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All In the Cards 2017

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   It was a little disappointing, at first, but Ayu cheered up quickly. She thought she had a good chance but her opponent – Reira – had really come out of the blue to deliver some amazing strategies. With a pinch of Yuya’s motivational speech, it didn’t take long at all for Ayu to cheer up.

   Her parents applauded her as she exited the arena. Her father picked her up and she squealed as he swung her around. Her mother cooed over her. Losing wasn’t that bad. It kind of felt the same as winning except a lot less duelling was involved which kind of sucked.

   Her father put her down and took some more photos. Ayu curiously glanced towards Reira. He had finally plodded off the stage and had gone to collect his teddy bear. It was a very cute teddy bear but its cuteness didn’t excuse Reira’s rudeness. He had dumped it with the reporter lady without asking… and now he was toddling off with it, completely ignoring her. Ayu sighed and wistfully wished that she had been one to have won.

   She already had her speech ready: ‘I’d like to thank the Academy, my parents, my friends, my cards, oh, and God, and my goldfish – Aqua – and my stuffed dolphin, Delphine and my fans!’

   It was somewhat bittersweet but it made her heart pound and smile through the drying tears on her face. It felt good to lose, sometimes. Tatsuya could be a jerk about winning sometimes but sometimes, losing could feel good. But, more importantly, Ayu snuck another glance towards Reira after getting distracted by her reverie… and he was gone. Oh.

   Still, Ayu smiled to herself as she walked away with everyone else – onto the next match. She held her hands and thought of Reira. She wondered if she had made a new friend in that duel. She didn’t normally feel so excited after a match but it had been an exhilarating duel. Not as exhilarating as the ones between the older kids and the LDS students but it had been just as good. She’d never met someone as talented as Reira before; and to think they were the same age!

   She really hoped that she made a new friend. She wanted to know what kind of person Reira was; beneath all the shyness. She bet he was a real sweet boy. After all, only real sweet boys carry around such cute stuffed toy. Ayu resolved that one day soon, she would meet Reira again and ask if they could go on a play date together. They could host a tea party; just them, Delphine, and his stuffed bear. Oh, it’ll be delightful. Ayu just can’t wait.