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 Seokjin knows that he can be quite overprotective at times but who can blame him? He's the oldest and with troublemaker members, he always finds himself worrying. He may not show it but he actually loves his members a lot. They were his second family together with the ARMYs so seeing them hurt triggers his protective streak.

Like right now.

Yoongi looks anywhere but Seokjin as the oldest stares at him, blank faced.

"Min Yoongi." 

Did he just say his full name? He did, didn't he?

Yoongi's in deep sh*t. He's definitely f*cked.

"Yeah?" He tried to reply nonchalantly, still avoiding the oldest's gaze. 

Seokjin pursed his lips, "Care to tell me why you went home at 2:00 in the morning with a bruise on your cheek?" Seokjin's eyes narrow, eyeing the bruise that looks fresh; red and swollen while he's frowning disapprovingly. Yoongi didn't answer, finding the floor very interesting.

Why is Seokjin awake anyway? Everytime someone goes out this late, they always find Seokjin at the doorstep, asking where did they go and why. How does he even do that?

 "Min Yoongi. Answer me."

 Yoongi immediately tried to think of an excuse before blurting out, "I was just…well, some assh*les were cornering this poor girl-"

 "Liar." Seokjin whispered harshly.

 Yoongi immediately shut his mouth, gaze shaking as Seokjin continued staring at him, stern eyed and angry. 

 "No girl would be out this late." Seokjin spat and Yoongi can see how he clench and unclench his hands, shoulder tensed. He swallowed before meeting Seokjin's gaze. He turned away again, cowed by the older man's look. Seokjin may be kind but when he's mad, you can see the narrowing of his eyes, the way he stares at you will freeze you on the spot.

 Seokjin sighs at his behavior before smiling tightly and grabbing the smaller man's shoulder gently but his hold was firm.

 "What really happened, Yoongi-ah?" Seokjin asked again with a much softer tone and Yoongi is mesmerized by this kind of Seokjin. He reminds Yoongi of his mother, his mother that always worries for Yoongi, who always asks what's wrong.

 Seokjin reminds them too much of their own mothers to be honest. Like that one time he cooked seaweed soup that reminded Hoseok of his own mother, tearing up when he tasted home. 

 Now, Seokjin reminds him of his own mother too. The way he shows that he's worried, angry, speaking to him gently so not to scare him...

 Without knowing it, he  opened his arms before hugging Seokjin, soaking in his warmth and finding himself closing his eyes at the smell of the older man. He feels safe and secure, like he's back at home. 

 Seokjin looked shocked for a moment before hesitantly raising his hand to pat the younger's back, rubbing circles, "Yoongi-ah? Tell hyung what's wrong?"

 Instead of answering, Yoongi merely gripped on Seokjin's clothes, "Yoongi-" 

 "Hyung…tell me I did good." Yoongi mumbles, burying his head in the crook of Seokjin's neck.

 Seokjin opened his mouth then closed it again before allowing his lips to form a small smile, "You did good Yoongi-ah, you did good." Seokjin whispers, patting the younger's head. Yoongi hums, "Yeah…"

 "You did good."


"Now then, let's look at that bruise. Who even did this?"

 "I got a fight with some guys on the street. They called me short so we exchanged friendly punches."

 "What the f*ck?!"

 Since that happened, everytime that Yoongi is stressed and feels like nothing is working, Seokjin would be there to pat his head and say that he did good. Seokjin would reprimand anyone that says anything bad about him, always being there when Yoongi doesn't feel good and Yoongi is really grateful for it, very grateful.

 He kinds of overreacts sometimes though. 

 He sighs and tried to pull Seokjin away from the group of guys who said that Yoongi is short. Yoongi himself knows it, and hearing it from someone else is a big blow but he tried holding back for Seokjin but the older took the insult seriously and demands that the guys apologize.

 The four guys, who are about the same height as Yoongi (talk about rude), apologized immediately, intimidated by Seokjin.

 "Hyung, it's not a big deal, really." He said as they watched the four guys scramble away in fright when Seokjin just as much glanced at them. Is it bad that Yoongi is secretly laughing inside?

