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My Hero Academia Scenarios!

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Hey guys, here I'll be posting reader inserts. If you like them, smash that kudos button and I'm always open to new ideas!

I have no rules except that I'm not doing any reader inserts with Endeavour or Chisaki, and no teacher/student relationships. For NSFW content, please don't request rape or extreme BDSM. And no taking advantage of others with quirks, especially with no consent! That's not my cup of tea, for example, Shinsou's brainwashing on reader. Other than that, go wild with your requests. But please be descriptive with them! For example, "Ochako Smut" isn't enough for me to work with! Please specify the prompt and situation!


To Do List:



Kirishima comes back to the dorms late at night after getting beat up by a villain. Reader takes care of him.



Amajiki runs into an old friend from middle school in a Shiketsu High uniform.



Reader and Aizawa both wind down after a long day.



Reader gets kinky.



Midoriya is sick and Reader takes care of him.



Todoroki and his schoolgirl crush in a maid uniform.



Behind closed doors...

Chapter Text

Kaminari was shocked when you opened his door. Not even a knock, he could have been jacking off or something. Thankfully, he was only reading a book.

You both have only talked once or twice. What would you be doing here?

He set the book down, sitting up on his bed. He was kind of embarrassed. His room was messy with food wrappers and clothes on the ground.

You looked around his room, leaning against his doorframe with crossed arms. You didn't even look at him. You were chewing gum, blowing the occasional bubble. He grew uneasy, expecting you to say something. Were you just here to check out his room? The class already told him that it looked 'gaudy' before.

Nonetheless, he tried to spark conversation. He cleared his throat, which seemed to catch your attention. "Need something?" he grinned.

You shrugged and shoved your hands in your jacket pockets. Your gaze shifted to the book he was reading. "The Seductress? Is that romance?" you raised an eyebrow.

"Erm, well, it's more than that. The Seductress is actually written from the perspective of an unreliable narrator. A man who becomes obsessed with a hero who saves him after he tries to commit suicide. It's interesting because the way he describes her is so different to what she's actually doing," Kaminari explains, though you weren't really listening. As he spoke, you wandered further into the room and kicked the door shut. By the time he finished, you were standing right in front of him, looking down at him through your lashes.

You blew a bubble and it popped. You ran your tongue over your lips, collecting the gum to chew it again. He was unable to look away. The shine of your plump wet lips was alluring to him, and suddenly he felt like the protagonist in his book.

"That's interesting." You tilted your head. "Mind reading it to me?"

Kaminari gulped, eyes widening at the suggestion. One of the first scenes was actually a sex scene, but he didn't think anything of it when he first read it. It spurred no desires in him, and he saw it as just another chapter. But to actually read it aloud with another was a different story.

His mouth opened and closed like a fish gasping for air. He didn't know what to say to you.

But who would say no to having a cutie in their dorm?

"Yes! I mean, no. I don't mind reading it to you, I'm glad you're interested," he laughed, picking the book up again. You gave a smile. It made him blush.

You sat straddled his computer chair, propping your elbows on the back of it. Your bare legs swung gently. You rested your chin in your palm, watching him with an expectant gaze.

As he flipped the pages to the first page, his gaze flickered to your legs. They looked so smooth even with the occasional bruise and cut here and there. Did you shave?

"Found it yet?" He switched his gaze back to the pages. "Y-Yes. Ehm..."

He began on the first chapter, an introduction to the main character's life and current situation. It was a fairly tame start, and the whole time he was talking, he felt your eyes burning into his skin.

Your eyes trailed down his lips to his Pikachu shirt, and to his black basketball shorts. Your gaze lingered on his thighs before you took out your gum and tossed it into his bin. You walked to his bed and sat beside him, looking over his shoulder at the pages.

His face heated up but he continued to read. What were you doing? Why were you so close to him?

Over time, he began to relax in your presence. You would ask him genuine questions about the book, and at first, he would try to act really smart and smooth. But he dropped the act once you got him to open up more, and then he went full nerd. Before you knew it, you were both lying next to each other.

His steady stream of words suddenly stopped. You looked up at him, noticing the wrinkle in his brow as he stared at the next page. "What's wrong?" you asked.

"[Name]... The next part is... a sex scene." he blurted out. "I don't want to read this to you if you're not comfortable."

You smirked, scooting closer to him. You could feel his body heat through his clothes, and you pressed your face into his shoulder. He was so warm. "No, keep going."

His breath hitched in his throat and he stiffened. Nonetheless, he pressed on. "I could imagine it all so clearly... I could see her. Aiko and her gentle smile. Her soft hand would caress my face as she would touch my chest," he said shakily. He was nervous, you knew. So you reached over and rubbed his arm, and that seemed to calm him.

"Then she would lean in and kiss me. I would be able to smell her perfume, sweet like honey. I would hold her in my arms as she undresses me."

Your hand trailed down his arm to his chest, moving your hand down his torso. Kaminari must've known what you were up to by then, but he made no move to stop you. In fact, he acted like he didn't notice.

"Her hands would glide down my back and over my muscles before she reached my underwear."

His voice started to quiver once you reached his hips. Your hand stopped right above the waistband of his basketball shorts. You pressed your bare legs up against his, and further nuzzled into his arm. Your heart raced as your fingers glided over his hips down to his thigh, teasingly brushing your wrist against his crotch. He bit down on his lip.

