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Meant To Be

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There once was a time of peace. Oh, it was wonderful! The kingdom of Altea was a wonderful place to live at the time, balls and dinners every night, all to celebrate the success of their rulers. It was on one of these nights that disaster came.

The ballroom was alive with music, dancing, and the laughter of the young Prince Alexander. He was the youngest child in the family, but the most lively. After being put down by his father, he noticed someone.

"May I excuse myself, father?"

Alfor just laughed and ruffled his hair. "Go see your sister, Alexander."

Weaving through the dancers, he caught her just before she left the thrones to join the dancing. "Allura!"

The Princess Allura turned around in just enough time to catch her baby brother. "Alexander! You can't just go run up and scare me." Despite her berating words she couldn't help but laugh.

"'Llura, do you really have to leave? I'm gonna miss you so much!"

Allura sighs, "Alexander, you know I must go, I've stayed here for too long. Uncle Coran is waiting for me in Paris." She gently stroked his brown hair.

"Well, can I go with you then? Uncle Coran loves me, I'm his favorite after you!" Alexander looks up at her with bright blue eyes.

"I wish, but father needs you here. He needs his best Blue Paladin of Voltron here to protect him and the rest of the kingdom. Speaking of Voltron, I have something for you."

Alexander's pout was gone in a flash, bringing another smile to Allura's face. "Is it a ticket to Paris!"

"No, it's a toy." She brings it out from behind her back. It's a toy knight in blue armor with a blue sword. "This is for you to remember me by while I'm gone."

Lance gently takes it with tears in his eyes. His fingers brush over something on the back, and he turns it over so he can read what's carved in it. "Voltron, defender of the universe. What does it mean, Allura?"

Allura laughs gently before kneeling, cupping her brothers face in her hands. "It means that, one day, you'll be this knight of Voltron. You'll be the best Blue Paladin of all time."

"Allura!" Alexander shouts before burying his head in her dress in an attempt to muffle his sobs.

"There, there, it's all right. I won't be gone forever, you know." She pats his head as he looks at her again.

"Yeah, but-" he begins, but he's cut off by a loud slam.

The light and chatter seemed to vanish from the air as everyone turned to the source of the noise. Allura grabbed Alexander's arm and pulled him behind her, as the disruptive person came into sight.

King Alfor stepped forward, hate in his eyes for the intruder. "Zarkon."

Zarkon approaches him, and that's when they notice the haggard woman behind him. "Why, hello, your majesty," he spoke with a disgusting tone.

Alfor takes his staff and slams it down. "What are you doing here, and who is this wench you have brought with you? I banished you after you murdered my wife! Get out, and do not return again!"

Zarkon sent him an amused look before frowning again. "You, banish me? No, I'm banishing you. Let it be known, in a fortnight of tonight, the royal family will all die, and Altea will fall and be mine!"

Alfor draws his sword and charges. Allura runs towards her father yelling for him to stop, for him to wait. As he strikes, Zarkon and the woman are gone. And so it starts.


It has been two weeks, and Alexander knows this. He wanted his sister to stay, but not like this. Not because they had an attack to prepare for. Alexander joins his family in the throne room, where they are all waiting for the panicked revolutionaries and Zarkon himself.

Allura told herself she was ready, but when the doors flew open and people came flooding in, she was lost in the mayhem. That is, until he walked in. Her grip on the shaft of her sparring pole tightened. He would not hurt her family anymore. As she stepped forward towards him, she felt her pole being yanked from her hands. Whirling around, she found herself face to face with Alfor. "Father, what are you doing, I'm trying to help!"

He slowly shook his head. "Allura, my dearest daughter, this is my fight, not yours. Take your brother, Alexander, and escape. Should anything happen to me or the rest of your siblings, you two must be alive to restore order. He needs one of you dead, the two of you cannot survive. Now go!" With that he walks past her, drawing his sword and standing at the ready. Before Allura can say anything else, Zarkon is there in front of her, his dark weapon buried deep in her father.

She can barely process her own screams as she falls to her knees. Her eyes can't leave her father, on the ground, in a puddle of his own blood. All she can do is stare. What had he said to her again? It didn't matter. She couldn't save him.

Alexander saw it. He saw it and he nearly ran, but he looked on the ground and saw it. His knight. He needs his best Blue Paladin of Voltron here to protect him and the rest of the kingdom.  Picking up his toy, he puffs his chest out, and he runs. He runs past his sister, on her knees. He runs past his other siblings, the ones who have been knighted, the ones that knew what they were doing. He runs to Zarkon, ready to kill him for killing his father.

Until he's not. "Ouch! Who the heck are you! Never mind, it doesn't matter, I need to go."

Before he can walk past this boy that so rudely ran into him, his wrist is caught. He looks at the face of the boy. His eyes are violet, and they're afraid. His voice is barely a whisper, but whether from fright or disuse is anyone's guess. "Please. We need to go. My brother has her majesty Allura. We know how to get out."

Alexander turns around to see his sister being lifted by a man with black hair with a shock of white in the middle and a scar across his nose. He puts her over his shoulder and then turns to look for presumably his brother. "All right. Just for my sister."

The boy starts to pull Alexander along faster until they're side by side with the man carrying Allura. "Keith. Stay close with the prince. We're going to our secret hideout, okay? We're going there and we're going through the tunnels to get out."

The boy, Keith, it seems his name is, nods his head stiffly in understanding. As they enter a room with no more doors, Alexander starts to panic. Was this all just a trap? Then, the brother walks up to the wall and opens it up. Keith keeps pulling Alexander and pushes him into it after the other boy and his sister. As he does, his toy knight slips out of his hands. "Wait! I have to get my toy!"

Keith turns around and sees it. "You keep going, I'll grab it for you." He runs out of the tunnel, but as he grabs the toy, he hears banging. He whips around to Prince Alexander. "I'll meet you outside." Before anyone can protest, he closes the door and shoves the you in his pocket.

Two of the soldiers grab him. "Where'd they go, boy!"

Keith holds up his hands in submission. "I don't know, I swear! Please don't hurt me!"

As they drop him, Keith kicks out hitting one of their soft spots. He jumps over the guard that fell and goes to run when the other one grabs him by the back of the shirt. He's picked back and then thrown, his head hitting the wall, knocking him out.

Outside, Allura, Alexander, and Keith's brother have all made it out safely. As they keep running, a figure jumps in front of the trio. The boy pushes the siblings out of the way and charges Zarkon. Unfazed, Zarkon chuckles before swinging his sword. Alexander helps Allura stand up and they turn to run, only hoping the boy will catch up with them. Alexander spares one look behind him to see Zarkon cutting off their saviors arm. The yell of pain turns him around, and he runs to help the boy. He jumps on Zarkon's back and slams his fists on both his ears. As he crumbles in pain, Alexander jumps off and grabs the man's remaining hand and pulls him along.

"What's your name, sir?" Allura asks as they weave through the streets.

"It's Shiro."

"Oh, well, th-"

Alexander blinks and then looks around. They were just here. He couldn't have lost them that quickly, could be? As he stumbles through looking for his sister, he gets shoved around. Someone, though, pushes him too hard. He's falling into the street, and before he can get up, he sees a horse carriage coming. He sits up and is about to run, but he's so dizzy. The last thing he sees is a horse rearing its front legs, and it's hooves coming down.