 "It is. No one calls you short. I know you hate it, you're just holding back because I'm with you." Seokjin says with a huff. Yoongi blinked before laughing, "Hahaha! Thank you."

 Seokjin beams at him before grabbing his hand, "Let's go. The kids are waiting."

 Namjoon is a very dangerous individual. The moment he touches something, even though it is unbreakable, it breaks. He touches the doorknob, it will separate from the door. He touches the headphones, it will suddenly not produce sounds. He touches anything, yes, it breaks.

 So when Namjoon tried the rocking chair, fascinated, Seokjin's not surprised that it will break.

 They were doing photoshoot wherein the surroundings resemble a vacation house with a rocking chair sitting quietly at the side of the room. Namjoon, being an overgrown child (sometimes), curiously observed the thing before jumping on it. The moment he sat, nothing happened so they were relieved. Well, too bad. It proved to be too early to be relieved.

 The thing is, few minutes passed by before Namjoon decided to rock the chair back and fourth…


 No one seemed to notice as they continued conversing with each other.

  "Do you think this suits me?" Jimin asks as he turned to show Seokjin how he looks.

 Seokjin nodded, thumb and index finger supporting his chin while observing the other's clothes, "Yeah. You look beautiful-Kim Namjoon! What do you think you're doing! Stop before you get hurt!" Seokjin yelled when he saw the younger happily rocking the chair in an aggressive manner.

 Namjoon stopped rocking the chair but he remained seated, scared to get scolded. Seokjin sighed at the display before observing the younger. His eyes observed the rocking chair and a frown was painted on his face when he noticed the frail looking rockers which look like they will break in a second now-

 "Namjoon!" Seokjin's heart nearly stops when he saw the rockers break, Namjoon falling down headfirst on the floor. 

 The moment Namjoon fell on the ground with a sickening crack, Seokjin stiffened at the sound and immediately made his way towards Namjoon's side. The members didn't seem to notice the problem, laughing merrily at the leader's fall.

 "Oh my God hyung! Hahaha!" Jungkook laughs, the side of his eyes crinkling and forming into half moons as he nearly doubled over in laughter.

 "Hey K-Kookie…d-don't laugh…it must have hurt…pfft…" Taehyung tried scolding but he himself is trying to contain his laughter.

 Hoseok is already laughing hard like Jungkook, Jimin is snickering while Yoongi is smirking. 

"Kim Namjoon! I told you-! I told you!" Seokjin said, trembling hands checking for any possible injuries.

 Namjoon groans, rubbing his head, "Owww…"

 "Is your head okay? Let me see!" Seokjin is close to tackling Namjoon just to see if he's okay. Namjoon only raised his hands to calm him down, "It's okay, I'm okay."

 All suddenly stopped laughing, faces turning pallid as they stare at him in horror. He blinked before touching his cheeks, "What? Is there something on my face?" He asked with furrowed brows, confused. 

 "H-hyung--y-your hand-!" Jimin points at his hand with horror stricken face. Namjoon creased his eyebrows in confusion before looking at his hands. 

 His left hand is stained rosy red…and it's kind of…wet


 "Umm…my hand is red?" Namjoon says and as soon as he said that, he suddenly feels light headed, black spots blocking his vision.

 "H-huh? W-what-? Red…?" Namjoon felt his head throb and he lifted his left hand to support his head, vision blurring.

 "Namjoon!" Seokjin stiffened with a sharp intake of breath as the younger held his head, looking lost and grimacing. Everyone's blood ran icy cold when the leader groaned painfully before slumping on Seokjin's side, unconcious.



*B     A     N    G    T    A    N*


 Namjoon slowly opened his eyes and blinked. What happened? He scanned the room and found white walls, white ceilings…and the smell…is he in a hospital? Why? What happened?

 His head hurts. He turned his head and found Seokjin sitting on a chair beside him, looking worried and relieved.

 "Namjoon! God, Namjoon-" Seokjin's hands are clenched tight, grabbing the younger's left hand with short, shaky breaths.

 "Hyung…blasphemy..." Namjoon says and okay…yeah, Seokjin is laughing with tears streaming down his face and God, he's so glad that Namjoon's okay.