Your hand rested on his thigh for a while, listening to his voice as you watched him. He was putting on a brave front, not showing any signs of arousal. He was denying you of what you wanted, and what you wanted was his moans. His twitches. His-

You felt something press against your wrist.


You couldn't stop your grin as you slowly slid your palm over his erection. "Hhhh-" His voice shook and he swallowed back a moan. It made you clench your thighs together, God he was so hot.

"My thrusts would be in time with the bucking of her hips. I wanted her so bad. Her fingers dug into my back and clawed me, but instead of pain I could only feel pl-PLE-!!"

Your hand slipped under his waistband and you were tracing your fingers around his cock. His breath huffed and he gripped the book harder, having to pause his reading for a bit. You smiled sweetly, pressing your nose against his temple. "What's wrong? Keep going," you sang.

His eyes rolled to the back of his head once you grabbed his cock, giving it a squeeze. "I said keep going," you repeated. He hissed slightly and shakily continued. "I could only feel pleasure."

Satisfied, you began peppering his neck and jaw with kisses, sucking and nibbling his skin. You dragged your palm along his shaft before taking it in your hand, stroking him to his full length. His underwear was beginning to feel damp from sweat and pre-cum, so you hooked a finger on the waistband of his underwear, and pulled it down.

His face turned red when you did that. You found it cute and pressed a kiss against his cheek. Time to distract him. "You know, I think you're really admirable," you started. "Your quirk is super cool, and the fact that you're a total bookworm makes you cuter."

He turned his head to face you, eyes wide in shock and embarrassment. "A-Ah? Really?" he laughed, averting his gaze. You nuzzled against his cheekbone, nodding softly. Even if you both never really talked to each other, you did admire him. His silliness had a charm to it, and you found yourself laughing at his jokes even if they weren't meant for you.

Kaminari was already surprised you had initiated such intimate actions with him, but your praise was really icing on the cake. He put down the book and placed his hand on your cheek, pressing his forehead against yours. "Were you really interested in the book?" he asked, breathing ragged as you touched him.

"Mmm..." your eyes drifted downwards, watching your hand in his pants, stroking his cock slowly. "Well, I've already read it." You stroked him faster. His pre-cum was beginning to coat your whole hand, and the lewd sounds of smacking and squishing were becoming louder.

Kaminari tilted his head back and let out a moan, closing his eyes. "You planned this all along, didn't you?" he laughed. You nodded and bat your eyelashes innocently. You noticed he was getting more impatient, from how he twitched and thrust his hips into your hand, so you decided to spice things up.

You pressed one last kiss to his cheek before moving down his body, tugging his underwear and shorts off. His cock, erect and swollen, sprung in your face. He moaned at the sudden hit of cold air against his skin. He propped himself on his elbows and watched you in anticipation, heart racing for whats to come.

You started slow, pressing kisses against his cock, before swirling your tongue around his head. "Shit!" Kaminari moaned out, digging his fingers into the bed. Your mouth was hot and wet, and he never imagined blowjobs would feel that good.

Your plump lips blew against his head before wrapping tightly around him. You bobbed your head up and down fervently as you stroked his shaft, flicking and twisting your wrist. His breathing grew harder to the point his chest heaved with heavy, uneven breaths. His brows were furrowed together with sweat shining on his forehead, his beautiful yellow eyes watching you lustfully. The scene was a picture he would never forget.

There was a squelching sound whenever you sucked, strings of saliva connected to your chin. It was absolutely dirty. He reached down and brushed the hair out of your face to get a better view, and you looked up and smiled at him in turn.

The knot in his stomach was tightening and he could feel himself reaching his peak. His hands were shakily hovering around your head, trying not to grab you and instead sliding his fingers into your hair. "[N-Name].... [Name], I'm close...!" he hissed, gently tugging your hair, a signal to pull off. But you stubbornly continued to suck, stroking him faster and running your tongue along his length.

He groaned loudly in response, throwing his head back. "A-Agh, [Name], seriously! I'm gonna...!" He couldn't pull out. He was going to cum in your mouth-!

"FUCK!" Kaminari cried out as he came, bucking his hips into your mouth as he gripped your hair. He emptied his load, forcing it down your throat. You moaned as warm, thick fluid filled your mouth, fervently taking every last drop. Shakily, he pulled out of your mouth and collapsed against the bed. You sat up next to him on the bed and gave him a sweet-tempered smile. He smiled back and noticed there was no cum to be found. He blushed and covered his eyes with his arm. You had swallowed it all.

You panted as you caught your breath, wiping your mouth as you stood. Kaminari shimmied on his pants and sat up, flashing you a grin. "I wasn't expecting that... It was awesome," he laughed. Indeed, it was better than jacking off. You smiled and leant down, pressing a kiss to his temple. "See you around, Pikachu."

"Pikachu?" Kaminari asked, but you were already walking away. As you reached for the door handle, Kaminari called to you. "W-Wait!"

You turned around, one brow raised. He rubbed the back of his neck with a sheepish smile. "Wanna grab a bite to eat tomorrow?"

Chapter Text

"It will be like I was never gone."

You said that to him before you left. In your absence, he tried to focus on other things. Hero work, tidying the house, picking up a new hobby. But his fear of losing you was too strong, and thus his Saudade deepened.

What if you came home to an empty house? Or vice versa, what if you never came home?

How long has it been? Todoroki asked himself as he clipped his bonsai trees outside his house. They were a gift from a friend. He trimmed them everyday to perfection, to surprise you when you returned.

