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The first time something happened between Steve and Thor, it was after a tough battle. The team had been scrambling to work together, to keep their heads about them, and it had very nearly ended in several civilian casualties.

It had been a bad day.

“Movie night. One hour.” Tony snapped as the team stumbled through the doors of the common area. “ Mandatory . Today was awful and we all need to reboot.”

“Sure thing, Stark.” Natasha agreed wearily, and looped her arms over Clint's neck. “Carry me.”

“I gotcha babe.” He picked her up easily and sent Tony a smile. “We will be back after a shower. Can I order pizza?”

“Whatever you want, bud.” Tony said instantly, and reached for Bucky's hand. “Shower for us too, soldier.”

“Sure thing, sweet thing.” Bucky drawled, and kissed Tony gently. “Cap, you want to pick a movie? We will be back in a few minutes.”

“Nobody likes the movies I pick out.” Steve argued good naturedly and Bucky made a face.

“Yeah. Me either. Thor's out too, he takes forever to decide.”

“Damn you guys.” Sam rolled his eyes and dropped his wing pack on the floor. “ will pick a movie. You guys go shower.”

He clapped Steve on the shoulder as he passed on his way to the movie room. “Take a load off Cap. You look tense.”

“Yeah.” Steve smiled, or at least he did until Sam left, then he let his shield drop with a thunk and sat heavily on the couch.

It was hard some days.

Hard to pretend like everything was okay all the time. Hard to pretend like he knew what to do with himself if he wasn't fighting. A soldier who couldn't fit into a world not at war.

It seemed to be getting worse lately, this feeling of not belonging. He didn't know why , and he didn't know how to make it stop, so he just sat on the couch with his head in his hands and waited to be called down to watch another movie full of references he didn't really understand and didn't really care about.

Bucky, of course, didn't understand them either, but he had Tony on his lap explaining things in a quiet voice in between kisses. It was adorable in a

borderline disgusting way.

Almost six months ago Bucky had stood up at the breakfast table and in typical, charming Bucky style, had announced that he would love nothing more than to take Tony out for a date, because he figured it would be rude to stare this much without at least buying him dinner.

Tony had blushed and stammered and then had just walked over and kissed Bucky square on the lips.

Bucky had swooped him up and carried him out of the room and they hadn't left the bedroom for the rest of the day.

Steve had been so happ y for his best friend, and at the same time, the saddest he'd been in a long time, because after finally getting Bucky back, Bucky just went and found someone else.

And Steve didn't have anyone.


Tony had reinforced the punching bags in the gym to withstand even Bucky's metal arm, so Steve knew he could pummel it all night without the seams splitting or the chains snapping. So Steve worked it hard, until sweat was dripping into his eyes and his shirt was sticking to his body, until his shoulders were starting to ache and he had punched through his gloves. And then he kept going, until his knuckles were bloody and bruised.

“Steven.” A concerned voice broke his concentration and Steve jerked around in surprise.

“Oh. Thor.” He started to wipe his hand across his face, but grimaced when he saw the blood, and Thor tossed him a towel. “What are you doing down here? Movie over?”

“Yes. Everyone was asking where you were.”

“Romantic comedies aren't my thing.” He explained with a shrug and a smile. “Thought I could get in a little more of a workout before bed instead.”

“Does it help?” Thor asked, tilting his head and Steve let himself look for a minute at all those muscles and that long blond hair.

Thor was...interesting in a way that he hadn't noticed with anyone else in a long time, and for the last several weeks thoughts of the demi god had filtered in and out of his mind. Steve always chased them away but they were getting harder and harder to ignore.

“Does what help?” He finally asked, and did he imagine it, or did Thor’s eyes light up a little when he caught Steve staring?

“Does this help to quiet your mind? Coming down here and trying your hardest to destroy a practice bag?”

“I don't know what you--”

“You know what I mean.” Thor left the wall and sauntered towards him. “I've seen the way you look in the heat of battle. You crave it, excel at it. And when the fighting is done you still need something to bring you down. Something to slow the blood rushing through you. Some bridge between battle and civility.”

“Oh.” Steve tossed the towel aside. “Yeah, I suppose I do. You're the same?”

“When we return from battle in Asgard, even just tournaments, we feast.” Thor smiled, remembering. “We feast and we drink and we laugh and yell and dance. To be so quiet after a fight is not natural. Not for men. Not for warriors . We need something to silence the noise in our heads. Drink is always the first choice.”

“I could handle a drink.” Steve admitted. “Except nothing gets me drunk, so it's a waste of my time to even try. Gave up years ago. If alcohol doesn't work on me, might as well just drink a water, right?”

“I have some Asgardian mead.” Thor said with a grin and Steve raised an eyebrow. “If it can get me drunk, surely it will do the same for you. Come up to my quarters, we can share a drink there. Toast to a successful fight.”

“Yeah.” Steve actually smiled. “That sounds good. Let me shower and--”

“No need.” Thor waved his hand in the air. “We are warriors , Steven. We do not need to be pretty and perfumed to be around each other. Come now.” He turned and left, giant strides carrying him out of the gym and halfway up the stairs before Steve caught up.

They didn't say anything else until Thor had pushed open the door to his huge suite. The only room in the compound with a fireplace, his living room was well lit and warm , and Steve was glad he'd stayed in his workout clothes instead of changing like he'd planned.

Thor retrieved the mead from his room and poured them each a generous share, motioning to the sofa and they both sat, sinking into the plush cushions, their knees knocking together.

“Slowly.” Thor warned with a twinkle in his eye, handing Steve a glass. “Cheers.”

Their glasses clinked together and Steve took a cautious sip, exclaiming in surprise at the rich thick flavor, taking a bigger drink and closing his eyes as the alcohol traveled down his throat, sitting warm in his stomach.

“Good?” Thor asked, and Steve relaxed back into the sofa, letting his head drop back.

 Good .”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, just sipping at the mead, then started talking about the battle. Quiet stories turned to louder stories and exclamations of “you definitely did not do that single handedly!” and it wasn't until Steve stood up to get some more drink that he realized he was even tipsy.

“Oh!” His knees gave out and Thor grabbed him before he slumped to the floor, laughing at him.

“Easy, Steven.”

“I'm drunk!” For whatever reason, that was completely hysterical, and Steve dissolved into helpless giggles. “I've never been drunk in my life! This is the craziest thing! Oh my god, I can't even walk! Thor I can't even walk !”

“You are quite the lightweight.” Thor said with a grin.

“I beg your pardon!” Steve tried to sound offended. “I weigh over 200 pounds! There is nothing light about me!”

The ridiculousness of his statement hit him hard, and he cracked up again, sliding off the couch and onto the floor. Thor's booming laugh joined his and they laughed until Steve was holding his sides, gasping for air, and Thor happily refilled his glass when Steve motioned for more.

“Bottoms up!” Steve cheered and Thor clinked their glasses together loudly before draining his. “Whoa.” Steve looked up at him from the floor. “I bet I could do that too.”

“Take it slow, now.” Thor chuckled. “I've been drinking this for hundreds of years.”

“Whatever.” Steve rolled his eyes comically wide. “I'm Captain America. I can take a shot!” He dropped his head back and pounded the glass of mead, wiping his mouth dramatically when he finished.

“Another!” He yelled and threw his glass at the wall. Thor absolutely roared with laughter and threw his glass as well.


But this time Thor stood up to get the mead, swaying just barely on his feet, and took a drink right from the bottle. He offered it to Steve with a raised eyebrow and Steve got to his knees and just opened his mouth wide.

Thor started laughing at him again and Steve punched his leg lightly. “Stop laughing and give me some!”

Thor carefully poured some into his mouth and Steve swallowed, smacking his lips loudly.

“You know--” even his words were starting to slur a little. “If Tony walked in right now he would have something embarrassing to say about how bad this looks.”

“I'm more concerned about how good it feels .” Thor countered, and took another long drink.

“Feels good.” Steve said quietly. “Feels like the first time I've relaxed in months.”

“You have been unhappy.” Thor observed.

“Lonely.” Steve confessed. “Feel like I don't really fit in with the team. Everybody has somebody except me.”

He was saying more than he should, the alcohol loosening his tongue, and his face burned in embarrassment as the words spilled out.

“I understand.” Thor said simply. “I too, am a warrior without a real war. Considered larger than life, and feel as if I do not fit in. I had the Lady Jane for a time, but she could not handle my life, the demands that being a Prince of Asgard and a god placed on my shoulders. You are the same.”

“But so is Bucky.” Steve argued. “And he and Tony--”

“Bucky is not the same.” Thor shook his head. “He was a different boy than you when you were children, a different type of soldier. You were frozen but he was woken and saw the world as it changed, even if just for the duration of his missions. In reality he has been in the world far longer than you, even if it is only recently he is Bucky again and not the Winter Soldier.”

“I guess.” Fairly surprised by how much Thor observed, but too tipsy to dive into it, Steve shrugged. “Well, either way I'm relaxed now so--”

“Then have another drink and keep relaxing with me.” Thor tilted the bottle down again with a suggestive leer and Steve laughed, opening up again and trying hard it to let anything spill.

But this time when he went to lick his lips, Thor bent down and kissed him for a long moment, his lips warm and soft, tongue slipping and twisting to taste every corner of Steve's mouth, before pulling away.

“Oh. You kissed me.” They broke apart and Steve stared up at him. “You kissed me.”

“I should apologize?” Thor asked hesitantly.

“Definitely don't apologize.” Steve was already climbing the couch to get closer, stopping just shy of Thor's lips.

“Um, another?”

“Another.” Thor agreed softly.



The Next Morning


Steve took a long drink of scalding hot coffee and closed his eyes against the pounding in his head.

He'd never had a hangover before.

Finally understood why everyone else was always cranky the morning after a party.

Thor walked into the kitchen, took one look at his expression and laughed softly. “How are you this morning, Steven?”

“Awful.” Steve took a smaller, careful sip of his drink. “Just awful.”

He watched Thor cautiously over the rim of his cup as the big blonde started grabbing random ingredients from the fridge and spice rack and mixing them together in a bowl.

He had woken up in Thor's bed early this morning, head pounding and mouth dry.

Thor had been passed out on the little sofa, looking uncomfortable as hell, still fully dressed. A quick check and oh thank god Steve was still dressed too. All he remembered was drinking, laughing a lot and Thor oh then Thor had kissed him. And Steve had kissed him back . And Thor had helped him to bed and then---

“Drink this.” Thor handed him a half full glass. “It will help.”

“Thanks.” Steve tipped his head back and chugged it, nearly gagging at the taste. “Well that was--”

“A sure fire way to be rid of a headache.” Thor lifted his own glass in a salute and pounded it just as fast. He rinsed both cups and turned to leave.

“Hey. Hey wait.” Steve said and Thor paused at the door. “Um, thank you. For last night. For helping me relax. I didn't realize I needed to unwind and--”

“Aren't we friends, Steven?” Thor asked and Steve swallowed hard.

“Well, sure.”

“Then no thanks is necessary. Anytime you need a drink and someone to talk with--” Thor let the sentence trail off with an easy shrug.

“And the--battle rush? When I need to come down or quiet my mind? Steve asked uncertainly. “Or when I'm lonely? What about then?”

Thor looked at him for a long moment, letting his blue eyes drop slowly over Steve's frame.

Then he took two big steps into the kitchen and framed Steve's face with his hands. “Human courting customs seem indirect and confusing to me, so I will just say this: I have found that the best cure for the rush of battle, is a warm bed and a lover spread out beneath me.”

Thor’s eyes darkened to a stormy blue. “The best cure for loneliness is a beautiful body above me. The fastest way to ease my mind is to be in the arms of someone I care for. I would enjoy you in all of those situations.”

Holy shit. Steve couldn't even reply, just stared, and Thor ran his thumb over Steve's bottom lip thoughtfully.

“I very much enjoyed hearing you laugh last night, and very much enjoyed our brief kiss. It would please me if you wanted to repeat our night together, it would please me if you wanted me to drive away your lonely, if you would allow me to ease your mind.”

“I--I think I'd like that.” Steve stammered. “For… the lonely. And laughing and--and--”

“Excellent.” Thor leaned down and brushed their lips together in the barest of kisses. “I want you, Steven.”

His voice dropped lower and a shudder ran through Steve. “It took every bit of my self control to let you sleep in peace in my bed all night. Don't keep me waiting.”

Then he was gone, headed back out to do whatever it was he did with his days.

Steve had to grab the counter to hold himself up because his knees had almost given out. Had to bite his tongue to avoid calling back for Thor and asking for another.

Hopefully, there would be time for that again, later.


Chapter Text

Steve literally ran into Thor as he rounded a corner in the compound, and landed flat on his ass, bouncing off the immovable bulk of the Demi-God.

“Steven.” Thor said with an amused smile, leaning casually against the wall and looking down at him. “I was looking for you.”

“Why’s that?” Steve shook his head, trying to clear the stars from his vision.

Running into Thor had hurt.

“After our last conversation, I had hoped to find you knocking on my door, anxious to cure your lonely in my arms.” Thor commented mildly. “And yet, it's been almost a week and I've barely seen you at all.”

“Sorry.” Steve mumbled, and Thor raised his eyebrows.

“Did I misread your answers the other morning? You seemed receptive at the time, but did you change your mind?”

“Wow, don't waste anytime getting right into it, do you?” Steve muttered, his face flushing and Thor’s lips curled in a smile.

“I told you I find human courting customs… confusing. A straightforward approach is better for everyone.”

“Yeah, I guess it is.” Steve started to stand and Thor reached down and yanked him to his feet easily, dropping his hand and giving Steve some space.

