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Crawling Back To You

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Sitting in the living room, Zac sighed as he looked over at Taylor who was making out with some chick on the couch right beside him. They were supposed to be watching some movie, Taylor had promised him they could have a bonding night tonight since their other roommate Harry was out doing who knew what with some of his friends but his and Taylor's bonding night had fallen at the wayside the moment Taylor had asked if he could invite his new girlfriend over.

Zac wasn't even sure if he remembered the girl's name, something that started with a D. Danielle or Doris or Delaney...some D name.

"I think I'm going to go to my room now," Zac spoke loudly as he cut off the Lord of the Rings movie he had been watching or well attempting to watch but it was kind of hard to watch anything when his brother was beside him sticking his tongue down some random girl's throat.

Not getting a response from his brother, Zac heaved a sigh loudly but stood from the couch and headed down the hallway to his room. "It's not like I exist or anything. Sometimes I just feel like I'm talking to myself," he muttered as he made it to his room and shut the door.

Seeing the time he knew he should probably just go ahead and call it a night even if he had wanted to wait up for Harry who happened to share a room with him. If he didn't stay up, Harry would just end up waking him up when he came in because he was such a light sleeper now days but Zac guessed college could do that to anyone.

"Fucking screw it," he growled as he stripped down to his boxers and walked over to his bed. He knew he wasn't going to be able to stay up and he had early classes tomorrow anyway so he needed to sleep if he wanted to be capable of staying awake and actually learning so he could get his degree in psychology.

Sliding into his bed, he reached for his cell phone which he had left charging there earlier in the night and checked to see if he had any texts. He was kind of hoping Carrick had texted him.

Carrick was a guy whom he had met on his first day of college classes last year when they had, had math together and it had been an instant connection when Carrick had asked to borrow a pen and Zac had let him. Zac wasn't sure how or why they had bonded but after that they usually spent most of the class that year passing notes like two high schoolers and then the notes had progressed to hanging out though hanging out with them usually consisted of going to Carrick's house and getting high since Zac wasn't yet twenty-one and couldn't drink legally at bars though that didn't stop the nineteen year old from drinking at parties and stuff but Zac just liked getting high better.

And preferably he liked getting high with Carrick whom after a year of knowing Zac was sure he had a crush on but Carrick was oblivious to it and hell Zac wasn't even sure if Carrick was gay or straight. In the year they had known each other he hadn't heard Carrick mentioning liking anyone or even dating anyone male or female.

Not seeing a text from Carrick, Zac frowned but instead of turning his phone off, he went to instagram, not surprised when the first few pictures he was greeted with where pictures Harry had instagrammed. Zac was half sure Harry used going out with his friends as an excuse to instagram.

Seeing the picture of one of Harry's friends doing a body shot off of him, Zac rolled his eyes but liked the picture anyway and then he continued going down his feed, only stopping when he came across a picture that Carrick had posted an hour ago. It was of just Carrick and like the love struck man child that he was, Zac liked it and then saved the picture to his phone, in the folder titled spank bank.

It was after the picture was saved that he turned his phone off and decided to get what sleep he could before Harry came back and woke him up...if Harry came back that was. It was apparent to Zac that tonight Harry had been hanging out with his older friends, the crowd that included some local radio DJ who was older than Harry, yet Harry was infatuated with and Zac was half sure was having sex with on the side.

Waking slightly as he felt his bed shift down, Zac groaned and opened his eyes and he froze when he saw that Harry was laying down in bed beside him, "Harry?" he asked his voice still sounding a bit rough from being woken up.

"S..sorry," Harry apologized as he moved closer to Zac on the bed. "I just don't want to sleep in my bed," he muttered as his breath hit Zac right in the face, which only made Zac shiver because of how close Harry was to him.

"So you decided to sleep in my bed?" Zac asked him as he sighed. "What time is it anyway?"

"Three in the morning," Harry answered as he moved just a tiny bit closer to Zac.

Swallowing hard now Zac closed his eyes, "Fine," he relented agreeing to let Harry sleep in his bed. "But tonight's the last time you sleep in my bed when you don't want to sleep in yours," he said as he opened his eyes and in the moonlight coming through his window he swore he saw Harry smiling.

"Figured you'd be over at Nick's place tonight anyway. Saw the picture of him doing body shots off of you," Zac continued as he blushed at that even if he had liked the picture it was still embarrassing to admit he saw it. "I mean he is your boyfriend so I just figured he'd take you home and take advantage of your drunk self."

Harry shook his head as he chewed on his lip briefly, "He isn't my boyfriend...not the one I want, he is just good at sex," he spoke so honestly that Zac was sure he was blushing even more now. "But he couldn't take me home. He has company this week and he's afraid I'll be too loud so he sent me home harder than a fucking rock and not drunk. I only had one drink right before we left."

