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Epoch /ˈiːpɒk/ /ˈɛpɒk/

noun: A particular period of time in a person’s life or in history marked by distinctive features, events.

















Yoongi is, by nature, a very optimistic person.

Yes, he is grumpy, he does hate almost all of human kind, would rather sit down for hours on end and never get up, but he is optimistic. A pessimistic view does not help people in life, it just doesn't. Keeping an open mind and a positive mindset will get you anywhere, that's what Yoongi thinks in times of trouble.

For example, right now he's being followed by about four very angry and very dangerous guys in the tiny alleys of Geumjeong district, not far from Beomeosa Station, and he is indeed keeping a positive mindset.

Yes, they are armed, yes there's about four of them (he's really not so sure about the fith one, he thinks the dude lost them after he tripped over a traffic cone), but he's faster and he knows these streets better than them.

One of them is trying to catch up to him, sprinting. Yoongi grits his teeth and runs even faster, muscles aching and sweat sticking his white shirt to his chest. The heat is a factor he hadn't considered, that's for sure, but he's gotta work with what he has.

He spots a trashcan just a few steps before him and runs towards it, grabs the plastic handle and yanks it on the ground behind him, actively making two of his pursuers trip on it and fall face first on the ground, the other two men jump over it after stopping for a moment in shock. Good, that's good. He's got this, he's close to the metal fence at the end of the alley that divides him from the main street and he's good at climbing, with the distance he just managed to put between him and the others he'll be able to lose them.

See, positive mindset.

Yoongi sprints left, slamming for a moment against the wall, but quickly gets his momentum back and forces his sore legs to move, adrenaline keeping him going. Fuck he's so close, just another turn to the right and he'll be in the right alley, only a fence dividing him from freedom.

Positive mindset.

The moment he turns right, Yoongi decides that “positive mindset” can get fucked.

“Ah, shit.” he murmurs, stopping dead in his tracks as he sees five more men standing right in front of the fence.

He turns around, ready to sprint his way back and try to lose them all in the complicated web of alleys but he can only take two steps before the four other pursuers block the way.

Shit indeed.

“Alright Min.” one of them says, scratching his cheek “Enough running around.”

Yoongi takes a deep breath and manages a smile “Gentlemen. I'm sure there has been a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding my ass.” one of them says, Bon Hwa. Hell, Yoongi worked with him once, he even had a decent time with the dude, they got drunk together after the job “The boss ain't happy, Min.”

“That's a shame.” Yoongi looks around, trying to find a way out of the situation, the positive mindset has gone in the gutter “Don't know how this has anything to do with me.”

A tall man with broad shoulders steps up next, Yoongi knows him just by fame, Chung Ho, he's heard that once he killed a dog with his baseball bat 'cause the animal peed on his fucking bike “Where's the money, Min?”

He says this while swinging his bat. Yoongi tries very hard not to shiver.

“What money?” he asks.

“The money you stole, you prick.” Chung Ho licks his lips, black hair covering his forehead “We know it was you.”

Yoongi frowns “No, really, what money?”

“Don't play dumb.”

“Guys, I don't know what you're talking about? Like, we could go to my place right now and you wouldn't find a cent!” Yoongi presses his lips together.

“They ratted on you, Min.” the guy who speaks is young, probably younger than him, Yoongi kind of wants to slap him on the mouth “We know it was you who took the money.”

Well shit. Fucking Dong Yul can't seem to keep his mouth close “Well, whoever it was lied.”

Chung Ho nods “And why would they lie?”

“Come on, he's probably the one who stole the money and tried to blame it on me. You know me!” Yoongi turns to Bon Hwa “Dude, you know me, we worked together! You know I'm loyal.”

Bon Hwa smirks “No one is really loyal when it comes to money.”

“If it was really someone else who stole the money then why did you run aways when you saw us?” Another man asks and Yoongi rolls his eyes and points a finger at him.

“When you see a bunch of ugly asses like you running at you with bats in their hands you don't exactly invite them over for tea.”

“This is pissing me off.” Chung Ho swings his bat in the air again “You either talk or we make you talk.”

Yoongi sighs, looks behind the group of men, stares at the fence for a few moments, then he shrugs “Okay, make me talk then.”

For someone who isn't exactly athletic, Yoongi dodges the first swing of the baseball bat incredibly well, he's proud of his reflexes for a moment. Then the young kid shows up out of nowhere and punches him in the stomach hard enough to force the air out of Yoongi's lungs. From there it's a blur. Yoongi is as good at keeping a positive mindset as much as he is good at tuning out when it comes to pain. He tries to fight his way out of it but, really, it's nine against one and four of them have baseball bats, it was a battle lost in the beginning. So he just closes his eyes and takes it, lets them beat him to a pulp, keeping himself from vomiting after a particularly hard blow in his chest and then he falls backwards against the wall, sliding down on the ground.

“We give you one day, Min.” Chung Ho says, panting hard, baseball bat painted red at the top “You give us the money back and maybe we won't kill you. Maybe you get out of this alive with just three fingers missing.”

Bullshit. The moment he gives back the money is also the moment he's dead for real. The only reason he's still breathing is because he was good at hiding it and their boss really doesn't want to lose his precious money. Because it is a lot of fucking money.

“Twenty four hours. We know where you live, Min.”

Yoongi spits a lump of blood on the ground and stays quiet. All nine of them start walking away, leaving behind them a string of insults. Yoongi waits for the sound of steps fading completely before he allows himself to groan in pain.

“Fuck.” Yoongi swallows hard and tries to breathe, his ribcage hurting awfully as he does. Yoongi lifts up his shirt and on pale skin he can already see purple blooming against his ribs “Fuck.”

Positive mindset.

Positive mindset can kiss his fucking ass.




The thing is, they do not know where he lives. But they think they do.

Yoongi isn't stupid. He has two flats, a really shitty one in Dongnae, that's his official address where he should be living, according to what their boss knows. Then there's the shittier flat in a condo at the limits of Sasang where he lives.

Yoongi makes his way there, limping painfully, the sun has already set when he finally arrives home. The stairs are a torture and it takes him at least a full twenty minutes to reach the third floor and the door of his flat. He fumbles for a moment with the keys and manages to open the door, Yoongi gets inside quickly and sighs. He doesn't turn on the lights, he just goes to the bathroom and quickly washes away the dry blood from his hands and face. Once he's clean he's quite surprised that the visible damage isn't as bad as he thought it would be. Sure, there are bruises on his cheekbones and a nasty cut on his nose, but nothing too bad. He's not so sure on the whole ribs department, but maybe they're not broken. Maybe.

Yoongi walks carefully to his bedroom and resists the urge to just fall on his ratty matress and sleep the pain away. Instead he takes off the dirty shirt and shrugs on a clean one, one of the only decent shirts he owns, blue silk falling pleasantly on his shoulders. Yoongi opens the wardrobe and gets his sports bag filled with his clothes and then the smaller blue bag.

He goes back to the door, opens it and turns back, looking one last time at his horrible flat, naked of furniture. He shuts the door closed, then Yoongi walks to the flat just three doors away from his.

Yoongi takes his other bundle of keys and opens the door of Jungkook's flat. The lights are off, Jungkook is still working, he has the late shift at the restaurant.

Quckly, Yoongi walks to Jungkook's kitchen and opens the oven so he shoves the smaller blue bag inside of it and closes it. He looks around and spots on the counter a stack of yellow post-it notes. He shrugs. Those will do, apparently. He gets one of the pens Jungkook keeps in a plastic glass in his living room, on top of the coffee table, walks back to the kitchen and starts writing on the post-it, quickly and briefly explaining the situation and where to find the blue bag, he then attahces the note on the fridge and walks away, leaving the flat and shutting the door close.

He won't miss this place, not at all, he woke up with mice in his shower almost every fucking morning. He will miss Jungkook though. Hell, he's gonna miss that kid bad.

As Yoongi leaves the building he immediately walks around it, heading to the alley where he parked the car. Without losing a moment, Yoongi opens it, shoves the sports bag in the trunk of the car, sits down and starts the engine, sighing heavily.

This is it.

Positive mindset.



As he drives in the streets of Busan, Yoongi taps his fingers on the steering wheel on time with the song that's playing on the radio, some girl groups he forgot the name of. He's not even sure as to how he knows the song, but he'll take literally anything right now, anything as long as it distracts him from the aching of his body. Hell, he can feel the skin above his ribs pulsating, that can't be good.

He stops at a red light, looking around. There's no people that can be seen, the streets empty. It's past midnight but he didn't expect to find the city already so dead.

The light turns green, Yoongi presses down the gas pedal and that's when a boy appears out of nowhere, running in the middle of the street. Yoongi pushes on the brakes abruptly, stopping the car and getting enough whiplash out of it that another pained groan escapes his lips. He pressed his hand against his ribs and looks up.

The boy is standing in the middle of the street staring at him, orange hair a complete mess and eyes wide. His shirt is ripped on the shoulder, a few buttons are missing. He looks lost, Yoongi thinks, but most importantly he looks like someone ripped his throat open with a butcher knife judging by the blood that paints his neck and collarbones.












Jimin likes his job. Really, he loves it. He's good at it, he enjoys the shit out of it and he definetely loves making people happy and confident after a very good haircut or after giving them a new hair color.

Being a hairdresser has never been his dreamjob, but once he started it he found out that he liked it.

So yes, great job. What he hates about it, though, is that they are open until ten of the evening.

Honestly, who the hell would even come for an haircut at ten in the evening? No one, that's the answer, but his stupid boss has been clear on the rules when he got the job: “we don't close until ten in the evening, young man”.

So there he is, slumped on the sofa they have for clients, lazily going through a magazine as he waits for the clock to strike ten. Just twenty more minutes and he's free to go home, eat his body weight in marshmallows in front of some cheesy drama and fall asleep with the tv still on, as usual.

Just as he thinks that maybe he can go on the back and have a cigarette the bell above the door chimes and someone walks in.

Jimin rolls his eyes behind the magazine before he throws it on the couch and stands up, smiling widely.

“Welcome, how can I-” Jimin's smile falters “Oh, hi.”

Hyun Ki is attractive. Jimin always found him attractive with his sharp features, straight nose and full lips, broad shoulders and strong muscles. Hyun Ki is older, mature, smooth and elegant, Jimin always found him attractive.

But when the man smiles at him, Jimin shivers “Hello, Jimin.”

“It's late.” he says, forcing himself not to step back as Hyun Ki makes his way towards the center of the shop “What are you doing here?”

Hyun Ki nods “I know it's late, but I need a shave.”

“A shave.”

“Maybe a haircut too?”

“You had one just last week.”

“I have an interview tomorrow, important one. I want to look good and I only trust you.”

Jimin swallows and smiles “Of course. Please, sit there, I'll be right over.”

Hyun Ki does as he's asked, he shrugs off his tailored jacket and puts it on the coat hanger, sitting down on one of the chairs in front of the mirrors.

Jimin goes to the little metal cart where he keeps his scissors and razors, moving it besides Hyun Ki's seat.

“How have you been, Jimin?”

“Good, thank you.” Jimin replies as he starts mixing in a bowl the shaving foam “I heard that you're doing good too.”


“From the news. The elections are going well.”

Hyun Ki chuckles, Jimin used to like the sound of it once.

“I'm trying not to get my hopes up.”

“Oh, I'm sure you will do great.” Jimin turns to the man and puts a towel over Hyun Ki's shirt, then he starts applying the shaving foam on his face with a brush “You'll be a great mayor, I'm sure of it.”

“Ah, your judgement is biased.”

“Of course you will have to tell people who is the great hair stylist who takes care of your hair once you're mayor.”

Hyun Ki laughs “I will. I'll let everyone know how talented Park Jimin is.”

Jimin hums, moving to the side and placing the bowl on the cart, taking from it one of the razors “Stay still.”

A silence follows as Hyun Ki stays still, Jimin working the razor against his skin. He doesn't have a beard. He's freshly shaven, Jimin can feel it. He swallows down his worries. It's fine.

Just as he's done with the left side of his face, Jimin feels Hyun Ki's hand grazing his thigh, going up until it stops against his ass. Jimin immediately steps back, his razor falls on the ground.

Hyun Ki frowns, looking at him “What's wrong, baby?”

“I-” Jimin swallows “We talked about this. We can't do this anymore.”

“We didn't talk about it, you talked, I listened.”

“You're running for mayor.”

“That has never been a problem before.”

“You're married!” Jimin exclaims “And you have kids, for fuck's sake!”

Hyun Ki cocks his head to the side “And?”

“And I can't- No, I don't want this anymore. I already told you weeks ago, it's over, I-”

“What if I don't want it to be over, mh?” Hyun Ki takes the towel and cleans the foam off his face, dropping the cloth on the ground and standing up “I treated you so well, Jimin, I always did.”

Jimin takes another step back “I already asked you to stop coming here, why do you keep coming back?”

Hyun Ki's face twists in anger for a moment “What, you think I'm some sort of stalker?”

“I didn't say that.”

“I love you, Jimin! I love you, you should be grateful! You're nothing, you're just a kid who works in a shitty salon, I gave you so much and you treat me like this?!”

Hyun Ki takes a step forward and before Jimin knows what he's doing, he crouches, picks up the razor from the floor and grips it tightly with both of his hand, pointing the blade towards Hyun Ki.

“You need to leave.”

The man snorts “What do you think you're doing?”

“Please.” Jimin takes a deep breath “Please, I'm begging you, leave. And don't come back.”

“How can you-”

“You keep coming here!” Jimin screams, fear taking over his senses “I asked you to stop meeting but you keep coming here! You're scaring me!”

Hyun Ki looks at him for long seconds, silence broken only by the buzzing of the fan they have on the ceiling.

Then the man walks with long steps to Jimin and yanks his arm away, the razor falls from Jimin's hands and suddenly he's being pulled against the counter, bottles of shampoo and conditioner falling on the floor.


“What the fuck do you think you're doing?!” Hyun Ki screams, pinning Jimin's wrists with a hand above the boy's head “I love you, you ungrateful bitch! You can't do this to me!”

Jimin whimpers, closing his legs when Hyun Ki tries to put a hand between them “I'm sorry, I'm sorry.” he tries “I'm sorry, I won't do it again, I swear!”

“Well now I can't trust you, can I?” Hyun Ki shakes his head “I'm so disappointed in you.”

Jimin feels his whole body shaking, fear creeping in his veins, the whole room spinning “I- I didn't want to make you an-angry I swear.”

“Fuck you, Jimin.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Shut the fuck up!” Hyun Ki shouts, Jimin feels incredibly small “I'm taking what's mine and you're gonna shut the fuck up!”

“No no no, wait! I'll be good! I'll be so good, I swear, I just need a day to calm down, but I'll be good for you! Please, just-”

His words are cut short when Hyun Ki lets go of his wrist and puts a hand over Jimin's mouth and the man tugs at his shirt and pulls, ripping the cloth and then his mouth his on Jimin's neck, teeth biting at the flesh, his free hand opening the buttons of Jimin's jeans. And just like that Jimin is no longer terrified out of his mind. He's furious. He's angry and humiliated and adrenaline fills his veins. He squirms under the man, kicking his legs and thrashing, he scratches Hyun Ki's neck hard enough to draw blood and as the man pulls away just for a moment because of the pain Jimin shoves Hyun Ki away. The man stumbles back and he trips on one of the bottles of conditioner and he falls back, arms moving widly trying to grip on something and then his head hits the metal cart hard.

Jimin hears it more than he sees it, he hears the sound of skull breaking.

Hyun Ki hits the floor and stays unmoving, eyes wide open, mouth agape. Under Jimin's eyes, blood starts collecting in a poddle around Hyun Ki's head.

“Shit.” Jimin falls on his knees “Shit shit shit shit.”

He crawls towards Hyun Ki's body and he presses against his neck with shaking fingers, looking for his pulse. Nothing.

Hyun Ki's eyes are staring at him. The blood smells metallic and raw and Jimin flinches away from the body, he covers his mouth with his a hand and swallows back the wave of nausea.

He just killed him. He killed a man.

“Fuck fuck fuck, shit, shit.” Jimin exhales shakily and then stands up, body still trembling violently and he manages to find a towel. He gets on his knees away and tries to clean the floor and it's such a stupid thing to do, the blood is too much, that towel won't do a damn thing. Jimin sobs, choking on his spit. He stands up again and grabs Hyun Ki's ankles. Maybe he can make the body disappear. Maybe. How? He has no idea, how do you get rid of a body?

But shit, Hyun Ki is heavy, he's always been, and Jimin can't seem to move the body away and his hands are covered in blood that isn't his. Jimin tries to pull again but he slips on the puddle of blood, falling on the floor.

He looks at his hands, looks at Hyun Ki, tries to clean them on his shirt and only succeeds in dirtying himself with blood even more and just like that he falls apart.

Tears fall from his eyes, sobs wrecking his body, lungs gasping for air.

He killed someone.

He killed a man with a family, with children.

And then his brain reminds him something: he killed a public figure.

He killed a man loved by the people, he killed the man who was probably going to become the new mayor and he just killed him.

No one is going to believe him when he'll say it was an accident. No one will believe it was to defend himself. No one.

Jimin stops crying and he sighs. He takes his pack of cigarettes from his jeans' pockets, fishes a cigarette out of it and stands up, looking for his lighter. He finds it on the table in front of the couch, he lights up his cigarette and takes a long drag, long enough to make his lungs ache. He exhales the smoke, sends one last look at Hyun Ki and then grabs his phone from the front office desk. He leaves the shop, not bothering to close the door and starts walking.



When the shock hits him, it hits him hard.

Jimin keeps walking, getting lost in the alleys of a district he doesn't know, empty of people, silent in the night. It must be the middle of the night.

It's too dark, so it must be the middle of the night.

His head is spinning. His brain is a fucking mess, his legs are shaking but he can't do anything but walk.

What will he do now? Where will he go? There's no way he can just go back home, that's the first place the police will look for. He wonders how long it's gonna take for people to find the body. Well, that's kind of a stupid thought. He left the door open, the lady that works at the convenience store next to his shop will find out in the morning.

Jimin keeps walking.

And walking.

He doesn't realize he's in the middle of the road until he hears the screeching of wheels against the asphalt and he turns around, headlights blinding him for a moment.

He almost got hit by a car.

Fuck, he whishes he did.

He stands there, staring at the guy behind the wheel, who's staring back at him.

The car door opens and the man steps out of it, looking at him. Jimin decides that he likes his hair, a nest of green strands framing a pale face.

“Shit kid, are you alright?” the green haired asks him.

Jimin tries to speak, he opens his mouth but no words come out.

The stranger looks at him for a moment, sizing him up.

“Did someone hurt you?” he asks “You're bleeding.”

Jimin frowns and looks down at his hands. Oh. Oh, right. He lifts his eyes to meet the other man's gaze.

“Is- Is that your blood?”

Slowly, Jimin shakes his head.


“I-” oh, so he can speak “I didn't want to- It was an accident. He just- I swear I didn't want to, but I was- I was so scared.”

“Okay.” the man takes a step forward “It's okay, just breathe.”

“He was going to-” Jimin swallows “I didn't do it on purpose, I just shoved him away, I just- just wanted him to stop touching me, I didn't mean to kill him.”

“It's okay, kid, just breathe, yeah?” the man's voice is nice. Deep. He slurs his words a little, thick with an accent Jimin swears he's heard before “What's your name?”

Jimin doesn't reply.

“I'm Yoongi. I ain't going to the police, ok?”

“How do I-”

“He tried to rape you?”

Jimin clenches his jaw. Somehow, he nods. Yoongi nods back.

“I'm definitely not going to the police.” he says “Tell me your name.”


“Okay. Let's go, Jimin.” Yoongi turns around and steps back inside the car. Jimin frowns.

“What do you mean?”

“Get inside. You're coming with me, come on.” he says before slamming the door shut and waiting, engine still going.

In other circumstances, Jimin would have ran away. He would have definitely not walked inside a stranger's car.

But in this particular circumstance, Jimin decides that he really has nothing to lose, so he walks to the car, sits shotgun, and Yoongi starts driving.




Jimin stares out of the car window. They're in a tunnel now, they've been driving for almost an hour, he has no idea as to where they're going but he finds out he really doesn't care.

“How are you holding up, kid?”

Jimin turns to look at Yoongi “I mean, I'm shit.”

“Okay, that was a shitty question.”

Silence falls again. Yoongi isn't exactly good at small talking, Jimin notices. It's fine.

After a few minutes, Yoongi opens the glove compartment and gets a white cloth out of it, he offers it to Jimin without taking his eyes off the road.

Jimin takes it and starts rubbing it on his hands, cleaning away the dry blood although some keeps sticking to his skin.

“On your neck too.” Yoongi says, his voice incredibly low in the quiet of the car.

Jimin rubs the cloth on his neck and collarbones, he keeps doing that even if his skin itches and burns because of the friction.

“You need anything?”

Jimin sighs.

“Why are you being so kind?”

Yoongi shrugs.

“Can I smoke in your car?”

“Not my car.” Yoongi replies “And yes, you can smoke.”

Jimin gets himself a cigarette, he looks at Yoongi “You want one?”


Jimin lights one up and then passes it to Yoongi, who just takes it with his mouth, keeping his hands on the wheel.

Jimin lights up one for himself, he lowers the window and blows out smoke in the air.

“Not your car?”

“Stole it.”



“Ok. Where are we going?”

Yoongi chuckles and shakes his head “That's a good fucking question.”

Jimin smokes in silence for a few moments, looking in front of him, there are no cars in the street, it really must be late.

“Why am I here?” he asks, Yoongi frowns.

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you bringing me with you?”

Yoongi hums “That's another good question. I guess-” Yoongi licks his lips “I guess it's because you looked like you wanted to run away. Or at least, like you needed to. Well, I gotta run away too, so.”

“You thought running away with company would be better?”

“I don't know. I didn't think, I just- my mind told me bring him with you. I usually always follow my instinct.”

Jimin hums, he taps on his cigarette outside the window and ash gets carried away by the wind.

“Were you following your instinct when you did whatever it is you did that forced you to run away?”

A pause.

“Yes.” Yoongi says.

Jimin hums again, lips tight around the cigarette “I think you have a shitty instinct.”

“I'm starting to think so too.” Yoongi replies, smiling a little.

Jimin looks at his hands. They're stained pink.

“I killed him.” he whispers and, again, he's crying. No sobbing. Just tears and shaking hands “Oh God, I killed him.”

“Shit, kid, don't-” Yoongi clears his voice “The piece of shit deserved it.”

“He had a family.”

“He tried to rape you. And you told me it was an accident.”

“He had kids, I just-”

“Better to grow up without a father than with a father like that.”

“A father is still a father no matter what and I-” Jimin closes his eyes, he takes a deep breath “Fuck.”

“It's okay, Jimin.” Yoongi says, voice soothing, a hand goes from the steering wheel to his wrist, gripping it and circling his skin with his thumb “It's okay.” they exit the tunnel, street lamps shining yellow in the night, the traffic light a few metres ahead turns green “I'm shit at comforting people. And, like, I don't know you but I'm sorry this happened to you and- shit!”

Jimin opens his eyes and all he sees is a boy launching himself against Yoongi's car.

He screams when the body hits the car, the noise loud and terrifying, Yoongi hits the brakes hard once again.

Jimin stares at the street, where the boy lies on the floor, not moving.

“You must be fucking kidding me.” Yoongi whispers.










Hoseok opens the gate of the yard and he immediately spots a little girl sitting in the uncut grass, playing with a toy car by herself.

“Iseul!” he calls and the girl turns around.

As soon as she sees him a huge smile stretches her lips and she stands up, jumping excitedly on the spot.

“Hobi-oppa!” she exclaims “You're back!”

Hoseok walks to her and he ruffles her black hair, she giggles and playfully swats his hand away.

“Of course I'm back, princess. How was your day?”

“Good!” Iseul shows Hoseok her toy “I found this today!”

“That's a beautiful car.”

“What car is it?”

“A Ford, I think. Yep, it's a Ford.” Hoseok looks quickly at his wrist watch: forty minutes past six in the evening “Did they already come?”

Iseul nods seriously “They did. They asked where you were.”

“And what did you say?”

“That I didn't know and that they can't stay here past six because then it's illegal.”

Hoseok grins and ruffles her hair again “Now that's my princess, good job Iseul. And never forget it, kid, if you get creditors at your door...”

“Then it's better that you're not behind the door before six!”

“Very well.”

Iseul starts jumping again “Where's my present?”

Hoseok chuckles and shakes his head, searching in his pockets for the three lollipops. Once he finds them he drops them in Iseul's waiting hands “There you go.”

“Woah!” Iseul stares with wide eyes at the candies “Three of them?”

“I got you strawberry, cola and lemon. I'm giving you more because-” Hoseok gulps “Well, I might not be back for a while.”

At that, Iseul's smile falls and the girl knits hey eyebrows together “Why? Where are you going?”

“Not that far, actually. It's just-” Hoseok smiles “I might just go away.”

“But you'll come back, right?”

“Of course I'll come back!” Hoseok lies, smiling at the little girl and pinching her nose “Who else would steal lollipops for you otherwise?”

Iseul giggles again, cheeks dusting with pink and Hoseok's heart breaks just a little more.



As he walks to his flat, leaving Iseul playing with her toy in the yard, Hoseok realizes that he will miss Iseul. Well, he's not sure if he'll be able to miss people once he's done, but still. If he could, he would miss her.

He silently prays that her parents will feed her at least twice a day, he prays that her mother will find a job soon so that she'll be able to buy Iseul lollipops since he won't be able to give them to her anymore.

He opens the door of his flat and steps inside.

Well, this is it. Last day on earth. Hoseok walks to the living room and he looks at the coffee table.

On top of it there's ducktape, a plastic bag and a note already written.

This is it. Last day on earth.




Turns out this is most likely not his last day on earth.

Hoseok rips the plastic bag open and finally manages to inhale air, choking violently as he does.

“Fuck!” Hoseok coughs “Fucking shit, how the fuck do people do this?!”

Angrily he picks at the ducktape around his neck that is securing closed the plastic bag and rips it off, hissing at the burn of his skin.

He shoves the bag away and groans, massaging his neck. To say that he's pissed is an euphemism. He was so ready this time. And yet, when his lungs started to hurt and his throat to burn because of the lack of oxygen, eyes watering and heart beating so hard he could feel it against his ribcage, he just couldn't do it anymore.

“Fucking ridiculous.” he mutters, taking a cigarette from his pack and lighting it up. He takes a lungful and promptly coughs again, lungs still too sensitive after the lack of oxygen.

He sits on the kitchen counter, staring at the mess that is his kitchen, dirty dishes filling the sink, coffee stains all over the place and he smokes.


He's tried everything. Literally everything. Nothing worked. Fuck, once he tried to hang himself and the fucking wooden plank where he secured the rope snapped in half. Not to mention that time he left the gas open and went to sleep and then woke up completely fine the next morning because he had forgotten to pay the bills so the company simply cut off his gas. Or that time he tried to overdose but the pills were expired so all he got was a terrible diarrhea and a fever that lasted for a whole month. Usually expired pills kill you, they most definitely don't give you the flu.

Hoseok sighs.

“I can't do this anymore.” he whispers to no one.

From where he's sitting he can see the mirror he has hung on the wall where he drew with lipstick two crosses and a straight line underneath.

“I can't do this anymore.” he takes a lungful of smoke, closing his eyes and he stops the tears. Crying right now is useless.




Hoseok isn't sure as to why he decided to leave his flat and walk around the city, but he's glad he did. There's no one around, not a car, not a person, the district he's in is unknown to him and he's lost. Which is all kinds of convenient for him.

Suddenly, Hoseok takes a decision. Since, apparently, killing himself was somehow impossible, he would try one last time.

One last attempt. One last “last day on earth”. And if it 's not going to work, maybe he should take it as a sign that perhaps it's not his time yet and that there's nothing he can do about it. He's always lived like this, take what the world gives you and if you try to get rid of it multiple times but that thing stick to you, then it means that you gotta keep it.

So yeah. One last attempt.

He stops on the sidewalk and is about to cross the street when he sees a car in the distance, about to come out of a tunnel.

Well. This is his chance, considering that's the only car he saw in a long time.

Hoseok waits then, the traffic light turns green, the car speeds up a little. And Hoseok just lets his body fall forward, he closes his eyes, there's the sound of brakes and then he's hurting everywhere.

He can feel himself almost flying, his body still not hitting the ground, he thinks that maybe he's already dead and this is what it feels like, which is not that bad.

But then he's hitting the asphalt so hard that the air gets knocked out of his lungs, skin ripping against the ground and he is hurting fucking everywhere.

Hoseok stays still, unable to move. He can hear voices in the distance but his body is still too shocked because of the pain. Hoseok opens his eyes, everything is blurry. But he's alive.

A car just hit him at full speed. And he's still alive.

Are you fucking kidding me?

He decides that maybe he should get up, so he rolls on his stomach, groaning when his limbs ache.

“He's alive!” a voice shouts.

I fucking am. Fucking unbelievable.

Slowly, Hoseok manages to get on his feet, stumbling backwards for a moment but regaining his balance. He looks around. His vision is still kind of fucked up, but there are still no cars on the street. And he's alive.

His last chance.

His last “last day on earth”.

He's still alive.

“I'm fucking alive.” he whispers.


Hoseok turns around and all he can see is a short guy with green hair before he's getting punched in the face.

“Fuck!” he shouts, the boy grabs him by the shirt and punches him again, shoving him on the ground.

“You fucking piece of shit!” he screams, pinning Hoseok down with his knee on his stomach “What the fuck were you thinking?!”

Another punch, Hoseok's head lolls back.

“You jumped in front of my fucking car, you fucking psycho!”

He's alive. A car hit him and he's alive, he's actually being pinned on the floor by a stranger.

“Yoongi, stop!” oh, there's someone else “You'll kill him!”

The Yoongi guy shoves the orange haired boy away and gets back on punching him and just then Hoseok realizes the complete madness of the whole situation.

He jumped in front of a car so that he could die but instead somehow survived and is now getting the everloving shit beaten out of him. That's... that's just insane. And unlikely. Life doesn't work like this, so why is this happening to him? So Hoseok starts laughing.

Yoongi stands frozen, his fist raised in the air and a look of utter confusion spreads on his face.

“What the fuck?”

“I'm alive!” Hoseok screams, voice broken by the uncontrollable laughter “I'm still alive!”

Yoongi lets go of his shirt and gets up, taking some steps back.

“You're fucking insane.” Yoongi mumbles.

Hoseok stands up as well, ignoring completely how bad his whole body hurts. He spits on the floor a lump of blood and starts laughing again, staring at the night sky.

That was his last chance. His last “last day on earth”. And he survived.

Well. He did make a promise to himself. Last chance, if you fail you stay alive. He kind of wants to punch himself in the face for such decision, but he's a man of his words. Yet he can't stop laughing and walking around on wobbly legs.

He's always lived like this, take what the world gives you and if you try to get rid of it multiple times but that thing stick to you, then it means that you gotta keep it. Looks like Hoseok was going to keep his life.


Jimin stares at the boy they just hit with a car with wide eyes, mind swimming in confusion.

“Are-” Jimin gulps “Are you sure you actually hit him?”

“I don't know, why don't you ask the huge dent on the car?” Yoongi shakes his head “He's... he's fine.”

“He's fucking insane.”

“That too.”

A short silence follows, broken by the never ending laughter of the guy.

Jimin turns to look at Yoongi and the green haired boy meets his eyes “What?”

Jimin arches an eyebrow and Yoongi groans.

“Fuck no.”

“Come on.”

“I'm not taking that psycho with us.”

“Why not? This is fate! What are the odds of meeting yet another person who wants to run away?”

Yoongi frowns “How do you know he wants to run away?”

Jimin snorts and he points at the boy who's, by some reason, still running around and screaming at the sky “Don't know if you noticed, but he literally jumped in front of the car. To die.”

Yoongi mumbles something under his breath but Jimin can't catch the words.

“Come on, Yoongi.” Jimin looks at the laughing boy “He's insane. Might as well.”

Yoongi groans and rolls his eyes “I can't believe I'm- Yah!”

The boy stops walking and turns around.

“What's your name?” Yoongi asks, the boy takes a step in their direction.


Yoongi nods “You're coming with us, Hoseok.”







Positive mindset.

What a huge load of bullshit.

Yoongi keeps his hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road, well set on not hitting anyone else with his car, at least not for tonight.

Sitting beside him, Jimin keeps staring outside the car window, expression neutral, eyes unfocused. Yoongi still has no idea as to why he decided to take the kid and bring him with him but what's done is done. In that moment, when he saw how messed up Jimin was, it felt like the right thing to do. He's not regretting it. Yet.

Hoseok, on the other hand.

Hoseok is in the backseat and he's fucking restless. He keeps fidgeting on the spot, lowering the car window, sticking his head out almost as if he were a dog, then he would go sit on the other side of the seat just to do the same, groaning in pain at every movement but still well set on not sitting still.

Yoongi sighs.

This was a bad idea.

“Oh!” Hoseok suddenly exclaims, Jimin flinches in surprise “I love this song! Turn up the volume.”

“No.” Yoongi replies.

“Why not?”

“I hate this song.”

“You can't hate Up & Down.”

“Yes, I can.”

“It's an anthem.”

“Oh my God, I will kick you out of this moving car.”

“If you do, be sure the car is going at full speed, I really don't wanna waste another chance.” Hoseok says this with a huge grin.

He's insane.

He's probably a psychopath.

This was a bad idea.

No, no. Positive mindset.

Jimin silently takes three cigarettes and gives one to Yoongi, lighting it up for him. Jimin has small fingers, he wears silver rings, his nails are a little longer than his.

The orande haired boy then turns around and gives a cigarette to Hoseok as well.


Jimin forces a small smile and sits back, lighting up his cigarette.

They smoke in silence for a while, Up & Down playing dimly in the background.

“So.” Hoseok suddenly says, blowing out a cloud of smoke “Where are you guys going?”

“We don't know.” Jimin says.

“You guys are a thing?”

“I met him, like, two hours ago?” Yoongi answers.

“Okay. I'm confused.”

Yoongi grimaces “We're running away.”

Hoseok nods “From what?”

“Jimin killed a piece of shit.”

“Yep.” Jimin sighs.

“I'm running away from one of Busan's largest underground drug rings.”

A silence follows, Yoongi feels both Hoseok's and Jimin's gaze fixed on him.

“Come again?” Jimin asks.

“You heard me.”

Silence again. Then:

“Wait wait, let me get this straight.” Hoseok points his index finger towards Jimin “You straight up murdered someone and you-” he moves his hand so that his finger points at Yoongi “You're basically part of the mob.”

Jimin frowns “Well, if you put it that way...”

“Fuck!” Hoseok scoffs and crosses his arms “Well, now I feel out of place.”

“That's your problem with all of this?” Yoongi asks in disbelief.
“Well, yeah. I feel like the loser in the group of really cool friends. Like, you're the cool kids who drink and smoke and I'm the dude with glasses, an awkward haircut and asthma.”

Jimin giggles, Yoongi sends him a quick look “That's such a weird analogy.”

Hoseok hums and then leans forward, tilting his head and staring at Jimin “Well, fuck me, you're pretty.”

“Oh.” the orange haired smiles and lowers his gaze “Thanks.”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow.

This was a mistake. He feels a migraine coming.

Hoseok slumps back in his seat, taking a drag of his smoke “So, we don't know exactly where we're going?”

“No fucking clue.” Yoongi replies “Which I'm starting to realize is a problem.”

“Let's not think about it for now.” Jimin says whilst lifting his legs up, feet propped on the edge of the seat and his arms crossed over his knees “Let's just drive. As long as we get away from Busan.”

Yoongi couldn't agree more.



Because of some miracle, Hoseok falls asleep after half an hour of driving. He's laying on his back on the backseat, long legs bent awkwardly, Yoongi can see from the rearview mirror bruises blooming on his face where the skin was cut when he landed against his car. He spots a particularly nasty burn on his arm where his body hit the asphalt and his skin dragged against the rough ground. He'll probably be fine, though.

Jimin keeps quiet, occasionally humming to a song that he knows on the radio, eyes fixed on the scenery outside the car. He seems to be holding up better than before, maybe the whole Hoseok deal distracted him.

Yoongi sighs, Jimin turns his head around to look at him.


“Nothing. Just-” Yoongi shrugs “This is not how I expected the night to go, that's all.”

Jimin hums.

Yoongi sighs, sending a glance at the orange haired kid. He looks suddenly really tired, eyelids fluttering close but then Jimin looks like he forces himself to stay awake. Yoongi worries his bottom lip but then, in the distance, he sees a gas station.

“We're stopping there.”

“Mh?” Jimin squints his eyes “At the gas station?”

“Yeah, I'll park there and we're gonna sleep here. For a few hours at least.”

Jimin doesn't seem convinced “Shouldn't we keep going?”

“You're tired, I'm tired. If I fall asleep whilst driving and you're asleep too then who will keep us from dying for real?” Yoongi tilts his head towards the backseat where Hoseok is asleep “Definitely not him. So, yeah, we're stopping for tonight.”

After a few moments of silence Jimin mutters an okay and Yoongi drives to the gas station, parking the car in one of the free spots and turning the engine off.

“I need a cigarette.” Yoongi says, taking one from his own pack “Wanna keep me company?”


They get out of the car, leaving the doors open as to not wake Hoseok up and they both go and lean against the hood of the car. Jimin lights up the cigarette Yoongi gives him, he takes a drag and for a moment his face is painted with red in the night.

“Tomorrow morning we'll also get some gasoline, I think the car is almost out.” Yoongi finds himself whispering in the quiet of the gas station, he spots a Seven Eleven right behind the actual station. Thanks fuck for that, he knows he'll be starving first thing in the morning.

Jimin hums, looking at the highway, a few cars driving fast “We're still close to Busan.”

“We won't be tomorrow.” Yoongi blows out a cloud of smoke, Jimin nods.

“So, drug dealer?”

Yoongi grimaces “Sometimes. Mostly deal with payments and shit.”

A pause.

“Were you in Imoogi Pa?”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow, looking at Jimin for a few moments before answering “How do you even know that name?”

Jimin shrugs “I know my way around. It's a long story. Why did you run away?”

“Long story.” Yoongi replies curtly.

Jimin sighs, tapping on his cigarette with his index finger “Don't need to be pissy about it. I mean, I killed someone, I ain't gonna judge you or anything.”

“That's not why-” Yoongi shakes his head “Nevermind. I just don't wanna talk about it.”

“Okay.” Jimin looks behind him, at Hoseok sleeping in the backseat “I feel sorry for him.”

Yoongi feels sorry for the guy too. Sure, he seems like a total nutjob, but at the same time he's young. He's young, a whole life to live, probably has people he loves and that love him back, yet he jumped in front of his fucking car. Of course he feels bad for him.

“You're gonna be fine sleeping in the car?” he asks instead “Considering Hoseok took the most comfortable place.”

Jimin nods, he drops his burnt out cigarette on the ground and steps on it “Yeah, I'll be fine. I can sleep comfortably anywhere, I'm- I mean, I'm tiny.”

Yoongi smiles at him “Yeah, I noticed.”

Jimin, hesitantly, smiles back and ducks his head. Yoongi guesses he does that when he's embarassed. Somehow, he finds it endearing enough to not tease him for it.

“I guess I'll go to sleep, then.” Jimin says “Goodnight, Yoongi.”

“'Night kid.”

Yoongi waits for Jimin to get back inside the car and shut the car door before he sighs and takes his phone out of the pocket of his jeans.

He turns it on, waits for the screen to light up and immediately his phone buzzes, flooding with missed calls notifications and texts. They're all from Jungkook, a variety of “where the fuck are you”, “Hyung, seriously, call me back”, “YOONGI WHAT THE ACTUAL SHIT DID YOU DO”, “Please tell me you're okay”, “I fucking hate you” and so on.

Yoongi's chest tightens, heart swelling with fondness. Fuck, he already misses that brat. He knows Jungkook enough to know that right now he's probably worried out of his mind, losing sleep over this whole deal, probably wondering what the actual hell he should do. The temptation to text him back, to reassure him even in the slightest that he's fine, that everything will be fine, is strong. Yoongi turns off the phone again and shoves it in his pocket, taking one last long drag of smoke before throwing the cigarette away and he makes his way back inside the car.

He sighs and tilts the seat back a little. The car is filled with Hoseok's soft snores and Jimin's slow breathing. Somehow, he finds some sort of comfort in those noises. He's not alone. Sure, he's with two deranged kids who will probably give him a daily headache, but he's not alone.

He looks back at Hoseok, grimaces at the now obvious huge bruises on his face and arms, then looks at Jimin, all curled up on himself in his seat, looking tinier than he already is.

Yoongi closes his eyes and forces his head to shut up and himself to relax. They'll be fine. They'll leave Busan and all their shit behind and start new somewhere else. They probably won't stick together since, well, they are complete strangers, but at least they won't be alone along the way.

Just as he thinks he's falling asleep, something grazes his hand. He opens his eyes and sees Jimin's fingers hovering over his, trying to hold his hand but apparently not finding the courage to do so. He looks at Jimin and clenches his jaw when he sees tears on the kid's face, bottom lip trapped between his teeth and face twisted in sorrow.


“I'm fine.” Jimin whispers “I'm okay.”

Yoongi sighs. Slowly, he intertwines his fingers with Jimin's and, immediately, the boy squeezes his hand hard enough to hurt.

“Yeah.” Yoongi says “You're fine.”

Chapter Text

Jimin slowly opens his eyes and, for a moment, he's hit with a wave of utter confusion and he feels lost. He stares at the almost empty parking lot, then at the gas station and, finally, he remembers.

Jimin grimaces and slumps back in his seat, for a split second Hyun Ki's face flashes in his mind and Jimin immediately kicks it out. Now it's not the time to deal with that. Fuck it, he never wants it to be the time.

He feels something warm and soft touching his hand, when he looks down he sees that Yoongi's fingers are still linked to his own. Yoongi is still asleep, breathing slow and soft, he looks younger like this, with green hair falling over his eyes, he looks less intimidating.

Jimin carefully frees his hand from Yoongi's hold, he can't help but notice how larger than his Yoongi's hands are, with long and slender fingers. Jimin always liked hands like those.

Drowsily, he drags himself out of the car and his body immediately aches in protest after sleeping in a terrible position for hours. He stretches his neck and sighs, the he closes the small door as quietly as possible.

He looks at the backseats and gasps. Hoseok isn't there.

Jimin feels his chest tightening. He left? Just like that? Maybe it's stupid to feel like that, he barely knows him, but still. He just left like that. Or maybe he decided to jump in front of another car.


Jimin jumps and turns around clutching his chest. Jimin then closes his eyes and sighs when he's welcomed with Hoseok's grin first thing in the morning.

“You scared the shit out of me.” Jimin mutters.

“You okay?” Hoseok asks, smile faltering slightly and ayebrows knitting together.

“Yeah.” Jimin replies, forcing a smile “I just- I thought you left.”

Hoseok's grin is back on his lips. They have a peculiar shape, Jimin thinks. They're nice.

“Aw, missed me already?”

Jimin thinks about it for a second “I think I did, actually.”

“Oh.” Hoseok turns serious, maybe even a little flustered. He has kind eyes, Hoseok. People usually trust someone with eyes like those.

