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Jojotiddies' Headcanon Bonanza

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Anonymous:Congrats on your blog, hope it goes well! In honour of this new blog (and it's icon), how about some Okuyasu nsfw?

MY BOIIIIIIII! awwwww yis what a great first request!
Okay so imma do headcanons
-bisexual boy likes his partners strong
-such a fucking sub he has no idea how to go about being dominant into the bedroom, you want him to top?????? how????? why??? 
- really into gentle domination. tie him up and tease him and leave hickies all over and sit on his face and praise him, just search gentle femdom and you’ll see what I am talking about.
-HUGE praise kink. Loves it if his partner teases him and tells him how good he is being and how much they love his reactions. Also will love his partner to tell him how good a job he is doing when he goes down on them or fingers them or whatever, running their fingers through his hair and telling him how good they make him feel makes him melt. please just tell this boy he is doing a good job.
-decent with his fingers but better with his mouth, he gets really enthusiastic about oral. Like if you let him go down on you he gets really happy and just fuckin goes to town. He does best if you give him a little direction or else he gets so caught up in holy shit I’m blowing someone that he kinda loses focus. But he is really great at pleasing people and his enthusiasm is endearing
- He is gonna cry the first time you guys have sex, there is no way around it. It’s compounded reasons and depends on your relationship, but sex is very tied into emotion for him

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Congrats on your blog, hope it goes well! In honour of this new blog (and it's icon), how about some Okuyasu nsfw?

MY BOIIIIIIII! awwwww yis what a great first request!
Okay so imma do headcanons
-bisexual boy likes his partners strong
-such a fucking sub he has no idea how to go about being dominant into the bedroom, you want him to top?????? how????? why???
- really into gentle domination. tie him up and tease him and leave hickies all over and sit on his face and praise him, just search gentle femdom and you’ll see what I am talking about.
-HUGE praise kink. Loves it if his partner teases him and tells him how good he is being and how much they love his reactions. Also will love his partner to tell him how good a job he is doing when he goes down on them or fingers them or whatever, running their fingers through his hair and telling him how good they make him feel makes him melt. please just tell this boy he is doing a good job.
-decent with his fingers but better with his mouth, he gets really enthusiastic about oral. Like if you let him go down on you he gets really happy and just fuckin goes to town. He does best if you give him a little direction or else he gets so caught up in holy shit I’m blowing someone that he kinda loses focus. But he is really great at pleasing people and his enthusiasm is endearing
- He is gonna cry the first time you guys have sex, there is no way around it. It’s compounded reasons and depends on your relationship, but sex is very tied into emotion for him

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nsfw jotaro headcanons? Thanks!
-probably has a daddy kink once he hits college
-very much a dom, but one that doesnt like challenges to his dominance. You better do what he says, when he says it, no arguements
-v quiet but he grunts a lil when he cums. u can convince him to make noise but he has to conciously do it
-sucker for black lace lingerie. classy shit not the ruffly stuff. loves garters and stockings
- lil bit bi but represses it
-actually is kinda clingy after sex. you think he’d just roll of and go shower but he wants to cuddle and unless you point out that hey the both of you are kinda covered in fluids and it would be great to get a washcloth and fix that hes gonna latch onto you with a vice grip and not let go
-is pretty sweet about aftercare if you remind him that its an option to not fall asleep covered in jizz. he’ll be very tender and gentle cleaning you up and then want to cuddle
-likes to be bigger than his partners (totally has a size kink) he loves watching his partner struggle to fit his dick inside them and slowly ease themself onto him. likes it best if he can watch the slow stretch of his partner as they fuck themselves on him
-loves to watch his partner fuck themselves on his dick. cowgirl/being ridden is his fav position
-also really likes overstimulating his partner. he loves watching them squirm as he keeps touching after they came and are all sensitive and have to start pushing at him to get him to stop cause the sensation is just too much
-loves getting his dick sucked. one of his fav things to make you do in a dom/sub relationship is be ready to suck him off as soon as he gets home. He’ll make a code or something and either leave a sticky note or text you and when he comes home you better be on ur knees
-into rough face fucking but doesnt want to do it unless his partner is also into it. He’s actually super terrified of seriously hurting his partner.

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Could you do some nsfw hcs for Polnareff please? Parts 3 and 5 if that's okay.

I haven’t met him in part 5 yet so I will just do part 3 if that is okay

  • Completely heterosexual what are you talking about everybody appreciates guys butts, they’re nice butts *sweats* (bi in denial)
  • has the nicest tiddies like such good tiddies and will let you play with them (thank the gods) they make a good spot to put ur head after you guys fuck
  • really sweet and affectionate his first step in foreplay is planting kisses all over you it’s simultaneously hilarious and endearing and a lil bit hot
  • really loves to give oral, he loves the sounds and the sensations involved. he’s also naturally pretty good at it so that’s a plus for you and it’s great for his ego
  • Mostly vanilla and not super into power dynamics but on the other hand this dude is willing to try anything once (within reason)
  • Prefers to top but is the kinda top who loves to pleasure the bottom. It really fuels his ego and he makes it kinda a competition with himself to see how fast he can make his partner come
  • Is open-ish to toys in bed and gets more comfortable with that and starts to use them more the more mature he gets
  • Likes to have his partner cuddle up to him after sex and will scoot his partner onto him afterward if they don’t do that of their own accord

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Anonymous:Nsfw of jotaro with a chubby s/o? Sorry if too specific lmao i'm thirsty mang

Don’t worry my friend this blog is where we come to thirst.

  • as usual loves to watch u ride him
  • thick thighs save lives, this boy loves ur thighs. they are good and full of love and he would really like it if u wrapped them around his ears n let him have his fun. would probably leave hickies on ur inner thighs 
  • he likes ur jiggle when he fucks u. he thinks its rlly hot
  • if anybody ever insults u for ur chub he n star platinum are gonna be like (ง •̀_•́)ง 
  • rlly like how u feel in his hands, likes how full u feel. hes gonna grope u when he’s horny to let u know that he would like it very much to be alone and wearing way less clothing asap

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Anonymous:any nsfw polnareff headcanons?

I just got a Polnareff ask so i’m gonna try and do something different. Gonna try and do kind of a kink profile, like stuff he’s into in regards to kink and shit

  • A top (sensation giver) but is willing to bottom (receive sensation) occasionally. He’ll only do it to make his partner happy 
  • Making his partner happy/feel good turns him on. He’s very much a service top
  • Not really into power play
  • Very skeevy about s&m, really doesn’t like to hurt his partner. If you explain and reassure him that you enjoy it he may be willing to do some of the lighter stuff, e.g. spanking, biting, hair pulling
  • good at and into overstimulation
  • may go for some light bondage to tie into the overstimulation/sensation giving but nothing hardcore
  • lowkey into pet play, likes the aesthetic. He would really like it if you wore ears and a tail in the bedroom (I know this does seem to indicate some furry tendencies and honestly I don’t really want to look to deeply into this because I’m afraid of what I might find. Do with this what you will)
  • Has a thing for makeup. He likes watching his partner put it on, and may like his partner to make him up. Very into lipstick marks, giving them and receiving them
  • Edgeplay fuckin terrifies him. Bloodplay, knifeplay, gunplay, choking, this boy is out
  • Limits
    • Hard Limits- anything hardcore, no pain play, no 24/7 shit, no degradation. Scat or watersports are a never. Consensual nonconsent/rape play are a no go for him, it hits a little too close to him and his trauma with what happened to Sherry
    • Soft limits- anal although he does get more comfortable with this one as he gets older, spanking and other softcore stuff, shibari/bonage is a pretty soft limit
  • A little into sensation play, this gets bigger as he gets older. This is stuff like wax play, temperature play, different texture play and stuff
  • Willing to try threesomes and shit but not really polyamorous, may be into a triad if it happens but isn’t gonna seek it out
  • Loves body worship, giving and receiving
  • low key competency kink. Likes having an independent/powerful partner that lets him take care of them. If his partner can fence he’s over the moon

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Anonymous:Headcanon where Jotaro is getting teased really bad by his s/o during work and what would he do to get revenge on them for getting too turned on >~< thanks!