“It's not that spending time with you doesn't sound fun.” Steve said slowly. “I just… got a lot going on. Here.” He tapped his temple. “I can't handle a relationship right now, and I never saw the appeal of just hooking up and I don't know how far you wanted to---”

“Steven.” Thor held up his hand to silence him. “Wouldn't you think that I, as crown prince of Asgard, god of Thunder, and Avenger, also have much on my mind? Wouldn't you think that I too, would enjoy some peace of mind? You all assume that because I crave war and love to drink and eat that I am a simple man, and I am not.”

He tilted his head to study Steve.“When I sought you out, it was because I felt as though the two of us could ease each others burdens. We are very much alike, you and I, and finding someone who can ease both a mental and physical strain is not something to pass by.”

“Oh.” Steve blinked at him. “Thor, I'm sorry, I didn't think that you--”

“No one does.” Thor interrupted with an easy smile. “Just because I am a god does not mean I am not troubled by all the same emotions and worries that plague you.”

“I am not asking for a….” Thor thought for a moment. “A relationship or a commitment. I am simply asking for, and offering , the chance to share each other's burden. The chance to find some quiet in the presence of a kindred spirit. Whether tis an emotional embrace… or a physical one.”

Then his smile turned wicked. “Though I will admit to hoping for the latter.”

“I think I'd enjoy that with you.” Steve said quietly. “It's been a long time since I felt like I fit in anywhere and the other night with you….”

 Yes .” Thor’s eyes lit as they traveled over his body, and Steve suddenly wished he was wearing something better than a plain white t shirt and sweats.

“Will you come here then?” He extended his hand slowly, and Steve took it just as slowly. “Good.” Thor smiled and jerked him right up against his body.

 God.” Steve's eyes snapped shut when their chests collided, when their hips met, and he had to bite back a moan at how good it felt to get his hands on Thor, to clench his hands in his side and feel the muscles shift and roll beneath him.

“So have you decided then? Would you like to---” Thor's voice trailed off and he touched Steve's face gently, big fingers tracing lips and cheeks and jaw.

Steve couldn't help the soft whimper from his lips. “Ye-yes. Yes.”

“Ah. So, you are not immune to my physical charm after all?” Thor asked teasingly and Steve shook his head without opening his eyes. “Will you allow me to kiss you, then?”

Steve nodded, eyes still closed, and Thor laughed quietly before drawing him even closer and slotting their lips together in a long kiss.

Yes. Steve didn't even realize he was sighing, didn't realize he had wrapped that long blonde hair around his fingers and was tugging lightly until Thor went to lift his head to break the kiss.

“No.” He whispered and Thor didn't even respond, just pushed him against the wall and kissed him again, one thick thigh pushing it's way between Steve's legs, and Steve moaned, grinding down against it as his body went from lax to ready in just a few seconds.

Thor hummed in approval, feeling him respond and rocked into him gently, and Steve jerked in surprise feeling Thor hard against him.

“Did you not think my body would wake as well?” Thor asked, sounding amused, and pressed harder between Steve's hips. “Surely you wouldn't assume I am not affected by your beauty.”

Fuck. The moment went from sweet to hot just that fast and Steve could barely keep up. He didn't even remember the last time he'd gotten himself off and this oh this with a hard, hot body moving against him oh god it was good.

Thor.” Steve bit out, his head smacking back into the wall as heat poured down his spine, pooling low inside him.

He was very nearly dizzy as his arousal punched up another notch, and he rolled his hips against Thor’s thigh, a shaky sigh because the pressure was good and the friction was good and he could probably come just like this, just grinding down on that thick leg and--

Thor!” His voice rose a little when a big hand trailed down his back to grip his ass.

“Mmmm.” Thor rumbled. “I would like hear you screaming my name like that.” Covering Steve again, he thrust his tongue deep inside his mouth, tasting and licking over every bit of him.

 More .” Thor demanded and tapped Steve's jaw impatiently. “Let me in.” His voice had dropped into something nearly subsonic and each word vibrated through Steve's body as he opened wider, nipping at Thor’s tongue as it invaded his mouth.

“Room.” Steve mumbled as their tongues twisted and curled together, and Thor just shook his head.

“Right here. Want you right here.”

Room .” Steve repeated. “Please.”

Thor grumbled something about inconvenient and done before anyone noticed but lifted Steve right off the ground, directing his legs around his waist and backpedaled across the hall until he reached a door and opened it blindly, kicking it closed behind him.

“Oh my god!” Steve's eyes were suddenly comically wide and Thor laughed outright at him. “I don't think I've ever been carried.”

“Well,” Thor eased them down to the floor, laying heavy between Steve's thighs, never letting him unhook his legs from his waist. “I am quite adept at scooping up my conquests and carrying them off to my chambers. Perhaps it is something you should get used to.”

“Is that what I am?” Steve panted in between kisses. “A conquest?”

Thor pulled away, blue eyes serious. “No, Steven. Not a conquest. A prize .”

Steve didn't know what to say to that, but it didn't matter because Thor was kissing him again, hands tugging at his shirt impatiently until Steve leaned up so he could pull it off his shoulders.

He thrilled when Thor sighed softly, touching his chest gently for just a second. Then their movements were back to hurried , Steve ripping at Thor’s tank top, Thor pushing Steve's pants down his hips and--

“--good Christ!” Steve yelled when Thor's hand closed around him.

“If you are going to call for a deity--” Thor said with a wink and a wicked smile, but Steve was already thrusting into his hand, hips moving helplessly as Thor stroked him.

Yes, god yes I need this.” Steve stuttered, and tried to push his pants further down so he could spread his legs. “Please don't stop. Didn't realize how bad I needed--”

He was barely coherent, barely able to put a sentence together, strung so tight it couldn't possibly take much more than this to come, and oh when Thor twisted his hand just right, when Thor bit at his bottom lip, dragging it between his teeth, and god when Thor rocked against him, cock hard and thick and so big even still trapped in his jeans, Steve knew he'd be done just like this, with just Thors hands on him just like this just like this just like--

Steve bit his lip until it bled as he came, back bowing as his orgasm rushed through him, his fingers tearing into the carpet beneath him, a choked sob escaping his throat as he poured himself into Thor's fist, all over his own stomach.

Thor was talking softly to him, still stroking him slowly, bringing him down and through each wave of pleasure, until Steve tried to twist away when everything was suddenly over sensitive.

“Dammit.” He dropped his arm over his face to hide his eyes. “ Dammit , that was-- that was--”

“Why are you hiding from me?” Thor asked in concern, and shifted to his side, pressing light kisses to Steve's lips. “Was that not-- are you used to something different?”

“I--I--” Steve flushed dark red. “Finished so fast. Embarrassing.”

Thor looked down at him for a long minute, but Steve wouldn't move his arm to meet his eyes, so with a short sigh, Thor reached down and gripped Steve's cock again, making a satisfied noise when the super soldier bucked beneath him, cock hardening again almost immediately.

“I am pleased I can bring your release so quickly.” He murmured, and Steve peeked out from beneath his arm curiously. “It will be even more satisfying to bring you again and again and again.”

Oh .” Steve stared at him. "Yeah?" 

Thor wiggled his eyebrows invitingly. “Another, perhaps? I am considerably--” Thor pressed into Steve's hip, and color flooded his face again because fuck Thor was huge and still so hard and Steve was reaching for him, for the fasten on his pants before he could stop himself.

“Yes.” He moaned. “Yes, another.”

Thor growled in approval, reaching to help with his jeans but--

“Forgive me for intruding.” JARVIS’s calm voice came over the speakers in a low tone. “But Sergeant Barnes is heading this way looking for Captain Rogers. It might be prudent to continue this moment elsewhere unless you with the entire compound to know about this meeting.”

Fuck. Steve thought but “Thank you, JARVIS.” was all he said.

“Thank you, automated one.” Thor added  solicitously, and jumped to his feet, waiting for Steve to wiggle back into his pants before offering his clean hand to help him up.

“So.” Steve retrieved his shirt awkwardly, sliding it back on, wincing at the drying mess on his stomach. “So we should probably--”

“If Sergeant Barnes does not keep you overly long--” Thor interrupted. “Perhaps tonight you will knock on my door.”

“Yeah?” Steve asked, flushing. "You think?"

“We decided on another, did we not?” Then he lay a quick kiss on Steve's lips and left, and Steve barely managed to scramble behind the desk and pull some papers out like he was sketching when Bucky opened the door.

“Hey Stevie.” The soldier smiled. “Want to go for a run? Feel like we haven't done anything together in a few days.”

“Yeah, yeah that sounds good.” Steve forced a smile onto his face. "A run, sure." 

“What were you doing in Peppers old office?” Bucky asked as they headed out the door. “I didn't even know anyone used it anymore.”

“Oh, um just needed a quiet place to draw. Change of scenery, nice and quiet, you know.” Steve was the worst liar in the world, and he was glad Bucky wasn't looking at him as they walked.

“That's great. You haven't drawn in ages.” Bucky clapped his shoulder. “Change and I'll meet you downstairs.”

“Sounds good.” Steve waited until Bucky had disappeared down the hallway before leaning back against the door, and letting himself grin like a loon for a few minutes.

Because Thor .




“So, Bucky says you are drawing again?” Tony asked over the dinner table, and Steve looked up in surprise.

“Um not…”

“When I found you in Peppers old office.” Bucky prompted and Steve nodded quickly.

“Right. Yeah, I thought a change of scenery would bring some creativity...or something.” He knew he was blushing a little damn he hated lying and he definitely did not look at Thor, who was listening with an amused smile.

“That's good, Cap.” Tony said enthusiastically. “I know you said you haven't wanted to draw in a long time. I'm glad something has sparked it again.”

“Thanks.” Steve flushed a little more and looked down at his plate. He definitely did not look at Thor, whose amused smiled had slid into something affectionate and soft.

And man he tried so hard not to jump when a big foot slid under the table to rest against his own.

Who knew the God of Thunder played footsie?


Chapter Text

Do third dates mean sex? Steve thought to himself as he gathered his courage to knock on Thor's door. Not that their moments together were dates, but… kind of.

And just in case this was one of those times when a third date meant sex, Steve had taken a long thorough shower, blushing the entire time.

Pull it together Steve. It's just sex. People have... it...all the time. Just knock on the door. Okay.  Here goes .

He knocked firmly, and Thor nearly pulled the door from its hinges as he ripped it open eagerly, and if Steve wouldn't have been so nervous he would have laughed.

“Steven.” Thor's blue eyes were already dark with want , his broad chest bare, sleep pants riding low on his hips.

And Steve was absolutely helpless against staring at the biceps straining in folded arms, the overly defined chest, couldn't stop following the perfectly sculpted abdomen muscles with his eyes down to the sharp vee of Thor's hips and oh Thor was already ready, already hard , outlined as a thick ridge in his thin flannel pants.

“Are you only going to look?” Thor teased, “or will you come inside and give me something to stare at as well?”

Steve blinked, and then flushed and took the smallest step possible in to the room.

Thor rolled his eyes and simply pulled him inside with a quick jerk, locking the door behind him and covering Steve's mouth in a hard kiss, tugging lightly at his short blonde hair.

Thor's tongue pressed insistently at the seam of his lips, and Steve opened on a quick inhale, groaning low when Thor swept in to taste him, sucking lightly on the flexing muscle as it curled in his mouth.

Then Thor's hands were under Steve's shirt, yanking it over his shoulders and tossing it away before reaching for his pants and Ohhhh holy sensory overload.

“Thor-- wait--give me just a second.” he panted and Thor stopped instantly, even going so far as to step away to give him some space.

“What is it?” Thor asked, obviously concerned. “Steven?”

Steve took a deep breath. “Just… moving fast. I need a minute to process it all, yeah?”

“Apologies.” Thor offered with a grin. “We are moving quickly, and I am afraid I am swept away by you. You are correct, my friend. A drink, some conversation first. There is no rush, we have all night.”

“Yeah, um, thanks.” Steve took a shaky breath, and sank onto the couch, taking the glass of mead Thor offered with a grateful smile. “Sorry, I just--- it's been a while for me and it's... it's a lot all at once.”

“No need for apologies.” Thor assured him and knelt on the floor next to the couch, taking a long drink from his glass, sighing in satisfaction at the rich taste.

Steve took a sip of his own and just watched Thor for a moment, admiring each shift of all those muscles, the way the long hair caught the firelight. Even the way Thor's throat moved as he swallowed, the way his lips curved around the rim of the glass, his tongue flicking out to collect any spare drops.

Steve took another sip and then gathered his courage and parted his legs, motioning hesitantly for Thor to get closer.

Thor hummed and moved up between Steve's thighs, leaning forward to kiss him lightly. “Better?

Steve put his cup down and made a quiet sound of encouragement so Thor moved even closer, lengthening their kiss and letting his fingers roam and trace every inch of bare skin he could reach, up and down over Steve's body until the Captain was making a desperate sort of noise in his throat, nearly shredding upholstery so he wouldn't just reach out and grab .

“Come now.” Thor urged playfully, nibbling at Steve's bottom lip, mouthing down his jawline to his ear. “I think I'll be offended if you don't at least touch me when I am betwixt your legs and half nude.”

“Betwixt my legs.” Steve tried to laugh but it came out a little strangled, so he wrapping his arms around Thor’s neck and jerking him close, tilting his head so Thor would lick and bite down his neck.

“God, Thor I just want to--” Steve's mouth snapped shut and his face turned red as he tried to keep himself from blurting out the rest of his thought.

“Want to what?” Thor coaxed, pressing their foreheads together. “I consider myself a considerate lover, Steven, tell me what you want and I will do my best to give it to you.”

“No.” Steve shook his head in denial, not willing to ruin their moment.“No, this is nice, just like this.”

