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After two years of being a cheerleader and helped by the fact that he’s a social butterfly, Taehyung has come to know all the people who usually attend the basketball games. The regulars, he calls them. He doesn’t notice every single new face in the crowd, he’s not that good. But he’s good with faces, so in the end it’s easy for him to recognize the people who show up regularly.

Taehyung starts noticing the cute guy with the lip ring in the middle of November, and with this one, he’s pretty sure he has never been to the games before—Taehyung would remember a face like that. Dark purple hair tucked inside a beanie, a sharp jawline and prominent nose to match. Taehyung isn’t sure whether his eyes are really that big or if it’s the specs he’s wearing, but either way, he looks cute as fuck. Hot-cute.

The first few times he doesn’t consider doing anything, but he still finds himself staring whenever they don’t have to perform. He would like to be able to say he sees the boy staring back, but it’s hard to tell from a distance. He does suspect his gaze lingers over where he and the rest of the cheerleading team are, but even if that’s the case, who knows if he’s interested in him? For all he knows, the guy could be ogling the female cheerleaders. God, he’s probably ogling the female cheerleaders.

But Taehyung is also a social butterfly, and it’s not unusual for him to introduce himself to people—especially if it’s people he sees every week, like the regulars. He plans to befriend the guy first, and from there, find out if being interested was worth it or not. Luckily for the sake of his plans, the guy isn’t the kind to come accompanied nor leave right after the game ends, probably to avoid the long queues of people all leaving at the same time. So Taehyung makes his way up the grades, sitting close to the guy but leaving an empty seat between them. He knows where the line between friendly and invasive is, and he doesn’t want to cross it.

“Hey,” he greets as he sits down, bending one knee and sitting over his leg. The guy lifts his gaze from his phone, eyes widening for a fraction of a second. “I’m Taehyung.”

The guy tilts his head before he speaks. “I know that,” he says, and oh. Taehyung knows he’s popular, but this is the first time he receives such a reply. For some reason, he likes it a lot—or maybe he’s just biased because he’s talking to a hot boy. “Jeon Jeongguk.”

“So tell me, Jeon Jeongguk,” he starts, and yep, he likes the sound of his name on his own mouth. Wants to say it a lot. “You’ve been coming here for the last few weeks. Newfound interest in basketball?”

Taehyung tries to be subtle about it. He wants to find out whether Jeongguk is there for the basketball or the cheerleading team, since he seems to pay a lot of attention to them. So he asks it like that, trying to be subtle about it.

Clearly, Jeongguk doesn’t give a shit about being subtle.

“More like a newfound interest in cute boys with cute asses wearing cute, tight shorts,” he replies, and wow. Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip.

There are only three cute—or at least according to Taehyung’s standards—guys in the cheerleading team. Park Jimin, Choi Minho and Taehyung himself (because self-love is a wonderful thing). Taehyung loves Minho, he really does, and while his ass isn’t too flat—it’s not perky, either. Definitely not enough to drag Jeongguk to campus every Saturday evening, if you ask Taehyung.

And so, Taehyung narrows his eyes at Jeongguk and says, “Either you’re trying to woo me or you’re trying to get me to set you up with Jimin.”

“Well, is either of them working?” Jeongguk asks with a shrug.

“All I’m saying is that yes it is, and that Jimin is dating Min Yoongi from the basketball team.”

Jeongguk chuckles, his hand going to his ear to play with one of his helix piercings, and damn. How could he miss that? The guy has two helix piercings on one of his ears and lobe rings on both, and for some reason he looks so fucking hot with them. So hot it’s not going to be fair if he’s into Jimin.

“I knew about that,” Jeongguk replies. “Jimin’s not my type, anyway.”

Resting his chin on his palm with his elbow on his knee, Taehyung asks, “So what is your type, then?”

Jeongguk seems to think about it for a moment, licking his lips before he replies. “I like tall boys with cute, perky asses and legs as long as a runway model’s.”

“So you’re interested in Minho, then?” Taehyung asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Minho’s ass is definitely not perky,” Jeongguk says, making Taehyung laugh. “Come on. We both know you’re not that dense.”

Taehyung smiles, pleased. He wasn’t expecting Jeongguk to be so blunt, but he can’t say he’s not revelling in it. He’s quite straightforward himself, so it’s nice to see someone who goes along with it.

“So, I’m sure you know there’s a party over at Kibum’s after the game,” Taehyung asks, watching Jeongguk’s lips spread into a lazy smirk. “I could use some company, you know.”

“Not my scene,” Jeongguk replies, and Taehyung juts out his bottom lip on a pout. “Don’t be sad, doll. We can go somewhere else, if you’re up for it. Just you and me.”

Never has Taehyung wanted to say yes to something so badly, but he can’t ditch the party. He promised he would be there, although he knows his mind will be somewhere else the whole night. And God, the pet name. Taehyung would be lying if he said it didn’t make his stomach do a somersault.

“Can’t, I already promise I’d go,” he says, pretending not to notice the disappointment in Jeongguk’s eyes. “But maybe next week? If you’re up for it.”

Jeongguk plays with the ring on his lip with his front teeth, nodding. God, Taehyung already has this one. “That works for me,” Jeongguk says, standing up and making to leave. “See you around, yeah?”

Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip as Jeongguk starts heading down the stairs. He could just say bye, or he could—

Taehyung places his hands to each side of his mouth, to make sure that Jeongguk—and the people who are left in the gym, but whatever—hear him, and yells, “Bye, hot stuff!”

Jeongguk turns around to look at him, along with some other people around them. There’s a startled look on his face, one that turns into a small smile as Taehyung raises his hand and waves his fingers at him.

Yep, he’s definitely got this one.


Sometimes Taehyung wishes hangovers on Sunday would automatically annulate the existence of Mondays. He doesn’t have to deal with that unbearable headache anymore, that’s for sure, but he still feels like his weekend has been shortened by one day—because no, taking care of his alcohol-poisoned self is not part of his ideal Sunday plans.

But he still has to drag his ass to campus, since he has his first class of the day at eight in the morning. Now, two hours later, he’s in the cafeteria of his building waiting for eleven to come around so he can get to his next class. He decided he might as well make himself useful since he bothered to wake up and come all the way here, so he’s working on one of his papers. It’s not quiet, some other students hanging out in there, but he finds it easier to concentrate like this rather than in complete silence—well, as long as it’s just for a paper. It’s right then that Jimin appears.

“So,” Jimin starts, sitting across from Taehyung. “What’s this talk I’ve been hearing around about you and a bad boy?” Taehyung furrows his eyebrows at him confused. “Saturday night, after the game?”

“Oh, Jeongguk?” Taehyung asks, realization washing over his face. Jimin nods. “He’s hardly a bad boy. He wears specs. No bad boy would wear specs.”

“He has the whole punk rock look going on, with all the piercings to match,” Jimin points out.

With a shrug, Taehyung adds, “He’s like a confused hipster.” Jimin laughs, and Taehyung carries on, “He’s not a bad boy at all. He’s cute.”

“How did that happen, anyway? You never told me about Jeongguk,” Jimin asks, resting his chin on the palm of his hand.

“That’s because I didn’t know a Jeongguk until Saturday,” Taehyung points out, saving the document and closing Word. Now that Jimin is here, it’s clear that he’s not going to get anything else done. He doesn’t have much time left until his next class, anyway. When he raises his gaze, Jimin is looking at him with an incredulous expression, so he asks, “What?”

“You yelled hot stuff at him if my sources are correct” he says, slowly.

“That I did,” Taehyung confirms. Jimin is still looking at him like that, so he repeats, “What?”

“That’s not your style,” Jimin says, and Taehyung frowns again. “That’s not your thing, Tae. How long did you and Mr. Creepy Smile—”

“Bogum,” Taehyung interrupts.

Rolling his eyes, Jimin repeats, “— you and Mr. Creepy Smile dance around each other before exchanging numbers? and now you’re out there yelling Mr. Hipster Punk Boy in the middle of the gym. He must be hot.”

“Okay, first of all, leave Bogum alone,” Taehyung starts. “Secondly—yes, he’s fucking hot. You’d understand if you had seen him. But the thing is, he was kind of bold, but you could tell it was an act and he was actually feeling shy about it, you know? I think it turns me on.”

“It’s not my fault all of your exes are creepy,” Jimin says, and now it’s Taehyung’s turn to roll his eyes. He doesn’t know what Jimin’s thing with all of his exes is, because Taehyung is still cool with all of them. “Also, that’s so… I don’t even know what to say, Jesus. You’re turning into such a slut, Taehyungie.”

Taehyung knows that Jimin is joking, that there is no bite behind his words, but he still leans forward and pinches his friend’s forearm. “The only moment I will tolerate being called slut is during sex, and this doesn’t look like fucking to me, asshole,” he says a Jimin whines and rubs his arm, pretending to be more hurt than he really is.

“I want to see him,” Jimin says then. When Taehyung doesn’t make to move, he insists, “Come on! It’s been a while since I last judged your taste in men.”

“Excuse me? My taste in men is excellent. at least I’m not into smurfs like—”

“Yoongi is my height, you prick,” Jimin replies, already anticipating what Taehyung was going to say. “And excellent, really? Do I have to remind you of Jihan?”

“What the hell was wrong with Jihan? He was hot.”

“There’s more to a partner than their hotness, Taehyung!” Jimin says, and Taehyung snorts at the exasperation in his friend’s voice. “I never trusted him. I’m glad that didn’t last long.”

“You liked Minjae,” Taehyung points out then, Jimin nodding. “See? I bet you’ll like Jeongguk. You only like the ones that are younger than you because you have a hyung kink, or something.”

“I don’t have a thing for your boyfriends calling me hyung, if that’s what you think,” says Jimin, wrinkling his nose in distaste. “Now show me a pic!”

“I don’t have any,” he replies, watching Jimin pout at him. “I’m serious. I don’t have his number, or anything actually.”

Jimin sighs then, running his hand through his hair before he takes his phone and unlocks it. “It’s okay, it’ll take me three minutes to find him,” he says. “We’re cheerleaders. We have the ways to find anyone we want, you just don’t take advantage of them.”

Taehyung presses his lips together in a thin line. He knows that if he wanted he could have found Jeongguk online—hell, he even has his last name. But for some reason he wants to do things this way. There’s a certain thrill to waiting until Saturday comes around to talk to Jeongguk. He also sees the appeal of finding his Facebook, Kakao or any other way to contact him, obviously, but if Jeongguk wanted that to happen then he would have given it to him himself.

So he says, “Whatever you find, don’t tell me.”

“What?” Jimin asks. “Why not?”

“Because I want to wait until I see him in person. The element of surprise and all that.”

Jimin blinks at him, and Taehyung can hear the gears inside his brain turn. “Dude, I don’t even bother trying to understand what goes on inside your head anymore,” he ends up saying, raising both his palms. “All I’m saying is that we are in 2017, not 1987. Thought you should know that.”

“I know,” Taehyung says, starting to pick up his stuff. “But that’s my decision, so if you love me, you won’t tell me.”

“You know I love you the most,” he says. Taehyung smiles, but then Jimin adds, “Second to Yoongi.”

“You love Yoongi more than you love me?” he asks, feigning offence and resting his hand on his hip.

“I mean—I want to spend the rest of my life with Yoongi, adopt babies, all that,” Jimin replies nervously. Taehyung narrows his eyes at him. “But friendship wise, you now you’re my number one. Número uno!”

“I know, I know,” Taehyung says, standing up and picking his bag up. “I’ll see you later, Jiminie. Be good!”

“I’m always good,” Jimin bites back. “I hope you run into your not-so-punk boy in the hallways and have a super romantic moment where you lock eyes.”

And with that, Taehyung rolls his eyes at Jimin one last time and leaves.


In the end, Taehyung doesn’t end up running into Jeongguk in the hallways that day, or the next one, or any day for that matter. He already knew that Jeongguk didn’t take classes in his building, otherwise he’s sure he would have seen him around, but he still was hoping.

But Saturday came around eventually, and Taehyung was grateful for it. Everyone was surprised when they asked him whether they’d seen him at the party after the game and he said no. Truth be told, in those moments it was hard to hold back and not tell them he was going somewhere with a cute boy, but he guesses they’d find out sooner or later. Someone is bound to see them leave together, and it won’t take long for the news to spread after that—especially considering there’s a party tonight.

He spots Jeongguk when there’s less than fifteen minutes left for their performance to start, right before warming up starts. Jeongguk gestures at him to go with him, and Taehyung sends a look in the direction of the rest of the team. His attempt at sneaking out unseen fails the moment he turns around to leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” he hears, and yep—he’s been caught.

When he turns around he sees that behind him stands Heeyeon, captain of the cheerleading team, looking at him with a raised eyebrow. He’s about to make some excuse about forgetting his water bottle, but then Jimin appears by his side and says, “He’s going to see his boyfriend.”

For Taehyung, that equals all his chances of talking to Jeongguk being gone, but Heeyeon’s reaction is far different from expected. “You have a boyfriend?” she asks, cheery, her interest apparently piqued.

“I, uh—no,” he says. Jimin pinches him. “Not yet.”

“And he came to see you?” Heeyeon asks excitedly, clapping her hands. “That’s so sweet of him, aw. You better go say hi to him, I want to see who it is!”

Taehyung nods, now feeling a little shyer than before. Jimin mouths you’re welcome at him as he walks past, and Taehyung sends finger hearts his way before he starts climbing up the grandstand in Jeongguk’s direction.

“Took you long enough—” Jeongguk starts, but Taehyung interrupts him.

“I’m pretty sure the whole cheerleading team is probably not-so-sneakily looking at us—don’t look!” he says to no avail, since Jeongguk is already peeking his head from behind Taehyung’s body. Taehyung tries to move and cover him again, hissing, “Jeongguk!”

But Jeongguk seems to have other plans, since he reaches forward, grabs Taehyung from the hips and pulls him into his lap. Taehyung needs a moment to process it all, from the fact that Jeongguk just pulled him into his lap, to Jimin’s giggle he hears all the way from the basketball court, to the funny looks the people sitting next to Jeongguk give them.

“Oh, yes, they’re looking,” Jeongguk confirms before he looks in Taehyung’s direction again, tilting his head. “And, you’re blushing.”

“Looks who’s talking,” Taehyung says, poking at one of his cheeks with his index finger. “Your face is redder than the flag of China.”

Jeongguk clicks his tongue, looking away from Taehyung. “Go do your thing, your team is waiting for you.” Taehyung stands up, and right when he’s about to turn around and leave there’s a hand around his wrist. “But you owe me a date after this.”

Taehyung feels his insides twist at the mention of the word date. “So now it’s a date, huh?” he says, and Jeongguk shrugs. “We’ll talk about that later.”

Taehyung know that staying for longer would just be pushing his luck, so he goes down the grandstand and joins his team again. Jimin wiggles his eyebrows at him, but Chaeyoung’s the one to speak first.

“So you and Jeongguk are a thing?” she asks as she stretches, easily holding the tip of her foot with her hand.

“You know him?” he asks. “Is he in any of your classes or something?”

She shakes her head. “Nope. He’s my age, but he’s not in my classes. He’s in the same dance crew as my girlfriend, though. So I always see him when I go to pick up Lisa.”

“He dances?” he asks, and Chaeyoung nods at him with a smile. “Fuck, I didn’t know that. That’s hot.”

“I thought he was your boyfriend?” asks Soojung, a skeptical expression on her face. “That’s a thing you’re supposed to know about your boyfriend.”

“I said he’s not my boyfriend yet. We’re going on a date tonight,” replies Taehyung, now mildly annoyed. If Soojung’s going to be a bitch, then he’s gonna be an even bigger one. He told Jeongguk they would talk about the date thing later, but he already knows there’s no way he’ll turn him down.

“That’s cute,” chirps Minho, hooking his chin over Taehyung’s shoulders. “I expect you to text me all the juicy details by tomorrow morning.”

Taehyung laughs, pushing Minho away with his palm. “Get off. I’ll do whatever I want.”

After that, it’s not long before they have to perform. Now, Taehyung isn’t really into basketball, so games are always boring if they’re not doing anything. But today he can literally feel Jeongguk’s eyes on him, and whenever he turns around to look at him, Jeongguk is looking in his direction without fail. His teammates elbow him in the ribs and tease him, especially Minho. It still goes by painstakingly slow, considering he can’t wait for it to end so he can finally get some time with Jeongguk. Maybe it’s dumb of him to feel so excited, since he doesn’t really know much of the guy and he could turn out to be awful. But it’s worth a chance, right?

When it’s finally over, he gestures to Jeongguk in the direction of the changing rooms and gets a nod from him. Something he’s certain about is that he’s not going to go on a date all sweaty from performing. He’s got clean clothes in his locker, too. Had he have known it would be a date he would have aimed for something neater, but taking in consideration what Jeongguk is wearing—again the beanie, very ripped jeans and a leather jacket—maybe it’s better this way.

Most people are already gone when he gets out, and he almost doesn’t see Jeongguk, since he’s now standing next to the door of the locker rooms, leaning against the wall.

“Hey,” Taehyung greets when he approaches him, Jeongguk locking his phone and putting it away. “Were you waiting for long?”

“A little bit, but it’s worth it if you’re gonna come out looking like that,” Jeongguk says, looking away as he drags his tongue over his teeth.

“So you like it?” Taehyung says, turning around and making sure Jeongguk gets a good look of his ass in his tight, black jeans. He knows what his strong points are, and he won’t hesitate to use them. “I would have dressed up a little more if I knew this was meant to be a date, but I’m glad you like it.”

“It’s good, it fits where we’re going” Jeongguk reassures. Then he gestures to Taehyung’s head and adds, “I like that. It looks cute on you.”

“The bandana?” Taehyung replies, subconsciously reaching up to touch the fabric on his head. “Cute? I’ve been told it makes me look meaner.”

As if to prove his point, Taehyung frowns a little. Jeongguk just laughs.

“Meaner? I don’t think that’s a look you’d ever sport, doll,” Jeongguk replies. “You still look pretty adorable, if you ask me.”

“But I’m not asking.” Jeongguk rolls his eyes, but a small smile still makes its way to his lips. “Now, about that date—you never even asked me to go on one.”

Jeongguk frowns a little. “I thought that was kind of implied,” he replies, playing with his lip ring. A nervous habit, Taehyung wonders.

“Hey! I won’t take implied,” Taehyung says, hitting Jeongguk’s arm. “If we’re going on a date, you have to ask me properly.”

“That’s cruel.”

“That’s fair.”

Jeongguk juts his bottom lip out in a pout, and Taehyung gives him his brightest smile. “Go on a date with me,” he ends up saying. “Please.”

“Just because you asked so nicely,” Taehyung replies, the smile on his face widening. “Where are we going to, anyway?”

“To a bar,” Jeongguk replies, making Taehyung raise his eyebrows. “I don’t think it’s your kind of place, but we can drink and it gives us a chance to get to know each other—I mean, if that’s okay with you.”

Jeongguk sounds a little nervous, and Taehyung can’t help but think he’s adorable. How can someone be so hot yet so cute? Taehyung doesn’t think that’s fair.

“Sounds perfect,” Taehyung reassures, Jeongguk smiling at him. “And I’m a very versatile person, I’ll have you know. I don’t have a defined kind of place of my own.”

“Okay then, doll,” Jeongguk says, his previous anxiety now seemingly forgotten. “How do you feel about going to a dive bar?”

