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I've got ninety-nine problems (but a witch ain't one)

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He pressed his fingers to the single barren patch of dead grass beside his favorite park bench overlooking the deserted, but beautiful pond.

"Crescere", he whispers at the ground.

He felt the warmth of his magic flow down his arm hidden by his tan trench coat and through his fingers into the soft soil where pink peonies began to grow and bloom. The beautiful flowers began popping up all around the old park bench, bringing a smile to the handsome witches face.

For the bees, he thinks. 

Castiel had found this place one day while looking for burdock to add to his dwindling collection of herbs. It had been arid and plain, murky brown water surrounded by dead plants, dried out grass, and an old bench with faded, chipping red paint.

But unlike others who would have simply passed by with a disgusted look, he had seen the potential beauty in the presumably dead land. He could feel that it was once lush and abundant with life.

After about a week he began to come back for other various reasons until he started to come just because he wanted to. In his free time or whenever he needed a break from everything, he would come and enjoy the quiet landscape and add some of his magic into it little by little.

The witch had lots of free time considering he lived alone with no partner or familiar and often found himself needing a little break from life more often than not, so his special quiet place had quickly blossomed into a beautiful sanctuary teeming with life.

The lake was the first brought back to life. The once muggy brown water began to clear and lighten. Then the grass began to brighten from a dead beige to a lively green along with the trees and newly growing saplings. 

He had even taken it upon himself to grow some herbs he could use for spells to give himself an excuse to be able to visit his newly renovated little pond more often.

A variety of animals began to settle around the lake and make the new oasis their home. There were squirrels in the newly lush trees and ducklings in the freashly cleared pond. Castiel had even come across a mother doe and her white spotted fawn in a thicket along the water bank. 

What pleased him the most were his favorite additions, the honeybees. They spread the pollen and made the place bloom when Castiel was gone. His favorite hobby was to grow new flowers for the bees to find. It was like his gift to them for helping his special place come to life.

The witch sits back in his referbished bench and closes his eyes to relish the peaceful quiet of his home away from home. The peaceful silence was broken by the sound of wings beating the air. A gust of wind blowing his dark hair back gets his azure eyes to snap open and look up to the sky. Castiel is momentarily blinded by the sun so he squints and puts a hand over his eyes, but frustratingly sees nothing.

The sounds of Great wings beating the air is getting louder, and he frantically looks around for the invisible giant bird. A shadow falls over him. He glances skyward once more and gasps. Two large wings form a feathery canopy and block the bright light of the sun, revealing large talons that are spread and advancing on his face at an alarming rate.

Castiel lets out a frightened yelp and squeezes his eyes shut, bracing himself for the sharp talons with his arms stretched outwards like a shield.

He hears a loud whoosh and a big gust of wind blows his trench coat back, but there is no pain.

Castiel slowly unclenches his eyes and lowers his arms, curious as to why he is unscathed. He pats himself down checking for injuries, but finds none. Weird. He looks around, his body still tense, and sees gold feathers in his peripheral vision. Less than a foot away from him to his right is the biggest bird he has ever seen.

The witch lets out a 'manly' shriek and jumps away, almost falling off of the bench. 

Castiel is probably losing his mind because the huge bird actually looks like it's smirking af him. Can birds smirk?

He takes a better look at the bird. No not bird, Eagle. A golden eagle.

It was beautiful with multiple shades of gold woven intricately across its pristine feathers. It’s large sharp beak and big... green eyes? Can birds have green eyes? Weren't all birds eyes shifty and beady? Guess not. 

The eagle was holding itself tall and proud, showing off its full size to Castiel. It looked to have a wingspan of six or seven feet with a magnificent gold muscular body.

His eye catches on a black string hanging around the eagles neck and his gaze follows the string to an amulet resting against the birds chest. It was gold but a duller more worn gold than the eagles feathers. It looked like a head of some sort. It was weird, but familiar. 

The eagle caws at him to get his attention, he must have been staring at it for too long. He awkwardly shuffles a little farther down the bench from the carnivorous bird. Something about the large sharp talons glinting in the sun where they rest curled around the armrest was making him a little uneasy to say the least.

The bird looked as if it was evaluating him for something. It turns its head sharply so it can stare at him with one beautiful green eye. The action startles Castiel who flinches at the sudden movement. He holds his hands up plactatingly while repeating, "Nice birdy... nice birdy... you don't want to eat me."

The eagle huffs and actually rolls its eyes at him. Rolls its eyes.... Green eyes, amulet, human gestures.... This was not a nice birdy, nor was it a bird at all. He is such an idiot.

 He lowers his hands immediately and blushes. "Oh... y- you're a familiar aren't you?", he says embarrassed. The eagle nods its head up and down twice, amusement clear in its eyes. 

"I-I-I..... My name is Castiel.", Castiel stutters sheepishly. He just barely reigns in the desire to face palm himself.

Of coarse he had to make a fool of himself in front of the most beautiful familiar he has ever seen.

The familiar lazily spreads its wings and tucks them at its sides again. "Who are you?!" , Castiel blurts right to the point, and louder than he intended.

This time, he does face palm himself. 

Real smooth Cassie. He can actually hear his brothers voice in his mind.

The eagle is looking at him like it's smirking at him again. It flaps its wings and hops along the bench towards Castiel who instead of freaking out like before, watches the Raptor make its way over to him with wary eyes. 

The eagles eyes were intense before, but up close they are beguiling. It looked like every shade of green imaginable was in them, with little flicks of gold around the pupil. A weird sense of familiarity hits him like when he saw the amulet. Weird.

The big bird is inches from him now, it’s sharp beak uncomfortably close to his face. He gulps audibly and braces himself with his eyes tightly shut when the eagle leans in closer.

He startles but relaxes when he feels extremely soft feathers brush against his face. Castiel opens his eyes to see the side of the eagles face rubbing against his cheek in an odd display of affection. 

He closes his eyes again so he can enjoy the strange but lovely sensation of the velvety feathers against his skin.

He has to stifle a disappointed sound when the eagle pulls away and hops back over to grip the armrest of the bench.

"Stay with me.",Castiel breathes, finally managing to spit out a complete sentence and not sound like an idiot. Probably due to the help of the familiars soothing touch.

The eagle just gives him a knowing look and spreads its beautiful wings that glint and shine in the sunlight. With only a couple flaps the eagle was off the bench and up in the air, flying away from the lonely witch.

Castiel's heart drops as the eagle steadily elevates up and away from him. He runs a hand through his hair and watches the eagle begin to get smaller and smaller and finally disappear.

He drops his head into his hands with a disappointed groan.