This is like my third time trying to answer this ask so hopefully i finish it before i lose it this time. 

  • Okay so you send Joot some nice nudes and some sexts while he’s at work, boy doesn’t reply because honestly what were you expecting? But rest assured this shit got to him cause when he comes home, same time as usual
  • You are lounging on the bed all ready for the action that you have been counting on and you hear the door bang open, Jotaro dump his stuff on the floor and kick off his shoes and rapid fire footsteps
  • The bedroom door is flung open and there is maybe 0.3 seconds between the door opening and him pouncing on you for immediate sloppy makeouts. It’s rough and demanding and Jotaro is taking no prisoners. If you were wearing clothes he’s ripping them off by now, don’t bother with lingerie with him it’ll be reduced to scraps in moments if you get the reactions you want
  • He’s gropin you all over and getting real handsy like he wants to touch every inch of you at once
  • He pulls away for a sec to huff “fucking tease” at you before returning to the just this side of bruising kiss and grabbing your wrists in one of his massive hands (this guy is fuckin 6′4″ hes ridiculous)
  • Uses his other hand to start playing with you, toying with your nipples and then moving on to between your legs where he is gonna spend a lot of time on orgasm denial, you are in for it tonight bucko
  • He’s gonna start real gentle and tbh that’s your warning sign that this is gonna be a long night, Joot is only gentle when he has an agenda. He starts real slow and brings you real close to the very brink of orgasm before he just. stops. No touching, no kissing, no nothing. You are left blinking and needy while he has what amounts to a shit eating grin. If u whine he gets even more smug, the bastard
  • Rinse and repeat this for maybe an hour, him bringing you to the very edge of cumming and leaving you there while gets increasingly more smug over his handiwork.
  • Then he finally, FINALLY deigns to fuck you after you are a complete and utter mess, covered in your own fluids and begging for him.He scoops you up onto his lap and eases you ever so slowly onto him until he’s almost fully inside you before he fuckin slams into you. 
  • That sets the pace and even though he is technically on the bottom there is no question of his control. He fucks you hard and rough, stroking at you until you come, and you come hard. He fucks you through that orgasm and into another one. You are exhausted by the time he comes and he says something about “showing you”
  • After a minute of cuddling you prod him and her goes to grab a washcloth to clean the two of you up. After you are cleaned up he arranges you on top of him so you can cuddle.

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dreckitralph:can i have some general sfw and nsfw hcs for avdol?

 My BOIIII! WHom I love and treasure!!! Favorite stardust crusader.


  • not super into public displays of affection but would love to hold ur hand sometime (whatta sap)
  • FOREHEAD KISSES!!! hello forehead kisses! goodbye forhead kisses! I appreciate you forehead kisses! forehead kisses!
  • Has a very dry sense of humor and makes a habit of saying such ridiculous things that after a while you can’t tell if he is joking or not. Does he actually like to watch the infomercials at 2am or is he just kidding???? we just dont know??? its kinda terrifying tbh no one can read this man
  • Also if ur friends with him for long enough his humor just devolves into dumb puns and roasting each other
  • he bonds with kakyoin and jotaro by roasting pol and joseph, communal roasting keeps families together
  • the mom friend tm rises from the chaos of  a new friend group to make sure nobody does incredibly dumb shit, he still allows you to do moderately dumb shit occasionally to make sure you learn and have fun tho
  • would love sushi dates
  • mostly heterosexual??? idk man i cant really get a read on him, like he doesnt ping me but on the other hand he and pol are definitely gay for eachother. idk do what you want
  • likes action comedies (araki says his fav is midnight run, i feel like he would also enjoy hot fuzz)
  • would offer to read your fortune and then say “the cards say we should be together” if he was into you. it’s rlly cheesy and kinda adorable
  • rlly likes dogs and would probably adopt iggy in a modern/normal au (like this boi tamed and befriended iggy of all dogs. that takes a lot of knowledge to handle a smart scared and skittish doggo)
  • 10/10 looks cute in a skirt


  • hmmmmmmm this is a toughy. It’s so hard to get a read on him, because he was so reserved and then his personality really changed later on
  • Switch/vers but is super insecure about it, he leans towards dom tho
  • Really great Dom he’s super confident and considerate 
  • likes having you ride him, likes to hold your hips and thrust up into you 
  • Into bondage
  • Probably into dd/lg/cgl 
    • is a daddy
  • Equally excellent with both his mouth and fingers
  • Would like to be tied down and fucked occasionally, but is kinda uncomfortable with this feeling. If you work him through that feeling y’all will have a lot of fun ;3
  • I feel like he would be really into his sub having that pastel sub aesthetic with like baby pink toys and rope and ruffly lingerie
  • Actually knows his way around butt stuff and is the least likely of the sdc to go in dry (ffs joseph you should know better by now)
  • Consider this- you, bent over Avdol’s lap with your shorts and underwear around your  knees, counting out each spank as he lectures you for doing something incredibly stupid. By the end of it you are a sobbing mess and you are both kinda horny. He pulls you up to straddle his lap and then you two fuck soft and slow.

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romeoandromeo:mate do you think you can hook me up with some nsfw mista hcs,

  • This dude squirms a LOT, especially if you tie him up. 
  • A whiny bottom and a rough top
  • He’s lazy so he would much rather have you jerk him off than do it himself. The bonus to that is if he is horny and you’re out he’ll wait till you are home before draping himself over you and whining about how he is horny and “won’t you please touch me~” It’s cute. 
  • He is THERE for toys in the bedroom, especially vibes. If you tape a vibe to/in him just watch and wait. The boy falls apart and he fuckin loves it. It is an experience. 
  • He dirty talks a lot, along the lines of  “God you feel so good, please fuck me, please, please, please. I love the way you feel against me, please fuck me til I can’t walk.” when he bottoms and “Holy shit you feel so good, look at you begging for me to fuck you. You’re taking my cock so well. God yessssss.” when he tops.
  • Kinda into degradation. More into giving it than receiving, but down for either. He totally understands if his partner isn’t into it and for him degradation is like sprinkles.
  • If he is topping he likes to fuck his partner bent over a piece of furniture
  • He’s hella bi, and also the most straight passing out of passione 

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Anonymous:Dude can i request nsfw jotaro with a short and smol and short (like 5ft) fem s/o?