Taehyung looks at Jeongguk, a little surprised. That’s not the first thing that comes to mind whenever he thinks of places for a first date, but he’d rather think of it as unique. Taehyung has never been one to judge, even if every stereotype about him and his group of friends says the opposite, so the idea’s exciting to him.

“I’ve never been to one,” he replies, watching Jeongguk raise his eyebrow. “What? Not everyone is such an alternative, punk boy like you. Some of us just like to chill in coffee shops, normal bars… All that stuff.”

“Sounds nasty,” replies Jeongguk, wrinkling his nose as he stands upright. “Now, let’s go.”

They buy ddeokbokki in a food truck right outside campus, and on the way from there to the bar they get to talking. Taehyung has a lot to ask to Jeongguk, and much to his surprise, Jeongguk replies to all of his questions without any hesitance or barriers. Jeongguk doesn’t ask that much, but when he does there’s genuine curiosity in his eyes, and for some reason it makes Taehyung happier than it should. It just feels refreshing for small talk to be more than small talk—Jeongguk really wants to get to know him, which is convenient, since Taehyung really wants to get to know him, too.

He finds out Jeongguk’s from Busan, two years younger (although he already knew that), has an older brother that happens to be the same age as Taehyung; he’s studying musical engineering and he is, indeed, the quiet type. Maybe it’s a little bit dangerous that he’s already feeling enamored with Jeongguk by the time they get to the bar, but how could he not? Especially with the way Jeongguk’s eyes light up when he goes on a rant about how much he loves his own major — art history.

“This is so far away from my dorms,” Taehyung complains. He’s grateful for the time he’s getting with Jeongguk, but he’s a bit worried about what he’ll do when it’s time to get home. “If you had told me I would have asked my hyung for his car. I have a license even if I don’t have the car itself.”

“No way, we’re getting drunk tonight,” Jeongguk replies.

That makes Taehyung stop on his tracks and chuckle. “Wow, so are you trying to get me drunk so you can get into my pants?”

Jeongguk stops, too, turning around and looking at Taehyung. He takes a step closer, and although there’s still a reasonable amount of space between them, Taehyung’s heart races at the sudden close proximity. “I don’t need to get you drunk to get into your pants,” he says with a smirk painted on his face, and that’s not what Taehyung was expecting at all. Jeongguk’s sudden boost of confidence is welcome, though, making Taehyung’s stomach twist pleasantly. “And that’s not the plan for tonight, anyway. I don’t put out on the first date.”

“How classy, Mr. Jeon.” Jeongguk steps away then, and Taehyung feels like he can breathe again, even if the smell of his cologne still lingers. God, would it be creepy for him to get closer and sniff Jeongguk? “Luckily for you, I’m a gentleman.”

The rest of the way is just like that, with them bickering over stupid stuff. Taehyung loves the back and forth and how easy it comes about, with nothing being or feeling forced. It seems like they click easily, even on Jeongguk’s side, who had already previously admitted that it takes him a while to warm up to people, generally.

When they get there Taehyung finds out that the place is not as bad as Jeongguk made it out to be. It’s dark, there’s rock music that Taehyung doesn’t recognize playing, both in English and Korean, and it doesn’t seem cozy at all, that’s for sure. Not the sort of place Taehyung’s friends would ever take him to, nor the type Taehyung would look up on his own. But Jeongguk seems just so comfortable as soon as they step in there, smiling at Taehyung before they both walk over to the bar.

The bartender smiles warmly at Jeongguk, patting his shoulder as he greets him. “Jeongguk! It’s good to see you again,” he says, Jeongguk giving him a smile of his own. It’s right then that his eyes fall to Taehyung, flashing with interest as he says, “And who do we have here?”

“I’m Taehyung,” he replies, the guy nodding in response. Then, just because, he adds, “I’m Jeongguk’s date.”

Maybe it’s just in Taehyung’s imagination, but he swears Jeongguk’s chest swells a little at that. What he knows he’s not making up is the fact that Jeongguk slides a shifts closer to him—not close enough to be invasive or uncomfortable, but close enough so it’s clear that they’re there together.

“Oh, you’re Jeongguk’s date?” the bartender asks, smiling a little. “Should have told me that before, Jeongguk-ah. First round is on me, to celebrate my favorite dongsaeng finally getting some.”

“Brian,” is what Jeongguk replies, burying his face in his palms as Taehyung chuckles.

They order and sit by the bar, waiting for Brian to come back with their drinks. Jeongguk apologizes for Brian, saying he’s always like that, but Taehyung is quick to reassure him it’s okay. He seems fun, he says, and Jeongguk snorts before cracking his knuckles.

Contrary to what Taehyung assumed would happen after Brian gave them their drinks, the bartender stays rooted on the spot, leaning on the counter and looking at them with raised eyebrows. Taehyung bites back a smile, stealing a glance at Jeongguk from the corner of his eyes. Jeongguk blinks at Brian, as if trying to tell him to fuck off with his eyes, but Brian just smiles at him innocently.

“Don’t you have other customers to serve?” Jeongguk asks, now sounding a little baffled, and God—that shouldn’t be adorable, Taehyung is positive.

“Nope, not right now,” Brian replies. Taehyung takes a look around himself, and it’s true—the bar isn’t too crowded and everyone has their drinks in hand. “I want to get to know Taehyung, too. That way I can judge whether he’s good for you or not.”

“I’m good,” Taehyung replies, feigning offence. Jeongguk grumbles something lowly, but Taehyung doesn’t quite catch it.

“Well, you seem like it. But that’s for me to decide.”

Taehyung smiles at him, spinning a little on his stool so he can face Jeongguk. He knocks their knees together, Jeongguk giving him a small smile from behind his glass. Taehyung turns around again, facing Brian, and takes a sip of his beer before talking.

“So,” he starts, taking a look at Brian’s forearms as they rest on the counter. “Nice tattoos you have, huh?”

“Oh, you like them?” he asks, moving to pull his sleeve up to his elbow. “I got two full sleeves. I’m kind of proud of those, I’m not going to strip here and show you, but they look good as hell. Got any tattoos yourself?”

“I do,” he confirms, Jeongguk perking up at Taehyung’s mention of his tattoos. “But they’re hidden.”

And that’s where Jeongguk intervenes again, asking, “Wait, you have tattoos?”

Brian laughs, amused by Jeongguk’s sudden interest, and Taehyung nods. “Yes, but I don’t want you to know where just yet.”

“But you can tell me,” Brian says, Jeongguk’s expression darkening at that. Then, Brian adds, “I promise I won’t tell Jeongguk.”

Taehyung thinks about it for a moment, but he stills stands up and gestures at Brian to come closer. He can feel Jeongguk’s eyes on him as he whispers in Brian’s ear, “I have a ribbon on the back of each thigh.”

“Wow,” is what Brian says, Jeongguk biting down on his bottom lip as he takes in the bartender’s reaction. “How far up?”

“Like, right under my ass,” Taehyung whispers again, and now he does come back to his seat.

“That’s hot,” Brian replies. “Very hot.”

Jeongguk clears his throat then, arms crossed over his chest. “I didn’t bring my date here for you to flirt with him,” Jeongguk says, his lips pulled into a small pout.

“I’m not flirting, I’m just being appreciative,” Brian replies cheekily.

Jeongguk is about to say something else, but Taehyung grabs his wrist and says, “We can go to one of the tables.” As much as he enjoys teasing Jeongguk with Brian, he’s here for Jeongguk. He doesn’t want him to have a bad time just because they’re taking things too far. “I mean, only if you want.”

“That sounds good,” Jeongguk replies, something akin to relief laced in his voice. “Let’s go.”

They settle at a table by the corner of the room, so they can both sit on the booths but still close. It’s only after a while, when the tension from before is long forgotten and conversation flows easily between them, that Jeongguk brings the tattoos up again. There are several empty glasses and beer bottles before them, and Taehyung can already feel the effects on the alcohol on him.

“I still want to know where they are, you know?” Jeongguk says then, Taehyung furrowing his eyebrows at him. “The tattoos.”

“Oh,” Taehyung says, knees knocking under the table. They’re sitting practically glued to each other now, Jeongguk’s arm slung over the booth behind Taehyung but not quite touching him. “I meant it, you know? The thing about not wanting you to know yet.”

“But Brian said it’s hot,” Jeongguk replies, leaning closer now—closer than they need to be, since the music is not loud, but Taehyung is not about to complain. “I want to know, too.”

“What’s the thrill if I tell you?” Taehyung asks, trying not to laugh at how disappointed Jeongguk looks. “I want to see your face when you see them for the first time.”

“Okay, but one question,” Jeongguk says, getting closer so he can whisper in Taehyung’s ear. The feeling of Jeongguk’s lips brushing against the shell of his ear makes him forget how to breathe, something twisting inside of him. “Is it a place I’ll only get to see if we fuck?”

“What does that even mean?” Taehyung asks with a giggle. Why is he even giggling? He blames it on the alcohol.

“I mean—it’s not your feet, or under your t-shirt, right?” Jeongguk asks. “It better not be an embarrassing ass tattoo.”

“Nope, nope and nope,” Taehyung replies, the skin of his neck raising goosebumps as Jeongguk’s breath fans over it. “But yeah, I don’t think it’s a place I’d show you unless we fucked.”

“God, whatever it is I’m sure it’s gonna make me pop a vein,” Jeongguk groans, making Taehyung laugh again.

“I’d rather you popped something else,” he says, Jeongguk scoffing at him. They’re silent for a moment, and Taehyung asks, “I know you said you don’t put out on the first date, but what about a kiss?”

Jeongguk smiles, and they’re so close now Taehyung thinks he could die from that alone.

“Why?” Jeongguk asks. “You wanna kiss me, doll?”

Taehyung doesn’t reply, just bites down on his bottom lip and looks at Jeongguk fixedly. And for a brief moment he thinks Jeongguk is really gonna lean forward and kiss him, but then he sways and ends up pressing a peck way too chaste for Taehyung’s liking on the corner of his mouth, completely avoiding his lips.

And then Jeongguk pulls away with a shit-eating grin on his face, looking far way too satisfied with himself for what he’s just done. “No kissing until the second date.”

Taehyung feels his cheeks burn when he sees the expression on Jeongguk’s face, looking away as he tries to keep the frown away from his face. He doesn’t know whether he wants to kiss Jeongguk or punch him.

Call him childish, but Taehyung has never coped well with rejection. His first instinct is to pull away from Jeongguk, but then the arm that was behind him wraps around his shoulders and pulls him close again, and well. Maybe now that he has Jeongguk all over him he doesn’t want to get away anymore, kiss or not. It’s because Jeongguk smells so damn good.

“You totally wanted to kiss me there,” Taehyung replies as Jeongguk noses at his cheek, giggling a little.

“I totally did,” he confesses, lips brushing against Taehyung’s cheek. “But you’re tipsy, and I’m tipsy. And when we kiss I want us to be one hundred percent sober.”

“So the second date thing was bullshit?” A nod. “Already lying to me and we’re only on our first date?”

“I panicked,” Jeongguk replies, leaning back a little. “I wasn’t expecting for you to want to kiss me tonight, or for me to want to kiss you. It usually takes me longer, so I thought alcohol was safe tonight.”

Taehyung smiles at him, raising an eyebrow as he cuddles himself against Jeongguk’s side. “I see you underestimated my charms,” he says. When Jeongguk doesn’t reply, he looks up at him and asks, “Jeongguk?”

“Open your mouth.” Taehyung raises both his eyebrows. “It’s just—I thought I saw—”

“A tongue piercing?” he asks, finishing Jeongguk’s sentence for him. “Well, that’s because I have one. I thought you knew.”

With that said, he sticks out his tongue for Jeongguk to see the small metal ball pierced through his tongue. Jeongguk swallows thickly, and Taehyung takes in the way his Adam’s apple bobs as he does so. He’s about to make some snarky remark, something like cat got your tongue, but Jeongguk beats him to it.

“Can I change my mind about that kiss?” he says, making Taehyung laugh.

“Too late now, hot stuff,” Taehyung says, amused by the clear disappointment on Jeongguk’s face. “But don’t worry, the piercing will still be there by the time our sober second date comes around.”

“God, I have so many regrets,” Jeongguk says then, burying his face in Taehyung’s shoulder as he groans. Taehyung laughs, trying to look chill and like the proximity isn’t literally driving him crazy. “Ugh, okay. The date. I hope you understand I need that date to happen as soon as possible.”

Taehyung hums, trying to think of his schedule. The next day he has essays and papers to finish, and during the week he’s busy with classes and practices until late into the evening, so he wouldn’t have all the time he wants with Jeongguk.

“Next Saturday?” he suggests, watching that pretty pout he’s getting used to see appear on Jeongguk’s lips.

“How is that as soon as possible?” Jeongguk complains. “There’s still a whole week before that.”

“I’m busy all the days before that,” Taehyung sighs, Jeongguk nodding understandingly. “But Saturday is good. There’s not a game next week, so we can have the whole afternoon and evening together. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good,” Jeongguk says, eyes drilling holes into Taehyung’s. There’s something so intense about Jeongguk’s eyes and the way he looks at him, something that makes Taehyung want to squirm. “I think this would be a pretty good moment to exchange numbers, don’t you?”

“Only if you promise to text me,” says Taehyung, but he’s already getting his phone from his pocket and handing it to Jeongguk after unlocking it. “If you don’t save your contact under Hot Stuff and an emo-punk-goth emoji I’ll be disappointed.”

Jeongguk laughs, but he still obeys before sending his own number a text. For some reason, Taehyung finds it extremely funny that Jeongguk chose the unicorn emoji, but doesn’t comment on it. After that, he lets Taehyung choose his own contact name on his phone, too. Because he wants them to match somehow, he saves his contact as Doll along with the emoji of the guy doing a cartwheel.

As soon as he takes back his phone, Jeongguk’s mouth splits into a smile. “The emoji…?”

“It’s because I’m a cheerleader,” Taehyung explains, even if he thought it was really obvious.

“Shame,” Jeongguk replies, making Taehyung frown. “I thought it was because your legs were wide open for me.”

“Oh my God, I can’t believe you said that,” Taehyung groans, resting his elbows on the table so he can bury his face into his palms.

“I can’t believe it either,” Jeongguk says too, and although Taehyung can’t see his face he still can notice a certain shyness to his tone. “Must be the alcohol.”

Now, Taehyung has never been one to get easily embarrassed. He is aware that the only reason why everything Jeongguk says seems to affect him so deeply is because of the mutual attraction between them. At least, Jeongguk makes himself as flustered as he makes Taehyung with his comments, so Taehyung doesn’t need to get back at him in any way.

Jeongguk is still fidgeting with his phone, which is the only reason why Taehyung notices. He reaches forward and takes one of Jeongguk’s hands into his, bringing it closer so he can look at his nails. How did he not notice before after spending the whole evening with him? Jeongguk’s fingernails are neatly painted black, matching the rest of his clothes. Maybe he’s a little bit more of punk and a little bit less of a hipster now.

“I love your nails,” he says, running the pad of his finger over one of them. He has always loved the feeling of nail polish, but is too lazy to actually take care of his nails. Jeongguk’s are even and the polish isn’t chipped at all, so he must dedicate at least some time to them. “They look really good on you.”

Jeongguk smiles wide and bright, scratching his nape. He looks slightly embarrassed, but mostly happy about the compliments.

“I’m glad you like them,” Jeongguk replies, still smiling as he does. “Hoseok said they would look nice like this, and I like them, so.”

“Who’s Hoseok?”

And so, Jeongguk ends up telling him about his hyung who has a tattoo parlor not far away from campus. That leads to more talk about the rest of Jeongguk’s friends, both the ones that he knows from uni and the ones that, like Brian and Hoseok, he met somewhere else. Time seems to fly as Jeongguk tells him little bits about him and about his life, and before they both realize, it’s well past midnight and they should really get going.

“You said you’re far away from your dorms, right?” Jeongguk asks as they get out of the bar. Taehyung nods, clinging to Jeongguk’s arm for leverage. He has always been a bit of a lightweight, so Jeongguk might have successfully gotten him drunk. “Do you want me to walk you home?”

“Wow, what a gentleman,” Taehyung giggles, snuggling closer. “I appreciate the chivalry, but I’m too tired to walk. But hear me out: we call an Uber, it takes you home, you pay for that ride, then it takes me to campus and I pay for that ride. How does that sound?”

So they do, and Taehyung makes the most of the time he has left with Jeongguk, first while they wait and then when they’re in the car. Makes the most of it meaning he makes sure they’re unnecessarily close all the time, more in each other’s space than their own. It’s been a while since he last went on a date, but still, he thinks this must have been the best first date ever—even without a kiss.

Jeongguk lives in an apartment not very far away from campus, and although Taehyung insists on splitting the bill since Taehyung’s will be way lower, Jeongguk refuses. “It’s not that big of a deal, hyung,” Jeongguk assures. “It’s easier this way.”

He feels kind of sad when they get to Jeongguk’s building, finding it hard to let go of him so he can exit the car. “You have to text me,” Taehyung insists, making Jeongguk laugh. “I mean it! Text me.”

“I will,” Jeongguk promises, flashing Taehyung one last smile before opening the door. “I promise.”

Before he can think twice about it, Taehyung leans forward and presses a kiss to Jeongguk’s cheek. “Goodnight, Guk-ah,” he says as he pulls away and takes in the astonished look on Jeongguk’s face.

And Jeongguk, well—Taehyung is not sure because it’s dark, but he’s sure Jeongguk is blushing right now. He bites down on his lip, trying to hide a wide grin, and gets out of the car as he says, “Goodnight, doll. Sweet dreams.”


“—I’m just telling you, Jiyeon-ah,” insists Taehyung, walking out of his building. “Before the next break, tell me when you’re going to Daegu and we can take the same train back home. It gets boring when I have no one to talk to.”

“You’re asking for too much,” she complains, running her hand through her black hair. “I’ll try to remember, but I’m not making any promises, okay? You know my memory is not the best.”

“Your memory is just fine,” Taehyung says, Jiyeon shrugging beside him. “Do you have somewhere to go? I’m free until practice starts in one hour.”

“Well, I’m going to pick Sojung up, then we can keep you company until you have to leave for practice. How does that sound?”

“Sounds good,” Taehyung replies, nodding. He doesn’t know Sojung much, but it’s not the first time he decides to hang out with her and Jiyeon after class. Still, he can’t remember what her major is or where the building is, so he just lets Jiyeon lead the way.

It doesn’t really sink in what Sojung is studying until they’re waiting by the building and he sees a more than familiar boy come out of it, dark purple hair tucked under a black beanie and the same leather jacket as always on.

“Taehyung?” Jeongguk asks, his round eyes widening in interest.

“Oh—hey, Jeongguk!” he greets. He probably looks like a creep here, standing right outside of his building after he told him his major on Saturday.

“Wasn’t expecting to run into you here,” Jeongguk teases with a smile, approaching them. “Were you waiting for me?”

“Oh, you wish,” Taehyung replies with a roll of his eyes. “Jiyeon and I were waiting for her friend. Jiyeon, this is Jeongguk. Jeongguk, this is Jiyeon.”

Jeongguk nods at her, waving a little as she gives her a wide smile. “Oh, so this is the Jeongguk you’re going out with?” she asks, tilting her head to take a good look at Jeongguk. Before either of them can reply, she adds, “Heard a lot about you, Jeongguk, but disappointingly enough, nothing from Taehyung.”

