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Midnight Rendezvous

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He was only supposed to be a one night stand, a quick fuck in the back alley of a trashy bar. I didn’t know his name and he didn’t know mine, we were just two drunken adults looking for the same thing; wild fun, the bruises and scratches all over my body a reminder every time I glance into the mirror.  

I stare at my reflection and run my hands over the love bites marking my neck like a tattoo and smile, feeling his phantom lips on my skin sucking me dry like a leech. My sex turns wet, soaked at the thought of him pounding into me, hard and fast, repeatedly, his lips by my ear whispering filthy nothings, breath warm and reeking of hard liquor. I inhale and again smell the odor of whiskey and his strong musk mixed with sweat in the thin air enter my nose.

It is just me alone in this room but, somehow, I still sense him near and, much to my surprise, he was

“Y/n!” the sound of my father’s voice scares away the dirty thoughts of last night playing in my mind “Come down here please, there’s someone I want to introduce you to”

Casually, I waltz down the long staircase and meet my father in the living room “Yes?” I groan

“Y/n, this is my buddy Negan” my father introduces “He will be crashing on the couch for a while”

My eyes open wide at the sight of him, the man who gave me quite the workout of my life

“Negan” I speak his name and extend my hand out for a shake, pretending to have no idea that I know him, trying my damnedest to pretend that last night never even happened “Pleasure to meet you, I’m y/n”

Negan smirks, his eyes planted on the marks that his soft lips were responsible for placing on my skin “Please-” he grabs my hand, the familiar feeling of his rough touch sending shivers down my spine “The pleasure is all mine, sweetheart” his brown orbs sparkling with lust land on my chest, his tongue poking out in a suggestive manner, causing me to roll my eyes and shake my head.

“Not to sound rude or anything but may I ask why you’ll be crashing here?”

“Marital troubles” Negan shrugs his shoulders “Got in a bad argument with the wife and she kicked me out” his fingers pointing to the bags by the staircase  

I raise my brows in astonishment “Oh” was all I was able to muster, slightly shocked as his ring finger last night was as naked as we were

“Yeah” my father scoffs “Women, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them”

“Dad” I drawl, my focus averting back to the tall man in front of me “Would you like to sit down?”

Negan takes a seat on the beige couch, my father sitting down next to him

“Would you like anything to drink?”

“No, thank you darling, maybe later”


“No” my father denies, shaking his head

“Okay” I mutter, plopping myself down on the sofa chair adjacent to the couch, hand nervously tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I clear my throat, awkwardly glancing at him, our orbs instantly connecting.

“What-” Negan raises his hand, pointing to the marks “What happened to your neck?”

“I, uh-” I scoff at him playing the same game of pretending to be clueless “I had-”

“She had a rough night last night, it seems” my father annoyingly cuts in, answering for me “I keep telling her to stay away from those damn bars, a lot of creeps hang in there” he sneers “But I’m not surprised, she’s just like her mother, unable to handle her liquor”

“Dad” I groan “Please don’t go there”

“I speak nothing but the truth darling” my father grabs the remote from the coffee table and presses his thumb down on the red button, turning on the television, propping his feet up on the wooden surface “You like UFC, right Negan?”

“Watching people beat the holy shit out of each other for entertainment? Fuck yeah man” Negan and my father share a quick laugh

“Sweetheart, be a dear and get us some beers and snacks from the kitchen, would you?”

“Yeah, sure” I convey with an attitude as I stand from the chair and amble my way into the said room

Small hands grab the knobs of the cupboards and swing them open, pulling out two bags of chips and a large bowl. I grab a hold of the plastic and tug to open the bag, struggling, anger boiling inside me.

“You need help with that?” Negan’s voice mutters from the doorway, startling me

“No” I retort, the bag finally tearing apart at the seams “I got it, but if you want to help, you can get the beers from the fridge”

Negan dawdles towards me instead, his front pressing against my back, the hardness of his manhood poking against my derrière.

Instantly, I bite down on my tongue and suppress a moan “The fridge is over there” I point to the large rectangular object in the corner

“Is this what my stay here is going to consist of?” Negan changes the route of the conversation “You sashaying your fine ass around here pretending that last night, and the amazing sex we had, never happened?”

“We have to” I reach behind me and shove him back, trudging to the fridge


“Because my father will go nuts and kill us both in our sleep if he finds out that his friend wildly fucked his daughter in a dirty alleyway” I pull out the beers and slam the door shut with my foot “That’s why”

He downcasts his eyes to the ornate, vine, tile flooring, chuckling to himself “That’s fucking fair, I guess” he snickers “But there’s nothing wrong with us having a little fun here and there”

“There is, actually, it’s the way it has to be”

Negan snakes an inch closer, his hands on my hips, pushing be back until he had me pinned against the fridge, his lips centimeters away from mine “Is it really, though?”

“Yes” I convey bitterly “What part of-”

Unexpectedly, he crashes his lips on top of mine, catching me off guard, shutting me up, the beer bottles slipping from my fingers, shattering loudly into a million pieces on the floor, brown liquid spreading like wild fire.

Negan breaks away, his brown pools staring alluringly into mine. He lowers his hand beneath my dress, feeling the wetness in between my legs, grinning cockily “Your pussy feeling like Niagara falls says otherwise, princess” his lips move close to my ear, whispering “It’s more fun to live on the edge, no?”

“Y/n” my father voices from the living room “Everything alright in there, I thought I heard something break?”

“Ye-” I toss my head back, letting out a quiet moan as Negan circles his fingers around my clit “Yes, Every-” another moan escaping me, my nails digging deep onto his shoulders “Shit, everything is fine, I just dropped the bottles by accident”

“Alright” my father conveys “Negan, you coming? You’re going to miss the big fight”

“Yeah, be there in a minute, just going to be a gentleman and help y/n clean up the mess” he winks, his fingers moving faster “Lucky for you, the TV volume is raised all the way up” Negan exclaims teasingly “So, let me hear you scream baby, I know you’re fucking dying to. Scream for daddy”

I shake my head in denial but my mouth lets out a shrieking scream anyway, an orgasm shooting through my veins in multiple waves, my legs weak, turning to jelly.

“There you go” Negan chuckles, bringing up his hand and placing his fingers in his mouth, licking off my juices, groaning at the taste

“Fuck you” I shove him back “This why your wife kicked you out, she find out what a dirty dog you are?”

“No” Negan belches out a laugh, shaking his head “But speaking of fucking, don’t worry baby” he babbles with a wiggle of his brows, gradually inching backwards towards the doorway “I have a pretty good feeling that you will be sooner than you think”

I huff and flash my middle fingers after he’s already left the room, shaking my head, cursing myself that he was right, my heart and head screaming no, but my body shouting out a loud yes, secretly wanting another piece, another taste, a replay of last night.