nicenicenice I am also a smol bean

  • okay so Joot has a massive size kink and u being so tiny is prime fodder for that. (also this boi is 6′4″ everyone is tiny to him but especially u)
  • as usual he loves watchin u ride him but especially when ur so tiny cause it really feeds into his size kink.
  • First time u guys fuck he takes it really slow and spends a lot of time prepping you. He starts by fingering you real slow, starting with one finger then moving up to two, then scissoring his fingers while rubbing your clit. After u come all over his fingers he pulls them out and sucks them off making strong eye contact with you the whole time
  • Then the main event. He sits/lies down n pulls u onto his lap and lets u do this at ur own pace. he just lines himself up and lies back to watch u slowly take him in. he is thicc so ur kinda stuggling n gotta go real slow and he is lovin it. It’s taking all his self control not to just fucking slam into you but it is so worth it. U finally take all of him and he leans up and kisses you real rough saying “u gonna move?” 
  • U start bouncin urself up and down on his dicc and he is LIVING. He mostly just lets u fucc urself on his dicc the first time bc a) he really doesnt wanna hurt u and b) it turns him the fuck on
  • loves the way u feel in his hands, so small and delicate and absolutely his
  • u bein so short means u have way less to bend down to give him the succ n he is lovin it

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bootyshakerkegrimm:How would the SDC crew react to finding out their s/o has a large scar (like they had it long before the trip to Egypt) on a part of their body that usually stays covered up a lot? Like around the crotch area.

This is the most oddly specific request I have gotten. I’m down cause I love scars.


  • Will def do the whole “OH! MY! GOD!” thing, its kinda annoying/embarrassing
  • Definitely will ask how you got it, and pester you about it if you don’t tell him
  • Will totally form all sorts of theories as to how you got it if you don’t tell him
  • Highkey wants to touch it


  • Raises his eyebrows, and letting out a low whistle “That must have been a nasty cut.”
  • Doesn’t press for an explanation, but is kinda curious


  • Freaks the fuck out, cause his mind automatically goes to the worst scenarios
  • Desperately asks for an explanation as to how you got it
  • Will lovingly run his fingers over it when he can, once he finds out how you got it, either to reassure you or himself


  • That is a brutal scar.”
  • Low key wants to touch it
  • Doesn’t really react too much to it


  • Raises his eyebrows, “Yare Yare daze, that is one nasty scar.”
  • Doesn’t say much about it beyond that but you might occasionally find his hand resting against it when you guys cuddle/hug

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Anonymous:May I request some headcannons for Okuyasu with a super spontaneous s/o, like one second they'll be itchin' to wrestle him and run 10 miles next thing you know they're laying on the kitchen floor wondering why the universe exists.. ahh i hope that's not too confusing~

Sounds like me when I was a kid and didn’t take my ADHD meds.

He’s gonna be confused but down for whatever. He will not understand your rapid subject changes but he’s used to not understanding things, so he just rolls with it. He just loves spending time with you and is down for anything. He will be real gung ho about your hyperactive urges and ready to run around doing dumb stuff with you. The introspective/inattentive times he’ll be on less familiar territory, but he tries to indulge them. He may not have any answers to your philosophical questions but he will try his best. And he will be a fantastic listener

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Anonymous:Could I request some NSFW poly/threesome hcs with Joseph and Caesar? Thank you~!


  • Joseph moves fast when it comes to sex, like one minute you two are kissing and the next minute he is between your legs giving you the most enthusiastic oral you have ever received, meanwhile Caesar is yelling at him to slow the fuck down
  • Joseph has no idea what lube is or getting your partner prepped for penetration and prefers to bareback. Caesar is horrified and probably has a condom and packet of lube on him at all times.
  • Most of this is Joseph being like “WHOOOO SEX LETS FUCKING GO!!!” and Caesar being affronted and telling Jojo to slow the FUCK down you asshole do you not know how to have good sex?
  • Threesomes have a 50/50 chance of becoming great sex or just Jojo and Caesar arguing and a 30% chance that Jojo and Caesar will make out angrily
  • Joseph tends to go towards rough sex, quickies, and rough kink, while Caesar tends toward passionate and romantic sex that takes a while, and more sensory play and power exchange
  • Both of them really like to give oral, and will occasionally fight about who gets to go down on you. Or who does it best. They have different styles of doing it, Joseph is sloppy, enthusiastic, very drooly, and a lot of sucking, whereas Caesar is much more targeted/specific with a lot of licking and kissing and using his fingers.
  • Jojo likes to make you laugh during sex. Caesar thinks it ruins the mood, but doesn’t bring it up if you don’t mind it
  • Once Joseph and Caesar teamed up to dom you together and do a whole scene and it was quite possibly some of the best sex you ever had, but they wouldn’t do it again if you didn’t ask.
  • If you did ask they might have a moment of internal struggle between “work??? Together??? With him??????” and “Make them feel fucking amazing and have fantastic sex.” The sex will usually wins out.
  • At least once when when Joseph and Caesar argue, just grab them and shove them into your chest while saying “Shhh no fighting, only tiddy.” you have to. For me. Please. Also it will probably work more than anything else.
  • Both get hella distracted by you being sexy, like seeing a tiddy, a glimpse of lingerie, you showing off your muscles, you in a bathing suit, but they will pretend it doesn’t affect them when they are in public because they are big, strong, powerful, serious men, who are totally not affected by their raging libidoes and never have inconvenient boners.
  • Joseph has some weird ideas about fun things to do in the bedroom, you and Caesar have had to veto some shit. Have you seen this comic? Yeah, stuff like that has happened.
  • Joseph would love Caesar to fucking rail him, or to rail Caesar but it is gonna take a very specific set of circumstances to get him to admit it. (these circumstances are get him drunk and then play dumb party games like truth or dare)
  • Getting Caesar to be down with it is a whole nother kettle of fish. He would be into fucking Joseph, and it would be rough and there would be degradation and it would probably be a whole bdsm scene and there would be really emotional aftercare where the two of them talk about how they don’t actually hate each other and actually value each other’s presence in their lives and that they respect each other’s power and drive and ethics and that they piss each other off but don’t actually harbor any hate. But getting Caesar to actually do it is hard cause he has to confront the fact that he does want to pound joseph, and that Joseph is actually not a piece of shit delinquent and that he wants to fuck him in specific. Also he definitely does not want joseph to fuck him. You know Jojo would gloat and Caesar can’t deal with that.
  • Joseph would love to do anal with you, but he tried once and was gonna go in dry and Caesar flipped his shit (your poor ass thanked him) and hasn’t let Joseph fuck your ass since. He’s not gonna let him until Jojo proves himself a responsible man who can use lube and a condom and prep his partner. So basically your ass is only getting fucked by Caesar.
  • Joseph totally loves shibari and once he tied you up in a full harness and then Caesar came in and was like “The fuck is this Jojo?!” and Joseph went, “Just watch” and proceeded to manhandle you for a very nice fucking and Caesar was like, O.O “Oh, hmmm. Well. This is good. I like this. Keep this.”
  • Caesar thinks he’s hardcore and a master at bdsm but he’s only really done super softcore bondage and done some orgasm denial/edging and overstimulation. Meanwhile Joseph is like tying people up with three hanks of rope in elaborate patterns and regularly leaving and receiving bruises and has probably thought up kinkier shit in his sleep than Caesar has ever seen or heard of, let alone done.