Taehyung can’t help but notice that Jeongguk seems a little stuck, so he says, “And probably most of what you heard isn’t true. Tragic, isn’t it?”

“Very,” Jiyeon replies, laughing. “Sojung is here so I’ll leave you two to, uh, catch up,” she says with a devilish grin.

When she leaves, Jeongguk is the first to speak. “You know, doll, if you missed me you could have just told me,” he says, the corner of his mouth tilted up in a lazy smirk.

Taehyung is about to repeat that he was waiting for Sojung, that he didn’t even remember she took classes in the same building as Jeongguk, but where’s the fun in that? So instead he shrugs, trying to look as nonchalant as possible before he says, “Well, you haven’t texted me yet, so…”

“I was going to this evening,” Jeongguk says, making Taehyung raise his eyebrow. “I promise! I was waiting for the mandatory three days before texting. So, you know: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday—today is Tuesday, I was gonna text you tonight.”

“That three days thing is kind of stupid, don’t you think?” Jeongguk shrugs in response. “Especially considering you could have been talking to me instead.”

“Well, you do have a point,” Jeongguk replies, smiling at him.

Clicking his tongue, Taehyung replies, “It’s a little too late now to have regrets.”

“Guess it is,” says Jeongguk with a hum. “Don’t you have practice today?”

“I have in a while, yeah,” Taehyung replies. “I’m hanging out with Jiyeon and Sojung until I have to leave, that’s why I came all the way here with them.”

Jeongguk nods, playing with one of his earrings. “I would offer to keep you company, but I have practice of my own now.”

“Yeah, dance practice with Taemin’s crew, right?” Taehyung asks, and Jeongguk nods as he narrows his eyes at him, as if asking him how he knows that. “Lisa’s girlfriend is a cheerleader, Guk,” he explains.

“Oh, shit, I had forgotten about that,” Jeongguk replies, smiling apologetically. “I was starting to think you were a stalker.”

Taehyung crosses his arms over his chest, feigning offence. “How sweet of you, Jeongguk,” he replies, making the younger laugh. “Come on now, leave before you’re late for practice.”

“I shall,” he replies. And then, much to Taehyung’s surprise and probably mimicking his actions from the other day, Jeongguk leans forward and presses a quick kiss to his cheek, a light blush covering his face when he pulls away. “I’ll text you later, Tae.”

“Okay,” Taehyung replies, voice a little more broken than he intended for it to be. “Talk to you later, hot stuff.”

Jeongguk smiles and sticks his tongue out at him before he walks away and leaves, and only then does Taehyung walk to where Jiyeon and Sojung are. When he gets to them they’re looking at him with expectant eyes, and Jiyeon says, “You surely have a lot to tell us about Jeongguk, don’t you?”

Taehyung bites back a smile, nodding. Maybe he doesn’t have much to say, but he’s more than willing to talk about Jeongguk.


what’s my favorite hyung gonna be doing tonight?

no clue ://maybe you should be texting hoseok instead of me
if you want to find out you know

heyyyyy :(
so mean

hmmm no babe
we’re out clubbing
enjoy my last minutes of being sober

don’t go too overboard tonight >:(
we have a date tomorrow
and i don’t want you sick

nothing to be worried about
i got this under control

hmmm okay
i’m out too anyway

now this
is when things get interesting
you should definitely come here

where are you at?

im in why not?

… obviously
give me 10 mins

i can’t help it
i’m gay
and okayyyy don’t take too long
i’ll be waiting

“Hey,” Taehyung says, tugging at Jimin’s sleeve and gesturing at him to come closer. “Jeongguk is coming.”

“Is he really?” Jimin yells over the music, stretching over the booth so he can talk to Yoongi. “You heard that? Our third wheel got himself a date.”

“That’s cute, Taehyung,” Yoongi says. Then, straight to the point as always, he asks, “You getting laid tonight?”

“I don’t know,” Taehyung replies, thinking about Jeongguk not wanting to kiss him while he’s drunk. It doesn’t seem likely, although it would be, well—nice. “I don’t think so.”

“Boring,” Jimin sing songs.

Jeongguk texts him again ten minutes later to ask where he is exactly. After that, it doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to show up, and wow. He’s wearing a simple black top that scoops really low, his collarbone on display for Taehyung to see, light ripped jeans and—fuck, are those fishnets peeking through the rips?

“Holy fuck,” Taehyung whispers as he takes in Jeongguk’s kohl-rimmed eyes, Jimin wolf-whistling by his side.

“Hey,” Jeongguk greets nonchalantly, and his fucking nerve. How does he dare come over here looking like the embodiment of hot and then greet Taehyung with just a hey? How is Taehyung supposed to deal with not even a kiss when just seeing Jeongguk look like that has him ready for Jeongguk to bend him over a table and fucking wreck him?

But well. Jeongguk looks hot, but Taehyung knows he does, too. He’s got a black crop top on under his denim jacket, as well as black high waisted jeans that make his ass look rounder and perkier than ever. No bandana this time, but instead he has red sunglasses perched on his head—they’re kind of ugly, but they’re vintage. To finish the look and because of Yoongi’s recommendation, he has a glittery red choker on, matching the red glitter Jimin put atop his cheekbones. So yes—Jeongguk looks fucking hot, but so does he.

Jeongguk greets Jimin and Yoongi, who leave for the dancefloor right after, but not before Jimin has the chance to wiggle his eyebrows at Taehyung. Jeongguk wastes no time and slides in the booth right beside Taehyung, gluing their bodies together, and fuck—Taehyung had missed the feeling of having Jeongguk pressed up against him.

“Were you nearby?” Taehyung asks, delighted about how close he has to get to Jeongguk to be heard over the music.

“Not really,” replies Jeongguk, his breath fanning over Taehyung’s cheek. “But I got here pretty quickly, didn’t I?”

“Wanted to see me that bad, huh?” teases Taehyung, shuffling a little closer.

With a soft scoff, Jeongguk replies, “Well, obviously.”

“Obviously,” he repeats. Taehyung sighs, looking at Jeongguk only to find him already staring. “Hmm, what you looking at?”

“There’s glitter all over your face, doll,” Jeongguk says, grabbing Taehyung’s chin softly with his thumb and index and tilting it so he can get a better look at his cheeks.

“Don’t you like it?” Taehyung asks, wrapping his fingers around Jeongguk’s wrist. He doesn’t pull away, neither does he try to make Jeongguk let go of him. He finds himself quite enjoying the contact, actually—that, and the way in which Jeongguk’s eyes flicker down to his lips every so often. “I think I look good, to be fair.”

“Oh, you do,” Jeongguk replies. Much to Taehyung’s dismay, he lets go of his chin then, but he doesn’t put more distance between them. Instead, he lets his hand wander down and traces the sliver of exposed skin between the end of Taehyung’s crop top and the waistband of his jeans. “But next time you wear a crop top, make sure you’re not wearing high waisted jeans.”

Taehyung laughs, goosebumps rising on his skin despite how hot it is. “I don’t know what you’re expecting, but even if I’m a cheerleader I don’t have abs, or anything,” he says, Jeongguk humming in his ear. “I have a baby belly.”

“I’ve always found myself to be particularly keen on soft tummies,” Jeongguk comments, fingers moving to Taehyung’s back. He’s got his arm around him now, his breath hitting Taehyung’s neck whenever he speaks. “Besides, I can have the abs in this relationship.”

Two things from that sentence catch Taehyung’s attention. The first, relationship. He’s positive Jeongguk didn’t mean to say that, since what they have now is not a relationship. Whether it was because of the alcohol that still lingers on his breath, or just because of the heat of the moment, Taehyung doesn’t know. But he’s not going to ask now, when he’s got Jeongguk so, so close. The second one is the mention of abs, and well—he can definitely talk about that one.

“You have abs?” he asks, making Jeongguk chuckle. He’s probably amused by Taehyung’s sudden interest, but what can he say—he has a bit of a muscle kink. And judging by what he can see of Jeongguk’s arms and the way his jeans hug his thighs, Jeongguk has a lot of muscle. “I won’t believe that until I see or feel those.”

“God, you’re so fucking shameless.”

And yes, he is, but he’s fine with it. Because what being shameless gets him is his hands under Jeongguk’s t-shirt, greedily feeling the plains of his stomach under his hands. Taehyung doesn’t break eye-contact as he does so, indulging in the feeling of Jeongguk’s abs under his fingers, and the younger looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

They get closer, so close that just tilting his head a little bit would make Taehyung’s lips be on Jeongguk’s—would make him get what he has been wanting since last week. Jeongguk’s breathing gets heavier, now fanning over Taehyung’s lips with each exhale. He wants this, he wants this so bad.

“You know what I said about not wanting to kiss you unless we both were sober?” Jeongguk asks, his lips almost brushing Taehyung’s when he speaks. Taehyung doesn’t reply, just nods. “Fuck, I take it back. I need to kiss you right now.”

Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip. On one hand, he really does want to feel Jeongguk’s lips on his. But on the other, he wants to get back at Jeongguk for not kissing him the other day. Taehyung likes to be a tease, but with Jeongguk, it seems like he’s always the one being teased. And so, he decides it’s time for him to change that.

So he stands up, watching the startled and betrayed look on Jeongguk’s face as he holds out his hand. “Come on, let’s dance.” Jeongguk looks at him, disbelief written all over his face, but he still takes Taehyung’s hand and lets him bring him up to his feet. “Oh, and by the way. Don’t shit on my high waisted jeans until you see how good they make my ass look.”

With that, Taehyung turns around, tugging at Jeongguk’s arm. He of course can’t see his face, but he still knows his eyes are travelling down Taehyung’s back now, checking out his ass. He makes his way to the dancefloor, slipping in between faceless bodies with a tight grip on Jeongguk’s hand. If he were a little more sober, maybe he would be worrying about Jeongguk—he remembers Jeongguk told him house parties weren’t his scene, so maybe the same applies to clubs. But right now, all he can think about is how Jeongguk’s skin on his makes him feel, and how he can’t wait to have his whole body pressed up against his.

He turns around when he finds a spot that he likes, and as soon as he does Jeongguk holds his hips and pulls him closer. Taehyung wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, pressing closer until their noses bump and Jeongguk goes a little cross-eyed to look at him.

“Still not gonna let me kiss you?” Jeongguk asks, Taehyung giggling against his lips—well, almost against them.

“I want to dance,” he says, moving his hips to the rhythm of the music. With the way they’re tangled in each other it’s a little difficult for him to do so, but the fact that Jeongguk follows him makes it easier. “Let’s dance, Jeongguk!”

He lets go of Jeongguk’s neck and turns around, pressing his back flush against his chest, and ah—this is better. Jeongguk’s arm curls around his waist with ease, his thumb soothing small circles over his bare skin right over the waistband of his jeans. It’s as innocent as two guys dancing together in a gay club can get, for a while—but then Taehyung tentatively grinds his ass back against Jeongguk’s crotch, and oh.

He’s known for a while that Jeongguk dances, but that doesn’t make him any more ready for the feeling of Jeongguk rolling his hips against his ass. The fact that he can feel Jeongguk’s hardening cock pressed right up against him doesn’t help either. Taehyung leans his head back on Jeongguk’s shoulder, and God—Jeongguk is looking at him with hooded eyes, want written all over his face.

Taehyung wants this, he really does. He’s going crazy under Jeongguk’s greedy touch, the hands on his hips burning him even through the fabric of his jeans. Jeongguk’s eyes stare into him with an intensity that makes him want to squirm, and fuck. He can literally feel Jeongguk’s gaze undressing him, and he likes it—he likes it so much.

Jeongguk noses at his jaw and neck, brushing Taehyung’s skin with his lips as well. It’s making Taehyung lose his mind, even if he knows he’s the one in control here, Jeongguk is not going to kiss him until Taehyung gives him green light, and although he’s the one with the power to end this wait, he likes how on edge it’s making him feel. The way Jeongguk’s body moves against his is obscene; the feeling of his lips on Taehyung’s neck is so faint that it only makes his need grow stronger. He loves both, but he knows they won’t feel like enough until he gets Jeongguk’s lips on his, his tongue in his mouth.

Whatever self-control Taehyung had left is gone the moment Jeongguk groans a low fuck, probably the result of the movement of Taehyung’s ass against his crotch. Taehyung tilts his head then, tangling one of his hands in Jeongguk’s hair and pulling him down for a kiss. Jeongguk is startled at first, not kissing back for a moment. But then he’s exhaling through his nose, fingers tightening around Taehyung’s waist, and fuck. There’s something about Jeongguk that always screamed great kisser to Taehyung, but the reality is better than anything Taehyung could have ever imagined.

Jeongguk kisses like he does nearly everything else: bold, but still a little dash of shyness that Taehyung finds so endearing. From the beginning, the kiss is so needy it almost feels rough; Jeongguk is responsive once he gets past the initial shock, all force and passion, but he still tongues at Taehyung’s bottom lip ever so softly, asking for permission. Permission that Taehyung grants, parting his lips so Jeongguk’s tongue can slip inside his mouth.

It’s almost impossible for Taehyung to hold back his moan the moment Jeongguk’s tongue touches his. The angle is uncomfortable, his arm hurts a little because of how it’s twisted so he can touch Jeongguk’s hair, and so does his neck. But he’s fucking kissing Jeongguk, and he wouldn’t change one bit of it. Involuntarily, he tightens his hold on Jeongguk’s hair, pulling a little and making Jeongguk whine into his mouth. The sound makes Taehyung’s stomach do a somersault, so he does it again, just to check whether it was coincidental or if Jeongguk really has a thing for it. Jeongguk’s reaction is the same, and Taehyung grins into the kiss.

“What are you doing?” Jeongguk asking, detaching his lips from Taehyung’s and making him whimper at the loss.

“You have quite the thing going on, don’t you, hot stuff?” Taehyung asks, laughing when Jeongguk scoffs in his ear. “You like to have your hair pulled. That’s nasty.”

I’m nasty,” Jeongguk replies, making Taehyung raise his eyebrows. “Can show you whenever you want.”

“Sounds promising,” Taehyung says, and wow. Jeongguk can show him how nasty he can get right fucking now, Taehyung thinks. “Come on, kiss me again.”

But Jeongguk doesn’t—not right away, at least. He holds Taehyung’s hips and spins him around, their chests flush together. They’re the same height, so Taehyung only needs to surge forward a little before their noses are bumping, Jeongguk’s smile mirroring his. No words are spoken before Jeongguk’s lips are on his again, and fuck—this is more like it. Now, Taehyung can wrap his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, pulling him for more wet, messy kisses. Jeongguk’s hands quickly go from his hips to his ass, squeezing appreciatively before they slip in Taehyung’s back pockets, grabbing his ass through the fabric.

Taehyung has always been turned on by being felt up like that, so the way in which Jeongguk touches him is doing things to him. Taehyung kisses back eagerly, threading his fingers in Jeongguk’s hair. He knows that with the way they’re kissing, not even a nice and intense make out session like this one will be enough. That’s why he pulls away, lips brushing against the corner of Jeongguk’s mouth as he asks, “Can we take this back to your place?”

Much to his disappointment, Jeongguk shakes his head. “Can’t. My roommate is home. You?”

“So is mine,” Taehyung replies, watching disappointment wash over Jeongguk’s face. “There needs to be some other way, fuck—I really need your cock in me now.”

Jeongguk groans at that, his hands squeezing Taehyung’s ass. “God, you can’t just say that,” he says, making Taehyung bite on his bottom lip. “Do you—they have condom vending machines in the bathroom, but you don’t happen to have lube, right?”

“This is a gay club, why the fuck would they sell condoms and not lube?” Taehyung asks, feeling frustrated. “But no, I don’t. The only person I know who carries lube in his wallet is—wait.”

“Is who?” Jeongguk asks, playing with the belt loops of Taehyung’s jeans. “Wait for what?”

“Is Jimin, but I don’t know where the fuck he is,” Taehyung groans. “Come on, let’s find him and Yoongi before they use it themselves.”

“Are we really gonna hunt down your best friend for lube?” Jeongguk asks, pressing himself closer to Taehyung’s back as he turns around. Taehyung nods. “Hot.”

It’s a little impractical to have Jeongguk glued to his back like that, but it’s not like they can move fast with how packed the club is. Like this, he gets Jeongguk pressing wet, open-mouthed kisses on his neck, and fuck—he’s not going to find Jimin if Jeongguk keeps distracting him like this.

Eventually, they do find Yoongi and Jimin making out against a wall. Jeongguk says he feels a little uncomfortable about interrupting, but Taehyung is unfazed by their displays of affection at this point. “Jimin!” he asks, tapping his friends shoulder. He gets an annoyed look both from Jimin and Yoongi, who is pressed up against the wall, but he doesn’t really give a shit. “Please, tell me you have lube on you right now.”

Yoongi snorts, muttering, “Thought you said you wouldn’t fuck.” Taehyung sends him a death glare, hoping Jeongguk is still too flustered to notice.

“You’re so fucking lucky we’re friends,” replies Jimin, taking the small packet of lube from his wallet and throwing it to Taehyung, who catches it with one hand. Before he has the time to thank him, Jimin throws something else as he says, “Here, have a condom, too.”

“I love you so fucking much,” Taehyung replies, shoving both packages in his pocket and wrapping his arms around Jimin in a tight hug. “Thank you, thank you, thank you—”

“Fuck off, I’m trying to get in the mood here,” grunts Jimin, Taehyung laughing as he blows a kiss at him. He then takes Jeongguk’s hand in his, guiding him to the bathroom.

Luckily for them, the bathroom is empty when they step inside. As soon as the door closes behind them, Jeongguk’s mouth is on his again, and they’re stumbling into one of the stalls, tangled in each other. Jeongguk presses Taehyung against the door of the stall and locks it without interrupting their kissing. Taehyung sighs through his nose, cupping Jeongguk’s jaw with his palms as he deepens the kiss. Now that he knows where this is heading, that he has the certainty that he’ll have Jeongguk’s cock buried deep inside of him by the end of the night, he feels free to do whatever he wants. So he slides one of his hands down, running down Jeongguk’s torso before cupping his crotch.

“Fuck, babe,” Jeongguk whispers, his arms caging Taehyung. On his side, Taehyung lolls his head back against the door, licking his lips and looking at Jeongguk with hooded eyes as he palms his dick through his jeans. “You’re a whole damn tease, aren’t you?”

“Biggest one you’ll ever meet,” Taehyung replies, taking in the way he can feel Jeongguk’s cock twitch under his palm. Fuck, he needs those gone right now. He lets go of his dick, hands undoing his belt quickly.

“Eager much?” Jeongguk asks as Taehyung pulls his jeans down, groaning at the sight of the fishnets covering Jeongguk’s legs and underwear.

“Hmm, very,” Taehyung replies, getting down on his knees and looking up at Jeongguk. He hooks his thumbs on the waistband of Jeongguk’s fishnets, tugging them down. “So many fucking layers, hot stuff.”

Whatever Jeongguk was gonna reply turns into a moan as soon as Taehyung mouths at his cock through his underwear, licking at where the head. There’s a damp spot on the front of Jeongguk’s underwear now, and Taehyung can’t tell if it’s Jeongguk’s pre-come or his own saliva—probably a mixture of both. He laps at his cock through his briefs again, but then Jeongguk’s hand is gently cupping his face, thumb stroking his cheekbone.

“Babe,” he says, and Taehyung looks up at him with far too innocent eyes. “Don’t tease me.”