Six months. Six long, dry months without your presence. He video called you every day, but you were on the other side of the world, and often you wouldn't pick up. Texting didn't satisfy him, though the selfies you sent made him smile.

It was selfish of him, but the silence in your shared home reminded him of when he was younger. His home after his mother left was silent. Family dinners were silent. His training was silent. In the place where most felt loved he felt alone, and whenever he looked at the ring on his finger, he is reminded of you.

He took a step back and examined his bonsai tree.

He made a mistake and cut off too much. Now it looked half bald, but it wasn't like it looked good to start. He sighed and folded his arms in disappointment. "Terrible," he said under his breath.

He heard laughing behind him and he whipped around, frozen at what he saw. You stood there with the brightest smile, suitcase by your side. "Oh, Shouto, don't be so hard on yourself. It looks great!" your laughter died down, walking closer to him. His eyes were wide and staring, lips slightly parted.

You stopped in front of him, beaming at the sight of your lover. You were so glad he was okay. You tilted your head and gave him a funny smile. "Oh, sorry. I didn't text you about my arrival. I wanted to surprise you!" you giggled, placing your hands on his cheeks.

He still gave you a dazed look, which worried you. "Shouto?" you furrowed your eyebrows.

He pulled you into his arms without warning, burying his face into your neck. "I'm... so... so glad..." he whispered, voice shaking on the verge of tears. Your eyes were wide in surprise. You didn't expect he would react like this.

He gripped your shirt and inhaled the scent of your hair, whimpering ever so slightly. You reached up and stroked his hair, hugging him with your other arm. "Shouto..." you mumbled into his neck. "I missed you," you sang, smiling against his skin. He nodded and sighed. "I missed you too."

He pulled away from you and you cupped his cheeks. His eyes were glossy with tears, his face slightly red. You brushed away his bangs that stuck to his forehead and smiled. You kissed his forehead, the corner of his eye, and his nose. You pressed your forehead against his, lips so close that you could murmur into each other's mouths.

"I was so worried about you..." you whispered. "What if you fought a villain and injured yourself? What if you were in the hospital? I had so many concerns, I could hardly focus on work," you laughed, but Todoroki didn't respond.

He kissed you over and over, soft lips caressing yours as you spoke. You could taste his tears, and realised you were crying, too. He grew more passionate, more needy. He kissed you fervently, his tongue mingling with yours. His hands moved from holding your face, travelling down your back. He gripped your thighs and hoisted you on his hips with ease, not breaking the kiss.

He stroked your back and you threw your arms around his neck, gripping him tightly. He started to carry you inside but you made a whine of protest. "Darling, my... Suitcase..." you gasped between kisses.

Todoroki gave your suitcase a sidelong glance, deciding whether or not it was worth it. In the end, he picked up your heavy bag and supported your weight with one arm. The strength of a pro hero- you found it hot. So you told him.

"God, you're so strong, Shouto." he groaned into your mouth in response, biting down on your lip. He stumbled inside by kicking the door open, throwing your suitcase to the side. You ran your fingers through his hair in a way you knew he liked. You gave a few scratches to his scalp, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand tall. He groaned again, eyebrows furrowing in concentration as he carefully manoeuvred around the furniture.

You pulled away from the kiss to tease him, looking down at him with a smirk. You were both panting, out of breath from the kiss. "So... You want to play it that way?" he muttered dangerously. His silken voice and lustful stare lit a fire in your lower regions. Your face heated up and your resolve weakened. Todoroki had a knack for making you feel like putty.

He brought you into the bedroom and literally threw you onto the bed. You squealed as you felt yourself fly, and bounced once you hit the mattress. "Shouto! Jeez!" you scolded. Todoroki laughed quietly, watching you with an affectionate gaze. "Sorry..." he muttered as he crawled on top of you, trapping you with either of his arms beside your head.

You blushed like a school girl as you gazed into his eyes. Apart from his cat-like gaze and heterochromia hues, they were tragic. Eyes that have seen so much and learnt to show no vulnerability. Until you came along.

You noticed Todoroki was giving you a funny look. "What are you looking at?" he asked quietly, a slight blush on his cheeks. You realised you were staring and snapped out of your lovestruck gaze, giving him a sly smile. You reached up and placed your hand on his cheek, which he leant into. "You," you chuckled.

He smirked and lowered his face, connecting his lips with yours. You slid your hand from his cheek to the collar of his shirt, fumbling with the buttons to get it open. He sat up and shrugged his shirt off, throwing it somewhere in the room. His body, built from years of hero work, revealed to you after too long.

And it was all yours.

You sat up and pulled him close, pressing your breasts against his chest. He kissed you fervently, slightly flustered at the contact. You pressed your hands flat against his hard chest, gliding them over his muscles, feeling everything you could. You tilted your head and moaned into his mouth, kissing him harder. You wanted him so bad.

Todoroki grabbed your wrists, pinning them above your head and swiftly pressing you against the bed. You caught your breath, looking at him through dazed eyes. "Wh... Why, Shouto..?" you whined, lifting your knee and deliberately brushing against his thigh. He muffled a moan and sat on your knees, preventing you from moving anywhere. "You wanted to tease me earlier, didn't you?"

You were half excited half disappointed. You wanted to be greedy and touch him all over, but when Todoroki teased you, it was one of the best experiences ever.

Satisfied, he leant down and kissed you again. He let go of your wrists and unbuttoned your shirt, revealing your bra and body to him. His gaze softened and he leant down, attacking your neck while he ran his hands up and down your sides. Even if he was teasing you, he wanted to do his best to please you, too.