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Anonymous:Would it be okay to ask for Jotaro/Canon wife headcanons? SFW or NSFW, I'm not particular.

This probably isn’t going to be very good but I’ll try my best

  • Okay so Jotaro genuinely loved her, but his man is very bad at relationships
  • He expects people to be able to tell his thoughts and emotions just by looking at him and is generally terrible at communication
  • He also travels a lot for works and the Speedwagon foundation, which means he didn’t really spend a lot of time around her. That also means she isn’t really able to spend a lot of time observing him and picking up on his emotional tells
  • Ms. Kujo needs a lot of communication and physical reassurance and just general time spent with her s/o and jotaro just didn’t really think to provide any of that.
  • She is also a bit bad at communicating, and didn’t her make need for the communication of feelings and needs in the relationship clear to jotaro
  • Jotaro didn’t really realize how bad it was going until the divorce and then it was sort of an epiphany about how he is terrible at this and this lifestyle he was living and the type of person he was was not very conducive to having the commitment of a significant other
  • He harbors no ill will towards and genuinely cares about her and Jolyne a lot, and he realized that it would be best for her to go with the divorce.
  • He still gets kinda sad when he thinks about it tho.

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Anonymous:Josuke (part 4) nsfw headcanons?? love your blog ❤️

My BOI! I love this sweet rowdy boy

  • Switch/Vers, he is down to bottom or top at any time.
  • Pan, I can also see him as demisexual
  • Honestly thinks you being real is the sexiest thing, he thinks you are hottest in what you are comfortable in, be that granny panties and a binder or lacey lingerie or just a pair of boxers
  • Not that into one night stands, he prefers knowing his partner well.
  • Not super kinky, but not vanilla either. He doesn’t fall into specific kink scenes like leather or shibari or petplay or shit like that
  • He is into orgasm denial and overstimulation.
  • He is honestly not that adventurous as a Dom, he mostly does it by taking the lead and controlling the pleasure his partner feels. He is definitely a service top.
  • He is neither a sadist nor a masochist and isn’t even into spanking or hair pulling or other more mainstream s&m shit like that.
  • Fits more into the “typical” BDSM category as a sub, but not a service bottom. Really just wants his partner to absolutely wreck him, but no pain. When he subs the best way to go is either overstimulation or orgasm denial, or to push his limits. I recommend tie him up and
    • Use toys on him to overstimulate him
    • Edge him for a while until he begs you to let him come (he doesn’t beg easy, so you gotta work for it. Which imo makes it even more worth it.)
    • Absolutely wreck his hair (just make sure to run it by him first), the combination of being pissed off and powerless really does it for him
  • Getting his ass played with is super hot to him, but he is kinda shy about it. He isn’t gonna bring it up until you guys are super duper close and shit
  • Likes going down on his partners, but you gotta promise to not mess up the hair.
  • A huge cuddler, he is a proponent of before sex cuddling, after sex cuddling, and soft cuddle sex. Just cuddle him
  • Tbh, best jojo to lose your virginity to, he is super sweet and super considerate
  • DO NOT ask him to hit you or choke you or degrade you, he won’t do it and you will break the poor boy. Just let him be a wholesome boy for a little bit
  • Would be into his partner controlling his orgasms, like telling him when he could and couldn’t masturbate, ruined orgasms, that shit. But he wouldn’t be about doing it for a long period of time. Maybe a week tops.
  • Seeing his partner dance turns him on, whether it be in the club grinding against him or at 2pm while cleaning and singing along to the radio

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 Anonymous:did i hear the nsfw bell can you tell me about avdol getting a blowjob


Honestly Avdol is probs my fav stardust crusader

  • Quiet, mostly what you hear from him is heavy breathing, occasional really soft moans,  and the very rare grunt
  • Prefers to do it while he is seated and you are on your knees. He likes to be comfy
  • He isn’t one for quickies unless it is all he can get, his ideal blowjob takes some time
  • Has one hand in your hair and the other clenched in the sheets or the arm of the chair
  • Tries very hard to be gentle with you and not choke you unless you’re into that, he does sometimes fuck up and thrust a little too hard. He always apologizes
  • Uses the hand in your hair to guide your movement to a pace he enjoys
  • Occasionally offers little tips/requests like “a little faster” or “Use your tongue”
  • Likes if you pay some attention to his balls, but not too much or he will come too fast.
  • Prefers to come in your mouth instead of on you (which he sees as rude) it cuts down on mess
  • Doesn’t care if you spit or swallow
  • After it’s over he pulls you onto his lap, tells you how good a job you did and probably goes down on you
  • He is a little rougher and a little stricter if you guys are in a ddl relationship, often adapting what he does to the limits/desires you guys have set out
  • Might guide you a little more with his hand, try and get you to take as much of him as you can

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Anonymous:SIN NIGHT IS BEST NIGHT aw yeah can I get some HCs for Josuke starting out all confident and dominant going into The Sex with his s/o, but he slowly starts to loose his edge once he gets going cause he's feeling WAY too good? He ends up gettin REKT. Bonus: Okuyasu is there too

Okay so u guys start off all enthusiastic and Josuke is tryin to be all suave and shit. He thinks he’s gonna make u feel so good n have great sex and he’s gonna look super kewl and hot. And it starts off that way, Josuke n u makin out n ur rlly getting into it and there’s a lil grinding and u both are havin fun.

N then clothes start comin off and Josuke is hard as a rock and starting to realize that maybe he might be a lil outta his depth.

But he ignores that niggling feeling and both of u r down to just pants n things r great. He gets to touch a tiddy n that makes his day n u seem to enjoy it too.

Then stuff starts going downhill for his plans when u palm his junk n he can’t stop the whine from escaping him and from bucking into u.

But he can recover from this right?

He leans in to bury his face in the crook of ur neck n starts givin u hickies. U r into into it n he thinks he’s back on track until u stick ur hand down his pants n he is moans right into your ear and pressing himself against u. U wrap ur hand around his dick n he moans again n can’t stop himself from grinding against ur hand. U yank his pants and underwear down to his thighs n go about givin him a proper handjob.

He is well on his way to wrecked by now n is tryin to muffle his moans however he can. It ain’t doin shit. Ur givin him firm, even, strokes n show no signs of stopping as he gets ever closer to coming. Once he realizes u ain’t gonna stop unless he asks or he nuts he tries desperately to hold on for a couple more seconds b4 he goes “Stop! Stop! Stop, I’m …” n u stop n give him a second.

Josuke is well on his way to thoroughly wrecked but he refuses to acknowledge it n after a minute of him desperately catching his breath he tries to reestablish his control of the situation and grabs a condom, puts it on, n hauls u into his lap. He thinks he can do this n he grabs ur hips n starts to slide u onto his dick.

When he feels how warm n tight u are around him it finally fuckin hits him. U r wrecking him n he honestly doesn’t mind. He isn’t quite there to fully embracing it yet. So u start to ride him. Long, slow strokes and he fuckin loses it. He’s moaning like a whore as u ride him, long past trying to muffle it. U are loving it. U are ridin him n he is squirming n moaning n obviously streaking towards coming fast. So u decide to get him there faster n run your fingers over his nipples n clench around him. He fucking loses it. A long moan that nearly turns into a scream n he comes hard n fast absolutely wrecked.