“Authoritative, yet soft,” Taehyung says, voice sultry as he hooks his thumbs in the waistband of Jeongguk’s underwear. Jeongguk’s eyes turn darker with anticipation, and Taehyung adds in a sultry voice, “I like it.”

“Then be a good boy and listen to me,” Jeongguk replies, tangling his fingers in Taehyung’s hair as he pulls his underwear down painstakingly slowly. Wordlessly and without breaking eye contact with him, Taehyung takes Jeongguk’s cock in his hand, giving the head a kittenish lick and collecting the pre-come leaking from it. “That’s it, baby.”

And well, Taehyung has been waiting for this long enough, he’s not gonna torture himself any longer. So he takes as much as he can of Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth, wrapping his fingers around what’s left. Jeongguk groans, his hand balancing his weight on the door across from him as he rubs at Taehyung’s nape encouragingly.

Taehyung looks up at him as he starts to bob his head up and down, swallowing more of his cock each time and fondling his balls with his other hand. He doesn’t want to make Jeongguk come like this or anything—this is just foreplay. That’s why he doesn’t give his all to it: he knows he’s more than capable of getting Jeongguk’s whole cock down his throat, but tonight’s not the right time or place for that.

He still makes it messy, though. There’s drool falling from the corners of his mouth, because he has always liked sex sloppy like that. Jeongguk seems to enjoy it, too, since his eyes are darkening and his breath is getting heavier. Taehyung loves the feeling of Jeongguk’s cock pulsing on his tongue, loves to have Jeongguk’s hand on the back of his head, not quite pushing him down but still there, still a reminder that this is very much real.

“F-fuck, Tae, stop,” says Jeongguk, Taehyung raising his eyebrows at him but not making to pull away. “Don’t wanna come like this. Come on, come up here.”

Taehyung does, because as much as he loves sucking dick, he knows that what comes next is even better. The moment he’s back on his feet he’s got Jeongguk all over him, grabbing the backs of his thighs and lifting him up. Taehyung yelps, but it’s muffled by Jeongguk’s lips on his own, and then Taehyung is wrapping his legs around Jeongguk’s waist.

“You’re so fucking hot,” Jeongguk replies, lifting Taehyung’s top with one hand, the other still on Taehyung’s ass. Pressed up against the wall like he is, Taehyung knows that Jeongguk doesn’t need his hands to lift him up—the only reason why his hand is still on his ass is because he wants to touch him, and fuck. “God, I really wish I could undress you right now.”

“Not possible,” Taehyung replies right before Jeongguk kisses him again. He brings his hands to Taehyung’s torso, touching his tummy, his waist, the small of his back—everywhere. It’s turning Taehyung on so much, raising goosebumps on his skin and turning him into a moaning mess. When Jeongguk pulls away to catch his breath, Taehyung adds, “But you should take me home some other day. Undress me slowly, fuck me into the mattress—all that romantic stuff.”

“Wow, really romantic,” Jeongguk laughs against Taehyung’s mouth. His hands go down to Taehyung’s thighs again, and he confesses, “I love your legs so fucking much. Bet you’d look so good in one of those uniforms the girl cheerleaders wear, fuck.”

“Oh, God, Jeongguk,” Taehyung moans, not sure of what to do with that information. He never thought Jeongguk would be into that, but for some reason the thought makes his own cock twitch inside his jeans. Does Jeongguk really think he’d look good in one of those? Hm. “Fuck, I want—”

“Want what, baby?” Jeongguk asks.

And Taehyung knows that Jeongguk doesn’t need to ask, that he’s completely aware of what Taehyung wants—what Taehyung needs right now. Taehyung still decides to inflate his ego, though, choking out, “Your cock.” Jeongguk’s mouth is busy on his neck, sucking and biting in a way that is bound to leave a mark. “I want you inside me.”


“I need you to fuck me,” he insists, grinding his cock against Jeongguk’s abdomen. Jeongguk laughs, seemingly amused by Taehyung’s neediness. “Ugh, come on—let me down and fuck my ass.”

“You’re so bossy,” Jeongguk complains, but he still puts Taehyung down on his feet again. Without wasting time, he holds Taehyung’s hips and spins him around, making him face the stall door. “Give me the lube and the condom.”

Taehyung obeys quickly, unbuttoning his own jeans as Jeongguk presses kisses up the column of his neck, moving to Taehyung’s earlobe and nibbling at it softly. At the same time, one of his hands snake under Taehyung’s own, helping him unzip his jeans and slipping under his underwear.

“You like that?” Jeongguk whispers on his ear, Taehyung nodding with a whine. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby. So fucking good.”

And really, Taehyung can only believe him. Just Jeongguk’s hand around him like this, lazily jerking him off, feels heavenly. If he’s half as good with his cock as he is with his hand, then Taehyung has no doubts this will be a night to remember.

Taehyung pulls down his own jeans and underwear, leaving them around the tops of his thighs and spreading his legs as much as they let him. He looks over his shoulder, giving Jeongguk a pointed look. He doesn’t need to ask for what he wants again, because then Jeongguk is bringing the package to his mouth and tearing it open with his teeth.

“Spread your ass for me,” Jeongguk mumbles against his ear, drizzling the lube on his fingers. Taehyung is quick to comply, holding his cheeks open with both his hand and bending forward a little. There’s not a lot of space in the stall, so this will have to do. “Fuck, you’re so hot. I really wish I could see your ass properly right now.”

“Well, you can’t do that, but you can put your fingers in it,” he says, Jeongguk scoffing at him. “So maybe you should—ngh, Jeongguk.”

His words die in his mouth when Jeongguk circles his rim with one finger, teasing him. Taehyung sucks in a breath, but nods quickly when he notices Jeongguk looking at him with inquiring eyes. After that, Jeongguk pushes his finger inside, making Taehyung hum.

“More,” he asks. He appreciates the way Jeongguk’s finger feels inside of him, loves the way it’s rubbing against his walls as he thrusts it inside, but he needs more. “Put one more in. I can take it.”

“I know you can,” Jeongguk says, slipping another finger inside. Taehyung sighs, happily. “Still good?”

“Peachy,” Taehyung replies, moaning brokenly when Jeongguk scissors his fingers inside of him. Now is when things get interesting. “Ah, fuck.”

Jeongguk stretches him open thoroughly, more slowly than Taehyung would have liked him to. We don’t have much lube, I want to make sure you’re really ready, he says—and even if Taehyung knows he’s right, he can’t help but wish he would hurry up. Eventually, Jeongguk finds his prostate, and Taehyung lets go of his cheeks to balance his weight on the door, resting his forearms and his forehead on the surface as moans fall from his lips.

By the time Jeongguk really comes to the conclusion he’s ready, his legs feel very much like jelly. It’s not like he hasn’t been asking Jeongguk to cut to the chase and fuck me, goddammit, but he still took his sweet time brushing his fingers against Taehyung’s prostate. He lets out a sigh of relief when he feels the tip of Jeongguk’s cock press against his hole, one that turns into a gasp as he begins to push inside. Jeongguk feels so deliciously thick inside of him, it’s making Taehyung’s eyes prickle with tears.

“Holy fuck,” Taehyung groans, nails scratching the wooden door. “God, you’re so—I—”

“What is it?” says Jeongguk, thrusting his hips slowly. He groans in Taehyung’s ear, the sound making Taehyung’s cock leak a bead of pre-come.

“I feel so full,” Taehyung elaborates, not quite understanding how coherently words can leave his mouth when it feels like his brain has shut down. All he can find himself thinking about is Jeongguk’s cock and how it feels inside of him. “F-faster. Deeper.”

Jeongguk is quick to comply. He balances one of his hands on the door, just by Taehyung’s head. With the other, he holds his hips, gripping so tight Taehyung thinks he’s gonna bruise—and fuck, isn’t that hot. He ends up building up a rhythm, one that has Taehyung moaning in the crook of his elbow.

It’s crazy how Jeongguk’s cock seems to reach all the right places inside of him, how they’ve barely gotten started and Taehyung already feels ready to come. Realistically, he knows they’re drunk and really, really horny, so this is not bound to last much longer. He lolls his head back on Jeongguk’s shoulder, looking at him, and Jeongguk seems to understand just right because he ducks his head down and kisses him. It’s messy, their teeth clash against each other with the way Taehyung is reaching back to meet Jeongguk’s thrusts, but he couldn’t care less—this, right here, is fucking perfect.

Or well, it is until the door to the bathroom opens. For a few seconds the sound of the music intensifies, making both of them freeze as they hear footsteps approach. Jeongguk pulls away, fixing his eyes on Taehyung, whose mouth falls open.

And then, Taehyung has an idea.

Jeongguk has stopped thrusting inside of him, waiting for the stranger to leave, but Taehyung is having none of that. He thrusts his hips back, fucking himself on his cock, and Jeongguk is quick to give his hips a squeeze.

“Do not,” he whispers, so low even Taehyung, who is literally standing pressed up against him, has trouble to hear him. Taehyung does it again, so Jeongguk uses both his hands to still his hips. “Doll.”

And that’s the perfect chance for Taehyung to push back, making Jeongguk stumble back against one of the walls of the stall. And it’s loud, at least loud enough for a “Dude, you okay?” to be called from the other stall.

Taehyung looks back over his shoulder, finding Jeongguk with his cheeks bright red, and Taehyung is sure it’s not just due to the, um, physical exertion. Jeongguk is looking back at him, and Taehyung nods, as if signaling at him to reply.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Jeongguk replies, voice strained as Taehyung keeps fucking himself on his cock. He himself is having problems saying quiet, biting on his lips to keep the moans from coming.

“Cool,” the other guy says, followed from the sound of the flush.

The seconds it takes for him to open the stall door and leave the bathroom feel like the longest of Taehyung’s life. But as soon as he’s gone Jeongguk is pushing him forward, pressing him up against the wall. Taehyung doesn’t even realize how, but then Jeongguk is holding both his wrists behind his back with one of his hands, his other palm pressed against the wall just by Taehyung’s head. He’s thrusting wildly inside of him, and oh, God—fuck, this is what Taehyung needed.

“That was—ugh, that was very mean, Tae," manages to get out Jeongguk in between grunts, each word accompanied by a thrust of his hips.

Taehyung’s only reply is a moan, followed by, “Right fucking there.” Like this, Jeongguk is hitting right against his prostate, making him see white as he squeezes his eyes shut. “God, I’m gonna—gonna come.”

Jeongguk lets go of his wrists, threading his fingers on Taehyung’s head and pulling him back for a kiss that is more the both of them moaning and panting on the other’s mouth. After that, he wraps his fingers around Taehyung’s cock, still thrusting inside of him for all his worth, and God—Taehyung’s gonna come, he really is.

“Ah, shit, Jeongguk,” Taehyung moans, his nails scratching the wall in a failed attempt to hold on to something. “So fucking good. I love your cock so much, God.”

Jeongguk moans at that, digging his thumb in the slit of Taehyung’s cock, and that’s all it takes to send him over the edge. Taehyung comes with a loud cry of Jeongguk’s name, staining Jeongguk’s hand and his own top with how hard he does.

Jeongguk is quick to follow, spilling inside the condom and hiding his face in the crook of Taehyung’s neck to muffle his moan. Taehyung moans, using his hands to balance his weight as Jeongguk pulls out and gets rid of the condom. He turns around just in time to see Jeongguk lick his come from his hand, and well—Taehyung is feeling weak enough as it is, already, but that definitely makes it worse.

Comfortable silence surrounds them as they get dressed and exit the stall, giving each other a soft smile through the mirror once they’re back in the bathroom.

“I think I’m gonna be heading home now,” Taehyung says. He feels exhausted, and he bets Jeongguk is the same. Besides, he wants to be well rested for their date the next afternoon—especially considering what he’s got planned.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me goodnight before leaving?” Jeongguk asks, Taehyung scoffing at him before turning around. He wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s neck almost lazily, grinning at him before closing the distance between them and kissing him. This one kiss is the sweetest one they’ve had so far, their lips moving chastely against each other as Jeongguk cups his jaw with one hand. When they pull away Taehyung pecks him on the lips once, twice. “That’s more like it.”

“Want to catch an Uber like last time?” Taehyung asks, looking at Jeongguk with wide eyes. Maybe he’s trying to stretch his time with Jeongguk as much as possible, but nobody can really blame him.

Jeongguk seems to know that, judging by the almost lazy smirk that appears on his face. He looks like he contemplates it, but in the end he says, “Alright, doll. Anything for you.”


The time for their date comes around, and Jeongguk and Taehyung meet in a small café before heading to the real destination. Taehyung refuses to tell Jeongguk where they’re going it, which almost costs him Jeongguk refusing to hold his hand on the way there. In the end, Taehyung’s pout and puppy eyes prove to be as effective as usual, and Jeongguk proves to be a weak man.

To say that Jeongguk is surprised once they get there would be an understatement, truly.

“A trampoline park?” Jeongguk asks, amusement in his voice. “Are you serious, Tae?”

He doesn’t seem upset or disappointed, more like he can’t quite believe Taehyung took him there. But when they spoke during their first date Jeongguk said that coffee shops and that stuff—the places where Taehyung would usually go for first dates—weren’t his thing. There’s always the possibility that Jeongguk fucking hates this (and him for bringing him here) but the smile on his face tells Taehyung otherwise.

“Dead serious,” Taehyung replies, blinking at Jeongguk. “So, you in or not? We can go somewhere else if you—”

“Are you kidding? I’m so in,” Jeongguk replies, eyes a little sparkly. “Are you gonna do cheerleader cartwheels for me?”

“I’m gonna teach you how to do cheerleader cartwheels,” Taehyung says, elbowing him. “Come on, come on, let’s go. We need to buy our tickets.”

So they go inside, buy tickets for an hour’s stay and wait for the next turn to begin. Once they’re on the trampolines Jeongguk starts hopping a little, falling on his ass and then jumping back to his feet while looking at him. Taehyung laughs, looking at him with his arms crossed over his chest.

“That’s some top tier gymnastics right there, Mr. Jeon,” Taehyung teases.

“Your sarcasm wounds me,” Jeongguk says, standing on his feet and walking back to the edge of the trampoline. “Show me what you got then, Kim.”

Taehyung smiles at him, jumping twice before he does a forward somersault. It’s harder to keep his balance on a trampoline than on solid ground, but it’s just a front flip, after all—Taehyung could do one of those with his eyes closed, especially if he has the help of a trampoline.

“Ta-da!” Taehyung says, stretching his arms over his head and doing jazz hands at Jeongguk. “You should try to do that.”

“I don’t know if I can without using my hands,” Jeongguk says, looking unsure. Taehyung raises his eyebrows at him, and that is enough to make Jeongguk’s expression turn into a determined one as he moves to the center of the trampoline again. “Let me try.”

Taehyung walks back, making sure there’s enough space for Jeongguk to do it. He jumps for a while before trying, and surprisingly enough, manages to do the somersault just fine. The part where he fucks up is the fall, since he falls promptly on his ass, making Taehyung laugh.

“I must accept defeat,” says Jeongguk, lying on the trampoline like a starfish and closing his eyes. “I’ve never failed so hard at anything in my entire life.”

Taehyung gets closer, hopping in the middle of Jeongguk’s parted legs and making him bounce on the trampoline. “You’re so dramatic,” he says, Jeongguk opening his eyes and pouting up at him. “This is just for fun. Of course I’m gonna be better than you at gymnastics, silly.”

“I’m naturally competitive, I can’t help it,” Jeongguk whines, covering his eyes with his arm.

“Come here,” Taehyung says, offering his arm for Jeongguk to take so he can help him stand up. Jeongguk holds his hand, but before Taehyung can even process it he’s tugging down, pulling him down onto the trampoline—and well, his body. “Jeongguk,” Taehyung hisses when Jeongguk wraps his arm around his waist, grazing his chin with a kiss. “I don’t want to be kicked out of here.”

Jeongguk groans, letting go of him, and Taehyung takes that moment to stand up. “I’m sorry, doll. Guess I can’t keep my hands to myself when I have a gorgeous boy like you with me.”

“That was lame,” Taehyung says, and when he lends Jeongguk his hand this time around he does end up helping him stand up. “Come on, we can flirt and make out when we’re out of here. Now let’s jump.”

Once he gets Jeongguk to stop feeling competitive, they do have a great time. Taehyung shows off, showing Jeongguk all the somersaults and handsprings he can do. Jeongguk tries to imitate him, and although he still falls on his ass every time, he laughs about it. They find particular joy in jumping as high as they can before throwing themselves in the foam pit, competing to see who gets the most creative fall.

They run out of time eventually, much to Taehyung’s disappointment. Having solid ground under his feet after one hour of being on the trampoline feels weird, and that’s why Taehyung holds Jeongguk’s arm and as they get out of the trampoline park. Jeongguk, on his side, seems delighted by it, keeping him close with no complaints.

“Let’s buy slushies,” Taehyung suggests once they’re back in the street. “I know a place nearby.”

And so they go, Taehyung taking them there as they keep talking about how their week has been. Jeongguk picks lemon slushy, making Taehyung wrinkle his nose at him in distaste as he picks a strawberry one. He reaches for his wallet to pay, but Jeongguk beats him to it and pays for both their slushies, making Taehyung frown at him.

“Don’t pay for my stuff,” Taehyung says when they get out, giving Jeongguk a pout. Jeongguk seems unfazed, looking at Taehyung with wide eyes as he sips his slushy through the straw. “Guk, I’m serious.”

“We’re on a date,” Jeongguk replies, licking the excess from his lips when he lets go of the straw. “And it’s just a slushy.”

“Still!” Taehyung insists, Jeongguk smiling at him. Then, he adds, “I only let my boyfriend pay for my stuff.”

Jeongguk’s whole expression changes at that. “Do you have a…?”

“What?! No!” Taehyung rushes to reply, not liking the look of disappointment on Jeongguk’s face one bit. “Would I be here if I had one? More importantly, would yesterday have happened if I did?”

Jeongguk nods, playing with the ring on his lip. “I’d hope not,” he replies, but he still sounds a little unsure.

“I meant my hypothetical boyfriend. Like, I’d let my boyfriend pay for my stuff,” Taehyung adds. It was bound to happen, at some point—he had to run his mouth and say the absolute worst thing possible. “Ugh, that came out completely wrong. It was meant to be an invitation for you to ask me to be your boyfriend, you know?”

“Oh?” Jeongguk says then, finally understanding. A small smile appears on his face as he adds, “So you want me to ask you out officially.”

“I mean,” Taehyung starts, looking at Jeongguk’s eyes fixedly. “We’re going on dates—great dates, now that we’re at that—every week, we clearly like each other and we’ve already fucked. I’d be upset if you didn’t.”

“I could do that,” Jeongguk starts, and the teasing tone in his voice puts Taehyung on edge, “But you made me wait a whole week to kiss you. So maybe I should do the same with this.”

Taehyung frowns at him. “You were the first to turn me down. You only reconsidered because of the tongue piercing.”

“But the final word was yours,” Jeongguk insists, making Taehyung huff. He’s right about that, but the root of his negative was Jeongguk’s initial one. If it were up to him, they would have kissed in the dive bar. “So… it’s fair if you’re the one that has to wait now.”

“But you better make it up for me,” he says, Jeongguk giving him a confused look. “The wait. Because I so made it—you wanted a kiss, you got a blowjob and to fuck me in that stall. I can’t wait to see how you compete with that.”