 "Shut up you stupid, stupid idiot." Seokjin breathes, gripping Namjoon's hand so tight until the younger wince.


 "OH MY GOD! HE'S AWAKE! HE'S AWAKE!" A voice shouted and Namjoon blinks as the room was occupied by the rest of the members. The nurse is telling them to quiet down but they don't care, Namjoon's okay! And that's what matters! 

 They helped Namjoon sitting up, piling pillows behind him before yelling together, all of them. Namjoon felt his head throb in pain before he held it with his hand, Seokjin noticed this and told the younger ones to quiet down. All quiet down, apologizing.

 "…what happened? What about the photoshoot?" Namjoon asked, everyone looked at each other before Yoongi speaks.

 "Well, you fell down from the rocking chair…" 


 "…you fainted and had a mild concussion…" Hoseok mused.


 "…you're not allowed to do anything without my permission anymore." Seokjin interrupted. Everyone turns silent, fixing their gaze at the leader.


 Namjoon looked confused for a moment and Seokjin mistook it as ignorance from the younger so he added another.

 "…by the way, it's year 3000."

 "whAT?!" Namjoon screeched before clutching his head at the sudden pain.

 "Okay. He can hear us."

 "Hoseok-ah. Are you sure you're fine?" 

 Hoseok sighs before smiling, "Yes. Hyung. I am fine."

 "But you don't look okay. Look, how many fingers am I holding?" Seokjin says with a serious face, raising three fingers. Hoseok looked at him in disbelief, slightly annoyed, "Hyung. I just fainted, I didn't even hit my head because Jungkook managed to catch me on time."

 "Just answer! How many fingers!" Seokjin persisted, holding three fingers firmly while drilling holes with his stare at Hoseok's eyes. Hoseok feels his annoyance building, "I said-"


 "Three! What the hell, hyung?! Stop!" Hoseok pushed Seokjin away who tried to hold up two fingers, asking how many fingers he's holding up this time.

 "Jin-hyung. Stop doing that to Hoseok-hyung. He said he was fine. He's fine. He's amazing." Jungkook appeared beside Hoseok, smiling.

 Seokjin doesn't looked convinced. Hoseok and Jungkook can't help but sigh at the sight.

 They were in the middle of shooting their Boy In Luv MV for their comeback when suddenly, Hoseok fainted. They immediately brought him to the hospital but Seokjin was restless, pacing back and forth until Hoseok comes back few hours later, saying he's fine and all.

 When they continued, Seokjin always kept an eye on Hoseok. He brought him water, towel and even fanned him! He also asked the other members to take care of themselves. 

 The moment Hoseok lets out a tired huff, Seokjin would be there to hand him a drink, asking questions like how does he feel. How many fingers he's holding, does his head hurt and such. 

 It was quite endearing the first time he showed this kind of personality but when it's too much, it gets annoying. Like right now.

 "But Hoseok-ah! What if you faint again? Look, you're sweating." Seokjin said with a frown, pointing at the younger's forehead.

 Hoseok looked at him blankly, "Of course I would sweat, hyung. I'm tired-"

 "You are?! How about you take a rest?" Seokjin pulls the younger's arms and pushed him towards a chair at the corner of the room.

 "Gosh! Hyung! What does it look like I'm doing? Jumping around? I am resting! I was just talking to you. Geez." Hoseok whined, eyebrows furrowed and lips twisted in a frown. Seokjin only raised an eyebrow.

 "You were standing."

 "For the love of God-! Hyung-!"

 The Bangtan Boys are currently inside a shopping mall in Sweden, buying some groceries. He didn't want the others to get lost so he partnered them all up. Namjoon with Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook with Hoseok and of course, Seokjin with Jimin. Because if he let the three maknae line together, they will definitely get lost.

 Last time he did that, he found the three running away with a horde of girls trailing after them and the worst? Taehyung was separated. Thank God nothing happened to the kid. He just kind of tripped. And of course, that's a story for another time.

 He's currently looking for fruits with Jimin beside him. The kid's kind of quiet, maybe because he's fascinated at the mall like the older so he let him be. He observed every fruit, looking at them carefully and he's now in the process of picking the most delicious apples.