Hearing the rest of Harry's words Zac went silent as his still sleepy brain tried to take in and digest what Harry had said, "Did you only come into bed with me because you were hard?" he asked as he saw a glint of something pass in Harry's eyes.

"I need relief," Harry pleaded finally as he inched a bit closer to Zac and reached for his hand, a hand which he soon put onto his boxers where Zac indeed could feel Harry's erection. "You're so good at giving me hand jobs and fuck I need one."

Zac bit his lip now as he just laid there with his hand still over Harry's hard on. This wasn't a new thing, Harry running to him when he needed some relief that Nick hadn't provided or even when he just needed relief in general even when he hadn't been around Nick.

It was something that had started seven months ago when Zac and Harry had both been drunk and Zac had went down on Harry in their bathroom and of course he had let Harry return the favor because he had been pretty hard after. It was only supposed to be once, just once but after that it was like he could never turn Harry down not when Harry was needy.

And god could he be needy and at least he noticed Zac and gave Zac relief, relief he wasn't getting from Carrick, though then again Zac couldn't blame Carrick because it was him who was the one who hadn't made a move and how could Carrick know how Zac felt if he wasn't told? But then again Zac thought it was almost damn obvious with how he acted around Carrick but then again Carrick seemed so oblivious that maybe he wasn't that obvious.

Instead of speaking as he came out of his thoughts, Zac closed the gap between him and Harry and he crushed their lips together in a kiss, a kiss which Harry was quick to respond too and as they kissed Zac began to rub Harry through his boxers which was an action that made the younger boy whimper.

Hearing Harry whimper seemed to spurn Zac on because he may have liked it when he heard his lovers making noises and so he kissed Harry harder as he kept rubbing the boy through his boxers, an action that was making Harry lift up his hips and thrust into Zac's touch.

"Take off your boxers," Zac muttered out into Harry's mouth before biting down on his bottom lip playfully. "Want to do more than just give you a hand job," he explained as he pulled away from the kiss and slid his owner boxers off, throwing them to the floor.

"O..okay," Harry stuttered but Zac watched as he did what he was told and the moment his boxers were on the floor as well, Zac leaned over and kissed him again, pushing him flat onto his back.

Once Harry was on his back Zac once again broke the kiss to move on top of him and locked eyes with Harry as he let their cocks line up with each other an action that made Harry moan out which again only seemed to spurn Zac on because it was after that, that Zac' slowly began to rub his cock up and down the length of Harry's.

It was something that felt good and it had been at least two weeks since Zac had gotten off properly with Harry and when Harry started to move with him, Zac couldn't help but moan out loudly not even caring if Taylor heard him though so far he and Harry had been doing good at keeping their sexual relationship a secret from most of their mutual friends.

Leaning down to kiss Harry again Zac kept his movements the same at least until he felt Harry reach up and grab his ass, moving him a bit faster which created a bit more friction against their cocks and the change in pace also seemed to make it that much closer to Zac reaching his end.

As he kissed Harry harder and much more frenzied than before Zac couldn't help but moan out the other boys name into his mouth as he came and yet even after he was done he kept moving on Harry and kissing him until he felt Harry release as well.

Pulling away from the kiss then, he looked down at Harry and brushed some hair off his face, "So beautiful," he muttered honestly as he leaned down to pepper Harry's neck with kisses. "So fucking goddamn beautiful after you come for me," he spoke onto his skin and he felt Harry shiver beneath him.

"You really think so?" Harry asked a moan coming out as he spoke. "That I'm beautiful after I come?"

"Yeah," Zac answered as he continued to kiss Harry's neck, his body still slowly coming down from the sex high it had been on. "I doubt you're as beautiful when you come for anyone else," he smirked as he finally moved his head so he could look down at Harry. "Just beautiful for me."

Harry rolled his eyes and his arms slid around Zac's waist, "Only you," he spoke and there was something in his voice that gave Zac pause. "I only come for you," he said this time clarifying his earlier words and there was still something in his voice that gave Zac pause but he couldn't figure out what it was.

"You come for Nick too," Zac teased as he stuck his tongue out at Harry. "You have sex with him too or did frotting with me really make you forget."

Again Harry rolled his eyes, "I didn't forget," he sighed as he looked away from Zac slightly. "Just haven't came for him in awhile."

At that, Zac laughed before pecking Harry's lips and moving out of his embrace to lay beside him on the bed, "Is that why you've been with me so much these last few months? I mean besides our two week drought that ended tonight. Is Nick really holding off on you that much?"

"Something like that," Harry shrugged so fast that Zac barely even caught it. "Let's just sleep though, tomorrow's your early class day right?" he asked though it sounded more like a statement.

"Yeah," Zac confirmed as he reached over and brought Harry's naked body closer to his own. "Goodnight H," he whispered as he closed his eyes and snuggled into Harry's body.

He was faintly aware of Harry telling him goodnight right before he finally drifted back to sleep.