“I don't know, I just-” Jimin searches for the right words “It's strange, but- I guess I thought that it didn't feel right to have the backseat empty.” he shakes his head “I don't know.”

Hoseok chuckles and it's a sound that somehow suits him, despite everything. Jimin finds himself smiling.

“You got coffee?” he asks when he notices the three styrofoam cups Hoseok is holding.

“Oh, yeah.” Hoseok gestures for Jimin to take one of the cups and the boy complies “I stole some breakfast. Got some cereal bars in my back pockets.”

“You stole breakfast.” Jimin repeats, Hoseok nods and turns around, wiggling his butt.

“I'm good at stealing shit. Come on, pick a cereal bar.”

Jimin frowns but still goes for the corner of a plastic wrap that is sticking out of Hoseok's jeans back pocket.

“How do you steal three coffes, though?” he asks, Hoseok hums with a satisfied smirk, putting the two remaining cups on the roof of the car.

“You pretend you're not stealing them.” he replies, winking.

Jimin giggles and takes a sip of his coffee “You're so fucking weird.”

“I am, aren't I?” the way he says it makes it sound like he's whining “Too late to change, though.”

“You don't need to change.” Jimin squints his eyes “Shit, you have a huge ass bruise on your face.”

Hoseok grimaces, patting slightly his right cheek and hissing in pain; the skin almost broke there, where it dragged against the asphalt, and it's already blooming purple with yellow patches. Then again, his upper lip is also split because of Yoongi's punches.

“Yeah, I saw when I went to take a piss in the bathrooms. You should see my shoulder, that doesn't look pretty.”

“Does it hurt?”

“Could be worst.” Hoseok nods in Yoongi's direction “I think he's pretty bruised too, he was limping like crazy yesterday.”

“Yeah.” Jimin puts the cup of coffee on the hood of the car and then starts unwrapping his cereal bar “Wonder what happened to him.”

A silence follows, Jimin can feel Hoseok staring at him, he takes a bite of the cereal bar.

“I'd like to know what happened to you as well.” Hoseok says “Because you really don't look like you could kill someone.”

Jimin gulps down a mouthful of cereals and blueberries “Turns out it's easier than expected.”

“What happened though?”

“It was an accident.” Jimin hates the way he says it, almost as if he doesn't believe it “I was just defending myself.”

Hoseok drops his gaze from Jimin's face and he eyes his torn and ripped shirt.

“Oh.” Hoseok clenches his jaw “I see. Shit, I- Are you o-”

“I'm fine.” Jimin cuts him “Shit happens.”

Hoseok opens his mouth to say something but suddenly Yoongi is getting out of the car, looking still kind of asleep, green hair sticking at an odd angle, eyes shut close.

“You two are fucking noisy.” he says, his voice sounds even deeper in the morning and Jimin refrains himself from chuckling.

“Hoseok stole breakfast for us.” Jimin says “There's coffee.”

At that, Yoongi opens his eyes and he immediately spots the cup on the roof of the car, grabbing it almost angrily.

He points at Hoseok “I suddenly like you way more than I did last night.”

Hoseok puts a hand over his chest “You flatter me. I also have cereal bars on my butt.”

Yoongi frowns “What?”

“Ignore him.” Jimin says, getting another bar from Hoseok's pocket and throwing it over the roof of the car, Yoongi takes it before it falls on the ground.

Hoseok claps his hands “So, brethrens, what are the plans for today?”

“First, I need to take a leak.” Yoongi says, munching on the cereal bar “Then gasoline, then we get the fuck out of here.”

“Sounds like a decent enough plan.” Jimin downs the rest of the coffee “I'll go to the toilets.”

“I'm coming with you.” Yoongi says, he finishes in one single bite the rest of the cereal bar “Hoseok, you mind watching the car?”

“No, you two go relieve your bladders.”

Yoongi looks like he wants to say something but in the end he just sighs and follows Jimin to the public toilets of the gas station.

As soon as Jimin opens the door he scrunches up his nose “This place smells like dead mice.”

Yoongi, behind him, hums “That's because there are dead mice.”

“What? Shit!” Jimin flinches when he spots the dead body of a mouse right next to the sinks “I'm not touching anything.”

“Good thinking.”

Jimin gets inside one of the toilet cubicles and takes care of his needs as quickly as possible, deciding to avoid flushing since he really doesn't want to touch anything.

When he gets out the toilet he stops dead in his tracks: Yoongi is staring at his reflection, his shirt raised and revealing horribly bruised ribs.

“Holy shit, Yoongi.”

“It's fine.” he says “They'll heal.”

“Not by themselves, they won't.” Jimin sighs and goes to the sinks, he starts washing his hands “We'd better buy something. Bandages, ointments and shit like that. How did you even get those?”

“You try getting beaten with baseball bats, then you tell me if you don't get bruises.” Yoongi sighs and puts his shirt back down “I'm surprised they're not broken. Let's go if you're done.”

They leave the restrooms and walk back to the car, Hoseok is waiting for them perched on the hood, eyes closed and a cigarette between his lips, sun hitting his face.

“You guys saw the dead mouse, yeah?” he asks as soon as they're close enough.

“Could've warned us.” Jimin says, Hoseok grins and opens his eyes.
“Where's the fun in that? You said the car needs gas?”

Yoongi worries his bottom lip and he starts looking around him. Jimin frowns.

“Actually.” he says “We might wanna change car.”


Yoongi rolls his eyes and walks to the trunk, gesturing for them to get close.

Jimin looks curiously at Yoongi when he opens the trunk, there's a sport bag inside. Yoongi then zips it open and Jimin's breath gets stuck in his throat. Hoseok whistles.

“Holy fucking shit.” Jimin whispers, staring at the money thrown carelessly in the sports bag “Did you rob a bank?”

Yoongi clicks his tongue “Nah.”

“That's... a lot of money.” Hoseok says.

“Yep.” Yoongi zips close the bag again “As I said: we might wanna change car.”

“As in, steal a car?” Jimin asks and Yoongi nods.

“This is stolen too. That's why we should get another.”

“Fine.” Hoseok says and he looks around. The parking spot is still mostly empty, except for five cars “Which one do you guys want?”

Yoongi eyes him “What, you'll steal it?”

“I'm very good at stealing shit.” Hoseok squints his eyes and points at a car parked not so far away “I say that one.”

Jimin looks at the car Hoseok is suggesting. The car is... old. To say the least. Someone would call it vintage, but Jimin just calls it old. Surely, if kept better, that car would be a beauty, but instead it looks just old and ignored, the black paint is scratched and one of the tires looks like it will give up on them soon.

“Chevrolet Chevelle, 1970.” Hoseok says “She's beautiful.”

She is old as fuck.” Yoongi says.

“Which is exactly what we need. That car doesn't have GPS trackers, no wi-fi alarm.” Hoseok says, arching an eyebrow “Trust me, if you want to steal a car to run away you always steal an old one.”

Jimin looks at Yoongi, who doesn't look exactly convinced.

“So what, you're gonna hot-wire it?” he asks and Hoseok snorts. Yoongi definitely does not look amused.

“No, that car is too old, I'd need a screwdriver to do that and I don't have one.” Hoseok shrugs “I'll just steal the keys.”

Jimin frowns “How are you gonna steal the keys if you don't know who-”

“I know who owns the car, I saw him parking it when I went to get breakfast.” Hoseok smiles brightly and starts walking to the Seven Eleven “Have some faith in me, wait for me here.”

Jimin remains silent, mouth hanging open, eyes following Hoseok until he disappears inside the shop.

Yoongi sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose “Why the fuck are we trusting him?”

Jimin bites the inside of his cheek “I mean, we don't exactly have a choice.”

“We have many choices. For example, if he doesn't come out in two minutes we get the fuck out of here.” Yoongi sends a look at the Chevrolet and frowns “The car is in a blind spot.”


“The cameras don't reach the part where that car is parked.” he repeats, Jimin follows Yoongi's gaze “You think he knew?”

Jimin smiles “I think he's not an idiot.”

“Or maybe it's luck.”

Jimin doesn't say anything, he looks back at the Seven Eleven and that's when the doors open and Hoseok happily walks out with a lollipop in his mouth.

As soon as he's close enough he fishes a bundle of keys from his pocket and with the smuggest grin Jimin has ever seen he throws them at Yoongi, who catches them with eyebrows raised in shock.

“Shit, you actually made it.”

“Of course I did.” Hoseok nods towards the black car “Let's get our shit and go.”

Yoongi immediately goes for the trunk of the car, taking his sports bag and shuts close the trunk, gesturing for him and Hoseok to follow him.

They walk slowly as to not raise suspicions but as soon as Yoongi opens the car he's quick to throw the bag in the backseat and Hoseok gets inside quickly, jumping over the front seats and sitting behind, hiding the bag under the seats.

Jimin sits on the passenger seat, Yoongi twists the keys in the ignition and, for a few dreadful moments, the car makes a sound that reminds Jimin of broken glass until, finally, the engine starts. They both sigh in relief, Hoseok just chuckles.

“Told you to have some faith in me.” he says, crossing his arms “And there's enough gas to last for a while.”

“Good job, Hoseok.” Yoongi says, Jimin can feel from the sound of his voice that he's actually impressed, he starts driving out of the gas station “You are good at stealing shit.”

Hoseok nods with pride “I had some luck on my side 'cause I saw who owns the car, but I am good. Oh!” Hoseok pats the pocket of his jacket and then takes out of it two lollipops, offering them to Jimin “Got you guys candies.”

Jimin stares with wide eyes at the two lollipops before he takes them in his hands “Wait, you had time to steal these?”

“Honestly, the only reason it took me that long to come back is because I stopped to get those, too.” Hoseok replies, sucking on his lollipop.

Jimin hums, a little dizzy. He looks at the candies, one is strawberry and vanilla, the other one is cherries. He unwraps the cherry flavored one and offers it to Yoongi, who scrunches up his nose “I don't like lollipops.”

“Hoseok got these for us.”

“Didn't ask him to.”

Jimin rolls his eyes “Shut the fuck up and eat this.”

Yoongi groans in frustration, fingers tightening around the steering wheel but in the end he opens his mouth and lets Jimin put the candy inside “You are both annoying.”

Jimin plops his lollipop in his mouth and hums happily as the sweet flavor hits his tongue.

They drive in silence for a while and Jimin notes that the car, even though it looks like garbage from the outside, isn't bad inside. The interns are leather, without scratches, the car is clean and, clearly, the owner took good care of it. He probably just didn't have enough money to re-paint it or change the old tires. He feels a sting of guilt twists his stomach but he quickly sends it away.

“Anyways.” Yoongi starts “We don't need to steal candies anymore. We have a shitload of money. We can, you know, chill out for a while.” a pause “For example, you need new clothes.”

Jimin looks at his ruined shirt and sighs “I do.”

“You both do, I guess Hoseok didn't bring clean clothes when he decided to jump in front of my car.”

“I most definitely didn't.” Hoseok replies “So, we're going shopping?”

“Yeah.” Yoongi says “And maybe in the meantime I try and figure out where the fuck we should go.”

Jimin agrees.

“Anyone has an idea?” Hoseok asks, he sits comfortably on the backseat with crossed legs “Like, even a place you'd like to go to.”

Silence again, Jimin looks outside of the window. A car is driving besides them, there's a kid in the backseat staring at him. Jimin takes the lollipop from his mouth and smiles, waving at the boy a little. He sees the kids giggling and looking down, the car then drives past them.

“I'd like to see Daegu again.”

Jimin turns to look at Yoongi, who is staring at the road with a clenched jaw.

“You're from Daegu?” Hoseok asks, Yoongi nods.

“Haven't seen that city in ages.”

Jimin sighs “Let's got there then.”

“Just like this?”

“I know someone who can help us for a while who's in Daegu.” he says “His name's Taehyung, I grew up with him before he moved back to Daegu. He owns a club there.”

“You think he's gonna help us even if it's been a while you two saw each other?” Hoseok asks.

“We've kept in touch this whole time. He'd help us, I'm sure of it. It's just-” Jimin grimaces “He doesn't just own a club. He has a whole underground drug ring in that place.”

Hoseok sighs “What the actual fuck.”

Yoongi raises an eyebrow “Are you serious?”

“We might wanna keep the fact that you're from Imoogi Pa a secret.”

Yoongi frowns for a moment before he groans and rolls his eyes “Please don't say it.”

“He's in Geottong Beolle Pa.”

“Fucking shit, Jimin.” Yoongi scoffs “Could've said it earlier.”

“The hell is a Geottong Beolle Pa?” Hoseok asks, confused.

“Huge ass gang, that's what it is.” Yoongi answers “And let's just say Imoogi Pa doesn't exactly get along with them.”

Jimin shrugs “Taehyung is a chill guy, he won't ask questions since I'm taking you. As long as we don't tell him we'll be fine.”

Yoongi mutters something under his breath but, in the end, he just sighs “This is such a bad idea, I can't believe I'm doing this.”

Jimin agrees.






Hoseok is, strangely enough, enjoying his day. Which is a surprise, considering how this day came to be. Sure, his whole body aches and his face looks like an open autopsy but, if he sets that aside, he's definitetly enjoying his day.

“People are looking at us weird.” Yoongi grumbles.

He does that quite often, Hoseok has noticed. He looks around and sees that yes, people are indeed staring at them.

The moment they arrived to Yangsan, Yoongi decided to go to a mall and quickly buy whatever it is that they need if they plan on staying in Daegu.

We're almost halfway there, he said, so let's just get this over with.

Jimin crosses his arms in a weak attempt to cover the rips in his shirt “Can you blame them? We look like we just got out of a fight.”

“If only they knew.” Hoseok says “How about there?” he asks, pointing at a shop on the right.

“Anything is fine at this point.” Jimin mutters and he walks faster, aiming for the shop, leaving him and Yoongi behind.

“You think he's alright?” Hoseok asks Yoongi, the other one grimaces.

“Not really. He's good at pretending he is.”

Hoseok hums “He's- Don't you feel some sort of way when you look at him?”

Yoongi stops walking and glares at him, eyes turning cold in a matter of seconds “Fucking excuse me?”

“Not like that.” Hoseok replies “This is exactly what I'm talking about, though. Like, I look at him and I kind of just want to take care of him. Like, I want to protect him? Does it make sense?”

“That kid's killed someone, don't think he needs our protection.” Yoongi says, he starts walking again and Hoseok follows him, Jimin is already inside the shop.

“And yet you were ready to cut my dick off the moment you thought I was talking about wanting to fuck him.”

Yoongi looks like he's about to protest so Hoseok walks ahead of him and gets inside the shop. Yoongi is fun, being all grumpy and easy to rile up, but right now he kind of just wants to buy some clothes and get out of there.

He's not like Yoongi or Jimin, he doesn't need to run away from Busan, but he sure as hell wants to never see that city again. For a moment he wonders if Iseul is okay. Fuck, he misses her. She must be playing in the yard right about now, maybe doing her summer homework.

“I don't know what to buy.”

Hoseok looks besides him and Jimin is checking some shirts with a frown.

“Whatever you like?”

“What I like isn't cheap.” he replies, pointing at his ripped shirt “This is Valentino. Ruined forever.”

Hoseok grins “Someone is expensive.”

Jimin looks at him for a few moments before he smirks “I kind of am.”

Oh. Okay, not such an innocent kid then. Hoseok can work with that.

“Just buy whatever you want, kid.” Yoongi then says, walking past them and looking without real interest at a pile of jeans.


“Don't worry about the price, just get what you like.”

Jimin presses his lips together “You might regret saying it.”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow at him “Buy whatever you like, Jimin.”

Hoseok watches, almost fascinated, how Jimin's entire attitude changes. Suddenly, he's a man on a mission and he skips off grabbing whatever catches his eyes, barely checking the size, whilst making his way to the most expensive section of the shop.

Hoseok whistles, impressed “Does the buy whatever you want work for me too?”

Yoongi shrugs “Sure.”

“You ain't buying anything?”

“Already got clothes. They're in the same bag.”

Hoseok mutters an okay and makes it to walk away but he stops and turns around “You don't like me, do you?”

Yoongi looks up from the floor, looking at him with no emotions whatsoever, eyebrows just slitghly raised “I don't know you enough to like you.”

Hoseok nods and then points in Jimin's direction “But you like him.”

“Didn't say that.”

“It's pretty obvious.”

“It's not that I don't like you, that doesn't matter to me. I don't trust you.”

Of course he doesn't.

Hoseok smiles “That makes sense.”

“Jimin trusts you.” Yoongi says “Or at least, he likes you. He's the one who told me to bring you with us. Since it's clear that Jimin will trust or like right about anyone, it's up to me to be the one who is wary of others.”

“You could've told him no. You could've left me there. Why did you listen to him?”

Yoongi takes a deep breath “That's a good question.”

“Maybe it's because you actually like me.”

“Don't you have clothes to buy?”

Hoseok chuckles and shakes his head. So maybe this conversation needs to be postponed, he gets it. Yoongi looks like the kind of person who needs time before he lets people in.

“All I'm saying is, just start liking me soon, 'cause I like you.” Hoseok says before turning around and walking away, searching something decent to buy.

He decides to settle for two pairs of jeans and some shirts, nothing expensive, he's pretty sure Jimin will take care of that by himself. Besides, he's never been much of a fan of shopping.

He sends a look at Yoongi, too busy looking at people walking past the shop to notice him. He's got an ever present pout on his lips and Hoseok kinds wants to punch it off his face. Just 'cause he likes him. And kind of can't stand him at the same time. But in a nice way.

With Jimin is easier, the kid is the human manifestation of likeable, with his easy smiles and warm eyes. Yoongi, on the other hand... maybe it's because he's intimidating, which is all sorts of weird considering he's short and thin, and still.

Jimin suddenly appears from the changing rooms, still in his old clothes, with a pile of new shirts, jackets and pants in his arms.

“Is it really okay if I buy all of these?” he asks, Yoongi is already at the cash register.

“Stop asking that.” he replies, then looks at Hoseok “Are you done?”

Hoseok nods and walks to them, putting the clothes he chose next to Jimin's on the counter, the girl behind the cash register has a face that screams she just hit jackpot.

As she scans the items he sees that Jimin took Yoongi's word for granted when he told him not to mind the price, Yoongi doesn't seem to care though.

“I'm wearing those now.” Jimin tells the girl, pointing at a pair of ripped jeans and a long sleeved white blouse.

The girl scans those and then gives them to Jimin, who walks back to the changing rooms “I'll be right back.”

Yoongi and Hoseok take the bags that the girl gives them, wishing them a good day and thanking them for buying at their shop.

Hoseok looks inside the bags, looking at Jimin's clothes “Is that silk?”

“He seems to like it.” Yoongi says, doing the same with the bags he's holding “It's fine.”

“You're spoiling him.”

Yoongi shrugs “Why not?”

Hoseok licks his lips, shaking his head. Beside him, Yoongi rolls his eyes.

“What?” he asks, annoyed.

“Nothing.” Hoseok replies “You're just kind, that's it.”

“That ain't exactly a word that suits me”

Hoseok frowns and he stops looking inside the bag, staring at Yoongi “Why would you say that? Like, in case you haven't noticed you're sharing money with us that we really have no right to use, you took us with you even if we're total strangers, you're helping us. You are kind.”

Yoongi presses his lips together, looking maybe slightly flustered. It's a look that, strangely enough, suits him “The reasons as to why I'm bringing you two along might be selfish, what do you know?”

“Doesn't change the fact that you're helping us.”

Before Yoongi can say something back Jimin exits the changing rooms, his old clothes folded messily in his arms. Hoseok grins at him when he catches his eyes.

“Expensive suits you.” he says, Jimin frowns.


“Hell yeah. You look pretty.”

Jimin turns around and regards for a few moments his reflection in one of the shop mirrors. He cockes his head to the side and hums “I do look pretty. What do you think, Yoongi?”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow “About what?”

“About me.” Jimin looks at him, a smirk stretching his lips “Do I look pretty?”

Hoseok half expects Yoongi to roll his eyes, or maybe groan, or just blush and splutter some half assed insult. Instead, Yoongi gives Jimin a long look, head to toe, the corner of his lips turning up “You do.”

The he turns around and leaves the shop, telling them to hurry up so that they can go back to the car.

Jimin stares at his back for a few seconds before he looks at Hoseok “I wasn't exactly expecting that.”

“Me neither.”

“I was trying to tease him.”

“I could tell.” Hoseok shrugs “He's fucking difficult.”

Jimin sighs “Let's just go.”







The rest of the drive to Daegu isn't that bad. All things considered, Hoseok thinks, it could've been worse.

The car did almost stop halfway because it's not used to travel for such long distances for so long, but it started working perfectly fine right after the initial moments of panic.

Yoongi didn't let them listen to the radio, no matter how much Jimin and he whined and protested, but it was fine since Jimin decided to take it upon himself to have music in the car, singing to every song he could remember. Jimin has a nice voice, sweet, pleasant. Yoongi didn't ask him to stop singing.

And it was fun to watch them bicker about lunch as well.


“We're not stopping anymore.” Yoongi had said.

“But I'm hungry.” Jimin had whined.

“Tough shit.”

“I will die if I don't eat.”

“Then die.”

“I will become a ghost and haunt you.”

“Shut up.”

“I'm hungry.”

“Not stopping.”


“It would take too much time.”

“Err, guys you know it would take me literally two minutes to steal some lunch for everyone, right?”

“Shut up Hoseok.”


Then Jimin looked like he was on the verge of tears and ready to start crying so at the first gas station Yoongi parked the car and told him to hurry the hell up and get something to eat. Just because Yoongi is so easy to manipulate.

Hoseok finds it cute.


“Tell me again you're sure that your friend will help us.”

Jimin sighs as he fixes his hair, dishevelled after the long trip.

“He will.” he replies and then turns around to look at the entrance of the club. There's loud music coming from it, muffled because of the walls, a neon lilac sign of only the letter V glowing on the front, right before the metal door.

“Let's go then.” Hoseok says, already making his way there. If he has to be completely honest, he wouldn't mind some alcohol. A lot of alcohol.

There's a man standing right beside the door and, the moment he sees them, he steps in front of it, arching an eyebrow.

“You have a reservation?” he asks, Jimin steps forward.

“I'm friends with V.”

“Everyone says so.”

“Tell him Jimin is here.”

The man doesn't seem convinced but he stills take a transceiver from the pocket of his black jacket and speaks into it, telling whoever is listening what Jimin told him earlier. A long silence follows, in which the man doesn't budge from his position, Yoongi grows restless by his side and Jimin just starts smoking a cigarette, looking relaxed and completely at ease with the whole deal.

A voice then croaks from the transceiver “Let him in”.

The man opens the door, music immediately blasting loud, and they all make their way inside.

Hoseok scrunches up his nose at the smell of smoke, weed and sweat that fills the air of the club, music so loud it rings in his ears and thumps in his ribcage.

The club seems to be divided in two floors, the one where they are now and a lower one, where a sea of bodies is dancing to the music, neon lights making the place look almost psychedelic.

Hoseok spots a bar not too far away from them, Jimin props his elbows on the railing that divides them from the lower floor of the club, smoking with a smile on his face.

“It's been a while since I've been here.” he shouts so that they can hear him over the music “Almost forgot how hectic it can be.”

As the song fades out and another one immediately starts, Jimin stands up straigh and lights up, he smiles so wide tha for a second Hoseok's breath gets stuck in his throat, then a boy he's never seen before comes out of seemingly nowhere and throws his arms around Jimin's neck.

“Chim!” he screams, voice deep and clear despite the music “Fucking shit, bro, where the fuck have you been all this time?!”

Before Jimin has time to reply, the boy that Hoseok imagines being Taehyung smacks his lips on Jimin's.

“What the fuck?” Yoongi mutters as they both look at the two boys kissing almost hungrily, Jimin's hands clutching at the fabric of Taehyung's blue shirt, pulling him closer and melting in the kiss, Taehyung's hands go down to Jimin's ass and squeezes it sharply.

Jimin bursts out laughing, throwing his head back, and Taehyung flashes him a smile.

Hoseok clears his throat and both Jimin and Taehyung turn to them.

“Who are these?” Taehyung asks.


“Well, hello there.” Taehyung smirks “You always get the hot ones.”

“What the hell was that?” Yoongi asks, he doesn't seem annoyed, just curious.

“It's our thing.” Jimin replies, with a shrug.

“We're soulmates.” Taehyung adds and then claps his hands once “Welcome to the V. I'm Taehyung, you can call me Tae, Jimin's friends are my friends.”

“Not your friend.” Hoseok hears Yoongi grumble.

“Actually, Tae.” Jimin tugs at his sleeve “I need to talk to you.”

Taehyung turns serious, green bangs falling over his brown eyes, he nods “Sure, let's take your friends to the bar first and then we talk.”

Taehyung smiles at them again, holds Jimin's hand and starts walking to the bar, gesturing for him and Yoongi to follow them.

“Free drinks for them!” Taehyung shouts at the bar tender, then he drags Jimin away, taking him to the stairs that take to yet another upper floor that Hoseok hadn't noticed at first.

Yoongi sighs and sits on one of the free stools, Hoseok does the same and sits next to him.

“Whiskey, no ice.” Yoongi says, he turns to him “You taking anything?”

“Silver Fox.” Hoseok tells the bar tender, the man nods and starts preparing their drinks.

“Silver Fox?” Yoongi asks “Didn't take you for someone who likes his liquor fancy.”

“It ain't a Cosmopolitan, man. Nothing fancy about Rum and Vermouth.”

Yoongi snorts and Hoseok feels his chest swell with some sort of pride for having taken from Yoongi a reaction that isn't a groan or a roll of his eyes. Speaking of eyes, Yoongi has nice eyes. They're mostly emotionless, maybe even a little bit bored about everything, but they have a nice shape, similar to half moons, eyelashes thick and long.

The bar tender puts their drink in front of them, Yoongi gets his glass and raises it “Cheers.”

Hoseok does the same and takes a swing of the Silver Fox, hissing between his teeth after he swallows it, slow familiar burn making his way from his throat down his stomach. A bad remix of a song that used to be good is playing in the club, walls almost buzzing.

“You think those two are a thing?” Yoongi asks, nodding towards the stairs where Taehyung and Jimin disappeared.

“Don't think so.” Hoseok replies “That Tae dude is hot.”

Yoongi hums.

“They probably used to fuck.” he adds, takes another gulp of his Fox “But not in a romantic kinda way. Fuck buddies or something.”

“No attachment?”

“Nah.” a pause “I wouldn't be able to do that.”

“The friends with benefits thing?” Yoongi asks, he tilts a little his glass and looks at the whiskey “Yeah, me neither. Tried once, it was awkward as fuck.”

Hoseok taps his fingers against the counter “I get attached easily. Especially with sex. I don't know, I guess that something that intimate mixed with my shitty personality makes it impossible for me to not get attached.”

“It ain't a personality problem, Hoseok. You fuck with someone, you get attached, period. Jimin and Taehyung? Those two are glued at the hips, have you seen them? Maybe not in a romantic way, but they look like they'd kill for each other.”

Hoseok looks at a clearly intoxicated guy standing up from his stool, holding an almost empty glass of probably vodka, he stumbles away, heading for the dance floor downstairs. He feels a hand on his right shoulder and turns his head sharply, Jimin is next to him, between Yoongi and him.

“So.” he says, smiling and holding a bundle of keys in his hand “We got a place to sleep.”

“For the night?” Yoongi asks, Jimin shakes his head and he takes the glass of whiskey from Yoongi's hand, smells it and then takes a swing.

“Nah, for all the nights we need.” he replies, he licks his lips, moist from the whiskey “Taehyung owns a few flats here and there, he gave us his favorite. We can stay for as long as we want to.”

“What's the catch?”

Jimin rolls his eyes “No catch, this is my best friend helping us.”

“Did you explain why we need help, though?” Hoseok asks.

“Not entirely.” Jimin pats his thigh and Hoseok opens his legs a little, Jimin sits on his lap “Just told him we gotta be off the radar for a while.”

Hoseok hums, Jimin waves his hand at the bar tender to catch his attention “A White Russian.”

Yoongi grimaces “The fuck is a White Russian?”

“It sounds kinky.” Hoseok says, Jimin giggles.

“It's milk and vodka, it's so fucking good. Gets you drunk with less than two glasses. And, honestly, I really wanna get drunk.”

“Preach.” Yoongi mutters, bringing his glass back to his lips.

The bar tender comes back with Jimin's drink, it just looks like milk but Hoseok can smell the vodka even from this distance. Jimin takes a long gulp and he hisses, closing his eyes and then sighing.

“Look at us.” he says “Three runaways getting drunk in a club.”

“Pretty sure they made a movie about this.” Hoseok chuckles, he drinks some more.

“So, this is what we're doing tonight?” Yoongi asks “We get drunk and then find our way to Taehyung's flat?”

“It ain't that far.” Jimin raises his glass “To us?”

“To us.” Hoseok clings his glass with Jimin's.

“To us.” Yoongi grunts.



Hoseok isn't exactly sure what happens from then on. Well, no, he knows what happens: they get shit faced.

From then, though, that is quite a blur.

He remembers Jimin whining and whining about wanting to dance, Yoongi refusing firmly to stand up from his stool and then... then for whatever reason all three of them were on the dance floor, bass pumping in the air, sweaty bodies caging them.

He remembers Jimin being between them, Yoongi's arms around Jimin's waist, his own hands draped around the orange haired boy's neck, and Jimin's slow drag of his hips against his. He remembers Jimin arching his back, ass against Yoongi's groin, music forgotten, neck tilted almost in invitation and his lips finding their way in the soft espanse of his collarbones. Yoongi's eyes fixed on his, dark and hungry, his pale hand pulling just slightly at Jimin's orange hair and the younger boy's breathing hitching.

He remembers this.

He really doesn't remember how they ended up in one of the dirty toilets of the club, smoking weed.

Jimin is sitting on the floor, feet propped against the wall of the toilet, knees up. Yoongi is sitting on the toilet, Hoseok has somehow found his way on his lap. Yoongi has bony knees, but his hand is warm where is resting against his stomach. Hoseok takes a drag of the joint, exhales and looks at the way the smoke is painted red from the lights of the bathroom.

“I'm hungry.” Yoongi mutters, Jimin hums, Hoseok holds up the joint and Yoongi wraps his lips around it, inhales, exhales, Hoseok watches with fascination the whole process.

“I'm craving burgers.” he says, passing the joint to Jimin “Burger King kinda shit.”

“Fuck yeah, me too.” Jimin takes a drag “Tae told me he's got, like, really junky food at the flat. Snacks and shit. Poptarts, maybe.”

“The american dream.” Hoseok whispers, closing his eyes.

“The imported american dream.” Jimin says, giggling, he passes the joint to Yoongi.

There's silence for a while, music coming muffled from outside the bathrooms.

“Don't know about you guys-” Yoongi begins, voice a gravelly low sound “But I've never felt this good before.”

Jimin frowns “You mean high?”

“No, I mean good. I'm feeling good.” Yoongi puts the roach between Hoseok's waiting lips “Fuck it, I feel alive. Have been since last night.”

Hoseok chuckles “Shit, man.”

“It's true, though.” Jimin says, smiling softly in that kind of way stoned people do “It's the same for me. Putting all the shit aside, this ain't so bad.”

Hoseok doesn't say anything. They're not wrong. The whole trip was fun, meeting them was unexpected and in such a weird situation that if he thinks about it now he could almost laugh. He tried to kill himself jumping in front of Yoongi's car and now he's here. Alive. Fucking enjoying himself. This is probably the alcohol speaking though. Or the weed. Probably both.

“It's kind of fucked up that we feel like this, don't you think?” Yoongi asks.

“Yeah.” Hoseok says, Jimin shrugs.

“Maybe we should take this as a sign.” he says.

“A sign for what?” Yoongi looks at the boy and his thumb is rubbing circles on the soft of Hoseok's stomach.

“That maybe we should stick together.” Jimin whispers.

Yoongi doesn't speak for a long time after that, eyes staring at the ceiling where the red lights keep flickering.

“Yeah.” he finally murmurs, words almost getting lost in the echoes of the music “Yeah, we should.”

Hoseok lets out a laugh “I fucking love you guys.”



Somehow, they find their way to Taehyung's flat. It's true, it's not that far, but they're so far gone that even walking straight isn't easy.

Jimin takes about five minutes to work the door open, fumbling with the keys and pouting, whilst Yoongi waits sitting on his sports bag full of cash and Hoseok smokes a cigarette, staring at the street in front of the flat, not a car passing by, it's almost dawn.

“Fucking got it.” Jimin says and the door is opened, the three of them drags their bodies inside, barely looking at what the flat looks like.

“I'm calling dibs on the shower.” Jimin says “I need a fucking shower.”

“Let me go take a piss first.” Yoongi says and he starts looking for the toilet. None of them have the brilliant idea of turning the lights on.

Hoseok starts looking around the house, bumping into a coffee table and in a house plant, navigating through the corridors. He opens a door and he stares at the room in front of him before it clicks.

“Found the bedroom!” Hoseok yells as he takes off his jacket, shoes, socks and jeans, remaining in his white oversize shirt and underwear.

He jumps on the bed and sighs deeply as soon as his body hits the matress, limbs relaxing. The bed is big enough for all three of them to fit comfortably, although there are probably more bedrooms.

He hears Yoongi telling Jimin that the toilet is free before there's the soft sound of steps getting closer.

As soon as Yoongi is inside the room he throws carelessly the sports bag in a corner and gets out of his clothes until he's only wearing his silk blue shirt, buttons open down to his collarbones. He gets on the other side of the bed, taking a deep breath.

Hoseok opens his eyes and stares for a while at Yoongi's legs, pale and smooth.

“You need to eat dude.”

“Shut the fuck up, I'm like this by constituition.” Yoongi replies, he sounds tired.

Hell, Hoseok's tired too.

“How the fuck does Jimin have the energy to get a shower?” he whispers.

“He was covered in blood when I found him.”

Hoseok looks at Yoongi, catching his eyes.


“He probably just wants to get the feeling off his skin.” Yoongi closes his eyes “Fuck, I'm tired.”

Hoseok hums, he feels his eyes fluttering close too, numbness taking over. He's probably half asleep when the matress dips down and his nose is filled with the smell of shampoo and body shower.

“The fuck, kid?” Yoongi mutters “Are you still wet?”

“Too tired.” Jimin mutters, laying on his stomach in the empty spot of the bed, between Yoongi and Hoseok, with his orange hair damp, the shirt he threw on sticking to his body.

Hoseok is about to close his eyes again when Jimin gets on his elbows and then leans on Yoongi's face and plants a soft kiss on his lips. Jimin turns around, looks at Hoseok for barely a second before he does the same with him. It's brief, a kiss that is barely there, but it feels nice and soft, Jimin's plump lips wet from the shower.

“What the fuck was that for?” Yoongi asks, there's no bite in his voice.

“Felt right.” Jimin replies, he lays back down “Goodnight guys.”









It's the light creeping through the curtains that wakes Jimin up.

He groans a little, shutting his eyes closed, wishing only to fall back asleep, but he can still feel the sun hitting his eyes, painting the back of his eyelids orange. Then he notices that his head hurts like a bitch and that he can almost taste death in his mouth, so he sighs and opens his eyes. The images are blurry, he can kind of make out a nest of green in front of him. He squeezes his eyes and opens them again. Oh, right, the nest of green is Yoongi's hair. It's a mess, completely fucked up, sticking up at weird angles. Jimin smiles at the slight pout Yoongi's lips have when he's asleep, then he also notices that Yoongi is definitely closer to him than he was when they went to sleep, that his knees are brushing and Yoongi's hand rests incredibly close to his, almost as if during the night he held it.

He notices just then the weigh on his hip and, tilting his head a little, he sees that Hoseok has an arm over it, his breath breaks softly on the nape of his neck. Hoseok looks relaxed, none of those forced grins on his lips, brown hair falling over his eyes.

Jimin takes a deep breath and slowly starts to districate himself from Hoseok, quietly getting off the bed. Yoongi stirs a little but he doesn't wake up. Jimin walks out of the bedroom and this time he has time to look at the flat.

It's nice in that retro vibe that Taehyung seems to be so fond of, walls painted pale peach. He finds himself in the living room, there's a red couch with too many pillows on, a tv and a coffee table, then too much junk thrown everywhere and it just feels like Tae. There's also a cactus on a little table next to the couch, Jimin smiles at it.

The kitchen is next to the living room, it screams “60s aesthetic”, but it's nice. Except for the yellow curtains, those look nasty.

Jimin spots the coffee machine so he looks for coffee, he opens the shelf and finds it there, a new box that still has to be opened. He takes it, puts the right amount in the coffee machine, puts water in it and starts it, immediately it starts grumbling.

Jimin opens another shelf, looking for something to eat and, true to Taehyung's words, there are poptarts. But Taehyung is also way taller than him and the little asshole put the shelf way too high for him. Jimin gets on the tips of his toes, raising his arm as much as he can, trying to get a hold of those sugary beauties, groaning in irritation.

He jumps when another arm appears next to him and he turns around, Hoseok is right behind him with a smirk on his face.

“Fuck off, how do you keep doing this?” he asks.

“I'm stealthy.” Hoseok replies, box of poptarts in his hand “You made coffee?”

“Yeah, I feel like shit. Hungover as fuck.” Jimin takes the box of poptarts and opens it, he takes two out and puts them in the toaster “Need all the sugar and caffeine in the world.”

“I feel you.” Hoseok leans on the kitchen counter “Does this flat only have junk food?”

Jimin hums, he finds in a bottom shelf some mugs and he takes three “We might wanna get some groceries.”

“When sleeping beauty wakes up we'll go.”

Jimin chuckles as he fills two mugs with coffee, he hands one to Hoseok and then props himself over the kitchen counter, sitting there with his legs crossed, he takes a sip of his coffee “I don't really remember much from last night. I remember smoking in a dirty ass toilet.”

Hoseok nods, drinking his coffee. The toaster dings once it's done, Jimin takes a poptart and gives it to Hoseok, than takes one for himself. They chew in silence for a while, sugar and a taste that can only come from chemicals in their mouths.

“And I remember kissing you two.”

“I remember that too.”

“It was nice.”

“It felt right, as you said.” Hoseok looks at his coffee “You like him, don't you?”

Jimin looks at Hoseok “Yoongi?”

“Who else?”

“I like both of you.”

He does. He really, really does.

Hoseok smiles, this time it doesn't feel forced “Funny.”

“What is?”

“That you like us both.” Hoseok takes a bite of his poptart “I like you both as well.”

Jimin smiles, looking down at his coffee again.

“But you like him a bit more.” Hoseok adds.

“Do I?”

“It looks like it.”

“I don't think I do.” Jimin says, honestly “I think I like you both in a different way. Maybe I feel more... attached to him? For whatever reason. Maybe because he's the one who found me, 'cause he helped me when I thought no one was going to. But I don't like him more than I like you. Just differently.”

Hoseok regards him for a few seconds, almost as if he's trying to read him, to see if he actually means it. Jimin almost feels offended by the lack of trust. Why would he lie? He likes them both, they both are likeable in their own ways. There's Hoseok, with his bright smiles that maybe are forced but don't feel fake, heart shaped lips he keeps on licking when he's distracted, tanned skin that looks like honey under the sun and a laugh loud and unbashed. Then there's Yoongi, quiet, maybe grumpy, but kind. So kind it almost feels unreal, pale limbs that look just right on him, a face made of delicate beauty and rare smiles that can make you take a double take. What's there not to like?

“Okay.” Hoseok finally says, nodding, “Okay, Jimin.”

Jimin smiles, flicking some crumbles of poptart from his bare thigh “Okay.”

After a few minutes of silence, Yoongi walks in the kitchen, eyes still closed, walking blindly.

“Morning.” Hoseok says, Yoongi grumbles and raises his hands up.

“Coffee.” he grumbles “Can smell it.”

“Here.” Jimin leans forward and fills the third mug with coffee, he holds it for Yoongi who opens an eye, spots it and takes it almost with urgency.

“You want a poptart, too?” Hoseok asks, Yoongi nods from behind his cup.

As they wait for the toaster to go off, Jimin speaks “We need to buy food, Taehyung literally has only poptarts and stale chips. And Oreos.”

“No ramen?” Hoseok asks, Jimin shakes his head “What kind of monster is he?”

“Don't ask.”

The toaster goes off and Yoongi takes his poptart, biting it immediately and chewing slowly “Then we go back to the club, get the car and go to a Seven Eleven or some shit like that. As long as we got instant food we're fine, I can't cook for shit.”

“Me neither.” Hoseok says, Jimin rolls his eyes.

“I can, and I want actual food as well. We'll go to a super market, I saw one on the way to the club yesterday night.”

Yoongi shrugs “Okay, fine by me.”




The super market is a ten minute drive from Taehyung's club. There are just three cars parked outside, the market's sign is made with neon lights but they keep flickering.

Yoongi gets out of the car, smoothing down his jeans, a Rolling Stones shirt tucked inside them with suspenders hanging precariously from his shoulders “Well, this place looks promising.”

“As long as there's food.” Hoseok says, closing the car door.

“Let's take a cart.” Jimin says, already walking to the line of carts just outside the market's entrance. He takes one but one of the wheels is crooked, so he searches for a better one. Once he finds it he smiles at it.

“I'm getting in.” he says.

“Where will we put the food then?” Yoongi asks, almost bored.

Jimin pouts “I'm tiny.”

“I know you are.”

“Hoseok, help me?”

Hoseok nods and when Jimin lifts a leg, hooking it on top of the cart, Hoseok puts his hands around his waist, lifting him up and helping him inside. Jimin giggles satisfied, sitting down inside the cart with crossed legs.

“It takes literally nothing to make you happy.” Yoongi says, Jimin can see him biting off a smile.

“Push me?” Jimin asks, grinning and for a moment he swears he sees fondness in Yoongi's eyes.

“So fucking demanding.” he grunts, still taking the cart and pushing it inside the market, Jimin wiggling his shoulders happily.

There's seemingly no one inside, just some very bored workers who throw them a look and go back to stacking the shelves with products. A song Jimin faintly recognizes plays dimly from the speakers.

“So, what are we buying?” Hoseok asks, walking next to Yoongi.

“The essentials?” Jimin purses his lips “Like, ramen and shit like that, but also fruit and veggies.”


“Don't know about you, Yoongi, but I do eat that shit.” he says, swiping back his orange hair “And tea. There's none in the flat. And some decent snacks too, I can't live off poptarts.”

They find the fruit and vegetables, Jimin points to them what he wants and Hoseok puts them in a plastic bag, holding them to Jimin who then arranges them inside the cart.

“If we get some pork I can make Bossam.” Jimin says, looking around looking for horseradish “You like Japchae?”

Hoseok nods, smiling “Who knew we had a chef with us.”

Jimin waves his hand dismissively, holding his knees close to his chest “I'm not that good, really.”

“You're better than us, that's for sure.” Yoongi says, pushing forward the cart and Jimin “I see snacks over there.”

Hoseok starts taking any kind of snack he sets his eyes on from the shelf, throwing them in the cart, Jimin looking at what he choose “I don't like shrimp chips.”

“I don't know you anymore.” Hoseok grumbles, taking another pack out of spite.

“What do you like?” Yoongi asks.