Thor leaned away completely and stared at him in confusion. “Tell me. Please. I've lived fifteen hundred years, Steve, there isn't anything you're going to say that will shock me.”

Biting at his lip anxiously, Steve's mouth worked as he tried to find the right words to explain what he wanted.

“M'not gonna break.” he finally mumbled, ducking his head so he wouldn't have to see Thor's reaction. “Want you to…want you to have me. Um, take me. I know I said to slow down, but--but---I want you.”

Silence for a minute, and then Thor's fingers tightened reflexively at Steve's thighs.“I was going to suggest that maybe this first time you be the one to--”

“Oh.” Steve raised his eyebrows thoughtfully because it had never occurred to him that Thor would be open to that sort of thing, but then he shook his head firmly. “Not tonight. I'd rather you be the one doing the um-- the um--.”

Thor ran his hands up and down Steve's legs thoughtfully. “When was the last time you were enjoyed by a man, Steven?”

“Uh.” Steve breathed a laugh. “About seventy years, give or take. I was young? It was before the serum, if that tells you anything?”

“I am…large.” Thor said slowly, meaningfully, and Steve flushed dark red. “But I will be careful with you. Gentle.”

“I don't want you to be gentle.” Steve said a little louder. “I can take it. I can. I can handle you. Please. You're the only one I think that can make me feel something other than…” he tapped his temple. “Everything that's up here. I can take it. Please.” His voice dropped. “Please don't be gentle.”

Thor's eyes flashed in anticipation and as they stretched out on the floor together, Steve could have sworn he heard thunder outside.


Oh fuck he was going to split in half.

Steve groaned, his eyes screwing shut as Thor entered him.

God it burned and the stretch was almost too much, even after Thor had spent so much time prepping him using copious amount of lube and opening him up with thick fingers.

“Almost.” Thor whispered, sounding like he was grinding his teeth as he forced himself to move slow “Almost.

Steve was ready to cry by the time the Demi-god was sat all the way inside him, but when their hips finally met all he could say was, “Oh my god . Thor you're so---” his whole body jerked when Thor shifted, and he dragged in deep breath as his body lit up with sparks. “Oh that's good. Christ that's good.”

“Yes?” Thor looked inexplicably pleased, and moved again, the barest thrust, making Steve's back arch in pleasure, his fingers ripping through the carpet.

“YES!” He shouted and then shouted louder when Thor dragged his cock from him, almost all the way out, then sank back in, stretching Steve open all over again.

“More.” When he could finally speak other than gasps and moans. “I can take it. I can take you, make me feel something. Come on, give me more.”

Thor rolled his hips in a slow motion and Steve nearly came undone beneath him, every little movement of that thick cock inside him pressing hard against a spot that had him wanting to scream .

“Come on.” He snapped impatiently and Thor pressed a long kiss to his mouth.

“Hold on.” Thor whispered as their lips parted. “Hold on to me and don't let go.”

Steve nodded and looped his arms around Thor’s neck obediently, holding tightly, and with one last kiss, one last reassurance that he would stop if Steve needed it, Thor snapped his hips forward, burying every inch of himself as deep inside Steve as he could go.

And Steve tossed his head back and yelled, so Thor did it again and again, in and out and god Steve was so tight around him it was addicting.

Each stroke sent flashes through Steve's body, every bruising thrust lighting him up and blanking his mind until he couldn't think at all, and all it was, was Thor inside him over and over and over, stretching him, filling him, pressed as tight as he could be.

Every time Thor withdrew Steve wanted to cry no because he couldn't handle the empty, and then he was full again, too full, so full it almost hurt , over and over and over again.

Oh then Thor lifted Steve's legs over his shoulders and Steve was just crying out for him, nearly sobbing, as Thor got to his knees, holding Steve's hips still, forcing them wide open to take him deeper.

Now Thor could stare down at where their bodies connected, could watch Steve's body take every inch of him, he could see all of himself disappearing in side that perfectly addicting tight , could see Steve's cock, hard and red and leaking, twitching and jumping against his stomach with each hard thrust, with each push of Thor's hips.

Steve didn't even know what he was saying, babbling yes yes Thor need this need need you oh god so full so big I forgot how good this could be and Thor gripped Steve's cock firmly, pulling a shriek from the beautiful blonde's lips.

“You're going to come first.” The demi-god instructed, his voice ragged, his breathing harsh and Steve's eyes flew open wide.

“Oh god yes yes need to come, please Thor please.”

“My name.” Thor growled. “Say it, say it again.”

“Thor.” Steve whispered.

“Louder.” Thor tilted his hips, adjusting his position in little movements until Steve jerked and shouted, and Thor grinned, thrusting faster, trying to hit that spot every time, watching Steve's face turn red, felt the tremble start in his legs as he started spiraling out of control.

“Thor!” He cried and Thor bent low over his body, hand still working over his cock, their lips almost touching.


A twist of his wrist, a tighter hold, small quick pulls over his cock and Steve was arching his back and screaming as he came.

Thor! Thor! Please! Oh my god oh my---” Steve covered his mouth with his hands so he wouldn't shout anything else, but his body shook clear through his orgasm, and Thor growled in approval, wringing every bit of pleasure he could from Steve's body, feeling the blonde trembling beneath him

“Yes.” Steve finally said, breathlessly, raw from screaming, the words slurring together in his pleasure. “Yes, take me. Take what you need.”

Oh it wasn't going to take long. Thor tilted Steve's hips higher, pushed his legs farther apart and took him hard, their hips slapping together, his fingers leaving bruises in Steve's thighs, traveling up to his waist to yank him back against his cock. Steve had never even softened, was still hard but the rest of him was boneless and he just moaned as Thor took everything from him with a relentless pace, arching his back and making aborted attempts to touch Thor, to bring him closer.

“So good....” he managed as heat started curling inside him again. “Ah Thor yesyesyes---”

“Inside you?” Thor asked, a desperate edge to his voice as he got closer to coming and Steve barely had time to nod before Thor bottomed out inside him with a roar, forcing Steve still as he came inside him.

Steve cried out all over again as his body dropped into a second orgasm, his cock spilling white, adding to the mess already on his stomach and god he could feel it, could feel Thor inside him, his cock pulsing and spurting and the feeling of fullness surprised him, and so did the come leaking out from where they were joined, dripping onto his ass and the back of his thighs.

Thor was breathing hard, shaking, and he collapsed onto Steve, letting the soldier take his weight for just a moment and Steve just clung to him, unwilling to let go quite yet.

“Thank you.” Thor rasped when he could talk again. “It has been a long time since I could be with someone and not worry about hurting them.”

“Thank you .” Steve countered, digging his fingers into Thor's hair and keeping the giant close. “It's been a long time since I felt like this.”

“Like what?” Thor bent and kissed him, brushing their noses together. “Hm?”

“Just good like this.” Steve whispered and then tilted his mouth up and added, “Another?”


Chapter Text

Didn't think my jaw could stretch that far. Steve thought as he pulled his pants back up over his hips and glanced over at Thor.

The big blonde was leaning against the wall, blue eyes closed, breathing hard, his pants still open and loose around his hips and Steve watched as he slid down the wall to sit.

“Steven.” Thor chuckled. “If I known you could use your mouth that well, we might have done this ages ago.”

“I could barely take you.” Steve argued, dropping onto the floor next to the giant. “I can't imagine it was that great.”

He had only been able to get half of Thor's cock in his mouth, and even that had been a struggle. Bucky had told him once (in an entirely embarrassing conversation), that Tony could take all of him without gagging and Steve hadn't appreciated how much of a feat that was until right now.

“Nonsense.” Thor waved his hand non committedly. “'Twas excellent. Besides, what is it you say? Practice makes perfect? I foresee much practice in our future.”

Steve chuckled, and Thor shifted so their shoulders were touching, so he could rest his hand on Steve's knee.

Another clandestine meeting in another random room, the third time in so many days, simply because they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

After their night together, Steve hadn't been able to stay away and Thor had had the same idea, so after sparring or practice or whatever the last few days they had disappeared into whichever room was closest to kiss and grope at each other, trying to get off as quickly and quietly as possible.

There had been no excuse this time--not amped up from sparring practice, not bored, none of that.

Thor had simply been walking to his room, carrying a chair over his shoulders to put in front of his fire and Steve had happened to step out of the elevator at that exact moment and all he could do was stare.

He could lift a recliner without breaking a sweat as well. He could also carry it down the hall over his shoulder as if it weighed no more than a small child. But to see Thor doing it, golden muscles shifting, the way his eyes lit up seeing Steve, the way his deep voice nearly vibrated when he spoke-- Steve couldn't help staring, he didn't even try to stop staring.

Thor had quietly informed him that he shouldn't look like that when a man's hands were too full to properly do anything about it and then the very next minute Thor had dropped the chair and Steve had opened a door in the hallway, yanking Thor through it and onto the floor with him.

Turned out the room was empty, just storage, and Steve had breathed a sigh of relief that it hadn't been someone's office like last time. It was much easier to not feel guilty when it wasn't someone's desk they were defiling.

They sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, lost in their own thoughts and the hazy afterglow of a good orgasm, until Thor wrapped his arm around Steve's shoulder and pressed a rough kiss to his temple, his beard scratching Steve's face.

Shave.” Steve complained, but didn't lean away and Thor just chuckled into his ear.

“I am afraid I look much less menacing without my beard. My dear brother said it best many years ago. I lost a wager with him and then I had to shave and I was repeatedly told how awful I looked.”

“Your brother, Loki?” Steve asked, titling his head curiously.

“Yes.” Thor’s voice dipped a little in sadness, as it did every time he talked about his younger brother, and Steve lay a comforting hand on his knee.

Thor laced their fingers together with a pleased smile. “Anyway Loki told me that without my beard I looked less God of Thunder and more Curator of Rainy Days. I wore a scarf for weeks until it had grown back in.”

Steve burst out laughing, picturing Thor wrapped in a scarf because he didn't want anyone to see his chin. “I hate how funny that is, because the thought of Loki makes me want to--”

“I know.” Thor interrupted with a quick nod. “One day, I hope my brother will redeem himself and return home. But until then, even the happy memories of him seem tainted.”

“You miss him.”

“Of course I miss him. He is my brother, whether our lineage is the same or not. Family is not simply bloodlines, Steven. Loki is family, and I consider this team family as well. The company and friends I have made here keep me from being homesick.”

“Family, huh? Does that make us kissing cousins, then?” Steve asked with a little smirk and Thor looked down at him, horrified.

“Not even in Jotunheim do they mingle bloodlines, royal or not. Certainly not in Asgard! Do not joke about such things!”

Steve couldn't help laughing because Thor was absolutely scandalized. “But if you and I are family, like you said, perhaps we should stop--”

A big hand clapped over his mouth, effectively silencing him. “I no longer consider you family, Steven.” Thor said gravely. “Therefore we should have no issue continuing these moments.”

“Are you sure?” Steve tried to make his eyes as wide and innocent as possible. “Because if I'm family then--”

“Cease!” Thor shouted and pulled Steve down onto the floor so he could press between his legs. “No more!”

Steve couldn't remember the last time he had laughed this hard, and once he could breathe again, he rolled his hips languidly, eyes lighting with desire. “No more, huh?”

“Perhaps one more.” Thor said begrudgingly, and kissed him firmly. “But no more talk of kissing cousins.”



“So I think I just saw something.” Tony dropped abruptly into Bucky's lap, pushing his book out of the way to make room.

“What do you think you saw, sugar?” Bucky asked, biting back a laugh because Tony was shameless about wanting attention and demanding it whenever he saw fit. Bucky knew better than to argue, so he just put his book down and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend.

“I think I just saw Thor and Steve come out of that storage room in the back hallway.”

“So?” Bucky shrugged. “What of it?” He nipped a light kiss onto Tony's neck, smiling when he shivered.

“It was Steve and Thor .” Tony emphasized, wiggling closer so Bucky could kiss him again. “What could they possibly want with the storage room?”

“Thor asked earlier if he could have that recliner for his room. Maybe Steve helped him get it.” Bucky offered, and tilted Tony's head back so he could kiss along his jawline, running his nose through the soft goatee.

Thor needed help with a chair?” Tony asked suspiciously. “That's your theory? The god of thunder needed help with a recliner? You have no better idea than that?”

Bucky sighed. “Alright, honey, what do you think is going on? Because I am too distracted by this bit of wonderful on my lap to think about Thor.”

“Am I wonderful?” Tony asked teasingly, blushing because good god he loved his soldier. “Anyway, I'm just saying, I can't think of any reason for the two of them to be in that room. Unless it's for the same reason that you and I go into that room.”

Bucky was silent for a minute, running his hands up and down Tony's back in thought, then--“Son of a bitch .” he jumped from his chair so fast that Tony went flying off his lap. “I need to talk to Steve right now.”

Bucky nearly ran from the room, only to come skidding back in, picking Tony up off the floor and kissing all over his face. “Sorry about that, sweet thing. I love you, got to go.” Then he was gone again.

Tony curled up in the chair and grinned, wondering if Bucky knew that was the first time he'd said ‘I love you.’



“Heya Stevie.” Bucky tried to sound casual, tried not to sound like he'd been running through the compound searching for him.

“Buck.” Steve was watching some old war movie and smiled up at him. “What's up?”

Bucky watched him for a long moment, shifting anxiously on his feet.

“Are you sleeping with Thor?” He finally blurted, then closed his eyes and cursed, because while tact and subtlety had never really been a strong suit of is, that had just been embarrassing. “What I mean to ask--” he started again. “--is have you and Thor started… something.”

