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The Sum of All Truth

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Previously on Revolution…

While scouting along the Texas/Plains Nation boarder, Bass falls through a roof. He's trapped and his arm is badly injured, but Charlie refuses to leave him, first hiding them from a Patriot patrol searching for them, and then killing a lone scout. Miles and Rachel find them, but getting Bass out of the mess isn't easy. He's lost a lot of blood, and time is running out for him. Rachel comes up with a solution, but even once Bass is free, things don't improve. They run across another Patriot patrol on the way out of town, and Bass uses the last of his failing energy to save Charlie from being stabbed in the back. After that, they hole up in a farmhouse, where Rachel realizes Bass might have already lost too much blood. Miles suggests a transfusion, but the conversation ends with the revelation that Miles is Charlie's biological father…

Charlie clenched her fists, her mom's announcement going on replay over and over in her head… Ben wasn't your biological father, Miles is.

The next breath she took came too short, catching in the back of her throat. Her whole body tightened up with the need to get out. She couldn't be in the same room as her mother right now, who never seemed to give her anything but lies and half truths.

She went to take a step, but Bass caught her hand, halting her in her tracks.

"Charlie, it's okay. Don't freak out, all right?" His voice was still unsteady from the massive blood loss, but there was a note of strength underlining his words that she grabbed onto like a lifeline.

Bass tugged her hand, until she dropped down next to the couch he was lying on.

"It's okay," he repeated more quietly.

Actually, it was pretty damn far from okay, but her throat was tight, and her tongue felt too thick to form any words. Instead she took an uneven breath and dropped her forehead to rest against Bass' shoulder. His hand came up to cup the back of her head, and she dug her fingers into his biceps, swallowing down the urge to cry.

This was nuts. Like, totally insane. And the world must have really gone crazy if Sebastian Monroe was the one she turned to for comfort.

"Jesus Rachel, Charlie is my kid?" Miles sounded about as blown away as she felt. "And you didn't think that might be something you needed to tell me?"

"When was I supposed to tell you, Miles?" Rachel shot back.

"Well, not while Ben was alive, obviously. I get that. But he died, Rachel. And we've practically been living in each other's pockets for the past six months. At any point during all that time, you never once thought to say hey Miles, FYI, Charlie is your daughter."

"I've thought about it every single day since she was born," Rachel returned quietly. "But being sarcastic doesn't help anything right now."

Miles took a ragged breath. "I'm sorry. I'm just— It's a lot to get my head around in under two minutes. This morning I was an uncle, but now I've got to man up and be a father? Sorry if that makes my temper just a little short. "

"Just stop." Aggravation surged up within Charlie, but at least resentment was easier to deal with than tears. She raised her head to look at where her mom and Miles were facing off. "Just stop, okay? I can't hear this right now."

She looked back down at Bass, but he had his eyes closed again. There was something too still in the way he was lying there, and anxiety overtook everything else in her body.

"Bass." She shook his shoulder, but he didn't respond. "Bass!"

Still she got nothing, and she went up on her knees to catch his face in her palms, her heart stuttering against the inside of her chest. "Bass, wake up."

His skin had taken on a grayish tinge, and her blood turned to ice. "Mom!"

Her mom came over and pressed her hand into the side of Bass' neck.

Rachel's expression turned grim, and she turned to level an intent stare on her.

"Charlie, are you sure you want to give him your blood?"

"Well, I sure as hell don't want him to die."

Her mom nodded and then stood. "Miles, let's get him up to a bedroom. We need to hurry."

Rachel rushed over to grab the bag of medical equipment, while Miles got Bass up off the couch. They dragged him upstairs, putting him on the first bed they found.

"Charlie, lie next to him, on his left side," her mom instructed as she pulled out needles and a thin, clear plastic tube, among other things.

Charlie climbed up on the bed, a double big enough for two, but Bass took up more than his fair share of room. She laid down on her back, and turned her head to the side to stare at Bass while she waited for her mom to get on with things. She needed to keep watch over him, to make sure he was still breathing, still with them, until he got some of her blood into his system. And right now, she didn't want to think about why she was so desperate to make sure Sebastian Monroe stayed alive.

"Okay, Charlie, this will pinch a bit," he mom murmured.