Chapter Text

moistevil:any nsfw jotaro and/or abbacchio headcanons? i heard you like sin (ღ˘◡˘ღ) ♫

I’mma do Abbacchio cause Joot has plenty of content on this blog (also this is quick n dirty for sin night, so don’t expect much.)

  • Very much not a heterosexual
  • into S&M
  • probably has a piss kink but i don’t want to think about it
  • Into edgeplay
    • particularly breathplay and maybe bloodplay/knifeplay
  • Likes impact play, both giving and receiving
  • HUGE switch, will top or bottom, into giving and receiving anything on here unless otherwise specified
  • Absolutely merciless dom/top
  • Draws the line at scat, but just barely
  • Doesn’t do plain vanilla sex, if you ask him to have good clean heterosexual missionary sex on your bed at night he puts his clothes back on and leaves
  • Prefers leather restraints
  • honestly he would probably be down for just about anything you asked him to do if u guys were in some sort of relationship.
  • down for polyamory/open relationships

Chapter Text

Anonymous:Hi! Can I request please nsfw headcanons for a poly relationship with the Passione gang?

*rubs my lil hands together* God I love poly headcanons, Imma sort them by character cause there are so many and I’m gonna include Trish. (also this is everyone lives au where everybody grows up and becomes adults)


  • If you think cuddle puddles aren’t happening you are wrong
  • They tend to split into smaller groups they are more comfortable being intimate with you together


  • Doesn’t share very much compared to some of the others, he’s a fairly private person
  • Might occasionally fuck you with Mista, maybe
  • If he does he prefers to be in control. It makes him feel safer.
  • Very big cuddler, often the reason cuddle puddles are instigated (desperately needs positive human touch but refuses to acknowledge it so what happens is narancia and/or mista start a cuddle puddle w you and pull him in)


  • More willing to share than GioGio
  • Down for threesomes, but no more people than that
  • Not particularly picky about who he shares you with, tends to move between groups when he isn’t paired with Giorno
  • Bottoms occasionally, but only for certain people.
  • Might group up with Trish, too


  • This boy is the main cuddle puddle instigator
  • Tends to pair off with Fugo if he is fucking you with somebody
  • Actually prefers threesomes/ fucking you with someone else
  • Usually tops for you but bottoms for others
  • Isn’t just in a relationship with you, he probs in a relationship with half of Passione


  • does his best
  • Mostly just pairs off with Narancia or you alone
  • Only tops
  • Kinda a rough fuck but gives v good aftercare


  • Only pairs off with Buccellati
  • Prefers to keep work and pleasure separate
  • Kinky bastard, so threesomes are just the start of it ;)
  • Usually doms you
  • Not good at giving aftercare but makes sure u get it


  • Very sweet dom, gives great aftercare
  • Pairs off with Abbacchio if he groups up
  • Too serious to mix work and pleasure
  • Not a huge cuddler but doesn’t mind if you instigate


  • Sweet girl
  • Pairs off with mista sometimes but mostly just sticks with you alone
  • still figuring out her kinks
  • Likes cuddle puddles
  • She and Narancia hang out and talk about how much they love you sometimes

Chapter Text

Kars nfsw hc? Just any I'm so thirsty for him.

Buddy I feel you he is FINE! He is just such a tool.

  • Dom and only dom. No one is good enough to dom him according to him
  • Almost always tops
  • Has a size kink, might shift himself or his dick bigger to fulfill it. 
  • Loves to make his partner beg for him. “Tell me how much you want my cock.”
  • McGay
  • Into degradation and body worship
  • If he deigns to fuck you, then you are much better than the rest, but not as good as him. And that influences a lot of kink with him. 
  • Not that into bondage and discipline
  • Loves making his partners scream and moan for him
  • Has a lot of stamina and can go for a loooooong time

Chapter Text

I need Jesus. Can I get a Joseph or Caesar headcanon?

I assume this means you want nsfw ;3c I’m gonna do Joseph

  • Kinky
  • Into shibari, would work mostly with jute and hold a special love for rope bras/harnesses
  • Likes to leave marks on his partners, bruises, hickeys, scrapes, whatever
  • Into impact play, spanking, etc
  • An easygoing dom/top
  • Kinda a sadist
  • Loves after sex cuddles
  • Sucking his dick makes him completely fall apart so he doesn’t let his partners do it very often
  • Mostly straight
  • “Now I know you can get louder than that. I wanna hear you scream.
  • Very high sex drive and always ready for quickies. Has no qualms about semi public sex and will fuck you in a public restroom or back alleyway. So don’t tease him in public unless you are also ready for this
  • Will occasionally bottom, when he does he is a total powerbottom
  • If his partner wanted to learn rope and start rigging he would be super into it and want to teach them 

Chapter Text

Poly Josuke and Okuyasu reacting to their shy S/O somehow ending up in a bunny outfit? Nsfw and sfw if that's ok

 This is super adorable and creative and I love it


  • I’m imagining like a furry mascot suit for this or like a onesie. Anyway it looks ridiculous
  • Both are gonna find it pretty damn hilarious
  • Okuyasu is almost definitely on the floor laughing 
  • Josuke is trying to hold in his laughter cause he doesn’t wanna make u feel uncomfortable if u are embarrassed 
  • Josuke is gonna scold Oku for laughing if it makes you more embarrassed
  • Both probably think you look hilariously adorable and are gonna pick u up and hug you


  • Imagine a playboy bunny costume
  • Both their jaws are gonna d r o p full on hitting the floor flabbergasted
  • “Holy shit babe….”
  • Josuke is gonna be stammering and blushing you might have broken him
  • Okuyasu will be super handsy if you let him
  • It could end up with sweet fluffy sex or passionate lustful sex, i’m not sure >:/
  • It’s definitely gonna focus on you
  • If it ends up with you dominating its gonna be wild and the boys will be super impressed and wanna do it more
  • I don't think either of them have furry tendencies but they will still find you hot scantily dressed

Chapter Text

Dunno how familiar u are with omegaverse au, but can i request some hcs of alpha jotaro pls >///< (nsfw if u want)

I’m moderately familiar. I was against it at the start, but it does have one of my fav tropes- mating cycles/in heat, so I have read a couple.


  • Doesn’t use his privilege as an alpha to abuse betas/omegas, however he does use his privilege as an alpha to get away with shit and to intimidate ppl
  • Doesn’t really buy into most of society’s obvious shit about a/b/o dynamics and roles, bc jotaro as a person doesn’t rlly buy into or notice much of society’s shit
  • Understands on a mental level that betas and omegas are lower in the social hierarchy than he is and therefore experience discrimination but doesn’t actually recognize it in its more pervasive and subtle forms. I’d like to think Holy raised him well enough to treat betas and omegas with human decency and with less of societal bs but he wouldnt be like fully informed on oppressive power structures and their subtleties of expression
  • You get me, anyway now the fun stuff


  • Doesnt have a super strong mating drive, hes pretty good at not thinking with his dick
  • Tries really hard to be gentle but  is naturally pretty rough, so like if he isn’t being careful he ends up bruising his partner 
  • He almost always comes back with ice packs if he roughs up his partner, and apologizes that way
  • If his partner is in heat and needs to be fucked he is such a tease, actually putting effort into foreplay and taking forever to actually put his dick in til his partner is begging and whining before he finally fucks them
  • Not a super doting partner when his partner is in heat, but he is there to knot them and also probably buy or bring a pack of gatorade and some power bars cause the frequent sex that heats bring on can be hard on the body and you gotta replenish the electrolytes
  • Very into hand holding and physical contact, will lie on top of you if you let him

Chapter Text

headcanons for josuke and okuyasu touchin that sweet tiddy for the first time??????

