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My Hero Academia Scenarios!

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Hey guys, here I'll be posting reader inserts. If you like them, smash that kudos button and I'm always open to new ideas!

I have no rules except that I'm not doing any reader inserts with Endeavour or Chisaki, and no teacher/student relationships. For NSFW content, please don't request rape or extreme BDSM. And no taking advantage of others with quirks, especially with no consent! That's not my cup of tea, for example, Shinsou's brainwashing on reader. Other than that, go wild with your requests. But please be descriptive with them! For example, "Ochako Smut" isn't enough for me to work with! Please specify the prompt and situation!


To Do List:



Kirishima comes back to the dorms late at night after getting beat up by a villain. Reader takes care of him.



Amajiki runs into an old friend from middle school in a Shiketsu High uniform.



Reader and Aizawa both wind down after a long day.



Reader gets kinky.



Midoriya is sick and Reader takes care of him.



Todoroki and his schoolgirl crush in a maid uniform.



Behind closed doors...