Jimin is tempted to reply with I like you, but he decides that he might not like the outcome, knowing Yoongi.


Hoseok takes a box of little chocolate cakes and Jimin nods, Hoseok drops them in the cart “Ramen ramen ramen.”

Jimin leaves the rest of the shopping to them, the two boys getting maybe too many packs of instant ramen, too many sausages, more snacks, milk and coffee. The essentials, as they say.

“You're fucking heavy.” Yoongi grunts at some point, still pushing the cart with Jimin inside, quite literally covered in food.

“It's the stuff we got that makes it heavy.” Jimin pouts, Yoongi clicks his tongue.

“Pretty sure you're at fault as well.”

“Or maybe your twigs are.”

“These twigs are the reason your lazy ass didn't take a step in this fucking super market.”

“Guys, please, act like adults.” Hoseok says, reading with interest the nutritional levels of a bag of honey chips “Besides, we got all we needed so you can stop whining, Yoongi.”

“The amount of disrespect is unbelievable.” Yoongi mutters, pushing Jimin and their groceries to the cash registers “I should've left your lost asses in Busan.”

The guy at the cash register sends them a weird look, especially at Jimin, who is still happily sitting down in the cart. Honestly, he doesn't care if people stare, he's been wanting to get inside a cart since forever, he remembers loving it when he was a kid.

As Yoongi pays for their items, Hoseok loads the bags with their groceries back inside the metal cart.

“You're gonna have to get down now.” Yoongi says as he pushes the cart outside, Jimin sighs.

“I know. Let's put the food in the car first, then you take me back to the carts and then I get off.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes but doesn't protest, so they load the bags in the trunk of the car and Yoongi starts pushing Jimin back.

“Ah, I forgot something.” Hoseok says, he starts walking back to the super market “I'll be right back.”

Jimin frowns, Yoongi tells him they'll wait for him at the car and keeps going towards the rest of the carts.

“What does he need?” Jimin asks “Did he even take money?”

“As if he needs money to get what he wants.”

“He could get in trouble.”

“He'll be fine.”

Jimin raises his chin, trying to get a look at Yoongi besides him without turning around and he smiles “You like him, don't you?”

Yoongi scoffs “The hell are you talking about?”

“You do. You find him entertaining.”

“Nothing entertaining about him.”

Jimin purses his lips, the wheels of the cart screech on the ground “I think you like him a lot.”

Yoongi doesn't reply and, if Jimin understands Yoongi even a little, silence is already an answer. Yoongi likes having the last word.

“Here we are.” Yoongi stops pushing the cart once they're in front of the others “Come on, kid, get down.”

“I'll miss this thing.” Jimin says, crouching on his feet inside the cart.

“If you like it that much you'll get on it next time too.”

Jimin nods happily at that and hooks a leg over the cart, trying to find the floor with his foot so that he can get down easily without having to jump. But then he loses his balance, he feels the cart tipping left and he grips onto it, actively carrying it down with him. He yelps and then hits the floor hard on his shoulder, cart falling on his right leg.

“Shit, you okay?!” Yoongi takes the cart and pulls it up, shoving it away without a care and kneeling next to Jimin.

“Oh my god.” Jimin giggles, covering his face with the palm of his hands “Oh, that was so awkward.”

He hears Yoongi snorting “Okay, does anything hurt?”

Jimin sighs and shakes his head “Just my shoulder, but not much. My pride, though, that one hurts.”

“I can imagine.”

“My fucking legs are too short.” Jimin mutters, Yoongi smiles at him and offers him his hand. Jimin grips it and Yoongi pulls him up, he pats lightly on his shoulder to get some dust off his shirt.

“That was kinda funny.” Yoongi says, still smiling. Jimin likes Yoongi's smile, probably because it's unexpected. From Hoseok is different, even his forced smiles are nice, always bright, they suit his personality. Yoongi, on the other hand, is always cold and he doesn't speak much, so the fact that his gums show when he smiles, white teeth on display, eyes turning into crescents... well, it's just nice.

They walk back to the car, Jimin lights up a cigarette for himself and they wait for Hoseok leaning against the side of the Chevrolet. Hoseok appears after a while, shit eating grin stretching his lips and Yoongi quircks up an eyebrow.

“The fuck did you do?”

“Got us presents.” he replies and out of his jeans' pockets he fishes out some jewels.

“What the hell?” Jimin asks “You stole them?”

Hoseok shrugs “I saw them near the cash register, still don't know why all super markets have that part close to the registers where they sell just useless junk. And lowkey porn magazines. Anyway, it's nothing expensive, they're really cheap, but I thought it would be nice.” He holds to Jimin an earring, a cross made of cheap silver “This is for you, I saw you have your ears pierced.”

Jimin takes it and smiles at the male “Thank you.”

Hoseok nods and turns to Yoongi “This is for you.” he hands Yoongi a necklace, an incredibly thin chain with a pendant in the shape of a leaf, the same material “Thought it would suit you.”

Yoongi hums, he twists it between his fingers but doesn't wear it.

“This one's for me.” Hoseok raises his arm and Jimin notices a silver bracelet around his wrist, nothing fancy, just a simple circle, thick and opaque.

“These are nice, Hoseok.” Jimin says as he puts the earring in one of his holes “I like it a lot.”

“Why did you get them, though?” Yoongi asks.

“Thought it would be nice, you know, to have something that links us? I don't know...” Hoseok smiles, maybe a little flustered “I just liked the idea. I mean, they're just costume jewels, but I thought it would be nice.”

Yoongi nods to himself, still looking at the necklace in his hands. Hoseok clears his throat.

“You don't have to wear it if you don't li-”

“Shut up.” Yoongi quickly puts the necklace around his neck, the leaf falls on his sternum “Let's get back home.”

Yoongi goes to sit at the driver's seat, Jimin looks at Hoseok and sees him wearing probably the most genuine smile he's ever had until now. Something twists in his chest, he finds himself smiling as well.






The next days are uneventful, to say the least, and Jimin kind of loves them for it. Despite them being so different, they fall into an easy routine that Jimin comes to be fond of. They still go to sleep in the same bed, even though by now they know very well that the flat has two more bedrooms. No one talks about it, but Jimin thinks Hoseok likes sleeping with them because that way he doesn't wake up alone. He thinks Yoongi actually doesn't mind sleeping with them because maybe, just maybe, he craves affection. Even in the slightest. And Jimin- after his nightmares he wakes up with warm bodies around him, so that's enough of a reason for him.

Whoever ends up sleeping in the middle will, with no fault, wake up with the other two glued to his sides, legs tangled together.

When it's Yoongi in the middle, Jimin finds himself curling on his chest, nose nuzzling his collarbones, Hoseok always holds them both close.

When it's Hoseok, Jimin always wakes up with Hoseok's arm around his waist, holding him close, Yoongi has his hand close to Hoseok's head, as if he'd been caressing his hair during the night.

When it's him in the middle, he wakes up to Yoongi sleeping close to him, closer than when he went to sleep, fingers brushing his own, Hoseok's nose nuzzling the nape of his neck.

He likes sleeping in the middle.


During the day they wander around Daegu, sometimes Taehyung tags along, he and Yoongi show them the city, Yoongi takes them to the botanical garden he used to love when he was a kid. Taehyung and Yoongi get along, weirdly enough. Maybe it's because Yoongi is from Daegu as well, maybe because Yoongi missed hearing the thick accent of his city, maybe just because he actually likes Tae.


“Which one of them are you fucking?” Taehyung asks him one evening, just outside his club, Yoongi and Hoseok are inside getting drinks.

“None.” Jimin replies, he blows off smoke that the night breeze takes away immediately, the tip glinting red in the dark.

Taehyung hums “Which one of them do you want to fuck?”

A pause.

“That's a good question.” he says.


Sometimes, Hoseok drifts away. He starts staring at a wall, or at the coffee table in front of their couch, or maybe at nothing. Just staring, breathing slow, eyes unfocused.

Once, it happens whilst they're making dinner. Jimin is making clam stew, stirring anchovies in a pot, Hoseok is cutting the radish when suddenly there's a loud clang. Jimin jumps and looks at the floor, the kitchen knife fell right next to Hoseok's bare foot.

“Shit, are you okay?” Jimin asks, crouching down to take the knife “You cut yourself?”

When there's no responde, Jimin looks at Hoseok. He's staring at the ugly yellow curtains, eyes dazy, mouth slack.

“Hoseok?” Jimin calls him, he gulps down the concern. Slowly, he puts his hand over Hoseok's and the boy blinks once before focusing back on Jimin.


“You dropped the knife.”

“Oh.” Hoseok chuckles and, fuck, it's the fakest sound he's ever heard “Sorry.”

“It's fine, just be careful.” Jimin gets back to the anchovies, adding some salt to the soup before he sighs “Are you okay, Hoseok?”

He doesn't reply, silence filling the kitchen, and then “Who knows?”


Yoongi sometimes checks his phone. Everytime he does, it buzzes like crazy, flooding with notifications and missed calls. Jimin sees it with the corner of his eyes, it's always the same number. He doesn't question it. He's not sure if Yoongi would answer.

Sometimes, Yoongi stands by the door, keeping it open, for minutes and minutes, staring at the empty road in front of him, everytime a car drives by his whole body tenses, fingers twitching. As soon as the car drives away he relaxes, but he doesn't move.

Jimin knows why. Yoongi's afraid.

Afraid that whoever he's running from will find them, will do something, anything.

“Don't you think we should keep moving?” Jimin asks him once, trying to sound casual.

“Why?” Yoongi asks him, he's standing by the door.

“Just- I don't know, maybe it's better if we do.”

A pause.

“Because of me, right?” Yoongi asks, Jimin doesn't reply “That's sweet kid, but it's fine.”

“You think they'll find you?”

“I don't know. Maybe not, maybe yes.”

“Then why are we staying?”

“I like it here.” he answers, a smile in his voice “And you two like it too. It's fine.”

But then a car drives in front of the flat and Yoongi turns into a statue until it drives away, far from them. Until they're safe again.



One evening, when the heat of summer is too much, they stay home. Jimin gives Taehyung a quick call, telling him that they won't drop by, and they end up sitting on the couch, watching the tv without really focusing, the little fan they found in the house on the coffee table, swinging lazily from side to side, barely giving them any relief from the sticky warmth.

“We're gonna die.” Jimin whispers “This heat will kill us.”

“So fucking dramatic.” Yoongi says, but he's sweating like a mad man.

“You know what we should do?” Hoseok massages his neck “We should get drunk. Or high.”

“High.” Jimin says “If we drink we'll just be hotter.”

“I'll get the weed.” Hoseok stands up from the couch and goes to the spare room they use to keep their stuff.

Jimin fans his face with his hand, groaning.

“Fuck it, I'm too hot.”

He gets off the couch as well and goes to their bedroom, taking off his shirt and pants. He opens the closet and looks for the robe he bought a few days back, made of an incredibly thin and fresh fabric, large and with short sleeves. He finds it and shrugs it on, without tying it close 'cause he really can't be bothered, and walks back to the living room.

He sits heavily on the couch, sighing as the cool air hits his bare chest. Now, that's better. They're all in their underwear anyway, shame be damned. Hell, they sleep together almost naked, who cares about exposed skin anymore?

He sends a look at Yoongi and he sees him staring at his chest, down to his navel. Jimin presses his lips together. Yoongi then looks away, licking his lips.

“Okay, let's get high.” Hoseok says as he walks back in the room, then he whistles “Goddamn, Jimin, you're ripped.”

“Shut up.” Jimin giggles.

Hoseok sits on the couch, a joint already in his fingers and he lights it up, inhaling in quick drags until the tip is flaming red. He blows out a large cloud of smoke and passes it to Jimin.

“What an excting night.” Yoongi mutters.




Jimin realizes three things that night.

That when Yoongi is high he gets a lot more giggly, chuckling lowly at almost everything, relaxed in a way that is so foreign on the lines of his face.

The second is that Hoseok becomes even louder and chattier, his laughter so loud it can pierce walls, lips almost never not stretched into a huge grin, eyes lighting up with amusement.

The third one is not really a realization, more like a sudden memory coming back. He does lose shame when he's high. Which explains why, after the second joint, he's in the middle of the room, a cigarette between his lips, swaying to a song playing from the old record player Taehyung has in the flat, jazz music filling the air.

Jimin doesn't even like jazz, but he still dances to it, smiling with his eyes closed, hair swept back off his forehead because he was sweating too much and, truly, he's actually enjoying himself. Lightheaded, but not enough for it to be uncomfortable, a pleasant buzz in his muscles, his mind void of anything negative. He's having fun.

“You've got moves, Minnie.” Hoseok says, sitting on the couch in only his briefs, shirt forgotten after the heat started becoming unbearable.

“Mmmmh” Jimin spins around, his hips following the rythm of the bass of the song “Used to dance back in Busan, when I was younger.”

“'s that so?” Yoongi asks, the buttons of his shirt almost completely opened.

“I used to love it.” Jimin inhales smoke “But it was a long time ago.”

“What genre?” Hoseok asks.

“A bit of everything, mostly contemporary.” Jimin giggles for no particular reason “I'm telling you, I'm so fucking bendy.”

That seems to stir Yoongi's attention “Yeah?”

Jimin nods “You could bend me in half, I wouldn't even bat an eye.”

He decides that it's a good idea to demonstrate so he decides to bend forward until his palms lay flat against the wooden floor, legs perfectly straight. Hoseok whistles.

“Holy shit.”

“I can do splits, gents.”

Hoseok chuckles “That's kind of hot.”

Jimin gets back up and turns to Hoseok, who's looking at him with a looped grin. Jimin cocks his head to the side.

“Is it?”


Jimin walks to the couch and, without really thinking, he straddles Hoseok's lap. The boy seems surprised for a moment, smile faltering briefly before it's back on his lips.

“What are you doing?”

Jimin takes a drag of his cigarette before he stubbs it in the ashtray of the little table they have next to the couch, he turns to Hoseok, blows smoke on his face then leans in and connects their lips.

He feels Hoseok tensing up for a moment before he gives in, lips slotting easily against his and, really, Hoseok has nice lips. Suddenly, Jimin wants more. He can just blame it on the weed if something is weird after, right now he just wants more.

His hands go to the nape of Hoseok's neck and pulls him closer, deepening the kiss, Hoseok's mouth opens and his tongue slips inside. Hoseok hums into the kiss, arms going around his waist and holding him, hands roaming on his back.

Hoseok's tongue drags against the roof of his mouth, teeth biting his lips, suddenly the heat is even worst than before, but Jimin welcomes it.

“What are-” Hoseok murmurs against his lips “You sure this-”

Jimin silences him when he drags his hips against Hoseok's “Yeah.”

Something lights up in Hoseok at the words. He latches his lips on the column of Jimin's throat and his hands lower down to the small of his back, fingers slowly palming his cheeks and Jimin gapes.

“Like that.” he whispers when Hoseok starts sucking hard on his skin, teeth scratching him, hands squeezing harder “Hobi-”

Hoseok grinds his groin against Jimin's, the friction good enough for a tiny moan to escape his lips and Jimin wants so much.

That's when he hears a sharp intake of breath and opens his eyes to see Yoongi staring at them, eyes dark and lips agape.

Jimin doesn't even think when he lifts his hand towards him, pleading with his eyes to come closer, just a bit closer.

And Yoongi does. He sits up and crawls towards them, his lips finding Jimin's immediately and a hand goes to caress the back of Hoseok's neck.

Jimin falls pliant to the way Yoongi maps the inside of his mouth, sucking on his tongue as if he's never wanted anything else and the heat is unbearable and so fucking good, Jimin's head almost starts spinning.

“Fuck.” Hoseok groans, Jimin can feel his gaze on them.

Then Hoseok grabs the elastic of his briefs and pulls them down, he takes his cock in his hand and Jimin pulls back from the kiss.

“Shit.” Jimin starts fucking in Hoseok's fist, tight around his erection, thumb smearing precum from the tip “Shit.”

Yoongi's lips start moving along his jawline, nibbling softly, then down his neck until he bites, hard.

Jimin cries out, hips stuttering, Hoseok chuckles against his mouth.

“You're so fucking hot.” he says, Jimin closes his eyes “So pretty.”

“Oh god.” Jimin thrusts his hips faster.

“He likes that.” Yoongi whispers against his flesh “You do, don't you?”

Jimin doesn't reply, his mouth open in a silent moan when Hoseok twists his wrist and pumps him faster.

“You're so good, baby.” Hoseok says, Jimin whimpers “So good for us, yeah? Fuck, you should see yourself, you're so fucking wet.”

“Shit, shut up.”

Yoongi bites lightly at his pierced ear, tugging at the earring Hoseok gave him before he whispers “You're beautiful.”

Jimin keens at that, moans with his voice cracking.

“You've got gold on your skin.” Yoongi says “You're fucking gorgeus.”

“I'm gonna come.” Jimin chokes out “'m so close.”

Hoseok leans down and mouths at his nipple, Jimin tenses up in anticipation until Hoseok starts sucking it.


Yoongi's still close to him, nose against his temple, hand going down to his ass, kneading the soft flesh “You're going to come just because we've been praising you?”

Jimin nods weakly, head swimming in pleasure, heat making him dizzy, Hoseok biting at his skin, so sensitive it almost hurts in the best way.

“You're so good, love.” Yoongi murmurs, voice low, his breath breaking on the shell of his ear “So fucking good.”

“Yoongi, please.” Jimin turns to look at Yoongi “Please.”

Yoongi looks as wrecked as he is and he still hasn't even been touched, eyes so dark they look black, skin flushed.

“Fucking breathtaking.”


Yoongi's eyes widen and something twists his expression, something so raw Jimin quivers. Yoongi leans down and bites at the soft spot between his shoulder and neck, his fingers trail between his ass cheeks and press against his hole.

“Come, love.” Yoongi growls “Show us how pretty you are.”

And Jimin does, body spasming and thighs trembling as he comes hard over Hoseok's fist.

“Shit, baby, you look-” Hoseok slows down his hand, still working him through the orgasm “You're fucking perfect.”

“Shit, stop stop.” Jimin whimpers, weakly swatting Hoseok's hand away when it gets too much, Hoseok lets go of him and Jimin collapses against him, breath short and body still buzzing in the afterglow “Oh my fucking god.”

Hoseok kisses the top of his head, Jimin finds himself smiling. He manages to get off Hoseok and slumps on the couch, trying to catch his breath.

“My robe is ruined.” He whines, looking at the stain on the fine fabric.

“I'll buy you another one.” Yoongi says, he leans down to press a light kiss on Jimin's bent knee, then turns to Hoseok “Let's take care of you too, yeah?”

Hoseok's lips curl up in a grin when he grips the hem of Yoongi's shirt, tugging him close until the older boy is sitting on his lap too, bodies pressed against each other, their clothed cocks rubbing together when Yoongi starts grinding down Hoseok's crotch.

Jimin watches, taking in the way Yoongi's eyes are clouded with arousal, green hair damp with sweat, his bottom lip trapped between his teeth.

“Fuck, I can't-” Yoongi tugs Hoseok's briefs down, his cock springing free and resting hard against the curve of his abdomen.

Yoongi gets his erection out of his briefs too, pumping himself once before he aligns his dick with Hoseok's. He spits on his hand, then takes both of their erections in his fist.

Hoseok moans, hips thrusting up and fucking in Yoongi's hand, the green haired has his eyes closed, head thrown back as he finally gets some friction, breathing irregular, hitching in his throat as he strokes them.

If he weren't so fucking stoned, Jimin would probably get hard again at the sight but he's too spent, to sated, too content and light headed.

“Shit, darling.” Hoseok's fingers dig in the flesh of Yoongi's ass and the older boy lets out a breathy moan.

Yoongi grabs locks of brown hair, pulling at them until Hoseok groans and tilts his head back, Yoongi stroking them faster.

Jimin licks his lips and searches for Yoongi's cigarettes, he's sure the pack is still on the couch somewhere. He finds them and fishes one out, lighting it up and sitting more comfortably, knees close to his chest.

Yoongi's eyes flicker to him “Enjoying the show?” he asks, voice strained.

Jimin hums, a hand caressing Hoseok's thigh.

Yoongi rolls his eyes in fake annoyance but Jimin can see in his flushed skin that this is somewhat affecting him. Yoongi tilts Hoseok's chin up and leans down, licking in his mouth, Hoseok falls pliant to the kiss, mouth open for Yoongi. Jimin swallows as he watches Yoongi biting Hoseok's bottom lip, tugging at it until he lets go and sucks on the other boy's tongue.

“You both look so fucking good.” Jimin says, awestruck, hand travelling from Hoseok's thigh to his taught stomach, tanned skin covered in a thin layer of sweat, his fingers graze over Hoseok's nipple and then, abruptly, Jimin pinches it.

Hoseok breaks the kiss when he moans, voice loud and breaking at the end, thrashing and arching his back against Yoongi.

“Fuck, Seoksie.” Yoongi chokes on air, his hand pumping their leaking cocks faster, precum dropping on Hoseok's stomach.

Jimin sees the moment Hoseok gives up, hips thrusting up to meet Yoongi's strokes, his cock twitching everytime Yoongi digs his thumb in the slit.

“Shit shit shit, feels so fucking good.”

“You gonna come, Seoksie?”

Hoseok nods, hips stuttering, Jimin leans down on his chest, licks his nipple and then bites it. Just like that, Hoseok comes, spilling in Yoongi's fist, hips stilling for a moment and a broken moan coming out of his lips, Yoongi pumps him through it.

Jimin knows Yoongi is close too, he can see it in how unfocused his eyes are, the rythm of his strokes completely fucked up but he still doesn't let go of Hoseok's dick, fisting them both, Hoseok whines and writhes in oversensitivity, short whimpers filling the air.

Jimin then lunges forward, latches his lips under Yoongi's jaw and whispers against his heated skin “Come for us, hyung.”

Yoongi's eyes snap open and he falls apart with a sound so needy and raw that Jimin feels his mouth go dry. Yoongi's thighs tremble, he lets go of his cock and barely catches himself before he falls backwards, finding support on Hoseok's shoulders.

“Holy shit.” Hoseok takes a deep breath.

Jimin plants a kiss on Yoongi's mouth, the boy too blissed out to even aknowledge it, then swipes cum from Hoseok's stomach with his thumb and sucks on it.

“Fucking hell, Jimin.” Yoongi whispers, Jimin just giggles.

“I'm so sticky and gross.” he says “Need a shower.”

Yoongi slowly gets off Hoseok “Get me a towel or some shit, I don't have the power to walk to the bathroom.”

“Same.” Hoseok whispers.

“You're so fucking lazy, both of you.”

As Jimin makes his way to the bathroom to fetch them a wet towel he thinks that tomorrow, once they'll be sober and lucid, they will probably regret this. Or that, at least, something will change, maybe for the worst. He decides he doesn't want to think about it now.







The thing is, they don't talk about it. Which is probably the biggest mistake they could have made.

When Yoongi woke up the next morning, Hoseok and Jimin were next to him on their bed. Yoongi stood up and went to make coffee, when the other two joined him no one said anything about the previous night. Nothing. Yoongi decides to believe that it was probably just because they were high as hell, and the heat was playing games on them. That's why there's a mutual agreement of not talking about it.

As the days go by, Yoongi feels like it's something else entirely.

Nothing blatantly changes between them. They keep acting as usual, killing time as they walk around Daegu, they keep going to the same super market and Jimin keeps sitting in the cart, demanding that Yoongi pushes him, Hoseok still makes dumb jokes and then stares at nothing with blank eyes.

Nothing changes between them, but he's sure as fuck something changed between Hoseok and Jimin.


The first time he notices it is when a week after the thing, whatever that thing even was, the three of them go to Taehyung's club because there's a special night and the boy promises them free alcohol and weed.

They're sitting at the bar counter, downing tequila shots, digging their teeth in stale slices of lemon when Jimin declares that he wants to dance and Hoseok joins him on the dance floor.

“You're coming, yeah?” Hoseok asks him, Yoongi shakes his head.

“I ain't drunk enough.”

“Then keep drinking.” Jimin says, smiling, he takes Hoseok's hand and drags him away with him.

Yoongi orders himself a whiskey, he drinks lazily, the bass of the remix reverberating in his ribcage. He stands up and walks to the railing, propping his elbows there and searching for Hoseok and Jimin between the ocean of bodies downstairs. He finds them.

They're not dancing. That's not dancing. They're just staring at each other, arms around their necks, Jimin's hips moving effortlessly against Hoseok. That's the first time he feels it, the sting in his chest, an annoying little voice in his head that screams They don't need you.



He starts noticing things after that night.

Sometimes he will catch Hoseok staring at Jimin with want written all over his face.

Sometimes he will turn around to tell Jimin something and catches the boy smiling softly in Hoseok's direction, even if the other is not even looking at him

He sees them casting each other secret glances, he sees their hands itching when they're close.

They don't need him. They want each other and he's just there, preventing them from getting what they wish for. He's a burden in this, he's the other guy. And shit, he didn't expect it to hurt so fucking much.


Jungkook keeps calling him. Everytime Yoongi turns on his phone, there are missed calls over missed calls. Yoongi never returns them. The texts Jungkook sends him turned into pleads.

“Just come back, please.”

“Come on hyung, tell me where you are.”

“I don't know what to do.”

“Just tell me you're okay.”

“Hyung, I'm fucking begging you.”

Yoongi wants to call him so bad. He just wants to hear Jungkook's voice, his childish whining, he misses that kid like crazy and fuck, he hopes he's doing okay, he needs to be okay.

He wants to call him, tell him he's fine, he doesn't need to worry about a thing except himself. He wants to talk to him about Jimin and Hoseok, of how fucked up the situation is, of the fact that Jimin and Hoseok probably fuck when he's not around them, that he doesn't understand his feelings at all.

When he does understand them, however, it hits him like a fucking train.

He's sitting on the kitchen counter smoking whilst Jimin is busy making dinner, Hoseok munching on a carrot without a care in the world.

“You two sure are useful.” Jimin mutters, cutting onions at full speed “You never do shit.”

“I did my part.” Yoongi says “I paid for the food.”

“I'm making sure the ingredients are good.” Hoseok adds “Honestly, Jimin, you're so ungrateful.”

Jimin spins around holding the kitchen knife and a murderous look “I will shove this thing up your ass, see then who's ungrateful.”

Hoseok fakes a shiver “Damn, Jimin, find your chill.”

“What's chill? Is it edible?”

“Fucking hilarious.”

“Shut the fuck up, mister I-think-I'm-so-funny-eating-carrots-like-Bugs Bunny.” Jimin focuses on the onions again “It's wabbit season, bitch.”

Hoseok burts out laughing, slamming his hand on the table and almost choking on the piece of carrot in his mouth. Yoongi tries to hold back his own laughter but fails, coughing out smoke, he sees Jimin smiling to himself.

That's when he understands that he's completely and utterly fucked. Because Jimin and Hoseok got under his skin too fast and too hard, creating a routine that Yoongi dreamt about for ages, giving him only smiles and care and kindness, companionship. And he's a goner for them. Absolutely whipped for Hoseok's laugh and Jimin's giggles, lost in the expanse of their bodies, wrecked by their voices and he's gone. He wants to take care of Jimin, give him back the happiness he deserves, and he wants Hoseok to stop staring at nothing when he thinks he's not looking and he's gone. He's gone.

And he's the other guy.

They don't need him and he's the other guy.


Jimin's voice brings him back, he looks at the boy and sees concern in his eyes.


“Are you okay? You were staring at your hands.”

I'm not okay. I'm not.

“I'm good.” Yoongi says “Don't worry, kid.”



They're at the club again. Another one of those special events Taehyung seems to like so much, Yoongi has been holding on his whiskey for almost an hour, barely drinking it.

Jimin and Hoseok are off somewhere, probably dancing, Yoongi declined their invitation again.

“I'm not drunk enough.”

That excuse will be the death of him.

He stands up from the stool, glances at the dance floor and spots Jimin's orange hair in the crowd, so he guesses they're fine and decides to go out and have a smoke.

The air is cool that night, none of that suffocating humid heat that tortured them until now, sky clear of clouds and city quiet in the middle of the night, the only noise is the muffled music coming from the club.

Yoongi leans with his back against the wall, taking a deep breath. The door slams open, music coming loud, a guy and a girl run outside giggling, barely noticing Yoongi, they run away holding hands. The automatic door closes again, music dim once more. Yoongi lights up a cigarette and tries to get lost in the routine of smoking: lift you arm, exhale, inhale, drop you arm, stare at the cloud of white smoke. It looks almost purple in the night, with the flickering neon red light casting crimson from the corner.

The door opens again, Yoongi doesn't check who it is, he keeps on smoking.

“You got one for me?”

Yoongi turns to Taehyung, looking at him with that smile of his, all boxy and warm.

“Sure.” Yoongi hands him his pack of cigarettes, Tae takes one for himself and lights it up. Taehyung smokes like he does everything else: loudly and fast. Everytime he exhales he makes a show of it, almost whistling, making smoke rings in the air. He's already taking another drag even if he hasn't expelled all the smoke in his lungs.

“So-” the boy starts “What's going on with you three?”

“Don't know what you're talking about.”

“Come on, Yoons-hyung.” Taehyung rubs at his cheek “You're my Daegu brother, you can talk to me. Who's fucking who?”

“Who says anyone is fucking?”

Taehyung snorts, Yoongi kinda wants to slap him in the face “Please. I know Jimin, hell, I fucked Jimin. Multiple times. I know what he looks like after he fucked someone. He starts looking at you with different eyes, the sappy bitch.”

Yoongi doesn't reply.

“So, which one is it? 'Cause I saw him dancing with Hoseok, but then at the bar he was looking at you like-”

“Both.” Yoongi cuts him off.

“Wait. Both of you? For real?”

Yoongi nods, Taehyung's eyes widen up “He's such a lucky fucking slut.”

“Dude.” Yoongi mutters, pressing his lips around his cigarette.

“So why aren't you with them?”

Yoongi shrugs “I think I'd just be in their way. They don't need me.”

A pause “Did they tell you that?”

“No, they didn't have to tell me. I could see it.”

“Are you fucking stupid?”

“Yah.” Yoongi turns around to face the taller boy “Another word about this and-”

“You think Jimin did whatever it is he did with you two and then just picked Hoseok over you, forgetting about it completely? Are you actually stupid?” Taehyung pulls back his hair “Jimin is the most over emotional person I've ever fucking met. And clingy as fuck. And when he fucks someone you can bet your ass he will get attached to them, fucking dependent on them. That's just how he is. Like, I can't speak for Hoseok, but I know Jimin. If he fucks you it's because he wants you, once he fucks you then he also needs you. That's just- him, you know?” Taehyung presses his lips together “So if for you it was just a meaningless fuck then-”

“It wasn't.” Yoongi swallows “I don't do casual sex, it doesn't exist. You fuck someone, you're already connected.”

Taehyung nods, he takes one last drag and then throws on the ground the cigarette “Maybe tell them, then. They were looking for you earlier.”

Yoongi looks at his feet, nodding weakly.

“Jimin told me about Busan.”

Yoongi flicks his cigarette “He did?”

“Told me about the piece of shit.” Taehyung sighs “Does he ever speak about him?”

“No. I don't think he wants to.”

Taehyung hums “He needs to talk about it, it fucked him up. When we talked about it, the first night you guys came, he didn't dwell on it but shit, the look in his eyes... I've never seen him that fucking scared. That's also why I'm gonna give you a warning.”

Yoongi frowns, Taehyung's voice is suddenly too low for a face like that, too serious.

“You treat him with fucking gloves. Both you and Hoseok. 'Cause if you don't, then shit, you don't wanna know what I can do.”

Taehyung smiles at him, opens the door and disappears back inside his club, leaving Yoongi alone.

“Kid's fucking scary.” he mumbles to himself.

But on one thing, Taehyung is right. They need to talk about it. And he knows Tae is telling the truth about Jimin, that he doesn't fuck without feelings, he knows it. But what about Hoseok? Maybe Hoseok doesn't need feelings, maybe he never wanted them, or maybe he just wants Jimin, then what should he do? Because maybe they don't need him, but Yoongi sure as fuck needs them both. They need to talk and he's scared shitless.

“What the fuck did I get myself into?” Yoongi throws the cigarette on the floor and steps on it before he gets back inside the club, music loud enough to ring in his ears. He decides to look for them, tell them that maybe they should go home, try to speak. He can't keep going like this, none of them can. They need to sort this shit out and, if they truly don't need him anymore, then Yoongi will leave. If he really is the other guy, then there's no place for him with them.

He looks for them on the upper floor, scanning through the dancing crowd, but he can't seem to spot orange hair. He gets back to the bar, the bar tender doing that cliché thing where he cleans a perfectly spotless glass with a piece of cloth.

“Hey, have you seen the other two dudes who are with me? One of them has orange hair, yeah high?” he points at himself.

“Yeah, sure.” the man tells him, he nods at the entrance door “They were looking for you, told them I saw you leaving so they thought you went home.”

“Oh. Thanks, man.”

Yoongi quickly leaves the club. So they thought he left them to go home since they couldn't find him. The fact that they were looking for him makes his chest swell with something warm. He walks fast, cursing himself for deciding to not take the car tonight, opting for going to the club by feet. But the flat isn't far, a fifteen minutes walk if you keep an easy pace. Instead, he walks fast, whishing only to get home and just talk, just tell them that the three of them need to understand what the fuck is going on.

Once he reaches the flat he sees the lights in the living room are on. He opens the door with the copy of his keys and steps inside, expecting to see them on the couch. Instead he's met with silence, living room empty. He closes the door slowly, making sure to not make any noise. Maybe they forgot to turn off the lights and went to sleep, it's late after all, almost three in the morning. He turns off the lights and takes off his shoes, making his way to the bedroom. He steps in the hallway and sees the door slightly open, a line of light casting on the floor. Then he hears it. His whole blood starts rushing fast as he hears Jimin moaning, a soft whimpering.

Before he can stop himself, he walks quietly to the door and opens it only a little bit more. Hoseok is sitting at the edge of the bed, Jimin straddling his lap naked, thighs quivering everytime Hoseok's fingers thrust up in his ass, lube dripping out of it.

It's not jealousy what he feels. It's different. It's just aching. Want. He wants them. But they're fine without him. He was right, they have been fucking. Of course they were.


“Shhh, I got you.” Hoseok licks at his collarbones, Jimin's eyes shut close.

Then Hoseok looks up from Jimin and his eyes catch Yoongi's, who's still staring, unable to move. Hoseok smirks, he crooks his fingers and Jimin cries out in pleasure.

“Tell me why you don't want me to fuck you yet.” Hoseok says.

“I- I told you already.”

“Tell me again.”

Jimin pulls his ass down on Hoseok's fingers, biting his lips “Yoongi.”

Yoongi holds his breath.

Hoseok hums, keeping his eyes on him, still working his fingers up in Jimin's hole “What about him?”

“I want- shit - want him too.” Jimin breathes out “I want him too.”

Hoseok nods “We've been waiting for Yoongi, yeah? You've been waiting even if you wanna come so bad, right?”

“Yes.” Jimin arches his back, lips falling open when Hoseok adds another finger, Yoongi watches “I want Yoongi too. Want you both, please.”

Hoseok swallows hard, eyes still set on Yoongi “Fuck, me too. Want him too.” he turns to Jimin, kissing his chin “Baby wants us both to fuck him?”

Yoongi feels his mouth run dry when Jimin keens, his cock twitching and leaking precum “Please- Want you both so fucking bad.”

Hoseok smiles against the column of his throat “Look at the door, baby.”

Jimin slowly opens his eyes and turns his head around. When he sees him, Jimin moans loudly, voice broken, he lifts a hand in his direction.

“Please-” he whispers, stretching out his arm “Please, Yoongi-hyung.”

Yoongi doesn't even register the moment he walks to them, but before he knows it Jimin takes his hand and tugs him close until their lips meet.

Yoongi feels Hoseok's hand carding through his hair as Jimin licks hungrily in his mouth, hands tugging at his shirt.

“Shit, wait.” Yoongi pulls back and Jimin whines “We gotta talk for a moment.”

“Fuck talking.” Jimin snaps, unbottoning Yoongi's shirt “We can talk later.”

“I've been edging him.” Hoseok says, his fingers scissoring Jimin's entrance until the boy's hands start shaking “Turns out he gets eager fast.”

“I-” Yoongi takes a deep breath “We need to make sure you guys actually want this.”

“Thought that was clear enough.” Hoseok chuckles.

“No, I need to make sure you actually want me.”

Jimin stops trying to open his shirt and looks at him with a frown “What?”

“I feel like- I don't know, after last time we didn't talk about it but you guys seemed closer, so I thought that-”

“That we were gonna get rid of you?” Hoseok asks, confusion painting his face “What the- no, we want you.”

Yoongi tries to find the trace of a lie in Hoseok's eyes but he finds nothing. Nothing.

“Hyung.” Jimin's hands cup his face “We want you so much. We need you. And it's not just for sex, we just want you.”

Yoongi lets the words repeat themselves in his head, maybe he falls in love with their sound “You want me.”

“Of course we do.” Hoseok says “So, I mean, do you want us?”

“Thought that was fucking obvious.”

“Good, we talked.” Jimin tugs at his shirt “Now fuck me.”

Yoongi can't help but snicker at that, but complies when Jimin pulls him down so that they can kiss again, Jimin's hands working again on the buttons of his shirt, he feels Hoseok's hand sliding under it, fingers feeling his skin and he shivers.

“Shit, Yoongi, your back.” Hoseok whispers as he slides his shirt off, Yoongi grimaces.

“Fuck, don't look at that, I fucking hate it.”

Hoseok ignores him and he grazes the tattoo of the water dragon with his fingers, lines of ink spreading on his whole back over pale skin “Holy shit, it's beautiful.”

“No, it's not.”

“It's Imoogi Pa's tattoo, isn't it?” Jimin asks, a little breathless “It's fucking gorgeous.”

“Can we stop talking about it?” Yoongi doesn't need to think about that tattoo. He never wants to think about it ever again.

“Okay.” Jimin nods “Yeah, okay.”

“Come on, baby.” Hoseok takes his fingers out of Jimin and the boy whines at the loss “Get on the bed.”

“Fuck yes.” Jimin gets off Hoseok's lap and crawls on the bed, laying on his stomach, hips moving almost unconsciously against the matress.

Hoseok's hands are on Yoongi immediately, finally taking the shirt off him and fingers fumbling with the zip of his jeans, Yoongi tugs at the hems of Hoseok's black shirt until the younger raises his arms and lets him shrug it off him, he throws it somewhere on the floor.

“I'll do it, you go to him before he gets too feisty.” Hoseok says, scooting over the side so Yoongi can get on the bed.

“When did you get lube?” Yoongi asks, taking the bottle from the matress as he kneels behind Jimin.

“Found it in one of the drawers.” Hoseok replies whilst taking off his jeans “Peach flavor.”

“Of course.” Yoongi pats Jimin's leg “Raise your hips, love.”

Jimin does, raising his hips and arching his back in a way that looks fucking sinful, Yoongi let's his hand travel down the curve of Jimin's ass.

“Fucking love your legs.” he says, hand going down to the inside of Jimin's thigh “Fucking love your ass too.”

Jimin murmurs something in the pillow, Yoongi opens Jimin's legs with his knee and sees his entrance clenching aroun nothing “Wanna eat you out.”

“Fuck, please.” Jimin turns his head to look at him, eyes pleading.

Yoongi spreads his cheeks and then leans down, licking a long stripe from Jimin's balls to his hole, flicking his tongue around the rim and he relishes in the long whine that comes from Jimin, the boy's hips quivering. Yoongi slides his tongue against the puckered hole, catching lube that's dripping out of it, then he slips his tongue inside and Jimin moans so high and so sweet that Yoongi needs to palm his cock through the briefs.

“Hyung-” Jimin gasps, pushing back his ass and Yoongi holds his hips, he slips one finger inside as he fucks him with his tongue, Jimin keening and grasping at the sheets.

“No no stop, shit stop.”

Yoongi immediately pulls off “What's wrong?”

“Nothing, just-” Jimin swallows “I'm gonna come if you keep doing that and no fucking way I'm coming without your cock inside me.”

“He's so fucking bossy, isn't he?” Yoongi says, looking at Hoseok, who's kneeling right behind him, smearing lube on his erection.

“You have no fucking idea.”

“Shut up and fuck me, do I have to beg?”

Yoongi looks back at him “Maybe.”

Jimin's eyes flutter close for a moment, his skin flushing “Hyung, please fuck me, please.”

“Shit.” Yoongi whispers, caressing Jimin's spine “Please tell me we have condoms.”

Hoseok gives him a grin “Please tell us you're clean.”

“Are you fucking serious?”

“We talked about it.” Hoseok kisses his shoulder “If you're fine with it-”

“Fuck, okay. Yeah, okay.”

He hears Hoseok moving behind him for a few seconds, then he gasps in surprise when he feels the younger boy's lubed hand stroking his dick, spreading lube over the length, lips grazing the back of his neck. There's something about the way Hoseok touches him that makes him feel safe. Makes him feel like he can trust Hoseok with much more than this, so much more. He secretly loves him for this.


At Jimin's soft whine, Yoongi squeezes his hip reassuringly.

“You need to be patient.”

“I have been patient!” Jimin says, a note of desperation in his voice “Please, Yoongi-hyung.”

“Okay, I got you.” Yoongi leans down, pressing his lips between Jimin's shoulders, lining up behind him and spreading his ass cheeks before he finally pushes inside slowly.

“Fuck.” Yoongi closes his eyes, tight heat almost making him spineless “Shit, love, you're sucking me in.”

Beneath him, Jimin moans and squirms, face in the pillow and thighs trembling.

“You good?” Hoseok asks behind them, a hand caressing Jimin's back.

“Yeah.” Jimin swallows “Move, please.”

Yoongi slowly pulls back, Jimin clenching around him, he grips the boy's waist and thrusts back inside in one quick snap of his hips. Jimin cries out, voice high and cracking at the end, soon enough he's pushing back to meet Yoongi's thrusts.

“Good.” Jimin moans, turning his head to try and look at Yoongi “So good, hyung.”

Yoongi tries to reply but his words die in his mouth when he feels Hoseok's lubed finger slowly pushing inside of him.

“Oh fuck.” Yoongi collapses on Jimin's back, getting deeper inside of him, Jimin whimpers and Yoongi stops moving, buried deep inside.

“'s this good?” Hoseok asks, working his finger inside him.

“Yeah.” Yoongi wets his lips “'s good. Add another.”

He feels Hoseok tensing behind him “Wait, already? You sure ab-”

“Add another, Seoksie.”

After a pause, Hoseok complies and as soon as Yoongi feels the second finger sliding inside his eyes flutter close.

“Fuck, yes, like that.”

The stretch burns and it's good, so fucking good Yoongi sees white behind his eyelids.

“You like it when it hurts?” Hoseok asks him, fingers scissoring him open hard and fast, Yoongi shudders when they barely graze his prostate and he nods weakly.

“Do you now?” Hoseok probably has that shit eating grin he has when something goes his way.

“I like- like a lot of shit.” Yoongi's fingers dig in the flesh of Jimin's hips, hard enough to probably leave marks “Like you two. Like your fingers. Fucking love money.”

Hoseok chuckles, he adds a third finger and Yoongi hisses between gritted teeth.