Get that sweet tiddy


  • “...these are way softer than I expected.”
  • Very blushy but not enough to stop
  • Super gentle but knows enough to focus on the nipples so it does do something
  • Honesttly this boy goes very slowly into sex in a relationship like there is a progression like starting off with kissing then making out then groping then handies then like oral or penetrative sex, most of these on separate occasions.
  • He watches super intently for ur reactions
  • Picks up on what u like very quickly, once he gets over the initial awkwardness


  • Bright red and stares for a solid 20 seconds 
  • Sorta… kneads them???? What is he doing?????
  • Is super gentle and does not know to pay attention to the nipples so you gotta give him pointers
  • Receptive to criticism but u gotta be gentle
  • Likes watching the nipples perk up and playing with them
  • Could spend a while just fooling with the tiddy but he also kinda wants to move onto bigger and bettter things
  • Super proud of himself for finally touching a tiddy

Chapter Text


if don't mind, could you do something where Josuke and Okuyasu (separate) are watching a movie with their s/o and a surprisingly steamy scene comes on between the two main characters. Who do you think would try and take advantage of the situation and who do you think would just kinda think about it, but would shy away.


Honestly my default reaction when a steamy scene comes on is usually mild discomfort so idk but here goes


  • Mortification- fuckfuckfuck I didn’t know there was a sex scene what if they think I put it on for this scene please don't get a boner fuck
  • This boy is bright red, a shy boy
  • He needs a lot of lead up sex, he isn’t one to just opportunistically initiate it until you are much farther into the relationship 
  • He’s is honestly a mess when this scene comes on, and is gonna feel super awkward
  • If you turn and use it as an opportunity he is gonna fucking die,  bright red, stammering, the works. Save him


  • He’s gonna be hella nervous but still try and seize the opportunity
  • He did the lame ass yawn and put arm over the shoulder trick earlier in the evening so he is cuddled up to you
  • Would look over and grin flirtily (whether u read it as such is another story)
  • “Wanna try that out?”
  • If you ignore that he’s gonna die inside
  • If you flirt back/ say sure hes gonna be like “I didn’t think I would get this far.”
  • If you  get all embarrassed he’s gonna try and coax you out of it/ apologize
  • He tried

Chapter Text

Are requests open?? If so, may i get hcs for josuke's s/o who isn't especially body-confident wearing something really fancy and finally feeling pretty? Ty!!!


Shitton of effusive praise this boy is gonna heap it on

  • The best part- its gonna be completely and utterly sincere he thinks people are absolutely gorgeous when they are completely comfortable and loving themselves
  • “Holy shit babe you look so KEWL!!!!!” 
  • Instagram boyfriend will totally take a bajillion pictures of you looking cute as long as he gets to be in some and also get lil printouts for his wallet (fuck josuke thats so fucking cute im gonna die)
  • He’s kinda like a dog in that if he sees you getting excited he immediately get excited too, so if u come out looking for attention he is gonna give it to you
  • Rlly wants to show u off so u guys are gonna be going O U T!!!! Prom??? A date??? Nothing??? Doesn’t matter he is gonna show you off. He wants everybody to appreciate how great u are
  • Would probs do the will smith pose. This one 
  • Honestly super supportive and great and wholesome! Such a good boy!

Chapter Text

headcanosn for oku reacting to his s/o saying that they love him in the middle of sex? hope this is alright!

  • Immediate tears, like he immediately starts sobbing he is so happy
  • He is honestly over the moon and probably rlly focused on that u told him u loved him that sex stops
  • Like you thought u were gonna get a good nut in but now ur bf is sobbing all over u and u don't know why??????
  • SO you ask him and try and console him and ask if u did something wrong, “Did I fuck up?” 
  • And he says “NO! Nonono! I just feel… so loved! and excited, and wonderful that I gotta cry!!! You’re super great and I love you too and oh man…” And he is crying again
  • Just give him a kiss and ride it out with him. Many kisses. It might take a few minutes
  • There’s nowhere to go from here but soft cuddle sex. 
  • He’s gonna repeat back that he loves you often throughout the rest of the night and gets the biggest grin when you say it to him
  • Leaves little kisses all over you throughout it also, like just a little peck on your shoulder, your neck, your face your head. 
  • Pillowtalk is gonna be really long and sweet afterwards and he’s gonna talk about your relationship and how much you mean to him and it’s gonna be incredibly shmaltzy

Chapter Text

Okuyasu and Josuke soft love? Pls??

My BOIS!!!!!!!!!

  • Both are the type to keep pictures of their S/Os in their wallets but josuke would have a picture of you guys together and Oku would have a picture of just his S/O not himself
  • Both are very physically affectionate and cuddles are a regular when u hang out, and there’s hand holding and surprise kisses and casual touching
  • Imagine deep two am conversations about emotions and how much they love you please like they both have a lot of emotional depth


  • “It’s just… you make me feel so good.You support me so much and you make me want to be better and to protect Morioh better so that I can keep you safe. Cause I think back to what Kira did and how close we were to that and I get… so scared.”


  • “Do you ever just have this realization that you are really fucked up? Like, growing up I thought what was going on in my family was normal! Like, I thought being afraid your dad would hit you for things was something everybody experienced! And Keicho calling me dumb and worthless was normal! He was  looking out for me! But he was an asshole and what he did was fucked up! And now I’m fucked up too!”
  • “And I may be dumb, but you never make me feel like I am worthless. And I don’t feel like that with many people.”
  • Ice cream dates!
  • Okuyasu likes getting hickies and sometimes leaves small ones on you
  • Josuke loves getting them but desperately tries to hide them and he gives really big dark hickies.

Chapter Text

Hi. I wanted to know if I could request some nsfw poly diu boys? With j4taro please. I read your VA one and loved it so much. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Omg ur so sweet fuck thank u

 Hrmmmmmm this age difference is a lil funky but ill just fudge the ages and make the boys 18, Rohan 22 and keep Jotaro 28


  • He’s got a thing going with Jotaro where they are fuck buddies and occasionally do BDSM scenes 
  • Honestly a fuckin brat he hates sharing you
  • but will def fuck you with Jotaro in a scene 
  • Lowkey highkey has a rivalry with Josuke over who can cherish you the most and buys you extravagant gifts and taking you on dates and Josuke tries to get back at them and they sometimes get into fights until Koichi breaks them up
  • Fairly private otherwise and kinda standoffish he is bad at showing his affection
  • He is either a bratty sub ar a sadistic dom
  • Might make you wear a vibrator around the other boys and play with you while nobody else knows
  • Would wear lingerie and buy you really nice sets but you can only wear them around him
  • Totally into humiliation and degradation
  • Fucked you with Josuke once as a competition, never doing it again it got weird.


