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Tony was going to be the death of Steve. Bucky too, of course, or at least probably, but Bucky was more used to this sort of thing, this sort of---thing. That Tony was doing. With his mouth. And a--a--lollipop .

Bucky had been teased and chased by girls and guys for years before the war. He was used to the flirty, dirty things girls did with candy and drinks that were meant to get a fella thinking about… about that. So Bucky. Bucky would have been fine with this.

But it was gonna be the death of Steve.

He was literally barely keeping it together, sitting at the kitchen table, so hard in his pants he was sure there would be a wet spot on the front of his khakis if he stood up. So he definitely wasn't standing up and he thought he would die if he kept sitting there but what else could he do?

Because Tony, his sweet, perfect boyfriend Tony, was sitting primly on the counter chatting with Natasha, his legs kicking the air innocently, laughing over something she said, and sucking on a lollipop like it was the best thing he'd ever tasted.

A big one too, one of those multi colored, swirled, eight or nine inch things you only got at candy stores or fairs.

And right now, Tony's perfect little pink tongue was lapping up and down the damn thing, his lips looking sticky and sweet as he sucked on the end and every few seconds he'd give a little sigh and lick his lips before putting a few inches of it in his mouth and---

And Steve was going to die.

“Hey Tasha.” Bucky's low voice broke the spell for just a moment and Steve breathed a sigh of relief as his other boyfriend came in the kitchen. “Heya, Tony.” The brunette all but pushed Tasha out of the way to lay a kiss on Tony's upturned lips. “How you doing, sweet thing?” His voice dropped into that soft rumbly purr thing he saved just for Tony, and it always worked, because Tony wiggled happily and kissed him again.

“Hey baby.” Tony nodded over towards Steve. “I'm almost done with Tasha, hang out with Steve for a minute, okay?”

“Whatever you want.” Bucky dropped into the chair next to Steve, letting his left hand rest heavily on his thigh. “Hey honey.” He whispered and Steve blushed a little.

It had only been about six weeks now, since he and Bucky had decided to stop tiptoeing around the obvious and just give in to the sexual tension between them. And of course, it wasn't a secret that both of them were head over heels for Tony and had been for close to a year, so it had seemed perfectly natural and absolutely right for them to ask Tony out as well.

Tony had been… well, eager wasn't exactly the right word. Ecstatic? Thrilled to death?

Well anyway, he had been screaming yes and nearly climbing them to kiss first Steve and then Bucky as hard as he could, pulling at their clothes and basically herding them towards his bedroom before they had even finished their carefully prepared and lovingly worded speech about how much they would love it if he would be willing to share himself with both of them. In fact, Steve had gotten to the words “we both want you and love you and would like to--” and Tony had smashed their mouths together and was already reaching for Bucky.

And it was good between them. Soft and sweet and loving. Steve and Bucky took turns with Tony, never willing to overwhelm him, going slow so they wouldn't hurt him. Honestly, next to them, Tony was small and needed to be handled so gently. So they never were both with him, that would be way too much, no they just worked it out so they each got alone time with Tony, with the other coming to bed as soon as they were done to snuggle and cuddle and make sure Tony was comfortable. When it was just Steve and Bucky, things were a little more intense, but Bucky always treated Steve like he was gold, and it was always good.

And maybe Steve wanted a little more sometimes. Maybe he wanted to push into Tony hard and fast and maybe sometimes he wanted Bucky to just throw him down and make him scream, because he wasn't that ninety pound kid anymore, and he could definitely take it, but oh man it was so good like this between them.

Bucky was always careful not to overwhelm Steve, since up until they had started dating, Steve had been a virgin. And in turn, they were both careful to never push Tony's boundaries.

It was perfect. Careful and soft and... perfect .

But then, Bucky's hand squeezed Steve's thigh hard , pulling him from his thoughts.

“Buck?” He asked, cautiously, because none of them were very big on showing physical affection publicly and-- “ Bucky.” Steve hissed when Bucky's hand moved up his leg, heading towards his crotch.

“What the hell is Tony doing?” Bucky's words were barely more than a whisper, honestly barely more than a moan, and Steve's eyes snapped back to their boyfriend.

He wanted to whimper then, because Natasha was talking animatedly about something as she made a sandwich and Tony was making agreeable little noises as he listened, but those noises were kind of muffled by the two-three-four-five-six inches of lollipop disappearing between Tony's lips as he stared right at his boyfriends and fed the candy slowly into his mouth, so instead of “ yes ” noises and “I agree ” noises, they were more “ mmmm ” noises and Steve… Steve might have whimpered.

Which was fine, because Bucky had slouched into his seat and spread his legs wide and sort of… growled? under his breath, and let his left hand curl up and around Steve's cock, rubbing him through his pants and Steve bit at his lip until is was bleeding so he wouldn't shout.

“This isn't right.” He mumbled, and thank god for super soldier hearing because he barely had to make any sound at all and knew Bucky could hear him.

Bucky absolutely heard him, but didn't stop, if anything, he pressed harder than before, and Steve wrapped his hand around Buckys wrist and tried to pull him off but it was futile-- that left arm of his was impossible to move and Steve kind of didn't want to move it anyway, considering how it was his dick that was held in silver fingers.

Tony was still watching them, letting the sucker rest on his tongue and doing a lazy thrusting motion into his mouth so the top of the sucker pressed into his cheeks, looking obscene and good and when Steve snuck a look at Bucky, that usually pale skin was flushed red and Bucky was licking his lips and shifting in his seat and staring right back at Tony like he was challenging him to keep going.