Steve was just staring at him, his face pale and horrified. “Why would you-- why would you--”

“I'm sorry .” Bucky groaned. “Tony said something about seeing you two in the storage room and there's only one reason I could think of for two people to be in the storage room so I kind of panicked and---holy shit you are sleeping with him.”

Steve had turned just a spectacular shade of red, dropping his face into his hands and Bucky couldn't believe it. “You and--and Thor. Are you serious ? Since when?”

“I guess it's been two weeks by now.” Steve confessed. “Maybe pushing three.”

“Oh my god. I didn't believe it until right now.” Bucky climbed on the bed next to him, grabbing a pillow and holding it to his chest excitedly. “Tell me everything .”

Steve sent him a strange look. “Since when do you want to gossip about--”

“Since I started dating Tony and his nosy rubbed off on me.” Bucky punched him the shoulder. “Details. Actually you know what?” he made a face. “No details. Just at least tell me it's better than Edward.”

“I was sixteen with Edward.” Steve complained. “Of course it's better now.”

“Yeah well, I beat the shit out of that punk for not making it good for you. I can do the same for Thunderpants too.” Bucky scowled.

Steve grinned at him. “Sometimes you open your mouth and all I hear is Tony. Thunderpants ? I think your boyfriend is influencing you more than you think.”

“Don't change the subject, Stevie.” Bucky's light blue eyes softened. “Seriously though. I know you were with a few people during the war, but Tony says you haven't even looked twice at anyone since waking up. Says Tasha tried to set you up but the only one you came close to is Sharon and that--”

“Yeah that was a mistake.” Steve looked down. “Sharon was a mistake. It was just… almost Peggy and--”

“Hey, it's alright.” Bucky comforted him. “So this thing with Thor. Is it just because he's available? Or is this something real?”

“I don't know.” Steve admitted, running his fingers through his hair. “We got drunk together one night and he kissed me. And it was great. And we've… done other stuff now. And it's great. He's… great.”

“Well we have established he's great’.” Bucky said dryly. “So you like; him then.”

“A lot. More than I expected to.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” Steve hesitated. “I mean there's more to him than a hammer and a loud laugh and that ridiculous competitive streak. And I really like what else is there.”

“And um…” Bucky looked insanely uncomfortable. “When you guys are together, he is…?”

“He's good to me.” Steve hurried to assure him. “I'm always… happy. Always taken care of.”

“Well then.” Bucky cleared his throat. “Good talk.” He punched Steve's shoulder again and headed for the door.

Steve shook his head, laughing because after all these years Bucky still resorted to arm punching and incomplete sentences when it came time for serious talks.

But then his friend turned around and dove right back into the bed, wrapping Steve in a big hug. “You've been alone too long.” He said gruffly, messing up his hair fondly. “You think I don't notice cause I've got Tony, but I've seen you. Seen the way you look sad. Glad you aren't lonely anymore, Stevie.”

Steve hugged him back, then pushed him off the bed. “Get out of my room.”


Chapter Text

Steve sipped at his coffee, eyes closed, head pounding.

It had been a rough morning already and the sun was barely up.

He had just gotten through the door from his usual five am run, and both Agent Coulson and Director Fury had been waiting for him in the conference room, ready to rip into him for the previous days mission.

What had started as simple surveillance with Sam over a suspected weapons cache in South America had rapidly deteriorated into a firefight that had ended with several people dead.

A blip in intel had given the guerrilla fighters a heads up that a surveillance team was going to be in the area and they had been ready and more than willing to send the small plane dropping from the sky, holes punched in it's fuselage, Sam and Steve diving out and scrambling for cover.

The screw up hadn't been Sam’s fault, and definitely not Steve's fault, but the ruling officials were screaming for blood and recompense and SHIELD wanted to take their pound of flesh from Steve.

So he had stood in parade rest and let Fury yell until his one good eye was bulging, shouting about how ridiculous it was that Steve couldn't manage a single mission without blowing something up.

Had stood in parade rest and let Coulson sigh in disappointment, shaking his head and adding comments in with that always soft, somehow grating voice of his.

Had stood in parade rest with his jaw clenched and hadn't said a damn thing until Fury had exhausted his litany of curse words, and Coulson had had his soft spoken, razor edged say.

Then he had stomped upstairs and banged on Thor’s door.

 Steven.” Thor was surprised to see him. “Welcome home. How was the---”

I just got back from getting my ass handed to me by Director Fury.” Steve interrupted. “Tell me no, and I'll leave but I really need to--”

Thor had just pulled him inside and shut the door, pushing Steve up against it.

The big man had dropped to his knees and yanked Steve's running shorts down to his ankles, taking as much of Steve's cock as he could, slurping and licking until it had hardened in his mouth. Then he had backed off, looped Steve's fingers into his long blonde hair and sat back on his heels, nodding in permission.

God Steve had fucked into Thor's mouth as hard as he could, pushing every bit of frustration into every thrust, pulling at that long hair until Thor's eyes watered, but the Demi god had just shoved a hand down his own pants and stroked himself hard and fast.

And when Steve banged his head against the door and came pouring thick and hot down Thor's throat, Thor had come all over his own fist, his groans muffled around Steve's cock, unwilling to move until Steve was ready to push him away.

Then Steve had just left , pulling up his shorts and basically fleeing the room.

And now he was embarrassed.

Mortified actually. Mortified that he had even thought to use his friend and teammate like that.

Horrified that Thor had let him.

Beyond upset with himself for leaving right after he had come.

Steve wasn't sure what they were doing together, but regardless, Thor didn't deserve to be treated like that .

“Oh.” Steve jumped when Thor entered the kitchen. “Thor. Hey, I'm glad to see you. Look. Um, I'm sorry about earlier. It wasn't right of me to assume that you were fine with that? And then I just left and--”

Thor crossed the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Steve's waist, careful not to spill his coffee, and lay a long kiss on his lips. “Even in Asgard, with our different customs, it is rude to leave a… romantic interlude without at least kissing your partner good bye.” He scolded teasingly. “Shame on you, Steven.”

Steve flushed dark red. “I'm so so so sorry. I shouldn't have come to you anyway, hoping for--for that .”

“Why not?” Thor wanted to know, pressing their foreheads together. “Why shouldn't you be able to come to me and vent your frustrations?”

“Just feels like I was using you.” He said softly and Thor shrugged those massive shoulders.

“I would hope that you know by now you can come to me with anything. I would hope that these last few times together have brought us a level of comfort with one another.”

“They have!” Steve blurted. “I mean, I do feel comfortable with you, that's why I feel bad about--”

“Don't feel badly.” Thor just tugged him closer into a hug and Steve rested his forehead on his chest. “I am happy you felt like you could come to me. Would you like to talk about it? Whatever it is that is bothering you?”

“Oh.” Steve said in surprise. “Yeah, I would. Um, thank you.”

“Well, why don't we go to your room. You can shower, and we can talk about whatever is on your mind.”

“Thank you.” Steve said again lifted his lips for another kiss.

“Mmm.” Thor rumbled. “I didn't enjoy coffee until I tasted it on your lips.” and Steve blushed again.

As soon as Steve finished his coffee, they headed up towards his room, and he definitely blushed when Thor took his hand, lacing their fingers together as if they did it all the time.



Thor stretched out on the bed as Steve showered, then moved over enough so they could lay side by side and talk.

Steve told him about the mission the day before, how he and Sam had been made before they had even had a chance to do any surveillance. About the awful feeling of the plane dropping out of the sky, and how he had just jumped and hoped he didn't break anything when he landed. He told Thor about the civilian lives that had been lost, innocent villagers taken out as the guerrilla fighters had retreated through a small town. How Director Fury had a way of talking down to him that made Steve feel like just decking the man, and then maybe running away because Fury always seemed about a half a step away from psychotic.

Quieter now, he talked about how disappointed Coulson always looked, as if Steve just wasn't the man the comics and trading cards had said he was.

“They made comics of me, you know? Stories and adventures and TV shows, apparently. And some days I feel like I must disappoint everyone, because I am not the man the books say I am.”

He picked at the comforter uneasily. “Lately all I want to do is not be Captain America and just be Steve. You know before the serum, I got beat up all the time but at least no one was disappointed in me.”

“Now it seems like I'm failing all the time, even if I excel at something a regular guy wouldn't be able to do, I'm failing at it because it's not as good as what they expect from a man like me.”

Thor just listened, and when Steve sighed from deep in his body, relieved to have it all off his chest and out of his head, Thor rolled over him, pressing him into the pillows and kissing him slowly, their lips meeting and parting in gentle touches.

“I cannot say I understand everything you are going through.” Thor said thoughtfully. “But I understand enough to see that you are hurting.”

“If it is any consolation,” Thor brushed his knuckles over Steve's cheek bones. “you are simply Steven to me. Strength and skills and history aside, you are simply the man I want in my arms. And that is something you can neither fail at, nor disappoint me in.”

Steve didn't know what to say to that , and didn't want to let Thor know how close he was to tears so he leaned up and kissed the beautiful man.

“Shall we have another, then?” Thor said quietly, teasingly, and Steve glanced away a little shyly.

“Another.” He pushed his hips up, spreading his legs and Thor chuckled.


Steve hadn't bothered to put a shirt on after his shower, clad only in pajama pants, and Thor made quick work of them, tossing them off the bed with an impatient huff.

Steve dropped his head into the pillows and moaned as they moved together.

It was slow this time, slow and sweet and when Thor lay between his legs, when he eased first one then two fingers inside Steve's tight entrance, all the soldier could do was close his eyes and hold him close.

When Thor breached him, pulling a shout from both their lips because god it was so good, every thrust in and out, and every inch of long and thick filling him was so good that Steve just reached up and dragged Thor down for a long kiss.

And when they were close, when Steve was pleading to be able to come and Thor was stroking him, coaxing him through every pulse and wave of pleasure, when Steve was spilling all over himself and Thor was groaning as he lost himself deep inside…

All Steve could do was blink away tears, because somewhere between the first time and this time, he had started falling in love, and he had no idea what to do about it.


Bucky was trying hard not to stare at Steve and Thor as they sat side by side during the movie.

They weren't even doing anything out of the ordinary, just sharing the same couch they usually did, Steve nodding off because he found a lot of movies difficult to follow, full of references he didn't get and Thor was watching eagerly, just enjoying the story line, letting the obscure references go over his head.

“What are you staring at babe?” Tony wanted to know, and Bucky cuddled him closer.

“Nothing sugar. Just thinking.” He hadn't told Tony about his and Steve's talk, still needing to come to terms with it all by himself, and he felt a little bad keeping it from his boyfriend.

“You're worried about Steve.” Tony said matter of factly. “Because he's lonely.”

“Um yeah.” Bucky glanced down at him in surprise and Tony smirked.

“So much more than just a pretty face, soldier boy. I might not say anything, but I notice everything.”

“You mean you say everything, Tony.” Bucky kissed him. “But I love you for it.”

“You said that earlier.” Tony whispered. “It was the first time you said it and you didn't even let me say it back.”

“What?” Bucky stared down at him. “What? I told you I loved you for the first time today? Tony that's crazy, I've loved you for months . You know that, right?”

Tony flushed prettily and Bucky groaned. “We are going to bed right now. Can't believe I didn't realize we weren't saying I love you yet. Then I just out and said it and it wasn't even romantic.” He stood up, cradling Tony in his arms and announced, "We are leaving!" and Tony laughed as they marched away.

“Those two are gross.” Clint complained, and Natasha frowned up at him from her cozy position on his lap.

“How come you never carry me off like that anymore, Clint?”

“Jesus Christ. For a super spy, you are awfully high maintenance.” Clint stood and tossed a giggling Tasha over his shoulder, smacking her firmly on the ass. “Good night guys.”

Just Thor and Steve were left now, and as soon as the door swung shut behind Clint, Thor was stretching out, tugging Steve down on his chest.

“Didn't think you'd be such a cuddler.” Steve mumbled and Thor laughed quietly, saying. “My dear mother used to say she raising a teddy bear and a cactus, and she didn't understand how two sons from the same family could be so different.”

“Loki is the cactus?”

“Even his helmet has spikes.” Thor complained good-naturedly.

“So that leaves you as the teddy bear?” Steve teased. “That would certainly explain all the hair and the extensive cuddling.”

Thor started to ease away from him. “We don't have to--”

Steve leaned on Thor hard, pinning him to the couch. “The cuddling is fine .”

Thor grinned, settling Steve against his chest, running a big hand up and down his back in soothing strokes. “This is nice, Steven. Spending time with you like this.”

“You don't have to call me ‘Steven’.” He muttered, his words muffled as he tried to curl closer without actually seeming like he was trying to get closer. “Sounds too formal for what we are-- for what we are doing.”

Thor moved until he was lying all the way down on the couch, and shifted Steve until they were lined up from chest to toes, Steve's head tucked in the crook of his neck. “This is nice, sweetheart.” Thor amended. “Spending time with you like this.”

Steve was glad the lights were off because he knew his face flamed red.

By the way Thor chuckled, he knew too.


Chapter Text

“Don't go in there.” Bucky steered Tony away from the gym with a small grimace. “Let's just uh-- let's just avoid it, yeah?”

“I thought we were going to wrestle!” Tony protested. “Why did you change your mind?”

“Baby doll.” Bucky drawled. “I meant I wanted wrestle in the bed . Why would you ever think I'd want to wrestle in the gym?”

“That's valid.” Tony admitted and laced their fingers together. “Want me to wear a sexy wrestling singlet?”

“Actually--” Bucky grinned thinking about the little lace number he'd picked up for his boyfriend yesterday. It was bright red and overly slutty and he couldn't wait to see Tony wear it.

“Actually, baby I got something I'd love for you to wear for me.” He lay an arm around Tony's waist and tried to forget about the scene he'd glimpsed through the window of the gym door.