  • Aside from his thing with Rohan he keeps himself pretty separate from the rest of the guys you’re dating cause it’s weird that he and his uncle are dating the same person
  • Might occasionally do a scene with you and Rohan.  
  • Not much of a guy for going out for dates, he prefers just hanging out on the couch together.
  • Likes fucking you while you are in his lap  
  • A very good Dom, he’s rough and strict 
  • Likes when you and Rohan bottom for him at the same time, but only as a once in a while kinda thing cause managing two subs at once is kinda complicated
  • Domming with Rohan is a little tricky bc Jotaro doesn’t give up control and Rohan is pushy so they could end up fighting for control


  • Kinky but very low key kinky, he has unplumbed depths
  • Has some weird kinks that he keeps very close to his chest you gotta get really close to him to find them out, he isn’t necessarily ashamed he just keeps this shit very private
  • Will go on dates with you with Okuyasu and Josuke and and hang out with you together
  • Doesn’t go for threesomes or moresomes
  • Maybe fucked you with Okuyasu and/or Josuke once but it just wasn’t for him


  • Basically comes as a package deal with Josuke
  • Lots of threesomes with you and josuke
  • They are dating each other and you 
  • Has a crush on basically everyone in Morioh and would prefer a very open relationship
  • Naturally submissive, esp if you aren’t having plain, missionary, vanilla sex
  • Likes being ridden
  • Down for any configuration where he subs, You and Josuke fucking him, him and josuke fucking you, You and him fucking Josuke as long as he doesn’t have to dom, he isn’t picky
  • Cuddly, he is touched starved
  • Has had two am conversations with both Koichi and Josuke about how much he loves you on multiple separate occasions


  • Once tried to talk to jotaro about dating you and bond over how great you are but it got weird
  • He and Rohan are frenemies, and have a rivalry about how good a boyfriend they can be to you
  • Also dating Okuyasu
  • Versatile, down for anything
  • Makes a good powerbottom
  • Little bit of an exhibisionist, like it when you watch him fuck Oku
  • Fav place to be is in the middle, fucking and getting fucked
  • Has talked with basically everyone in the group about how great you are


Chapter Text

Psst, hey wpuld it be okay to get some Okuyasu and Josuke with a cat eared and tailed s/o? Like they got hit by an enemy stand ? (I'm sorry I'm a sucker for those kinda things)

First of all, ur a furry for sending this secondly, im a furry for writing this

  • Both are weirded out at the beginning
  • Josuke panics a little and wants to know if he can fix you up with Crazy Diamond
  • Okuyasu highkey wants to pet you now
  • Josuke finds it mildly unsettling.

Chapter Text

Ok, since you said you were okay with some oc kinda asks, how do you think Josuke and Okuyasu would react to a 'spiderman' kiss from their acrobatic s/o (I made a character called Rei and I love shipping her with others heheh...)

Buddy I love other ppl shipping their ocs with canon characters bc honestly its wholesome, its so good, and to make myself feel better abt shipping my ocs with canon charas

  • Josuke would be surprised the first time it happened but not the subsequent times. He thinks its hella cool and really appreciates it bc he is also extra™ Loves it as one of the unique things about his S/O. The first time is “What the fuck you can do that that’s neato!”
  • Okuyasu has his mind absolutely fuckin blown the first time you do it. 
  • He thinks it is the absolute sickest thing every time you do it and gets super excited. Becomes one of his favorite things and is always hype

Chapter Text

Can u please do nsfw for Kira and his male s/o 👀 

Hmmmmm hmm hmm

  • still has the hand kink of course, he makes you take good care of your hands, moisturizer, nail varnish, all that. 
  • Really likes it if you have soft feminine hands, and just are feminine in general when you dominate him
  • Loves to watch you jerk off and watch your cum coat your hand and maybe you’ll even let him clean you up
  • Totally unprepared for the first time you touch his dick and he sees and feels your hands on him, he nearly creams his jeans then and there
  • Huge sub
  • If you let/made him suck your fingers then he would be in heaven
  • Into orgasm delay/denial, would have some of the best nuts of his life if you tie him to a chair and just use your hands to bring him to the edge of orgasm over and over and not letting him get there
  • Would dig being tied to a chair and used. Ride him, make him suck you off, just use him for your pleasure and don’t worry about him getting you off.

Chapter Text


how would oku and josuke react to their s/o pulling off their bra without taking off their shirt?? Sorry if this is a bit too gender specific!


Np dude anybody can wear a bra and any gender can need to wear a bra, i do do gender specific asks anyway


  • Impressed and mildly intimidated. 
  • Kinda turned on
  • Blushing a lot cause a) he saw your bra and b) he knows you aren’t wearing a bra


  • Confused cause all he sees is you wiggling around under your shit
  • Then your bra comes out and he realizes whats going on and his mind is fucking blown, he had no idea people could do this
  • Uses it as an opportunity to flirt

Chapter Text

Nsfw jotaro with smol s/o? Lowkey wanna call him daddy and have him pick me up and fuck me against a wall. Star can join in if he wants

Buddy you are in luck, cause Jotaro has both a size kink and a daddy kink

  • So you guys are gettin to it, sloppy makeouts and groping and shit and you call him “daddy” and he gets this look. He knows what you’re after and he is happy to give it to you.
  • “What do you want?” he asks and you get all coy and don't answer
  • So he gets that little smile and says, “Tell me what you want or I’ll stop touching you.” You know he isnt kidding this man is such a fuckin tease when he wants to be. He has left you horny and desperate for his dick as a power trip before.
  • So you drop your shyness and say, “I want you to fuck me, daddy. Hard.” 
  • He smiles a little bigger and says “Are you sure about that, baby?” 
  • So you look him right in the eye and say “I want your dick in me. Please.” You add the please at the end to make sure he doesn’t think you’re ordering him, he doesn’t take well to that.
  • He easily lifts your small body off the bed and you wrap your legs around his waist. You take the opportunity to grind against him a little and he grunts and calls you cheeky. You grin back at him. 
  • He turns and presses you firmly against the wall, pinning you there with his hips as he strips off your shirt. Your shorts are literally torn off your body by Star Platinum along with your underwear. 
  • Jotaro gropes your ass as Star grabs the bottle of lube from the dresser. Jotaro takes it and slicks up your entrance. You give a pleading wiggle and he smacks your ass, making you squeak. 
  • He finishes prepping you and slicks his cock up before plunging into you in one smooth move. 
  • You moan, he fills you up so delightfully, fanning the tight heat in your belly. 
  • He starts a rhythm of punishing thrusts driving you against the wall, and you can only clutch at him and ride it out. The heat in your belly is steady and white hot, but you aren’t getting any closer to cumming so you whine, “Daddy, please. I need more. I wanna cum.” 
  • He moves one hand from your hip to stroke your swollen (cock/clit) and you feel the fire in your belly roar.
  • Minutes later you are cumming around his thick cock and you clutch desperately at his shoulders as he chases his own orgasm. All you can do now is hold on and ride him. Jotaro’s thrusts are harder but he is losing the well timed rhythm of his thrusts, a sign you know signals his approaching orgasm. 
  • Jotaro stops and shudders, pulsing inside of you and the sensation is almost enough to get you going a second time. After a few seconds he pulls out and sets you down on the bed before collapsing on top of you. 
  • “Good?” he asks you. 
  • “Good,” you reply. He looks like he is set to drift off but you can feel his cum starting to drip out of you and you really don’t want to have change the sheets. 
  • You shake his shoulder, “Babe, I need a washcloth. I need to clean up.” 
  • Jotaro grumbles before summoning Star again and having him fetch and wet a cloth from the bathroom. Star brings it to you and kisses you on the forehead. You smile and wipe up the remnants of your activities and chuck the washcloth into the hamper. 
  • You then snuggle back into Jotaro, who is well on his way to drifting off.