“Of course you do. Next time I'll slap you with a wad of bills, and- Jimin, what's wrong?”

Yoongi's eyes snap open when he hears the concern in Hoseok's voice and looks down at the boy. Jimin is trembling, whole body quivering and covered in sweat, chest heaving, Yoongi sees tears on his cheeks.

“Love? Jimin, what's wrong?”

Jimin whimpers weakly, Yoongi pulls back locks of damp orange hair from his forehead “Talk to us, what's wrong?”

“I-” Jimin sobs “I wanna come so bad buh-but you stopped moving and-”

“Shhh, it's okay.”

“I'm fine, just-” Jimin pushes his ass back on Yoongi's cock, making him choke on air “I need to come so bad hyung.”

Yoongi leans down, leaving kisses on his neck and up his jaw “Give us a second, yeah?” he whispers against his ear “You're so good love.”

“Mmmh.” Jimin seems to relax a little “I'm good?”

“So fucking good.” Yoongi pulls back on Hoseok's fingers and he starts fingering him open again, Jimin trembles at the slow thrust “So good and pretty, you're pretty everywhere.”

Jimin clenches around him, tight and warm and Hoseok's fingers work him fast, Yoongi bites the inside of his cheek.

“You're wonderful, love, you- oh shit.” Yoongi's hips jerk when Hoseok starts massaging his prostate, Jimin arches beneath him “Shit, just fuck me Seoksie.”

Hoseok slowly pulls out his fingers, grabs his hips and carefully pushes inside of him. Yoongi gapes when he feels Hoseok's cock stretching him open, Hoseok breathing hard against his neck.

Shit, you're so fucking tight.” Hoseok kisses him behind the ear “You okay, yeah darling?”

“Burns so fucking good.” Yoongi whispers “Pull back, wanna try something.”

Hoseok pulls out until only the tip remains and Yoongi hisses for a moment, cock twitching inside Jimin. Yoongi swallows and shifts his hips backwards on Hoseok's cock, sliding out of Jimin, he lets out a weak whine in protest. Then Yoongi rocks forward into Jimin again, hard and fast, Hoseok's hand dig in his hips and Jimin cries out in pleasure.

“Fuck yes, there it is.” Yoongi hisses, smiling, he starts rolling his hips between them, dull burn mixing with Jimin's heat, feeling so good he could drown in it.

“Shit.” Hoseok moans behind him, letting him fuck himself on his cock.

“Hyung.” Jimin gasps, choking, face on the pillow, Yoongi caresses his spine.

“You need to breathe, love.”

Jimin doesn't reply to him but Yoongi feels him tightening slitghly. That's when it comes to him.

“Love? Do you wanna breathe or-?” he asks, slowing down his thrusts, Jimin still doesn't answer.

“Baby?” Hoseok tries “Do you- fuck darling- you want us to choke you?”

“Please.” Jimin pulls himself up on his elbows, tilting up his chin “Please-”

“Shit.” Yoongi screws his eyes shut, mouth dry.

“You don't have to if- if it makes you uncomfortable or-”

“It doesn't.” Yoongi keeps rolling his hips, when he wraps his fingers around the column of Jimin's throat and presses.

Jimin clenches around him impossibly tight, choking on a moan. Yoongi feels adrenaline filling his veins.

Hoseok suddenly takes control and slams inside of him, pushing him against Jimin, deeper, Yoongi moans so loud it almost embarasses himself.

“Shit baby, look at you.” Hoseok growls, Yoongi fucking shivers “Taking cock so well, you're fucking perfect.”

Jimin whimpers brokenly, skin flushed, precum leaking on the sheets, Yoongi eases his grip on the boy's throat and Jimin inhales sharply.

“Coming.” he moans “Gonna come.”

“You're gonna come just from your hyung's cock?” Hoseok's fingers circle around Yoongi's nipple and he throws his head back, dizzy on pleasure.

“Yes!” Jimin gasps “Yes, Hobi.”

“Come on, love.” Yoongi presses his fingers on Jimin's throat again and the boy writhes beneath him, fucking himself on Yoongi's cock earnestly “Let go, gorgeus, hyung wants to see you come on his dick.”

Jimin moans breathlessly and then comes, hips stuttering and riding his orgasm until Yoongi lets go of his throat. Jimin breathes and moans high and loud, collapsing on the mattress, Yoongi keeps pounding into him until the boy whimpers.

“Too much.” Jimin manages and Hoseok stops moving, pulling Yoongi back until he slips out of Jimin. The boy curles up on the bed, breathing ragged and body limp.

“You're good?” Hoseok asks Yoongi.

“Fucking great, now fuck me like you mean it.”

Hoseok chuckles weakly, planting a kiss on his temple before he slams his hips against him, holding him up when Yoongi's legs give out.

“So good, Seoksie.” Yoongi whispers, stroking himself in time with Hoseok's thrusts “Feels so good.”

“Fuck I'm so close.” Hoseok swallows “Jimin, baby, turn around. Can you do that?”

Jimin weakly manages to flip around until he's laying on his back, looking wrecked and absolutely fucked out as he watches them with half lidded eyes.

“Come on his face, darling, yeah?”

“Oh god, please.” Jimin whispers.

Hoseok swats Yoongi's hand away from his cock and takes it in his palm, stroking him fast, fist tight around him, Yoongi groans and fights to keep his eyes open because he's so fucking close and he needs to see how Jimin will look.

Hoseok's thrusts become frantic, dick dragging against his prostate every time, the sound of skin hitting skin filling the room.

Hoseok laps at his neck and Yoongi tilts his head in invitation, begging that Hoseok will understand what he wants. Turns out he does as he bites the soft skin of his neck hard enough to bring tears to Yoongi's eyes.

When his orgasm hits it's with Hoseok's name on his lips, his come landing on Jimin's chest and face, Jimin closes his eyes and moans quietly.

Hoseok fucks into him faster, chasing his own release, Yoongi arching and squirming becuase it's too much, he's too sensitive and he loves every fucking second of it. Hoseok comes inside him with a moan, Yoongi closes his eyes and lets out a string of curses.

Hoseok stays still for a few seconds before he lets go of Yoongi and he collapses next to Jimin.

Hoseok leans down and presses a light kiss on Jimin's lips, then on Yoongi's “You guys are good?”

Yoongi chuckles weakly “Fucking stellar.”

“I'm sticky everywhere.” Jimin curls up against Yoongi's side.

“I'm getting a towel.” Hoseok kisses Yoongi's wrist before he stands up and walks on wobbly legs to the bathroom.

Yoongi sighs, he feels come dripping out of his ass but he can't be bothered to do anything about it, he looks at Jimin and eyes the red marks around his neck.

“You look good with bruises.”

“God, shut the fuck up.” Jimin giggles, getting a little closer to him.

Hoseok comes back and kneels next to them, cleaning them up, carefully taking out the cum from Yoongi's ass, he shivers slightly.


“Just sensitive as fuck, I'm fine.”

“Okay.” Hoseok cleans himself as well “Who wants to be in the middle?”

“Me.” Yoongi replies “Like, I'm fucking begging you.”

So Hoseok slumps beside him, sighing heavily, an arm over Yoongi's stomach, the back of his hand stroking gently Jimin's hip.

After minutes of silence, Jimin chuckles breathlessly.

“What's so funny?” Yoongi asks.

“I just- I think I'm dead.”

Hoseok snorts “You're fucking nasty, that's why you feel like that.”

Jimin hums “You love it, really. Both of you do.”

“Hell yeah we do.” Yoongi takes a deep breath “We still need to talk.”

“We will.” Jimin kisses his shoulder “Just not now. In the morning.”


Silence again and Yoongi feels himself drifting off, warm and sated and so fucking safe between the two boys, until Jimin speaks again.

“I want ice cream.”

“I will kick your ass.” Yoongi hisses.

“I get hungry after a good fuck.”

Hoseok sighs “You want some, Yoongi?”

“Are you gonna take it?”


“Then I want some.”

“So fake.” Hoseok still gets up and goes to the kitchen, he comes back with a box of cookies and cream ice cream and three spoons.

They spend the rest of their waking hours digging in the melting ice cream until Jimin falls asleep against him and Hoseok puts the box away, holding him close and breathing softly against his neck.

Yoongi thinks this is what life should always feel like.







It's Jimin's idea to go to the Seven Eleven near their flat the next morning.

“My ass is sore and I want a cinnamon roll.”

That's enough of a good reason to drive there, Hoseok singing happily to the latest Red Velvet's song and Jimin smiling whilst looking outside the window.

When they get there, Jimin gets his wallet out “You guys get something to drink, I'll get food. What do you want, Hoseok?”

“Get me whatever has cream in it.” he replies “What are you drinking?”

“Get me whatever has the most coffee inside.” Yoongi makes his way to the pastries in display after navigating through shelves of junk food, useless shit and too many types of instant Ramen.

“I'll take a cinnamon roll and... you got something with cream?” he asks to the woman behind the sweets.

She smiles at him and nods, taking the cinnamon treat and an eclair, dripping with cream. She puts them on a tray and Yoongi pays her, takes the tray and starts looking for the other two.

He finds them sitting on stools at one of the windows, drinks settled on the little shelf, they left the middle seat empty for him. He walks to them and then Jimin leans forward and kisses Hoseok on the lips, a brief touch. Yoongi walks faster and sits in the middle almost brutally, putting the tray on the shelf.

Jimin giggles and kisses him on the corner of his mouth, Hoseok does the same and Yoongi groans.

“Don't be cheesy.”

“Don't be jealous.” Jimin retorts, the little shit “We got you black coffee, that alright?”

Yoongi hums and he takes the can, cold to the touch, he opens it and takes a long gulp of the drink. Jimin drinks some chocolate milk from a can with a blue straw, Hoseok has apple juice.

Yoongi pushes the eclair towards Hoseok and Jimin takes the cinnamon roll.

“You're not eating anything?” he asks, Yoongi shakes his head.

“Not hungry.”

Jimin pouts and rips a piece of his pastry, holding it to Yoongi.

“Told you I'm not-”

“Eat this fucking thing before I shove it down your throat.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes and takes the piece of roll. It's too fucking sweet, of course Jimin would like something like this.

“Next time you get this fucking bossy I'll fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a month.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

“Guys, please.” Hoseok bites into the eclair, cream dripping down his chin “Act like adults.”

“Look who's talking, you fucking child.” Yoongi swipes his thumb over his chin and collects the cream, then licks it off his thumb.

A short silence follows, the door of the store opens and a group of kids walk in excitedly, running to the freezer where they keep the ice creams.

Yoongi sighs “Oh my god, we're fucking gross aren't we?”

Jimin shrugs “I like it.” he says around a mouthful of cinnamon roll.

“Me too. What's wrong with being gross?”

“Well, Yoongi, you wanted to talk.” Jimin takes a sip of his chocolate milk “Talk.”

Yoongi frowns “Why do I have to be the first one to talk?”

“You're the one who wanted to have this conversation.”

“That's because we need to have it.”

“I don't think there's much to say.” Hoseok licks the cream off the top of the eclair “I like you both. You two like me and each other. There, done.”

“No, not done!” Yoongi rubs the bridge of his nose “This- I don't know how many relationships you had but I'm guessing there weren't three people involved.”

Jimin nods “So?”

“So it's gonna be different.”

“Well, yes. So?”


So what?

Yoongi doesn't know.

“It just feels different.”

“It does.” Hoseok agrees “But I think we'll get used to it, it's just- I don't think I'd want to be without one of you. I want you both.”

Yoongi swallows “Yeah. Yeah, me too.”

Jimin sighs “Honestly, love died the moment someone put a fucking digit limit on it. We feel weird 'cause people taught us that it's weird. I don't fucking get it, feelings don't work like that, you don't control them and decide oh, I'll just pick one of them since that's the right thing to do. Fuck that, fuck what's right. I want you, you make me happy, why shouldn't I have you both, what's wrong with that?”

Yoongi stays quiet, looking at Jimin who's pretending to be really focused on his chocolate milk, staring at it with cheeks dusted in pink.

“Me too.” Hoseok says, Yoongi turns to look at him “I mean about you too. You make me happy which is... It's not easy, that's all.”

Yoongi takes a breath and searches for Hoseok's hand under the table, once he finds it he holds it, squeezing it a little. Hoseok doesn't squeeze back, he doesn't have to.

“Okay.” Yoongi says, he puts his other hand on Jimin's knee “A few ground rules. If someone at any point feels uncomfortable about anything, he tells us. I mean anything, even the stupidest thing. If someone feels like he's being ignored or not- I don't know, what's the right word- not taken care of the way he deserves it he needs to tell us. Even if it's not true. We speak, okay, no hiding things from the others, none of that bullshit. If we want this to work then we need to be open and fucking talk.”

He pauses, looks at them to see if they're following him, they both nod.

“Well then.” Yoongi shrugs “I guess we're together, then.”

Jimin squeals happily and Hoseok bursts out in one of his obnoxious laughs.



They already had a routine to start with, so it's easy. They just add things.

It's nice. It's unbelievably nice. Jimin and Hoseok are similar but different enough to make them perfect for each other and, by extent, for him. Because Yoongi always liked people who have gold and honey on their skin, who smile wide enough to make you want to imitate them, that have hands smooth and warm that feel good to hold, who are loud or quiet, who whine sometimes to get what they want and stare at nothing until you call them and then they look at you, blink, and suddenly they're back. For you. Yoongi always liked those kind of people.


Hoseok likes to snuggle during the night, getting them closer and closer until Yoongi feels like their bodies will melt together because of the terrible heat of the summer. But he can't bring himself to tell him to fucking let go of him, or at least to get some space between them so that their skin can get some oxygen. He can't, during those times in the night when their skin feels like lava Hoseok is looking at them. Not at the wall. Not at thin air. He's looking at them. He can't bring himself to tear those eyes away from them, he's selfish like that.

Jimin gets clingy when he feels like he's being neglected. He'll mutter under his breath, then cling onto his arm or Hoseok's, whining that he's bored, that they should go out, maybe at that bothanical garden Yoongi likes so much, so that they can throw pebbles in the little pond, or feed the ducks. And even if it's hot, humid as fuck, with no trace of wind, they always give in and go there, because Jimin wants to and Jimin gets what he wants. On someone else, such an attribute would be annoying. On him, though... god, on him it's the most endearing shit. Jimin will smile all the time, laughing, moving gracefuly and it's a sight for the eyes.

Hoseok likes to steal lollipops for them, Jimin likes to be always surprised when he does.

Jimin likes to wear silk, Hoseok likes to watch him and caress the fabric when he does.

Hoseok likes to sit on the floor when they eat patbingsu “Because the wooden floor is cold, Yoongi”, Jimin sits on the couch with his legs close to his chest “Because I'm tiny, Yoongi.” Yoongi knows all of this. He asks everytime though, because he likes to hear those answers.

Hoseok likes to have control when they have sex, fucking into them hard and fast, leaving them breathless, but he touches them both with hands so careful and loving that it makes them overwhelmed. Yoongi has a feeling he gets off on giving others pleasure.

Jimin likes to be cared for when they have sex, he moans without shame when they touch him in the right spots, he likes being praised because he knows he deserves those praises, but his eyes are always pleading for something, something tender, something kind.

Hoseok likes spicy food.

Jimin likes sour food.

Hoseok likes kissing Yoongi's wrist, right above the veins.

Jimin likes being kissed by Yoongi on the lips slowly.

And Yoongi.

Yoongi loves them.



Three more weeks go by and Yoongi decides that he can't run away anymore. So he calls Jungkook.

Hoseok and Jimin are arguing over what to eat for dinner when Yoongi slowly leaves the flat and settles against the wall, the evening breeze breaking on his skin and the sun setting orange behind the horizon.

“I don't want ramen!” Jimin says, voice coming muffled even if Yoongi left the front door open “We've been eating instant ramen for days! I'm gainig weight!”

“Well, I don't want miyeok soup, it's too fucking hot!”

“Eat it cold then.”

“But it tastes fucking disgusting if it's cold!”

Yoongi turns on the phone and, as he waits for the stream of notifications and missed calls he lights up a cigarette. He takes a drag, exhales, then presses on Jungkook's number.

He waits, one ring, two ri-

“Where are you?”

Yoongi smiles. He missed his voice.

“Where the fuck have you been?” Jungkook sounds calm, which is all kinds of red lights “What the fuck have you done? 'Cause fucking Dae Jung wouldn't fucking tell me. Have you been ignoring my fucking calls all this time? And what the fuck am I even supposed to do with all that money, I-”

“It's good to hear your voice, Kook.”

There's silence for a while, then Yoongi hears sniffling and his heart clenches.

“Don't cry.”

“Where are you?” Jungkook asks, voice broken by sobs “I was so worried, hyung, where are you?”

“I can't tell you that.”

“Why did you go away, why-”

“I left you a note.”

“Oh yes, the note, the real fucking useful note!” Jungkook snaps “I need to run, Dong Yul fucked up, don't get in trouble, clean your teeth. Like, seriously, fuck you.”

Yoongi grimaces. Upon hearing it again, it does sound like a shitty note.

“I was in a hurry.”

“Why didn't you call me back then?!”

“Had to let the whole deal calm down, kid. Couldn't risk getting you involved. Look, Jungkook, I can't tell you the details, but I followed my instict, Dong Yul fucked it up and now I can't go back to Busan. But I'm good, okay?”

“Okay.” Jungkook says after a pause “Okay. The money.”

“That's for you.”

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with it?”

“Buy yourself something nice, some decent fucking food, I don't know? Fuck, go to university and drop that shitty job at the restaurant. Do something good for you.”

Jungkook mutters something under his breath that Yoongi doesn't catch.

“Do you know anything about what's going on in Busan?” Yoongi asks, Jungkook hums.

“Dae Jung told me they started looking for you outside Busan, in Seoul. They think it's easier for you to hide there cuz it's a bigger city. This was a week ago. But they're kind of giving up.”


“Yoongi-hyung, are you okay?”

“I'm good. You? You're doing fine, yeah?”

“Yeah, I'm fine. It's just-” a pause “Are you safe? Somewhere safe?”

“Yeah, I'm safe. We got a friend to help us, so we're good for a while.”


Yoongi bites his bottom lip.

“You're with someone?”

“It sort of happened along the way.”

“So you're not alone, you're with someone.”

Yoongi look at the corner of the kitchen that he can see from where he stands, Jimin pushing playfully at Hoseok's shoulder, the older boy smiling at him.

“Yeah.” Yoongi replies “I'm with someone.”

“Okay. Good.” Jungkook sighs “It's good that you're not alone.”

“Yeah, I think so too. Listen, it's not smart to stay on the phone too much, so-”

“I know, I know. Just promise you'll call again, yeah? Please.”

“I will. You stay safe, eat, feed those fucking cats, do they keep coming even if I left?”

“They sure do and I've been doing that, the black one keeps scratching me.”

“That's 'cause you're a fucking brat, that cat knows best.”

“Shut up.” Jungkook chuckles, Yoongi can picture him doing that in his head, all huge doe eyes and bunny teeth “Call me soon, okay?”

“I will. I'm sorry for all of this, Kook.”

“Just do what you have to do. Come back maybe? When you can. Or tell me where you are and I'll come to you.”

“When it's safer, yes.” Yoongi closes his eyes “Stay safe, Jungkookie.”

“Okay, hyung.”

Yoongi ends the call and quickly turns off the phone, putting it back in the pocket of his jeans. He finishes his cigarette, then walks back inside and goes to the kitchen.

Hoseok seems to have won the argument, as there is ramen cooking in boiling water, Jimin is cutting some sausages.

“Hey, are you okay?” Hoseok asks him.

Yoongi smiles and nods “I'm fine.”

“Okay.” Hoseok grips his wrist and kisses it, Jimin pouts until Yoongi kisses him on the lips.

He's fine. He's really fine.



“Your roots are showing.”

Yoongi hums, his head resting on Jimin's legs as they watch the tv, Jimin carding his fingers through his hair.

“You have to dye your hair again.” Jimin says.

“Can't be bothered.”

“It's also too long. It almost covers your eyes, you should cut it.”

“Again, can't be bothered.”

Jimin pouts at him, still massaging his scalp, Yoongi closes his eyes and enjoys the feeling.

“I can be bothered, though.” Jimin pinches lightly his cheek “I can cut it and dye it.”

“Can you?”

“I was a hair stylist back in Busan.”

“Just leave it like that, it's fine.”

“But I like your hair!” Jimin then starts using the voice, the voice he uses when he really wants to do something “Come on, let me cut your hair. I'll also give you a treatment, it'll make your hair so soft.”

Yoongi groans and looks up at him, Jimin watching him with a mischievous grin on his lips, eyes lighting up with expectation. And Yoongi is weak to that look, so he agrees.

The next day, Jimin comes back with a plastic bag full of hair products, from a shampoo that is good for dyed hair to lotions and creams and hair masks, two bottles of hair dye, bleach and the whole set for dyeing.

Hoseok is out now, Taehyung asked him to help him out at the club for an event he's preparing and wants Hoseok to help him find a decent DJ since the others are all shit and “Hoseokie-hyung is the only one with a decent taste in music here.”

Yoongi sits on a wooden chair in the kitchen, Jimin is wearing a worn out white tee that Yoongi gave him so that he doesn't get dye on his beloved silk shirts, wearing a pair of short basketball shorts that belong to Hoseok. He's mixing in a plastic bowl the dye, humming to himself a song Yoongi is pretty sure he's heard already.

Yoongi lets his eyes linger for a while on Jimin's legs, all smooth and tanned “I've been meaning to ask you but, like, do you shave?”

“No.” Jimin replies “I wax.”

“Ain't that painful?”

Jimin shrugs “You get used to it, doesn't hurt much. I like having my legs smooth.” he arches an eyebrow at him “You two like it too.”

“I wasn't complaining.”

Jimin smiles and puts on his hands a pair of latex gloves, then he takes the bowl and puts it on the kitchen table next to Yoongi.

“I'll dye it first, then I'll cut it.” he says “Let me bleach it first.”

Yoongi lets Jimin work silently, ignoring the sting of the bleach on his scalp. Jimin assures him that he mixes the bleach with a hair mask so that it doesn't burn his hair too much, it will also leave it softer.


“Did you like working as a hair stylist?” Yoongi asks him as they wait for the bleach to de-color his hair.

Jimin hums around a cigarette “Yeah, I had fun. I liked making people feel more confident, or just chatting with them. Everytime you cut someone's hair, as soon as they look at their reflection, they have this look in their eyes like they can't exactly recognize themselves for a moment. I always enjoyed that more than doing their hair.” he smiles a little “I miss that shop, it was nice working there. Had a lot of regulars, a girl that every three weeks would come and pick the weirdest fucking color to dye her hair. She looked good with everything. There was also this kid, his mother would always make me give him a bowl cut, he looked like a mushroom everytime and everytime he'd look at me and say Next time just shave it all.”

Yoongi snorts, he shakes his head “Seemed like you had fun there.”

Jimin stays quiet for a few moments, nodding to himself “I did.” he says, then smiles “Let's start with the dye.”

Jimin dies his hair green again, just a different shade, something that looks a little more like azure, Jimin calls it aquamarine.

“It suits you.” he says after he washes his hair, twisting wet locks between his fingers “I knew you'd look good with this color. You'd probably suit pink too.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes “You're the one who'd look good with pink hair.”

“Maybe I'll dye it pink one day. Hoseok would look good in orange.”

“He would.”

Jimin studies his hair for a moment “Kinda wanna give you an under cut.”

“Go for it.”

Jimin is good. He knows what he's doing, he keeps chatting the whole time he shaves the underside of his hair, smiling the whole time, having fun. It's clear he misses his job, that he misses that store.

Jimin takes out of a drawer a pair of scissors, Yoongi trains his eyes away from them and the boy starts carefully cutting his hair.

“You miss your job, don't you?”

“Mmmh, I do.”

“Maybe one day you'll be able to go back to that shop.”

Jimin stops trimming his hair for a moment, a hand on the nape of his neck “I'll never go back there.”

“You don't know that.”

“I don't want to.” he says “I don't ever want to see that place again. That's where I killed him.”


Jimin starts snipping the scissors again, silence falling in the kitchen, outside of the window Yoongi can see the sunset, sky orange.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

Jimin sighs “I talked about it a little with Hoseok a few weeks back. Before we got together for real. You know, you were kind of cold those days and it just happened, don't want you to think I told him first 'cause I don't trust you or anything.”

“It's okay.” Yoongi says “If you want to I can listen.”

“I brought it to myself.” Jimin says, he doesn't stop fixing his hair “Should've seen coming, the red flags were all there, I chose to ignore them. The man I killed, his name was Lee Hyun Ki.”

Yoongi's eyes widen at hearing the name, he tries to tilt his head so he can look at Jimin but the boy just pushes it back, muttering something about ruining his work.

“The fucking dude who ran for mayor?”

“The one and only.” Jimin squints his eyes, still focusing on Yoongi's hair “We used to fuck. I didn't know who he was back then, I met this dude at a club and we fucked. I liked him, he was nice, he was good at fucking me, I liked his hands. I liked him. So we fucked for a month or so, I thought it was casual 'cause I knew he was older than me, he bought me shit sometimes. Then one day I turn on the tv and there he fucking is.” Jimin walks around him until he's in front of him and pats his legs. Yoongi opens them a little and Jimin goes to straddle them, taking between his index and middle finger strand of his fringe and carefully starts trimming the end “With all the happy family cliché and people with banners with his name on them. I couldn't believe it. That was when I told him I wanted to end whatever it was we had. He didn't like it. Kept coming to the shop and every time I would just let him do whatever he wanted, but fuck I just- I was an affair and I didn't like it, his wife would have hated me and would have been heartbroken if she found out. It got worse. He just kept showing up at my shop, sometimes even waiting me outside and forcing me to let him drive me to my flat. It got terrifying. Then the night we met he came and-” Jimin clenches his jaw, Yoongi draws with his thumbs circles on his thighs “I didn't want to, he didn't listen, there's not much to say. I was terrified out of my mind and I pushed him away. He tripped and slammed his head against a metal cart.”


“I even tried to clean the blood.” Jimin worries his bottom lip “Like that would do anything. I wasn't thinking. At some point I realized that no one was going to believe the gay hair stylist, we live in Korea for fuck's sake. So I just ran. Then I met you.” Jimin breaths deep “You know the rest.”


“It's okay. I keep telling myself that, but it's not.” Jimin snips the scissors again and then ruffles Yoongi's fringe, probably to see if it looks good “Because I dream about it every night. I see-” Jimin looks down on his lap “I see his head open, blood gushing out, I can still fucking hear the noise his skull made when it broke, and- and his fucking eyes just stare at me, I- I wake up and I swear to god, I can feel his hands touching me like that night.”

Yoongi cups Jimin's face and cards his fingers through his hair “You should've told us.”

Jimin shrugs, he licks his lips nervously “Wouldn't have changed anything.”

“You should've woken us up, you should do it. Both of us, we'd help you.”

“I know, I just-” Jimin shakes his head “The thing is, I didn't do it because I wanted to, and even if I did I didn't have a choice. I was scared and he was going to hurt me, it was an accident. Fuck, I swear it was an accident but what was I supposed to do? Let him fucking ruin me? That's what I keep thinking, but he still managed to ruin me in a way. I'm scared of turning on the tv when the news is on, I'm scared that someone will know I did it, I'm scared. And I feel like shit, I feel terrible, 'cause his wife loved him and his kids loved him and I just took him away. Doesn't that make me cruel? Or dangerous?”

“Jimin, listen to me.” Yoongi brushes his thumbs on his cheeks “There's nothing cruel about you. You're- fuck, you and Hoseok are the kindest people I've ever met. You didn't want to do it. And it's eating you inside, knowing that you killed someone, so how can that make you cruel?”

Jimin doesn't reply, he looks at him in the eyes as if he's trying to believe him.

“And you are dangerous. So dangerous.” Yoongi smiles “You have no idea how dangerous you are, in the best fucking way.”

Jimin concedes him a small giggle at that, eyes turning into crescents, all things good painting his face “Being cheesy so doesn't suit you.”

“It doesn't, does it?” Yoongi's smile widens when Jimin starts ruffling his hair again.

“I think I did a pretty good job.”

“Did you?”

“Mmmh. This color suits you, you look good. Really handsome.”

“I'll trust you on that.”

Jimin hums and tucks his nose in the crook of Yoongi's neck, letting him hold him “Thank you.”

“Next time you have those nightmares, wake us up.”

“Okay.” Jimin breathes in slowly “I fucking love your smell.”


“You and Hoseok have such a different smell, I love them both. You smell fresh, like mint. Hoseok smells warm as hell, like coffee and tobacco.”

“You smell...” Yoongi nuzzle his nose on Jimin's neck and breathes “You smell good.”

“A fucking poet, really.”

“Shut the fuck up, you just smell good.”

Jimin laughs litghly, he raises his head and kisses Yoongi slowly and gentle, lips lazily slotting together, arms around his neck. Yoongi lets his hands drop to his thighs, pressing his fingers in the flesh, Jimin shivers against him and the kiss deepens, the boy opening his mouth and Yoongi catches his tongue, sucking on it. Jimin makes a sound deep from his chest and Yoongi swears he falls in love a little bit more.


“What do you want? Mmh?”

“Don't know.” Jimin shifts his hips against Yoongi's “Want this.”

Yoongi gets distracted by the kiss, by Jimin's gasps and the way his body feels against him, so he doesn't notice that Jimin is still holding the scissors in his right hand. But when the blade drags against the back of his neck he feels his whole body heating up and he can't help the moan that leaves his lips.

Jimin stills, breaking the kiss and staring at him with wide eyes.

“I-” Yoongi tries, mouth dry.

Jimin caresses his skin with the scissors again, this time on purpose, Yoongi groans.

“Shit, you like that.” Jimin whispers, eyes dark “You like that, don't you?”

“Shut up.”

“Hyung likes blades against his skin?”

“Fuck you.”

Jimin smirks, he presses the sharp edge of the blade against his shoulder, not hard enough to cut through the skin, Yoongi's hips stutter and Jimin moans.

“Fuck, you're so hard.”

“So what if I like it?” Yoongi asks, slightly defensive, a lot flustered, definitely turned on.

“It's fucking hot, that's what.” Jimin leans down and licks Yoongi's bottom lip “I'd love to keep doing this.”

“What's stopping you?”

Jimin's grin is so smug Yoongi kind of wants to slap him “I have to dry your hair.”


Jimin pecks his lips then gets off Yoongi, putting the scissors back in the drawer.

“So now I dry your hair and style it all nice, then we wait for Hoseok and we fuck up your hair.” he says “We don't use the scissors but, trust me, I'll remember about them.”

Yoongi sighs “You're such a fucking tease, I hate you.”

“You really don't.”

And of course Jimin is right, he really fucking doesn't.



They drove outside Daegu for the day, just wanting to drive around with music blasting out the old car radio, the Chevrolet's tires striding against the road.

Hoseok is sitting behind him, chatting with Jimin about the event Taehyung is planning, that it's going to be amazing and the best he's planned yet, all of this whilst stroking Yoongi's hair in slow, careful caresses, sometimes tugging slithly at some locks playfuly.

Yoongi scratches his nose then puts the hand back on the wheel, the road open for them, sun high in the sky and the mountains of his city slowly leaving space for open fields.

Jimin has the window rolled down, eyes closed and a blissful smile on his face, an arm out of the car window with his hand open, air tickling his fingers. He's wearing the new robe Yoongi bought him, all pink silk and large sleeves, orange petals embroided on the left sleeve.

After an hour of driving they stop at a gas station to fill up on gas.

“Steal candies for us again.” Jimin tells Hoseok with a grin, leaning on the trunk of the car.

Hoseok chuckles and plants a kiss on his forehead before he walks into the store and, not even two minutes later, he comes out with a lollipop in his mouth and two more in his hand.

Yoongi sucks on the cola lollipop whilst filling the car with gas, Jimin suddenly stands up from the trunk and goes in front of the car then he starts swaying in time with the song that comes from the radio, Hoseok whistling and clapping along.

Yoongi never used the word beautiful to describe another man. Or maybe he had? The heat was making him dizzy. He searches in his memory, tries to remember... no. No, not once he considered a man beautiful. Attractive? Yeah. Handsome? Sure. Never beautiful.

But when it comes down to Jimin and Hoseok, beautiful is the only word Yoongi can use in his head.

He looks at Jimin, dancing under the sun in a nasty gas station, the large sleeves of his robe lifted by the light breeze, eyes closed and gold glistening on his skin, giggling occasionally, cheeks red from the blazing heat and he looks like a flower sprouting from a crack in a piece of concrete.

Yoongi looks at Hoseok, sitting on the hood of the car, his long legs clad in ripped jeans, eyes soft when they land on Jimin, heart shaped lips stretching in one of those smiles that can force the air out of someone's lungs, fingers tapping on a lit cigarette in time with the music, his t-shirt hands too loose on his frame and it keeps sliding down his left shoulder, sun kissing his honey skin just right.

Yeah, Yoongi thinks, They're beautiful.






Jimin doesn't know if he gets to call this happiness, but it sure as hell feels like it. Every moment of it. Every day feels better than the last, always new and still familiar. He loves it. God, he fucking adores it.

He feels like he's slowly changing. For the better, that's for sure, but it still surprises him. Yet, he finds himself mirroring some of Hoseok's quirks, he clicks his tongue a lot more than before, he laughs a little louder. He finds out he can recognize Yoongi's breathing from Hoseok's, he can tell them apart from the sound of their steps and he could draw in his mind their bodies in perfect details.

Then there's one night when he wakes up with no air in his lungs, grasping at the sheets, body drenched in sweat and skin burning, still thrumming with ghost touches, blank eyes staring at him still vivid in his mind.

Jimin tries to speak up but no sound comes out, he chokes on air and squeezes Yoongi's arm hard enough to hurt him, just so that he wakes up. Yoongi stirs a little in his sleep then opens an eye.

“What?” he slurs, Jimin curls on himself and presses his fingers harder on Yoongi's arm.

“Shit.” Yoongi frees himself from Jimin's hold and holds him against him, cradling his neck “It's okay, just breathe. Hoseok. Hoseok, wake up.”

Hoseok mutters something under his breath before Jimin feels him moving behind him “What? What time is- what's wrong with him?”

Maybe it's the edge of fear in Hoseok's voice that makes him come apart. He sobs against Yoongi's chest until his whole body is shaking, jaw stiff and hurting, eyes stinging.

Hoseok snakes his arms around his waist and presses his lips on the back of his neck “What's wrong, Minnie?”

Jimin doesn't reply and he just keeps crying, both of them holding him and whispering sweet nothings to him, stroking his hair, Jimin finds Hoseok's hand and intwertwines their fingers together.

They don't sleep for the rest of the night, but Yoongi keeps touching him as if he's made of porcelain and Hoseok holds him as if he's scared he'll run away from him and, somehow, that works. Jimin can breathe again, his body stops shaking and, for a terrifying moment, he thinks he won't be able to live without them.







Hoseok was right when he said that the event Taehyung prepared is the best one yet. As they enter the club, the place is packed with people, music loud as usual, neon lights a soft purple, flashing in time with the songs, white silk cloths hanged on the ceiling and falling down gracefully, hovering just above the heads of the people dancing at the bottom floor.

Taehyung immediately grabs his arm and tells Hoseok and Yoongi to go get drinks, everything is free for them, they'll be back soon.

Jimin walks to the third private floor with Taehyung, as he's there they walk to the couches Taehyung has next to the railings, getting a perfect view of the lower floors of the club, there are men dressed in black standing at every corner.

Taehyung gets them drinks and asks him what he thinks about the night.

“You made this shit hole look good.” Jimin tells him, Taehyung snickers.

“I know right? Wasn't easy.”

They stay quiet for a while before Taehyung speaks again.

“So-” Tae takes a sip of his Cosmopolitan, an obnoxious paper umbrella sticks out of the glass next to a cherry “You're fucking them both?”

Jimin looks at him, the taste of milk and vodka still lingering on his tongue “Not exactly.”

From Taehyung's private floor he can see the waves of bodies dancing at the bottom floor and he has a perfect view of the second floor too, he spots Yoongi and Hoseok sitting at the bar, chatting.

“What does not exactly mean?” Taehyung asks him “You either fuck them or you don't.”

“I am fucking them.” Jimin replies, he takes a gulp of his drink and hisses at the burn “But it's more than that. It ain't just sex, we're together.”

Taehyung stops playing with the paper umbrella and looks at Jimin with wide eyes “Wait, all three of you?”

Jimin hums, he taps his index finger on the glass. Taehyung scoffs, shakes his head, drinks from his Cosmopolitan.

“You always, always, get the hot ones.”

Jimin snorts and waves a hand at him dismissevely “Nah, like- don't you remember Youngjae?”

“Oh.” Taehyung grimaces and fakes a shiver “Fuck, forgot about him. Oh, man, he was so fucking ugly, how did you manage to be with him for all that time?”

Jimin shrugs “Had a huge dick and he knew how to use it.”

Taehyung chuckles “I definitely fucked you better since you dumped his ass the moment you sat on my dick.”

“Oh, you did.” Jimin laughs “You most certainly did.”

“Since we're on the topic, are they good?”

“The best.” Jimin grins “Yesterday Yoongi ate me out while Hoseok sucked me off so well, I think I legit passed out for a minute after I came.”

“You're so fucking lucky.” Taehyung puts down the drink, takes the cherry and drops it in his mouth, he chews on it “I'm telling you, Chim, if they weren't yours I would've already made a move on Hoseok.”

“Oh, yeah, he's your type.” Jimin glances at his friend “Are you ever going to start something serious with someone?”

Taehyung seems to think about it for a while, the loud music and flashing neon lights make Jimin's head spin for a moment. It's either those or the vodka. Maybe the vodka.

“It would be nice, wouldn't it?” Taehyung sighs “Having someone in that way. But I can't, not with-” he gestures at the club “And Geottong Beolle Pa is getting larger and larger, spreading to the north. I'll probably be given another club to handle, with a huge ring that mostly deals with opiates.”

“But your position is safe.” Jimin insists “You're powerful, you have your own ring, you could be with someone who understands your life.”

Taehyung shakes his head “As long as I'm in so deep in this shit, being with someone is a fucking death sentence on my head or the other person's head. And I ain't that selfish. When you live this kind of life you agree to years of zero commitment and a lot of nameless sex.” Taehyung lights up a cigarette and looks at Jimin “Ain't that the reason one of your boyfriends ran way from Imoogi?”

Jimin almost loses his grip on the glass. He stares at Taehyung and his blood runs cold, heart jumping in his chest. He looks in his friend's eyes, tries to understand what he's thinking and fails, panic rings in his ears.

“Stop giving me that look.” Taehyung says, smiling again “I'm not laying a finger on him.”

“How-” Jimin gulps “How did you find out?”

“Please, Jimin, you think my men don't find out if someone who steps inside this place is from another gang? Especially if it's Imoogi Pa. But-” Taehyung shrugs “He ran away so that means he ain't in that shit anymore.”

“He isn't.”

“I know that. There are rumors going around, they say Min Yoongi ran away after stealing a huge load of cash. And, honestly, someone who steals from Imoogi and fucks them in the ass is a friend of mine.” Taehyung winks at him “He's safe. You all are safe.”

Jimin nods, finally allowing himself to breath “Okay. Than-”

“No, don't you fucking dare thanking me.” Taehyung shakes his head “You're my best friend, there's no reason to thank me for not shoving a bullet in the skull of the guy you love.”


“Okay. Now go back to them, I'll catch you later.”


As Jimin arrives to the bar he immediately sits on Hoseok's lap and steals Yoongi's drink.

“Why do you even order shit when you just drink my stuff?” he asks.

“When you steal something to drink it tastes better.”

“It sure does.” Hoseok agrees, an arm around his waist “Everything alright with Tae?”

Jimin nods and gives the glass of whiskey back to Yoongi “Yeah, everything's fine. Now, we should get just a little more drunk and go dance.”

“I'll have to get a lot more drunk if you want me to dance.” Yoongi grumbles, then he downs his drink.




Yoongi isn't that drunk so what is his excuse for dancing with him and Hoseok?

Jimin has a smug grin as they're in the middle of the crowd of people, in between Hoseok and Jimin, enjoying the drag of Yoongi's crotch on his ass and Hoseok's lips grazing his neck, hips grinding together, music almost lost in the background, Jimin's mind swimming in haziness, the only thing clear and tangent is the bodies of the two lovers. He opens his eyes and sees Yoongi and Hoseok kissing over his shoulder, lips hungry, Yoongi's hands tugging at his hair, Jimin drags his hips harder against Hoseok's and the boy groans in the kiss.

“Pay attention to me.” Jimin says, biting at Hoseok's jawline, he feels Yoongi's fingers digging in his hips.

“So fucking spoiled.” he says in his ear, Jimin grins.

“You love it.” Jimin tugs Hoseok's bottom lip between his teeth for a moment “How about we go home, yeah?”

“Sounds like a good idea to me.” Yoongi replies.

“Okay.” Hoseok says “But let me talk to Tae for a moment, he told me he had some weed for us.”

“Oh, yeah, you talk with him first.” Jimin says.

“I gotta piss.” Yoongi kisses his shoulder “You wanna go to the car?”

“I'll wait you there.”

Yoongi gives him the keys, Jimin puts them in the back pockets of his jeans and starts walking out of the club as Yoongi and Hoseok head to the opposite site.

Jimin finds the door for the back of the club, where Taehyung lets them leave the car, there's a man dressed in black at the side, he opens the door for him. Jimin thinks, distractly, that there never was a man at that door before. As he steps outside, he turns around to get a last look at the man and, just before he closes the door, Jimin catches a glimpse of a tattoo. A water dragon.

Then there's pain blooming on the left side of his face, hard enough to black out his vision and fuck up his balance. Jimin stuggers to the right and just before he falls on the ground there are hands holding him up.

Jimin regains his vision and he manages to see two men in front of him trying to catch his legs, but he kicks them away, fighting against the grip someone has around his waist.

“Don't fucking touch me!” he screams, adrenaline kicking in, blood rushing, where they hit him in the face it pulsates and hurts.

“Shut his fucking mouth.” a man says and suddenly there's more pain on his stomach, someone punched him fucking hard and Jimin doubles over, choking.

The men in front of him grip his ankles and lift his legs whilst those behind him keep him up by holding his chest, a hand covers his eyes and then there's a cloth being shoved in his mouth. Jimin starts thrashing again, arching and praying that he manages to break free, but the people holding him are strong and they're carrying him away.

“There was another one, where is he?” someone asks, Jimin realizes they must be talking about Hoseok. These people are from Igoomi Pa. They're here for Yoongi.

Jimin tries to scream but the cloth muffles his voice, he kicks his legs more and harder and he hits someone, a groan of pain following and his right leg is free. Immediately he starts fighting back harder, taking advantage of his free leg, planting his foot on the floor and trying to make it harder for them to drag him away, he starts kicking again.

“Hold this fucking bitch down!” a man screams, the one holding his left leg manages to catch the other one again, someone pulls at his hair hard, scalp stinging.

“I'm fucking tired of this shit, hit him again.”

Jimin tries to squirm away but something hits him in the ribs so hard his whole body falls limb, pain clouding completely his mind. Breathing suddenly is hard, at every breath he tries to take the pain in his ribs makes him choke and the cloth in his mouth just suffocates him further.