 "Jimin-ah. Look at this-" Seokjin turned around, holding a red, luscious apple and found no Jimin beside him. 

 "Jenjang." He whispered under his breath, dropping the apple. His face slowly turn pale and with shaky lips, "Oh my God! Jimin!"


*B     A     N    G    T    A     N*


 Jimin is currently looking at the section of utensils, fascinated at the different kinds of metal goodness he haven't seen before. He wandered a bit but to his shock, Seokjin's not in front of him anymore.

 He looked for the older man but he got tired so he looked at the different sections of the store, hoping that he'll somehow bump into Seokjin.

 "Tjena, vad görs?" A voice speaks behind him and he gulped before turning around, finding a guy twice his size looking down at him. Is the guy talking to him?

 "He-? Eh?" He looked around but found no one but him and the tall man. He pointed at himself and to his horror, the man nodded.

 "I-I…s-sorry…no…s-swedish…" He mumbled, shrinking back at the man's frightening glare.

 The man raised an eyebrow, "Vad?"

 "Uhhh…" He fumbled with his fingers, trying to think what to say as the man kept saying incomprehensible sentences. He's just kept smiling, not finding any courage to speak.


 Jimin swears he almost hears angels singing as he turned his head and found Seokjin jogging towards them.

 "H-hyung!" He almost teared up before meeting Seokjin's awaiting arms, hugging him.

 After the incident, which involves a lot of apologizing and a lot of scolding, Seokjin didn't let them go out alone ever again. Whatever they do, they have to do it together from now on.

 Lucas is strolling through the streets when a guy suddenly bumped into him. Being a big guy, he just winced at the impact but the guy who bumped into him wasn't so lucky, he was sent crashing on the ground with a thud.

 "A-are you okay?" He asked in english. The guy's skin tone doesn't look like he's from their country so he unconciously asked in english.

 The guy lifted his head to look at him and Lucas lets out a gasp of shock, gaping at the sight before him.

 The man was lovely; beautiful, even as he gaped at him with eyes the warmest shade of brown, framed by thick fans of lashes. The curve of his nose dipped delicately in a soft arch to the cupid’s bow perched on top of his pink lips. He seemed young, appearing no more than twenty years in age.

 He ceased his staring and carefully helped the guy stand up, mesmerized by the ethereal beauty in front of him.

 "E-err…" He almost scolds himself as he stuttered, the beautiful guy looking at him with furrowed brows, looking lost. He almost panics when the guy's face suddenly twisted into a frown, eyes tearing up, "H-help me…" He said with heavily accented english, wiping his face with his sleeves, "Please…"

 Few hours passed by but to no avail, they can't find the beautiful man's friends. He got to know his name though, he was Kim Taehyung. A korean idol (a member of Bangtan Boys or Bangtan Sonyeondan), who was here in Sweden to have a vacation while shooting it, it was called Bon Voyage or something. He's also older than twenty, he was twenty one. He looks like's he's seventeen or something though.

 And though they can't understand each other's english that much, Lucas found himself amazed at the other's adorable personality. He's kind of clingy but it was fine, he was cute.

 "I…uhh…my friends…worried…" Taehyung mumbled from beside him, frowning.

 "You mean your friends are worried?" Lucas asked while Taehyung nodded, "I…think…they…look…for me…"

 Lucas hums, yeah. They are definitely looking for him. Lucas has other things to do but letting this beautiful kid wander around town alone is too cruel. He finds his company comfortable too. He was very talkative and he makes funny faces. It was easy to get along with him too.

 After few minutes of walking, Lucas finally decided to sit on a nearby bench with the other beside him, talking animatedly.

 "You know…overwatch-"


 Lucas turned his head and found yet another beautiful stranger running towards their direction, his face looks pale in worry.

 Lucas stood up as soon as Taehyung shoots up, meeting the running man who called him, crying and shouting before hugging him, "Hyung!"

 He observed the way the other beautiful guy pat Taehyung's head, holding the other's cheeks and looking at him from top to bottom before hugging him again.

 He approached them and he released a chuckle when the guy shields himself, raising an arm to hold Taehyung back, "Who are you?"

