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When Love Calls...

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“We don’t have a lot of time left,” Namjoon said somberly, making Jimin mentally roll his eyes at his Alpha parent.


Right on cue, Jimin’s Omega Parent butted in.


“You know we only want what’s best for you, right?” Seokjin said in his gentle voice. Jimin wondered how that gentle voice would change to ragging and shouting one if he said what was going through his mind; you only want what’s best for your reputation in the pack!


It was an everyday discussion in the Palace of Echlipdise Werewolves; nothing new was ever shared with Jimin anyway. It seemed like his parents had only one topic to discuss the moment their eyes fell on Jimin’s slightly round and slightly angular white-pink face; the topic of his nonexistent love/mated life. The topic of how it's about to be five years since he had been of the age and was still unable to imprint on anyone from their pack or their, very decent and very nice (sarcasm intended), neighboring packs.


A werewolf could mate with the person they imprint on or if- in unusual cases- they couldn’t find their true mate at the time of their ripe age, meaning the age of maturity for werewolves, but took fancy on a certain werewolf, the Alphas had the power to mate their love interest and then mate with their true mate once they have successfully imprinted on them. An Alpha could have more than one mate as well. Just like Jimin’s own Alpha Parent, Kim Namjoon, mated with Seokjin who was his love interest since his young teenage days but later on mated with Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok who turned out to be his true mates a couple of years later- one after the other. All three of Namjoon’s mates were from his clan, so he was able to imprint on them as soon as they turned of age.


But Jimin’s case was slightly different. He was an Omega; a rather beautiful Omega with medium height, blond hairs, and electric blue eyes, who had not been able to imprint on anyone in his pack after reaching his eighteenth birthday, neither on someone from his neighboring packs. Jimin had waited patiently for more than a couple of years because it was not unheard of that a werewolf can only imprint on his better half when both have reached their ripe age… believing his mate might not be there just yet, the Omega had no problem enjoying his bachelor life for the time being. But years passed… one after another… the imprint never happened. And now the dreaded Penta-year limit was about to be breached, something his Omega Parent always reminded Jimin, at least a hundred times per day.


Living among the pack where most Alphas had more than one mate, of course, it frustrated Jimin that he couldn’t imprint on any Alpha. The worst was when his pack and their other neighboring packs met for Annual Festa; even then, Jimin had been unsuccessful in bonding with his potential mate.


The Annual Festa was held every year in the middle of the summer season. All the clans would gather in the vast clearing of the Obsidian Forest that served as the neutral land between the five werewolves Clans living in this certain part of the Earth surface. It was the best time to lay aside all of their differences and be the part of the same species that they were, and in some rare cases, to find their mates. Inessential to say, Jimin failed in that plan as well.


Jimin belonged to one of the biggest Clan of their area, the Echlipdise or more commonly known as the Moonstone Fur Pack due to the varying colors of his pack members’ furs which, one way or another, were in different shades of whitish Moon. Jimin himself was blessed with a snow-white coat which complimented his electric blue eyes quite magnificently. Now, the Prime Alpha of Echlipdise Clan was none other than Kim Namjoon, who was kind and unbiased pack leader that the whole Moonstone Pack admired and looked up to.


On the far north side of Obsidian Forest lived a slightly smaller clan which went by the name of Strax Clan a.k.a the Sanguis Ice Pack. The leader of that pack, Triston, was a reserved man and only liked to keep his clan to himself and would not bother with Annual Festa if not for Alf and his mate Eunice, who were the Prime leaders of Icheox Clan- the Silent Ash Pack- whose primary role was to keep peace among the five Clans living there. Alf would hold a meeting with Triston to convince him that his packs presence was much needed on the Annual Festa, every single year! Thankfully so or else Jimin’s brother would be left as mate-less as Jimin because Taehyung had imprinted on a young boy from Strax Clan on the Annual Festa right after their eighteenth birthday.