You moaned, your hands flying to feel his back muscles, but he grabbed your wrists and pinned them above your head again. You whined childishly while he laughed into your neck. You were so cute.

He reached behind your back and unbuttoned your bra with one swift move. He slid it off you and immediately went to plant his face between your breasts. He nuzzled your chest lovingly, ruffling his hair. He rolled your nipples with his thumbs, feeling them perk at his touch. You gasped and mewled, rolling your hips into him. Your hands gripped the sheets since he didn't allow you to touch him. "S-Shouto..."

He looked up at the sound of his name, pressing a kiss against your chest with a smirk. "We're going to make up for your absence, [Name]."

His hands wandered south, pulling down your pants and leaving you in your panties. He rubbed you through the cloth, finding you quite wet already. "How does this feel, [Name]?" Todoroki mumbled into your ear. You moaned in response and turned to kiss him, but he leant away. "Good... It feels- So good. Don't stop." Todoroki stopped. You were going insane.

Todoroki had needs too. His erection had been hurting for a while. He pulled down his pants and stroked himself through his underwear. You watched him with a lustful gaze and smirked. "Want me to take care of that?"

Your words made him want to pound you right there, luckily, Todoroki was patient. He lifted your legs and placed them by his waist, rolling his hips into your crotch.

Your eyes widened, your hand flying to your mouth to block your moans. He rolled his body so smoothly, with his erection pressing against your panties every time. He was dry humping you. He had never done that with you before, but it wasn't a bad surprise. Not at all.

"Shouto, please, I need you...!" you begged, reaching down and rubbing your clit. Your knuckles brushed against his erection and he groaned, closing his eyes. He quickened his pace, grinding against you harder. Sweat was forming on his forehead and he was sure he was going to cum if he didn't stop. "I'm gonna... Please let me...!"

He leant down and kissed you, stopping his movements and moving your panties to the side. He pulled down his underwear and took out his cock, stroking it as he positioned it at your entrance. He was swollen with veins running up his length, precum shining on his head. His girth seemed to have grown thicker over your absence- pent up frustration, maybe.

You reached up and cupped his face, beaming at him. "I love you, Shouto." He pressed his forehead against yours, a rare smile playing his lips. "I love you too. So much."

You gasped and furrowed your eyebrows as he pressed against you. He slid into you with ease, and your swollen lips swallowed his length eagerly. He buried himself in you, wanting you to feel every inch of him. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, feeling like cumming already from his relentless teasing. "Ahh..!" you gasped, reaching up and grabbing his shoulder. "S-Shouto...!" He closed his eyes, breathing controlled and slow. He was trying not to fuck your brains out. He wanted to make love to you and to make you feel good.

"Fuck me, Shouto!"

But obviously, that wasn't what you had in mind.

He gripped your hips and started to move. Skin smacking skin, lewd squelching sounds echoing throughout the room. Your gasps and moans and quiet 'I love you's; there was no longer a silence in the house.

His thrusts grew clumsier and his chest heaved with heavy breaths. His moans grew higher in pitch, with his brows furrowing in concentration. "[Name]-... [Name], can I..." you strained your ears to hear his quiet voice over the top of sex. "What is it Shouto?"

"Can I cum inside of you?" he forced through a low growl. His words alone made you want to orgasm. It was cute that he would ask. You smiled and cupped his cheeks. You pressed your forehead against his, gazing in his eyes with affection you'd feel for no other. "Yes," you whispered.

He smiled before his face screwed into a look of pleasure. He bit his lip as his thrusts slowed. He pressed his hips against you, cock twitching and pulsing inside of you. You could feel his thick, warm cum fill your womb to the brim. You came shortly after, wrapping your arms around his neck. You buried your face in his cheek as you shook as you came, digging your nails into his back and squeezing the life out of his cock. It was like the wind was knocked out of his lungs. His jaw hung slack as he felt you cum, holding you close to him.

You collapsed in his arms and he pulled out of you slowly, peppering your face with kisses as you did to him. He laid you on your back and stroked your hair, kneeling by your side. "Do you need anything?" he asked. You sighed, closing your eyes in bliss. "You."

He chuckled at your response and kissed your cheek. His heart felt like it was going to burst from the love he had for you, and how lucky he was that you were his wife. And whenever he looked at the ring on his finger, he is reminded of you.

Chapter Text

Loud crowds weren't his thing. Tokoyami would rather be elsewhere, but Midoriya encouraged him to attend the school festival.

He stared at his classmates playing a goldfish catching game. They all looked pretty ridiculous, getting so excited about a simple game. He folded his arms and leant against the stall post, observing the festival crowds. Amongst them he noticed someone wearing a silk kimono.

Many people were wearing kimonos like hers, so why in particular did she catch his eye? He watched her with a sidelong glance, trying different festival games and laughing with her friends. She was quite fragile and dainty looking, he was surprised her arms didn't shatter when she played the high striker.

He averted his gaze to the ground when she started to walk in his direction. She was probably going to pass by, and he'd never see her again.

"Um... Excuse me..."

He looked up and nearly had a heart attack. It was the girl. Did she notice his staring? He was sure it wasn't obvious. He kept his expression as serious as he could, and hoped his feathers could hide his embarrassment.

She twiddled her thumbs, her eyes fleeting everywhere but him. "I'm just wondering if... Your name is Tokoyami Fumikage...?"

