alarmed and entered the room completely.

"Fuck, dude. You alright? Wha's the matter wit' you?" Bro asked and Dave bit back a pained groan or maybe it was a sob? He didn't know he didn't want it coming out of his mouth. 

"M'fine" Dave mumbled out and quietly groaned when Bro laid a hand on his shoulder, the elder looked at him sternly "The fuck you are" was what he got in reply. He

"The fuck's wrong with him" Now that sounded like Dirk, and this time it was. Both males looked up to see Dirk leaning against the door's frame with a frown, it was then that Dave noticed that they were all shade-less aka no shades were adorning their faces.

'What the fuck? My shades... I still wear my shades here, them too, fuuuck this fucking sucks shit, hurts too' Dave thought distractedly as Dirk entered his room as well, both Bro and Dirk were talking to each other but Dave wasn't listening. 

"I have no fucking idea, he was like this when I opened the door"

"Really? Dave, fuck bro you look like hell, you listening to us?"

Dave breathed through his nose and nodded "Yeah, m'fine though. Just, give me a minute" he told them biting back a groan as his brain let out another wave of pain and information. He was hella in deep shit and fuckery right now. Both brothers sent him a deadpanned look 'Like Hell You Are!' it said. 

He ignored that and shrugged off their concern and went out his room, still dressed in a plain shit and red boxers that he woke up in. He needed a glass of water, to clear his head, and to find out if anyone else was in the same shit he was in


There were in fact 4 people who were experiencing the same shit as he was in.

Roxy stared at her 'mother' and her 'mother', her 'mother' as in 'daughter-sister-mother' but her mind was saying 'older-sister' was quietly asking if she was alright while her 'mother' as in 'mother-her-beta' who was drunk but still sober enough to ask if she was alright as well. She wanted and probably needed a drink, like right now

Jake was in his bathroom staring down at his hands as his head ran through another set of memories that he seemed to gain, memories that shouldn't really exist. Jade his 'grandmother-sister-daughter' was his 'older-sister' now in his head clearly from his memories but now he also had a grandfather as in 'grandfather-him-beta' who wasn't dead and they weren't even living on an island! He needed someone to talk to about this, right now

Karkat stared at himself in the mirror, mouthing curses as he clutched his head in pain and confusion and probably some fear. He was human, but he isn't supposed to be human but his memories kept insisting both! Fuck! He growled and landed his forehead against the mirror with a quiet thud, he didn't want to wake up his family. He had a family now, and they were human and they weren't supposed to be human as they were supposed to be his dancestor and ancestor! He needed to talk with Egderp and Stride-ass like right fucking now

John clutched at his pillow, whimpering in pain, sadness, confusion and fuck his mind was hurting but he kept quiet as his previously dead dad was sleeping and he didn't want to wake him up. His heart clenched as he remembered seeing his own father's corpse just laying on the ground and, fuck. His head was swirling and he was in turmoil and he was barely keeping his powers under control, why does he still have his powers?!, as wind circled around the room. He needed to talk to someone, most preferably Dave, right now before he causes a tornado in the middle of fucking summer. Oh and apparently his 'daughter-grandma-sister' was now his cousin. 


Dave laid on top of the roof, staring at the sky. His mind still racing despite its previous pain this early morning. It was now just morning but still quite early. His 'brothers' still asked what was wrong and he just told them he was fine.

He wasn't. 

A frustrated noise blocked his throat as his fists clenched, the 19-now-16 year old was really fucking frustrated. He had two sets of memories, his God Tier Powers were still a thing, he has his sylladex but according to the new set of memories there was no such thing and his dead bro is alive and Dirk is his actual little brother. Sure there were a lot of statements to that but right now he just wanted to know what in fuck's name was going on. 


He continued looking at the sky, he knew who it was. He sensed him coming in, without looking he replied with a deadpanned "Hey".

His future-self, dressed in their God Tier clothes no less, sat himself down besides him. There was a brief silence before he broke it. 

"So" Dave started "Who's in the same shit as we are? Or are we alone in this fuckery, tried Rose but she thought I was being, you know, me and shit but she obviously doesn't remember or know. Jade too, she thinks I'm messing with her and Joh won't answer his pesterchum" he said if a little bitter of everything. 

"Yeah, things are fucked up and weird. Bro and Dirk have no fucking clue, don't tell them about this shit for now. Also, there are 4 others that are in the same fuckery and shit we're in. Roxy, Jake, Karkat and finally John. John's not answering right now because he's dealing with it all badly and is going to cause a giant fucking tornado storm soon if you don't get your ass over to his ass and shooshpap the ever-loving shit out of him." Future Dave replied casually though there was always the under-tone to it like always, they both knew. 

Dave sat up and breathed deeply "So, we can still fly or what? Sylladex's aren't supposed to exist here yet we have them and guessing by the clothes we still have our God Tier pow-wows?" he asked getting a raised eyebrow deadpanned from his future incarnate making him chuckle "Sweet" he said as he changed his normal clothes into his God Tier ones and floated off the roof. 

He took out his phone and sent a text towards his bro's to let them know he was just out for now.

"Be sure to start a memo by the way, also get ready. Our fight's not over" Future Dave said as he disappeared in a red cog, Dave sighed but shook his head. 

He needed to focus now, his boyfriend needed him right now or else a giant tornado would completely trash Washington DC. 

"Hang on John, I'mma coming" Dave murmured as he flew off.

They would get through this, somehow, they always have and always will.