The southern side was taken over by a rather unique Clan that consisted of only female werewolves. Even their leader, Lady Lupus, was a fierce female Alpha. Thus, the Mai Clan- which also went by the name of Lupine Lake Pack- covered the area on the other side of Lupine Lack that ran at the outskirt of Obsidian Forest. It was considered the second-largest pack of their area. The largest being Echlipdise Clan tied down with Deolovian Clan, most commonly referred as Sundown Alpha Pack… and as the name stated, the pack consisted of nothing but pure Alphas. Where it stood as a mark of envy for many others but the downhill point of only having Alphas in pack meant rate of fertility being lesser than others since it was a common fact that Alphas could hardly reproduce a single child, or in some cases they would not be given the chance to do even that.


Jimin thought it was all farfetched theories and there was absolutely nothing wrong with two Alphas mating… because even being an omega, Jimin was on the verge of losing his chance at reproduction… at the chance of ever being mated.


“This is the last year for you Jimin,” Seokjin mumbled in a rather soft voice like he was talking to a small child. “By the time the leaves fall, it would already be five years since you became of age. You would lose your fertility, and then no one would want to have you.”


“Seokjin!” Namjoon’s warning tone was not lost on Jimin but the young Omega was far used to his Omega Parent’s harsh words, which were true to the core of them anyway. The Prime Alpha of Echlipdise turned to sympathetically pat his elder son's fluffy hairs. "We are not asking you to mate him; you can wait for your true mate for as long as you wish. But you know how nature works, if a werewolf has not reproduced in first Penta-years of his coming of age then he would completely lose his fertility. You wouldn’t want to present yourself as a barren werewolf to your true mate, now would you?”


“What happens to the child then?” Jimin muttered for the first time since his parents had entered his room to once again try and talk him into their plan. “IF,” Jimin said with clear emphasize as he raised his head from his knees and stared at his Alpha parent. “I was ever able to find my true mate. Then what would happen to that child?”


“We would raise him,” Seokjin said quickly, taking a seat on Jimin’s bed, beside the said guy. “You don’t have to worry about the child at all. I would take good care of him. You know how much I feel envious to Hoseok when he plays around with Taehyung’s child… I imagine myself doing the same with yours.”


Jimin fell silent, staring at nothing but space as he lost himself in his thoughts. He would admit, he was tired… tired of denying his parents the happiness they sought… tired of waiting for someone who might not even exist… tired of this life overall…


“Okay,” the young omega said in mere whispered words but his parents heard him loud and clear. “You can do whatever you wish to do… I have no objection.”


Jimin laid down on his bed and closed his eyes so he won’t be able to see the wide grins that decorated his parents’ faces.


“We would find the best guy for you,” Seokjin promised as he lightly closed the door behind him.


I doubt it; Jimin mused mentally but otherwise kept his silence.




Jimin descended the staircase of the Echlipdise Mansion with minor bemusement. It was one thing for all mates of the Prime Alpha to be shouting orders around the house in wee hours of the morning every day but today the Mansion seemed in an uproar for some reason. Even Alpha-Yoongi was seen exploding at the maid, who had spilled a few drops of juice on the sparkling and shining floor of the Mansion’s lobby.


Jimin reached the bottom step and had just opened his mouth to ask what exactly was going on when Beta-Hoseok came running from the adjacent room.


“Jimin, I have laid down a perfect outfit for today so you better wear it before they arrive,” Hoseok said in one go and flashing his wide smile he hurried along to his next task.


"Who is coming?" Jimin asked loudly but the Beta had already moved to the next room. Then turning to Yoongi, Jimin walked forward to question him instead but now the submissive Alpha was having a go at a servant for not properly trimming the hedges outside. Jimin silently contemplated whether it was the right time to tick off the already angry Alpha… and clearly, the answer was, No!


Confused out of his mind, the young Omega went to the kitchen area from where he could hear frantic shouts of his Omega-Parent. Just standing at the doorstep and watching his hysterical mother-figure running around the wide kitchen made Jimin back away as noiselessly as possible.


“What the hell is going on?” Jimin demanded once he entered the sitting area and found his slightly younger Alpha brother Taehyung and his Omega mate Minjae entertaining their one-year-old baby. “Why are all of our mothers going crazy?”