It wasn't odd for a stranger to know his name. From the sports festival to the USJ incidents, Class 1A had been all over the news. "Yeah," he said lowly, eyes narrowing in suspicion. She lowered her head, making herself smaller than she already was.

"I understand if you don't remember me, but," he strained his hearing to hear her. "I'm [Last Name] [First Name]. We used to play together when we were younger.."

Tokoyami did remember. In preschool, he would play as the 'Knight of Darkness' and his friend would be his witch companion. But that was ages ago. He was surprised she remembered, but his bird-like features must have made him hard to forget.

[Name] buried her face in her hands. "I'm sorry for wasting your time, you probably don't even remember me," she whispered solemnly. She turned around, beginning to walk away. Tokoyami realised that he hadn't said anything to her for a full minute. He mentally smacked himself and took her wrist. "Don't go, I remember you," he said, slightly rushed.

Her wrist was so small. He immediately let go, afraid of breaking it. [Name] turned around and smiled with her hand over her mouth. "I'm glad," she spoke softly. Tokoyami's heart skipped a few beats at the softness of her voice.

"Would you... Like to walk with me?" Tokoyami had completely forgotten about his classmates by now, and he knew Todoroki was giving him a funny look behind his back. But he could care less, and there was an undeniable urge to spend more time in her presence.

[Name] smiled and nodded, cheeks flushing a light pink. "Then, let's go," Tokoyami muttered, unable to stop the small smile that formed.

They caught up with each other, discussing various topics. School, interests, hero work. They bridged the gap until it was like they never left. Tokoyami learnt that [Name] lived pretty far from here, and she only came to Yuuei's festival for her friends in the General Education Department.

They found themselves in a more secluded part of the festival, where it was totally deserted. There were a few benches for sitting and the stalls were empty.

"They must not have needed this part," Tokoyami commented. [Name] nodded in response.

Tokoyami gave her a sidelong glance, noticing her steps seemed heavier. "Would you like to rest?"

[Name] looked up in surprise and sheepishly rubbed her neck. "I-If it's not too much trouble..." she looked around and spotted a bench she liked. She sat on the bench under a huge tree, and Tokoyami sat beside her.

The tree that towered over them cast a dark shadow. It wasn't too bad, but Dark Shadow was feeling a little rebellious in the darkness. Dark Shadow was a part of Tokoyami, and Tokoyami was just a normal, hormonal teen. Dark Shadow only acted upon his urges when he snuck behind [Name] and tugged her kimono. The silk fell off her shoulder and exposed her smooth skin. Tokoyami was at a loss for words, but [Name] didn't seem to notice.

"Tokoyami, you were in the USJ incident, weren't you? That must have been really scary..." [Name] asked. She had lost some of her nervous habits but still kept a sweet-tempered tone. "It was a frightening experience for most," Tokoyami stammered, losing some of his cool at the sight of her bare skin. He could also see her bra strap, and if his gaze moved down it connected to-

"Were you frightened?" [Name] turned to face him, looking up at him through her lashes. Tokoyami gulped and turned away. "I would be lying if I said I wasn't."

"It's okay to be scared sometimes..." [Name] whispered. Tokoyami turned back and found she had scooted closer. Dark Shadow seemed to like that because he began to nudge Tokoyami closer, too, much to his displeasure.

"But you know, I'm scared almost all the time." Tokoyami furrowed his brows. [Name] smiled sadly, twiddling her thumbs again. "I'm scared of what people think of me, if a villain attacks, of exams... I can't handle it and I just want to hide in my room," she forced a laugh.

Tokoyami was silent. "Almost?" he asked. [Name] turned to look at him, a blush on her face. "Are you scared now?"

They were so close, their faces, their bodies. Tokoyami's hands shook with anxiousness, and [Name]'s were gripping the bench they sat on. She searched his eyes as if there was an answer in them. In turn, Tokoyami kept an unreadable expression, his usual look of seriousness that [Name] found to adore. The tension was high, and the situation escalated quickly.


They both leant in, but her lips bumped his beak. Embarrassed, Tokoyami turned away. "Sorry," he muttered, but felt a warmth on his cheek. [Name] pressed her lips below his eye, eyes fluttered shut and lashes brushing against his feathers. Tokoyami blushed and stroked her hair, enjoying her passionate touches. "Don't be sorry..." she whispered.

The top of his beak tinted pink as [Name] peppered kisses down his neck. His hands shakily found themselves on her back, sliding the kimono further down her shoulders. The sight of more skin made a feeling arise in him, one he didn't often feel. Her hands slid underneath his hoodie, feeling up his torso and muscles. Tokoyami grunted softly at the feeling of her soft hands against his bare skin. His heart raced at the intimacy between them, and his head was getting fuzzy.

His hands fumbled with the front of her kimono, sliding underneath them and resting his hands on her breasts. His heart was thundering in his ears. Her flesh, although not much, was soft and warm. [Name] stuttered out a choked moan, the tips of her ears turning red. "What if somebody sees..."

Tokoyami looked around. "Dark Shadow, keep on the lookout."

Dark Shadow growled. "What the hell, Fumikage..." Nevertheless, he obeyed and slithered up the tree.

Tokoyami turned back to [Name], leaning close. "I think we're okay," Tokoyami mumbled against her ear. He couldn't kiss her, but she didn't seem to mind. She was encouraged by his words and took his hands, sliding them under her kimono to the waistband of her panties. She didn't say anything but gave him a shy smile. Tokoyami understood and pulled them down slowly. Adrenaline, anxiety, lust- a flurry of emotions hit him like a brick for what was to come.