So Tony smirked and spread his legs until they could both see the bulge in his tight suit pants, and without even missing a beat, Tony leaned his head back against the cupboard behind him and tilted his chin up and started pushing that fucking lollipop down his throat, and this time he absolutely moaned as he did it, and Steve's hips jerked helplessly when Bucky pressed his palm against him and started rubbing quickly, and when Tony's eyes closed as the last inch of candy passed his lips, Bucky leaned over and bit into Steve's neck gently, then pressed his lips to his ear and come for me Stevie, come for me come on .

And Steve put his head down on the table so he could muffle his gasps in his arm and came hard, pouring wet into his pants, his fingers digging into Bucky's wrist as he stroked over him, coaxing every last bit from him until Steve was wrung out and trembling and Bucky switched to stroking his thigh to bring him down.

Tony pulled the sucker from his mouth with a satisfied little sigh and hopped off the counter. “Ready Tasha?”

“Ready.” Natasha didn't even give the two soldiers a second glance, looking completely unaware of what had just happened.

Tony however, very obviously adjusted himself in his pants and sent Bucky a wink before following Tasha from the room.

Fuck .” Bucky shoved his chair away from the table and grabbed Steve, all but forcing him to the floor. “Your mouth Steve, open up.”

“God dammit.” Steve gasped, but didn't have time for much more than that because Bucky had loosened his pants and lifted himself free, stroking over his cock roughly a few times before threading his left hand through Steve's hair and pushing him down. “Bucky-- mmmmmph .” Steve opened as wide as he could and let Bucky feed that thick cock between his lips until he was bumping against the back of his throat.

“Fuck Stevie that's good . Hold on for me, nice and wide and--” Bucky thrust up into his mouth and Steve tried to relax around him running his hands up Bucky's thighs in encouragement, because this--oh this was good to feel Bucky lose a little control with him and just take . So Steve hollowed his cheeks and tightened his lips around Bucky and let him fuck through his mouth, running his tongue over the every ridge and across the head when Bucky withdrew enough to smear his lips with precome before shoving back inside. And damn sucking Bucky off beneath the kitchen table was so much hotter than Steve ever thought it would be, and he spread his legs wider as he started hardening again and Bucky groaned low in his throat.

“Are you getting hard again?” He rasped. “Damn Steve how come I ain't fucked your mouth before, how come I've never seen how good you can take me?” He always slipped back into that Brooklyn accent, that lazy roll of his words whenever he was turned on and Steve loved it, loved it, so he tried to open wider, tried to relax his throat, let Bucky take as much as he wanted until with a barely muffled shout, Bucky was coming down his throat, holding Steve's head down in his lap until he was done and Steve could pull off, gasping for air.

“Holy shit.” Bucky almost fell out his chair, onto his knees in front of Steve and kissed him hard. “Honey, that was-- that was--- fuck that fucking lollipop what the fuck was Tony doing to us. So sexy how you came in your pants, sweetheart, just a fucking mess, you're so fucking beautiful.”

Steve laughed a little and tucked Bucky's head against his chest. “Language, Buck.”

“No.” Bucky shook his head but didn't pull away because even though he was always a top, after sex he always wanted to be held and there wasn't anything better than being held by Steve. “No.” He said again. “You don't get to scold me on my language when you have a mouth like that. Fuck.”

He said it again, just for emphasis, and Steve dropped a kiss onto his head. “Tony is trying to kill us.”

“Well, it's working.”

“I don't know what he was thinking.”

“I liked it.” Bucky mumbled. “Let's go take a shower. Nobody needs to walk in on us under the table.”

“Damn.” Steve's face flamed red and Bucky chuckled.

“Come on honey.”


“You done messing with those poor boys?” Natasha asked as soon as they made it out of the Tower and into the backseat of the limo, taking a bite from her sandwich and shooting Tony a dirty look.

“I'm just eating my lollipop.” Tony said defensively and she rolled her eyes.

“No, you're deep throating that lollipop and that's unfair. Especially since you're leaving with me and can't help them out.”

“Maybe if they weren't so boring in bed, I wouldn't have to resort to tricks like that to make them notice me.” Tony said with a sniff, and Tashas jaw dropped.

Boring? I'm sorry. Two super soldiers head over heels in love with you are boring??”

“They are Catholic boys from the forties.” Tony pointed out. “Or something. They went to church in the forties. Steve was a virgin up till six weeks ago. Bucky certainly wasn't, but they both treat me like I'm going to break. You know they refuse to be with me at the same time?” Tony huffed and sat back in his seat. “I have two holes, boys, use them.”

Natasha laughed until she cried, nearly screaming with laughter and Tony watched with an amused smirk on his face.

“So.” Tasha wiped her eyes. “So your idea is to what-- scandalize them into being adventurous?”

“I figure if I can get them to quit thinking with this brain--” Tony tapped his temple. “--and just give in to my overwhelming charm, then I won't have to have to awkward ‘I'm bored’ conversation two months into our relationship.”

“Oh.” Her green eyes sparked mischievously. “So when I want extra attention from Clint--”

“You do that scary kick thing and pin him down between your thighs?” Tony finished and Natasha laughed all over again.

“For the record, Clint loves to be pinned down between my thighs! But no, I was going to say, when I need extra attention from him I just visit my favorite lingerie boutique.”

Oh.” Tony's eyes lit. “ Yes. Silk.”

“And handcuffs.”


“And lingerie.”

“Flavored lube?”


“Happy.” Tony called. “We need to make a pit stop.”

Happy had heard the entire conversation and looked a little uncomfortable, but he smiled anyway. “Uh, yeah boss. I heard. Thanks.”

Tony and Natasha giggled in the backseat and Happy just rolled his eyes.

Life with Tony was always… interesting.