“Want to hear you shout.” Thor murmured. “Let me hear you.”

“Trying not to--” Steve clapped a hand over his mouth to muffle his groan. “Someone will hear us.”

Thor looked up just long enough grin at him before ducking his head back down, his fingers stretching and wiggling inside Steve's tight channel, his tongue working the edge of his stretched rim, warm and wet and fuck Steve didn't want to come yet, didn't want to finish yet but Thor had been doing this for ever and he just couldn't keep himself from--

“Ah fuck fuck Thor, need you. Need you, come on.” He gave in, begging for more and Thor hummed in satisfaction, but didn't let up, working in a third finger deep inside, spreading them to make room for his tongue to twist and probe between them, searching for the bundle of nerves that would--

Goddammit!” Steve's back arched and he wrapped his thighs around Thor's head, canting his hips and Thor groaned, thrusting his fingers harder, pulling away to nip little bites on the backs of Steve's thighs.

“Come for me.” Thor rumbled.

“Touch me!” Steve pleaded, and Thor shook his head as well as he could still trapped between Steve's legs.

They were both slick with sweat, a wrestling match turned wager that whoever pinned the other first got to decide how they would be-- ahem-- finishing their match today.

Thor had pinned Steve within the first five minutes.

Steve had never even stood a chance.

Stripping the tight workout pants off, Thor had set to work with his mouth and fingers, telling Steve he had to come without any other stimulation.

“Inside me.” Steve panted and Thor hummed against him, the vibrations making him curse.

“Not this time. You can come like this, I know you can.”

“Your mouth.” Steve gritted. “Please. Or your hand. Something .”

Thor wrapped a big hand around Steve's leg and forcefully parted them so he could sit up, never stopping the motion of his fingers and Steve struggled to close them again, wrapping his hands through long hair to urge Thor's head back down.

“Steven” Thor warned, “the deal was if I won you had to come untouched.”

Steve rolled his eyes and  jerked away, yelling as Thor’s thick fingers left his body. Bracing himself on the mat, he locked his calves around Thor’s neck and twisted hard , flipping them over in a quick roll.

Thor oophed a breath as he smacked into floor, and Steve straddled his face, stroking his cock roughly.

“The deal is stupid. So either fuck me, or open up so I can finish. Come on, come on, open up.” Thor's eyes flashed at the challenge and he grabbed Steve's hips and pushed him off, grunting at the resistance from the soldier.

Rolling forward so he was back on top, Thor ground down against him harshly and Steve nearly bit through his lip trying not to shout. “Want you to come for me like this .” Thor grunted and Steve shook his head.

“Want you to suck me off.”

“No way.” Thor pinned Steve to the mat, holding his arms up above his head and growled in approval as Steve's muscles shifted and bulged as he tried to break the hold. “I'm stronger than you, Steven. Submit .”

“The hell you are.” Steve snapped and spread his legs, arching into a bridge and nearly sending Thor flying off of him.  

He scrambled over to pin Thor face down, tearing at Thor’s loose shorts, dragging them down his thick thighs, rubbing his hard cock over the sweat soaked skin.

God you feel good.” He groaned and Thor started to push up, to push him away and Steve grabbed his neck, using all his strength to force the giant back to the mat. “God yes.” He slotted his cock into the cleft of Thor's ass and thrust against him, increasing his hold when Thor struggled harder.

 Submit .” He hissed and Thor rolled his big shoulders before breaking his hold and scrambling away.

“Damn it.” Steve was breathing hard, his chest heaving, and he sat up on his knees, watching Thor warily.

The demi god stepped out of his shorts and stroked his own cock roughly, grinning when Steve's eyes dropped and widened.

Then Thor rushed him, grabbed him right off the floor, twisting him like he was going to drop Steve on his head, and Steve yelled, throwing his hands over his face.

But oh , Thor went to his knees gently, one hand wrapped around Steve's waist, the other making sure Steve's head didn't smack the floor, and lay them out on the mat.

Steve didn't even have time to take a breath before Thor was licking and mouthing over his cock, moaning at the salty sweet taste and Steve opened his eyes in surprise, his jaw automatically dropping open when he saw Thor’s heavy cock hanging above his mouth.

“Mmmm.” Thor hummed, pleased when Steve reached up and grabbed his ass tight, feeding the thick length into his mouth eagerly.

Steve had been practicing, and tilted his head backward to open his throat so he could take even more of Thor then he usually could, letting the fat head bump against the back of his mouth, his tongue running over the veins and ridges.

“Ah, that's it sweetheart.” Thor's voice deepened to something wonderful and Steve shivered.

Pushing his legs apart to give Thor more room to please touch, Steve reached up to fondle and tug at him, pressing against the perineum and sliding back further, searching for Thor's own entrance.

“Yeah?” He pulled off long enough to ask, needing to be sure because every inch of his cock was down Thor's throat and he did not want to be bit because he surprised his… his lover? Boyfriend?

Steve shoved the thought away when Thor made a noise of agreement and concentrated on how good Thor's mouth felt, on how good those big fingers felt stretching him open again.

Concentrated on trying to fit more into his mouth, trying to get just the right suction and get his fingers in just the right spot to lightly touch and press to make Thor shout.

The blow jobs turned sloppy as each spiraled closer to his peak, Thor’s tongue licking and swirling, teasing Steve until the blonde was gasping and jerking helplessly into his mouth, letting his own jaw fall slack so Thor could just thrust down between his lips, down onto his tongue, pressing into his throat until Steve's eyes were watering because he couldn't draw a breath.

Then Thor was coming, muscles bunching and trembling beneath Steve's fingers as he groaned through it.

Finally he was spent, and Steve swallowed it all, dropping his head back on the mat with a thump, gasping for air.

He sucked in a deep breath just in time to yell out as Thor took all of him again, stroking over him as his head bobbed up and down over Steve's cock, two fingers working deep inside him again.

“Oh like that. Like that yesyesyesyes Thor !” Steve dig his fingers into the mat and howled as he all but exploded into Thor's mouth. “Oh god, god-dammit. God fucking--”

Thor swallowed quickly, chuckling softly as he moved to lay next to Steve, running his hand up Steve's chest. “I enjoy that you curse so much when we are together.”

“Why's that?” Steve had an arm over his eyes, still trying to catch his breath.

“Because you do not swear in your normal interactions. So to know I push you into behavior you don't normally engage in--”

“The sex everywhere isn't abnormal enough behavior?” Steve interrupted and Thor moved his arm to lay a gentle kiss on his lips.

“I suppose it is. But I enjoy the cursing anyway.”

Steve sat up and kissed him back before reaching for a couple of the gym towels to begin cleaning up.

“What are we doing, Thor?” He asked after they had wiped down and got back into their clothes. “What is...this?”

“Do we need to label what we do?” Thor asked with a shrug. “Is it not enough that we have fun together? That we can ease each other's mind and bodies?”

“Yeah. No you're right.” Steve nodded, and swallowed back the sadness suddenly clogging his throat. “Of course we don't need to label anything.”

“Excellent.” Thor kissed him, then surveyed the room with a satisfied sigh. “I believe this is my favorite type of sparring, Steven.”

Then he kissed him one more time. “Sweetheart.”



Chapter Text

Thor was gone and Steve was making himself crazy.

He had spent the first three days in the gym, the next two in his room trying to draw, trying to paint trying to do anything to keep his mind off of how much he missed Thor.

Do we need to label what we are?

The question haunted him, and Steve cursed himself for not pushing for a better answer.

Especially when he was about two weeks past being in love.

Especially since the time he spent in Thor’s arms was as close to perfect  as he had ever gotten.

Especially since Thor had went to New Mexico for a while to visit Jane.


She was so nice. And entirely lovely. Steve had met her once, a few years ago and had been instantly smitten, as had the rest of the team, awed by the tiny woman who held Thor’s heart in her very human hand.

Even after they had broken up, Thor went and visited several times a year, and this was one of those times.

And usually Steve wouldn't care, but this time Thor had been so matter of fact about not wanting to define whatever this was and now all Steve could picture was Thor holding Jane, Jane’s legs wrapped around Thor’s waist, Thor growling Jane’s name the same way he growled Steve's. Thor calling Jane sweetheart . Jane holding him and kissing him and ---

Steve put his fist through the wall before he even realized it, and pulled it out hastily, shocked at himself, at the amount of jealous rushing through his veins.

This isn't right. He sank back into his bed and dropped his head into his hands.

He had spent the night in Thor’s quarters right before he'd left, spent the night wrapped up in the big man’s arms. Thor had taken him twice that evening, then a third time that morning when Steve had teasingly asked for another, and they had lay close, stroking each other quickly beneath the blankets, each cursing and panting each other's name as they came.

Sliding on top to lay between Steve's legs after they were done, Thor had kissed him for several minutes, finally pulling away to stare deep into his eyes.

I am able to be myself with you, Steven.” The demi-god rumbled. “I don't have to measure my strength, I don't have to silence my cries, I do not end a night unsatisfied because my partner cannot keep up with my stamina. I don't have to try and fit in with all these customs I do not understand so I don't embarrass you. You and I stand out from a crowd but together we are just… us.”

He shifted and Steve sighed as their bodies rolled together again. “To be in the arms of a man who matches me in strength and spirit is a gift. And I thank you for it.

He moved again, and Steve bit back a groan, his body responding  again   to Thor’s hands and lips.

Another.” Thor whispered against his neck. “Another before I go.”

Thor---” Steve started to protest, just the barest amount because really he wasn't protesting, but he wouldn't have minded talking about how they both obviously felt and---

Thor started moving down though, leaving open mouthed kisses over every patch of skin, his tongue flicking over the defined muscles, every little freckle on Steve's body getting a soft lick, and Steve forgot why he was protesting when Thor’s mouth, warm and wet and so good enveloped him.

Thor hadn't even been awake when Steve had finally slipped out of the giant bed, trying to get back to his room before everyone woke up.

And by the time Steve had come down to the kitchen, Thor had already gone.

It had left a bitter taste in his mouth, Thor leaving without a proper goodbye, and a week later Steve was still seething and jealous and miserable because he missed that hammer wielding dummy more than he was willing to admit.

Then his phone rang, and he snatched it up without looking at it.


“Stevie. Wow. It's Bucky. You've been brooding in your room for like a week and a half now. Get your ass out here and let's go for a run or something.”

“Bucky. Sorry about that.” Steve brushed the plaster dust off his knuckles. “Thanks for the offer, but no thanks.”

“Hey man, I know it sucks that he's gone, but come on. You can't do this to yourself. He does this every year, you know he will be home soon and--”

Stop. Talking.” Steve snapped and Bucky hesitated.

“Tony says Jane is like family. That Thor doesn't have any feelings for her anymore. You don't need to be---like this .”

“I don't care about that.” Steve huffed.

“I can almost see the green tint to your skin through the phone, honey. Jealousy isn't a great color on you.” Bucky's voice gentled. “It's alright.”

“Don't talk to me like you talk to Tony when he has some crazy idea.” Steve snorted. “Like you're talking him off a ledge or something. I've seen you do that, and that calm voice is annoying.”

“Well, is the calm voice working ?” Bucky wanted to know, trying not to laugh.

“Damn it, it kind of is.” Steve sighed. “Sorry, Buck, I'm all over the place right now.”

“Well, throw some sweats on and we will go for a run. Take your mind off things for a while.”

“Hey, speaking of Tony...have you told him about--I mean did you ever mention--”

“Stevie.” Bucky laughed a little. “I love that man more than anything. He is precious and perfect and my entire reason for getting out of bed in the morning. But he is also the nosiest, most meddlesome little shit in the entire world. No I didn't tell him that you and Thor are together. That kind of gossip would make his perfect head explode.”

“It's gross the way you talk about him.” Steve complained, already feeling better.

“Yeah well, you should hear how you sigh every time I say Thor's name.” Bucky retorted. “Don't call me gross.”

Steve sighed. “I don't--”

“You literally just sighed. Suit up, Cap. Let's get you out of your room.”

Steve could almost hear the smile on his best friends face and he finally smiled back. “Thank you, Buck.”

“With you to the end of the line, Stevie.”


Two Weeks Later


“This was officially a terrible idea.” Tony's voice came through their mics over the screaming and screeching of whatever mega villains robotic minions were trashing the city this time.

Steve wanted to be shocked at the sheer amount of weaponry these things had, but honestly after the Battle of New York and Ultron, he just wasn't all that surprised at anything anymore.

He was, however, getting his ass handed to him, because there was no way he, Bucky, Tony and the Wonder-Spy couple could handle this.

Sam was flying North as fast as he could, trying to get to them, but was still at least an hour out.

Bruce had disappeared from the compound last week and no one had any idea where he was.

Any and all attempts to reach Thor had been unsuccessful and things were rapidly taking a turn for the worse.

But the five of them fought and fought as hard as they could , Tony flying in and out and around, blasting anything that got in his way. Bucky and Tasha and Clint were emptying obscene amounts of bullets into the fray, and Steve was all over the place, trying to be everywhere all at once, desperate to get this taken care of.

Then things definitely took a turn for the worst as Tony was shot out of the sky, a lucky hit sending him plummeting towards the ground.

Bucky was instantly turning around yelling, shouting as he ran to the downed suit, leaping over wrecked cars and tearing apart anything that got in his way until he made it to wear Tony lay crumpled on some rubble.

“Oh god. Oh sugar, tell me you're alright. Baby doll please oh please be okay.”  He reached out and just ripped the mask right off the suit. “Sweet thing? Talk to me!”

Damn it Buck, those things aren't cheap!” Tony snapped at him. “Stop ripping them apart!”