“Well, I think you should know I’m capable of being the best boyfriend ever,” Jeongguk replies, giving Taehyung a pointed look. “Lots of cuddles, lots of dinners cooked by yours truly—and lots of mind-blowing sex like the other day.”

Taehyung scoffs, looking down. He’s feeling shy now, but he quickly shakes the feeling away and asks, “What makes you so confident on it being mind-blowing?”

“Ah, shit, Jeongguk,” starts Jeongguk in a poor impersonation of Taehyung’s voice. “I love your cock so fucking much.”

Taehyung shushes him, blushing, and that makes Jeongguk laugh. “You’re insufferable. I don’t know if I want to be your boyfriend anymore.”

“Heyy,” Jeongguk says, reaching down and taking Taehyung’s hand in his own. Taehyung looks down, watching the way their fingers slot together and how Jeongguk’s paler skin stands out against his own tanned skin. Not to be biased, but Taehyung thinks that Jeongguk’s black fingernails contrast against Taehyung’s honey skin in the most beautiful way. “Don’t say that. I’m trying to act more confident than I really am, you know?”

Taehyung smiles at him, warm and gentle, and tugs at Jeongguk’s arm to bring him closer and press a chaste kiss to his lips. “Okay, babe,” he says, laughing a little. “But you really got my hopes up with the promises of food, you know?”

“That,” starts Jeongguk, pecking him sweetly, “is a promise I can live up to.”


Balancing school, practice, a boyfriend and friends is hard. Not that Taehyung would know from personal experience, since Jeongguk is still torturing him, but he can see how it is through Jimin. They’re leaving the gym late into the evening after practice, talking about meeting up later that week to watch some movies and eat some take out. But it’s impossible, because whenever Taehyung is free Jimin is busy, or vice versa.

“I can’t tomorrow,” Jimin replies, slinging his bag over his shoulder and holding the door open for Taehyung. “I’ve promised Yoongi I’d help him and Seokjin with something tomorrow. What about Friday?”

“I was going to stay in and study on Friday,” Taehyung replies, and Jimin rolls his eyes. “What?”

“People don’t study on Fridays, Taehyung. They’re the holy day of the week.”

Taehyung flicks his forehead. “I don’t have any other moment. I didn’t do much this past weekend.”

“Yeah, except for sucking Jeongguk’s face off,” Jimin points out, making Taehyung roll his eyes as they step out onto the street. “Which leads me to this: Saturday after the game is out of the question for meeting up, right? Since that’s when you and Jeongguk have your little dates going on.”

“We haven’t talked about seeing each other this week,” Taehyung admits, gnawing on his bottom lip. Don’t get him wrong, he knows they don’t have to be meeting all the time, but he’s a bit worried, somehow. It’s not like they’re not speaking, because he’s pretty sure that if he takes his phone out of his bag he’ll find unread texts from Jeongguk, but everything is so new when it comes to them. Last time they had agreed to go on a second date before the first one was over, so now he can’t help but wonder if Jeongguk is interested in a third one. Still, he doesn’t want to give those insecurities more importance than they have, and the moment Jimin finds out they will gain importance. So he shrugs and asks, “There’s no party this weekend?”

“There is, but I didn’t think you’d be coming,” Jimin says. “So you’ll be there?”

“I will,” Taehyung confirms. “Can we meet up on Sunday, then?”

“Sunday works for me,” replies Jimin with a smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

“See you tomorrow, Jimin-ah!” he says as they part ways.

Taehyung goes home right after that, hands shoved in the pockets of his hoodie since it’s starting to get colder now. Jimin’s reminder about Jeongguk made him feel upset, but he tries not to think too much about it. If Jeongguk didn’t want anything to do with him anymore he wouldn’t be texting him. So Taehyung tells himself to just relax and let things flow—after all, whatever is meant to occur, will.


“Look, Taehyung. Loverboy is here.”

That’s all it takes for Taehyung’s attention to abandon stretching and go solely to Chungha, who has a knowing smile on her face. Taehyung tries not to look too eager, casually looking around himself and making some of his teammates laugh. But Jeongguk isn’t in his usual spot or nearby, so Taehyung swallows his pride and asks, “Where?”

“By the door,” Chungha replies, and Taehyung’s gaze snaps there.

Jeongguk is leaning against the bleachers, eyes already on Taehyung as he shamelessly stares at him. He looks so good, Taehyung thinks, black rip jeans cuffed and a white, baggy t-shirt tucked in. Taehyung swallows, waving at Jeongguk with a small grin as Jeongguk raises his eyebrows at him, tilting his head a little. He’s asking him to come to where he is.

“Heeyeon noona—” he starts, and she quickly interrupts.

“Two minutes,” she says. Before Taehyung can even thank her, he says, “Come on, go now.”

Taehyung quickly stands up, blowing a kiss in her direction as he jogs a little towards Jeongguk. His mouth splits into a ridiculously wide grin as Taehyung approaches him, adorned by his lip ring, and Taehyung finds himself falling a little harder for it—for him.

“Hey there, stranger,” Jeongguk greets.

Taehyung isn’t sure of how public Jeongguk wants them to be, so he stops at a safe distance, a foot between them. But Jeongguk seems to have other plans, since he holds Taehyung’s waist and pulls him closer, kissing him on the lips.

“Hey there,” Taehyung replies when Jeongguk pulls back, arm still casually wrapped around Taehyung’s middle. “I didn’t know you were coming tonight.”

“Well, you’ll see,” starts Jeongguk, a mischievous glint on his eye. “I got tired of waiting for you to ask me to meet again, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

“So I had to ask you to meet?” asks Taehyung with a smile, cocking his head to look at Jeongguk, who nods. “I planned our last date. By dating code, it should be you asking this time.”

“But I’m a rebel,” Jeongguk replies, making Taehyung scoff. “I don’t follow any codes.”

“Okay, Mr. Bad Boy,” Taehyung replies, rolling his eyes a little. “I need to go now, but we’ll talk after the game, okay?”

“Okay,” Jeongguk replies, and Taehyung turns around when a hand wraps around his wrist. “Where do you think you’re going?”

Just like that, Jeongguk is pulling him closer and kissing him again, this time slower and deeper. Taehyung knows he should be getting back, but it’s impossible to not reciprocate when Jeongguk is kissing him like that, making something inside of Taehyung light up in interest. And, that’s exactly why he shouldn’t be doing this—he needs to perform now.

“Guk,” Taehyung says, Jeongguk pecking him again, and God. It’s so fucking hard to resist. “Guk, seriously. I need to go.”

“Just a taste of what’s coming when you get out of here,” Jeongguk replies, smiling in a way that makes Taehyung flustered. “Wonwoo is out today, I have the whole apartment to myself.”

“I—fuck, Jeongguk, I need to go,” whines Taehyung, the most inappropriate thoughts filling his mind now. Jeongguk chuckles as Taehyung detaches himself from his hold. “Don’t laugh. You’re terrible.”

The game goes by painstakingly slowly, but it goes by. It’s only after it’s over that Jimin yells, “See you at the party!” at him before running to Yoongi to congratulate him on the team’s victory that it sinks in. The party.

Jeongguk approaches him right then, a hand on his hip as he whispers on Taehyung’s ear, “Are you gonna shower? Because I’ll make you sweat again when we come back to my place, just saying. So it’d be kind of redundant.”

And God, saying no to that will be one of the hardest things in Taehyung’s life. He smiles apologetically at Jeongguk, saying, “I’m sorry, Guk, but I promised Jimin I’d make it to the party.” Jeongguk pouts a little, jutting his bottom lip out, and Taehyung surges forward to peck him lightly. “I’m so sorry. I would have told you earlier, but I forgot.”

“Well, it’s okay, I managed to make a deal with my roommate so now I have the apartment every Saturday evening,” he replies, Taehyung raising his eyebrows at him. “So you’re going to the party?”

“Yeah, to Kibum’s,” Taehyung replies, resting his hands on Jeongguk’s shoulders. He can feel some curious eyes on them, but he’s okay with it as long as Jeongguk is, too. “But not your scene, huh?”

“Not really, but,” Jeongguk starts, making hope blossom in Taehyung’s chest. “I’m going through Taehyung withdrawal, you see. And my one week deadline to ask you out is expiring today at midnight.”

“Wow, we can’t let that happen,” replies Taehyung with a half smile.

“Certainly not,” adds Jeongguk. “So…”

Taehyung doesn’t want to get his hopes up for nothing, but he thinks he knows where this is going. Still, he doesn’t let—too much—enthusiasm fill his voice as he asks, “So…?”

“So I think I might make an exception,” Jeongguk says, Taehyung smiling at him widely. “For you.”

“Boy, you have it bad,” Taehyung replies, surging forward to kiss Jeongguk once again. He’s painfully aware of their surroundings and that this makes them one of those gross couples that don’t bother to tone down the PDA, but he’s too smitten to care.

“Hmm, I do,” he agrees before letting go of Taehyung. “I can wait for you to shower and we can head together, if you don’t have other plans.”

“Sounds great,” replies Taehyung. “I’ll be out in fifteen minutes!”

Kibum’s place is not far away from campus, but they still spend all the walk there with their hands intertwined. Taehyung reassures Jeongguk that there’s pizza in the kitchen for them to eat when they get there—there always is—and Taehyung finds it cute that Jeongguk is so concerned about him eating something after exercising, especially if he’s going to drink.

“It’s because I don’t want to deal with drunk you,” Jeongguk lies.

“Is that why you wanted me to get drunk on our first date?” Taehyung asks, teasing smile on his face.

They talk for most of the walk, but sometimes they just fall into silence and Taehyung enjoys how comfortable it is. They’re almost there when Taehyung speaks again, saying, “Are you sure about this? I don’t want you to do something you’re not comfortable with just because of me.”

“I can handle a party every once in a while,” Jeongguk reassures him, giving Taehyung’s hand a squeeze. “I’ll be fine, Tae.”

But Taehyung is still feeling unsure, so he stops on his track to make Jeongguk look at him, and then he says, “I’ll make it up to you. I don’t know how yet, but I will.”

“You don’t have to,” says Jeongguk as he gives him a soft smile, “but that seems promising so I’ll be anticipating.”

The party isn’t that horrific, or at least Taehyung doesn’t think Jeongguk seems uncomfortable. After they eat their pizza in the kitchen, accompanied by some people whose names Taehyung doesn’t know, they move to the living room. Jimin spots them right away, and it’s the perfect opportunity for him to properly introduce himself to Jeongguk, since they didn’t even get to talk that night at the club. It’s not the first time Taehyung introduces his friends to someone he’s with (because he can’t call Jeongguk his boyfriend—not yet), but this somehow feels different. It feels better.

“I’m gonna go get Seokjin, he’s going to love you,” Jimin says excitedly, patting Jeongguk’s back. He then adds, “And you’re from Busan, too! Taehyung, this is your best boyfriend to date.”

Jimin leaves, disappearing between the sea of bodies in the living room. Jeongguk’s cheeks are bright pink and he’s smiling wide, so wide his cheeks not only look rounder than they do but they also must hurt. Taehyung thinks that the sight is extremely endearing, and he has to physically restrain himself from pinching his cheeks and kissing the tip of his nose.

“He likes you,” Taehyung says, stating the obvious. “He never liked any of my exes. I was almost ready for him to slander you the moment you turned your back to him.”

“That’s because I’m lovable,” Jeongguk replies, and with the smile that he’s giving Taehyung right now there’s no way he’s going to fight that statement. “He called me your boyfriend.”

Taehyung nods, tightening his lips around his teeth to hide the smile that threatens to appear on his face. “That he did,” he ends up agreeing. “Although you haven’t asked yet.”

“What time is it?” Jeongguk asks, and although Taehyung is confused by how out of the blue the question is, he still takes his phone out of the pocket of his jeans to check.

“Ten forty-three,” he replies.

“Ten forty-three,” Jeongguk replies, Taehyung nodding at him. “That means I still have one hour and seventeen minutes left to ask.”

“Are you going to wait until the last minute to ask?” Jeongguk shrugs. “Ugh, you know what—fuck it. Jeongguk, be my boyfriend. Pretty please.”

“I would say yes, but…” Jeongguk starts, a teasing smile on his face. “This is not a very romantic setting, hyung.”

Taehyung rolls his eyes, but a fond smile still makes its way to his lips. “What do you want me to do, take you to the rooftop so I can ask you out under the stars?”

“That’d be cuter, yes.”

And even if Taehyung originally meant it as a joke, even if he knows Jeongguk is agreeing just to follow with the banter—well, why not? He was here less than a month ago, and there was no lock on the rooftop’s door. Usually it’s empty, at least in Taehyung’s experience, but every once in a while someone goes there to take a break from the loud music and the charged air. So wordlessly, Taehyung takes Jeongguk’s hand in his own and tugs at his arm.

“Let’s go then, loverboy,” he says, watching Jeongguk send a worried glance in the direction Jimin disappeared in. “Don’t worry about them. You can meet Seokjin later, or any other day after you become my boyfriend and I introduce you to my friends.”

Jeongguk laughs cheerfully, letting himself be guided out of the apartment. In all honestly, it’s not a small flat, but there are more people than there should ever be in such a small space, so getting out is a relief. They take the stairs since they’re already on one of the top floors, and make their way to the rooftop.

The sight there never fails to knock the breath out of Taehyung’s lungs. There’s no stars, not real ones, or at least the pollution doesn’t let them shine. But to make up for that, Seoul lights up in the night sky for them to see, so that’s good enough. It’s not the same, but it certainly is beautiful.

“This is nice,” Jeongguk says, walking to the border and peeking down at the street. This isn’t one of the tallest buildings in the city, but it’s tall enough to feel vertigo when you look down to the cars and people.

“Very nice,” Taehyung replies, leaning against the railing. “It’s a good getaway from all the noise down there, too.”

Jeongguk hums, sighing. The railing comes up to their chest, so Jeongguk can rest his forearms and tuck his chin on top of them, still looking to the city lights. Taehyung doesn’t mean to stare, but it’s hard not to—there’s something so enticing about Jeongguk’s side profile, something that makes Taehyung unable to tear his eyes away. Maybe it’s the pronounced curve of his nose, or the way his specs rest on top of it. Maybe it’s the gentle curve of his cupid’s bow, the shine of his pink lips that are as glossy as always, or the way his hair looks now that he’s not wearing a beanie, slightly ruffled by the wind. Jeongguk is beautiful, breathtakingly so—even if people overlook it because he has broad shoulders, a few piercings and has a penchant for dark clothes.

And here, Jeongguk looks more in his environment than he did down at the party. It might sound cheesy of Taehyung, but to him, Jeongguk is more like quiet nights looking at the sky than long ones surrounded by the smell of alcohol and the sweat of a party. Jeongguk is such a change from everything—from everyone Taehyung is used to, yet he seems to fit so effortlessly in his life. Taehyung likes it. Taehyung likes it a lot.

“You’re staring. Like, you’re staring so hard I’m about to get a headache,” Jeongguk comments, cocking his head a little to look at Taehyung.

“It’s because you’re beautiful,” Taehyung replies honestly. It’s dark, but not enough for the light blush in Jeongguk’s face to go unnoticed by Taehyung. “You’re softer than usual tonight.”

“Am I?” Jeongguk asks with a chuckle. Taehyung nods. “Maybe it’s because so far, it’s been just the two of us in either quiet places or places I’m familiar with. Or, well, the club—but I was walking the line between tipsy and drunk that day, so that doesn’t count. As I said weeks ago, parties are not my kind of place. So maybe I’m less the guy who is trying to impress cheerleader Kim Taehyung and more me.”

“Hey, don’t say that,” Taehyung says, frowning a little. “You’re just the same. You’re just more vulnerable at the moment because you’re in an unfamiliar situation, but that doesn’t make you different from the guy I’ve been getting to know—the guy I’m still getting to know. I want to know all of your sides, Jeongguk. Every little thing I learn about you drags me in even further, and I love all little things I’ve come to learn about you.”

Jeongguk looks stunned for a moment, but mimicking Taehyung’s words from earlier that evening he says, “You have it bad, boy.”

“I do,” replies Taehyung laughing. “I do. I like you a lot, Jeongguk. And I want you to be my boyfriend.”

“I wanted to be the one to ask you to be my boyfriend, you know?” Jeongguk replies. Taehyung is about to reply well, you had one week to do it, but then Jeongguk adds, “But there’s something about having you to ask me that is very fucking satisfying.”

“So is that a yes?” Taehyung asks, tilting his head.

“Of course it’s a yes,” Jeongguk replies, giving him a funny look. “How could I say no.”

Taehyung smiles so wide his cheeks hurt from it. “Okay, if that’s a yes, I think we should seal our commitment with a kiss. Seems like a pretty reasonably thing to do.”

“If you want to kiss me,” Jeongguk starts then, “you can just say it, doll.”

“Okay, boyfriend,” Taehyung replies then. “I really, really want to kiss you.”

He doesn’t need to say anything else, because then Jeongguk is standing up straight and holding one of Taehyung’s hands, pulling him close to his body as he intertwines their fingers. With his other hand, he cups the back of Taehyung’s head and brings his face close to his, so slowly and gently it tugs at Taehyung’s heartstrings. There’s something about being treated with such delicacy that makes his knees weak, makes the wish to have Jeongguk’s lips on his turn into a necessity.

But Jeongguk is not rushed, and takes his time dragging his fingers up and down Taehyung’s nape instead of closing the gap between them. His fingers raise goosebumps as they travel down to his neck before cupping his jaw, softly, and Taehyung finds himself getting impatient as he grips at Jeongguk’s tee shirt. They’re so close now it feels almost ridiculous that they’re not kissing, their lips brushing and making anticipation build inside of Taehyung.

When Jeongguk’s lips finally press against his, it oddly enough feels like a first kiss. Maybe it’s because of the lack of romanticism in their first actual kiss, maybe it’s because this is their first kiss after becoming boyfriends, or perhaps because for the first time they have gotten sincere and sort of deep with each other. But when Jeongguk kisses him this time around, there’s honesty and so many feelings on his tongue, right there for Taehyung to take and make his own. It’s slow, because after all they have all night, and it’s making Taehyung feel electricity on his fingertips as he holds tighter onto Jeongguk’s hand.

They pull apart, eventually, and the feeling lingering on Taehyung’s lips is just enough to make chills run down his spine. Jeongguk, quick to notice, asks, “Are you cold?”

Taehyung wants to say he’s not, even if he’s just wearing a thin shirt, but instead he replies, “Why? Are you gonna offer to give me your jacket?”

And then Jeongguk has that look in his eye, the one that tells Taehyung that what he will say now is going to leave him out of breath.

“Right now, Kim Taehyung—right now, I’d offer to give you the world.”


They stay on the rooftop enjoying each other's company for a while longer, and in the end, Taehyung ends up getting cold. So cold that, after they end up heading to Jeongguk’s apartment together, he asks his now-boyfriend for his thickest sweatpants and his biggest hoodie, as well as to press his furnace of a body against his all night long. Jeongguk complies, giving him a pair of grey sweatpants and a huge baby pink hoodie that Taehyung is surprised he owns, since it's not the kind of clothes Jeongguk usually wears. Needless to say, Jeongguk does curl himself around Taehyung all night long, wrapping an arm around his waist to make sure there's not a single millimeter of space between their bodies.