Finally, they stop walking and they throw him on the ground. Jimin hisses and clutches at his ribs, curling on himself. This isn't good.

He opens his eyes, vision blurry, he recognizes where they are. They're next to their car, in the alley where they parked, Jimin can fucking see the open street behind the men who positioned themselves there, blocking his way out. In front of him there's the road from where they came, that goes back to the club. He can't stay here.

He gets on his knees and tries to stand up and sprint away but he's immediately thrown back on the ground again, a foot on his back holding him there. Jimin thrashes again, he feels the foot lifting from his back and then something presses against the back of his head. His whole body stills as someone presses harder the muzzle of a gun.

“One fucking move like this again-” he says “And I blow your brains out.”

Jimin stays completely unmoving, forehead against the asphalt.

“Now.” the man says “I take this cloth out of your mouth and you don't make any sound. Are we clear?”

Jimin swallows and nods. The man removes the gun and grabs the collar of his shirt, pulling him up until he's on his knees, he takes the cloth out of his mouth and Jimin gasps, inhaling deeply, the gun is back against his head.

“Now we wait.”

Jimin has his hand pressing against his rib: they're not broken, just really fucking messed up. He can work with those later, if there's a later. He knows that the men are more than he expected, most of them behind him, there's the one pressing the gun at his head and two on his left, another one at his right, just before the car. He can't move in any direction.

So he waits.

The sound of steps approaching them almost makes him whine, he prays it's not Yoongi, he prays it's not Hoseok.

He looks up and clenches his jaw as Yoongi steps in the alley. He stops walking the moment he sets his eyes on Jimin, emotions flooding over his face, fear clear in the stiffness of his muscles. He looks from him to the men next to him, he looks back at him and Jimin swears he sees an apology already writing itself in his eyes.

Yoongi sighs “Hello, Chung Ho.”

“Min.” the man holding the gun replies “This has been going on for far too long, yeah?”

Yoongi nods “I agree. It was fun, but I guess it's over, mh? Okay.” he takes one step forward, he stops the moment Chung Ho presses the gun harder against him “Let's just go. I'll give you the money back, you take me back to Busan, the boss kills me, everyone's happy.”

The men behind him snort, Jimin keeps his eyes on Yoongi.

“You see, Min.” Chung Ho says “Boss doesn't care about the money anymore.”

“Doesn't he?”

“Nah. He just really cares about killing you.”

Yoongi shrugs “Whatever, just bury me with the cash then, I don't care.”

“Where's the other one?”

Yoongi clenches his jaw “Who?”

“The other dude you were with.” Chung Ho sounds annoyed “There's three of you fags, where's the other?”

“The fuck would I know, I met him like an hour ago.” Yoongi says “He sucked my dick in the toilet then he went off somewhere.”

“'s that so?”

“Yes, you prick.” Yoongi crosses his arms “Listen, can we just go? This is boring.”

“What about this one, then?” Chung Ho pats his temple with the barrel of the gun, Jimin shivers “Met him an hour ago too?”

“I've been fucking around with him.” Yoongi replies, lie slipping easily off his tongue “For like a week or so? The fuck do you care who I sleep with, you wanna join?”

“Kiss my ass, Min.” Chung Ho spits on the ground “You've been fucking around, yeah?”


“Then you don't mind I just shoot him in the head right here, right now?”

Yoongi doesn't reply, he just stares at Chung Ho and Jimin can see how fucking hard he's trying to not let any emotion show, how bad he's fighiting off the urge to look down at him.

“Then again, wouldn't it be a shame?” Chung Ho lowers the gun from his temple down to his cheek, dragging it lower against his neck “He's a pretty little thing, ain't he? Would be a shame put a bullet in his skull without getting a taste of him.”

Jimin fights off the urge to recoil and cringe away from him, he stays still, adrenaline long gone and replaced by pure fear. He's felt this once before. With Hyun Ki. He felt this.

“I ain't a fag but with a face like that?” the men behind Chung Ho laugh “Hell, I bet the bitch can suck my cock like the best slut. He'd probably choke around it and fucking love it.”

“You get one fucking finger on him, Chung Ho.” Yoongi suddenly says, voice shaking “One fucking finger, and I swear to God.”

“I'll get the other one too, Min.” Chung Ho hisses, gun right against his head again, pushing it down “And I'll let every one of my men fuck them in front of you, you fucking traitor.”

Jimin looks at his right, the man standing next to him has a knife in his hand, grip loose.

“I'll give you the money.” Yoongi tries “I'll come back and let you do whatever the fuck you want to me, but the moment you harm them, that's the moment you put a fucking death sentence right around your neck.”

Jimin knows he can take that knife. But then what would he do? His ribs hurt like a bitch, his head still spins because of the initial blow, he's terrified and there are too many of them, what the fuck could he do?

“You know what I should do? I should shoot you in the legs and make you watch as this slut gets fucked against a wall.” Chung Ho suddenly raises his gun, aiming it at Yoongi “Fuck it, maybe I will do it.”

That's when Jimin grabs the knife, twists and stabs Chung Ho in the knee. The man screams in pain and falls on the floor clutching his leg, Jimin sees Yoongi moving to him and he tries to stand up. The moment he does so the man who owned the knife grabs him by the hair and yanks him back until he hits the wall.

The man is in front of him, he has another gun in his hand, he hears Yoongi screaming something then there's a defeaning noise and he sees blood splurting from the man's temple.

His body falls on the floor hard, there's more shooting, more bodies falling down, then everything is quiet. Jimin looks at where there were Chung Ho's men, now standing there he sees Taehyung and the men of Geottong Beolle Pa, guns raised and aimed at the few men who are still standing, completely unmoving, with their backs against the wall.

Taehyung lowers his gun and walks over to Chung Ho, the man still kneeling on the floor, his leg drenched with blood. Taehyung stops in front of him and then kicks him on the face, Jimin hears the noise of Chung Ho's nose breaking, the man groaning and curling on the ground.

“This one.” Taehyung says to his men “You cut his balls and send them to Imoogi Pa. The other ones, you kill them and keep one alive, don't care who, so that he goes back to Busan and tells the old dragon that next time he thinks he can walk in Daegu we skin him alive.” Taehyung turns to Yoongi, who's staring at Taehyung without moving “What are you doing there?, go to Jimin.”

And Yoongi does, running to him and kneeling beside him, cupping his face with trembling hands “Where did they hit you?”

“I'm- I'm fi-”

“You're not fine, you're fucking bleeding, tell me where they hit you.”

“Ribs, they're not broken.”

Yoongi opens his mouth to say something but then his attention is captured by Hoseok, walking past Taehyung's men as they start dragging the man from Imoogi Pa away.

“I saw you getting dragged away, I saw the tattoos.” Hoseok says, crouching next to him “Went back in looking for Yoongi, I found Taehyung and told him, shit, are you okay?”

“Guys.” Taehyung says, they turn to him “You need to run. Now. You go back to the flat, get your shit and leave.”

Yoongi shakes his head “What if there's more of them there?”

“I have men sent already on the spot, there's no one, they're hiding and they're ready to intervene if they see something. These fucking idiots tried to kill you behind my goddamn club, how fucking imbecile do you have to be in order to fuck up so bad?” Taehyung sighs “Either way, you get the fuck out of Daegu now.”

Hoseok is already helping him get up, Jimin hisses at the shoot of pain blooming from his ribs.

“I-” Yoongi gapes “You're helping us.”

“The fuck? Why do you sound surprised? 'Cause you're from Imoogi?” Taehyung shrugs “I already knew, doesn't matter to me.”

“Tae.” Jimin walks to him and hugs him, his friend hugging him back, careful as to not press on his ribs “Fuck, Tae, thank you.”

Taehyung nuzzles his nose on his cheek “I'm going to miss you so fucking much, Minnie.”

“I'll come back.”

“You better come back. Now get the fuck away from here.”

Jimin squeezes him one last time before he manages to make his way to the car, he opens the car door and Hoseok gets in first, so that he can sit on the backseat, then Jimin carefully sits down on the passenger seat. Yoongi sits behind the wheel and shuts the door close, he looks at Taehyung.

“I don't- I don't know how to thank you.”

“We're Daegu brothers!” Taehyung smiles “Between brothers we don't thank each other.”







Hoseok looks at Yoongi. He still hasn't said a word since they drove away from Taehyung's club, heading for the flat. He stares at the road ahead without tearing his eyes away, hands stiff on the wheel. Hoseok looks at Jimin, the boy staring at the hands on his lap, he eyes the wound on his temple, looking like it's already bruising, blood drying on his face. They probably hit him with the grip of a gun.

“We need to clean that.” Hoseok says, Jimin blinks and looks at him.


“The wound on your temple, we need to clean it.” He repeats “At home we have some first aid shit, I'll bring it. Me and Yoongi should go in and take everything, you stay inside the car and wait, you'd move too slowly and just hurt yourself.”

Jimin nods, Yoongi doesn't say anything.

“Yoongi?” Hoseok calls “'s that okay with you?”

“Yeah.” he replies, voice almost inaudible “Okay.”

Hoseok clenches his jaw. That can't be good, Yoongi isn't like that usually.

They finally reach the flat, Yoongi stops the car but leaves the engine on, he gets out of the car leaving the door open so that Hoseok can come out quickly. As he steps out of the car he decides not to close the car door and they walk to the flat.

Yoongi opens the door quickly “You get the clothes, I'll get the first aid kit and the money.”

“Okay.” Hoseok moves to the bedroom, he decides to leave the lights turned off and immediately opens the closet, taking all the clothes and shoving them hurriedly in one of their bags, he gets then Jimin's jewelry 'cause he knows damn well the kid would kill him if he forgot them, even in circumstances like this. Once he's sure he took everything he takes the two sports bags he filled with their things and goes back to the living room the moment Yoongi comes out of the bathroom with the money bag and the first aid kit.

“Okay, let's go.”

They walk out, shut the door close and run back to the car. Hoseok throws all their bags in the trunk, Yoongi gives him the metal box of the first aid and then Hoseok gets in the backseat, Yoongi sits behind the wheel, closes the car door and starts driving again.

“Where do we go?” Jimin asks.

“Doesn't matter.” Yoongi replies “For now we just get the fuck out of here.”

Hoseok opens the first aid kit and finds some detergent and cotton wool, he wets it with the detergent and starts cleaning the wound on Jimin's temple, the boy hisses.

“It fucking burns.”

“Stop whining.” Hoseok takes a deep breath “I can't fucking believe you're whining after you almost got shot.”

“Habits are a scary thing.” Jimin closes his eyes as Hoseok dabs at the wound.

“This shit's gonna bruise.” he says.

“Is it gonna scar?” Yoongi asks, still keeping his eyes on the road.

“No, don't think so. It's not that deep.” Hoseok throws the cotton on the backseat “I'm mostly worried about your ribs, raise your shirt.”

Jimin does, face twisting in pain as he raises his arm and Hoseok holds his breath “Did they hit you with a fucking baseball bat?”

“Don't know, couldn't see, but it hurts.” Jimin lets Hoseok carefully feel his ribs “Pretty sure they're not broken though.”

They aren't, but the purple bruise blooming doesn't look good at all. They might take some time to heal completely.

“We'll put some ice on them.” Hoseok says, Jimin sits back normally “Then we buy some ointment and shit, I don't know.”

“Okay.” Jimin closes his eyes and sighs. He mutters something under his breath but Hoseok doesn't understand what, he just slumps back in his seat and tries to calm down.

They got out of that alive, they're fine. They're fine.

We're not fine. We're not fine, we're scared.

Chapter Text

Jimin is almost falling asleep, completely drained, when Yoongi suddenly turns the car away from the main road and starts driving towards a truck stop.

“Yoongi?” Hoseok asks as the older boy drives into the parking lot, nearly empty if not for five cars scattered around and the 24 hours store “We don't need gas, what-?”

Yoongi stops the car in the middle of the parking lot, kills the engine and they stay quiet until Jimin opens his eyes.

“Why did we stop?” he asks, voice thick with sleep, blinking at Yoongi.

Yoongi looks at him for a moment then he turns off the headlights too and darkness engulfs them, the only source of light comes from the flickering red and blue sign of the convenience store.

“Yoongi, we shouldn't stop.” Hoseok urges, leaning forward from the backseat “If you're tired I can drive.”

Yoongi doesn't seem to have heard him, he stares at the empty space in front of them for a few moments before he slumps back on his seat and takes a deep breath. When he exhales his breathing is shaky and Hoseok can see the moment Yoongi breaks.

His face screws up, eyes squeezed shut and eyebrows knit together, lips turning down in an ugly grimace. He gulps hard once before a sob forces his way out of his chest and tears immediately start spilling out

Jimin's hand move to hold Yoongi's but it stays still, just above his pale fingers, almost as if he's scared he'll break him with one single brush of skin “Yoongi-”

“You-” Yoongi tries to speak “Y-you almost died and- god, you almost died and it wuh-was my fault.”

“No, no no, it wasn't your-” Jimin swallows “You couldn't have known.”

When Jimin's hand finally grips Yoongi's, his whole body shakes and the sound that comes deep from his chest is so raw and pained and just... not Yoongi. Yoongi doesn't cry, he doesn't need help, he rarely ever shows emotions like this, never like this, he's the one who takes care of them. He takes care of them.

“Yoongi.” Hoseok, from his seat, can only reach with the back of his hand to stroke Yoongi's cheek and Hoseok swears he feels his heart breaking when the boy leans in the touch, almost chasing it.

“I almost-” Yoongi hiccups, breathing irregularly and just crying so fucking hard “I almost killed you, they-they were there for me. Fuck, I almost kuh-killed you both they were looking for Hoseok too. God, you could've died!”

Hoseok looks, powerless, at his lover breaking apart in a fucking deserted parking lot and he has no idea what to do. Because Jimin and he have been so spoiled by Yoongi all this time, so dependent on him when they should've known, they should've fucking known that at some point or another something would have happened and Yoongi just couldn't have been able to handle it all by himself. So Hoseok closes his eyes, breathes, then looks around. He sees the silhouettes of two people inside the store, five cars. That means either one or two cars are free, he doesn't know for how long, he needs to move fast.

“Okay.” he says “Okay. Jimin, help Yoongi out of the car, we need to get another one.”

“What?” Jimin frowns “Why?”

“'Cause those men from Imoogi Pa saw it and we don't know if someone already sent the license plate to people in Busan, so we need a new one. Come on, out.”

Jimin slowly opens the door and gets out of the car, clutching at his side, Hoseok gets past the passenger seat and gets out as well, he walks to the trunk and opens it. He shrugs on his shoulders their three bags and looks around for a crowbar, he knows there's one, he's seen it. He finds it under a cloth, he takes it and shuts the trunk.

He starts walking to the first car but there's a man sleeping in the backseat so he moves to the next one: a whole family sleeping inside. The third one is empty, in the dark it looks like a Ford, one of those older models, hopefully not equipped with a sound alarm, he'll have to put it all on luck at this point. That'll do.

He puts the crowbar in between the door and taps it inside, then tilts it to the side and the door opens, some paint coming off. He waits for an alarm to go off, but nothing. He sighs in relief when he sees that the car has manual locks. He throws the bags in the backseat and then gets inside and he opens one of the back doors from the inside, he gets out for a moment and waves at Jimin, gesturing for them to come.

He sits at the steering wheel and removes the cover of the steering column, Hoseok grabs the wires, pulls aside the battery and he starts stripping the insulation from the battery wires. He finds out that, even if it's been a while, he can still do this with his eyes closed. Not something to be proud of, but still.

He connects the ignition wire to the battery's, twisting the copper edges together, Jimin has reached the car and is gently pushing Yoongi inside on the backseat. Hoseok gets the starter wire, strips it as well, then carefully touches the end of it to the battery wire, it sparks and the engine is on, he revs the car a few times and sighs.

“Okay, let's go.” he says, he shuts the door close and puts away the wires back in the steering column, he sends a glance at Yoongi and Jimin behind: Jimin has Yoongi's head resting on his shoulder, an arm around his shoulders “We're good?”

Jimin nods. Hoseok starts driving.



“We're sleeping there.” Hoseok says once he sees the sign of a motel in the distance.

“We shouldn't stop.” Yoongi mutters, he hasn't moved from Jimin's side the whole time they drove.

“We're stopping.” Hoseok says “Jimin needs to lie down and you need to rest, so we're stopping.”

Before Yoongi can protest, Jimin is already speaking “He's right, we can't drive more, it's almost dawn, we need to rest.”

Yoongi sighs “Okay.”

Hoseok drives in the parking lot and finds an empty spot, so he parks the car there and kills the engine.

“Okay, you two start getting out, I'll go get us a room.” he says, already opening the door and stepping outside.

Hoseok looks around whilst he walks to the office. The exterior of the motel doesn't look bad, there's a huge sign at the entrance, a blue neon light bird over the name of the place. It's in english, Blue Swallow. Hoseok could snort if only he weren't so fucking on edge.

He enters in the office, an old table fan swirling lazily, an old man sitting behind a desk. Hoseok eyes a fucking doll of an hawaiian dancer right next to a computer.

“Hello.” the man says, smiling “How can I help you?”

“I need a room for three, possibly with a king sized bed.”

“For how many hours?”

“No, actually, for a night. Maybe even more, I'm not sure.”

The man nods “Okay, then I'll need a document. At the end of your stay I'll ask for payment.”

Hoseok nods, he pats in the pockets of his jeans and takes out his ID, giving it to the man, who proceeds to print it.

“These are your keys.” he hands to him a bundle of keys, a keychain of a blue bird dangling from them with the number of their rooms “Enjoy your night.”

“Thank you.” Hoseok bows as he takes his document and the keys, then walks back to the car.

“Well?” Jimin asks him as soon as he sees him, they're standing right outside the car, Yoongi still leaning on the boy.

“We got a room, I'll take the luggage.” Hoseok gives Jimin the keys and then opens the trunk of the car, shrugging them on his shoulders.

“Didn't they ask you for a document?”

“I have a fake one.” Hoseok replies “A good one, there won't be problems. Let's go.”

The room isn't as bad as he thought. It's clean, with a single bed on a side and a king sized one on the other, a table against the wall and even a little couch, it doesn't smell of mold or anything nasty, just of cheap laundry cleaner, from the windows the electric lights of the neon sign cast colors on the floor, lighing up the room in azure.

Yoongi drags himself to the bed and sits on the edge, not saying a word, Jimin shuts the door close.

“I need a shower.” he says, Hoseok puts down their bags and Jimin opens the one where his clothes are, taking out clean underwear and a black tee that Hoseok is pretty sure belongs to him.

“Careful with the ribs.”

Jimin hums, then walks in the toilet, turning on the lights and closing the door behind him

Hoseok stands up in the middle of the room for what feels like ages, until he hears the water from the shower running and he decides to sit down.

He goes to the couch and it's softer than it looked, he's pleasantly surprised. He feels some tension easing off. He gets his pack of cigarettes out, lighting one up, he throws the pack on the mattress next to Yoongi.

Yoongi takes it without even looking at it.

They smoke in silence for a while, Hoseok can see how drained Yoongi is, there are still tracks of dry tears on his face, he's paler than usual. Hoseok sighs and starts looking out of the window. There's an ice machine outside, he should go and grab ice for Jimin's ribs later.

“You couldn't see his face.”

Hoseok almost jumps when he hears Yoongi's voice, he turns to look at him, he's staring out of the window like he was doing earlier.

“His face?”

“Jimin's.” Yoongi lifts the cigarette to his lips, takes a drag, lets his arm fall on his lap again “He was so scared. Like he couldn't fucking think from how scared he was. He had the same look in his eyes when I first met him, lost and hurt and terrified.”

Yoongi stops talking, he smokes silently. Hoseok waits for him to start speaking again. The fact that he's saying something is already good enough, he needs to open up and get out whatever it is that he has bottled inside.

“I-” Yoongi frowns “The moment Chung Ho said that they were going to-” he shakes his head “Fuck, I swear I've seen it all in Jimin's eyes, the memories of that night in Busan, they all came back, I saw it. He felt like that again. And it was my fault.”

Yoongi stubs the cigarette on the bedside table, directly on the wood, leaving a black mark there.

“You need to stop thinking like that.” Hoseok whispers, Yoongi closes his eyes.

“You couldn't see his face, Hoseok, you didn't see it. It will haunt me forever in my fucking dreams, he was so scared.”

Hoseok presses his lips together, the sound of the water from Jimin's shower stops and Yoongi suddenly trains his gaze on Hoseok.

“You should run away from me before I fuck up your life as well, Seoksie.” he murmurs and there's something in his eyes that is so sad, broken and scared that forces Hoseok to stand up from the couch.

He gets on the bed, matress dipping under his weight and he kneels in front of Yoongi, cupping his face. The older boy tries to cringe away but Hoseok holds him firmly.

“Get that look off of your face.” he says “Now.”

“What look?”

“You have this look in your eyes, I-” Hoseok swallows “Yoongi, please. I swear I had that same look before I met you and Jimin and you can't- Please.”

Yoongi's features soften and he caresses Hoseok's chin with his thumb “I'm sorry.”

Hoseok looks down “It wasn't your fault, Yoongi.”

Jimin comes out of the bathroom in that moment, a towel dabbing his damp hair, he smells of cheap aloe shampoo. He gets on bed too and presses his nose against Yoongi's temple “Let's sleep, yeah?”

“Actually, wait.” Hoseok lets go of Yoongi's face “I'm gonna get some ice from the ice machine for your ribs, so don't fall asleep yet.”

“Okay. Thank you.”

Hoseok nods and ruffles Jimin's hair before he gets off the bed, grabs the room keys and, before he leaves the room, he gets a towel from the bathroom.

The ice machine is on the other side of the motel, Hoseok walks past the row of rooms, sometimes trying to see if someone is inside. The sky is starting to look purple, dawn approaching slowly, Hoseok just now realizes how tired he is. They should try and rest for a day or two before moving again, although he's not sure how well Yoongi would take it.

Hoseok finds the ice machine and stops in front of it, staring at it.

What does it even matter how Yoongi would take it when Yoongi himself thinks they'd be better off without him? Doesn't he understand? Without him Jimin and he would be fucking lost. Maybe not, maybe Jimin would find a way around it, would be able to go on. But him? No, he's a fucking mess. Hoseok is actually kind of surprised he's doing so well lately. That's why what Yoongi said pisses him off so much, he doesn't fucking understand how important it is for Hoseok to stay together. He's not gonna make it if he's alone again.

“Hey, little one?”

Hoseok jumps, startled, at the voice. He spins on his left and notices just now a woman sitting outside of a room on a plastic chair.


“Do you have a lighter?” she asks, a cigarette between her slender fingers.

Hoseok nods and starts patting his jeans looking for his lighter, he finds it and walks to her, she takes the lighter with a smile.

“Thank you.”

She has the voice of a woman who probably smokes too much. She lights up her cigarette, the flame lighting up her face: she's beautiful in a sad kind of way. Perfect features and dead eyes, skin painted with week old bruises. She gives him back the lighter and pulls down her bare thighs the edges of her dress.

“Why is a handsome boy like you in this shithole, staring at an ice machine?”

Hoseok shrugs “I need ice.”

“You ain't taking it though.”

Hoseok nods “Yeah, I'm not.”

“You're here alone?”

“No, I'm with two people.”

The woman hums knowingly around the cigarette “You don't want to go back to them.”

“No, I-” Hoseok sighs “It's not that.”

“Then what is it?” her smile is still there “You can talk to me, little one. Prostitutes are great listeners 'cause they never judge.”

Hoseok smiles a little at that “They say it's easier to talk with strangers than with friends.”

“Ain't that the truth?” the woman crosses her legs “Why aren't you going back to your friends?”

“Something happened.” Hoseok replies “Something bad. One of them thinks it's his fault, but it's not, it's just that- he's not coping well.”

“Shutting you out?”

“Kind of, yes.”

“Humans love to blame themselves for any kind of bullshit.” the woman sighs, smoke gathering in front of her face “They truly do. You don't want to go back 'cause you're afraid he'll shut you out again?”

“I'm afraid he'll disappear in the morning.”

“Oh.” the woman looks sad now “That's not something a friend should do.”

“He's kind of messed up now.”

“Yeah, but here's the thing: only prostitutes have to leave in the morning, because that's what you're paying them to do. But your friend?” she shakes her head “You ain't paying him to leave. Do I make sense? I'm kind of drunk, so I'm spitting shit.”

“No, I understand.” Hoseok looks back at the ice machine “I need to get this ice for one of my boyfriends.”

“One of- oh, litte one!” the woman laughs “Oh, I see why you don't want to go back now.”

“I really need to bring him some ice.” Hoseok says “Why am I not doing it? I'm being a coward.”

“No, you're being a young scared boy, it's normal. But don't worry, your other boyfriend won't leave in the morning.”

Hoseok looks back at the prostitute “How do you know?”

She smiles a little softer now “I wouldn't leave someone with eyes like yours even if you paid me, little one.” she says “I've met hundreds of men, of all kinds, but you're the first one I see with eyes so gentle. I'm sure it's the same for them.”

Hoseok snorts “Wow, you really are drunk.”

The woman bursts out laughing, loud and a little throaty “Fuck, I am! But I'm an honest drunk! So come on, take the ice, go back to your boyfriends, he won't leave you. Why should he?”

“Well.” Hoseok opens the lid of the ice machine and starts scooping some cubes up, dropping them in the towel “He kind of asked me to leave him, so-”

“Oh, I see what type of guy he is.” she nods “He thinks you need to leave before he ruins you, yeah?”

“Yeah. Something like that.”

“Then he definitely won't leave you in the morning.”

Hoseok closes the lid and knots together the edges of the towel, now heavy with ice “How do you know?”

“When a man loves you enough to send you away then there's no way they'll leave you. They're too scared of loneliness to do so.” the woman pauses then snorts “Fuck, I'm so drunk.”

Hoseok chuckles “Thank you. For listening.”

She waves at him dismissevely “Don't worry, little one. Now go bring the ice to the other boyfriend.”

“Please, don't drink too much.”

“Too late, but I'll drink in your honor as well.”

Hoseok smiles at the woman and bows a little before he leaves her there, walking back to the room.

When he opens the door there's silence, Jimin is laying on his side with Yoongi's head tucked in his chest.

“He's sleeping?” he asks quietly, closing the door.

“Passed out after you left, only asked if he could be in the middle tonigh.” Jimin replies.

“Here, put it on your ribs for a while. Tomorrow we will buy some painkillers.”

“Thanks.” Jimin takes the towel, Hoseok lifts his shirt for him and the boy gently puts the ice over his wounded ribs, hissing a little.

Hoseok gets out of his jeans and shoes, then climbs on the free side of the bed and lies next to Yoongi, snaking a hand around his waist. Yoongi gained some weight during the weeks they spent together.

“How are you feeling, Minnie?”

“I'm fine, just sore everywhere.” Jimin sighs “I'm fine. I calmed down.”

“You have no idea how fucking scared I was when I saw you getting dragged away.” Hoseok can feel his skin crawl at the memory “I fucking shat my pants.”

“You kind of saved our lives.” Jimin says “We'd be both dead if you hadn't called Tae. Shit, we'd really be dead if it weren't for you.”

“Don't remind me. Like, ever again.”


“Good. Now go to sleep, we'll figure this shit out in the morning. Maybe we should stay here for a few days, yeah? To calm down.”

“Yeah.” Jimin says “We should.”

There's silence for a few minutes, Yoongi's slow breathing lulling him to sleep.



“He won't leave us, will he?”

Hoseok opens his eyes and finds Jimin's in the dark.

“No.” he says “He's too scared of loneliness to do that.”



But when he wakes up Yoongi isn't there.

Hoseok stares at the empty space between he and Jimin and he swears his heart stops beating, then it jumps in his throat, plumming against his chest. He pats the empty matress, it's cold. Jimin is still asleep, all curled up on his side, looking as tiny as ever, and Yoongi isn't there. Hoseok slowly gets off the bed, panic ringing in his ears, something like heartbreak already settling between his ribs and he looks around the room. The bags are all there. That's when he notices that the door is slightly open, a thin stripe of light on the floor.

He walks with bare feet to the door and opens it completely, sunlight blinding him for a second, then he sees Yoongi. He's right next to the door, crouching and looking at a small kitten with soft eyes. The animal has white fur, but he's absolutely filthy, dirt and mud everywhere.

Yoongi hasn't left. That's enough to force him to take a sharp breath, Yoongi looks up and their eyes meet.

“What's with your face?”

Hoseok blinks a few times, Yoongi is still looking at him. There's no trace of the fear his eyes had yesterday. Hoseok crouches down next to him, he looks at the cat “Thought you left.”

Yoongi nods “I'm not leaving.”

He's not leaving. His heart starts beating again.

“Good.” Hoseok says “What's up with the cat?”

Yoongi smiles a little, his knuckles brush against the kitten's tiny head “He was whining outside of the room and he woke me up. I bought a tuna sandwich from a vending machine and gave him the fish, he needs to eat.”

Hoseok hums “He's fucking cute.”

“He is, the little shit.”

“You like cats?”

Yoongi smiles a little wider “Used to feed this bunch of stray cats back in Busan. There was one of them that hated my fucking guts, but the moment I gave him food he would stop scratching and biting at my ankles. What a piece of shit.”

Hoseok snorts “Sounds like someone I know.”

“Shut the fuck up.” Yoongi bumbs his shoulder lightly, chuckling softly.

Hoseok puts his head on Yoongi's shoulder, tensing up because maybe Yoongi still doesn't feel good, maybe he needs more time, maybe he'll shut him out again. Instead, Yoongi pats his head and his fingers thread between his hair. Hoseok sighs.

“Sorry about yesterday.” Yoongi says “I'm sorry.”

The cat coughs around some tuna and spits it out, sniffing it before he moves to nibbling on a smaller piece carefully.

“It's okay.” Hoseok replies “You look like you're feeling better.”

Yoongi doesn't answer him, he just makes a noise under his breath that could mean literally anything, but Hoseok doesn't press further.

“Jimin and I think maybe we should stay here for a while.” Hoseok says, the cat stops eating and eyes him curiously “At least until his ribs are better, he can't sit in a car for too long like that.”

Yoongi nods “Yeah. Yeah, let's do that. After all, it's not like we have somewhere to go.”

The kitten mewls and then rubs his head against the palm of Yoongi's head, purring.

Hoseok chuckles “Shit, he's fucking cute.”

“Who's cute?”

Both he and Yoongi turn around, Jimin is standing by the door with the bed sheets around his shoulder like a cape, eyes still half closed and swollen, lips pursed together.

“You are.” Hoseok replies, Jimin groans.

“I feel like a fucking corpse, I'm guessing I also look like one.”

Yoongi carefully grabs the cat, his thumbs rubbing the soft tummy and he stands up “I found a cat.”

At that Jimin opens his eyes. He stares at the white cat for a few moments before he starts making grabby hands at it “That's the cutest fucking thing I've ever seen and I need to touch it.”

Yoongi gently drops the kitten in Jimin's arms and the boy coos at the animal “Oh, fuck me sideways, you're so fucking adorable. So fluffy, I'm going to bang my head against the corner of a table.”

“That's so dramatic.” Yoongi mutters “How are you feeling?”

Jimin looks up from the kitten with a grimace “My ribs hurt like a bitch.”

“Worse than yesterday?”


Yoongi presses his lips together “Let me see.”

Yoongi lifts up Jimin's t-shirt and swallows hard at the sight of the bruise, now larger than last night, way darker and fading in red, skin swollen “We gotta go buy something for these, they ain't gonna heal alone.”

“Get me painkillers or I'll go insane.” Jimin says “And food, I'm starving. Like, something greasy, I'm talking real fucking greasy.”

“Okay.” Hoseok pets the kitten's head “Let me get some clothes on, Yoongi and I will go. You stay here with the cat.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

“Jimin.” Yoongi looks at him serious “Whatever you do, do not name that cat.”

Jimin frowns “Why?”

“Don't give him a name. Seriously.”

“Okay, whatever.” Jimin then grins “Now where's my kiss?”

“I ain't kissing you when your breath smells like that cat's asshole.” Yoongi says.

“Fucking rude.” Jimin mutters, walking back inside the room, cooing at the kitten “Isn't he so rude? He's lucky he's so hot, otherwise we would've already dumped his perky ass, mmh? Oh yes, we would have.”

“And he's gone.” Hoseok sighs “Great.”



It takes a full hour of driving before they find a pharmacy.

Another half an hour before they find a drive thru and they know, they fucking know, that if they don't get Jimin some food that kid will most likely cut their dicks off when they're asleep.

They drive back to the motel with the car filled with the smell of burgers, fries and nuggets. Hoseok is trying very hard not to just put a hand in one of bags and shove whatever he finds first in his mouth.



Yoongi takes a deep breath “I think we need to talk. All three of us.”

“You sure like talking.” Hoseok says, ignoring the dread that settles in his chest, heavy and hard like a fucking rock.

“Well, we need to talk.” Yoongi worries his bottom lip, slowing down the car as they approach a red light “I can barely look Jimin in the eyes, so we need to talk.”

“Okay, we'll talk.”

“I can barely look you in the eyes.”

Hoseok nods “Yeah, I noticed.”

He didn't mean it to sound so bitter, but the truth is: he is bitter. He's pissed, nervous and scared.

“I'm so-”

“I swear to god almighty, you say you're sorry one more time I will kick your ass out of this moving car.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes “You and Jimin must have both went to the same school for being dramatic smartasses.”

“Kiss my ass.”


“Kiss. My. Ass.”

Yoongi shakes his head, but Hoseok can see him trying to hide his smile.



When they go back to their room, they find Jimin sitting cross legged on the bed, pillows propped behind his back, the kitten snoring lightly, perched on Jimin's thighs.

“So.” Jimin smiles sheepily “I see why naming him would have been an issue.”

Yoongi groans “Please, tell me you didn't-”

“His name is Yu Jin and I love him.”

“He named it, I can't believe this.” Yoongi sighs, defeated.

Hoseok frowns “Did you give him a bath?”

“I love him, Hoseok.” Jimin smiles at the kitten, now all clean and fluffier than before “So fucking cute. Oh.” Jimin looks back at them “I smell burgers.”

Yoongi throws one of the bags on the bed, then climbs on the matress “We got you painkillers and an ointment. Should help with the bruises, so eat first.”

Hoseok sits on the couch, crossing his legs and finally getting his hands on the food. He shoves a handful of fries in his mouth and he finally feels some tension lifting off his shoulders.

They eat in silence, too busy stuffing their bellies with food to say anything, Yu Jin wakes up and mewls until Jimin gives in and hands the cat a piece of potato, the kitten munching it happily.

Jimin takes his painkillers afterwards, Yoongi clears his voice.

“We need to talk.”

Jimin groans “Can you at least wait until this pills kick in?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes “No, I can't.”

“Fine.” Jimin crosses his arms “Let's talk.”

“What happened yesterday-” Yoongi looks at his hands “Maybe it's not my fault, but it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't met me. I keep thinking that.”

Hoseok scoffs “If I hadn't met you I would probably be dead by now, but sure.” he points at Jimin “And he? Hell, I don't even want to know what could have happened to him.”

“He's right.” Jimin pets Yu Jin's head “What you say is pointless. Many things would have happened if we hadn't met you. Now, what happened yesterday happened, there's not much we can do about it. We got out of it alive, mostly thanks to Hoseok, we should just leave it behind.”

Yoongi looks up at Jimin “You almost died.”

“So did you.” Jimin retorts “It didn't happen.”

Hoseok sighs and stands up, sitting on the bed with his legs crossed “Yoongi, more than hearing things about yesterday, what I want to know is how you got in that gang. 'Cause obviously, you didn't want to.”

Yoongi wets his lips “It's complicated.”

“We have all day.” Jimin says.

Yoongi doesn't seem happy. Like, at all. But Hoseok also knows that it doesn't matter if he wants to talk about it or not, he needs to. If he keeps his thoughts inside, thinking he's obligated to take care of them without anyone taking care of him then he's gonna break, just like last night.

“I was seventeen.” Yoongi finally says “Back then Imoogi Pa wasn't as big as now. It was a small gang of fucktards, mostly dealt with drug dealing only in Busan, more than half of the members were part of the leader's family. The reason I joined was because I needed money. Not for me, though.” Yoongi presses his lips together “My brother.”

Jimin frowns “You have a brother?”

“Not by blood. His name's Jungkook, I’ve known him since he was four. We've always been neighbors since he was a brat, we both grew up without money, his parents were good people, took care of me as well since my family was- what's the right word? Let's just say they weren't around. Then Jungkook turned thirteen and his parents died. Bad car crash, it was pretty awful. And we were both alone, we couldn't risk being taken by social services, those are a fucking mess, so I took him and ran away. I had barely enough money for a room in a shitty motel, let alone food, I got by with too many part time jobs but it wasn't enough. So I joined Imoogi Pa. Back then it wasn't a bad idea, it was such a small group of people. But I had enough money to take care of that brat, we moved into another condo, but when I turned twenty Imoogi Pa started getting larger.”

Yoongi pats in the pockets of his jeans and finds his cigarettes, he lights up one “It was insane, how fast it expanded. More people kept joining, other people were sent in nearby cities to take care of the business there, making it larger and larger. That's when the old dragon decided to make it official, legit, that we were a real association. That's when I got the fucking tattoo.” Yoongi grimaces “I'm never forgetting that day. As the guy inked me all I could think was This is it, I'm never getting out now. And fuck, the things I did...”

Hoseok waits for Yoongi to start speaking again, the silence lingering heavy in the small room.

“I just couldn't be there anymore, it was fucking horrible. I saw so much shit during those years, done even worst shit, I just couldn't. I endured it, waiting for a chance to get out in a way or another, found some guys who needed a way out as well, then we found out about this huge dispatchment of opiates. One of them was the one who was going to take care of the deal, so he was going to handle the payment. We divided the money equally, the plan was to escape immediately, but one of them got caught and the piece of shit ratted on me. So that's why they're after me. I left Jungkook most of the money I got and ran as fast as I could.” Yoongi looks at them “Then I met you two.”

Jimin is the first to speak “You stole the money for this kid?”

“Want him to go to college, he's smart.” Yoongi replies “He's a good kid, just wanted to help him.”

Of course that's what he wanted. Because that's just how Yoongi is, always willing to help people who need to run away but never himself.

“So, yeah.” Yoongi clears his voice “I'm sorry.”

“For what?” Hoseok asks “Seriously, stop saying-”

“I just wanted you two to be happy.” Yoongi swallows hard and lowers his eyes “You were lost and helpless when I met you and I just wanted you to feel better. I wanted to help you to be a little happier, and I thought I was making it, instead I-”

“You did.” Jimin interrupts him “You did help us.”

“I just got you into my shit, that's what I did. I-”

“Don't!” Jimin shouts, Yoongi stills completely “Don't say it!”

Hoseok frowns, taking in the absolute rage on Jimin's soft features, eyes sharp like fucking daggers.

“I don't understand what-”

“Don't say you'll leave us!”

Yoongi doesn't reply, but he looks at Jimin as if he were crazy.

“I swear to God, if you leave us I will never forgive you!” Jimin continues, holding the cat close to his chest “I'll fucking hunt you down, we don't deserve to be left behind just because you think it's the right thing to do! You don't get to-”

“I'm not leaving!” Yoongi says, eyes darting between Jimin and Hoseok “I'm not! That's not what I was going to say!”

“Then what were you going to say?” Hoseok asks. If he has to be honest, he was scared Yoongi was saying that he was going to leave them as well. Even if this morning he promised him he wasn't going to disappear, that fear is just there, in the back of his mind, not interested in the slightest to leave.

Yoongi breathes deep “I wanted to- fuck, why is it so- I love you.” Yoongi nods to himself “I love you both, so forgive me. That's what I wanted to say.”

Hoseok expects the words to echo in his head, to ring in his ears, to just repeat themselves inside of him until he finally grasps their meaning. Nothing like that happens. But as he stares at Yoongi, still unable to look at either of them, those words manage to carve themselves so deep in his chest that he can phisically feel their weight.

Yoongi closes his eyes and, for a moment, something close to pain shifts his face “I just love you so much.”

Jimin puts the cat off his lap and crawls over to Yoongi, gently wrapping his arms around his neck, face hidden in the expanse of Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi doesn't move for a few seconds before he carefully embraces Jimin back, relaxing in the touch until the crease of his brow smoothens.

Yoongi looks at Hoseok and raises his hand to him “We're having a moment, what are you doing over there?”

Hoseok snorts before he moves and holds Yoongi as well, a hand carding through Jimin's hair, the older boy rests his chin on Hoseok's shoulder and Hoseok can feel him smiling a little.

“I love you both so fucking bad.” Jimin says “You fuckers.”

Yoongi chuckles, the sound vibrating in Hoseok's chest, he finds himself giggling along “I love you too, but that goes without saying.”

“Why are we so fucked up?” Yoongi asks “It took us a near death experience to get it out.”

“I'm not surprised, both of your are a mess.” Jimin sighs “Such a fucking mess, all three of us.”

“We are.” Hoseok smiles “All three of us.”



Yu Jin munches on his socks and that's starting to piss him off. Jimin laughs everytime Yu Jin does so and Hoseok is starting to think that Jimin feeds his socks to the cat in secret. Also, that damn cat keeps waking him up in the middle of the night because he wants to sleep with Jimin, not understanding that Hoseok is sleeping with Jimin, therefore there's absolutely no space for Yu Jin. He ends up sleeping with a tail fleaking his nose every now and then. It's a nightmare.


Sometimes Hoseok sees the prostitute smoking outside of her room, a silhouette of a nameless man visible from her window, she stares at the emptiness of the motel yard with blank eyes.


Jimin sometimes talks in his sleep, one night it wakes him up. He looks at Jimin's face in the darkness, he tries to understand what he's saying but the boy's mumbling too quietly.

“He's gonna wake up soon.”

Hoseok looks behind Jimin, he sees Yoongi propping himself on an elbow, rubbing the sleep off his face.


“When he speaks in his sleep he's having a nightmare.” he says “He's gonna wake up soon.”


Jimin stirs a little in his sleep, he mutters something.

“You speak in your sleep too.”

Hoseok frowns “Do I?”

Yoongi nods “You have nightmares too.”

“No, I-”

“I think you don't remember them.” Yoongi sighs “But you always wake me up, you cling on my arm everytime you have a bad dream and you keep saying stuff.”

“What do I say?”

“I just hug you until you calm down, it works with you. It doesn't with Jimin.”

“Are you going to answer my question or-”

“No.” Yoongi says.

Hoseok is too sleepy to press any further, but he has to ask “Do you have nightmares?”

Yoongi shrugs “Not as bad as yours.”

Jimin wakes up with a gasp, hands already looking for either him or Yoongi. Hoseok snakes an arm around Jimin's waist and the boy seems to relax just a little.

“We got you.” Yoongi whispers, caressing his hair “Go back to sleep, we got you.”


“I'll say this one more fucking time.” Jimin has that voice he uses when he tries to be intimidating “You don't put your red socks with my white shirts.”

Hoseok groans, throwing his socks in the basket. The laundromat is almost empty if not for a guy in the back, stuffing a washing machine with his clothes.