She nodded, but didn't take her eyes off Bass. In the background, Miles stood with his arms crossed, his expression grim. The pounding of an aftershock battered her inside as reality fully sunk in. Miles was her father. The revelation was too upsetting and too wonderful all at the same time, but she forced the thoughts out of her mind.

In a matter of moments, Rachel had everything set up, and Charlie watched the dark red progression of blood leaving her arm and disappearing into Bass. She breathed a long sigh of relief, and then turned her head to stare up at the ceiling, brushing a hand over her face as a stray tear escaped. She was just exhausted, that was all. Staying awake and alert all night, while she worried about Bass being trapped had totally rail-roaded her. Once she had a few hours sleep, she'd be able to process everything more calmly.

"Okay." Rachel sighed as she straightened from the bed. "Miles, you want to help me sew up Bass' wrist? Otherwise, this blood transfusion will be pointless."

Miles nodded, his dark expression unchanging as he silently walked over to the bag and grabbed out some more supplies. Charlie swallowed down the tightness closing around her throat. Was Miles upset about the fact that her mom had kept the truth from him for all this time, or was he pissed to find out she was his kid? The lost little girl inside of her, the one who had once cried everyone leaves me, was desperate for Miles to accept her as his own with open arms. But when it came to Miles, even after knowing him this past year, a lot of the time she still couldn't predict what he would do in any given situation.

Her mom and Miles hardly exchanged a word while they cut away Bass' bloody shirt, before cleaning his wounds and stitching him up. As soon as they were done, Miles stomped out of the room. Rachel stared pensively after him for a long moment, before turning to look down on her.

"I'll be back in a little while to disconnect you. Truthfully, Bass probably needs more than you can give him, but I don't want to hear any arguments from you when I say its time. There's no use putting your own life in danger as well."

She nodded in reply, still not feeling like she could say anything to her mom right now. Rachel sent her a smile, but it was the one she used when everything was turning to hell and she was trying to pretend like it wasn't. Charlie had seen that smile more than a few times recently, and every time, it pissed her off. When things were bad, what was the point of pretending it was all rainbows and puppies?

Her mom gently squeezed her arm, before leaving the room.

Charlie blew out a long breath, able to relax a little now that she was finally alone. Well, almost alone. An unconscious Sebastian Monroe didn't really count for company. Though her eyes were heavy, she focused her attention on watching the rhythmic rise and fall of Bass' chest. Maybe it was just her imagination, but his color seemed to be improving, at least.

She must have dozed, because what seemed like a minute later, her mom had returned.

"Okay, Charlie, time to wrap it up."

Rachel pulled the cannula out of her arm, holding up the tubing so the last of her blood drained into Bass, before taking out his end as well. She pressed small squares of material against both their elbow joints, before leaning over to check Bass' pulse.

After a moment, she nodded. "It's improved. Hopefully he got enough to get him through." She shifted back again and turned her attention to Charlie. "You'll be light headed when you get up, so just take a minute, make sure you don't fall flat on your face. There's another bedroom across the hall, Miles and I will be taking turns keeping watch. You need to get a full night's sleep, okay?"

The stubborn side of her wanted to argue that she could take a watch, but knowing Miles and her mom, they wouldn't hear a word of it.

"Okay, I'll take the bed across the hall." She didn't sound the least bit grateful, but after everything that had happened, she just didn't have the energy to play nice.

Her mom stared at her for a moment, obviously wanting to say something. Instead, she shook her head and started out of the room. "Goodnight, Charlie."

Charlie sighed and rubbed her eyes, feeling like the bad guy for some stupid reason. It wasn't her fault that her mom kept secrets and dealt in half-truths. The woman she'd found when she'd gone searching for Danny hadn't been anything like the mother she remembered walking away from her. But maybe she'd never really known her mother at all. She'd only been a dumb kid, and apparently her mom had worked for some top secret government organization that dealt in weapons. The more she learned of her family, the more she realized she'd really had no clue.

Her eyes ached, and she rubbed them harder, frustration burning through her sadness. She just needed a minute. One quiet minute, and then she'd get up and go collapse in the bed across the hall, and maybe things wouldn't look so dismal in the morning.