When Taehyung wakes up the next morning they're in another position, Jeongguk lying on his back and Taehyung using his chest as a pillow with an arm slung across his waist. He wonders how they ended up in that position, since Jeongguk's toned body is not precisely the fluffiest of pillows, but hey—he got to see Jeongguk's beautiful face first thing in the morning, so he's not going to complain.

It's right then that he gets an idea. He gets his phone, abandoned on the bedside table, and quickly opens Instagram. Sliding his thumb, he opens the camera for the stories option and directs it towards Jeongguk. Luckily for him, Jeongguk is a pretty sleeper—no drool, his mouth doesn't hang open, no eccentric position or facial expression—so Taehyung doesn't feel remorseful about it. He snaps a pic, adding a good morning ♡ and a timestamp to it before posting it.

Taehyung has never been patient, and this situation is not an exception to that. He lies all over Jeongguk’s body again, clinging to him as he starts pressing chaste kisses to his chin and jaw. It doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to stir away, stretching his arms over his head before wrapping one around Taehyung’s body.

“What a nice sight to wake up to,” Jeongguk says as soon as he blinks his eyes open, voice still rough with sleep.

“Morning,” greets Taehyung, nuzzling his nose against Jeongguk’s cheek. Jeongguk tries to pull him in for a kiss, but Taehyung says, “We haven’t been together for long enough to kiss with morning breath.”

Jeongguk laughs at that, lolling his head back onto the pillow and looking at the ceiling. “Wow, this rejection,” he says, and Taehyung pecks his neck to make Jeongguk feel better. “How does breakfast and brushing our teeth sound, then?”

“Hmm,” Taehyung hums, unable to hide his smile when he thinks of how Jeongguk’s spare toothbrush became Taehyung’s toothbrush last night. “That sounds amazing.”


Taehyung is a man of his word. If he makes a promise, he’ll do everything in his power to keep it. And he promised he would make it up to Jeongguk for going to the party with him, so he needs to do that. The only problem is, he doesn’t have a clue of what to do. He has agreed to meet Jeongguk on Friday, since neither of them is busy that day, but he’s clueless—that is, until he remembers something Jeongguk said that night at the club.

Bet you’d look so good in one of those uniforms the girl cheerleaders wear, fuck.

And really, remembering the want dripping from Jeongguk’s voice when he said that is more than enough for Taehyung to make his mind up.

He first thinks about asking one of his teammates for their uniforms, but he quickly discards the idea. He’s slim, but probably not enough to fit into their clothes. Besides, if he asks any of them the whole team will end up knowing about it. And after that, it’s only a matter of time until everyone finds out.

Never has Taehyung ever been so grateful for online shopping being a thing, because as carefree as he is he still would be embarrassed about clerks watching him step into the changing rooms with a skirt and a top like the one he has in mind. So he spends the time he was supposed to use to study browsing Asos until he finds an outfit he likes. He picks a tight v-shell top, one that the reviewers assure is tight even with small boobs—Taehyung hopes that still applies to no boobs at all—and a matching tennis skirt and knee-high socks. He’s not familiar with female clothing sizes, so he has a measuring tape with him so he doesn’t end up having to return anything because of the size. He selects express shipping, since he needs the clothes before the weekend, and buys them before he can even let himself regret it.

Turns out neither his dorm nor Jeongguk’s apartment are free on Friday, so he ends up having to ask Seokjin for his car so they have somewhere to go—and no, Seokjin doesn’t need to know what Taehyung is planning, nor does he need to know that Taehyung has bought lube and condoms and put them in the glove box. Everything is going according to plan, and Taehyung is delighted when the clothes arrive and they fit him perfectly, the skirt just short enough to cover his ass but still show the tattoos on the back of his thighs.

He would be lying if he said he’s not nervous by the time Friday afternoon comes around and he drives to Jeongguk’s apartment to pick him up. Jeongguk has a wide smile on his face as he comes out of the building and gets in the car, immediately asking where they’re going to.

“It’s a surprise,” Taehyung starts as he drives away, grateful he has to drive so he can avoid meeting Jeongguk’s eyes. “You’ll see.”

Taehyung drives to a near deserted road not far away from the city near the woods, somewhere he and Jimin used to go to get drunk during their freshman year. Nobody uses that road anymore, and even if they did, Taehyung parks in the path that leads to the forest, and he’s certain nobody will come get them in there.

“This looks like one of those places couple in high school go to make out,” Jeongguk says, making Taehyung laugh. Then he adds, “But if this was a horror movie we would die.”

“It’s still four pm,” Taehyung replies, unbuckling his seatbelt and grabbing his bag from the backseat before opening his door. “Get in the back. I’ll be back in three minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting!” replies Jeongguk, not bothering to get out of the car and slipping—not without a lot of trouble—between the two front seats.

So Taehyung gets out of the car, slipping into the baby pink outfit that was neatly folded in his bag. He adjusts the jockstrap he’s wearing so it doesn’t peek from under his skirt. He runs his hands over the skirt, shifting on his feet. Now there’s no going back, so he returns to the car and opens the door next to where Jeongguk is sitting. He fixes his red hair and headband after throwing his bag to the passenger seat, leaning against the open car door and looking at Jeongguk, who still isn’t looking.

“Open your eyes, Guk,” he says then, and well. Everything comes down to this moment.

Jeongguk’s mouth goes slack the moment he blinks his eyes open. Taehyung can feel his boyfriend’s gaze all over his body, frantically taking in the sight before him as if he just has a few seconds to look at it. His face, his exposed stomach, his legs—everywhere. The more he stares, the darker his eyes turn, the more he bites down on the corner of his bottom lip and the more anxious Taehyung gets about his silence.

“Guk—” he starts, but Jeongguk interrupts him.

“Turn around for me, love?”

His voice is soft and his words are sweet, and he doesn’t sound in any means demanding. But it still feels like a command to Taehyung, who finds himself twirling around. He’s not stupid—he knows what Jeongguk wants with this, and so he gives it to him. Bending over a little, he supports his weight on the still open car door, making sure his skirt rides up a little and his jockstrap and a bit of his cheeks peek under the fabric.

“Fuck,” Jeongguk breathes out. “Fuck. Is this about what I told you when we were…?”

Taehyung didn’t think Jeongguk would remember, but he nods, looking over his shoulder. “It is,” he confirms, studying the stunned look in Jeongguk’s face.

“God, I’m—your fucking tattoos, Taehyung.” Taehyung laughs at that, wiggling his ass a bit now that he’s feeling more confident. “Wow, this is—I can’t believe you did this for me.”

“You like it?” replies Taehyung, although the answer to that is more than obvious. Jeongguk’s mouth still is hanging open, his cheeks flushed and he’s fisting the blanket Taehyung placed on the backseat—he’s got some decency and he doesn’t want to stain Seokjin’s car with lube or questionable body fluids—so his knuckles turn white.

“I love it,” Jeongguk replies, and is it Taehyung’s imagination or is his voice suddenly deeper? Then, he pats his thighs and says, “Come here, doll.”

And so Taehyung does, straddling Jeongguk’s lap but not sitting on it. He’s kneeling over it, legs to each side of Jeongguk’s thighs so Jeongguk has to tilt his head up to look at him. Without breaking eye contact, Jeongguk reaches to his side and pulls the car door closed, Taehyung swallowing thickly.

“I was so nervous about this,” Taehyung confesses as he wraps his arms around Jeongguk’s shoulders. He feels dizzy, but it doesn’t help him feel any more grounded, because suddenly Jeongguk’s fingertips are slowly brushing up each of his thighs, and fuck. “I was afraid you’d think I look silly, or—”

“Silly how?” Jeongguk interrupts, fingers slowly slipping under Taehyung’s skirt, and fuck. “You don’t look silly at all, you look hot. And the fact that you not only remembered about what I said, but also did all of this—you’re amazing, Taehyung.”

“Then kiss me,” whispers Taehyung, feeling himself melt as Jeongguk’s fingers move from the sides of his thighs to the back and up, getting closer to his tattoos and his ass. “Kiss me, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk surges forward and Taehyung meets him halfway, catching Jeongguk’s lips on his in a kiss that is heated from the beginning. Their lips slide wetly against each other, and only then does Taehyung finally sink down into Jeongguk’s lap. This not only makes their faces be on level with each other, but also causes Jeongguk’s hands to be trapped right under Taehyung’s ass, giving the bare skin a gentle squeeze.

Taehyung gasps into the kiss, and Jeongguk takes that as his chance to deepen the kiss. Jeongguk exhales heavily through his nose as Taehyung tightens his hold around Jeongguk’s neck, bringing them even closer. He’s almost disappointed when Jeongguk’s hands slip from under his ass, but the feeling quickly goes away when they clasp around his waist, and God—Taehyung loves the way in which Jeongguk’s hands hold him, so gently yet firmly at the same time.

Eventually they pull away, panting into each other’s mouths. Taehyung is about to go for another kiss, but then Jeongguk speaks again. “Bend over the seats,” says, making Taehyung bite down on his bottom lip as he nods.

He quickly does so, fitting his torso between the two sweats and resting his palms on the front ones, looking back at Jeongguk over his shoulder. His shoulders are broad, but he has a slim waist, so he doesn’t have much trouble getting in the position. Once he does, Jeongguk’s hands lift his skirt carefully, holding it up while he takes a long look. Excitement builds inside of him, and then Jeongguk says, “Spread your cheeks for me.”

Taehyung does, albeit not without difficulty. He spreads his legs even further to balance himself now that he can’t rest his weight on his palms, but he still has the seats around him and Jeongguk’s hands holding on his hips. Jeongguk leans forward, pressing a soft kiss against one of Taehyung’s cheeks, and Taehyung holds back his breath.

Jeongguk is an awful tease, nibbling on the flesh of Taehyung’s ass until Taehyung’s knees feel weak because of how much he loves the light sting. When he least expects him to, almost growing accustomed to the feeling of Jeongguk nipping at his skin and soothing the pain away with his tongue, Jeongguk tentatively laps at his hole. Taehyung bites down on his lips to hold the gasp that threatens to leave his lips, his blunt fingernails digging into his own skin.

Almost as if he wanted to get a reaction out of Taehyung before seriously getting into it, Jeongguk licks at his rim teasingly again, making him clench at the faint feeling of his tongue where he needs him the most now.

“Gukkie,” he whines in protest, starting to get a little impatient. He needs it, and he needs it now. “Come on.”

Jeongguk hums, his arms curling around Taehyung’s upper legs so his palms end up pressed against the inside of each one of Taehyung’s thighs, feeling the soft skin under his hands. Taehyung is relieved that Jeongguk complies to his pleads, and this time when he circles his tongue around his rim it actually feels like he means it. Taehyung’s whole body tenses, causing him to spread his cheeks even further, and Jeongguk hums approvingly as he flicks his tongue over his hole again.

The feeling of Jeongguk’s tongue pushing inside of him, his lips sucking at his rim makes Taehyung see white whenever he squeezes his eyes shut. Jeongguk’s hands end up replacing his when Taehyung’s grip becomes too lose, and if Jeongguk isn’t bothered by the way the skirt falls over his face then neither is Taehyung—it’s kind of hot, actually. One of Taehyung’s hands grips at the back of Jeongguk’s head, fingers threading through his hair and making his beanie fall to the floor of the car. The other one he curls into a fist so he can bite on it to muffle his moans that are already a little too loud.

The best part is probably how Jeongguk himself is moaning, the sound muffled because he’s fucking eating Taehyung out, holy shit. Taehyung’s spine feels like it’s melting as he braces himself on the headrests of the front seats, throwing his head back as a loud cry leaves his lips.

“J-Jeongguk, fuck,” he says, looking over his shoulder as Jeongguk pulls away, and fuck. The sight of Jeongguk like that, cheeks bright red as spit trickles down his chin after rimming Taehyung is so stupidly hot. “Let’s—fuck, I want you inside of me.”

“Do you have lube?” Jeongguk asks, and please.

“Of course I have lube,” Taehyung replies, leaning forward and opening the glove box as Jeongguk leans back in his seat again, undoing his jeans and pushing them and his underwear down to mid-thigh. “Do you really think I’d take the time to dress up in a cheerleader outfit for you and not bring lube?”

Jeongguk doesn’t say anything as Taehyung settles down on his lap, dropping the lube and the pack of condoms by his side. Taehyung’s hand instantly goes to Jeongguk’s dick, curling around it and giving it a few pumps that make Jeongguk bite down on his bottom lip as he stares right into Taehyung’s eyes.

“Fuck, babe,” he says, looking up at Taehyung as his hands grope his ass, kneading the flesh. The touch alone is obscene because of how greedy it is, but the way in which Taehyung responds to it, pushing his hips back against Jeongguk’s palms—that’s far worse. “You’re amazing,” he adds, leaning forward to kiss Taehyung’s neck. “Doing all of this for me—fuck, you’re the best.”

Taehyung moans a little, loving how he can feel Jeongguk’s cock twitch in his hand. It brings him back to that night in the stall, to the feeling of Jeongguk pulsing under his grip—God, if he didn’t need Jeongguk’s cock in him right about now he would be getting on his knees for him again. It’s not his fault he loves sucking dick, and Jeongguk happens to have a pretty nice one; thick enough to make Taehyung’s jaw ache, just like he likes them.

“Kiss me more,” is what Taehyung replies, his filter completely gone. He can’t bring himself to be embarrassed about his total lack of self-control, not when Jeongguk’s lips are brushing up the column of his throat, making him squirm and wish for more, more more—he wants everything. “Gukkie.”

And so one of Jeongguk’s palms leaves his ass and goes to his head, cradling the back of it and pulling Taehyung in for yet another kiss. This one makes his toes curl in his sneakers, because Jeongguk is kissing him with such ferocity and intensity Taehyung is sure his lips are going to bruise. Taehyung gasps when Jeongguk bites down on his bottom lip, parting his lips even further to the point it’s lewd. He feels his whole body on fire as Jeongguk sucks on his tongue, but then there’s a chill running down his spine when Jeongguk’s own tongue plays with the piercing on his, and fuck—what the fuck does Jeongguk do to him? Why does his body respond to him so easily, like it’s been waiting forever to be touched by him?

He can’t hold back his sound of complain when Jeongguk’s mouth leaves his and makes its way down to his neck, pressing open-mouthed and wet kisses that quickly turn into nibbling. Despite his initial opposition, Taehyung finds himself melting at the way in which Jeongguk’s mouth works red marks onto his skin, making Taehyung’s hand tighten around his cock again after his grip turned slack for a few minutes. Taehyung jerks him off with renewed vigor now, the thought of Jeongguk leaving hickeys on his skin turning him on more than it should. Maybe he just likes being a show off, wants everyone to know that he’s having sex with his super hot boyfriend.

Jeongguk moans against his neck when Taehyung digs the thumb on his slit, a fat bead of pre-come leaking from the tip. Taehyung actually pulls away when that happens, albeit just enough so he can marvel at the way it slides down the underside of Jeongguk’s cock that stands hard and swollen.

“You want me that much?” Taehyung asks, a teasing smile on his face. When Jeongguk just grunts, he collects the pre-come on his index, bringing to his mouth. “Hmm?” he hums around it, making eye contact with Jeongguk. His eyes turn glassy as he takes in the sight of Taehyung licking his pre-come from his own finger, cherry red lips wrapped obscenely around his digit.

“You’re going to be the death of me,” Jeongguk replies, lolling his head back into the headrest and burying his face on his hands. His throat is exposed like this, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows thickly, skin glistening a little with sweat. The sight does things to Taehyung, who leans forward and kisses his neck.

Taehyung is messy. His kisses are wet as they travel up Jeongguk’s neck, going to his jaw and to his earlobe to play with his piercings. He takes his time as he snakes his hand between their abdomens again, jerking Jeongguk off as he kisses everywhere. He wants to explore all of Jeongguk’s body with his mouth, taste all of him with his tongue, but their tendency to fuck in constricted spaces is making it difficult; first a stall, now a car—what’s gonna be next?

“T-Taehyung, holy shit,” moans Jeongguk as Taehyung’s pumps on his dick turn a little more erratic, his hand wet with pre-come and his own spit to make the slide easier. “I don’t want to come just from this. Come on, let me finger you.”

Taehyung wants to tell Jeongguk that it’s completely fine to come from a handjob, but the thing is he’s not gonna say no to the offer of having Jeongguk’s deliciously long and thick fingers inside of him. So he nods, reaching for the lube and drizzling some in Jeongguk’s hand, who is quick to coat his fingers with it.

It’s reached the point where Taehyung knows he’s totally biased, but he swears there's something magic about Jeongguk's fingers. It's the way in which they seem to reach all the right places inside of Taehyung, in which they have him gasping and asking for him to add one more, Jeongguk, goddammit.

By the time Jeongguk has three fingers inside of him he's ruthlessly thrusting them inside of Taehyung, who is riding Jeongguk's hand with a gaping mouth and a tight grip on Jeongguk's shoulders. His cock feels to constricted inside of his jockstrap, so with one shaky hand he grabs his dick and pulls it out, peeking from the skirt and staining it with pre-come. Jeongguk moans at the sight, staring at it with hungry eyes.

“Look how wet you are for me, hyung,” he grunts, making Taehyung tremble as he thrusts straight into his sweet spot. “What a pretty cock for a pretty doll.”

“Baby, please,” Taehyung begs, not finding it in himself to last for much longer if they keep this up. “Fuck me, Jeongguk.”

The words seem to switch something in Jeongguk's demeanor, whose previous patience disappears as he hurriedly gets his fingers out of Taehyung and reaches for a condom. His fingers are too slippery to tear open the foil package, so Taehyung takes it in his hands and opens it, sliding it over Jeongguk's cock and making him groan in the process. Then, just because he really can’t get enough of Jeongguk's dick, he squirts more lube on his palms and slicks him up with both his hands, leaning forward to kiss him deeply while he does so.

It's Jeongguk the one who gets impatient now, squeezing Taehyung's hip with urgency and giving him a pleading look when they break apart. Taehyung, who not only is naturally compliant but also really fucking needs this, is quick to wrap one of his arms around Jeongguk's shoulders, guiding Jeongguk's cock to his entrance after he positions himself.

“Do it,” Jeongguk says, hands travelling to the exposed skin of Taehyung's waist. “Tae, please.”

Taehyung sinks down onto Jeongguk's cock slowly, feeling it go inside inch by inch until he's fully inside. He gives himself a minute to adjust, to get used to how thick Jeongguk is before he starts fucking himself in his cock. It burns a little, even if Jeongguk has fingered him thoroughly, but Taehyung loves the feeling of it—this is how he likes to be fucked.

“So big,” he babbles, rolling his pelvis a little as Jeongguk's hands settle on his hips. “Love—fuck, love how big you feel inside of me, Jeongguk.”

And he really does love it. Jeongguk's dick drags deliciously against his walls, making him increase his pace in order to get more of it, whatever that means. Maybe he does mean Jeongguk inside him, maybe it's more about the way it makes him feel—sex is good, but sex with Jeongguk? And not just because he has a nice dick, but because he's Jeongguk. That's fucking mind-blowing.

“You're so tight around me, babe,” Jeongguk says, and his voice sounds so strained it makes butterflies fly in Taehyung's stomach. “F-fuck, you—ngh.”

“Eloquent,” replies Taehyung, burying his head in the crook of Jeongguk's neck. He knows that if he tried to form coherent sentences he would be no better, but it's no secret he likes to tease Jeongguk.