 Lucas blinked before laughing. What a protective fellow.

 "H-hyung! He's Lucas! A friend and he helped me!" Taehyung answers in another language which is definitely korean.

 Lucas finds it adorable as they exchange sentences in korean and he was shocked when the other suddenly bows down, "Thank you!"

 He got to know his name. He was Kim Seokjin, Taehyung's friend and his older brother figure. Taehyung introduced him as his "Mom" which earned a gentle smack on the back of the head. Lucas laughs at their interaction.

 Seokjin mumbled some korean words but Lucas didn't need a translation for his words, it was obvious that he's scolding the other and the way his face looks...Taehyung's in a lot of trouble.

 They thanked him again before they disappeared from his sight.

 What strange but interesting guys. Now, let's see who are these "Bangtan Sonyeondan."

 Jungkook is a child. No doubt about that. No matter how old he gets, the members will still treat him like a kid. Especially Seokjin.

 Jungkook will always be that shy boy that he raised, he's growing wonderfully and seeing him the same height as him makes him think that they raised Jungkook. 

 Jungkook is a growing boy, no. He's now a man and Seokjin can't pretend that he can't see it. The way he grows taller, how he is stronger now (but not as strong as Seokjin), the way he builds his muscles and he's still growing.

 "Hyung, I want to try drinking soju."

 Seokjin whips his head towards the younger beside him, horrified. Jungkook just looked back at him questioningly, blinking with a smile. 

 They are currently in a restaurant. Him and the youngest. The others decided not to come, saying that they have their own way of having a date with themselves. That left Seokjin with Jungkook.

 Now see, Seokjin doesn't have any problem with Jungkook but he can't help but worry about the others. In order to direct his attention somewhere else, Seokjin ordered for a bottle of soju and Jungkook, seeing it, also tried to order one. He has been curious how does it taste and today, he will know.

 Jungkook's smile slowly turns into a frown when Seokjin only looks at him disapprovingly. Okay. He knows that expression and it will definitely be followed by an-

 "Absolutely not." Seokjin deadpanned and yeah, Jungkook was right. He won't taste it. Not today. Jungkook looked at the older with his own vacant expression, "Why?"


 What? Because? Because what? Jungkook waits for the next set of words but turned impatient when Seokjin just continued staring at him blankly.

"Because? Because what? Hyung?" Jungkook asked, face twisting in disappointment.

 "Because you're a baby."

 That's it? He's nineteen! He can drink what he wants! Jungkook stood up and glared at the oldest.

 "I can drink what I want!" Jungkook continued glaring but Seokjin only gazed at him with a frown, "Sit down."


 "Jeon Jungkook. I told you to sit down."

 And there he sits. They sit in silence for a while before Seokjin decides to break it, "I know you want to try it but I don't want you to. Probably when you're thirty."


 "I know I'm selfish and I am self centered but ever since I decided to be the oldest brother of you guys, I changed. I don't want you guys doing the bad things I do." Seokjin said, gaze shaking as he stares at Jungkook.


 "I know I can be a bit overprotective but I just don't want you to get hurt. I don't want it when you get hurt, heck, I even prayed sometimes, wishing that I could take all your pains in order for you to not get hurt." Seokjin sighs before avoiding the sad gaze of the youngest, "So yeah, don't drink soju."

 Jungkook gaped at the last sentence but nontheless nods. Seokjin smiled before ruffling the younger's hair, "You're too young for soju. Just drink milk, kid."

 "Aish-! Hyung!" 

 "Hey. Get away from our Seokjin-hyung."

 Seokjin sighs as another man scrambled away in fear as the youngest members of Bangtan glare at him. This is the nth time they tried scaring away another man who babbled that he's more handsome and more talented than the useless Seokjin.

 He even said that Seokjin is just a face. Seokjin himself knows it but hey! Atleast he tried to dance and sing!

 "Don't mind what he said, hyung."

 "Do you want me to burn that guy's house?"


 "What? I can do it without getting caught."

 Yeah. Seokjin may be overprotective but the members are the same to him too.

 "Okay. No. Don't burn that guy's house down. He's just jealous that I'm more good looking than him. Let's go eat something after this fanmeet."