“Stop almost dying!” Bucky snapped right back. “Steve where the fuck is Sam? Where's Thor? We need back up or we can't do this! 

Steve had barely come up on them before Bucky was yelling at him, and Natasha and Clint were right behind him, all desperate to check on Tony, all equally desperate to get a breather from the fight.

“High ground, now.” Bucky yelled. “Got to get Tony out of here, he could be hurt. Steve what are we gonna do?”

He tried to pick Tony up, but was batted away weakly, then more firmly when he persisted. “Tony let me just carry you honey, let me--”

Tony rolled his eyes and popped a light repulsor blast at Bucky, sending his boyfriend flying before he pulled a pair of sunglasses from who knows where and lifted back into the air, albeit a little shakily. “I'm fine . Bucky you can cry over me later. Let's just finish this shit up. Cap, what are we doing?”

“I don't know.” Steve admitted. “I don't how to do this without a full team. We're outnumbered and outgunned and I just--” he raised his hands helplessly, feeling the familiar panic crawl up his throat at the thought of failing. “I don't know.”

“Well think.” Natasha jammed another clip into her handgun. “Because we're running out of ammo, and I don't think my signature kick move will make any sort of impact on these things.”

“Okay. Okay… just give me a minute.” Steve paced away to try and think .

“Any day now Cap.” Tony called, his voice rising. “Our little safe spot is about to inva---”

Whatever else he said was lost in a roar of thunder and a crack of lightning, and Thor landed in their midst so hard the ground split beneath him.

“Well look who finally decided to show up.” Bucky growled. “About time, Sparky.”

“Don't piss off a Thunder god, pretty sure that arm of yours conducts electricity.” Natasha joked. “Careful.”

“Stop talking and get your asses back into the fight.” Tony called. “We've got maybe two minutes before our little safe spot is invaded so hurry up. Thunder-thighs, good to see you!”

“Never mind coming up with a giant plan, Captain.” Clint said mildly, fitting his bow with an explosive tipped arrow. “Thor's here to save the day.”

Steve wasn't sure if he was relieved to see Thor, or furious over not hearing from him or what, but now wasn't the time to think about it. “Well then.” he picked his shield back up. “Everybody do what it is you do best, I guess. Let's finish this up.”

Thor sent him a quick, curious look, but Steve was already running back into the battle, and with a war cry and Mjolnir swinging wildly, Thor went with him.


Chapter Text

Tony barely made it out of the elevator and into the common area before Bucky was tearing at the armor, demanding that Tony get out of it so he could check him over, fussing because he could already see the bruises climbing Tony's neck.

Clint was limping, an arm over Natasha's shoulders and they didn't even stop to talk, just headed for the kitchen for an ice pack for his badly hurt knee.

He had jumped and twisted to avoid getting hit mid-battle and had landed wrong, going down with a yell holding his knee.

Natasha had escaped with only a few scrapes, but by the murderous look on her face, someone was going to die because her boyfriend had been hurt.

Steve stomped through the door and flung his shield towards the wall, not even caring that it smashed into the beams, stuck several inches into the plaster..

“Easy Cap.” Tony said, concerned. “This has been a shitty day, but we're all alright. A few bruises but nothing bad. Calm down.”

Steve didn't even answer, pacing in agitation, fists clenching and unclenching as he muttered to himself.

“Steve, it's fine.” Bucky tried to calm him down too, watching his best friend with a cautious look. “It's fine. That was rough, but it could have been worse. Thor showed up in the nick of time and we made it.”

“Ah, yes well at least Thor showed up.” Steve snapped, and the demi god exited the elevator in time to hear it.

“All is well, Steven.” Thor said with a frown. “No need to worry about--”

You were supposed to be home a week ago!” Steve shouted, pointing right at Thor. “We haven't been able to get ahold of you. No ones ever heard from you in three and a half weeks!”

“Steve--” Bucky warned, looking between the two of them anxiously. “Just take a step back, yeah?”

“I apologize for being out of contact--” Thor began but Steve cut him off.

“You apologize? Tony almost died out there! Shot down like it was nothing! Clint might have busted his knee to hell and you're sorry? We would have lost that fight, lost dozens of innocent lives if you had decided to show up any later!”

“I came as quickly as I could.” Thor’s eyes were narrowed, his fist clenching around Mjolnir. “As soon as I heard what was going on, I came as quickly as I could.”

“Yeah, well it wasn't fast enough .” Steve snapped. “If you're going to be an Avenger you need to be here, not running off wherever you want whenever you want!”

The demi-god took a few steps forward, voice dropping into a dangerous rumble. “You should watch how you speak to me, Captain. And perhaps be grateful I returned at all.” Thunder rolled outside the window, the previously clear sky clouding over too quickly to be natural and the team exchanged uneasy looks.

“Thor!” Bucky raised his voice. “Stand down. Both of you, stand down! You don't need to do this right here.”

“No, no let's let the giant blondes duke it out.” Natasha called sarcastically. “Nothing like a good fist fight to calm us all down after a shitty day.”

“Don't make it worse, baby.” Clint said tiredly. “Let's just get out of here before Thor calls some holy lightning down or something. I like Cap and I would prefer him original recipe and not extra crispy.”

Tony cracked up at that comment and Bucky shushed him quickly. “Do not make this worse, baby. For fucks sake, Steve looks ready to explode.”

Thor sent Tony and Bucky a quick look before turning back to Steve. “Is that what this is?” he asked quietly. “The battle has you raging and you need to take it out on something? Because if that's the case--” he spread his hands willingly, the ire disappearing from his eyes as he tried to reach out. “Steven, if that's what this is, then I am more than happy to--”

“That's not what this is!” Steve retorted. “What this is, is me being pissed for being expected to save the world when half my team doesn't bother showing up. I'm pissed because everyone looks at me and wonders what the hell to do, like I'm supposed to have an answer for everything . But you? You can show up at the last minute and be a goddamn hero . We have been trying to get ahold of you for weeks, but you were too busy to talk to us for weeks !”

Steve's voice dropped into a snarl. “But no, I'm sure dinner with Jane is much more important than fighting with us. Much more important than being here with the team. I hope Jane is aware of what your absence almost cost us. I hope she is aware of how much you think she is worth.”

“Yikes.” Tony muttered, and Thor almost jumped across the room, wrapping his hand around Steve's bicep and pushing him up against a wall.

“You will say her name with respect.” He demanded. “The Lady Jane is dear to me for more reasons than you will ever understand. She is the entire reason I even am on Midgard, the only reason I survived my first visit to this ridiculous planet. Lady Jane is---”

“---the reason why I didn't hear from you once the entire time you were gone?” Steve whispered, and only Thor heard him. “The reason you left without saying goodbye and stayed away for almost a month? Because I have to say, you're right . I don't understand those reasons.”

“Steven.” Thor whispered back, finally understanding and horrified by what he saw in Steve's dark blue eyes. “It is not what it seems.” he set Steve down carefully. “Do not think these things, because it's not true.”

“Yeah well, it sure seems like it's true.” Steve returned, and looked away, defeat in his eyes.

“These last few weeks-- all of this has been just…” he shook his head, and reached over to rip his shield out of the wall. “Move so I can go. I obviously need to cool down, and can't be around you at all right now. Get out of my way.”

He pushed past a shocked Thor and headed for the door. “I am...sorry about that, guys.” he said to the team. “I just need a few moments, then we can debrief, then we can all go to bed.”

“Hey man, no worries.”

“Yeah, Cap we all have bad days, it's fine.”

“Let's regroup for a movie or I can order in pizza or--”

“Steven.” Thor said quietly, then louder when Steve didn't stop. “ Steven!”

Steve paused, but didn't turn around, and Thor let Mjolnir drop to the ground with a thud. “I am sorry.”

“No need.” Steve's shoulders were stiff, his words even stiffer. “I over reacted. You have every right to visit the Lady Jane as often as you want. I'm just on edge because--”

“I am sorry.” Thor said again and crossed the room in big strides, grasping at Steve's hand and turning him to face him.

“I am so sorry.” He repeated and pushed lightly until Steve's back was against the wall. “Sweetheart.” His voice dropped lower, softer. “I never should have left without clarifying things between us. Never should have left without a good-bye.”

Don't .” Steve jerked away from Thor’s piercing gaze. “Don't do that when I'm angry with you. Don't be gentle , when all I want to do is hit you.”

“I won't be gentle then.”

Thor grabbed Steve's jaw and held him tight, staring into his eyes for a long moment before leaning in and taking his mouth greedily.

Steve pushed at him, furious, then again, weaker, and then he just gave in, shoving his hands into Thor's hair and kissing back desperately , a moan ripping from his chest when Thor wedged a thick leg between his thighs and rocked into him.

Thor.” God he even sounded desperate, but Thor sounded just as wrecked when he moaned--“I missed you, sweetheart, missed you, come here now, come on.” A quick jerk and Thor had Steve pinned up against the wall, legs wrapped around his waist and was rocking into him frantically, tearing at the suit, never stopping their kiss, never once breaking their ;embrace.

“What in the actual fuck ---” Tony couldn't even finish a sentence, partly because he was struck entirely speechless by what was happening, mostly because Bucky was hauling him out of the common area as fast he could, snapping for Clint and Tasha to get out now .

The last thing they all saw before the elevator closed was Thor ripping Steve's suit right down the middle, and Steve closing his eyes and shouting YES.

“That was--”

“We aren't going to talk about it.”

“But did you see--”

“We aren't going to talk about it”.

“Bucky they just--”

“What part of we are not talking about my best friend fucking the Thunder god did you people not understand??”


“Goddammit, yes, more.” Steve said through gritted teeth, forcing himself to relax as Thor pushed inside him. “Make me feel something, come on come on.”

“I've got you.” Thor groaned when he finally bottomed out inside Steve. “Missed you, Steven, you feel so good around me.”

“Just move. Move.” Steve snapped. “Don't be gentle, don't fucking talk, just move.”

Thor pulled out slowly, then snapped his hips, driving back in deep and Steve cried out loud, digging his nails into Thor’s shoulders.

Again Thor moved, out slowly and in faste over and over until Steve body was shaking with every thrust, until cracks appeared in the wall where his back was smacking into it.

And still Steve cried for more , so Thor spread his legs and forced Steve's hips apart farther and thrust into him as hard as he could, leaving purple marks on his thighs, on his waist, never letting up his brutal pace.

Sweat was dripping down Steve's chest, and Thor lapped at it eagerly, biting and nipping across his shoulders and up his neck, sucking hard bruises onto his jaw and up to his ears before taking his lips again.

They tasted blood when their lips crashed together, teeth and tongues meeting harshly, and Steve was panting into Thor's mouth, cursing at him under his breath for leaving and for never calling and showing up late and how angry he was and Thor was nodding, murmuring soft apologies laced with groans and grunts.

Steve pushed at Thor, demanding room until he could slide his hand between their bodies to touch himself, jacking his cock hard and fast in time to Thor's thrusts inside him until he was shouting and yelling and nearly blacking out as he came, spilling all over himself and up Thor's stomach, wanting to scream as he felt Thor come deep inside him, his cock pulsing and jerking and Steve was so full he thought he could pass out.

Then he buried his face in Thor's neck and tried to hide the tears, but Thor tilted his face up and kissed the drops anyway, fingers gentle where they had been so harsh just a moment ago, mouth soft where it had been biting.

“I know.” Thor mumbled. “Steven, I know.” He eased from Steve's body, but didn't put him down, just carried him to the big couch and laid him out, settling back between his legs.

“Ah, sweetheart, I am so sorry about this. Never again. Not doing this to you ever again.”

“Another.” was all Steve said, the word half moaned, half begged and Thor growled, and slid up his body until he could push back into where Steve was so warm and soft.

He slid in easily this time, and Steve just trembled as Thor moved inside him, slower this time, their kisses soft and sweet, and Thor kept tracing the lines of Steve's face, smoothing over the bite marks on his neck and chest, moving down to stroke and pull over his still hard cock, touching the already fading bruises on his hips.

“I have missed you.” Thor murmured. “Missed you while I was gone. I am sorry I did not call, sorry I did not tell you before how I felt about you. About us. Forgive me, Steven.”

“Don't tell me.” Steve shook his head. “Just… show me. Show me.”

“Gently?” Thor asked, and his voice was hoarse, full , and Steve nodded.

 Gently .”

So Thor took him gently, pressing in long slow strokes, his hands moving in soothing circles over Steve's body, their lips hovering over each others, sharing each others breath, their tongues meeting in soft touches.

Thor's hair fell loose in a curtain around them and Steve reveled in the feeling of seclusion, as if they were the only two that could exist right then, and that was all that mattered.

“You are beautiful like this.” Thor whispered, and Steve let himself blush, let Thor see the emotion rising up in his eyes. “I am not the hero, today, you are. You always are. You are so afraid of failing, but you have not failed anyone. You feel as if you do not measure up to this idea of Captain America, but Steven you are so much more than Captain America. So much more. And I have fallen entirely under your spell.”

“I don't know any spells to capture the god of thunder.” Steve tried to tease, but he knew Thor could see the insecurity in his gaze, and those electric blue eyes softened.

Steven .” Thor lifted Steve's leg over his shoulder and moved deeper. “I am sure it was less of a spell and more of a love potion.”

He sat up onto his knees, shifting his position until he was stroking over the bundle of nerves that had Steve biting his lips and closing his eyes, his breathing speeding up again. “And I am entirely, willingly at your mercy.”

“Good.” Steve whispered and Thor nodded.

“Another, sweetheart. Give me another. Come again for me.”

Steve closed his eyes and let himself go, let himself be carried away by Thor’s hands and lips and oh the way he filled him like this , and this time when Steve came it was like falling over an edge and being caught in something soft and warm and safe and when Thor pressed closer, losing himself all over again, he sealed their lips together until they were both spent, both barely coherent, barely breathing.