For that same reason he rolls his hips painstakingly slowly, so slowly it doesn't feel anywhere near enough, not even to him. Jeongguk is staring at him fixedly, pleads written all over his face, and that's way too fucking hot for Taehyung to hand it. He loves the playfulness of sex with Jeongguk, even if it's only the second time they're doing this.

The sight of Jeongguk looking up at him with want all over his face, eyes glazed and lips parted makes him dizzy. Taehyung buries his face in the crook of Jeongguk's neck, pressing noisy kisses that make Jeongguk clasp his waist tighter. Soon enough, he starts timidly bucking up into Taehyung, his cock dragging inside of him deliciously.

Needless to say, their slow and controlled pace doesn't last for too long. They both need more than that, and so, Taehyung's hip rolls turn into straight up bouncing as he feels himself get closer and closer. Jeongguk thrusts into him frantically now, groaning in the back of his throat as his hands go down to Taehyung's ass. He slips his palms under the jockstrap, the thin straps settling over his wrists as he cups Taehyung's asscheeks on his hands.

“G-God, Jeongguk,” Taehyung moans, hips faltering at the feeling of being spread out like this with Jeongguk's cock still inside of him. He wrinkles the fabric of Jeongguk's t-shirt in his fists, eyes shutting close at the feeling of fullness.

“Look at me,” Jeongguk says, and when Taehyung doesn't he repeats, “Look at me, Taehyung.”

And Taehyung does, eyes falling on Jeongguk and taking in the sight between them—the red of his eyes, the black of his dilated pupils, the pink dusting his cheeks. He feels a new kind of fire in his loins when he sees Jeongguk look like that just for him. The thought of being able to make the younger, always so composer and indifferent, look like that just because of him makes Taehyung fuck himself more vigorously on his cock.

“I want you to look at me when I make you come,” Jeongguk says then, wanton moans slipping from Taehyung's mouth at the confession. “Fuck, you make me so crazy, Taehyung.”

Taehyung catches Jeongguk's lips in a kiss, and maybe there's too much teeth and Taehyung's bottom lip stings when Jeongguk bites down on it, his tongue soothing the pain away. His hands clutch at Jeongguk's neck, getting closer and pressing their chests together. It's then that Jeongguk's cock brushes against his prostate, making Taehyung hiss into the kiss.

“Right there,” he pleads, not being able to stop his nails from scratching red, angry lines on Jeongguk's nape. “I—fuck, Jeongguk. Just like that, right there.”

Jeongguk moans, ducking his head down to suck a mark on the base of Taehyung's neck. Taehyung is going crazy with the way in which Jeongguk's hands hold his ass firmly, pushing him up and down on his cock each time. Reached this point, Taehyung can only pant and moan as he melts under Jeongguk's touch, his limbs feeling like jelly.

“Come for me, baby,” Jeongguk encourages, one of his hands stroking down Taehyung's thigh before wrapping around his cock. Taehyung tenses at that, tightening his hold around Jeongguk's neck.

“Kiss me first,” Taehyung whines, blindly reaching forward looking for Jeongguk’s mouth. He lands his lips on Jeongguk’s nose first, making him giggle—albeit it sounds oddly strained—before they’re finally kissing again. It’s more of them moaning in each other’s mouths, not really a kiss. Taehyung’s hand tangles in Jeongguk’s hair and tugs at it, making him hiss and turning his thrusts into needier, more erratic ones.

There’s something about this, about Jeongguk fucking into him when he’s dressed like this that makes him feel like he’s on fire. He was afraid he would look ridiculous with these clothes on, made for bodies curvier than his. But right now—he feels sexy, in a very different way from previous experiences and times when he’s felt particularly confident. He thinks it has a lot to with the look of utter adoration and fascination on Jeongguk’s face when he first saw him. Just thinking about it makes a chill run down Taehyung’s spine, his back arching and bringing him impossibly closer to Jeongguk’s body.

“Gonna come,” Taehyung warns as Jeongguk jerks him off. He’s a little overwhelmed—Jeongguk’s palm still holding tight onto his ass, his cock fucking inside of him, his thumb digging on the slit of Taehyung’s dick. “Oh, oh, Jeongguk.”

The moan Taehyung lets out when he comes is obscene, a distorted cry of Jeongguk’s name as he thrusts up against his prostate once again. Taehyung’s body tenses for a moment, clenching so hard around Jeongguk he almost has trouble to move for a moment. But then Taehyung is going limp in his arms, whimpering into Jeongguk’s neck as he keeps fucking him through his orgasm.

“So tight, doll,” Jeongguk babbles, now desperately chasing his own orgasm. Taehyung moans at the oversensitivity, muffling his sounds on Jeongguk’s clad shoulder. “Fuck, I’m gonna—”

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence, spilling inside the condom with a loud moan that Taehyung swears will be in the rest of his wet dreams for what’s left of his life. His hands, now both holding on the exposed skin of Taehyung’s waist, right over the hem of the skirt, hold onto him so tight Taehyung is sure it’s gonna bruise—not that he doesn’t like it, anyway. After that, they both go silent, their pants the only sound in the car as they try to catch their breath.

“Hey,” Jeongguk says, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s shoulders, dropping a feather-light kiss to the crown of his head. “You okay, babe?”

Taehyung hums, nodding, before he presses a chaste kiss to the column of Jeongguk’s neck. “We should clean up,” he says, looking down at himself and the come stains on his abdomen and skirt. If he wipes those away quickly enough, then they won’t be hell to clean up. “Hold the condom in place.”

Jeongguk obliges, grabbing the base of his cock with two fingers as Taehyung slides off it carefully. He feels upsettingly empty now, and the lube on his crack and between his thighs are starting to feel slightly gross. He reaches to the front of the car again, taking a pack from the glove box and dropping it by Jeongguk’s side.

“Baby wipes?” Jeongguk asks, a teasing tone to his voice. “Tae, these are for babies’ asses.”

“Well, they’re for my ass and I am your baby,” Taehyung replies as Jeongguk opens the package, taking one of the wipes. “Now clean me up.”

And Jeongguk does, gently wiping Taehyung’s ass and legs clean, tickling him a little, even. He also gets rid of Taehyung’s come from his skin and skirt, making sure he’s all clean. When he’s done, Taehyung sits on his lap again, Jeongguk giving him a puzzled look. “What are you doing?”

“Taking care of my beloved boyfriend,” Taehyung replies, beaming at Jeongguk as he gets another wipe from the package.

“You don’t have to,” Jeongguk says, looking a little embarrassed. He hisses a little when Taehyung first wipes at his cock, still sensitive from just coming. “Ah, Tae.”

“Lube-slick dick in your underwear is no funny business,” Taehyung replies, punctuating his statement with a peck to Jeongguk’s lips. “Don’t be a baby.”

“I’m a big baby,” Jeongguk replies, pouting at him. Taehyung has always been a goner for pouts, but if they’re coming from Jeongguk and his babyface then he’s especially weak. Besides, with the lip ring it looks extra cute, in an odd way.

“That’s right, my big baby,” Taehyung replies with a smile. “Now—I think you should get your pants up and I should get back to my clothes, don’t you?”

“I like you in those clothes,” replies Jeongguk as Taehyung lifts himself from his lap, effectively pulling his jeans and underwear back on. When he’s done buckling his belt, he wraps an arm around Taehyung’s waist, pulling him in his lap again. This time, Taehyung is not straddling him again, but rather sitting on Jeongguk’s thighs with both his legs to one side. “Will you wear them again for me?”

“All you have to do is ask,” replies Taehyung, bopping Jeongguk’s nose. “I kinda like them, too.”

“I’m still not over your tattoos,” Jeongguk comments, making Taehyung laugh. “Remember when during our first date you said you were anticipating my reaction when I saw them? All I’m gonna say is wow.”

Taehyung chuckles, his heart feeling fuller because of the praise. He didn’t know he liked compliments that much until Jeongguk started flattering him, really. “So I guess you like them,” he replies, lifting one of his eyebrows at Jeongguk.

“I do,” Jeongguk confesses. “I really like tattoos, overall, but yours are, well—they’re hot. Very.”

Again, Jeongguk’s bluntness makes Taehyung giggle. “Do you really like them that much? I didn’t notice any on you, so I never thought you were an enthusiast.”

“No, I really love tattoos and I want to get one, but…” he shrugs. “I’m still unsure about what to get. My mother doesn’t really like them and she has always been adamant on not getting any unless they have any special meaning, but I wouldn’t like to get the things that have a special meaning for me tattooed—I mean, names of people who are special, or of places. That’s not my style.”

“Then fuck it,” Taehyung replies, simply. “It’s your body. Tattoos can be made just for aesthetic, or for fun. Do you think the bows under my ass have any meaning?”

“They mean your thighs are a gift,” Jeongguk replies, making Taehyung snort.

“What’s your style?” asks Taehyung there, feeling curious. It seems like this is something Jeongguk has given a lot of thought to, and he probably even has some options in mind.

Jeongguk’s tongue darts to wet his lips before he replies. “I like pretty things,” he says simply. “Floral designs, mostly. I think they’re pretty.”

“And they’d look even prettier on you,” says Taehyung, a soft smile on his lips. “Do whatever makes you happy.”

When Taehyung looks at Jeongguk, there’s a mischievous glint in his eyes that just makes him anticipate what he will say next. He definitely wasn’t ready for Jeongguk to reply, “You make me happy.” And wow, that alone makes Taehyung’s stomach feel like it’s full of butterflies. “Can I do you?”

Taehyung just rolls his eyes at him, fondly, even if he’s melting inside.

You make me happy.


“You should get your belly button pierced.”

Jeongguk’s suggestion diverts Taehyung from his phone and towards the boy lying between his parted thighs, who was blowing raspberries on Taehyung’s exposed tummy less than one minute ago. Taehyung didn’t think any of it when Jeongguk stopped tickling him with his breath, turning to run one of his fingers down Taehyung’s navel. But clearly, Jeongguk’s mind was working while an oblivious Taehyung innocently scrolled down his Instagram feed.

“Pardon?” he asks, a little surprised by how sudden the suggestion was. “Belly button piercing?”

“Yes,” Jeongguk says, resting his chin on Taehyung’s abdomen and looking up at him. Taehyung doesn’t complain, even if Jeongguk’s chin is bony and digging into his belly a bit uncomfortably. “A belly button piercing. It would look so good with your soft tummy.”

“I don’t know about that,” Taehyung says, not feeling too confident. “Most people with belly button piercings have toned stomachs. I think that’s the appeal of it.”

Jeongguk rolls his eyes exaggeratedly. “That’s such bullshit,” he replies, “You would look so good, putting all those toned stomachs to shame. So hot, too.”

Taehyung hums, giving himself a minute to picture it. It certainly could look nice, and if he didn’t like it, piercings aren’t anything permanent—he could take it out. And even if a small scar was left, it’s not like that’d be too bad; his tummy is a hidden area, and he very rarely shows it. And even so, he doubts anyone (but Jeongguk) would get close enough to notice.

“I think…” he starts, watching Jeongguk fidget with his lip ring in anticipation. “I think it could work, yeah.”

“So you’re gonna do it?” he asks excitedly. “Oh my God, that’s so nice—did I tell you Hoseok has a parlor? If you want, I can call him to make an appointment right away, he—”

“Easy there, boy. I’ll get one with one condition,” he states, Jeongguk frowning a little at him.

“What is it?” he asks, sounding suspicious.

“I’ll get a navel piercing, if…” he starts, “if you get a tattoo.”

Jeongguk pouts, but this time Taehyung doesn’t fall for it. He extends his hand at Jeongguk, raising an eyebrow at him that asks Deal?

He wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t because he knows that Jeongguk wants that tattoo. And if he didn’t, then he has the choice to not get it—Taehyung’s navel piercing is not a necessity, it’s not like he’s in any way under the obligation to accept the deal. Still, he nods determined and gives Taehyung’s hand a sturdy shake.



What Jeongguk wants, Jeongguk gets. And it’s not because he’s spoiled, but rather because he’s persistent to the point he sometimes can seem a little stubborn. Jeongguk wanted to get in Taemin’s dance crew? He showed up there with no advanced dancing education and left them with their mouths hanging open. Jeongguk wanted to date Taehyung? All he had to do was attend the basketball games and look pretty in the stands until Taehyung noticed him. Jeongguk wanted Taehyung to get a navel piercing? He made an appointment in Hoseok’s parlor so Taehyung could get the piercing and he could get his first tattoo.

“This is a date,” Taehyung announces as they walk in the direction of Hoseok’s parlor, their joint hands swinging in between them as they walk. “A cute, romantic date so you can finally look like the bad boy I deserve.”

“That’s so mean,” Jeongguk replies, giving Taehyung’s hand a squeeze. “And sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ll be getting a flower tattooed. Definitely not bad boy material.”

“Follow your dreams, Jeonggukie. You can be a bad boy too, if you try hard enough.” Jeongguk laughs by his side, which only encourages Taehyung to keep sputtering nonsense. “Repeat after me: I’m a bad boy. Say it!”

“Taehyung, shh!” Jeongguk shushes him, still laughing. “There are people on the street, they’re gonna think we are into some kinky shit.”

“And aren’t we?” asks Taehyung. “I bought a skirt, a crop top and knee highs just for you. That’s somehow kinky,” he adds, which only leads Jeongguk to shush him again.

Soon enough, they make their way to the parlor. Taehyung is introduced to Hoseok, who despite the sharpness of his jaw and the look of intimidation by how full of tattoos his neck and arms are, happens to be a ray of sunshine. He works with Namjoon, Taehyung learns, another of Jeongguk’s friends who will be handling Jeongguk’s tattoo while Hoseok takes care of his piercing.

“I’m glad you convinced Jeongguk to do it,” Hoseok says once they’re in an independent room, sterilizing Taehyung’s skin with a cotton pad. “He’s been wanting one for so long, I’m sure this is just the little push he needed.”

The piercing is done soon enough, and although it hurts a little, it’s nothing Taehyung can’t handle. Hoseok runs him over the steps he has to follow for it to properly heal, and Taehyung wonders what Heeyeon’s reaction will be when he tells them he has to skip practice for a week because of a piercing. He better make up some believable excuse. Of course, they’re done way before Jeongguk, and before paying his boyfriend and Namjoon a visit to the other room he talks for a while with Hoseok.

“So you have any tattoos?” the elder asks conversationally. “I’ve noticed some ear piercings and the tongue one, but no tattoos.”

“I do, actually,” Taehyung replies, and Hoseok’s interest seems to be piqued. “But they’re hidden.”

“Oh?” Hoseok asks, laughter in his voice. “Somewhere sexy?”

Very sexy,” Taehyung replies with a wink. Then, just because, he adds, “Jeongguk likes them a lot.”

“I’m sure he does,” Hoseok replies, smiling fondly. “Do you want to see whether Jeongguk is handling the pain well or if he’s crying?”

Turns out Jeongguk is doing alright. The four of them spend quite some time in there, talking with Hoseok coming and going whenever another customer comes by. When Namjoon’s done he gives Jeongguk a small mirror so he can look at the design on his arm, his eyes glistening like a kid’s on Christmas morning. He thanks both of them over and over again, gets mad when they try to convince them that both the tattoo and the piercing are on the house.

When they’re coming back, Taehyung rants to Jeongguk about how he hates all the treatment to deal with the healing, how it’s always the part he hates the most about piercings and tattoos.

“At least I have an excuse to skip practice,” he replies, “since I can’t do physical activities that jeopardize the healing process.”

Jeongguk frowns at that, looking like he wants to ask something but is unsure whether he should or not. Taehyung elbows him in the ribs, convincing him to speak his mind.

“It’s just…” he starts, playing with his lip ring as they step inside Taehyung’s dorms. “When you say physical activities that jeopardize the healing process, sex is not included, right?”

In that very moment, Taehyung is torn between bursting into laughter and smacking Jeongguk. Instead, he just says, “I can’t believe you’re like this, Jeon Jeongguk.”

As they keep walking to his room, a voice inside Taehyung’s mind says, and that’s how you love him.

“There’s only cup ramen left,” yells Jeongguk from his kitchen. “Do you want that or do we order something?”

“Give me your laptop and we can order chicken,” Taehyung replies. Only when Jeongguk appears in the living room again, laptop on his hands, does he add, “I have a craving.”

On Saturdays, Jeongguk’s apartment is for them, and it’s been this way ever since they started dating three months ago—first weeks were they refused to ask the other out not included. The days Taehyung enjoys the most are the ones like this, when there are no games and the both of them can just laze around all day together. Taehyung has been here since morning today, and he has no regrets. He’s wearing the baby pink hoodie that Jeongguk gave him that day (the same one he has now claimed as his), and he’s been more comfortable than ever, snuggled up by Jeongguk’s side all day. So yeah—no regrets.

He sits cross-legged on the couch now, Jeongguk sitting by his side with his chin hooked over his shoulder so he can see what Taehyung is ordering. “I want a burger and nuggets,” he says, Taehyung humming and adding one of each to the shopping cart as Jeongguk kisses his shoulder as a thank you. “Also, order some coke for me, there’s only that shit you drink that’s left.”

“Excuse you, cranberry juice is delicious,” Taehyung replies, feigning offence. When Jeongguk tries to wrap an arm around his waist and press him closer Taehyung pushes him away, saying, “No! I can’t receive affection from a cranberry juice anti, I won’t tolerate this.”

But Taehyung is weak, and even before the food comes they’re both all wrapped around each other again, sharing languid kisses that really have no hidden intention behind them except for just being pressed together as much as they can, mouths included. Jeongguk steals from Taehyung’s spicy wedges and Taehyung ends up having more of Jeongguk’s nuggets than Jeongguk himself, which makes Jeongguk trap him under his body and tickle him as he helplessly lies on the couch, kicking the air behind Jeongguk, who is settled in the middle of his thighs. Eventually, Jeongguk’s tickles turn into kisses against Taehyung’s neck, bruising and wet, and soon enough Taehyung is arching off the couch and pressing himself against Jeongguk.

And of course, it’s right then that the door to Jeongguk’s apartment opens, Wonwoo and his own boyfriend appearing in the living room before Taehyung and Jeongguk have the time to get their hands off each other.

“Fucking in the living room?” Mingyu asks, raising his eyebrow at them. “That’s nasty.”

“What are you doing here?” Jeongguk growls, Taehyung smacking his arms for the lack of manners.

It’s then that Wonwoo pipes in, saying, “Oi, don’t be rude to my boyfriend. And I forgot my charger, so we came to get it so I can spend the night at Mingyu’s.” Then, when Taehyung least expects it, he adds, “And fuck in the bedroom, like normal people do.”

“Too much information,” replies Jeongguk, as if they hadn’t walked on them one minute away from grinding on each other on the couch.

It’s only a few moments later that Wonwoo’s voice calls from the kitchen, “Taehyung, what is this shit doing in our fridge again?”

“Piss off!” Taehyung replies. He’s forgetting about those manners he hit Jeongguk for, but after all, Taehyung is the eldest of all of them. “It’s the only drink I can bring without you two stealing it as soon as I walk out of the door.”

Jeongguk, who is petty as hell, says in a poor imitation of Wonwoo’s voice, “Don’t be rude to my boyfriend,” making Mingyu laugh.

“But you just—” starts Taehyung, but then suddenly there’s a palm over his mouth and Jeongguk bringing his finger to his lips, silently shushing him. Taehyung raises his eyebrows.