“Why do you always make such a big deal of where I put my socks?” Hoseok asks, Jimin arches an eyebrow and crosses his arms. He's sitting on one of the machines, looking absolutely unamused.

“Because, you fucking brute, your socks are red. And my shirts are white. And silk.” he replies “And you sure as hell are not going to stain them with your shitty socks.”

“So I should use another washing machine just for socks?” Hoseok shakes his head “What about global warming?”

“I don't give two flying fucks about global warming.”

“The polar bears are dying.”

“My silk shirts are dying.”

“Ice caps are melting.”

“Your ass will melt if you dare put your socks with my shirts.”

“Why did they put cacti on top of the washing machines?” Yoongi asks, staring at the plants “It doesn't make sense. Is it for the aesthetic?”

“Yoongi, your spoiled boyfriend doesn't let me put my socks in the washing machine.” Hoseok grumbles.

“Yoongi, your annoying boyfriend thinks he can stain my silk shirts.”

Yoongi trains his gaze away from the plants and point at Hoseok “I pay for those fucking shirts and they cost me a fortune, put your socks somewhere else.”

“Fuck's sake.” Hoseok gets a coin from his pockets and drops it in the slot of another washing machine “This is bordering on abuse.”

“Love you too, Hoseok.” Jimin gives him one of his shit eating grins and Hoseok knows he's never going to win against him.


They're sitting on plastic chairs outside their room, Jimin feeding Yu Jin with the really expensive cat food he begged Yoongi to buy. Yoongi is half asleep on Hoseok's shoulder, Hoseok is just enjoying the slow breeze of the summer evening.

A car enters the lot and parks in an empty spot, a woman and a man step outside of it and then the woman opens the door of the backseats. A little girl hops off, she has pony tails and a toy car in her hand. Just like that, Hoseok thinks of Iseul. She's fine. She must be. He wonders if someone is buying her lollipops, he wonders if she's been doing her summer homework, if her mother is managing to give her three meals a day. Iseul is probably lonely. And she probably misses him a lot. Hell, maybe she's really angry with him, since he disappeared just like that.

If I were dead I wouldn't be worrying about whether or not she's angry with me.


Hoseok looks at Yoongi, who's staring at him with an unreadable expression “Yeah?”

“I've been calling for quite a while.”

“Oh.” Hoseok forces a smile “Sorry, got distracted.”

Yoongi nods, absolutely not convinced, not even in the slightest.

“You're okay, yeah?”


“Okay.” Yoongi puts his head back on his shoulder, green hair tickles his neck “Okay, good.”



He's not fine. Not all the time, at least. Most of the time he is, he's having fun, he's happy with them.

Then there are the other times.

There are moments where Hoseok wishes he could remember his nightmares. Maybe if he did he'd be able to make sense of the mess in his head. Maybe.

So there are times when he's not fine and he finds himself staring at nothing until Jimin taps on his cheek and smiles at him, kissing him on the corner of his mouth.

Then there are times when the only thing he can look at is the way Yoongi arches when he touches him right, or can only listen to the way Jimin will gasp his name with his hands grasping at the sheets. In those moments, the heat of their bodies and the way their skin feel under his fingertips is enough to keep him grounded. And god, he loves them so much for it.


“We need to leave.”

Hoseok frowns, he looks at Yoongi. He's just came back inside the room after staying outside for almost an hour, talking with Jungkook, he's clutching hard the phone, face stiff.

“Why?” Jimin asks, he stops petting Yu Jin's head and sits a bit more straight on the bed “What's wrong?”

Yoongi closes the door and leans against it “Jungkook told me some members of Imoogi Pa are still around Daegu, looking for us.”

“How does he know?” Hoseok swallows down the wave of worry that hits him hard and tries to stay calm.

“He's been keeping in touch with a friend of mine, Dae Jung. He ain't involved with the money I stole but he's been keeping intel of what's going on.” Yoongi licks his lips “They're still looking, just not inside Daegu.”

“Okay.” Jimin nods “Okay, then we move to another place. Another city.”

“We can't stay in Korea.”

Hoseok's eyes widen at that “Wait, what?”

“It ain't safe to stay in Korea.” Yoongi repeats “At least not for now.”

“Well, then what do we do?” Jimin asks “'Cause I haven't been keeping track of the news, but I'm gonna take a wild guess and say I've been on it and leaving Korea might not be easy.”

Yoongi nods “Yeah, that's why we're going to Seoul first.”

Hoseok freezes “Seoul?”

Yoongi nods “Huge city, they thought I hid there at first so they're not there anymore, it's safer.”

They can't go to Seoul. Anywhere but Seoul.

“Why Seoul?” Jimin asks “Just 'cause it's safer?”

“No, I know someone there who will help us. And I mean actual help.”

Not Seoul. He should just tell them, fuck, Hoseok should beg Yoongi and Jimin and convince them to let Seoul alone, that he never wants to set foot in that fucking city again.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Hoseok looks up from the floor and meets Yoongi's gaze, the boy looking at him with a frown.

He's not okay.

Tell him.

“You're fine with going to Seoul, yeah?”

No. No, we can't go to Seoul, I'm begging you on my knees.

“Yeah, sure.” Hoseok smiles, his heart pounding so hard he can feel it in his head “If you think someone can help us.”

“He'll help us.” Yoongi replies “He has no choice.”

“Then we go to Seoul.” Jimin says “When do we leave?”

“Now would be best.”

Hoseok clenches his jaw.

“And we're going by train.” Yoongi gets a cigarette out of his pack “It's not safe to use the car, it's stolen.”

“I'll start packing.” Jimin takes Yu Jin back in his arms and gets off the bed, already moving to the closet where they threw the clothes.

Yoongi sighs “Minnie.”


“The cat.”

“What about him?”

Yoongi hesitates “You can't bring him.”

Jimin stops moving. Hoseok can see him holding the kitten a bit closer, he doesn't turn around to them.

“Oh.” he murmurs “He wouldn't... he'd be good.”

“Jimin.” Yoongi shakes his head “We can't keep him.”

Yu Jin mewls, Jimin coos at him, when he turns around to face them his eyes are already red “We can't leave him alone. He-” Jimin bites his quivering bottom lip “Yoongi, we can't leave him.”

“This is why I told you to not name the fucking cat in the first place.”

“Don't fucking give me a lecture now!” Jimin rubs his nose on the kitten's head “He's going to die if we leave him alone.”

“We won't leave him alone.” Hoseok says, speaking again before Yoongi can interrupt him or protest “I know someone who can take care of him.”



The prostitute stares at the kitten in her arms, she arches an eyebrow in confusion “Little one, what am I supposed to do with this?”

Hoseok sighs “Please, keep him.”


“My boyfriend found him a few days ago and fed him.” Hoseok points at Yoongi, who's standing behind him “Then my other boyfriend named the cat and now he wants to bring him with us but we can't keep him.” Hoseok points at Jimin, who's clutching at Yoongi's sleeve like a child on his first day of school.

The prostitute gapes for a few moments “I- I'm not sure I'm suited to take care of a cat.”

Hoseok groans “No, you don't understand, I'm begging you. Please, he just won't leave with us unless someone keeps the cat.”

“He's a good kitten.” Jimin says, Hoseok tries not to smirk because Jimin is using the voice “He's quiet and never bothers you, he just needs to eat and some cuddles. I swear he won't disturb you at all. Please?”

Hoseok sees the woman melting at Jimin's heartbroken face, all glossy eyes and pouty lips. Yoongi clears his voice, clearly trying not to laugh.

The prostitute sighs “I guess I don't have a choice, do I? What's his name, orange boy?”

“Yu Jin!” Jimin exclaims, relief flooding in his eyes “His name is Yu Jin.”

The woman smiles at the cat “Such a cute name for such a cute cat. Fine, I'm keeping him. If it makes you happy.”

“It does!” Jimin smiles at the woman “Thank you so much!”

“Oh thanks god.” Yoongi mutters, already trying to drag Jimin away, the boy resisting him.

“Yu Jin likes to take baths but only if you don't wet his head!” Jimin shouts as Yoongi pulls him away to the car “And he likes to sleep on your chest and he only eats the expensive cat food with tuna, he doesn't eat anything else!”

Hoseok grimaces “Don't listen to him about the food part, he eats anything. Socks as well.”

The woman smiles “So those are the boyfriends. See, he didn't leave in the morning.”

“He didn't.”

“You're going away, then?”

Hoseok nods “Yeah, to another city.”

“You don't look happy about it.” the prostitute swipes gently her thumb on Hoseok's cheek “Don't lose those eyes, little one. Those are precious.”

“Hoseok, move your ass before Jimin tries to get the cat back!” Yoongi screams, already climbing inside the car.

“Will you be okay, little one?” she asks, Yu Jin purrs in her chest.

“I don't know.” Hoseok replies “I guess I'll try to.”


As they're driving to the train station, it comes to Hoseok that he never asked for the prostitute's name. And that she hasn't asked either.

For a moment, he feels like those nameless men.





Jimin sleeps for all four hours of the train ride, all curled up in his seat, with his head against the window. Yoongi slips one of his hoodies between Jimin's head and the piece of glass, almost as if it were a pillow.

“He's gonna whine about that cat for ages.” Hoseok mumbles whilst removing some pickles from the sandwich he bought on the train.

“When we'll be safe and with a place of our own I'll just buy him another one.” Yoongi replies.

Hoseok grins “I swear to god, Yoongi, half of the time when you speak about him you sound like a fucking sugar daddy.”

Yoongi throws him a glare “The fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“You spoil him rotten.”

He shrugs “I'd spoil you rotten too if ony you told me what you want.”

“What a charmer.”

“Shut up.” Yoongi chuckles, sitting more comfortably on the seat, he looks outside the window and all he sees are open fields and rails.

Hoseok smiles to himself, Yoongi arches an eyebrow “What?”

“Nothing, just-” he clicks his tongue, he does that when he's flustered “Our place?”

“Why not?” Yoongi looks at Hoseok's sandwich, looking like it just went through an autopsy “Would be nice.”

Hoseok hums “It would.”

Yoongi glances at the boy, who finally started eating his food. Hoseok looks older than he should. Yoongi always thought that. He has the kindest eyes, but the way he looks at the world is tired. Like he's seen it all already. It would be nice if, for once, he looked at something with surprise and interest. He only ever looks at him and Jimin like they're something new. That's not enough, it can't be.

“This sandwich-” Hoseok says “It's fucking disgusting.”

“Can't be that bad.”

Hoseok arches an eyebrow and rips a piece off the sandwich, offering it to him. Yoongi takes it and shoves it in his mouth, he chews slowly.

“Goddamn, this is terrible.” Yoongi mutters “How the fuck did you manage to eat almost half of it?”

Hoseok bursts out laughing, straight teeth on display, honey skin glowing and his eyes light up just a little. Yoongi smiles at him.



Jimin wears a face mask when they walk in Seoul, a snapback kept low hiding what's left for the eye. He walks between Yoongi and Hoseok, almost hiding behing their shoulders. Yoongi can't help but look around nervously. They won't recognize him, Seoul is too busy and distracted to take notice of a random boy, still he can't help but feel uneasy.

They get inside the first free taxi they find, Jimin sitting between them, he rests his forehead on Hoseok's shoulder so that the driver can see it clearly.

“Where to?” the man asks.

“Irwon Go, Gangnam.” Yoongi replies, the man starts driving.

Yoongi turns to Hoseok and the boy is looking at him with wide eyes “Gangnam?”

“My friends live there.”

“What kind of friends do you have?”

Yoongi grins “Guess you'll find out.”

The ride doesn't take much time, Yoongi pays the man and they get their bags. It's been years since Yoongi has been to Seoul, let alone in this district, but he thinks it's hasn't changed much since last time he visited: there are new shops, old ones have disappeared, but the aura is always the same, the people who walk those streets as they own them have the same smell of rich and bored.

Jimin tugs at his shirt and holds the hem, looking down.

“What's wrong?” he asks, Jimin shakes his head.

“Too many people. Don't feel comfortable. It's stupid.”

Hoseok wordlessly walks closer to Jimin, just a bit ahead of him so that he's shielding him from people's eyes.

“No one's paying attention to you.” Yoongi tries to reassure him “No one pays attention to anyone in Seoul.”

“I told you, it's stupid, I'm fine.”

He's clearly not fine.

“We're almost there, don't worry.”

Yoongi recognizes the flower shop on the corner and takes a turn there, the street that opens in front of them is way less crowded, almost quiet, as they walk and leave behind them the buzzing of the crowd Jimin visibly relaxes. The area starts clearing, a maze of alleys with clear walls and expensive condos around them, Yoongi counts them down until he reaches the one.

He puts his bag down and gets in front of the gate, pressing the button of the intercom and he waits.


Yoongi smiles at the deep voice “Namjoon, it's me.”

Chapter Text



Yoongi smiles at the deep voice “Joons, it's me.”

A pause, then “Holy fucking shit.”

There's a buzzing then the gate opens, Yoongi gets his bag from the ground and nods at Hoseok and Jimin, gesturing them to follow him.

The garden of the house is as nice as he remembers it, perfect bushes, flowers blooming prettily in clean flowerbeds.

“This place is crazy.” Hoseok whispers, Yoongi scoffs.

“You still haven't seen the inside of the fucking house.”

The front door suddenly opens and Yoongi barely has time to register that his friend's hair is fucking pink now before he's enveloped in a bone crushing hug.

“Fucking shit, hyung!” Namjoon almost shouts, laughing like a maniac “It's been so long.”

“Namjoon, I can't fucking breathe.” Yoongi wheezes, but he still hugs him back. He got taller since last time, he basically towers him now, and broader too.

Namjoon pulls back, a huge smile on his face. Yoongi realizes that, god, he missed his stupid dimples.

“It's good to see you, Joons.” Yoongi says.

“It's good to see you too, and-” Namjoon looks over Yoongi “And meeting them, I guess.”

Jimin takes a step behind Hoseok, looking at the ground.

“It's okay, Minnie.” Yoongi says “You can pull the mask down.”

Namjoon frowns but he doesn't ask questions. He rarely does anyway. Jimin doesn't seem sure but he still puts the face mask under his chin, bowing slightly at Namjoon.

“Can I ask who they are? Not that I mind, it's just-” Namjoon presses his lips together “It's been three years, Yoons.”

Yoongi nods “Remember that favor you owe me?”

Namjoon lifts up his chin, regarding him for a moment “I do.”

“I guess you can pay me back now.”

Before Namjoon can say anything, another man comes out of the door.

“Oh my god, it really is him!” he exclaims, a huge smile already stretching his lips.

“Hello, Jin-hyung.”

“God, Yoongi, it's been so long!” Jin walks to him, he spots Hoseok and Jimin and smiles at them “And you bought friends! Come on, let's get inside. Joon, you can't keep guests in the garden.”

Namjoon mutters something under his breath but he still gestures at them to move inside the house.

Just as they're about to step inside, Yoongi turns to Hoseok and Jimin and hisses “Not a word about the fucking carpets.”

He sees them frowning but they both nod. The house, as Yoongi exprected, hasn't changed in the slightest.

From the high ceiling with white chandeliers hanging from it, to the warm light that comes from the huge windows on the walls and to those hideous carpets. Yoongi grimaces at them as he walks, hating them with as much passion as he did in the past.

“Holy-” Hoseok gapes, looking around and taking in the vastity of the room “This place is amazing.”

“Thank you!” Jin chirps “I decorated it myself. Upstairs is even better. I'll give you a tour later.”

Hoseok nods, his eyes almost bulge out of his scalp when he sees the leather couch and the grand piano at the end of the room.

“This is the living room?” he asks, Yoongi snorts.

“This is the entrance.” Jin replies.

Hoseok swallows “I think I'm gonna faint.”

Jimin looks around, then “The carpets.”

Yoongi tenses up, he swears he sees Namjoon's face draining of color, Jin's smile falters, eyes narrowing.

“What about them?” he asks, voice as cold as a fucking icecube, Yoongi sends a plead with his eyes to Jimin but the boy ignores him.

“Are they Osterbergs?”

“They are.” Jin says, voice back to his usual cheerfulness, eyes going soft “Do you like them?”

Jimin smiles and nods “I love this design, I've always wanted one.”

Jin draws in a sharp breath, clearly delighted, he turns to Yoongi “He's a smart one. He has taste. Come on, let's go, I'll give you both a tour. You're staying for the night, yes?”

Yoongi nods “If it's not a problem.”

“Nah, you can stay for as long as you need to.” Jin smiles and looks at Namjoon “You show him their rooms?”


“Come on then, I'll also get you something to drink.” Jin says and starts walking out of the room, Jimin and Hoseok following him.

As Jimin walks by Yoongi he stops for a moment and whispers in his ear “Those carpets are fucking hideous.”

Yoongi snorts and Jimin walks away.

Namjoon sighs “He got a new carpet, you know?”

“He did?”

“It's even uglier than the other ones. And more expensive. I hate him.”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow “You really don't.”

“Shut up.” Namjoon grins and pats him on the shoulder “Let's go upstairs, I'll show you the rooms.”

As they climb up the stairs, Namjoon tells him that Jin somehow managed to convince him to go to cooking classes and that he's surprised he still hasn't been kicked out, considering how many plates he managed to break already. Yoongi listens with his mind elsewhere, just enjoying the sound of his friend's voice.

Namjoon opens the door to one of the guest rooms and steps inside, Yoongi follows him.

“Is it the same one I slept in last time?” he asks, he can faintly recognize the room, the huge bed and wooden closet, the piece of art hanging from the wall, the azure curtains and another one of those goddamn carpets.

“Yeah, I remember you liked it.”

“I did. Mostly 'cause there were no carpets.”

“That's the new one.”

“I fucking hate it.”

“You don't wanna know how much I fucking paid for it.” Namjoon closes the door and sighs “Okay, let's get down to business. What do you need?”

Yoongi drops the bags on the floor and gets his, he unzips it and opens it, Namjoon eyes widen.




“I need that service.”

Namjoon nods, tearing his eyes away from the money “Okay. I can do that, it's gonna take a week, maybe two.”

Yoongi regards him with a bored glance “And how long is it gonna take for me?”

Namjoon smirks “Do they need my services too?”


“Four days, maybe even less if I pull some strings.”

“Pull them.”

“Fine.” Namjoon sits on the bed “In what kinda shit did you get into?”

Yoongi shrugs “Let's just say Imoogi Pa ain't happy.”

“Of fucking course they aren't. What about those two?”

Yoongi sits next to Namjoon, the matress dips lightly under his weight “They're not from Imoogi.”

“Yeah, I figured. What's their deal? And most importantly, which one are you sleeping with?”

Yoongi rolls his eyes “Well, I'm sleeping with both of them.”

Namjoon blinks “Both of them.”


“Did you save the country in a past life, or-”

“Shut the fuck up.”

“Sorry, it's just-” Namjoon rubs the back of his neck “You're lucky, that's all. How did you even meet?”

“Well, it's a funny story, actually.” Yoongi says “The one with orange hair, Jimin, killed a dude who tried to rape him, Hoseok is a fucking mess and just kind of tagged along and when I first met them I almost ran over them with a car. Actually, no, I ran over Hoseok with a car for real.”

Namjoon seems to process the words, staring at Yoongi with an unreadable expression for what feels like minutes. Finally, he takes a deep breath “Let's- let's not tell Jin.”

Yoongi nods “Let's not.”

“You're fucking unbelievable.” Namjoon stands up with a grin “I'll go and fetch them, then, I'm guessing you'll sleep together?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Namjoon shakes his head “Don't mention it. But really, hyung, it's good to have you back.”

Yoongi smiles, warmth in his chest “It's good to be back.”

Namjoon nods and leaves the room, closing the door behind him. Yoongi falls back on the bed, sighing heavily and enjoying the quiet of the room, no noises coming from outside, a pleasant smell of fresh flowers filling the air.

Then the door opens and Hoseok basically runs inside.

“This house is fucking insane.” he says “They have four bathrooms. Four. One of them has a goddamn jacuzzi.”

“I know.” Yoongi says.

“Have you seen the kitchen?!” Jimin hisses as he closes the door “That kitchen is bigger than my flat in Busan and- shit, are those silk sheets?”

Yoongi grins “Yep.”

Jimin basically jumps on the matress, giggling happily, he drapes himself all over the bed, caressing the sheets with his hands “I fucking love this place so much. Can we move here?”

“I second that plan.” Hoseok says “Holy shit, there's a private bathroom in this room too.”

Yoongi looks at Hoseok as he opens the door for the bathroom, he walks inside.

“Jimin, holy shit, this bathroom has the biggest shower I've ever seen in my entire life.”

“I love it here so much.” Jimin repeats, rolling in the bed with a blissful expression “Except for those carpets, they need to burn.”

Hoseok comes back from the bathroom and gets on the bed as well, settling between them “Is Jin a model or something?”

“He's fucking beautiful.” Jimin adds “My pride hurts.”

“You're more beautiful.” Yoongi says, Jimin smacks him on the shouder “Ouch, the fuck?”

“Don't say such blatant lies. He looks like he could be on the covers of Vogue, for fuck's sake.”

“You could be too, what are you talking abo- you smack me again and I'll fucking spank you.”

Jimin smirks “Maybe I'd like that.” he falls back on the bed “But not on this bed. These sheets can't be stained, never stained.”

Hoseok laughs breathily, Yoongi sees him combing his fingers through Jimin's hair.

“So, what are we doing here?” he asks “I'm guessing it's not just because of the silk sheets.”

“Namjoon can help us.” Yoongi says “He'll lend us his services.”

“Which are?” Jimin asks.

“Virtual deaths.”

Hoseok immediately sits up, staring at Yoongi with wide eyes “You're fucking kidding me?”

Yoongi shakes his head “He'll make us disappear completely from the grid, he'll give us new identities. It will be as if we never existed.”

Jimin blinks “Wait, for real?”


“Holy shit.” Hoseok drops back on the bed “Now this house is explained. How much fucking money does he need to do that?”

“A lot.” Yoongi shrugs “But he owes me a huge favor.”

“What favor?”

Before Yoongi can reply there's a knock on the door, all three of them sit up and the door slowly opens, Jin's face peaks inside.

“You guys must be hungry.” he says “I'm making dinner, you wanna come down?”

Jimin nods, smiling happily “I'll help you out.”



Yoongi had forgotten about Jin's food. It seems to have even improved after those damn cooking lessons he started taking. He had also forgotten about Jin's taste in wine. He stares for a few seconds at his glass, red liquid filling it halfway, then at the bottle.

Yoongi leans towards Namjoon, who's sitting next to him and blissfully eating his Bulgogi “Yah.”


“That wine, is it a fucking Pater? Like, for real?”

Namjoon sighs “Don't ask me how much Jin paid for it, I almost fainted when he told me.”

Yoongi suddenly doesn't feel like drinking anymore, so he focuses on his food after he puts the glass back on the table. He glances at Jimin, happily chatting with Jin about some recipes they want to try out, Hoseok listening to them with a frown.

“Why does it seem like one of your boyfriends is trying to impress my husband?” Namjoon whispers.

“Because that's exactly what he's doing.”

“That kid's dangerous.”

“He's smart.”

“Dangerous, I tell you.”

“Yoongi-yah!” Jin suddenly turns to him, smiling broadly “How is Jungkookie doing?”

Yoongi smiles “The brat is doing good. Still works in that shitty restaurant, though.”

Jin grimaces “He's so smart, why doesn't he go to college?”

“Maybe he will, if he gets his head out of his ass.”

Jin snorts, the tv is on, volume kept low, a buzzing background that fills the silence when they're too busy eating.

“You know, during these days you should enjoy Seoul.” Jin says “Before you leave, I mean. Go sightseeing. It has some nice places to see.”

Yoongi nods, he sees Hoseok stiffening for a moment before he plasters on a smile “Yeah, I've never been here before.”

“Really?” Jimin asks him, chewing around a mouthful of pork, Hoseok nods.

“I've been in Ilsan once.” he says “But never in Seoul.”

“I was born in Ilsan.” Namjoon says “Did you like it there?”

“Yeah, it's a good place, I remember this park wh-”

The loud crashing of glass cuts Hoseok off, Yoongi flinches and looks at Jimin. The boy is staring in front of him, his hand still raised mid air, shards of glass on the floor and red wine a puddle at his feet.

“Shit, are you okay?” Yoongi asks, already standing up “Did you cut yourself?”

Jimin doesn't reply, Yoongi frowns and follows his gaze until it lands on the tv. His breath gets stuck in his throat as he sees Jimin's on the screen, images taken from a security camera back in Busan that night as he walks out of his hair salon, the images blurry but obvious, red on his neck and hands. It cuts to a photo of Hyun Ki, then some repertory images from his campaign, the headline at the bottom reads Prime suspect, Park Jimin, still hasn't been found, investigations continue.

“Turn it off.” Hoseok says, voice shaking at the end “Please.”

Seokjin wordlessly stands up and walks to the tv, turning it off as asked. He stands there for a few seconds before walking back to the table.

“I-” Jimin swallows “I'm sorry for the glass. And for- I'll leave if-”

“No, you aren't.” Jin sighs “Don't worry about the glass.”

Jimin looks at his plate “I'm so sorry.”

“Stop apologizing.” Yoongi hisses “You got nothing to apologize for.”

“He's right.” Jin cocks his chin up “Namjoon.”

Namjoon flinches “Yeah?”

“You knew.”


“That wasn't a question.”

Yoongi slowly sits back on his chair.

“I knew.” Namjoon replies.

“You didn't think about telling me?”

Jimin bites his bottom lip, his hands fidgeting on his lap, face red with shame. Jin seems to notice this and he quickly places his hand on top of Jimin's.

“I'm not mad.” he reassures him “Not at you, at least.”

Namjoon takes a deep breath, Yoongi keeps himself from snorting at the mans paling instantly.

“I thought it would've been better if-”

“I didn't know.” Jin finishes “How considerate. But if you had told me I wouldn't have turned on the fucking tv and Jimin wouldn't have had to see that.”

Namjoon points at Yoongi “He was in as well.”

“Don't you fucking drag me into this!” Yoongi exclaims “It was your idea!”

“And besides!” Jin clicks his tongue “Of fucking course Yoongi didn't want to tell me, he has all the reasons! But you?”

“Hyung, please-”

“Let's have a chat, Joonie.” Jin turns to Jimin, smiling warmly “You guys keep eating, we'll be right back.”

With a last glare in Namjoon's direction, Jin walks out of the dining room, leaving the door wide open. Namjoon sighs and stands up.

“You'll find my will in the safe upstairs.” he murmurs before walking meekly out of the room.

Hoseok gets up from his seat and walks to Jimin, he puts a hand on his neck and strokes it gently “You okay?”

Jimin swallows “That's why I never liked turning on the tv.”

Yoongi sighs and stands up as well, getting next to Hoseok “It's alright.”

“I'm so sorry.” Jimin casts a glance at the open door, Jin and Namjoon's hushed voices coming in “They're fighting because of me.”

“What?” Yoongi scoffs “Please, that ain't fighting. This shit is like foreplay for them.”

Yoongi can see Jimin is absolutely not convinced, eyes darting from his empty plate to the door of the living room.

“Jimin, seriously, they're not mad.” he says “I know them, they're not pissed.”

“They have a murderer inside their house, I'm pretty sure anyone would be pissed.” Jimin retorts, Yoongi rolls his eyes.

“They're not saints, you know? They met actual murderers. Fuck, Namjoon worked with actual killers, to them you're more innocent than a fucking bunny.”

“Let's go upstairs.” Hoseok tries “Mmh? We're tired, I need a shower. Okay, Minnie?”

Jimin sighs and gets up “Yeah, sure.”



“You said Namjoon owes you a favor.” Hoseok says once they're in bed, Jimin tucked between them, already drifting off.

“Yeah.” Yoongi nods “Big favor.”

“Which is?”

“He wouldn't be with Jin if it weren't for me.”

Hoseok arches an eyebrow “Didn't take you for a match maker.”

“That's because I ain't one.” Yoongi smiles “No, it's more complicated than that. Namjoon, he used to be in Imoogi Pa.”

“Oh.” Hoseok rolls on his side “Spill.”

“Used to be one of our providers.” Yoongi replies “He was the one who got the whole drug thing going when the old dragon decided he wanted to go big in the business. Namjoon has always been involved in shady shit, he knows people, so he had contacts. One day he tells the boss we could start importing opiates from China if he could be provided with mules. That's when Jin comes in the picture.”

“Jin was a mule?” Hoseok asks, clearly surprised “For real?”

“Well, to be real, Jin used to be one of the dragon's lovers. Like, secret affair that wasn't secret at all. Just a fancy way of saying that the old dragon had loads of men and women he would fuck sometimes, with the promise of good money and safety. But Jin is also a great actor and can get away with everything, so he started working as a mule for Namjoon. I guess that's when it started. 'Cause, you know, nothing screams romance like stuffing a condom full of drugs up your lover's asshole.”

Hoseok slaps his thigh, Jimin stirs a little, groaning at them to stop moving so much.

“Don't be fucking gross.”

“Sorry.” Yoongi grins “Still, they fell in love and all that jazz. So Namjoon comes to me one day and he tells me ‘You get Jin away from the dragon long enough and I'll make us both disappear.’ and, honestly, I didn't have it in me to say no. Jin hated working for the dragon, Namjoon was just so fucking in love it was almost painful. So I helped them.” Yoongi shrugs “I actually paid some drug dealers I knew so that they could set a long term deal with the boss and I even organized the whole fucking meeting in this fancy ass restaurant. Gave them time to get out of the city, Namjoon dealt with the whole disappearing act. It worked. And let me tell you, I'm surprised it worked.” he pauses “I'm happy it did.”

Hoseok hums, a shit eating grin on his face “You're such a fucking softie, Yoongi.”

“God, shut up.” he bites off a smile “But, yeah, that's why he owes me.”

Hoseok nods to himself “So, we're gonna disappear.”

“Looks like it.”

“Where are we gonna go?”

“Anywhere we want to, I guess.”


Yoongi looks at Jimin, who is glancing at him with sleepy eyes “What?”

“We should go to Paris.” he mutters “I've never been there.”

“Do you speak french?”

Jimin hesitates for a moment “Bonjour mademoiselle, mon mon baguette.”

Hoseok bursts out laughing, covering his mouth as to not make too much noise and slapping his own thigh.

“How about we don't go to Paris.” Yoongi says, chuckling, Jimin pouts.

“I'm gonna start studying french, then we'll see who goes to Paris.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Kiss my omelette.”

“Go to sleep, escargot.”

“God,” Hoseok licks his lips “I love you two so fucking much, I'm so happy you didn't kill me when you ran me over.”

Yoongi looks at Hoseok, trying to catch his eyes, but the boy is staring in front of him, a soft smile on his lips.

“Hoseok,” Jimin rolls over a little to look at him “That night, why did you-”

“No.” Hoseok shakes his head and puts an arm around Jimin's waist, he closes his eyes “No, let's not kill the mood.”

“You never talk about it.” Jimin tucks his face in the crook of Hoseok's neck, his hand grips Yoongi's “You should talk about it.”

Hoseok glances at Yoongi, he smiles. Yoongi can see how forced it is.

“Another time.” he says “Let's sleep.”




Yoongi wakes up with light pouring through the azure curtains, the room bathed in light blue. Yoongi rubs his eyes then he lets his arm fall back on the pillow next to his head, he wonders if he can fall back asleep. Probably not. He's a light sleeper.


Yoongi opens an eye and looks down at his chest, where Jimin is looking at him with his chin propped there.

“What time is it?”

“Don't know, but I think it's early.”

Yoongi looks at the empty side of the bed “Hoseok?”

“He went out like an hour ago.” Jimin rubs his cheek on Yoongi's chest “He said he wanted to take a walk around, he asked me if I wanted to go with him but I'm feeling cuddly.”

“You're always feeling cuddly.”

Jimin rolls his eyes “Didn't know this was a roasting session.”

Yoongi laughs a little, still too sleepy, his hand goes to Jimin's hair and starts combing it with his fingers “I wasn't roasting you, you're just really fond of cuddles. It's an endearing quality that we all appreciate.”

“Look at you, still half asleep but using them big words.”

Before Yoongi can remind him that none of the words he used were in any way big, the door opens abruptly and a breathless Hoseok almost runs inside, shutting the door close behind him and he jumps on the bed.

“You two-” he says “Will not believe what I found.”

“The ending of Inception?” Jimin asks, Yoongi snorts.

“Someone is feeling funny today.” Hoseok shakes his head and sits on the bed crossed legged, he has a paper bag in his hands “No, I found what might be the greatest thing I've ever seen.”

“Which is?” Yoongi asks, Jimin sits up straight with his back against the headboard.

Hoseok takes out of the bag an old book, with the edges of the pages worn out and yellow, the cover is azure “It's a book.”

“No shit, Sherlock.” Yoongi grunts.

“Let me read you the title.” Hoseok clears his throat “‘Rough and Ready’, by Sandra Hill.”

“Rough and what?” Jimin frowns, Hoseok turns the book to them.

On the front cover there is a horrible picture of a white man, perfect abs, blonde hair, tanned skin.

“Hell no, what the fuck.” Yoongi tries to get the book but Hoseok pulls it back immediately.

“Look, I walked in this old book store and there were tons of this cheasy erotic novels. I opened this one and I just... there are no words.” Hoseok smiles “That's why I'm reading you an entire passage.”

Jimin giggles, almost excited.

“Okay, oh, you're so not ready.” Hoseok coughs once, clearing his voice “ ‘Her long hair, still wet from the shower, had been combed down her back in a long wet swath. Hilda was sitting on the floor, her round, wet breasts still wet from the shower's water’”

“Didn't she already write that part about being wet?” Jimin asks, confused.

“Nah, that was about her wet hair being comed in a wet swath.” Yoongi replies, Jimin snorts.

“Okay,” Hoseok licks his lips “So, like, from the mirror she sees this half naked dude who's spying on her from the opened door. He's got chiseled abs, that's important to the plot. ‘She stood and spun around, her breasts swinging heavily with the momentum’” Yoongi snickers “ ‘She grabbed the door and flung it open, reavealing shirtless Torolf qui-’”

“Woah, hold your chiseled abs.” Jimin says, holding up his hand “Torolf?”

“That's his actual name, yes.”

“Okay, keep reading.”

“‘He stepped in the room, and his bulging abs accidentaly smushed in Hilda's rich chest’ ”

Jimin laughs “Accidentally?”

“Wait, how tall is this dude?” Yoongi asks, giggling, Hoseok shrugs.

“With a name like Torolf you have to be tall. Oh, wait, here comes my favorite part.” Hoseok takes a deep breath “‘At Hilda's buttermilk bosoms squished against his granite abs, Torolf almost had a dick aneurysm.’”

Jimin is the first one who cracks up, followed immediately by Hoseok, Yoongi then loses it completely, laughing so hard he feels tears prickling his eyes.

“A dick aneurysm!” Jimin almost shouts, holding his stomach.

“So,” Hoseok hiccups “So, this Torolf dude tells her he wants to bang her, yeah? And this is her honest to god reaction: ‘Her heart was lifted on golden wings and soared towards a radiant sun of perfect joy. She saw herself and Torolf happy together, bathed in the golden light of love. Her-’” Hoseok gets lost in an other fit of giggles, when he starts reading again he's breathless “‘Her snooch got all warm, too.’”

Yoongi doesn't realize how hard he's been laughing until he loses balance and almost falls off the matress, Jimin is laughing breathlessly slapping his leg with tears streaking down his face.

“It gets better.” Hoseok says “‘Torolf, I need you’ Hilda moaned. Torolf, coarse abs pulsing in the moonlight, stood silently. “Oh, sorry,” she added “Torolf, I need you... sexually.’”

“I'm dying!” Jimin wheezes, Yoongi can barely hear him over the sound of his own laugh “My last breath! I feel it coming!”

“‘Tuh-Torolf entered her like she was a lottery’”

Jimin gasps for air, Hoseok hides his face behind the book and Yoongi swipes tears of laughter off his cheeks.

“‘Her body was like a beautiful flower that was opening and somebody was pushing their dick inside’, fuck off, this is the single best piece of literature I've ever read.”

“I can't feel my face.” Jimin hisses, skin flushed and eyes filled with tears.

“‘He pumped in all of his pearlescent sperms as Hilda spuh-’” Hoseok snorts “‘As Hilda spasmed with so many orgasms!’”

Jimin sputters, Yoongi stares at the book in disbelief.

“How many?!” He asks, slightly horrified.

“So many.” Jimin giggles.

“Oh, wait, shit is getting dramatic.” Hoseok says “‘Torolf, there is something I need to tell you,’ but her bed was empty.

“Well, shit Torolf.” Jimin shakes his head.

“‘Torolf was gone, escaped out of the bedroom window.’”

“Torolf is a piece of shit who doesn't deserve Hilda's wet round breasts.” Yoongi comments, Hoseok is biting his bottom lip to refrain himself from laughing.

“‘In the distance, Hilda hu-heard the fading sound of galloping abs’”

Jimin laughs with his whole body, head thrown back and legs kicking at the sheets, Yoongi hides his face behind his hands, voice lost in a breathless laugh and Hoseok is grasping at the bed covers laughing loud enough to be heard by all of Gangnam.

“Oh, my God.” Jimin sniffles, drying his tear stained face “Oh, this was wonderful.”

“But why would Torolf leave her.” Hoseok shakes his head “Men are monsters.”

“Hilda saw herself bathed in the golden light of joy, why would his chiseled abs just gallop away?” Yoongi asks “We need to read the entire thing now.”

“We will.” Hoseok assures him with a firm voice “We fucking will.”



When they go downstairs, Jin is sitting on a stool in front of the kitchen island, checking his phone and eating some blueberries from a bowl.

“Morning.” He smiles at them when they enter “You can eat whatever you want.”

Hoseok thanks him, a little overwhelmed by all the different food on the island, from waffles to pancakes, cereals and fruit and yogurt.

“Did you make all of these?” Yoongi asks, filling himself a cup of coffee and nodding at the food.

“Yep.” Jin replies “Woke up early. Well, waffles were frozen, but still. I put them in a nice plate.”

“You didn't have to.” Jimin mutters, sitting on a free stool and eyeing the breakfast.

“Oh, no, I like cooking.” Jin reassures him “And I like feeding people.”

“That sounds creepy.” Yoongi says, Jin glares at him “Just saying.”

“Can't you just thank your hyung?”

“Thank you, mom.”

“I'll kick your ass, Min Yoongi.”

“Where's Namjoon? He's still alive, I hope.”

Jin scoffs “Of course he's alive. He's still asleep, the lazy ass.”

Hoseok sits down next to Jimin and grabs a plate, he puts some pancakes and fresh fruit “Thank you for letting us stay, Seokjin-ssi.”

Jin waves a hand at him dismissevely “Please, it's a pleasure. Yoongi's friends are my friends.”

Yoongi sits down on a stool, he arches an eyebrow “They're my boyfriends, though.”

“Yeah, well, can't exactly say Yoongi's boyfriends are my boyfriends, since- why am I even answering you, you're such a smartass.”

Yoongi grins and takes a waffle “Thank you for the food, hyung.”

Jin hums, clearly satisfied, he takes a sip of his tea. Jimin picks a strawberry, looking down on his empty plate. Hoseok grimaces and fills Jimin's plate with a waffle, drenching it with maple scyroup.

“Eat.” he says, Jimin nods and sends a look at Jin.

“I'm sorry for yesterday.” he says “Truly.”

“Don't be.” Jin shakes his head “If it's because you feel bad that Joonie and I discussed, don't worry about it. We're fine, he just needs to get his head out of his ass sometimes.”

“It's not just that. We should have told you, it's-” Jimin swallows “I should have told you.”

Jin hums “You look like a good kid. Probably really kind. Yoongi wouldn't take care of you otherwise. But, Jimin, whatever you did, I'm sure you had your reasons.”

“It was an accident.” Hoseok says, Yoongi sees him squeezing Jimin's knee “He didn't mean to.”

Jin nods “What I'm trying to say is that even if he did mean to kill that man, I'm pretty sure that he would have had really good reasons. I've had far worst people under this roof than a kid who had to do what he had to do.”

Jimin presses his lips together and nods “Okay.”


“Thank you.”

“You're very welcome.” Jin claps his hands “Let's lighten up the mood. What are your plans for today? You should go sightseeing. Oh! You should go shopping, actually, there are great shops in this area!”

“Yeah?” Yoongi asks around a mouthful of waffle “It's been a while since I've been here, don't really remember.”

“Lots of new shops, they open new ones all the time.” Jin frowns “Pretty sure there's also a new Valentino around here.”

Jimin's eyes widen “Valentino?”

“Yeah, in Ganganm-Gu.”

Yoongi sends a glance at Jimin and sighs when he sees the boy already staring at him with pleading eyes “Fuck, you're so high maintenance.”

“Is that a yes?” Jimin asks, biting off a smile.”

Yoongi rolls his eyes “Of course it's a yes.”

“Let's finish eating. Like, now.” Jimin starts stuffing food in his mouth, Jin laughing and looking at him with fondness.



The moment they walk inside the shop, Jimin is already speaking about getting matching outfits for everyone, Hoseok and Yoongi follow him without sparing a glance at the clothes.

Jimin grabs whatever catches his attention, face hidden behind a mouth mask and a snapback, arms filling with shirts and pants.

“Do you think he'll empty the store?” Hoseok asks.

“I'm not that rich, so I hope not.” Yoongi replies, he checks the price of a cotton shirt “This shit is so expensive.”

“Spoiling him again.”

“I swear to god, just pick something, I'll spoil you too.”

“But what if I want to spoil you?” Hoseok smirks, Yoongi rolls his eyes.

“You're way too broke to spoil me. I like expensive shit, too.” Yoongi nods in Jimin's direction “I just don't show it like him.”

Hoseok shrugs “I can spoil you in other ways.”

Yoongi can't stop himself from smirking “Oh yeah, you can.”

“Oh, shut up.” Hoseok slaps his shoulder and walks over to Jimin, Yoongi following him.

Jimin picks a white blouse and looks at Yoongi “This would suit you.”

“We ain't here for me.”

“What if I wanna see you wear it?”

“Then get it.”

“I picked this for you.” Jimin tells Hoseok, holding up an emerald green silk shirt “You like it?”

Hoseok nods, Jimin shoves the shirt in his arms.


An hour later sees Yoongi and Hoseok waiting outside the dressing rooms for Jimin.

“Is this how six years old feel when their mom brings them into shops?” Hoseok asks.


“It's boring.”


A middle aged woman walks past them and eyes them with sheer contempt, Yoongi arches an eyebrow.

“The fuck, I probably own more money than she'll ever dream of.”

“Don't have a dick size competition with a milf, Yoongi.”

Suddenly, the curtains of the changing room opens and Jimin grabs both Yoongi's and Hoseok's arms, pulling them inside.

“What the fuck?” Yoongi looks at the boy.

“I was thinking.” Jimin wets his lips “There's this part in Rough and Ready where Hilda's boobs are pressed against Torolf's abs, but Torolf's cock is pressing against her thighs.”

Hoseok blinks “Wait, what?”

“How the fuck is that possible?” Jimin hisses “Like, what kind of body ratio does Torolf have?”

Yoongi sighs “You were thinking about Torolf's dick whilst trying on Valentino's shirts?”

“It just hit me that Torolf's body must be, like, half percent torso if his dick touched the lower part of Hilda's thigh but his chiseled abs are against her breasts.”