“Perfect.” Thor whispered. “Steven, you are perfect.”

“Again. Another.” Steve whimpered, “Not ready to let go yet. Another.” and Thor sighed contentedly into his ear.

“As many as you need, my love.”




Steve came into the kitchen the next morning wearing Thor’s favorite blue silk robe and nothing else.

Even as big as Steve was, the demi-gods robe still billowed around his frame and draped over his feet to the floor, and Bucky had to look away because Steve looked so blissed out and relaxed that he could hardly stand to keep the moronic grin off his face because seeing Steve finally happy made him so happy .

“So….” Clint drawled. “Are we going to talk about the Steve sized dent in the wall? Or how he is just drowning in that lovely Asgardian robe? Or we just gonna ignore all that.”

“Leave him alone.” Tony's eyes were shining. “Cap, I'm really happy for you. Thunder-thighs too. This is so great.” he clutched his coffee mug close to his chest and just beamed .

“Thunder thighs---oh.” Steve actually blushed and Natasha just stared at him.

“So. You two are… are actually--” she hesitated, “actually together. Not just...hanging out.”

Steve nodded. “Yeah, we are actually together. For a couple months we've been… but I guess we are actually official now.”

“It's so wonderful.” Tony actually teared up and Steve sent him a quick, concerned look.

“You alright Tony?”

“He's just sentimental this morning.” Bucky wrapped his arms around Tony's waist and brought him close. “Aren't you, sweet thing?”

“Bucky got me diamonds!” Tony blurted and shoved his left hand out for everyone to see. “I wasn't going to say anything because Steve's news is so great, but look! Bucky got me diamonds.”

The others all gathered around to look at the ring.

It was simple, but perfect for their favorite high maintenance genius. Bucky had picked out a  wide silver band with a row of diamonds down the center, and Tony rotated his hand proudly so they could all see it.

“It's made of the same metal as my suit!” Tony cried and they all exclaimed in delight over it as Steve hugged Bucky.

“Congratulations, Buck.”

“I couldn't handle thinking about losing him. And yesterday scared me, so now he’s actually mine. ” Bucky said softly, and the kitchen erupted all over again into shouts of congratulations as Tony grinned and snuggled closer to his fiancée.

“Why the shouting?” Thor’s loud voice cut through the noise, and he crossed the kitchen to scoop Steve into his arms, setting him on the counter and kissing him thoroughly, messily , pressing between his legs and fisting the silk robe tight to keep him close. Steve closed his eyes and kissed him back just as hard, until Thor pulled away with a satisfied grin.

“Oh, so hey everyone, Thor and Steve are together.” Clint called and Natasha smacked him lightly. “And not shy about it at all.”

“Of course they aren’t shy.” Tony argued. “They missed each other so much that they literally couldn't wait to be together yesterday. And now they get to be together publicly and it's just--” he teared up again and Bucky chuckled and tucked him into his chest.

“Why is Anthony crying?” Thor asked softly. “Is he that upset about his wall? Or did we also break the couch?”

“The couch is fine.” Steve muttered, flushing bright red. “But Bucky proposed last night, so Tony is all sentimental and weepy this morning.”

“A wedding!” Thor boomed. “Congratulations Anthony and Bucky!! A wedding day is always a joyous occasion. We should celebrate!”

“I got diamonds !” Tony showed off the ring again and everyone gathered around and made several comments about how beautiful it was all over again.

Thor tightened his hold on Steve's waist, tugging him closer. “Would you like a ring, Steven?” Thor whispered. “Perhaps something in sapphire to match your eyes? We can go to Asgard and pick one out.”  

“Um, I'm fine with your robe for right now.” But Steve's voice was shaky and Thor pressed a light kiss to his forehead.

“I suppose that will do.” Thor agreed. “For now.”


Chapter Text

Tony whistled to himself as he jogged down the steps towards the kitchen, smiling when his engagement ring glinted in the sun, hurrying on his way to meet Bucky. They had a lunch date today, then an appointment to go shopping for wedding bands and Tony was very excited to start taking real steps towards planning their—

Uh hello, what the hell is this? Tony slowed to a walk, his whistle fading away when he caught sight of Thor primping in front of the mirror in the hall.

“Hey, good morning Thunder Thighs.” He said curiously. “What uh—what’s going on? What are you doing? Isn’t there a mirror in your bedroom? Why are you doing–” he made a vague motion. “–whatever the hell this is out here in the hall?”

“Good morrow, Anthony.” Thor sent him an easy smile through the mirror. “Off to get rings with your love?”

“Uh yep. Yep, that’s what I’m doing.” Tony nodded slowly, narrowing his eyes at the big blonde. “But that’s less important than what you’re doing. What’s with the flowers and the—“ he motioned to the intricate braids in Thor’s hair, the blooms woven through the strands. “— you look like the Queen of May. Thor why do you look like the Queen of May?”

“In Asgard, it is customary to take extra care with our grooming when we are setting out to court our intended.” Thor informed him seriously, winding the stem of a daisy through a braid at his ear. “I intend to look my best, so Steven will want to spend time with me.”

“Huh. Well that’s– I mean that seems–” Tony glanced in the mirror, then looked over at Thor, then back in the mirror again before sighing loudly and stomping away.

“Where are you going?” Thor called, confused. “I thought you were to see your love today?”

“I’m just gonna run a comb through my hair again.” Tony frowned when he felt over the sharp tips of his spiked hair. “You’re over there getting all prettied up and all I did was blast some extra intense hold spray on my hair and now I feel like I didn’t put enough effort into it.”

He paused halfway up the stairs. “Say Thor, this might be awkward but is there any chance you have a few extra–”

Thor handed over a sprig of flowers without commenting, and Tony took them without answering, elbowing the demi god aside so he could see the mirror as well.

“Perhaps something like this?” Thor held up a spring of baby roses and Tony took it with another loud sigh, threading it into his hair. “Lovely. Your betrothed will be very pleased.”

“Hmph.” Tony muttered, eyeing Thor’s golden locks critically. “I think flowers look better with longer hair.”

“It’s because I’m Asgardian.” Thor said gravely. “I simply look better always.”

“Oh for fucks sake!” Tony threw up his hands and Thor’s laughter followed him all the way down the hall.

“Hey Tony.” Steve looked up from his coffee when Tony came through he kitchen. “Hey you got a little something—“ he tapped his ear. “What are those, mini roses? Tony, why are you wearing–”

“I want to look nice for Bucky!” Tony scowled as ferociously as he could manage, which judging by Steve’s rather unimpressed smirk, wasn’t very ferocious at all. “You know, it wouldn’t hurt you to pretty up for Thor.” he added with an insulted sniff. “You’re sweaty and gross from carrying that stupid shield. Hair looks shaggy. Probably stink. At least I try to look nice for my love.”

“Um–” Steve frowned as Tony stalked past him. “I stink? What?”

“Of course you don’t stink, my love.” Thor stepped into the kitchen and swept Steve into a kiss, bringing him up off the chair to hold him tight. “Why would you think that?”

“Tony was grumbling about me because I made fun of him for wearing flowers in his hair…” Steve cocked his head and looked Thor over. “You’re wearing flowers in your hair too. Thor, why are you wearing flowers in your hair? What is going on today?”

“I picked them especially for you.” Thor plucked a vibrant red carnation from his hair and tucked it behind Steve’s ear. “Here are red carnations because I admire you so. Gerbera daisies–” another flower pressed to Steve’s palm. “– for the cheerfulness you bring to my heart every day.”

“Oh my god.” Steve felt a blush starting somewhere around his toes, flooding his entire body with heat. “Thor–”

“A circlet of mini roses, for twelve is a number of completion, and you fill pieces of me I did not know I was missing.” Thor set the circlet carefully on Steve’s head. “And an orchid of the rarest sort, for you are one I would never be so lucky to find again, no matter which realms I searched.”

“I–” If his cheeks got any more red, Steve thought he just might pass out. “Um–what–what–what are you–”

“May I spend the day with you, sweetheart?” Thor asked then, and Steve looked up from the pile of flowers, mouth agape. “Or perhaps you had other plans? Either way, may I be a part of them?”

“Can we spend the day in bed?” Steve finally managed. “Because I don’t know what’s going on here–” he held up the blooms. “–but I like it. Alot.”

Thor grinned, brushing the petals of the orchid over Steve’s lips. “An excellent idea, my love.”

As Steve and Thor were tumbling into bed together, in a different part of the city Tony was stepping out of the car and heading towards Bucky, a smile nearly splitting his face at the sight of his fiancee.

“Hey sweet thing.” Bucky gathered Tony close and pressed a searing kiss to his lips. “You look great today, I love the flowers.”

“I figured you would.” Tony said cheekily. “I picked them especially for you.”

“You’re too good to me, sugar.” Bucky kissed him again. “Come on, let’s go ring shopping.”


A few days later, Steve nearly broke his neck tripping over a box just outside his door. Bleary eyed and still halfway wrecked from a longlong night with Thor, he stared down at the offending package for a full minute, wondering why and who and what the hell?

“What in the hell?” Steve picked it up carefully, definitely not shaking it because the last time he’d shaken a mysterious package Tony had shrieked at him for a good hour about bombs and anthrax powder and other dangerous things that were apparently an issue with the postal service before he’d come out of the ice.  

Steve had zoned out of most of the conversation, but at least he never never shook mysterious boxes anymore. Instead, he weighed it curiously in his hands, checked all over for a mailing address, but the gaudily wrapped package gave no hints as to the contents.

“Alright well.” Steve shrugged and headed back into his room to open it. “What’s the worst that could happen?”

It could be a bomb, Captain Rogers.” JARVIS said pointedly and Steve grimaced towards the ceiling. “Shouldn’t you have scanned it for me then?”

I was simply telling you the worst that could happen.” JARVIS intoned and Steve rolled his eyes just for good measure before tearing into the wrapping paper.

“Oh.” He blinked down at the various bottles of shampoo and conditioner, bars of soap wrapped in delicate tissue, something that looked like balls of Epsom salt, and three of the softest, fluffiest wash cloths he had ever felt in his life. “What the–”

The note attached to a container of– “Whipped moisturizing face cream? What?” –read:

Perhaps you will think of me as you bathe, as I think of you every day.


“Thor bought me bath stuff?” Steve felt a little stupid for smiling quite so big but he undid his pants anyway, kicking out of them and heading back to the en suite bathroom to start the shower again. A quick sniff through the soaps and Steve settled on one that smelled like fresh pine and rose petals, shampoo and conditioner that had something called argan oil, and a wash cloth in his favorite shade of blue.

And if his thoughts strayed towards a particular demi-god with lightning in his eyes and electricity in his touch well–well–

Steve couldn’t find it in himself to be embarrassed when he lathered up more soap in his hand and slicked it over his cock, letting the heady scent of roses and pine billow around him in a thick, steamy haze. If Thor was going to spoil him with fancy things, then Steve was going to do the right thing and think of Thor when he used them.

That was the right thing to do, right?

“Twas the right thing to do, to think of me as you washed.” Thor murmured later, much later when the day had ended and they were climbing into bed together, his nose buried in Steve’s hair to breathe in the sweetly scented shampoo. “I’m glad you enjoyed your gift. In the morning we should use it together.”

“That sounds like a good idea.” Steve tilted his head up for a kiss, then another one and another one after that. There had been a time when he had been too shy, too unsure of himself and where he stood with Thor to ask for what he wanted, to speak up and tell Thor he wanted more and that he wanted to be loved and held and cherished, but that time was past.

Now Steve had no issue dragging the Thunder god into bed when he wanted, to press close for shameless kisses, to simply curl up in Thor’s arms when he needed to be held. And he had no issue crying, “yes” when Thor touched him just right, to shout “More!” when big hands explored his body, and to whisper, “I love you.” as they were coming down together.

Tonight, Thor was gentler than he usually was, drawing out every touch until Steve was writhing beneath him, wringing out each bit of pleasure over and over until Steve was nearly screaming for relief. It was only then that Thor took his own pleasure, losing himself in his love’s embrace, mouthing kisses over every inch of skin he could reach, cradling Steve close to his heart and murmuring soft things against his mouth.

“What’s gotten into you lately?” Steve gasped out, throwing an arm over his eyes and trying to remember how to breathe. “I’m not complaining but– but– what’s going on? The flowers and the fancy soaps and everything in bed and–”

“You are not pleased?” Thor’s eyes went wide and maybe even a little vulnerable. “Apologies, my love. I’m sorry for choosing things you wouldn’t want.”

“No, I love them.” Steve pulled him down for another kiss, groaning quietly when Thor shifted deeper inside of him. “I just don’t know why you’re giving me so much lately.”

“I would give you everything if I could.” Thor brushed their noses together, murmuring “Ég ást Þú, Ég vilja Þú., Þú ert fallegur.”

“I love when you speak in your languages.” Steve admitted. “I never know what you’re saying but I love it anyway.”

“I love you.” Thor translated. “I want you. You are beautiful. þú ert minn. You are mine.”

“I am yours.” Steve arched into the next kiss, lazy and satisfied, humming when Thor deepened it, parting his lips and suckling at Thor’s tongue when it ventured into his mouth.

“Another, sweetheart?” Thor asked and Steve nodded, already spreading his legs and canting his hips, urging Thor closer.

“Another. Always.”


“I don’t speak this language.” Bucky tossed a folded piece of paper at Tony. “If you want sex, you’ll have to write it in one of the other four I do speak. You could even write it in binary if you thought it would be funny, but don’t just scribble random things and expect me to know what you mean.”