Chapter Text

headcanon for rohan touching the sweet boobie for the first time?

This is easy peasy

  • Pretends that this is definitely not his first time, but if you know him/observe carefully you can tell
  • Knows what a tiddy looks like, he’s done nude studies before
  • Firm, bordering on rough
  • Kinda kneads it and then thumbs the nipple
  • A little too fascinated for his facade of this definitely not being the first time he touched a titty 
  • Learns from observation how to do it right. 

Chapter Text

give me the sweet sweet nsfw polnareff headcanons,

  • Loves giving head
  • Huge tease but plays it off as he doesn’t know what you want and is just trying his best and taking his time 

“Jean-Pierre, please.” 
“What, do you want me to stop touching you? Am I going too fast?” 
“Well then what do you want?”

  • Startled if you decide to take control if you are femme or female, but very into it
  • If you are are dude he would prefer you take control because he has no idea what he is doing in that kind of thing.
  • Has a subby side but not very in touch with it
  • Loves costumes and roleplaying. He unabashedly veers into corny and overdone territory, like sexy nurse or sexy maid or whatever.

Chapter Text

hm hm. hm. give me. some nsfw hcs for 3seph ,, 

  • BI and still not accepting it. Ffs joseph get ur shit together
  • Finally fucking learns about lube, thank the gods
  • Lives for sloppy morning sex
  • Uses his beard to leave beard burn on the inner thighs. Intentionally, the bastard
  • Loves giving hickies and bruises
  • Level 20 rope top, he can do suspensions, webs, predicament bondage, all sorts of fun stuff. He’s a bit more level headed too.
  • Still gets very excited when he gets to tie someone up. 
  • Loves giving oral… sit on his face and u will make his week
  • Imagine him looking up at you from between your legs beard drenched in your cum, fucking grinning. Imagine
  • Lives for sloppy sex in general, he would rather bareback but not against using a condom
  • Quickies are still fun but he has more of an appreciation of what happens when he takes his time now

Chapter Text


buddy can I have some headcanons about how Joseph would celebrate his and his s/o's birthdays if they're bdays are like. really close together (if case you were wondering what brought this up I was thinking about how my birthday is 2 days after his,)


  • This man is so extra he would throw 3 parties. 1 for each of you, and then a joint private one for just the two of you that’s basically a date. Except he is terrible at planning these kinds of things so its kinda crapshoot as to the quality of the parties.
  • The date party could end up being at fucking Olive Garden or if he gets his shit together at a super fancy restaurant
  • The date party you two exchange gifts, these range in quality to something he saw on his way home from work that day and crappily wrapped to something that he ordered special and had wrapped all pretty
  • He wants the public parties to be big cheesy affairs with lots of friends and decorations and presents
  • 2x the birthday sex
  • If he doesn’t manage to get his shit together he just buys a bunch of balloons and a card from the dollar store and gives them to you 
  • Tried to bake you guys a cake once and it tasted delicious but he put waaaaay too much frosting on and it looked a little jenky
  • Would love to throw a surprise party for you or have a surprise party thrown for him. He gets super excited about birthdays

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Can you do one for Bruno and s/o?


  • He’s so fucking sweet as an s/o
  • Will totally tuck you in
  • Likes to not have to always be the responsible one in the relationship and honestly really likes it when you are the one to organize dates
  • Has a great appreciation for stay at home dates where you guys just make some popcorn, rent a movie, and cuddle.
  • Likes playing with your hair, and when you play with his.
  • Forehead kisses!!!
  • Really likes physical contact, likes to hold your hand and cuddle and just generally touch you. He’s pretty selective about who touches him so he is kinda touch starved, give him hugs
  • Kinda dude who will nap with you 
  • Doesn’t really talk about work with you unless you are part of Passione, he isn’t proud of what he does and would rather you not even know about it 


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honestly just want some male reader and joot. it seems like there’s not enough of that.

Honestly there is never enough male reader and never enough explicitly nb reader

  • I’m gonna say it now jotaro is solidly in the bear side of the spectrum starting as a cub and getting more bear like as he gets older
  • I feel like he might prefer dudes and there is a reason besides they’re “shallow and noisy” that he doesn’t really like his fangirls in part 3 
  • First time he ever fucks a dude he wants to top. He does his research, which is trickier in the early nineties/late eighties. But he finds a clinic or something and hordes pamphlets and shit so hes prepared and informed. 
  • Because he seems like the kinda guy who wants to be the pro at something the first time he tries it
  • And eventually he gets a boyfriend and is thankful for all the preparing he did because he knows about lube and you still have to use condoms to prevent stis and hes figured out that preparation is important. SO he feels comfortable enough topping when he’s ready to dunk his v card in the garbage w/ u
  • You guys find some place to do it. Maybe his mom isnt home, or your parents aren’t, or the back of somebody’s car or a love hotel or some shit
  • This is partially planned and partially spontaneous. Jotaro has packets of lube and condoms stashed in his book bag or his pockets just in case he got lucky 
  • You guys start with making out and its sloppy and needy and desperate and the kind of fevered hypersexuality of someone who hasn’t been able to do this but so desperately wanted too.
  • And he’s got you pressed up against something and is so desperately making out with you and his hands are roaming all over your body, groping your ass, then hiking up your t-shirt to run his hands over the contours of your stomach and up to your shoulder to bring you closer 
  • His confidence is entirely false he has very little idea what he is doing but this bitch is not gonna let anyone know that! 
  • He leaves bruising hickies on your neck and over your collar bones, desperate to have everything that he could of you now that he can finally sate himself.
  • He digs his fingers into your arms, your chest, your ass. He holds you like he is afraid you will leave, like this will stop being real, like it will only last as long as he puts all of himself into it
  • He only softens when he fists your cock, wrapping his hand around you with a firmness that falls just short of too much by sheer luck and a kiss that eats up your gasps and moans
  • You come fast, in his hand and with a grunt and a sigh that he loves more than any of the sounds that played in his head accompanying the fantasies he’s jerked himself to finishing on
  • He figures he might as well prep you now, and doesn’t put enough lube on his fingers, too afraid of it dripping onto your jeans. You ask for more when the drag doesn’t resolve into something easier, slick up his hand yourself and he tries again
  • He’s meticulous, working you open with firm deliberate movements that don’t always feel amazing but they certainly aren’t terrible. The expression of laser focus creasing his brow it so cute you almost don’t help him find the best spot. He spends a long time opening you up, careful and firm, focusing on what you tell him works well. 
  • When he finally fucks you, he has to stop after he bottoms out. He didn’t realize he was this close until he almost blew it.