He slid them off her legs and looked at the bunch in his hand, eyes wide. Pink. [Name] turned red and looked away. "S-Stop staring at it!" she whimpered, and Tokoyami gave her a smirk. Cute. [Name] got on her knees, and reaching underneath her kimono, he pressed his fingers against her. She gripped his shoulders and clenched her eyes shut, and if Tokoyami could kiss, he would have. He buried his face in her neck and decided to follow his instincts. He had no idea how to please a girl.

Slowly, his fingers slid between her slit, finding it to be wet and warm. He blushed, coating his fingers with her fluids and rubbing what he thought was her clit. [Name] began to shiver and moan, so he thought he must be doing it right.

"T-Toko...yami..." she whimpered as she felt his finger slide into her. She rocked against him, riding his finger clumsily. In truth, she didn't know what she was doing either. They both shared common feelings- everything was exciting, everything was new.

Tokoyami had been paying so much attention to [Name] that he had forgotten his own interests. He was reminded when he felt a painful press against his crotch. He looked down and grew flustered at the sight of his own erection.

"A-Ah, I think... I'm gonna..." [Name] whimpered, and Tokoyami pulled his fingers out in time. He didn't want her to cum yet. He wiped his fingers off on the bench and felt her press against him. "[Name]..." he said dangerously. Confused, she pulled back to find the tent in his pants. She blushed wildly and touched it to gauge his reaction. He shivered and covered his mouth with his hand. He liked it.

She tugged at the waistband of his pants, silently asking for permission to take them off. He avoided eye contact as he pushed them down to his knees. "I've never done this before," he said. [Name] smiled softly. "Me neither..."

She hovered above his hips, reaching down and shakily touching his bare cock. He groaned at her touches and closed his eyes, pressing his face into her chest. After a few more pumps she positioned him at her slit. "P-Please put it in, Tokoyami," [Name] whispered.

Tokoyami slowly pushed into her, overwhelmed by the feeling of her tightness and her warmth. It was like the wind was knocked out of his lungs as he pushed deeper, his eyes rolling backwards. [Name]'s mouth was wide open, covered by her delicate hands with her brows furrowed together. "Tokoyami..." she hissed. It hurt to be stretched out.

Tokoyami nuzzled his beak into her neck, the best sign of affection he could offer. He didn't move and waited for her to adjust, instead opting to rub her clit. It seemed to work as she rocked against him on her own accord, eliciting a surprised moan from him.

He began thrusting into her, eyes half-lidded in a daze. He wrapped his arms around her small back, pulling her delicate frame in closer to him. He wanted her so bad. He'd probably never feel this good again, so he wanted to make the most out of it. The sounds of smacking skin and clothes ruffling was a constant reminder of his situation, even if he tried to hide his face in her neck.

She felt the knot in her stomach tightening and it was going to burst. Her hands dug into his back, clinging as close to him as possible. "Toko-! Tokoyami!!" she gasped, throwing her head back as she rode him harder. And it wasn't like Tokoyami was under control either. He was as close as she was. "Fuck... Fuck," he muttered, clenching his eyes shut as his thrusts increased in pace. His breathing was ragged and uneven, on the verge of a foreign feeling he wanted to experience so badly.

"I'm close, I'm close, Tokoyami...!" [Name] was driving him crazy every time she called his name, but he wanted more. He wanted it to mean something more. "Call me Fumikage." His last name was not personal enough. His first name would satisfy him more than 'Tokoyami'.

Panting, [Name] pulled back and cupped his cheeks. She pressed her forehead against his, eyes glossy with tears of pleasure. Tokoyami was almost taken aback, it was hot. "F-Fumikage...!" she gasped as she spasmed around his cock, pressing down onto his hips as far as she could. She rolled her hips, riding out her orgasm.

Tokoyami was driven on edge by the sound of his first name. It was said so intimately, so needily. It released the knot in his stomach and he pulled out swiftly, spurting strings of cum on her stomach.

The two stared into each other's eyes, knowing they did a deed they could never reverse, breathless.

Dark Shadow came down from the trees. "Someone's coming," he said.

"Jeez, where the hell is that [Name]?" Two girls came around the corner, only to find [Name] and Tokoyami on the bench together. "There she is!" her friend grinned. "[Name]! Don't just run off like that."

"Sorry..." [Name] squeaked, rubbing her arm. Her friend took her shoulder and pulled her up. "We've gotta go home now, the last train is leaving. I hope you had fun?" her friends asked. [Name] nodded, looking over her shoulder to Tokoyami. He raised a hand in silent goodbye. She flashed him one last smile before disappearing around the corner.

Was that the last time he would see her?

Dark Shadow appeared at Tokoyami's side, [Name]'s panties in his mouth along with her number on paper.

Chapter Text

“You are excused from the rest of school, [Name]. You may return to your dorms now, and drink lots of water!”

“Thank you, Recovery Girl!” you beamed, nearly blowing your act as you grasped your bag strap, swung it over your shoulder and busted out the door. You weren’t really sick. You had asked Momo to make you a hair dryer, blew it on your face, and pretended you had a fever.

Luckily, Recovery Girl wasn’t suspicious, simply sending you to the dorms because she was busy with another patient.