“Babe, I’m not saying no to sex, but I am denying writing you whatever the hell this is and leaving it in the kitchen.” Tony squinted at the delicate writing. “Besides, I couldn’t write this pretty if I wanted to, and I have no idea what dialect this is.”

“It’s a dialect Alfheim.” Steve plucked the note from Tony’s hands and stuffed it into his back pocket, his cheeks burning red. “So it’s not a language any of you speak.”

“….but it’s a language Thor uses to write you dirty limericks?” Tony guessed instantly. “That’s sweet in a Norse god sort of way. So what’s it say? Did ol’ Hammer man translate it for you?”

“Yes.” Steve said shortly. “Yes, he did translate it for me and it’s none of your business. I’d thank you not to read my mail.”

“Your mail?” Bucky raised a skeptical eyebrow. “It was folded into a 3-d heart and left by the fruit basket. I assumed it was Tony asking for a booty call, or maybe Clint sweet talking Nat into something naked and socially awkward, but it’s from Thor? Thor is writing you dirty letters in an Elvin language and artfully crafting them into romantic shapes and leaving them around the Tower?”

“I um–” Steve scratched at the back of his neck awkwardly. “I guess so.”

“That’s the cutest shit I’ve ever seen.” Tony declared. “Adorable. Steve, marry that guy. We can make it a double wedding. It will be the social event of the decade.”

“We’re not doing that.” Bucky said flatly, but he blew Tony a kiss when the genius huffed in indignation.

“Yeah well–” Steve’s grin was a little goofy as he dug out half a dozen more notes from his back pocket and added the heart to the mix. “I dunno about that, but he is pretty great.”

“You know what he’s doing, don’t you?” Tony asked then, inclining his head towards the pile of notes, then over towards the bouquet of flowers that had been delivered yesterday. “With all of this?”

“With all of what?” Steve caught the beer Bucky tossed him and tore the cap off. “He’s being extra sweet lately but Thor is a sweet guy, it probably doesn’t mean–”

“He’s courting you.” Tony interrupted. “Officially courting you, probably like they do in Asgard. That demi god is trying to make you his.”

“I already am his.” Steve defended. “He’s just being nice!”

“He has been looking extra bodacious lately.” Bucky started counting off on his fingers. “And extra bodacious for a god is saying something. I don’t even like blondes but I can’t stop staring at him.”

“Something you want to tell me, Bucky bear?” Tony teased and Bucky only waggled his eyebrows mischievously. “Bucky’s right, Steve. Thor has quite literally been weaving romance specific flowers into your hair in the morning, then telling you what each means so you are fully aware of exactly what he’s saying with each flower.”

“Buying you presents.” Bucky added. “Not just all that bath stuff you think we don’t know you use, but fruit baskets to snack on, new blankets for your bed, art supplies so you can draw more of those pornographic sketches you also think we don’t know about.”

“What? I don’t draw pornographic–” Steve started to protest but both Tony and Bucky just looked at him and he swallowed awkwardly. “Yeah. Alright. Move on.”

“And let’s all give a round of applause for Tony thinking to sound proof everyone’s rooms.” Bucky snorted. “But we don’t need sound to be able to tell how ridiculously fucked out you are in the morning.”

“Living up to his god of fertility title, Huh?” Tony elbowed Steve. “Huh? Huh?”

“Oh god, please stop.” Steve slumped into his chair. “Is this conversation over yet?”

“Nope, not even close.” Tony informed him. “So Thor is making sure he is always pretty, surrounding you with meaningful flowers, spoiling you with thoughtful gifts, proving his status as a lover, and writing you poetry? Doesn’t that sound like hard core courting to you?”

“It does.” Steve admitted. “But I don’t see why he’s trying so hard all the sudden. We worked everything out months ago. We love each other and I’m never going to find someone else like Thor. I don’t see why he feels the need to…”

His voice trailed off when Tony lifted his hand and waved his ring in the air. “Um–”

Then Bucky held up his own hand, pointedly tapping at his ring finger.

“Oh my god.” Steve swallowed hard, the color washing from his face. “Oh my god.”

“Oh your god is right.” Tony agreed. “Can I come to Asgard with you for the wedding?”

“Can I be your best man?” Bucky said instantly. “I think I’d look great in robes, wouldn’t I look great in robes?”

“Will you get a crown?” Tony cried, getting more excited by the minute. “And powers! Maybe you’ll live forever if you’re married to a god!” he paused. “Maybe I picked the wrong super soldier. If Steve’s going to get a crown and get to live forever then–”

“Well, that’s enough of that.” Bucky stood up immediately, throwing Tony over his shoulder and heading out the door. “We’re leaving before Tony starts switching teams. See you later, Stevie. Good luck with what will probably be a ridiculous proposal.”

“Uh–” Steve was left in the kitchen, staring at the wall in absolute shock. “Um–um–um–”


Steve spent the next few days thinking about what Tony and Bucky had said, mulling over Thor’s actions and the conversations they’d had the last several weeks.

He researched Asgardian courting customs– or rather, Norse courting customs since that seemed to be the closest thing he could find– and noted which of them Thor was using, jotting down ideas in a notebook until he was satisfied with his plan.

Thor might be courting him, but Steve was going to do a little courting of his own as well.

A few mornings later, it was Thor who was surprised to see a package of gold and blue set outside his bedroom door.

“JARVIS?” he asked immediately, and the AI responded– “There is nothing dangerous in the package, sir.

“Ah, thank you.” Thor nodded politely up at the ceiling. He too had been subject to one of Tony’s overly animated lectures about the dangers of unattended boxes and how sometimes they were candy but sometimes they were most certainly not candy, and now that the Avengers were well known, they all needed to be careful.

But JARVIS knew it was alright, so Thor carried the box inside and placed it on the bed, flipping open the card and reading it quickly


These are all the ways I think of you.


Thor smiled over the note and set it aside, pulling out a leather bound sketch book and leaning back against his pillows to flip through it.

The first pictures were nothing more than rough sketches– shots of Thor’s arms, the width of his shoulders, him in a crouch as if he were getting ready to wrestle, and Thor smiled when he checked the date at the bottom of the picture and realized they had been drawn before he and Steven had even began having their moments together, back before they had fallen into bed the first time.

Closer to the middle of the book the sketches became more personal–close ups of Thor’s eyes in differing shades of blue, quick scenes of him laughing, of his mouth as he smiled. There were detailed pictures of his hand as it clutched Mjolnir, of his hair when he wore it in braids.

But it was the sketches in the back of the book took Thor’s breath away, moments captured from their most private times– a scene obviously from Steve’s point of view, looking up Thor’s body from between his legs. A side profile of Thor in the shower, defined droplets of water sliding down his body, cock unaroused but still heavy, thick against his thigh. A shot of them in bed at night, locked together in a kiss, Thor braced over Steve, every muscle outlined, every strand of hair carefully drawn in.

“Lovely.” Thor’s touch was reverent as he turned each page, lips parting when desire started curling hot in his stomach, each picture more intimate than the last, each pose more explicit, some they had done over and over, others they had never tried at all and Thor didn’t know whether to chuckle over his love’s vivid imagination, or go find the Captain and drag him to bed to try them out immediately.

It didn’t matter, he supposed, turning yet another page and having his breath stolen all over again. Steve had shared something personal, had gifted Thor something from his heart and that alone made it worth more than any of the trinkets and gifts Thor could gather and lay at his loves feet.

The book was beautiful, heart stoppingly intimate and yet it was the next morning that nearly sent Thor to his knees in gratitude as Steve presented him with flowers, stammering through the explanation of each flower as he tucked them into Thor’s braids.

And then later that afternoon, a poem appeared on Thor’s desk folded into an swan, the cadence easy and lines flowing and Thor read it until it was memorized, then refolded it carefully and set it on the shelf above his bed next to his favorite relics from Asgard.

That night, Steve dressed only in the blue silk robe Thor had gifted him a few months previous and left it open so his entire body was on display when he knelt on the floor and undid the ties to Thor’s pants. He worshiped Thor with his hands and his mouth, keeping Thor on edge as long as they both could wait, and when they finally joined, Thor cursed out loud when he found Steve already ready, stretched open around a plug.

“I didn’t want you to have to work for anything tonight.” Steve whispered, and Thor mumbled another curse, gathering Steve close into a greedy kiss.

“I love you.” he said hoarsely. “ég elska þig örvæntingu. Steven, my love, þú ert minn. You are mine.”

ég er…þinn?” Steve struggled through the pronunciation of the words. “I am… yours.”

Thunder rolled around them, lightning flashing in Thor’s eyes as his hands tightened possessively around Steve’s waist. “You are mine.” he repeated and Steve made a quiet noise of agreement. “Mine.”


Steve wasn’t sure why they were on one of Tony’s private jets and currently heading over the Atlantic, but he was also too drunk to care, sipping mead from Thor’s lips and sighing as it warmed him from the inside out.

“You are comfortable, my love?” Thor asked, taking a long drink from the bottle and smiling as Steve kissed him immediately, curling their tongues together with a low moan. “Warm enough? Comfortable. Can I get you anything?”

“I’m fine, sweetheart.” Steve assured him, the words slurring with the drink. “But where are we going?”

“Somewhere special.” Thor wove their fingers together and pressed a kiss to Steve’s knuckles. “Do you know what today is, sweetheart?”

“Valentines Day.” Steve nodded and shifted closer, then closer again until Thor made room on his lap, scooping Steve up and holding him tight. “Or did you mean Thursday?”

“Both.” Thor chuckled, always amused when Steve got even a little bit drunk, the usually uptight Captain soft and sweet and tasting of mead. “And do you know what tomorrow is?”

“Friday.” Steve said quickly, then with a goofy smile. “I knew that one.”

“Beautiful.” Thor declared and Steve flushed in pleasure. “In Asgard we do not have the same names for days of the week as you do, but your Friday is the day we honor my mother Frigga, the day we ask her blessing for those courting, those in love, and those who are newly married.”

“Oh.” Steve’s eyes went very wide. “Those who are newly married?”

“I am taking you to Iceland.” Thor said very very softly. “And when we land there, I will take you to the tops of the mountains, to profess my love beneath the auroras of the night skies.”


“And as the sun rises on Frigga’s day, I will ask you to be mine.”


The Aurora Borealis were brilliant in shades of green, ribbons of red and flashes of white and violet, filling the sky above the mountains. Thor had wrapped Steve in warm furs before using Mjolnir to take them to the very tops of the peaks and there they stood, holding each other close and staring up at the dancing lights in awe.

“I have seen this from the mountains of dozens of other worlds.” Thor said in a hushed voice. “The lights coloring the sky, the glimmer of stars from behind the curtain. I have watched in awe as they filled skies at the very edges of our galaxy and yet here with you, they are more beautiful than they have ever been.”  

He turned to Steve then, taking his hands and lifting each one to his mouth to kiss the calloused knuckles and in a tone meant only for Steve’s ears, Thor recited Asgardian poems for love, pressed kisses to Steve’s jaw line and murmured secrets for his beloved in Old Norse, whispered promises of forever in a dozen other languages and just as Steve’s watch chimed midnight, got to his knees and pulled out a ring box.

“My love–” he began, but Steve blurted, “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you. Or bond with you. Or whatever you call it on Asgard. Yes.”

“I have much to say before you give me your answer.” Thor said, lips lifting in an amused smile. “I have planned this for months and have an entire speech prepared and–.”

“I don’t care.” Steve decided. “My answer is yes. I tried to tell you with the poetry and the flowers and–and probably butchering it when I tried to say it in your language, but my answer is yes and that’s all there is to it.”

þú ert mín, ég er þitt.” Thor said slowly, clearly and Steve repeated it as best he could, eyes widening when Thor slid a ring of perfect blue onto his finger, the gem the same shade as Steve’s eyes, cut through with white as if split by lightning itself.

“You are mine.” Thor drew Steve into a slow kiss. “And I am yours.”

“Mine.” Steve repeated, and then quieter, “Yours.”


“Don’t pout.” Bucky jabbed Tony in the ribs, grinning when his fiancee only scowled and pushed him away. “Tony, baby I can’t help that Thor literally flew Steve to the top of a mountain using his magic hammer and proposed in a bunch of different languages before giving him an Asgardian ring. I’m just a boy from Brooklyn, I can’t compete with that.”

“I’m just saying–” Tony fussed. “–I’m just saying, you could have put a little more effort into your proposal!”

“You cried when you woke up and there were diamonds on your finger.” Bucky pointed out. “You literally burst into tears and told everybody for the next six weeks that I ‘got you diamonds’. I thought you were thrilled with my proposal.”

“I was.” Tony sighed, snuggling close so Bucky would hold him. “But I wouldn’t mind an Asgardian ring.”

“Wellllll—-” Bucky dragged the word out. “What if you design our wedding rings? It’s not like we’ve found any that we liked at all even though we’ve been to a dozen different stores. You could make the bands out of the same material as your suit, you could even weld it onto my finger or whatever. Then not only would we have matching rings, but they would be completely unique and not even Asgard would  have them.”

“Oh I like that idea.” Tony’s eyes gleamed in excitement and Bucky’s sighed in relief. “I’m going to start working on it right away!”

From across the living room, Thor lay a gentle kiss on Steve’s temple. “I think Anthony is jealous of your ring, Steve.”

“Hm.” Steve said smugly, admiring the glow of the blue in the light. “He hasn’t even seen the wedding band yet.”

“You would want another ring?” Thor asked and Steve nodded. “Well then, you shall have another. I will give you anything you want, sweetheart.”

“Another kiss is fine for now.” Steve sat up and Thor kissed him sweetly. “Alright maybe another one after that one, too.”

Thor laughed against Steve’s lips. “As many as you wish, my love.”