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Chyetirye [Podfic]

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Word Count: 48,883

Author’s note (or part of it anyway): I hope this isn't too dark for most people. I think that the origins of the Winter Soldier are woefully underrepresented in Stucky fanfiction, and I also think it's not a pretty origin. There's a lot of bad that goes into making someone like Bucky into the Winter Soldier, and I wanted to unravel it.
That being said, this will actually have a pretty happy ending.

Author’s tags: Torture, attempted suicide, Dissociative Identity Disorder, mental illness written by someone without a psych degree, Stucky, Eventually, Brief heterosexual interlude, Original characters who aren’t wholly original, Playing loose with historical events, Events of CATWS, Practically canon-compliant, Negative self-image of mental illness

Chyetirye is part 1 of the Ipseity series


Chapter 1 length: 51:09

Chapter 1 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)


Audiobook (full) length: 4:09:23

The audiobook (full) version of this fic is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)


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Chapter 2 length: 1:02:01

Chapter 2 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)

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Chapter 3 length: 59:44

Chapter 3 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)



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Chapter 4 length: 1:18:01

Chapter 4 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)