Bakugou was wiping down the kitchen, bin filled with rolled up tissues and leftover food. Kaminari had decided to make pasta, but it ended up tasting like cat food.

“Get that shit away from me! I don’t want it!” Bakugou yelled as Kaminari offered him some pasta. Kirishima was on the floor next to the bin. Mineta was lying on the couch. Iida was washing out the taste with ten glasses of water.

The result was a pasta smelling, empty-glass filled kitchen with pasta on the walls and cupboards.

You slowly pushed the door open, peeking around the edge. Bakugou was on his knees in the kitchen, cursing Kaminari as he scrubbed the grime in a crevice. “Damn pasta. Damn Kaminari. Fucking fuck.”

You threw your hands over your mouth to stifle a laugh. He wore a surgical mask, pink gloves and an apron. He looked like a janitor.

He turned around so fast he nearly broke his neck. He dropped whatever he was holding when he saw you laughing in the doorway. Veins popping in his eyes, he yelled. “Shut the fuck up! Why are you even here anyway? It better be to help clean.” he stood up, pulling his gloves off and smacking it against the table.

You had gotten used to his swearing and learnt not to take it personally. You closed the door behind you and wandered closer to him, noticing how he immediately fixed his posture to appear taller than you.

“I have a fever, so they dismissed me early.” Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows and narrowed his eyes. “The fuck? A fever?” he reached out and placed the back of his hand against your forehead. A rare display of concern.

His eyes widened in realisation, lips parting slightly. “No way. You’re too much of a goody two shoes,” he snorted.

“Well, I did,” you pouted, brushing past him. “I’ll help you out in a bit. I’ll just go up and change.”

Bakugou huffed in response, tugging on his gloves again and watching your back disappear around the corner.

He was scrubbing furiously at a stubborn patch of grime on the table when you returned. “Die, bacteria, die!!!” he growled, whipping around when you tapped his shoulder. He had his eyebrows arched, eyes wide and lips pursed together. You stifled another laugh. He looked pretty cute.

“So? Any other bacteria needing to die?” you placed your hands on your hips and examined the kitchen. Bakugou did surprisingly well. The kitchen looked better than it was before.

“I already killed em’  all,” he grunted, returning to scrubbing the grime on the floor. The muscles in his arms flexed as he scrubbed, a concentrated glare on his face. “Doesn’t look like it,” you smirked, crouching beside him.

His eye twitched and he tossed you the cloth he was scrubbing with. “Yeah? Why don’t you fucking try, then.”’ You raised your brows in amusement. “Sure, how hard could it be?”

“Shit," you muttered, your arms tired after two minutes of relentless scrubbing. Bakugou had been watching you, uncharacteristically silent. It made you kind of nervous.

“Oi, try it this way,” he murmured under his breath, placing his hand over yours. You tensed, not out of fear that he would blow your hand up- he wouldn’t dare- but from how close he was.

His chest was pressed against your back. His grip firm, body providing a comforting warmth. Subconsciously, you leant into him. He didn’t stop you, instead placing his other hand on your hip in a subtle display of affection.

You withdrew the cloth and the grime was gone. You raised your brows in amusement, turning around to flash him a smile. “Wow, Katuski. You’re pretty amazing.”

He only scoffed and averted his gaze. “That was nothing.”

You smiled softly. Gazing down, you saw that most of his wounds had healed, as the number of band-aids had decreased. Save for the large one on his cheek.

You reached up and touched his cheek. He flinched at your touch, shooting you a look. “… What the hell are you doing…” he muttered, more confused than angry. He narrowed his eyes as you moved your fingers down his jaw. His guard was up. Bakugou was a complex kid, impatient in his pursuit to become top hero. He didn’t have time for anything else. But recently, he’s been letting go of his inferiority complex and has even made friends.

He wasn’t used to affection, and that was fine because you were going to change that.

You withdrew your hand. “Katsuki… How are you feeling?” you avoided saying you worried about him, knowing he wouldn’t like that. But you did, and the whole reason you left school was to see him.

“… Better,” he said. “You didn’t have to leave school for me.”

He was serious. So he didn’t approve of your decision. You should focus on your studies. Every lesson is another step in reaching your dream. That’s what he wanted to say, but of course, he wouldn’t.

You snorted, pressing your nose against his uninjured cheek. “Relax...” you trailed off, peppering kisses along his jaw. You rubbed his toned back, noting how his muscles were tense. Slowly, his eyelids fluttered shut at your touches, and his muscles relaxed. You were totally spoiling him.

You took his chin between your index finger and thumb, leading him close to your face. His eyes were half lidded, dazed as he stared into your eyes, while you stared at his lips. “I wanted to.”

His lips were on yours in a flash, pulling you into a rough kiss. He picked you up by your thighs and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He growled and stumbled aimlessly, knocking over chairs and bumping tables until he found a surface to pin you against.

You moaned as his lips found your neck, sucking and biting at your skin. Your vision was blurred as you looked over the top of his hair. You were in the living room with him, your back against the wall, his hands gripping your hips.

He caught your attention again when he lifted up your arms by pulling your shirt off your head. “K-Katsuki!?” you stuttered in surprise, your face a deep shade of red. He himself was a bit red, whether from bashfulness or how fervently he kissed you, you didn’t know.

“Relax,” he mocked you from earlier. You pouted.

He ran his hands up and down your sides, and you melted into his gentle caress. He tilted his head and leant in for another kiss, which you accepted graciously. Your hands were in his hair, tugging and gripping as your legs pulled his hips closer. He pulled your pants down to your ankles, groaning as he pressed against you.