Hoseok narrows his eyes “Wait, you're right. It doesn't make sense.”

Jimin claps his hands once “I know, right?”

“Are we actually questioning that woman's writing?” Yoongi asks, baffled “Like, she wrote that Torolf had a dick aneurysm but you're clinging on body proportions?”

Jimin shrugs “I have a dick aneurysm everytime you start acting like a smartass, I ain't questioning that.”

“Fuck you, remember who's paying for those shirts.”

“Wait.” Hoseok holds up a hand “Maybe he just has a huge dick.”

“Oh my god.” Yoongi closes his eyes “Please, stop talking about Torolf's dick.”

“That would make sense.” Jimin nods “A monster cock.”

“Horse dick.”

“Whale penis.”

“I'm leaving.” Yoongi gets out of the changing room, ignoring Jimin as he exclaims “Lockness Monster's meat wand!




They walk around Gangnam, arms heavy with the way too many bags of clothing Jimin picked, with each step Yoongi remembers a little bit more of that area. Last time he'd been here it was ages ago, and he barely left the house, so Yoongi feels as if he were visiting the place for the very first time.

Jimin walks with his eyes casted down and he keeps hiding between them, just one step behind. He can't seem to relax, he tries to make them think he's fine. Jimin does that, it's a habit that he can't seem to get rid of. Hoseok tells him more than once that no one is paying attention to them, let alone him, Jimin just nods and tells them he knows. He keeps hiding.

Jimin might be too busy hiding from the crowd and being worried about being recognized, but Yoongi isn't. So Yoongi notices something that, maybe, he should've realized sooner: Hoseok knows Seoul.

He knows the streets. When Yoongi says he's thirsty, Hoseok says “There's a Starbucks after that corner.” and then guides them there.

Hoseok told them he's never been to Seoul before.

He lied.

Yoongi spent the majority of the first days after he met both of them doing his best to learn how to trust Hoseok. Trusting Hoseok hasn't been easy because Hoseok is smart, he's clever, he has his secrets and his issues and sometimes his smiles are fake. But Yoongi still learnt how to trust him. But now, something feels wrong. Why would he lie about Seoul? There's a voice inside Yoongi's head that screams Oh, he's hiding something big, he has secrets when you promised each other that you weren't going to have any.

Yoongi ignores that voice.

Hoseok knows everything about them, but they know nothing about Hoseok.

The voice gets a bit louder, Yoongi ignores it.


“I want to go home.”

Yoongi looks up from his cup of Iced Americano and frowns. Jimin is staring at his Frappuccino, hands tight around the plastic cup.

“Why, what's wrong?”

Jimin nods a little in the direction of three girls who are standing in line before the cash register, they are looking at them, giggling behind their hands.

“What about them?”

“They've been staring.”

“Minnie, they didn't recognize you.” Hoseok tries “They're probably just checking us out or something.”

“I want to go home.” Jimin repeats and this time is voice is weaker “I want to go home.”

Hoseok is the first one who stands up, he sends Yoongi a look and he immediately gets off his chair.

“Let's go.” Yoongi says, he puts an arm around Jimin's shoulders as they leave the Starbucks, Hoseok walks in front of Jimin and the boy puts his forehead against Hoseok's shoulder.

They walk quickly in the crowded streets of Gangnam, Yoongi ignores the looks the people send them.

“I'm sorry.” Jimin says, Hoseok shakes his head.

“No, it's okay, it was stupid to go around in broad daylight.”

“If we want to go out we can do it in the evening, or just at night.” Yoongi says, he holds Jimin a bit tighter “When there's less people around and when it's dark. It's just for three days, okay?”

Jimin doesn't reply, so they keep walking. Hoseok guides them the whole time, maybe because he memorized the road quickly.

No. No, he just knows the streets.

The voice is back, Yoongi shuts it down in a second.






Jin and Namjoon are happy. That's the thing Jimin loves the most about them. They tease each other endlessly, fight for every single thing, can't seem to reach a compromise about those terrible carpets, but even during those moments they're happy. Jimin thinks he's never seen two people love each other like that. They gravitate towards each other as if Jin were the sun and Namjoon a planet. Jimin loves them for it.



When Yoongi has nightmares he never wakes up from them. He stirs a lot in his sleep, muttering words, eyebrows knit together. Hoseok is a heavy sleeper, and half of the time he's too busy dealing with his own nightmares to notice. But Jimin notices. All the time. He always wakes up.

Jimin is sitting cross legged on the bed, back against the headboard, the room drowning in dark, Yoongi keeps stirring in his sleep, whispering senseless nothings, Jimin's fingers card his hair even if he doesn't know if that helps. He doesn't calm down if he does it, he never calms down, but it's the only thing Jimin can do. Eventually, Yoongi's nightmare will end, he'll stop moving, he'll keep on sleeping.

“Why are you awake?”

Jimin looks at Hoseok, who's laying beside him and has his eyes still closed.

“Yoongi has a nightmare, he always wakes me up.” Jimin whispers, Hoseok opens an eye.

“So he does have them.” he murmurs, words slurred “He always wakes up when we have them.”

“I know.” Jimin sighs “I know.”

Hoseok stays quiet for a while before he raises his hand and puts it on Jimin's thigh, stroking the skin softly “What's on your mind?”

Jimin frowns in the darkness “Nothing.”

“Nah, there's something. You have that look in your eyes.”

“What look?”

“The there's something that keeps terrifying me look.” Hoseok smiles a little “I know all of your looks, Minnie.”

Jimin holds Hoseok's hand over his thigh, intertwining their fingers together “I can smell the rain.”


“It's gonna rain soon, I can smell it.”

“Okay.” Hoseok sounds a little more awake “And?”

“It's that kind of rain. The rain that comes when summer is ending, it smells different than summer storms. It's almost September.”

Jimin looks at the window, Gangnam is lit up even during the night “Summer will end soon.”

“That scares you?”

Jimin looks at Yoongi, who's slowly calming down.

“Yeah.” he replies “It scares me shitless.”


Jimin turns to Hoseok, he can make out his features even in the dark, straight nose and heart shaped lips “We started in the Summer.” he says “I'm afraid we will end with Winter.”

There's silence then, broken only by Yoongi's breathing, soft and slow now that the nightmare is over. Hoseok brings Jimin's hand to his lips and kisses his knuckles.

“Love doesn't go with the seasons, Jimin.” he says “Not yours, not mine, neither does Yoongi's.”

And, somehow, that's enough for Jimin.

He believes Hoseok.

It's easy to believe good liars.



They stay home most of the time, hidden behind the walls of Jin and Namjoon's expensive house, Hoseok sometimes goes to take walks. He wants to explore the city before they leave, that's what he says. Jimin can see in Yoongi's eyes that he doesn't believe him, but the older boy never says anything. Jimin knows why; Hoseok has “Thread Carefully” written all over his body. They both know that one wrong word and Hoseok can break, even if he's a good enough liar to pretend that's not the case.



“It's good that Yoongi found you two.” Jin tells him one evening, as he's watering the flowers in his garden, Jimin is with him, enjoying the setting of the sun.

“We're the lucky ones.” Jimin says, he means it “We'd be lost without him.”

Jin hums “He'd probably be more lost than you. He's not as strong as he likes to think, but you two already know that.”

Jimin nods, Jin pats the petals of a rose and sighs “Fucking hate these goddamn flowers. So fucking frail.”

“Then why do you tend to them?”

“Are you kidding me? I live in Gangnam!” Jin scoffs “That bitch next door thinks she has the best garden but half of the time she's there she isn't watering her plants, she's just staring at Namjoon's ass. I wish she'd sit on her shitty cactus.”

Jimin snorts, Jin smiles at him and then kneels down and tilts the watering can over some purple flowers that Jimin can't recognize, water softly glistening on the petals.

“Isn't it hard?” Jin asks “Being in a relationship with two pleople?”

Jimin shrugs “It's honestly the only decent relationship I've ever had. Definitely the healthiest one.”

“Still,” Jin gets up, he pats his knees getting some dirt off his pants “Can't be all sunshines and smiles.”

“It isn't. Sometimes I just want to punch them both in the face. But, at the same time, I feel like,” Jimin presses his lips together for a moment “I feel like it's meant to be the three of us.”

Jin nods, he puts down the watering can and looks up at the sky “It's getting cloudy.”

Jimin looks up as well.

“It's probably gonna rain tomorrow.” Jin says.

Yes, Jimin can smell the rain.




“Let's go out tonight.”

Hoseok turns away from the copy of Rough and Ready and looks at him with a frown.

“You wanna go out?” he asks, Jimin nods.

“It's our last night, tomorrow we get the documents. Might as well go out for a bit, as long as it's dark.”

Hoseok nods “Well, it's fine for me. Yoongi?”

Yoongi, who's half napping, half listening to the conversation, hums “Sure. Why not?”

“Great!” Jimin gets off the bed and opens the closet “As long as I have an excuse to wear something new.”

Hoseok snorts “He doesn't give a shit about the city, he just wants to show off.”

Jimin grins “You know me so well.”


He still puts on a mouth mask and still walks between Hoseok and Yoongi, but Jimin doesn't feel as uncomfortable as the days before. The sun has set already, street lights casting yellow on the street, but there's darkness around them and neon lights that turn everything into something a little bit dizzy, so Jimin feels safer like this. There are still a few people around but they are all hurrying home, or are too tired from a work day to really pay attention to other humans.

Yoongi has a hand wrapped loosely around his wrist and Hoseok walks just a step before him to shield him from people's eyes, so Jimin feels safe. And he's enjoying the city for the first time since they came here, actually being able to enjoy the beauty of Seoul, always awake, always alight, never slowing down.

He looks at Yoongi and finds him staring at him.

“Like what you see?” Jimin asks, Yoongi rolls his eyes.

“Of fucking course I do.”

“Seriously, a poet.”

“Hwang Sun Won got nothing on him.” Hoseok adds.

“You two are seriously unbearable.” Yoongi mutters “Still, you look good.”

Jimin lowers his mouth mask for a second so that he can peck Yoongi's cheeck, the other groaning and flinching away, Jimin giggles. But he knows he looks good, he looks good for both of them. Yoongi has a thing for his thighs, so he wore black fake leather pants, Hoseok has a thing for his collarbones so he wore that new dress shirt he got that is loose around his chest. He knows he looks good, he just like to hear it from them.

“I'm hungry as fuck.” Yoongi says.

“Me too.” Jimin looks around “I kinda feel like eating sushi.”

Jimin gets distracted by two girls giggling and looking at the screen of their phones, pointing at whatever pic they have there.

“There's a place that has good sushi not far from here.” Hoseok says “Unless they closed it.”

One of the girls bursts out laughing and the other one giggles along. Yoongi's grip on his wrist gets tighter, Hoseok's words ring in his head.

“Hoseok.” Jimin calls.


“How do you know there's a sushi restaurant nearby?”

Hoseok abruptly stops walking and Jimin bumps into him, Yoongi stares at Hoseok with his lips pressed together in a thin line.

Hoseok turns around to look at Jimin and, for a moment, there's nothing like Hoseok in his eyes. No warmth, no kindness, no love. Jimin shivers.

Then Hoseok smiles, forced and fake and cold “I've seen it last time I had my morning walk.”

“Oh.” that's a lie.

“You still wanna go?”

He's lying. Yoongi's still gripping his wrist hard, almost as if he's warning him to let it go.

“Yeah, sure.” Jimin says, he manages a nod. He's glad he has a mouth mask so that he doesn't have to fake a smile.

“Great, it should be over there if I remember correctly.”

They start walking again but this time Hoseok is two steps ahead of him. Jimin sends Yoongi a look, he's looking right back and his eyes are telling him What did you expect? He's been lying to us since the beginning.


Hoseok's mood changes in the blink of an eye.

For the whole meal he eats wordlessly, quiet and almost never looking at either of them, he spends most of the time staring outside of the window of the restaurant. If they try to engage him in the conversation, all they receive in return are clipped answers, hums, maybe a nod of the head. Jimin feels like it's his fault. He should've kept quiet, he should've just aknowledged that Hoseok lied to them about never being in Seoul and letting it go. He should have never asked and kept trusting him, like he's always done. You pretend to believe in one fake smile and you end up loving all the lies, so why would he change it now? It was stupid.


Yoongi is still inside, paying for the meal, Hoseok and him are outside the restaurant smoking. It's past ten in the night, the street they're on almost deserted, in the distance Jimin can make out the shapes of a few people walking by, there's a nice wind but it smells of rain.

“You know what I miss?” Jimin asks, Hoseok sends him a questioning look “I miss loud music, booze and cheap weed.”

Hoseok arches an eyebrow “You wanna go clubbing?”

Jimin nods and gets closer to Hoseok until he's nuzzling his cheek “We're in Seoul, it's the last night, what kind of people would we be if we don't go clubbing?”

Hoseok's lips curl up in the tiniest smile “You raise a compelling argument.”

“What argument?” Yoongi asks as he exits the restaurant.

“We should go clubbing.” Jimin says, Yoongi frowns.

“For real?”

Jimin nods, Yoongi looks at Hoseok.

“I mean, if you both wanna go then sure.”

Hoseok shrugs as he takes a drag of his cigarette “Yeah, why not?”

“Cool.” Jimin flicks the cigarette on the ground and pulls back up his mouth mask “Let's go then.”



They walk around until they end up in Cheongdam-dong and see a little crowd outside of a building, loud music coming muffled, Jimin settles for that.

Inside, it's packed. There are three floors, neon tubes that come down from the ceiling and the whole place is smokey, the colorful lazers creating shapes in the web of dry ice, music loud and almost messy in the chaos. Jimin likes it.

“You said you missed cheap weed.” Hoseok says in his ear “Want me to go find it?”

Jimin nods “Me and Yoongi will get something to drink.”

Hoseok nods back and starts walking away, disappearing in the crowd of people of the first floor. Jimin drags Yoongi to the bar and they manage to get in front of the counter, waiting for someone to take notice of them.

“Why are we here, Jimin?” Yoongi says, voice loud to be heard by him.

“He's in a shitty mood.” Jimin replies “He needs to get his mind off whatever shit is making him like this.”

“So you dragged him in a club?”

“He smiled when I suggested it, I took it as a win.” Jimin nods at a bartender “Anything with vodka for me, anything with whiskey for him and another anything with rum.”

The bartender nods and starts trafficking with bottles and glasses.

“You know he's lying, right?” Yoongi asks “About Seoul.”

“I know.” Jimin sighs “When he'll want to talk he will.”

The bartender puts the glasses in front of Jimin, he pushes what he guesses is Yoongi's drink to him and takes a long gulp of his own.

“Shit.” he hisses, licking his gums “He basically gave me straight vodka.”

“Welcome to Seoul.” Yoongi says, sipping his whiskey and grimacing “This is kinda shitty.”

“Welcome to Seoul.” Jimin says, trying to imitate Yoongi's voice and failing quite miserably.

Hoseok emerges from the crowd, a hand stuffed in the pocket of his jeans, he spots the glass on the counter and takes it, he gets a huge sip and grimaces, almost shuddering.

“Holy shit, I'll leave the worst fucking review on this place if these are the drinks.”

“You got something?” Yoongi asks, Hoseok nods.

“Yeah, we wanna go to a toilet? In honor of old memories?”

Jimin downs the rest of his vodka, his lips turning down in distaste as the liquid burns it's way down to his stomach “Let's find a toilet.”



“I have a question.” Yoongi blows out thick smoke, pupils huge and dark “Did you buy this weed?”

Hoseok, who's sitting on the floor of the toilet stall, snorts “Yoongi, weed doesn't come in joints.”

“That's why I'm asking.” he passes the joint to Jimin, who's perched on his lap as Yoongi sits on the toilet.

“I basically stole every single joint we've ever smoked.” Hoseok adds, grinning a little “Back in Daegu Tae would give me free weed and smoke everytime, but the rest? All stolen.”

Jimin hums around the joint, then he passes it to Hoseok “How did you learn how to steal? 'Cause you're freakingly good at it.”

“You ask me only now?” Hoseok blows out smoke from the corner of his mouth.

Jimin shrugs, someone enters the toilets and starts the faucet outside the stall.

“You start little then you learn how to steal basically anything.” Hoseok finally says.

“Yeah, but how did it start?”

When Hoseok looks back at him Jimin sees that something clicked and his eyes aren't warm anymore. Hoseok takes a drag of smoke.

“Don't push it, Jimin.” he says.

Jimin clenches his jaw, something sharp in his chest aches at how cold Hoseok's voice is, he lowers his gaze.

“Yah.” Yoongi glares at Hoseok “Don't.”

“Don't what?”

“Don't talk to us like that. He just asked you a question. You don't wanna answer, that's fine, no reason to treat him like shit.”

“It's fine.” Jimin mutters.

“It's not.” Hoseok sighs “It's not, I'm sorry. Don't know what's wrong with me today.”

But he does. He does know why he's feeling like that, he just won't tell them. Jimin scoffs and gets off Yoongi's lap, he gets the joint from Hoseok's lips and takes a drag.

“You'd know if you only talked with us.” he says, then opens the door of the stall “I need to drink.”

Jimin leaves them in the toilet, Yoongi will deal with Hoseok if he wants to, right now he's not having any of this. He came to this place 'cause he wanted Hoseok to distract himself, not think about anything. Then again, it was stupid of him to think that Hoseok was going to answer his questions. He doesn't know why, but the thought hurts him hard enough that Jimin stops moving.

He stands in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by people, electronic music blasting from the speakers, the smell of sweat, alcohol and smoke filling his nose. Jimin closes his eyes for a moment, someone bumps into him but he ignores it. This all started since they've come to Seoul and now more than ever he just wants to leave the fucking city.


Jimin opens his eyes and flinches away, startled, at the voice in his ear. He looks next to him and there's a man, swaying a little, bottle of cheap beer in his left hand, looking at him with a drunk smile.

“You here alone?” the man screams over the music.

“No.” Jimin replies, already turning his back to the man so that he can leave. The stranger grabs his arm and pulls him back.

“I don't see anyone, though.”

Jimin yanks his arm free and takes a step back, the crowd caging him still too close to this man “Get the fuck away from me, I'm not in the mood.”

“Well what can I do to put you in the mood? Mmh?” the man raises a hand, already trying to grab him again, but he's pushed to the side before he can. Hoseok steps in front of him, all but glaring at the drunk stranger, who stumbles for a moment before he looks at him almost as if he wants to protest but Hoseok is faster.

“Touch him, I fucking dare you.” he snarls, then turns around and gently pushes Jimin away. They navigate through the crowd before they spot Yoongi, who's seemingly looking for them as well. When he sees them he walks in their direction, frowning at their dark expressions.

“What's wrong?” he asks as soon as he's close enough.

“Nothing.” Hoseok says “Look, maybe I should go back home, you two can stay if you want.”

Jimin grips his wrist and tugs at it “You're not going anywhere.”

Hoseok regards him for a few seconds before he speaks “I'm not going to talk, Minnie.”

Jimin nods “I know.” he tugs at the collar of Hoseok's shirt and pulls him down a little “Let's not talk then.”

Hoseok sends Yoongi a look before he finally gives in and leans down to kiss Jimin. Hoseok's lip taste of rum and stale weed, Jimin sighs into the kiss. The most sincere thing about Hoseok is the way he kisses, always gentle, a little hesitant at first, Jimin knows his kisses. So he feels safe with them, he feels like he can trust those at least.

He feels Yoongi circling his arms around his waist, Hoseok pulls back from the kiss and looks at him for a few moments, jaw clenched and hands to himself.

Jimin swipes his thumbs on both of Hoseok's cheeks “Yours, yeah?” because if it's assurance Hoseok needs to get out of whatever cloud is numbing his mind then Jimin will give him just that. He plants a small kiss on Hoseok's lips “All yours.”

Hoseok's gaze slowly softens at every short peck until his eyes are back to their normal look: warm and gentle and just Hoseok.

Hoseok cups his face and leans down to kiss him again, lips soft against his and Jimin sighs, closing his eyes and his arms go around Hoseok's neck, pulling him closer, kissing him harder until he opens his mouth and Jimin sucks on his tongue, music still loud around them and bodies still caging them.

Jimin feels Yoongi holding his waist a bit tighter and his lips graze the back of his neck, Jimin shivers. Hoseok's hand move from his face to his hair, gripping and tugging at the locks pulling his head back. He breaks the kiss, licks Jimin's bottom lip before he starts nibbling along his jaw. Yoongi's mouth move down his neck, to the soft flesh above his shoulder, biting softly, Jimin swallows and he feels dizzy for a moment. Maybe it's because he's kind of high, and Hoseok is kind of really high and drunk, and the bass of the song vibrates against his ribcage.

Hoseok's lips trail down until they reach his throat, he parts them and starts sucking on the skin, tongue warm and wet, Jimin gapes and clutches at Hoseok's shirt, his hips unconsciously moving so that his ass drags against Yoongi's crotch.

Yoongi's hands dip under his loose dress shirt, fingers trailing on his skin, leaving it hotter than it already is and sensitive, Jimin's hips buck up instintively, chasing more of the touch.

He lets his mind drift off, focusing only on the feeling, forgetting about any doubt or questions he has for Hoseok, he just wants to enjoy this. Yoongi's hands are still on his stomach but slowly moving upwards, Hoseok's tongue lapping at his flesh and sucking hard. He knows that's gonna leave a mark, red and obvious, the thought has heat pooling down his abdomen and his breath hitches when he tries to stifle a moan. Hoseok felt that, he knows he did, his lips stretch into a smirk and one hand moves down from his hair until Hoseok cups his dick. Jimin gasps, hips faltering.

“Hoseok, what the fuck?” Yoongi asks, his hands stop moving and Jimin kind of wants to scream at him to touch him more.

“I think he likes it.” Hoseok squeezes his clothed dick and Jimin squirms a little “You like it, don't you? That there are people around you.”

Jimin feels himself flushing but he manages a nod. Slowly, Yoongi's hands start moving along his body again, lips grazing his ear.

“People could see.” he murmurs, breath warm “Do you like it? You want them to see how pretty you are?”

A small moan slips past his lips and that's all Hoseok needs to start stroking him through his pants, Jimin feels himself getting harder, he opens his eyes and sees Hoseok staring at him, eyes dark and pupils huge.

“You want me to make you come here?” Hoseok licks his lips “Want me to make you come in your pants?”

Jimin whimpers, his hips buck against Hoseok's hand “Oh, fuck.”

“Answer him.” Yoongi says, fingers digging in his flesh “'s that what you want?”

Jimin swallows “Yeah.”

Hoseok groans against his neck, he strokes him faster, Jimin feels precum in his underwear. He opens his eyes, people all around them, too lost in the music to really notice them but fuck, they could see, they could hear and at that his cock twitches. Well, that's another kink to add to the list.

Yoongi's lips stretch into a smirk against the shell of his ear “You're fucking filthy, love.”

“Hyung.” Jimin drags his ass against Yoongi “Touch me more.”

Yoongi tilts his head and kisses him deep and slow, his tongue dragging against the roof of his mouth, hands moving up until his shirt lifts up enough that his stomach is naked, humid hair hitting the warm skin, the pads of Yoongi's fingers brush against his nipples and Jimin's head swims, he moans in Yoongi's mouth.

Hoseok puts himself closer, his body flush against Jimin's, then he pops the button of Jimin's pants open and palms his cock through his briefs, Jimin bites Yoongi's bottom lip to keep himself from moaning out loud, the older boy hissing.

“Shit, baby, you're so wet.” Hoseok flicks his wrist and Jimin's forehead knocks against Yoongi's shoulder, his legs suddenly feel a lot weaker, his whole body aflame “So fucking gorgeus for us, yeah?”

Jimin shudders, Yoongi presses his nipples between his fingers “Wish you could see yourself.” he says, kissing his temple “Fucking beautiful.”

“Shit, fuck.” Jimin moans, hips twitching, he almost feels as if everyone is watching him, the thrill of it makes his blood boil, makes his skin all too sensitive.


Jimin looks up at Yoongi, the boy grinning at him “Look at your right.”

Slowly, Jimin tilts his head and looks. It takes him a few seconds to understand, but then he sees her. His eyes lock with a girl's, pretty face and ruined make up, she's dancing with a boy but she has her eyes set on them, staring, cheeks flushed and eyes wide open.

Jimin comes then, rutting against Hoseok's hand, eyes shut close and moans spilling out his lips, legs almost giving up on him.

“Holy shit.” Hoseok whispers, almost in awe “You actually came.”

“What did you expect exactly?” Yoongi asks, his hands moving away from his nipples and down to his hips to hold him up.

Jimin, body buzzing and briefs soiled, tries to make a sense of the mess in his head and mutters something.

“What did you say?” Hoseok asks him, frowning.

“I-” Jimin swallows “I want you two to fuck me on a real bed right about now.”

Yoongi snorts but he still pecks his lips “I think we can arrange that.”





Yoongi looks at Hoseok, who's walking a few steps ahead with another joint between his fingers, smoke being carried by the light breeze. The streets are empty, they're getting farther from the heart of Gangnam, it must be around three in the morning.

Jimin walks next to him with tiny steps, a grimace on his face.

“What's up with you?”

“Well.” Jimin clicks his tongue “Walking with dry cum in your underwear is nasty.”

Yoongi snorts “It's your fault sunshine, not ours.”

“Oh, because you two are totally innocent.”

“Where are we even going?”

“Looking for an hotel or some shit.” Hoseok replies from ahead.

“Oh!” Jimin claps his hands, swaying a little, clearly a little intoxicated still “Let's go to a love motel!”

“Seriously?” Yoongi shakes his head “Those places are nasty.”

“We're in Gangnam, pretty sure even the love motels are fancy as fuck.” Jimin retorts.

Yoongi trips for a moment on his feet, maybe he's a bit dizzy as well “What do you say, Hoseok?”

Hoseok shrugs “Sure.”

Yoongi doesn't say anything, but there are many things he'd like to tell him. That maybe he needs to get his head out of his ass for a second and talk to them, or just straight up swallow whatever it is that is pissing him off so much and let it go. He doesn't. He's too concerned about him to tell him such things. Hoseok looks on his right and narrows his eyes.

“I see neon signs over there.” he says “If there's a neon sign there's also a love motel.”

“Who the fuck says that?” Yoongi asks.

“The manual of love motels 101 says that.” Hoseok walks to the alley he pointed at, they both follow him.

There are mostly bars, with still a few people lingering, some restaurant that are close and then, sure enough, there's a love motel. Jimin squeals in delight, walking a little faster, Yoongi just sighs.

They walk inside and Yoongi kind of wants to throw up at the horrible pink carpeting on the floor. The lights are dimmed low even in the lobby, there are a few couches here and there, then Yoongi spots a machine with a touch screen and pictures of room on the display.

Jimin walks to it and hums “All these rooms are fucking ridiculous.”

Yoongi walks to him and checks them out as well, he snorts “There's a Hello Kitty themed room.”

“Who doesn't want to get drilled in the ass with Hello Kitty staring at you?” Jimin swipes his index finger on the monitor and more rooms appear on the screen “Uh, I like this one.”

Yoongi squints “The one with the round bed?”

“It looks huge. And it has a bath tub. Oh my God, the tub is round as well, look how big it is.” Jimin grins “This one.”

Yoongi taps on it, on the screen the price of the room appears and a square that confirms the payment. Yoongi taps on it, two slots light up green, one for credit cards and one for cash. Yoongi takes his wallet out of the pants and takes some bills, putting them in the slot, the machine sucks the money in.

From another slot, a key card comes out, Yoongi takes it “Well, round bed here we go.”

The room is on the second floor, they walk there in silence, Jimin almost hopping his way there, Hoseok doesn't speak the whole time, barely looking at where he's going.

They reach the room, Yoongi puts the card against the scanner and with a beep the door clicks open, Jimin is the first one who steps inside.

“Woah, this room is actually nice.” Jimin says, looking around.

Yoongi has to agree. There's still that ugly carpeting, but this one is red, it looks clean, and the whole room smells nice. The bed is indeed huge, with red sheets and soft pillows scattered around, a comfy looking couch on the side in front of a tv screen, the walls painted of an incredibly soft orange, over the bed there are red neons.

Hoseok doesn't comment, he just walks around, taking in the room.

“Now, where are they?” Jimin goes to the bed and opens the drawer of one of the two bedside tables.

“What are you looking for?” Yoongi asks, he sits down on the bed and hums when he feels how nicely soft it is.

“For the- uh huh!” Jimin opens the second drawer and grins viciously “Free lube and flavored condoms. There's a chocolate one?”

Jimin holds up a wrapped condom and quickly tears open the package, he then gives it a kittenish lick. His nose scrunches up “This doesn't taste of chocolate. It tastes of mistakes.”

“Please, stop licking the condoms.”

Jimin throws it on the bedside table and starts looking inside the drawer again. Yoongi stands up and looks for the toilet.

“Oh.” he says “Well, the bathroom has glass doors. Talk about sexy, you can watch me as I take a shit in the morning.”

Jimin snorts.

“The bathtub is huge, though.” Yoongi walks back in the room “This place is actually nice.”

“I'll go take a bath then.” Jimin says, then quickly gets off his dress shirt, throwing it on the floor without a care “'Cause I feel gross.”

“That's because you are.”

“Someone is feeling funny.” Jimin walks into the bathroom “Free toiletries, yes!”

Yoongi shakes his head, then he sends Hoseok a look. He's sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette, he lets the ash fall on an ashtray he found on the coffee table. Yoongi sighs.

“I'll be right back, gotta make a call.”

Hoseok hums, barely sparing him a glance. Yoongi exits the room and breathes deeply. Well, Hoseok's mood definitely got worst. He'll leave it to Jimin to make it better, he's not good at these things. Yoongi leans with his back against the wall, the hallway clear, and he turns on his phone, quickly dialing Jungkook's number.

“Why the fuck are you calling me at three in the morning?” Jungkook slurs when he picks up, voice thick with sleep.

“You're the one who said I should call more.”

“Not when I'm sleeping.”

“Oh.” Yoongi frowns “Aren't you at your shift? Usually you get off at this hour.”

“Yeah.” Jungkook clears his voice “I resigned last week.”

Yoongi smiles “Good choice.”

“That restaurant was shit anyways. They had rats in the fucking kitchen, I'm surprised no one died when eating there.” Jungkook chuckles “What are you doing, hyung?”

“I'm at a love motel.”

He hears Jungkook sighing “I don't even wanna know.”

“It wasn't my idea.”

“Is that why you're calling me? To boast about your sex life?”

Yoongi snorts “No. No, I'm calling you 'cause I'm in Seoul.”

A pause “Oh, really?”


“How are Namjoon and Jin? You went to them, I guess.”

“I did.” Yoongi takes a deep breath “I asked for Namjoon's help.”

Another pause “Oh.”

Yoongi stays quiet.

“Does it mean this is the last time I'll hear from you?”

Yoongi can tell Jungkook is trying to not let him know how hurt he is because of this.

“Don't be stupid.” Yoongi says “It's just gonna be radio silence for a while. I'll call you once I have a new phone and found a place to stay.”

“Okay.” Jungkook replies “Yeah, no, you're right, it's the smart thing to do.”

“Yeah. Listen, kid, I've been thinking. Maybe you should come to Seoul as well.”


“Yeah. You could go to College here. Take the entrance tests and all, you'd get in with no problems. And Jin and Namjoon are willing to let you stay until you find a flat for yourself.”

“That- doesn't sound so bad, actually.”

“You need to live your life, Kook. You could do wonders, I know you could.”

“Oh, shut up.” Jungkook giggles “I'll think about it, yeah?”

“Yeah, you do that.”

“Okay.” Jungkook sighs “I guess I'll hear you soonish?”

“Soonish.” Yoongi smiles “I'll call you when I can, Kook. I swear.”

“I know. Wait, are you still with them? The people you met?”

“Yeah, they'll leave with me.”

“That's good.” Yoongi can picture Jungkook nodding to himself “Okay. Then, well, good luck? I guess?”

“Thanks kid. You too, good luck. You'll do great.”

“Of course I will. If I get sleep, I will.”

“Fine, whatever, just go sleep you fucking brat.”

Jungkook laughs “Have a goodnight, hyung.”

Then Jungkook ends the call. Yoongi stares at the screen of his phone for a few seconds before he turns it off and puts it back in his pocket, then he walks back in the room.

He can hear the water running, so he guesses Jimin is still washing himself, Hoseok hasn't moved from the couch but he's smoking another cigarette.

“Chainsmoking?” Yoongi asks, Hoseok doesn't even look at him. Yoongi sighs and walks to him.

“Seoksie? What's wrong?”

Hoseok finally looks at him, Yoongi swallows “Can you stop asking me that?”


“Stop asking what's wrong.” Hoseok takes a drag of smoke “It's fucking annoying.”

Yoongi arches an eyebrow “Sorry for worrying, you dickhead.”

Hoseok scoffs “Stop worrying, I'm fine.”

“Yeah.” Yoongi clicks his tongue “Yeah, you're fucking stellar.”

Hoseok looks at him for a second before he throws the cigarette in the ashtray “You need to fucking stop this shit. I'm tired of it.”

“Tired of what?” Yoongi tries very fucking hard to not be bothered by the hostility in Hoseok's voice.

“Treating me like I'm made of glass, that's what.” Hoseok shakes his head “Always asking me if I'm okay, what is wrong, what's on my mind. It's asphyxiating.”

Yoongi takes a step back “You know what, Hoseok? I'm fucking fed up with this. I don't know what the fuck is up with you since we stepped in Seoul, but you need to talk to us.”

“Nothing's up with me.”

“Fuck off. Why don't you start with telling me why you lied about never being here before?”

Hoseok narrows his eyes “I didn't lie.”

“Yes, you did.” Yoongi sighs “Listen, we're just worried. If only you'd talk to us, tell us what's wrong, we'd help you. Shit, we want to help you! You're not fine!”

“I'm good.”

“Shut up!” Yoongi shouts, Hoseok flinches “You're not fine! Every fucking night you have nightmares and you don't remember them, but I sure remember the shit you say in your sleep!”

Hoseok clenches his jaw “Enlighten me, what do I say in-”

“You keep saying that I should've left you there!” Yoongi screams, he feels his own heart racing “That I should've killed you when I hit you with that car! I'm fucking done with this, I'm terrified every day that you'll just leave and we'll never know what happened to you! If only you'd talk to us then-”

“Then what about your dreams?!” Hoseok shouts back, he stands up from the couch, Yoongi hears Jimin shutting down the water “Why don't you tell me what you dream about, mh?!”

“We're not talking about me!”

“Of course not, God forbid we talk about you!” Hoseok shakes his head, face livid “You have such a fucking God complex, it's ridiculous! You always need to be in charge, always have to take care of us!”

“What is happening?” Jimin asks, walking in the room with a t-shirt and some clean briefs thrown on, hair still wet “Why are you screaming?”

“I take care of you two 'cause I want to!” Yoongi shouts “I'm worried about you, Jimin is worried about you!”

“You take care of us because your life is a fucking mess and you want to be in control of at least one fucking thing since all the rest was a goddamn trainwreck!”

Yoongi stays quiet, the words lingering in the room, Hoseok staring at him with so much venom in his eyes Yoongi barely recognizes him.

“Guys.” Jimin tries, swallowing hard “Please, let's stop this, yeah? You're just tired, we'll talk about it tomorrow and-”

“God, Jimin!” Hoseok screams “Shut the fuck up!”

“Hey!” Yoongi snarls, taking a step forward “You don't get to talk to him like this, you piece of shit!”

“Oh, there he goes!” Hoseok scoffs “Always taking care of little Jimin, who killed someone but still acts like a fucking flower boy!”

Yoongi hears Jimin taking a sharp breath, he looks at him and he sees him taking a step back, eyes blown wide and already welling up with tears.

“Shit, Hoseok.” Yoongi shakes his head “What the fuck?”

“Just say he's your favorite and let's get this over with!”

“Is that the problem?!” Yoongi exclaims “You think I like him better?! That I love him more than you?! Are you hearing yourself?!”

Hoseok swallows “No, I-”

“This isn't you.” Yoongi breathes deeply “Seoksie, this isn't you.”

“You don't know how-”

“That's right! I don't! 'Cause you never fucking tell us anything!”

Hoseok points his index finger at him, his hand is shaking “It's because of you that I'm like this! I should've never come back to Seoul, it's your fault!”

“What is?!” Yoongi is trying, he's really trying to understand.

“I should've never agreed to go with you that night.” Hoseok mutters “I should've stayed there, you're fucking me up. Both of you.”

“Hoseok, please.” Jimin whispers “Stop.”

“You-” Hoseok shakes his head “You think you helped us. You keep thinking that that night you saved us, 'cause we were lost, maybe you should've just left us there. I don't need this shit, I don't need it. Sometimes I wish I-”

“What? Mmh?” Yoongi swallows “That you never met me?”

Hoseok doesn't answer.

“Shit, Hoseok.” Yoongi shakes his head “I can't fucking look at you right now, it's-”

“Then leave!” Hoseok screams, so loud that his voice cracks. Yoongi feels his blood run cold.

“Hoseok!” Jimin shouts, rage coloring his voice.

“Fucking leave!” Hoseok takes a step back “You can't stand watching me, then fucking leave! I don't need this!”

And maybe Yoongi shouldn't listen to him. Maybe he should just take notice of how hard Hoseok is shaking, and that his eyes are blood shot, bottom lip quivering, he should. But he doesn't.

“Fine.” Yoongi nods “Good luck.”

He turns on his heels and opens the door, slamming it close behind him, then he walks fast down the stairs and out of the love motel. It's raining outside, hard and heavy, as soon as he takes a few steps on the street he's already drenched, Hoseok's words dig in his chest like a fucking dagger and it hurts enough to leave him breathless.

“Where are you going?!”

Yoongi turns around. Jimin is standing a few steps behind him, feet bare on the asphalt and cold rain drenching him as well.

“Get back inside.”

“No, you can't leave.” Jimin swallows “You can't leave us.”

“He doesn't want me.”

“He-” Jimin shakes his head frantically “No, he didn't mean it. You know he didn't.”

“Do I?” Yoongi gapes for a moment, words forgotten “He wants me to leave.”

“He's high!” Jimin cries out, voice breaking “He's high and drunk! He doesn't mean it! He loves you!”

“He wants me gone!”

“You are not leaving us!” Jimin screams “I will never forgive you if you leave us! I'll fucking hunt you down, I swear!”

Jimin takes a step forwards, naked feet dragging on the rough asphalt, Yoongi takes a step back and Jimin freezes, betrayal painting itself on his face.

“Yoongi.” Jimin shakes his head “Please.”

“It's the three of us!” Yoongi then shouts, eyes stinging “It's meant to be the three of us but if he doesn't want me then how can I stay?!”

“He loves you!” Jimin shouts back “Are you kidding me?! You're his fucking sun!”

Yoongi stays quiet. He almost feels numb and yet everything aches. Everything. Jimin looks like he wants to walk to him, but he stops.

“Yoongi. I'm fucking begging you.”

“He asked me to leave, Jimin.”

“Fuck you!” Jimin screams, then a sob wrecks his whole body “Stay! Please! If not for him, then stay for me!”

Yoongi grimaces “Don't be fucking unfair.”

“Unfair?! I'm not the one who's walking away! What will we do if you leave?! We love you, we'll be fucking lost again! You keep us together!”

Yoongi, again, stays quiet. Maybe because he knows Jimin is right. Maybe because if he opens his mouth then he'll just break apart. Then something twists in Jimin's eyes and the boy looks at him like he's a monster.

“Oh my god.” he whispers, the noise of the rain hitting the ground almost swallowing his voice “Are you- are you asking me to choose?”

Yoongi clenches his jaw.

“To pick one of you two?” Jimin almost sounds disgusted.

“I'd never ask you to choose.”

“Of fucking course you wouldn't, that's because you already chose for me.” Jimin swipes his hand on his face, to dry off even for a moment the rain “You're leaving us, so you already chose for all of us.”

“I didn't choose, he did!”

“No, he's hurting! He's suffering, he's fucking drained and he needs us!”

“I can't stay if he doesn't want me!” Yoongi cries out, he shivers “How could he want me?! How could any of you want me, why would you want me?! Since the beginning it was you two, you were closer than I've ever been with you, so-”

“God, Yoongi!” Jimin almost laughs “Again?! We already told you that we love you! We've already been through this!”

“I can't-”

“If you leave.” Jimin petrifies him on the spot with one look full of rage and hurt “If you leave I will fucking hate you. You hear me? I will despise you. Forever. And so will Hoseok.”

The thought of it is enough to glue Yoongi's feet to the ground. 'Cause he can't live knowing they'll hate him. He can't. But he can't stay either, not if Hoseok doesn't want him, not if-

Suddenly, Hoseok appears behind Jimin. He runs past him and to Yoongi, he grips the collar of his shirt, tugging at it, eyes blood shot, face wrecked.

“I'm suh-sorry. I'm so sorry, don't leave me, don't leave us, I'll fucking-” Hoseok sobs and knocks his forehead on Yoongi's shoulder “I'm so sorry, I'm buh-begging you, forgive me, stay stay stay. If you leave I'm-”

Yoongi doesn't realize he's crying until a sob leaves his lips and Hoseok's legs give up, the boy kneeling on the ground and carrying him down with him, Yoongi's arm circle Hoseok's back and he hugs him closer.

“I'll die if you leave, I'll fucking die.”

“You-” Yoongi tries to breathe “You want me to stay?”


“You still love me?”

“Fuck, Yoongi, when did I ever stop?!” Hoseok looks up at him, hands moving frantically from his neck to hold his face then on his chest, clutching at the shirt “Just stay. I'll make it up to buh-both of you, I'm so sorry! I swear to God, I didn't mean it, I don't know why-”

“I'm not leaving.” Yoongi breathes out.

Hoseok's eyes widen.

“I'm not leaving if you want me.”

Hoseok starts crying harder, again he hides his face in the crook of his neck and hugs him back, a lithany of apologies flooding out of his lips.

Yoongi closes his eyes for a second, Hoseok's warmth almost making the rain disappear, relief hitting him so hard it knocks the air out of his lungs. He then looks at Jimin, still standing alone, crying quietly. Yoongi raises his arm, his hand stretched out for him and Jimin runs to them, kneeling down behind Hoseok. He takes Yoongi's hand and holds Hoseok's chest with his free arm.

“I'm so sorry.” Hoseok says again, voice hoarse “I'm so fucking sorry.”

“I know.” Yoongi says “I know.”

“I don't want you to leave.”

Yoongi gulps “I know.”

“Don't leave.”

“I'm not, I'm not.”

“I love you so fucking much, I'm so sorry.”

Yoongi closes his eyes “I know.”






Jimin is the one who manages to make them stand up from the wet ground.

It's still raining, but it's less noisy now.

Hoseok lets Jimin drag him up and his legs almost give in, but Yoongi is still hugging him and he keeps him up. They walk back inside the love hotel, Jimin holding his hand even though his own hand is shaking, Yoongi still doesn't let him go, shivering because of the rain clinging to his body.

Once they're inside the room, Jimin goes to the tub and starts the water again, he comes back to them and tugs at his drenched shirt until Hoseok gets the message and raises his arms, Jimin takes the piece of clothing off of him and throws it on the floor, he does the same with Yoongi, he nudges them both to the bathroom and helps them get out of the rest of their clothes.