I love you, Jeongguk mouths at him, making Taehyung’s cheeks heat up as Jeongguk beams and lets go of his face. When he does, Taehyung turns his head around a presses a kiss to the inside of Jeongguk’s wrist, mouthing something too and hoping that Jeongguk understands.

I love you, too.


One of the cutest, most adorable things Jeongguk does for Taehyung is picking him up from practice. It might seem like a very small gesture, but to Taehyung it’s incredibly sweet. He loves to get out of the gym and see Jeongguk waiting for him, usually scrolling down his phone until he sees Taehyung and a smile is painted on his face instantly.

Today is no different, Jeongguk loosely wrapping an arm around his waist as Taehyung greets him with a peck to his lips. “Hey there,” he greets, aware of the tiny, fond smile appearing on his face.

“Hi, babe,” Jeongguk replies, the endearment only making Taehyung’s grin widen. “Want to do something now?”

Taehyung is about to say yes, but then he remembers he was meant to accompany his roommate to exchange something in some store, so he shrugs, “I’m busy now. Maybe some other time?”

“Oh,” says Jeongguk, and for a fraction of a second a small frown appears in the middle of his eyebrows, but it’s gone as soon as it appeared. “What about tomorrow? Are you free then?”

“Nope,” Taehyung replies, and that expression is back on Jeongguk’s face. “Jimin and I are watching a movie.”

There’s a moment of tense silence, and that’s all the indication Taehyung needed that there’s something wrong. “Tae,” Jeongguk starts, and it’s not hard to tell his tone is purposefully soft. He sounds like he is about to say something Taehyung won’t like, and this is his way of making it better. “We haven’t spent time together for almost two weeks now.”

“Well,” replies Taehyung, now mildly annoyed. He doesn’t like Jeongguk blaming this on him—it’s not his fault he’s busy. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“It’s supposed to mean that it looks like you’re too busy for me these days,” Jeongguk says. “Whenever I suggest something, you’re always busy. But if I ask when you’re free, you say whenever. What am I supposed to make out of it?”

“You’re kidding me,” Taehyung says, tone plain. He tries to speak low, too, since some of his teammates still haven’t let. “Are you—what even are you implying?”

“I’m not implying anything, I think I’m being pretty direct here.” Taehyung scoffs. “What?”

“I’m busy, Jeongguk. I have things to do.”

Jeongguk raises his eyebrows. “Oh, really? Because to me it seems like you’re only busy when it comes to me. Since you’re always doing stuff with your friends—or well, anyone else who isn’t me.”

“And hasn’t it occurred to you that maybe it’s because they ask me first and I’m actually free then?” Taehyung asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

“I’m just saying—” Jeongguk asks, features twitching in annoyance. “I’m your boyfriend. It would be nice if you remembered I exist and gave me fucking two hours of your time, but it seems like to you I’m just like everyone else. Do I have to phone two weeks earlier so you give me a tiny space in your busy schedule?”

“Jeongguk, stop,” Taehyung says. For some reason this is making him anxious. This is the first time he’s had a fight with Jeongguk, not some petty discussion that ends up with one of them hugging the other to muffle his complains and pepper his face with kisses. “Saturday is our day. We’re meant to spend Saturday together.”

“Yeah, yet last Saturday I only got fifteen minutes of your time because of the stupid party, so that’s not really an excuse,” Jeongguk says. Before Taehyung can reply, he adds, “And you say it like spending Saturdays with me is an obligation.”

“You’re—you’re fucking paranoid, Jeongguk,” says Taehyung, watching Jeongguk raise his eyebrows disbelievingly. The fact that Jeongguk thinks that he’s purposefully avoiding him makes him angry, and being angry makes him say things he later regrets. That’s how he ends up saying what he does next. “My whole life doesn’t revolve around you, Jeongguk, get over it,” he spits, voice full with venom.

He regrets it the moment he sees hurt take over Jeongguk’s face. He has seen a lot of Jeongguk during the almost four months they’ve been together, but this is new. The worst part is he looks so vulnerable like this, so open—it takes Taehyung one second to regret it, but his pride is holding him back from apologizing immediately.

“I’m not asking for your whole life to revolve around me,” Jeongguk says, and now he sounds defeated—all the aggressiveness and annoyance on his voice are gone now, and he sounds like he wants to hide. “I just—never mind. I better go now.”

He turns around to leave, and Taehyung calls, “Jeongguk.” He doesn’t expect Jeongguk to comply to his every wish and need, doesn’t expect him to come back running the moment Taehyung calls his name, but his heart breaks a little when Jeongguk doesn’t even turn around to look at him.

Taehyung looks down at his feet, blinking to get rid of the tears that are welling in his eyes now. Is he really about to cry in the middle of fucking campus?

Get a grip, Taehyung, he tells himself. The most infuriating part is that the reason why they fought is so stupid, something that could have been solved with a short conversation and a promise to spend more time with him. He hates that Jeongguk seems to believe he dreads the time they spend together, and the last thing he wants is for Jeongguk to feel that way about them. His chest feels unexplainably tight now, and God, he feels like if he tries to speak his voice will break.

He shakes his head, tightening his hold on the strap of his bag and walking back towards his dorm. If he’s going to have a breakdown, might as well go back home before it starts. He just wants Jeongguk back, but for now, going home will have to suffice.


“I just miss him a lot,” Taehyung says, repeating himself for what must be the twentieth time this evening. Seokjin runs his fingers through his hair, nodding understandingly, and God—how does he have so much patience? Taehyung wants to kick himself, he doesn’t want to know what must be going through Seokjin’s head. “I think I fucked up for good.”

“That’s not true, Taehyung,” Seokjin insists. He has been hearing a lot of that over the past two days—because he has been complaining about it a lot—but what else are his friends supposed to do? He knows relationships go through their ups and downs, but the look in Jeongguk’s face right then—God, Taehyung is terrified this is the end. “Have you tried talking to him?”

“I doubt he wants to talk to me,” Taehyung replies. If Jeongguk didn’t even turn around to look at him before leaving, it’s hard to believe he’d hear Taehyung out. All he wants to do is apologize—for the things he said, for making Jeongguk feel like he’s not one of the most important people for him, if not the most. But he’s so scared, so scared that if he goes to talk to Jeongguk, he’ll break up with him for good, that we won’t forgive him.

It’s then that Seokjin asks, “Taehyung, what happened exactly?”

Taehyung sighs. Until now, whenever someone asked about the details of the fight he shrugged it off, said he didn’t want to talk about it. But now he needs to get it off his chest, so he tells him everything. He doesn’t leave any detail out of it, because he knows Seokjin will be honest with him despite being his friend, so he wants him to know the full story. When he’s done his voice is cracking again and he wants to cry, the memories too bitter in his mind.

“Oh, Taehyung-ah,” Seokjin replies, and well, at least he doesn’t seem to think Taehyung is a terrible person. “That’s—well, that’s quite a lot for such a stupid thing.”

“I know it is,” replies Taehyung. “I just—do you think he’ll forgive me?”

“I just think you two need to figure out if you’re on the same page,” Seokjin says, and Taehyung frowns, not understanding. “Jeongguk doesn’t seem like he’s in for a casual relationship, you know? It sounds like you’re a priority in his life, and like he wants to be one in yours.”

“He is,” Taehyung says without a doubt. He’s had relationships and relationships, and he knows that Jeongguk is different. Jeongguk—well, let’s say Taehyung doesn’t want to get to know what life without Jeongguk is like after being with him.

“Then you need to show him,” Seokjin offers. “If you’re looking for something… more permanent, then you’re talking about the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. You don’t have to give everything up for them, but you need to put them over other stuff, sometimes. And if you haven’t properly spent time with him in the last two weeks, then you’re not letting him know he’s your priority.”

Taehyung swallows thickly, aware that Seokjin is right. Hell, he’s twenty-two—their parents were married by his age. What he wants with Jeongguk is something serious, and Taehyung hopes Jeongguk wants the same from him despite being younger. Perhaps it’s naïve of him, but he wants be able to picture himself growing older next to Jeongguk, maybe getting married and forming their own family if the law ever allows it. But for that, he needs to talk to Jeongguk first.

“I—you’re right, hyung,” he says, nodding. “I’ll talk to him. Just give me some time, but I promise I’ll talk to him. And I’ll let him know how much he means to me.”

Seokjin smiles at him, understanding. “I know you will, Tae. I know you will.”


It’s Saturday, which means Taehyung has to go to the gym and pretend that he doesn’t feel like there’s a hole in his chest for the next two hours. He knows Jeongguk won’t be there, but he still looks around, scanning the whole room looking for him. His teammates are quick to realize and ask, and when Taehyung lies and says that Jeongguk is busy, Jimin, who knows the truth, sends him a worried glance.

He kindly rejects the invitations to the party once the game is over, since he doesn’t really feel like going. Jimin makes sure to hug him tightly before leaving, as well as telling him boys are trash, Taehyungie, and earning himself an eyeroll from Yoongi. His roommate is unsurprisingly enough gone, so he changes into one of Jeongguk’s hoodies he forgot once he visited—the one he has been wearing since the day they had the fight now four days ago, but who’s counting—and makes himself some chocolate milk, ready to bury the feeling of emptiness in Netflix and Jeongguk’s scent.

But then someone knocks on his door, and Taehyung frowns. Literally everyone goes to Kibum’s parties on Saturdays, so either something happened or Jisoo forgot his keys and came back before it was too late. Taehyung gets out of the bed, untangling himself from his blanket and making his way to the door—

—only to be left out of breath when he opened it. Before him, beanie on as usual and the most pitiful expression Taehyung has seen on him, stands Jeongguk. Taehyung has no words for a moment, having trouble to believe Jeongguk reached out to him first despite what Taehyung told him. He swallows thickly.


“Hi, hyung,” Jeongguk starts. “We need to talk.”

And God, didn’t Taehyung miss the sound of his voice. It’s been less than a week, yes, but after Jeongguk becoming a permanent presence in his life, the sudden cut really made things hard for him. He missed Jeongguk’s voice, his face, the way his touch makes him feel, the feeling of his lips against Taehyung’s. He missed how raspy his voice is in the mornings before it goes back to its usual sweetness, missed his silly texts and overused memes. He missed Jeongguk.

“We do,” he agrees, determined to speak things through civilly—determined to fix what’s wrong, if that’s what Jeongguk also wants. “Come in?”

Jeongguk looks so in place in Taehyung’s dorm, and Taehyung hopes he now feels as comfortable as he grew to be. Taehyung tilts his head in the direction of his bed, signaling Jeongguk to sit there. “You’re wearing my clothes,” Jeongguk points out, something Taehyung didn’t really think Jeongguk would point out. He’s feeling a little embarrassed, but if Jeongguk is willing to bring up something like that, that must be a good sign, right? He hopes it is.

“I just missed you,” he says, so brutally honest he surprises himself. “I missed you a lot, Jeongguk. I’m so sorry.”

“No, I am sorry,” Jeongguk says. “I can’t—I can’t ask more of you than you want to give, Taehyung. You’re right, you have your life and I can’t—”

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung gently interrupts, yet he still manages to make Jeongguk stop talking. “You’re not asking for too much. I just didn’t understand to which extent I was committed to you—we were committed to each other. But I—” he takes a sharp breath. “I love you. And right now, I’m positive I want to spend the rest of my life with you. God, that probably sounds creepy to you, doesn’t it? I’m babbling, but you’re my first priority right now, and without you… I don’t even want to think about the possibility of there being a future without you in it.”

When Taehyung musters the courage to look at Jeongguk again, the younger is blinking rapidly, and it takes Taehyung a few seconds to realize he’s crying. He’s about to ask what’s wrong, afraid he said something wrong, but then Jeongguk starts talking.

“God, I was so ready for you to tell me I was moving too fast tonight,” Jeongguk replies, laughing. Taehyung is confused, but the sound of Jeongguk’s bubbly laughter makes him smile, too, his heart feeling lighter. “I wanted to tell you that—that you’re important to me, that I don’t want to lose you. That I love you. And I was ready for you to tell me that’s not what you were looking for, and I—God, Taehyung, I’m so happy.”

Taehyung smiles, using his thumb to wipe the tears streaming down one of Jeongguk’s cheeks. He doesn’t need to ask—he knows they’re happy tears. Still, he wipes them away with his fingers first and then with his lips when he kisses the saltiness away from Jeongguk’s face.

“Oh God, don’t cry, Jeongguk, please,” Taehyung says, laughing because of how happy he feels. “Just listen to me—I said horrible things, Jeonggukie, and I regret all of them. I regret hurting you, I regret not showing you how important our relationship is to me.”

“Taehyung—you’re already forgiven, oh, Christ,” says Jeongguk, fidgeting like he doesn’t know what to do with his hands. “Just—come here, fuck.”

Before Taehyung can figure out what Jeongguk means by that, there are hands on his cheeks pulling him in for a kiss. It starts playful, with their smiles pressed together as they giggle in the other’s mouths. But soon enough Taehyung is reminded of yet another thing he missed dearly about Jeongguk—his kisses. Laughter turns into urgency, and soon enough Taehyung is being pulled into Jeongguk’s lap, his hands gripping greedily at Taehyung’s thighs.

“I. Missed. You. So. Much,” Taehyung says, each word punctuated by an open-mouthed kiss. “You have no idea.”

“I think I can imagine,” Jeongguk replies teasingly as his hands slip under his own hoodie, holding Taehyung’s waist.

There’s neediness and urgency, but it’s still not rushed. They take their time rediscovering the other’s body, and one would think it’s been years and not days since the last time they saw each other. They undress slowly, peeling away the clothes of the other’s body so slowly, so gently, marveling at each new patch of exposed skin as if it were the first time.

Soon enough, they’re both naked and Taehyung is lying on his back, Jeongguk settled in the middle of his parted thighs. Jeongguk has both their cocks in his hands, and is jerking both of them together as he grinds down against Taehyung.

“More,” Taehyung breathes out. He wants more—he wants everything. He doesn’t want Jeongguk to fuck him, he wants Jeongguk to make love to him. As cheesy as that sounds. “More, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk sighs shakily, leaning down to press a trail of kisses all the way down from Taehyung’s jaw, paying special attention to his tummy, nibbling and kissing the tender skin. Taehyung holds his breath, stomach quivering as giggles spill from his mouth. Jeongguk’s breath fans over his skin.

It’s not hard to figure out what Jeongguk’s intentions are when he holds the back of Taehyung’s thighs, pulling him further on his back and spreading his legs, exposing his hole. Taehyung gasps when Jeongguk leans forward and kisses the puckered hole, making him clench around air. “Cute,” Jeongguk has the nerve to comment, and Taehyung scoffs. Cute, he says.

He doesn’t even have to ask Jeongguk to give him what he wants, because then he’s leaning forward again and licking at his rim, making Taehyung hiss. God, call him sentimental, but even if sex with Jeongguk is always mind-blowing—well, this is something else entirely. Jeongguk is making him come undone as he fucks him with his tongue, his thighs trembling to each side of his head. He’s arching off the bed, moaning Jeongguk’s name, tugging at his hair—Jeongguk’s good, so good. Maybe Taehyung is a little bit sentimental and what just happened is making everything much more intense for him, but the way in which Jeongguk is making him feel now is something he’s never experience before.

Familiar as he is with Taehyung’s dorm, he doesn’t need to ask where the lube is. He leaves Taehyung for ten torturously long seconds before he’s back sucking at his rim. If Taehyung thought Jeongguk eating him out was good, then Jeongguk eating him out while he fingers him open is really something else. He slowly pushes one finger inside of Taehyung while still lapping at his hole, then two, then three. He’s making him feel so good, like he was born to have Jeongguk finger him open like this.

Taehyung moans loudly when Jeongguk finds his prostate, and Jeongguk—Jeongguk moans, resting his forehead against the back of Taehyung’s thigh before he presses a kiss to one of Taehyung’s ass cheeks.

“I’m ready now,” Taehyung says, clenching insistently around Jeongguk’s digits. “Please, please. Fuck me. Make love to me.”

Jeongguk’s movements turn clumsy for a moment, almost as if Taehyung’s petition caught him off guard. “God, you and your damn mouth,” he says fondly before he kisses Taehyung again. “Let me grab a condom—”

“Wait,” Taehyung timidly says, holding Jeongguk’s wrist. “I’m clean. So, if you are too and you’re down for it we can… skip the condom.”

Jeongguk seems stunned for a moment, but then he nods. “I’ve never done it without a condom,” he says, and Taehyung smiles. “Fuck, this is—I can’t believe you’re letting me do this.”

“Well, you better believe it, boy,” he says, Jeongguk smiling at him. “Now, less talking and more fucking, yeah?”

Jeongguk laughs, but he still lubes himself up quickly. Soon enough, he’s all slicked up and the head of his cock is pressed against Taehyung’s hole. Jeongguk looks at him while he slides inside of him, so, so slowly it makes Taehyung’s toes curl. Once he’s settled all the way in Jeongguk leans forward, giving Taehyung a moment to adjust while he kisses him.

“God, you’re so perfect to me,” Jeongguk says against his lips, making Taehyung whine. “So, so perfect.”

Sex without a condom is not so different, generally speaking, but maybe it’s because of what it symbolizes that makes Taehyung like it infinitely more. He feels closer to Jeongguk this way, both emotionally and physically even if the barrier between them was mere millimeters thick. Again, it might be because of the events that took place prior to this, but he feels everything more deeply now, like each one of Jeongguk’s thrusts is a whole new world of unknown pleasure to him.

“I love you,” Jeongguk says, repeating it each time he fucks into Taehyung. “I love you, I love you, I love you so much, Taehyung. Fuck, I—”

“I’m all yours,” Taehyung replies, digging his nails in the naked skin of Jeongguk’s shoulders. He feels powerless now, waves of pleasure washing over him and freeing him of the little brain to mouth filter he had. “And you’re all mine, and mine only.”

“Yours, only,” Jeongguk repeats. He kisses Taehyung, deep and wet, and then he rests their foreheads together before adding, “Yours, always.”

And right then Jeongguk thrusts up against his prostate, making Taehyung tighten the hold of his thighs around Jeongguk’s waist. Jeongguk groans, hips faltering at the way Taehyung clenches around him now that he’s continuously hitting his sweet spot. He grips at Taehyung’s thighs tightly, moaning on his ear.

Jeongguk’s hand curls around his cock and strokes him fast, not stopping until Taehyung is coming and painting both their chests white. After that and with how tight Taehyung’s walls are around him, it doesn’t take long for Jeongguk to come, doing so with a loud moan of Taehyung’s name.

They lay just like that for a few moments, after that. Jeongguk cradles Taehyung’s face and kisses him before pulling out, and when he finally does, his come leaks from Taehyung’s ass and down his thighs, Jeongguk catching it on his fingers before it touches the covers, wiping them clean on his own thighs.

“This is so messy,” Jeongguk comments, Taehyung humming in response. “We need to go clean up.”

“Later,” Taehyung replies, tugging at Jeongguk’s arm so he lies down beside him. “Now stay here with me for a little while.”

Jeongguk curls his arms around Taehyung’s waist and buries his head in his hair, making it easy for Taehyung to nuzzle against his neck. Now this is what heaven must be like.

“I’ll stay here with you forever,” Jeongguk says, so low and timidly that Taehyung almost misses it.

Taehyung knows that Jeongguk keeps his promises. And even if that’s a long time, Taehyung doesn’t feel scared. Not at all.

Forever. He hopes it’s true.