“You didn’t hear?” Taehyung asked with his brow arched in amusement. “Father found the guy that would spice up your boring life, even if for a little bit.”


Jimin aimed a failed kick on his brother’s shin before reaching out to lightly pinch Taehyung’s son’s chubby cheeks, affectionately. It had been a whole week since his parents had been successful in making Jimin agree to their wishes and the Omega was happy to say he had lived a stress-free week for the first time in last two years; considering his Omega Parent stopped pestering him at every available opportunity.


“Father found someone already?” Jimin questioned trying his best to act nonchalant but he knew he failed when an evil leer climbed on Taehyung’s lips.


"It appears he has. In case you are wondering who he is… he is not from our clan," The young Alpha enlightened his brother. "Omega-Seokjin was rooting for Darion, Simone or Versum but they flat out refused… I think none of them had forgotten how you rejected their offers to mate them, last year, rather harshly if I recall correctly.”


“Tae!” Minjae cried indignantly, silently repenting his mate for being insensitive to Jimin's feeling by telling him his Clan's members refused to help him out in his time for need.


“It’s okay Minjae,” Jimin assured good-naturedly. “Honestly, I am glad they all refused… I could never imagine any of them touching as much as a hair of my head.”


“Now, now… that’s not an attitude of a good submissive Omega,” Taehyung chided but a mischievous smirk sat on the edges of his lips. Jimin rolled his eyes at his younger brother’s pretended manner as he accepted a glass of orange juice Minjae passed him with a polite ‘Thanks’.


“It’s still three weeks before the New Moon,” Jimin muttered thoughtfully. “It’s useless to knot without New Moon so why would father bring the guy so early?”


“You can’t possibly meet him on the day of New Moon and let him touch you so intimately, now could you Jimin?” Minjae put forward his theory. “You would need time to get to know him better, before that.”


“Why not?” Jimin voiced out. “Taehyung and you did just that when you two imprinted during the Annual Festa right after we all became of age, remember?”


“That’s different because we were destined mates,” Taehyung explained. “Besides, Minjae and I had met a year before that too, only briefly but still, we were friends before being mates.”


“Hmm… maybe… so any idea whom father could have bribed to sleep with me?” Jimin asked after a moment of silence because his curiosity couldn’t hold any longer.


“Nope,” Taehyung replied, returning his attention toward the one-year-old Taemin in his lap. “All I know is that he is someone from our neighboring Clans. He must be an idiot who is willing to have a child with someone who is not their mate. I don’t think it’s in nature of Alphas to just give up their child, now is it?”


Jimin shrugged offhandedly, sumptuously sipping his juice, hip leaning against a table in one corner of the room.


“I just hope he is a nice guy, who is kind and gentle with our Jimin,” Minjae expressed his wish with a timid smile thrown in Jimin’s direction, which was quickly reciprocated by the other Omega.


“Why can’t you be more like your mate, Taehyung?” Jimin chuckled at brother’s sour expressions.


“Anyways, do you have any guesses on which Alpha father might have picked for you?” Taehyung hastily brought them back to the topic at hand. “I mean, considering how we have nearly met all the werewolves that became of age in the last few years, you must have someone in mind, right?”


“Hard to say…” Jimin mumbled as he recalled faces after faces of mate-less werewolves that were of age, whom he could have met in last Annual Festa. "Honestly, I don't care who he is as long as he's not Jeon Jung-"


“I am back!” The voice of the Prime Alpha sounded from behind Jimin, making him spun around quickly and face his father. “And look whom I brought back with me.”


Jimin froze, on his spot, as his blue eyes took in the tall and muscular guy standing beside his father. The bright hazel orbs of the new arrival were twinkling slightly and his bunny-like teeth peeked when a smirk stretched on his thin lips.


“I am sure you must know him beforehand as well,” The Prime Alpha kept talking without the slightest inclination of what was going through Jimin’s mind at that moment. “This is the heir of Deolovian Clan, Jeon Jungkook.”


The sound of a glass shattering echoed around the silent room before Jimin rushed out of the suffocating area.



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