Gently, he pushes Hoseok towards the tub and holds his arm when he raises a leg over the edge of it. Hoseok gets inside the warm water, muscles slowly relaxing, shivering at the sudden change of temperature. The tub is large and deep enough that if he sits the water covers him up to his chest. He closes his eyes and sighs. Yoongi gets inside as well, quickly positioning himself behind Hoseok so that he can hold him to his chest again, chin resting on his shoulder, breathing slowly.

Jimin takes off his shirt and briefs and gets in the water as well, he takes a bottle of shampoo and squeezes a generous amount in his hands, then he starts massaging Hoseok's scalp.

Hoseok feels a little dizzy, his whole body aching in dull way, mind numb, so he just lets Jimin do what he pleases, keeping his eyes closed and basking in the warmth of the water and in the solid presence of Yoongi's body behind him.

Jimin then pushes him down gently until his head is touching the water and he washes his hair from the shampoo, Yoongi's hands behind his neck to keep him floating. He gets pulled up again, Jimin starts massaging his shoulders with what feels like body wash. His hands are still shaking. Hoseok hears him sobbing weakly and when he opens his eyes Jimin is crying, still washing his body, Hoseok's heart breaks.

“God, Minnie.” he whispers “Shit, the things I said to you-”

“It's okay.” Jimin sniffles “That wasn't you speaking.”

“You're crying.”

“I'm crying 'cause I got scared.” Jimin sighs, breathing shaky “I thought we were ending.”

It's his fault.

“Shit, I'm so sorry.” Hoseok murmurs “I don't- I don't know why I-”

“Shut up, will you?” Jimin says, voice a little on edge “Just shut up for a minute, let me do this, then we talk.”

Hoseok nods, Jimin starts rubbing his skin again, the boy sends Yoongi a glare “I'm fucking mad with you as well.”

Yoongi sighs “Yeah, I know.”

“I fucking hate you right now.” Jimin shakes his head “Actually, I hate you both.”

Yoongi nods “No, I know, I-”

“Yoongi.” Jimin glares at him “Shut up.”

He does. Hoseok keeps his mouth closed as well. They let Jimin do whatever it is that he's doing now, because if it makes him feel better than they won't stop him until he's finished. Jimin takes the bottle of shampoo back and, once more, he goes to wash Yoongi's hair too, sometimes his body still shakes with a tiny sob, Hoseok puts his hand on Jimin's hip and squeezes lightly before he lets his hand fall back in the water.

Once Jimin is done with Yoongi's hair, he puts the bottle away and takes a deep breath before he spins around and settles against Hoseok's chest, he takes his arms and moves them so that Hoseok can hold his waist.

“Now we talk.” Jimin says, there's a certain finality in his voice and Hoseok knows that this time he won't be able to get out of this.

Hoseok sighs “Don't know where to start.”

“From wherever you want.” Jimin replies.

So he does.

“I was born in Gwangju.” he says “But I moved with my father in Seoul when I was a kid. Don't really know about my mom, never met her, if I have to believe my dad's words she was a fucking bitch who just left the moment she left you in my arms.” Hoseok rubs some circles on Jimin's tummy “It wasn't that bad. My childhood, well, I only have nice memories. My father was a mess but he tried his best, he had a decent job, we got by with no problems. Then when I was around sixteen he started gambling, he couldn't stop, it got bad. He found himself drowning in debts, he owed money to really shady people, we were about to lose our house. Then in that period I found a group of dudes, they were in a tiny gang, they stole cars. It was easy. We pretended to be valets at fancy hotels, stole the car of some rich dude, sell it for a shitload of money to people who then would illegaly bring them outside Korea. So I dropped off high school and went on with it, I learned how to steal almost everything, we moved to little robberies in stores and shit like that, I was their getaway driver.” Hoseok bites the inside of his cheek “My dad disappeared after I turned eighteen.”

There are a few moments of silence, the walls humid with condensed water, vapor fogging the mirror over the faucet.

“Why?” Jimin finally asks.

“Who knows. I guess he wanted to get away from the creditors. You gotta understand, my dad wasn't the same anymore. With all the gambling and the money he owed people he changed. Kind of became a shell.” Hoseok frowns “Shit, I remember not even being surprised when he disappeared. I just thought Oh, wow, he really went away. He lasted longer than I expected.”

Yoongi presses his lips on his shoulder, the water is slowly turning lukewarm.

“I guess that was the first time I had that thought.” Hoseok clicks his tongue “That maybe I was meant to be alone. Call it mommy issues or daddy issues, or a mix of both, but I kept thinking that if she left and then he left then there must have been a reason, you know? And that was also the time I realized that I had no friends. No, not friends, I- I just didn't have anyone who knew me just a little. No one.” Hoseok shakes his head “Anyways, the creditors didn't leave me alone so I ran away from Seoul and ended up in Busan. Long story short, shady creditors turned into actual government creditors, 'cause my mess of a dad had this huge debts with the bank as well and they found me. I learned how to survive, how to get away from them, moved into a tiny ass flat. There I met this little girl, Iseul. She was obsessed with toy cars, I told her what the models of her toys were, she grew attached to me. I stole lollipops for her.”

Jimin turns to look at him, smiling a little.

“It's kind of pathetic, but she was my only friend back then. But still, it got so much worst, I-” Hoseok worries his bottom lip “I don't know how to explain it. It's just that- that sometimes my mind reminds me that I'll probably end up alone again, that people leave, it's what they do, and when it happens everything gets blurry. Numb. I isolate myself in my head until something snaps and I come back to myself and then- I don't know. I pretend I'm good. You know I do. But I'm not. I haven't been for a while.”

“Okay.” Yoongi says “It's okay.”

Hoseok scoffs “Not really, but sure.”

“That night we met you-” Jimin rests his head on his shoulder “Why did you jump in front of Yoongi's car?”

Hoseok nods to himself “That was supposed to be my last day on Earth. But the thing is, I've had many last days on Earth. I tried to kill myself more than once, I failed every time.”

Jimin squeezes his wrist.

“You need to understand, whatever is wrong with me, it kept getting worst. Loneliness is a bitch, she sucks you dry until you're just a shell.” Hoseok nuzzles Jimin's hair “It really fucks you up. And then, it might sound crazy, but the fact that I kept failing at dying- shit, that fucks you up even more. 'Cause if you fail at something like that how do you manage to not fail in life? That's what I thought back then. So when I met you, that was supposed to be my last try at having my last day on Earth. I told myself, this is it. You fail again, you keep on going.” Hoseok shrugs “I failed.”

“Thanks fucking god you did.” Yoongi grumbles behind him, it manages to steal a smile from Hoseok.

“Since I got into Seoul something kept messing with me.” he says “Maybe it's remembering of the time I spent with my father, of the shit that started it all, I don't know. I kept seeing my dad's face in every single dude who walked past us. But I'm sorry for what I said. Shit, I'm so sorry, I fucked up so bad.”

“Yeah, you did.” Jimin sighs “But it's okay.”

“Is it?”

“We forgive you. Like, I'm fucking mad, but of course we forgive you.”

Relief, surely, feels nice in his system. Surely. But there's something else as well, something that stings. In his heart, Hoseok knows that they forgave him, but he sure as hell also knows he won't be able to forgive himself. Not like this, not after what he said.

“Do you always feel like that?” Yoongi asks him “Numb?”

“Not all the time.” Hoseok replies “Most of the time I'm actually fine. There are shit moments, sure, but- I mean, you help. When I'm around you, I feel like I want to keep being around you, alive and breathing.” Hoseok takes a deep breath, his eyes sting “The world is dark as fuck, but you make it so much brighter.”

So Hoseok cries a little more when both Yoongi and Jimin hug him hard and comb his hair, with the water turning cold and the steam turning into drops on the mirror.



The fact that Jimin kisses him first once they're on the bed is surprising. Because Jimin is still mad, and he has all the rights to be, to hate both he and Yoongi. Instead he kisses him, hard and needy, hands tugging at his hair.

“I can touch you, right?” Hoseok asks between kisses.

“Of course.”

“I really need to touch you.”

Jimin hums, then kisses him again, shifting his hips against Hoseok's, skin warm and smelling of that body wash he used and Hoseok wants and needs so much, he needs to feel they're still there, that they won't leave, they're there. To keep him on the ground.

“Want you to fuck my thighs.” Jimin moans against his lips “Can you?”

Hoseok nods, he leaves a trail of kisses down Jimin's neck, sucking on the spot right above the collarbones, Jimin keening against him. He sees Yoongi moving and grabbing that bottle of lube Jimin found in the drawer, then he moves behind the boy.

“Part your legs, love.”

Jimin does and Yoongi squeezes a generous amount of lube in his hands, then slowly starts spreading it on the inside of Jimin's thighs.

“Fucking cold.” he mutters, eyes fluttering close.

“You don't look like you're gonna be patient today.” Yoongi replies, his hands trailing upwards.

“Shut up.”

“Behave.” Yoongi says, but there's no real bite in his voice.

Hoseok slips his hand between Jimin's legs, palming his dick, the boy gasps quietly.

“You're so fucking sensitive.” Hoseok strokes his a bit firmer “I fucking love it.”

Jimin mutters something about him being an obnoxious prick, Hoseok decides to let it slide just because he's too fucking gone already to get mad at it.

“Turn around.”

Jimin does, his knees on the mattress and his legs still parted, thighs shiny with lube. Hoseok leaves a kiss on the nape of his neck before he pats on Jimin's leg so that he keeps them closer.

Jimin gasps when Hoseok slips between them, he tightens them a bit more, his hips immediately search for a quick pace and Jimin mouth falls open in a silent moan. Hoseok grips Jimin's wrists and he bends his arms back, he sees Jimin's cock twitching.

“You like not being able to move?”

Jimin bites his bottom lip, nodding weakly and he tilts his head back, neck bare in invitation. Yoongi grabs locks of Jimin's hair, pulls them and attaches his lips to the column oh his throat. A tiny moan slips past the boy's lips, Yoongi's teeth scraping his throat then up to his jaw, nibbling and sucking softly.


Yoongi groans against his neck and he takes Jimin's erection in his palm, thumb digging in the slit and smearing precum over his length. Jimin's hips stutter and he pulls his thighs closer together, Hoseok groans and thrusts into them faster.


“What do you want, baby?”

Jimin tries to speak but all that comes out is a whine when Yoongi latches his lips around Jimin's nipple.

“Fuck.” Jimin groans “I want- I want hyung-”

“What?” Yoongi asks, before biting the hardened nub.

Ah- want hyung's mouth.”

Yoongi hums “Want me to suck you off?”

Jimin nods “Please, hyung.”

Hoseok keeps fucking into the tight heat of Jimin's thighs but he slows down a little, making sure his cock drags under Jimin's, teeth biting behind the younger's neck. Yoongi gets on his knees and elbows and looks up at Jimin, a grin so devious that Hoseok swears he feels Jimin shivering.

Yoongi gives a kittenish lick on the tip of Jimin's cock, the boy whines and then Yoongi wraps his lips around the head of Jimin's dick, swallowing him down deliberately slow.

Oh God.” closes his eyes and throws his head back, drawing in sharp broken breaths.

Hoseok watches Jimin's cock disappearing between Yoongi's lips, the green haired draws back a little and his lips shine with spit, swollen and red, eyes half closed.

“Fuck.” Jimin moans, his whole body shakes “Feels good.”

“Yeah?” Hoseok squeezes the flesh of Jimin's hip with his free hand as he keeps thrusting “Tell him how good his mouth feels, baby.”

“So good.” Jimin sounds breathless, his eyes fall close “Hyung's mouth feels so good and warm and- oh shit- so wet.”

Yoongi hums around Jimin's cock and the sound that slips past Jimin's lips is so raw and full of need that Hoseok has to stop moving for a moment so that he doesn't come on the spot, Jimin's legs tight and warm.

Yoongi lets go of Jimin's dick and the boy whines, hips thrusting up into nothing.

“Have patience, love.” Yoongi says as he sits down on his ass, legs bent beside his thigs “Want you to fuck my mouth and come on my face.”

“Fuck, yes, please.” Jimin whispers.

Hoseok lets go of Jimin's arms. When Yoongi swallows down Jimin's dick again he stays still, cheeks hollow and jaw slack. Jimin's hands go to Yoongi's hair, fingers between his green locks and, slowly, he thrusts inside his mouth.

“Oh- god.” Jimin whimpers, his hips fucking into Yoongi's mouth faster.

Yoongi moans around his cock, eyes fluttering close and he starts pumping his own erection in time with Jimin's movements, pale cheeks flushed.

“Shit, darling, you should see yourself.” Hoseok swallows, Jimin's thighs squeezing around him as he moves, the friction perfect, hot and wet with lube.

Yoongi puts his hand over Jimin's and tugs at it, motioning him to pull his hair harder. Jimin does, tugging at the locks and fucking his mouth fast, Yoongi closes his eyes and moans, spit trailing down his chin, Hoseok grips Jimin's hips tight and groans.

“Gonna come.” Jimin says “Hyung, I'm gonna come.”

Yoongi then draws back and lets go of Jimin's dick, he licks his lips and starts stroking Jimin's erection hard and fast.

Jimin holds his breath for a moment before he moans loud and high, coming in white stripes over Yoongi's face, the older boy closes his eyes and moans quietly.

“Shit.” Hoseok starts fucking in the heat of Jimin's thighs faster, the boy whimpering brokenly but tightening his legs even more.

He comes seconds after, a string of curses leaving his mouth. Jimin lets himself fall on the matress, body still twitching a little, eyes glazed over.

Hoseok licks his dry lips, tries to get his breathing back to normal, but then another pair of lips clash against his. Yoongi drapes his arms around his neck, mouth curled up in a laze grin.

“You gotta give me a minute.” Hoseok mutters, Yoongi bites his bottom lip.

“Who says I wanna wait a minute, Seoksie?”

“You've got come on your face, get the fuck away from me.”

Yoongi chuckles but complies.

“Actually.” Jimin says, still a little breathless “I might have a surprise for hyung.”

“Surprise?” Hoseok asks, sitting on the matress.

Jimin looks at Yoongi with a smirk “I haven't forgotten, you know?”

Hoseok sees the moment Yoongi's eyes turn impossibly darker, Jimin gets on his knees and crawls over to the drawer, he opens it and looks around until he looks back at them with what looks like a little knife in his right hand.

“You've got to be kidding me.” Yoongi mutters, eyeing the item.

“I think it's a paper knife.” Jimin shrugs “I guess it serves the purpose, though.”

“What purpose?” Hoseok asks, Jimin arches an eyebrow.

“You wanna tell him?” he asks Yoongi, who merely rolls his eyes.

“I like them.”

“Like what?”

“Knife.” Jimin replies for him, voice full of mirth “He likes knives, doesn't he?”

Yoongi clicks his tongue, but Hoseok sees him gupling hard.

“I promised you, right? That we were gonna use it.” Jimin holds the little knife out for Hoseok.

He looks at it for a few seconds before he takes it: it's light, the blade short, the sharp edge hardly sharp enough to cut someone by accident, but still sharp enough to scratch and tear the skin with the right pressure.

“Okay.” Hoseok says “Okay, come here.”

Hoseok grips Yoongi's wrist and pulls him to him, turning him around so that he can sit down with his back pressed against his chest.

Jimin grins, clearly satisfied with himself, he lays on his stomach in front of them, chin propped on the palm of his hands.

“You're gonna enjoy the show?” Yoongi asks him, but Hoseok can hear the edge in his voice.

“Oh, I sure will.”

“This fucking brat, I swear to God.”

Hoseok chuckles and lets his hand traveling down Yoongi's stomach, the older boy relaxing slightly at the touch.

“Wait.” Hoseok presses his lips together “You're sure, right?”

Yoongi swallows hard, eyes fixed on the blade that is mere inches from his face “I'm sure.”

“Okay.” Hoseok kisses his neck “Okay.”

Slowly, he lowers the paper knife on Yoongi's collarbones and traces their lines with the point of the blade, careful as to not scratch the skin, pressure barely there. Yet Yoongi shuts his eyes close and moans deep from his chest, thighs quivering. Hoseok's mouth goes dry in a second.

“Fuck, darling.”

“Hyung is so filthy.” Jimin says from between Yoongi's legs, hands caressing the inside of his thighs “So fucking hot. You're so hard, wanna suck you off.”

Yoongi groans “Fuck, please love.”

Jimin's tongue immediately darts along Yoongi's length, up to the head, teasing at the slit, Yoongi tenses up against Hoseok, then Jimin's plump lips open around Yoongi's cock and he swallows it down.

“Oh, shit.” Yoongi moans, legs parting wider, Jimin's head slowly bobbing up and down, Yoongi's erection shiny with spit.

Hoseok moves the knife down, grazing the skin with the bland edge, the tip of the blade brushes against Yoongi's nipple and he whimpers, hips bucking up, Jimin holds them down, moaning around Yoongi's cock.

“Oh my god.” Yoongi sounds wrecked, Hoseok feels like he's gonna lose his mind, the older's body shaking at every movement of the knife, eyes unfocused when he opens them.

Jimin lets go of Yoongi's dick, trying to get his breath back, lips swollen and wet.

“Sorry.” he says “Ribs still hurt a little.”

“Don't push yourself.” Yoongi murmurs weakly.

Jimin shakes his head with a smirk and goes down on Yoongi again, taking more and more of his length until his nose brushes against Yoongi's navel.

“God, love, so good.” Yoongi gasps “Your mouth feels so fucking good, you're- fuck- you're so good.”

Jimin moans, eyes fluttering, and he starts sucking Yoongi faster, lips tight around his dick until Yoongi is reduced into a moaning mess, whimpering weakly and quivering. And Hoseok fucking loves it, worships the moments when Yoongi loses control and gets vocal and he craves for more.

“Want me to make it hurt, darling?”

Yoongi's hips falter “Please, Seoksie.”

Hoseok tilts the knife just enough so that the pointed tip is against the skin and he starts moving it along Yoongi's chest, pressing it just so that he can see the point digging in the skin without cutting, leaving behind a red line.

Yoongi's whole body tautens, back arching against the knife.

“Seoksie it's so- so good.” Yoongi groans “Feels so good.”

“You should see how fucking good you look.” Hoseok says, admiring Yoongi's lithe body, pale skin flushed and covered in a thin sheen of sweat “And baby looks so pretty, mh? You're sucking him so well.”

Jimin blinks at him, hollowing his cheeks and sucking Yoongi's cock eagerly. Yoongi doesn't look like he's gonna last long, not with the way his thighs keep trembling. Yoongi's hand tugs at Jimin's hair until the boy moans around his length.

God!” Yoongi chokes on the word, bottom lip stuck between his teeth, Hoseok sucks the soft skin of Yoongi's neck, already reddening.

“'m so close.” Yoongi gasps “So fucking close.”

Hoseok twists the small knife in his hand so that that the sharp edge drags against the inside of Yoongi's thigh, he presses down and Yoongi draws a sharp breath, eyes widening, before he comes down Jimin's throat. The boy closes his eyes, he keeps on sucking until Yoongi whimpers weakly and he lets go of his cock, licking his lips.

Yoongi gulps, breathing ragged, then he chuckles.

“I'm dead.” he says and he sounds as fucked out as he looks “I'm fucking dead.”

Hoseok snorts, he holds him a bit closer and nuzzles his green hair.

Jimin stirs on the bed, looking almost like a cat, before he blinks at them with doe eyes and orange hair a mess “Cuddles.”

Hoseok hums “You two cuddle, I'm getting a towel.” he manages to slip away from Yoongi, the boy just falls on his back “Yoongi's face is a mess.”

Hoseok gets off the bed, he sees Yoongi wordlessly gripping Jimin's wrist and pulling him closer until the boy hides his face in the crook of his neck.

Hoseok goes in the bathroom and gets a towel, damping it with warm water, he walks back in the room and he finds Jimin draped all over Yoongi and already half asleep.

Hoseok cleans Yoongi's face, then he moves to Jimin's thighs “What if I wanted to sleep in the middle, mh?”

The boy mumbles something in Yoongi's ear, the other snorts.

“He says if you forcibly remove him then you can sleep in the middle.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes and throws the towel on the floor “Guess I'll just have to forcibly remove you, then.”

He grabs Jimin's arm and his left leg and, without much grace, he tosses him aside. Jimin yelps when his body hits the mattress. Hoseok lets himself fall on the matress between them and Jimin giggles.

“I love that you're stronger than you look.” he rolls over and rests his head on Hoseok's chest.



“Wow, good for you.”

“You like it, shut up.”

Hoseok hums, he closes his eyes and he hears Yoongi moving beside him until he puts an arm around his stomach and nuzzles his shoulders, sighing content.

“So.” Hoseok bites his lip “Knives?”

Yoongi pinches him “Not a fucking word.”


Yoongi smiles.

That's the moment Hoseok realizes what happened not even an hour ago, what he said, what he did and what he almost lost. It's enough for the guilt to come back at full speed, it punches the air out of his lungs, that little voice comes as well.

You don't deserve them. They don't need you. You're so fucked up and they're so beautiful.

“Stop doing that.” Yoongi mutters, Hoseok blinks.

“Doing what?”

“You're thinking about something shitty again, stop.”

“I'm just-” Hoseok wets his lips “I'm sorry.”

“You already said that.”

“Yeah, and you forgave me, just like that. It doesn't feel right. Fuck, it's not fair that you would just forgive me after the shit I told you, I don't deserve it.”

Yoongi sighs “Bullshit.”

“It ain't bullshit for me.”

Jimin mubles something sleepily, then props himself up on his elbows and looks down at Hoseok “Maybe you're right. Maybe you don't deserve it. But you need to understand something: that there's a reason if we just forgave you like that.”

Hoseok frowns, Jimin rolls his eyes and then cups his face, his hands are warm, chubby fingers caressing his cheeks. Jimin gives him the faintest smile and yet Hoseok feels the whole room lighting up.

“Because, look-” Jimin says, almost whispering “Now I can fit part of my world between my hands. And-”

He moves his right hand away from his face and holds Yoongi's cheek, pressing his face against Hoseok's.

“Now I can fit my whole world between my hands.”

That's something only Jimin could say and make it feel real. Only him. And it feels real. It feels good. Hoseok feels tears wetting his cheeks, Jimin swipes them away.

“We're not leaving you.” Yoongi whispers “You're not leaving us.”

He's not.

He's not.



They talk during the rest of early morning, probably until it's dawn.

“There was a time when I was so lonely I couldn't sleep for weeks.” Hoseok says, voice a whisper, Yoongi stroking his neck “When I closed my eyes all I could see was me. Only me. No one else. I praid for someone to show up, anyone.” he closes his eyes “Guess someone listened.”





Hoseok wakes up to an empty bed that is still warm and water running the bathroom. His head hurts like hell, his whole body feels weaker than it ever has, so Hoseok allows himself to close his eyes again and stay like that a little longer. He drifts off probably for a few minutes or so, when he opens his eyes again the room is quiet. Hoseok stirs on the bed, groans at the ache in his muscles, then gets off the bed and starts walking to the bathroom.

Jimin is in the tub, knees close to his chest, eyes closed and his chin dipping in the water. Then he notices the many red rose's petals on the surface of the water, Jimin himself holding in his hand a rose.

“What's up with these?”

Jimin opens his eyes, blinks, then smiles at Hoseok “Yoongi got them from the lobby.”

“Now he steals as well?” Hoseok sighs “I'm such a bad influence.” he kneels down next to the tub and he puts his fingers in the water, looking at the red petals.

“You're a good influence since he gave me flowers.”

“Turned him soft.”

Jimin hums “He's trying to make it up to me. I'm still mad.” he starts picking petals from the rose in his hand, dropping them on the water.

“Why are you wasting them like this?” Hoseok picks up a petal and puts it on top of Jimin's damp hair, the boy pouts.

“I'm not wasting them. I'm taking a rose bath, always wanted to do it. Besides, there are more, I only used like six.”

Hoseok looks at him for a while, enjoying the gold of Jimin's skin and the way his hair falls over his eyes, pouty lips pressed together.

“I-” Hoseok sighs “I'm so sorry for what happened.”

Jimin shrugs, but Hoseok can see him tensing “We've talked about it, it's fine. We forgave you already.”

“Yeah, you did.” Hoseok traces the line of Jimin's collarbones “What I said to you, I never thought it. Never.”

“I know.”

“I hurt you.”

“You did.” Jimin looks up from the rose “It felt like you stabbed me. Both you and Yoongi. But I know you didn't mean it, I know why Yoongi acted the way he did, so that's it. You weren't really yourself yesterday.”

Hoseok nods “In a way, I wasn't.”

Jimin cocks his head to the side “Are you yourself now?”


Jimin gives him one of his easy smiles, always effortless on his face, eyes disappearing for a moment “Then get in here with me. Please?”

Hoseok hesitates just one moment before he stands up and gets inside the tub, as soon as the water touches his skin he hisses.

“You like your water too hot.”

“It gets cold fast, the warmer the better.” Jimin scoots over, leaving more space for the other.

As soon as he sits down in the tub, Jimin shuffles closer and Hoseok authomatically gives him more space, opening his arm and allowing the younger to drape himself all over him, straddling his legs and nose nuzzling his neck, Jimin rests his head over his shoulder.

“This is nice.” he says.

It is. It's nice to have Jimin's weight on him, warmth of the water flushing his skin in a pretty pink. And it's nice how clingy and cuddly Jimin always is, craving for touch, feeling completely at ease when given attention and care. It's one of the things Hoseok loves the most about him.

“Where is Yoongi, by the way?”

“Went to buy breakfast.” Jimin replies.

“Is there a coffeeshop nearby? Don't remember seeing any.”

“Told him so, he just shrugged, said he wanted to bring us food.” Jimin grins “He's trying so hard, it's cute. Oh, don't tell him this, but I saw him kissing your temple before he left.”

Hoseok snorts, Jimin giggles along “God, he turned so soft.”

“Adorable, really.”

Hoseok holds Jimin a little closer, his fingers moving to his hair and combing through orange locks, Jimin humming low, clearly happy with the ministrations.

“We've got three more hours before we have to clear the room, we need to hurry.” Hoseok mutters.

“We don't need to rush.” Jimin says, pout clear in his voice “I like it here. Free stuff.”

“We paid for the room and therefore for the stuff inside here, it ain't free.”

Jimin grins “Trust me, once I stuff them in my pockets they're free.”

Hoseok chuckles “I'm turning you into a criminal.”

“I'm learning from the best.”

Hoseok hears the door opening, then the sound of Yoongi's steps.

After a few seconds, Yoongi gets in the bathroom, he's holding a paper bag that radiates a sweet smell, he arches an eyebrow at them.

“Is this where the roses went?” he asks.

“Yep.” Jimin says, smiling at him.

“Nice to see how well you treat my gifts.”

“You stole them from a vase in the lobby, don't act like you paid for them.”

“Isn't it the thought that counts?”

“Aren't I supposed to be the only flower in your life?”

Yoongi groans and Hoseok laughs quietly at that.

“That was so fucking cheesy, I'm not even gonna acknowledge it.” Yoongi shakes his head.

“You know what you could acknowledge?” Jimin licks his lips “You have two very handsome naked guys in the tub. And one of them really wants to suck you off.”

Yoongi tries to bite off the curling of his lips “What about breakfast?”

Jimin's smirk only grows wider “Oh, when you get inside this tub I'll get breakfast alright.”

Yoongi blinks “Jesus Christ, you're disgusting. I love it. Give me a second.”

Jimin giggles breathlessly, knocking his forehead on Hoseok's chest, Yoongi sends them both this look of absolute, utter, perfect fondness, and Hoseok thinks that they're gonna be fine.






There's something that almost feels like longing when they leave the room of the love motel, maybe it's because it smells so much like them. All Hoseok knows is that they're walking down the stairs with yesterday's clothes thrown on, the fabric stiff after it was drenched with rain and it dried on the floor. They walk in the lobby, there's a man around forty pressing on the screen to choose a room with a boy that can't be older than twenty by his side.

Besides him, Jimin arches an eyebrow at the couch, he walks to it and grabs the snapback that's thrown on the armrest, he pushes his hair back and puts it on, he tugs his mouth mask up and they walk out of the hotel.

Hoseok grins “You just stole something.”

Jimin shrugs “Bad influence, that's what you are.”

Yoongi chuckles lowly, he lights up a cigarette and looks at the almost empty street, it's still kind of early.

“I'm hungry as fuck.” Jimin says.

“We hit a Starbucks then go back at Namjoon's?” Yoongi asks, looking at them, Hoseok nods.

“Seems like a plan, let's go.”



Jimin is ordering them something to drink, Yoongi is munching on a sandwich and Hoseok is licking the donut's glaze off his fingertips. He sends a look at two guys chatting, drinking coffee.

“You good?”

Hoseok looks back at Yoongi, who's pretending to be very interested in the leaf of lettuce that fell off his sandwich on the table.

“I am.” he replies “Now I am. Like, I may not be good all the time. I mean, in the future days. There will probably be shitty days.”

Yoongi nods.

“But I guess I'll get over them and then I'll be fine again.”

“Yeah.” Yoongi smiles a little “Yeah, you will.”

Hoseok wets his lips nervously “Look, Yoongi, about yesterday-”

“We talked about it already.”

“Like you said once.” Hoseok fix him with a glance “You couldn't see your face.”

Yoongi's eyes soften a little at that, slowly he nods at him.

“Okay.” he says.

“So, I'm sorry. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be your face with that expression that I'll have nightmares about from today.”

Yoongi flicks some breadcrumbs off the table “I'll just wake you up when you do.”

“You never told us about your dreams.”

Yoongi shakes his head “They ain't that bad.”

“Just tell me.” Hoseok crosses his arms “I feel like you don't wanna talk about it in front of Jimin, but he's busy now. So, before he comes back, just-”

“I dream that you two leave.” Yoongi presses his lips together “That's it.”

Hoseok sighs “Well, we won't.”

Yoongi looks like he wants to say something but Jimin comes back, sitting next to Hoseok “Drinks will be ready soon. I've been thinking.”

“About?” Yoongi asks, Jimin leans on his elbows.

“We know that Torolf, after he was sent back in time-”

Yoongi drops his sandwich on the plate and points a finger at Jimin “One more fucking word about that book, I swear to God-”

Jimin pouts “I suck your dick and this is how you treat me.”

“I eat you out after you suck my dick and yet you manage to make me remember the words dick aneurysm.”

“Guys, we are in a public space, can you not?” Hoseok looks at the two dudes who were chatting before and that, right now, are staring at them with a look of sheer disgust. He doesn't blame them.

“An americano for-” a barista suddenly says from behind the counter, he frowns at the cup “For The Tsundere... trademark symbol.”

Yoongi closes his eyes, Jimin snorts.

“A Caramel Macchiato for- for Rough and Ready. And a Latte for, jesus christ, for Expensive Bitch?”

Silence falls in the Strabucks, no one moves, and yet Hoseok knows all eyes are on them.

Jimin arches an eyebrow at Yoongi, he sighs and stands up, walking to the poor barista.

“You're awful.” Hoseok says, giggling a little.

“Hey, he needs to earn his forgiveness.”

Yoongi comes back with the drinks and drops them uncerimoniously in front of them “That dude didn't even look me in the eyes, you scarred him for life.”

They drink quietly, relaxing a little, enjoying the lazy morning, well aware that once they'll go back at Namjoon and Jin's house they'll have to pack their things and actually decide what to do.

That is, until Jimin suddenly puts back on the mouth mask even though he hasn't finished his drink yet and he looks down “We need to leave.”

It's the way he says it that freezes both Yoongi and he. The edge in his voice, seriousness and fear lacing his tone.


“That guy knows who I am.” Jimin cuts Hoseok off, he's already standing up from the chair.
Hoseok looks around until his eyes land on an elderly man, who's staring at Jimin with huge eyes, hands shaking a little.

Hoseok grabs Jimin by the arm and is already dragging him out, Yoongi follows them close, they're out of the shop and wordlessly walking fast on the busy streets, now alive with people in every corner.

Hoseok puts himself in front of Jimin, the boy has his face against his back, Yoongi's arm around his waist. They make it to the house in record time, breathing fast, they ring the doorbell and after a few seconds the gate opens and they get inside.

Jin opens the door for them, looking a little sleepy “You guys had fun last night?”

“We need to leave.” Yoongi says, stepping inside the house “Someone saw Jimin.”

Jin looks immediately awake, he shuts the door close behind them “Namjoon!”

Hoseok throws a look at Jimin: he looks shaken up, stiff as hell.

Namjoon steps inside the living room, arching an eyebrow at them “You guys look like ghosts.”

“Tell me you have the documents.” Yoongi says.

“I do.”

“We need to leave as soon as possible.” Yoongi turns to them “Go up, pack our things.”

Jimin nods and he and Hoseok go up to the second floor, as soon as they're in their room they start throwing their clothes and belongings in their bags, not speaking for one second, making the process as fast as possible. Once they're done they go downstairs, Yoongi is sitting at the table with Namjoon in front of him, documents spread in front of him.

“These are the passports.” Namjoon tells him “Got you all driving licenses, then a credit card. I already put your money on a bank account that can't be traced and some more, so don't worry about it.”

Yoongi nods, he takes them and holds them to Hoseok, he puts them in a pocket of one of their bags.

“I also have a car for you so that you can drive to the airport, one thing though. I think it's best if you leave tonight.”

“Shouldn't we leave now?” Jimin asks, Namjoon shakes his head.

“No, you don't wanna go around with lights out for today. Besides, it's better for the airport as well. I can pull some strings and have a security guard I know be there for your check in, so that you get on the plane with no issues.”

Yoongi nods “What time's the flight?”

“Three in the morning, for L.A.”

Yoongi turns to them “You guys are cool with it?”

Hoseok nods, he looks at Jimin, he sighs and nods as well.

“Okay.” Yoongi takes a deep breath “Tonight then.”




They decide to leave after midnight, the car Namjoon gives them is, by all means, definitely stolen. Hoseok knows a stolen car from a spare one.

They put their bags in the backseat, Jimin decides to sit there this time, Yoongi goes shotgun because he wants to check the documents, so Hoseok is left to do the driving.

Namjoon hugs Yoongi hard, whispering something in his ear, Yoongi nods. Jin hugs all of them long and softly, almost like a brother, he wishes them good luck, tells them that they will always be welcome if they'll ever decide to come back.

Then they drive away.



They've been forty minutes on the streets, Yoongi puts the documents back in the plastic bag and seals it close, then slumps back in his seat.

“L.A.” he says “I can't speak english for shit.”

“Me neither.” Jimin says, he looks like he could fall asleep soon.

“We'll manage.” Hoseok replies, they stay quiet.

And then Yoongi looks at the rearview mirror, he sighs “You know, I've always told myself to have a positive attitude towards life. Always have. Right now, I think positive attitude can choke on my dick.”

Hoseok frowns “What the fuck?”

“There are at least five police cars following us.”

Jimin gasps and looks back from his seat, then he swears. Hoseok takes a glance from the rearview mirror and, since God likes to fuck them in the ass, sure enough there are police cars about ten feet behind them, lights off.

“What do we do?” Jimin asks, weirdly calm “They're probably after me.”

“Or me.” Yoongi shrugs “I mean, Imoogi Pa has contacts everywhere, wouldn't be surprised if they managed to trace me back in Seoul.”

“Would like to remind you all that I used to steal cars in this city and that I had creditors at my door for, like, almost a decade.” Hoseok sighs “Let's say a mix of all us?”

“That works.” Jimin says.

“Honestly, I'm trying really hard with the positive attitude but what the fuck do we do?”

Hoseok grips the steering wheel hard “We lose them.”

He presses on the gas pedal hard and the car sprints forward, after a few seconds loud sirens start filling the air.

“Pieces of shit were trying to sneak on us.” Hoseok grits “Okay. Okay, I know an exit, it brings us back on the main road then near Han river, maybe I can lose them once we get to Wonhyo bridge.”

The cars are close to them, fast and chasing them, Hoseok focuses on the rode, tuning out the sirens.

“You think you can?” Yoongi asks him.

“Done it before, getaway driver, right?” Hoseok feels the car finally starting to gain speed “It's like riding a bike.”

Jimin just sighs “Honestly, I'm disappointed but not surprised.”

Yoongi looks at him in disbelief “Why are you not freaking out? 'Cause I'm kind of freaking out.”

“Don't have the strength to freak out, I'm just speechless.”

Hoseok spots an empty space between two different guardrails, holds his breath, then tilts the steering wheel. The car shifts on the right, Jimin gets thrown against the car door, Hoseok manages to slip between that space and he finds himself on a different lane, driving in the wrong direction, a car swipes left and honks at them.

“Holy fucking shit.” Yoongi breathes, holding on his seat “That was fucking crazy.”

Hoseok glances at the rearview mirror, the police cars are trying to get on their same lane, but Hoseok has speed on his side and he's getting a good distance between them, sirens fading in the background.

“Okay.” he licks his dry lips, adrenaline pumping in his veins “We can do this.”

“If we actually make it out of here without handcuffs-” Jimin swallows “I swear to God, I'll make you two fuck me so hard I can't walk straight for a week.”

Yoongi frowns “A really weirdly specific thing to say in this particular situation, but sure.”

“It's the nerves, they're kicking in right now, don't mind me.”

They enter a tunnel, Hoseok knows that once they're out the bridge won't be too far away, maybe they can actually get away from this shit.

He can hear the sirens again, but only because the tunnel amplifies the sound, he has at least three minutes on them, if he keeps this pace he knows he'll leave them behind for real. Positive attitude.

They exit the tunnel, Hoseok burns a red light and turns left as soon as he can, they're driving by the river now.

Positive attitude.

He sees the bridge, he turns the car so fucking fast he almost gets whiplash.

Positive attitude.

Positive attitude can kiss his goddamn ass.

He presses the brakes hard once he sees the barricades in the middle of the bridge, orange lights making them visible.

“No fucking way.” he whispers.

“What the hell are those?” Yoongi asks.

“They- they blocked the bridges. The fucking assholes, I can't believe them.”

“Can't you drive past them?” Jimin asks.

“There will be patrols waiting for us at the end of the bridge, I know this shit.” Hoseok sighs “If I turn back now, the other patrols will be on our asses.”

The silence that falls in the car is heavy, heavier than anything Hoseok has ever experienced.

“So-” Jimin murmurs “This is it?”

“Shit.” Yoongi closes his eyes “We were so fucking close.”

They were. They were so close to get out of the country, to get a shot at being free and maybe even happy, to stay together. Because it's the three of them, they're supposed to be together. All three of them.

Hoseok looks outside the car, the sirens getting slowly closer, he looks at the river beside them.

Then it clicks.

“Last day on Earth.” he says, he feels Yoongi slowly looking at him.

“Oh.” Jimin stares at the river “Oh.”

“No fucking way.” Yoongi grits “Uh huh, not gonna happen.”

“You can't swim?” Hoseok asks, Yoongi looks like he's gonna murder him himself.

“I can, that's not the fuckin point!”

“What do we have to lose?” Jimin shrugs, now Yoongi looks like he wants to choke him instead.

“Our life?!” Yoongi looks at him with huge eyes “You can't be serious!”

Hoseok nods “I actually am.”

Yoongi looks at Jimin, then back at Hoseok, back at Jimin, then he closes his eyes and sighs with a pained expression “I hate you both so much.”

Hoseok opens the door and gets out of the car, Jimin does as well and soon Yoongi is standing next to them. He puts the documents, sealed in the plastic bag, in the inside pocket of his jacket.

Hoseok steps over the fence that divides them from the edge of the bridge, climbs over the little wall and stands there on the balustrade. Jimin climbs next to him, Yoongi next to Jimin. They stare at the dark water beneath them.

“Look.” Hoseok claps his hands “I can hear the sirens, so we don't have time. I didn't die when I tried to, I didn't die when you drove me over. I have a good feeling about this.”

“Good for you.” Yoongi mutters “Whatever. Let's do it.”

Jimin grasps both their hands, squeezing them hard “If we drown-”

“Jimin, can you not?” Yoongi groans.

“If we drown.” Jimin repeats, he smiles “I have loved you more than anything in my entire life.”

Hoseok shakes his head, he's smiling too “Fuck, me too.”

“Yeah, me too, you're my sun and moon, whatever, fuck you both.” Yoongi says, he licks his lips “Last day on Earth?”

“Last day on Earth.” Hoseok repeats.

He swallows the fear, the worry, the absolute dread in seeing how fucking dark the water is, that the streams will probably destroy them, that their clothes are gonna weight them down, then he takes one step into nothing.

Jimin and Yoongi do too.

Then they're falling.

Hoseok feels like they fall for minutes and minutes, but it's really seconds.

Then he hits the water.
















He has a mop of awfully bright orange hair tickling his nose. Yoongi opens an eye, Hoseok is asleep all curled up against him, the sun that is pouring from the window painting his honey skin in a soft glow. Yoongi takes a deep breath, Hoseok's orange hair smells of that new coconut shampoo Jimin got last week, he closes his eyes again, shuffling a little closer to the warm body and he feels like he could fall asleep again.

That is, until he feels soft puffs of breath against his cheek.

Réveillez-tu.” Jimin whispers in a french so broken Yoongi feels his lips curling up.

“Shut the fuck up and go back to sleep.”

“No.” Jimin kisses his cheek, then his temple, then his nose, then his eyelid, he presses his lips against Yoongi's grey hair, Yoongi groans “Come on.”

“Fuck you.”

“If you don't kiss me right now, I swear, I'll break up with you.”

Yoongi sighs and opens an eye, Jimin's black hair sticking up at an odd angle, eyes puffy and cheeks a bit flushed. He leans forward and plants a kiss on the boy's lips, then he drops his head back on the pillow “Now sleep.”


“Jimin, for fuck's sake.”

“If you both don't shut the fuck up right now-” Hoseok mutters sleepily “I'll kick your asses.”

“Hoseok.” Jimin tries.



“No, Jimin.”

Je t'aime.

“Je will punch you in the face.”

Jimin giggles, Hoseok tries very hard not to smile, so he tucks his face in Yoongi's chest.

“I'm hungry!” Jimin pouts “Let's go have breakfast.”

“We just got here, can't we spend the first day in our new flat sleeping?” Yoongi asks “'Cause, I don't know about you, but I got fucked pretty hard last night against a wall, I'd like to recover.”

“Then I got fucked on the floor, you don't see me complaining.”

“Why do I feel like you guys are blaming me?” Hoseok asks.

“We are.” both Yoongi and Jimin reply at the same time.

“We're in Paris!” Jimin says “I want to explore, and eat croissants and do all couply things in Paris.”

“Can't we do it tomorrow?” Hoseok asks.


“We'll still be together tomorrow.”

“We won't if you don't get up now.”

“Fucking fine.” Yoongi kicks the sheets away and sits up, Hoseok mumbling at him to not move and swearing when he doesn't listen. In the end, he sits up as well, scratching his cheek, eyes not willing to open completely. He gets a faceful of a too cheerful Jimin who kisses him on the lips.

“Guys.” Jimin smiles wide “Bonjour mademoiselle, mon mon baguette.”

Yoongi takes the pillow and throws it on Jimin's face, Hoseok bursts out laughing, Yoongi falls back on the mattress.

And they don't end with Winter.