“Why are you wearing these?” he snorted at your choice of underwear. Since you weren’t expecting such an intimate occasion, you wore your leopard print.

Embarrassed, you grumbled, “Take them off if they’re unappealing to you.”

He smirked at you, eyes twinkling with mischief and excitement. He liked your feisty attitude.

“I like them,” he muttered, hooking his finger to your panties and wiggling it. “Leopard print is pretty hot.”

Your eyes widened. “No way, Katsuki…” you laughed. He chuckled. You both knew he was kidding.

He shimmied down his pants, dropping them to his knees. He gazed at you more seriously, his forehead against yours as he pressed against your crotch. The press of his bulge against you made you shiver with delight. Your heart raced with adrenaline. You were going to fuck in the common room.

You could hear the rustling of underwear followed by the press of his cock against your panties. “… Is this okay… with you,” he breathed, his voice low, like he was scared of your answer.

“A bit late now, isn’t it, Katsuki?” you laughed, pressing your nose against his neck. He silently moved your panties aside.

Your eyes fluttered shut in ecstasy as he pushed into you, stretching you, filling you. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your lips as he buried himself to the hilt. “K-Katsuki…!”

He groaned and clenched his jaw. You were so wet and warm, with tight walls that gripped his cock snugly. He would be lying if he said he wasn’t overwhelmed.

Immediately he started at a rough pace, knowing that school would end soon and 1A would be back. Each time he pounded you it sent you to cloud nine. He was hitting the right spot and he seemed to know it, too.

“Katuski, Katsuki…!” you cried his name, throwing your head back and hitting it against the wall. A throbbing pain came in waves, but pleasure overpowered it and numbed you. You arched your back, thrusting your chest in his face.

Bakugou, with his face buried in your breasts, was quite pleased. He kissed and sucked your skin, leaving hickeys and bruises in his wake. His rough affection overwhelmed you and your heart squeezed and exploded with love. You kissed the top of his head, nuzzled his hair, and moaned once he bit you. You were glad a boy so amazing was yours.

His nails dug into your thighs as his grip tightened. The muscles in his body tensed and the feeling in his stomach grew stronger. Though he was a perfectionist, his thrusts turned uneven and rushed. ’I want to get there’, he thought. ’Faster, harder, to make the most out of this before school ends’.

His sudden change of pace wasn’t surprising for a boy as wild as Bakugou. You knew what he wanted, and decided to help.

“Katsuki…” you sang, voice husky from your sore throat. His ear twitched and he looked up, struggling to maintain eye contact. You brushed your fingers along his nape, feeling him shiver. You smirked. He narrowed his eyes, watching you closely, wondering what you were up to.

You pulled him into a rough kiss, teeth bumping against his, tongue in his mouth. He hummed in surprise but quickly followed suit, kissing you back harder. You both gasped and moaned through your open mouthed kiss. Saliva dripped down your chins, eyes half lidded as you held each other's gaze. There was a silent challenge. Who could kiss harder?

He pulled you close with a grunt, fucking you at a new angle. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, hand flying down to rub your clit. Oh, you were close now. You could feel it, the knot in your stomach, your ragged shallow breaths. His cock was twitching inside of you, swollen and hardened to the max. You knew he was close, too.

“Ugh, why did Mr Yamada assign us so much homework? I’m not good at English at all!”

Bakugou broke the kiss, glaring at the front door. “School is too fucking short.”

You grabbed his chin, forcing him to meet your gaze. “Don’t worry about that. Fuck me, and shut up.”

Your taunt riled him up more than it should have. His eye twitched and he smashed his lips against yours once again, fucking you so hard your breasts bounced. “Oh, ohohoh… I like that. You’re bold, aren’t you?” he laughed raspily. You threw your hand over your mouth, your other hand rubbing your clit. You couldn’t moan, not now.

Bakugou narrowed his eyes, biting your neck. “I wanna hear your pretty moans, [Name]. Come on, moan for me.”

You gasped at his sudden bite and whimpered. He shook his head, pulling out and ramming into you again. “Louder. Louder.” He did it over and over, moans gradually spilling from your plump lips till you were yelling. “Katsuki… Katsuki, I’m gonna cum…!”

You felt him twitch in you, a warmth spilling in your womb. He groaned, burying himself to the hilt. He buried his face in your neck, breath hitched in his throat, body shuddering uncontrollably.

He just shot his full load inside of you, and the thought made you cum. Your eyelids fluttered shut and your eyes rolled to the back of your head. Your rubbing slowed, clit twitching as you came. “A-Ah… Shit, [Name]…” he cursed, voice quivering as you spasmed around his sensitive cock.

He pulled out of you, cum dripping from your destroyed entrance. Your legs shook as he lowered you to the ground, and you leant against his chest for balance. You both caught your breaths in silence when the door handle turned.


Kaminari was first to walk in, finding only Bakugou cleaning the floor. His hair was messier than usual and his face was red as a tomato. Kaminari grinned, thinking it necessary to comment.

“Hah, Bakugou! Are you sick like [Name]? You look kind of red.”

“Shut the fuck up! If I’m sick it’s because I had to clean up your shit cooking!”

You stifled a laugh, your back against the wall as you listened to them around the corner. Your panties were soiled, your bra straps were off your shoulders, and Bakugou’s cum was dripping down your thigh.

You turned around and headed for Bakugou’s room.